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Adrian Paul

Adrian Paul Hewett (born 29 May 1959), better known as Adrian Paul, is an actor best known for his role on the television series Highlander: The Series as Duncan MacLeod.

Christopher Lambert Donnie Yen Stan Lee William Shatner Adam West Lou Ferrigno

I know for a fact Adrian Paul D. Brathwaite thinks I'm disgusting. Lmao.
If you don't know Farewell To Stromness, You are missing something seriously beautiful. -
ALMOST TIME FOR MONDAYS! Last episode was Adrian Paul's directorial debut and, as such, was a bunch of Duncan fan ***
so he's not confused with other Paul M's that have talent.
."Only One" landed Paul McCartney back on The Billboard Top 40 for the 1st time in 25 years.
Who’s his agent? Does he have history with Adrian or Paul? There has to be a reason.
the evening star got that way wrong Paul lol got him mixed up with adrian pax but tarrico came as well so not all bad
Paul Marshman, Steve seeing them on the weekend .with luck ;)
Wow! Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Adrian Grenier and Neil Patrick Harris are looking hot! Who is your fave?
What a goal by Paul Pogba. Zidane would been proud.
With Adrian Paul there can be only one the highlander
ICYMI: Paul Pogba scored the goal of the weekend with this perfect volley.
Besides. The Cowboys are getting Adrian Peterson next year. Sean Lee should be back. Jazz making a play for Paul Millsap. REJOICE!!!
it's about the experience for them. Adrian and Paul aren't doing this draft for the people being sent there.
please jon, it's Paul m official REAL
But is that Paul M OFFICIAL? That's probably just a regular Paul M.
Seems Paul M is doing better than we first thought guys:
Adrian Paul Official Page. this is a great hairdressing technique
Maths professor’s smart-alpha sums add up Intech chief executive Adrian Banner is highly critical of the ‘smart
Question is, do i replace my LTD FX400 with a LTD Alexi 600, an Les Paul Custom or Adrian Smith SDX?
Liverpool fans sing at Adrian Chiles and Paul Scholes in Madrid:
Something to watch tonight as recommended by Adrian. Aaron Paul m
Listening to Paul on Nerdist made me go back and listen to their stuff again.
Reporter: "Zidane, how does it feel to be the best midfielder in the world?". Zidane: "Ask Paul Scholes.".
Hi Paul, Adrian here just checking to make sure the engineer got you sorted out. Let me know either way thanks.
Adrian Barwick heads the GT4 class with Ollie Jackson, Erik Behrens, Devon Modell and Paul Follett inside the top 5.
. Adrian Neville should one of them. His red arrow is pretty amazing. Paul has history of betraying his clients expect a turn
get it done Paul. Show em how it's done!
Terrific appointment. Look fwd to strong MA partnership w
Here's on new chief neighborhood stabilization, and Roxbury's future
I hate Paul Merson almost as much as Adrian Chiles
Adrian Bastia was sent off for tripping a streaker in 2008. He received a straight red card for violent conduct. http:…
my friend Adrian has just been up and said the aerial has also fallen off. how's you? X
Paul George did this in the shoot around in the Roaracle before Pacers faced the Warriors last night. 🔥🏀🔥 http…
West Ham United goalkeeping coach Bobby Mimms claims that Spanish shot-stopper Adrian is the leagues best goalkeeper. h…
Two minutes silence held in memory of events that took place in yesterday. Commissioner Adrian Leppard said
thank goodness. Now just need to get rid of Adrian Chiles!
The senior police chief assumed a new and more powerful role after Kibaki's appointment. Paul Kobia is still powerful.
The govt must tell Kenyans who this Paul Kobia is to the State. Why he drives in a convoy of several vehicles with a lead …
Just who is Paul Kobia? This profile by the Standard in 2013 makes for (um) interesting reading:
paul how many times do I have to tell you I'm stupid 😂
I know Adrian Paul talked about in BTS commentary 1 of my all time favorite eps having a true Scotsman on da show
Friends 1:22, the One With Richie From Highlander, which reminds me that Adrian Paul is hot.
Suspect in death of Adrian Peterson's son back in custody
Do you have a question about the If so, I’d love to answer it!.. Paul Moses
Coming up: Paul Buchanan on the tragedy in Paris; Writer Adrian Hyland on the 2009 'Black Saturday' bushfires that swept through Victoria.
Is that Dave Murray? (and not Adrian?) Don't remember ever seeing Dave play a Les Paul...
Sen. Rand Paul Appears on CNN's OutFront with Erin Burnett - January 6, ...: via
Hi Paul, Adrian here cannot seem to email you try the advice here let me know how you get on.
The winner of Christine Awad! The 2 winners of the iPod and gift basket are Adrian Paul&Joel Sulivan
It's that time when I introduce another member of our fantastic team! Meet Adrian! . Name: Adrian Varley . Job...
but then again Adrian and Mauro are cool...
Poor Aston Villa, their assistant Roy Keane would rather work with WBA supporter Adrian Chiles than with Paul Lambert
Older I get I have these conversations with friends. "You remember- Paul!" "You mean Pete!" "Yes - Phil, that's it"
Blackbird Singing: Poems and Lyrics, 1965-2001 By (author) Paul McCartney, Edited by A
AND THE WINNERS ARE. Congratulations to Adrian Cox and Paul Stevens who are the winners of the first two...
if it's a boy. please call him 'Paul M underscore official REAL'
tried to ring u and Paul left a msg. Got 2 pairs here now & got another 2 pairs coming from Bilton tomorrow. Blake
Hi Adrian, could we have a quick chat to discuss your guideline app work if possible please? Thanks. Paul
BREAKING: MN Twins sign Vikings RB Adrian Peterson. Manger Paul Molitor says team is looking for good switch hitter.
Rodgers now must be more of a favourite than Paul Lambert for the sack.
. Check out my boi sing Life Of The Party.
my face when Paul shot a layup 60 feet past the basket
"Make games, no matter how small and simple... finish. Let practice stages be just that, appreciate them for what they ar…
Ipswich Mayor - Paul Pisasale. with employee Brad Hore in the lead up to his fight. Only…
Combo guard Simeon Naydenov and Adrian Sturt to join Nix hot on heels of recent signing Paul Sturgess
once Paul Pierce retires he takes my fav player spot.
Typical cringe from Adrian chilles. 'From Manchester, Me, Paul Julian and lee.
The combination of Adrian Chiles and Paul Scholes has enthusiasm oozing from my TV this evening - not! God cheer up!
Paul scholes and Adrian chiles have the same haircut,...
Adrian Chiles Paul ginger *** Scholes stick that in your big fat gobs
This is a tough decision for me. Who is the worst pundit out of Adrian Chiles and Paul Scholes. Must. Find. Mute. Button
I cant stop yawning listening to Paul Scholes lee Dixon and Adrian chiles
Paul Scholes, Joleon Lescott and Adrian Chiles – possibly the least charismatic football panel in the history of the sport
Adrian Chiles trying to make Paul Scholes look like a mug there. What an absolute tool! Someone give Chiles his P45
DONT EVER claim that paul scholes celebrated a man city goal, stupid adrian charles
domain names
Congratulations to Adrian Chiles for making Paul Scholes look like he has bags of charisma.
Paul Scholes looks like he'd rather be anywhere else then talking to Adrian Chiles about football ...
This combo of Adrian chiles and Paul scholes is slowly killing me
Lee Dixon, Paul Scholes, Adrian Chiles.who thought up this trio.?
Rand Paul calls for leader outside of politics 'to preach a gospel of hope and prosperity' -
Adrian chiles and paul scholes both on the same show 😬🔫
Paul Scholes, best midfielder of a generation, being quizzed by Adrian Chiles must be some kind of sin
Aww love Paul Scholes x however Adrian Chiles is just bloody punchable xx
Adrian Chiles, Paul Scholes and Joleon Lescott all on one punditry team. What have we done to deserve this?
Paul Carter - The Ballad of Adrian Chiles: via Watching City on itv
Hate adrian chiles and paul scholes *** !
Both Paul Scholes and smirking at the ineptitude of Adrian Chiles' clueless pre-match punditry.
Paul Scholes and Adrian Chiles is the most discouraging punditry team ever.
Absolute disgrace that got Paul Scholes to talk about the Manchester City Match, and Adrian Chiles is bum licking him!
Sounds like Paul Scholes and Adrian Chiles are taking the *** out of Man City
A panel of Adrian Chiles, Paul Scholes, Joleon Lescott and Lee Dixon proves that any old mug can get on tele.
Paul Scholes looks like Adrian Chiles' son. And is just as miserable.
Paul Scholes looks thrilled to be there with Adrian Chiles
Adrian Chiles - "City have to come good sometime Paul?". Paul Scholes - "Well I hope so". 👌This close to sounding believable.
Like I said 6 months ago, I'd have been happy to help, and mention writers Adrian Stone, Paul Evanby, An Jansen, Sophia Lucas.
Natalie Smith Paul Dennis Adrian Mulgrew I've heard you all use 90% of this lingo
Which would win in a fight?. "Highlander" Adrian Paul's ponytail or "Highlander" Christopher Lambert's caveman brow?. The…
Oh yay! Highlander Endgame is on. Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul at one time.
Adrian Paul - Christopher Lambert - Highlander - Immortal - Memories: via Grew up on highlander movies...
Is this the one that features both Christopher Lambert AND Adrian Paul? With a cameo from WWE's Edge?
Hey to everyone. As an intro, I'm probably one of the older, not necessarily wiser, members of the group, I grew up watching the original Batman, Adam West, remember the original Superman series, and started watching Star Trek as soon as it was canceled and went into syndication (my brother still hates me). My main geekdoms are generally the movies and tv series. Currently, loving Doctor Who, Arrow, Supernatural, LOTR and past loves include Torchwood, Quantum Leap, Xfiles, Star Trek, Star Wars, all the superhero movies too numerous to mention. But still my all time favorite has to be Highlander (series and first movie). Totally geeked out meeting Adrian Paul last year. Totally. Actually went to a Highlander Con in 2001.
Highlander Series Best of the: Highlander Series Best of the Adrian Paul (Actor), Stan Kirsch (Actor) |...
Would you ever consider being a guest on Adrian Paul's Peace Fund Radio, talking about your work as a pediatrician?
'No Adrian Chiles' is trending, speaking volumes that is. How long will ITV continue to turn a blind eye?
No Adrian Chiles or Andy Townsend, we'll have the volume on for this one.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
No one else rocks a buttoned-up cardy like MOTD have by far the best pundits. is def no Adrian Chiles
Negative Norman Adrian chiles on itv ! What a bell end, no wonder people in England are glum and miserable listening to this wally!
Live Now! Ch. 2 with the greatest radio team Ethan Dettenmaier & Adrian Paul. Listen Now!
Think someone may have actually tried to shoot Adrian Chiles?! 😂😂
that's also what they said about Adrian Chiles
Adrian Chillies what a controversial pundit I want a proper man like Paul Gascoigne or even Philip Scofield
Looks like a sniper has shot at the itv studio window. Has someone tried to take out Adrian Chiles
Adrian Chiles just came dangerous close to saying Patrick viera looks exactly like Paul pogba. He just managed to change his words in time
Adrian Chiles just compared Paul Pogba to Patrick Vieira as though it's 2010, the *** They're both big and black, they must be the same!
Maybe they should call Paul George and go fishing.
Birdman is having flashbacks to Paul George's dunk right now. That Kawhi Slam would have been HUGE.
Adrian Paul and someone shared a story about how watching his fencing made her not kill herself.
P.S. Adrian Chiles is STILL trending. Just leave him on there for the duration I say.
Adrian Chiles and Ian Duncan Smith on national TV on the same night means it's either April Fools or National Wanker day.
Adrian... they aren't shooting at you cause they're angry about the I don't... I don't really know how to t…
If so many people dis-like Adrian Chiles and Andrew Townsend why do you continue to employ them? Ruining my World Cup.
No surprise the Brazilians are pelting the ITV studios. No one wants Adrian Chiles in their country.
Brazilian people trying to take adrian chiles out.I commend you guys.
Loving the protest outside the ITV studio.Would there be anything better than Adrian Chiles being smashed on the head by a …
Even the Brazilians don't like Adrian childs
Has Adrian childs just watched a completely different game to everyone else
I've just found out that Paul Lambert used to manage Scotland from Adrian- explains a lot!
Adrian Chiles especially. He gets on ma moobs!
Do not adjust your TV sets. That incessant whining sound is in fact Adrian Chiles.
Adrian Chiles is the reason why I hate ITV
Watching the news now as it's half time & Adrian Chiles is just too much to take ! :D
I know a way to end the Brazilian transport strike. Tell them the 1st one across the picket line takes Adrian Chiles back …
ITV you seriously couldn't do better than Adrian Chiles?!
Forget what? Has Adrian Chiles made sense for once.
Stop the evil that is Adrian chiles
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
add to that the number of adverts and Adrian chiles
went for a 8.8 kilometer Run. Warm and sticky but better than putting up with Adrian Chiles
Thinks I might have to make an Adrian Chiles dartboard
Adrian Chiles ruining the whole thing. Ps Paul Casey
Cant stand that Adrian Chiles he thinks he's dead cool sunning himself up in Rio ffs .
Adrian Chiles - begging for a pat on the back?! Stupid needy *** I'll pat him... If he's standing on the edge of a cliff! T'ra knob head!
A whole month of Adrian Chiles. Someone up there really likes me.
am just hearing noise n a bunch of ppl dressed as *** n Daft Punk wannabes 😔 suppose it's better than Adrian Chiles fat face
Aarrhh grasshopper!! Well who would say Adrian Chiles is better than an opening ceremony!!??!!
1st game hasn't even started and Adrian Chiles is already boring me
Oh good. The world cup can only mean one thing. A month of Adrian Chiles' pudding face gurning in the corner of my living room.
Do seriously exspect us to listen to adrian chiles for 3hours
Adrian bloody Chiles! Why is he plaguing football? A month of him, it's supposed to be a celebration of football.
You wait four years for the world cup then your greeted by Adrian Chiles.
Wish Adrian chiles would just be deleted from existence
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Not long now I can put up with Adrian Chiles for 2 hours.
Let's ignore Adrian and just enjoy the beauty of the World Cup
more talented? The US has LeBron, Kendrick Lamar, Ron Burgundy, Lance Armstrong, Cliff Paul, and Jay-Z on the team.
Adrian Paul and Lucy Thompson, this is SO me. lol MY BAD!
Congratulations to all Elected Class Officers of Grade 7 - Lithium.From President to Escort.Adrian Paul (President), William Antonio (Escort) and Shane Silao (Secretary)
Rand Paul is really Adrian Paul's love child ... There can only be one .
Michael Jai White 1. Hire martial artists that can act and not actors that cannot do martial arts. I know that with the use of technology, visual effects and wires you can make a fighter out of Cameron Diaz these days. Anyway it is not the same. Why spend millions of dollars hiring an actor who can fight and still have to spend money on wirework, visual effects and stuntmen? Actors like Donnie Yen, Michael Jai White, Adrian Paul or Billy Blanks come a lot cheaper and they are worth their money. 2. If you hire martial artists, for God’s sake, use them. Some directors are afraid that their martial arts actors that have supporting roles may look better than the leading actors so they do not let them do the stuff that got them hired in the first place. See “Blade 2” (Donnie Yen) or “Universal Soldier 2” (Michael Jai White). I was so excited when I went to see these two movies that had such skilled actors in their cast and I was so disappointed. It takes a lot of Hollywood’s arrogant actors and ign ...
In the end, there can be only one... ... except for Michael Ironside, Mario Van Peebles, Bruce Payne and Adrian Paul.
Listen LIVE to President/CEO Karen Hughes on LA Talk Radio with actor turned philanthropist Adrian Paul
For we're announcing our host committee for A Brighter Future for Children. Please welcome Adam Rodriguez from Magic Mike and About Last Night, Tom Malloy a proclaimed producer and actor known for his work with The Attic, Love N Dancing, Katie Cleary known for Deal or No Deal, Chuck, and her amazing organization "Peace 4 Animals", Karrauche Tran - girlfriend of Chris Brown Kiara Belen, American's Next top Model Cycle 19 runner up, Clay Buchholz pitcher for winner Boston Red Sox Lindsay Clubine Buchholz wife of Clay and Model, Adrian Paul, Kristen Renton best known for , Jake Glaser founder of Modern Advocate we have many more to announce and we are so grateful for individuals like them. Check back soon for updates!
ok good, I'll watch it then. I'll also be watching more Highlander too. Adrian Paul reminds me of Colin Farrell.
Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul in "Obi-can be only Wan".
NEW! There can only be one! That one is the actor Adrian Paul, The Con Men talk the Highlander at Stan Lee’s...
Hangin' with Kevin Sorbo and Adrian Paul in studio!
Have I mentioned that I have a thing for brunettes? I was dreaming in 80's t.v. stars last night. Frank Langella, Nick Mancuso, Michael Nouri, Tom Selleck. Diverse group of guys but all attractive in different ways. Adrian Paul didn't show up so I didn't make it to the 90's. LOL!
Ok, I was excited that I was meeting Elvira, Stan Lee, and Bruce Campbell. Kinda cool seeing Lou Ferrigno, Adrian Paul, LeVar Burton, and Louie Anderson. Rupaul, not so much. But the coolest thing in the world is seeing Ecto 1 and KITT! This is what the peterson should have been!
I am now dying to be confronted by Christopher Lambert though moat likely Adrian Paul. Probably in silverlake. Thanks Harbs.
Christopher Lambert (aka the GOOD Raiden) is everything. Adrian Paul was my eye candy. :3
Good Morning, with September almost over, I've got too say what a heck of a month! First meeting Mr. Stan Lee, William Shatner, Adam West, Burt Ward, David Prowes, Peter Mayhew, Henry Winkler, Lou Ferrigno, Dean Cain, Kevin Sarbo, Adrian Paul, Manu Bennett, Ray Park, etc... at SLComicCon Con, I was in heaven, then moving into the new center & grand opening was awesome but even better was getting too see FGL & Luke Bryan live. But then to top it off getting too see the progress of my new beadwork by Tee Shawnee. How much better can life get? I hope ya'll have a great day so looking forward too October even with the looming government shut down but I always have a plan. Always be safe!
Richard Grieco and Adrian Paul together at last in AE apocalypse earth... Spoiler none of it takes place on earth. Asylum
I almost had a fan girl moment when I saw Adrian Paul.
got a great huggy from Adrian Paul :)
Christ on a *** I think Adrian Paul really IS immortal! Man has not freaking aged!
Oh you know, the usual.. Just hanging out with Adrian Paul
Did not expect the Adrian Paul panel to have a line.
sadly with Adrian Paul there you might not all make it out alive...there can be only one after all :)
I got Adrian Paul's auto for a friend and for my sister :)
Pretty sure Adrian Paul is the least blurry celebrity picture I've managed to take.
The quarterstaff fight between Diana & exiled Amazon Angela reminded me of the Adrian Paul - Richard Moll fight in the tv Highlander pilot.
The Adrian Paul panel was amazing. He was very energetic, super nice, and didn’t try to distance his panel from his Highlander fame.
Actual question Adrian Paul was just asked: "Who would win in a fight between Duncan MacLeod and Inigo Montoya?"
Used the time to grab a needed Frappuccino and go through the walk of game. Finally got to see Richard Epcar. Now in line for Adrian Paul.
in line for Adrian Paul. hoping to see his sword.
In the end, there can be only one. . . panel with Adrian Paul that I can make it to this weekend. On my way to line up now.
My mom's main crush during this period was Adrian Paul, who seems strangely to belong to the same genre of man as Flatley
Got to meet today. The man is the coolest. Also met Adrian Paul Gigi Edgley and Anthony Simcoe, all fantastic
I don't see Karl Urban on the schedule. But they do have Adrian Paul! Man, I had such a crush on him in the '90s.
What a disappointment. I thought that said Adrian Paul...
Having a great day so far, just bought my 1st Arda wig and got to enjoy Adrian Paul's panel. So awesome, and so looking forward to more!!!
It was not, btw, the Adrian Paul panel that we ditched. He was awesome:-)
Adrian Paul was unbelievably lovely to look at and delightfully funny.
"Adrian Paul has not aged. Seriously. Insert Adrian Paul is secretly an Immortal joke here.
Le sigh. Just another reason I'm bumming about not being at Dragon Con this year. Oh to have coffee with your...
You don't need an acting workshop. You already deserve an Oscars... ADRIAN PAUL NASIS.
And the best actor award goes to you. ADRIAN PAUL NASIS..
Got a pic with Adrian Paul! Good start to the con. Going for the seafood buffet at 1130. Sear in the Marriott. Join me.
Duncan McCleod was the Highlander played by Adrian Paul, in the TV show. Your assignment is to YouTube this immediately
If you're going to bid on this coffee date with to support
Original movie? You should watch the tv series after that. Adrian Paul was awesome as Duncan MacLeod
Hey everyone...listen to Adrian Paul on radio right NOW! ch2 , then listen live. Talking about children and vision.
- yep that's Adrian Paul's son. So bummed when that series ended. Every time I watched him, I had to fan my face! ☺
Shatner, Majors, Wagner at I'm def taking parade photos! Wish I had a ticket - Adrian Paul is there!
So those of you going to Dragon con. Meet me for coffee. All proceeds go to The Peace Fund
Fancy a coffee and chat with Adrian Paul at Dragon Con in Atlanta? The PEACE Fund is auctioning this unique...
She's Counselor Troi from Next Gen, yes, and Adrian Paul was the Highlander from the TV show.
Also going to favor the oddball panels like Adrian Paul talking about Highlander to avoid massive need for line waiting.
Oh yes. Adrian Paul has always been my Highlander!
be glad you don't share it with Adrian Paul...there can be only one!
Aw, I'm sorry you aren't going! Though I admit I was going to bribe you to get a photo of the glorious Adrian Paul.
Well I don't have to choose between his & Adrian Paul's panel now! RT: “Stephen Amell won't be able to attend
If it aint about Will Smith or Adrian Paul I don't give a ***
Stan Lee, William Shatner, Adrian Paul & More on the MVP Roadshow to Fandom Fest: via
Dear Hollywood,. Please cast Hugh Jackman + Adrian Paul together in ANY genre of movie. Sincerely,. 'The Adult'. PS
I tried to watch "Highlander :Endgame" with Adrian Paul & Christopher Lambert but their overacting was just too much for me. Come ON guys!!!
“BTW, the highlander guy finally spoke to me today.” Adrian Paul or Christopher Lambert?
whoa now. Adrian Paul & Christopher Lambert are equally cool.
Sir Adrian Paul Ghislain Carton de Wiart, is Perhaps the toughest “S.O.B.” I have ever had the privilege of...
Adrian Paul's room is currently spinning
I hate it when people exaggerate my mistakes and make it seem like I’ve commited a crime.
Uh, talk about war hero. Go look up Sir Adrian Paul Ghisan. His quote, "Frankly, I liked the war."
Imagine the following as what was read as Lieutenant-General Sir Adrian Paul Ghislain Carton de Wiart's eulogy. (Even the name is epic.)
I am having feelings about possibly getting a photo with Adrian Paul at Dragon*Con.
Sometimes, I remember all those happy memories in my life and I just want them back. 😞
A relationship is like a house. If a lightbulb goes out, you fix the lightbulb, not go and buy a new house.
One look, one word, one hug, one text, one call: they can all mean so much when it's from that special person. 😍
- A wikipedia page you have to read...Sir Adrian Paul Ghislain Carton de Wiart …
If you don't know the story of Sir Adrian Paul Ghislain Carton de Wiart, a British soldier, google it. Right now. You'll thank me later.
a show! Hummus, Adrian & Paul, Christine & Laughing/remembering all the way home. Bravo:)
when i saw Adrian Paul, i thought it was gonna be the Highlander guy
You are what you believe. So stay motivated!
Studying for like 20 mins until Adrian Paul comes on the radio. So cute!
Exactly RW"One thing who have I trust that Jesus always beside me everysecond,everytime,and averywhere:3"
The life of Lt.-Gen. Sir Adrian Paul Ghislain Carton de Wiart is a story of strength that borders on insanity. Bed-time story by
..sooo Adrian Paul you say.. i say Highlander
I'm loving the vibe of the holy month!
I would like to welcome my newest cousin into the world! Happy Birthday Adrian Paul Redmond, I cant wait to meet you!
I'm watching the news this morning Angie look in see! My cousins! Adrian & Paul @ Barney's Beanery
Of course I exist, fool. I've even been on the radio. With Adrian Paul and Jason Connery, among others.
Last season, Adrian Paul couldn't be bothered so they spent the whole time having guest female immortals turn up to audition
Somebody ought to make a movie about Sam Bellamy, the captain of the Whydah, the sunken pirate ship that's currently being displayed (well, artifacts and treasure from it, anyway) at Union Station. A young Mel Gibson would have been perfect to play this guy. or maybe Adrian Paul from the Highlander TV series. By all accounts he was the quintessential dashing, swashbuckling pirate captain, and was pretty much a gentleman on top of that, always trying to capture ships without violence and usually letting the captain and crew go their own way, unless they wanted to join up with him. Then you have the fact that the Whydah's story is full of excitement and just a year Bellamy became the most successful, richest pirate captain of all time, capturing 53 ships' worth of booty. He was on his way home, legend has it to pick up his lady love, when his ship crashed into a sandbar during a violent storm and sank, with only two survivors. I mean, come on...this is a real life story that needs pretty much no ...
Adrian Paul, Norman Reedus and Jason Momoa all under 1 roof.
But seriously, the Pokemon theme makes me want to watch Highlander with Adrian Paul.
Friend: Did you just fall? Me: No I attacked the floor. Friend: Backwards? Me: Yeah I'M FREAKING TALENTED.
I'm just human. I have weaknesses, I make mistakes and I experience sadness; but I learn from all these things to make me a…
When I’m in the car and a sad song comes on, I stare out the window and act like I’m in a movie.
I have a feeling my last words will be "What does this button do?'
I think Adrian Paul modelled his Scottish accent in Highlander on in The Highlanders!.
The conventions keep popping up!! This one has me really interested because it has Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) but too bad she won't be dressed as her. Still wouldn't mind meeting Cassandra. Other guests include Billy Dee Williams, Adrian Paul, Sid Haig, Jerry Lawler, Margot Kidder, Scott Schwartz + many others. Some of them are even signing for as low as $10 - NICE!! Now if I can only fit this Con into my busy schedule.
The British GP lived up to its reputation on Friday as Free Practice One ended up in a damp squib with only a handful of drivers posting times...
The recap of the NBA Draft day trades
Fanboy Expo is excited to announce that Margot Kidder will be appearing in Tampa on August 3 & 4. She is best know for her role as Lois Lane opposite Christopher Reeve in Superman 1, 2, 3 & 4. She also starred in The Amityville Horror and appeared in Rob Zombies Halloween II and...
The Fallen Heroes are a London, UK based band who have been together for over ten years, playing funky New Orleans Rhythm & Blues blended with a contemporary...
I love this version of Let Me Be Your Angel by Helen Rogers. Her sweet voice and harmonies are perfect for this kind of song.
Kevin Garnett agrees to deal that will send him and Paul Pierce to the Nets When the initial shock wore off after hearing the beginnings of a deal between the Celtics and Nets that would land both Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in Brooklyn, the one thing that could prevent it all from happening immediately came into focus. Garnett is one of a very few players in the league with a no-trade clause in his contract, meaning that his approval would be required for the trade to be able to become fully agreed upon in principle. Despite the way things quickly came together, Garnett informed the relevant parties that he would in fact sign off on the deal late Thursday, and it is essentially done. From Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports: Garnett waived his no-trade clause after the Nets agreed to fully guarantee the $12 million owed him for the 2014-15 season, the third year of his contract. Prior to the agreement, the Nets could have bought out Garnett for $6 million. Garnett also was swayed by the chance to join ...
WHY HAVE THERE BEEN SO MANY INJURIES AT WIMBLEDON? As seven players pulled out of Wimbledon on Wednesday, the pessimistic among tennis fans may have feared an injury epidemic was sweeping their sport. To have so many withdrawals in a single day of a Grand Slam was unprecedented. Two more - French duo Llodra and Paul-Henri Mathieu - followed on Thursday. But is this an accurate reflection of trends within the professional game, or just a freakish confluence of unrelated incidents? Across this Wimbledon as a whole, numbers are not yet that startling. Two years ago at the US Open, for example, 17 players were forced to pull out; at Wimbledon in 2008, 13 withdrew with injury. Neither has the second round of Wimbledon 2013 broken records. Fourteen players withdrew over the opening two rounds of that US Open, 12 in the same period at Wimbledon 2008. Modern tennis, like any other professional sport, takes a substantial physical toll on its combatants. Quite whether we are seeing anything new this week is anothe ...
Trick Question, If there are so many animal lovers out there, *** Freeborough, Jenny Allen, Beverley Lovemore, Larry W Paul, Adrian Bowles and the list goes on, why don't these people work for the NSPCA? Answer : They all love animals. LOl
Darren Smith is raising money for Guy's and St Thomas' Charity by taking part in the 2013 Virgin London Marathon. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Here's to the weekend. A happy and safe one for all. Teddybear hugs.
with my cousin Adrian Paul Batallador Perla and Rz Amie Marie Cataluna
So far 7 Bachelors and 7 Bachelorettes have sent in their pictures LOL The more the merrier people and just over a week to entries close! Tag a friend who you would like to see in it and spread the word :D Cheers MM
(DAILY MAIL) Aston Villa have turned there attentions to Wolves midfielder Karl Henry after missing out on Crewe captain Luke Murphy who should be signing for Wolves today.
Seven races into the 2013 season, neither Paul di Resta nor Adrian Sutil are committing their futures to Force India. The Silverstone based team has impressed the paddock with its Toro Rosso, Sauber, Williams and even McLaren-beating car this year. Paul di Resta: "I have always wanted to be in a winning car -- I want to be winning races and championships. Where I am next year I do not know. That's the way it is but I've got a good management team behind me."
To my fellow nerds: I just hijacked my 15-year-old niece's status with much nerdiness. I feel a little bad about that. We can resume our conversation here:
Just got this email. Is anybody this stupid? "I am Adrian Bayford, I and my wife were Recent winners of the euro million lottery of £148.6 million, and have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of £700,000,00 GBP to you along with my new found half brother Paul Wilson as part of our own charity project to Improve the lot of 20 unknown lucky individuals all over the world plus 15 Close friends and family. If you have received this email then you are one Of the lucky recipients and all you have to do is get back with us so that We can send your details to the courier service thats in charge of the delivering of your won cheque. contact : abayford40
Richard Ivan Mack is the former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, and a two-time candidate for United States Congress. He is frequently referred to simply a...
why are others hiding with tb Joshua so called prophecies that someone is going to win zim elections?why is he failing to prevent people being killed by boko haram?
Re Sunday's game away to Randwick - a decision on ground will be made by Randwick at 5.30 pm Saturday night so a text message will be sent out as soon as Ads knows. At this stage we're set for JJ Cahill Memorial School, Sutherland, Mascot, regular kick off times. SQUADS - Reserves, be at ground 12.15pm: Brandon Perko Will Simon Michael Ian Blayne Dickie Ryan Gunn Finn Manu Stuart Geordie Paul Dave Firsts, be at ground by 1.30pm Mitch Richey Adam Russell Alex Jimmy Luke Adrian Hammo Eddie Calum Gordy Away - Floyd Nic Tristan Tim Carl Matty
VIC - ARRESTED in Port Melbourne last night .. Paroled Sadistic Sex Killer "Clive Stone" on the run in Victoria..
Hey y'all, remember that time when Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and Aaron Hernandez and Wes Welker and Tim Thomas and Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett all played for Boston sports teams?
Not counting the guys in Hellion, who is your favorite guitarist?
U heard it from me first!!! 2014 NBA CHAMPS IS THE BROOKLYN NETS!!! D Williams...Joe Johnson...Paul Pierce...Kevin Garnett...and Brooke Lopez as your starting lineup!!! I can't wait tip next year now
Boy when it rains it pours in Boston. First red soxs break up, then ya marathon get bombed, then Wes welker get let go, then Hernandez get locked up, now Paul Kevin an Jason get traded on they day off, *** the Boston tea party...
Report: Celtics, Nets reach agreement in principle to trade sending Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn nets along with Jason terry.
Brooklyn/Celtics deal is DONE! According to Yahoo Sports: Nets will send Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace, Keith Bogans (sign and trade), first-rounders in '14, '16, '18 to Cs for KG/Pierce. Nets to fully guarantee KG's 14/15 Salary
Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry, and Paul Pierce to the Nets. They still won't win the East.
Trade Alert! Kevin Garnett has agreed to a trade which would see Paul Pierce, Jason Terry and himself headed to Brooklyn for mini level players and picks. Humphries/Wallace included in deal.
Per Adrian Wojnarowski, KG has agreed to accept the trade that will send himself and Paul Pierce to the Nets. It saddens me greatly to see The Truth leave Boston and it will hurt to see him in another uniform, but the rebuilding process had to begin.
Sounders friends/fans- wanna know what I think about the metal detector thing? Here you go. Hope you have a few minutes. So a considerable amount of talk about metal detectors, although I'm sure more people have moved on to the Montero-to-Portugal news... The Sounders FO did not talk with the Alliance Council prior to the announcement. They did send me (I'm the Council President) a note about 30 minutes before the email and press release. I sent them a note back and asked "Why don't you guys talk with the Council about something like this ahead of time? Even if it's not going to change the decision, it's certainly the type of thing that the Council- as the elected voice of the fans and supporters of the Club- would have some valuable input on." They answered (see below) and later explained to the whole Council the reasons behind that. I went in to the Sounders office today and met with Bart Wiley and Taylor Graham on a variety of topics but of course we talked quite a bit about this one as well. From th . ...
WEST Coast fans have been criticised for booing Brownlow Medalist Jobe Watson during the Eagles' loss at Patersons Stadium
Synchronicity PR was Captivant PR ...Mandy Moore has worked in Press and Marketing with a variety of clients for over 13 years; focusing on niche marketing. Her areas of expertise are extensive. She has now partnered with her husband CFO. Experience with Music, Fashion, Jewelry, Real Estate, Art, Restaurants and Film gives her an in-depth and unique perspective with each individual client. Mandy started her firm Captivant PR in 1990, bringing a decade of experience to an expansive list of clients. In 2009 in an effort to broaden her scope she transitioned her company to a new level and Synchronicitypr was born, a new name and a new philosophy. "Expect the Unexpected, Explore the Connection" enabled her to partner with an impressive team. Press Kit design, Logo's, Tag lines, Press Releases, Online and Editorial Marketing and Social Networking are the firms' specialties as well as launching clients Nationally and Internationally. From Musicians to Models, Actors and Small business entrepreneurs, Synchronici ...
Wow, heres to passing over 300 likes. Going super strong and great to see our retro community growing each day. Dont forget to keep sharing, tell your friends, share your gaming collections, recent game pickups, bargains and more right here. - The Retro Joystick Team
Video shoot tomorrow wit my boy Adrian Davis Jude Dauphin! Iam slide thruu err hood fa scene! street paul so if u wanna cameo inbox me or hit my line RIGH NOW! da block up money team filmz
Maurice "Mo" Williams (born December 19, 1982, in Jackson, Mississippi) is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association. After a successful high school career at Murrah High School, Williams attended college at the University of Alabama where he led his team as a freshman to a 27-8 record, and also shared an SEC regular season championship. After two solid seasons at Alabama, Williams entered the 2003 NBA Draft, and was selected as the 47th pick by the Utah Jazz. The following year he signed with the Milwaukee Bucks as a free agent. Williams was given the starting point guard position after Milwaukee traded their former starting point guard, T.J. Ford to the Toronto Raptors. This movement opened up a chance for Williams to make a name for himself not only on the Milwaukee Bucks, but in the NBA as well. Williams averaged over 30 minutes a game, as well as other career achievements. On August 13, 2008, Williams was a part of a three- ...
Adrian Paul can barely keep his shirt on, and flips around a lot with a Katana. If that's all you're expecting from it...
sharing from Paul Adrian Reyes (last June 15) - as a contact person I assume since its not indicated. do include if you are to share this photo. thank you.
2000 words on the novel and 1400 words on the Gruesome Cargo sequel. The sequel is character driven and it is akin to Nicholas Alan Tillemans with the perverse. I don't write adults only horror anymore but I am doing a Weird Literary novel that is a nod to Richard Matheson. The main characters are father and son writers where the father died horrifically in a drunk driver collision and the widow encounters some dark surreal stuff revolving around his career. I recycled the plot from an anthology I appeared in back in 2004 where I appear with Paul Melniczek and Adrian Sheppard. The story is called Life Inheritance.
need to rest my throat. Night night all!
I favorited a video Donnie Yen vs Adrian Paul
I liked a video Donnie Yen vs Adrian Paul
Adrian Paul & Sean Connery have very similar faces.
This is a great experiment on delayed gratification Adrian Paul
I'd take Alex Salmond more seriously if he didn't look so much like Adrian Paul.
Maybe that's where I recognize the loft from, perhaps Adrian Paul will suddenly appear to face off with them.
Oh do not get me started. I have stories about some of Adrian Paul's fans that would floor U. Save for when we get 2 gether!
Brand new day... Get up not wake up..
How to get to sleep if I sleep with sirens..
Yah I know I'm so sorry but realy I can't "Ahh.. Lu mah omdo"Sorry I can't "Janji"Kluark
Slap bass in the dark night.. Tubs tubs
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