Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen

Adam Mitchel Lambert (born January 29, 1982) is an American singer-songwriter and stage actor. Born in Indianapolis but raised in San Diego, Lambert had dreamed of becoming a performer after appearing in numerous amateur productions in his childhood and adolescence. Sauli Eerik Koskinen (born March 28, 1985) is a Finnish entertainment reporter, television host and radio personality from Hyvinkää, Finland. 5.0/5

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Adam Lambert, his mom Leila & Sauli Koskinen attended the Prince concert in Inglewood, California on May 7, 2011.
Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen rejoicing in Helsinki - the video!.
Adam Lambert voted most eligible *** bachelor on the planet Singer easily beats the likes of Chris Colfer, Ricky Martin, and Steve Grand in annual OUT Magazine poll 14 February 2014 | By Greg Hernandez Photo by Greg Hernandez Adam Lambert is, by a landslide, the most dateable *** guy on the planet. That is the verdict, announced today, of the readers of OUT Magazine who chose Lambert from a list of 100 eligible bachelors. With 21.8% of the vote, the American Idol alum and Grammy nominee took over the top spot that was occupied by his Glee co-star Chris Colfer last year. Colfer slipped down to number 6 in this year's poll. Lambert, 32, was not in last year's survey because he was in a relationship with Sauli Koskinen. But, the pair broke up last April. Surprisingly, the newly single Ricky Martin did not make the top 10 - he finished in 11th place. Also surprising was the runner-up, actor and singer Chris Salvatore who is best known for his leading role in the two most recent Eating Out movies. But it turns ...
Sauli Koskinen - Dancing on Ice Vote for Photo of Adam Lambert in the video
What are you currently addicted to? — Adam Lambert and the amazing sauli Koskinen
What is one thing you are sure of? — Adam Lambert and sauli Koskinen will always be my idols
If you could meet a famous person, whom would you like to meet? — Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen
Sauli Koskinen - Adam Lambert fans will know him - just skated in Finnish Dancing On Ice and was adorable. Didn't fall down once!
I liked a video from Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen and Tommy Joe Ratliff - Apologize
I was holding it back then I heard the piano play... So many tears. Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen - A Thousand Years:
Adam Lambert splits with his Finnish host boyfriend Sauli Koskinen blaming 'hectic schedules' for... What's this!?
Always have 4some with Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen and Tommy Joe Ratliff ;)
April 9, 2013 - Lambert talked to SFGN about everything from his thoughts on being a role model in the *** community and building a fan base in China, to his upcoming album and his recent split from his boyfriend, Finnish reality star Sauli Koskinen.
more pictures from Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen, Tommy Joe Ratliff and other, you find on
this video is hysterical!!! youtube - Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen and Tommy Joe Ratliff - Gangnam Style:
Who is/are your hero? — I have four, Adam Lambert, Ben Patrick Johnson, Kevin Stea and Sauli Koskinen...
I liked this vid -> She Wolf (With Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen and the wolves): via
Sometimes at nigt , I cry because of how much Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen and Tommy Joe Ratliff has changed my...
My tumblr is infested with Adam Lambert, Tommy Joe Ratliff, Sauli Koskinen and random GIFs of kittens in Christmas trees.
Some articles and news about Adam, Divas, Fiasco cover ect... ~Stella~ -30-year-old singer talked with the talk show host about his thoughts on marriage.) -star Adam Lambert is excited about the recent strides made for marriage equality but admits that he's in no rush to wed longtime boyfriend Sauli Koskinen. ) -“For Your Entertainment” hunk sported his typical goth/glam getup as he posed with a few lucky fans before heading inside. And during his interview, Adam talked about the perennial hot-button issue of *** marriage rights.) -us for a sec while we pick our jaws up off the floor.because WOW. How amazing does Adam Lambert look on the cover of Fiasco magazine?!) -Lambert’s a funny one isn’t he?) -…
*sigh* My name is Lindsey, I'm a glambert and I adore Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen. I love Tommy Joe Ratliff. Okay? Okay.
It's my new editing video (so funny) of Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen and TommyJoe Ratliff on the music "Gangnam Style" about Psy C'est mon nouveau montage vi...
when you know *** well you will never meet Adam Lambert, Tommy Joe Ratliff, Sauli Koskinen.
Adam Lambert and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen with Lance Bass Halloween party in LA
Police: "Anything you say will be held against you" Me: "Adam Lambert, Tommy Joe Ratliff, Sauli Koskinen, Isaac Carpenter" xD
if you prefer Sauli Koskinen and Adam Lambert or favorite Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff.
if you love Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen!
Pro Pics ADAM LAMBERT on GMA via Celebrity-Gossip 5-14-12 Article: Celebity-Gossip: Adam Lambert Rocks Out On “Good Morning America” Posted Monday May 14, 2012 10:57 AM GMT He’s pumped to bring his New Album to the world, and earlier today (May 14) Adam Lambert gave a live performance on “Good Morning America.” The “For Your Entertainment” singer was in fine form as he kicked off the week with a few hundred of his screaming fans in Times Square, New York City. During a recent interview, Adam chatted about his forthcoming sophomore record Trespassing, due to hit stores tomorrow (May 15). Lambert explained, “I had time to make this album. I do feel that sonically, lyrically, and emotionally this album is a surprise for people- and myself.” As for what he’s been up to over the last year, Adam shared, “In that time, I fell in love (with Finnish ‘Big Brother’ winner Sauli Koskinen), which is great. I have an amazing relationship. I also got to spend a lot more time with my friends and ...
Adam Lambert chats about New Album Trespassing on GMA. What did he say about boyfriend Sauli Koskinen?
Pap video of Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen leaving Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Exclusive: Adam Lambert and his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen leaving Jimmy Kimmel Live! on April 26th, 2012 in Hollywood, Ca, United States.
you can't love & respect Adam Lambert,Tommy Joe Ratliff & Sauli Koskinen.
Adam Lambert: Katy Perry Birthday Party!: Adam Lambert and boyfriend Sauli Koskinen dress up as Dances with the ...
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