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Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami ; (born 15 August 1973) is a British-born Pakistani Canadian singer, musician, pianist, actor and composer.

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I added a video to a playlist yeh zameen adnan sami cover by deepak mishra yo
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ADNAN SAMI - Durban its 9 days to Showtime- we are ready to rock on 25th March at Durban ICC. With very limited...
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let me know what time adnan Sami leaving this sunrise today ? Please reply
Adnan Sami is hilarious but in desioke he's giving AR Rahman a run for his money in the worst challenges.
I had no idea Adnan Sami was so awesome!!!
Has Adnan Sami lost loads of weight or was that a Model promoting his U.K. tour on TV?
JUST 9 days to go Durban - hope you have secured your tickets to ADNAN SAMI in Concert ...Book now for both Dbn &...
No ! Tarek Fatah will create more communal tension with his statements. Adnan Sami is not a political person.
This Saturday you could be listening to the beautiful songs of in Concert! o…
Adnan Sami brings the magic of Bollywood to Emperors - Boksburg Advertiser
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ADNAN SAMI -10 days to GO - Phones are buzzing for tickets with another good sales day for this concert. Well...
The ‘Sultan of Music’, is bringing his best hits to Durban! Tickets are waiting:…
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One of the cutest songs ever. Adnan Sami is such fun😀
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Blu Blood presents Adnan Sami live in concert 26 March 2017 at Emperors Palace
What we gave to him? Mehwish Hayat Coke Studio me feature *** gayi lekin Adnan Sami jesa banda nahi aya wahan. Try t…
Adnan sami for recycling potty for his meal.
The legend himself, Adnan Sami! It was an honor to be in his presence, along with many others!!…
Adnan Sami is proud to be Indian too. You are only proudy to be working for raw/ anti Pak channel.
: no must live so that Indians can kill you when they realize what a trash heap u & adnan Sami r. If can't be true to ur roots
Adnan Sami has such a beautiful voice it makes me tear up LITERALLY
Adnan Sami's father was in Pak Air Force who fought during 1965 WAR and received Sitara-e-Jurat. Adnan Sami just won Tamgha-…
why not. He is definitely better than Adnan Sami.
watching this after many years. Ippa than i see its Rani mukherji with Adnan Sami. Had never slept without listening
You are burning in ur own hatred. Adnan Sami and Tarek Fatah say is great.
I would even take Adnan Sami over Wahab
Sir Ji i think you should make a videos like Adnan sami "Kabi Nahi-2" song. it was very nice song and ur acting was fabulous
7 evergreen songs of Adnan Sami that still deserve a place on your playlist! Watch videos
I liked a video Tera Chehra Jab Nazar Aaye ft.Adnan sami(full video)
Lost count on how many times him, Kabir Bedi, Adnan Sami and Mahesh Bhatt have got married.
Pak actors shud take up Ind citizenship like Shah Rukh Khan's father or Dilip Kumar or Adnan Sami. We need serious talk
2011 was a different story sir. Fawad Khan made his debut after 2011 WC and Adnan Sami applied for citizenship
Adnan Sami was recently granted Indian citizenship, Salma Agha an OCI card. Did they condemn ?
. Why SS was quiet when Govt offered citizenship to 2 *** Adnan Sami & Salma Agha ?
Mod gave citizenship to Adnan Sami & Overseas Citizen of India card to Salma Agha & now Brahmgagh Bugti is in line. They all are Pakistani!
Do me a favour,please do one show of indie music. The music of 90's and early 2000's.Lucky ali,euphoria,adnan sami,band of boys...
Himesh is too commercial, I guess Adnan Sami would be fine. Here's "Lift Karade" for you ->
Can you guess the name of this Adnan Sami song?.
read this while humming Adnan Sami's "Lift Karade"
Of course, Adnan Sami is a Hindustani now 😂
We were very pleased and honoured to have had the extremely talented, Mr. Adnan Sami visit us.
Hassan Nisar criticized ADNAN SAMI after he got Indian Citizenship: via
Tera Chehra by Adnan Sami is a masterpiece. I get goosebumps every single time!!
Who killed? adnan sami free to go anywhere. no issues but india can't even tolerate a statement.
so y they e killed and if we r intolerant so y ur singer Adnan sami get Indian citizenship.
No one can beat Atif Aslam and Adnan Sami in Singing
Some Muslim clerics issued a Fatwa against Adnan Sami for blasphemy so he became Slimwa.
Adnan Sami happy to celebrate birthday as Indian: He was born in Britain and held Canadian citizenship too, r...
A girls attitude changes faster than Adnan Sami's transformation
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I added a video to a playlist Adnan Sami Live Jugalbandi
pls take her off us like you did with Adnan Sami.
this is why adnan sami took Indian citizenship..piggystan ko laath maar diya
Everytime I feel low I watch adnan sami's tera chehra not because it has deep af lyrics but his transformation
Oh ! Dear.How do I can believe this is my favorite singer Adnan Sami. via
if you combine the old Adnan Sami & the new Adnan Sami. Yes, I know, mom, scientifically eating something does not make you larger
everything. No he's not a cannibal. No, Adnan Sami is not a cannibal either. God dammit, Mom, it's just a saying. I mean he's as large as
Told my mom that this guy I know is as if the old Adnan Sami ate the new Adnan Sami, and now regretting it, bec hv had to breakdown explain
Adnan Sami - Amazing Keyboard at LiL Champs on 17th September 2011 lewat
if adnan sami features in Coke Studio, they might rename it to 'diet Coke Studio' xD
you can't trust on this fragile batting line up we have Sami Aslam as well very talented
I mean why are so obsessed with pak. If u try u will get its citizenship like how Adnan Sami got for India. U can't do it
Adnan sami a Pakistani is now an Indian citizen many of 4nrs hv taken Indian citizenship. Is thr ne case in Pakistan
but they dont want to escape from INDIA like Adnan Sami and Qandeel Baloch
Apne Fawad ko bolo not to be a Pakistani dog in India. Better be an Indian like Adnan Sami. 😉
Adnan Sami REACTS after being granted Indian citizenship: via
Govt has arrested & deported 8 Hindus families to pak, living in Jamnagar since 3 yrs but gave Citizenship to Adnan Sami & Sal…
Amazing performance by Adnan Sami on the keyboard, playing Laxmikant Pyarelal's Karz tune.
Sneha Shankar with her murkis and harkats.
It is our pleasure to host Adnan Sami Khan is an Indian singer, musician, music composer, pianist at Fraser Suites
Shame on Dawn News for giving space to a traitor like Adnan Sami.
Listen to Blank Space by taylor swift by Adnan Sami Khan on . Good morning 😍😍💕🎵
can we have dance on some old song (ex: Tere Naam, Tere Chera (Adnan Sami)) or even new romantic songs, please? 😀😀😀😀
did so many nonsense talk , I have/had never any link with 0 uncalled besharam Canadian lame frenchcut dometech Adnan Sami Japanese Tibiti
Indian Muslims know India is heaven, ask Adnan Sami, Salma Agha etc, your own Altaf Hussain begged for asylum
Adnan Sami helping Bajrang Dal activists to locate Akhand Bharat after they promised to serve him Beef Steak.(2015) htt…
Bajrang Dal Activists giving training to Adnan Sami in order to participate in creation of the Akhand Bharat.(2016) htt…
Samra Khan and Adnan Sami grooved the audiences with their songs and it was a memorable night.
Singer Samra Khan opened for Adnan Sami in Dubai: Samra Khan is a promising singer, who came into the limelig...
Samra Khan,opened the concert for Adnan Sami with her live performance at Dubai World Trade Center
Samra Khan opened the Concert for Adnan Sami in
What we need is to stop shamelessly drooling over Rahul Khanna and a photoshoot of dadbods with Fardeen Khan and Adnan Sami called "SLAYYY".
Singer Samra Khan to be the concert opener for Adnan Sami in Dubai
Adnan Sami Khan, can we please get your guy's number?
" F*** elon Musk , you're goin to make it happen ". Sami .H
tum anmol talent *** aajao Hindustaan me . Adnan sami ke baad tum hee chahiye . but cartoons will be less funny . Hm
My favorite artists were the Bee Gees and Adnan
I just heard Taher Shah. why have we not given him citizenship yet? Screw that Adnan Sami, we should get this guy!
well I'd say he pulled off a 'twice the adnan sami'.
Know what, I am not flattered Adnan Sami wraps himself in tricolour & says Jai Hind. Can 1 who dumps own motherland be an…
What do Mr K's AirLift and Adnan Sami have in common? Read on.. htt…
If *** were like Mexicans they would be sneaking Adnan Sami and Atif Aslam illegally into India for better pay and not for terrorism.
Sir are you Bangladeshi or *** immigrant taking Indian citizenship like Adnan Sami
Parineeti Chopra got award for losing weight by the way where is Adnan Sami nowadays ? 😆
is not fat anymore. RJ Malishka, Adnan Sami, Parineeti Chopra & many more.. Where's the world heading to.. ??
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Bajrang Dal activists arrested Adnan Sami on charges of beef possession at Mumbai airport.(2014)
This look of yours is a look to ever forget through millenniums :) This was during Adnan Sami's performance
Musician Adnan Sami being challaned by Bajrang Dal activists for carrying Beefsteak in the guitar, Mumbai. (2016) https…
hope u will also get inspired by Mr. ANANTH AMBANI & Adnan sami.. waiting to see u also.👍👍😊
Adnan Sami a singer with his wife at the NC's Fashion Show - Cancer Patients Aid.
Ok Ambanis we all know your son lost 100kgs! So what? Adnan Sami did it too.. Why paid promotions on it?
Watch the song here.. in Adnan Sami Video Song. ❤❤.
also appeared in the music video for "Kasam" and "Kasam (Unplugged)" by Adnan Sami
First Arjun kapoor, then Adnan sami then Anant Ambani. Moral of the story is if u want to loose weight, name urself starting…
Sonakshi : I have lost weight. I worked really hard for it. You need determination and hard work. Anant : she is right. Adnan…
I liked a video Our fastest pianist, Adnan Sami shows us how it is done at the RSMMA!
Anant Ambani is like a filthy rich, talentless Adnan Sami.
Anant Ambani looks like Karan Johar now. Used to look like Adnan Sami earlier. Don't know which is worse.
Bajrang Dal activists providing beef dishes to Adnan Sami to ensure there's no intolerance in the country.(2014) https:…
.now looks like Adnan Sami who already has an Indian citizenship 😂😂😂 .
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& Adnan Sami Khan is a living example of this category of people. His father was a fighter pilot n Pakistan Air Force.
Bitter truth that likes of Junoon,Ghulam Ali,Nusrat Fateh,Nazia Hassan,Adnan Sami praised in Pakistan only after they …
Dear Pakistanis,. If you want to enter India, do it like Adnan Sami & not like Ajmal Kasab.
I added a video to a playlist Sun Zara Adnan Sami
I added a video to a playlist Maahiya - "Teri Kasam" Full Video song by Adnan Sami
Ask Adnan Sami to comment on Indian team's performance and if he says anything apart from ' Boys played well', accept him as a…
Perhaps citizenship then like Adnan sami :p
Chose to be Indian because of cuisine, but I also love the people and every part of India: Adnan Sami at FLO event | https…
"Adnan Sami is an ISI agent, planted in India to steal their secrets". Sitting in such a company at the moment.
At present Pak is at the top of world game but NS will lose every thing in love for India.Y did not he act as Adnan Sami
Melodious Monday: Kabhi to nazar milao! Adnan Sami at the end of a long day! Gnight, shubhratri
After witnessing the level of intolerance in the country, Adnan Sami trying to escape the border, Kashmir. (2016) https…
Adnan Sami burying the Pakistani legal documents after GOI granted him Indian Citizenship, Mumbai. (2016)
Taslima Sen Sharma now BJP would give you Indian passports like adnan sami is indian passports holder
Hindu refugees from Pakistan to protest at Jantar Mantar today. 'Adnan Sami made a citizen, we remain forgotten.'
once from Elli, Shruti Hassan, Adnan Sami, twice from Kamran, 4 times from Javed, 15 times from from Shahid Afridi tbc
Welcome, Adnan Sami ! and congratulations for getting Indian citizenship, Hope Taslima Nasreen will aslo get Indian citi…
Shyam Benegal 2 revamp CB,Adnan Sami got citizenship of India,Ashok Khemka got promoted &not got transferred,2 much of Intolerance in 1day.
Heck, Adnan Sami's birthday is also on 15 August, the Indian Independence Day!
Welcome, Adnan Sami. India is honoured to have a talented person like you as citizen. Hope Taslima Nasreen gets Indian…
Taslima Nasreen should also be awarded Indian Citizenship just like Adnan Sami.
So, Adnan Sami has been granted Indian Citizenship, will Kafirs & Pankaj Udhas be granted just visas for a show in Pakistan?
Adnan Sami is slowly converting into Arjun Rampal 😂
Who is the godfather of Adnan Sami in Delhi? Please tell us ji! Kindly follow the link
Must watch the whole thing. Especially the last 3 mins..Simply brilliant Adnan Sami Piano solo. via
I was trolled like *** in Pak. Don't think India is intolerant else would not take Indian citizenship: Adnan Sami https:/…
How tf did Adnan Sami make it to playlist? sigh here we go YEH ZAMEEEN RUKK JAAYE
show me an Indian Muslim who would like to leave India n live in Pakistan? Heard Adnan Sami?
via He%27s not Indian%2C yet Adnan Sami%27s opinion on intolerance in India deserves
Ambani's son takes inspiration from Adnan Sami,
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Adnan Sami Pakistani singer wants Indian nationality ! why ? Go and ask him ?
Adnan Sami always reminds me of ziarat and winding through its mountains.
Adnan Sami gets the artist visa not visitor. I have no Pak army family, my uncles in India are navy officers though
Don't think anyone's visa denied if there is no genuine reason...See Adnan sami now have PR
Lol at Pakistani's blaming Modi for earthquakes and what about Adnan Sami who is in india since decade
Good to see Adnan Sami part of the reception team. Arts have a fundamental role to play.
Adnan Sami did what Adele is doing now, way before it was cool.
Just hear all bloated..Its almost like we swapped him for Adnan Sami...!! .
Irony is when wants to leave India & Adnan Sami is trying hard to get the Indian citizenship..…
they questioned adnan sami, Ind navy cheif while he was on rescue mission to chennai & pak embassy too
Rajdeep Sardesai slapped again. This time by Adnan Sami.
Dr.Asim, Khanani Kalia, Muhammad Asif, Kamran Akmal, Hassan Nisar, Adnan Sami are true mirror of our national character in all walks of life
Dalai Lama, Taslima Nasreen , Adnan Sami want to stay in india, here is the guy who fame n fortune discussing @ leaving India!
Adnan Sami disrespect Green passport, we will not give him NOC...Ch Nisar
Opposing the Ghulam Ali show mumbai and the other side they planning Indian Citizenship to Adnan Sami. It's nice way of foreign diplomacy
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Adnan Sami is getting indian citizenship and leaving pakistan . Now waiting for shiv sena to respond on this ;)
Adnan Sami is getting Indian citizenship. Saeed Ali Shah Geelani must accept Pak citizenship to send a message that it is best for Kashmiris
Adnan Sami to get Indian citizenship because he is less Pakistani than Ghulam Ali?
I feel this song's tune is similar to Adnan Sami's Album song - "Tera Chehra Jab Nazar Aaye". Isn't it?
but shivsena should now do where in adnan sami will be dumped in pakistan..Why humanity ???Time to rise against Pakistan..
there were moments in antara tht sounded like antara of "ye zameen jhuk jaye.." by adnan sami. Full 'tu ijazat de agar..' feel!
Shocked to see Adnan Sami Fitness. See the face :P
If you all Indians think that you can ban Gulam. Ali , and allow Atif Aslam , Adnan Sami and other pak artists to Aap chuthiye hain
My question is simple to why don't you oppose Fawad Khan, ,Adnan Sami,Imran,Atif Aslam etc?Are thy nt Pakistan…
never considered Adnan Sami a composer and A R Rehman a singer! Who's talentless dengue mosquito now?
Why not kick out Adnan Sami son of PAF pilot bombed India&besura singer Atif Aslam
I don't have hate for them..I just call it the way I see it lol
Ik dat but I'm letting u kno we got grinders and defense playa
Bro we got grinders tune into the preseason Ik it's jus preseason but still
LOL Adnan sami not Pakistani he's afghan he 1st took asylum in Pakistan now in india.
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I would want adnan sami to be targeted by shiv sena and all those who left pakistan thinking that they have brighter future in india
Agree but Adnan has scored some runs in two 2 days matches against Eng before the begining of test series with impressive S/R
Adnan Sami must b singing romantic song on this. Though itsnt correct.
Amidst 'Bar Pakistanis' ongoing initiative wish to know from what's status is?.
Shiv Sena r baboons. They ask for banning Pak cricketers/umpires but wont do nething for ppl like Adnan Sami & other Pak actors/singer.
just throw out all the PAKISTANI from India, Start with Adnan Sami
But Salman Khan and Adnan Sami combination we took for "Lucky.. No Time For Love" was magic.. gave our visuals a magnific…
what about Adnan Sami who bashed Pakistan from India?
Esp Adnan Sami for messing up the wonderful "Bhardo jholi" by SabriBrothers in BajrangiBhaijan!
My journey from fat to fit! Hope I can motivate others to affect positive changes :).
that's fine. End of the day, one indian is saying that. Moreover, Wasim Akram, Adnan Sami, Shoaib Akhtar se bhi pooche koi
Kinda imagined Fred Flinstone to be like Adnan Sami before he lost weight.
Adnan Sami Khan's song "Teri Yaad ati hai" is from his first album. Khan is considered as one...
Hy Hate monger what about giving indefinite visa to Pakistani singer Adnan sami ?
No outrage on Pakistani singer Adnan Sami indefinite visa by Modi ? (as u say along with terrorists?)
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Might be. But I think that was singers like Adnan Sami, Rahat F Khan, Atif Aslam who commercialized music & made huge money
All *** are same. Screwing our eager girls&siphoning off our cash like Adnan Sami,Fawad Khan,Atif Aslam
Adnan Sami's voice is honey to my ears 😍
Happy Birthday Mrs, Adnan Sami lot's of ove and dua 💕
why to play with them boycott all..they kill our soldiers.this statement is nt good. Send adnan sami bak to pak
There's classic Adnan Sami playing in the room, taking me back to childhood, to Jaipur, to relatives.
now watch that follow column go Adnan Sami of the 90's
Adnan Sami weighing all of 200 kgs & singing mujhko lift kara de is taking fool-hardiness to stratospheric levels..
hii how are you mam? Saw your adnan sami episode today you were looking so gorgeous & very senseues in saree
remind the adnan sami fool that Bin laden's *** was wiped out from the Pakistan.
Watching on tak with Adnan sami on looking stunning in saree
Pak singer Adnan Sami allowed to stay in India - Hindustan Times
pls play Tera Chehra by Adnan Sami today, and is dedicated to u.
"I feel he should sing more often as he has a lovely vocal texture!" - Adnan Sami
Man, I love Adnan Sami. Him, Sonu Nigam and Shaan were my childhood.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Pakistan may host Dawood but we got Adnan Sami
Idea : make amit shah listen to lift karade by Adnan sami
Maybe, Cong considers Adnan-Sami to be the Gain, although he is actually more of a drain on India's (food) resources
Adnan sami is good no doubt . but sabri borther's version of Bhar do Jholi meri Ya Muhammad is pure class
Waiting for Coke Studio to ruin Bhar Do Jholi Meri next. Except Adnan Sami already beat them to it.
if you are so interested then go to India with ur fmly and watch thr, we will think another Adnan Sami died
Why Adnan Sami wants to live in India
same here😁. Bt she is still beautiful. U should see Adnan Sami's song 'yaar bina jeena nahi jeena'
Adnan Sami is a motivation to the people who wanna lose weight more than singers.
Back when Adnan Sami was large, it was okay that a hot Rani Mukerji played his lover. Would it ever be the other way around though? Never!
pakistan and CS have noticed now the great qawalis of sabri brothers after Adnan Sami copied. CS rushed to sing tajdar e aram 😅
I can never choose between Adnan Sami's version and Sonu Nigam's version 😭
yes Atif Aslam better then Adnan sami
Why can't he take advice from Adnan Sami, because Sami is not from his religion?
Now will realize the meaning of Adnan Sami's LIFT KARADE!!!
Yo is it bad if one of my mums mates reminds me of Adnan Sami
that "sexy" song was sung by Adnan Sami I think..
All those ppl bashing Atif Aslam on "where were u all when Adnan Sami ruined
Why didn't Coke Studio just get Amjad Sabri to sing Tajdar-e-Haram? Poor guy, first Adnan Sami and now Atif Aslam!
Adnan Sami's 'Lift Karade' to become official anthem for BJP's withering Bihar campaign!
no one is safe in Pak, Adnan Sami wants Indian nationality, disowned your country, resides in India close to Mumbai. Very safe
Adnan Sami Raslan "al-Wazeer", a man from Zamalka, was gassed to death on August 21, 2013...
If Adnan Sami is given permission to stay in India for his entire life, then why not is case of ??
If we can do it for Adnan Sami why can't we do it for Taslima Nasreen?
*** pig Adnan Sami allowed indefinite stay in India, why not …
especially when Adnan Sami has been allowed to stay in INDIA indefinitely
BJP Now Going to Ban Adnan Sami song Thodi si to Lift Kara De
If anybody tryna listen to Indian music, Adnan Sami. Sonu Nigam, and Sukhwinder Singh
Every time I watch a new lean nd thin Adnan Sami, I feel thr is still hope fr Ganesh Acharya. :P
Not questioning Adnan Sami's greatness at all but having listened to Sabri Brothers' Bhar Do Jholi, his version stands nowhere.
Photo: Jermaine Jackson and Halima attend concert of friend Adnan Sami: Latest news Jermaine and Halima...
& this song is rocking , voiced by Sunidhi Chauhan & Adnan Sami
Sir! What sinister can a Cricketer do that Atif Aslam,Adnan Sami and Rahat Fateh Ali won't? Where is the logic?
Film 2008 directed by Samar Khan,starring ,Music *** Adnan Sami. Narrator: is all about abusing Indian Army
All I see on TV are Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Adnan Sami concert ads
Know how Adnan Sami managed to get who's who of bollywood to feature in his music videos??
Oufff, if only someone would take me to the Adnan Sami concert! :(
Do listen to Adnan sami Lift kara de all stars remix my all time favorite song on :)
Hair n makeup ojas rajani for Adnan Sami n his wife Roya
This Couple Was Amazing, Wonder why they break up. oh well! Enjoy. Adnan Sami - Zara Dholki
Pakistani singer Adnan Sami applies for Indian citizenship.
REPLUG: This pan wala has photos with Adnan Sami, Wasim Akram, Rahat Fateh Ali, and so many other people. .
Quiet happy to see well known singers like Arijit Singh & Adnan Sami are using our images for their concert...
Love for India - singer Sami applies for Indian citizenship | Read more:
I liked a video Adnan Sami Tribute to Amitabh Bachchan...Full
Adnan Sami applies for Indian citizenship. Again - Click Ittefaq
"Adnan Sami again applied for Indian citizenship... Let his now very thin backside go...please.
Adnan Sami again applied for Indian citizenship Saach Tv
Adnan Sami again applied for Indian citizenship...
I guess respect is more important than any other thing. and adnan sami ko apni aukat b dekha de thi indians ny but he learnt nthng
Dear . You first need to go & Salute Adnan Sami. And Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. And AAtif Aslam too. *** how cud i forget Fawaad...
To procure Indian citizenship, Adnan Sami has to undergo 'GharVapasi'- the mandatory requirement of RSS run govt. Think twice!
Adnan Sami asks for India citizenship but I am sure stinking Haqqani will automatically get it.
Adnan Sami applies for Indian Citizenship. He could have infiltrated through Bangladesh instead of applying Citizenshi…
it's time for you to experience Adnan Sami, his wit and voice! - Tour tickets...
Nasir Jamshed is useless as fats for Adnan Sami.
Adnan Sami applies again for Indian citizenship *** .I hope we have enough food..
someone pls bring back the old Adnan Sami 😫❤️
Traffic jam at midnight in Saifai after an Adnan Sami performance.
To All my Wonderful Friends !!!. Adnan Sami Live: Reply with Name and Email to Win Exciting Prizes From All...
Did tsunami got its name from Adnan Sami?
Meanwhile!. singer Adnan Sami applies for citizenship again via
Adnan Sami applies for Indian citizenship. . -via News in Shorts
ADNAN SAMI is feeling shame now.why i come in INDIA
Spoke to Adnan Sami, said why live in Modi's India when you can live among pure in Pakistan? He said sure! But I'm a shia. U…
We live in a country where meera and shoaib akhter's marriage, adnan sami,s nationality are our national issues
Didn't Umer Shariff make fun of Adnan Sami at an awards function in India years ago? Now he has an issue with Akhtar doing that. Hypocrite.
kapoor and adnan sami in old Pepsi ad.. OMG . SRK is luking sooo cute..
Adnan Sami files a second time for Indian citizenship. Well, welcome home Arindam Swamy.
Adnan Sami applies for Indian citizenship again
Adnan Sami applies for Indian citizenship for the second time | Bollywood News: via
Sir kindly listen to this tune of Adnan Sami tune "Kuch Pyar Bhi Kar " very fitting to present scenerio.
Adnan Sami, wants Indian citizenship. Go to Saudi Arabia, they are the best pals of Pakistan.
"Pakistani singer Adnan Sami applies for Indian citizenship -
New level of a unhappiness with their team MT Pakistani singer Adnan Sami applies for Indian citizenship
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“Pakistani singer Adnan Sami applies for Indian citizenship - De do yaar :-)
Pakistani singer Adnan Sami applies for Indian citizenship -
Its less than one month for the Adnan Sami Live in Concert show at Fox Theatre, Atlanta. Get more info today on...
Adnan sami wanna be on cloud 9 so bad
Adnan Sami Live in Concert, Chicago - Tickets are on sale Now!.
This ones for you Adil...its my LIBAS look ;) prince meets Adnan Sami
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