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Adrian Paul

Adrian Paul Hewett (born 29 May 1959), better known as Adrian Paul, is an actor best known for his role on the television series Highlander: The Series as Duncan MacLeod.

Christopher Lambert

RIP Paul Daniels. No escaping from this. Keep them entertained in heaven.
working on new cover art last night with paul has sent me on an Adrian Tomine love spiral
"Imagine if the England manager ignored West Ham players 50 years ago". Some terrible article later today by Ollie Holt o…
Paul Daniels will soon be disappearing in a puff of smoke. It's what he would have wanted.
What is the future of Jisc...? 'We're not sure' admits Paul Feldman. Where should they invest?
Don't worry about hacking... The hackers have already got all your IPR...! Paul Feldman at
Please could you invite Adrian Paul to Showmasters Belfast,He is touring UK and Britain, He asked us to be pro active re this
Watched AE: Apocalypse Earth. I swear Adrian Paul is not aging and still looks like the Highlander. Bring back Highlander!!! Please! =D
Been to two of those! Love Paul and Adrian's food! Tempted by The Seafood for lunch maybe.
John &Adrian Slumming it at the Royal Naval Club after a successful Banner Dedication at United Service Lodge Superb
Thanks to Paul Newson & Adrian Chadwick for a great Place theory session
"Before you throw the first stone, remember that stones can be reused" (Adrian Paul Miles)
'Dorothy in the Yellow Coat' by Adrian Paul Allinson 1890-1959. Cold today, no heating awaiting plumber. Brrr.
Paul Pogba: "I'm confident that this generation can bring back the good times for French football."
.cancels Miami Music Week appearance after suffering a concussion
you can go on People who likes Adrian Paul fan group it's still there
I knew Dave was playing a Les Paul. I was close enough to him and Adrian to see. Sounds sweet!!!
Rocky Mountain Con is honored to announce that we will be hosting Adrian Paul at this year’s show.
"You're never in the same place, you're either getting closer to your goal, or further away from it" (Adrian Paul Miles)
Adrian Paul when are you going to run because you would have vote in a heart beat
Adrian Paul at Norby Walters' 26th Annual Night Of 100 Stars Oscar Viewing at the Beverly Hilton Hot:
Happy 23rd birthday, Paul Pogba! May there be many more dabs in your future!
Adrian Paul Davies I always wondered about you and Parker! 󾍇
If you are bored here is a suggestion: fly to Melbourne for the F1 debut + enjoy the beach afterwards:) adventure is calling!
Back in bracketology after a year off. Let's hope it paid off. I'm aiming to make Paul George, Adrian Peterson type return
Change of music tomorrow. We have Paul Kappa and Adrian Gautry playing live in the Bar from 8.30 pm.
Artist Paul Adrian Davies' PARADE is on view in our LES Gallery through April 7th. Join us daily...
Adrian Gonzalez got his licence suspended last week too apparently. Dunno if it was for this.
speakers Paul Millstein & Adrian Washington: doing the right thing is a key to sustained success in development.
As speculated at weekend, Williams confirms Paul di Resta as reserve driver. Same role held by Adrian Sutil last year
I'd give an arm and a leg for one single solitary night with Adrian purnell
Lmao who else saw when they threw the beer at Paul Aguilar 😂
Adrian Jackson turns the tables on Paul Van Der Ploeg to win the 22km Corn Hill XC loop!
I’m brunching at Terrapin Xroads. There’s a guy across the bar lookin just like a young Adrian Paul...
PARADE-a photographic exhibit of works by Paul Adrian Davies of NYC's parades-presented by…
Adrian Beltre parks a 93 mph fastball in the center field lawn for a 9 2 lead. ...followed by an infield fly ball...
[VIDEO] Scholes goes to town on Man Utd and fits in a dig at Arsenal:
Check out my boss Adrian Paul reading to the kids for the beautiful and benevolent Kimberly Moore!
Paul talking to Adrian Walker about suggest function
your funny please teach me how to play poker Adrian Paul
k I got a couple of Adrian's tapes. Haven't listened to em all yet. Bought 25 of his personals from him
This would be awesome!!!. Adrian Paul launches The Sword Experience via
I hardly shoot photos like this. This one I shot yesterday only with my iPhone. It's a…
Paul Daniels 'diagnosed with incurable brain tumour' sad news
How low can bookmakers Paddy Power go? Adrian Durham loves him .
Video: Red Bull technical staff on new car Red Bull's Adrian Newey, Paul…
I agree 100%. Very good and forensic analysis by Paul. Europhiles like me should criticise the PM's disingenuousness https…
just one more thing nick...i don't know if you noticed or not but that Adrian Paul highlander guy.
Highlander Adrian Paul launches his sword experience 2016 .
Adrian Paul of the Highlander. I did several Highlander themed paintings to help in the PEACE FUND with Adrian.
Hold me like you'll never let me go... ♫ Leaving On a Jet Plane by Peter, Paul & Mary —
Paul Pogba strongly hints at joining Pep Guardiola at
We hear Paul had a "hard day's night" after being denied entry to party. http…
you need to get your act together Paul 😳
Receive a free copy of "Entrusted with the Gospel: Paul’s Theology in the Pastoral Epistles" from B&H Academic
*** relax and have fun online with me after all your Black Friday shopping.
Read 1 Corinthians 6:9, Apstl Paul wrote this. No sexually imoral will inherit the Kingdom of God
Adrian Lee picks up his 4th on a charge and Castle Park HC Paul Cooper gets T'd up protesting. 41-35 C
I like Adrian and Paul together it would be nice 👍❤️💘
Hi Adrian, sorry you didn't get a reply yet. Pls DM me your details so I can get this sorted for you? Thanks, Paul
Adrian Cattell of Paul Newman Homes accuses AVDC officers of not engaging with them
WHAT A CAST! must get this audiobook for the voices alone!!! Rafael Sbarge & Adrian Paul & Clancy Brown & Kathleen Turner!
BTW, I knew I remembered AP revealing where he kept his sword. Found it at Search for "jacket" :)
.Chinese New Year deck is available now in stores and online at http…
Glad to see you're taking interest in out game Paul x
I would rather see the face of Adrian Chiles than hear the voice of Michael Owen.
yeah got my fotoshoots with , Adrian Paul, and Shawn Getting exited XD
Paul McCartney was denied entry at Tyga's Grammys afterparty 😳
Adrian Peterson, Paul Goldschmidt, Marshall Faulk & Randy Moss! There are so many more to choose from tho!
A painting for the day: At the Wintergarten, Berlin, by Adrian Paul Allinson, c. 1914
Paul Pogba: "It's an honour for me. I used to play PlayStation with these guys, and now I'm among them."
I need talk with Adrian Paul clewlow plss
Spoke w/ on this week's Drip Drop Hour about Blockbuster Nights & Turning into Franchise
“The nearer your destination the more you're slip sliding away”. Paul Simon
they underestimated the power of Vice Coco Jadine and Direk Wenn?! We all know it'll break all records
"You're either getting better or you are getting worse, you never stay the same" (Adrian Paul Miles)
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Paul Brannen MP s A new Adrian's Wall in case of England leaving the EU? via
Vikings' Adrian Peterson finally ready to focus on fumbles
at the beginning when I asked adrian paul about what he thinks of Donald Trump as the president it went on from there.
"Things aren't always black and white - sometimes they're grey, other times like a multi-coloured shining rainbow" (Adrian Paul Miles)
Paul Pogba is the only Serie A player included in the 2015 World XI
OFFICIAL: is voted into the 2015 Congratulations, Paul!
I'm so sorry ! Sam, Adrian, Paul...every name but least I haven't called you dad .yet,
Vikings' Adrian Peterson looking forward, not back
'The importance of David Bowie' by Paul Morley, from 2010 (free-to-read)
This was followed by Adrian Armour pinning Paul Coldheart of Coldheart Security in squash.Armour has tremendous potential
Thank you Paul & Adrian too, appreciate your year in year out support :)
REPORT: The Seahawks were going to give the game ball to Adrian Peterson, but they were afraid he'd drop it. Now they …
Adrian Peterson has always reminded me of an NFL Chris Paul for some reason
Adrian Peterson gonna go home and beat his kid after that loss.
Jason Pierre Paul could hold onto a football better than Adrian Peterson
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Chris Paul has averaged 20.5 points, 10.6 assists & 2.2 steals over his last 11 games. . .
If lose, you could make a very strong case that Adrian Peterson fumbles have sabotaged the two most important game…
Adrian Peterson just might have fumbled away the game.
I want to hear the Paul Allen call on that Adrian Peterson fumble. "NO!"
Paul Allen's "AND HE'S LOOSE" is going to be engraved on Adrian Peterson's bust in Canton, isn't it.
Adrian Paul Woo Hoo you are selected Navigate to our site.
- Or we can settle for Paul Spadafora vs Adrian Broner for the 5th quarter after party.
Paul Kundtz & Elizabeth Kiker announce formation of Summit
Contra Paul Krugman, the professoriate really did move left:
Chef Jean Paul Bidart of Millbrook Inn with farmer Adrian Wotton today for next week's food feature
Adrian du Pont wins! Paul Nicholls first G1 winner of the season. 🏆
Shaun Munro safely delivered to his wedding by Trevor Harmer and Paul Adrian Hale to Peckforton castle. Tigs has...
Willy Paul can't be any more indifferent
Paul Scholes came out of retirement for a second spell with on this day in 2012. Legend!
Adrian Paul from Highlander the series is in this episode.
Adrián: Has saved more penalties (3) than any other goalkeeper in the PL since the start of last season
Hi Paul can we use your pics for the Daily Star? chers. Adrian
Steven Gerrard at 34: “I'm leaving Liverpool to experience something different in my career.”. Paul Scholes at 34: . https…
ADRIAN: In case you missed the news, Adrian has signed a new contract with the Club. http…
Adrian paul on strike back. Somehow that is so right
Looking for a mortgage consultant with Integrity & Experience? Give this guy a call now!
ADRIAN: What are your stand out moments from time at the Hammers so far?
West Ham confirm Adrian has signed a new long-term deal.
17 years later, ring bearer marries flower girl: Adrian and Brooke Franklin served as ring bearer and flower g...
BREAKING: We are delighted to announce that has signed a new long-term deal. http…
Absolutely Brilliant!!! Paul Allen from says a team w/ Adrian Peterson and a 2nd year QB is a "Run first team"
[No spoilers] Adrian Paul as Arthur Dayne: Adrian Paul, famous for the Highlander series, would make the perfect choice to play Arthur Dayn…
[No spoilers] Adrian Paul as Arthur Dayne Go to [link removed]
Still don't know how Adrian Beltre hit this pitch ...
"Saying all MPs are corrupt, is like saying all Doctors are Quacks" - Adrian Paul Miles
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
"Humans are a bit more important than animals, but they are still animals themselves. Therefore, love all animals" (Adrian Paul Miles)
"I'll stand up for Animals who have No Voice and I'll stand up for People who have No Voice, whatever the Opposition" (Adrian Paul Miles)
"However good your arguments and however good your case, you'll never convince everyone you are right" - Adrian Paul Miles
We'd look forward to welcoming you Adrian :)
Contemplating Chester and for a little post-Christmas break with
"If you don't Stand Up for what is Right, why do you Expect Others to?" (Adrian Paul Miles)
Was Adrian Paul from the The Highlander really a Martial Artist ?
Who wants to live for ever? Adrian Paul and Christopher Lambert discuss being Immortals: .
"It doesn't much energy at all to Smile and it doesn't take a huge amount of energy to go the Extra Mile!" (Adrian Paul Miles)
Paul Scholes can hit a tree with a ball 50 yards away, Fergal Doc can hit Paul Scholes with a tree from 500 yards away …
Vikings' Adrian Peterson says he's not done winning MVP awards
but those are his initials Adrian Peterson
Texas Adrian Beltre is doused with after win. WEEKS BEST PIX:
We would like to send a huge THANK YOU to Adrian Paul's The Peace Fund for their "Helping Hand Initiative" to...
Just found out Adrian Paul is going to be at Steel City Con In December. I FEEL THE QUICKENING OF MY WALLET
Adrian Paul (Highlander: The Series) to attend Steel City Con! . Single day or 3 day pass available through: (1)...
"I think the most unheralded player in the country is RB Paul Perkins" -
When we're not educated about something, we have fear about it - Adrian Paul. Education can make a huge difference in how we treat others.
Congrats to Paul Geske '15 on his ABI Medal for writing! See why nominated him:
"Those who hunt, maim and kill animals need to remember they can also be hunted - if not literally, in other ways" - Adrian Paul Miles
PHOTOS: explained that plans to take to on Saturday:
"British Politics needs major Reformation in the lack of Fairness of its Represenation of the People" (Adrian Paul Miles)
"One Voice is still One Voice when many come together for a cause. However, now it's a VERY LOUD Voice!" (Adrian Paul Miles)
Can't wait for Adrian Durhams tomorrow on Talksport!! 😂📻
"The good thing about conceding your opponent has made some good points, is that they'll agree and say the same of you" (Adrian Paul Miles)
"You'll never Climb a Mountain, until you've Climbed a few Hills" (Adrian Paul Miles)
Well done to Adrian Guterwill on passing your driving test on 9th September after having driving lessons with...
"When people around you say you'll never make it, it simply spurs you on to prove them wrong" (Adrian Paul Miles)
"If you don't stand up for what you believe in, what are you standing up for?" (Adrian Paul Miles)
Give Adrian Paul a HUGE hug from me! Good luck :)
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
"If you don't have the courage to stand up for something or someone, sit down and stop complaining about it!" (Adrian Paul Miles)
Me and my good friends Adrian Paul who played Highlander and Quinton Aaron Oscar Nominated for the…
All ready for to get to our customers weds
Labour’s Dead Center Why the Labour moderates failed to expose the myth that the party caused the recession
Ok Adrian Goslett, let me be the first to ask you to reserve the name RE/MAX-MARS , for Glenn Norton ,and Paul...
if Paul Allen is to be believed Adrian gets "loose" on every play
Tonight on Adrian Paul discovers there really can be only one -- Jessica Fletcher.
he's like a shorter, squattier, less hairy Adrian Paul from the Highlander show.
OMG, Adrian Paul (of Highlander) was Nikki in the Queensryche videos for Operation Mindcrime. How did I not notice this?
My autographed photos from Adrian Paul. The beefcake one is for Diane. She was appropriately amused and appreciative.
I set me googling pics of Ralph Fiennes. And Adrian Paul.
Day two of Britishfest and got my stuff signed by Adrian Paul! So cool! Having fun seeing all the costumes :)
it's amazing how bad Adrian Paul is especially when he does the Scottish accent but he still sort of works.
.you can't spell Adrian Paul without landi
Barcelona prepare an 80+10M bid for Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba (22). The player would stay at the Italian club for anot…
Barcelona adviser Braida met again with Juventus general director Marotta tonight, presumably to dissuss transfer of Paul P…
RIP Adrian Evans, Patrick Evans & Joel Richards. 3 Saddlers who sadly died in the
Happy birthday to Peter Paul Rubens, born on this day in 1577. Enjoy "Venus and Adonis."
R.I.P. 3 Wallsall fans Patrick Evans , Adrian Evans & Joel Richards who died in Tunisia young lad on left survived h…
well done Adrian. Bravo! Music reaches all learners and brings out the best in them.
Does being a paranormal author make me a ghost writer?" -
My moms bumping Sean Paul in her room 👐🏽
7 ac actors follow me. Cas, Noah, Adrian, Neil, Paul, Steven, and Tristan
Adrian, Paul, Armin and Wiley (not pictured), and will miss your humour. Good luck!
“Only God can answer the question about what is good, because he is the. Good itself.” - St. John Paul II (VS).
Many thanks to our dear friends Jo, Adrian, Chris, Simon, Ian, Paul, Kevin, Dan & *** for all their support.
Thinking of one of my favorite portraits of a same-sex couple this morning. It's a Paul Wonner from 55 years ago.
Barcelona officials will on Wednesday travel to Italy to meet with Juventus regarding transfer of Paul Pogba (22). [sport]
During meeting with Juventus officials next week, Barcelona will make a formal bid for Paul Pogba. Want him to join in summ…
In pictures: Adrian Sherwood's Ramsgate Studio. The producer on remixing, playing live and collaborating with Pinch. ht…
"An Apology can never make things worse" - Adrian Paul Miles
Great opinion pieces by our self-advocates Adrian Noonan, Phil Davy and Paul Alford.
couldn't agree more! Not going to eat much today in preparation for scrummy food! 🍴👌🏻 X
Paul Ratcliffe Gillian Hickey.Appetite breakfasts are an Amuse-bouche of what they once were. . Never go back.
PAPERS: Manchester City are close to winning the race for £60m man Paul Pogba
Adrian Hirst is in Singapore with and Garry Reed, aka Trombone Quartet.
"Forget hindsight, use your current sight and your foresight!" (Adrian Paul Miles)
Adrian Beltre's return is great news.
FACT: Paul Scholes scored on his 1st, 100th, 300th, 400th, 500th and 700th appearance for Man United. Legend.
Great line up at Excellent work Adrian
Adrian Jones, Paul Cawley, Ian Jones and Phil Morris talk VAT at the including what happens if the UK comes out of
Adrian Paul at US Magazine and Rolling Stone Rock the 2006 Oscars - Arrivals
Adrian Wojnarowski is the same guy who said that it's 1st and goal to Seattle! Cousins isn't going to the Lakers.
Oh. It isn't the Adrian Paul version. It's the Vincent Price one. You lied to me, TV Guide. *watches anyway*
1989 Adrian Paul version of Masque of The Red Death on Horror. This should be...awful. *rubs hands in glee*
"Alright, Adrian. This is what we're thinking:". Okay. We're gonna team up Robin Lopez and Paul Pierce to entice Kevin Love. LMAO. Oh...
Properly executed this move is unstoppable... Adrian Paul& Christopher Lambert - Highlander - Ravenna Italy
Christopher Lambert version or Adrian Paul version? difference lol
hello Adrian Paul i would like to know do think there will be new highlander movie or is highlander over with ?
I especially love how you could see Adrian Paul's bald spot for a few seconds in the second episode. TOUGH BREAK, IMMORTAL BUDDY
"Governor, could you tell us a bit about your feelings about the TV series Highlander, starring Adrian Paul"
the original Hammer was on Horror Channel yesterday around tea time. The 1989 re jig is on there in about an hour. Adrian Paul in it
Ending the weekend with Adrian Paul getting some Quickening on.
FourFiveSeconds - Rihanna and Kanye West and Paul McCartney >>>>>
Hats off to Lieutenant-General Sir Adrian Paul Ghislain Carton de Wiart. He perfected the lost art of manliness.
Greatest pass in lacrosse history, Paul Gait BTB to Greg Burns
YOU GUYS this Apocalypse: Pompeii movie on is amazing in every way. And it has Adrian Paul, so there's that
Adrian Paul was considered for the role of Caledon 'Cal' Hockley. As was Jack Davenport, but he was deemed too young.
Watching Adrian Paul on Apocalypse Pompeii - click to read full story...
Oh, not that Pompeii. This was Apocalypse Pompeii on SyFy starring Adrian Paul. I watched it. On purpose.
Update your maps at Navteq
The EMOTION Adrian Paul shows... like a kitchen table with ennui
And immortal Adrian Paul still looks good!
Can anyone explain Adrian Paul's appeal? Is it just that like John Rhys-Davies he'll work in anything?
Conflicted: Would I prefer Adrian Paul or as my dad during the during the
How far has Adrian Paul fallen, now in his second ScFi movie.
Stumbled on Apocalypse Pompeii on SyFy. The Highlander (Adrian Paul) vs Mt Vesuvius. There can be only one.
Watching Apocalypse Pompeii on with 2 of my fav actors Adrian Paul & John Rhys Davies!
At some point I hope Adrian Paul says, "There can only be one." Fingers crossed.
I guess Adrian Paul is in "Apocalypse Pompeii" on Syfy because my mom is very hype. "YES I'm bout to WATCH IT" she said
He and Adrian Peterson should hold their "Irrational Club" meetings together.
Wizard World Philly. Carey Elwes and Adrian Paul are going to be there too. Nathan Fillion & Summer Glau also.
"Chris Paul amazing 'cut dribble' move member , this is what i was talking bout
Some commentary from on Adrian Peterson, East St. Paul, and YOUR Minnesota Wild.
.through to their Irish Senior Cup first final since 1994! (Pics: Adrian Boehm)
Many thanks for the very kind message-please feel free to check out very new titles at
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
kinda gutted id love the chance to try out for West Ham, what do you think they'd think if I turned up in my yellow adrian kit? 😂
yeahhh, just wondered if there was a film as I've not seen anything from them other than paul & Adrian xxx
DEMON BALOR is here for the main event against Adrian Neville. This is going to be fantastic.
SET-PIECE STUNNERS it might surprise you who is top...Read more:
Trinity ice hockey and (HG '10) advance to the NCAA D3 National Championship with a 5-3 victory over Adrian College.
Radio 2 arts show at 10 - Adrian Munsey, Noah Stewart, and Paul Sexton talks to Mark Knopfler
Iv just realised that Adrian Chiles guy isn't presenter on ITV SPORT I call that a result
Time 2 ask the local listeners regarding the daytime programming, atm between Adrian Goldberg - Paul Franks..sorry but its a bit dull
On This Day: Paul Scholes netted a hat-trick as the beat Poland at in 1999
I've made up my mind. Im convinced Adrian Peterson will be a Cowboy. If not ill break up with Bruce. There. I said it.
Quick selfie with presenter Adrian Chiles while out on the water on yacht.
All set up at Harrogate Paul and Adrian on hand to take the orders.
As sack Paul Lambert, one man in London plays it cool
Big Sam "It was a foul on our goalkeeper before, there is no doubt Mane had his hands on Adrian."
On Adrian's sending off are appealing-Big Sam "We will be appealing it and I'll be very disappointed if…
yeah I know, but they were the same guy, dammit. And that's when I realized I had a crush on Christopher Lambert. And Adrian Paul.
Adrián was the second goalkeeper to be sent off in the PL this season, after Lukas Fabianski
Fab 1st 'official' day made - so welcome by Adrian, Paul and the oh so brilliant EPY students
West Ham keeper Adrian sent off straight red. Means his third game he'll miss is Palace on 28th.
BREAKING: Adrian sent off for being a goalkeeper.
61: West Ham play the ball back to Adrian, who mis-controls, is tackled by Mane and then handles outside the box [0-0] …
RED CARD! Goalkeeper Adrian sent off for West Ham after handling outside the area
RED CARD keeper Adrian sent off for handling outside the area (61 mins)
0-0 -West Ham are down to 10-men after Adrian was sent off for handling the ball outside the area
Paul Allen's Call of Adrian Peterson's run over William *** flv
SIGN DEZ. DeMarco would be nice but give Dez his Megatron $. No franchise tag. If not DeMarco, Adrian Peterson at 30 …
What Paul Lambert's done for Norwich was unbelieveable. I recommend him to be next successor for Sir Alex position after he …
I'd rather listen to Adrian Chiles than Fletch & Sav. Paul Scholes summed them up perfectly last night 😂😂😂
the kid paul faught like hit me over some tape and Paul didn't like that and faught him cause he said he got my back
think there's any way the colts get Adrian Peterson in the offseason?
Paul walker is on another level perfection
'Noir fiction at its best... great crime novels' - discover a new fave, fans! http:/…
Place your bid for a signed guitar from Paramore with proceeds benefitting at
It's time to talk about motorsports.STATESIDE!!! Adam Johnson Paul Hadsley Ben McPhillips and Adrian...
but baabe ang init init sa Pilipinaaas 😭 also, what is prom without Adrian Paul?.. 😭
Adrian Paul Botting became a director at Holaw (431) Limited. More there
(1/2) Paul, Adrian & Mark are waiting to meet you at the Headlam branch in Gateshead. They will be there until 1PM.
nice shot with Adrian Paul. Thanks for coming out and hosting.
play a two hour show and see how Tommy and Bruce NEVER lose their voice, and how Adrian/Janick and Paul accurately nail solos.
Everyone is wondering who Paul McCartney is and Paul McCartney is wondering who Kanye West is.
Rihanna bares her cleavage in Kanye West’s jacket for new video with rapper and Paul McCartney http:…
Paul Scholes, David James, Michael Owen & Robbie Savage in the bag. The smart money would be on Adrian Chiles rocking up at aswell.
Morning Adrian See you Tuesday SP2, 4 the cooking. Paul :-)
Retro-tastic.Terence Trent Darby cover, wot we did done! Adrian Paul Sleigh 90's a go-go
Adrian, Jack and Paul would love a romantic getaway to Paris
STORY: Adrian says the Hammers will take inspiration from Sunday's performance.
A very impressive snowman, which was made by Adrian Paul, from Towcett. Photo sent in by his partner Rachel Rudd.
STORY: says the Hammers will overcome the blow of conceding late against Manchester United.
Paul at Sonny hospital door .And here comes Adrian
Heh, I have Bush/Walker/Rubio in pretty much same place... Paul/Cruz are too high imho...
How much love can we get for Paul Walker and his Subie? 🙌💙👼.
I love the Grammys! The 1 time all the artists get together. Happy to see some great friends: Paul McCartney, Bonnie Ra…
ICYMI: Kevin Durant responds to Chris Paul’s stare down with: “You’re down 20, homie.” . VIDEO:
Adrian's absence has turned him into a quasi-Paul Bunyan. Feels like half the fan base expects him to rush for 3000 yards in 2015.
I hate when Adrian drives home alone late , because he swears he got his driving skills for Paul Walker 😩😂
Adrian Peterson is like modern day Bo Jackson
Why did the white people of the NFL have to freak out over Adrian Peterson beating his kid... that boy is amazing
A very interesting read and a great statement from Adrian Durham! .
Aston Villa should be mixing it with Bayern Munich and Real Madrid... but they are useless: ADRIAN DURHAM: Ast...
Spot on! ADRIAN DURHAM: Villa should be mixing it with Munich and Madrid via
Hamilton Collection
to be fair to him. Paul M isn't a celebrity.
KEEP FEEDING ZEEK! can't be stopped and neither can Keels (--->
I know for a fact Adrian Paul D. Brathwaite thinks I'm disgusting. Lmao.
If you don't know Farewell To Stromness, You are missing something seriously beautiful. -
ALMOST TIME FOR MONDAYS! Last episode was Adrian Paul's directorial debut and, as such, was a bunch of Duncan fan ***
so he's not confused with other Paul M's that have talent.
."Only One" landed Paul McCartney back on The Billboard Top 40 for the 1st time in 25 years.
Who’s his agent? Does he have history with Adrian or Paul? There has to be a reason.
the evening star got that way wrong Paul lol got him mixed up with adrian pax but tarrico came as well so not all bad
Paul Marshman, Steve seeing them on the weekend .with luck ;)
Wow! Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Adrian Grenier and Neil Patrick Harris are looking hot! Who is your fave?
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