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Adam Rodriguez

Adam Michael Rodríguez (born April 2, 1975) is an American actor and director. He is best known for his long running role as Eric Delko on CSI: Miami.

Criminal Minds Shemar Moore

How does still look as good at 40 as he did at 25🙈he's no Derek Morgan but he's a worthy successor
NBA free-agent Sergio Rodriguez, former Euroleague MVP, agreed on long-term deal with CSKA Moscow till 2020.
I was wondering why the actor who plays Luke Alvarez looked so familiar in Criminal Minds ,,, Adam Rodriguez was in Magic Mike
I had a dream I was datin Adam Rodriguez...and umm i need to figure out how to go back to sleep forever
Luke Shaw, Morgan Schneider, James Rodriguez, Ricky Lambert, Adam Lallana and Calum Chambers. Nowhere as good now as they where under poch
if you we're to choose in real life, would you want to be a CSI or a BAU profiler?
makes Criminal Minds easier to watch. Hot dang.
Watched every CSI (had 2 intro my daughter)! Feel justified saying reunion is nec. My kid wants 2 know how ur stories end!
I've been binge watching CSI: Miami on Netflix. Almost done with season 4. Eric Delco has to be my favorite person ever!❤️
idk how im gonna survive Criminal Minds season 13 with adam rodriguez AND daniel henney as part of the BAU wow i love my men of color
Adam Rodriguez from Criminal Minds is sexy af
Be it CSI Miami or Criminal Minds, whenever Adam Rodriguez appears you will hear him speak Spanish 😆
As I am rewatching Game of Thrones to prepare for the new season, I find myself hoping that Lyanna Mormont comes...
Adam Sander is generating Oscar buzz after getting a standing ovation at Cannes
Rodriguez Julio and dog so it's always confused
I miss me some morgan but you are equally delightful to gaze upon. Even my husband accepted you as his new CM man crush.
With reportedly targeting this Galáctico, how would he fit in at Stamford Bridge? 🤔👀
We're joining at to his first USO tour w/ &
Now Playing: Adam Rodriguez - Came up from Nothing to Something.
Here is a gif of Adam Rodriguez because you deserve it
Ace$ dad hats & snapbacks will be done by the 31st maybe sooner if you want to pre order a ace$ hat message me or...
and in the line up for Monta Carlo TV festival this year!!.
Welcoming back Paget Brewster and new member Adam Rodriguez. Criminal Minds 12 Double Episodes premiere TONIGHT...
Justin Baldoni, Brett Dier, Adam Rodriguez.all grown *** men. Then here comes the Teen Wolf lol
I've been asked to write a script for NBC and there's a chance that I'll be working there soon. Guess someone is...
Having on my tv once a week just isn't enough 😻🔥
Adam Rodriguez is the top agent of Instagram:
The replacement for SSA Derek Morgan , is Adam Rodriguez (CSI Miami ) 🤔🤔 not bad, not bad at all *strokes beard *
If you read this then I just want you to know that my mom and I love and admire you. ❤
[AltFact] The apple story was a ruse: Adam and Eve were actually cast out of Eden because an oil company wanted to drill ther…
Watching everyday makes me want a 240 so bad
Must not have been paying close attention the first time I watched magic mike because, I totally missed Adam Rodriguez being in it 😳
i packed James Rodriguez and Aubameyang in the same pack from the sbc's
with returns to UK screens on Monday Feb 12th at 9pm on
I wasn't fond of her, but she left quickly. The cast now I think is pretty good. Adam Rodriguez is ok-past CSI fan.
. attends and presents at the 2017 NAACP Image Awards
Adam Rodriguez standing arouind in the background looking melodramatic.
Yay! Another reason to watch Former star Adam Rodriguez joining the CBS
Omg! When you see and in the same scene! No words!
He's missing in Mexicali Mexico spread the word.
Adam Rodriguez still looks fine af on Empire. 💋
i just wanna say i love the scenes with Alvez(aka eric cuz im csi trash) and Spencer.
Luke & Tara are both like "Ok. I know I'm sorta new here, buuuttt, this makes NO sense!"
When and finally get together ... My heart melts every time.. 💕
but taking over roll was a good choice. Derek may leave but now we get Eric Delko. heh. im procrastinating rn
Role recall: newbie looks back on and more:
Breast Cancer Awareness
Does Adam Rodriguez have a phobia to opening his mouth when speaking? A weird allergy? Or does he actually think it makes him look hard?
And that's a wrap on episode 1 of season 12! Welcome to the team
my mom and I will always have a crush on ❤😍
Adam. What s up my friend. Lucky you to be around such gorgeous young ladies
"Everyone (consciously or subconsciously) feels alone too - but no matter what, we're actually…
To the most guapo actor I wanna act out a couple scenes with, amor 😘🔥
I finally watched Magic Mike today and oh my gosh I haven't laughed that hard in awhile!! Lmao oh and Adam Rodriguez was fine as *** 👅
Csi Miami marathon at home at work & now at home again omg loving life & also Adam Rodriguez sexy ***
Adam Rodriguez and his wife looked stunning at last night's Awards:
and on 😍How perfect. Wishing for Wednesday now
So great seeing ❤My brother from another... lol meets
Now On joins me for my birthday show then .
1 of my favorite My birthday show when & joined me…
Tonight on . 11pmEST 8pmPT. to when . & joined me!!
I just wanted to let u know I luv you joining the cast of one of my shows
Rodriguez situation not good. aren't commenting at all, but I heard shoulder surgery could keep him out most if not…
Criminal Minds brought in Adam Rodriguez? . hukunishow 😁
A common sense of humour and a love of music is really important, ...
"You suck too new guy, but you always suck." -Garcia 😂 Catching up on
and 's characters make such good partners on like I just realized that they are great
If u think they would've made a cute couple if they weren't married and 😉😏
Couldn't sleep last night and had Psych on ION TV. Saw you in an episode! Great, even though you were the baddie.😀❤
watching Adam Rodríguez on Criminal Minds and not being able to avoid seeing him as Eric Delko from CSI: Miami . *crying*
I splashed on my clothes as I spilled out of bed. ~ Rodriguez
Lost me w/one of his 1st interviews: arrogant, presumptuous, disrespectful-"not a man's man"
From above, every corner of Hoi An mesmerizes by Adam M. Rodriguez
. Congratulations on the seeing you as such a strong character.
I think I'm a trivia nerd. I love to learn about everything. I'm ...
Oh yeah. brilliant. The bit at the end!
So if is the new New Guy at the does that mean that is the old New Guy? please help...
i hate adam rodriguez on Criminal Minds bring back thomas gibson pls, the team needs Hotch
It was funny to run into girls I knew after the movie came out bec...
Please stop shoving craps at us. Sincerely, every viewer on planet earth.
Take some advice from Thomas Gibsons fans.
How dare her say no to Adam Rodriguez. He's the cutest.
Shemar Moore is NOTHING. But you fired TG and COMPLETELY IGNORING MGG. That's how viewers leave you, haters.
unless you promote and show some respect Matthew Gray Gubler, WE, silent majority of MGG fans, WON'T WATCH.
Since Sean Rodriguez is off the market, all I want is the Cards to trade for Adam Rosales 🙏
OFFICIAL: Marlone, Daniuska Rodriguez and Mohd Faiz Subri have been confirmed as finalists for the FIFA Puskás award 2016.…
Just leave the show these third rated actors and your haters don't deserve you
May be he will be there like for 2-3 minuites and gone. Wow! Do you really think we are stupid to be
So when MGG will be sure absent during ep8-10, but you put him in the promo like he will be there?
No one cares you UGLY!. And the demo tied w/ the last week and total viewerships' DROP. lmao. reaction to Adam Rodriguez is "gag me with a spoon." I can't stand him. :)
You can't fill Derek's shoes though. We will see, if you make it through the first season.
Update your maps at Navteq
How's Luke responding to being called Newbie? gives us his thoughts.
i recently watched all of csi miami for you in 2 weeks you are incredible in every role. I'm so proud! Much love 😘😊
I mean its about time Garcia got the real man The charmer The
agreed. His teasing her was the best, she's definitely a prize, he'd be so lucky
I mean its about time Garcia gets the hottie plus he is a good guy Shes beautiful
Im so loving on the show Its about time Garcia gets the guy She is beautiful inside & o…
they really do, I love their chemistry already, their convos are adorable too.
I am insanely in love with Alvez/Garcia already. I don't know how this happened, but I'm here.
Aaawweee glad i wasnt the only one that noticed that needs to have happen
Why can't it finally Garcia who gets the guy I mean Luke could totally fall for her She is a Doll
i miss morgan but i have to admit that I'm really lovin adam rodriguez's sexy self
November is the time to plant annual and perennial wildflower seeds. Keep soil moist until seeds germinate. Photo b…
Okay so I'm attempting to watch Criminal Minds S12 without Hotch. I need some Adam Rodriguez in my life.
Roxy is a doggo in Criminal Minds! Fantastic 😍😍😍 she's so gorgeous and she's my new favourite character
Oh, the job perks... night shootin' with and
Thank you so much for being so sweet and taking photos with my mom today 😍 xoxo
"this is a little something...". "for me?". "no, they're not for you. they're for roxy". GARCIA I *** LOVE YOU LOL.
No one cares. Eh, the total number of RTs and Likes is like under 1K. THE LOW RATING
I've found the interaction between Garcia and Luke hilarious, can't wait to see more xxx
It's really hard to be nice to character but I am trying w/ every fiber of Garcia's being...
The way I see it, wanted to bring in a "younger" presence with Adam Rodriguez, so this "firing" of Gibson was planned.
Anyway, Im still looking forward to it. I'd like to see what Adam Rodriguez is bringing to the show and how it'll be without Thomas Gibson 😃
Forget Adam shares his birthday with the other loml James Rodriguez
just like the Mexico vs Argentina in 2006 world cup
Just kidding I forgot Adam Rodriguez. 😩💋 I love you in everything 😍😍😍😍
I'd rather see Nicole Beharie and Adam Rodriguez as the live action Princess and the Frog.
We're going to have joining and joining so happy can't wait 😘😘
Alex Rodriguez, Adam Vinatieri, and Kevin Garnett are the only NFL/NBA/MLB players left to debut before 1997
I'm so excited to see you on Criminal Minds
enjoy your first day of shooting on Criminal Minds and don't be scared of Harry Bring lol
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I also had a sexy dream featuring Adam Rodriguez, so I get it Jane. He took me to the mile high club. ;)
I actually really like Adam Rodriguez... just not on my fav show
Can Adam Rodriguez not join the cast of Criminal Minds? Stay in Miami
Behind the scenes today with of stay tuned for more 📸📹
Can we take moment to realize how good looking is 😍😍
Nothing better than breaking bread with family +fam Carlos!
Adam Rodriguez is so cute, I'm emotional.
When is putting the mix he did for my bday online??
List of players that I dislike more than Sean Rodriguez:
Donaldson joined Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, Reggie Jackson, Frank Thomas and Alex Rodriguez on that list.
Everyone chatting about moths forgetting James Rodriguez had an alien from starship troopers on his sleeve at Rio
So Sean Rodriguez, Adam Frazier, Eric Fryer and John Jaso are responsible for these three runs. That's getting everyone involved.
Can't wait for the new season of & I'm excited to see back on screen.
Order so much food i have to get 3 different drinks so they think its for 3 different people
so glad they chooses you! You were one of my favorites from CSI Miami
A month after the first summer rains, the diameter of the saguaro can increase by 50%. Photo by Adam Rodriguez
Goals are riding on the back of a Harley with Adam Rodriguez
Back to cops roots, Adam Rodriguez replaces Shemar Moore on 'Criminal Minds'...
Criminal Minds casts Adam Rodriguez as series regular after Shemar Moore's sudden exit...
I like this news -> 'CSI: Miami' star Adam Rodriguez joins 'Criminal Minds' cast | The Big Story
Hello adam richman i send you my regards adam handsome , i love him : ) From : ale rodriguez
Adam, excellent actor and handsome 😀😃
Rays Prospect to keep an eye on; David Rodriguez. A 20 YO catcher for Bowling Green that just keeps hitting at every level
The Rodriguez Editing his LAST😢 Weather Report. We'll miss you, and you will forever be our GV WeatherMan
Fortunately I'm Latin, and I'm born with a little bit of rhythm by def...
Can they do a comeback season for CSI Miami . PLEASE MY LIFE WILL BE COMPLETE🕶
Feel so ill wouldn't even care if someone had a gun to my head
do you miss the Roswell TV series you played in ? 😊
I do think about having babies a lot, actually. I think I look forward...
I realy thought Adam Rodriguez was gonna be the one, which I was okay with because I love him lol
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I'm not gonna lie though this cashier looks like fine *** Adam Rodríguez 😁
Just watching CSI:Miami beginning at the start :D Thanks and for being such great characters :)
to on the set of CSI Miami, but can you name the episode and the…
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From the movie Magic Mike XXL, actor Adam Rodriguez is ready for summer wearing sunglass style Jack from GRO Eyewear
Check out EMPIRE and MAGIC MIKE star on with released today! SEXINESS.
in the fantastic Caught in the Crossfire
Unfortunately, Chunk & Bean starring Adam Rodriguez has NOT be picked up by ABC
.Star . joins me on Sat. April 16th ET. STREAM @
I actually didn't really go to college. I enrolled and never showed up. Bei...
If I cannot share it I can at least say Thank you for loving ur fans & appreciating us the way u do. Thank u for everything
It's nothing I want to share publicly. You've been there & helped me & I think you'd have a genuine appreciation for it.
I promise it's not bad. I was outside & saw it. Went inside grabbed my phone & it was still there so I snapped a pic
Dear I wish u followed me only because there's a picture I took this evening that I'd like to share with u.
REALLY..? It's been 4 years.. I LOVED watching it.
one of the best Crime Series ever. ❤️
If my advisor was Adam Rodriguez Lawd knows what I'd do...
Am I the only one that ships Jane with her professor (Adam Rodriguez) ?
I think they're a Sean Rodriguez Gatorade rampage away from sneaking into my top 5
So great following your work post Roswell
One day I hope to get a follow back From the guy That stay's around Love Bird.. Alert..
Miss you too! Kick *** on the new gig and give a holler when you get back to the neighborhood. Peace and Love Always
Esteban Rodriguez-Alverio he will be playing the role of Adam: . Esteban Rodriguez-Alverio is a…
Very well said. Enjoy your Sunday, Adam & family!
Adam Rodriguez makes me want to stop playing games and get me a papi 💕✨
I squealed when I saw u on cuz I was excited. just sayin
Released May, 27th 2014 in USA and April, 6th in France. 2 years waiting! LOL
Why don't Adam Rodriguez from CSI Miami don't have his own page on Google for his fans?
hoo boy that Adam Rodriguez, he sure hits the orb with the base ball stick hard, doesn't he?
Huge congrats to one of our student employees, Adam, for winning the Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez Award!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
*MARIO COIN!*. Ronny Rodriguez sends a blooper just over the glove of the Charlotte SS, scoring Adam Moore! We're tied again, 3-3!
REMINDER: CSI:Miami Star Adam Rodriguez . joins me today at 11:30 AM EST. STREAM @ https:/…
View our FB page for even more photos of a very shirtless for
Newest Album from to release in 2016
Dang this guys drawing look like some Da vinci. Adam Rodriguez.
It's easy when you play with rejects and a fat kid, Rodriguez. Shut your mouth, Phillips!!!
UFC 197 results: Yair Rodriguez KOs Andre Fili with a head kick for the ages
That's 3 HRs in 12 PAs for IF/OF Sean Rodriguez, who is making his first start at shortstop today
Just been hugged by a very elderly stranger for giving her directions, swear that's not normal
Adam Hunt into the final of beating Dean Reynolds 4-1. He will face either Rowby-John Rodriguez or Ross Twell
TJ Rodriguez, a 2008 graduate of Van Buren & former Central Baptist College player, scored the GW goal on a PK for the L…
Oops! Looks like this hummer caught Garden photographer Adam Rodriguez taking a pic while it was enjoying breakfast
New post on my blog: Adam Jacobs, Will Swenson, Krysta Rodriguez to be Featured on Daniel & Laura Curtis' OVERTURE Album …
Terrific interview of CSI: MIAMI actor Adam Rodriguez. I loved the stories about work with Steven Soderbergh & Harvey Keitel.
Adam Rodriguez is an underrated Magic Mike character
They were hating on Adam Rodriguez with these disrespectful *** braids.
huge fan of your work from CSI Miami. What projects currently keep you occupied?
I love watching csi Miami on Netflix and I love u a lot. Can u comfort me from losing my grandpa who died in September.
You have the jaw of a God my friend. God bless your jaw. Your sweet, hairy, beautiful, beautiful jaw.
Claret Cups are always ready for close ups! Thanks to Adam Rodriguez for capturing this stunning detail.
The very best fine dining experience I've ever had Food, wine pairing, ambience & service Doesn't get better Only different
This is why should be your celebrity crush:
Shout out to my boyfriend for being so *** fine!…
LA: only a few tix left for tmrw's Lady/Freak w/Get em!
You should check out 'For Grace' on Netflix! Also, our Spring menu will be finalized in a few weeks!
Luis Gil puts the U-23 up 1-0 with assist from Mario Rodriguez. 1-0, 6'
The Magic Mike movies have ruined so many songs, can't think abt anything but Adam Rodriguez when "Candy Shop" comes on now *crying tears*
Touché, Adam! Acceptance Is not "surrendering". It helps us learn,grow and ushers in wisdom if we let it!
Don't push too much: perfectionists can not be happy. Believe me,I'm the one(
Definitely is, but the more we push ourselves to do it, the easier it becomes. And the happier we get to be. Peace
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I know what u mean but we must accept what happens in order 2 move past it with peace of mind.
I'm thinking he was digging 4 gold or help stabilize the US economy. ;-)
The news reports stated he was 66. No history of heart trouble. Very funny man. Will miss him.
The first time I watched CSI Miami and saw Adam Rodriguez. I thought I was straight
My generation had Spain in our hearts-Camus wrote-there they learned that one can be right and yet be beaten
This is ur daily reminder that Adam Rodriguez is extra precious
BTW, I love this Angel Rodriguez guy. Reminds me of
Gators might remember Rodriguez and his 3s a few years ago
Wow! I remember watching his show... Really funny guy! Thoughts and prayers to his family.
Actually just pulled my groin sneezing
*** another great artist moving on to the other side. Nice guy. And FUNNY.
Adam Rodriguez attends the 18th Costume Designers Guild Awards on Feb 23rd, 2016
'Chunk & Bean' Cast Update: Anna Gunn, Adam Rodriguez joining ABC Comedy Pilot; Everything we know so far
"Empire" star Adam Rodriguez thinks Steven Avery, the man at the center of "Making A Murderer"...
Adam Rodriguez wants Barack Obama and others to step up, more on TMZ at 7:30pm.
hey, loved last tuesdays great stuff from you, can't wait for whats coming up, still really enjoying the UK
Come to FL and we can be friends again
Catching up on episodes 5 and 6, I'm dying over that reunion :)))
I'd rather be stuck up than a little keyboard warrior with no self esteem
stop being a pathetic *** who obvs has nothing better to do on a Friday night 😹
it's the most pathetic thing I've ever seen😂
📷 Referenced Marcus Rodriguez’s photography for a still life study.
I'm really digging the amount of Adam Rodriguez on TV this season.
I swear a cop just gave me road rage
I was trying so hard to keep my cool when I met ADAM RODRIGUEZ I've been a fan girl since Ugly…
and founder Mario on the red carpet
TBT.styling from Magic Mike was definitely a treat.he is such a…
‘Empire’s’ Adam Rodriguez on How Love for Cookie Leads to Betrayal
Adam Rodriguez is literally the best human alive.
When I see on looking smoking hot, it makes me wonder why they played down his looks in
Good hanging with you at the Academy!!!
Adam Rodriguez is everywhere. I am very okay with this.
coach Rich Rodriguez is set to meet with source told
Have avoided all spoilers about Empire. So Adam Rodriguez jumping on my screen has made its effect. Cookie, you got taste.
Someone new is coming to the this week. Don't miss on Wednesday's all-new episode!
.& dish on the budding relationship between Cookie & Laz. is NEW tomorrow!.
Adam Rodriguez is just too sexy and as I've always said, he can roll his Rs for me any time he so pleases. Por favor.
Over the course of 10 episodes we've had the FBI, fine *** Adam Rodriguez, crazy *** Anika, & Mimi all make moves for either one or both
When I saw this *** looked like Adam Rodriguez this guy looked exactly like him 😩😩😩
Adam Rodriguez wasn't bad. This is the first time Marissa's had a purpose. The tie ins took too long. The DA early on, ugh.
Next half of the season can we get a real man for Cookie. One who stays!
So.We gonna explain what happened to Adam Rodriguez last week or nah?
Yaass that is looking soo right on ;) Woot Woot
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Fitness is temporary but class is permanent
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Wishing all a Wonderful Wednesday with some S3 pics.
yes Empire tonight and can't wait. 😁
Adam Rodriguez or Javier Bardem as Antonio Lopez plz. My bull tank of the West Coast who sews in his free time
Empire guest star Adam Rodriguez might use his Magic Mike moves on Cookie
Adam Rodriguez is so hot get it cookie
I liked a video Adam Rodriguez: What's a love scene like with Taraji? || STEVE HARVEY
Adam Rodriguez stops by to chat with Steve Harvey about Empire! Don't miss it! And don't miss at 9pm...
I want to be the meat between Adam Rodriguez and Nick Wechsler.
can you please wish me luck on my essay (test). I would appreciate it
All about Adam Rodriguez ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
“So you'll be attempting moves like this again then!? YOU KN…
Not a great start for Syndergaard. Has given up a double and a single to start the game. Runners on the corners for Adam Jones.
Watching Magic Mike XXL with take me to your candy shop 😂😂😂😂
Almost took a pic with until we realized it was a case of mistaken identity. Unless you're at Grant Park!
Check out our equity partner making moves on as a guest star! What can't he do?
Now in cine watching magic Mike xxl with 😍😍😍😍
. It's great to see you with your child. You look so happy.
why don't u go inform James rod, then toty Lahm tots Lb Rodriguez and tots boatang
Immigration Article of the Day: The President and Immigration Law Redux by Adam B. Cox (NYU) and Cristina Rodriguez
RECAP: clutch go-ahead grand slam gives the another win against the Twins:
Last season of csi:Miami starts now! I don't want this to end!
can be a hashtag about Alex Rodriguez being bae, or about me overdosing
Can Alex Rodriguez like go back to Biogenesis and get suspended another year or something? I have seen him hit more homers off the Twins...
CSI Miami S10E17, wasn't even aware you directed this episode, awesome job, can't wait to see you in too
Joe Manganiello & Adam Rodriguez about their roles in Magic Mike XXL: via
true true. I'll text you guys about it in the group chat
that's awesome bro! And yeah definitely, we gotta set something up!!
not to bad Man U gotta come up asap!!
Albert Pujols has homered off:. John Franco (born 9/17/1960) . as well as. Eduardo Rodriguez (born 4/7/1993)
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Adam Rodriguez you beautiful human being
that time I interviewed Adam Rodriguez for Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself
Every time I watch I fall in love with portrayal of Sandino. Such good acting.
watching I have to ask who is the best kisser or
Cant get enough of in and one lucky lady!
agree to terms LHP Wandy Rodriguez and RHP Joba Chamberlain on minor league contracts.
Bruhhh when Adam Rodriguez said that I melted 😩😍 lol
Tiger receivers Daniel Rodriguez & Adam Humphries are making the most of pro chance: h…
Looking for mural space for talented San Francisco based artist Adam Rodriguez!
Adam Rodriguez makes me feel some kind of way
cant wait ti see Adam Rodriguez, Matthew McCounaghey and Matt Bomer hehe
Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, willie Garson, and zac Efron all in one episode of csi is this for real
Acajisjwk I want to meet Adam Rodriguez at the Magic Mike XXL tour.
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