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Adobe Flash Player

The Adobe Flash Player is software for viewing multimedia, Rich Internet Applications and streaming video and audio, on a computer web browser or on supported mobile devices.

Internet Explorer Android Lollipop

I can use the two most insecure applications available together? Sign me up!
I can't even get to pick my penguin it says that adobe flash player is blocked and nothing is helps why do I do!?
Saying to download adobe flash player?
Hi there, we apologize for the delayed response. Please checkout the given link and let us know if it…
Adobe Issues Critical Flash Player Update for has released Flash Player version to "address
my vivbot chat said I needed Adobe flash player to use my chat but now after all the trouble shooting it still doesn't work
Is the only reason Adobe wants to update your Flash Player, an opportunity for you to try suckering you into installing McAfee Anti-Virus?
We hear you loud & clear! Currently, we use Adobe Flash Player but in the coming months, we'll be switching to HTML5. 😉 ^PR
How many times does one have to update Adobe Flash Player to stream a game online?
I added a video to a playlist How to Download and Install Adobe Flash Player on Windows 2017
If download Adobe Flash Player but isn't workin' properly... Go To Menu (3 stripes on top-right of browser), Click…
This issue is down to an old version of Flash Player. Please download and install the latest Flash…
Why does everything in life require Adobe Flash Player?!
It kept telling me to update my Adobe Flash Player when I have the most recent version. Such a shame ☹️
Adobe Flash Player Plugin is NOT supported on browsers ANYMORE! Your Animations is Good but Flash will retire on year 2020!
Lol congrats he no-lifed on an adobe flash player game
It says i need adobe flash player to use chat?! No, i don't want that.🤨
I liked a video How to Enable Adobe Flash Player on Chrome | Updated
This requires adobe flash player to work on PC browsers. shame.
Going for the three-pointer ... I just hit "sure, update now" on adobe flash player. Now seems like the perfect time.
You may need to enable your browser or update your adobe flash player. Go to this link for a guide on…
Getting a spinning circle when you try the Media Recorder in Canvas?. Follow steps here to enable Flash…
Check out this site for virtual math tools . requires adobe flash player
"Hey, we see you want to download Flash Player. Please enable Flash Player!" DAMNIT ! I can not WAIT until it's HTML5 all over.
Well darn. I was going to put a ringtone on my phone, but it requires Adobe Flash Player which is not supported on my phone :(
How to fix - "Adobe Flash Player was blocked because it is out of date" in Google chrome ||new error: via
A) Soon. B) Soon. C) An update to Adobe Flash Player is available
When 2020 rolls around you can say goodbye to once one of the world’s most used pieces of software
shame that you still use adobe flash player, can't stream in 1080p, can't add shows to wishlist? The…
3) There are sooo many flash player games, they're all not suddenly going to stop when Adobe Flash Player gets discontinued lmao
2) Adobe flash player is being discontinued but they're probs still going to keep it up so you can use it +there's more flash player plugins
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Y can Flash Player not remember I do not want auto installs & don't want McAfee rather than try to trick me to click yes
wow somebody tell adobe flash player to chill. been stoppin video playback for too many years I can't.
Hi! Please check if Adobe Flash is installed on your system and enable it by following instructions on
installed and running for your browser. And, yes Adobe Flash Player is okay!!
I could be doing top secret superhero stuff, just casually saving the world, but Adobe flash player updates will pop up and ruin everything.
Trying to draft and none of the browsers on my comp will run Adobe flash player and it's driving me absolutely insane
Hi, you may need to uninstall the Flash player and install the updated version from here. ^SV
My life goal is to be as dedicated to bettering myself as Adobe Flash Player
.Adobe Flash? Seriously? You guys need to update your video player. Time to get with the times.
Okay! This site uses Adobe Flash player. It's an ambience maker. It's good cause it has crickets. .
Chrome was updated and now disables Flash websites by default unfortunately! I'd recommend a look at t…
.puts out first security patch since announcing the death of Flash ht…
Just updated Adobe Flash Player and the installer managed to stick malware on my Mac. ***
Most welcome. It'd be great if you see it on pc / laptop browser with a sufficient adobe flash play…
Adobe patched sandbox escape in Flash this week. Some details here:
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Adobe's proprietary rich Internet plug-in technology is finally stepping aside for HTML5 and other web standards.
Hi JB, we reconfigured the link. For speeds site you might need to install Adobe Flash player. *AM
Adobe Flash Player GUI - Install the latest version on Linux Mint
What if Adobe Flash Player didn't have to update every 36 hours 🤔
Flash Player was the start of my internet gaming. Cri. 😭
Dear If I wanted McAfee Security Scan Plus, I would've asked for it. Sneaking it into the Flash Player installer though? Not cool.
can someone please tell me why we still need Adobe flash player for things in 2017??
Ad block on CR always freezes my adobe flash player when it's time for an ad to play :(
Tutorial for noobies 04:. Close popup. And repeat tutorial 03 but try another server until it works. You need adobe flash player so make sure
.is planning to kill Flash in 2020, rendering most flash games, including CPR unusable or harder to access. https:/…
The Player plug-in will be phased out by the end of 2020, according to
“Having trouble? Download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player!” … or I can just move on.
The world’s largest tech firms look at alternatives after decides to phase out Flash Player:
What does decision to phase out Flash Player mean for online security? htt…
Adobe has announced that it would “stop updating and distributing the Flash Player,”   10% Off
Hello. We got your back. Follow the steps here to update Adobe Flash Player: Keep us updated.
Updating your Adobe Flash Player via should fix all sound and penguin moving issues!Yay!
I wish that I could, but the video requires Adobe Flash Player. I'm a sysadmin. I w…
"In order to stream this audio file you must install Adobe Flash Player.". *sadface*
Adobe Flash Player isn't downloading on my computer and I want to cry.
You will spend more time installing Adobe Flash Player updates than actually using Adobe Flash Player...
Hm, just wondering what to restart. UI / UX fail "Adobe Flash Player: Installation completed. Restart…
I need to have the Adobe Flash Player to view this content.
i have to install adobe flash player Excuse Me
If you MUST install the flash player, only do so directly from the Adobe site. No matter how authent…
Dear Apple please get adobe flash player tank you
Adobe Flash Player launches new security patches Updates
John JR Silly Got latest adobe flash player 25 PPAPI reply soon hate clearing cookies when you get stuck
I'm literally crying my adobe flash player wont work so I can't watch live stream 😭😭😭😭
"Please install the latest Adobe Flash Player Plugin to watch this content" still striking fear into internet users everywhere.
Adobe Flash player is .. quite vulnerable
adobe flash player has truly become the bane of my existence, i thought i heard it was gonna die some time this yr like WHEN?? GIMME A DATE
You need to install Adobe Flash Player to play 8 Ball Pool. Download the Flash Player now = NOW WAY!! FORGET ABOUT FLASH
[ Tip to Reducing Hacking in Flash Player ] Updates shud be via macOS Adobe app not through sites telling you to update Flash Player.
I don't have adobe flash player so I can't stream the song where else can i listen its not on youtube
The 3 toughest things in computer science are: naming things, cache invalidation and getting adobe flash player to stop updating.
Adobe Flash Player problems on Mac devices can get right solution online via
. Mobile needs Adobe flash player support and open the like on firefox .. it buffers a lot though
You currently do not have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed. You will need Flash Player or higher in order to
so I just opened a tab to hop on, then I see the message about Adobe Flash Player. I installed it, but I'm still getting the msg
I tried 2 download adobe flash player but it keep showing message CONNECTION ERROR and i have problems with m…
Hi Dean, here's our Flash troubleshooting page: ^B
Are you getting an unsupported Audio type error message? Go here and follow the instructions...
This link should help troubleshoot for you.
I liked a video Ativar Adobe Flash Player no Google Chrome
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Okay I am reaching out - just also wanna make sure your Adobe is up to date?
EVERY TIME you try watching something and that Adobe Flash Player update notification stops you
Expert tech tip: Never click on an flash player update link from a random website. Download from Adobe.…
Adobe - maintaining 36 variants of Flash Player so that creators don't have to worry about polyfills, shims & JS fr…
.is broken: Ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 19.0.0 or greater is installed. Adobe Flash?
Adobe has released a beta version of the Flash Player which addresses the sound overlap bug. You can find it here
If you've had trouble watching Rock This Boat, it's your Flash setting. Go here to fix it. .
i need to install Adobe Flash Player so that i can watch :((. but my brother might get mad at me if i did :((
WARNING: I was redirected to a fake Adobe Flash Player ins…
Can't acccess: This page requires you to have Adobe Flash Player version later than 11.3
Already uninstalled and reinstalled Sky Poker download, Adobe Flash Player, and Adobe Air. It keeps freezing every 20 mins or so.
Adobe just told me to "enjoy Adobe Flash Player" and I'm pretty sure that's the weakest burn I've ever heard?
Internet Explorer 11 will soon refuse to load outdated versions of Flash Player
I h8 adobe flash player and it's infinite update loopholes
Make sure your Flash is up to date. Extra important for IE users! . for Flash
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Adobe fixes critical flaws in Flash Player and Digital Editions
I don't think my kids will believe me when I tell them there was a time when you could go an entire day without updating Adobe Flash Player.
No, I don’t want to update my Adobe Flash Player. Mainly because it’s 2016.
Download Adobe Reader 11 & Adobe Flash Player 11 Free This time I shared about the program that I think is really
I guess we are gonna use HTML format to play videos since Adobe Flash Player is now threat to our Nation's Security. Hackers are savage.
There should be a way to consent to all future lifetime Adobe Flash Player updates. Yes, yes, the answer will always be ye…
Pretty sad that I have updated my Adobe Flash Player more often than I've used it
en iPhone me da error :\ "To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 11.1.0 or greater is installed."
Adobe Flash Player: Soon to go, but here to stay
Adobe Flash Player is not responding when I try to increase storage
You can send rockets to space but can't Webcast without Adobe Flash Player? Please get HTML5 video installed!
"Microsoft delivers major updates to Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash Player." Those two things we all love.
"Adobe Flash Player" -> 330 CVE's in 2015. This is about 5,09% of all vulnerabilities listed in 2015 |
Something is most definitely wrong with Adobe Flash Player. Everything but twitch is working
I think I heard Mozilla stopped supporting Adobe Flash Player so that's prob why.. Chrome is prob your best bet!
Troubleshooting Flash Player crash or freeze for developers and end users (Windows XP and Vista)
Nancy, if you are having issues with Flash Player. Please post the issue in our forums. ^SV
Can't left-click or close Flash Player local storage settings popup
ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved
People who've died and come back to life say just before entering, "the tunnel," they got one last reminder to update Adobe …
Check out this link If this doesn't help, we'll have our Support Team reach out tomorrow.
Hi! There’s a bug in the new Flash Player update. Please don't update to FP until Adobe fixes it. Deets: https:/…
Adobe Flash Player had meeste softwarelekken in 2015 -Security
Versions of Adobe Flash Player earlier than do not support Windows Vista
Uninstall flash player as soon as possible: even Adobe has given up on it…
do you have Adobe Flash Player?? And if you don't have that it doesn't stream Adobe Flash Player is need it to stream
ICYMI: A look at some stats on just how many bugs there have been in the Adobe Flash Player. Hint: lots.
Can somebody explain to me why my adobe flash player is always in need of an update every week lol 🤔
I always use a firewall with computers I meet on a Saturday night. I don't want to catch Adobe Flash Player or Windows ME.
And also doesn't know what is Adobe Flash Player at all.
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Unconfirmed zero-day vulnerability discovered in Adobe Flash Player
An update to Adobe Flash Player is available.
KB3105216 Windows Update patches up security issues in Adobe Flash Player for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer
Microsoft security advisory: Update for vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer and Microsoft E…
I just downloaded Adobe Flash Player (Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Chrome) 64-bit from Check it out here!
Chrome has recently been experiencing an issue with Adobe Flash Player. Have you tried any other web browser, by any chance? ^RG
doh the site needs Adobe Flash Player...really?!
I'm having Adobe Flash Player problems and I'm ready to set everything on fire.
"Adobe Flash Player is out of date" is how websites let you know that their security is out of date
You're *** right I want to update my Adobe Flash Player!
How to install Adobe Flash Player 😭 It keeps redirecting me to its website. Annoying!!!
I think I have spent half of my life downloading the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.
I'm having trouble getting it to run because of Adobe Flash Player. Ugh...
Victory! Flash is dead. They did have fun parties back in the day though.
long as your phone has adobe flash player. If not you should use the laptop
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adobe flash player for ps4 so i can watch tvnz ondemand on the ps4 web browser. When is it coming ?
Please make Adobe Flash Player available on iOS. Sincerely, an Apple user.
If your "web player" requires Adobe Flash to work, then it is an adobe media player not a web player
? Adobe issues emergency Flash Player fix on
*Tries to print coupon*. *Needs to download Java. Needs to download latest Adobe Flash Player. Needs to do 9 back flips off of an elephant.*
I can't watch the video because it requires a computer with adobe flash player
Vital infrastructure USA,become the target of attack in which attempts were made to infect computers zero day flaw Adobe Flash Player Malwar
The end of Adobe flash player is imminent we will finally find a better way
When you run the Flash Uninstaller on Windows, the progress bar goes from 100% down to 0%. That's neat.
Take-off state adobe flash player download, but not yet to play. :(
No seriously... Am I the only person who has to update Adobe flash player like every month
Adobe flash player is one more step closer to the edge of the plank:
You can play videos and images with movements and some browsers will require to have the latest version, so is...
The agonizingly slow decline of Adobe Flash Player by via
I haven't heard of it,me and my friends use adobe flash player to animate😃
How to disable Adobe Flash Player from all the major web browsers - Adobe’s...
For the third freaking time, I do NOT want to update you right now, Adobe Flash Player! Stop giving me the update window!
Do you have Adobe Flash Player installed? Otherwise, email a screenshot to support
Ahlebait TV UK/PAKISTAN LIVE: ADOBE FLASH PLAYER You are either missing or need to update…
Adobe Flash Player's extra security measures broken in less than a month
What if I instal adobe flash player 3 times. Can I delete 2 of them? How does that work?
ALERT: More exploits have been exposed in Adobe Flash Player. Disable to stay protected: htt…
Security Advisory for Adobe Flash Player updated with CVE-2015-5123.
The average person spends 2% of their life installing Adobe Flash Player by
One of the most annoying relationships in my life is with Adobe Flash Player. I feel like it wants me to update it every few hours
I didn't read the terms and conditions for the Adobe Flash Player update, so you could say I'm living on the edge today.
"Adobe has released security updates for Adobe Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh and Linux."
The patheticness of Adobe Flash Player is astounding.
Ransomware masquerades as FBI, Android users in the crossfire: Posing as an Adobe Flash Player update, the mal...
Adobe Flash Player and other updater from Adobe, I hope you could die as soon as possible!
Update your maps at Navteq
What to do if you're having troubles updating Adobe Flash Player:
Are you sure you want to update Adobe Flash Player? It's from the internet
When you forced to download Adobe Flash Player but it didn't do anything for your computer
So Youtube is just gonna go against the grain and not work after I updated this Adobe Flash Player?
Is there any other way I can watch it besides TV?!? Cuz the link says I need Adobe Flash Player 😩
Adobe Flash Player 17 Download or HTML 5 Download – as safe as they claims?
Hi Genevieve! If using a laptop make sure Adobe Flash Player is Updated and simply connect to our WiFi server!
honestly why is Adobe Flash Player such a greedy attention ***
I have installed, but Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Flash Player are still manual updates. Should be integrated.
I Want You Bach: You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. . from 1080p and quickly becoming the new...
Thanks for updating Adobe Flash Player. Here is another product you may find. *closes laptop lid
Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player (APSB15-05)
Hey Minx, is YouTube using the HTML5 player for you too? Or is it still using Adobe Flash Player?
Check out - it has a new page on Adobe Flash Player 10 Aid
Advisory 2755801 Update for Vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer v34.0
Update your maps at Navteq
CVE-2015-0301 Adobe Flash Player before and 14.x through 16.x before on Windows and OS X and before
Why you should use caution when updating your Adobe Flash Player:
Alternate HTML content should be placed here. This content requires the Adobe Flash Player. Get Flash
Hi, you can download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player here. Thanks ^SV
I was supposed to update my Adobe Flash Player but I rather enjoy not having videos autoplay on websites. *I* decide to play them or not.
Improved to give the best the Internet has to offer, Adobe Flash Player 11 shows a quantum leap in performance over previous versions
Their is a computer virus going around that looks like an Adobe Flash update but its not. If you see a popup on your screen for Adobe Flash player pro update, its fake. Your computer will be infected with the FBI virus if you proceed. if you have any questions regarding any updates that may come up on your screen, feel free to call us monday-Friday 10am - 5pm. 269.605.4347
I'm really looking forward to the day when this is consigned to history: "An update for Adobe Flash Player is available."
had that the other day Kim and my Adobe flash player needed an update
fixes eighteen vulnerabilities in Flash Player - PCWorld
Even more certain than death and taxes is that yur adobe flash player is outdated
I always avoid updating player because it insists on restarting my machine :)
Need help downloading this Adobe flash player 😭
Can anyone help me with this adobe flash player installer/upgrade?
Now that's interesting... Uninstalling Flash Player rolls back from 100% to 0%. Makes sense. Somewhat. Maybe. It's Adobe. Don't expect much.
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How to reinstall Adobe Flash Player on a Win 8. | Adobe Community
Adobe flash player is the bane of my existence.
Great timing 1 minute left in the game and I get this NHL GameCenter LIVE requires the latest Adobe Flash player
Nothing on my computer needs updating more than Adobe Flash Player, it's annoying as F!
Are you running Android Lollipop and want to watch flash content? Well here's how to install adobe flash player.
I liked a video from Adobe Flash Player on Android Lollipop
Are you running Android Lollipop and want Adobe flash player? Well here's how to get it!
Photo: A little preview of an animation tool developed just for Dinky’s Destiny that connects Adobe Flash...
From The Blog: Adobe Flash Player for Android 10.3 Features and Download: Adobe Flash player for Android comes...
Be careful, malicious or infected websites are telling you to update Adobe Flash but giving links that install...
Attn. Fish Worlders: We've noticed a number of complaints this week about slow loading, or inability to load the game. As our servers appear to be running in stable and healthy condition, our developers are asking for more details about your experiences. If you are unable to load the game, please leave a comment below. Include a screenshot and description of where you get stuck, and let us know: 1. What type of internet connection you're using (Wireless vs. wired, cable/DSL/Wireless Broadband/Satellite etc.) and speedtest results from Are the loading issues constant, or occasional? Do they only occur at certain times during the day? (if so, please tell us what times, according to the in-game clock) 3. Are the issues equally present in all browsers? (ie. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari) 4. What version of Adobe Flash Player do you have? Click here, and and check under "Version Information" - you for your patience, we know these issues are very frustrating. Your detailed reports ar ...
Just how safe is it to update Adobe Flash Player via pop-up messages? The New York Times weighs in on this topic...
Q&A with How to safely update your Adobe Flash Player
Had guessed this & not installed. Now seems true. So, Beware. 'Use Caution in Updating Adobe Flash Player or Reader'
. Why is it I'm trying to log on, but it keeps telling me I need to download adobe flash player, and I have it already??
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Help when click/logging into FV I get gray screen center says click here to run Adobe flash player- I asking in google says something about (Dev and Canary Build versions of Chrome) this I know nothing about .OK stop laughing I know very little of a computer :)
If you are looking to buy a new tablet this year stay away from the galaxy note pro 12.2 that goes for 895.00. I bought this piece of shirt and so sorry that I did not do better reviewing of the product. It runs the android operating system and no matter what you try you cannot download or install adobe flash player for this tablet. After 30+ years in this business you would think that I would not get bumped on this one. Without the adobe flash player for this tablet it is better used as a coffee stand to hold your coffee. You would think that someone would have figured this out. So here I am after spending money that was just passed away at this product I am as you probably noticed very irate at this point. Leo Leavitt
How much better is the without the Adobe Flash player!
As it turns out Adobe Flash Player is not as arousing as the name suggests.
Hi I would suggest to reinstall Flash Player from here. Clear out your browsers cache. ^SV
Am I the only streamer thats had this problem with Deepbot? My Adobe Flash Player has been up to date XD
** Warning Extreme Sarcasm Ahead ** - Oh look Adobe Flash Player wants to update ... that almost never happens.
thanks man for your help.I think there is a problem associated with Flash Player
|| And Adobe Flash Player accompained with the HTML 5.0 it allows to watch videos on the 3DS ---
|| And there are coming two new 3DS models soon, And that models will have Adobe Flash Player and HTML 5.0
It works fine but Adobe currently has no plans to support the latest Flash player. It caps out at 11.2 r202 (latest is 15).
- If you take a list of which software are the most essential ones and are most…
Does update their flash player every day, or every other day?
Security update for Adobe Flash player, (Tue, Nov 25th)
Hi, as you are facing issues with flash player installation, so for that you need to go on . Thanks ! ^RA
Five years ago ActionScript workers etc in Flash Player would have been news.
There's no latest adobe flash player. But the archived ones work perfectly.. Sent the link
nope I try installing flash player or reader and after I click run I get a black box. The top bar is Adobe Flash Player Installer
Was installing Adobe Flash Player for the bloody sixth times and it still got corrupted. I hate myself sometimes.
Adobe Flash Player — ya done it again!: Adobe fixes Flash Player bug again: Wait, is it safe…
Need adobe flash player: Zubair Sir Plzz Give me working download link of flash player with key
Adobe urges users to implement critical out-of-band Flash Player ...:
Not just Microsoft. There’s an Adobe Flash Player update. Cleaning up a rough PC-patching month via
Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player (APSB14-26)
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In concerned there are not enough Adobe Flash Player updates in order for me to spend my whole day doing them.
Adobe Flash Player has been a leader when it comes to streaming, both in PC and in Mac operating systems. It has even gone ahead and introduced its platforms in mobile devices. What it does is offer users with the ability to enjoy media content of the highest quality, interactive and very easy to use. It is true to say that the internet… [ 446 more words. ]
SHAKIRA AND PEP, the most sexy videos YouTube: This video is unavailable. You need Adobe Flash Player to...
- Despite that, Adobe Flash Player is still the king when it comes to streaming…
ot mostly..anyone w/ a mac have blocked plug in prob? I've tried a couple times to download updated Adobe flash player.!.frustrating not to see all these fun videos -TU
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From The Blog: The Latest Adobe Flash Player Updates with Bug Fixes: Users of Adobe Flash Player can now watch...
Dope "You need Adobe Flash Player to view this Avi=>,they are so beautiful."
Adobe fixes eighteen vulnerabilities in Flash Player
Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player (APSB14-24)
Updated Flash Player 16 and AIR 16 betas available on Adobe Labs
you need an update/upgrade for your flash player. If you're using a pc/laptop go2
exit the browser try again check the Adobe Flash. Player
It wouldn't play because it kept saying that I don't have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Which I did.
"Adobe Flash Player is a program downloaded from the internet. Do you trust it?". No, not really.
Finally, that big Adobe Flash Player update we’ve all been waiting for
hm 2 out of 3 reasons NOT to use Adobe Flash Player
Only other one is Internet Explorer and I have to install Adobe Flash Player for that. nothankyou.jpg
I've finally figured out what Tumblr is all about! It's a social network for people who don't know how to install Adobe Flash Player.
Sulo - dynamic instrumentation tool for Adobe Flash Player built on Intel Pin by
Bad performance on Adobe Flash Player causing choppy and laggy video replay
22cm *** His big friend doesnt want to sit in trousers This page requires Adobe Flash Player
Seriously Adobe Flash Player. I've had enough of your crap. Just let me watch Castle and most importantly, in peace.
Ebola spelled backwards is alobe which looks like adobe and I have adobe flash player on my laptop I think I have ebola
*** penetration: He loves to jerk out his rod This page requires Adobe Flash Player
Single twink: Its not so bad if you dont have a boyfriend This page requires Adobe Flash Player
Beautiful *** The beauty of his body makes him crazy This page requires Adobe Flash Player
Video Game Pickups - Epic SNES Pickups, Complete Funtastic Set!: You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this...
Pls do it on youtube again! So many of us don't have adobe flash player!!:(( (live on
can we get a YouTube link?? I'm watching on my phone, and this requires Adobe flash player which iPhones can't get... ;((
The "ADOBE FLASH PLAYER SETTINGS" window that pops up & won't go away regardless of which you click is ruining videos all over the web.
No, Adobe Flash Player will NOT be supported on Apple Watch. Thanks for asking.
Only realised now you need adobe flash player 👎👎👎
Oh adobe stop being clever. Yes I'm currently in Germany but I'd like to update my flash player in English pls.
Suggested steps to fix/be able to use Adobe Flash Player on student macbooks (from Mrs. French):
Your guide to supporting screen orientation with full-screen Flash Player content:
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Why can't the IPad have Adobe flash player already installed?
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