Adam Lambert & Freddie Mercury

Adam Mitchel Lambert (born January 29, 1982) is an American singer-songwriter and stage actor. Born in Indianapolis but raised in San Diego, Lambert had dreamed of becoming a performer after appearing in numerous amateur productions in his childhood and adolescence. Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara (Gujarati: ફારોખ બલ્સારા‌), 5 September 1946 – 24 November 1991) was a British musician, singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band Queen. 5.0/5

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Adam Lambert – a man w/glam & range & falsetto to match the best original front man Freddie Mercury had to offer. .
well they are famous: Ricky Martin, Elton, Sam Smith, Adam Lambert, Freddie Mercury and now Frank, they all have great careers
No offence to Adam Lambert but I'd think you've got the best voice to tribute Freddie Mercury
Queen + Adam Lambert in two Brazilian newspapers, the online version.
Adam Lambert is long lost son of Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Michael Jackson and George Michael :)
Adam Lambert: I would have got along well with Freddie Mercury via
"No-one can better fill Freddie Mercury's shoes better than Lambert" :)
Adam Lambert’s look and voice make him one of the few singers able to fill the shoes of Freddie Mercury, says Neil McCormick
Adam Lambert wants to keep Freddie Mercury's 'memory alive' without replacing him as he joins Queen
Greatest band of all time has to be Queen.Freddie Mercury is a real musical legend.Adam Lambert is a good stand in for …
Freddie Mercury is absolutely irreplaceable but Adam Lambert with Queen on New Year seriously had me…
Can you hear that? It's Freddie Mercury spinning in his grave watching Adam Lambert murder his songs on the BBC.
QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT TO PERFORM New YearS EVE CONCERT BROADCAST ON BBC ONE Queen + Adam Lambert are performing an exclusive concert on New Year’s Eve from London, close to the iconic landmark of Big Ben, which will be broadcast live on BBC One. Queen + Adam Lambert Rock Big Ben Live will take place in the build up to the clock striking midnight to see in 2015 and continue after the spectacular, world famous fireworks display along the river Thames, which is also live on BBC One. Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert first toured together in 2012 and have since toured the world to huge critical acclaim. The exclusive performance will feature some of their most legendary hits performed by Adam as their impressive front man, continuing the legacy of iconic lead singer Freddie Mercury. Roger Taylor says: "I never imagined we would be around to usher in the year of 2015, what a thrill! We promise you a great night." Brian May says: “OK - Let’s Rock into 2015!” Adam Lambert says: “Words can’t des ...
Queen's Brian May says singer Adam Lambert can hit high notes that even Freddie Mercury struggled with.
Queen’s Brian May: ’Adam Lambert can sing higher than Freddie Mercury’
okay but Adam Lambert kinda *** and Marc Martel actually sounds like Freddie Mercury so why not just go with him
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"Adam Lambert channels the spirit of Queen's late frontman Freddie Mercury in almost every detail."
Former American Idol finalist Adam Lambert channeled the late Freddie Mercury to reinvigorate the legendary band’s classic tunes, from 'Radio Gaga' to 'Bohemian Rhapsody.'
Let me preface what I'm about to say with the fact that I cannot stand modern pop music, and I hate everything American Idol stands for. The two remaining active members of Queen along with Adam Lambert absolutely KILLED last night at Madison Square Garden. Brian May and Roger Taylor - Official haven't lost a step, and Lambert paid true and heartfelt tribute to Freddie Mercury, while performing those remarkable songs and making them his own. With my two close personal losses in my life, Brian's performance of "Love of My Life" and Adam's performance of "Who Wants to Live Forever" literally brought me to tears. Having never been able to see the single greatest front man in the history of music and his band, this was about as good as it gets. The whole evening was everything I could have hoped for and then some. I'm glad I got to experience the show last night with Cristina, and recommend that you go if you can. Long Live Queen and the memory of Freddie Mercury.
I have never and will never forget how great a band Queen is WITH FREDDIE MERCURY...NOT with poser Adam Lambert
Tempted. so SO tempted. Adam Lambert on tour with Queen on JULY 1, the very day Mercury goes direct ...and coming to San Jose Center. It's a hassle to get down there but am I the ONLY one WILDLY drawn by this show? Just found great ticket on Craigslist.and no, it won't be Freddie Mercury but omg close enough :))... I'll hand it to the Goddess and see if the ticket is still there manana... if it is, I surrender...meant to be!
When weighing Brian May's choice of hiring Adam Lambert to fill in for Freddie on the latest Queen tour, I think it is important to remember that this is the same guy who, for the Freddie Mercury tribute concert ("A Concert for Life"), asked Liza Minelli to do the finale. Just saying. Maybe you don't hire a musical theater performer to do a real rock show.
&creating a world for myself&Adam Lambert builds off old performances by ... - Something ...
“He’s a true diva!” admit the members of legendary rock band Queen. They were talking to Germany’s Bluewin recently, about their glamorous new frontman, Adam Lambert. And the members of Queen were singing not only Adam’s praises, but bestowing upon Adam the blessing of their original lead singer, Freddie Mercury. Drummer Roger Taylor confessed that he’s known all along that Adam could fill Freddie’s glam frontman shoes, the first time he heard Adam pick up a mic. “When [guitarist Brian May] and I give concerts as Queen, we don’t want anyone to imitate Freddie — because no one can replace him, for us… “Adam Lambert is an independent artist,” Taylor said. “[He] fits us perfectly, because he is so theatrical…a true diva! Freddie would love him!” Adam himself has previously said this about the legendary Mercury: “He’s a big idol for me, and I thought to myself: ‘I hope the fans dig thi ...
So Queen are now touring with Adam Lambert, (who the *** is Adam lambert?) Freddie Mercury would be ashamed!!!
Hi it's Leo, following in the footsteps of Michael Jackson's two posthumous albums including the newly released "Xscape" will be legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury with a compilation reportedly titled, "Queen Forever" Meantime, Queen will head to Australia later this year for a tour - with the band fronted by Adam Lambert. The Queen and Adam Lambert Australian Tour will kick off in Perth on Friday 22 August at Perth Arena.
Sam Smith, Frank Ocean, Adam Lambert, Jason Brock, Freddie Mercury. All great voices and all *** 😳
"This isn’t about improving upon, replacing or even approaching what Freddie Mercury brought to the table, even though Brian May has said Adam Lambert would get Mercury’s seal of approval. This tour is meant to honor the legacy and influence of one of rock and roll’s greatest artists in the best way possible: by performing his songs."
You know what, if there was ever a singer that was as completely obviously *** as Freddie Mercury, it would be Adam Lambert, so that works
Queen Australian tour announced with Adam Lambert via
I just saw that Queen is doing a one time tour with Adam Lambert as the guest singer. I'm not sure how I feels about this? It is cool to get their music out there and maybe some of the younger nimrods will like Lambert and research Queen. Although if they are anything like me they will understand that nobody can get close to matching the HUGE voice, personality, or stage presence that Freddie Mercury had! Their LiveAid performance in 1985, that was a festival type concert with a lot of great bands, was a testament to his stage presence and how he could work a crowd. They could own a stadium like no one else. P.S. No disrespect to Adam Lambert at all, as he is definitely not trying to replace Freddie, he said he is just happy to be part of such a cool event.
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Queen return to Australia sans bassist John Deacon, and with ex American Idol finalist Adam Lambert deputising for Freddie Me…
QUEEN will tour Australia in August with Adam Lambert as guest vocalist. via
Adam Lambert replacing Freddie Mercury as Queen reunite for new tour! He says, “I’m honoured!” via
Dear (whats left of) Queen (the band not the lady on the stamps). I note with some interest you are about to tour Australia for the first time in 30 years. I also note that you are missing some FAIRLY CRUCIAL elements of what made Queen such an amazing combo. The most crucial and noticeable missing element being one Mr Freddie Mercury. A man whose un-worldly magnitude, immense talent and, well, uniqueness is utterly irreplaceable and not transferable. Also missing is your bass player Mr John Deacon who, I believe, washed his hands of all future Queen projects as being 'undignified' about 20 years ago. So since Freddie passed away there has been an endless supply of new 'lead singers' and 'new' records made out of scraps and endless guest appearances on cover versions. Now you are (both) coming to Australia, with that nice young lad Adam Lambert out front. I am sure he is very nice and talented. I am sure he is flamboyant in his own way. But, he is not Freddie Mercury. I see your are not coming to Adelaide ...
Tickets on sale for Queen with Adam Lambert. In no universe would I purchase tickets to see Adam Lambert destroy the music of Freddie Mercury.
There’s awesome news for Australian fans of both Former American Idol star Adam Lambert and rock legends Queen as it’s been reported today that Adam will “replace Freddie Mercury” as the iconic band’s front-man during a tour Down Under. Queen last toured Australia in 1985, but of course when they...
Well, I just saw a huge commercial for QUEEN+ Adam Lambert show in LA. I think it would be more appropriate to call it QUEEN- Freddie Mercury, or 1/2 QUEEN! I think I don't have any motivation to see it. Blah blah!!!
Queen has announced its first Australian tour in 29 years, in the process apparently settling on a replacement for Freddie Mercury: Former American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert. He is probably best-known to Australians for finishing runner-up in the 2009 series of American Idol - do you think he is a worthy replacement and if not whom?
Roger Taylor, Adam Lambert and Brian May Roger Taylor has insisted that Freddie Mercury would approve of Adam Lambert taking his spot on stage for Queen's
Adam Lambert fronting for Queen. He is perfect for the job (and no, he is NOT trying to be Freddie Mercury). I don't think there is anyone else who can do a better job than Adam. Rock On!
Adam Lambert stepping into Freddie Mercury's shoes singing lead with Queen. What do you think about this? Me, I have to hear it for myself.
Queen is touring with adam lambert this year? *** Adam lambert you may be a raging fruitcake but you are no Freddie Mercury.
Not mad at this. - Queen Announces Tour With Adam Lambert Filling in for Freddie Mercury
“Queen” is launching an arena tour—sort of. As almost anyone knows, the band’s true frontman, Freddie Mercury, died in 1991. For this tour, as first reported two years ago, he’ll be replaced by American Idol runner up Adam Lambert, which… yeah. As video of a recent performance shows, Lambert is cert
Talk about downgrading queen goes from Freddie Mercury to Paul Rodgers to Adam Lambert. If Johnny Weir can sing, he's gotta be next.
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This performance is so pedestrian. None of them are Freddie Mercury. Or Adam Lambert.
SHORT HITS! In an interview with BBC Radio 2, Brian Maysuggested he would like to reunite with Adam Lambert, who has performed vocals for Queenin the past. Earlier this year, he teased fans with a new song featuring the vocals of Freddie Mercury. "We are ongoing, we can't help it," stated May on NME. "I think we all protested too much in the sense when Freddie went and we didn't want to talk about it and didn't want to be Queen for a while. But after a while you realize that people wanna hear the songs and see us do things. So, no matter what you call it, Roger and I do do stuff, and I think we'll be doing some more stuff this summer in fact, probably in the States."
I actually think that Adam Lambert is a superior singer to Freddie Mercury. Not that Freddie wasn't incredible, Adam's …
I am loving this iHeart radio concert. Queen still rocks. There will never be another Freddie Mercury, but Adam Lambert was fantastic. My new favorite is Nate Ruess. I want to go to a Fun concert.
Daniel Radcliffe As Freddie Mercury? The Guardian reports: Daniel Radcliffe is the latest name in the frame for the planned film biopic of the late Queen singer Freddie Mercury, it has been reported. The Daily Star claimed a source told the paper: "Daniel has been told the part is his if he wants it." Radcliffe's possible casting follows the news in July that original star Sacha Baron Cohen pulled out of the project, citing a clash between his desire to make a "racy" biopic in contrast to Mercury's erstwhile bandmates, who are said to want a more "family-friendly" approach. Others that have been suggested for the role include Hugh Jackman, Adam Lambert, Russell Brand, Ewan Mcgregor and James Franco. But Johnny Depp is said to be the favorite of the bookies who take bets on these sorts of things.
QUEEN w/o Freddie Mercury has no relevance...especially with Adam Lambert attempting to share the stage with a TOP5 band of all-time.
Good morning people! One thing about me! I grew up in the music! At age 5 I knew by heart almost all the songs of two established Italian singers, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, not that those of Creedence and a diverse array of Vivaldi, Beethoven and more . music, all music. Recently I have wondered over the years what were my inspiration ... Jimy Hendrix, Donna Summer? No My idol has always been Freddie Mercury, and with him the Thin White Duke David Bowie .. and now Adam Lambert ... all this tells me one thing . I love the best! Pablita! Good morning people! Una cosa su di me! Sono cresciuta nella musica! A 5 anni conoscevo a memoria quasi tutte le canzoni di due affermati cantanti italiani, dei Beatles , di Rolling Stones, non che quelle dei Creedence e di una svariata serie tra Vivaldi, Beethoven e altro.Musica, tutta la musica. Di recente mi sono domandata quali negli anni fossero i miei ispiratori... jimy Hendrix, Donna Summer? No Il mio idolo è sempre stato Freddie Mercury, e con lui il Duca Bianco ...
'People will take it or leave it': Queen's Roger Taylor on replacing Freddie Mercury with Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert mention "Casting Freddie Mercury: Who should play the Queen frontman?" via
"A lot of my male vocal influences are British - people like David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant." - Adam Lambert
Guys, can you help me out here, please. :) I was talking about the talent of *** men e.g Sir Ian McKellan, Neil Patrick Harris (I ADORE him), Jim Parsons. Now I'm trying to think of current *** male singers. I can think of older ones (Elton John, Ricky Martin, Freddie Mercury, George Micheal etc) but for current singers I've got my dear Adam Lambert and that's it... Can you think of any others? ~ Lily
Adam Lambert - If he can step into Freddie Mercury's shoes, surely he can manage Kurt Cobain's? via
Here's a few singers that didn't or don't have to lip-synch: Adele, Adam Lambert, Beyoncé, Freddie Mercury, Florence Welch, Michael Jackson
Yup, Benar! "'s like a combination of like Freddie Mercury meet Shirley Bassey in my head.." Adam Lambert on the song Soaked
If anyone's shocked and amazed about Jodie Foster's sexuality, then I have some terrible news about Freddie Mercury and Adam Lambert for you...
Queen And Adam Lambert's Collaboration Voted Best Live Shows Of 2012 Via. ContactMusic Queen and Adam Lambert's London gigs have topped a list of music fans' favourite live shows of 2012, according to a new poll. The Bohemian Rhapsody hitmakers' original pairing with the U.S. star was left in doubt when their scheduled performance at the Sonisphere festival at Knebworth Park in England in July (12) was scrapped when organisers cancelled the event. However, the rockers bounced back by performing two shows at London's Hammersmith Apollo with Lambert stepping in for late frontman Freddie Mercury. The collaboration was voted number one in the Gigwise poll of 2012's best live shows, ahead of The Killers in second place and British rockers Muse in third. Psychedelic rock band Animal Collective came in fourth place while Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters round out the top five. Jay Z and Kanye West's collaborative shows were the worst live performances, in joint bottom place with indie-dance collective Sbtrkt.
Queen is doing a reunion tour and chose Adam Lambert to replace Freddie Mercury?
…July 2012 with Adam Lambert [196] before the festival was cancelled.[197] Queen's final concert with Freddie Mercury was in Knebworth in…
With Freddie Mercury and Adam Lambert, yes. With others not so much. (
Although no one will replace the great Freddie Mercury of the band Queen, i think Their choice of Adam Lambert for their front man is good
I love Adam Lambert, but he is still far away from Freddie Mercury
Adam Lambert: 'Smoking pot led to love of Freddie Mercury' | Gigwise
Just finished watching the concert of queen with adam lambert. Naiyak aq nung nasa finale part na ng kantang "love of my life" ay lumabas c Freddie Mercury sa big screen na tila nandun tlaga xa at parang buhay. Then humarap s knya c billy may at kumaway. Parang cnasabi nya na mananatili kang buhay s aming alaala at miz ka n nmin. R.I.P for the best artist of all time.
Queen reigns again with Adam Lambert stepping in for Freddie Mercury - Tampa Bay Times -
There will only ever be one Freddie Mercury, but Adam Lambert is not far behind
Adam Lambert, and the unforgettable voice of Freddie Mercury. A magical moment? I think so. What do you all think? :)
Adam Lambert took over the role of Freddie Mercury at Queen‘s concert at the Hammersmith Apollo in London yesterday (July 11), capably filling in for the late frontman on the classic rock band’s biggest hits. Fan videos have surfaced on You...
Adam Lambert isn't better than Roger Taylor or Brian May, let alone Freddie Mercury... ._.
Most amazing concert I have been to with Adam Lambert singing Freddie Mercury's songs with Queen at Hammersmith Apollo in London last night.!
With singer Freddie Mercury unavailable and bassist John Deacon uninterested, guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor’s decision to keep milking the Queen cow seemed based more on stubborn, out of touch egos than legacy burnishing.
Adam Lambert shares vocals with Freddie Mercury on the classic Queen track performed live at Hammersmith Apollo
Only Queen vocalists I want in my iTunes is Freddie Mercury and Adam Lambert. That's it! No others are fit or able!
Found the Queen + Adam Lambert show on youtube and I personally don't care too much for Lambert (and im not saying he *** I am just not a fan) but I have to say lambert definitly was a great choice for Queen to tour with. He has a very Freddie Mercury esque presence on stage with a very good voice.
List of things to get off my chest (which is sweating like mad in this high humidity in NYC): 1. I don't care if Adam Lambert has "better technique" than Freddie Mercury. Doesn't mean he's a better overall singer (let alone on Freddie's own material). 2. Just because you have a higher voice/higher range than Freddie Mercury, doesn't mean you can successfully pull off all of his songs. 3. Elton John is an amazing artist. 4. If you are 300 pounds, DO NOT WEAR A SKIN-TIGHT T-SHIRT THAT IS TOO SMALL! I don't want to see tractor tires with hair on them! 5. I saw several dozen people with Angry Bird shirts on today. 6. Do not under ANY circumstances, attempt to hold NYC's train doors open. 7. And lastly, having good intonation, is more important than failing on high note attempts!
And without a doubt, I can honestly say Adam Lambert may not be Freddie Mercury. But he comes pretty damm close. Reality show or not.
Is Adam Lambert the new vocalist of Queen? No one can replaces Freddie Mercury ☹
Adam Lambert fronting Queen in Kiev: Turns out all Adam & Freddie Mercury have in common is homosexuality.
Queen and Adam Lambert come to Ukraine on the concert ANTIAIDS.This concert is a part of the "Your Life is Not a Game. Let's Stop AIDS Together!" free attend...
Watching the QUEEN concert they recently did with ADAM LAMBERT on vocals... All I can say is WOW! I dont see how anyone could NOT love Adam Lambert! He is Freakin' amazing. I can see people thinking he is Flamboyant or not liking his music but noone can question his talent! Watching this is giving me cold chills. I am only 4 songs in and OMG. Freddie Mercury was a GOD no doubt but I cant think of anyone else than can even come close to filling his shoes the way Adam does every time he performs with them! I cant praise him enough. If I wasnt a HUGE fan of his from the beginning (which I have been) I would be a fan strictly on watching this concert with Queen! Check it out if you can!
RollingStone Adam Lambert kicked off his long-awaited mini-tour with Queen last night, serving as frontman for the band at Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine. They performed a two-hour set in the ...
Even if you are not a Adam Lambert fan, you may enjoy the concert in Russia where he is singing with Queen as their frontman.Just googlemail Adam Lambert or look on you tube if you are interested. He has a fantastic voice.Singing Freddie Mercury's part really shows his vocal abilities.Gail, let me know if you like this.
Adam Lambert touring w/ Queen now. He is just about the closest match in charisma to Freddie Mercury that you are going to find. And man, his voice has range!! Maybe not quite as "quirky" as Freddie!!
We sit down with Adam Lambert to talk American Idol, Queen and Simon Cowell
Adam Lambert wants to make Freddie Mercury proud - Licklibrary
Adam Lambert interview: 'I wasn't being controlled' the new Freddie Mercury?
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Adam Lambert joining Queen how nice he has good vocal range. The irony of this choice is that his life style mirrors that of Freddie Mercury. My fave by Queen - Great Pretender, its like "The tears of a Clown" Life is full of innuendos.
Is this man the new Freddie Mercury? Michael Hann talks to Adam Lambert – the uncompromising American Idol star who is going on the road with Queen
Adam Lambert can shut up saying he's the new Freddie Mercury don't think so love!
Keep hearing there is only 1 Freddie Mercury, but I think there is only 1 Adam Lambert so does that make it even. Have fun
Famous *** Men This list will start with Lance Bass, its no secret, he takes it up the *** Hard rocker Billy Squier, strokes it to an all male choir. Neil Patrick Harris from Doogie Howser, loves a man with a tight trouser. Rob Halford of Judas Priest, loves an all you can eat sausage feast. Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert, from American Idol, they only read for the Elton John bible. Ricky Martin who sang Livin La Vida Loca, likes to make his own cream soda. Brady Anderson who played baseball, find his name in any Camden Yards stall. Buff Bagwell was a professional wrestler, at *** bars he was a regular. Boy George from Culture Club, loves to give other men a rub. Sigfried from Sigfried and Roy, when younger he loved being an altar boy. Singer George Michael, caught in the bathroom trying to recycle. Freddie Mercury singer from Queen, wondered how much semen, would fit in a tight submarine. Harvey Levin the TMZ host, loves to play male only whipping post. B.D. Wong from Law and Order SVU, Elliot left the sh . ...
Holy crap, just read Adam Lambert's gonna perform with Queen! Finally they wake up and realize he is the closest thing to Freddie Mercury there is.
I would LOVE to see Adam Lambert as Freddie Mercury in a biopic of the Queen genius. Would he have any interest in doing that??
that's rude!!Hes awesome and hot.Adam Lambert is just sad because he thinks he can b Freddie mercury when cant!
Last night, I discovered that my dad thinks Adam Lambert is "by far, the best thing to ever come through American Idol." He is completely blown away by him, even comparing him to a "modern day Freddie Mercury." My DAD. Then, just now, my Mom "LMAO'd" me in a text. Just another "Who is this family?" moment. I love them very dearly, but sometimes.
Queen who were due to play at Sonisphere 2012 with singer Adam Lambert before the festival was cancelled -- have confirmed that a Freddie Mercury hologram wi...
So, I just heard that Queen decided to cancel the festival tour with Adam Lambert as lead singer, opting instead for a holographic Freddie Mercury.
Adam Lambert on Idol, Freddie Mercury and His New Album | via Don't step on my Blue Suede Shoes!
So Freddie Mercury is going to be the next hologram. That's certainly better than Adam Lambert fronting Queen.
Is that what they call Adam Lambert now? MT Queen will debut a Freddie Mercury "optical illusion" this month in London
ha It's ok at first I was thinking Adam Levine I actually think Adam Lambert is almost as good as Freddie Mercury
I don't care how *** Adam Lambert is, it's not Queen without Freddie Mercury.
Let's trade Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert and Katy Perry and get Freddie Mercury, John Lennon and Kurt Cobain back please?
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