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Adrienne Barbeau

Adrienne Jo Barbeau (pronounced AdriENNE BarBO; born June 11, 1945) is an American actress and the author of three books.

Jamie Lee Curtis Swamp Thing John Carpenter Janet Leigh Hal Holbrook Bea Arthur Stephen King Leslie Nielsen Music Circus Conrad Bain Cannonball Run Harry Dean Stanton Wes Craven Ted Danson Madeleine Stowe Ben Affleck Joe Montana

How many people know that Adrienne Barbeau is a former Miss Wrestling on National All-Star Wrestling.
40 years ago today.Adrienne Barbeau & Bill Christopher play 'Shoot for the Stars' with your host Geoff Edwards on
🔞 2 min left and nobody found shot yet! Adrienne Barbeau played in this movie...
Fox Movie Channel is airing the remake of The Fog. Sorry, you will never, ever be the next Adrienne Barbeau. . . She had class!
If I start to get nervous during a presentation, I just imagine the entire audience is Adrienn…
The voice on MacReady's computer in The Thing was an uncredited performance by actress Adrienne Barbeau.
Laying here watching Maude and remembering that Adrienne Barbeau was one of the first women to trip my trigger!
All the Cannonball Run movies were hilarious. And Adrienne Barbeau was excellent in the Swamp Thing also.☺
Adrienne Barbeau ... i think that's her lastname's spelled xD ?
Featuring CT HorrorFest guest Adrienne Barbeau . Tickets on sale now!.
Oh, enough Adrienne Barbeau. I want to see Fred Berry play racquetball, too! . (Yes, I'm watching Masterpiece Theatre)
Isn't that like the carnival they had at Hog's Back one year with Adrienne Bar…
What a fun movie. Adrienne Barbeau is lovely as ever.
Adrienne Barbeau's radio voice is silky smooth. Grrr.
A movie of this caliber should have Adrienne Barbeau as The Brunette
Watch Creepshow again ystrday. Favorite is "Crate" w/ Hal Holbrook & Adrienne Barbeau. . But all have wonderful twists & turns!
WATCH: I'll be on the show tomorrow at 10:30 AM EST talking and Adrienne Barbeau
I don't think I'm the only one who would love to live/work in the Antonio Bay lighthouse Adrienne Barbeau had in TH…
Technically speaking, a woman does (sort of) appear in The Thing (1982). The chess program voice is Adrienne Barbea…
Adrienne Barbeau - back when a lady with distinction was sexy!
40 years ago tonight.Adrienne Barbeau in "Let Me Light the Way" on 'Quincy, M.E.' starring Jack Klugman on
I fell asleep and woke up to the next film, something with Adrienne Barbeau -- clearly the sign of a bad 80s movie.
What we need is an Adrienne Barbeau bot!
Adrienne Barbeau is such an underrated actress.
Quit joshin' me. That's clearly Weird Al Yankovic, not Adrienne Barbeau.
Adrienne Barbeau, a formidable screen presence, is only 5' 3".
Bea Arthur (Maude) to Adrienne Barbeau (Carol) "To think I bought you your first training bra, then…
Adrienne Barbeau's, er, masterpiece Swamp Thing will be shown at 2 a.m. ET this morning. My review:
Adrienne Barbeau, John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis and Janet Leigh on the set of The Fog (1980).
Extra points for the movies with Adrienne Barbeau.
We covered The Thing for Halloween, only has about three lines from Adrienne Barbeau as the computer lol
Scooby-Doo On Zombie Island holds up, folks! Also Adrienne Barbeau and Mark Hamill voice characters in it?
Just watched The Fog and was reminded that Adrienne Barbeau is an iconic goddess and actual earth angel.
Like Creepshow? Read my interview with Adrienne Barbeau, only in First Scream to the Last.
Got The Fog on blu ray for a fiver. Pretty chuffed with that, even though I already own the DVD. HD Adrienne Barbeau 😍
Guess I shouldn't expect Robert Mandan or Adrienne Barbeau or Henry Polic II to show up as guest stars?
Adrienne Barbeau is one horror’s most fierce and formidable leading ladies:
Adrienne Barbeau & director John Carpenter on the set of 'The Fog' (1980). by kim gottlieb-walker.
And a dead Earnest Borgnine and Harry Dean Stanton and soon to be Adrienne Barbeau.
Works for me. He's a great scenery-chewer. Who gets the Adrienne Barbeau part?
This chick has Adrienne Barbeau's haircut, the palest acid-washed jeans, and a huge boot necklace.
he was in a terrible schlocky movie with Adrienne Barbeau that my ex made me watch, that's all i know
I knew the voice of the computer chess game in the Thing was Adrienne Barbeau.
Adrienne Barbeau was married to John Carpenter and has worked with George Romero and Wes…
most fun - Creepshow, Stephen Kings part is great, as is Adrienne Barbeau's
I added a video to a playlist Tales of Halloween Movie 2015 - Adrienne Barbeau, Hunter Smit, Cameron
Watching... The Fog (1980). Think I'll go with the Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins, and Tommy Lee Wallace commentary.…
Just announced for Broadway fall 2016: David Hasselhoff and Adrienne Barbeau in Long Day's Journey into Knight Rider
Jessica in prison with Jan Brady and Adrienne Barbeau
Watchin this random episode of Murder, She Wrote (natural warm-up) and it has Yvonne DeCarlo,Vera Miles AND Adrienne Barbeau!
Yeah & Steven King filmed one of his here 2. Met him, Adrienne Barbeau at my friend's house wherefilmed
Adrienne Barbeau, Vincent Ward, Debbie Rochon and Vernon Wells (Mad Max Road Warrior) are joining the
Hal Holbrook and Adrienne Barbeau in Creepshow. Putting a stop to the wife's constant nagging.
anyway after the martian was done the channel changed to The Swamp Thing!! dir. Wes Craven starring adrienne barbeau omg
I had forgotten how nice Adrienne Barbeau's rack was.
tee hee. Idk what it is with me, and curly haired brunette's? Sigourney Weaver, Adrienne Barbeau, and Andie McDowell 😍
The romantic scene between Adrienne Barbeau and Swamp Thing gets me every time.
Adrienne Barbeau. Cody Carpenter will be appearing with his dad at the Primavera Sound 2016 festival in Barcelona.
Adrienne Barbeau is awesome, it's a fact...accept it.
Adrienne Barbeau nude in Swamp Thing movie via
The Fog (1980). Hugely atmospheric ghost film from John Carpenter. Adrienne Barbeau is the kickass lead. Great score.
Nice jumpsuit, but Adrienne Barbeau wore it better. . .
But the real guest star in this episode is Adrienne Barbeau!
It's a DJ Adrienne Barbeau kind of night in LA.
Random thoughts: Would be cool if hockey player Antoine Bibeau met Adrienne Barbeau.
able to talk to Adrienne Barbeau at a Film Fest in 06 nice kind guest that my favorite film of hers was Swamp Thing
With so many 70ish-year-old celebs going to heaven, let's start a prayer chain to keep national treasure Adrienne Barbeau safe!
My review of Creed: I haven't seen that many male moviegoers cry in a theater since Adrienne Barbeau's nude scene was cut from Swamp Thing.
in Bea's defense she had a 9inch sang according to Adrienne Barbeau
This is one good lookin mail day, bridgit bardot and adrienne barbeau.
How is it in CT? Adrienne Barbeau just came on the radio..
There is a woman sitting next to me on the bus who looks just like Adrienne Barbeau. I want her to do a line from Creepshow.
Now that I think about there could be an argument made for Adrienne Barbeau as one of the best actresses for Catwoman.
It's so foggy that I keep expecting Adrienne Barbeau to go bouncing by.
Problem was, they were attached Adrienne Barbeau...
I added a video to a playlist The Cannonball Run - Adrienne Barbeau gets pwned!
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I added a video to a playlist Adrienne Barbeau
Watching "The Fog" (1980), Adrienne Barbeau was hot back in the day.
Just watched Creepshow for the first time. Amazing cast of actors. Leslie Nielsen, Ted Danson, Hal Holbrook, Adrienne Barbeau, E.G. Marshall
Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, and John Carpenter on the set of 1980s The Fog:
Wow, Catherine Bach and Susan Anton are no Adrienne Barbeau and...whatsherface...
Ray Wise is trying to nail Adrienne Barbeau
Penny Marshall, Cheryl Ladd, Adrienne Barbeau, Jimmie Walker, James at 15, Patrick Duffy, Donna Mills...this is all in one show!
Something tells me Irene Ryan didn't do the kind of stunts I saw Adrienne Barbeau pull off Sunday night
What, no love for Adrienne Barbeau and Valerie Perrine?
Adrienne Barbeau was Berthe but she gave an outstanding performance.
I just stood on stage at the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center and met most of the cast from Pippin! I shook hands with Adrienne Barbeau!!
(1980 John Carpenter film) was set in Antonio Bay and starred Adrienne Barbeau and Jamie Lee Curtis?
About to see Adrienne Barbeau perform in Pippin!
Met Adrienne Barbeau last night & almost called her Ms Barboobs! Thanks You've infected my brain in so many ways.
. Adrienne Barbeau gives her gun a hand-job. be her weapon.
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*** Adrienne Barbeau has some really nice boobs.
Saw at - the circus acts are awesome but Sabrina Harper, Adrienne Barbeau and John Rubinstein steal the show!
Catwoman's animated debut in Batman: The Animated Series was delightful. Adrienne Barbeau voiced an awesome Selina Kyle!
Adrienne Barbeau. A big thank you to Steve Rothaus.
Adrienne Barbeau. Oh my gosh, I love this interview with my son, Cody!...
Adrienne Barbeau. So much fun going to work these days! Doing in Fort Lauderdale this week, then...
Adrienne Barbeau. Happy to see Divine Access a huge hit on the film festival circuit. Next up Newport Beach April...
Adrienne Barbeau. You can tell from this picture what a great time we're all having. Two more shows in Tampa and...
Head Cheeze is still hypnotized by Adrienne Barbeau's boobs in Escape from New York!...
I just watched Adrienne Barbeau do a trapeze act in a play. I win.
he was pretty much the most excited dude when he presented a showing at the Warhol here with Adrienne Barbeau
"Did you buy the new ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK blu-ray just because it has a new audio commentary with Adrienne Barbeau and Dean Cundey?" 1/2
Michelle Pfeiffer, Eartha Kitt, Adrienne Barbeau and others...then Halle Berry at the bottom of the list.
From the city that gave the world Barbi Benton and Adrienne Barbeau!
icon Adrienne Barbeau plays the role of "Berthe" during in
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It's foggy out there. Be careful: There's something lurking in The Fog. Where's Adrienne Barbeau when you need her?
Top 5 reasons to see - All-star cast such as John Rubinstein, Sasha Allen, and Adr…
Adrienne Barbeau shares her experience with Fiddler on the Roof cast:
Adrienne Barbeau See more pics and videos of her >>>
FIDDLER FACTS: The cast of the original run of Fiddler included Bette Midler & Adrienne Barbeau, who is here at the in Pippin!
Wow! I just won this for free, Creepshow DVD Hal Holbrook, Leslie Nielsen, Adrienne Barbeau, E
Adrienne Barbeau. Looks like my book is in good...
Happy Birthday John Carpenter. . Here he is on set of The Fog with Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis & Janet Leigh
Because of a rip in space time, Adrienne Barbeau & Shannon Doherty are the same age in Jailbreakers (1994)
TV TERROR: The List So Far... Kyle Chamberlain, James Hogan, and Shar Schwartz Tigner requested a compilation of my recommendations to date. Here it is, each post title and write-up. I'll post updated lists periodically for easy reference so you can copy/paste them somewhere for posterity... TV TERROR: London Bridge becomes a BRIDGE ACROSS TIME (1985) when Jack The Ripper, killed on that site in 1888, is resurrected a century later. Fast-forward to 1985, and we are in Lake Havasu, Arizona, where London Bridge has been reassembled as a tourist attraction. Soon after the final stone is laid, the Ripper's cycle of violence begins anew. David Hassellhoff plays the ex-Chicago cop who pieces the puzzle together, overcoming the complacency of town officials to bring an end to the murders. Look for genre-queen, Adrienne Barbeau, and HUNTER's Stephanie Kramer in this film penned by William F. Nolan (Logan's Run, Burnt Offerings), with music by Lalo Schifrin. It was directed by E.W. Swackhamer, the man who gave us ...
Sundance channel showing The Fog right now. 1980 Adrienne Barbeau and Jamie Lee Curtis. WOW.
Gonna watch the original "The Fog" with my kids and hope I can keep my m's under control whenever Adrienne Barbeau's boobs are on screen.
Thanks to Wes Craven, Tom Holland, Dee Wallace, Adrienne Barbeau and many more, for contributing towards First Scream. ht…
Adrienne Barbeau has legendary cleavage. But I can't deny she's got a distinctly look going on here.
If you haven't seen Swamp Thing from 1982, . Starring Adrienne Barbeau and Loius Jourdan for some reason,. You've...
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When I hear Adrienne Barbeau, I immediately think of this:.
Adrienne Barbeau is spectacular in this. It's all so amazing.
I had to chuckle when they put Adrienne Barbeau in the track event.
Looks like Adrienne Barbeau and Rich Hall had a kid.
Adrienne Barbeau is the Empress of the Cannibal Women
Sorry, SyFy, but the original version of "The Fog" is exponentially better than the remake- if for no other reason than Adrienne Barbeau!
It's been a really long time since I saw The Fog but wasn't Adrienne Barbeau a lighthouse keeper *and* a late night DJ? That sounds amazing.
Watching Creepshow. . Adrienne barbeau had it coming
I have some of the most surreal dreams; Aleister Crowley in a satanic wedding, Adrienne Barbeau as a secret agent.crazy!
One last Carpenter classic before bed. Love this movie! REMAKE WAS CRAP. Adrienne Barbeau sweetheart!
Adrienne Barbeau as a super hot chain smoking radio DJ how do I marry a movie
Adrienne Barbeau kindly joins the First Scream line up, and we discuss The Fog and Creepshow.
No I did not, but I can't imagine unhappiness in an Adrienne Barbeau world. Yowza.
.You didn't see that Adrienne Barbeau movie "The Fog"? . (The lepers were not happy...)
To get that image of Coach Fedora out of my head, I had to go to the Google to find that vintage photo of Adrienne Barbeau.
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This totally beats how my mom picked names. From soap operas :) Thanks Adrienne Barbeau
im adrienne barbeau at the FOG gymmm lol movie… IM HIGH tonighhht on Spivie pt… natural endorphins look for the gym high fog of love
YES. It's good. It just made me cry a little. Not Red, Adrienne Barbeau and Art Hindle made me cry.
It’s Adrienne Barbeau We’ll never forget her as Bea Arthur’s daughter Carol in the 70s series Maude
Yeah, classic. Adrienne Barbeau gave an interview for the book on her role in that film - 'The Crate'. My favourite segment!
I speak with Adrienne Barbeau on The Fog, and Creepshow. Published in First Scream to the Last. Incredible person.
Back in the day, Adrienne Barbeau was the ONLY reason i watched 'Maude'
: You look like you could be Adrienne Barbeau's sister.
You'll love seeing Adrienne Barbeau in "The Memory Book" this SAT 9/8C, but did you know she had twins when she...
Adrienne Barbeau as Catwoman, Lee Van Cleef as Jim Gordon, Harry Dean Stanton as Scarecrow, Frank Doubleday as Joker
Open the window at 4 a.m. and I can actually see the fog creeping in. Reminded of the 70s film. What became of Adrienne Barbeau?
My 4 gifs: Bea Arthur with Adrienne Barbeau and Rue McClanahan in Maude. + (
And so ends another yearly April 21st viewing of this very enjoyable John Carpenter ghost story. I love it but I'm partial to any horror film set in a seaside community. I wouldn't mind living in such a place. The atmosphere is incredible, Johns' music is excellent, and he's assembled a solid cast here: then-wife Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, John Houseman, the almighty Tom Atkins, Charles Cyphers, Nancy Loomis, Hal Holbrook, George "Buck" Flower, Darwin Joston, et al. Special makeup designer Rob Bottin, who subsequently dazzled us with his effects for "The Howling" and "The Thing", plays the small role of the phantom Blake.
Bea Arthur & Adrienne Barbeau (Great comparison between Fiddler on the Roof & Maude (they played in both).
Does anyone remember ``Maude'' growing up in Oakland from 1972-1978? It aired on CBS. It was depressing and controversial at times. Bea Arthur, Bill MacY, Adrienne Barbeau, Conrad Bain, Esther Rolle, Rue McClanahan were also cast. The show ended in 1978 when Bea Arthur didn't want to play the role anymore.
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We watched BIG *** SPIDER tonight, directed by Mike Mendez. I got the DVD as a Valentine's Day gift (don't worry, we did OTHER things, too, for you conservative traditionalists..!). Pretty fun as I had hoped it would be. The special effects were quite good, too, and the giant version of the spider looked pretty *** cool. My favorite scene was probably in the park when the spider is attacking people left and right. My wife goes: "Spiders don't really attack things by shooting their webs at it--" which this spider does (among other things), but I go,"Yeah, but it looks really cool! Who cares!" Greg Grunberg is in it, as well as Ray Wise and Clare Kramer. Also, I just discovered a couple things while looking up some info on IMDb: There's an actress in the film cast as "Girl with the rack", Chaton Anderson (and I know what they mean), but it turns out she also wrote the screenplay for THE CONVENT, another horror film directed by Mendez and which was also pretty good. That one features Adrienne Barbeau and br ...
Costume Contest! and TOTAL NERDERY! Guess who is going to the Mad Monster Party!! This Gal! Seriously Have you seen the Stars that are coming this year?? William Shatner, Hulk Hogan,Henry Winkler, Corey Feldman, Adrienne Barbeau, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Sid Haig... Check it out!
As I just joined, I thought I'd share my first edition Creepshow comic, signed by Tom Atkins, Adrienne Barbeau, and some guy named George A. Romero.
The swim race between Lynda Carter and Adrienne Barbeau caused an entire generation to spontaneously enter puberty.
The one with the swim race between Lynda Carter and Adrienne Barbeau? Life changing experience for younger me.
My new favorite sitcom is 'Maude'. Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan make a great team along with Esther Rolle, Conrad Bain, Bill MacY, and Adrienne Barbeau. In fact the show is among my top three favorite sitcoms next to 'Mama's Family' and 'Roseanne'. I guess I'm a sucker for shows with strong female leads and a feminist bent!
Jessica Fletcher gets caught in a riot at a women's prison along with Eve Plumb and Adrienne Barbeau. Prison perms abound.
I liked a video Adrienne Barbeau and Conrad Bain
On this day in '99, angering many for what is seen as liberties taken with Catholic theology, "Dogma" starring Linda Fiorentino and Salma Hayek, opened in the United States. And on this day in '82, George Romero's "Creepshow" was released in United States theaters. The anthology film was written by Stephen King and was featured in the episode "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill." Adrienne Barbeau was featured in "The Crate" and Ed Harris was featured in "Father's Day." Two sequels also followed.
Name a horror movie with several different stories, which stars Adrienne Barbeau, Hal Holbrook, Stephen King, and Ted Danson.
Vincent/Venus mom was played by the fabulous Adrienne Barbeau. She was awesome and needed to bring out the deep feelings that have plagued Jax from the beginning of the show. Kurt Sutter is a genius. I am hanging on for the ride that he is giving me in each episode. Thanks, Kurt!
Ok actors in this movie but Selma Blair is no Adrienne Barbeau.
I need to get The Cannonball Run on DVD. Which would also randomly put me up to four Adrienne Barbeau movies in my collection.
I am hereby married to Adrienne Barbeau, queen of Mars from Olympus Mons to Tharsis.
I always thought Adrienne Barbeau's right arm looked weird in that painting
What?! This is wrong! Zoom out! I had to zoom out to get chest in Superman sketch cards, same applies for Adrienne Barbeau! :D
I can't wait for '80s hair to come back into style - so, so sexy:
Growing up, I had the biggest crush on Adrienne Barbeau's boobs.
The Cannonball Run LP400S: A black Lambo with Adrienne Barbeau and Tara Buckman aboard? Wicked (: via
EXCLUSIVE! Our 7/19 Comic Con Panel in FULL for those who could not attend. Adrienne Barbeau too!
Adrienne Barbeau in 'The Fog' and 'Escape From New York.' No brainier!
OK, Adrienne Barbeau's story on has got me bawling. (Big hugs to
Wolfy movies on SyFy. Well, that's that. Especially this one has Adrienne Barbeau in it. War Wolves!
Adrienne Barbeau has to be the reigning queen of the horror genre. I can't front, I was crushing as a kid, from 'Creepshow' & 'Swamp Thing'.
Charlie and the Great Balloon Chase - Jack Albertson Adrienne Barbeau - VHS $36.92
The internet is just the best. Without it, I'd never know that Adrienne Barbeau gave birth to twins at age 51.
Adrienne Barbeau marathon at my place. 8:00 o'clock. You bring the chips. I'll bring the Barbeau.
yeah, NY did have an impressive list of character actors. Gotta include borgnine, Hayes, Adrienne Barbeau, her rack.
Win a copy of THE FOG signed by Adrienne Barbeau!
informs me I have conflated Adrienne Barbeau and Brigitte Barbot.
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Retro LadyLand: Back into the fog with Adrienne Barbeau
Adrienne Barbeau to be on Sons of Anarchy. I guess I'll have to start watching.
sweet! Heard a rumor Adrienne Barbeau joins the cast. Will she be taking on Gemma??
My Comic Con list WANTS for next year (so far) Was all set for Comic Con 2013 but had to pull out at the last minute so there will be a few I missed this year that I hope to see next year. ~ Jason Momoa ~ Norman Reedus ~ Adrienne Barbeau ~ Dolph Lundgren ~ Linda Hamilton ~ Robert Englund ~ Bruce Campbell ~ Dee Wallace ~ Stuart Townsend ~ Laurie Holden ~ Shawnee Smith ~ Jensen Ackles ~ Misha Collins ~ Jim Beaver ~ Simon Pegg ~Lance Henriksen ~ Jared Padalecki ~ Rutger Hauer ~ Ian Somerhalder ~ Kurt Russell To name but a few.
150 years ago . . . in 1863 - The three-day Civil War BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG (Pennsylvania) ended in a major victory for the North, as Confederate troops retreated. 32 years ago . . . in 1981 - "The Cannonball Run" was released, starring Burt Reynolds, Farrah Fawcett, Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Farr, Dom Deluise AND . . . as "Subaru Driver JACKIE CHAN. 20 years ago . . . in 1993 - ALISON KRAUSS joined the Grand Ole Opry. Now she's touring with ROBERT PLANT in support of last year's "Raising Sand" album. A GOOD DAY TO DIE??? 44 years ago . . . in 1969 - BRIAN JONES of the ROLLING STONES drowned in his swimming pool. The coroner cited high levels of alcohol and barbiturates in his blood. Brian Jones was only 26. 42 years ago . . . in 1971 - JIM MORRISON died from heart failure in his bathtub in Paris. He was 27. 24 years ago . . . in 1989 - JIM BACKUS died of pneumonia at the age of 76. (He WAS Thurston Howell the Third on "Gilligan's Island" AND the voice of MR. MAGOO in the cartoons.) 20 years ago . . . in 199 ...
Swamp Thing is a 1982 horror film written and directed by Wes Craven. It starred Louis Jourdan, Adrienne Barbeau and Ray Wise as the scientist who was transf...
Swamp Thing walked by with Adrienne Barbeau, thanks. Check his slime
Today in History -- Tuesday, June 11 (Gene Wilder, Jackie Stewart, Adrienne Barbeau, Frank Beard , Donnie Van Zant, Joe Montana, Hugh Laurie, Peter Dinklage) The Associated Press Today is Tuesday, June 11, the 162nd day of 2013. There are 203 days left in the year. Today's Highlights in History: On June 11, 1963, in one of the most shocking images of the Vietnam War era, a Buddhist monk, Thich Quang Duc (tihk kwang duk), set himself afire on a Saigon street to protest the government of South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem (noh deen dyem). (The scene was captured in a Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph taken by Malcolm Browne of The Associated Press.) On this date: In 1509, England's King Henry VIII married his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. In 1770, Captain James Cook, commander of the British ship Endeavour, discovered the Great Barrier Reef off Australia by running onto it. In 1776, the Continental Congress formed a committee to draft a Declaration of Independence calling for freedom from Britain. ...
Happy Birthday to Adrienne Barbeau ...Joe Montana former Quarterback of the '49ers Frank Beard of ZZ Top ...and Donny Van Zant of .38 Special.
Today is Corn On The Cob Day (now theres a good veggie April lol). Gene Wilder (played Willy Wonka) is 80,my 2nd cousin Thelma Davidson Harrington is a young 65, my fb friend Lisa Nicklous has bday today, Joe Montana (retired 49ers quarterback) is 57, Hugh Laurie (House M.D.) is 54, Mehmet Oz (dr oz) is 53, Ryan Dunn (mtvs *** died in alcohol related car accident) 1977-2011, Peter Dinklage (played dwarf Tyrion Lannister on game of thrones) is 44, Chad Everette (played dr joe gannon on medical center 69-76, i thought he was sooo cute!) 1937-2012, Adrienne Barbeau (played maudes daughter, then horror films like Swamp Thing) is 68, Barbara Minty (model & steve mcqueens widow) is 60, Peter Bergman (jack on young & the restless) is 60, Donnie Vanzant (singer/guitarist for 38 special) is 61, Bruce Robison (songwriter, wrote angry all the time for tim mcgraw, & travelin soldier for dixie chicks) is 47, Joseph Warren (american patriot who sent paul revere on his midnight ride then took to the battlefield, dy ...
Born on 2day are Gene Wilder-Joe Montana-House M.D.-Ryan Dunn of *** Vince Lombardi-Joshua Jackson-Dwarf Peter Dinklage-Adrienne Barbeau of Swamp Thing-Lil Zane if anyone cares-Magician Dai Vernon-maybe Ethan Hawke-Mobster Henry Hill-Model Barbara Minty-Joey Dee with 2 tickets to paradise-Frank Beard of ZZ TOP-Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips-and Giola Bruno of Expose'-John Wayne died in 1979-Henry The 8th gets married in 1509-Nolan Ryan becomes the oldest for a no hitter in 1990-James Brown on American Bandstand in 1962-Roling Stones with paint it black goes in 1966-The 1st episode of Fear Factor in 2001-The remake of The Stepford Wives in 2004-E.T. in 1982-Ferris Bueller's Day Off in 1986-What's love got to do with it the Ike and Tina Turner story in 1993-The line up in 1958-The gang is all here in 1941-Night moves in 1975-and On the spot in 1940 an that izit 4-2day!!
6/11/1945: Adrienne Barbeau from Creepshow, Swamp Thing & the voice of Catwoman in Bathman: The Animate Series is born in Sacramento, CA
My parents were friends with Steven Van Zandt's parents. Went to his brother Billy's wedding to Adrienne Barbeau
The beginnings of a project for me that is long overdue. I have hired the skilled staff at BTS Communications to do videos about my teaching and a marketing campaign to add more abundance to my already blessed life. So happy that students Mayim Bialik, Adrienne Barbeau, Alyce Cohen Tawil and Ashley Pontius were there to support and participate. This is only the beginning, more to come. All the brainchild of my son, David Gole, who is now an intern at BTS Communications. Thanks to the entire crew, Justin Rosenberg, Scott Sirota, Josh Voress, Josh Silver and David Gole for making it easy.
Ahem. Catherine Bach brought us Daisy Dukes shorts. “and in seventies TV Adrienne Barbeau topped them all.”
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Thank you so much! You guys are amazing! Tom is the greatest! Recommend: Adrienne Barbeau, Nick Castle, Tommy Lee Wallace :)
They missed a good opportunity not making Adrienne Barbeau a back from the dead Susan Moore.
Cold Case has turned into the modern day Love Boat. I just saw Mariette Hartley, Lee Majors, and Adrienne Barbeau.
Dear Donald Trump... As your cast for the Celebrity Apprentice this year is a bit 'eh', may I suggest this as your cast for next year: Robert Englund, Pam Grier, Jenny Agutter, Paul Reubens, Reginald VelJohnson, Apollonia Kotero, Roseanne Barr, Amy Steel, Michael Boogaloo Shrimp Chambers, Bruce Campbell, Cassandra Peterson, Jimmie Walker, Adrienne Barbeau, Audrey II, and Bubo the owl. And if you know who all of these people/plants/owls are without resorting to IMDB or and I should probably be best friends.
nope. Cannonball Run amigo. Give you two reasons why: Adrienne Barbeau's boobs
Just caught a few seconds of THE FOG remake, unfortunately. Selma Blair has 0% sensuality and charisma here, especially compared to the amazing Adrienne Barbeau.
GH SPOILERS (From SOAPZONE.COM) Gossip for the week of 11-Feb-2013 BY CAROL BANKS WEBER It occurred to me that whenever Caleb’s shown himself to Lucy, it’s in a dream form. Could this pave the way for Michael Easton to do his own DID story? Is John McBain suffering from multiple personality disorder? TPTB should ask Adrienne Barbeau (ex-Suzanne; Argo) back. After all, this actress-turned-author penned the 2010 “Love Bites… A Vampyres Of Hollywood” novel that depicts the blood-sucking and werewolf scene quite accurately, as if she were one of the creatures herself. Her love story within a horror movie humanizes and grounds the supernatural while bringing to the forefront a strong but vulnerable female hero juggling the hunt with a love affair. The well-received novel is available in ebook form now (and makes “Love In Maine” read like a Nancy Drew series). John Stamos (ex-Blackie) visited the GH studio last week to visit with his pal Kin Shriner (Scotty). How long before he’s asked to make a ...
I'm trying to come up with a female Spanish or Mexican 70s film star to fight alongside Pam Grier, Uschi Digard, Adrienne Barbeau & Christina Lindberg in my fake movie - "The Fingers of L.O.W.V" They're a team of international assassins working for The League Of Women Voters, which is lead by Barbara Steele. Any suggestions? Otherwise I'm just gonna use Frida Kahlo Jr.
Linda Blair was not having a good day when she signed it for me. Adrienne Barbeau was so much nicer.
Hey there friends. " SNOWED IN" in Ohio so I'm thinking a horror movie would cheer me up ;).. I'm thinking The Fog with the amazing Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis and let's not forget the sensational Janet Leigh. Care to watch along with me? What are you watching this weekend? -Adam
You say "Swamp Thing" but all I can imagine are Adrienne Barbeau's boobs. Thank you, BTW.
Just got done watching Swamp Thing and realized that it - in a form of "six degrees of separation" - it brought Freddy, Michael, and Jason together. Check it: - Wes Craven directed it (Freddy) - Adrienne Barbeau starred in it and was married to John Carpenter a the time and starred in a few of his films (Michael) - Harry Manfredini did the score (Jason) Ok, I know it's a stretch, but I thought it was sort of cool nonetheless :) I love it when I revisit films from my youth and find all sorts of connections I never realized before. Any others you can think of? - Ben
Adrienne Barbeau as Madeline Stowe's mother? REVENGE just broke my bruised brain.
Cast Voice actors Steve Downes and Jen Taylor reprise their roles in Halo 4 as Master Chief and Cortana respectively. Voices for new characters include Mark Rolston as Captain Andrew Del Rio, Darren O'Hare as Thomas Lasky, Jennifer Hale as Sarah Palmer, Adrienne Barbeau as Dr. Tillson and Keith Szarabajka as the Didact.Additional voices provided include Conan O'Brien, Andy Richter, and Jason Bradbury. Bruce Thomas was the performance capture actor playing the role of Master Chief and actress Mackenzie Mason played the role of Cortana. In Spartan Ops there are cameos from characters of Rooster Teeth Productions' Red vs. Blue series.
FLASH FACT PART DEUX: I once met Adrienne Barbeau and got a hug from her. That's probably the only worthwhile part of my life at this point.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
FLASH FACT: I will watch absolutely anything with Adrienne Barbeau in it. ANYTHING!
"The name's 'Plisken.' Call me 'Snake.'" // May gawd forever bless that movie. And Adrienne Barbeau's bewbies.
I did find out I need to watch more movies w/ Adrienne Barbeau
and Ernest Borgine, Adrienne Barbeau, Issac Hayes, Donald Pleasance, Lee Van Cleef - all well-known when the film came out.
If that is John Carpenters ex Adrienne Barbeau, I'm picking it up ...
Just revisited Wes Craven's Swamp Thing. Adrienne Barbeau's gigantic boobeaus were flopping all over the place in that movie.
I guess the reason we thought that lady-doctor's voice actor in Halo 4 was so good last night is because it's actually Adrienne Barbeau...
Not watching a benefit concert. Instead, watching Adrienne Barbeau in 'Swamp Thing' (1982). I think I made the right decision.
Give me Robert Conrad and Adrienne Barbeau and we'll be running the country in a week.
Latest Guest Announcement - ADRIENNE BARBEAU - posted in London Film and Comic Con 2013: We are pleased to announce our latest guest ADRIENNE BARBEAU
Really eerie and creepy fog out there tonight. It's times like this we really need Adrienne Barbeau on the radio.
Number 1 reason to sit thru the movie Boys? (& girls)
In this refreshing weather for LA, I can't tell whether I see Adrienne Barbeau or Thomas Jane running around outside.
David Bowie leaving the recording studio in 1975. And I'm pretty sure that's Adrienne Barbeau shadowing him.
Not sure Adrienne Barbeau is young enough to be playing Madeleine Stowe's mother on Revenge, but still...amazing.
Little Giant Ladders
ALL bow down to Madeleine Stowe and Adrienne Barbeau on this week. STUNNING work.
How about Adrienne Barbeau showing up on Revenge as Victoria Grayson's mom? I think tonight was the first time I ever saw her on tv or otherwise concealing her, um, how do I say "nips"? Heh heh!
looks like Adrienne Barbeau is 13 years older than Madeleine Stowe, who plays her daugher on
Kurt Russell, Earnest Borgnine, Adrienne Barbeau, Donald Pleasence, and Harry Dean Stanton = best cab ride ever... Until you know...
Just about to leave for the Horror Hound convention today in Indianapolis. Going to see Jamie Lee Curtis in person, but personally, a bigger deal for me is Adrienne Barbeau. She was in one of the scariest horror movies I've ever seen, one that still gets me to this day. She was in "The Crate" in Creepshow. I still get chills just looking at those little spaces under stairwells!
Cracking cast too. Harry Dean Stanton (waiting for him to get killed) and Adrienne Barbeau's tremendous, er, knockers.
Tonight's TV: Following Denver/Saints game we have John Carpenter's The Fog, the original with Adrienne Barbeau and very young Jamie Lee.
Ben Affleck got '70s stars for his '70s-centric film, including Adrienne Barbeau, Michael Parks and Barry Livingston.
There is a very cool article in today's USAToday that focuses on me, Michael Parks and Adrienne Barbeau. We are all in Argo. Check it out if you'd like...
Just booked our anniversary trip. We are going to a horror convention to meet Jamie Lee Curtis and Adrienne Barbeau.
Watch a video clip from an episode of BIO Channel's "Celebrity Ghost Stories," featuring Adrienne Barbeau discussing how she witnessed her deceased grandmoth...
Saw ARGO tonight. Great thriller. Well directed by Ben Affleck who also stars. Excellent John Goodman and Alan Arkin with Adrienne Barbeau from MAUDE in a tiny part (I think that was her.)
guess wot? I am finkin of sendin H2 off to meets 2 Catwomans at one place! Lee Meriwether & Adrienne Barbeau
Adrienne Barbeau, who soap fans last saw on General Hospital as Suzanne as part of the dreaded Balkan storyline, has been cast in a juicy role on the hit
Adrienne Barbeau in Revenge 2, Brie Larson in Community 4, Judith Light in Dallas 2 -
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Creepshow is a 1982 horror anthology film directed by George A. Romero and written by Stephen King. The film's ensemble cast included Ted Danson, Leslie Nielsen, Hal Holbrook, E.G. Marshall, Gaylen Ross, Adrienne Barbeau, and Ed Harris. Romero again engaged Makeup and Special Effects Artist Tom Savini for this film. You just can't get any better than this..
Adrienne Barbeau is cast as the mother of Victoria (Madeleine Stowe)! Genius!
Did you know Adrienne Barbeau(catwoman voice) played Diedrich Bader's mom on the Drew Carey Show?
Jamie Lee Curtis is in this movie. Janet Leigh is in this movie. Adrienne Barbeau too.
This just in!! I just got a look at the lastest Guest List for the next Chiller Theater Expo happening at the Sheraton Parsippany October 26-28th. Check out these stars: Lee Majors, Virginia Madsen, Samantha Fox, Tom Wopat, Keith Emerson, Kirk Hammett (Metallica Lead Guitarist), Penny Marshall, Connie Stevens, Valerie Harper, Adrienne Barbeau, Billy Drago (Charmed), Andrew McCarthy, Anthony Michael Hall, Frank Vincent and many more to come. Go to for the complete list.
Why in blue blazes are the credits to "Swamp Thing" on Netflix all in French? And why is Adrienne Barbeau wearing heels in a swamp?
Watching the original version starring Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis and Janet Leigh
Directed by Michael Worth. With Tim Thomerson, Lance Henriksen, Adrienne Barbeau, John Saxon. When 80s B-movie icon Tim Thomerson wakes up one day to realize the acting roles are not coming his way any more...
I'm catching the last half of Swamp Thing. Does anyone know how many times Adrienne Barbeau fell down for no good reason?
The cast in is pretty good. Stephen King, Hal Holbrook, Adrienne Barbeau,Leslie Nielsen, Ted Danson
You didn't do what Adrienne Barbeau and Tara Buckman did in The Cannonball Run did did you?
Here is the trailer from this week's movie: Swamp Thing starring Adrienne Barbeau. When a trailer boasts "Midgets...
I've been wandering the swamp where Swamp Thing was filmed for hours & still no Adrienne Barbeau!
Saw Fiddler on the Roof at Sacramento Music Circus last night. Really impressive. Bob Amaral interpreted Tevye marvelously and Adrienne Barbeau was the perfect Golde. They both played it up but not over the top. Really well done!
Loved Fiddler on the Roof at Music Circus last night - with Adrienne Barbeau as Golde. Music Circus always does a great show!
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There's a Adrienne Barbeau bot, too. I like to talk about The Fog just so I can pretend we're friends.
Adrienne Barbeau as Doctor Who, the riff that launched a thousand pieces of fan art.
Woah, heavier fog in Oakland than in the City! Anyone seen Adrienne Barbeau?
not so much in Visionquest. Too much of an Adrienne Barbeau vibe.
Fiddler at Music Circus opens tonight! Adrienne Barbeau is gonna be amazed at how covert we Russians are!
Adrienne Barbeau and Bob Amaral Star in Music Circus' FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, Now thru 8/19: Tradition is the...
Photo Flash: Sneak Peek at Bob Amaral and Adrienne Barbeau in Music Circus' FIDDLER ON THE ROOF: Tradition is the theme as the 2012 M...
When are we gonna get Adrienne Barbeau on Fatman?
Adrienne Barbeau They're real and they're spectacular
"Escape from New York" is on BBC America. Featuring the best performances by Kurt Russell and Adrienne Barbeau's chest.
It seem's as we have lost another fine person of the Silver screen Adrienne Barbeau has left us now RIP
There Are Worse Things I Could Do (Hardcover): Adrienne Barbeau never set out to be a sex symbol and she never i...
Also the only female voice in the film, provided by Adrienne Barbeau.
Prisoner in foreground is Adrienne Barbeau originally from Maude/All in the Family...
I saw a guy with Adrienne Barbeau hair.
Howard always gets the hotties. RT second place! that's probably because got Adrienne Barbeau!
second place! pfft! that's probably because got Adrienne Barbeau!
Adrienne (Barbeau) just told me this is the most confusing lunch break we ever had. Then she jumped up on the trampoline & her top fell off.
Settling in to watch a little Fog with Adrienne Barbeau and Jamie Lee Curtis before Activa and Halloween H2O
hey I didn't see the grey haired earthquake carpet muncher today regarding the swarm of earthquakes starring Adrienne Barbeau.
Aah! Lovely, lovely, lovely Adrienne Barbeau. Angel of Armenia, catsuited doyen of the Lamborghini. Lovely, lovely Adrienne Barbeau.
Blake has come for us and Andy is Adrienne Barbeau
I feel like Adrienne Barbeau is gonna pop out and say," Ahoy Mateys." Juneau is socked in!
Adrienne Barbeau upstages prudish conservative Conrad Bain on
Photo Flash: Bob Amaral as 'Tevye' and Adrienne Barbeau as 'Golde' in Music Circus' FIDDLER ON THE ROOF via
I new there was a good reason why I loved a Lamborghini.
of course! & can be Adrienne Barbeau if she wants, I'll be Lee Van Cleef
I want to see this. Apparently it's based around the fact that somehow Lance has continued to work in all forms of movies, major ones included, while others have been cast aside for the younger actors. Adrienne Barbeau is awesome though, and always will be.
Wicked!!! "The Fog" favorite horror flick ever is on the TV tonite!! And I'm talking about the original "Fog" from 1980 with Adrienne Barbeau and Jamie Lee Curtis.not the god-awful piece of crap, toilet-water remake they did a few years ago..
Batman: The Animated Series does The Dark Knight Rises trailer - with voice acting by Kevin Conroy and Adrienne Barbeau...
So the Hub is AWESOME. Why? Because not only did they advertise their "Batman: The Animated Series" marathon with a TAS version of the trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises"... They actually BROUGHT BACK Kevin Conroy and Adrienne Barbeau to reprise the voices of Batman and Catwoman to do the trailer's dialog!!!
Then in Hal Holbrook's story, he has the monster kills his wife, Adrienne Barbeau, but we're led to believe oh, that's okay.
My Nephew Mike met her when he was a actor out in Los Angeles.Said she was really cool.Adrienne Barbeau [Maude],here she is in 'The Cannonball Run'.
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