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Adrian Durham

Adrian Durham (born 13 May 1969, Dogsthorpe, Peterborough, England) is a football journalist and broadcaster.

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Just listened to the podcast with Adrian Durham. Can't deny he's arrogant towards your arguments. I like what you do for the club.
Absolutely rate Adrian Durham. Scruffy haircut and never had a shower. Ring a bell?
finally someone called out that Ginger *** Adrian Durham on Arsenal fan tv. Respect
See Adrian Durham got it right again. United would comfortably beat Liverpool!!
Just seen Darragh Hayes Adrian Durham almost as much as me
well done made look bang average. As Adrian Durham would say is Pep all that
Can't wait for Adrian Durham to tell us all how good Stones is tomorrow.If he played for Arsenal you would be slating him
Can't wait to hear Adrian Durham, Alan Brazil & Danny Murphy talk about how Davies has the potential of Scholes or Lampard on
But don't forget, everyone, and Adrian Durham know best.
Can Adrian Durham Back His Big Mouth? would love to see this whats it going to be Adrian htt…
I may not agree with all the time, but he took on and Adrian Durham of on. En…
Tim hardly any O's supporter's have bought the book or supported " an evening with Sitts " hosted by Adrian Durham.
Such a pleasure listening to who talks with people with decency and politeness unlike Adrian Durham
- too right DT , but as you saw yourself , *** like Adrian Durham cut you off when the argument goes against them
What DT says about Adrian Durham and Darren Gough is comedy gold.
Adrian Durham is a turd. Soon as someone hits him with something he doesn't like he fades them out and laughs at them off the air.
me and DT don't see eye to eye but fair play on John Cross and Adrian Durham they're both ***
Adrian Durham really do love Arsenal πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ via
Adrian Durham called Bury 'useless' when Peterborough went 1-0 up. Such an ignorant presenter.
Went on in 2009 spoke to Adrian durham and Ian wright.Told them money would ruin football in ten years.
Last Sunday, swipe at Arsenal. Today, swipe at Arsenal... Change the record. You're not Adrian Durham πŸ™„
I would never wish injury upon anyone. But if Adrian Durham could somehow lose the ability to speak I'd get over it.
As usual, the ex-pros and likes of Adrian Durham laughed at AW when he said China would be a threat. As usual, they look like mugs.
NOW: Late Night Drive!. Highlights from the show with Adrian Durham!.
A nice recomendation from Adrian Durham. Cheers fella... looking forward to playing in April.
Adrian Durham has just mentioned it on talksport as breaking news
Adrian Durham talking absolute nonsense on right now.
Wow! Adrian Durham says that Jordan Henderson is being MADE to look like a Β£150m player! So better than Messi in th…
I think Mr DT just got rinsed by Adrian Durham of all people.Oh dear!
ADRIAN DURHAM: Nigel Pearson should be invited on the open-top bus if
you guys have a great show but my do you love to bash the seahawks! It's like listening to Adrian Durham talk abo…
I don't hate anyone in this world. Except Adrian Durham. I hate Adrian Durham! He was bullied at school! 🀑🀑
hearing Adrian Durham bang on about 72 being no age at all hits home hard when I'm only 30 and critically ill.. Feelsbadman!
Whether you Agree or disagree with him.. a football debate with Adrian Durham is absolutely brilliant.
It seems Adrian Durham can't wait for Liverpool to drop out of top4. From day one of this season always writing them off.
Queue Adrian Durham spouting on about Payet being in the right on Talksport... i'd lay money on it! πŸ˜†πŸ˜΄
Adrian Durham is a fraud and a bottle job .
how is Adrian Durham still relevant
Wish I had Adrian Durham's job. Paid to wind people up.
Forget about Soulja Boy vs CB, it's Adrian Durham vs DT
when Adrian Durham thinks your hot take is a bit too much I think you need to reconsider things.
at least this will give Adrian Durham "laurel"and goughie "hardy"something concrete to talk about rather than slag spurs off
I am already sick of hearing Ed Shearans name and songs and he has been back on the scene a fortnight. I can't decide Ed or Adrian Durham πŸ€”
hosted by Adrian Durham of talksport 25th of January at the O's supporter's club on Oliver Road E10.5NF
- respect to you for your vlogs particularly the one where you have challenged that *** Adrian Durham. Keep up the good work.
I liked a video from Can Adrian Durham Back His Big Mouth? | Rant
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Phil Jones & Michael Carrick make talkSPORT's team of the season so far. Adrian Durham & Darren Gough picks.
I didn't think it was possible, Adrian Durham has admitted he was wrong about something! 😱
Their punditry suggests never made mistakes. Point is has right to chip back.
Classic Carragher: Relive the Liverpool legend's clash with Adrian Durham | talkSPORT
he rang jim white and Adrian Durham
Adrian Durham is never wrong πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚the way how he goes on, he should be a manager, I'm sure he would win everything
. Adrian Durham. Whatever says is WAY over your head. Forget trying to understand it you'll get a migraine
Adrian Durham handing out to Eddie Hearn. Great scenes.
Adrian Durham has obviously never played in goal at any level. Talking rubbish.
Love to hear a one off special daily Arsenal to hear a sympathetic Adrian's more just that it's boring 1/2
So Didi bottled it like Adrian Durham did ;)
weird thing about Carra telling Karius to shut up is, he got so angry at Adrian Durham he actually rang his show up in 06
Carra rang up talksport and kicked off when Adrian Durham dared to criticise him. Bit hypocritical of his to say that to Karius.
Do people think the Champions League draw is run by Adrian Durham? Why the *** would they "fix" it so we always get Bayern?
He ain't better than Adrian Durham, luv
Buy Miche Bag Online!
For the book order at . For "an evening with Sitts " hosted by Adrian Durham :LOIZASITTON
Not left. ..SOLD! 65%! ONCE THEY'RE GONE THEY'RE GONE! a big thank you to Talkingbaws and pitch talk, Adrian Durham, Neil Ruddock and Jason
true Adrian Durham was right in his rant
covertly a real football fan and sports journalist DID buy it. .Adrian Durham!
Words fail me on the shortsightedness of to propose demolishing Dunelm House. A tour de force of contextual modern…
Adrian Durham will admire him for doing it though judging by last weekend and his views on Dele Alli's dive
To order a book go to To order a ticket for " an evening with Sitts " with Adrian Durham :LOIZASITTON
Hi John, how do we go about booking tickets for your evening with Adrian Durham ??
Shame I'm going to be working so I won't hear Adrian Durham defend Stones on Monday.
"John Stones, surely is an absolute shoe in for England Captain". - Adrian Durham September 2016
Stoke fan are you?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Adrian Durham said it wasn't a pen.that's all you need to know!
Why is he always the commentator when streaming a Arsenal game? He's in the same club as Adrian Durham!!
I'm told Adrian Durham says it was NOT a peno. That says it all
do you think he's related to the other Peterborough fan...a certain Adrian Durham?
Today's exchange with Adrian Durham has confirmed something for me: I have the qualifications to be a football pundit on the radio
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If any Celtic fans want a good laugh go on my timeline and ready my conversation with Adrian Durham from Talksport, you won't be let down!
They should just go the whole hog and get Adrian Durham to present Question Time.
Oh look Adrian Durham trying to provoke a team with a proper passionate fanbase to get attention.
Adrian Durham is one of my top fans lmao
why. Engage with these two. It's just a poor phone in. With a poor mans Adrian Durham hosting
why not do away with the qualifiers and have 200 teams in a world cup after all like Adrian Durham said it is the world
Gonna state it again even though the *** has blocked me. But what an absolute * that bloke Adrian Durham really is.
A massive thank you again to Adrian Durham, Razor Ruddock and Jason Cundy for their favourable reviews .
Adrian Durham says Arsenal can only bully poor teams!! Is it our fault Chelsea are Rubbish? I think not.
flappy comes on here trying to be a poor Adrian Durham.
I think Darragh MacAnthony just trolled Adrian Durham there. Good.
Peterborough! Home of the Posh and Adrian Durham (big Tic fan πŸ˜‚). A big mixed population and a good vibe.
I'd love to know what Tom Watt is up to these days. Used to love listening to his Arsenal bias on He was the Anti Adrian Durham.
Adrian Durham of talkSPORT blocked me does that count
Adrian Durham blocked me because I told him if I ever saw him I'd cave his head in.
another day without Adrian Durham, was right . He's barely on considering there's 24-7 adverts for "his" show
We'll be hearing from Adrian Durham in a short while here on Afternoons
Adrian Durham discusses his new book Click here to watch the full interview…
ADRIAN TONIO COTTON just got their posted to Durham County, NC Mugshots & Arrest Records -
it has to be Adrian Durham by a long way. always shocked that people still try and converse with him, Gough nearly as bad
Delighted to have host Adrian Durham in tonight with discussing sport & ne…
Fantastic night with presenter Adrian Durham discussing all, sport &…
TVY meets Adrian Durham about Paul Cooke's new book! Must watch for fans!…
In fairness, even Adrian Durham was a good jorno many years ago on talksport when doing the football first segment before he went tabloid
I was getting excited then and thought Adrian Durham has been punished on Talksport πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Adrian Durham's top 10 broadcasting moments via
I liked the Colin Murray show before he left and drivetime is decent for a wind up even if I don't agree with Adrian Durham
so u would rather have Adrian Durham in the morning lol ok
fancy an interview Sam? We've already had Adrian Durham in.
Sportstalk: don't forget to join us from 6pm with your questions for our guests & Adrian Durham. Plenty to discuss on the show.
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SIX TO GO. What's Adrian Durham's best Rugby League memory & what one rule would he change?. READ πŸ‘‰β€¦
is Adrian Durham a total waste of air time on TS compared to others . I'd rather listen to a dog lick it's *** .
Hi H & J love the show I would like to nom Adrian Durham 4 Clips of the week. Sat 4:45? Near end million$ match wrong winner! Lol.
NEXT you can listen again to Adrian Durham & w/ bringing you the best stories of the day
Let me guess, shock for shock value? Poor mans Adrian Durham.
The day Adrian Shelford was hit so hard ... that the Hull player on the right (Steve Durham) broke his arm on his...
Don't suppose Adrian Durham is holding one! πŸ˜„
that's a very good question as there's lots... πŸ˜‚ Adrian Durham said it yesterday Conte was 2 games away from the sack
Are this Man City side already better than the 'Invincibles'? Read Adrian Durham's column here:
funny that because Adrian Durham and Jason Cundy came to mind. He's been taking lessons in radio wind ups from one of them.
It's quick enough... If you can put up with Adrian Durham's voice though..
Adrian Durham saying David Luiz is dreadful, this commentary not good for my blood pressure.
Mr France's words sound like an Adrian Durham-esque wind up statement...
Cundy going against the grain to make a name for himself. One Adrian Durham is enough
Adrian Durham will throw his toys out of the pram if is appointed England manager.
Friday 7th October at the Britt Paul Cooke book launch. With Adrian Durham
Why won't Adrian Durham take my bet?
Radio presenter Adrian Durham has just been asked to leave Old Trafford after making a homophobic gesture towards Eddie Izzard. Shocking
Guilleme Balague, Stan Collymore, Adrian Durham, Graeme Swann, Tulisa and many zlist wannabes make up my list
Anyone remember when Adrian Durham tried to say that Brighton were a bigger team than West Ham when we were in the Championship? πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Wonder what Adrian Durham thinks of that result after the we only beat Wigan because they didn't turn up!
Darren Gough and Adrian Durham going on about a sticker collection on Monday around 17:50
funny to see Adrian Durham kissing his *** now, slagged him hughton every week at Norwich
I said when he was sold no beater than Aaron Lennon at the same age even Adrian Durham mocked me
πŸ˜‚ have heard Stan say both sides too. Collymore, Goldstein and Adrian Durham get me every timeπŸŽ£πŸŽ£πŸ‹
it baffles me how Adrian Durham and Andy Goldstein can be so arrogant and *** sure about their opinions while talking bs!
How low can bookmakers Paddy Power go? Adrian Durham loves him .
Adrian Durham and Darren Gough are brain dead πŸ˜‘
Spot on from Adrian Durham. I can't see Vardy being able to adapt to playing for England at a major tournament
Adrian Durham. Thierry Henry. Sky Sports. BT Sport. Neil Ashton . They really don't want us to win the league!
tell Morgan to buy 5 season tickets at Bayern Munich and go there with his 3 sons and take Adrian Durham with him.
It just struck me how Adrian Durham looks like Philip Seymour Hoffman
Yes it's my nephew Daniel Scagnelli who I've asked many times to kill Adrian Durham 4me!πŸ™πŸ»
No one was better at accusing Adrian Durham of using 'contemptible verbiage'.
Why does Adrian Durham end every other persons opinion with."interesting".it never is.
Adrian Durham a face made for Radio!
yes he is that's why I put is it us? . Posh chairman on talksport with Adrian Durham saying he's off
Adrian Durham aka just ranted at about selling Posh players at bad times
Late to the party on this one, but take down of Adrian Durham is a must read.
Ahead of Conor Washington's debut tomorrow, the club asked me about the ex-Posh goal machine
Can't get enough of Eric's work right now. Like a prototype Adrian Durham.
Adrian Durham is the Katie Hopkins of radio presenters. Nothing useful to say, just controversy.
. I'm tuning in. Anything is better than Adrian Durham
.where would Adrian Durham be better off?
& you wind me up forever whining. Most of the football world seem to rate Poch. Are you Adrian Durham in disguise?
talksport because I told Adrian Durham if I saw him on the street I would end him.
A couple of you would have me believe I'm the new Adrian Durham. 😁. Who incidentally I'm banned from following for sticking UP for Arsenal!
ADRIAN DURHAM: You’ve heard that sarcastic question so many times about technical, foreign players: 'But can they do it on a cold Tuesday
Durham need's to worry about his Little Posh team & not to focus all his engy on the bees 🐝🐝🐝
mention that Adrian Durham is a complete bell end.
Ask them if they think Adrian Durham is a prat like we Bees supporters do 🐝🐝🐝
I know this will do diwn like a lead balloon but think Adrian Durham had a decent point about and loyalty
Adrian Durham discussing human factor of a transfer that hasn't happened, you play until sold.
Amazing how Adrian Durham can still rile some of our fans this much.
Adrian Durham on The Walcott is he all that? He is class and he is going to the next T.Henry. He was a brilliant signing
A good read.Adrian durham does it to get a reaction..Don't feed the troll!!
Am I missing something here? I've followed football for 45+ years and have never heard of Adrian Durham? Who, or what, is Adrian Durham?
just the same as being Adrian Durham doesn't allow for any use of the brain to be involved
Adrian Durham has just dismissed the entire field of football analytics as it "doesn't allow for human emotion". He is a …
Cannot stand Adrian Durham or Talksport but realisation is, this is what the rest of the Football World see's Brentford as...
in discussion w bout embarrassing article condoning Tarkowski strike
Beesotted take on Talksport's Adrian Durham about James Tarkowski via
talkSPORT presenter Adrian Durham gives his views on QPR's latest recruit, Conor Washington
MEDIA VIEW: What can fans expect from Conor Washington? We asked
Great article, spot on as always Dave. Adrian Durham is the football journalism equivalent of Katie Hopkins
Adrian Durham has Brentford fans on strings
My favourite part from the Adrian Durham piece was the massive 'the fans like Harlee Dean' generalisation.
Adrian Durham on human nature though, don't tell me you wouldn't go to that seminar.
half the time the radio fone ins love winding the fans up of any club, especially Adrian Durham
Adrian Durham got this spot on. 4 months of good work and more than doubled his wages? Defo sends the wrong message to young footballers.
You make Adrian Durham look like John Motson. You're obsessed you would rather see Wenger fail to justify your own opinions
Stan Collymore,Saggers, Adrian Durham sensationalized defeat in the LgeCup but watch them change their tune on
Tempted to call talk sport to talk about wolves call Adrian Durham a pick and abuse him till the cut me off Really can't stand that bloke
Only just come in, so just seen this. Surprisingly good read from Adrian Durham on Troy Deeney.
Adrian Durham sucking up to French ex-rugby player by agreeing France will top Pool D. Based on what? Ireland have won last 2 Six Nations.
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you mean Adrian Durham, yeh he's a pain but I like listening to him, he does make me giggle at times.
Friday 4pm Drive with and me, Adrian Durham. Unmissable radio.
Adrian Durham are on a percentage of stones gets sold, you've not stopped going on about it
Oh eff off . you're as click-baity as Adrian Durham and Neil Ashton.
I bet you're pleased have Bayern Munich Adrian Durham
ADRIAN DURHAM: Neymar cannot be that star while he is at Barcelona alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. Both are older, who are either
help me realize my Adrian Durham dreams.
Adrian Durham was supportive of Raheem, as was Goughy. Liverpool legends were the ones who criticised
Attempting to be a poor mans Adrian Durham, used to love the sports bar, now switch off at 10
Sterling has been the difference at Manchester City - ADRIAN DURHAM via
you are not even a Scottish Adrian Durham! He gets a rise and knows he is poor, you seem to think you're *** of the walk!
Adrian Durham seems to be on our side - and he's not the only one in the national media...
ha ha Adrian Durham look a like in the Barnsley crowd, or you've converted him. Yorkshire Yorkshire
ADRIAN DURHAM: The Everton fans half-heartedly booing Raheem Sterling made me chuckle. They couldn’t make their mind up whether they hated
hyped for Adrian Durham claiming Mourinho selling him has ruined his legacy.
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keep dreaming! 54 and counting, as Adrian Durham said today, "we're coming for you!". 55.
who said this many times "clubs don't have any ambition when they sell their best players"? That's right adrian durham
Class by Adrian Durham on guy knows what he's talking about πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»
Is adrian durham a rangers fan or he just hate Celtic or what?
Adrian Durham says are basically waiting for to pass them. Fast forward 5 years.. Who will be the biggest team in Scotland?
Adrian Durham the closest celtic will get to the champions league is watching it in there living room πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Adrian Durham telling it how it is good lad
Adrian Durham ripping directly into Celtic this afternoon and indirectly by bigging Rangers up 😁
Adrian Durham πŸ‘πŸ‘ he knows what he's talking about that man πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
Adrian Durham laughing at Celtic on Talksport. . "They bought a bunch of Dundee United players & expected to get into …
Adrian Durham "Rangers are coming to get you Celtic"
Adrian Durham. "Rangers are coming to getcha Celtic"...
Adrian Durham hastily amends the running order on to include a full hour on City's Lazarus like resurrection!
you and Adrian Durham would be one *** of a combo!
ADRIAN DURHAM: None of the following can be used as an excuse - but, as I've said all season, if Louis van Gaal doesn't take Manchester
I unfollowed because he became boring and predictable. Posts to get bites. He's like Adrian Durham on Talksport
1/2. Adrian Durham criticised for saying ManUtd are spending money on plyrs but I guess he will not criticise
Ian your celebrity fan is Adrian Durham
Said several times Adrian Durham is a Muppet
No point in getting angry at what Mourinho says, man is a better troll than Adrian Durham.
Adrian Durham is such a massive bellend.
Seems a lot of Gooners are jealous of Spurs and worried after Soldado's arrival at WHL.
Paid to shoot his mouth. Disappointing. Starting to rank with Piers Morgan, Donald Trump and Adrian Durham.
don't let Adrian Durham hear you say that... You could get fired!!!
NC State has landed a commitment from Durham (NC) Hillside wide receiver Daeshawn Stephens ...
Why is trying to be like Adrian Durham! Everyone thinks he's a knob
did he call him bad names? Very sketchy on the details. Did Adrian Durham write this?
I find it strange Adrian Durham thinks West Ham should have scored more last night as keeper was under 6ft.
. I'd say that Adrian Durham . On a good day
Adrian Durham blaming Citeh fans for their teams performances
Oh Adrian Durham, put a sock in it. You bloody joke
Adrian Durham is an absolute clown.
lol so what does that make you then dude 3fa cups in 11yrs some side Adrian Durham is right about your mob
if Darren Gough has any gumption he would quit that show Adrian Durham has done his dough
No. Neither have I appeared on Adrian Durham’s show, being civil, as if he deserves it πŸ˜‰
Piers Morgan, Neil Ashton and Miguel Delaney are all awful but Adrian Durham is by far the worst. Monumental ***
love it Adrian Durham is finally back, telling the gooners some home truths
Adrian Durham is the online equivalent to Hitler
Which coincidently is who Adrian Durham appeals too.
can we have Johnny Vaughan back on Drive please? Dear god Adrian Durham is boring and annoying!
I just heard Adrian Durham on say that he hasn't spoken enough about Unbelievable
Take it Adrian Durham is off then. That man is like listening to an audio version of the S
Durham you've only just come doing myin.
Adrian Durham you have no idea, how are you on the radio? Talk sport get rid of this ***
Shock horror adrian durham having a go at arsene wenger n arsenal yet again
I really enjoy listening to generally...that is until Adrian Durham comes on. Then I hate it.
think the Stripey Nigels are guna do well this season, thanks to Adrian Durham for that one!
I used to like Piers Morgan, but of late he just makes me cringe.. Maybe he's another Adrian Durham!
people who aren't from Durham pronounce it "Dur-rum". No it's "Durm". One syllable
Season hasn't even started and i'm already bored to tears with Adrian Durham RT
How are teams like Southampton,Everton,Aston etc ever going to compete when their best players are taken by the big boys?
Draw a dunces cap on a picture of Adrian Durham while you're there please Steve. Maybe a Hitler tache too.
ADRIAN DURHAM: Recently I wrote about what United need to take them back to a challenge for glory. Now it's time to name names: Ilkay
Vikings and Adrian Peterson have mutually agreed to restructure final three years of Peterson's contract.
and Adrian Peterson have agreed to restructure the final 3 years of his contract
After badmouthing Adrian Durham he's just been really nice about Sterling and City πŸ˜₯
Now it's Adrian Durham talking nonsense on so The Open is not a good tournament if full time amateurs do well?
Gutted that notorious Man U fanboy Adrian Durham is back on the radio. Rooney potentially best PL player ever??
I wish Adrian Durham would withdraw his tongue out of Utd's *** it's making feel sick πŸ˜•
Adrian Durham definitely stands up, hand on heart and belts out the national anthem before he watches This Is England every Sunday night
good to have u both back. The show with all due respect isnt the same without & adrian Durham
almost everyone was born at Durham Regional
calling Duke Regional Durham Regional like it never changedπŸ˜‚
Everybody parents went to Hillside or Durham High
when there was a fight at one school all of Durham would know in like .5 seconds!
I've heard that Adrian Durham is back on .Thank goodness the team is back to strength.
Adrian Durham talks with his *** out Hope he is right But have my reservations
Breaking news Adrian Durham has predicted that we will win the premier league & the Champions league within the …
because Adrian Durham only cares about his beloved Peterborough and chinning off arsenal - everything else is irrelevant
... and Adrian Durham says Tyrone Mings is "un-proven". What price athleticism?!
Jason Cundy, Alan Brazil, Adrian Durham, Andy Goldstein, would be more appropriate
Adrian Durham in Now today in The Same paper this.
Rambo's clumped RVP & blanked that dog Piers Morgan,if I were Adrian Durham or Stewart Robson,I'd be double careful.
1 thing I regret not doing ,is punch Adrian Durham in the face. Would have taught him to think well before talking/writing crap!
Adrian Durham won't win! He probably has West Ham to lose each week since the start of the season ;-) featured in NBC s Science of Love
Adrian Durham said Gerrard’s stamp has shattered his legacy. Lol one stamp and we forget about how he carried Liverpool to CL glory
ADRIAN DURHAM: I’d be surprised if Steven Gerrard makes the Liverpool starting line-up again, and any substitute appearances will surely
Adrian Durham at it again against Arsenal and Wenger in the Daily Mail. via
Adrian Durham is where it's at. Always balanced, considered and on point.
Read this great article about Paul Merson by Adrian DurhamπŸ‘
shouldnt care what anyone thinks of the club mate. Especially that utter bellend Adrian Durham.
Adrian Durham's article on Gerrard in is a piece of trash. One mistake does not tarnish years of good work.
Adrian Durham looks like a proper nonce anyway
Adrian Durham is the tosser who ridiculed on national radio - sounds like he's never got over it - scouserphobia!
Has Adrian Durham invaded the body of who says. "Gerrard’s accomplishments are greater than those of Giggs and Scholes"?
pathetic article by Adrian Durham on the mail online re Gerrard! One thing won't tarnish 20 year legacy
have u read the article by Adrian durham gerrard dent his legacy n show he is a thug LOL
Adrian Durham is a bell end of highest order.
I don't like the Mail and I'm no Adrian Durham fan but finally somebody is talking some sense about the Gerrard stamp
but clearly stamps do not "ruin legacies" since Adrian Durham has clearly forgotten Rooney's genital stamp at the World Cup.
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Find myself agreeing with lots of an Adrian Durham article. It''s strange. Now not sure if it's because I'm biased or it's mellow for him.
robbie wot do u think of that tinpot DJ prat adrian durham on talksport slating gerrard in the paper
Robbie of has wiped the floor with Adrian Durham of in today's
Adrian Durham from has claimed Gerrard has shattered his Anfield legacy and that he is past caring about the clue.
Adrian Durham's article on Gerrard is a joke! I hope Gerrard comes out an slaughters him!
Adrian Durham at the Daily Mail makes some really intersting points concerning Stevie G's stamp on…
Adrian Durham: 'Gerrard has shattered his legacy with his stamp on Herrera' he actually gets paid to write this ***
Another sensationalist opinion from Adrian Durham to sell some more papers. 'Gerrard's legacy shattered' - give it a rest will you!
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