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Adam Lavigne

Adam Levine Blake Shelton Evan Peters Avril Lavigne

The nerve of Adam Lavigne to use the word "dysfunctional" IN A *** POP SONG like some kind of Rhodes Scholar.
lady gaga, farrell, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Adam lavigne, foster the people
"I want him to have the body of David Beckham and the voice of Adam Lavigne"
Avril and Adam Lavigne should get married.
"Be spontaneous on the first date. Dress up real fancy and take her to McDonalds"- Adam Lavigne
I do not like Adam lavigne with a beard. 🙅
and Adam Lavigne aka the only guy in Maroon 5 is hawt!
I am really not interested in Adam Lavigne like I thought I was.
Stereo heart by Adam Lavigne is suck in my head
maroon 5 u mean Adam lavigne and the people who play instruments behind him
Seriously all these teenage girls drooling over Adam Lavigne like o m g he is so hawt with a capital H omg I luv Adam Lav…
Its packed ?“Adam lavigne is outside of skinny dip . Omg”
Adam lavigne is outside of skinny dip . Omg
Adam Lavigne doesn't get enough recognition 👊👎
The premiere of Keira Knightly's new movie with Adam Lavigne
“Adam lavigne is my new obsession omg the concert was amazing” levine
I hate you if you don't like Adam Lavigne! -__-
i really hate it when somebody write Adam's name with Adam Lavigne. his name is Adam Levine, right?
Adam lavigne might be sexy but i refuse to listen to new maroon 5
Can I please just marry Adam Lavigne like is that a possibility
I love Adam Lavigne but if I hear this song one more time already today! 👊
im so obsessed with Avril Lavigne bcoz she dont move like Jagger as Adam lavigne
Maroon 5? Oh you mean Adam Lavigne and those other guys that stand behind him? ...
Apparently I don't know the difference between Adam lambert and Adam Lavigne. Awk.
Dear Women at the Maroon 5 show. Nobody cares that you can drown a toddler in your panties cause of Adam Lavigne. Sincerely; Everybody.
1) Put your iTunes on shuffle. Give me the first 6 songs that pop up. Did you do it or not?-Block B // Hope-Boa // Because I'm Stupid- SS501 // Paradise-Infinite // Nothin' On You- Jay Park // TroubleMaker- Hyunseung    2) If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be? Adam Lavigne   3) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17. "For of course," said Mr. Foster, "in the vast majority of cases, fertility is merely a nuisance."- Brave New World   4) What do you think about most? I think about school and succeeding.   5) Ever had a poem or song written about you? Nope. Nevah.   6) Do you have any strange phobias? Insects.   7) What's your religion? Athiest.     8) If you are outside, what are you most likely doing? I am usually exercising or going to buy food. LIKE BANGBANG SHOULD.   9) Simple but extremely complex. Favorite band? BLOCKB   10) What was the last lie you told? "Yeah, I already ate."   11) Do you believe in karma? Yeah, it's funny actually.   12) What ...
If Tom Hardy, Adam Lavigne and Gerarld Butler could go ahead and produce a love child for me to marry, that'd be great. Kthanks.
What if Avril Lavigne and Adam Levine got married..
Adam Lavigne is so creepy and weasely looking
Me and my mom were talking about how hot Adam Lavigne's tattoos were in the car this morning.
If you ever feel unimportant, just think of how the members of Maroon 5 who aren't Adam Lavigne feel.
Adam Lavigne is such a talented babe.
Avril Lavigne and Adam Lavigne have practically the same names0bD
Adam Lavigne why you so sexy mmm mmm mmm 😘😍
One day me and Adam Lavigne are going to get married ;)
Also John Mellencamp, the lead singer of Journey, Kevin McHale, Grant Gustin, Curt Mega, Adam Lavigne, and the boys of One Direction
I'm pretty sure his name was like Adam Lavigne. Or like Adam Lavigne. But it coulda possibly been Adam Lavigne.
Who is the most beautiful person in your country? — Stephen Amell or Adam Lavigne
Now Adam Lavigne's yearbook photo just makes him look like he's going to kill everyone.
My dentist looked like Adam Lavigne.. Good old nitrogen😊
From now on, I've decided to set my expectations way way high and go after Enrique iglesias or Adam lavigne. Mm.!!
Whew, JT is back!! So Adam Lavigne, just chill for a while.
My math professor looks like Adam Lavigne!
-.- some will check de la I go 2 AL also got check , Avril Lavigne and Adam Lambert Both also check bag leh
Just listened to the new Timberlake track and I'm not real sure what the excitement is all about?!? He sounds like Bruno Mars, John Mayer, Adam Lavigne (sp?) or Justin Bieber. Its not a "unique" by any means. So yeah I'll just go ahead and conclude I'm getting old.
I like Maroon 5, but Adam Lavigne is a ***
Justin Timberlake and Adam Lavigne's voices are really similar :o
Adam Lavigne(?) on the table in front of me.. Just another day in new york..
Someone sing she will be loved to me, aka Adam Lavigne sing to me.
One time someone tried to convince me that Avril Lavigne and Adam Levine were siblings.
I liked a video from Wish You Were Here - Avril Lavigne (Cover by Adam Stanton) on
LMAO! Peoples said Adam Levine is the brother of Avril Lavigne. Same like Katy Perry is the sister of Christina Perri. LMAO
Potong rambut macam adam lavigne or Taylor Lautner,Anyone can recommend me?
50 cent ft. Eminem, Adam lavigne My life
Guess what the theme of our church series is? Yep, "My Life" by none other than 50 Cent, Eminem, and Adam Lavigne. Swag.
I'm just gonna assume that my coworker likes Adam lavigne 😁
"I love Avril Lavigne and by Avril Lavigne I mean Adam Levine."
If you only like "Adam Lavigne" and Moves Like Jagger and One More Night, you have my permission to shove a chainsaw up your ***
Since Mic Jagger is like 70 does that mean Adam Lavigne has moves like 70 yr old man?
Maroon 5 is absolutely amazing. Your argument is invalid. (even if Adam Lavigne did lie about my guitar tuner...)
Your Avii freaking love it btw I saw Adam Lavigne on T.V love him.
"cassadee pope and adam lavigne would make a good couple" GET OUT I HATE YOU ALREADY
Weee me too! especially Kpop, but I also like English songs from Avril Lavigne, 30stm and Adam Lambert :D
Adam Levigne. Lavigne. Lavine? whatever. Your voice is amazing. That is all.
But YES! IT'S A FACT! I will be appearing on GLEE Thursday, January 24th as part of the new group, The Adam's Apples!!!
my dad just asked me if Adam Levine is Avril Lavigne's brother. LOOL
love Rihanna. I loove the new 50 cent song with Eminem an Adam Lavigne.
Zayn is the only guy , besides Adam Lavigne .. That i find attractive with a scruff ..
Mom- "I want to see a maroon 5 concert. Mmm Avril Lavigne with no clothes on" Me- "I think you mean Adam Levine."
Morning! It's Rossie back for Tuesday and Simmo is back as well. How are you this morning?
if I could have anyone's singing voice I would choose in this order... Adam Lavigne, Demi Lovato, Jack Black, Andrea Bocelli
so me and my mom were watch Teen Nick and the Halo Award commercials come on. Mom- Who would you want to come and get you? Me- I don't know Mom- What if One Direction or Adam Lavigne just came and took you away? me- They wouldnt be able to do that cause' I would be passed out on the ground.
If you spell it "Adam Lavigne" then you are not worthy enough to even say or type his name. Seriously How Hard Is It To Spell Levine?
if you're tired and would like to slap the people who think Adam Levine is "Adam Lavigne."
Watching American Horror Story ON Demand. Such an awesome show. Evan Peters from the first season is on it again as a new character and so is Jessica Lange. OMG I think Evan is HOTTER than last season. Not to mention another hottie Adam Lavigne from Maroon 5. The first season is now on dvd. I can't wait to get more money to buy it. :)
Decisions, decisions. Should I A. Stay in Florida for the weekend, hitting up halloween horror nights on Thursday, and then hit up the festival. Vip including an open bar after party with Rob Zombie, and Marilyn Manson, and their groupies. Plus meeting a lot of horror movie stars, and authors. This is the "party with Rock stars option". B. Fly to new york to be in the audience of The David Letterman show(yes, I have tickets), and use that as an excuse to go exploring the big apple for 2 days. The guests for that day are Donald trump, Adam Lavigne, and Carly Rae Jepson. This is the "witness the trump's secret weapon against obama" option C. Fly to, and leave new york on thursday, do the vip spooky empire on friday night and most of saturday, and brave halloween horror nights on the saturday night before halloween(and the night before I have to return to work. This is the "Iron man of awesome" options. Gimme your input guys!
All purpose parts banner
Just decided since American Horror Story started up again last night to try to get into it cuz everyone raves about it, and between Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Adam Lavigne in the opening scene and kinda an interesting story, new fan I think lol.
do u know that Avril Levine and Adam Lavigne is actually with different parents
I talk about Blake Shelton, Adam Lavigne, and Shemar Moore like they're food.
all 5 of the directioners, Adam Lavigne, Tom Hardy, George Clooney, Haifa Wehbe and Cherl Cole
Question: Who are your Top 5 Celebrities to BoInK with!?! Mine is: Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum, Cam Gigandet, Kellen Lutz, and Adam Lavigne
Piers Morgan, Katie Price, Jason Statham please welcome onto my Adam Lavigne! Now make the shirtless tool feel welcome
You know what, Adam Lavigne? You are full of garbage. Unless you have acquired time travel, you are most certainly NOT at a pay phone. Pshht.
Who thinks Adam Lavigne and Blake Shelton should just make out already?
I have a serious crush on Adam Lavigne! 
really? Because Adam lavigne is definitely better
Adam Lavigne is too sexy for his age...💔
Very disappointed that KT's CD player won't play my burned Avril Lavigne CD that creepy Adam Jeckering made me.
Does anyone else get Avril Lavigne and Adam Levine mixed up? lol..
Men with shaved heads. Only 2 men that can have hair are Ryan Gosling and Adam Lavigne.
Hmm...def 1D, adam lavigne, others lol i cant think right now
Adam Lavigne looks like rat mutant thing.
maybe like a really tan Adam lavigne
"if you ask me how I'm doin I would say I'm just fine, I would lie and say that ur not on my mind" - *sigh* adam lavigne
are the rumors true? Do you have a crush on Adam Lavigne?;)
I didnt know Adam Levine is pronounced as 'lavigne' macam Avril Lavigne gitu
I was finding for some artists and then I just remembered... I never knew that Adam Lambert was an artist... Avril Lavigne...
Eh; kinda. Like once!But I know the judges are Cristina Aguelira, Blake Shelton, CeeLoGreen, & Adam Lavigne(:
yeah I get the whole celebrity look a-like thing people say I look like Adam lavigne all the time
What's worse...thinking Adam Levine and Avril Lavigne are siblings, or not knowing that Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal are?
I want Adam Lavigne to sing me to sleep.
I would do anything to spend a day with Adam Lavigne. anything.
We Are Proud Of Avril Lavigne seriously thought you were a couple or related with Adam Levine. till i found out the spelling's different
Adam Lavigne is quite possibly the hottest guy walking this Earth.
I love Adam lavigne. And tony vincent. Just sayin.
Wait did Adam Lavigne seriously say *** on The Voice
Adam Lavigne looking like pure sex tonight. Lord have mercy 😍
I love how sweet adam lavigne is on
I will never get tired of looking at Adam Lavigne!
He's Adam Levine..and she's Avril Lavigne lol RT"Adam lavgine, LOVE ME!"
If Adam Lavigne ends up dating Christina Aguilera I'm going to cry.
Evan Peters and Adam Lavigne both in season 2 of AHS.
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