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Adolph Hitler

Adolf Hitler (20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) was an Austrian-born German politician and the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party ((NSDAP), commonly referred to as the Nazi Party).

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"Take risks in your life- if you win you can lead, if you lose you can guide." -Adolph Hitler
He is tearing the country and our moral fiber apart. This is 21st…
When you are in light everything follows you but when in dark your shadow seize to follow you . ~Adolph Hitler
Hitler still got da junkest mustache in history. Mr. Adolph you was not saucy & you was scared of girls, lame *** serial killer.
3/ No one since Adolph Hitler has done more to promote Xenophobic Christianity than Donald J Trump.
this women has no redeeming virtues. *** no virtues at all Reminds me of pics of Adolph hitler when younger of course u see?
If Trump is Adolph Hitler, then Jeff Sessions must be Napoleon Bonaparte?
Yes, that is exactly why Japan attacked us, and what motivated Adolph Hitler. Right.
The last photo of Adolph Hitler shows him surveying bomb damage outside his bunker. Two days later he killed himself.…
How are we supposed to have a student section when your Vice Principal is Adolph Hitler?
These sub-humans do not understand how the people stand at our side. “Adolph Hitler”
Treat Donald Trump like you would treat Adolph Hitler! He models himself after Hitler – so he may end up like that demon!
Donald Trump HAS THE MINDSET OF ADOLPH HITLER! And until he is sent back to *** – treat him like you would treat Hitler!
"Adolph Hitler was the Michael Jordan of evil" - Bill Burr 😂😂😂
I like how all the bed-wetting Leftists are once again comparing Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler... Losers…
WRONGO B*tch... In the 1940's our hatred for Adolph Hitler led to his demise. In the 1860's our hatred of slavery…
Hitler was "blitzed" on drugs throughout much of WWII, author says:
2) of the law is never an excuse. Hitler thought he was above the law. Wrong answer, Adolph.
Hitler had a drug problem — according to Norman Ohler's new book.
First 100 days was like reading a screenplay written by Adolph Hitler
Israel isn't Satan the CFR is Satan CFR biggest racists of all…
I am tired of hearing people bash Adolph Hitler, he was a decent moral man who ultimately was about love not hate.
"I've seen this movie & I know how it ends" says extremely elderly Adolph Hitler, watching Der Untergang
The twelve years of Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich and the events and philosophical -
CHRISTIAN, I have never truly hated any person in American history other than Hillary Clinton & Adolph Hitler. My d…
uhm, I don't know how "subtle" it is to point blank say "You certainly do remind me of Adolph Hitler"…
Khujo touched on the New World Order, Martial Law, The Constitution not mattering, Modern Race Wars & Adolph Hitler in 1995 -- its 2017 📡
Hey Tucker,Paul's only following orders from his bosses,the Koch Brothers.Just like the Nazis were following Adolph Hitler's orders
Never give up your guns! It always ends in *** " To conquer a people if must first be disarmed" Adolph Hitler
Any news on the rumor the owner of is a distant relative of Adolph Hitler
rumor Jeff bezos owner of wapo is great great grandson of Adolph Hitler any truth to that is that why he used Amazon name
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Brussels accused of INDOCTRINATING children with pro-EU classroom programme Thats Adolph Hitler reborn as Juncker)
The Left was praising Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin in the 1930's. no reason why they can't praise Iran and the Ayatollah…
icon Jesse Owens won a record 4 gold medals at the 1936 Berlin games, right in Adolph Hitler's face.
He's a madman very similar to Adolph Hitler and Papa Doc. He's gotta go.
Based on history, Benito Mussolini, Idi Amin Dada, Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, who else has a clue of what Trump is going to do…
'We look back at leader and artisan Adolph Hitler, and try to envision a world without his contribution to the Volkswagen…
Today we mourn Der Führer Adolph Hitler. His life was cut short. However, he made the trains run on time.
Adolph Hitler's modus operandi. Or closer to home, Castro brothers and Hugo Chaves and Nicolas Maduro.
"I you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed." - Adolph Hitler. And Trump is a student of Hitler.
Scot Bailey, Adolph Hitler's brother is still alive and promised me Kaiser Wilhelm II - Czar Romanoff that he shall go to New Jersey !
Of course, many bad guys over the years have been charming. Adolph Hitler, Barry Soetoro, Napoleon Bonaparte, Jim Jones. Awful bad
Trump scored between Adolph Hitler and Idi Amin. RWNJ's really know how to pick 'em.
Interestingly enough, that's exactly what has been said about Adolph Hitler. Did you know Trump slept with a copy of Mein Kampf?
Why am I reminded of the time when Marge Schott offered that Adolph Hitler "was initially good for Germany".
what's the difference between Adolph Hitler and Michael Phelps?
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Adolph Hitler has an IMDB page, Think about that for a minute. Just wanted to brighten up your Monday, carry on .
And Prescott Bush supported a man by the name of Adolph Hitler. What a proud pedigree the Bush's have, NOT!
"Adolph Hitler wore a clown nose and was the greatest general of the American civil war."
Adolph Hitler required that all civilians be disarmed, leaving no way to revolt against his tyranny
Word to Adolph Hitler Mustache n his Shaq o Neal wife beaters I'm one today!! Don't nobody want smoke I promise
I now know who the third Antichrist is. . 1. Napoleon Bonaparte. 2. Adolph Hitler. 3. Donald Trump. God help this world
“After Mein Kampf I swore I'd never write another book. This is it” . "Ken,my part in his downfall" by Adolph Hitler . (h/t to Spike Milligan)
The U.S. War on Drugs & Medical Marijuana killed more people than Adolph Hitler. Lets do the math in America also.
Adolph Hitler supposedly had BPD.perfect example of how Borderline PD got its name – as the border between neuroses and psychoses.
"They met in Munich, Germany in 1932, while trying to kill Adolph Hitler."
Terrorism is the best political weapon, for nothing drives ppl harder than a fear of sudden death. -Adolph Hitler
Britain’s Labour Party and the sunny side of Adolph Hitler: This period of Holocaust remembrance is not the best…
My little brother thought Adolph Hitler was "a dog, Hitler" so there's that
Adolph Hitler and my part in his resurrection.
I didnt get taken away from my parents and my name was "Adolph Hitler
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so basically the usa election is going to be forrest gump or adolph hitler - though I don't actually know if clinton has a moustache!
Tyrone can you please tell me you were the pillsbury dough boy for halloween
This is how we celebrate Cinco De Mayo! With Adolph Hitler!…
Volkswagen was the brainchild of Adolph Hitler. So is Hillary saying she's a Nazi sympathizer? Jawohl!
Adolph wasn't such a bad guy after all.. like c'mon.. Give him some credit.. he did kill Hitler.
I know not - but me thinks there be something smelly!. 'Tis alike Adolph Hitler in a kosher deli.
omg, Donald Trump is even worse than I thought! Adolph Hitler!?
I'm a Jew, so why are you acting like Adolph Hitler and the gang of thugs in beer halls across Germany?
FYI I do not support Adolph Hitler or anything about the Nazi party in any way
hey retard. Read up on wat happened 2boys who sold world Adolph hitler. wouldnt B bragging. Obamas just starting 2 kill.
Actually, "assault rifle" was COINED by Adolph Hitler for the STG 44 (MP44). It was propaganda then and is NOW.
I'd rather be endorsed by Adolph Hitler, at least he was a PATRIOT for his country however F'ed up he was.
Possible Trump running mates; George Wallace, Adolph Hitler or Idi Amin. All appeal to his base.
SPYFACT: 007’s signature weapon, the Walther PPK, is the same gun Adolph Hitler used to commit suicide in 1945. htt…
That won't happen no wonder you and ADOLPH HITLER DONALD J TRUMP support the KKK
as a warning it is about a demon sent to shape the life of Adolph Hitler as a child
- oh no, you went Hitler/Nazi's..You lose! In NYC you lighten the load on Adolph & Nazi's. Bad form.
what pisses me off is using the Hitler Mustache! why insult Adolph ?
Hey Trump you loser, I guess the Republicans liked Adolph Hitler more than the Zodiac Killer?
Messin with the 40's like Adolph Hitler.
like being Adolph Hitler and Third Reich devotees, admirers and worshipers conflated with the customary red herring of being anti-Semites,
Establish a "secular society?". You mean destroy religion, don't you?. Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin had the same goal.
"The Truth is so precious that she has to be protected by a bodyguard of lies." - Winston Churchill/Adolph Hitler/Tavistock Institute Manual
If another Adolph Hitler rose up somewhere today he'd have the world in the palm of his hand no one with the character to defeat him now
Austria to seize house where Hitler was born: The house where Adolph Hitler was born has turned into a shrine ...
Hitler, Adolph: "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future"
Politicians/leaders thru out history with lots of experience.Nevel Chamberlain,Genghis Khan,Josef Stalin,Adolph Hitler,Mussolini.
Adolph Hitler funded development of "Television". He was convinced it could control the masses. Time to think.
Hillary Clinton is the female version of Adolph Hitler, but worst!
Hitler, Adolph: "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think"
You know who else gave people numbers? Legendary atheist leader, Adolph Hitler
Hitler, Adolph: "Any alliance whose purpose is not the intention to wage war is senseless and useless"
Seeking to ruin a persons reputation is a Trump legacy. This is how Hitler started. Maybe we should call Adolph Trump.
guys I'm sorry that you can't plainly see the differences between Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler.
. Adolph Hitler was a great speaker.. What a stupid comment . Some of the worse human beings ever spoke fr…
Robot bombs. Are nothing new. Adolph Hitler. Used them too
You gotta relax, Raj lol. He's passive aggressive to the utmost, sure. We all know that. But he's not Adolph Hitler lol.
crack a history book. Adolph "atheism" Hitler was inspired by gaming to do the Holocaust.
Hitler, Adolph: "It is not truth that matters, but victory"
didn't Adolph hitler have one as well?
You read that right. comparing the first Jewish American to win a primary to Adolph Hitler
Adolph Hitler would be appalled at American brutality towards baby's.
"if you tell a lie long enough and often enough people will believe it " Adolph Hitler whose the fool now
"Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?". Adolph Hitler
a 5 year old 'opinion' piece by a former contributor about Obama being just like Adolph Hitler...I see..carry on..
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Adolph Hitler and the Nazis used the language of "subhuman" to refer to Jews, Romani, Slavs, *** people and disabled peop…
His speeches remind me of Adolph Hitler the way they are laid out with gestures for impact. The guy is a FRAUD!
no because my pack luck is about as good as Adolph Hitler.
Hitler, Adolph: "I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few"
Number one selling book in Germany by familiar author Adolph Hitler as elections loom over weekend immigration has Merkel's party in trouble
"My feeling as a Christian point me to my Lord & Savior.I'm fighting for the work of the Lord." - 4-12-21 - ["Adolph Hitler
Hitler having one *** just took the mustache humor off the table "One ball Adolph " F**k You!
We'd be better off voting for the reanimated corpse of Adolph Hitler than Trump
via Adolph Hitler is running for President… again
Adolph Hitler is running for President… again
TIME Magazine Cover: Adolph Hitler, Man of the Year - Jan. 2, 1939 - Adolph Hitler - Person of the Year
Rumors coming in that Adolph Hitler has been spotted trying to fit in, in rancho. contact channel 5 news when seen.
Margaret Sanger & Adolph Hitler Role Models for Hillary Clinton growing up in Marxist-Commie-Nazi Politics Death 2U
Which is way so many compare him to fellow populist Adolph Hitler.
Donald Trump is acting like Adolph Hitler - In character, In Temperament, In Style. Anyone who doesn't feed the Monster WILL DIE
Donald Trump is not different from Adolph Hitler... American will regret a lot in case he win election. He will lead the 3rd world war🙍
My friend has informed me he is channeling Adolph Hitler.
In the famous words of Adolph Hitler, "America's first mistake was freeing their slaves.". (Actual quote)
So? Joe Kennedy was a friend of Adolph Hitler's.
Please name Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Josef Stalin as strong leaders. We know you were thinking them.
Trump said there is no White people in the deal with Cuba? *** Adolph Hitler would be proud.
Josef Goebbels organized for Adolph Hitler in the same way. Mayhem distorts reality & masks true intentions.
another example of how DJT encourages violence and hate - just like Nazi Germany and Adolph Hitler.
SJWs are like a breastfeeding Adolph Hitler.
"The great strength of the totalitarian state is it forces those who fear it to imitate it." - Adolph Hitler
Calling/comparing to Adolph Hitler pisses off Israelis (Daily News) who think it "demeans the meaning of the Holocaust"
Henry Kissenger is responsible for more suffering and death than Adolph Hitler.
we should remember that Adolph Hitler first took National office legally
Hume didn't see any of the internet trolls calling Harper Adolph Hitler
upset bc compares the legislature to Adolph Hitler is a letter sent to lawmakers yesterday.
Some infamous, elected despots: Robert Mugabe, Adolph Hitler, Ferdinand Marcos. Of the three, voted out of office: 0.
ADOLPH HITLER TRUMP is pandering to the KKK Voters at his rallies.
one of my concerns is Trump will come after others next. See: Hitler, Adolph
. So now we've got . Castro in the Democratic Party & . Adolph Hitler on the Republican side. So let's pick on Hillary?
Austria's three most famous people are:. Adolph Hitler. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Conchita Wurst
No gods, no wars?! Tell that to Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zadong...
Cruz came off like Adolph Hitler on Megyn Kellys interview as we cringed from his sweaty face
Adolph Hitler at the Presidential Suite in Tump's casino.
I am so done with his Adolph hitler head ***
They saved Adolph Hitler's brain, and transplanted it into Donald Trump's cranium.
Kyle Singler gotta get rid of that Adolph Hitler haircut
I saw an atheist preaching how we shouldn't compare Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler. His argument was that that...
Fact of the Day: During WWII, Adolph Hitler offered $250,000 to any U-Boat captain who could sink the Queen Mary.
Donald Trump, president Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe said you are Adolph Hitler's descendant. . And need urgent psychiatric help.
President Mugabe of Zimbabwe said Donald Trump needs to see a psychiatrist. Because he is a descendent of Adolph Hitler.
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You literally raised Adolph Hitler from the dead and put his conscience into a new synthetic body! Technological singularity
Mini Avenger pointing at the telly and asks "Is that Ben Fogle?". Sadly it was Adolph Hitler.
Obama is the Adolph Hitler of the Third World War .
I used to wonder how Adolph Hitler could come to power. We're seeing a modern blueprint in 2015 with Donald Trump.
Donald Trump is being compared to the most evil man in modern history, Adolph Hitler, by ...
well they certainly do a lot of killing don't they? Tim McVeigh, Adolph Hitler.. Olympic Bomber, et al.
I guess white people were raised to be Adolph Hitler and Confederate people huh
So I guess u know Adolph Hitler personally and I guess u think ALL black people are thugs and gangsters huh?
I agree. Adolph Hitler Erdogan should be evicted from his 650million dollar house.
Fuuny you shood say that. Adolph Hitler wassa Democrat too.
Adolph Hitler killed 6 million Jews. Josef Stalin killed 7 million Muslims. Why don't we ever hear about the 'Islamic Holocaust'?
? Adolph Hitler; Time magazine 'man of the year' for 1938, issue Jan 2, 1939
Narcissists like Trump are the most insecure fascists on earth IE:Adolph Hitler,Saddam Hussein & B.Obama
.Israel a CFR production to control ME oil
Yes. Cos listening democracy is a strength of the left. Stalin Mao Pol Pot adolph Hitler.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Adolph Hitler was abused by cats as a boy.
Even Adolph Hitler not happy about Iowa Hawkeyes team running table & competing for Big Ten Championship!
Adolph Hitler wrote a text book on how to do that, and he didn't believe in evolution either.
Adolph Hitler and Donald Trump are nothing alike! Adolph Hiller never filed for bankruptcy.
Marge Schott, in a New York Times article, tries to explain her recent
Adolph Hitler was the first climate control advocate
ANNE FRANK MY *** There was no Anne Frank Else the Zionists Would Have Gassed Her Too, Hitler and *all* of the to
No king Adolph Hitler and Alaina have been sharing birthdays for months.
Did you ever realize that if you rearrange the letters in "Adele's hit record" it spells out "Adolph Hitler CD" 😳
Somewhere down in *** ..Adolph Hitler is looking up at Donald Trump and saying..I like this guy.
The result of the "July 20th Plot" bomb which Adolph Hitler survived only by extraordinary chance, 1944 [1024x768]…
Kim Jong Un or Adolph Hitler couldn't have said this better
Sociaism led to the fall of the Romans, and to the dark ages, and to Adolph Hitler, Joe Stalin and Pol Pot -what do they expect?
or chrismatic speaker/preacher that will do exactly what Adolph Hitler did with the same kind of nationalistic crap
The ultimate response to every yahoo citing Adolph Hitler as an argument against gun control featured in NBC s Science of Love
Even Adolph Hitler thought it more important than Obama to arm the Jews.
I put Vladimir Putin, Bashr Al-Assad and the villain, Adolph Hitler, in the bracket of irresponsible dictators. They'll do anything...
Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian. And his first love was a Jewish girl although he never spoke to her...he wrote...
.if you legally change the spelling of your name to Adolph Hitler v.2.0, I'll vote for you.
Don mat tingly says the dodgers are proud of chase utley. Really proud are you kidding. Yep Mrs. Hitler would always say not my boy Adolph
let's celebrate cheaters ESPN! Up Next Adolph Hitler up for person of the year!
If your pastor was Adolph Hitler or head of the Ku Klux Klan would you just sit in a pew for 20 yrs. and soak it in?
What’s the difference between Adolph Hitler and Christopher Columbus???
Trump's ideas are a lot like Hitler's. Read the similarities here:
Adolph Hitler's descendants got together and decided not to procreate, and thus ended their undesirable bloodline.
it's a shame that our politics require a candidate to have an opinion about Adolph Hitler
God also created John Wayne Gacy, Joseph Stalin, and Adolph Hitler, but that doesn't mean he intended for us to support them.
we have a a mutual non-aggression pact like Uncle Joe Stalin & Adolph Hitler?!
The Rothschild family funded Adolph Hitler. So the Kazaria "Jews" did kill Anna Frank! And you support church of Satan!
Barack H Obama like Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin is a SUB-HUMAN VERMIN seeking to plunder your property & kill you if you stand in the way
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I am almost certain that any of those "academics" supporting hutu power ideology, all of them must be sympathisers of Adolph Hitler ideology
"The only way for the people to be united, is to force them to be united". Adolph Hitler
Scott Adolph Hitler Walker has joined the Republican Presidential Clown Show. Every single one scares me.
May as well rename it Adolph Hitler Highway. Same thing.
were the first and the lore suggests that they also helped Adolph Hitler invent vaping and gaming.
Jerry Brown would issue DMV license to Adolph Hitler. And, offer sanctuary status
Artful Justice at Capital Fringe: What if Adolph Hitler had been a better artist?   It’s one of history’s grea...
The Swastika began in Egypt as a Symbol of the Sun - It was Adolph Hitler who reversed the symbol to represent their Ideology!
Is Donald Trump really related to Adolph Hitler?… Trump should 'fess up about his Nazi ties .
Today in PR 101: Avoiding headlines that associate your name with Adolph Hitler.
The Clinton family would accept handouts from Adolph Hitler, if they could launder it, so no one could determine the origin.
"When one lies, one should lie big." The masses of people will more easily fall victim to a great lie than a small one." Adolph Hitler
Adolph Hitler is universal symbol of - to all religions, races, groups
How a crucial Nazi document came to SC: A telegram to Adolph Hitler sowed the seed for the führer’s suicideIt ...
Scott Walker, Viewed as ‘Authentic,’ Aims for ‘Smart’ in the 2016 Race Adolph Hitler is his role model.
# Never Forget the torys were great admirers of Adolph Hitler & So to were Tory Papers# Mail etc
do you see any statutes of Adolph Hitler in Germany? No. And you won't. Do you see the unionjack flying here? No.
If we are not careful we might get an Adolph Hitler 😳
talk reminds me of the 'hate those people over there and I'll destroy them for you' speeches of Adolph Hitler. Shame on him!
Wow! I just won this for free, Block of 4 Un-hinged Brown Adolph Hitler Stamps Nazi Germany WW
Adolph Hitler and Mussolini drew crowds like nobody's business. Not comparing. Just saying.
Ted Cruz's hubris reminds me of Adolph Hitler
The Jews need to die off for real change. -Adolph Hitler (paraphrase)
"There will be a class. of subject alien races;. we need not hesitate. to call them slaves”. ~ Adolph Hitler
Great. America has a baby version of Adolph Hitler sucking his way up the electorate
Adolph Hitler came to power in 1930’s Germany with a loud message of hope. Yet, he was insane. Loud is still misunderstoo…
...4 the breakthrough in my political career,Adolph Hitler tod the Israeli YNE news site...
Like Adolph Hitler Who let a patsy power go to his head. he thinks hes POTUS.
So Julius Sello Malema is an Opportunist ? “Adolph Hitler sees opportunity when it rose use it skillfully to his own advantage”
*** ?? . Disturbing his grave is inexcusable!. Even if he was Adolph Hitler he should be left in his grave!
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United states is the most divided nation in the world today. It is destined to fail. I predict a purge, a new version of Adolph Hitler *RM
Powerful dictators who made it seem as though it were for the good of the people:. Adolph Hitler. Saddam Hussein. The King of Egypt.
To be clear. Adolph Hitler voted Labour, as did Josef Stalin. Chairman Mao voted Labour after a chat with Karl Marx. Pol Pot. just nuts!
In The Year 1933 Adolph Hitler declared that all organisations dungeons were harmful to his criminal plan for the...
son ya worried about the opinions of somebody who sympathizes with Adolph Hitler
"We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.". A. Karl Marx. B. Adolph Hitler. C. Joseph Stalin. D. H…
"Adolph hitler never killed anyone himself. He was averse to the sight of blood, which was part of the reason he was a …
In red shirt,"General" Adolphe Nshimirimana, Burundi's Adolph Hitler who promises an apocalypse
*** Cheney has been the worst criminal in charge of a government since Adolph Hitler. Truth hurts. Prosecute him!
The good little fuzzy & warm Christian has spoken. Adolph Hitler was a good little Christian, too..
From the Armenian Jihad Genocide, to The Holocaust, and Islamophile Adolph Hitler’s Jihad Against The Jews
"Who says I am not under the special protection of god". Adolph Hitler.
regram Adolph Hitler and his S. S. Officers took these sacred symbols, also used by the…
Israel is a CFR production just like Al Qaeda, Hamas, & ISIS
tfw your imdb STARmeter is slobberknocked by both Adolph Hitler and Ayn Rand.
lol Adolph Hitler fell from the sky huh? Same for Saddam and David Koresh?? Lol they had No Mothers huh??? U CRETINS
Wow Germany calls Armenian 1915 massacre genaside which I agree, what do they call Adolph Hitler?
"The greater the lie, the greater the likelihood people will believe it." ~ Adolph Hitler is a Saul Alinsky script for fear.
In Obersalzburg 1939, Adolph Hitler said, "Who, after all, speaks today of the extermination of the Armenians?”...
"How fortunate for governments that the peopla they administer don't think." - Adolph Hitler
Every black child in grade school is taught Adolph Hitler killed six million Jews and is the worst human being...
also celebrating a birthday this week - the corpse of Adolph Hitler.
Remember No Man Speaks All Lies Dig This good fortune for those in power that people do not think."~ Adolph Hitler
well, to be fair, this is 'Adolph Hitler' after all. Being an evil intolerant scumbag is kind of his thing.
I'm the mister. I steal all your girls. Call me Adolph Hitler. -Taylor Caniff (T-Niffer)
I'd like to see a side-by-side comparison of Huckabee speeches with pre-dictator Adolph Hitler. They sound familiar. ht…
. It helps sharing a bd with Adolph Hitler & Mary, mother of Jesus!!!. Easy to live in btn such contrasting humanbei…
lerner, Obama, jaret, Kerry, koskinan, Johnson, all students of Adolph Hitler, Benito Musolini, Joseph Stalin and fidel Castro
Bob Backlund: Scott, Long timer.   I was actually the guy who compared Adolph Hitler the painter to Benoit.  ...
"We'll have a party for Adolph Hitler; Hannibal Lecter can do the catering."
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Buzz reviews Multiversity Mastermen and can't get enough of Adolph Hitler on the toilet!
Read recently that Karl Urban was the doctor who performed a mastectomy on Adolph Hitler's mother, Klara. No, not that Karl Urban. I think.
There was nothing subtle about the threat posed by Adolph Hitler amid the rise o...: There was nothing subtle about…
You will go down in History as Just another Adolph Hitler only worse! You R killing relative blood
The only good thing Adolph Hitler ever did was ensure the toothbrush mustache will never be back in style.
Holocaust carried out by Adolph Hitler & his muslim allies -kill Jews.
"There is awesome power in every single person created by God. If you dont think so; in 1645 one vote gave Oliver Cromwell control of England. In 1776 one vote gave America the English language instead of German. In1875 one vote changed France from a monarchy to republic. And unfortunately in 1923 one vote gave Adolph Hitler control of Nazi Party in Germany. Your vote is of great value, use it wisely for the good of our future. Go out and cast your vote and make sure it counts. Its your right and your power. Do, in exercising that right and power, vote Gen. Buhari for President. Forward to at least 5 people for the good of our Father land. God bless you as you vote Buhari in FeBuhari!
Even moderate Muslims refer to Adolph Hitler, as “Islam’s Favorite Infidel.”
“After visiting these places, you can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived.” – John F. Kennedy Adolph Hitler was raised in a middle class family, and during the early years of his…
Adolph Hitler was a huge believer in evolution and a promoter of Eugenics!
I don't understand when people say one has to respect others peoples political views. Political views are not inherently respect worthy. For example, the political views of Robert E. Lee, and those of Adolph Hitler, as well as their followers, are not deserving of respect. People deserve the respect that is due to all humans, not necessarily their views.
Two tough questions . Question 1: If you knew a woman who was pregnant, Who had 8 kids already, Three who were deaf, Two who were blind, One mentally retarded, And she had syphilis, Would you recommend that she undergoes an abortion? Read the next question before looking at the response for this one. Question 2: It is time to elect a new world leader, and only your vote counts.. Here are the facts about the three candidates. Candidate A: Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologists. He's had two mistresses. He also chain smokes And drinks 8 to 10 Martinis a day. Candidate B: He was kicked out of office twice, Sleeps until noon, Used opium in college And drinks a quart of whiskey every evening. Candidate C: He is a decorated war hero, He's a vegetarian, Doesn't smoke, Drinks an occasional beer And never committed adultery. _ Which of these candidates would be your choice? Decide first ... No peeking, and then scroll down for the response. _ _ Candidate A is Franklin D. Roosevelt. Can ...
The USA have a achieved a level of total world domination that Adolph Hitler could never have dreamed of
Before he was a horrible dictator Adolph Hitler was broke and had to beg for a car loan.
Hitler Adolph 1900 he was 11 years old
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Grass and weeds grow together. Sad that in our world the weeds are people like MLK, JFK, Reagan, Lincoln... yet Adolph Hitler lived to kill 6 million History repeats. Pay attention
(continuing history) There were skirmishes with Indians after the Civil War, but the war with Spain was the next war of prominence. This was thirty years later near the turn of the century. All wars are created by somebody in power so they can make a barrel of money. The Spanish-American war used the sinking of the battleship Maine in Havana harbor as a spur, and it served the purpose very well. If it had not been sufficient, some other excuse would have been manufactured to cause the conflict. President McKinley still tried to avoid hostilities after the sinking of the Maine, but the ever-present media would not let sleeping dogs lie. Investigation of the cause of the loss of the battleship have proven in recent years that the explosion that sank the Maine was from an internal source that could not have been planted by Spain, but that is hindsight. There is an old maxim that has proved to be true in most cases of war: ‘All wars are won before they are ever fought.’ This war lasted only ten weeks in 1 ...
A good girl can't give you a bright future but a bright future can give you a lot of good girls!. -Adolph Hitler-
What’s the difference between Michael Moore and Adolph Hitler?
Muslims were fervent supporters of the Nazi leader, Adolph Hitler during WWII.
So.. uh, Adolph Hitler just followed me.
Sometimes it makes me wonder why some Indians like Hitler Adolph — watching Schindler's List
known atheist and sniper lover Adolph hitler
pumped for SOTU? To paraphrase an *** "Even Adolph (sic) Hitler thought it was important to address the nation regularly."
"The only religion I respect is Islam. The only prophet I admire is the Prophet Muhammad." - Adolph Hitler
Someday Costas will b missed ala StuartScott, like Adolph Hitler.Big as Keiths ego is prob hates that-just cant help himself
“I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so” [Adolph Hitler, to Gen. Gerhard Engel, 1941]
Fear not, libertarians. Hitler would've killed you too. For he was never as much a fan of capitalism as he was of Adolph Hitler.
"Atheism has the power to discipline society and it will be the wave of the future."--Adolph Hitler
Amal Clooney is a distant relative of Atheist Adolph Hitler.
I call my brat Adolph Hitler because it kills millions of people and hospitalizes countless others
Just saw this bit of trivia - (without googling) - Who was the first American actor to portray Adolph Hitler on screen? (no googling)
Just noticed the mail online has spelt Hitler's name wrong in an article (Adolph). Drowning in irony right here.
Who was the one human that seemed to be the only person Adolph Hitler was completely loyal to through...
IMHYHO: it's disrespectful to compare Dr. King w/Malcolm X or Adolph Hitler TODAY. During February, I have no problem, but today is MLK DAY!
Obama knows Selma Movie was the Truth. LBJ Library flacks for a man like Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin. LBJ/Hoover blood brothers.
look at Adolph hitler, my ex. He hates me. Or sir Robert Boyle, hates me. Of my husband Isaac Newton loathes me
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