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Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Eliza Bailon (born October 24, 1983) is an American actress, singer-songwriter, dancer, and television personality.

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Cheating will always bite you in the *** . Rob Kardashian a fat loser and Adrienne Bailon out here living her best life 😍
Adrienne bailon was the camila cable-0 of the cheetah girls
Adrienne Bailon was the voice of 3LW and The Cheetah Girls. How tf you carry TWO groups to success 😂😩
Look of the Week(Top 5 Most Liked Looks on Instagram): Rochelle Humes in Barrus London, Mary J. Blige in Toni…
Rob Kardashian cheated on Adrienne Bailon and karma got his *** good 😂
I wish Adrienne Bailon would make music.
I am starting up yoga again, I had the best results when I did 30 days with
Also, there's a movie on Netflix with Ja Rule and Adrienne Bailon lmfaoo. Who tf cast this movie?!
I watched cheetah girls 2 earlier and realized Adrienne Bailon got her 🍑🍑 done because she ain’t have all that in t…
lmfao Ja-Rule and Adrienne Bailon have a movie called “I’m in love with a church girl” 😂😂
'Please tell Demi that and did ''We Are LOCOS For Demi TT for her!
New post (Adrienne Bailon from Latin American Music Awards 2017: Red Carpet Arrivals ...) has been published on -…
wait wth my cousins went to the same school as Adrienne Bailon I'm shook
Wow!!! I'm Sure Nobody Knew Adrienne Bailon was going through this for the last 5 years...: via
What’s the difference between Rob Kardashian with Adrienne Bailon vs Rob Kardashian with Blac Chyna
New post (Latin American Music Awards, Adrienne Bailon...) has been published on American Music Awards -…
domain names
Adrienne Bailon just posted a ig story of her wedding a year ago in Paris and everyone is having the time of their…
Literally thought this was Cardi B. Adrienne Bailon nailed this costume. 🎯
Seeing all the pictures Adrienne Bailon is posting of her wedding makes me so excited for the day that is me 😭
I want Adrienne Bailon, Sabrina Bryan, crazy *** Raven Symoné and Kiely Williams with all her broken promethes prom…
Lmao, Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams from the Cheetah Girls were also in the group. They just…
Yes, she was in 3LW with Adrienne Bailon & Kiely Williams [two girls from cheetah girls]
Adrienne Bailon has her own chat show. and Kiely Williams has a new film coming out x
Adrienne Bailon designed her own wedding dress (Bang Showbiz) :Auto pickup by wikyou
Israel Houghton an Adrienne Bailon had their wedding shower this past weekend in a intimate…
Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton at their wedding shower via
Adrienne Bailon & Israel Houghton share photos from her co-ed wedding shower
Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton celebrate engagement with ... - :
The best thing a man can do on a first date is be a friend. I think that's the biggest mist
One of my goals is to have this incredible body. I want to be strong, to be ripped.
But Adrienne Bailon and Rob Kardashian were so much better
Adrienne Bailon lets it be known: "I absolutely did not cheat on Rob Kardashian."
I want a family. I see my sister, and she's on her second baby, and I'm like, 'That's succe
Adrienne Bailon spilling nothing but the tea about Donald Trump appearing on SNL tonight
I remember when Adrienne Bailon liked my post of her ugh 💖😩
This is REAL TALK MAN! Shout out to Adrienne Bailon for this. The music business is a crazy business, I...
Omg you guys. Tmi but I'm here @ my 1st ever laser appointment and as I walk in I see Adrienne Bailon leaving!! We made eye contact :o
Eve, Vivica A. Fox And Adrienne Bailon have the ultimate blue moment:
Keke Palmer and Adrienne Bailon singing "The Boy is Mine" and "Amor Prohibido" 😭
Yall remember 3LW as Blue Mascara on the show 'Taina' 🙌
Looks like is taking side in all of this baby shower drama!
Do you know how many times my ca reer has been close to rock bottom? Each time,—
Adrienne Bailon at last night's Metropolitan Fashion Week Gala attended the red carpet for…
I need to understand why the Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton story stands out to me so much.
Congrats to LisaRaye. I'll Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton spill the tea on their engagement.
Israel Houghton: “Adrienne Bailon is a Once in a Lifetime Woman” via
Can I be blessed with a combo of Adrienne Bailon's, Amber Riley's and Naya Rivera's vocals please 🙏🙏
Adrienne Bailon and Gospel Singer Israel Houghton are Engaged! Israel Houghton and Adrienne Bailon have finally ta
Congratulations to Adrienne Bailon, now officially engaged to Israel Houghton!
Adrienne Bailon is now engaged to Israel Houghton – check out her huge diamond ring!.
Adrienne Bailon gets engaged to boyfriend Israel Houghton in Paris:
Adrienne Bailon is engaged to Israel Houghton! Congratulations, you two!
And … action! Jeannie Mai, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Adrienne Bailon and Loni Love take us through their first li...
I literally agree with everything Adrienne Bailon says on the Real lol. She's forever preaching
Camilla Cabello is honestly the Adrienne Bailon of Fifth Harmony
Adrienne Bailon sings 3LW's 'No More' on The Real Daytime via omg lol, I never saw this
When Rob dated Adrienne Bailon it was the cutest thing
me too I love because her booty is nicely shaped.
responds to getting fired from 'The Real'.
Rob Kardashian is a *** He used to date Adrienne Bailon, you know, the baddest member of 3lw and the cheetah girls.
Watching with ...we're obsessed and 😍
Adrienne Bailon is standing by her best friend Tamar Braxton after the singer abruptly departed ‘The Real’ the wee…
Adrienne Bailon claps back at a fan who questioned her loyalty to Tamar Braxton
Who would've watched a show about life starring Tamara Mowry, Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, & Jeannie (who I had never ev…
I remember one time said that once u watch one episode of u will be hooked. She was sooo right!!.
I just want to meet she's seriously perfect
I agree with I would want a Selena hologram.
I don't think anyone understands my level of excitement that I got when I seen that is in Nashville..😍😩
Saw on snapchat that is in Nashville today... Ummm where can I see you at 😩😍😍😍
In the words of Miz Sometimes you just gotta caw caw lol
.said she would wanna be stuck in an elevator with Leah Remini to find out all the deets about Jen 😂 me too girl
This Aussie has never visited the city... but the show is pretty amazing! Love your work Adrienne :)
the city! Ha. Pretty sure I'd love the show too.
Hey Girls! My wish is to come on The Real and Sing to U! My Bday May 15, let's have a Dream Show!! XO XO
Adrienne Bailon is going to Nashville ... And I won't be there 😐
Adrienne joined snapchat go follow her realadrienneb
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I think you're beautiful then and now, Adrienne! Which one is you? You all look alike!
Adrienne, aka mom, is my spirit animal.
The best way to end my day: a little on
My whole entire life is made now that made a snap. Now Im gonna act like I know her even more 😂
.is dishing on her worst haircut ever. Tell us your bad hair stories!
Adrienne Bailon explaining how it feels like to be Latina.
add me back as a friend aubreylambert95 please I just added you
I'm with and on this underwear topic. It's clean!!!
Anger & resentment only birth's a lifetime of being unhealthy. Grow, evolve & prosper, go on witcha bad self
like always. My bae when she was here for the superbowl. 💋❤
When you see in the old episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians 😒😑
& are so nasty! IDGAF if they spent a week in pure Clorox, I'm not wearing NOBODY else's drawls!
Ummm sorry but we have period panties
Im not surprised by ur results. U can see the beauty in all the result history in u girl, also u been glowing so much 💖🌟
I'd prefer Rose in the streets and Blanche in the sheets. =) lol the Golden girls. You girls are a trip. Mamas Family next?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Sorry , you were my 1st big crush, but now Adrienne has my herat. She's mi bombacita pequenita! You still fly though.
The funniest thing is was the same with ,I hope his FAM dont save him after this.
Im with on this one. I can't do ex -friends
Great! you got some African in you. Now I want to put some African American in you. ;-) XOXO
Not a good idea. You should cut all ties with them because if they meet someone else, you aint welcome. =)
I still blame Adrienne Bailon for making Rob get fat 😭
Look at that. Adrienne Bailon is od happy and glowed up. Salute.
The boy hasn't been right since Rita Ora gave him the boot. Shouldn't have 💩on God don't like ugly.
I've always said that Puerto Ricans r an extremely diverse race.
Thats a great movie. The updated version with Steve Martin was good too.
the world needed to see finding out she was part Black.
the sooner that Jenna realizes I'm Adrienne Bailon the argument will go away
Goodmorning how are you your day .I went to school .good Faith good believe . Love your daughter. Taketime love you too
Dear Stylists of I wish i saw more in Zara so i could copy her look :) Blessings from Hungary,Budapest
Adrienne Bailon way different from Chyna, Rob will get hurt so bad...
Today's episode of when found out that she was 7% African
you have more white in you then Tamara she had 53% and you had 56%, I was dying.
there is nothing wrong with you being friends with your ex. I'm from Brooklyn NY and maybe it's just a NY thing. Lol
you are the best, you always crack me up. Love you, God bless.
said that about pick either the red lip or the smokey eye pick EITHER. I've been telling everyone the same thing forever! 👏
You can't be friends with an ex. Once you've crossed that line; you can't go back.
. Nothing wrong with that. That just means they split on a good note.
Yes🙋🏻Last thing I want is u skip the relationship foundation&have regrets.I avoid that drama
Gotta watch before bed ...daily dose of girl chat 💯
Happy Black History Month! We officially claim you. Whether 7% or 97%
.partied w/ her ex at party. What do you think about being friends w/ your ex?
What do you think of this struggle women face? Lol
kardashion Kompound lol no shade n ur western Asian wish milddle eastern so ur not oriential like Jeannie but everything
a golden girl. I don't even hear a newyork accent on u. but we all knew u was black somewhere u had to be to get on the
assumed by ur look u were all white. no offence. but the only time ur latina comes out is when u speak Spanish or become
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Lmao that movie w/ Ciara & Adrienne Bailon was so good they played volleyball & the girl daddy died I forgot what it's called
Naturi Naughton winning on Power, Adrienne Bailon winning on The Real, Kiely Williams still getting tired of broken promi…
Adrienne Bailon shows off major cleavage at event in Beverly Hills - Daily Mail
said "some like Netflix and chill...I'm ok with the chill!" LOL. Yessir
not just a Tamar clone, we need different personalities and view points and Kenya should be on the show
Lmao as 11:11am I am in love with .
I see Tamar in Nene and vice versa but when Tamar is away you can have different personalities on the show
when Benefit can't even speak properly and wears the wigs that she use to chastise poor Kim of by calling her wig
U don't guys don't bring Kenya Moore on the show because of Tamar's biasness but gets Nene repeatedly
a nympho lol I'm with it if you is lol
Please don't get Nene on that show again, she does not fit in, she's so rude and very self righteousness
Nene was as usual so defensive on the show and was reading you so hard but why? She's just as dumb as a door nail
On says she wants sex every day. Oh my *** What say you?
Adrienne Bailon has that Mariah Carey/Teairra Marie syndrome where they're not fat but they look bloated. It's weird.
Had to turn off. Your cohost was so rude during girl chat
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Poor Rob Kardashian ... this HAS to be hard.
This is of the chain 😂😜is a mess, is too real and i wish was there
Nene needs to be on everyday! But I def get and relate wit what is saying about sex. 💯
Girl bye. ain't having sex everyday with all these public break ups.
The shade is Real *** wassup with NeNe. I'm with you on this one!!!
I can Listen to these Ladies talk all day Adorable sweet Woman of God. imma take a seat
Time for S.African time, I missed though.
Adrienne Bailon is so extra and annoying.
i like your big fan of you. And I would like to be on your show.
Adrienne Bailon talking about when her friend Rita Ora started dating Rob💀
now whooop with the beautiful ladies I'm over xcited
"I feel like doing this show made me realize I had a voice & I had me something to say, & it gave me purpose." -
"I would do this job for free, but I got bills to pay!" - I Volunteer... To Not Work For Free
"She is absolutely what we should be proud of as Latinas!" - on
Adrienne Bailon is just so incredibly beautiful 😍😍😍
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Always wondered why Adrienne Bailon's career never went anywhere musically
Adrienne Bailon looked happy and carefree at the amid talk she’s dating her ex Rob Kardashian!
Laverne Cox, Adrienne Bailon and Nene Leakes at the Television Industry Advocacy Awards Gala benefiting The...
Super excited to see at the live taping of "The Real"!!
Good luck in your new interesting projects and many kisses guapas
So yesterday I'm in line at Target waiting and I turn to my left to see that gorgeous cover of you. You looked amazing!
Adrienne Bailon too, but she's irrelevant so
oh, that was a movie he did with Adrienne Bailon. 😂
Rob Kardashian really lost out on Adrienne bailon
guess who just got a copy of Cosmo for Latinas and the ever so gorgeous is on the cover 😍🔥
I love you Adrienne!!! =) I can't wait for season 2 of the REAL to start in few weeks. Have a great weekend!!!
you're gorgeous!!! Still waiting for that IG follow back! 😉😉😉
Adrienne Bailon was the best cheetahs girl hands down
We want a french convention about old disney channel series&movies, can you share this please ?
"When your man makes you feel super fly, that is everything." - on Keeping It Hot
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you are beautiful person you are very kind person you are amazing person you are very nice Person
I like that Adrienne. When my sister married she tried to tell my dad she didn't want to. She got married.
Tell Adrienne to pop over to London, next week is the famous Carnival - oh yeah!!
“You will never ever, as my daughter, marry someone you don’t want to marry.” - Mom’s Best Marriage A…
I am watching the cheetah girls love you guys I am in Jamaica
“I just feel like sometimes, once in a while, you just need to put on the ‘Bodyguard' soundtrack & let it go!” -
“I’m not going to order what I, myself wouldn’t pay for.” - What Should You Order on a First Date?
needs to get back in the studio. She's got talent.
We'd love for to join us for Friday, Sept 11th 7pm Studio450 NYC
, Girl you're GORG . so why do you splatter your face in make-up?!
this was the happiest day of my life, I love to rewatch it when I'm down, I love you Adrienne Xx
Next summer I want to do an summer like did. 🗼🌁🎇
“I’m all about more quality over the amount of money and quantity that you spend.” -
EVERYones look was perfect on this episode of
watching last weeks episode of the real and all I have to say is I've fallen asleep at a rock concert before
lol yes! you look amazing! Hope you had a cheetahlicious night!
Tomorrow on stops by! Plus, we’re Divin’ for Dollars and is sharing her obsessions!
My has to be Live this woman since she was a cheetah girl.
this jaylenjermainr6 and I be watching the Disney channel games of u
"Girl, I've had my heart broken quite a few times, and it was the stress of my life!" - on Avoid Men t…
Now that school is over I get to watch ! 😂💞
Beautiful, talented ladies! ! Can't wait to meet you both one day ❤
If would tell me happy birthday, its be the best birthday of all time💯
what lipstick are you wearing today ? It's Fab
keep it real bang is the worst..Keep it real with her ladies..
When you casually run into Adrienne Bailon is Paris... 🇫🇷🙈
is so pretty... Just got that reminder seeing a glimpse of The Real
Looking in that black and white dress omg sexiest looking referee ever lol even at work I gotta watch her show.
I watch my baby faithfully every day 😍
Still waiting for it to be uploaded on YouTube
The more I watch the more I find myself relating to
“As a woman, sometimes I need a day in the week just to be alone!” - on Friendship Timeouts
Kendra is so QVC HSN Pro Model on Mai Picks items on
Dear and Kiely Williams,. Give us just ONE MORE Cheetah Girls movie 2 year…
I have had the same thoughts about enjoying my bc the person I'm with has already experienced them.
Adrienne Bailon said she's gonna be at fiesta de la flor 😳😳😳
Creative directing services provided to for their annual Glam Issue ft.
I know I'm a little late, but I'm so happy faced her fer and sang on stage. It's good to hear your voice again!
I Love this -> hits the stage for the 1st time in 6 years w/ a tribute to Selena!
"Autism doesn't have to define a person. They define themselves through hard work just like everyone else. " Adrienne Bailon
Adrienne Bailon has 1.6 million IG followers, is a daytime talk show host, and just hosted a nail competition show on Oxygen.
and there could be a lot said for halles, who barely ever wears makeup. And i dont think whites know adrienne Bailon
Those are four alone which are easily WoC. Queen Latifah, Rihanna, Halle Berry, and Adrienne Bailon.
I'll never get over 's performance for "I Could Fall in Love". I just can't get enough *-*
Adrienne Bailon performs Selena song on 20th anniversary of her death while taking stage for first time in 6 years:
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Are you feeling it? Adrienne Bailon performs for the first time in 6 years (via
why u not recording ? My god girl, u have a natural gift from the man above.go record, don't wait please...Beautiful
is right, you always carry bullying with you from when you was younger. It's something you never forget! 💪
I really wanna thank for making me feel so good about my self..
LMAOO idk how they didn't die laughing “Y'all so shady.http:…
your Selena performance was amazing! You should really go back to singing your voice is amazing!
.(Adrienne Bailon Tributes Selena on 20th Anniversary of Her Passing on 'The Real'
I hope meets at the Fiesta de la Flor and invites Jennifer Lopez as a guest on 🙏
I am literally in tears watching your tribute to on 😍
I've always loved Adrienne Bailon's voice. She still sounds like she did in her 3LW days. And that's not a bad thing.
I bow down to you for picking up the mic and sharing your gift with the world again! You've made
Adrienne Bailon honors Selena with 'I Could Fall in Love' performance
Adrienne bailon don't sound too good singing this Selena song 👀
be lovin your eyelashes. Care to share your secret? Lets be Real, how can i get your lash look? ;)
Quiet as kept, Adrienne Bailon is no ones vocalist. Ask Naturi Naughton.
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The Real Clip of the Week: - Besides the amazing news of The Real's Co-host, Adrienne Bailon's...
Whenever I'm sad I always remember I went to the same high school as & then I feel special again
That was nice. Adrienne Bailon sung if I could fall in love with you to honor Selena.
Yes! We’re halfway through the week and is feeling this Hump Day!
Love 's singing selena. Always loved her voice from the cheetah girl days 🙊😍
Adrienne Bailon should never be allowed to sing Selena again
Adrienne Bailon announces engagement to Lenny Santiago on The Real
Congrats to Kodaklens aka Lenny S. and Adrienne Bailon on their engagement.
Adrienne Bailon is engaged to longtime boyfriend Lenny Santiago! See her gorgeous ring:
Adrienne Bailon is engaged to her longtime boyfriend Lenny Santiago—watch the sweet video!
Adrienne Bailon eyelashes on the 53rd episode look like spiders! The glam squad on the was wrong
Adrienne Bailon at the 2012 Billboard Latin Music Awards in Miami in Lafonn Jewelry. Shop Lafonn jew
“When Chris Brown started roasting Adrienne Bailon on Instagram 😂😭 he really did this 😭😭😭💀
Chris Brown calls out Adrienne Bailon and Tamar Braxton over comments about his relationship with Karrueche.
Adrienne Bailon: The length of this 'do is blunt cut them worn over the shoulders for a low-fuss and cas...
I want a tattoo on my butt like Adrienne Bailon.
Like an obligatory thing. Adrienne bailon holds this thing for me thats important and I'm gonna need while I'm w/ Christian. After Ihavekids
This round of voting on the contest got and…
My wife has made it to Phase 2 of Strong 9th…
I don't watch often so I wouldn't know, but I remember Sherri publicly saying she wanted Adrienne Bailon to have a chair
Adrienne Bailon used to be such a hoodrat. How time changes people
This will FOREVER be one of my favorite songs.
Adrienne Bailon is trying to make a name for herself gettin on these shows lol
Me and real deal just had an argument about liking my picture. She gone say some "Was it real" 😒
They got Adrienne Bailon and Jessica Alba! Not Jessica.. she's bae 😭
First it's fault rob is gained weight and now it's fault. When is it gonna be that crazy family's fault! Huh!
It's been my dream to meet so if anyone is reading this plz help me meet her :-)
I haven't posted a in a while but it has to be 🔥🔥🔥
Who inspires you? — Adrienne Bailon Tamar Braxton and a few others:)
Wow 😱🎉 I made it to phase 2 for my nomination of "30under30" favorite Latinas list…
Adrienne Bailon's BFF claps back at Kim Kardashian over Rob diss . �. Yesterday Kim K slammed Rob Kardashia
😟😩 she needs to get on a good show so I can see her more😪
I think Adrienne Bailon could have had a really successful solo career.
"Adrienne Bailon has some VERY harsh words for Kim Kardashian
Fun pic with and Nail'd It Oct 7 on
señoritas cheetahs...watching cheetah girls 2 and tearing up. this was my life.
Yea Bae that was me... Just in case you wanna follow me
Ya thought I was joking when I said I was going to ask to sing When she came to cuse too
Adrienne Bailon's beauty is something serious
Adrienne bailon been looking real good lately
Did you know Puerto Ricans are descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel & are the tribe of Ephraim according 2 The Bible?
could you possibly wish my mam a happy birthday please? Thankyou x
I had SO much fun this Labor Day weekend ❤️ . So much... That I forgot to post! Ha. Yas for these…
I added a video to a playlist Ghostface Killah feat. Adrienne Bailon - "I'll Be That"
But I don't think Adrienne Bailon is Black though lol
Hmmm got a show she is hosting... Compare those ratings to . Yea... And you tried to diss them 😂
Hey Adrienne I completely understand ur fuss with ppl not saying ur Spanish last name correctly. Mine is Villaman -_-" LoL
God bless and may you guys have a victorious one.
Just finished watching and see it on DVD now Executive prod>>
Lol shoutout to Adrienne Bailon, the prep school girl, and Lisa Leslie's lil sis
Kim Kardashian slams Rob Kardashian's ex Adrienne Bailon for comments kicking him ‘when he is down’
.& LASHED OUT at Adrienne Bailon over her cover interview:
Adrienne Bailon was interviewed by Latina magazine because she's LATINA. Kim *** think the whole world revolve around them
And by the way, Adrienne Bailon's article is for LATINA magazine. I'm pretty sure THAT's why she got the feature.
Adrienne Bailon talks Rob cheating & says being associated with the Kardashians hurt her career, Kim & Khloe respond…
Fighting words! Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian want Adrienne Bailon to know they are NOT happy:
Kim Kardashian Snaps back at Adrienne Bailon for her feature in Latina Magazine about Rob Kardashian . …
not for nothing, move on. You too beautiful to still be talkin' about Rob. Esp in the state he's in, Let it go. U alrdy won
2014 web sentiment for celebs in the news today:. Orlando Bloom: +24. Justin Bieber: +61. Allison Williams: +47. Adrienne Bailon: +24
The only reason anyone even cared about Adrienne bailon was bc she dated rob... I only remember you as a cheetah girl …
maybe if you focused less on the Kardashians you'd have a career.
I'm not one to defend a kardashian. But seriously, the only reason is still relevant is cause she dated Rob.
I think the forgot how they became famous...
Did Kim Kardashian just come at Adrienne Bailon like that? 😳
Your career was in 2003, stay in your lane cheetah girl. The Kardashians are still famous
has no career because she's whack. Not because she was on . No one is looking for you boo
because laying on your back only got you hosting Jersey Shore reunion specials.
Adrienne Bailon saying being with Rob Kardash hurt her career? She never had a proper career to start with?!
AMEN! Adrienne always handled herself with class.. it's okay for Kim to dog Kris Humpries all over
Seriously just STOP trying to make yourself relevant again.
Rob Kardashian lost Adrienne Bailon and got fat .
Rob ruined what career? Last time we heard of you was in Cheetah Girls...
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