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Adam Lind

Adam Alan Lind (born July 17, 1983 in Muncie, Indiana) is an American professional baseball first baseman with the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball.

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I was trying to figure out whose *** that was halfway through. I've come away deciding it's Adam Lind's ***
Some very forthcoming comments from Adam Lind and Casey Janssen in this great piece by
Also, drafted a round apart in 2004, Casey Janssen and Adam Lind face what might be their final week with
The spiral continued. Adam Lind singled to right to make it 5-2 and then the Mariners couldn’t quite complete a...
Adam Lind brought home another run with a single and Munenori Kawasaki beat out a potential double-play ball th...
First baseman Adam Lind grounded an RBI single through the right side. The Mariners could get only a force out ...
Long-time Casey Janssen, Adam Lind face uncertainty about future:
If Adam Lind does not return next year I will be fuming.
Adam Lind hit righties better than Jose Bautista did this year.
If the Jays really were to decline Adam Lind's option Jose Bautista should be phoning his agent to get out immediately.
Adam Lind was worth 2 wins in an injury shortened season as a part-time player. The $6.5M swing from Buyout to Option is well worth it.
Most likley Janssen's last week in a Blue Jays uniform, but Adam Lind too?! They better keep Lind!
A healthy Adam Lind would elevate Toronto's middle of the order to lethal status. Encarnacion and Bautista are beasts.
Edwin Encarnacion one-out, two-run Home Run (34) to left center scoring Jose Bautista. Adam Lind due up.
As nice as that double play was, Adam Lind still has that thing on his face.
Gillette is the right word for Adam Lind
Adam "You're my favourite' Lind makes it 5-2 with RBI single through right side. Kawasaki up.
An Adam Lind RBI single plates up 5-2.
Pat Tabler loves that Adam Lind's hits have come with 2 outs in the inning. Because Adam Lind had a choice in the matter.
I would knock his lights out "Big Papi inspects Adam Lind's beard. WATCH:
manager John Gibbons expects to have Adam Lind back in the lineup this weekend: http:/…
skipper John Gibbons hints on that Adam Lind could be back as soon as tomorrow. could use him.
Adam Lind (foot) will start a rehab assignment Thursday with the Gulf Coast Blue Jays, John Lott of the National Post reports.
Jeff Blair reporting Adam Lind's "6-8 weeks" is from time of injury, which was 3 wks ago. Says Jays had prior discussion re: MRI with Lind.
Adam Lind of the Jays out for 6-8 weeks. Chris Carter seems to make a bit of sense in Toronto.
BLUE JAYS TRIVIA: Can you name Pat Tabler's favourite Adam Lind body part (let's keep it clean, we're a family show)
Adam Lind is the Brett Anderson of 1st basemen
Adam Lind just sent a bouquet of flowers to Seth Smith’s house.
"Adam Lind is too valuable to sit on the bench against lefties"- Pat Tabler
Back in 94 young Adam Lind in the World Cup eh
Also from last night, Rasmus returns after five weeks on DL: “I needed to get myself right."
Darn bluejays still in a funk what they need is rest cmon colby get back to center field adam lind is still out maybe I should go buy a new bluejays cap they started winning after I bought that cap in may
Hoping for Adam Lind to be back in the lineup tonight, pop a few over that short porch.
Wedding Singer is Adam Sandler in his prime 👌
Venmo Lucas' RA Dickey, Adam Lind hopeful their injuries are not serious
In the process of growing an Adam Lind
Adam Lind may have more hair on his chin now than the top of his head.
Toronto Blue Jays' Adam Lind hopes to return from foot injury on Thursday.
Adam Lind needs to trim that beard/soul patch thing he's got going on...he's starting to look like a billy goat : P
Sighting: Adam Lind spotted stroking the dustbunny growing off his face.
I feel like Adam Lind’s beard would be really stiff if you tried to touch it, which, sorry
Lind's sore foot improving, but not enough to play: Blue Jays designated hitter Adam Lind was moving around the...
. It was probably because Adam Lind was doing that job really, really well.
When asked if he can outrun Dioner Navarro on his bum foot, Adam Lind said: "I can out-walk Navarro."
After watching from afar as went 22-11 without him, Rasmus returns to lineup: And Lind hoping to avoid DL.
From Toronto Blue Jays finally get Colby Rasmus back in lineup after extended...
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Adam Lind (bruised foot) probably unable to pinch-hit tonite, but maybe tomorrow. Gibbons: "We're just looking for that Kirk Gibson moment."
Blue Jays first baseman Adam Lind is out of the lineup yet again Wednesday against the Yankees, as h...
So when I go down to South Dakota I'm meeting Adam Lind from teen mom. 🙌👌 I'm okay with that!
Jays: Adam Lind-1B: Lind (foot) remains out the Blue Jays lineup on Wednesday.
This is what Adam Lind of the Blue Jays will look like soon!
With either Adam Lind or Brett Cecil heading to the DL, the will recall Munenori Kawasaki.
Great vision and planning by the city of Westfield. The city of Anderson missed out on the opportunity to partner with Adam Lind of the Toronto Blue Jays and in local investors on a similar park along Interstate 69. To this day that land has never been developed.,
Blue Jays first baseman Adam Lind is dealing with a deep bone bruise, according to Sportsnet.
Adam Lind has a beard that is also ***
The bottom of the lineup is very weak right now. Get well soon Adam Lind and Colby Rasmus.
Mike have you heard how long Adam Lind will be out of action for? Thanks!
Adam Lind (foot) is not in the starting lineup Tuesday, but he could potentially return in a few day...
Recommendation by :Adam The Jays had been hoping to ha... Jays
News Alarm: Adam Lind (DH - Tor)Manager John�Gibbons says the hope for Adam Lind (foot) is to be ready in the next couple of days.
Adam Lind. Still in a walking boot, still on crutches, still going in for more X-rays, still not on the DL.
Kawasaki makes much more sense for a reliever than for Adam Lind
Adam Lind won't play today. Right foot feels worse and he'll be going for more x-rays. In a walking boot this morning.
Adam Lind pretty much sums it up: "They want to believe, but they're still trying to figure out if they should."
As I said in Spring Training when he was begging and pledging for Romero on this team, Adam Lind needs to shut up or think about his answers
I'm honestly starting to believe that Adam Lind is the greatest career Blue Jay.
That's a *** of a pick and the first to actually qualify, but I'd take Adam Lind over him.
Munenori Kawasaki was called up Tuesday in preparation for either Brett Cecil or Adam Lind getting s...
I don't have an answer yet. Right now it's Adam Lind or Brett Lawrie I think.
“Check out Adam Lind on with Brian Kenny and
Check out the Adam Lind on with Brian Kenny and
Happy Father's Day to all the great Dads out there today. Happy Father's Day to my Dad Patrick Connelly and to my Brother Bryan Connelly who is the father of my nephews Grady & Ean and my niece Emmaline. Weather will be perfect again on Sunday. Some MLB news Saturday: St. Louis Cardinals ace pitcher Adam Wainwright will his next scheduled start on Monday skipped in order to allow tendinitis in the back of his pitching elbow to subside. The Cardinals are saying this move is precautionary to make sure Wainwright is not pushed and avoids further injury. Toronto Blue Jays pitcher R.A. Dickey exited his start against the Orioles on Saturday in the Bottom of the 7th inning with a right groin strain. Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Adam Lind left the game in the Top of the 8th with a right foot contusion. New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira was scratched from the lineup on Saturday due to rib cage tightness. MLB Scores Saturday: Games In American League Parks: Kansas City Royals 9 Chicago White Sox 1 Ba ...
SXM Fantasy Baseball with Kyle Elfrink is live from 1-4 pm EST, getting you prepared for all of today's MLB action. Also, we are doing the Fantasy BBQ: Who's the 'Tie, Socks, and Underwear' gift of Fantasy Baseball or the boring gift in fantasy baseball that never seems to get the credit they deserve? Here are the options: - C.J. Wilson - Alex Rios - Chase Utley - Zack Greinke - Adam Lind - Jonathan Lucroy - John Lackey - Brett Gardner - Adrian Beltre - Daniel Murphy
Had a great night at the Jays game and thanks to my Uncle Jeff I got to take a picture next to some of the players cars and have pictures taken with and autographs given by Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler as well as autographs from Jesse Carlson, Josh Thole, Adam Lind and R.A. Dickey. What a night at the ballpark!
Good Day, et Bonjour, a faith and reason gratitude salute in honor to our actual 38th direct paternal ancestors from our Dad and Mom to Poppa Adam and Momma Eve; so imagined here as Cyprian and Marie aside River Cher aside Tours, of the Loire Valley, 997 Anno Domini, amen; May all souls, especially of my Image of God Ancestors, Family, and Friends, advance now and forever with amour, la joie, et la paix, in perpetual living Beatific Vision rewards with Our FATHER Almighty who art in heaven with our holy families, and all the heavenly hosts, I pray with every heartbeat, Mark! Through JESUS CHRIST, with Him, and in Him, O God Almighty FATHER, in the unity of the HOLY SPIRIT, all glory and honor are Yours, now and forever, amen! Detroit Baseball: “DETROIT -- Adam Lind doubled twice to drive in three runs and Melky Cabrera added a homer and three hits, lifting the Toronto Blue Jays to an 8-2 victory over the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday night..;” Toronto Blue Jays v Tigers, Today, Verlander; 14.06.05: Joyf ...
Said it before; Adam Lind the John Olerud of this generation of Patient at the plate, humble, beauty of a left handed swing.
The go up 8-1 in the 2nd after singles home Adam Lind!
“Adam Lind doesn’t really run like an Anthony Gose.” Thank you for the update, Pat Tabler.
Adam Lind now looks like Jim the anvil Neidhart. When did this happen?
Adam Lind looks like Jim the anvil Neidhart in my own drunken opinion.
Adam Lind just chugged so *** that triple off the Green Monster that he lost his Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart beard.
Adam Lind sporting the Jim the anvil neidhart look nowadays huh
Adam Lind will re-join the Toronto Blue Jays for their series finale against the Philadelphia Phillies Thursday, but Brett Lawrie isn't ready just yet, according to manager John Gibbons.
John Gibbons told that Adam Lind will return to the lineup tonight and a corresponding move will be made pre-game.
John Gibbons says on that Adam Lind will return tonight. Won't say corresponding move just yet.
John Gibbons on Baseball Central on Adam Lind to be back on the roster tonight. Corresponding move to be made ahead of game.
Jays' manager John Gibbons on NOW: "Adam Lind will be here for tonight's game." LISTEN LIVE
Adam Lind set to return to lineup Thursday against the Manager John Gibbons said.
John Gibbons says when Adam Lind returns from the DL sometime this week, they're going to try and keep Erik Kratz up for a little while.
Adam Lind to the 15 day DL…Tony Sanchez optioned to the minors…Chris Young off the DL…Eduardo Nunez optioned to the minors.
I wonder what feels better today anders lindback or Adam Lind's back?
BREAKING NEWS: Adam Lind has ALREADY moved on from baby-mama Taylor Halbur! You won't believe it!Details here!
Adam Lind looks sunburnt. He's also playing with his beard. Boy, is this guy white...
Moises Sierra is pinch hitting for Adam Lind! Lets go Sierra!!
Moises Sierra will pinch hit for Adam Lind to start 11th.
he's the worst Teen Mom villain, right? Remember those texts he sent Chelsea in S1? Monster.
Attention fans: We've got EXCLUSIVE details on the latest split! Check it out:
are 1-0 this season when Adam Lind bats in the two hole against a LHP. Powerful trend. was right all along.
Fiancé could not be any more disgusted with Adam Lind...
So wait...Colby Rasmus cut his hair and put it on Adam Lind's chin?? Okay then
Adam Lind lookin like a mountain man
Quote of the night .. "Adam Lind is the Dion Phaneuf of the blue jays..."
Don't know what's worse, Adam Lind's beard or starting him against left handed pitching.
Attention , tell Adam Lind to please trim his beard, it's disgusting!!
To the squirrel in my yard missing his tail: check Adam Lind's chin.
Someone is lying to Adam Lind about his goat.
I wonder where Adam Lind got the idea for that beard?
Adam Lind looks like jim the anvil neidhart
Adam Lind hits lefties like Joe Boo hits curveballs.
Adam lind has to shave that hair on his chin
Why is Adam Lind still on the Blue Jays???
Melky Cabrera two-out, two-run Home Run (4) to left center scored Jonathan Diaz. Adam Lind due up.
I broke the story about the split between Taylor Halbur and Adam Lind a week ago
have you watched Adam Lind hit against left handed pitching
Why is Adam Lind playing Citoball against a lefty with the shift on and the infield standing in North York? Baseball!
Adam Lind goes double under cover agent as the newest member of *** Angels who plays ball for the Jays.. street credit is through the roof
Hey, Adam Lind - shave your chin beard, you look like a goat.
Adam Lind's beard is something else.
Really looking forward to the Adam Lind cameo on Sons Of Anarchy next season.
I think I'm gonna fan girl Adam Lind this season, he has a filthy beard and he's about the only jay that played well last summer
Adam Lind hitting second against left handed pitching. Oh man.
Adam Lind's beard is an 8 for sure.
Fun fact: of the blue jays starting lineup tonight, Adam Lind has the closest birthday to mine!!!
Rumour has it, Gandalf blessed Adam Lind's goatee just before the 2014 season started.
Bunt lol i jk, that's not Adam Lind
He won't beat out a chopper. Please. He is Adam Lind.
Adam Lind has a 3rd world hand broom on his chin
Adam Lind is batting second in the Jays lineup tonight. Let that just sink in for a little while.
Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur breakup: Did he dump her?
Not surprised. She's better off without him, Adam Lind is a total loser.
So when will Adam Lind switch his walk up song to the Heart Foundation theme?
Chelsea Houska's baby daddy Adam Lind dumps second baby mama just months after she gives birth!
NEWS Adam Lind DUMPED Taylor Halbur because of her drinking?!
I had melky, but I wasn't the first, so Ill take Adam Lind
Adam Lind batting 2nd in the lineup. Um ok :s
Interesting to see that Adam Lind will be batting in the number two spot tonight.
I met Adam Lind the other night cool experience
Photo: meets up with 1st baseman Adam Lind before today's game (love that locker hoop!)
Adam Lind is batting .295/.366/.503 with 73 R, 29 2B, 2 3B, 25 HR, 78 RBI, & 1 SB over his last 162 games (136 started).
interesting decision to bat Adam Lind second. career .323 OBP is not ideal
Adam Lind hitting in the two hole against a left-handed pitcher. Somewhere, Gregg Zaun is changing his jeans right now.
I don't think Adam Lind should play against LHP. But since the alternative is Moises Sierra...well, Lind should play vs. LHP.
Recommendation by :Adam This could be a good way to re... Jays
Adam Lind is penciled in the 2-hole tonight in the lineup. Anyone else find that odd?
Jays: Adam Lind-1B: Lind is batting 2nd for the Blue Jays on Tuesday.
Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur have reportedly broken up "for good." The split comes shortly after Adam Lind's car crash in February. They are parents to daughter Paislee.
MTV's Teen Mom 2 star, Adam Lind and his baby-mama are officially broken up! Many fans have wondered if the day would come that this would happen, considering how immature Adam seems to still ...
Week in Review: Toronto Blue Jays (3rd in AL East) Record: 3-4 (Week/total) Who's Hot: Maicer Izturis (.500), Melky Cabrera (.323), Adam Lind (.308) Who's Cold: Colby Rasmus (.087), Brett Lawrie (.120), Edwin Encarnacion (.179) Pitching Rundown R.A. Dickey stats this week: 1-1, 4.63 ERA, 10 SO, 7 BB 1.46 WHIP Looked lost in his first start - his knuckleball was frankly terrible all day and as he only went 5 innings, giving up 5 hits, 6 walks, and 6 runs in that span - the Jays lost 9-2. However, R.A. bounced back in outstanding fashion against the Yankees, striking out 6 and only walking one in 6 2/3 innings of shutout ball as he earned his first win in against the Yankees, 4-0 was the final score. Drew Hutchison stats this week: 1-1, 6.23 ERA, 10 SO, 6 BB 1.73 WHIP Very good in his first start in almost two years, surrendering 3 hits and 3 walks, and 0 runs in 5 1/3 innings, which was enough to get the win in a 4-2 game. Drew's second start was abysmal as he gave up 6 runs while compiling 3 walks in just ...
For those who can appreciate a rookie at work: Woody Olson, Adam Lind, Adam Rabe, Keith Risley and more!
Adam Lind is poised to have a career year for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2014.
Brett Lawrie singles with one out in ninth, Adam Lind up to hit for Moises Sierra versus David Robertson.
Lawrie with a one out single. Adam Lind will pinch hit for Moises Sierra. down two, 6-4, one out in 9th.
Cheap hitters today you should play so you can get the big studs in: Alex Avila, Adam Eaton, Adam Lind & the hot hitting Chris Colabello.
Adam Lind looks like he has a chia pet growing out of his face
OK Blue Jays, knuckle up then. Positive thinking. Here we go. RA Dickey, you're gonna pitch like a Cy Young, Brandon Morrow, you're healthy all year, and solid top of the rotation type guy, Mark Buehrle, you're gonna do what you do, which is eat up innings, and pitch well enough to win more often than lose. Hutchinson, you'll pitch like a big leaguer, and you too Happ. Dustin McGowan, you too. Catcher guy, Dioner Navarro, you're gonna catch the knuckleball and also strike out way less than Arencibia. Adam Lind, you're gonna get 25 dingers, and Ryan Goines, you'll be a big league second bagger. Reyes, you're gonna be healthy all year and have a great batting average and defence and base running. Brett Lawrie, you'll continue to kick butt at third, and you'll raise those batting numbers, and you'll also be less of a tool. Encarnacion and Bautista, you'll both be healthy all year, and both finish in the top ten of AL Home Run hitters. Colby Rasmus, you'll continue to be an above average Center Fielder, both ...
Why the *** is Adam Lind growing the Mike Napoli beard?!
hmm tough call. I like Adam Lind and . is awesome too! I'm also excited to see Roy halladay retiring a jay
'Teen Mom 2' dad Adam Lind threatens to take Chelsea Houska to court again
Frank Thomas posted a 127 wRC+ with the Blue Jays in 2007. Only Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion and Adam Lind have reached …
There's an 87% chance Adam Lind is actually Yukon Cornelius from "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer"
Five members of the Toronto Blue Jays will be in Kingston come 2014. Jan 10th they will be stopping at CFB Kingston and attending a Frontenacs Game. While on Saturday Jan 11 they will have an autograph session at Cataraqui Town Centre followed by a clinic at The Boys & Girls Club. Steve Delabar, Anthony Gose, Adam Lind, Josh Thole and Colby Rasmus.
2 years in a row will be able to get stuff sign by the blue jays. Just matter of who it will be. Adam Lind, Steve Delabar, Josh Thole, Colby Rasmus, Brandon Morrow, Dustin McGowan, Esml Rogers, Todd Redmond, Anthony Gose.
SBNation Daily Dish: Pirates trade rumors: Logan Morrison, Adam Lind on the radar
I'm hearing/reading rumors that have the Pirates connected to Mark Trumbo, Adam Lind, Logan Morrison & James Loney.
Other early day MLB Hot Stove News from the GM Winter Meetings in Orlando Bobby Cox, Joe Torre and Tony LaRussa have all been elected by the Baseball Hall of Fame's Expansion Commitee and deservedly so. The Phillies are looking to trade OFer Domonic Brown who had a breakout season last year but has horrible splits vs LHP. He also has 4 years of control left. The Chicago White Sox are looking to move John Danks or Chris Sale. More likely Danks, but if David Price gets a huge return in his trade the Chicago may look to do the same for Sale The White Sox have also discussed Jose Quintana for Chase Headley. The Miami Marlins finalized their deal with 1B/OF Garrett Jones and are now shopping Logan Morrison as was hinted at this past weekend. The Pirates look to be in Morrison due to James Loney's asking price being too high at 3yrs/$30MM. Adam Lind is another name being bantered about. The Yankees and Braves are both in on the trade discussions for Cubs RHP pitcher Jeff Samardzija Mark Trumbo is also in play . ...
Cubs acquire SP Wandy Rodriguez from the White Sox for SP Matthew Spalding, SS Javier Baez, and DH Adam Lind.
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Cubs waive and DFA new acquisitions Adam Lind and Scott Baker. It looks like they're going to try and deal them this offseason.
Red Sox clinch AL East title, beat Blue Jays 6-3 By JIMMY GOLEN / AP Sports Writer / September 20, 2013 BOSTON (AP) — The Boston Red Sox clinched the AL East title on Friday night, getting seven strong innings from Jon Lester to beat the Toronto Blue Jays 6-3 and eliminate Tampa Bay from the division race. One night after securing their first playoff appearance since 2009, the Red Sox added their first division title since ‘07. Boston entered the night with a magic number of one — meaning the next Red Sox win or Rays loss would clinch the division. Lester (15-8) allowed one run on five hits and two walks, striking out eight to win for the seventh time in nine decisions. It was his 100th career victory. Toronto pinch-hitter Adam Lind hit a two-run homer off Junichi Tazawa in the eighth to make it 5-3 before Koji Uehara got five outs for his 20th save. With the crowd standing for most of the final inning, he struck out Brett Lawrie to end the game and the Red Sox poured out of the dugout and bullpen. ...
Yanks' playoff hopes take another hit with 6 - Staggered by the Blue Jays at Rogers Centre, the Yankees quietly acknowledged the daunting task of making a playoff run with nine games to go and several clubs to climb. "It's pretty desperate - we'll see what we're made of," Mark Reynolds said after the last-place Blue Jays' 6-2 victory Thursday night had completed a losing, 10-game road trip for the Yankees. But there was still a measure of resolve left, and a six-game homestand to test that resolve beginning tonight. The Yankees (80-73) slipped to 3½ games behind in the chase for the final AL wild card. "We've got to run the table [and] have a good homestand and go into Houston with a chance," Reynolds said of the Yanks' final three series against the Giants, Rays and Astros. "You can ask anyone in here, we're not giving up." They had just absorbed a sledgehammer, when Adam Lind's towering, three-run homer off Joba Chamberlain gave Toronto a five-run lead in the seventh - an edge that seemed larger given ...
Yankees drop two of three to Blue Jays as wild-card chances begin to fade Hiroki Kuroda gave the Bombers six innings allowing three earned runs, but the big blow came in the eighth when Joba Chamblerlain allowed a three-run hom run to Adam Lind to give the Blue Jays a 6-1 lead and put the game out of reach for the Yankees
Buck Martinez thinks Adam Lind hit his 22nd Home Run OF THE NIGHT!
Buck Martinez announced, "Adam Lind with his 22nd Home Run of the night"! Wow. Just wow.
Jose Bautista hit 54 homeruns with Adam Lind hitting cleanup the entire year and completely sucking
BASES LOADED!! Sierra on first, Arienciba to second, Adam Lind on third, come on Toronto !
Blue Jays hit four HRs in 10-4 victory over Diamondbacks: Edwin Encarnacion, Rajai Davis, Adam Lind and Moises...
Edwin Encarnacion has homered in 5 straight games in Chase Field. And now, as I write this, Adam Lind homers to right.
"Blue Jays mailbag: Who should be brought back? Adam Lind or Melky Cabrera?". Richard Griffin, Toronto Star.
Colby Rasmus and Adam Lind could have easily been awful. Or imagine the season without the 11 game win streak.
Edwin Encarnacion missed a HR by an inch at most, ball hits top of wall and bounces back into play. Two-out double for Adam Lind in ninth
Maicer Izturis to hit for DeRosa. Emilio Bonifacio pinch runs for Adam Lind at first base.
Pat Tabler just explained how well the Angels scouted . Adam Lind by repositioning their SS & Lind grounded out 3 times to him.
Adam Lind and Casey Janssen for Brandon Belt. Who hangs up first?
Adam Lind is proving, once again, that he can't sustain for a full year.
Adam Lind for Michael Young in a three way trade involving prospects.
The % of pitches Adam Lind has swung for outside the strike zone by month. April: 22.4%. May: 24.8%. June: 29.4%. July: 34.6%. Rough seas ahead.
that is not the right Adam Lind you *** If your going to waste your life, at least be good at it...
PHOTO: Chelsea Houska's daughter, Aubree, spends time with dad, Adam Lind! --
things I learned today: Adam Lind is 9th on the Jays career HR list. Huh.
Strikeout .. Adam Lind is out, 1st out for the Jays, Edwin Encarnacion is the next batter.
Adam Lind strikes out looking. 1 out. Encarnacion up. tied at 1 in the 9th. And they're walking EE again.
Adam Lind doesn't swing and Wright gets a looking K. One out.
There's the Adam Lind we all know and love.
Bonifacio on second base, Come on Adam Lind!
Go Adam Lind, with runners in scoring position time to win this one I have faith in you lets do this
Bonifacio leads off the 9th with a double to CF. Adam Lind now up in place of Bautista, who was ejected.
LEAD OFF DOUBLE FOR BONI IN THE BOTTOM OF THE 9TH! Adam Lind has a chance to hit a WALK OFF for the
Adam Lind and JPA both available to PH. I imagine it would be Lind.
Guessing Adam Lind will be the DH now?
Had a conversation with an Adam Lind lookalike about cell phones. Am now wondering if it Was Adam bc he isn't in todays line up.
My goal next week is to get an Adam Lind autograph :-)
FYI: Adam Lind is turning back into Adam Lind.
Adam Lind batted .350 with 7 HRs in June and follows that up with .197 with 1 HR in July. The Blue Jays wins trend with him.
Adam lind *** again, hittin 200 since the streak...thank god I can make fun of him again
If Adam Lind is standing on second, and Emilio Bonifacio is standing on first, Boni would pass Lind somewhere between 3rd and home
Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houskas Baby Daddy, Adam Lind, and his pregnant girlfriend are forced to move?!
Watch Adam Lind follow up Edwin’s homer with one of his own and tie the game up at 6 for the
if Adam Lind signs autograph next time should i record a video for you :p
Muncie native Adam Lind off Toronto. Power/ave at 1b. Move Craig to CF
NEWS: Taylor Halbur and Adam Lind moving from apartment because police called on them twice?(via
I will take Kawasaki for Lawrie please and ANYONE for Adam Lind!!!
Remember when Adam Lind was batting 350 and people thought he could winning the batting title. well he's 0 for 4 today and now batting 292
BACK TO BACK Home RunS! Adam Lind ties the game up with a solo shot of his own. and tied 6-6.
And now an Adam Lind DP... book it...
For those making fun of Adam Lind's walk up song, remember the Mets' Justin Turner used "Call Me Maybe" last year.
NEWS: Adam Lind and Taylor harassed by neighbors, considering moving out of apartment
Adam Lind need to learn how to but the ball or at least make a sacrifice ball so a runner can score.
Helen Keller can do better then Adam Lind right now
Adam Lind needs a new walk up song. Im sick of that will. song getting stuck in my head
I don't want to think of Buck Martinez and Adam Lind in the same underground club.
Lead off walk for Encarnacion in 8th. Adam Lind pinch hits for DeRosa. Joel Peralta in to pitch for
Encarnacion works an 8-pitch leadoff walk, and Farnsworth is done. In comes Joel Peralta to face Adam Lind. down 6-4 bot8.
Out goes Shelby Miller, Adam Lind, Chris Archer, and Wheeler. In to me comes Cole Hamels and Bryce Harper.
For my fellow baseball bros, here are my All-Star picks for the 2013 game. Schmengle, debate, let's talk about it, and see what you think. AMERICAN LEAGUE Catchers: Joe Mauer, Minnesota; Carlos Santana, Cleveland (not only can he rock, he plays a mean catcher) 1B: Chris Davis, Baltimore (Wow, do the Rangers miss him); David Ortiz, Boston; Adam Lind, Toronto, Mitch Moreland, Texas (check out his stats and compute that he has been out for nearly a month); Edwin Encarnacion, Toronto 2B: Robinson Cano, New York; Jason Kipnis, Cleveland SS: Jhonny Peralta, Detroit; Jed Lowrie, Oakland (why did the Astros let him go!?!) 3B: Miguel Cabrera, Detroit; Josh Donaldson, Oakland; Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay; Adrian Beltre, Texas OF: Mike Trout, Los Angeles; Jose Bautista, Toronto; Colby Rasmus, Toronto; Daniel Nava, Boston; Nelson Cruz, Texas P: Max Scherzer, Detroit; Matt Moore, Tampa Bay; Bartolo Colon, Oakland; Jim Johnson, Baltimore; Mariano Rivera, New York; Joe Nathan, Texas; Jesse Crain, Chicago; Scott Downs, Los ...
Thanks everyone, for the birthday wishes. Jays game was great and they won and I almost caught a ball but missed :( but I did get to see JP and Adam Lind and Kawasaki and Brett yay! Thanks to my boys for coming with me!
Adam Lind returns for Blue Jays, Edwin Encarnacion remains out: . The Toronto Blue Jays got first baseman ...
That would be the artist formerly known as Adam Lind, who seemingly decided to become Ted Williams this year.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Toronto grand opening with Adam Lind and
Used every all star vote for Adam Lind, and it was probably pointless
Adam Lind Ks three times in return: Blue Jays designated hitter Adam Lind returned to...
NEWS: Adam Lind's belly looks oddly similar to Taylor's baby bump in funny new photo
Can you baseball fans think of any all-star player from any era who was in such a terrible extended hitting slump that they got sent to the minors for a spell?
Remember when Adam Lind was getting 2 or 3 hits every game? That was fun.
Foul ball, sixth inning hit by Adam Lind
I knew being out for a few games would kill Adam Lind's timing and solid hitting performances
Do me a favor! Do a write vote for Adam Lind, DH, Toronto Blue Jays. You can vote 25 times on MLB Allstar Ballot. It is easy! Thanks!
Adam Lind will finish the year hitting .270.
So glad Adam Lind is back because since the season ended I've missed hearing & Britney make beauitful music
Adam Lind is back in starting lineup Showcase your batting skill on a baseball card:
Does anyone else think adam lind looks like winnie the pooh? ...No?
Welcome back Adam Lind but missing Edwin / hope you're feeling good and back soon
Adam Lind has 252 PAs.261PA required for qualification after tonight's game
Adam Lind is back in the Jays starting lineup...Carl Landry is in serious talks with the Clippers.
Adam Lind is the Blue Jays hitter. I can't wait til he puts up an 0 for against Scherzer
Nothing like a-pick-me-up than getting a call from my sweet, beautiful daughter, Linda, having a wonderful visit from my niece, Lisa and her son, Adam, and being treated with goodies!! Energy level just doesn't want to return. Praying for a good report on Friday. Thanks for remembering me!
An AcroYoga sequence on the Cabrini Bridge over Bayou St. John
Adam Lind returns to Blue Jays line up, Encarnacion remains OUT
Adam Lind is back IN the lineup for the
Good to hear Adam Lind is back in the line up.
With guys like Adam Lind and Leonys Martin avail on WW in 10 team league should I cut ties with BJ?
Fantasy - Jays DH Adam Lind in lineup Wed. (missed 2 games, sore back); Rangers DH Lance Berkman in lineup (misse...
Adam Lind is in the lineup tonight, but EE is not.
Adam Lind returns to Blue Jays lineup tonight:
Adam Lind (back) is in the Blue Jays' starting lineup for Wednesday's game against the Tigers.
Very happy to see Adam Lind back in the lineup.
Adam Lind returns to Blue Jays as the DH tonight and hitting third against Detroit. Jose Bautista moves back to the two-spot.
Adam Lind will be back tonight. A little more firepower in the linup for Scherzer (12-0.. :| ) to face.   10% Off
Adam Lind will return to the Blue Jays lineup tonight.
Adam Lind says he's playing today, but unsure if at 1B or DH. Unclear whether EE will be in lineup.
Adam Lind and Edwin Encarnacion could be back in the lineup tonight:
people can vote 35 times if they register with vote for & Adam Lind.
Who's some good dudes to put on 2009-2010 Blue Jays jerseys?
Played Chelsea Noack in The Show last night TOR vs. DET. Funny occurrences include: I) Ryan: A 12/6 Curveball break downward, a Slider goes across, Changeup will break downward, his fastball will be straight. * 5 minutes later * Ryan: Chelsea why you throwing a curveball to start at my shins, its going to go by your catcher. Chelsea: I'm not. Ryan: Do you know what pitch your even throwing. Chelsea: I'm just hitting buttons. II) Chelsea hits Adam Lind in [let's just say] the worst possible spot ever. Ryan: You just smoked Lind in his groin. Chelsea: hysterically laughing. "Suck it up!" III) Ryan: Hey Chelsea see that box, if you start your pitch in it, there's a better chance it will be a strike - it's the strike zone. Chelsea: Really? I never knew that. Such a fun night with my wifey! =)
Adam Lind with the 'Dub in MLB the Show
Breathing, cross-legged in meditation on the floor. Only breathing - this strengthens the back, and heals it. Tell Adam Lind.
NEWS: Adam Lind's baby mama goes into nesting!
reminds me a lot of Adam Lind circa 2010-June 2013
I would like to see Adam lind and Edwin pitch hitting here in the 9th
ADAM LIND has been named the PLAYER OF THE MONTH for June by the Toronto Chapter of the BBWAA.
NEWS: Adam Lind and Taylor's baby is not growing as she should be
Enjoyed listening to Adam Lind on the Dan Dakich Show as he talked about breaking the windshield of a car sitting on the levee at Bottorff Field.
Fun listening to Adam Lind on show reliving breaking windshield at muncie central his senior yr.
Blue Jays' Adam Lind dealing with back issue, but hopes to avoid DL - National Post ...
GCBlueJays: Why isn't Adam Lind playing? Lind: I got myself hit by a car. That's what you wanted, isn't it?
Facts about me 1. I live in North Carolina 2. I love the beach 3. I love kids 4. Teen mom series and 16 & pregnant are my favorite shows names brooke 6. My birthday is October 11 of my favorite shows are Pretty little liars 8. I'm the oldest of 5 kids 9. I was born in New Jersey 10. Fav teen mom from season one Maci and Farrah season 2 Chelsea fav teen dad from season one Ryan and season two Adam Lind fav from season 3 Mackenzie and josh and many more
Out ridin with Clay Pitz Bryan Campbell Adam Lind fenders open if anyone wants to join hit me up
So no Edwin Encarnacion, Adam Lind, Melky Cabrera, and Brett Lawrie yet our offense explodes for 8 runs against last years AL champs
Getting Ready for Abbie! Jim and I spent the day moving the desk, printer, and all office things from an upstairs bedroom to the renovated sun porch and refinishing a Jenny Lind crib to go in the bedroom. The office is becoming a nursery as our granddaughter will be here soon. Adam and Erin's nursery is almost finished at their new house, the one at our house is just for sleepovers and naps when visiting. But we want her to have her own room, closet, toys, and anything else she wants when she is here. Can you tell this is our first grandchild?
Sports Corner. Yesterday the announcer let us know that: "Adam Lind had to leave the game early, and that's significant because it means that Adam Lind is no longer there." I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.
Coming to today’s Blue Jays vs. Tigers game? Petro-Canada will be handing out Petro-Points Fuel Savings Cards post-game. Look for Lions Club members handing them out at all major gates!
Adam Lind is not in the Blue Jays starting lineup on Monday.
With the way that Adam Lind has been swinging the bat, there has seemingly been very little to slow him down of late. Unfortunately, one of those things is a balky back. The Toronto Blue Jays first baseman/designated hitter left Sunday’s game against the Boston Red Sox in the third innings with mild...
Updated: Adam Lind said he thinks his back injury that pulled him from Sunday's game would only keep him out a day or two.
Red Sox beats Blue Jays in walk off fashion, take 3 out of 4, and becomes the 2nd team to record there 50th win of the season! Pirates is the 1st team to do it. Off day tm, then after that is some inter league play when the San Diego Padres who comes in to town for a 3 game series with the Sox.
Update:Â Adam Lind leaves Sunday's game with mid-back tightness.
Adam Lind has left Sunday's game for an undisclosed reason. He was replaced at first base by Josh Thole.
Wow. That's why you are a dh. Adam lind.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind is currently expecting baby number 2 with his girlfriend, Taylor Halbur. The baby is due in August and should be weighing somewhere around 4 or 5 lbs but she only weighs 3 lbs 3 oz! The doctors are very concerned and she has another appointment soon to see if there is any change! Pray that baby Lind can gain some weight so she is born healthy!
Minha primeira festinha aniversario do amigo Adam !
Jacoby Ellsbury grounds out, shortstop Jose Reyes to first baseman Adam Lind. Three out. -m
Anything going on tonight around t town?
Adam Lind strikes out swinging. One out. -m
Webster on the hill tonight... Oh man -Joe
I got Adam Lind and Freddie Freeman in a double play tonight. You?
I leave tomorrow for a month (the longest visit I have had in 10years) to immerse myself in my hometown. My work includes documentation of my Grandma's heritage, listening to several local stories, the 40th annual Basque Festival, and hopefully meet local artist, Sarah Sweetwater, and American Indian Movement activist, Fortunate Eagle, to discuss preservation of culture and land through art and story circles. I would not be as prepared and focused to listen as I feel now if it weren't for the gifts of inspiration and friendship of everyone I met at DoubleEdge and specifically Jeremy Louise Eaton Matthew Glassman Carlos Uriona Adam James Bright Milena Dabova Amrita Ramanan Hannah Pepper and Hrefna Lind Lárusdóttir. Thank you.
Whatever the Toronto Blue Jays did with Adam Lind when he was demoted to Triple A last season it worked. Lind hit well after coming back up to the big leagues last season. It’s continued this season as evidenced by his gaudy slash line of 322/386/542 He’s already hit 11 homeruns after hitting just 1...
MXPTV was on hand to capture the super fast sand action of Motocross 338 in Southwick, MA during Thursday's press day riding session in this video presented ...
Just for done with all of my practicals for firefighter 1/2, all I'm waiting to hear on is how I did on the written part and if I passed that ill be certified! It's been a long long 10 months but I don't regret one minute of it.. Congrats to all in the class and I hope to hear some good news soon!
So Jays fans.. We either can move to 2.5 games back of Boston, --- to 10 games back, or anywhere in-between. What a huge series. And we are only at the (almost) half way point of the season. Adam Lind and Colby Rasmus will sit this one out, till Lester is out of the game, so we must get to Him early..GO..JAYS..GO
vote for Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarcion, Adam Lind, J.P. Arencebia etc. for American League all-star team. only a week left to vote... can vote 25 or 35 times. deadline end of day next Thursday July 4th.
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