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Addison Russell

Addison Peale Russell (September 8, 1826 – July 24, 1912) was an American author of the later nineteenth century.

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Had a guy literally wanting to fight me last year at a bar when I said Corey Seager was better than Addison Russell.
Had a chance to speak with Hall of Famer Dan Hampton and Cubs shortstop Addison Russell down on field a little while ago.
Addison Russell hitting 163 at home. 293 on the road.
BREAKING: Cubs have acquired SP Sonny Gray and Billy Beane for SS Addison Russell and IF/OF Ian Happ. Theo strikes again!
are taking it slow with injuries to Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist and Addison Russell. |
Addison Russell back at Wrigley Field: 'This is my home'
Hey, if you're a White Sox fan thinking that an investigation of Addison Russell is a good way to mock Cubs fans maybe ret…
Maybe if you spent less time beating your wife and more time on baseball you could throw to first base on the fly
If Addison Russell is guilty, it puts Javey at SS, better glove, better bat power. Not a hampering problem.
MLB will investigate the domestic abuse allegation against Cubs shortstop Addison Russell
.to investigate Addison Russell, shortstop accused of cheating on and abusing wife https…
Breaking: MLB is investigating Addison Russell for allegations of domestic abuse.
Happy I did not get an addison Russell jersey
MLB looks at accusation against Cubs' Russell
Report: MLB will investigate Addison Russell's domestic issues: (
An Instagram post from Addison Russell's wife has led to an MLB investigation against the Cubs shortstop.
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Report: MLB will investigate Addison Russell’s domestic issues -
So Addison Russell's wife's bestfriend who came out with a lot of allegations isn't so happy. Check out her edited Instagram…
Just so we are clear, there is no need to investigate the claims made against Addison Russell, right? Just take the socia…
investigations regarding Addison Russell and Derek Norris, and sex crime exposure of Luke Heimlich. ... it's not a good morning for baseball
This won't end well. looks at accusation against
Addison Russell gets outed by his wife on Instagram for cheating, MLB investigating claims. http…
Tough day to be a guy who owns an Addison Russell jersey.
MLB officially investigating Addison Russell's domestic abuse allegations. He left Wrigley right after game last night.…
Addison Russell is being investigated by MLB for domestic violence allegations. We will keep everyone updated on the investigation.
Definitely gonna wait and see what happens with this whole Addison Russell thing because I don't wanna judge if happens to not be true 🤐
A source at MLB said that they are looking into these allegations against Addison Russell. The person stated this is no…
MLB confirms report that it is investigating allegations of domestic abuse against Addison Russell
Addison Russell under investigation for domestic violence allegation: reports
Addison Russell is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
MLB is investigating an accusation of domestic violence against Cubs shortstop Addison Russell.
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Good God, Addison Russell's wife blew him up *while the Cubs are playing*
Addison Russell out here hitting his wife ??
Here's the 2016 Mother's Day story RE:Addison Russell referred to on radio
Here's something that wrote on the and Addison Russell back in Feb 2016... Good read.
Low rent.. could image the support this abuser will get from *** Cub fans.
Never ever would have pictured Addison Russell like this. Doesn't seem like that type at all.
MLB will investigate domestic violence accusations against Addison Russell:
Don't let Addison Russell cheating on his wife distract you from the fact that the Indians blew a 3-1 lead in the World Series
this whole Addison Russell drama makes me sad poor dude and poor melisa too 😕
MLB plans to investigate Addison Russell over domestic violence allegations
Report: MLB looks into allegations of domestic abuse made against Addison Russell
Also, good luck getting guys like Kris Bryant and Addison Russell to want to play for you long term if youre giving…
would you hold onto Addison Russell or cut him for a Tim Anderson, Dansby, or Brandon Crawford
Cubs fans will insist that Addison Russell is better than Brandon Crawford though
Addison Russell's average also went up from 2015-2016. Kris Bryant and Rizzo be…
2012 Draft Flashback: Here's how we saw it going down. Imagine Carlos Correa to Addison Russell to h…
The way pitchers attack Kyle Schwarber is very different than the way they do Addison Russell. Me
Another brilliant segment from Jessica Mendoza and ESPN. Talking to Addison Russell about dancing and Pokémon.
Just watched Jessica Mendoza talk to Addison Russell about Pokémon for 2 full minutes on SNB. Meanwhile ESPN is firing its to…
That Jessica Mendoza segment w/ Addison Russell and his Pokémon card collection was absolutely brutal!
In 2012, when it picked Kyle Zimmer, KC could have taken Corey Seager, Addison Russell, Michael Wacha, Stephen Piscotty or Marcus Stroman.
It's ok they could've drafted Corey Seager or Addison Russell instead of zimmer, maybe they'd score more than 1 run!!
Drafted in the first round of the 2012 MLB draft after Kyle Zimmer:. Addison Russell. Corey Seager. Marcus Stroman. Michael Wacha. Lucas Giolito
'Really, bro? Pokemon?' Addison Russell and his unusual autograph collection
When he made his debut, one of the announcers suggested Addison Russell for Jon Niese as a possible trade. I still laugh.
Just gave a hand job to Addison Russell.
WOW... What a shot by Addison Russell! That was his 2nd hardest hit HR recorded by
Addison Russell plus swag is a beautiful thing
Well I already live in the same city as so
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My nine year old sister is trying to convince me that Michael Jackson faked his death and is now in disguise as Addison Russell
In less than 3 months I'll be living in the same city as (and the rest of the Cubbies) and it hasn't hit me yet
Addison Russell smashing a home run over everything in left. Slightly up path.
Cubs SS Addison Russell hit the first HR onto the street at Wrigley Field this season as he went deep to left...
ESPN Stats and Info calculated Addison Russell's fourth inning HR at 417 ft. It's tied for the 5th longest of his...
Cubs make most of cold conditions during win over Dodgers
Addison Russell hits 1st homer of season
Addison Russell got better. These changes are so dang good. Be like Addi
Get out the tape measure, long gone! Addison Russell hits one to Waveland Ave!
Addison Russell blasts a solo shot onto Waveland to put Chicago up by 2
Addison Russell with a home run to Waveland Avenue !
Here's betting tops last years homer total of 21. First one was a bomb.
addison russell just hit HR onto waveland. where does he rank among 8 cubs on my 50 MLB players to admire?
Why does believe Addison Russell is a future MVP? He explained on Full shows here:
Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell power Cubs to 4-0 win over Dodgers by
Future MVP home run on the season , career . Waveland Avenue !.
Cubs' Addison Russell: Muscles up for first long fly #
Nice by Muscle Russell today it was a total bomb ⚾💣
: Maddon 'enamored' with Cubs' flashy defense - Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell hit home runs on Thu...
.reaches Waveland Avenue – 429 feet away – for his longest HR at Wrigley Field.
Pace High grad Addison Russell hits first homer of season. .gives us a more in depth look.
I just figure out that Jason Heyward has more hits this year than Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, and Ben Zobrist COM…
expect Ben Zobrist and Addison Russell to be ready for Opening Night: (
Cubs manager Joe Maddon: "The sound is different" when Addison Russell hits the ball via…
Who's the last player to receive a 4-pitch intentional walk?. Addison Russell. Top of 10th inning in Game 7 of 2016 World Series.
Addison Russell could be the cleanup hitter of the future, writes
BPW today: on Addison Russell: And updates from AZ:
hi Russell, our location is constrained to the NE and York unfortunately. Thanks though!
Addison Russell, big bopper? It sounds like a good plan to him via
If you have Addison Russell in fantasy baseball, you gotta love the move that Maddon might make by hitting him cleanup.
The hottest hitting Cub this Spring, and the are back at it today in…
. on an adjustment Addison Russell made last October that has carried over into spring:…
Addison Russell with a big blast for the
Anyone interested in this card. Best offer. Only known version out there. A similar Addison Russell sold for $180…
Addison Russell's power potential could make him an option in Cubs cleanup spot, via
Addison Russell, genuine big bopper? It sounds like a plan to him: via
Now I look forward to seeing Chance at Cubs games this season taking selfies with Addison Russell.
Lucas Giolito went 2 innings for White Sox, allowing one run on a homer to Addison Russell. Struck out 2, allowed 3…
Cubs get on the board with solo homer by Addison Russell. Top 3: White Sox 0, Cubs 1
Here's your daily reminder that Evan Gattis had a batting average 12 points higher than Addison Russell
First off "Addy" is for Addison Russell, the Cubs player not the street
would you trade Addison Russell to the pirates for Andrew mccutchen knowing that you have Baez who can fill that position nicely?
Are Asian Americans ever going to be as excited about Addison Russell, Jordan Clarkson, & Doug Baldwin as they were/are about…
Ben Zobrist, Addison Russell and Javier Baez will take part in a parade tomorrow on the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street U.S.A, in Disney World.
Ben Zobrist, Addison Russell, and Javier Baez are going to be at Disney world tomorrow I'm freakin going by myself
Hey Cubs fans,. You’re welcome for Addison Russell. Signed,. Athletics Nation
.in 2017: only owe league minimum to Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, Javier Baez, Kyle Hendricks, Wilson Contreras and Kyle Schwarber.
Addison Russell interviews are like Jim Halpert describing his boring paper selling job in the pilot of The Office.
Kris Bryant and Addison Russell will bring a title to the North side 🅿️
Joe Buck talking about how young Addison Russell is and I'm just like 😳👀💯
Addison Russell with the grand slam, if the cubs win the World Series I know Blue Wahoos stadium gonna be lit for him
Cubs jump out to a 3-run lead!. Anthony Rizzo & Ben Zobrist score on double by Addison Russell to give Chicago an early l…
Is Henry Rowengartner is in the stands? Someone threw a ball in air to Addison Russell after Jose Ramirez's home run.
Addison Russell grounds out to short stranding Rizzo on 2nd after a leadoff double trail the Indians 4-1 through 6
Cubs beat Dodgers again, now win from World Series: Jon Lester pitched seven sharp innings, Addison Russell h...
Dodger Stadium sounded like Wrigley Field after that Addison Russell two-run homer. Lots of Cubs fans here tonight.
Thank god Addison Russell crushed that 2-run HR in Takes Jason Heyward off the hook for an AWFUL at bat. Maddon needs to bench him
Covered as a fresh faced kid in A ball, he was as understated then as now. Cool to see real emotio…
great to see you get out of that slump! Believe in yourself man. We do! The whole family is pumped with the win!
.and all woke up for the tonight in Game 4
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Addison Russell, who was in a big slump, shows alot of emotion running around the bases after hitting a big HR to give th…
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell and the rest of the Chicago Cubs' bats broke out in a big way.
.& were 3-for-50 in the 6 hits tonight. Naturally. ht…
Way to go and Playoff baseball will be back in Chicago this Saturday!!
Rizzo, Russell talk about big night in Cubs win over Dodgers: Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell talk ab...
. showed tonight there is no goat. Different team. Players of the next decade emerged.. & captains.
Observation- Addison Russell could have had a 3 HR night. Basically 20-25 more feet and we're talking about 3 HR, 7 RBI.
how many people called in today to bench and ? Fools. Good teams come back. need to chill.
The seize full control of NLCS from - and won't give it up
Addison Russell was 1-for-25 this postseason entering tonight's 4th inning. His 2-run homer put the Cubs up 4-0 on L.A. in NLCS…
Addison Russell goes yard!. On just his 2nd hit of the postseason, he helps the Cubs open up a 4-0 lead over Dodgers in t…
National media members not trying to pretend that Addison Russell is a great hitter now because of RBIs is a great step in right direction
Addison Russell on Yasmani Grandal's accusation of stealing signs: "I don't think I've even been on base so how c…
Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell and Ben Zobrist are a combined 6-for-60 this postseason, and that’s going to have to change-Al
Power outages from Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell are costing
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When you realize Kyle Hendricks has as many hits in the postseason as Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell.
Addison Russell, Anthony Rizzo, and Jason Heyward are a combined 4-63 in the playoffs. Needs to change.
Addison Russell of the Chicago Cubs tags out Adrian Gonzalez of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the...
Daily reminder that Tim Anderson is better than Addison Russell
...Anthony Rizzo. Jake Arrieta, Kyle Hendricks, Addison Russell & more prospects. That's why you pay Epstein & Co big bu…
Addison Russell drives in the winning run Sunday versus St Louis via
When I daydream about the Cubs winning the World Series, Hector Rondon is on the mound and Addison Russell converts a ground out to win it.
Addison Russell: joins Ernie Banks as the only SS to have 20 HRs and 90 RBIs in a season
Lets not forget that the cubs traded Jeff Samardzija for Addison Russell back in 2014 and look how that has panned out for both teams
Shortstops who have had an 100+ RBI season by the age of 22... A-Rod . Cal Ripken. Lou Boudreau. Red Kress . And probably Addison Russell.
(LA Times) Around the Russell reaches rare mark for a Cubs shortstop :..
well Addison Russell is already past Jeff Samardzija's highest career season of WAR (2014) so.
Totally. 😂Addison Russell, old and can't drive in runs. And we miss Jason Hammel so much... Wait...
Unless Addison Russell is secretly Ted Williams, there better be more to this deal.
110 mph ground out off the bat of Wil Myers. Addison Russell is amazing . h/t:
he's gonna have to go to the al because Brandon Crawford is in the league
Addison Russell is a top 5 shortstop.
Addison Russell & Kris Bryant homer as Cubs become first MLB team to reach 80 wins this season. - Arrieta: 8 IP, 0 R
Hey fans... Just a heads up that will be on w/ us @ 3pm & 5:30pm. Spread the word.
Cubs fans are really delusional about the prowess of Addison Russell. His BA is 249🤔. This vision of MVP grandeur must be put to rest
Addison Russell reaches rare mark for a Cubs shortstop
seems to have had a serious uptick in play since changing his walk up music to . Coincidence? I think not.
Addison Russell took my lessons on how to play shortstop 🔥
Um, just said Kris Bryant and Addison Russell are both heading to the Hall of Fame. I'm done.
Remember when Addison Russell started that game and Jose Fernandez grooved pitches to David Ortiz in that game too
The Oakland Athletics should have Josh Donaldson at 3B and Addison Russell at SS. Somehow Billy Beane is still employed.
Tim Anderson is going to be every bit as good as Addison Russell
*** Addison Russell! Don't kill Tim Anderson with your Shileleigh out there!
Addison Russell just keeps cracking under the pressure of playing in front of Tim Anderson.
wait is Tim Anderson on the list? Cause I see Addison Russell. Idk where you're getting your info buddy
Regardless of Walker being safe on the double play... Addison Russell showed some lightning fast hands on. His exchange was 0.5…
Today was a success. Got David Ross, Addison Russell, and Ben Zobrist's signatures. Hopefully I'll get more tomorrow
Covering Oakland's system for 6 years, best TEAMS were 2012 (Addison Russell, Daniel Robertson, Matt Olson) & the
Addison Russell is trash. What do you not understand about this
for players like Addison Russell. Russell?! Come on . We want to win not honor mediocracy
I'm good with that, and if the Yankees could get the equivalent of what we gave A's for Addison Russell even better.
Discussion of the ASG insinuates that Aledmys Diaz didn't deserve to be in the game. I'll take him over Addison Russell any day.
Addison Russell is a bum. That team last year struck out a record number of times. You look like an ***
Addison Russell is ranked 31st on Fangraphs' trade value series.
Addison Russell doing what Addison Russell does; being an unspectacular offensive player.
I actually meant to say Addison Russell, but Aledmys beat Seager in OPS. At least.
Quickly becoming a favorite of mine! Stay the way you are during your success!
Russell creek is awful, if you're real about Pokemon you'll go to Addison circle
fans can never be trusted to vote properly (See: Russell, Addison 2016 MLB All Star Game)
Addison Russell, young shortstops and the fun MLB stat of the day
Hey guys, I have to ask..What did you chat about with the kids you got into'd with?
Make way for the new generation of great young shortstops, who are taking over the game.
Congrats to the best SS in MLB, for making the 2016 all star team!! Woo!
Shout out to for walking out to "Vampire" at the all star game in SD yesterday. So dope!
Addison Russell doesn't even deserve to be an all star😑 Seager shoulda been starting man
Looking back at his stats, how did Addison Russell even make the this year?
I'm still confused why Addison Russell is the starting shortstop?
that would not have upset me more than starting Addison Russell and leaving him in for that 2nd AB
Can anyone explain to me how Addison Russell is an All Star?
Excited to see you in person Friday when the Professor schools the Rangers!
2 ABs for Addison Russell, 1 for Seager, then pull Seager with bases loaded.
Yes, Addison Russell, Anthony Rizzo and Ben Zobrist really carried their weight.
Absolute joke that addison russell started all-star game. He had no business even being there batting .237. Time to get rid of fan voting
not when Addison Russell is the starting SS, every other one I'm not too mad about
This young, talented, group of shortstops are taking over the game, resurrecting memories of Derek Jeter and co.
Corey Seager should've started over Addison Russell in the ASG smh
for sure wasn't the only think that errkd me really was Addison Russell over Trevor Story or Mailed Franco
If Addison Russell is an all star this year Pedro Alvarez should have been every single season with the Pirates https:/…
. is a proud Dad, is son, and is the neighborhood scamp.
Exactly! I don't see how Addison Russell and Ben Zobrist started over Corey Seager and Daniel Murphy 🤔
The all star game is awful because Addison Russell and Ben Zobrist are starting. But Ian Desmond, Daniel Murphy, and Nolan Arenado aren't
Addison Russell should not be the starting shortstop in the all star game.
Addison Russell and Ben Zobrist should not be in front of Trevor Story and Daniel Murphy.
Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Ben Zobrist, Addison Russell, Dexter Fowler, Jake Arrieta, and John Lester all going to the All Star game!
Why is Addison Russell starting at short 😂
and that's 4 HR allowed for Finnegan. Addison Russell is not Andre friggin Dawson.
I still think his future is in the outfield. Better communication w/Addison Russell & Albert Almora, Jr. next time.
Laz Diaz aside (hard to put him aside), there is Jason Heyward, .232; Miguel Montero .197; Addison Russell :230. These are issues.
John Lackey, Addison Russell share blame for Cubs' loss to Marlins, by
Addison Russell's first step was 0.067 seconds to catch that 97.4 MPH line drive hit by Kolten Wong.
Pat Hughes On a terrific play by Addison Russell: "Ozzie Smith would have been proud of that play!"
So would a Cubs equivalent of what the Hawks did today be Edwin Jackson + Addison Russell for draft picks and chance to overpay an okay RP?
Thoughts on Danny Espinosa. Thinking of dropping him or Addison Russell for José Ramírez.
My vote is for u to start at shortstop u or Corey Seager both of u have a better season then Addison Russell he's leading cuz cubs
Addison Russell strikes out swinging stranding Ben Zobrist 90 feet away to end the top half of the 2nd in Atlanta with no score
thanks again for gifting Addison Russell and Billy McKinney to us, A's organization!
Addison Russell flies out to Peter Bourjos in center field to end the top half of the 3rd the score remains 1-0
Addison Russell will be hitting at the corner of Clark & Addison. James Shields will be pitching at the corner of 35th & Shield…
The fact that Addison Russell and Kris Bryant have more votes than Trevor Story and Nolan Arenado is what is wrong with Cubs fans
Wow the AllStar voting is a joke.. Nolan Arenado in 2nd to Kris Bryant? Story trailing Addison Russell who has horrible numbers to Story's 😡
Anthony Rizzo leads all currently, with Ben Zobrist, Addison Russell, Kris Bryant and Dexter Fowler all penciled in as starters as well.
One important game for me before my Big move to California. Go Cubs...
Oh! I have a very important question for you! Can you still do a backflip like we are you doing in your commercial?
Addison Russell got a hit off a lefty.
were so dumb to trade Addison Russell
We tasked with ranking the top-5 young shortstops in baseball. Coming in SS Addison Russell:
I think I would like to be your personal pine tar assistant in order to prevent flying bats
Gonna have to work on grip. But other than that good inning. He's still
Addison Russell once almost killed me when his bat flew at my face on the third base side.
Addison Russell coming up to bat to Shoop makes me super happy.
Has any big leaguer ever had a lighter grip than Addison Russell?
Addison Russell leads the league in accidentally thrown bats
Lol accidentally threw his bat backwards
I swear to god, I'm going to tape that bat to Addison Russell's hands
Top of 5th Inning:. - Yasmani Grandal grounds out to shortstop Addison Russell. - Yasiel Puig grounds out sharply...
Addison Russell lines out to Corey Seager @ short stranding runners on 1st & 2nd to end the 3rd with no score between the & Dodgers
because of his horrible read. Addison Russell is a horrible base runner. I've been saying that since last year.
Just showed an Addison Russell highlight package...probably my favorite trade acquisition in a while. Guy is insane!!
atrocious base running by Addison Russell cost Cubs the lead. The ball hit by Ross was down the line. No excuse
Bottom of 2nd Inning: . - Jorge Soler strikes out looking. - Addison Russell singles to right fielder Yasiel...
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Addison Russell's speed vs Carl Crawford's arm is a no brainer. ***
Horrible base running by Addison Russell. Should have scored on that hit.
Curious decision by 3B coach Gary Jones to hold up Russell. Hammel's been hot at the plate, but Addison would've scored easily.
At one point the A's had Donaldson, Cespedes and Addison Russell.
May 30, AB 1: Javier Baez singles on a bunt ground ball to first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. Addison Russell to 2nd.
No. 115: Addison Russell singles with one out in the second for the Cubs. . The Baby Streak lives!
Addison Russell going oppo makes me happy.
Sweet stroke from Addison Russell to right-center results in the Cubs' first hit on Memorial Day.
I hope Addison Russell starts hitting the ball to right again.
no way on Addison Russell. Could see Soler tho
IOW if Addison Russell and Jorge Soler are available I'm gucci
Addison Russell's errors by the month
Going down to wrigley in search of tickets help
In honor of MLB’s weekend, we’re throwing it back to who grew up loving this game.
should i pick J. Profar or A. Cabrera to backup Addison Russell on my SS spot?
I can see you with some serious moves to this song!!! said no one can top the VS Angels- prove him wrong!
Addison Russell is gonna be the next elite shortstop. Just watch💯
Since Aprill 11th, Addison Russell GW HR on Opening Day, the Reds have won 11 games
What's a non *** way of saying "if Addison Russell was a woman he'd be really hot"?
Ben Zobrist, Jorge Soler & Addison Russell due up for the in the top of the 9th trailing the Giants 1-r
No idea if this has meaning but I love the disparity. Addison Russell is hitting .435 when the Cubs are trailing, .169 whe…
Cubs win! 3-run home runs by David Ross and Addison Russell power Chicago to 9-4 victory over Pirates.
The mash three homers, defeat the Pirates 9-4 to improve to 26-8. David Ross & Addison Russell: 3-run HRs
Addison Russell is a ninja assassin
I'm serious, my first child will be named Addison Russell. Or his middle name will be that. Or something.
Andrew Cashner for Anthony Rizzo. Scott Feldman for Jake Arrieta. Jeff Samardzija/Jason Hammel for Addison Russell . Thank you Theo and Jed
We just need to hold onto Barreto. Don't pull an Addison Russell, please!
Russell discusses late-game heroics in Cubs win over Nats: Addison Russell goes 1-on-1 with CSN's Kelly...
At least six times I've confused the announcer saying Addison Russell for Anthony Rizzo.
Addison Russell with a two-out single to center to bring Anthony Rizzo in from third. 4-3 over the in the 6th in Wrigley.
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Addison Russell is developing the Alex Gonzalez trait of only being able to hit in clutch
Billy Beane (Brad Pitt in Moneyball) is how we acquired Addison Russell. He was the first to embrace the new analytics approach
Addison Russell is starting to play like Corey Patterson and Felix Pie.
MILRussell plates Baez to extend lead. Addison Russell hits a grounder to Jonathan Villar and Javier…
"Genius" Billy Bean could have the left side of his field be Addison Russell, Josh Donaldson, and Yoenis Cespedes. But he's a moron.
Carlos Torres allows a two-out, two-run triple to Addison Russell so the error on Hill and a walk by Nelson both score. 3-1 Cubs in the 6th.
Zack Cozart scores from 2nd on an error by Addison Russell the & Reds are tied @ 1 bottom of the 4th in Cincinnati
Addison Russell hits a solo shot to LF off Dan Straily in the Top of the 2nd to give the a 1-0 lead over the Reds
Dan Straily was traded to the Cubs with Addison Russell and from the Cubs for Dexter Fowler.
Remember when we got Jake Arrieta and Addison Russell for Steve Clevenger and Scott Feldman from the Orioles? Yeah, me too.
Addison Russell will be traded to the Reds at this rate.
One thing that stands out about Tim Anderson: lean and muscular. Reminds me of a taller Addison Russell.
Tom Ricketts leads fans greeting Addison Russell after his 3 run HR Opening Night
CHC Tribune: Addison Russell on the Cubs' loss to Colorado
And another big hit from Addison Russell. RBI single to right makes it 4-1 Lackey up with two outs might be only reason Simon stays.
Reds @ Cubs: Simon vs Lackey (Game 8): With some late-inning heroics, Addison Russell gets the season’s first ...
Incredible in-crowd video of Addison Russell's HR. Feel the energy. (Thanks to Brian and Ryan for the video!)
Remember when the had Yoenis Cespedes, Josh Donaldson, & Addison Russell on the way up?
Throwback to that time the A's had Yoenis Cespedes, Josh Donaldson, and Addison Russell on the way. How'd they screw THAT up?
Addison Russell's homer erases slow start for Cubs offense in home opener, via http…
Wrigley is going crazy! Addison Russell hits a 1-out, 3-run blast in the bottom of the 8th to put Cubs ahead, 5-3. https:…
Addison Russell: That's call ambushing a fastball. Three-run homer in the bottom of the eighth, to give CHC a 5-3 lead.
for a potential backup at short, Aledmys Diaz or Addison Russell?
I agree with Hollindsworth. Addison Russell's slow start offensively hasn't dampened his D at all. Kid is special and will get the bat going
Addison Russell is cranking at least 30 dingers this season.
If you didn't experience the pain of Ronny Cedeno, you don't deserve to enjoy Addison Russell.
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