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Adrian Durham

Adrian Durham (born 13 May 1969, Dogsthorpe, Peterborough, England) is a football journalist and broadcaster.

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Adrian Durham at it again against Arsenal and Wenger in the Daily Mail. via
Adrian Durham is where it's at. Always balanced, considered and on point.
Read this great article about Paul Merson by Adrian Durham👍
shouldnt care what anyone thinks of the club mate. Especially that utter bellend Adrian Durham.
Adrian Durham's article on Gerrard in is a piece of trash. One mistake does not tarnish years of good work.
Adrian Durham looks like a proper nonce anyway
Adrian Durham is the tosser who ridiculed on national radio - sounds like he's never got over it - scouserphobia!
Has Adrian Durham invaded the body of who says. "Gerrard’s accomplishments are greater than those of Giggs and Scholes"?
pathetic article by Adrian Durham on the mail online re Gerrard! One thing won't tarnish 20 year legacy
have u read the article by Adrian durham gerrard dent his legacy n show he is a thug LOL
Adrian Durham is a bell end of highest order.
I don't like the Mail and I'm no Adrian Durham fan but finally somebody is talking some sense about the Gerrard stamp
but clearly stamps do not "ruin legacies" since Adrian Durham has clearly forgotten Rooney's genital stamp at the World Cup.
Find myself agreeing with lots of an Adrian Durham article. It''s strange. Now not sure if it's because I'm biased or it's mellow for him.
robbie wot do u think of that tinpot DJ prat adrian durham on talksport slating gerrard in the paper
Robbie of has wiped the floor with Adrian Durham of in today's
Adrian Durham from has claimed Gerrard has shattered his Anfield legacy and that he is past caring about the clue.
Adrian Durham's article on Gerrard is a joke! I hope Gerrard comes out an slaughters him!
Adrian Durham at the Daily Mail makes some really intersting points concerning Stevie G's stamp on…
Adrian Durham: 'Gerrard has shattered his legacy with his stamp on Herrera' he actually gets paid to write this ***
Another sensationalist opinion from Adrian Durham to sell some more papers. 'Gerrard's legacy shattered' - give it a rest will you!
I simply refuse to read Adrian Durham column. It's full of dirt.
If Adrian Durham really thinks that then he's just shown the world he really ain't got a clue!
Adrian Durham :-"Steven Gerrard failed to apologise to Ander Herrera in his brief post-match interview, which showed a lack of class.". True👍
Steven Gerrard looks like a man who is past caring about Liverpool : ADRIAN DURHAM: I’d be surprised if Steven...
"There would have been talk of points deductions probably" - Adrian Durham. ha ha ha
He's the only manager to reach 3 different European cup finals and lose them all. Adrian Durham, pls take it easy. Wenger fit be ur papa oh
Adrian Durham into Steven Gerrard today in the mail
I'm convinced the drivel Adrian Durham spouts is to wind people up. What an absolute moron that man is.
It wd be a Pleasure if can hire ppl who are unbiased wd their articles cz ppl like Adrian Durham r a disgrace to this profession
Adrian Durham strikes again a complete Birdbrain if he told me it was Tuesday Id check the calendar
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ADRIAN DURHAM: Chelsea look tired and lacking in energy in recent games and Jose Mourinho must look to his young players or they run the
Adrian Durham u Sir quite clearly know nothing about football. What a ridiculous comment to make about a footballing legend
Adrian durham's column today in the Daily Mail is a disgrace! YNWA STEVIE G
Jamie what are your views on what Adrian Durham has said about Gerrard 'Past Caring about Liverpool' & 'shattering his legacy' ??
never mind, but if you sat Adrian Durham in there you would at least have a donkey
Adrian Durham: Sam Allardyce is holding West Ham's ambitions back via
Knowing our luck, we’d scare off DeBoer (long shot, I know) and team Les up with Sherwood and Adrian Durham
“A very interesting read and a great statement from Adrian Durham! . 100% right.
good read Adrian Durham is an absolute *** and it's all about sound bites for him and his *** compatriot Darren Gough.
do u have a policy of supporting ppl sending death threats to others? Adrian Durham & Darren Gough wont condemn it.
"Drive home with Darren Gough & Adrian Durham"... I'd rather drive home with leprosy.
Yes, Darren Gough & Adrian Durham.tbh I was surprised but pleased., you got me there ;)
Michael Owen, Robbie Savage, Adrian Durham, always ask if anyone Could beat Chelsea anytime they get 3points, ***
James is on a mission lol Neil Ashton and Adrian Durham in the space of 24hrs
Adrian Durham thinks Arsenal V Man Utd should be postponed because Man U have 3 players out injured from international duty. What a ***
amazed at Adrian Durham on talksport slating havant today.
Adrian Durham makes a candid point .Time to extricate ourselves from the past.. Arsenal were unbeaten during the 2003-04 Premier League season But they didn't capitalise on their dominance and failed in Europe Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry weren't part of best-ever Arsenal side Anyone else fed up with the fawning over the Arsenal Invincibles 10 years on? Boring. Here’s what that team achieved – failure in Europe when the Champions League was there for the taking, and at the same time they directly helped Jose Mourinho become greater than Arsene Wenger. Funny how the Wenger lovers conveniently ignore all this. The myth of the Arsenal Invincibles grows beyond all credible recognition as every year passes without another title or any Champions League success for the Gunners. There has been so little to shout about since that unbeaten season in 2004 that Arsenal fans and admirers insist on relentlessly eulogising about the awesome power and glory of the Invincibles. One Gooner is living in the past so ...
irritates more than Jason Cundy but at least Adrian Durham is good at what he does, create debate and get the phones going.
Nice piece, but a bit of a stick man argument. The problem is not (as Adrian Durham, Tim Lovejoy and your satire) that he...
Darren Gough was saying the same but that Rushden Blert off Soccer AM was trying his best to be Adrian Durham!
this would be good news just to make Adrian Durham and Darren Cough on eat humble pie, that durham is pathetic
Adrian Durham there tomorrow, seek him out. He wants a banner
Adrian Durham and Piers Morgan on talksport tonight
Adrian Durham:"What Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers have done with Jordan Henderson deserves more recognition"
Adrian Durham is a ginger skinny *** and Darren Gough is a fat pie head tory fck!!!
Adrian Durham: "Mertesacker makes Igors Stepanovs look like Tony Adams". Say what?
Adrian Durham thinks Bojan Krkic & Valencia are better signings than Sanchez. Funny to say the least
“Adrian Durham's finest hour. the only thing he's said that I actually agree with
whats the problem with this, he represent Arsenal in Brazil. You guys employ Martin Allen and Adrian Durham, We know who wins.
Even by his standards Adrian Durham's outdone himself here. I honestly don't know what to say.
Starting to sound like Adrian Durham mate. Lay off the Talksport for a bit yeh ;)
I'm nearly asleep already I'm totally bored with him I'm sorry if rather have Adrian Durham in charge rather than Adrian xx
Adrian durham wants the Kalumbians to go home early because they make too much noise and keep him up late. So funny! lol
I was so annoyed by Adrian Durham's thoughtless, mindless anti Arsenal garbage I was tempted to drive my car into a tree.
If Adrian Durham says "live from the Copacabaña" once more, I shall hit him with a parking cone... Stupid ginger ***
heads gone... Adrian Durham for thinking Diego Costa plays for Croatia?
Adrian Durham is probably the most punchable man in the world.
Nice to hear Adrian Durham finding the time to slag off the Goon on the first day of the World Cup.
"I thought Stuart Pearce was going to hit me." The latest from The Secret Diary of Adrian Durham aged 45 and 1/4
if u play the Adrian Durham opinion flushed down loo ad once more I will SCREAM !!!.
you know, they still get meeja coaching ? Adrian Durham needs some badly too !!
These journo's & their pictures...half of them are robbing a living. Turns out if your names Adrian even more so. Chiles & Durham to start!
Gets on me nerves that, that wanksock Adrian Durham gets to go to Brazil to spout his ill judged opinions on anything.
Harry Redknapp: the best England manager they never had. (An exception must be made for Adrian Durham.)
Hope there's a recreation of Adrian Durham getting mugged on the streets of Brazil in tonight's opening ceremony
So Adrian Durham thinks this England team can be better than Brazil 82 team ?
You've missed Alan Brazil off Talksport, Adrian Durham off Talksport, Darren Gough off Talksport, Mark Saggers off Talksport..
I bet Adrian Durham feels like a right *** now
just following Adrian Durham mate lol
Adrian Durham got mugged I think when England played there last year
Adrian Durham morphing into porky parry!
Adrian Durham is just sad loser who is jealous of The Arsenal.
yeah and that *** Adrian Durham slagging off Arsenal at ever chance he gets doesn't help either
I've been trying to e-mail you over the last 24 hrs w/o success about an interesting exchange I had with Adrian Durham. C my timeline.
tSport drive talk absolute bob adrian durham & goughy are pure cluless raheem sterling world class are you ...
Adrian Durham slagging off Welbeck on talk sport earlier. Maybe its a ginger thing?
Adrian Durham must have a pair of hairy elephant sized b*cks to be able to say that there is a witch hunt against Rooney but try and act as if he's not part of it! What did he think his 3 hour show with Mickey Quinn was all about?
Adrian Durham, Darren Gough shut up just shut up and leave talk sport
think its time fans boycotted until they sack Adrian durham for his comments about welbecks injury,
the number of times Adrian Durham mentions Arsenal in one show on
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Adrian Durham's one to watch: The best of Ivan Rakitic -
Adrian Durham: "Everybody's thinking it. We don't want Danny Welbeck to play.". *switches off Talksport
The fact Adrian Durham is in Rio makes me feel even more sick than hearing his voice does.
Adrian Durham’s one to watch: The best of Ivan Rakitic | talkSPORT via
(These so called 'media experts' think they know it all! No Henderson in midfield? Come off it! Gerard and Johnson need Henderson alongside them. Plus, in all that heat, who will keep running for the whole 90 mins? It is a no brainer!) England must be adventurous and take the World Cup by storm or go out in glory... my starting XI for the opener with Italy England should play a bold and adventurous 4-1-3-2 formation Raheem Sterling, Ross Barkley and Adam Lallana should be positioned in front of Steven Gerrard in midfield Wayne Rooney and Daniel Sturridge should begin up front against Italy By ADRIAN DURHAM Formation 4-1-3-2 – I’d be bold and adventurous and it would mean England either take the tournament by storm or go out in a blaze of glory as one of the best teams never to win the World Cup. ADRIAN DURHAM'S ENGLAND STARTING XI VS ITALY Joe Hart Glen Johnson Phil Jagielka Gary Cahill Leighton Baines Steven Gerrard Raheem Sterling Ross Barkley Adam Lallana Wayne Rooney Daniel Sturridge Go for broke: ...
Lol.u got to laugh .Adrian Durham on talk sport "Neil Lennon has left Celtic cos he's scared of rangers coming back to the Premier League and it will destroy his legacy" get a feckin grip mate...sevco need to get there first but I ever heard anything more ridiculous pmsl
Adrian Durham: "Must be great winning a trophy at Wembley when you're a small club." If that's how he sees the JPT then fair play.
Adrian Durham: Mourinho has wrecked Cole's career twice and should be sacked. This man is paid…
Just how people manage to read Ohimai, Reno, FFK, Micheal Owen, Adrian Durham, Alan Hansen articles are absolutely a miracle.
Adrian Durham: John Terry has been the best centre half in the country this season - Vincent Kompany only got ...
DailyMail - Adrian Durham: John Terry omission from PFA Premier League Team of the Year result of a lack of lo... http:/…
Adrian Durham will be loving this. Could be a rout. Noisy buggers as well
ADRIAN DURHAM Arsenal should give Everton a go in CL Stand by this? Everton cant even help themselves
when they do realise they'll probably block me for being negative towards their darlings just like Adrian Durham did.
Adrian Durham wanted our team to lose once. His views are now invalid.
Quote from Adrian Durham on Saturday made chuckle: 'I went to Bradford and we were truly awful IF we make play
2b fair adrian durham ,richard keys andy gray have been thoroughly behind the Hillsborough inquiry.
"You are Luton's more intelligent version of Adrian Durham, can't help laughing as the bait is taken" we have the nicest fans :)
Rubbish day / week improved by no Adrian Durham on talksport
"Wey hey!! Adrian Durham is on vacation for two weeks!"
It would be negligent of me not to point out that today's office game of guess the birthday featured Durham MP Kevan Jones.
Why is Adrian Durham even allowed to write?
It's a dream to watch Jose smash Adrian Durham. Hope the time comes soon enough..
This bloke is a knobhead but he's right about this -
I'm gonna offer 2 tic tacs and a map of wales for Adrian Durham's hair.
I noticed. I think Adrian Durham of Talksport models himself on him. I do prefer RTE as none of the pundits sit on the fence
“Remember when Adrian Durham said this?ha ha ha LETS ALL LAUGH DURHAM
Adrian Durham column: Liverpool's Steven Gerrard deserves to win player of the year ahead of Luis Suarez
I mean,if I said Adrian Durham should have a sex-change,would I barred from the station?No.
Adrian Durham & the are both They belive he is a foreign ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
in that case Adrian Durham is facing a 20 fact...go for it!
dunphy is like an old Irish version of adrian Durham. Not meant to be taken serious
The one that annoys me is Adrian Durham of dailymail..They just don't like wen Mourinho goes against all odds and stun the world
A I'm really proud of - a story of forgiveness, second chances & Take the journey with Zoe & Adrian.
Love it when the arrogant Adrian Durham isn't on . A quality presenter on tonight..
This guy standing in for Adrian Durham is miles better
Didi Hamann has just stated that the FSW 'won over' the Chelsea fans in the end ! Is he vying for Adrian Durham's job or something ?
The only thing adrian durham got right when he called "chokers" was the first 2 letters. C and H
Was I watching same game as Adrian and co ? Worst champs lg semi I can remember. Of course second keg will be great as it…
interesting article in theory. I can't stand Adrian Durham tho
Adrian Durham should be all over this conspiracy. Poor from him.
To be fair Adrian Durham is a twonk at times.
Adrian Durham dossier - Can Chris Hughton get Norwich out of a mess?
Hope he does an Adrian Durham and gets robbed at knifepoint
Adrian Durham says Ferguson owes United an apology. Roy Keane said he doesn't. Hmmm... Now who's more qualified do comment do we think?
Proof Adrian Durham isn't with us any longer
How annoying can Adrian Durham be sometimes. What has Fergie possibly got to apologise for really?
Pound for pound, Joe Bloggs from Kent Hospital Radio is better than Adrian Durham.
Jesus H Christ! Now Adrian Durham thinks it WAS a pen v Sunderland.he should put HIMSELF in the 'head's gone'.
Adrian Durham in the Daily Mail,a clown writing for a rag,he's like the Jeremy Kyle of talksport!
Adrian Durham on asking Sir Alex to Apologize. Good thing Sir Alex dont do Press conference these days Otherwise..
Adrian Durham strikes again: "Fergie picked Moyes, so Fergie has to take responsibility."
Adrian Durham is on a par with them
wow oh wow. take it a step up, Adrian Durham claiming arsenal are the reason liverpool have won the league.
could be worse he could have Adrian Durham and Ronnie irani on with him
Steven Gerrard or John Terry, who deserves Premier League title? Adrian Durham
Adrian Durham: Why did Saints and Newcastle ignore FA Cup? via
Adrian Durham: Roy Hodgson should take John Stones and Jon Flanagan to World Cup
Adrian Durham in 'Say anything to get a reaction' shocker.
couldn't agree more! You see ages ago when Adrian Durham said Carrick is miles better.
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Celtic win the league by a country mile, presenter Adrian DH Durham just talks total *ollox condeming there achievement.
That Adrian Durham is such a pain...! :)
Be good to get one over Adrian Durham one day though. Oddly quite like the bloke but he's infuriating 😡
Adrian Durham must be the most obnoxious *** that walks the earth
and you told Adrian Durham England would only get to within 28. Mr G please
Adrian durham on talksport now regarding celtic and the spl title. 100% right
Adrian Durham makes me want to blend my eyeballs
Adrian Durham again trying to insist his personal devotion to LFC is just a neutrals point of view. Its getting pathetic now
Should rename talksport to talk liverpool adrian durham with his tongue up gerrard *** every ten mins
Adrian Durham takes the *** outta Ben Foster over his team of the season. The same man who said Suarez wasn't WC start of season
maybe ahead of Adrian Durham and Mr Parry.
Adrian Durham will be the next on list!! Looks like we're going through all the presenters!!
Seriously, all these *** calling Suarez selfish and 'not the time for personal glory'..get in the bin with that melt Adrian Durham
not bad, but not at the Adrian Durham / Piers Morgan level.
Adrian Durham on talksport 'giving Mata to Moyes is like giving my gran a smartphone'
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"Giving David Moyes Juan Mata is like giving my nan a smartphone" Adrian Durham
Not reported yet mate Adrian Durham just said that it's all but confirmed so still not 100%!!!
"Giving david moyes juan matter is like giving my nan a smartphone!" Gotta love Adrian Durham!!
Quote of the year from Adrian Durham "giving Moyes Mata is like giving your Grannie a smartphone"
Drive home to Adrian Durham and Talksport or Glenn Tilbrook and Squeeze? Answer B, I think
The *** Adrian Durham is now saying it's embarrassing that Bayern Munich have won league before Celtic.
I should make a talksport appearance and make a rant about Adrian Durham
. Adrian Durham would be ideal for the job. At least he will scrap the Daily Arsenal
Good piece Janine.Ironic to appear on same website as Adrian Durham's lamentable "Brendan Rodgers should fine Suarez for goal"
Not even libelist. I really want to meet someone who genuinely thinks Martin Samuel and Adrian Durham are talented writers.
Adrian Durham prophesied a 2 - 0 Utd victory yesterday wonder what his excuse will be for getting it so wrong
Previous RT: one of the few good writers/journalism they've got for Daily Mail. Riath Al Samarrai should be writing more than Adrian Durham
Adrian Durham The other day said arsenal are lucky to be in CL all thanks to how useless Spurs are. Couldn't agree more. We are pathetic
You are as worse as Neil Ashton or Adrian Durham with agenda drivel. Kaiser has said worse for Jose, but you won't quote that..
I wish the can come and make me on of their writer.CR7 did not perform at the World Cup? really Adrian Durham?
Breast Cancer Awareness
tell that to the *** Adrian Durham. I think he is still bitter about being refused an interview with Wenger.
Paul Scholes absolutely slaughtering Arsenal.sounds like Adrian Durham on the daily arsenal
I agree Adrian Durham, you had the cheek to question Brendan Rodgers and his ability for a plan B, I think he has done now
Pardew& Moyes doing a great job of proving Adrian Durham was right when he said British coaches are the way. Both at clubs they shouldn't be
thing is, I don't believe whatn told by papers or Adrian Durham!
Oh well Adrian Durham won't have to lose sleep over Man United facing the indignity of facing the minnows of the Europa League
mate I'm absolutely over the moon. He's a bad bad bellend. Adrian Durham next on my list to be blocked by
Heard Adrian Durham on suggest people texting in were being deliberately controversial. Rich from man who's made career of it.
Adrian Durham doesn't believe me that Liverpool fans want City to lose :-)
Adrian Durham just said he'd pick Rooney over Sturridge if he had to, exactly what's wrong with English football
Obvious choice for manager is either Adrian Durham or - they tell us every day they know more than Moyes or Wenger!!.
Couldn't think of anything worse than listening to TalkSport in a minute, Adrian Durham is a waste of oxygen
This is Rooney's time to do what Ronaldo and Messi have never done and shine at the World Cup - Adrian...
Middlesbrough and West Brom seduced by the Spanish myth, and now paying the price.
Wenger getting so much wrong, but he deserves credit for developing Walcott, who Arsenal and England miss
This could be Rooney's summer. Can he elevate himself to the elite level at the World Cup?
No need for video technology after Marriner's mistake. Refs just need to watch the game & use common sense
I’ve been telling you all for several years that Arsene Wenger isn’t good enough to manage Arsenal anymore, so the 6-0 at Chelsea is no surprise to me. Tactically he’s inept, his selection is baffling, and he has no solutions to problems mid-game. His ability to make the right signings is poor. Wenger used to be brilliant but he isn’t any more.Adrian Durham
Glad that *** Adrian Durham is off talk sport today. Can listen to drive. That bloke is a massive tool
talkSPORT presenter Adrian Durham asks Man United midfielder Michael Carrick what Fergie's really like, his plans after Old Trafford and how he rates himself...
sensationalism sells! Just ask Adrian Durham and Oliver Holt!
Adrian Durham an Paul breen turner are the best of talk sport ever
Adrian Durham of Daily Mail says Anderson is proof that Fergie left Moyes a squad full of damaged goods Do you agree
If I had the billions of Bill Gates, I'd create my own 'Hunger Games' arena, round up Louis Walsh, Sepp Blatter, Piers Morgan, Vanessa Feltz, Jeremy Kyle, Michael Gove, Rupert Murdoch, Rebecca Brooks, Adrian Durham, Max Clifford and Andy McNabb. I'd then make them fight to the death until there is only one left standing. Andy McNabb is only there to make sure none of the others survive by the way.
Adrian Durham is the Flavor Flav of sports journalists.
.excellent stuff, he must have gone to the same school of shock nonsense as Adrian Durham... Oh, same paper!
Adrian Durham: " The goal was good but even before that Ashley Westwood was immense for Villa tonight. Hodgson must be looking at him surely " -Tom
I think we all agree that after John Cross, Martin Lipton and Robbie Savage, Adrian Durham is the worst person alive
"There can only be one winner of the Ballon d'Or this year. Step forward Sir Fabrice Muamba." - Adrian Durham
Adrian Durham: Arsenal should sign Joe Hart to win Premier League via
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Adrian Durham thinks Frank Lampard has failed for England, So being one o? Will try and get one to you this year,,, -)
ROY HODGSON ON THE ANTI-RACIST RACK “... Roy Hodgson... joke about monkeys... deemed offensive... the racism to be a consequence of the joke being told in the presence of black players... Hodgson meant black person by the word 'monkey'. Andros Townsend..."I don't know what all this fuss is about.”... The Football Association... anti-racist professionals... the human rights lawyer Peter Herbert of the Association of Black Lawyers)... racism being 'swept under the carpet'.Piara Powar... Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE)... "This was a silly phrase to use in a diverse workforce.”... the witch hunts of the Inquisition... Stan Collymore... 'demeans every anti-racism campaigner'. .. why Roy Hodgson apologised... careful about using word 'monkey'... by Peter Herbert... talkSPORT's Adrian Durham...Peter Herbert, the Chairman of the Association of Black Lawyers takes Roy Hodgson's apology as acknowledgment of his racist guilt. Hodgson should have been fully aware of talk about monkeys... Peter Herbert ...
talksport notoriously just try and get a reaction from people. Adrian Durham is the worst for it
Obsessed fc are a joke club. Adrian Durham (talksport) lol
Used to have good stuff to say but seems to have descended into the Adrian Durham realm of playing devils advocate
The following are quotations from the first part of Adrian Durham's new book 'Is He All That?: Great Footballing Myths Shattered'...
Is it too late to become best friends with Adrian Durham so he can get me to meet Bergkamp tomorrow? :-)
Seriously? I was putting myself in "another's" shoes..and it wasn't Adrian Durham's
Some are just clueless. Then there is Adrian Durham.
Paul Ince got angry and apologised and he got punished for it. Isn't it a shame we can't all be saints like Adrian Durham. Absolute Prat.
Adrian Durham crucifying the whistle blower and calling for Ince's head. Running theme here...
Adrian Durham said we shouldn't have sold Parrett and I said he wasn't good enough then somehow bought up Bale and Townsend
If Adrian Durham and Darren Gough are on Talksport? Whose looking after the U.N?
As much as I enjoy listening to talkSPORT, I cannot tolerate Adrian Durham anymore!
At least now I know Adrian Durham has loads of followers.
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Do you like TalkSport by any chance? A good old football debate with Adrian Durham & Darren Gough?
Durham I will never buy the sun paper again , it's a disgrace to the intelligence of every England fan ,
It looks like Adrian Durham at the top of his Daily Mail article on Tuesdays
Wonder why I ever followed Adrian Durham. Took me two weeks to unfollow him.
Thought I'd go and take a look at the amazon reviews for Adrian Durham's book. . Dying. Check it out, you'll love 'em!
Miclaude Carrielele, what a player! So much better than his cousin Claude Makelele. Obviously, Adrian Durham had never seen Makelele play.
the press r a joke that Adrian Durham is the worst he said last week u shouldn't be positive in sport an said Darren Gough 1/2
Every New Year’s Eve, I compile a top 3 of most ridiculous journalists of the year. Adrian Durham is looking a very likely winner this year.
Adrian Durham just said Carrick is better than Makelele was 😂😂😂
Has Adrian Durham come out with that pile of crud mate?
Why don't you play for the England team and feel the pressure people like bloody Adrian Durham then
Adrian Durham and his love affair with Michael Carrick. I wonder if that featured in his book.
Can't believe Adrian Durham talk sport actually signalled the score to us yesterday
Comeonson this smacks of sour grapes, last game of last season? You still hurting?
ADRIAN DURHAM: Palace and Fergie have done their best to shatter Zaha's confidence ... and if AVB ...
Ha. should be on radio. Sounds like Adrian Durham.
Adrian Durham says he'd stake his life on Darren Gough's keepy-uppy skills. Get a ball down to the studio, quick.
NFR sorry, but this is the worst article I've read in a long time. Including Adrian Durham's stuff.
FYI, Stuart Barnes is rugby's answer to Adrian Durham.
Adrian Durham column: Wilfried Zaha could not have been managed any worse by Sir Alex Ferguson
Adrian Durham is a professional troll. He trolls Arsenal alot too.
There's a really good and interesting interview that just took place between Adrian Durham, and Geoff with Roy Hodgeson on Talk sport.
So Adrian Durham on wouldn't take Lampard to Brazil.No accounting for taste and he hasn't got any.
Adrian Durham makes a great point as he often does: if Roy dropped Rio for "footballing reasons" he now loo…
Is it right for Adrian Durham to criticize you for going on MOTD, yet happily have you on his show to boost his flagging ratings?
Adrian Durham writes for the Daily Mail. I'll say no more.
The latest bit of insight from Adrian Durham: Without their best player a team wouldn't be as good. Wow!
fans, I've kindly prepared you a handy guide to the world of Adrian Durham. For goodness sake ignore him people http:/…
Who other than Adrian Durham thought Michael Carrick was a good idea tonight.get Jack on!!!
Jay Leach if you see that tosser Adrian Durham up Wembley Way tonight give him a dig for me and 29,999 other digs for the rest of BCFC boys who went to the cup Final! 2nd only to Ronnie Moore and just above McBastard
I like nothing more on a Tuesday afternoon than take part in an argument with a wanky journalist like Adrian Durham. Grade A ***
I didn't think it was possible for talk sport to hire a presenter more annoying than Adrian Durham but they've outdone themselves with Colin Murry, what an absolute ***
Adrian Durham we still have free speech in this country if Witshire says you should be born in England to play for England thats done to him i agree get over it
Another chance to check out yesterday's e-Spurs Daily Dose by Daily Dose is our unique daily round-up of all things Spurs. Catch the e-Spurs Daily Dose each night at 9pm exclusively here! Tonight's Dose written by Matt Tumminia. Internationals Still Suck, “The So-Called Messiah” Can Write, Azza Returns and Other Ramblings Another 10 days of this international break before we can get back on the pitch to fully banish the painful memories of this past Sunday and I am slowly going mad waiting for the return of our beloved Tottenham. I understand that these matches need to be played but why is it that we end up losing in a painful manner immediately prior to each of these 2 week breaks thereby allowing the slanderous media outlets to fabricate stories of how, although only being 3 points from the top, our season is in tatters already and the players are ready to revolt. I would be willing to put money on the fact that during the next 10 days, there will be at least 2 stories published by crap journalists ...
Adrian Durham writes book for talkSPORT - from Radio Today
Adrian Durham is a ginger tosser of the highest order. In a new book he says the Arsenal Invincibles were not all that. Yeah okay. I mean a team goes unbeaten every year don't they.
Adrian Durham writes book for talkSPORT via radiotoday
Mail Online: Arsenal's Invincibles are a myth- Adrian Durham: My first book, 'Is He All That?' is out Thursday...
Adrian Durham will be in the Posh Club Shop signing copies of his new book, 'Is He All That?' later this month.
Trying 2 compare Lampard & Gerrard to Carrick & Cleverley is like comparing Adrian Durham to Mike Parry !
Can't believe Adrian Durham is suggesting that Arsenal are in with a shout of winning the title! A week's a long time in football!
Crikey, Adrian Durham has a book coming out. Wonder if it comes with free crayons.
Adrian Durham never answers anything about or anything else that is of a sensible nature.
Adrian Durham should get a job with the English FA. Always sees the positive even when there isn't any
After reading this: I have to assume that Adrian Durham is the worst journalist in the history of journalism.
How many times is that twonk Adrian Durham gonna say Shut up u goober
Good to see a Mackem get the Adrian Durham treatment, they should support england cos thay would never win the F.A cup anyway.
I've just seen a pic of Adrian Durham for the first time, his face fits. Someone you'd never tire of lamping with a frying pan.
Wonder if Adrian Durham still thinks Rooney should be "embarrassed" about dropping out of England game with head cut?
don't know why you are quoting figures! I was simply passing comment. I just don't like Adrian Durham as a presenter!
The greatest contribution to footballing opinion is given when Adrian Durham is off sick.
Adrian Durham said we made it up as well. Rooney cut is bad
glad to hear I am not the only fan in Pboro. Adrian Durham loves it too. Support our local team
Caught a bit of Adrian Durham yesterday. He was listing players Arsenal were 'linked' with and didn't buy. He's a sour ***
Deadline Day round up: all mentioned http…
Deadline Day round up: all mentioned http:…
bit like that Adrian Durham guy in Talksport
Deadline Day round up: all mentioned scroll down
Think I'm never positive about Arsenal? Check out my Best signing bit at the bottom of this
Butcher was bleeding so badly I thought he'd qualified for Wales and Pearce
no reply from Adrian Durham there, i think he realises what a daft statement it was.
Adrian Durham is going to be writing a book. It turns out they really did teach chimps to use typewriters.
Listened to Adrian Durham tonight for first time in a long time and realised why I stopped tuning in ..
Just read Adrian Durham's piece in the Daily Mail re Ozil & I fully agree. Hmm I don't feel too well
Adrian Durham in today's Mail. Worth a read, when you mention all those names in the same squad. DOH!!
I didn't say it was a panic buy. Find out what I did say before lying about it
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