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Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez (born May 8, 1982) is a Mexican-American professional baseball first baseman with the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball.

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4 of their top 5 highest paid players are Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Scott Kazmir and Andre Ethier.
That’s some tough news about Adrian Gonzalez being shut down for the rest of the season because of a back issue. Hopefully he gets right
The future of either Joc Pederson, Foresythe, or Adrian Gonzalez
Sources tell punishment for the Red Sox cheating: MLB will make them take on the contracts of Adrian Gonzalez, Scott Kazmir.
[CBS Sports]Best trade: Adrian Gonzalez and Chris Young In January of 2006, the Padres sent A…
Great interview with Dave Roberts. On Adrian Gonzalez's return, he said: "Cody [Bellinger's] going to get the lion'…
Jose Canseco, David Cone, Brian Giles, Adrian Gonzalez and Larry Walker were all traded in previous deals that took place in August.
Albert Pujols, Matt Kemp, Jose Bautista, and Adrian Gonzalez are all free agents in my fantasy league. We're all getting old.
don't forgot Adrian Gonzalez and rusney castillo lmao
Haven't looked at exact numbers but I would guess Adrian Gonzalez and Manny Ramirez would also qualify
It feels like that has been the case since Jake Peavy and Adrian Gonzalez left
BLOCKBUSTER OFFICIAL: acquire Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto from for 5-player packa…
Remember when Jerry Sands was traded for Adrian Gonzalez,Josh Beckett,Carl Crawford and we only traded for Hunter P…
Chris Taylor's 6 HR are more than Justin Turner, Joc Pederson, Logan Forsythe and Adrian Gonzalez combined (4).
Adrian Gonzalez just hit his 1st HR of the season...He got all of it to Dep CF off Jake Arrieta. 2 run HR. 4-0 B6
Gonzalez shows signs of breaking out at plate
Bottom 5th. Cody Bellinger grounds out to second base. 1 out. Adrian Gonzalez doubles on a line drive to right...
Alexi Amarista on May 24 2017 has more home runs than Justin Turner, Adrian Gonzalez, Logan Forsythe, Nick Hundley, and Chase Utley combined
Bottom 2nd. Cody Bellinger singles on a ground ball to right field. 1 on 0 out. Adrian Gonzalez grounds into a...
Anyone else hate everything about Adrian Gonzalez
Due up for the in the bottom of the 2nd: Cody Bellinger LF, Adrian Gonzalez 1B and Chris Taylor CF.
Love how Adrian Gonzalez does this before some games. He'll sign gear and have it passed out to fans.
Adrian Gonzalez will hit his first Homerun of the season
Marcus Stroman has more home runs in 2017 than Xander Bogaerts, Alex Gordon, and Adrian Gonzalez. He has more doubles than J…
There it is - what could've been: Adrian Gonzalez cheers Logan Forsythe's walk off RBI double as Padre fans grind t…
I'm ready for Joc Pederson & Adrian Gonzalez to both be gone. Joc doesn't do anything good- causes issues in OF & Gonzo is BEYOND washed up
It's about to be the end of May .. & Adrian Gonzalez has yet to hit a home run?.
I think Adrian Gonzalez might be toast.
Did father time finally catch up to Adrian Gonzalez? How's the dude only batting .253 with 0 HRs this far in the season?
holy crap Adrian Gonzalez hasn't hit a home run yet this year
Adrian Gonzalez may be declining, but he can still flip a ball to a pitcher with the best of 'em.
Adrian Gonzalez still plays first base so smoothly
Adrian Gonzalez will not hit 10 homeruns all season. First baseman that bad anywhere else in baseball?
If a sloth played baseball he'd be Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez grounds out to start the bottom of the second
I am old enough to remember the last time we saw an Adrian Gonzalez donger.
Last with a home run in 4 straight games with Adrian Gonzalez, May 10-14, 2011.
Adrian Gonzalez views his return as the start of a new season.
How many HR's does Adrian Gonzalez have this year, ?
Adrian Gonzalez is "the butter-and-egg man", he has been delivering for years.
Dodgers beat the Marlins, 6-3, to win the series. Adrian Gonzalez drove in 3 runs. Joc Pederson homered. Brandon McCarthy w…
Commys take game 1 vs Dirt Dawgs in 9, Adrian Gonzalez with a clutch 2 out bases clearing double to solidify the 5-3 victo…
[NBC Dallas-Fort Worth 5]What might have been if the Rangers had never traded Adrian Gonzalez…
My uncle and brother met Justin Turner and Adrian gonzalez today .. *** 🙄jealous af
I just published “5/20/17-Something Current-Adrian Gonzalez with Dodgers Foundation at Darby Park, Pups at the…” https:/…
Gonzalez's double gives Dodgers lead - Adrian Gonzalez doubles to the right-field corner to drive in two runs a...
Phone, or food? star Adrian Gonzalez (learns that having takes teamwork. It…
What happens first: Scott Van Slyke gets called up again or Adrian Gonzalez hits a HR?
Cody Bellinger, Adrian Gonzalez, and the oft-told Wally Pipp Lie. On tough decisions, and fudging history: https:/…
Adrian Gonzalez and it's not really that close. If I had to pick a distant second probably Robinson Cano.
1B Adrian Gonzalez talks the lack of buzz for NFL in Los Angeles & what it's like to play in LA: ht…
Alden on the Vogue Italia webpage, through the portfolio of photographer Adrian Gonzalez. SMD…
Adrian Gonzalez flies out to Albert Almora in center as Carl Edwards Jr. retires the Dodgers 1-2-3 in the top of the 6th
After the game, Adrián González declined to speak with me about Said it was too recent & we could consider it in the future.
Adrian Gonzalez is one of the greatest players to come out of Mexico
Gonzalez producing early for Dodgers via
[VIDEO] Smart human Adrian Gonzalez got the Dodgers out of it.
And that right there is the savvy and smarts of one Adrian Gonzalez!
What a play by Adrian Gonzalez! Dodgers lead 6-2 headed to the bottom of the seventh! 👍
Heads-up play by 1B Adrian Gonzalez, who charges Jankowski's two-out bunt with runners on corners, throws home for third out of T7.
Deflected off Drew Stamen but Adrian Gonzalez -- the most unlikely Dodger to get an infield single -- just got an infield single.
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Adrian Gonzalez up for the Dodgers. Runners on 1st & 2nd with 2 outs. 6-2 Dodgers. New Pitcher coming in for Padres.
the shift is working like a charm against Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez has such an annoying walk up song like we get it you're Mexican ha ha so funny
host Adrian Gonzalez will take the main stage at SOAR 2017. Are you registered yet?…
Top 4th. Manuel Margot grounds out to first baseman Adrian Gonzalez who flips the ball to pitcher Brandon McCarthy...
don't give adrian Gonzalez any camera time. Idc. Just don't do it.
GOAL! Adrian Gonzalez beats Lizoain from the spot after *** Garcia had been brought down in the box. 3-1 Eibar (66).
Adrian Gonzalez showing no signs of elbow tendinitis that plagued him for parts of spring
Plus a classic story from the beat featuring Adrian Gonzalez.
So annoying! Thoughts on fading miggy for Adrian Gonzalez?
Anthony Rizzo being traded for Adrian Gonzalez will never stop being weird to think about
Adrian Gonzalez had an RBI 2B, BB & scored a run as Dodgers beat Padres 3-1
Adrian Gonzalez flares a ground-rule double to left field. score first for the first time in this series.
Video: Adrián González smacks an RBI double just inside the left field line to plate the first run of...
If you're just now wondering about Adrian Gonzalez' diminishing power, you're simply oblivious.
All purpose parts banner
Dodgers fans showing some class during Hunter Renfroe's grab off Adrian Gonzalez in the 5th inning.
I need a Adrian Gonzalez homer. The more runs included the better
*** that Adrian Gonzalez hit was this close from being a homerun...
WOWZERS!. Adrian Gonzalez almost took it all the way. 1 3.
I would have thoroughly enjoyed that Adrian Gonzalez ball going about 5 feet farther. So happy to have and the MLB game back.
how many Home Runs has Adrian Gonzalez hit against SD ?
Adrian Gonzalez gives it a ride but it's caught at the warning track in right-center. Toles tags, and have runners on the corners.
*Adrian Gonzalez at bat*. Mom: my bf . Me: stop you're too old for him he's 34 😂. Her: me too . 😂😂😂💗
Adrian Gonzalez's walk up song will always be my favorite 💙⚾🎶
Mark Reynold HR, and 2 or 3 for Adrian Gonzalez would be solid before the night is over 👍🏼
A highlight from tonight courtesy of Adrian Gonzalez... BTW: Kenta Maeda is ready as he threw 3 no hit...
Adrian Gonzalez on the WBC: "They're trying to be the World Cup. But they're not even the Little League World Series."
Hey Andy, Adrian Gonzalez says he doesn't like the WBC
Adrian Gonzalez is the Corey Crawford and Jonathan Quick of baseball. Always crying about something!
Dave Roberts is hopeful he'll be able to convince Adrian Gonzalez to take more days of rest this season.…
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best swings in the game today: Cano, Trout, Miggy, Ichiro, Votto, Pujols, Josh Hamilton, Longoria, CarGo, Adrian Gonzalez
I went to the Adrian Gonzalez hitting clinic and hit with Adrian Gonzalez, met him, got a sighed ball, sighed bat a…
how do y'all feel about Chris Davis, Adrian Gonzalez, Mitch Moreland? I see they're not top 10.
Seth Smith has a higher OBP (.348) over the past three seasons than Manny Machado, Adrian Gonzalez, Lorenzo Cain, and Nolan Arenado.
i watch Adrian Gonzalez get called out at home again last night. Gord bless.
Adrian Gonzalez actually raced a radio host who called him slow via
Adrian Gonzalez still livid over MLB replay decision: 'They got it wrong' via
Do you think Adrian Gonzalez is over this play where he was called out at the plate, which cost them the NLCS
Adrian Gonzalez, longtime SBCISD Police Department canine handler, will become the Cameron County Precinct 3 Consta…
or maybe get adrian gonzalez to switch sports, he runs a great 40 I've heard
I truly believe adrian gonzalez should have some hall of fame consideration assuming he has a year where he hit 20 HRS and 90 plus RBI's
just had a conversation with Adrian Gonzalez and had zero idea
Atlanta has traded first baseman Adrian Gonzalez to San Diego for pitcher Nick Wittgren and $400,000.
Bullets Joins The Tribe, news from around the league.
When your brother sees Adrian Gonzalez & didn't recognize him for a good 3 mins
Sources within Atlanta are saying a tentative deal has been struck involving Adrian Gonzalez being traded to a NL team.
Odds that Adrian Gonzalez plays for the Dodgers in 2019? Are those odds greater than any other single team?
holy crap I just realized Adrian Gonzalez looks alarmingly like my friend Vince.
.wore an amazing ugly Christmas sweater, but -- somehow -- it *didn't* win a contest:…
it's not as funny as Adrian Gonzalez, the concessions guy at Fenway Park, but it's good
That now puts pressure on Atlanta to move Adrian Gonzalez before teams fill their 1B needs with free agents.
2 things I didn't remember/realize:. 1) Jack Cust played in thhat game. 2) Adrian Gonzalez had first of 4 career sac bunts
When Atlanta acquired Adrian Gonzalez last month from Cleveland, the thought was they secured alternative at 1B than pending FA A. Rizzo.
Buchholz represents the first salary-dump trade by the Red Sox, other than the Adrian Gonzalez tidal wave, since Marco Scutaro in 2012.
the game is too fast for Greeny to hit anyone across the middle. Unless of course it's Adrian Gonzalez crossing the hashes
"I Will Be Wrong Again: Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2017" by on
The five-time All-Star snagged a $6.3 million Rancho Santa Fe estate with the soul of an Italian villa.
The Chris Sale deal comes on the six-year anniversary of the day the Red Sox traded Anthony Rizzo and 3 other prospects for Adrian Gonzalez.
6 years ago today, the Red Sox got Adrian Gonzalez from the Padres for Anthony Rizzo, Casey Kelly, Reymond Fuentes, & Eric Patterson.
Would you trade Miggy, JV, Daniel Morris and Cristian Stewart to LA for Adrian Gonzalez and Clayton Kershaw?
down in the minors. Time to let Adrian Gonzalez go, resign Turner and Jansen and bring up these young guys and develop.
Adrian Gonzalez looks like the uncle that sneaks you beer at family functions
.told us this morning that Adrian Gonzalez's swing reminds him so much of his dads that it's given him chills…
Adrian Gonzalez on how he prepares for opposing pitchers: He leads the with 4 RBIs in…
Adrian Gonzalez refused to stay with at in Chicago via
Against Cubs in Game 6, Adrian Gonzalez readies for another "chess game"
Dodgers' Adrian Gonzalez: Wrigley Field 'not a loud stadium to begin with'
He is just mad that New York got it RIGHT!. Gonzalez issues challenge to Cubs fans at Wrigley |
That wasn't a TD and Adrian Gonzalez was out.
Adrian Gonzalez thinks the call will stand
Dodgers: It's humanity vs. instant replay, and we're getting our tails kicked, people: It slows...
Adrian Gonzalez didn't score there because he's not a TRY-HARD like some people... *coughCUBScough*
fans have been challenged by Adrian Gonzalez. .
Adrian Gonzalez on back-to-back wins by combined 18-6: "We can grab back that momentum with one name -- Kershaw."
I hope Wrigley is louder than its EVER been before!! I want to shut up Adrian Gonzalez and the dodgers, once and for al…
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Dodgers 1B Adrian Gonzalez on home plate call: ‘I knew I was safe’
Dodgers fans still replaying the Adrian Gonzalez 'out' call in their minds
I never knew Adrian Gonzalez was such a cry baby
Adrian Gonzalez said this when he was asked what the environment will be like at Wrigley. . If you're going to the game,…
October baseball plus girl of the week with Adrian Gonzalez , Whitney George Johnson, Dartangan Johnson and Josh...
Adrian Gonzalez is so slow Todd Coffey is no longer the most embarrassing runner in MLB history.
Emperor Nero didn't fiddle while Rome burned. He was just too busy watching Adrian Gonzalez round third.
Adrian Gonzalez criticizes MLB's replay system after controversial call at the plate: Los Angeles Dodgers fir...
Adrian Gonzalez refused to stay with Dodgers at Trump Hotel in Chicago
Adrian Gonzalez refused to stay with at Hotel in Chicago.
.Adrian Gonzalez says he refused to stay at the Trump hotel in Chicago because he "has his reasons". That's right…
Also: why Andre Ethier is seeing left-handed pitchers again, Adrian Gonzalez opting out of the Trump hotel:
Adrian Gonzalez's HR in the 2nd is the difference in this game. Dodgers hold on to a 1-0 lead over Cubs going to the bot…
ALL TIED UP. Adrian Gonzalez ties the game with a two-out, two-run single
My on-field postgame interview with for after pulled even in
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Adrian Gonzalez in postgame presser on 7th: "When I saw Dave coming out, I was hoping he came out just to give that pep tal…
Adrian Gonzalez has been a beast all post season
A VERY rare moment: I compliment the & Adrian Gonzalez for his refusing to stay @ Trump hotel in Chicago…
ugh, now I have to reach into my fanny pack of respect and distribute large portions of it to adrian gonzalez. 2016 is ***
A closer look at the game-winning home run for the Dodgers in Game 2.
Dodger Adrian Gonzalez refused to stay at Trump Tower in with the team. BRAVO! Clutch homer too!
Adrián González has now homered in each of the last 6 postseason series in which he has appeared
Addison Russell of the Chicago Cubs tags out Adrian Gonzalez of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the...
Adrian Gonzalez of the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrates with Joc Pederson after hitting a solo home...
Notes: Andre Ethier against LHPs(!), and Adrian Gonzalez didn't lament not staying at Donald Trump's Chicago hotel:
Adrian Gonzalez runs the bases after hitting a solo HR. (Getty). NLCS 📷:
Watch: Adrian Gonzalez homers in Game 2 of the National League Championship Series.
Adrian Gonzalez single off Aroldis Chapman's 102.3 MPH fastball last night was the hardest pitch a player has ever got…
DODGERS TIE IT UP!. With the bases loaded, Adrian Gonzalez hits a single up the middle tying the game at 3 at Wrigley.
Only Jon Lester can get Adrian Gonzalez to dance around like Maury Wills.
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Adrian Gonzalez was great on the George Lopez Show
why Adrian Gonzalez look like Benny from George lopez
Adrian Gonzalez flies out. strand two more, have left 11 on base, and trail 4-2 as we head to the bottom of th…
Tell me why Adrian Gonzalez reminds me of Ernie from the George Lopez TV show 😂😂😂
Adrian Gonzalez and Yasiel Puig left the clubhouse after going 0-5 3 K's and 6 LOB and were mumbling.
WALKOFF! Adrian Gonzalez with the game-winner scoring Corey Seager. . defeat the Giants 2-1, increase their NL West…
In 2011, the Red Sox had four players do it: Adrian Gonzalez (117), Jacoby Ellsbury (105), David Ortiz (96), and Dustin Pedroia (91).
Adrian Gonzalez and Justin Turner were among the players Roberts and Friedman spoke to.
Ernie from The George Lopez Show and Adrian Gonzalez are the same person
Adrian Gonzalez provides a morning jolt! His three-run blast gives the an early lead.
Sandy Leon grounds into a double play, first baseman Adrian Gonzalez to shortstop Corey Seager to pitcher Josh Fields. Aaron Hill out at 2
Two pitchers who began this season in A-ball duel, plus Adrian Gonzalez can break a tie he shares with Matt Kemp.
Adrian Gonzalez's grand slam and a 2 run single by Joc Pederson gives the an early 6-0 in the top of the 1st.
Adrian Gonzalez has 6 career stolen bases in his entire 13-year career. Greg Maddux had 6 stolen bases after turning 38…
he also signed Carl Crawford, John lackey, Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez and Jason heyward
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.Love Hoffman, but Adrian Gonzalez. Four All-Star Games, a 40 homer season in PETCO (!), and four team MVPs.
Southern California Baseball Report: Kevin and Rich talk about Adrian Gonzalez and his struggles at the plate
Vin inadvertently made a great pick/stretch/etc by Adrian Gonzalez, because it's been infiltrated by Hydra.
WATCH: Making hand gestures after trying to check a swing earns an ejection: Adrian Gonzalez didn't like a swing…
Welcome to the Ump Show. Adrián González gets the quick hook by the great Dan Bellino!
Adrian Gonzalez just got ejected for slowly shaking his head in frustration as he calmly walked away from ump
Adrian Gonzalez was ejected without saying a word. . Watch the ejection & then see what AGon had to say after:
Great job today, umps. Finally ejecting that MENACE TO SOCIETY, ultra-controversial Adrian Gonzalez.
If Adrian Gonzalez didn't want to get tossed from the game, he shouldn't have not done anything.
Video: For those of you who didn't see the Adrián González get ejected here is a video clip that I took.
Dodgers lose A-Gon on 4th-inning ejection: Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez was ejected by third-ba...
Adrian Gonzalez got ejected for shaking his head to an ump.
Adrian Gonzalez missed some of Brock Stewart's debut.
Adrian Gonzalez ejected...oh vey I can't avoid the landmines this week
If we had ejected my Gramma from holidays for every time she waved her hand like Adrian Gonzalez just did, we'd never…
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So why did Adrian Gonzalez get thrown out of tonight's game?
The Dan Bellino ejection of Adrian Gonzalez is an embarrassment. Extremely bad judgement on the umpires part. No accountability here at all
Adrian Gonzalez got ejected for sarcastically checking if that third strike was a swing too. Heh.
Adrian Gonzalez gets tossed. Not going to be a good FanDuel night for him.
Adrian Gonzalez gets tossed from the game for waving his hand at an ump at 3rd. Unreal on my fantasy team...
Adrian Gonzalez was just ejected by 3B umpire Dan Bellino.
for Rock N RoLLa - Fielder and Adrian Gonzalez are weak!
Score Dodgers 7 and the Braves 2. Bot 3rd- Matt Wisler is pitching . Trayce Thompson walks. Adrian Gonzalez flies...
Adrian Gonzalez, Chase Utley and Yasmani Grandal are out of the Dodgers' lineup.
Bold claim. I'd give it to Adrian Gonzalez, but even Mets-wise, David Wright all the way
May 30, AB 1: Javier Baez singles on a bunt ground ball to first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. Addison Russell to 2nd.
Corey Seager, Howie Kendrick, Chase Utley (x2) and Adrian Gonzalez. This is the kind of offense I've been waiting for. 9-1 Dodgers.
Nobody at the figured out that Adrian Gonzalez doesn't run at all like his cousin Speedy Gonzalez & could have easily been thrown out
...force out, SS Alexei Ramirez to 2B Alexi Amarista. Howie Kendrick to 3rd. Adrian Gonzalez out at 2nd. Clayton Kershaw to 1st [2/2]
Felix + pujols... for... Adrian Gonzalez and jay bruce (bench OF). Who gets better side of deal?
Dave Roberts hasn't decided who will DH in Tampa/Toronto, but mentioned Justin Turner and Adrian Gonzalez as two guys he'll talk to.
Traded Neil Walker, Adrian Gonzalez, and Jason Heyward for Mike Trout, Ben Zobrist, and Scott Kazmir in OBP lg
Do u miss Adrian Gonzalez with the Padres?
Adrian Gonzalez greets Justin Turner and Austin Barnes after both score runs against…
See how Adrian Gonzalez, Yasiel Puig and Justin Turner showed their respect on
Is Justin Turner and Adrian Gonzalez selfie pic The best HR celebration in all of baseball. I think so.
you wouldn't want Justin Turner, Adrian Gonzalez, Corey Seager or Kershaw on the Giants?
Top 7th. Justin Turner lines out to center field. 1 out. . Adrian Gonzalez singles on a ground ball to left field.
did a documentary about Adrian Gonzalez & Heath Bell riding in that thing to an ASG like 25+ years later...
Rizzo and Adrian Gonzalez to me have 2 of the best arms among 1B in the NL. That was a 'seed' thrown by Rizzo for the out at 3B.
him, MY trade to let Mike effin Olt play, Adrian Gonzalez, relievers starting. Not bad for a lot of years.
Adrian Gonzalez hits a sharp ground ball to center field that scores Justin Turner to give the Dodgers 12 runs...
Andy Green says he has to do a better job communicating how to go after Adrian Gonzalez when there's a base open.
Every Dodger in lineup has scored a run except Adrian Gonzalez, who has driven in 2.
you need an Alex Guerrero jersey and I need an Adrian Gonzalez jersey for these Dodgers games! And bc last names 💞
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Andrew Heaney just blew away Adrian Gonzalez with some 95 mph heat 🔥
Bobby V: "I walk out of the office & Adrian Gonzalez is in the clubhouse. He says, 'What the *** am I in lineup for? I'm traded to LA.'"
Dodgers: Dave Roberts reveals Justin Turner will bat 3rd on Opening Day, Adrian Gonzalez 4th; no decision on leadoff.
In 2015, Austin Jackson had a WAR/600 of 2.8 for the M's. Other players with the same WAR/600 in '15: Fowler, Daniel Murphy, Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez got his licence suspended last week too apparently. Dunno if it was for this.
tonight 7-8pm! You'll hear from Adrian Gonzalez, Kenley Jansen, and Ron Cey
Really great read recapping the trade for Adrian Gonzalez that sent Anthony Rizzo to the Padres. via
I am in a 10 team keeper league (each team keeps 9). Should I keep Byron Buxton, Adrian Gonzalez, Adam Jones, and Bogaerts?
DEAL COMPLETE: David Price, Adrian Gonzalez and Billy Burns to PFoP for Felix Hernandez, Carlos Gomez, and Matt Carpenter.
This morning on at 10et/7pt Adrian Gonzalez, Mike McCarthy, on on
Stephen Vogt is rated higher than Adrian Gonzalez and Dee Gordon and Jung *** Kang are rated better than Chris Davis...
Am I the only one that sees Adrian Gonzalez' & Joe Maddon's love child arresting Carrot Top?
Adrian Gonzalez training at the same Hollywood boxing gym called home by Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto.
Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2016 - Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez
Dansby Swanson is 1st No. 1 overall pick traded as Minor Leaguer since Adrian Gonzalez in '03.
I'm guessing and will swap Andre Ethier, Adrian Gonzalez, Cash Considerations for Danny Salazar, Carlos Santana.
Adrian Gonzalez...easily the best punch of the month. Quality.
Dodger great Adrian Gonzalez on our cbsla 11am show.
Reminder: is hosting a charity softball game tomorrow at Dodger Stadium.
Dodgers great Adrian Gonzalez on the show at 11am.
my mistake; still, he wasn't saying no one on the team deserved to be there. It wasn't a Padres send Adrian Gonzalez situation
The sales v profits dilemma strikes again
The last "new" Padres jersey I bought was the sand, mainly because I wanted an Adrian Gonzalez jersey and that was the best option.
Without doing the math, only competitor I can think of is Adrian Gonzalez with SD -> Boston -> LA
Adrian Gonzalez See today's top ranked MLB Players or add your Favs
Adrian Gonzalez. Uppercut with no jab & hardly any backswing, awesome - could watch it all day 💪
Call it a comeback, Adrian Gonzalez already working on 2016...
.ran into a teammate at the newsroom! Watch his interview at
Adrian Gonzalez, that right uppercut was a thing of beauty
Cruz ran & MRI is clean, but no timetable for return and says God is testing him/his desire to play. Does he hang out with Adrian Gonzalez?
Adrian Gonzalez scratched from Dodgers lineup because of back problem
.So excited to meet Adrian Gonzalez when he joins us live on @ 11am.
Read this recap of the Quintiq World Tour 2015 in Philadelphia by host of Talking Logistics, Adrian Gonzalez:
Sick Adrian Gonzalez is showing up to my work on Sunday
I hope that the Dodgers hire Kirk Gibson, and that Yasiel Puig and Adrian Gonzalez both get hurt running Oklahoma Drills in spring training.
Which Gonzalez is it? If it's Carlos or Adrian, I'll take it.
btw Sam Miller has an interesting piece on BP showing Adrian Gonzalez not making a similar play with similar time.
Zack Greinke and Adrian Gonzalez, Gold Glove Award winners last year, are finalists again:
Adrian Gonzalez and Zack Greinke named Gold Glove Award finalists at their positions. Both won the award last year
Paul Goldschmidt named as Rawlings Gold Glove finalist at 1B. Brandon Belt and Adrian Gonzalez are the others.
Sunday lineups: Justin Turner, Adrian Gonzalez out for Dodgers series final... http:…
I think Ernie just confused Adrian Gonzalez and Davis Wright.
How is Ricky Burns fighting for the same title Adrian Gonzalez won on last Saturday
Adrian Gonzalez hitting a base hit makes him a revolutionary like Pancho Villa "yeehaw"
Adrian Gonzalez is the new Josh Hamilton. Great swing but loves to strike out and look bad doing it. 1 for 7 now with 6 K's
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Adrian Gonzalez struck out for the third time by Syndergaard. Struck out three times against deGrom last night.
Adrian Gonzalez is 1 for 6 with 5 strikeouts in this series. And he's driven in the only run. Put the Dodgers' offense on…
Noah Syndergaard's 101.1 mph pitch to Adrian Gonzalez was his fastest all year.
Alexi Amarista makes spectacular diving catch to rob Adrian Gonzalez of extra bases, but the Dodgers lead 1-0 on Justin Turner's 404-foot HR
6-4-3 single play. Joc Pederson can't catch a break. Adrian Gonzalez is pinch hitting for Jim Johnson. Only Carlos Frias up in the bullpen.
Adrian Gonzalez returns to Dodgers lineup: Enrique Hernandez activated from the disabled list
Adrian Gonzalez, Interim President, Palomar College - we are part of San Marcos history. 250 excellent degree programs.
Dodgers rolling despite Adrian Gonzalez and Justin Turner slump -
Don Mattingly is planning to play Justin Turner at 1B tomorrow and DH Adrian Gonzalez
That's the same wRC+ as Adrian Gonzalez, and better than AJ *** Kris Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, Yoenis Cespedes and Chris Davis.
RECAP: Adrian Gonzalez's walk-off ends clash with Giants in 14th. {
Adrian Gonzalez has an .875 OPS. Since the fourth game of the season, he has an .817 OPS.
Brandon Phillips decided to engage in a mid-game dance with Adrian Gonzalez
Some people like Adrian Gonzalez are just literally the best in the world at their job, but somebody has to be right
How about the Adrian Gonzalez catch against the Reds.
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RECAP: Adrian Gonzalez's 3-run HR helps Alex Wood earn his first win. {
Aug 12, AB 2: Bryce Harper grounds out sharply, shortstop Enrique Hernandez to first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.
always think of Ernie from George Lopez when I see Adrian Gonzalez
Fernando Rodriguez's two-out walk brings up Adrian Gonzalez, A's turn to Drew Pomeranz.
Imagine if the sox still had Beltre, Adrian Gonzalez, Jose Iglesias, Josh Reddick and Cespedes?
Adrian Gonzalez and Justin Turner each have 3 hits in this game! We gotta keep this up! .
Adrian Gonzalez and Justin Upton both homered last night. Nice opportunity to prove your theory right today.
2-1 after Adrian Gonzalez sends a 1-1 FB out to right and into the second deck. No.19 for Gonzalez after a HBP on Justin Turner.
Justin Upton gets first All Star Game hit and first Padre have hit in ASG since Adrian Gonzalez in 2008 (thanks Josh Ishoo)
Ernie off of the show George Lopez and Adrian Gonzalez look alike...
Adrian Gonzalez looks like Erny from George Lopez lol 😁
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