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Adonis Garcia

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"He needs to pull that mask down a little lower to get some oxygen.” —after Adonis Garcia made a ment…
Tough play for Adonis Garcia that gave way to Neil Walker's double.
Harvey just got a mammoth swing and miss from Adonis Garcia on a 83 mph changeup. He's pitchin' & has them in knots but is down 1-0.
Yoenis Cespedes rips a line drive past 3B Adonis Garcia for his first XBH of the year. His 254 TB last year were 3rd best of his career.
Facing Adonis Garcia and Nick Markakis' exo-skeleton should help him.
Who hits the 1st home run of the season? I'm picking Adonis Garcia
pretty much & sometimes Adonis Garcia can hit the ball hard
Adonis Garcia draws a walk, and are in business vs. deGrom.
Adonis Garcia is also on pace to break Webb's record with 81 2B, but only by 14.
2 clutch situations against a division rival have come up and los bravos have had Emilio Bonificio and Adonis Garcia. Thanks, Coppy.
Adonis Garcia is Coppy's middle finger to Braves fans.
I have an irrational hate for Nick Markakis but also an irrational love for Adonis Garcia
.challenge call that Adonis Garcia is safe at 1B in the 5th inning; call overturned, runner is out:
Remember when Reed gave up the home run to Adonis Garcia last year and Keith went "ohh noo" as soon as it was hit?
DYK: Adonis Garcia is the only Adonis who has played MLB since 1900, but there have been 20 minor league dudes named Adonis.
Calling an Adonis Garcia home run right now.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Reed *** in tie games and vs Adonis Garcia so im worried tbh
Adonis Garcia has the very first RBI of the season!
Adonis Garcia with the first Braves RBI of 2017! Markakis scores to tie the game at 1!
Is that the first run of the season? Nick Markakis scored it and Adonis Garcia hit him in.
Adonis Garcia of all people puts the first run on the board
Hitting machine Adonis Garcia to save the day!
Of course Adonis Garcia gets the first Braves RBI of the seasonz
Why does Adonis Garcia turn into an All Star against the Mets?
All right, a *** run! Adonis Garcia with the RBI double to tie that game up at 1-1.
Adonis Garcia doubles home a run to tie the game off Robles. deGrom will get a no decision. NYM 1 | ATL 1 top 7.
An RBI double for Adonis Garcia, and tie it in seventh.
Adonis Garcia RBI double to tie the game!
Adonis Garcia with the first RBI of 2017 on a double to right. After 15 1/3 we are in the board.
Good piece of hitting by Adonis Garcia
Bring me the bat of Adonis Garcia with the game-tying RBI double!
tie it at 1-1 in the 7th on an RBI double from Adonis Garcia. 2 in scoring position w/1 down for Suzuki.
Nice job going the other way by Adonis Garcia
1) I hate Adonis Garcia. 2) Jay Bruce stinks in RF. But we already knew that.
Adonis Garcia provides the with their first run of the season on a RBI double. 1-1 in the 7th.
Braves' first RBI of the season comes from Adonis Garcia. Who'd have guessed it?
Adonis Garcia with a RBI Double to tie this up at 1-1. Robles looks rough so far. Did well on Monday.
Adonis Garcia drives in the first Braves run of the year!
Just as everyone predicted.Adonis Garcia has the first RBI of the year.
Adonis Garcia with an opposite field, RBI-double to tie things up, 1-1.
Adonis Garcia with a bullet. Tie ball game
Why does Adonis Garcia kill the Mets but *** against everyone else?
Adonis Garcia drives in the Braves' first run of the season with a seventh inning double
Is Rio Ruiz likely to platoon with Adonis Garcia at 3B to start the year?
There were 3 Braves players who had more AB with runners on base than Freddie Freeman:. Adonis Garcia. Matt Kemp. Nick Markakis
Adonis Garcia grounds into a double play, pitcher Oliver Perez to second baseman Daniel Murphy to shortstop Danny Espinosa to first baseman
"Adrian" Adonis Garcia now gives the the lead! 2 out RBI's!
RBI single by Adonis Garcia(6th RBI of the season) plates Daniel Castro as the cut the lead to 6-3 in the 7th inning.
There we go! Adonis Garcia collects his 3rd hit of the night and drives Daniel Castro to cut the lead to 3. https…
Freddie Freeman just saved Adonis Garcia from yet another throwing error.
High 5's for Adonis Garcia as Kelly Johnson drives him in off Harvey in the 2nd. Braves on the board!
Kelly Johnson singles to right and plates Adonis Garcia to get the on the board in the 2nd!
RBI single by Kelly Johnson(3rd RBI of season) plates Adonis Garcia as the cut the lead to 4-1 in the 2nd inning.
The Yomiuri Giants have agreed to terms with Cuban OF Jose Garcia (23) brother of Adonis Garcia
Two-out trouble in 8th for Clayton Kershaw, who walks Freddie Freeman and gives up a 1B to Adonis Garcia. have 10 hits on the day.
Jose Adolis Garcia,younger brother of Jose Adonis,has reached an agreement with Yomiuri Giants of NPB.
Ahh! A hurt Adonis Garcia was still hidden down there.
Cool story from on Adonis Garcia, who isn't the only baseball star in his family.
UPDATE: Adonis Garcia (left knee contusion) will be available to pinch-hit in Wednesday's game vs the Dodgers.
Adonis Garcia (HBP above left knee last night) is available to pinch hit tonight.
Adonis Garcia (knee) is not in the lineup for Wednesday's contest with the Dodgers.
Injury: Adonis Garcia (Knee), Expected to be out until at least Apr 21
Adonis Garcia scratched with a left knee contusion. Daniel Castro starts at third.
Adonis Garcia was HBP in the left knee last night.
Updated lineup is in! Adonis Garcia OUT. Updating projections for the main slate
UPDATE: Adonis Garcia (left knee contusion) is out for Wednesday's game vs Los Angeles (day to day).
Adonis Garcia has been scratched from tonight's lineup due to a left knee contusion. Updated lineup:
Braves heart of the order:. Daniel Castro. Freddie Freeman. Adonis Garcia. Jeff Francouer. yall were making fun of them hitting Kelly Johnson 4?
Not this time as Freddie Freeman singles over Dee Gordon's reach. 1st/2nd for Adonis Garcia. 1 out in 7th. Some action in bullpen
Hey, Freddie Freeman changed his number to 42. ... So did Nick Markakis and Adonis Garcia ... and, never mind, it's
Someone please tell me how batting Adonis Garcia and Jeff Francouer back to back was a smart idea
With intentional walk to Adonis Garcia in 4th, ace Adam Wainwright ties career high of 5 walks. Last time was 2012 vs
Braves fall to the Nationals in 10 innings. Adonis Garcia went 1-3, HR, R, 2 RBI. Nice effort to start the season.
Jeff Francoeur and Adonis Garcia just drew walks in the same inning
Walks from Jeff Francoeur and Adonis Garcia had never happened in the same half inning in baseball history. CC:
Adonis Garcia and Jeff Francoeur both had key walks in that inning. Can't make this stuff up.
We are winning because of Jeff Francoeur and Adonis Garcia walks lol
Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez is thinking about using Adonis Garcia in the cleanup spot this season.
Mar 19, AB 1: Alex Rodriguez grounds out, third baseman Adonis Garcia to first baseman Nick Swisher.
Adonis Garcia, Jake Cave, Peter O'Brien, Danny Burawa, Manny Banuelos, Jose Ramirez, Ramon Flores all have potential to play roles in bigs
I think we're past the point where we need to admit that Adonis Garcia might actually be pretty good.
alot of projection software are super high on Adonis Garcia... what say you Steve?
Adonis Garcia should be our starting 3B.
I still don't like Adonis Garcia, but if he keeps playing well, maybe we can get some team to overpay for him.
You'll recall, Adonis Garcia had 10 homers in 198 plate appearances for the in 2015 (tied for second most on the team)
Doug Fister gives up a two-out, two-run HR to Braves' Adonis Garcia. Atlanta leads Houston 3-1 in the third.
Have the Braves finally found a long term replacement for Chipper with Adonis Garcia? My column:
Adonis Garcia's 2-run shot off Fister gives him 6 hits (3 doubles and a HR) in his past 13 at-bats.
Doug Fister's getting hit pretty hard here in Kissimmee. Triple by Inciarte, single by Aybar, HR by Adonis Garcia, single by Flowers.
In play, run(s), again. Adonis Garcia's 2 run homer to left gives the a 3-1 lead in the 3rd. First HR of spring for Garcia
Adonis Garcia clocked a 2-run homer, his first of the spring. He doesn't mind full-count pitches from Doug Fister as much.
Adonis Garcia 2-run homer for in 3rd, his 1st of spring. It's a 3-1 ATL lead over and Fister
Where do projection systems disagree?
Source: infielder Adonis Garcia highly likely to be shipped to 3B has fared well, but team unlikely to give him shot.
There's Adonis Garcia's 1st spring error, I believe... somehow threw it too high to a 6'8" first baseman.
Fights are fun. Projection fights are even better. on the biggest disagreements between Steamer and ZiPS:
Over/Under on Adonis Garcia HRs 18. I say over, you?
Jose Urena gives up a leadoff single, and an RBI double to Adonis Garcia in the first. 1-0 lead the
SBN Where do projection systems disagree?
1-0 on an Adonis Garcia extra bases knock!
Steamer and ZiPS usually agree. Let's look at the cases where they don't.
Keuchel yields a walk and a double to Adonis Garcia with two outs. But Kelly Johnson struck out swinging on breaking ball. 0 Runs.
Adonis Garcia lines into a double play as Atlanta leaves the tying run on third base. 4, 3, end 5
GIDP by Nick Swisher scores Adonis Garcia. Third GIDP this afternoon for the Braves
Adonis "GOAT" Garcia crushes a ball off the CF wall
Adonis Garcia doubles off base of CF wall to lead off 4th
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First hit of the game for the Braves is by Adonis "2016 MVP" Garcia
Adonis Garcia breaks up Harvey's perfect-game bid with a 1-out single in the second. Comebacker off Harvey's glove. Four pitches that AB.
Adonis Garcia hitting those home runs at the end of last year was more a curse than a blessing IMO.
takes a shot on Adonis Garcia for $5 who could hit for a good amount of pop and play a bunch this year. Love his team.
Bad Braves teams... guess who had the 2nd most homers on the 2015 Braves? Adonis Garcia and Cameron Maybin were tied at 10
or wait. Where is Jorge Vazquez? Or Adonis Garcia. Pour out a little liquor
Adonis Garcia scored on the fielder's choice to make it a 7-2 game, Phillies.
Anthony Garcia - double for the at almost the same . moment that Adonis Garcia doubled for the Weird.
With the 125th pick, 79Lancers select Adonis Garcia (3B-ATL). The Great Hambino is now on the clock.
Adonis Garcia is fine after hitting the bag at 1B awkwardly yesterday. Was coming out of the game regardless (Rio Ruiz ran).
Adonis Garcia tried to head home on a wild pitch. Yeah, no. Extra innings in DR.
Freddy Garcia pitching, Adonis Garcia at first. So many Garcias.
Eddie Perez is managing a team partially anchored by the bat of Adonis Garcia and started Freddy Garcia today. We need baseball back.
trade for Danny Valencia or pickup Adonis Garcia
I remember when some fans had an irrational love for Adonis Garcia. It seems less so now that he had a 113 wRC+ and 10 HR in 198 PA
Adonis Garcia 32-for-84 (.381) w/ 3 HR, 16 RBI in 22 Venez. WL games. .429 OBP/.571 slugging. 1.000 OPS would be 3rd if enough PAs.
You know who bashed LHed pitching last season? Adonis Garcia
Hard work key for Roma revival – Garcia: Rudi Garcia has told his Roma players they must stick together and be...
He was. They said he was atrocious defensively, but I saw Garcia make four errors in one game. Plus, Pedro's bat > Adonis' bat.
My question is this: Is Pedro Alvarez REALLY that much worse than Adonis Garcia defensively? C'mon, Take a flier on him.
I think the Braves should inquire. Writing him off as a defensive liability while running Adonis Garcia out there is odd to me.
I'm getting owned on baseball think factory because I called Adonis Garcia "Damaso Garcia" by mistake, this is awful
he's not really an upgrade over Adonis Garcia
2015 INF Adonis Garcia batting .388/.438/.567 in 17G with of VWL.
signed Ronnier Mustelier last week, an Adonis Garcia clone, and it was likely due to Winter League success: .862 OPS in 150 ABs.
that my opinion tho. I actually think Adonis Garcia figured out how to hit for power finally. No fluke. 20+ hrs
Well the Braves are cheapskates and have no good players besides Adonis Garcia.
gotta make room for winter league star Adonis Garcia of course
Braves will find a way to screw up and not start Adonis Garcia
Unfair to blame Garcia for Roma form – Zanetti: Cristiano Zanetti considers it unfair for Rudi Garcia to be cr...
tfw the highlight of your team's winter league players is Adonis Garcia
Puig struggled mightily on Mayaguez winter league team when Adonis Garcia led that team w/ 6 HR, 26 RBI
Braves Winter League Weekly Recap: Mark Richt has lost control of Adonis Garcia
Cleanup hitter Adonis Garcia. starter Matt wisler. That might be a 130 loss team.
Next up after Gordon and Bryant...Adonis Garcia of the Braves. Maybe not.
I'm all for signing Juan Uribe to a 1 year deal to play 3rd. He's just the even fatter version of Adonis Garcia.
Braves season in review/preview: Hector Olivera could be the future at 3B
Braves season in review: Third base a revolving door in 2015
Garcia relishing open Serie A title race: Rudi Garcia says the Serie A title race is more open this season tha...
LEADING OFF: Garcia up for Cards, Syndergaard on the Road: LEADING OFF: Garcia up for Cards; Mets' Syndergaard...
Cubs have Bryant, Schwarber, and Arrieta. Thank goodness have...Christian Bethancourt, Adonis Garcia & Ryan Weber?
reports that Adonis Garcia will play winter ball in Venezuela beginning in late Nov. or early Dec.
Translation: Adonis Garcia will play with the Magallanes.
is Adonis Garcia the next Eddie Mathews too?
Chris, Adonis Garcia supposed to be in the lineup everyday next year?
Shelby Miller snaps streak with 6-0 win over Cardinals: Adonis Garcia homered twice to help…
Adonis Garcia belts two home runs today to finish with 10 on the season.
Recommendation by :Adonis Garcia did not see much playin...
Think Adonis Garcia is our best LF option right now.
It's a really good thing the don't have to worry about facing Adonis Garcia in the playoffs.
Give Adonis Garcia a spot on the 2016 roster. Or trade him while his value is skyhigh.
Adonis Garcia is the new Cardinal killer.
And the strike first courtesy of Adonis Garcia and Michael Bourn!
His name is Adonis Garcia, and he drives in runs. His RBI-single gives the a 1-0 lead in 1st inning of Game 2 vs.
Adonis Garcia is making his case to play more next season
I'd be ok with Adonis Garcia being part of a cheap platoon in LF next season.
After 24 straight winless starts, Shelby Miller shut out the Cards for eight, while Adonis Garcia went deep twice...
The Braves routed the Cardinals by a score of 6-0. Adonis Garcia homered twice and went 2 for 4 in the win.
Adonis Garcia makes it 3-0 with a solo shot. . We begin the 5th, as tries to get something going for the…
Adonis Garcia will be a big part of the Braves next year. Has 10 home runs in under 60 games. Comes out to almost 30 over a full season
Adonis Garcia had 2 plate appearances in the team's first 96 games, is tied for 2nd on the team in home runs.
There is an actual person named Adonis Garcia
to be fair, Adonis Garcia is a pretty stellar name.
INF Adonis Garcia has 10 homers in 193 PA. He had 21 homers in 1,194 PA.
Another homer for Adonis Garcia extends the Braves’ lead to 4-0. 6 innings in the books.
That second dinger by Adonis Garcia was maybe the prettiest hit of the year for Atlanta. Gonna get Shelby a win.
Equate Adonis Garcia*. *compare active ingredients to Johnson and Johnson Evan Gattis
lol Adonis Garcia is tied for second on the team in HR
have some reserve depth heading into 2016. Adonis Garcia and Daniel Castro are two guys to keep top of mind.
Juan Lagares in for Michael Conforto for the Adonis Garcia stays in the game on defense for Hector Olivera.
3 run pinch hit homerun by Adonis Garcia plates Jace Peterson and Michael Bourn as the tie the game at 4.
Great play last night by Adonis Garcia! Made Brooks Robinson look like a child!…
We could use a guy like Adonis Garcia
former Yankees prospect Adonis Garcia ladies and gents
Adonis Garcia is batting fifth for the Braves. What a time to be alive.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Atlanta Braves 3B Adonis Garcia goes 3 for 5 in loss via
Braves Jonny Gomes and Adonis Garcia hit back-to-back homers in 6-3 loss to Rockies
Hey I think this means you should not buy an Adonis Garcia shirt!!
Adonis Garcia became the fourth player since 2000 to hit at least 6 HR in his first 31 career games (Francoeur, Heyward, Gattis)
Heart of the order - Freeman, Bourn, Adonis Garcia - due up in the bottom of the 9th against Rox Axford. 6-3 Rockies
Johnny Gomes with a solo bomb 💣 and then give one to Adonis Garcia with a homer
And Adonis Garcia follows with an oppo taco!!! Making up for those 3 errors last night!!! Now 3-0
BACK. TO. BACK! Adonis Garcia with a to right field!. up 3-0.
Adonis Garcia follows with an oppoiste field homer. go back to back (and belly to belly) and lead 3-0 in the 6th.…
Adonis Garcia is on pace for 6 errors tonight...Brooks Conrad would be proud.
VIDEO: With Hector Olivera starting rehab, where will Adonis Garcia fit into plans?
VIDEO: With Hector Olivera starting rehab, what will future hold for current 3B Adonis Garcia?
Regardless of what happens when Hector Olivera arrives, Adonis Garcia has made himself a lasting impression the past few weeks.
Bobby Cox on Adonis Garcia "He can hit! I was thinking about him being called up a month or two ago when we were in trouble with injuries."
If Hector Olivera plays 3B where does Adonis Garcia play if Maybin plays LF and Bourn is in CF?
Eury Pérez's RBI single in the 8th gives the 9-8 win over Marlins. Nick Markakis: 3RBI. Adonis Garcia:2-run HR
Hector Olivera was born in Cuba seven days before Adonis Garcia was born in Cuba. Soon, they will be teammates.
Really looking forward to the Hector Olivera-Adonis Garcia "Which 30 year old rookie Cuban 3rd baseman is our future?" battle.
Adonis Garcia really the lord and savior of this team right now.
Adonis Garcia hits the game-winning home run as Braves beat Cardinals, 3-2. St. Louis snaps 5-game win streak with the lo…
oh my ! Adonis Garcia has some pop ! 2nd start in the bigs gets his 1st home run (while Joe pulls for Heyward to catch it - genius)
(3/3) INF Daniel Castro and OF Adonis Garcia recalled from and will join the team in St. Louis tonight.
John Moses on Adonis Garcia: "He can really hit. He's been hitting well in the four slot after Hunter and in front of Cunningham."
One-out double by Joe Benson scores Adonis Garcia and cuts 10th-inning deficit to Charlotte to 7-5.
Gwinnett Scores 2 runs off of 3 hits and a walk in the first. RBIs by Adonis Garcia and Joe Benson. They lead 2-0
A throwing error on Adonis Garcia at third allows Maikel Franco to reach 2nd and extend the inning with 2 outs.
Adonis Garcia keeps the sixth alive with a two-out triple. Diving attempts by Kevin Pillar missed in center.
4 NYY MiLers playing for Dave Miley and Mayaguez this winter in the PRWL. Angelo Gumbs, Luke Murton, Adonis Garcia and Preston Claiborne
Adonis Garcia knocks his third hit of the day, but Ibarra is out at home on the play; Dustin Martin leads off the fourth with a HR. 3-1.
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