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Adrian Durham

Adrian Durham (born 13 May 1969, Dogsthorpe, Peterborough, England) is a football journalist and broadcaster.

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Adrian Durham: Why did Saints and Newcastle ignore FA Cup? via
Adrian Durham: Roy Hodgson should take John Stones and Jon Flanagan to World Cup
Adrian Durham column: Liverpool's Steven Gerrard deserves to win player of the year ahead of Luis Suarez it´s true?
Adrian Durham in 'Say anything to get a reaction' shocker.
couldn't agree more! You see ages ago when Adrian Durham said Carrick is miles better.
Celtic win the league by a country mile, presenter Adrian DH Durham just talks total *ollox condeming there achievement.
That Adrian Durham is such a pain...! :)
Be good to get one over Adrian Durham one day though. Oddly quite like the bloke but he's infuriating 😡
Adrian Durham must be the most obnoxious *** that walks the earth
and you told Adrian Durham England would only get to within 28. Mr G please
Adrian durham on talksport now regarding celtic and the spl title. 100% right
Adrian Durham makes me want to blend my eyeballs
Adrian Durham again trying to insist his personal devotion to LFC is just a neutrals point of view. Its getting pathetic now
Should rename talksport to talk liverpool adrian durham with his tongue up gerrard *** every ten mins
Adrian Durham takes the *** outta Ben Foster over his team of the season. The same man who said Suarez wasn't WC start of season
maybe ahead of Adrian Durham and Mr Parry.
Adrian Durham will be the next on list!! Looks like we're going through all the presenters!!
Seriously, all these *** calling Suarez selfish and 'not the time for personal glory'..get in the bin with that melt Adrian Durham
not bad, but not at the Adrian Durham / Piers Morgan level.
Adrian Durham on talksport 'giving Mata to Moyes is like giving my gran a smartphone'
"Giving David Moyes Juan Mata is like giving my nan a smartphone" Adrian Durham
Not reported yet mate Adrian Durham just said that it's all but confirmed so still not 100%!!!
Adrian Durham on Talk Sport earlier 'giving David Moyes Juan Mata is like giving my nana a smart phone!!' CLASS Mr Durham!!
"Giving david moyes juan matter is like giving my nan a smartphone!" Gotta love Adrian Durham!!
Quote of the year from Adrian Durham "giving Moyes Mata is like giving your Grannie a smartphone"
Drive home to Adrian Durham and Talksport or Glenn Tilbrook and Squeeze? Answer B, I think
The *** Adrian Durham is now saying it's embarrassing that Bayern Munich have won league before Celtic.
I should make a talksport appearance and make a rant about Adrian Durham
. Adrian Durham would be ideal for the job. At least he will scrap the Daily Arsenal
Good piece Janine.Ironic to appear on same website as Adrian Durham's lamentable "Brendan Rodgers should fine Suarez for goal"
Not even libelist. I really want to meet someone who genuinely thinks Martin Samuel and Adrian Durham are talented writers.
Adrian Durham prophesied a 2 - 0 Utd victory yesterday wonder what his excuse will be for getting it so wrong
Previous RT: one of the few good writers/journalism they've got for Daily Mail. Riath Al Samarrai should be writing more than Adrian Durham
Adrian Durham The other day said arsenal are lucky to be in CL all thanks to how useless Spurs are. Couldn't agree more. We are pathetic
You are as worse as Neil Ashton or Adrian Durham with agenda drivel. Kaiser has said worse for Jose, but you won't quote that..
I wish the can come and make me on of their writer.CR7 did not perform at the world cup? really Adrian Durham?
tell that to the *** Adrian Durham. I think he is still bitter about being refused an interview with Wenger.
Paul Scholes absolutely slaughtering Arsenal.sounds like Adrian Durham on the daily arsenal
I agree Adrian Durham, you had the cheek to question Brendan Rodgers and his ability for a plan B, I think he has done now
Pardew& Moyes doing a great job of proving Adrian Durham was right when he said British coaches are the way. Both at clubs they shouldn't be
thing is, I don't believe whatn told by papers or Adrian Durham!
Oh well Adrian Durham won't have to lose sleep over Man United facing the indignity of facing the minnows of the Europa League
mate I'm absolutely over the moon. He's a bad bad bellend. Adrian Durham next on my list to be blocked by
Heard Adrian Durham on suggest people texting in were being deliberately controversial. Rich from man who's made career of it.
Adrian Durham doesn't believe me that Liverpool fans want City to lose :-)
Adrian Durham just said he'd pick Rooney over Sturridge if he had to, exactly what's wrong with English football
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Obvious choice for manager is either Adrian Durham or - they tell us every day they know more than Moyes or Wenger!!.
Couldn't think of anything worse than listening to TalkSport in a minute, Adrian Durham is a waste of oxygen
This is Rooney's time to do what Ronaldo and Messi have never done and shine at the World Cup - Adrian...
Middlesbrough and West Brom seduced by the Spanish myth, and now paying the price.
Wenger getting so much wrong, but he deserves credit for developing Walcott, who Arsenal and England miss
This could be Rooney's summer. Can he elevate himself to the elite level at the World Cup?
No need for video technology after Marriner's mistake. Refs just need to watch the game & use common sense
I’ve been telling you all for several years that Arsene Wenger isn’t good enough to manage Arsenal anymore, so the 6-0 at Chelsea is no surprise to me. Tactically he’s inept, his selection is baffling, and he has no solutions to problems mid-game. His ability to make the right signings is poor. Wenger used to be brilliant but he isn’t any more.Adrian Durham
Glad that *** Adrian Durham is off Talk Sport today. Can listen to drive. That bloke is a massive tool
talkSPORT presenter Adrian Durham asks Man United midfielder Michael Carrick what Fergie's really like, his plans after Old Trafford and how he rates himself...
sensationalism sells! Just ask Adrian Durham and Oliver Holt!
Adrian Durham an Paul breen turner are the best of Talk Sport ever
Adrian Durham of Daily Mail says Anderson is proof that Fergie left Moyes a squad full of damaged goods Do you agree
Is there anyone out there who listens to Talk-Sport's Adrian Durham and thinks "you know what? I agree with him"? Seriously, I want to know? I have never heard anyone who is wrong every time they opened their moth before I heard him. But maybe its me. I heard him once say "that tierry Henry, apart from wining the world cup, FA cup, league cup, Premier League and runner up in the champions league, I don't recon he was all that", with out the slightest trace of irony in his voice.
If I had the billions of Bill Gates, I'd create my own 'Hunger Games' arena, round up Louis Walsh, Sepp Blatter, Piers Morgan, Vanessa Feltz, Jeremy Kyle, Michael Gove, Rupert Murdoch, Rebecca Brooks, Adrian Durham, Max Clifford and Andy McNabb. I'd then make them fight to the death until there is only one left standing. Andy McNabb is only there to make sure none of the others survive by the way.
Adrian Durham is the Flavor Flav of sports journalists.
.excellent stuff, he must have gone to the same school of shock nonsense as Adrian Durham... Oh, same paper!
Adrian Durham: " The goal was good but even before that Ashley Westwood was immense for Villa tonight. Hodgson must be looking at him surely " -Tom
Adrian Durham's top 10 clubs we love to hate - Manchester United, Millwall, England, Leeds, Arsenal
I think we all agree that after John Cross, Martin Lipton and Robbie Savage, Adrian Durham is the worst person alive
"There can only be one winner of the Ballon d'Or this year. Step forward Sir Fabrice Muamba." - Adrian Durham
Adrian Durham: Arsenal should sign Joe Hart to win Premier League via
Adrian Durham thinks Frank Lampard has failed for England, So being one o? Will try and get one to you this year,,, -)
ROY HODGSON ON THE ANTI-RACIST RACK “... Roy Hodgson... joke about monkeys... deemed offensive... the racism to be a consequence of the joke being told in the presence of black players... Hodgson meant black person by the word 'monkey'. Andros Townsend..."I don't know what all this fuss is about.”... The Football Association... anti-racist professionals... the human rights lawyer Peter Herbert of the Association of Black Lawyers)... racism being 'swept under the carpet'.Piara Powar... Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE)... "This was a silly phrase to use in a diverse workforce.”... the witch hunts of the Inquisition... Stan Collymore... 'demeans every anti-racism campaigner'. .. why Roy Hodgson apologised... careful about using word 'monkey'... by Peter Herbert... talkSPORT's Adrian Durham...Peter Herbert, the Chairman of the Association of Black Lawyers takes Roy Hodgson's apology as acknowledgment of his racist guilt. Hodgson should have been fully aware of talk about monkeys... Peter Herbert ...
talksport notoriously just try and get a reaction from people. Adrian Durham is the worst for it
Obsessed fc are a joke club. Adrian Durham (talksport) lol
Used to have good stuff to say but seems to have descended into the Adrian Durham realm of playing devils advocate
The following are quotations from the first part of Adrian Durham's new book 'Is He All That?: Great Footballing Myths Shattered'...
Is it too late to become best friends with Adrian Durham so he can get me to meet Bergkamp tomorrow? :-)
Seriously? I was putting myself in "another's" shoes..and it wasn't Adrian Durham's
Some are just clueless. Then there is Adrian Durham.
Paul Ince got angry and apologised and he got punished for it. Isn't it a shame we can't all be saints like Adrian Durham. Absolute Prat.
Adrian Durham crucifying the whistle blower and calling for Ince's head. Running theme here...
Adrian Durham said we shouldn't have sold Parrett and I said he wasn't good enough then somehow bought up Bale and Townsend
If Adrian Durham and Darren Gough are on Talksport? Whose looking after the U.N?
As much as I enjoy listening to talkSPORT, I cannot tolerate Adrian Durham anymore!
At least now I know Adrian Durham has loads of followers.
Do you like TalkSport by any chance? A good old football debate with Adrian Durham & Darren Gough?
Durham I will never buy the sun paper again , it's a disgrace to the intelligence of every England fan ,
It looks like Adrian Durham at the top of his Daily Mail article on Tuesdays
Wonder why I ever followed Adrian Durham. Took me two weeks to unfollow him.
Thought I'd go and take a look at the amazon reviews for Adrian Durham's book. . Dying. Check it out, you'll love 'em!
Miclaude Carrielele, what a player! So much better than his cousin Claude Makelele. Obviously, Adrian Durham had never seen Makelele play.
the press r a joke that Adrian Durham is the worst he said last week u shouldn't be positive in sport an said Darren Gough 1/2
Every New Year’s Eve, I compile a top 3 of most ridiculous journalists of the year. Adrian Durham is looking a very likely winner this year.
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Adrian Durham just said Carrick is better than Makelele was 😂😂😂
Has Adrian Durham come out with that pile of crud mate?
Why don't you play for the England team and feel the pressure people like bloody Adrian Durham then
Adrian Durham and his love affair with Michael Carrick. I wonder if that featured in his book.
Can't believe Adrian Durham Talk Sport actually signalled the score to us yesterday
Comeonson this smacks of sour grapes, last game of last season? You still hurting?
ADRIAN DURHAM: Palace and Fergie have done their best to shatter Zaha's confidence ... and if AVB ...
Ha. should be on radio. Sounds like Adrian Durham.
Adrian Durham says he'd stake his life on Darren Gough's keepy-uppy skills. Get a ball down to the studio, quick.
NFR sorry, but this is the worst article I've read in a long time. Including Adrian Durham's stuff.
FYI, Stuart Barnes is rugby's answer to Adrian Durham.
Adrian Durham column: Wilfried Zaha could not have been managed any worse by Sir Alex Ferguson
Adrian Durham is a professional troll. He trolls Arsenal alot too.
There's a really good and interesting interview that just took place between Adrian Durham, and Geoff with Roy Hodgeson on Talk Sport.
So Adrian Durham on wouldn't take Lampard to Brazil.No accounting for taste and he hasn't got any.
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Adrian Durham makes a great point as he often does: if Roy dropped Rio for "footballing reasons" he now loo…
Is it right for Adrian Durham to criticize you for going on MOTD, yet happily have you on his show to boost his flagging ratings?
Adrian Durham writes for the Daily Mail. I'll say no more.
The latest bit of insight from Adrian Durham: Without their best player a team wouldn't be as good. Wow!
fans, I've kindly prepared you a handy guide to the world of Adrian Durham. For goodness sake ignore him people http:/…
Who other than Adrian Durham thought Michael Carrick was a good idea tonight.get Jack on!!!
Jay Leach if you see that tosser Adrian Durham up Wembley Way tonight give him a dig for me and 29,999 other digs for the rest of BCFC boys who went to the cup Final! 2nd only to Ronnie Moore and just above McBastard
I like nothing more on a Tuesday afternoon than take part in an argument with a wanky journalist like Adrian Durham. Grade A ***
I didn't think it was possible for Talk Sport to hire a presenter more annoying than Adrian Durham but they've outdone themselves with Colin Murry, what an absolute ***
Adrian Durham we still have free speech in this country if Witshire says you should be born in England to play for England thats done to him i agree get over it
Another chance to check out yesterday's e-Spurs Daily Dose by Daily Dose is our unique daily round-up of all things Spurs. Catch the e-Spurs Daily Dose each night at 9pm exclusively here! Tonight's Dose written by Matt Tumminia. Internationals Still Suck, “The So-Called Messiah” Can Write, Azza Returns and Other Ramblings Another 10 days of this international break before we can get back on the pitch to fully banish the painful memories of this past Sunday and I am slowly going mad waiting for the return of our beloved Tottenham. I understand that these matches need to be played but why is it that we end up losing in a painful manner immediately prior to each of these 2 week breaks thereby allowing the slanderous media outlets to fabricate stories of how, although only being 3 points from the top, our season is in tatters already and the players are ready to revolt. I would be willing to put money on the fact that during the next 10 days, there will be at least 2 stories published by crap journalists ...
Adrian Durham writes book for talkSPORT - from Radio Today
Adrian Durham is a ginger tosser of the highest order. In a new book he says the Arsenal Invincibles were not all that. Yeah okay. I mean a team goes unbeaten every year don't they.
Adrian Durham writes book for talkSPORT talkSPORT has launched its latest sport book, published by Simon & Schuster, Is He All That? written by the station’s Drive presenter Adrian Durham. Titled after his on-air catchphrase, in Is He All That? Adrian Durham gives his opinions on the biggest debates in the history of football, at the same time revealing some facts and hitherto unknown stories about the game. Is He All That? is the ninth talkSPORT book that Simon & Schuster has published following a partnership between the two companies in 2010 and Adrian Durham’s first book. Future talkSPORT titles include Clips of the Week, showcasing the greatest talkSPORT on-air gaffes from 13 years of Hawksbee and Jacobs’ iconic talkSPORT feature. Adrian Durham joined talkSPORT in 1999 and became host of the Drive show in 2006, which he currently presents with former England cricketer Darren Gough. Drive recently achieved its highest ever number of listeners according to the latest industry figures. Adrian Durha ...
Adrian Durham writes book for talkSPORT via radiotoday
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Mail Online: Arsenal's Invincibles are a myth- Adrian Durham: My first book, 'Is He All That?' is out Thursday...
Adrian Durham will be in the Posh Club Shop signing copies of his new book, 'Is He All That?' later this month.
Remember when Adrian Durham said that Benitez was the best foreign coach the Premier League has ever had, before getting destroyed by AW?
Trying 2 compare Lampard & Gerrard to Carrick & Cleverley is like comparing Adrian Durham to Mike Parry !
Can't believe Adrian Durham is suggesting that Arsenal are in with a shout of winning the title! A week's a long time in football!
Crikey, Adrian Durham has a book coming out. Wonder if it comes with free crayons.
Adrian Durham never answers anything about or anything else that is of a sensible nature.
Adrian Durham should get a job with the English FA. Always sees the positive even when there isn't any
After reading this: I have to assume that Adrian Durham is the worst journalist in the history of journalism.
How many times is that twonk Adrian Durham gonna say Shut up u goober
Good to see a Mackem get the Adrian Durham treatment, they should support england cos thay would never win the F.A cup anyway.
I've just seen a pic of Adrian Durham for the first time, his face fits. Someone you'd never tire of lamping with a frying pan.
Wonder if Adrian Durham still thinks Rooney should be "embarrassed" about dropping out of England game with head cut?
don't know why you are quoting figures! I was simply passing comment. I just don't like Adrian Durham as a presenter!
The greatest contribution to footballing opinion is given when Adrian Durham is off sick.
Adrian Durham said we made it up as well. Rooney cut is bad
glad to hear I am not the only fan in Pboro. Adrian Durham loves it too. Support our local team
Caught a bit of Adrian Durham yesterday. He was listing players Arsenal were 'linked' with and didn't buy. He's a sour ***
Deadline Day round up: all mentioned http…
Deadline Day round up: all mentioned http:…
bit like that Adrian Durham guy in Talksport
Deadline Day round up: all mentioned scroll down
Think I'm never positive about Arsenal? Check out my Best signing bit at the bottom of this
Butcher was bleeding so badly I thought he'd qualified for Wales and Pearce
no reply from Adrian Durham there, i think he realises what a daft statement it was.
Adrian Durham is going to be writing a book. It turns out they really did teach chimps to use typewriters.
Listened to Adrian Durham tonight for first time in a long time and realised why I stopped tuning in ..
Just read Adrian Durham's piece in the Daily Mail re Ozil & I fully agree. Hmm I don't feel too well
Adrian Durham in today's Mail. Worth a read, when you mention all those names in the same squad. DOH!!
I didn't say it was a panic buy. Find out what I did say before lying about it
Adrian Durham gave you an indirect mention on talkSPORT
Some Gooners asking my view on the Mesut Ozil signing. It's in here
go around Adrian Durham's for Stew and dumplings
DURHAM pt 4 Butcher was bleeding so bad he qualified for Wales, but Rooney can't play cos of a cut
Adrian Durham: No doubt Fergie made some dubious signings in his time, but I just don’t think he'd see Marouane Fellaini as United quality
ago Adrian Durham STATED that Leighton Baines WANTED to leave Everton?.Media did the same.You were all wrong,UP YOURS!
I normally think he's an *** but here Adrian Durham talks sense here.
Adrian Durham!!! Al wool the fkn head out of you yr fkn mong
ADRIAN DURHAM COL pt 3 Imagine if Cesc, Cazorla, Wilshere, RVP and Ozil were in same side
Hate the man but couldn't agree more with Durham re Rooney. Two pivotal games, should be busting a bollock to play.
ADRIAN DURHAM COLUMN: Why can't Wayne Rooney play for England with a cut head?
why won't Adrian Durham accept anybody's opinion?? Especially an ex pro. Matt holland making him sound stupid...again!!!
Love how badly Adrian Durham is being slaughtered by Matt Holland in every debate they're having today. As always.
Adrian Durham running his mouth already we will beat all three at home Marseilles away and two draws
Luke Campbell, William Wilberforce, Housemartins, Adrian Durham, your boys took one *** of a beating!
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Add in Chris Graham, tommy the taxi driver, Hugh keevins, Adrian Durham, Clark Carlisle and you've got yourself a show!
This made me smile:Craig Burley says Adrian Durham is a misinformed muppet!
Adrian Durham is another Stewart Robson. Both deserve being shot in the face.
Adrian Durham...Are u talking about Arsenal in the manor to get public? Get more people to know about you?
I'd love to see Adrian Durham in Islington, I'd make him feel really welcome. I think he's even better than Stewart Robson.
Adrian Durham actually talking sense on about suarez.
Listening to Adrian Durham wind people up on with Goughie makes me chuckle. Hook, line and sinker you mugs!
When will people learn that Adrian Durham doesn't care about making sense or contradicting himself? It's his job to troll. No point in
I dont think Adrian Durham actually believes what he says. I'm convinced he's a smart guy winding everyone up, because NOBODY is this stupid
Adrian Durham is the most deluded man on radio. Hasn't got a clue.
Adrian Durham just said on his show (that Suarez doesn't really want to go He really knows how to wind up AFC fans
I think Adrian Durham is about to wet his pants with all the joy he's getting from this Suarez to Arsenal story
Adrian Durham is good at winding people up i'll give him that.
Adrian Durham shouldn't be allowed to do punditry on football
Adrian durham stars in Me, Myself and Darren
Guys-please ignore Adrian Durham. He works people up to get a reaction so they call in and dial the premium 0871 number. Simple
Adrian Durham is certainly not Sane, is he?the things he says makes me question his sanity. u guys r disgracing yourselves
Adrian Durham should be on a road side eating his own crap! PRINT THAT ***
I used to get annoyed with Adrian Durham as well.. You soon just realise he's a no knowledge *** not even worth the effort
ADRIAN DURHAM SHUT UP YOU *** You're making a mug of yourself yet again.
Is Adrian Durham actually stupid or does he just pretend?
Adrian Durham talking out of his *** and its raining..Everythings back to normal..
lol Adrian Durham getting all hot n bothered cause Arsenal are gunna sign a v good player. Suarez is a vile guy though I wouldn't want him
Why on earth does anybody give Adrian Durham the time of day?
Adrian Durham is so commited to trolling Arsenal fans lol
“Does anyone else think adrian durham us a complete knob”. Everyone !
Why is Adrian Durham even employed. Uninformed biased ***
Wait for it.Adrian Durham's head is about to explode! .
Oh the joys of listening to Arsenal-basher Adrian Durham and 'The Daily Arsenal'.
Here we go again. Adrian Durham heaping yet more negative spin on Arsenal.
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Adrian Durham is desperate for callers again
Interesting piece by Adrian Durham about why the have let down fans -
if the TS App had an electrocute Adrian Durham button I would certainly have it
I feel the same when Alan Brazil opens his big fat mouth... Adrian Durham is the biggest c**t on the radio.
This is verging on Adrian Durham type fear mongering.
Would love to fill in Adrian Durham.
him as well but I was thinking more for that *** Adrian Durham -
Try Adrian Durham in thw afternoon's, that'll drive you borderline suicidal. Shocking radio.
then turned into Adrian Durham & started on about not signing anyone. Window shuts 2nd sept mate. This was just b4 Suarez news
Ok, just figured out i detest Henry Winter almost as much as i detest Adrian Durham.
Its rare I agree with anything said in the Daily Mail or anything Adrian Durham says, but he gets the Cov situation
If you allow Adrian Durham a chance to speak ... well there goes all credibility too
I wouldn't wish that on Adrian Durham.
Adrian Durham and Stan Collymore are like that, ok to give it but can't take it. Both have blocked me
Adrian Durham, aka reminds me of a 5pm weekday programme on BBC, presented by Alexander Armstrong.
Alan Brazil, Hawksbee and Jacobs, Adrian Durham all quality. the rest can be awful. Danny Kelly . oh dear
I'm just sick of fools like Piers Morgan and Adrian Durham constantly slating our team & manager.
Since I stopped listening to talksport & unfollowed Adrian Durham, I'm a much happier person. It's all such a waste of time.
"Wenger must act and stop Cesc joining United - ADRIAN DURHAM COLUMN have a read
can you get rid of adrian durham and get someone in who knows what they are talking about? He is and a top bell end.
because Talk Sport are a trustworthy source. Is this Adrian Durham being a bell end again?
If Wenger stands by and watches...Couldn't put it better
Gotta love Adrian Durham and little digs at AVB
If Wenger stands by and watches old boy Fabregas join Moyes, he MUST quit... Arsenal shouldn't be ...
Just how bad a columnist is Adrian Durham?.
MAIL If Manchester United have their way and succeed in signing Cesc Fabregas then the time will be right for...
Adrian Durham has spoken...Apparently Arsene Wenger should QUIT if Fabregas joins Man United? Lost for words on this one
That sentence will never be repeated with Adrian Durham in his place
luckily you don't get to see much of his a bit like Adrian Durham!
He is probably Uruguay's very own Adrian Durham or something like that
That Footy Humour account has jokes worse than SSN and Adrian Durham all together
Graham Taylor would take off Danny Kelly and replace him with Adrian Durham.
The frightening thing about Adrian Durham is that working with Darren Gough means he's the brains of the talkSPORT drivetime operation.
Hopefully he mentions Stuart Hall just like I did. Adrian Durham will have nothing to do with him then
Adrian Durham has a face you can punch all day. He says Wenger *missed out* on Neymar, Falcao and Tevez.
Arsenal transfer failure and Christian Benteke should stay at Aston Villa - Adrian Durham column via
Unlike its contemporaries, this English giant, despite having tons to spend, has still haven't signed a single player... Which player do you think can revive them and get them back to winning ways?
Adrian Durham summed up in 2 pictures..
Adrian Durham earlier couldn't understand why we couldn't sign Falcao or Neymar
Last thing on Ashes Eve. I'm predicting 3-1 to England. You?
More on the disgraceful treatment of Doncaster Belles here
In this week's Teesdale Mercury, out this afternoon, we're reporting how guards with Alsatian dogs and handcuffs have been brought in to deal with anti-social behaviour in The Bowes Museum grounds. What do you think? Is this a gross over reaction? Does Barney really have such a big problem with youths that guards with dogs are needed to control them?
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when the team was picked...I thought, that is the best team picked all tour (bar one or two because of injuries). Huge result but even bigger performance. Da iawn ir Llewod. Also well done for gatland for giving the squad the shake up it needed. had balls to do it. And it certainly paid off. Winning formula never fails.
Talk Sport drive time 4 pm Monday. Hope Adrian Durham has a good supply of lube
Well, that was exceptional. All the doubters over Gatland's selection, where are you? Breathless stuff.
is off to Oshawa for work. Time to lock and load. MTL transit vs Durham
Photos of I reject your reality and substitute my own
Sky build up to the Lions getting me down now, never seen pundits want them to fail so much so they can say I told you so. Worse than Barnes... Adrian Durham on Talk Sport, every day his tongue has been so far up BOD'S backside, he desperately wants them to lose. It's not the BOD show FFS!!!
You never really know someone until you have a conversation with them at 3 am.
A special day for Watford with 4 of last years so called mercenary's signing permanent contracts. So up yours Pal *** fans, up yours Ian Hollowhead, up yours Darren Gough, Up yours Adrian Durham the Horn's are putting together a squad that are going to pass the the Championship in to submission next season. Come on U Horns !'
Well had so much fun last night with Margaret Williams and Stacey Williams Durham we let off some cool *** fireworks for my son Adrian hidalgo he had a blast I love seeing him having so much fun I love him so much I love being his mommy I just wish my baby Tyler Michael Fahr was here I miss him so much we I hope he comes soon
A study published last week by a Duke University research team has found new evidence that links hydraulic fracturing for natural gas to elevated methane levels in private water supplies across northeastern Pennsylvania.
Adrian Durham on talksport just takes the *** out of everyone
Absolutely love waking up at 3am & not being able to get back to sleep.NOT! I wonder what productive things I can do without waking Adrian Pickenpaugh.
Well spirit in for tonight show already... I have someone's brother John here linking to Ann (been with me all week) hope to see you all tonight @ salutation Durham £10 starts 730
Weird! Just pulled out of Euston heading to Blackpool for what could be the last time. That said, a ember of the client's team has already referred to the invisible elastic band. Reminds me that way back in '98 I did a project in Durham (Adrian & David are my witnesses) and at the end I vowed to NEVER go back. A couple of years later I was made redundant and joined another company. However, my previous company sub-contracted me back to work on 2 or 3 projects. And so I found myself returning to Durham. When I walked into the office there were Welcome Back banners on the walls along with the only known photo of me on the net. So who knows whether it really is the last time ...
Hysterical listening to the English moaning about lions game plan being boring - built on power and playing for penalties - obviously forgotten this was their tactics for the past 20 years or more
I find tennis very boring, but whoever is playing that English hating scotch *** today, please beat him and send him packing!!
You're Carlo Ancelotti. You’re deciding who would be the better signing – Wayne Rooney or Luis Suarez. It’s a no-brainer. Rooney is miles ahead.
Adrian Durham takes the *** outta Cardiff... Gone up in my estimations.
"Rooney i much better than Luis Suarez" -Adrian Durham (journalist)
Mike is off to London tonight for work, the Spawn can't understand why they can't go with him.personally I don't have a problem I'm sure Uncle Adrian Durham is gagging to do some child minding/entertaining!
love the Adrian Durham show on Talk funny!
Update on Kevin Phillips from the horses mouth on Talk Sport this morning he wants to stay at palace and hopes to reach agreement with club by end of this week. He wants to finish off in the Premier League ...
I have more time for Alan Green than for Adrian Durham. That just shows how much I don't like Adrian Durham..
There's got to be more to life than tennis! I'm going to wash my hair!
Adrian Durham slagging of Laura Robson calling her loser Robson. and he is complaining about how much money shes got. Rupert bell is a true professional, not biting back at Durhams lack of compassion and lack of sense. hate the bloke so much. if someone calls his show to complain he talks over them then cuts them off then he makes sure he has the last word unchallenged .
i have become another victim of the rediculous parking enforcements in bishop town centre. I went there to spend hard earned money to find parking enforcement officers taking pics of my reg and tax disc. So well done lads,ill just take my custom up to st helens now. Chin chin
Amazin' Daze is an event planning company that specializes in weddings, meetings, and parties. Owners, Sherry Hargrave based in Salisbury, NC and Virginia Watson work tirelessly to bring your visions to life and make your event memorable.
So lovely to be sat in the car, think my legs may ache later! Still it is all worth it, such a good atmosphere, nice to see family and friends :-D well done everybody who took part xx
If anyone *** on ere get in touch as I'm after experiencing my first *** up my *** Cheers xx
Tomorrow are meeting at The Gala in Durham at 6:15pm as Adrian and Hannah bring baby Solomon to be dedicated. Everyone welcome!
Martin Perry gave me an idea. Everyone who wants too should select a player and be their virtual identity. We can then either brag or rag on your performance. This will be fun if you guys will jump in. So who are you? I guess I have to be Wash. JB Cloud wanted to be pitching coach so he can be Mike Maddox.
From now until Sunday at 6:00, Superman Unchained is just $2.00! All you have to do is show us that you like the store on FB . . . and bring $2! Feel free to share this deal!
I'm actually a bit sad its my last day at school today, I think I will miss you Kaye Sinnott Kelly Durham Adrian Cherrington Chloe Bell Lisa Thornell Vicki Austin Sophie Horseman and of course Ana Roach x
good Job Adrian Peterson you deserve it. Scott Durham Miranda Johnson
Heart failure tied to higher cancer risk: study
been on holiday for 8 days come back, tune into the talkSPORT Live drive time show. And they are still going on about bale and real Madrid... bore off drive time. Radio re-tuned to classic fm !
Still at the hospital hopefully I get to go home soon I'm feeling so much better well a lil better anyway I miss my. Nene so bad well please pray for me I really need it andcuz Adrian needs his mommy and I need him and Stacey Durham ty for everything that UV done for me and Adrian we love more than life its self
See you at Clopton village Hall , Suffolk this Sat , good large floor , pay on the door . See you there
A few more cheeky 1nz n bed ... Cant wait for Durham... Sat :))"
Can't believe! I just watch Adrian buy a dirt bike and mx boots with his own debit card by himself! I am not ready!!! So proud of him!
Place of Birth- Everyone please play. It will be interesting to learn where all our FB friends where born. Copy and paste and then put down where you were born at the end. Me-Toledo,Ohio
the only thing worse than listening to Alan Brazil is listening to Adrian Durham
Brazil Protests Worsen, Rumors that 2014 World Cup Could Be Moved to United States Grow - - - - - The daily protests that are occurring throughout Brazil are seemingly not going away anytime soon. A San Francisco Chronicle report claimed that 300,000 individuals upset about corruption in the country's government and also about the amount of money spent on marquee events such as the 2013 Confederations Cup, 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics protested in Rio de Janeiro, a city hosting Confederations Cup matches, on Thursday night. It has been reported by multiple outlets that over 1 million people took to the streets around the country on that same evening. Protests that may start non- violently are getting out of hand and fast. People are being assaulted. Football journalist and broadcaster Adrian Durham was mugged after the England vs. Brazil friendly that occurred at the beginning of June. It is an understatement to suggest that there are serious safety concerns in areas that will, a year from this ...
Good article via ‏by Prof Gorard on I-levels. But I'd eat the egg: coursework distorts
Update your maps at Navteq
Any place that hires Adrian Durham to purposely change his opinion to get people to call in, is dead to me!
the original story of me being mugged at knifepoint in Rio
Hi kim has adrian durham left Talk Sport then ?
some Fulham numpty on here calling us stripey nigels, sounds nearly as thick as Adrian Durham
Adrian Durham will try to say something positive about West Ham?
two Adrian Durham lookalikes in the studio too Geoff..
A mock up of how Adrian Durham may have looked after his experience in Brazil.
No football journo should ever read this article: Stick to rubbish from Martin Samuel or Adrian Durham
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