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Adam West

William West Anderson (born September 19, 1928), better known by the stage name Adam West, is an American actor best known for his lead role in the Batman TV series on the ABC TV network (three seasons, beginning as a midseason replacement series sensation in January 1966 following by two full seasons in 1966–67 and 1967–68, after which the series was cancelled); and the 1966 eponymous feature film.

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I liked a video Adam West Batman Pixel Speed Art by PXLFLX
Adam West tribute by Matthew Edewaard drawn with Prismacolor pencils
Rockets 43, Shanghai Sharks 16 after a quarter. I don't like Shanghai's chances to make the playoffs in the West.
One Dark Night (1982) was a rather dumb and disjointed horror film featuring a bizarrely serious Adam West. Goopy effects at the end, though
Breaking down a pair of up and coming teams with the host of Locked On Nuggets, -
The man who got me to love super heros has passed away. RIP Adam West! You were the best. Thank you for making me happy🙏
It’s Adam West and Burt Ward, not Adam West and STEVE Ward
See my collection on And win a Blu-ray set of the Batman TV show signed by Adam West & Burt Ward. https:/…
Adam West and Burt Ward filming a scene in the Batboat.
Today is Adam West's birthday! Check out this video of Julie Newmar(Catwoman) seducing The…
Burt Ward and Adam West on the set of Batman.
Last summer, I made the trip to to meet Adam West and Burt Ward. I'm really glad that I did.…
The hippest, grooviest Batman of them all, Adam West. Here with his Robin, Burt Ward, out of costume.
Adam West and Burt Ward on the set of the movie Batman, 1966...
Jerry Lewis, *** Shawn and Connie Stevens visiting Adam West, Cesar Romero and Jane Wald on the set of Batman.
Until now, i had forgotten Mary Tyler Moore, Adam West, Florence henderson , Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds all left us within…
Beware the Grey Ghost with Adam West, may that magnificent Batman rest in peace.
Vol 1 Disc 3 Highlight: Beware the Grey Ghost. Such an awesome episode. Adam West meeting TAS Batman is just the be…
Burt talks how to keep dogs young and healthy at any age & about his Great Friendship with Adam West. Click link:…
Batsignal over Los Angeles. City Hall ceremony for Adam West. ☎️ RIP, chum.
Bat-Signal at Los Angeles City Hall honors late actor Adam West, best-known for playing Batman in the 60s TV series.
The Final Movie starring Adam West will release this October. Batman Vs Two-Face Featuring as Harvey Dent…
we will celebrate the greatest Batman of all "Adam West" all of our lives. He was funny funny as "Mayor West" too !
You seem like the perfect fellow to follow the beloved Adam West as the Mayor on "Family Guy". Yes, no, maybe so?
So are you going to keep Mayor West alive to keep Adam West's spirit in the show alive?
First Roger Moore, now Adam West. The two pillars of my suave camp masculinity lost, like a crumpled cravat in the bac…
Roger Moore, Adam West, Bruce Forsyth. We promise not to mention anyone famous as we commentate on Batman & Robin. DYEUTT Team...ASSEMBLE!!!
Adam West, Heath Ledger, James Gandolfini, Robin Williams, Paul Walker . Because they're dead so can't push anything
Roger Moore, Adam West, Bruce Forsyth, all were close to reaching 90
Adam West was my mayor and President and now he’s gone :/
tribute to 'Mayor' Adam West is unusually sweet via
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Los Angeles mayor lights up Bat-Signal at City Hall in honor of late Batman actor Adam West. Story:
Watch our exclusive trailer debut for vs. Two-Face, featuring Adam West's final performance as the Caped Crusader! https:/…
Family Guy S8, Ep3. With the help of Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd, Stewie and Brian discover that Mayor Adam West is a Cold War sleeper agent
I didn't know that John Astin played The Riddler in Adam West's Batman.
Watching celebrity family feud 1983: the cast of Gilligan's Island versus the cast of Batman (feat: Adam West, Burt Ward, & Vincent Price)
Tribute to Adam West with Kevin Smith and Ralph German (@ San Diego International 2017 in San Diego, CA)
RIP Adam West. One of the funniest guys around
Reunited in London! Pablo Zabaleta has welcomed Joe Hart to West Ham with this thumping volley.
WATCH: remembers Adam West with highlight reel of greatest show moments
I will alway honor him as my first Batman
Rest in peace adam west. Fondly remembered for in the morning during school holidays. 🦇
US & The west will be helping SDF to be an example of free secular democratic Syria
The Justice League's new batmobile (debuting at versus Adam West's classic model. Which do you prefer? http…
Comic Con organizer is glad he brought TV's Adam West to Hanover - Enterprise News
Looks like Adam West era Batman is beating the *** out of a Corolla with Jesus.
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July 20th:. 1. Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Adam West, and Liam Neeson were all offered the role of James Bond...
My heart has been destroyed with the news of Adam West's passing those of you who know me well know my obsession with Batma…
Spurs eat bad lasagna and lose to West Ham. Arsenal eat bad Chinese food and still beat Bayern. . The difference!
For us in Damascus/Homs/west Syria the only aspect of the war still af…
Tribute to Adam West in Las Vegas. agoodwin522 As hard as it was, it was great to get the family together and... https:…
Watch: "Family Guy" says goodbye to Adam West with a hilarious and heartfelt tribute
Honouring Bright Knight Adam West w. Batman accessories to record ep of podcast for w.…
If you can't be as cool as Adam West, you probably shouldn't be pretending to be president.
"I love this song! And I love it more when amateurs sing the lyrics! But I hate baseball cards." -Adam West
Those are all some of the worst Family Guy jokes too, except Adam West. Adam West was (is?) l…
Watch Family Guy's hilariously sweet tribute to the late 'Mayor' Adam West
watched your adam west eulogy just now. and I don't think we really indulged you as much as you indulged us.
Adam West will never die, thanks to and
POW! Garlin finally showed up to do his Adam West impression to the OG Batman, Did he impress?. -Lorenzo…
Family Guy pays tribute to Adam West with highlight reel
I plan to write a paper debunking Adam Smiths theory and prove that Africans were the best workers the West ever had.
DJ Adam can offer a full range of Disco’s and Events located in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, Staffordshire and Shropshi…
Hey remember when Adam West Batman had just a dope car? Like just a really great looking car. A coup…
Breaking: Batman, Family Guy actor Adam West dead at 88 after battle with leukemia
Mayor Adam West be killing me on Family Guy dawg
with an eye on the syndicated UHF TV market. All by Gold Key - see the likes of Charles B…
Family Guy pays tribute to Adam West with this compilation of his best (and weirdest) bits... https:…
Cesar Romero and Adam West were my favorite Joker and Batman... RIP to both of those legends.
Hey man, you heard the *** With Marc Maron podcast with Robbie Robertson? He talks like Adam West as Batman.
51 years ago tonight.Cesar Romero and Jane Wald in "The Joker Trumps an Ace" on 'Batman' starring Adam West & Burt Ward on
Gottfried's "Amazing Colossal Podcast" is pretty good. Pat Cooper and Adam West were outstanding guests.
Adam West is the ONLY Batman just as Sean Connery is the absolute ONLY James Bond.
BAT-CLIMB! Love this 1966 BATMAN TV show behind-the-scenes pic of Adam West and Burt Ward rehearsing with Sammy Davis J…
Definitive Batman List:. 1) Adam West . 2) The Batman NES game. 3) Andy Daly in that one episode of Review
People talking like the best Batman movie doesn't star the late Adam West. Smh
RIP Adam West. Star of 1960s Batman, his career spanned six decades. He passed away after a battle with Leukaemia. https…
Okay I really really like what did for Bill Paxton and Adam West.
Life in the shoe:. 9yo: You only like Adam West because HE'S THE ONLY BATMAN YOU KNOW!!! . (We're watching Lego Batman, The Movie) . 2/2
Batman cocktail in honor of Adam West in Redondo as reported by bourbon, maple syrup, cold brew:
I'm trying to be positive, so much death & politics, and now childhood's gone. John Noakes, Adam West & Brian Cant hav…
Ross King shares his memories of childhood hero Adam West
Ross King on a sad farewell to childhood hero and Batman star Adam West
Very sad another part of my childhood gone. John Noakes, Adam West, Brian Cant.
Los Angeles turned on the Bat-signal one final time in honor of the late Adam West.
The bat signal was lit on City Hall, Los Angeles in honour of the bright knight himself, Adam West.
I liked a video Full Bat-Signal lighting in honor of Adam West (Batman) at Los Angeles City Hall
2016 sadly lost music giants; now in just few wks we lose a generation of entertainers - Adam West, John Noakes, now B…
First John Noakes, the Adam West and now Brian Cant, Play School presenter, dies at 83
Robert Vaughn, Roger Moore, Adam West, Brian Cant... all those who made our childhood TV memories are disappearing.
WE ARE ALL THE SONS OF ADAM WEST . in spirit if not in flesh
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honors Adam West with picture tribute THR
honors Adam West with picture tribute
I wonder if they're gana kill off Adam West from Family Guy?🤔🙁
Michael Keaton was Adam West's son, Val Kilmer was maybe his brother? She says that's how it was packaged where she's from...
From Adam West to George Clooney: Batman's legacy preserved in Roscoe… - WinnCountyNews
As a tribute to the late Adam West, you can now watch one of his last rolls as a guest star on on YT…
Adam West meant more to fans than Biff, Pow and Splat. Come listen!.
We're back to talk Wonder Woman, Justice League, Adam West, and more on today's podcast
Con alum Adam West’s unaired episode of Powerless is now on YouTube:
To pay tribute to Adam West, we recorded a commentary track for the '66 Batman movie. Ryan had some wine and hilarity e…
June has been a rough month for fans of the Dark Knight. But the glory days live on in Roscoe.
From notorious principal to beloved hero, Adam West could do it all. RIP 😔💚
Can we trade in Charlie Murphy, Adam West and Big Black in for this ***
An unaired episode of Powerless featuring Adam West is now online
The top 3 teams in the NL West have the 3 best records and 3 best run differentials in the national league. Pretty impressive turnaround.
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DC Entertainment has released Adam West’s unaired guest appearance on
thank you for making sure Adam West would never be forgotten. This is truly beautiful!
Time to drop that new one. Comey, Sessions, LOTS of cats, RIP Adam West and more!
Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb... RIP Adam West :(
. Adam West, Roger Moore, Brian Cant...the door to my childhood joy is closing by inches lately.
My tribute to Adam West. So long, old chum.
Oh no. First adam west and now furst. It is good furst wasnt first
Brian Cant died? No he was in so much of my childhood. Adam West and now Brian Cant? Words can't express feelings right now.
Adam West’s campy Batman was a joy. Modern superheroes – why so serious? | Jack Bernhardt ->
This Sunday's honors the late, great Adam West. Tune in at 9:30/8:30c for a tribute to your favorite Quahog…
A moment of silence ✨Honoring the original Adam West with htt…
So that's what happened to Adam West...
When I hear the name Adam West, I ALWAYS think of this.
PHOTOS: Bat-Signal lights up Los Angeles in tribute to Adam West
The Bat-signal lit up Los Angeles to honor the late actor Adam West
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The Batman Dichotomy: A brief modern history, from Adam West to Ben Affleck:
Adam West in Lookwell! A pilot written by Conan O'Brien & Robert Smigel that wasn't picked up. Well worth your time. https:…
How can you not check out an "Outer Limits" episode that stars Adam West and Ted Knight?
This is the one Adam West show I can watch today not replaced by local news repeats and syndicated public affairs shows.
Conan O’Brien and Robert Smigel look back on their ‘Lookwell’ pilot starring Adam West
To honour the late Adam West, who died on June 9th 2017, the iconic bat-signal is projected onto Los Angeles City Hall, J…
Bat-Signal beamed onto Los Angeles City Hall in tribute to Adam West.
A final Bat Signal for Adam West lights up Gotham City Hall. . .
Los Angeles honors Adam West with bat-signal on City Hall. ❤
Bat signal shines on City Hall in L.A. to honor Adam West.
The Batmobile was front & center at Gotham City Hall (Los Angeles,CA) last night to honor Adam West. https:…
Adam West, who died last week, appearing on The Danny Baker Show in 1994
to think Adam West and Christopher Reeve are now debating about who is the better superhero.
Bat Signal lights up night sky in Los Angeles to pay tribute to the late actor Adam West
I got to photograph the in Los Angeles. Here are the shots. RIP Adam West. .
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
The Bat-signal will light up the sky over Los Angeles tonight in honor of Adam West
The bat signal is now lit on City Hall in to honor Adam West.
We're in - where the bat signal was shining bright on our City Hall last night in tribute…
WATCH LIVE: LA City Hall lights the Bat Signal in tribute to actor Adam West.
'Bat-Signal' shines in L.A. to honor the late 'Batman' actor Adam West
Just heard They're Gonna light the Bat Signal in the sky over L.A for Adam West tonight ❤️❤️
VIDEO: Watch Los Angeles light up the Batsignal for Adam West
Bat-signal to shine over L.A. in honor of Adam West
Family Guy will pay tribute to Adam West in special episode
Joined our fellow Angelinos in honoring Adam West, at LA City Hall.
The bat signal shines atop LA City Hall in honor of Adam West.
I'm broadcasting live ! Listen in now at talking Batman and Adam West tonight
Los Angeles paid tribute to Adam West last night, lighting up the Bat-Signal one last time:
That spectacular Adam West tribute reminds me so much of this image... I wish I could have seen it live.
Los Angeles honoring the late, great Adam West! 🙏🏽❤️
Help me say so long to Adam West via my column this week.
There was a wonderful tribute to Adam West in Los Angeles tonight...
The bat signal is lit st LA City Hall in Adam West's memory.
Bat signal projected onto LA City Hall building in memory of Adam West..
Adam West was a hero who embodied the goodness that lives in all of us & tonight we honor his spirit with the at…
Check out the tribute to Adam West from last night!
The bat-signal lights up Los Angeles in honor of Adam West
The Bat-signal shined in Los Angeles to honor Adam West
Last night, Los Angeles chief of police projected the Bat-Signal on City Hall in honor of Adam West.
The late Adam West remembered with a Bat-Signal over Los Angeles
I've a little my all.
The late actor Adam West will be honored by Los Angeles with a ceremonial lighting of the Bat-signal from City Hall
Los Angeles honors the late Adam West by lighting up the legendary Bat-signal. It's lit ✊🏾.
In Gotham City West (aka L.A.) the Bat-Signal glowed on the City Hall tower in tribute to the late Adam West.
The Batmobile is parked outside the Adam West tribute at City Hall. And yes it has an official bat fire extinguisher an…
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We all miss Adam West. Now William Shatner and Christopher Walken are all that stand between us and destruction by cadence demons.
Non-negotiable Truths:. Adam West is Batman. Sean Connery is James Bond . Clayton Moore is the Lone Ranger . The...
THIS. Adam West was everyone's first Batman! RIP, sir⚡️ “Los Angeles lit up the bat signal in memory of Adam West”. htt…
Original Batmobile arriving in front of LA City Hall for tonight's Bat Signal lighting for Adam West
Bat sign lights up the sky over Los Angeles in a tribute to Adam West | Television & radio | The Guardian
The iconic spotlight will honor the late Adam West's role as the "Bright Knight"
LA has turned into Gotham, with the Bat-Signal lighting up City Hall for Adam West
The for Adam West tribute in our hometown of Los Angeles at City's so beautiful, the symbol is pe…
My step-father was devastated by the news. Because to him, Adam West was Batman. Like Christopher Reeve was Superman
At LA City Hall where they are lighting the bat signal tonight in honor of Adam West. 😭
I meet him once and he was a really cool and friendly guy, RIP Adam West!
Happy I really like this photo.Two great actors Christopher Reeve and Adam West
Love what LA is doing to honor Adam West!
LA will light the bat-signal over city-hall on Thursday to honor Adam West
City to honor late TV "Batman" Adam West in awesome way -- lighting up the Bat signal Thursday night. Pow!
Bravo, Los Angeles! Bat signal will be lighted in tribute to Adam West
If I lived in LA I'd be there. Bat-signal to glow at City Hall in honor of Adam West - via
THURSDAY NIGHT: Los Angeles pays tribute to the late Adam West at City Hall.
Bat-signal to glow at L.A. City Hall in honor of 'Batman' actor Adam West
In memory of the late Adam West, a Bat-signal will be projected onto the tower of L.A. City Hall, at 9pm, today. Amazing tr…
Join us at City Hall to pay tribute to Hollywood legend Adam West & light the bat-signal for the
Adam West will receive a tribute Thursday in Los Angeles, with the Bat-signal shining brightly at City Hall:
I met Adam West a number of times while growing up. He and his friend actor Ted Knight used to hang out at Mort's...
I liked a video Adam West dies at 88 Tribute, Dracula Untold & Luke Evans for Dark Universe?
"were going to shine the bat symbol over LA in honor of Adam West (but like lets forget we did this when Ben Affleck dies)"
Los Angeles will become Gotham City for a night, and light the Bat-Signal in honor of Adam West:
Hi Ashley the other day on collider heroes you mentioned a Adam West and Christopher Reeve tribute fan art?
My Superman is a Man of Tomorrow not Steel. I miss Adam West & Christopher Reeves I'm done crying though Because these characters don't die.
The worlds finest are looking over us! 💖 R.I.P Christopher Reeve, Yvonne Craig and Adam West!. (Edit made my myself)…
RIP Adam West. He's off to chase Caesar Romero in the big Gotham in the sky ;_;7
Mark Hamill (shares his favorite memories of Adam West (and discusses on the
[LISTEN] We pay tribute to & celebrate the life of and share memories/messages from you, the listeners.
Fans outdid themselves with these Adam West tributes
I added a video to a playlist Adam West: BORED AT THE MIC
So sad to hear that Adam West passed away. My intro into Batman was through my dad & the 60's series. Truly a hero to millio…
MeTV pays tribute to Adam West all day Saturday, June 17
Some DC fans turned on Geoff Johns, Kevin Conroy, and Adam West. You're all dead to me.
'Batman' star Adam West had sex with eight women a night via
Part one of a small Adam West 'Original Batman' tribute.
would like to say THANK YOU buckaroo adam west who has recently left this timeline. his space on this layer was 100% joy a…
The first ever Adam West. Rest in peace.
Been MIA. One friend made it through his triple-bypass (YAY!) but another beloved friend, an aunt, Vic Edelbrock, Jr. and Adam West left us.
R I P Adam West Got to be the Batman Got to be Adam West "Adam West"
In loving memory of the "Bright Knight" himself, I've reposted a 2014 blog on the Comics on Consoles website...
Very cool to reminisce about Batman. Godspeed Adam West. . I can't forget -
Celebs Pay Tribute To Late 'Batman' Star Adam West -bought to you by Entertainment Access
Adam West, Star Of TV's 'Batman,' Dies At 88 -bought to you by Entertainment Access
NEW POST: He was an icon, a legend and a hero. Say goodbye to our beloved original 🦇https…
Glenn Hoddle rubbing one out at that Harry Kane goal. Adam West would have tucked that away.
What a beautiful picture to say goodbye to the legendary Adam West.
MeTV pays tribute to all day Saturday, June 17:
. RIP Adam West. I regret spilling my drink. On you. You're lovely.
This week we cover the passing of Adam West, the trailer, review & MORE!. HEAR:
In the week that Adam West died, a smartphone bat detector. Holy chiropterologist Robin
Me during all the recent bombings all over the world vs when I heard Adam West died
To the Batpoles! Yours truly's tribute to to be in tomorrow's
Sorry to hear about Adam West's death, known for his famous role as Catman, from Fairly Odd Parents.
How many times did I protest 2 my parents in the mid 60's on a Saturday pm trip 'but we r going to miss Batman' Adam West RIP
Watching "Beware of the Gray Ghost" episode of the animated series. Makes me miss Adam West all the more.
One more tribute to the passing of Adam West that I thought was pretty awesome...
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I wonder if Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Christain Bale and Ben Affleck will attend Adam West's memorial.
Thanks for podcasting the Adam West interview from 09. I kinda choked up when hearing Andy speak. Caught me by surprise
Online tributes 2 Adam West from some of the other . https:…
New lanyard for work keys. Rest Easy, Adam West
Me and my family actually met you and Adam West at Chiller Theatre in NJ in 2005. Mr. West was…
Broken Bat-hearted to learn of Adam West's passing. Farewell old chum x
rest in peace to a cartoon hero, Adam West 💔
For sure, I grew up watching Batman with Adam West in it. Wish he'd have been offered a part in th…
In 1983, Adam West wrote a short op-ed about video games. In 2017, I'm tearing up reading it. Sleep easy, Mr. West. And…
I am very grateful for Adam West for all my fond childhood memories Adam would have been a great James Bond
TIL that Adam West was offered the role of James Bond for Diamonds Are Forever
Im still really sad that Adam West died
The subject of one of our recent shows, Jack Kirby, with the late great Adam West
Adam West had sex with my grandmother. It tore my dad's family apart. He knew she was married and didn't care. I hope he bu…
Flowers placed on Adam West star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
Adam West. Waaay cooler in cartoon form than we'll ever be in real life. ❤️
Adam West's star on the Hollywood walk of fame. May his work continue to put smiles on people's faces.
Is Jensen wearing his Batman shirt? If so, that's very sweet of him in honor of Adam West.
I always thought Adam West was really funny. Batman eclipsed him, but he used that to send himself up. His recent voice wo…
When I was a kid POW BLAM Adam West was Batman! With his pal Robin and his tongue planted firmly in his cheek he brought me…
( Isn't Adam West THE BEST! Kanye West should've died instead!)That time Adam West got kicked out of an orgy
Adam West's Batman was a huge part of my early years, he was essentially my first hero and ensured a life long love of he…
I hash tagged AND all I get was stuff about batman and Adam West. I'll miss him too, but come on. Time to change tha…
"He made the goofiest stuff the coolest": Hollywood pays homage to Adam West
CHARLIE MARTIN: Adam West, star of 60’s Batman, Dead at 88….
Adam West brought great memories to my mom when she was little when he was Batman. Also to me. W…
Holy RIP Batman! RIP Adam West - the best Caped Crusader, mayor & one of the founding fathers of comic-book cinema. https…
Many will appreciate him for Batman, but let's not forget how great Adam West was on Family Guy.
Adam West gave an enduring rendition of Batman in the '60s. Later, he enjoyed a renaissance as a voice actor.
Farewell to Adam West. To a generation, he was their Batman. . -. [Batman: The Animated Series - "Beware the Gr…
Little Giant Ladders
Just published: Adam West remembered. By a guy who owes him so much. .
We've lost Batman, Adam West. RIP :( So how did Batman producer William Dozier decide on Adam West as the perfect actor?…
The first Dark Knight and the Last Jedi Knight. I will miss you Adam West.
RIP, the one and only, the irreplaceable Adam West. Holy sadness, Batman.
Yes, it's true: Adam West and Frank Gorshin got kicked out of a Hollywood orgy for insisting on staying in-character as Batman a…
Adam West aka Bruce Wayne aka Batman, one of my childhood heroes - Rest In Peace/Power.
Adam West exemplified heroism. Kind, funny and an all around great guy. Thank you for showing us all how it's done.
Classic humor from Adam West. His phone book listings in Ketchum ID
"Of what use is a dream if not a blueprint for courageous action." - Adam West as Bruce Wayne.
RIP Adam West. This was his phone book listing in Ketchum, ID where he lived.
One of the better moments in Family Guy. May you rest easy Adam West.
RIP Adam West. He was my first Batman, and a major reason why I love the character. He struck the right balance between serious…
Because of Adam West, I still prefer the agile, witty detective over the cranky, clunky, armored monster fighter.
RIP Adam West. As tribute I'll point out this is a perfect commentary on Theresa May situation.
We were all boy wonders thanx to Adam West.
It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me. . Batman. RIP Adam West
'Batman' beyond: Adam West's 14 best cameos and appearances - Entertainment Weekly
Mystery, comedy, documentary, biopic... a fascinating look at the talents of Adam West and Burt Ward. Things you ne…
RIP Adam West:. Born 1928. Died 2017. Same for the anchor reporting the story and Burt Ward.
Burt Ward, who played Robin opposite Adam West's remembers his co-star: "He was truly the Bright Knight"
Batman ran for 120 episodes on the ABC network from January 12, 1966, to March 14, 1968. It stars Adam West as Batman &…
Adam West's costars pay tribute to the Bright Knight.
Adam West and Burt Ward reunited for TV movie in 2003 - Palm Beach Post: Palm Beach Post Adam West…
Burt Ward aka Robin part of the original dynamic duo remembers his friend Adam West
Today we lost a iconic VA in the making who died after a battle with leukemia. R.I.P. Adam West. 🌑. 🦇
Adam West's 'Bright Knight' was the best Batman ever - CNET
Me too. Adam West was my childhood hero. I have the graphic novel "Shadow of the Bat" autographed…
'Robin' on Adam West: I miss him dearly. Burt Ward on his passing.
Photos: Adam West, alongside co-star, Burt Ward, on the set of Batman: The Movie (1966) -
Interesting to think that Adam West could have been Bond in 1971. Would have dramatically changed the careers of both he and Roger Moore 1/2
Rest in peace Adam West. Here's the first Batmobile built by George Barris.
Someone write an easy about how Adam West's Batman was a cultural basis for Roger Moore's James Bond. Hot take think piece. Go!
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