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Adrian Chiles

Adrian Chiles (born 21 March 1967) is a British television and radio presenter, currently working for ITV Sport presenting football coverage.

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The newly-launched Fanzone, officially opened by Ben Foster, Adrian Chiles and v... -…
Ahh Gary Megson. I remember Adrian Chiles of all people saying he'd keep Forest up then get them p…
You'll struggle to find another person who looks like a mix of Mr Blobby, Adrian Chiles and a Potato Smiley.
Me and Adrian Chiles just made eye contact and it was the most awkward thing ever
Really enjoyed your interview with Adrian Chiles on Definitely…
Just got back from my hols & first job is talking holiday moneysaving with Adrian Chiles from 1230 today 😀
We're on with Adrian Chiles BBC Radio 5 12.10pm today . Listen in . They just called me, what a fab surprise!
Adrian Chiles (yeh I know) made a good point which I will paraphrase here, that to be a Proper Football Club you need your own club anthem 👍
20:30 I Was There: Adrian Chiles revisits women polar explorers and the launch of the National Lottery.
Not quite Adrian Chiles' levels: but I managed seven in a row - Mass everyday in Holy Week. Happy Easter.
"Adrian Chiles walking in the air, now that's a true story" -
🎉 We are 23 years old today! 🎂. Here's a look at our first moments - featuring and Adrian Chiles...
Although i was sat near Adrian Chiles when i went to Spurs this season. So who is the real winner?. You definitely
"Cheers baba, let's say we ditch this joint, go jaza the tank and go nyonya some bottles at Westie, these chiles here…
Not normally one to blame the ref but this is what happens when you let Adrian Chiles referee a match at Fratton Park
Can we swap for Adrian Chiles full time please?
my favourite Adrian Chiles moment at ITV was when he said Jakub Blaszczykowski had 'bounced back' from seeing his father…
Utterly depressing, ill-informed discussion of schools with Justine Greening on Adrian Chiles much better 2 days ago.
I'm old enough to remember Band if Gold and a sudden image of Adrian Chiles in black rubber gloves made me shudder!
I've struggled but I'm going with anything with Adrian chiles hosting
Oh Jesus Christ Adrian Chiles to death on Monday? Be Better Progr… We think they mean what you think it will still be cruft Guys they're
DT Claude Moraes MEP: On BBC Radio 5 live with Adrian Chiles earlier today on johnson
Indeed. Blue, white. But you know it's the rubber gloves that are sexist & absolutely NOT Adrian Chiles 🤔
One of these is Adrian Chiles. Possibly both.
It's almost as if Adrian Chiles is trying to get out of cleaning up after himself.
I think we can all agree that Adrian Chiles barely speaks for Adrian Chiles, let alone anyone else.
Adrian Chiles questions have bordered on moronic today… is he reading them from notes as usual?
listening to the amazing story behind this new book, via Adrian Chiles
10:00 5 live Daily: Adrian Chiles presents from the heart of Westminster, with cutting edge political debate.
My chat with Adrian Chiles on turned into a fascinating debate about money. Worth a listen. (2hrs 38 mins)
Hope there's going to be a WH version of 'Apprentice: You're Fired!' where Sean Spicer gets to cringe at all his bloopers with Adrian Chiles
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I agree totally with your approach to corridors. Adrian Chiles just didn't get it. It's an area for transition and not chaos.
Thanks to Adrian Chiles for meeting us yesterday to see how we're supporting the homeless in Manchester
Adrian Chiles coming up with every cliche about Michaela school in i/w w Head. 'Orwellian', 'dystopian', 'joyless'
🎙️📻 Listen in to as Lee McCulloch is speaking with Adrian Chiles about the home dressing room 'pitch'!
Pleased to speak to Adrian Chiles on council pay. Tough jobs need rare people
Listening to Adrian Chiles on radio 5 live - brilliant debate on classroom. Management and school leadership
is speaking to Adrian Chiles about behaviour on 5Live in the next few minutes. Tune in!
From 10:00 on with Adrian Chiles. School behaviour . United Airlines. 40 years of The Clash
Great to welcome Adrian Chiles to Brydon Court today
Fabulous. A review, as discussed on with Adrian Chiles earlier. Overall, he wasn't a fan!.
Adrian Chiles is the fastest way to make me NOT want to listen to something.
🎙️📻 Listen out for Lee McCulloch's chat with Adrian Chiles about the dressing room 'pitch' on tomorrow betwee…
Thankfully we have come a long way since the 1970s - well done to Adrian Chiles - thoughtful - Baggi…
A lot of weird and discomforting things have happened this year, but Mark Carney hanging out with Adrian Chiles must be in t…
No Mel, no Sue, no Mary: no bake-off. Paul Hollywood the new Adrian Chiles: what price loyalty?
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Last time West Brom vistd I bumped into Adrian Chiles at the south stand. Hoping to spot Frank Skinner & Lenny Henry tomorrow to get the set
The programme on the EU is very "impartial" I notice Adrian Chiles never argued a single point with the remainers
Mark Pougatch has done well on ITV, but I have to dream about the meltdown Adrian Chiles would be having in his shorts and sandals just now
I'm probably the only one in the country but I miss Adrian chiles on the football
Adrian Chiles, with your face like a Pablo Picasso painting of a defrosted moussaka.
it might just be Adrian Chiles wandering around, trying to find them
Adrian Chiles, with your face like Elton John's proctolgist
Adrian Chiles with your face like an Iceland chicken tikka lasagne put in the oven & forgotten about.
oi if Adrian chiles can commentate at 3 major tournaments I can too
Adrian Chiles, with your face like a Max Mosley wet dream
Adrian Chiles with your face like the aftermath of Bobby Beale's hockey stick
Anyone remember the hilarious fiasco 3 years ago when England played Honduras and Adrian Chiles had a meltdown?
I kinda miss Adrian Chiles and Andy Tahnsend doing ITV's footy, love to really despise and distrust their input
I know it's God & all that but kin 'ell,the boring wankers are making me miss Adrian Chiles. Unforgivable.
Adrian Chiles mate, cant he just die
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
mark something or other. Ex five live. Better than Adrian Chiles.
Adrian Chiles there, with his face like a stood on cowpat.
Adrian Chiles with your face like a buttered turd.
Wish Adrian Chiles was still presenting. Was only criticised because it was considered trendy when in reality he's very warm & charismatic
Adrian Chiles with your face like a blocked toilet
"I really miss Adrian Chiles on itvs football coverage" said nobody, ever
Adrian Chiles with your face like a disappointing haggis
Adrian Chiles with your face like a deflated bouncy castle.
The relief when you turn on the football and see Adrian Chiles is not presenting 👏🏻
Adrian Chiles with your face like an infected big toe.
At least Adrian Chiles isn't presenting this game.
Mark Pougatch is so boring, I genuinely miss Adrian Chiles.
Adrian Chiles with your face like Alex Ferguson's undercarriage
So nice sitting down to watch the game and not having to listen to Adrian Chiles
As we settle down to enjoy I give thanks again Adrian Chiles is nowhere near a television studio.
Adrian Chiles with his face like a discarded corn plaster?
How refreshing is it going to be to not have Adrian Chiles presenting a major tournament? People might start watching ITVSport again.
International football on the tellybox. I miss Adrian Chiles with his face like a disappointed carrier bag.
Mark Pougatch is a different league to Adrian Chiles. Makes it almost bearable to watch an England match.
tbf it's hard to say anything which Adrian Chiles is better than.
Completely forgot about how much I dislike Adrian Chiles
It no sense: Adrian Chiles has apparently forgotten what robotic knees is.
'I've Been stuck in the lift for half an hour on the way to Adrian Chiles' after party' a day in the lift of Christine Brazier
it's the worst filling since Adrian Chiles in the rain storm.
I'd be such a good pundit, get Adrian chiles back me n him dream team 😍😍😍
Stop moaning. The alternatives are either PAY for Sky, or Adrian Chiles!
David Livingstone makes Adrian Chiles look like Ed Chamberlain. Would you please get rid of him
suggesting you no longer like Adrian Chiles...
I like the hairy bikers as much as I liked Adrian Chiles
Expect nothing more from Blues but Adrian Chiles,good on you mate! "If there's a god or any justice under the sky.."
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The public toilets in the Market Square were originally due to be opened by George Michael. He was unavailable so Adrian Chiles stepped in
Where's Adrian Chiles when you need someone to fill time on live TV?.
weren't you called Ian Beale and Adrian Chiles?
commentary tonight is the worst monosyllable stat rubbish since Adrian chiles was on air so sad
This Liverpool fest on BT Sport is embarrassing. Even ITV with Adrian Chiles had a partial view to it. It's like Liverpool TV.
Now they've got a 'doctor' into the studio to describe what handball means. This sort of thing makes you miss Adrian Chiles😒
Watching football with my Dad is what I imagine watching football with Adrian Chiles is like... . Death x
Thrilled to support one of our artists this afternoon drawing television presenter Adrian Chiles at The Wallace...
Adrian Chiles, can't believe you didn't correct the man who thought if we then we won't be in
I imagine Adrian Chiles leaves Andy Townsend wistful voicemails now and then, to tell him about his azaleas, and how much he misses it all.
Fancy Adrian Chiles to get back amongst the microphones, as well.
With 24 hours to go, we've got a special good luck message for all of our riders from Adrian Chiles!
BBC 5 live today. Adrian Chiles. "we all know about the economic argument (to stay) but,, blatant remain favouritism.
On a packed train with man of the people Adrian Chiles, holding court, and being forced to drink Bailey's by the adoring rabble.
Q: What could be less interesting than this game? A: Adrian Chiles and Gareth Southgate talking about it.
That night when the England game was delayed until like 4am & we had to endure Adrian Chiles, Ian right & Glen Hoddle
I demand to see Adrian Chiles punching Vera Lynn in the *** in glorious HD. Happy to pay for wig.
I mean I once had a crush on Adrian Chiles and Danny Dyer. I am in no position to criticise
Adrian Chiles, with your face like a closing down sale at a Kwik-fit
BREAKING: Adrian Chiles amazed by cocaine smuggling brawl.
Adrian Chiles does a great job introducing the fights what a top sport! Last fight for the evening! Ding ding round 1! Fight!
Catherine Tate reveals Adrian Chiles got so nervous during their first date that he forgot his own name and then threw up in his carbonara.
*** failed SAFC by losing to Delia's tossers. What do you say Adrian Chiles?
Throwback to when England vs Honduras was delayed and erm Adrian Chiles erm showed his erm natural talent erm
Michael Owen brings to commentary what Adrian Chiles brought to sports presenting...
Next week's guest presenter on 4 is Adrian chiles same skills and knowledge as jones
I'd like to travel across Australia with Adrian Chiles and Glenn Hoddle. That would be one crazy road trip. Carnage.
Could've been at the pub but instead I've spent my evening pulling pints for Adrian bloody Chiles
Really like having Matt Smith on Chelsea TV covering youth cup. Just think we could have ended up with that funking eejat Adrian Chiles🙈🙈
Ian Holloway is up there with Adrian Chiles 🔔🔚
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Just seen 3 Harry Ramsden restaurants close down after Adrian Chiles attempted the 'All You Can Eat Challenge' and consumed the furniture.
Paul Scholes is ruining his reputation as a tv pundit. Trying to act like the Noel Gallagher of OT but getting more like Adrian Chiles.
Good luck to our fantastic Patron Adrian Chiles who is taking on the Great 10K in May - see you there! https…
I love it: Adrian Chiles has managed to tell the a Cyberman & The Hulk's
SPOTTED: Adrian Chiles flying into a rage with a misbehaving self-service checkout at an Asda store in Solihull.
Apparently we can still qualify said Adrian chiles but I think we all know he's 110% bent
TV appearances with Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley in London, UK 17 Feb.2010
I would rather see the face of Adrian Chiles than hear the voice of Michael Owen.
THE BIG SHORT made me want to see WORKING LUNCH: THE MOVIE, with Toby Jones as Adrian Chiles, and Mark Strong as Adam Shaw.
Robbie Savage, Michael Owen and Adrian Chiles. Commentator dream team
We've lost the much maligned Andy Townsend & Adrian Chiles now we've got Ian Wright on every channel. We aren't better off for it the wanker
Move Nick Robinson and Adrian Chiles to Newsnight, because I don't watch it now :)
it's Andy Townsend and Adrian Chiles still struggling to be relevant
You've never seen Adrian Chiles and Martin Clunes in the same room, just saying.
Adrian Chiles coming back to do analysis with Terry Wogan?..
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Adrian Chiles speaks to Kerstin Rodgers, One to One - BBC Radio 4
Why is Adrian Chiles on He is such a klutz, reduces everything to base line. No nuance or subtlety on serious topics
Everyone's talking: Adrian Chiles has somehow reversed over another of existence.
BREAKING: Adrian Chiles hurt in prostitute accounting orgy.
Know one can replace on apart from Adrian Chiles
Never thought I'd be spending the morning with Adrian Chiles in a sperm bank?
I'm sure I can hear Adrian Chiles giggling
Just listened to report on Adrian Chiles going for a *** for BBC 5 Live feature on sperm donation. There's an image I really didn't want.
Listening to Adrian Chiles on talking about sperm is one of the most awkward and weirdest pieces of radio ever made
Listening to Adrian Chiles looking at frozen spunk on is too much for this time of the morning
I'm not Adrian Chiles. I'm just a fan lol!
"Adrian Chiles" and "spunk" in the same sentence. Now I feel weird.
If ever a face has said "all this spunk is making me feel weird", Adrian Chiles' face is saying it now
Adrian Chiles talking about quality of sperm. I knew he was a swallower!
"I'm currently surrounded by tanks of frozen sperm.". Adrian Chiles opening his radio show this morning.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Adrian Chiles just said on radio "I'm surrounded by giant tanks of frozen sperm". Hoping for a new ductile-to-brittle transition case study
Worst ever case of 'Too Much Information': Adrian Chiles tells listeners he's made a deposit at a sperm bank.
BBC 5 Live @ BWH. BBC5 Live will be bringing their 10am programme with Adrian Chiles live from the Fertility...
10:00 5 live Daily: Original news and exclusive interviews from across the UK with Adrian Chiles.
special guest appearance from Adrian Chiles
Just saw Adrian Chiles at the hotel bar where I'm staying!
Adrian Chiles dad was in the stands today. A well respected ref and also loves playing flight simulator
he's as bad as that nonce Adrian Chiles
Jermaine Jenas is quite quickly becoming the Adrian Chiles of the BBC.
Adrian Chiles is a bit of a hero of mine.
I cant believe with how much hate Adrian Chiles is commenting.
Read and understand: Adrian has been jailed for swimming into the path of the climate of Scotland.
look like Adrian Chiles's evil twin
just read Adrian Chiles book from 2005.You remind me of Frank Skinner..ultra positive 😄 i'm more like Adrian!
Our MD Ronald Pye has been asked to appear on the BBC Radio 5 Live Adrian Chiles show 5 Live Daily this coming...
I know Adrian Chiles was a bit boring but at least he didn't shout every word like Mark Pougatch. It's really annoying
Sad days: Adrian Chiles been found in possession a elephant.
And Mark Poogash. I never thought I'd say this but... bring back Adrian Chiles :/
Hi S9 Ep8 of Would I Lie To You... Aisling Bea and June Brown... 2 ladies... But Adrian Chiles too so not all good!
It's nights like these listening to Owen Hargreaves that make me miss Adrian Chiles
I think I'd go as far as to say that Michael Owen is worse than Adrian Chiles 😳
not Adrian Chiles though please thanks.
is right up there with Adrian Chiles on the list of one of the biggest bellends that cover champions league football!
Adrian Chiles, in his stained onesie, leans over to his pillow case with drawn on eyes and says, "Over to you, Guy..." *cries*
Would you rather watch Adrian Chiles present or listen to Michael Owen commentate?
Celeb spot day 2! Adrian Chiles running his fingers through carpet at a Soho fabric store. Oh, it's all go...
Wait outside a TV shop until you see Adrian Chiles's face appear on the screen. Enter & approach the counter. Ask to speak to Adrian Chiles.
amused to see Adrian Chiles also chose & Prawn Cocktail Years in his top 10 cookbooks for
literally the worst pundit in the world, worse than Adrian Chiles
A 27 year old Birmingham lad with a head for businesses named Adrian Chiles got his break by taking a Working Lunch with BBC2
you look great, Adrian Chiles has let himself go since I last saw him
How Adrian Chiles has a net worth of £4million whereas Mahatma Ghandi has a net worth of £1000 bewilders me
I would sooner have Adrian Chiles commentating than Michael "state the obvious" Owen... He's a bit of a chuff.
seen Adrian Chiles on ? Just smashed it and bagged 37k in the first round!
Adrian Chiles's mummy reveals he's already been through the Argos catalogue and put big ticks next to the toys he wants for Christmas.
Salford Quays by night...Adrian Chiles is lending me his mic again tomorrow
Oh my god, just heard Stewart Lee describe Adrian Chiles as a Toby jug that’s somehow learned to speak… That’s genius.
and we thought Adrian Chiles was bad John Inverdale is horrendous
Worst part of is itv coverage!! Can she not sit on a chair properly?! Nearly as bad as adrian chiles on football
Micheal Owen is the Adrian Chiles of commentary...
Adrian Chiles got sacked, how does Michael Owen still have a job?
I think you may need to Photoshop some proof. Like the Adrian Chiles/Susan Boyle comparison.
hated him in F1 and hate him on football the man is the new Adrian chiles
'The meek might inherit the earth but they've got no good press or PR. ' Adrian Chiles
Not quite Marty McFly! . Watch Adrian Chiles test out the closest thing to a hoverboard...
Love Hugh Grant Shapps is Adrian Chiles gonna go There of helium.
CoS-NEWS^ | Broadcaster inspires at media conference: TV and radio presenter Adrian Chiles spoke at the Church...
Adrian Chiles: Can we reconnect with people whose faith falters? Yes we can
It almost makes it seem worth switching back to Adrian Chiles on 5Live it's that bad
I'd like to drive at 30mph from Lands End to John O'Groats with Andy Townsend and Adrian Chiles. Just 3 nutters having a right laugh.
Dara O Briain is such an infectious character. He made his own. Even Adrian Chiles was better than Jack Dee.
Can't we have Adrian Chiles back hosting now he's back with the BBC?
I see Robert Peston is heading to ITV, to join other people you've never seen again like Bob Wilson, Adrian Chiles, that breakfast woman...
Vieira was asked by Adrian Chiles about Zinedine Ziadane's influence on the French team in 98 and what Zidane was like as a person.
Niall Quinn is the Sky Sports version of Adrian Chiles.
A doubt av been on a bus with 2 more annoying girls in me life 😁. The female Adrian chiles and Rodney trotter 😩😩😩
Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley presented the programme from launch, but they left 15 months later.
Leaving Adrian Chiles and Danny Dyer to slug it out on the car park
To be fair,can't be worse than ITV and their use of Adrian Chiles,bloody useless he was
Has there ever been a finer panel than Fitzpatrick, Lynagh and Dallaligio, but ruined by inverdale. Is Adrian Chiles free for the next 5wks?
Adrian Chiles with a world class save
Would rather listen to Adrian Chiles talk crap than Niall Quinn talk crap
Adrian Chiles all over again. Cue adverts and a voice straining from someone's backside. I have to mute TV!
If I could bottle a smell to carry with me everywhere, it would be marzipan. Or Adrian Chiles.
Imagine if Adrian Chiles was doing the RWC coverage n all😅 I wouldn't watch it, I couldn't put myself through that
Well I've got a major problem with the ITV's panel - I'm not on it. Instead they've got 2 clones of Adrian Chiles. Sake.
Don't know which is worst, Adrian chiles presenting football or this evenings rugby commentary on ITV!
Hope Adrian Chiles isn't presenting this World Cup too
Seeing Adrian Chiles last weekend was a dream come true
Of course itv go for an ad break and miss fijis haka. I was half expecting the TV to reappear with Adrian chiles grinning at me like a goon
Its ok, Adrian Chiles is nowhere to be seen!!!
total bell end that bloke! Steve Rider or Adrian Chiles would have been bad enough FFS
you've just spoilt my pre match... Why John Inverdale... It's like you've found a rugby Adrian chiles
On the +side it's not Adrian chiles presenting the rugby
The good thing about this World Cup is that Adrian Chiles is nowhere to be seen!
Ray Mears looks like an Adrian Chiles that's been fed on Waitrose gravy
John Inverdale is the rugby equivalent of Adrian Chiles...bias and just an utter *** Cracking opening ceremony though! 🏆.
It's almost time! looking forward to watching sport on ITV without having to put up with Adrian Chiles!
First positive: itv didn't get Adrian Chiles in for the
Let's hope Wales are not out in 4 days time otherwise it's a long 40 days!! Is Adrian Chiles presenting at some stage?
Rather have Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend than this lot
Poor Adrian Chiles. He can't even get the ITV rugby gig these days.
My greatest hope for the is that Adrian Chiles isn't allowed to do any of the presenting...
Adrian Chiles is a threat to our national security.
Rugby World Cup on ITV? Sad face, but it least it doesn't involve Adrian Chiles
Please tell me Steve Rider or Adrian Chiles aren't presenting ITV's coverage of the RWC...
Don't worry, Adrian Chiles. the Nicolas Cages still love you.
he is the thinking man's Adrian Chiles. He'll be lost without Jerry. :-)
hope it went as well as your book launch - I bet Adrian Chiles wasn't as smashed at this one! Take care x
I don't know who's worse, Adrian Chiles or Micheal Owen? Bare minimum between the Two
can't tell whether you're trying to be Gary Lineker or Adrian Chiles?
would rather have Adrian chiles monotoning us out
Mark Pougatch is absolutely clueless, so bad I want Adrian Chiles back on ITV.
some random punter they've just pulled out the pub by the looks of it! Bring back Adrian chiles...
That's Jacqui Oatley not Adrian Chiles as your continuity announcer stated
I love TMS but is there any chance in being notified when Simon Hughes comes on so I can press mute, he is the Adrian Chiles of cricket comm
I took a slash between Adrian Chiles and Graeme Le Saux at the urinals at half time in the Hawthorns once!
Would rather listen to Adrian Chiles, Danny Murphy and Robbie Savage than this and that's saying a lot
Sue Smith must be the worst commentator going! Would rather listen to Adrian Chiles!
Brett Anderson was going to promote Suede on Daybreak but no amount of money is worth having to look at Adrian Chiles.…
I'd love to go on holiday to Guildford and stay in a caravan with Adrian Chiles and Neil Morrissey. I bet we'd have a right laugh.
cheers Alan. As long as Adrian Chiles and Steve Claridge arent involved
M/T Adrian Chiles on what he learnt from 46 consecutive days in church
Adrian Chiles went to church every day for 46 days in a row. Voluntarily
Matt Smith got released from ITV.Could be him, Adrian Chiles, Jeremy Clarkson, Jim Rosenthal.
Is it just me or John Arne Riise looks like Adrian Chiles?
I wish we could rid the planet of Clive Tyldesley, Andy Townsend and Adrian Chiles.
Iv just realised that Adrian Chiles guy isn't presenter on ITV SPORT I call that a result
Quick selfie with presenter Adrian Chiles while out on the water on yacht.
My faves for would be:. Adrian Chiles. Tim Henman . Delia Smith
Still think ITV would have been better off with Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend
that's not hard, Steven Hawking would sound better than Adrian Chiles.
Mark Pootash is already well better than Adrian Chiles
I've had Mark Pougatch on itv football for about 15 seconds and it is instantly better the Adrian Chiles! Who is in for Andy Townsend?
have no shame. Andy Townsend now FFS. Mark my words it will be Adrian Chiles next...
Great to see showing highlights, must be a first. Very welcome. Just hope Jim Rosenthal or Adrian Chiles isn't fronting it.
I'd rather listen to Adrian Chiles than Fletch & Sav. Paul Scholes summed them up perfectly last night 😂😂😂
Paul Scholes, David James, Michael Owen & Robbie Savage in the bag. The smart money would be on Adrian Chiles rocking up at aswell.
If ITV can get rid of Adrian Chiles then surely the BBC can get ride of John Inverdale!
I'd pay good money to watch Jim White and Adrian Chiles get lashed into the Tiger Enclosure in Chester Zoo
People Power got rid of Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend...any chance we can do the same for Niall Quinn??
Never mind Adrian Chiles, get Niall Quinn off the TV. Clueless, biased, doesn't have a clue on what he's watching
Adrian Chiles was a knotted handkerchief away from ITV greatness but he should have q: MARK WEBSTER: In footba...
Ed Miliband is the Adrian Chiles of politics. -Potatohead
Adrian Chiles fired. Hopefully out of a cannon. Into the North Sea.
Tamworth fans showing their love for Adrian Chiles.
Hope ITV replace Adrian Chiles with Claire Balding. One big *** replaced by one with a big ***
It appears that Adrian Chiles has followed Elton Welsby, Steve Rider and Jim Rosenthal into the rubbish bin of ITV football presenters.
Today ITV announced that Mark Pougatch would be taking over as a presenter of the channel’s football coverage, with Adrian Chiles on his way out after four years at the head of ITV’s football coverage. And the internet erupted.
Adrian Chiles has left his role as ITV’s lead football host with immediate effect, with the broadcaster announcing Mark Pougatch as his replacement.
News that Adrian Chiles has been sacked has just reached Africa
Adrian Chiles leaves ITV: In defence of the everyman football pundit -
Adrian Chiles sacked by ITV, hallelujah!!! What a *** . Not that I'll be seing us play in the champions league on there again any time soon!
are you concerned Adrian Chiles might apply for your job on MOTD?
When you find out Adrian Chiles has been sacked.
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Best News in Years today, Adrian Chiles has been sacked from football as a presenter
BREAKING: ITV confirm Adrian Chiles has been sacked...
Adrian Chiles on being sacked: "At least I can spend more time with my family now."
At least Adrian Chiles can now spend more time with his family
ITV Bosses say there goodbyes to Adrian Chiles .
The day everyone was waiting for has come.. Adrian Chiles has been sacked. . Praise The Lord.
BREAKING: ITV confirm Adrian Chiles has been sacked.
Has anyone ever seen Adrian Chiles & Ray Mears in the same room?
ITV confirm Adrian Chiles has been sacked..
So what's the goss re: Adrian Chiles' sacking?> ITV realised he was SHOITE!
When you find out that ITV have sacked Adrian Chiles
"Steven Gerrard has never lost a game in which he has scored a last minute winner." -Adrian Chiles.
Mark Pougatch is set to replace Adrian Chiles on ITV. Great news.
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