Adam Lambert & Kris Allen

Adam Mitchel Lambert (born January 29, 1982) is an American singer-songwriter and stage actor. Born in Indianapolis but raised in San Diego, Lambert had dreamed of becoming a performer after appearing in numerous amateur productions in his childhood and adolescence. Kristopher Neil Kris Allen (born June 21, 1985) is an American musician and singer-songwriter from Conway, Arkansas, and the winner of the eighth season of American Idol. 5.0/5

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Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are on the Morning Jolt today on xLOut radio
Ever think that the people who voted for Donald Trump probably voted for Kris Allen over Adam Lambert on "American Idol"?
It's like being angry Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert on American Idol after text voting for William Hung
Poor Donald Trump "Better than when Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert on American Idol.". via
Wait, I think this is exactly what happened when they crowned Kris Allen instead of Adam Lambert! Ryan?…
I love Kris Allen, James Durbin, Chris Daughtry, David Cook, but my heart belongs to Adam Lambert!!!
Today in 2009, Brian and Roger performed with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen at the American Idol finale.
Adam Lambert vs Kris Allen rematch: Who's the true winner of AI8?
But how did Adam Lambert get 2nd to Kris Allen on American Idol...
Male contestants covering female artists' songs on "American Idol" is nothing new: David Cook, Kris Allen, and Adam Lambert all had breakout moments respectively performing hits by Mariah Carey, Donna Summer, and Yvonne Elliman, for instance.
O please American Idol don't try to force the whole *** thing on us again this year you saw what happened when you tried to do it with Adam Lambert and the worship leader Kris Allen. Kris won by the most lopsided vote in idol history!
American Idol. I am back in after a few years. I already have my two favorites. The last time I watched was when Adam Lambert lost to Kris Allen??? Really ??? Name the last Kris Allen song that you know, or album, or what he looks like. Case closed!
look at Adam Lambert and Kris Allen from American Idol, the winner is Kris. More popular? Lambert
See Adam tonight on the Grand Finale of American Idol! Reminisce. Watch "Adam Lambert VS. Kris Allen! Who will Win American Idol, Season 8?" on YouTube: Watch "American Idol 8 - Adam Lambert and Kris Allen with Queen": Relive old memories; watch "Kris Allen VS. Adam Lambert, American Idol (2009) Winning Moment": Adam Lambert's recent album, Trespassing, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in 2012. Google "Adam Lambert Live Proud" Campaign that he is also involved in. See: When talented singers lose American Idol, it gives them more freedom to explore greater avenues and purpose for their lives. Way to go Adam Lambert. You're making a tremendous positive difference in the lives of this generation.
is watching American Idol! Hoping for Kris Allen and Adam Lambert in next weeks finale!!! :)
The American Idols Tour 2009 (with Adam Lambert& Kris Allen) :D it was a gift for graduating HS lol
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who cares!!! Adam Lambert should have won in my opinion. I'm not sure who kris Allen is
Allison Iraheta is undoubtedly one of the most awesome "American Idol" contestants of all time. Even when she competed on Season 8 at age 16, her awesomeness was apparent, as she held her own alongside the trifecta of that season's big boys (Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, and Danny Gokey). Her major-labe...
Time for the Never Fails Me Idol Pick-Me-Up combo of Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Skylar Laine and Joshua Ledet.
I got to meet Kris Allen tonight! He won American Idol a few years back defeating Adam Lambert in the final!
Well, new American Idol starts tonight! Although I've said I am not gonna watch it for the last 3 or 4 seasons, I always end up watching the auditions at least just to see the bad and funny one's, and am also curious to see Mariah Carey and Nikki Minaj as the new judges. I heard there was legit dislike for eachother between them. Plus, I don't know if it's because American Idol has always been so predictable or not, but I've been able to pick the winner of the show every season except once, and the season I was wrong was when Taylor Hicks won in 2006 I believe, instead of Chris Daughtry which was complete and total BS! And although I don't like him, I truly feel that Adam Lambert should've won in 2009 instead of Kris Allen. And last year, I picked Phillip Phillips to win the whole thing as soon as I saw him audition. I will try to do it again this year, but I don't think I will watch the whole competition, just the auditions!
There have been plenty of male American Idol contestants -- winners and finalists -- who've scored hit singles, from Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken, to Chris Daughtry, David Archuleta and David Cook, to Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. But reigning Idol champ Phillip Phillips is now the only one ever to...
Last night was a roller coaster of news for former American Idol winner Kris Allen, and fellow Idol alum Adam Lambert joined in the comments. It began when Kris
The studio version of Adam Lambert singing the original song No Boundaries.
A couple of years ago I used to watch "American Idol" with some interest. Adam Lambert was on and I was certain that he was the most talented of the contestants and sure to win. To my dismay he lost the final round to Kris Allen, a pleasant but clearly less talented singer. I then realized that American Idol was not about who was best singer but who was more popular with the masses. I haven't watched since. Yesterday I had the same feeling when the American masses picked the popular candidate for President and not the clearly more talented one. America meet your Idol.
flashback balik American Idol time Kris Allen n Adam Lambert singing No Boundary . does anyone here watch it ?
have you ever met anyone famous, where and when? — I have met Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, and Selena Gomez. I me...
Kradam: Kris Allen's man crush on Adam Lambert! TV Guide Magazine has th...: via
'American Idol' notes: Adam Lambert, Jessica Sanchez, and Kris Allen: Let's hope you have a little bit of time t...
American Idol seems kind of lame now. After season 8, with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, I can't get myself to watch it. 8 was the best.
Back to when Adam Lambert and Kris Allen were chosen for the Music Idol finale!
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Now that the whole world has its eyeballs on Chick-Fil-A, all sorts of bizarre skeletons are tumbling out of the company’s fryers and closet. A new report this week explains how an Arkansas Chick-Fil-A franchisee may have singlehandedly rigged the American Idol season 8 finale vote in favor of Kris Allen. What does Chick-fil-A have to do with Adam Lambert and American Idol? It is said that Dan Cathy is very particular about who he allows to purchase a Chick-fil-A franchise. The company looks for people who share Cathy’s right winged religious beliefs. In my opinion it was anti *** sentiments that motivated Allen Kiser, the Chick-fil-A franchise owner in Conway, Arkansas, to spend thousands of dollars to keep Adam Lambert from becoming the Season 8 American Idol winner. Adam Lambert had not disclosed his orientation during his stint on American Idol, but his Rolling Stone announcement was no surprise. Chick-fil-A is appalled at local governments that have interfered with their right to open a business, ...
A list of the artits I heard on the radio at work: - Adele - Taylor Swift - Adam Lambert - Kris Allen - Michael (cont)
Adam Lambert will be guest-starring on Pretty Little Liars. David Cook will be performing here. Where the *** has Kris Allen been doing?
I haven't even watched "American Idol" since the Adam Lambert/Kris Allen season, BUT..."Home" by Phillip Phillips is one of the best songs I've ever heard.
Nice to hear Kris Allen this AM. But how about some Adam Lambert "Never Close Our Eyes"? Lambert has lots of fans in Boston area.
this is the third time that adam sings 'we are the champions' with Queen. Now.. kris allen or Adam Lambert? who is the real winner???
Adam Lambert should dedicate 'Another One Bites The Dust' to Kris Allen when he gets dropped from his record label.
Another sing-off for Adam Lambert and Kris Allen: THERE are a lot of “American Idol” vets…
i like David Cook more than David Archuleta during their season. i like Kris Allen more than Adam Lambert during...
As usual, WGWG(white guy with guitar) wins American Idol. obvious masyado na ang voters ng show na ito ay teenage American girls. Starting from David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee Dewyze, Scotty McCreery at ngayon, si Phillip Phillips. Well,Jessica Sanchez has a big chance to shine. Take a look at the careers of David Archuleta, Adam Lambert, Daughtry, and Jennifer Hudson. Jessica’s 3rd song was a sabotage.
Don't be sad that Jessica Sanchez lost the title of American Idol earlier today. Look at this: Adam Lambert's latest album debuted at number one in the Billboard Charts. Like Jessica, Adam did not win the AI crown back in 2009 - but heck, he's a bigger star than Kris Allen!
American Idol rule the winner is actually the underdog...remember Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, McPhee and Hicks, David Cook and Archuleta...and now Phillip and Jessica.. Obvious diba... And so the runner up turns out to have more offers than the winner :D
AI winner Phillip Phillips has join the long list of former cutesy boy winners like David Cook, Kris Allen etc.. They all won but can't compete with the non winners in the US Hot 100 Billboard Charts nor Albums sales!!! Just look at Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson etc
A.I. season2 - Ruben Studdard- W Clay Aiken - Runner up, S5 - Taylor Hicks - W K. Mcphee - RU, S8 - Kris Allen - W Adam Lambert - RU, and now Philip Philips - W, Jessica Sanchez. The runner up sells more albums with the exception of Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.
eto lng yan.. The runner up always get the fame... Catherine Mcphee and Taylor Hicks, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, David Alchureta and David Cook. ganun tlga eh.
Mom-"who was it that Adam Lambert competed against again?""Kris Allen" " yaa..I just never understood that.." LMFAO
Kris Allen's "Thank You Camellia", Haley Reinhart's "Listen Up!" and Adam Lambert's "Trespassing" are definitely contenders for Album of the Year. Always nice to see Idol albums turn out really good because there have definitely been some stinkers over the years.
You don’t necessarily have to win American Idol to have a successful pop music career. Adam Lambert, who finished second in the eighth season of the Fox music competition to champion Kris Allen, sees his sophomore 19/RCA album, Trespassing, debut at on this week’s HITS chart, selling nearly 78k
Attention PhilPhans: We have got to vote, vote, vote tonight. I know that the odds makers have picked Phillip to win but don't take that for granted. They also favorED Adam Lambert over Kris Allen a couple years. REMEMBER THAT SHOCKER? Will ousted Joshua Ledet's fan's votes now go for Phillip or Jessica? VOTE, VOTE, & KEEP ON VOTING TONIGHT PLEASE!
This Day in Music History: 5/20/2009 Queen, Adam Lambert & Kris Allen perform at the finale of the American Idol, USA ►
American Idol is crazy eliminating Josh Ledet over Phil Phillips. If that mofo beats Jessica Sanchez, it'll be another case of 100 million typical Americans voting, and about 50,000 actually supporting him.. Need an example? Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.. Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks..
I'm over the Dave Mathews wannabes! .. Let's just stop now.. Hate 4 this to turn into Kris Allen vs Adam Lambert!
Dear Dish Network, thank you for not shutting my service off today. I know that I owe you money, and you will be paid tomorrow. You must be an Adam Lambert fan and understand how important it is to watch Adam on American Idol tonight. You were not so generous the night Kris Allen played on AI. Are you trying to Tell Me Something? Whatever the reason you did not shut me down, I thank you!
So Jessica Sanchez was set up exit tonight, that was bull ish! Really judges what poor choices to give her to sing. Cmon really ill be there? While they Josh the usual crap and gave the wgeg (white Guy with a guitar) if course the end to stare into the camera with those blue eyes. Cmon its gonna be the same thing Kris Allen and Adam Lambert all over again the closeted *** who squeals all the time with the all American rock boy! Team Jessica at the end you'll be the only one to sell records!
Funny how I haven't been watching much of American Idol after Kris Allen and Adam Lambert's season. By far the best season.
That awkward moment when Kris Allen won American Idol but Adam Lambert gets all the fame.
Let's Just Fall in Love Again - Jason Castro. Jason Castro is one of the American Idol finalist, along with Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and more. Jason Castro i...
May 15th : Season 3 of victorious comes out on dvd and Adam Lambert 2nd cd comes out May 22 :This Means War and The Secret World of Arrietty and Kris Allen 2nd cd comes out and Rags soundtrack comes out and Johnny Keyser EP comes out on itunes. June 1st : Lady Antebellum Concert June 5th: Pretty Little Liars comes back on tv and 2nd season comes out on dvd and Journey 2 dvd. June 15th : Brad Paisley concert June 25,26,27 North carilona. July 4th the new spider man movie. August 1: BTR Concert, Aug 4th : Victoria Justice Concert and August 11th: American Idol Concert
I hate talent shows!!! The true talent never wins!! I bet Juliet Simms will sell more records than Jermaine Paul. There are 10 million artist that sound just like him out there. If it wasn't hers to win then it should have been Jamar! How many albums have Taylor Hicks, Kris Allen, David Cook sold. They were winners - forgotton winners. Kelli Pickler, Daughtery, Adam Lambert, and more were not winners - but in the industry they were!!!
What does Adam Lambert think of Kris Allen's single 'The Vision of Love?' via
Yes guys, I have the Adam Lambert & Kris Allen albums. I'll do full reviews but please be patient. I want to take my time & do 'em justice!
I hate to say this about my namesake, but how can they keep voting that non-singing M.F. Phil Phillips back every week? This is as pathetic as when that Kris Allen guy beat Adam Lambert.
Video: Kris Allen & Adam Lambert performing Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” - Live in DETROIT! love it! ♥
Adam Lambert, I saw Kris Allen too. It was, flawless & he looked the best his ever been. I almost didn't notice -- A.N (
Queen's performance with Kris Allen and Adam Lambert on the Season 8 "American Idol" finale ranks as one of the series' all-time greatest moments, so expect more greatness when Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor return to perform with "Idol" top six finalists next Wednesday, April 25. Additionally, ...
VIDEO NO COPYRIGHT Adam Lambert performance with Kris Allen and Queen on American Idol "We are the champions" American Idol, Finale -...
Is listening to "no boundaries "... You just can't compare Kris Allen to Adam Lambert, because Adam is way much better *lovestruck*
Yay all my favorite artists have new music coming out soon! Adam Lambert and Kris Allen in May; Linkin Park in June!
Ryan Seacrest's CITY competition: one free concert of the Idols: Adam Lambert, Kris Allen... in 2009
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