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Adam Rodriguez

Adam Michael Rodríguez (born April 2, 1975) is an American actor and director. He is best known for his long running role as Eric Delko on CSI: Miami.

Channing Tatum Matt Bomer David Caruso Brendan Fehr Joe Manganiello Monroe County

Adam Rodriguez is one of the main reasons why I still watch CSI Miami.
sneak peak with a look at Adam's moves! Adam Rodriguez
Mr. Rodriguez, you are in the physiochronology encyclopedia.
Adam Rodriguez is in the physiochronology encyclopedia.
Adam Rodriguez joins for Season 2 recurring role:
It's CONFIRMED! Cookie has a new MAN in her life and it's none other than...
imagine Austin enjoying that roll there, especially with Rodriguez being fit soon. As for Carver, looks like McClaren is
Beautiful photo of with daughter Frankie Elle in the current issue of
TELEVISION: to appear in a recurring role on hit hip-hop drama "
Micheal Weathuerly on NCIS, Taylor Kinney on CF, and Adam Rodriguez, on CSIM!
Me and little baby brother in law at the Dodger game celebrating his nephew's 10th…
Adam Rodriguez is my future husband
Fancy selling shelvey agger kuyt Rodriguez kelly Adam and bringing in joe Allen and samed yesil
My brotha from anotha motha So great to have worked with u on this old friend. Much love & respect ht…
New editor-in-chief for 'savvy' travel mag: Adam Rodriguez, who created Travel Savvy, and sold i...
send help because Adam Rodriguez and David Henney and Chris Evans and like...everyone is so hot
Adam Rodriguez is so hot, it's unfair D:
purchased Lovesick on iTunes awesome movie great job
On set this weekend with Diego Rodriguez and Adam Chandler. Shooting a video series about internet marketing for...
Satan, Adam Rodriguez and Donal from Pitch Perfect formed a tenor trio at some point. Okay.
YAS!! Cuba Rican is gracing the cover of our May issue. Get your copy NOW h…
. is back on the cover of magazine with an incredible photoshoot. Purchase now!
Here's another poster to wet your appetite for the brand new trailer coming today! http:/…
Today we wrap shooting S2. Good times..even better people
You may want to pick up the current cover of for this BRAND NEW pic http…
day I rejoiced as well as many and hopefully I saw lo only be un reality your part and I love you to stay. Bye
when I saw you I began to mourn ic had was very painful for me 'de a great actor congratulations
because you left csi miami you were one of the best I love you very much,
favourite actors of all time? — dylan o'brien, adam rodriguez, dave franco, johnny depp and i feel like I'm miss...
I'm looking forward to seeing you & Adam Rodriguez. Have they bothered w/a plot??
The hottest men in scrubs are and Muy caliente! 👍👍👍👍
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Great seeing my on You are perfection!
Wear a to fight childhood poverty?I'm in! Goto to help make our world a better place.
it could be about Mike before he met
I can't wait please we need more trailers
fans are also anxiously awaiting the fate of NBC's which stars alum Brendan Fehr and Adam Rodriguez.
Just saw in your filmography that you were in an episode of CSIMiami. Did you met Adam Rodriguez or Brendan Fehr
If I wasn't so secure, Magic Mike II could destroy marriages. Adam Rodriguez from CSI Miami is in it, which interests my wife a LOT
Has anyone seen the commercial for lol like
what's your relation with Adam Rodriguez?
I'm in need of a date to a surprise party, care to join me
Will fans ever get to see this photoshoot?
Good lord, why am I voluntarily watching a Tyler Perry movie right now? Oh yeah, cuz is hot 😻
H aka Horatio is a boss. Adam Rodriguez and I have an on and off again type relationship so I watch the show to support him
I have to work early tomorrow, goodnight 💞
I would like you to answer your phone
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Famous Celebrities were in this week had good time with troops http…
Adam Rodriguez Mike Puglia I feel like you guys would appreciate this lol
With and if beautiful in CSI Miami Season 7&8 Love 💞 What memory 😄
Great Actor Favorie with CSI Miami If akin as brother and friends for always 👬😄 ...
Who wants a piggyback ride? See the photos from Channing Tatum, Nick Zano and Adam Rodríguez's recent USO tour to...
hanging with Sergio Marquez Adam Rodriguez && America Valdivia i love these stupid people with all me corazon lol
Adam Rodriguez is in this episode of psych I am ScREAMING
Top finishers from the first 250SX heat race are Bogle, Davalos, Peters, Tonus, Rodriguez.
Having some serious withdraws. I miss on tv.
A big shoutout to former Boylan swimmers Adam Bernardi and Mikey Rodriguez as they compete at championships
ok. got it. Adam Rodriguez. loved him in CSI Miami. Attractive and Dresses Nice. :)
Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez, Gabriel Iglesias, and Amber Heard filming the last...
corey Miller worked with Adam Rodriguez on CSI Miami = great duo. Recklessly so.
James Rodriguez > Adam Lallana. Sign me James Rodriguez and Alexis Sanchez, then sure up the defence and I'll be happy.
Just trying to decide what to do for the rest of my life
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Adam Rodriguez Who are they!?!? Where are they!?! How could they possibly know all of this
Happy Birthday to my wonderful son, Adam Rodriguez! You weren't the first, you weren't the last, but you filled everything in between and more!! I love you! -r
Adam Rodriguez is in so many shows and movies and I didn't even notice 🙈😍
one more song down, system of the down - Ariels and yes Adam Rodriguez I learned most of it by ear
In relief of Wang, Adam Russell works a scoreless 6th around two hits. need some runs, Rodriguez, back out for Gwinnett.
. I got ur a Freddie for you. The Amazing Adam Rodriguez. HE can be ur Freddie!
Te amo, You're the best of csi miami💕💕❤
I have excepted the cold water challenge by Katie Cooper, I'm donating my $10 to the TN awareness fund I'm challenging, Mandy and Jason Anderson, Adam Rodriguez, Bryan Farr, Kyle Farr and Courtnie Yon, you have 48 hours to accept and complete this challenge and donate $10 to a charity of your choice if you do not accept in 48 hrs your have to donate $100 to the charity of my choice!!!
Adam Warren is the best bet to replace him; yanks are stalling to make the change and it will cost them
adam warren is a much better pitcher than nuño; yanks are stalling to make a change and it will cost them
I'm pretty sure when I die in going straight to heaven since my name is "MOSES" "ADAM" "Rodriguez".
Don't miss starring the handsome this June 29! Looking forward to it :)
Adam Rodriguez heats things up on Reckless!
The premiere is just over a week away! Watch June 29 at 9pm ET/PT on CBS!
10 year old girl walks in & tells her mom I look like Adam Rodriguez from CSI Miami ..
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All I want is to marry Adam Rodriguez.
I'm so excited to announce this and I can't wait to start filming! Wooo! 😊 http…
If Mandzukic goes back to Wolfsburg, can get Morata or Lukaku, and keep Rodriguez, Wolfsburg are looking extremely good.
I've backed Colombia to get to semis. That's James Rodriguez is class. 10 times better that Rooney.
United favourites to sign James Rodriguez. Oh my
Nathaniel Clyne, Dejan Lovren, Adam Lallana and Jay Rodriguez all joining the Pochinator?
Lescott was hardly the reason city won. & jay Rodriguez called Luke Shaw the best left back in history.
James Rodriguez celebrates by dancing with teammates (Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images)
"Yo is this Hailey" .. Says Adam rodriguez to my grandma ... At 2am ... Ya
.& Prince Albert II on the red carpet http:/…
"68 mins - Gerrard booked for a tackle on Rodriguez
SteepleChase with the homies pwill1721 what year was this?
Just realised that there is a Rodriguez for Uruguay, a Rodriguez for Argentina & a Rodriguez for Colombia. How crazy is t…
and fans. We need your help to spread the word about the fast...
James Rodriguez heads in the corner 1-0
Who's buying this James Rodriguez for a highly inflated price then??
What a player James Rodriguez is, top draw
James Rodriguez heads Colombia into the lead vs Ivory Coast.
I'll say it again, James Rodriguez is a boss!
James Rodriguez is literally unreal. One of the best young talents
with to win! Ahead of vs we're giving away signed Adam Lallana boots!
James Rodriguez is a great footballer
ur spending so much time at the gym that I'm starting to think that the McDonalds is really good there?
James Rodriguez and Cuadrardo and Ibarbo, exciting attack force that, imagine they had falcoa too😨
James Rodriguez is a boss, him and Falcao shouldn't be at Monaco.
Actually, make that five. I forgot Adam Rodriguez, who was a series regular as Isabel's husband Jesse in S3. :)
Today we will lighten our hearts and celebrate Renee... while we celebrate keep praying for our children. Nick Rodriguez, Adam Rodriguez, and Ben Rodriguez are fine, no they are awesome (out blessing others), but our extended family (from our camping ministry) is in pain, for that we beg you to pray, one of their brothers Chris (we already miss his deep low voice and his bear hugs) passed away Thursday and his older brother Ethan Jones (more than an afro will be in the hospital for a while. We need your prayers, we need God's Strength, Peace and Joy, but it has to be multiplied for these boys' family... Please say a prayer... we love you and thank you! Hoy celebramos el cumple de Renee y nos gozaremos, pero necesitamos sus oraciones por nuestros chicos. nuestros hijos naturales estan bien, por alli andan bendiciendo a otros, pero nuestra familia extendida de nuestros campamentos esta muy adolorida. Por esto les ruego de sus oraciones, un Chris y su hermano Ethan no regresaron a casa despues del campament ...
Disney Channel's new comedy series will starr Raini Rodriguez, and Adam Irigoyen
Tonight we have the Taken hottie of my dreams! Love Liam! He's up against CSI Miami hottie Adam Rodriguez! Vote now!!
he mentioned it here :) Adam Rodriguez Latino Leaders Network Luncheon:...
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
they never stop n think wat action they do! Well now we find them wanting ULA! Its time they all come down n realized it!
govt money. Omfg... then they come around us again n says you supposed to yours from you adam but just then they
they all go. don't give her the money! Why I wonder why to the white ppls! Becoz?? Omfg they all r so stupid if we don't
to us! N becoz I'm not succeeding becoz you made me so its time you tell them your supposed to be leading this becoz they
so they gonna know about the truth that you adam gonna tell them we r not going anywhere becoz nz ppls want it all! N thet
your speech at the Latino Leaders Network inspired all of us THANK YOU for sharing your stories and experiences.
its either you called it. Suffer or tormenting peoples don't get out becoz they doing it!
Remarks by Adam Rodriguez on May 22, 2014 (+playlist): via
They r! I know it was going to kill us somehow drinking too much! But better in our hands than theirs fiapokos! Adam!
We don't get drunk! then later on that wanna dirty everything they bring it back down on us! Would you look at how nutter
omfg... when we drink they cursed us don't let it go to your heads when spinning with alcohs! That cop took it out of us n
makes emotional speech as he thanks his father Ramon and talks of being a new dad. . "Being a...
Watch! Adam Rodriguez incredible acceptance speech at the 2014 Latino Leaders Network Luncheon:...
presented with his Golden Nymph Award with some help from and cast. (skip to 34 mins)
Rodriguez can't see why Adam Lallana shouldn't start for ahead of their Group D opener against Italy on Saturday.
Today I caught up with Jay Rodriguez, who said there's no reason why Adam Lallana shouldn't start for at the
Hello, hope you can check out my original music, videos and more, on my new music site at: RTs wel
Congrats to Desiree Rodriguez and Adam Rodriguez on graduating high school. This is absolutely a major milestone but in no way the end the road! Keep learning, keep growing and most important keep believing in yourself. Love you both - The Rosales Family
would love to have the Roswell cast at 2014 for 15 Year Anniversary
Being Inappropriate - So we have taught Sloane what it means to "be inappropriate". Of course, I am credited with providing inappropriate examples and Kath is there to point out the necessary balance. Yesterday, I made a quick observation and comment that the Lamboy household classified as inappropriate. And then Sloane, with his finely tuned skills of observation and commentary took it to a whole new level and way beyond my intended message. I exclaimed, "OMG, that's so Adam Rodriguez (and it was)!" I immediately recalled times at USAA where I set the stage and my good friend Adam closed the deal. Times where I just walked away shaking my head and expressing disbelief. Without missing a best, Sloane said, "Who is Adam Margaritas?" Ah Sloane, Adam Margaritas, indeed! He IS truly one observant and insightful kiddo!
Lmao! Still reminds me of Aaron Wolf. Am I right Adam Rodriguez and Fred Salinas?
Channing or Adam Rodriguez. I'd gladly take either one.
my course tutor was waiting for me to return but looks like I may have a stopped payments from the govt becoz of job search
rich n eat the goodies! Your Hollywood guys should know adam! I love it if you do it for us adam! I'm glad someone knows
becoz it happened to us is why we need my riches! N peoples won't return anything back to us. becoz now they all becomin
just found this way out today. N I finally rest my case of complaining we r suffering n they don't care n they go on eating
Watched over mines!I got nothing to worry about no more!
It 7 million from the past years to all now! so what do you say about that adam??? I'm glad she's worth it n worth the
that I need to get my 7 millions??? Oh maybe be oz she's one of the good ones. catching all n whatever they don't know
a someone who is a tutor at course which I no longer go to it becoz. has really got my OA on her! How did she know that
ZaTyana Jenae Nash Baby at 4 pm EST was exactly 1 year since we lost you. And it still hurts. So much. I have been dreading the emotions today would bring...I knew they would be hard. But it's going to be ok! I miss you like crazy, and I miss what I imagine the future could have been. Now its an empty shell that cant be filled. But I have found things that are giving me comfort. You wanted a house with a garden when you grew up. You're going to be a child forever now, but baby you still get that garden! I have made a room for you here at my house. I wanted it to be a cute little peaceful garden...something you would love! I have worked *** it and every single piece has been carefully thought out. Your uncle Adam Rodriguez and I made that bed by ourselves...pretty crafty stuff for us. I have so many flowers planted outside the window...they haven't bloomed yet...but 80-90 bulbs and plants are out there. Give it a couple weeks and good rain...they will get there. I have put a lot into maki ...
Should be fine for psychology exam tomorrow. As long as 70% of the syllabus doesn't come up.
for real lol. He's my motivation to be tanner
yah I follow him too a guy at my work looks like him a little
can I get a follow? Csi miami was the best and we didn't even get a "finale"
New portrait photos of from Monte Carlo have been added to our FB page. Check 'em out!
fans are going to want to tune-in for CBS's new series debuting Sunday June 29th as it has great role for Adam Rodriguez
In this Bonus episode of Lets Have A 3 Way that we recorded in honor of Pride Month, we interview the normally quiet host Adam Rodriguez. You will get to hear him talk more in this episode than all other episodes combined. Listen to find out more about your mysterious host. And we play some …
After being awoken by my Crazy Neighbors and their Dog Drama, Adam Rodriguez decides to show up at 6 am. Do I look like an early morning person? I'm not by the way. If that was the case I'd work early and eat breakfast. Adam I'll make an exception for you today *** ..
Adam Rodriguez, Jon Seda, Jason Beghe, Monica Raymond (such a beauty) and *** Wolf made my evening after a crappy day.
you have no idea... He can get me thousands if dollars to do everything I need!
I'm finding more guys to love me! N one if these guys has that last thing for me! Its the least he gonna do
We can't get enough of all the cactus flowers around the Garden. What is your favorite part about or favorite cactus flower? (Photos by: Adam Rodriguez)
[Preston] all about the right things but there is a dark side hidden there -
says every time I play a cop it informs me for the next time I play one.
This show there is really much more depth to the character, its not just a procedural -
Every time I feel like cutting this work out short I look at a photo of Adam Rodriguez shirtless.
Wow watching csimiami reruns . I still remember how I get so hype then *** it was crazy
Adam Rodriguez. *** IT MAN. Visual proof there is a God.
Ricardo Rodriguez, Adam Lallana, Emre Can and Pedro/ Sanchez this transfer window? Masch on the cheap as well? ;)
Hey would love to see you at the reunion at the gonna be amzng
If I want Adam Rodriguez, then dammit, don't sell me Johnny Depp. 😒
Does anyone have anyone have any songs for ms. Rodriguez's project?. I've only found 2😒
I know I'm years behind but the 2 of u 2gether on csi:Miami, way 2 cute :)
Adam Rodriguez is seriously the definition of my dream guy
OPINIONS NEEDED: Went and saw "Heaven Is For Real" today. One thought that really seemed to stick was when they quoted, "on earth as it is in heaven" as found in the Lord's Prayer, what does that quote mean to you? Thoughts Adam Rodriguez??
Another snitch to the list Adam Rodriguez , fukn little snitch
Watching Miami, S 6, Episode 16. Y R U so sexy? I almost choked on my salad, LOL
I will see to it that it happens for you. I don't care how long it takes✊
I am posting pix from the Friends Reunion after party! The weekend was lovely starting with the drinks at the World Bar at The Coffee Shop with Victoria Pierce, Nina Wolff Feld and Thorson Rockwell followed by the BBQ at the school and by Phil Schwartz's retirement ceremony (vintage Phil Schwartz). Meeting for worship was typical meeting for worship (complete silence) until Nina Wolff Feld broke the ice and got up to speak which encouraged everyone else to speak including me who never ever ever spoke during all of those years. Got the chance to see the lovely Laura Davis (Chanin) at the school and met her beautiful daughter which was amazing. We met up at the rooftop bat at 230 Fifth and had a blast and here are the pix taken by the group which included Adam Rodriguez, Nathan Resika, Robin Reid, Shawn Nelson Laughlin, Steven Helmholz, Tim Trewhella, Thorson Rockwell, David Berkowitz,
We wish to welcome Joel Reyes, Adam Rodriguez, and Rick Seeger to our family. For those of you who have served Thank you and welcome home. We also thank you all for believing in our mission.
watching I can do bad all by myself, you're character is still the best!
yeah that's what I'm thinking mate, barca/atletico game just can't be missed
Got to be la liga mate,and just hope FA goes onto extra time and pens
is no CSI Miami without that amazing actor he's off the chain.
Adam Richard Rodriguez and Samantha Riane Guerrero and how they made there costume for Wonder Con
Teddy Atlas complaining about judges whilst he has it 9-1 in favour of Rodriguez, ffs
Rodriguez's reaction to the body shots early on was very visable, definitely doesnt like them
Rodriguez doesnt look comfortable when body shots land to me
it is for me, wouldn't complain if Rodriguez is a point ahead either
Atlas complaining about judges after he gave a fairly clear Alcine round in Rodriguez's favour...
GIF of Adam Rodriguez waving toast in The Goodwin Games!
Watching Magic Mike with in, he's so different in this to CSI Miami, its hilarious.
I liked a video from TOTS JAMES RODRIGUEZ - The Random Hybrid - Episode 143!
Breast Cancer Awareness
is no CSI Miami without that sexy & I will start watchn Ugly Betty again fan club
Liverpool need to sign willian carvalho, James Rodriguez and Adam lallana for attack then turn and buy 3-4 defenders
Wacha Flocka Tanaka traded SP Julio Teheran and RP Francisco Rodriguez to He Hit That Profar! for Adam Jones
Pic of Adam Rodríguez holding toast in The Goodwin Games!
Rodriguez abandoning makes out pre race tips interesting now!
Spurs want Southampton's Jay Rodriguez AND Adam Lallana. Also prepared to bid for Loic Remy. Paulinho could depart to Chelsea
maybe bet do not expect me love is just an outlet with which I feel good... I love that man ok
just starting to get into this show; and while Adam Rodriguez is super fine, David Caruso's character is just too dramatic for me
PAUL WESLEY ON THIS Episode of CSI: Miami! My ovaries are singing! Not to mention Adam Rodriguez and Jonathan Togo
Hey GV,Adam Rodriguez here to bring you the Monopoly Update!. Steven just landed on income tax and had walked out of the room in sheer anger
"Science is the way to an extraordinary life" - Adam Rodriguez, astronomical/biological mastermind
Crushing on Adam Rodriguez & David Caruso lol them men know they fine lol
Enjoying my day off Kiko, started the grill thanks to Adam Rodriguez el sobrino for posting pic of him asando carne se nos entojo. We cleaned the house did laundry now relaxing watching movies and cant wait to eat some fajitas they smell real good. (Kiko,danny,nd Frankie.,
Rich Rodriguez is set to join to discuss why he is against the new proposed 10 second rule. Listen:
Adam Lallana, Jay Rodriguez and Luke Shaw should be at the world cup   10% Off
erm hate to break it to you but this is NOT Adam Lallana. It's Jay Rodriguez...
photo in one of his most memorable episodes "No Man's and!"
& what site is that? Whomever took that photo, unless it was "arranged" is a stalker. & I still say she is a ***
If U truly cared about him & knew him, U would know he is a private person & doesn't want unapproved pics posted.
The fact that U&others posted that picture proves that U dont respect his private life.Shouldve kept ur mouth shut
Adam Rodriguez I hope I enjoy the little annoying things I do... As I do.. Lol
have had one here. I believe this is Jay Rodriguez not Adam Lallana
He plays on the left,. He plays on the right, . Adam Lallana. .no sorry, my fault, that's Jay Rodriguez!.
your the real reason why I watch csi Miami one thing we have in common birthdays April 2 Aries love u 😘😊❤️
that's NOT Adam Lallana in the photo accompanying your story on p59 of The Sun. It's Jay Rodriguez .
Adam Rodriguez always impresses whenever he’s on or off the red carpet, wowing the crowd with his style and confidence. And it’s not an irony. He undeniably possesses exceeding charm that really works all the time.
Being a national newspaper, you'd expect The Sun to be able to tell the difference between Adam Lallana and Jay Rodriguez. They can't.
Nice small article on Adam Lallana on page 59 of the sun today. . Pssst, that's Jay Rodriguez. . Noobs.
The Daily Express need a lesson in learning who's Adam Lallana and who's Jay Rodriguez.
Adam Lallana story but a pic of Jay Rodriguez.
You would think the might know the difference between Adam Lallana and Jay Rodriguez
Adam Lallana, Rickie Lambert, Jay Rodriguez and are all in the squad for next week’s friendly agains…
Adam Rodriguez running as a on program of radical economic reform seizing the
Adam Rodriguez, "UFAA Democrat," needs your help!. We have just 1 week to collect 1,000 ballot signatures!
Adam and Blake's epic bromance strongly reminds me of my bromance with my best friend, Benji Rodriguez. :)
Shirt order forms are in. See me, Nick Rodriguez or Adam Hennesey for forms. Forms and payment due by march 14
Adam Rodriguez, as fine as he is, has no booty 😞 smh lol
Make sure you tune in to my show tonight at 9pm EST. I interview Adam Rodriguez for Congress. Adam is running as a Democrat in the 10 District of PA. He supports the 1% Wall Street Sales Tax, the Nationalization of the Fed, and other ideas that I have asserted in the recent past. It's a great interview. Please check it out and please go LIKE his page!
With my baby Adam Rodriguez. Lol good fun times love u lots
Adam Rodriguez needs people who live in the 10th Congressional district to help him with getting petition signatures. That includes the Townships of Barrett, Price , Paradise, Pocono, Jackson, Stroud (Dist. 02, 03 AND 04), and the Boroughs of Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg and Mt. Pocono in Monroe County as well as all of Pike and Wayne Counties. Also Bradford, Juniata, Lackawanna, Lycoming, Mifflin, Northumberland, Perry, Snyder, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga, and Union counties. Adam is a Progressive Democrat who reveres FDR. He is also for a moratorium on fracking. The person he is running against for the Democratic primary is involved in gas land leases and hasn't said much about what he believes in. And of course Tom Marino is a regressive Republican who wholeheartedly supports fracking and the Republican agenda against the American worker. If you can help Adam contact him
Thank u to my bros for spending their Sunday. Fixing my truck! I love u guys. Adam Rodriguez & Adrian Rodriguez
Watching season 1 CSI:Miami if only ever cop was like Horatio Caine
Just giving a special shout out yo Adam Rodriguez-Routt, Chuck Mallory, and Scott Perry. I know there are many more that i could name but they did an amazing Run. And now for my Guys at Crossings Lexington- Justin Smallwood, Justin Baas, Chris Hocker, Mark D Hurte, Brady Williams- you guys did a great job last night. We were full house and kept those drinks slinging. Props to you all!
Support Adam Rodriguez for Congress in PA's 10th district. volunteer at
England with an easy group. But Switzerland will be a threat. Shaqiri, Ricardo Rodriguez, Benaglio among their ranks.
yeah I'm right on top of you... some heavy minds from these devils with ula! bn trying to get off them and make ula take
tats right no no no shame from ULA n the whole lotta uf
don't they all love to have me in their. "time of their flives" without YOU ADAM THE BOSS N HIGH HIGH??!
Cuzn Adam Rodriguez your chick Rousy about to fight again and not with u lol
Gonna go to bed & dream about Adam Rodriguez okay bye 👋
Saw you in About Last Night...good,funny movie. You really need more gigs , your talent has to be showcased. :)
. Hello. May i ask you the part of this article you find interesting (performance, TT on tv, ..)?
Adam Rodriguez for Congress PA 10th congressional district via
My man crush forever. Benny Rodriguez. Heroes get remembered, legends never die.
If it was for a charity, how much would it cost me to spend a day with you :)
Asier Illarramendi and Jesé Rodríguez after Real Madrid's first goal, scored by the Basque midfielder.
I have Adam Lallana and Jay Rodriguez in my fantasy team, need I explain more? And I 've already lost hope in Fonte.
Adam Rodriguez that acts as "Eric" in CSI Miami makes me feel like a teenager and want to plaster posters of him on my wall!! Lol; he Juss too handsome!(:
Avocets were really active today at the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch in Gilbert, Arizona, Pond 5 with Adam Rodriguez
For we're announcing our host committee for A Brighter Future for Children. Please welcome Adam Rodriguez from Magic Mike and About Last Night, Tom Malloy a proclaimed producer and actor known for his work with The Attic, Love N Dancing, Katie Cleary known for Deal or No Deal, Chuck, and her amazing organization "Peace 4 Animals", Karrauche Tran - girlfriend of Chris Brown Kiara Belen, American's Next top Model Cycle 19 runner up, Clay Buchholz pitcher for winner Boston Red Sox Lindsay Clubine Buchholz wife of Clay and Model, Adrian Paul, Kristen Renton best known for , Jake Glaser founder of Modern Advocate we have many more to announce and we are so grateful for individuals like them. Check back soon for updates!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Post Office once again. Mad as *** at Dish Network or I'd have my own WIFI. if it ices again I'm going to have a stroke ... This *** !.please pray Sarah Rodgers & Adam Rodriguez get income tax SOON:)
As soon as Denzil, Adam Rodriguez, Shemar, or any of the other fine men with some smarts come by, I just might get bucky naked!
Tio Adam Rodriguez always wants this, lol
CRI State Rep - Adam Rodriguez will be visiting CR at Liberty Community Church in Bealeton this week (Feb 19th @ 7:00). He will share his testimony as well as tell us about the opportunity to join with others to take CR into the Coffeewood Facility which is about 30 minutes from Bealeton. We ALL have hurts, hang-ups and habits ... the door is opening into prisons and jails. Come and find out how Celebrate Recovery works on the Inside!
Out with the family Adam Rodriguez... Love you guys
Lmaorotg had to still this Adam Rodriguez lol sry
Adam Rodriguez party was awesome only if the girls danced it would of bin better lml but lol i got him a box of condoms. :D
Journal – Two area men vying for Congressional seat "Two men have thrown their hats into the ring and are vying for a chance to run in the Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District election. That district encompasses portions of multiple counties across the state’s northern tier including Lackawanna. Clarks Summit and much of the Abingtons are part of the district. Adam Rodriguez of Middle Smithfield Township, Monroe County and Scott Brion of Liberty, Tioga County, have each officially announced their intention to run in the Democratic primary on May 20."
Adam Rodriguez I lost the pokemon you gave me last night !
Class of 2004 we are looking for contact info for: Daniel Reyes, Danielle Riggs, Amanda Roberts, Jennifer Rodarte, Adam Rodriguez, Daniella Rodriguez, Eleazar Rodriguez. If you know them, message me their contact info!
A beautiful day at GWR with Jeff Stemshorn, Saija Lehtonen, Bernie Howe, and Adam Rodriguez.
Our only hope is the spanish duo Adam Lallana and James Rodriguez, as well as the scousers Rooney & Gerrard
Replaced: crank and cam sensors, spark plugs, valve cover gaskets, oil, oil filter filter. Result: the effing car still won't start. Still, I owe Adam Rodriguez for all the help. You rock bro!
Ladies two words Michael Ealy. Two more.Adam Rodriguez.and just two more.Mehcad Brooks
Jay Rodriguez, Adam Lallana and Rickie Lambert are in the squad! Well done lads👍 l am happy for you
good morning Elegance thanks so much same 2 u& all
First look at from In theaters Valentine's Day!
Adam Lallana and Jay Rodriguez have to go to the world cup this year
I think I'd like Lallana a bit more if it wasn't for his hair/facial hair combo. Him and Rodriguez just look terrible
Southampton have a good future good young players with alot of potential, examples: . Adam Lalanna. Luke Shaw. Jay Rodriguez
Benteke gets an upgrade and both jay rodriguez or adam lallana didnt
happy Valentine's day I hope you will enjoy it. :)
Our CEO Fidel Vargas, new Board of Directors member Adam Rodriguez & new Dallas Advisory Board Member Diana...
We are so proud to announce the addition of four new members to our Board of Directors: Adam Rodriguez, Angel...
Had a pretty good day. First I went and saw Jose's swimming class, next I went with Isaac to an appointment. Adam Rodriguez gave me a nice necklace. Adam and I also enjoyed a nice dinner date at our church, and now Adam, Lexi, Nicole Rodriguez and Jessica Rodriguez and Joe and a few of the boys are at a movie. I would have went and spent time with Toya Rodriguez and my niece, but I am exhausted
So excited to see in About Last night😊
I'm your super fan and I always watch CSI: Miami. I love Eric Delko. I'm from Perú... please follow me...!!
Love to all of my babies, Andrew, Adam Rodriguez, Jesse Rodriguez and Aubrie Rodriguez
Jay Rodriguez should be high 70's tbh he only went down because of the position change! Also Adam Lallana ;P
Did Adam Lallana or James Rodriguez get an upgrade?
"If you could have any celeb as your valentine, who would it be?
if you love Emily Procter and Adam Rodriguez!!
I have a dream. Its about Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, and Adam Rodriguez. Magic Mike has ruined me forever.
Happy Valentines Day Mr. handsome enjoy to the fullest.
Democrat and former Teamster Adam Rodriguez running for Congress, hoping to unseat Republican Rep. Tom Marino. He's second to announce run
Happy valentines I am so happy you're mine and honestly can't wait to make you Mrs,Rodriguez I love you baby ❤️😘
Happy Valentines day to Weird Womb Eric Reeves Adam Rodriguez Nate Gutierrez Eric Parisi Charlie Vessell Paris H this is for you.
Like I just want Channing Tatum, Adam Rodriguez, Mario Lopez, Shemar Moore, Derek Hough & Eric Decker, all mashed into one guy.
listen to the new disc Tribu Fandango
Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, and Adam Rodriguez stripping for you... just imagine it.
Snoop Dogg is at House of Blues tonight...Thank you Adam Rodriguez
Adam Please! Read it and fulfilled my dream :D I love you♥ From Argentina ((:
Four candidates addressed the Tioga County Democrats at our Feb. 11th meeting; great to see some many Democrats taking on the challenge! Tom Tarantella (5th CD) and Adam Rodriguez (10th CD); Scott Brion (10th CD), and Jon Ruth (Pa. 68th House).
So Proud of my Nephew Adam Rodriguez. His life is competing in Pool tournaments. He received a Division Champion trophey last night. Great job Adam. Love ya. Let's show him some love people!
Titi Diana just said I'm her favorite nephew! Suck on that Adam Rodriguez
Two political candidates for your consideration - Adam Rodriguez for Congress in PA and Andrew Pontbriand for MA Senate in MA. Two good people running on very different tickets but equally dedicated to bringing about a positive change and a better world. Support them!
Adam Rodriguez text notification tone on his phone sounds like the Gatling gun on a A-10 Warthog.
Ya still want this war me and jaden got photos for days Yuh Boss Jaden Katherine Gil Vitali Williams Adam Rodriguez
I can't believe they killed Adam Rodriguez (Eric) on CSI Miami why would they write him off show
To those of you that have been messaging me about NAB weekend, Feel free to add or contact Adam Rodriguez-Routt and Chuck Mallory both can answer any questions you might have. Have a great time to those of you that are coming in, sorry I will be out of town but I guarantee you'll have a blast.WINK ;) LOL
Combat club fighters put on a show in true warrior style last night at Primus IV. Mike Thomas started the night off by welcoming Max Erban to to MMA, Mike won by an impressive TKO in the second round. Then Marcus "little big man" Levester, fought Chris Nicholas, Marcus in true champion fashion dominated and also won in the second round by TKO. Adam Rodriguez went to battle against Josh Smith, this fight was awarded fight of the night..although adam ended up getting submitted in the second he displayed true heart. Carlos Eggers lost via submission very early in the first round to Kenny Hill, I am very sure this is not the last we will see of Carlos. Combat Club ended the night with Draco grinding out a split decision victory over Chris Jackson and bringing home the Primus 170 pound title. Its only February and Combat Club is already 3 wins, 2 loses and 1 belt. Great way to start off the year. Im very proud of everyone. Coach
Freaking Adam Rodriguez messaging me at 5 in the morning to play Dead or Alive 5 with him, which I did.
We ask the CSI star Adam Rodriguez what he thinks about the new tandem toilets being introduced at the Sochi ...
The Latin-focussed division of US prodco Bunim/Murray has agreed development deals with Emmy Award-winning journalist Lauren Sanchez and CSI: Miami actor Adam Rodriguez. BMP Latin will work with the pair on projects aimed at young US Latinos. audience Sanchez will partner with BMP Latin to executive...
One actor I will say I'm in love with Adam Rodriguez wig his sexy ***
Adam llalana and Jay Rodriguez are the same person
Thank goodness for CSI Miami. Thank god for Adam Rodriguez.
Antonio Rodriguez try's to show the ref he is fit to continue after Scott Jenkins stops him in round 5
Interview with Adam Rodriguez from the Wendy Williams Show. Special thanks to RC.
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