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Adam Lind

Adam Alan Lind (born July 17, 1983 in Muncie, Indiana) is an American professional baseball first baseman with the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball.

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Ryan Madson strikes out Adam Lind, and we win 3-2! We spoiled the Mariners' home opener! Sweet revenge!
While and I didn't do a pod Thursday, we argued about Mookie Betts, Adam Lind, Wil Myers, and Eric Hosmer for an hour.
Adam Lind with a ringing double of his own to drive in Romero and it's now 3-0.
The have traded Khris Davis, Jean Segura, and Adam Lind. thinks Will Smith could be next:
📷 Adam Lind is Sid from Toy Story! ☠💣 Follow me for more teen mom stars as Disney characters! 🎠🚂🎀
With that hit Adam Lind ties the record for the most hits through 5 games as a Brewer (also, Molitor and Dave Parker (1990)…
With the 50th pick, Yimyimmity Yippos select Adam Lind (1B-SEA). Painfully Unprepared (Team Stine) is now on the clock.
Next community member Stavid Dearns explains why the Adam Lind trade has been his favorite David Stearns move so far
Correct! Adam Lind reached base safely in 114 games in 2015.
.will take Adam Lind. is up, then for 1
*Just In* Adam Lind dumped after his ex posts racy pics.
If you didn't already know, Adam Lind's swing has plenty of power in it.
Adam Lind, known more for his power, can also do the little things.
Cano and new 1st baseman Adam Lind taking 1st infield of Spring.
Adam Lind came from Brewers not the Blue Jays
The good thing however is Jays could easily find a free agent hitter for 1B/DH. Mitch Moreland, Kendry Morales, Adam Lind, Brandon Moss.
Last year Adam Lind had 52 XBH in 572 PA (1 XBH every 11 PA). Here's how that compared to some other sluggers in '15
At least it's not Adam Lind's mum weighing
Dreamt last night that Adam Lind hit a HR at the home opener. So when he wears the golden sombrero on April 8th, you'll know who to blame.
thanks love 😭💜 I got Chris Crocker verified, Tabasum Mir, Adore Delano, Adam Lind, Sophia Abraham and a few more! I've been busy😎
Everybody gotta follow my boy Adam Lind on Instagram ! neeed'em
Watching Leonys Martin highlight, & about 3rd play in he throws out Adam Lind at 2B.
[scout]1B Adam Lind was brought in to take over at first base in a trade with the Brewers for…
*Breaking* Adam Lind opens up about Chelsea, on his Instagram page.
Do you think Adam Lind was at Brett Lawrie's wedding?
Audio on being traded from: Jon Niese, Neil Walker, Jon Jay, Adam Lind -
Bill James's similarity score puts Adam Lind in the company of some Mariner legends: Paul Sorrento, Glenallen Hill, Alvin Davis & Corey Hart
Hearing/reading Adam Lind's name every 13 seconds made me think of Lyle Overbay for some reason.
1B that fit my platoon theory include Adam Lind (trade) Justin Morneau (FA) and Mitch Moreland (Trade)
The drama is never over for Adam Lind and Chelsea Houska!. According to Adam, Che...
EXCLUSIVE: TM2 Star Adam Lind to be a father for the 3rd time?! DETAILS HERE!.
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Poll: When do you think Adam Lind will no longer be a employee?
Pedro Alvarez does nothing for me. Adam Lind or bust...
nice to see someone who reports sports not trying to sell this deal as a good one. Next up, bringing back Adam Lind….
It's official: Adam Lind will return to Milwaukee in 2016.
Rightfully so.. He's not David Price or Kershaw. He got traded for Adam Lind. Not exactly a high profile player
Top four post-season-less players are all in: Rios, Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, and Chase Headley. Active leader is now Adam Lind.
My least favourite ever Blue Jay batting for Milwaukee vs the Padres to ight at Petco. Adam Lind is just a dawg:(
Music players pick to bat is intriguing. Adam Lind used to always have 90s hiphop. Russell Martin likes Truffle Butter
lol haveyouseen tried to trade Aaron Hicks and Adam Lind among others for Machado and Kimbrel. Then drops them today.
Adam Lind will start at 1B and bat 4th vs Philadelphia Phillies on Friday.
A decision has FINALLY been reached in Adam Lind's custody battle — and fans are going nuts:
HUGE Teen Mom​ NEWS!. Adam Lind GRANTED custody of daughter! More details on the situation here:
Logan Schafer's on-base percentage (.264) is lower than Ryan Braun and Adam Lind's batting average. Braun: .277. Lind: .284
will Adam lind hopefully be back in the lineup tomorrow vs a rookie lhp Morgan?!
Adam Lind & settle custody of Paislee out of court! Find out why & what thinks
Adam Lind cost us the game when he got in Scooters way for that foul ball. Was 3rd out cubs went on to score.
Milwaukee 1B Adam Lind (rest) is doubtful today versus the Cubs.
Adam Lind is not in the lineup today versus the | | |
Adam Lind will not be in the starting lineup for Thursday's game vs Chicago.
If Duda goes on the DL.gotta look at Adam Lind. But only if the price is low
If duda out mets could look at adam Lind as a possibility
it was Adam Lind. Don't think he was going to score on a gapper, but maybe. Tough situation, but glad it worked out
I wish Adam Lind was still around the for this, but at least Brett Lawrie is in the vicinity.
Hey Jason Motte, take a look at Adam Lind. He ditched his scraggly beard. Feel free to do the same a la David Ross. Your buddy, Scott.
If you try to tell me Adam Lind can't play first base what you're really telling me is that you haven't seen him play or looked at his stats
Adam Lind is in the lineup if anyone was hoping he was dealt at the last minute.
I'm not bothered the Brewers didn't trade Adam Lind. Can't help if there wasn't a market for him like we originally thought.
as I wrote yesterday Cardinals should have gotten another Brewer, Adam Lind
Cardinals and Brewers make a trade and Adam Lind isn’t in it. Guess that’s not happening, or else they’d have just combined…
Likely ends chance of trading Adam Lind to Cardinals. This trade deadline is looking like a huge mess...
Complete speculation on my part...I think we see Adam Lind to the Cardinals for Tyler Lyons and either Xavier Scruggs or Jonathan Rodriguez.
I honestly don't know, but is Tyler Lyons for Adam Lind enough?
Chris Davis would be an okay alternative to Adam Lind. Wonder if a team would have to pay a price for his one monster season, though.
What's going on with Taylor Halbur and Adam Lind?
. Adam Lind is hitting .247 away from the mostly domed Miller Park.
And even if 1.5 years of Adam Lind cost Pirates an Austin Meadows or Reese McGuire, it's worth it. Opportunity is there to win.
K-Rod is the lone Brewer on the roster? Would have liked to see Adam Lind or Michael Blazek...
I am on the Adam LaRoche or Adam Lind bandwagon. Shouldn't cost a ton. Would bring some pop.
Big things are projected for the Brewer today with Ryan Braun, Carlos Gomez, and Adam Lind all in the top 5 projected players.
I can agree with that. I keep thinking Adam Lind and his 131 wRC+ would make some sense.
Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Adam Lind humbled by gift from military fan | . Related Articles:
Justin Rogers starts at 1B for Adam Lind tonight.
acquired pitcher Marco Estrada from last November 1 in exchange for infielder Adam Lind.
Adam Lind with an RBI single to right to bring Gerardo Parra in and make it 8-2 over the in the 6th in Miller Park.
stand a real chance to turn Gerardo Parra and Adam Lind into more than they gave up to get them. Credit Doug Melvin folks.
Two-out, RBI single by 1B Adam Lind and the lead is down to one run, 5-4 in the 5th in Miller Park.
If you are afraid of RAIN in Pitts switch Adam Lind for Mark Reynolds in FanDuel Lineup
Adam Lind is an option. Lefty 1B that can play corner OF too.
Adam Lind, Justin Morneau seem like options for St Louis too. Believe both are free agents after this season
There may be a decent market for 1B-types. Adam Lind, Justin Morneau have also been floated as possibilities.
will make use of Mark Reynolds for now, but as trade rumors heat up - Adam Lind, or Justin Morneau may B options
Ryan Braun and Adam Lind strike out, and Davis is stranded at third.
LHH vs RHP 2013-2015 Adam Lind ..who knew..David Peralta and Justin Morneau 2 other good choices..
That's nice to see. Back-to-back doubles from Adam Lind and Aramis Ramirez in his first PA back from injury.
Carlos Gomez doubled to left scoring Adam Lind with one out. Runner on second and Jason Rogers due up.
Jean Segura with a webgem there to rob Anthony Rizzo on a comebacker, and a great pick by Adam Lind on the other end.
One strike away from a loss, Jason Rogers doubles into the gap in left-center and Logan Schafer is the pinch-runner with PH Adam Lind up.
At least the Jays were able to turn Adam Lind into Marco Estrada
All I ever see when I look at Marco Estrada is the shadow of Adam Lind's goatee.
Hey how nice would Adam Lind's LH bat look in the Blue Jays lineup right now? At least Marco Estrada has pitched 1 inning all season...
Adam Lind leads off the second with a single, and then he’s erased on a 5-4-3 DP ball from Khris Davis.
Adam Lind homers, and the get the win over the Cardinals at Miller Park! That and more in sports - 5:41:
Next time I go to Miller Park I'm getting an Adam Lind shirt.
Adam Lind appears to really love hitting in Miller Park.
Adam Lind is doing exactly what Doug Melvin & Co. thought he would do at Miller Park. . 3-0 Milwaukee.
Logan Schafer doubles and Adam Lind walks, but Khris Davis strikes out and Brewers leave two on in the first.
The strike back as Adam Lind singles home Elian Herrera to tie the game 1-1.
He and Ted Lilly are starring as the criminals in True Detective Season 2. Special guest star Adam Lind
Top 3 of all time (in no particular order besides 1st name alphabetical): Adam Lind,(Brooks Kieschnick) & Russell Branyan
Chelsea Houska reacts to news of Adam Lind's vasectomy
Adam Lind lost likelihood of unsupervised visits with the daughter of Chelsea Houska
Manager Ron Roenicke confirmed Matt Clark making strong bid to make roster. Doesn't matter that he and Adam Lind are LHH first basemen.
UWM senior Joe Pavlovich strikes out Adam Lind, Khris Davis and Gerardo Parra in the second inning. Nice memory for him.
Adam Lind opens up about time with Blue Jays: Lind opens up about Blue Jays
How does first baseman Adam Lind stack up in the NL Central?
"And the best actor in a TV comedy goes to... Adam Lind against left handed pitchers". *Scream and Shout by will i am s…
ESPN doesn't have Adam Lind currently ranked in their Top 250, nor is he ranked in the Top 28 first basemen. That's gonna be stellar value.
Adam Lind is our ticket to the World Series! BAHA!
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Get to know Adam's girlfriend, Dana, from here! Thanks for talking with us
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So, another thing, first glance doesn't he kinda look like Adam Lind in this pic?
First baseman Adam Lind joins tonight on Weekly at 8pm CT on Tune in!
I just remembered that Adam Lind isn't a Blue Jay anymore. That's just so weird.
Apparently - Adam Lind lives there, that should say it all!
Can u tell me when Adam Lind jersey goes on sale please thanks !?
Yay Adam Lind is number 24 I love that number go Lindy go I'm behind you all the way !
1B Adam Lind will wear number 24. Last worn by 1B Lyle Overbay in 2014.
Reminder: haven’t done anything meaningful since trading for Adam Lind on November 1. This winter is boring.
Brewers: GM Doug Melvin excited about power, balance Adam Lind brings to ...
You think Adam Lind is worse than Mark Reynolds?
Wow, that seems really light for Brandon Moss. I wonder if the Brewers could have gotten him prior to acquiring Adam Lind.
Awkward news! Chelsea Houska & new BF Cole DeBoer run into baby daddy Adam Lind at local gas station!
A local newspaper writer called Adam Lind "still one of the best lefthanded hitters in the game" & "key offensive weapo…
saying that Adam Lind didn't care is a farce.
if he were a platoon Adam Lind would be in that range. His D is stellar.
I thought that Marco Estrada for Adam Lind was a pretty solid trade
Trading Adam Lind and Anthony Gose. Whether these returns have a big impact is yet to be seen
Is it baseball season yet? I want to see Adam Lind hit dingers.
The Brewers, the ultimate win-now team, have improved thanks to the Adam Lind trade.
Navarro will move to DH and backup catcher as he will fill hole left by Adam Lind
definitely fills Adam Lind's shoes and more if he and navarro are going to alternate catching and DH
Yep. Guess he's the Adam Lind platoon partner now.
Adam Lind and Jose Reyes have issues playing on turf and it's a problem, so let's sign Russell Martin!
Here's the question: is Russell Martin that much better than Adam Lind?
Jays do nothing, fans angry. Jays trade Adam Lind, fans angry. Jays over pay for free agent, fans angry. Who has the problem again?
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Thanks to having no cable, I just found out that at Adam Lind got traded. Wow
Tonight I cried & screamed over the loss of my beloved Adam Lind. Thanks, & Who needs therapy when youve got comedy?
i think this earns him a spot above Adam Lind...
NEWS Adam Lind "will be upset" if Wendy is pregnant with his child.
Baltimore Orioles: Toronto really wants Steve Pearce: Within the last two weeks Toronto traded Adam Lind to Mi...
Jays trade first baseman Adam Lind to Brewers for right-hander Marco Estrada
You won't believe how big Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur's daughter is now!
Blue Jays nearing trade that would send Adam Lind to Brewers
Prior to Adam Lind deal, last TOR-MIL trade was C Yorvit Torrealba coming to for cash, Sept. 2012, truly epic.
Sept 26, 2009: Adam Lind's 10th-inning HR allows me to get to my sister's wedding on time. I'll always be grateful.
Reflections of the Adam Lind trade take shape, now that some time has passed.
The Jays wanted to trade Adam Lind for Steve Pearce before trading Lind to Milwaukee. Details: http…
So getting VMart plan failed. Just go back to plan B and trade for Adam Lind.
ya ok and is adam lind your AL choice?
So Adam Lind third girlfriend is pregnant with his third child . Aubree is a big sister now.
That and Adam Lind's 2013 walk-up music were the highlight of the err...walk-up.
First Adam Lind, know Anthony Gose! Thankyou Rest of the offseason is a bonus to me.
Adam lind spotted standing with the men?
Milwaukee Brewers trade Marco Estrada reel in Adam Lind -
Tom, now that we have Adam Lind, does that surely discount us possibly going after Adam LaRoche?
He's Adam Lind except he can only hit LHP.
The Adam Lind signing was a great get for Melvin and the Adds much needed OBP to the lineup. Not worried about Defense.
Forgot the Brewers traded for Adam Lind but the Mets are still stupid enough to think about signing Billy Butler.
Lucas Duda and Adam Lind are on the Mets and Brewers, respectively
if the Adam Lind trade was reversed, would you rather the Crew have gotten Edwin Encarnacion from the Jays?
ICYMI, I finally wrote about the Adam Lind trade, and I did it at because DJF is no more. http:/…
An analogy for your consideration: Adam Lind is to Marco Estrada as John Olerud is to Robert Person.
Brewers acquire first baseman Adam Lind from Blue Jays
Adam Lind on Kevin Seitzer: "It's not exactly the most homer-friendly approach...He's big on grinding out at-bats, seeing pitches (1/2)
"Very prepared. Gives you a rundown of that night's starting pitcher. He's very refreshing." - Adam Lind on MLB Radio about Kevin Seitzer.
Via a 2010 feature on Adam Lind, re how he met his wife, and making his MLB debut.
Would have thought Adam Lind was at least worth Erik Estrada
Trade Rumors: Could Blue Jays's Adam Lind be first major player moved?
no DH you need better production I think. Id also be interested in Adam Lind if Blue Jays decline option
Toronto expected to pick-up first baseman Adam Lind's contract at $7.5 million, according to Shi Davidi.
I was trying to figure out whose *** that was halfway through. I've come away deciding it's Adam Lind's ***
Some very forthcoming comments from Adam Lind and Casey Janssen in this great piece by
Also, drafted a round apart in 2004, Casey Janssen and Adam Lind face what might be their final week with
The spiral continued. Adam Lind singled to right to make it 5-2 and then the Mariners couldn’t quite complete a...
Adam Lind brought home another run with a single and Munenori Kawasaki beat out a potential double-play ball th...
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First baseman Adam Lind grounded an RBI single through the right side. The Mariners could get only a force out ...
Long-time Casey Janssen, Adam Lind face uncertainty about future:
If Adam Lind does not return next year I will be fuming.
Adam Lind hit righties better than Jose Bautista did this year.
If the Jays really were to decline Adam Lind's option Jose Bautista should be phoning his agent to get out immediately.
Adam Lind was worth 2 wins in an injury shortened season as a part-time player. The $6.5M swing from Buyout to Option is well worth it.
Most likley Janssen's last week in a Blue Jays uniform, but Adam Lind too?! They better keep Lind!
A healthy Adam Lind would elevate Toronto's middle of the order to lethal status. Encarnacion and Bautista are beasts.
Edwin Encarnacion one-out, two-run Home Run (34) to left center scoring Jose Bautista. Adam Lind due up.
As nice as that double play was, Adam Lind still has that thing on his face.
Gillette is the right word for Adam Lind
Adam "You're my favourite' Lind makes it 5-2 with RBI single through right side. Kawasaki up.
An Adam Lind RBI single plates up 5-2.
Pat Tabler loves that Adam Lind's hits have come with 2 outs in the inning. Because Adam Lind had a choice in the matter.
I would knock his lights out "Big Papi inspects Adam Lind's beard. WATCH:
manager John Gibbons expects to have Adam Lind back in the lineup this weekend: http:/…
skipper John Gibbons hints on that Adam Lind could be back as soon as tomorrow. could use him.
Adam Lind (foot) will start a rehab assignment Thursday with the Gulf Coast Blue Jays, John Lott of the National Post reports.
Jeff Blair reporting Adam Lind's "6-8 weeks" is from time of injury, which was 3 wks ago. Says Jays had prior discussion re: MRI with Lind.
Adam Lind of the Jays out for 6-8 weeks. Chris Carter seems to make a bit of sense in Toronto.
BLUE JAYS TRIVIA: Can you name Pat Tabler's favourite Adam Lind body part (let's keep it clean, we're a family show)
Adam Lind is the Brett Anderson of 1st basemen
Adam Lind just sent a bouquet of flowers to Seth Smith’s house.
"Adam Lind is too valuable to sit on the bench against lefties"- Pat Tabler
Also from last night, Rasmus returns after five weeks on DL: “I needed to get myself right."
Darn bluejays still in a funk what they need is rest cmon colby get back to center field adam lind is still out maybe I should go buy a new bluejays cap they started winning after I bought that cap in may
Hoping for Adam Lind to be back in the lineup tonight, pop a few over that short porch.
Wedding Singer is Adam Sandler in his prime 👌
Venmo Lucas' RA Dickey, Adam Lind hopeful their injuries are not serious
In the process of growing an Adam Lind
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Adam Lind may have more hair on his chin now than the top of his head.
Toronto Blue Jays' Adam Lind hopes to return from foot injury on Thursday.
Adam Lind needs to trim that beard/soul patch thing he's got going on...he's starting to look like a billy goat : P
Sighting: Adam Lind spotted stroking the dustbunny growing off his face.
I feel like Adam Lind’s beard would be really stiff if you tried to touch it, which, sorry
Lind's sore foot improving, but not enough to play: Blue Jays designated hitter Adam Lind was moving around the...
. It was probably because Adam Lind was doing that job really, really well.
When asked if he can outrun Dioner Navarro on his bum foot, Adam Lind said: "I can out-walk Navarro."
After watching from afar as went 22-11 without him, Rasmus returns to lineup: And Lind hoping to avoid DL.
From Toronto Blue Jays finally get Colby Rasmus back in lineup after extended...
Adam Lind (bruised foot) probably unable to pinch-hit tonite, but maybe tomorrow. Gibbons: "We're just looking for that Kirk Gibson moment."
Blue Jays first baseman Adam Lind is out of the lineup yet again Wednesday against the Yankees, as h...
So when I go down to South Dakota I'm meeting Adam Lind from teen mom. 🙌👌 I'm okay with that!
Jays: Adam Lind-1B: Lind (foot) remains out the Blue Jays lineup on Wednesday.
This is what Adam Lind of the Blue Jays will look like soon!
With either Adam Lind or Brett Cecil heading to the DL, the will recall Munenori Kawasaki.
Great vision and planning by the city of Westfield. The city of Anderson missed out on the opportunity to partner with Adam Lind of the Toronto Blue Jays and in local investors on a similar park along Interstate 69. To this day that land has never been developed.,
Blue Jays first baseman Adam Lind is dealing with a deep bone bruise, according to Sportsnet.
Adam Lind has a beard that is also ***
The bottom of the lineup is very weak right now. Get well soon Adam Lind and Colby Rasmus.
Mike have you heard how long Adam Lind will be out of action for? Thanks!
Adam Lind (foot) is not in the starting lineup Tuesday, but he could potentially return in a few day...
Recommendation by :Adam The Jays had been hoping to ha... Jays
News Alarm: Adam Lind (DH - Tor)Manager John�Gibbons says the hope for Adam Lind (foot) is to be ready in the next couple of days.
Adam Lind. Still in a walking boot, still on crutches, still going in for more X-rays, still not on the DL.
Kawasaki makes much more sense for a reliever than for Adam Lind
Adam Lind won't play today. Right foot feels worse and he'll be going for more x-rays. In a walking boot this morning.
Adam Lind pretty much sums it up: "They want to believe, but they're still trying to figure out if they should."
As I said in Spring Training when he was begging and pledging for Romero on this team, Adam Lind needs to shut up or think about his answers
I'm honestly starting to believe that Adam Lind is the greatest career Blue Jay.
That's a *** of a pick and the first to actually qualify, but I'd take Adam Lind over him.
Munenori Kawasaki was called up Tuesday in preparation for either Brett Cecil or Adam Lind getting s...
I don't have an answer yet. Right now it's Adam Lind or Brett Lawrie I think.
“Check out Adam Lind on with Brian Kenny and
Check out the Adam Lind on with Brian Kenny and
Happy Father's Day to all the great Dads out there today. Happy Father's Day to my Dad Patrick Connelly and to my Brother Bryan Connelly who is the father of my nephews Grady & Ean and my niece Emmaline. Weather will be perfect again on Sunday. Some MLB news Saturday: St. Louis Cardinals ace pitcher Adam Wainwright will his next scheduled start on Monday skipped in order to allow tendinitis in the back of his pitching elbow to subside. The Cardinals are saying this move is precautionary to make sure Wainwright is not pushed and avoids further injury. Toronto Blue Jays pitcher R.A. Dickey exited his start against the Orioles on Saturday in the Bottom of the 7th inning with a right groin strain. Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Adam Lind left the game in the Top of the 8th with a right foot contusion. New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira was scratched from the lineup on Saturday due to rib cage tightness. MLB Scores Saturday: Games In American League Parks: Kansas City Royals 9 Chicago White Sox 1 Ba ...
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Had a great night at the Jays game and thanks to my Uncle Jeff I got to take a picture next to some of the players cars and have pictures taken with and autographs given by Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler as well as autographs from Jesse Carlson, Josh Thole, Adam Lind and R.A. Dickey. What a night at the ballpark!
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Said it before; Adam Lind the John Olerud of this generation of Patient at the plate, humble, beauty of a left handed swing.
The go up 8-1 in the 2nd after singles home Adam Lind!
“Adam Lind doesn’t really run like an Anthony Gose.” Thank you for the update, Pat Tabler.
Adam Lind now looks like Jim the anvil Neidhart. When did this happen?
Adam Lind looks like Jim the anvil Neidhart in my own drunken opinion.
Adam Lind just chugged so *** that triple off the Green Monster that he lost his Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart beard.
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Adam Lind sporting the Jim the anvil neidhart look nowadays huh
Adam Lind will re-join the Toronto Blue Jays for their series finale against the Philadelphia Phillies Thursday, but Brett Lawrie isn't ready just yet, according to manager John Gibbons.
John Gibbons told that Adam Lind will return to the lineup tonight and a corresponding move will be made pre-game.
John Gibbons says on that Adam Lind will return tonight. Won't say corresponding move just yet.
John Gibbons on Baseball Central on Adam Lind to be back on the roster tonight. Corresponding move to be made ahead of game.
Jays' manager John Gibbons on NOW: "Adam Lind will be here for tonight's game." LISTEN LIVE
Adam Lind set to return to lineup Thursday against the Manager John Gibbons said.
John Gibbons says when Adam Lind returns from the DL sometime this week, they're going to try and keep Erik Kratz up for a little while.
Adam Lind to the 15 day DL…Tony Sanchez optioned to the minors…Chris Young off the DL…Eduardo Nunez optioned to the minors.
I wonder what feels better today anders lindback or Adam Lind's back?
BREAKING NEWS: Adam Lind has ALREADY moved on from baby-mama Taylor Halbur! You won't believe it!Details here!
Adam Lind looks sunburnt. He's also playing with his beard. Boy, is this guy white...
Moises Sierra is pinch hitting for Adam Lind! Lets go Sierra!!
Moises Sierra will pinch hit for Adam Lind to start 11th.
he's the worst Teen Mom villain, right? Remember those texts he sent Chelsea in S1? Monster.
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Attention fans: We've got EXCLUSIVE details on the latest split! Check it out:
are 1-0 this season when Adam Lind bats in the two hole against a LHP. Powerful trend. was right all along.
Fiancé could not be any more disgusted with Adam Lind...
So wait...Colby Rasmus cut his hair and put it on Adam Lind's chin?? Okay then
Adam Lind lookin like a mountain man
Quote of the night .. "Adam Lind is the Dion Phaneuf of the blue jays..."
Don't know what's worse, Adam Lind's beard or starting him against left handed pitching.
Attention , tell Adam Lind to please trim his beard, it's disgusting!!
To the squirrel in my yard missing his tail: check Adam Lind's chin.
Someone is lying to Adam Lind about his goat.
I wonder where Adam Lind got the idea for that beard?
Adam Lind looks like jim the anvil neidhart
Adam Lind hits lefties like Joe Boo hits curveballs.
Adam lind has to shave that hair on his chin
Why is Adam Lind still on the Blue Jays???
Melky Cabrera two-out, two-run Home Run (4) to left center scored Jonathan Diaz. Adam Lind due up.
I broke the story about the split between Taylor Halbur and Adam Lind a week ago
have you watched Adam Lind hit against left handed pitching
Why is Adam Lind playing Citoball against a lefty with the shift on and the infield standing in North York? Baseball!
Adam Lind goes double under cover agent as the newest member of *** Angels who plays ball for the Jays.. street credit is through the roof
Hey, Adam Lind - shave your chin beard, you look like a goat.
Adam Lind's beard is something else.
Really looking forward to the Adam Lind cameo on Sons Of Anarchy next season.
I think I'm gonna fan girl Adam Lind this season, he has a filthy beard and he's about the only jay that played well last summer
Adam Lind hitting second against left handed pitching. Oh man.
Adam Lind's beard is an 8 for sure.
Fun fact: of the blue jays starting lineup tonight, Adam Lind has the closest birthday to mine!!!
Rumour has it, Gandalf blessed Adam Lind's goatee just before the 2014 season started.
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