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Adriano Espaillat

Adriano Espaillat (born September 27, 1954) is currently a member of the New York State Senate and formerly of the New York State Assembly.

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The following Dem Reps are calling for impeachment of Trump! Hakeem Jeffries, Adriano Espaillat, Jerrold Nadler, & Yvette Clarke
Mi gente, let's stop the hypocrisy. you're better than this.
folks in Congres. District NY13, go to this town hall TODAY! to find your CD & rep go here:
.reacts to defending the Dominican Republic's immigration policies (htt…
.reacts to defending the Dominican Republic's immigration policies (…
to strip thousands of individuals of Haitian descent of their citizenship...
Congressmember Adriano Espaillat to receive Queens College Distinguished Alumnus award from Political Science…
The Congressional Black Caucus is evidently not eager to welcome Afro-Latinos though it's a complex story.
The country's first Dominican-American member of Congress, is a symbol of opposition to Donald Trump.…
The damage this bill causes is even worse than the last version and will put our country on a fast track to disaster
Cngrssmn Adriano Espaillat will share his journey to become the 1st Dominican-American in Congress this Friday at
Adriano Espaillat immigrated here illegally. Now he's opposing Trump in Congress. My cover story for
urges attendees at this weekend's African diaspora conference to ‘Be Bold’ in the Trump Era
Congressional Black Caucus tells Dominican born Rep. Adriano Espaillat that he is not black enough to join!.
Congressmen Brad Schneider (D, IL-10) and Adriano Espaillat (D, NY-13) announced the introduction of legislation...
Reps. Adriano Espaillat, Yvette D. Clark and Gregory Meeks were also at JFK.
Little Giant Ladders
Adriano Espaillat becomes first formerly undocumented immigrant in Congress
I used to admire Dominican politician Adriano Espaillat until this goonish moment… cc:
Wrote about LIUNA Local 78 endorsing Adriano Espaillat for Congress and TWU Local 100 endorsing Sanders for...
【Minimum Wage Increase!】. Workers in NYC employed by businesses with at least 11 employees: the minimum wage will...
I added a video to a playlist Your Voice with Senator Adriano Espaillat
I added a video to a playlist ADRIANO ESPAILLAT FOR CONGRESS 2016
I added a video to a playlist Adriano Espaillat habla con Guillermo Linares
LEEBA to name NYS Senator Adriano Espaillat "Person of the Year" Event Sold Out
Interesting: Filemon Vela gave $2k to Adriano Espaillat, candidate to replace (and former rival to) Charlie Rangel
Watch Sen. Adriano discuss funding & tuition on
Adriano Espaillat speaks at the "True" Affordable Housing Rally in Washington Heights (3/11/12)
With my dear friends, Senator Adriano Espaillat and Cid Wilson…
Happy to see my friend and State Senator Adriano Espaillat!
An outstanding event with our friends at Northern Manhattan Democratic Club Swearing in Ceremonies. Adriano Espaillat John Ruiz
Adriano Espaillat is one of the reasons why I ran for office
In N. Manhattan, Adriano Espaillat beats back challenge by Robert Jackson in the State Senate Dist 31 Dem primary.
Sen. Malcolm Smith was absent in Albany more than all his colleagues in the chamber, except for Adriano Espaillat.
Charlie Rangel, the 22-term congressman, appears to have won a tight primary challenge, but state Sen. Adriano Espaillat hasn't conce...
Charlie Rangel declares victory over Adriano Espaillat in Dem primary
From Charlie Rangel-Adriano Espaillat race still too close to call, AP reports
Brimming with confidence, Rangel, Espaillat vote in Tuesday's primary Rep. Charles Rangel couldn’t help but look back while state Sen. Adriano Espaillat looked ahead as the two Democrats voted in Tuesday’s 13th District congressional primary in Manhattan and the Bronx.
This morning at A baby Great White Shark was reeled in by fisherman off Rockaway Beach. Rent Guidelines Board voted for slight increases on rent-stabilized apartments, despite the mayor's call for a freeze. test papers containing sensitive student information were found scattered on the street behind a Bed-Stuy school. voters head to the polls today to decide the victor in the heated congressional race between Rep. Charles Rangel and state Sen. Adriano Espaillat.
endorses Adriano Espaillat over Charles Rangel for Congress seat Rangel has held for 44 years!
Poll: Charles Rangel up 13 vs. Adriano Espaillat. Should there be an age limit in Congress?
Bucking her leftist allies, Public Advocate Letitia James announced Friday that she's backing Rep. Charles Rangel's re-election over chief rival Adriano Espaillat. "Congressman Charles Rangel has n...
Three candidates for Congress will face off in the Bronx after all. Rep. Charles Rangel and two of his challengers in the 13th District, state Sen. Adriano Espaillat and the Rev.
With five days left until the primary, Harlem Congressman Charles Rangel appears poised to defeat Adriano Espaillat by an even wider margin than 2012
Interesting play by the New York Times Opinion Editorial Board. They chose Adriano Espaillat for congress over Charles Rangel and Michael Waldron. They claim he best represents the community. In what sense? What community? What registered Voters? If the NYTimes Op-Ed Boards' contention was to play it safe and claim that Espaillat had the best chance to win because he is Latino and best represents the community based on demo-graphics, then yes, I agree. But... I know what I saw in the debates and both Rangel (because of his arrogance) and Espaillat (because of his bumbling performance) got spanked by Michael Waldron. So question is... Am I missing something? Should we remove debates from politics and just go with what we see written on paper? If so, we should do the same with sports and just take the NBA Championship from the Spurs and just give it to the Heat, cause they looked good on paper too. Besides, does the New York Times Opinion Board even know what's going on with the Demo-graphics in "Upper Manh ...
EXCLUSIVE: Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union set to endorse state Sen. Adriano Espaillat -
Bronx Democratic Party will endorse state Sen. Adriano Espaillat over Rep. Charles Rangel in battle for congressional
CM Melissa Mark Viverito, seen here with County Leader Keith Wright, Senator Adriano Espaillat and Rev Al Sharpton at the NAN feeding folks and giving out toys. God Bless them all !!
Adriano Espaillat, Keith Wright, and Melissa Mark-Viverito are w/me feeding the hungry at NAN & giving toys
A bill implementing a larger New York City income tax hike than the one proposed by Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio has been introduced in the Legislature by state Sen. Adriano Espaillat, a Democrat representing Upper Manhattan and the Bronx.
Adriano Espaillat would like a real George Washington Bridge traffic study, in light of the apparently fake one at the center of this week's news.
This is a video of the news report in reference to the meeting Sen Adriano Espaillat and I had with the President of the Dominican Republic Danilo Medina abo...
article details the agreement Sen Adriano Espaillat and I were able to obtain from President Danilo Medina to stop Deportation of Haitians born in the Dominican Republic. This initiative was a result of a conference call that I conducted several weeks ago with Haitian and Dominican leaders of Long Island in which I committed to meet with President Medina and attempt to mitigate the impact it would have and Haitians and Dominicans in DR as well as here in the US. Our Long Island Elected Officials of Haitian and Hispanic decent participate in this conference call and contributed to this effort.( Legislator Carrie Solages, Assemblywoman Michaele Solages and Councilwoman Valerie Cartright, Legislator Elect Monica Martinez, Freeport Councilwoman Carmen Pinyero) Our Haitian and Dominican leaders were concerned about the unfair application of this law towards Haitians born in DR and what the effects of possible U.N. Sanctions against DR would have on their families. I am so grateful that the President responde . ...
Do not be fooled Adriano Espaillat will be crowned with the full support of the machinery!
Employees fast food chains ask again lto raise the minimum wages in U.S. By " La Recontra Oferta Newspaper " LRON at San Jose, CA US 18:15PM 12.05.2013 The demonstrations are part of a national mobilization in hundreds of U.S. cities with the same claim : raise the federal minimum wage of $ 7.25 to $ 15 an hour . Thousands of employees of fast food chains in U.S. cities like Washington, Houston , Los Angeles , New York or Chicago today left aside the burgers and hot dogs to demand a "living " minimum wage above the current $ 7.25 hour. Under a banner with the face of President Barack Obama with the word "Help", Gonzalo Morales , an employee of McDonald's Museum of Air and Space in Washington, regretted that the salary you earn is not enough to support his family . "I have three jobs, and I make no turns me support the family , I'll hurry , do not give me ," he said Morales , 53 , who claimed to have an annual income of $ 30,000. The protesters are demanding that the minimum wage be raised to $ 15 per hour ...
Here at debate tonight: Marty Markowitz, Adriano Espaillat, Diane Savino, Karim Camara, Gustavo Rivera, just to name a few...
Had a great weekend in Albany at Somos. It was great seeing some of my good friends. Meeting new ones, and learn a ton at workshop. Sara Valenzuela, Lucia Gomez, Orley J. Pacheco, David Brezler, Katherine Brezler, Adriano Espaillat, Richard Nuñez-Lawrence, Christina Baal, Manny De Los Santos, Ariel Ferreira, and many more!
Congratulations to on her confirmation to the NY State Court of Appeals. My statement can be read here:
Adriano Espaillat Jr. Hello CBTJ... I been looking into getting dog and I been doing a lot of research on bull...
Tonight I had the opportunity to attend the Community Education Council 6 meeting on District 6's proposed de-zoning process at P.S. 192 on 500 w. 138th street. I listened to feedback given by the parents in attendance. I understand that this issue has become increasingly polarized with many different opinions on how the process should be handled. This is why I have held that the process should be slowed down so that all parents and stakeholders can work together to come up with the best possible plan for our district's children. This was the first of three public hearings on the issue, the next one will take place at the Alexander Humboldt School (P.S. 115) at 586 W. 177th St. on Thursday, October 25th, 2012 at 6pm and the last will be at Shorac Kappock School (P.S. 98) at 512 W. 212 St. (Broadway and 10th Ave.) on Thursday November 1st, 2012. I encourage the participation of all parents to get involved, get informed and have your voice heard. In the meantime, we must come together as a community and as ...
Martin Chicon is running against Adriano Expaillat, promising more development in Upper Manhattan.
New York Daily News Mugged in Manhattan! Slew of Adriano Espaillat votes vanished in …New York Daily NewsThe...
A reminder to anyone in New York. Tomorrow, September 13th, is Election Day. On the Upper West Side, vote for Adriano Espaillat for State Senate and Vincent Alfonso for Democratic State Committee! You can use this link to find your polling place and find out what's on the ballot in your area.
A letter to the editor of the NY Times: Regarding your endorsement of Guillermo Linares for State Senate over Adriano Espaillat ("New York's Thursday Primary," September 7, 2012) Other than a snarky comment about an Assembly re-election being a "consolation prize" for Mr. Espaillat (who very narrowly lost to Mr. Rangel in the primary), your endorsement had no "meat" in it -- at all. Nor, might I add, did your prior endorsement of Clyde Williams over Senator Espaillat in the Democratic primary for a House candidate; that editorial's reasoning was both shallow and nonsensical (and insulting to Senator Espaillat's cross-cultural appeal). Adriano Espaillat has served our District -- and our state -- well since his election: preserving and strengthening rent regulations; leading the fight for Marriage Equality; sponsoring the New York DREAM Act; working for safe drinking water by opposing "fracking" and the dumping of raw sewage into the Hudson River; strengthening laws protecting vulnerable women and children ...
Last month's closely-watched primary between Rep. Charles Rangel and challenger Adriano Espaillat was marred by...
Rep. Charles Rangel held an insurmountable lead of 989 votes over challenger Adriano Espaillat yesterday after the...
New York Rep. Charles Rangel has won a primary in his bid for a 22nd term in Congress, defeating Adriano Espaillat...
Dominican Fathers Day Celebration Sunday July 29th at the New Yorker Hotel from 7-11pm
What do merenguera Milly Quezada and New York Senator Adriano Espaillat have in common?
The Daily News finds that voting machines in the primary between Charlie Rangel and Adriano Espaillat didn't count hundreds of votes
more ?s. "It defies logic that 514 people went to the polls in this hotly-contested race & voted for no one."
Disturbing sexual harassment incident involved bus driver being licked on the face by her supervisor; a month and a half later, there has been no resolution
Adriano Espaillat concedes defeat by Charles Rangel will drop challenge.
Rangel Win Finally Official: State Sen. Adriano Espaillat has conceded to Charles Rangel for a s...
Adriano Espaillat again concedes to Charles Rangel, drops lawsuit | Twitchy
New York state sen. Adriano Espaillat is on verge of conceding 13th congressional district race to Rep. Charles Rangel
Reports said Rangel was leading Democratic challenger state Sen. Adriano Espaillat by 994 votes as counting continued.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) leads challenger Adriano Espaillat by 990 votes at end of handcounting of primary ballots.
U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel took the lead by 990 votes over Democratic contender Adriano Espaillat.
VOTE COUNTING in the fierce congressional battle between incumbent Charlie Rangel and his insurgent challenger Adriano Espaillat is no longer a matter of the usual incompetence of the Board of Elections.
Counting is complete for the 72nd AD in 272 votes for Adriano Espaillat, 58 for Charlie Rangel. More to follow
Vote counting continued today in New York’s 13th Congressional district to determine who won the close Democratic primary race between Rep. Charlie Rangel and state Sen. Adriano Espaillat.
Rep. Charles Rangel, D-NY, whose lead in the last week s Democratic primary is shrinking, lit into his challenger, state Sen. Adriano Espaillat, Wednesday for taking their ballot dispute to court.
In his first extended public remarks on the disputed results of the Democratic primary, Rep. Charles Rangel on Wednesday ripped his opponent, state Sen. Adriano Espaillat, for calling the election's integrity into question.
Rep. Charles Rangel, whose margin of victory has been shrinking in New York’s 13th district since last week’s election, on Wednesday blasted challenger state Sen. Adriano Espaillat for taking legal action in what has become a messy primary race. “You can’t just call people cr...
Much more to come on this, but as you know, since state Sen. Adriano Espaillat's team had to pull the papers they filed for what was supposed to be a Monday court hearing on the counting of votes
The longtime Congressman says he's "baffled" by Adriano Espaillat's challenge.
Here's the latest I have for you on the absentee ballot count in the NY-13 primary battle. As we mentioned Monday, runner-up Adriano Espaillat's lawyer, Martin Connor, pulled the campaign'
Adriano Espaillat isn't going away. The Washington Heights state senator who last week conceded a narrow loss to Rep. Charles Rangel in a Democratic primary said Monday that the result is now unclear. His lawyers said the campaign plans to ask a judge to order a recount of the votes and left open th...
In a stunning turnabout, state Sen. Adriano Espaillat yesterday withdrew his concession in his bitter congressional primary election against Rep. Charles Rangel — after claiming he was the victim of
A COALITION of Hispanic groups wants the feds to oversee vote counting in the electoral squabble between Harlem Rep. Charles Rangel and state Sen. Adriano Espaillat. Rangel was declared the victor in last Tuesday’s Democratic primary, but his Election Night margin of 2,300 votes has dwindled into t...
A Manhattan judge will hear claims that votes were tallied improperly in Tuesday's Democratic primary pitting Rep. Charles Rangel against state Sen. Adriano Espaillat in the race for the newly-formed 13th Congressional District.
I pray Adriano Espaillat win's God know's it is time for fresh new ideas! Mr. Rangel has been there far too long! We really must push, and push hard for Term Limits for our House and Senate! It was NEVER meant to be a career!
Nearly two full days have passed since Rep. Charlie Rangel’s Democratic primary and the outcome is only getting cloudier. City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, a staunch ally of Rangel’s top primary challenger, state Sen. Adriano Espaillat, held a press conference Thursday afternoon that rai...
Charles Rangel survives primary challenge from Adriano Espaillat, will seek 22nd term in Congress.
From City & State First Read: Before claiming victory, Congressman Charlie Rangel continued to assail his primary opponent, state Sen. Adriano Espaillat, over his claim that he would only run for Congress – and not for re-election to the State Senate. “Some ‘scoundrel’ has circulated a petition with his name on it, indicating that when he loses tonight, that he’s going to run for the seat,” Rangel said at his election party. “Well, some things happened since he said he was running for Congress, and that is our Assemblyman has decided that traditionally, historically, that seat should stay within our community, and since he was leaving the job, that he was going to run for it – and his daughter’s running to take the Assembly seat.” That Assemblyman – Guillermo Linares, who shared the stage with Rangel and other officials at the election party – didn’t know if he would face Espaillat. “I have no clue what happens right now,” said Linares, who reiterated that he’s running for ...
It's voting time today for Congressional primaries. If my district had a primary, I would've voted. As for other districts, one of them could have a Jackie Robinson moment as Adriano Espaillat could become the FIRST Dominican in Congress!
Come out and vote tomorrow for Adriano Espaillat for congress. Lets get Charles Rangel out of the picture for good!
Via Adriano Espaillat denies authorizing circulation of petition for re-election to Senate
Adriano Espaillat touts his support from El Diario as he seeks to defeat Charlie Rangel
MLB executive Melendez to be honored: On June 29, New York State Senator Adriano Espaillat will deliver a procla...
.In your opinion, was this little Press gathering planned and deliberate? Or just happened by chance?
Democratic District Leader and Founder of the Barack Obama Democratic Club, Mark Levine spoke about how Senator Adriano Espaillat has demonstrated his abilit...
Adolfo Carrión Jr. endorsed State Senator Adriano Espaillat in his candidacy for the House seat held by Charles B. Rangel.
Charlene at a fundraiser for our next Congressman, Adriano Espaillat.
The Amsterdam News wants to know: Where's Adriano Espaillat? Our Alison Gendar reports: In a Congressional endorsement, the newspaper slammed the state senator as a no-show in  the newly redr
Sen. Adriano Espaillat just lost a key endorsement.
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When I want to find out Adriano Espaillat's chances, I ask Yahoo!
"disrespected"? Which Latino polticians? The ones that have endorsed Rangel or the ones who endorsed Adriano Espaillat?
Former Bronx Borough President and Obama Administration official Adolfo Carrión endorsed Adriano Espaillat for Congress in the newly created 13th Congressional District. Following his successful tenure as Bronx Borough President and President of the National…
Farmworkers fight for fair labor: Adriano Espaillat, D-Manhattan and Assemblywoman Catherine...
supporters claim for unity, change, and progress. That is why we support Adriano Espaillat 2012.
Mark Levine is quietly picking up endorsements in his bid for Adriano Espaillat's seat:
At a candidate forum last night in Upper Manhattan, all the candidates running for Rep. Charlie Rangel's seat showed up - except for Rangel. During a press conference earlier yesterday, Rangel said he was unaware of the debate. But a spokeswoman later said in an email that the congressman had a scheduling conflict, and the debate moderator said Rangel had canceled several days ago. During the very civil four-way conversation, the longtime incumbent was not discussed much, except when State Sen. Adriano Espaillat was asked about a bill Rangel had sponsored. "I'm glad he's a co-sponsor, but I'm disappointed he's not here," Espaillat said, adding that he wanted to have a "vigorous debate across the community." Rangel also did not show up for similar candidate events at the Ben Franklin Democratic Club in the Bronx and the Barack Obama Democratic Club in Manhattan.
Craig Schley says Adriano voted to end rent regulations. First real disagreement of last 1.5 hrs. Espaillat says he voted the opposite.
A Cherokee, a Kenyan, and a Puerta Rican walk into a bar.
Progressive Leadership with bold new ideas. Adriano Espaillat for U.S. Congress oficial website.
Councilman Oliver Koppell endorsed state Sen. Adriano Espaillat for Congress this morning.
Espaillat: Congress run my American dream: Like waves of immigrants before him, state Sen. Adriano Espa...
As a migrant/immigrant I have established strong relationships with extraordinary people from all walks of life and supported many leaders in the regions that I work in, be it in Panama, New York or in New England. One of these leaders is NY State Senator Adriano Espaillat who is running for Congress in the newly created 15th Congressional District in Northern Manhattan, NY, who has continuously worked for social and environmental justice in his district. I encourage my friends and colleagues to support his candidacy as well, if you want someone that brings concrete plan to how put people back to work and improve the quality of education in our inner cities, Adriano Espaillat is person that can deliver it.
Remember Bill Clinton has a lot of clout in NYC. State Sen Adriano Espaillat benefits here. 55% Hispanic district.
Rangel challenger Adriano Espaillat makes his case about why he is the better choice for Upper Manhattan:
Today at 2 pm (City Hall steps): Adolfo Carrion to Endorse Adriano Espaillat for
From the mailbag: Adolfo Carrion will endorse Adriano Espaillat in today
VIDEO: Adriano Espaillat declares he “does want” President Obama’s Endorsement
Your timing is impeccable," Coogans' proprietor...told an Espaillat aide..."You just missed Scott and Guillermo."
Dept. Of Freudian slips: Liz Krueger just referred to adriano espaillat as "senator espada."
My profile of Adriano Espaillat, the restless Charlie Rangel challenger who has never been good at waiting in line
Good stuff by on the June Espaillat-Rangel primary in Upper Manhattan, which should be fascinating:
Adriano Espaillat...he's of dominican descent, a state senator in NY...he can really win
Adriano Espaillat on Reverend Rucker, Stanley Michels, turning a double play using the outside of the glove.
Adriano Espaillat, who was bored at second base, has been running forever (by
Adriano Espaillat who is challengng Charlie Rangel drove by w/ van w/speakers blaring Celebrate. Latino street polts. Only much smaller speakers than in Latin America.
Adriano Espaillat: Are *** going to vote for you?? (Inwood / Wash Hts): Take it from someone who is unfor...
Senator Adriano Espaillat has become a part of the movement! Reach out to those in power! Lets help the Gonzalez Family
Thanks to and her father we have Senator Adriano Espaillat getting involved and helping the cause!!
My blog post on Ruben Diaz & Hipolito Mejia has drawn a response from Adriano Espaillat and Diaz ally Michael Benjamin featured in NBC s Science of Love
is close to announcing whether he will run for Adriano Espaillat's Senate seat and who he supports in the 13th for Congress.
.has endoresed Adriano Espaillat for Congress in the 13th CD, which encompasses part of Rivera’s district in the Bronx.
Meeting this evening with Senator Jeff Klien and Saturday with Senator Adriano Espaillat. Love my job !
Rangel campaign: Adriano Espaillat endorser Oscar de la Renta is "the poster child of the 1 percent"
Adriano Espaillat got an endorsement from Oscar De La Renta.Dope!
Oscar de la Renta endorses Adriano Espaillat. He could be the 1st congressman of Dominican descent cc:
Oscar de la Renta is throwing his haute couture heft behind to unseat Charlie Rangel.
encouraging Latino+Dominican Democrats to back Adriano Espaillat to become the first-ever congressman of Dominican descent
gets political endorsing Adriano Espaillat, who would be the first Congressman of Dominican descent. 
David Paterson told me that he sees Adriano Espaillat in Congress, someday:
Adriano Espaillat's possible new strategy: find Dominican celebrities to endorse ya
Time for a new member of Congress...Please check out Sen. Adriano Espaillat whom I believe to be the best person...
Adriano Espaillat sells his campaign to Rangel-district voters as a "once-in-a-lifetime," Obama-like opportunity
Charlie Rangel challenger Adriano Espaillat raised about as much as Charlie:
VIDEO: Adriano Espaillat deploys multitude of supporters in Washington Heights
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Convinced Adriano Espaillat to get a Negra Modelo on tap instead of a lame *** Corona u should give me a job here, jus sayin
.on Adriano historic run for Congress
The Barack Obama Democrats Club ( voted overwhelmingly in favor of endorsing Senator Adriano Espaillat’s candidacy for US Congress in Upper Manhattan. The Senator addressed the club’s members of local leaders and elected officials, asking...
With the support of dozens of local residents, Adriano Espaillat launched an offensive ground game throughout Washington Heights. His supporters spread out over the most trafficked commercial areas in the Upper Manhattan neighborhood to spread the word...
Yesterday, I had fun in Harlem asking people if they would vote for Charlie Rangel or Adriano Espaillat in an...
Adriano Espaillat is making an art of gently attacking Charlie Rangel
Sen. Adriano Espaillat says his decision to run against Charlie Rangel 'wasn't driven by ethnic politics'
Charlie Rangel is being challenged by Adriano Espaillat for his House of Representatives seat. That's gonna be a tough battle.
Adriano Espaillat, Charlie Rangel, and the coalition-fracturing primary neither of them wanted (by
Dem state Sen. Adriano Espaillat has decided to make his challenge to Rep. Charlie Rangel.
- Sad that a story about replacing a relic with a competent legislator ( ) focuses on demographics.
A Manhattan State Senator Says He’ll Challenge Rangel: The candidacy of Adriano Espaillat could test the i...
WFP also endorsed Charles Rangel over primary opponent Adriano Espaillat, would be interesting in Nov. if Espaillat wins primary.
Charlie Rangel to face primary challenge from Adriano Espaillat in majority-Hispanic district -
Adriano Espaillat sends press release announcing Congressional campaign for 's seat
Is Charlie Rangel finally sunk? Espaillat to vie against Rangel in Democratic primary
.spox declined to comment on Adriano Espaillat's formal entrance into the race. via
State Senator Adriano Espaillat officially announces candidacy for Congress at BODC 3rd Anniversary fundraiser today.
party. Adriano Espaillat announces for Congress challenging
Tabling 4 Healthy Kids in the Heights at the 2012 Uptown Games! Great collaboration b/t NYRR, Adriano Espaillat, & Robert Jackson.
Interesting race brewing in State Sen. Adriano Espaillat 2 announce he is challenging Charlie Rangel 4 Harlem's seat.
Sen. Adriano Espaillat has the signatures to challenge .in a Democratic Primary. Does he have the courage to take on el viejo?
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