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Adamson University

Adamson University (AdU) is a private and Catholic university in Manila, Philippines, founded on June 20, 1932 by Greek immigrant George Lucas Adamson as the Adamson School of Industrial Chemistry.

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Finally back to my sleeping place! (@ LM Library, Adamson University in Manila)
Thank you for an awesome performance at Adamson University... see you again! All the love 😊❤️
The Cali Boys of Adamson are up next on on ! 🙌🏻 @ Adamson University
May jema talaga shes the captain of adamson university.jema galanza.if i remember ang yesterday is abount What NU stands?
FLASH: NU, Adamson close in on PVL finals: National University and Adamson University took…
Attention: FINALS is coming!! . Join as The Adamson University Association of Civil Engineering Students set your...
Pumaren: “The way I look at it, there are no easy games coming up."
Franz Pumaren on Adamson’s 73-71 thriller over UP: 'No easy games': MANILA, Philippines…
The Adamson Soaring Falcons emerged victorious against the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons, 73-71.
HAPPENING NOW: 2nd student presentation from the Adamson University.
HAPPENING NOW: Our first presenter is Engr. Lester Alfred M. Olasiman, from Adamson University.
Hey, classmates! Who is your favorite teacher in Adamson University and why? 😊.
A new show tomorrow and Thursday. San Vicente Musical at Adamson University 8am and 11am.
FINAL: Adamson University def. University of the East, 79-60. |
How nor to get sacked at the university :Stop thinking! (G. Adamson) .
For our 4th speaker, We have the ROTC Medics from Adamson University.
Funny feeling: that is to be recognized and appreciated. @ Adamson University
Congratulations to Alpha Lambda/Georgia Southern University for welcoming 63 new members into the AOII family!
she was a beautiful mess like a sky full of stars. 🌌 @ Adamson University
I had a convo with this girl from Adamson University, hope I can find her again on omegle or whatsoever app. Sobrang kalog mo mamsh!
Contract signing at the Adamson University. Together with the EVP of JPES.
UP AES at the Junior Philippine Economics Society's "En Masse: Building a Legacy through Unity" at the Adamson Univ…
Redniel de Silva from Himig-Musicians of Adamson University performs worship songs for LIMITLESS.
Adamson University suspends classes in ALL LEVELS today, Aug. 11, 2017, due to the mag. 6.3 quake.…
ADAMSON UNIVERSITY | Classes in all levels suspended, Aug. 11, 2017, due to earthquake | via…
due to | August 11, 2017. Adamson University - classes in all levels
Adamson University suspends classes in all levels following the magnitude-6.3 quake.
*hears an announcement after the earthquake*.. “Good afternoon Adamson University, you may now go back to your respective classes” . wow 🙂
Adamson University students gather in front of the U-Facade after the Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake that struck Manila C…
Earthquake, for real, 13:36 at Adamson University. Keep safe, y'all. Stay away from buildings.…
reminding us of Baylor University's commitment to faith, academics, & safety of its students stopped before…
Adamson University will always be special for me..
The long wait is over!. EcubE: Experience Electrical Engineering is back on! . The Adamson University Electrical...
This is a fabulous story. Meet the young Scot who has gone from a care home all the way to University.
Congratulations to Melissa Adamson and Dr. Shannon Holcomb on elected to the East Carolina University Alumni...
UE- University of the East. ADU- Adamson University. UP- University of the Philippines . FEU- were the one who was spending…
Dance group from Adamson University now performing their routine in streerdance competition
Thankyou GOD sa opportunity na imo gihatag ☺🙏 see you tomorrow Adamson University
FEU barged in the win column with a straight sets win over Adamson University.
Congratulations to Nante Carandang for his 2nd Solo Art Exhibition at Adamson University Art…
Iranian University of Manitoba student stopped from travelling to present at U.S. conference
UP takes first win against Adamson University in the men's volleyball tourney after a five-set thriller.…
ICYMI Sunday: Yes!! UP Lady Maroons sweep Adamson to clinch first win by…
Adamson University suspends office work and classes in all levels starting 2PM today due to the transport stri…
Adamson University students stage at Plaza Salamanca | via
Adamson University studes stage their protest at Plaza Salamanca |
Adamson USG goes to Puerto Princesa, Palawan to represent Adamson University for the PAASA 8th Interactive Youth Forum.
where you will study next year for senior high — "ADAMSON UNIVERSITY" SA MANILA EHHEHE🙃
"I don't want life to imitate art. I want life to be art." 💜✨ @ Adamson University Art Gallery
Btw, we win against Adamson university "jr". Thankyou for motivating me 😊
Glenn Adamson on museum labels, the Prownian methodology.
Jay Hopson pleased with play of reserves in Southern Miss' lopsided win: Parker Adamson of Southern Miss saw ...
Happy 80th birthday to one of the pillars of Adamson University, Señor Guillermo Gómez Rivera!. To those who do...
Love the art in yourself and not yourself in the art. @ Adamson University - St Therese Building
Life's a stage and you only get one performance. Make it a good one. @ Adamson University - St…
Greetings and congratulations to Fr. Marcelo V. Manimtim, CM, 6th president, Adamson University, Manila.
Senator Angara, who played for the Adamson University Falcons during his college days, will also be playing for team S…
LUNCH BOX LUNACY 📚. Researchers at the University of Leeds have found only 1.6% of school lunch…
"When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.". Adamson University Chemical Engineering Students' Society...
Mandatory learning: Indigenous course requirement launched at Canadian university
The Tamaraws lost their first game of the UAAP season to the Adamson Soaring Falcons
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Saint Vincent de Paul, pray for us. @ Adamson University
Philippine Universities and Colleges Ghost Stories. --. ADAMSON UNIVERSITY. A girl was by the sink washing her face...
And so the adventure begins. Thank you Adamson University! @ Adamson…
4 years and determination and perseverance! Thank you so much Adamson University ☺☺
Lmao. Adamson University is owned by the Vincentians (CM, or Congregation of the Mission), founded by St Vincent de Paul. :)
Good morning! Here at Adamson University, it's washday! 😊👕👟
To Adamson University we go tomorrow. Hope madayon njd😂
It's time to say goodbye to my dear Alma Mater 😍😍 @ Adamson University - SV Facade
Bye for now, see you Alumni ID soon 💪💪💪 @ Adamson University
I always dreamt of being the courtside reporter of Adamson University 💙 Someday. 🤔
.is honouring alumna, Topsy and Tim creator Jean Adamson, with a university fellowship today. Congratulati…
I'm at Adamson University - Cashier and Registrar's Office in Manila
Hello classmates. She is Krystal, the 15-year-old daughter of Adamson University alumni José Mario "Pepe" Alas...
Celebrated Falcon fete with an amused expression🎆 @ Adamson University - SV Facade
Spent my two consecutive days here. . @ Adamson University
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
ICYMI from yesterday, big get for ADU: Jerrick Ahanmisi commits to Franz Pumaren’s
Thank you for rockin' Adamson University Sponge Cola!! Till next timeee! ☺️💕
I'm at Adamson University - OZ Building in Manila, Metro Manila w/
So proud of this Impok System made by the 5thyr BS CPE students of Adamson University. Genius! 👏…
Join your fellow chemistry majors this February 20 - 21, 2015, at the OZ AVR, Adamson University, Ermita, Manila. https…
Playing Roses 🌹by at Adamson University last night with DJ Luigi and Gen…
What an awesome experience! Thank you so much Adamson University! You guys rock!. But for now, I…
The first UNIVERSITY SURVEY (off-campus) has finally launched!. The Adamson Chronicle, the Autonomous and...
JUST IN: Ateneo soars over Adamson, extends streak to 5-0
Klasmeyts! Spotify’s Featured Artist this 2016 is set to land in Adamson University grounds!.
FALCONFETE2016!! Adamson University it's time for you to meet the Beast !! 😈 kita kits mamaya, thank you ht…
kat dj and victor pring in the house! 💣💣💣 cto @ Adamson University
Ateneo soars over Adamson, extends streak to 5-0 by via
off to Adamson University for an ocular.
is ADU "ADamson University"? Or "Ateneo De manila Univeristy"? Coz you can't have Adamson for 2 games within the day.
January exams at university were definitely created by Satan himself
The 4th year students of Adamson University taking up Events Management Class, together with the Adamson...
19-year-old Mass Comm student of Adamson University fall off from 20-storey building after taking selfies.
again! The Botong Francisco exhibitions makes its way to the Adamson University Art Gallery!
Adamson University dominated the board exams for Industrial Engineering, getting 8 topnotchers!!
Adamson University is still one of the best engineering schools in the Philippines
BREAKING: College girl from Adamson University falls off roof, dies after taking selfie
8/10 for Adamson University as it dominated the 7th Industrial Engineering Certification Examination.
An unfortunate incident happened to a 19-year old graduating student from Adamson University as she died after...
A very honest obituary about an old university pal -
• It is so hard to let go the old you. 😂😂 @ Adamson University Ermita Manila
Calling the attention of the new president of ADAMSON UNIVERSITY, please include us in the class suspension. THANK YOU.
Today at AdU: Presidential Turnover Ceremony and Oathtaking of Fr. MARCELO V. MANIMTIM, CM, 6th President of Adamson University.
cheers to the newly vincentian customs broker 🍷 @ Adamson University OZ AVR
12pt lead by Adamson University. 48 - 60 against Ateneo De Davao. 7:12 left in 4th quarter.
Ateneo De Davao and Adamson University tied at 23 points. 5 minutes left 2nd quarter.
Watch Live our Blue Knights as they play with Adamson University in the MILO Best Championship Game.
3mins left in Q1. 18 Ateneo De Davao - 8 Adamson University.
PRC: Graduates of Adamson University, BatSU, Gordon College Olongapo among the topnotchers for November 2015...
Adamson University crushes! You can request by direct message with their name and photo in it!
UP dedicates win over Adamson to injured comrade Jerson Prado via
THE ATENEO Blue Eagles defeated Adamson University, 84-60 on Saturday, September 12 at the Mall of Asia Arena in...
The Blue Eagles are back with a resounding 84-60 victory against Adamson University at the MOA Arena.
Professor in all the Engineering subjects at Adamson University here in the Philippines 😍😍😍
Everybody deserves someone that makes them look forward to tomorrow 🍃 @ Adamson University Saint…
We will be having our VIP guest tomorrow :) Ms. Amanda Villanueva (UAAP Volleyball Star Player) of Adamson University
Nag college si daddy sa STI at AMA tas adamson university nung HS, how about me where? 😂😂
"It's that I love waiting. I just love the person I'm waiting for.." @ Adamson University San…
Discover what's great about the University of Greenwich, come visit us on August 15.
I was considering on buying a 4g globe pocket wifi but then the 4g network is not strong/available in Adamson University so idk
Team Xplorra Talks now begins. . we are proud to announce the start Xplorra Talks with the Adamson University as...
Done with these two University. . National Library X Adamson X LPU. So far so good. :)
Waiting for the others zz (@ ST Quad. Adamson University in Manila, Philippines)
"God is light. In Him, there is no darkness at all." @ Adamson University
Mark your calendars!. Adamson-UST, Ateneo-FEU headline UAAP opening weekend games
The Blue Booters will face Adamson University at the San Beda College Football Field at 3PM tomorrow, July 18.
view from adu frc building at night @ Adamson University FRC Building
Welcome to Adamson University. Subject Enlistment. You are only allowed to be enrolled ONLINE from , at :: AM. to , at :: AM
YESSS!!! fun fact : im actually so close studying in adamson university bc i passed the entrance exam but i changed my mind 😂😂😂
off to Adamson University from Erap city Montalban Rizal. :)
Congratulations to on the offer from the Indiana University! 🔴⚪️
Great discussion with Kirstie Adamson today about Setting up a University Online Counselling Service
Looking forward to discuss 'Setting up a University Online Counselling Service – Kirstie Adamson' Join in
Want to know more about online counselling for universities? Tonight
With my AdU Pep family. Nice meeting you again. @ Adamson University -…
Did you know that the founder of Adamson University was a Greek chemist from Athens?
The Phililippine Blu Girls is coached by Ana Santiago-the champiom softball coach of Adamson University. (:
Someday, I will have a collection of humiliating Wren Adamson university stories. [Ducks her head to slip into the cab.]
Adamson University Information Technology in Philippines: professor, develop, it, present, elementary
Farewell lunch with interns from the University of Eastern Philippines in NSamar and Adamson...
Did you know that Adamson University was once located in the Intamuros, like Ateneo and University of Santo Tomas?
Matt Aquino is moving from Adamson to National University. | via
Awhile ago at Adamson University. Who saw me there? ;)
Going to Adamson University for the commemoration of the . In 2013, AUP Admin rejected to host because it was 'political'
I am no longer connected to Adamson University. 😔
Photoset: Adamson University (AdU) is a private and Catholic university in Manila, Philippines, founded on...
Nate Adamson, Carey's all-time leading scorer will play basketball at Southern Virginia University
The best teacher that teached us from the heart, not from the book. 🙌💕 @ Adamson University
If you have skills in this field why you can not try... ADAMSON UNIVERSITY open for tryout..🏀 🏃 😁…
Adamson University will follow the usual academic calendar for SY 2015-2016. Classes will start on June 16, 2015.
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oh hi! Im jess! I'll be graduating this month from adamson university. Hbu? 😊
Adamson University where I graduated as a Computer Engineer and Mapúa Institute of Technology where I work now...
Adamson University is in the 8th spot that matter to employers
Great reading today by Robert Adamson @ University of Maine Orono
Here it is! The official music video for Everything Takes Time by the wonderful students of Adamson University!... http:…
The official date is out ‼️. The first women's volleyball match between National University and Adamson…
Yes I'm saving all my love for youuu. — eating Yogolat Frozen Yogurt at Adamson University ST Quadrangle
Wikipedia page Adamson University College of Education has possibly been vandalized.
While waiting for our next class. 📷. @ Adamson University SV Building 2nd Floor
Tambay muna while waiting for my sundo. @ Adamson University ST Quadrangle
“Valdez explodes for 30 as Ateneo survives Adamson in 5 sets i…
UP wins its first game of the season in an abbreviated 8 innings game versus Adamson University. Final score UP 11 ADU 1.
Had a great day with these awesome peeps. 👊😏 @ Adamson University
Concrete jail, we call it Adamson. @ Adamson University CS building
"Thank you for visiting Adamson University!!! Continue to inspire other people.God Bless."-Macy Oropesa, ADU.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
"Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge to us. You really inspired us." -Shannon, Adamson Univers…
Hi Sir Lloyd Luna, Im from Adamson University. Super galing mo,clap clap. One of the best speaker! :)) Havey lah…
Giving a talk on "Digital Age" (@ Adamson University - OZ Building in Manila, Metro Manila)
Participating schools include Adamson University, Far Eastern University, University of Asia & the Pacific, and San Beda College-Alabang.
UAAP chess leaders: Adamson University and National University share first place in the men's division,...
2 years ago, missing my Alma Mater atm. @ Adamson University College of Business
Hi Pope, . First ever selfie with the Pope. @ Adamson University - St Therese Building
Came back to Adamson University yesterday and met Prof. Jeremillos for the first time in 10 long years. There will be stories to share and this is just the beginning of my many 'university hoppings'. Here's the latest pic of the CS Building...
| She was appointed dean of Adamson University after...
UP claims emotional win over Adamson: MANILA -- The University of the Philippines (UP) showed trem...
UP takes down Adamson in pressure-packed four sets: MANILA, Philippines---A motivated University of the Philippines…
Congrats University of the Philippines 👏👏👏... great game indeed against Adamson University.
Nice Mount Vernon Ohio 3 bedroom ranch home located near the Mount Vernon Nazarene University for $89,900 .
Game day tomorrow ADAMSON vs. UST at Mall of Asia Arena. 10am Please watch and support us Adamson University. Thank you!
Take me to neverland feels during anatomy 🌟🌈 @ Adamson University - St Therese Building
Back to school after Christmas vacation! 😉😂😊 @ Adamson University - ST Building
5th day of 2015. We're back to the reality. IT lords. 🙌😂 @ Adamson University
And back to university it is! So tired after this mornings drive 😴
Last replay of now on | NOW PERFORMING: Adamson University Chorale
i have a friend from adamson university that's why i don't like shiela marie. P. S. pls get the logic, thanks
Walking along the street of San Marcelino. I'll be at Adamson University in less than 5 minutes. Hay how I love my 2010 life.
Home from Ermita near adamson university, Happy fiesta and thankyou!!!
[] Adamson edges University of the East for first victory in three matches
ADAMSON UNIVERSITY— to build the tallest Christmas Tree in Metro Manila.
UAAP Women's Volleyball after the first set Adamson 25 University of the East 9
Ateneo continues dominant ways with Adamson win
Good luck to the Adamson University Falcons Football Team against NU today
University of Visayas v.s. Adamson University sa tagoloan covered court :)
Dean Carl and the college of Business Administration of Adamson University supports the "Huwag Kang Magnakaw."
By "Thank you Adamson University for another successful
In adamson university theater with mr and my idols totosorioso
After the uber fun at Adamson University, now it's time to go to birthday concert. 😊
Cheering for the seniors womens volleyball team be like @ Adamson University
AUAAI's Tribute to Faculty and Employees now on-going @ Adamson University
My first INC Radio guesting with CBI Adamson University co-MTs last April! And…
Ateneo continues dominant ways with Adamson win via
Just finished taking the EXAM in treasury. Antokyooo. (@ Adamson University (ST Building) in Manila, Philippines)
6:00pm Reception 6:30pm Presentation How do we put theological theory into actual practice? CWCIT visiting scholar Daniel F. Pilario, CM, dean of the St. Vincent School of Theology at Adamson University (Manila, Philippines) discusses concrete, “on the ground” theology & how these “rough grounds” ch…
Thank you Adamson University - Association of Civil Engineering Students (AdU - ACES) for that crazy…
Congratulations to Team Incroyable Cuisiniers, representative of Adamson University for the Next Big Sandwich Hit...
Supporting TIP this IECEP pageant!!! Love you Michael and Marnie!!! And of course Adamson University's BES!
Now GENERAL ASSEMBLY of Civil Engineering students here at ST Quad, Adamson University!
Congrats Adamson University, Lyceum of the Phil-Batangas & Wesleyan University of the Phil.
The Faculty and Students of the Graduate School of Adamson University supporting the " Huwag Kang Magnakaw"...
- Mr. Mon Lizardo is one of our guest speaker :) — at Adamson University Theater
Still here at adamson university waiting for my sister
the Adamson University Gym is the venue for all of the Boys Volleyball Games in UAAP 77. Tickets at p50 each. Thank you.
I'm excited for General Assembly in Adamson University later! see you there IEs!
First city to set up university too
after a week of living in the capital city of the Philippines, and being into Adamson University, now…
On going blood letting dito sa ST quad. Should I go, or no?? Hooo. @ Adamson University ST Quadrangle
Imagine what the University could do with UFB!
University of Otago could become an even more world class Uni
T'was good to see you again Adamson University. Hihihihi! ;) 😱😁😉
Torre de Manila is the best place for Adamson University to conduct a bonfire!
Adamson University : AdU extends tuition discounts to MAPSA students with new agreement
"Acceptance is one way to move on." (@ Adamson University - OZ Building in Manila, Metro Manila)
Bored to death with this place. Bored to death with myself. 😂🔫 @ Adamson University Library
When the song that was given to us plays on abscbn. Pls support Adamson University because we made…
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Waiting for Adamson University turn to suspend classes. :))
Coach Pumaren unhappy with the way his boys performed against Adamson. READ: (by
Salute to Adamson University. A product of another next big name and star.
I have a very strong feeling that 3 graduates from Adamson University will be awarded sa V-League Indi Awards sir :)
It's "FROZEN" for Adamson University in Interesting isn't it? How about for UE? Excited!
Posing a self-we with me was the former President of my Alma Mater, Adamson University and my great…
I start university in October. I have to wait until then. Everyone will already be at uni by then and I'll be left here
Sir! Im Jac, the one from Adamson University. Sir, may idea ppo ba kayo about sa PRSP Grand Prix?
"Adamson University in terms of Environmental condition" project documentation is on going.
WATCH: UE rains treys on Adamson: MANILA -- The University of the East (UE) Red Warriors pulled aw...
UAAP: FEU keeps last-place Adamson winless - The Far Eastern University denied the Adamson University a taste of v...
Encounter with the Adamson University students at Sm Manila was very unexpected
Adamson's Polican out for two more weeks: MANILA – Adamson University guard William Polican will b...
“I'm starting to hate people in Adamson University 😒”
I'm starting to hate people in Adamson University 😒 featured in NBC s Science of Love
[IN PHOTOS]: University of the East pulverized Adamson University, 99-72 | View here:
University of the East destroyed Adamson University by 27 points, 99-72, to nail its second consecutive victory...
Sumang sparks 2nd half surge by UE to whip Adamson: MANILA, Philippines -- Host University of the East turned...
UE blasts Adamson by 27 points: MANILA -- University of the East (UE) gave Adamson University a 27-point beat ...
What if I join the volleyball team in Adamson University if I will have chance to sudy there??
Nice game Adamson University 😊👍 you made our heart and faith strong LOL 😊👍👏
Adamson university and university of the east next ! 🏀
Next up: Adamson Soaring Falcons vs University of the East Red Warriors
next game UAAP . Adamson University vs. University of the East
Next game: Adamson University vs. University of the East! . Go ADAMSON!
I'm excited now to watch the game, UE vs. Adamson University...! ...:)
smile though your heart is breaking. ~ @ Adamson University
My whole life is a bullcrap. Any minute now my Father's gonna kill me or worse, will stop providing my expenses in Adamson University.
In an unscripted act during his motivational speech for Junior Finance Executives in Adamson University Theater,...
"Adamson University to resume classes and work on Monday.". Why am i not happy about this?
Adamson University – no classes and work, Friday and Saturday. Ateneo de Manila University – grade school. Miriam...
Adamson University alumnus José Mario "Pepe" Alas (Mass Communication) will be featured a few minutes from now...
Okay no classes until Saturday for Adamson University 💓💓💓
Classes & work at Adamson University are suspended until Sat., July 19.,will resume on Mon, July 21
Thank God for the suspension. God bless the Philippines. @ Adamson University
Class is suspended today, so we deserve a selfie 😂😁✌️ @ Adamson University Botanical Garden
Announcement: Pls be informed that classes in Adamson University will resume on Monday, July 21,2014. Kindly spread this
Due to Blackout in Adamson University. Classes will resume in Monday.
FYI! Adamson University is the university in the Philippines... in alphabetical order.
At Adamson University -59th birthday celebration of Dean Marquez
To my fellow highschool students, Those who are interested to join our group (Adamson University Drummers Yellers Online) please attend to our orientation tomorrow Call Time: 3:15 pm Where: FRC BUILDING, Room 303, ST. JOHN PAUL II room
WATCH UP DHARMA DOWN LIVE IN ADAMSON UNIVERSITY THEATER ON JULY 5! It's open to outsiders and for the benefit of... http:…
Papuan Blacks v2 ended its PH Tour in a tough encounter with Adamson University. Despite the request to play Team B like the other teams played, Adamson fielded their TEAM A. Using their height advantage the Soaring Falcons hammered our boys to established a sizable 27 point lead early in the 3rd. But PB v2 boys stepped up on defense and rallied during 3rd quarter and in the 4th quarter it was anybody's ball game as PB closed in within striking distance, 11-point deficit. An interception in the mid court ended the game with an slam dunk that made the final score 78 - 69, the papuan snake threatened the soaring falcon! Former Basketball of Federation President, Ben Davis and his family plus a dozen PNG students came to the support Papuan Blacks v2. Overall, Papuan Blacks v2 won 4 games out of 7 outings. On this note, Papuan Blacks v2 would like to thank the unwavering support of Wayne Dorgan and Pacific MMI Insurance, Romel Macasaet and Eltech, Wilbert Mendoza and Wel Builders for the support. Without you, ...
Off to Adamson university.. see yah later..
Good Morning! Going to work early today to finish my story before we go to Adamson University.
THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS President and CEO Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, M.D. – The Visionary President Dr. Eduardo Cabantog is a graduate of Medicine from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, a pioneer, leader, and model institution of higher learning in the Philippines. After acquiring his license as a Medical Doctor and serving as a company physician in one of the well-known local medical and clinical services provider for a couple of years. He practiced his medical expertise in some of the most reputable hospitals in the Philippines. He ventured into the networking business and joined other networking companies before instituting Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. in 2006. His remarkable success in his new found career and having survived difficult challenges molded a great leader and survivor fit to lead a fast growing company in a world of multi-level marketing business where the competition is very stiff. Vice President for Marketing Mr. Raymond “John” Asperin – Mr. Excitement Mr. Asperin was a graduating ...
Proud to be part of ADAMSON UNIVERSITY Community !
Up Dharma Down Live in Adamson University Theater on July 5 at 5 pm! This is open to outsiders.
CALLING ALL ADAMSON UNIVERSITY CHAPTER & BATCH ALUMNI ASSOCIATION PRESIDENTS IN THE PHILIPPINES and AUAAI ADVISORY BOARD/PAST PRESIDENTS: Dear PRESIDENTS, You are all invited to attend the MEETING OF THE PRESIDENTS on April 22, 2014, 6pm at the OIA Conference Room located at SV building ground floor.Your MOTHER AUMNI ASSOCIATION (AUAAI) will be presenting its programs involving local/regional/international. Your contribution of CONCEPTS and IDEAS will help us a clearly defined GOALS, MEANS and BEHAVIORS based on our INSTITUTION'S CORE VALUES that would certainly develop productivity of all endeavors for the ALUMNI and our Alma Mater. You are part of your Mother Association and Alma Mater's ACTION PLAN for a BETTER and MOST ACTIVE LEADERS not only to your members but in the whole Adamson University Community and SOCIETY. BE CONNECTED, BE A SPARKED AND LET'S HAVE A GOOD IMPACT. GOD BLESS FALCONS.GOD BLESS ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS FROM DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE WORLD... GOD BLESS ADAMSON UNIVERSITY. For more info a ...
Promise cross my heart hope to die hindi namin to pinagusapan @ Adamson University
Adamson is the number 1 university in the philippines! In alphabetical order
Someone gave me this while passing by at the corridor. @ Adamson University
doin my job lol (@ Falcon Radio Station, Adamson University)
Great event coming up hosted by the University of Tasmania's Asia Institute. Her Excellency Ms Frances Adamson,...
To all my former students from Jose Rizal University, Adamson University and the Far Eastern University: Now that you graduated, prepare yourself for the new challenges waiting for you in the new chapter of your life. May God bless you with courage and guts to thrive towards your dreams. I now welcome all of you in the HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY! Congratulations!
Types of students per school (UAAP participating schools only) Ateneo de Manila University- First mayaman, second athletic, third matalino, De La Salle University- First mid-range to rich, second athletic din which is proven naman, third matalino din kasi which according to an article they are included in the top 200 schools in the world University of the Philippines- Una mga matatalino dahil hubog na hubog sila ng mga propesor nila na masigasig na nagtuturo, pangalawa mula sa mahirap hanggang sa mayaman nakakapasok sa UP Adamson University- Let's say na wala akong masabi about AdU Far Eastern University- Confidential XD UST- una matalino, second mid range to rich nakakapasok, NU- like AdU wala din ako masabi UE- Home of the Hidden talents, scholars, achievers, athleticism ( on which we will prove in the coming UAAP S77) and lastly beauties Purely opinion only
De La Salle University wins the 17th Nestea Beach Volleyball tournament. Adamson University is the Tournament's runners…
For as low as 7k/month you can have your own property in Manila area. Location Advantages: - Steps away from LRT-1 Central Station and the Pasig River ferry station by the Quezon Bridge. -Five-minute stroll from the Manila City Hall and SM City Manila, also close to other business establishments such as Metropolitan Trial Court, The Ombudsman, Department of Justice and the Supreme Court -Near cultural attractions in Intramuros, National Museum and the Malate Leisure District -A short commute away from Manila's topnotch Universities namely Philippine Normal University, Adamson University, Colegio de San Juan Letran, Lyceum of the Philippines, San Beda College and University of the East -Historical churches as the Manila Cathedral and Quiapo Church will be within your reach -Accessible to Manila's renowned healthcare centers which includes The Philippine General Hospital, Manila Doctors Hospital and San Lazaro Hospital. FOR MORE DETAILS AND VIEWING, YOU MAY CONTACT 0921-7880087 and LOOK FOR JEAN LOPEZ You c ...
Dmci Homes Resort condo in Taft avenue in front of Rizal Park. Besides Sta. Isabel College and Adamson University...
A NIGHT OF THE ELITE GROUP OF ACTIVE ALUMNI&FRIENDS ANNUAL DONORS. The University President Rev. Fr. Gregorio L. Bañaga,Jr. C.M., founded the PRESIDENT'S CLUB (the elite group of active alumni annual DONORS) to encourage a 'CULTURE OF GIVING" among Alumni and Friends of the University. The club's membership is open to benefactors who wish to give a CONTINUING ANNUAL GIFT to the University in support of the various programs and endeavors. In recognition of this generous gift, special PLAQUES will be inscribed in a PROMINENT PLACE in the UNIVERSITY. They will also invited to some of the special events of the University as GUESTS of the PRESIDENT. MEMBERSHIP TO THE PRESIDENT'S CLUB WILL BE ACCORDING TO THE AMOUNT SHARED: Partner in Excellence - PhP 1,000,000.00 up Dr. George Lucas Adamson Club 50,000.00 up Fr. Montañana Club 25,000.- 49,000.00 Fr. Dela Goza Club 15,000. - 24,999.00 Fr. Belita Club Club 10,000. - 14,999.00 Fr. Bañaga Club Club 6,000. - 9,999.00 Falcon Club 5,000.00 Adamson University h ...
MANILA, Philippines – Adamson University couldn’t be denied on a perfect day to play softball at the historic Rizal Memorial Stadium on Friday.
Adamson University shoots for its third “four-peat” in the last 16 seasons and 13th overall UAAP softball crown—and as importantly extend its winning streak to 48—in Game Two of the finals today (Friday) against National University (NU) at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.
�� �� �� - National University (NU) exploded for five runs in the fourth inning to thwart the UST Softbelles, 9-5, and set a Finals' date anew with three-time defending champion Adamson University in the UAAP softball tournament at the Rizal Memorial Stadium Wednesday.
University of the Philippines pulled off what could be the biggest upset this year as they tamed Far Eastern University, while National University had to bring out their A-game as they scraped past Adamson University in four grueling sets
Adamson continued to be a dominant force in softball as the Lady Falcons dumped the National University Lady...
1st day of class for 2014 . Ang sexy ko pala :3 ♥♥ @ Adamson University
Adamson recovered from a first set collapse to defeat University of the East, 23-25, 25-15, 25-17, 25-10, in the...
Is Adamson University a great school? I will take the Entrance Test on Saturday. I saw a blog kasi about Adamson na unfair daw po ito. But is it a good school?
Off to adamson university school for the poor ✌
Mr. Soaring Falcons shirts available only at the Adamson University bookstore!. *Please note that...
PHL universities begin shift to international school calendar: Adamson University will begin the next school y...
No more summer vacation 2015 for students of Adamson University. :P
"Fr. Greg Bañaga, President of Adamson University, said his school is almost sure of implementing the change this year…
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