Adam Lambert & American Idol

Adam Mitchel Lambert (born January 29, 1982) is an American singer-songwriter and stage actor. Born in Indianapolis but raised in San Diego, Lambert had dreamed of becoming a performer after appearing in numerous amateur productions in his childhood and adolescence. American Idol, titled American Idol: The Search for a Superstar for the first season, is a reality television singing competition created by Simon Fuller and produced by FremantleMedia North America and 19 Entertainment. 5.0/5

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Adam Lambert approves of Katy Perry as an "American Idol" judge, says new music is more "glam rock".
I don't care what anyone says, Adam Lambert won season 8 of American Idol
-I'm still waiting to hear Adam Lambert's name announced
Ever think that the people who voted for Donald Trump probably voted for Kris Allen over Adam Lambert on "American Idol"?
Life after American Idol : . Adam Lambert is obsessing over his new dog Pharoah. Can you blame him?" . h…
It's like being angry Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert on American Idol after text voting for William Hung
Carrie Underwood. The third singer I know from American Idol. After Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert. County genius!
Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry all lost American Idol, but they're still more well known than Jackie Evancho.
The kicker is Adam Lambert, as the American Idol alum bursts into the scene like a bat out of *** .
Poor Donald Trump "Better than when Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert on American Idol.". via
American Idol alum Adam Lambert as Eddie, a role played by rock legend Meat Loaf in the 1975 film via
Nigel Lythgoe says Adam Lambert would have been great to for a Prince tribute on American Idol. via Yahoo
Adam Lambert rocks the 'American Idol' stage one last time...
Adam Lambert "will release the uplifting track in the UK on March 18 following his 1st live performance of song on American Idol tonight"
when I worked for American Idol, Adam Lambert auditioned for me & blew my socks off. I made him sing 4 songs. I kn…
Adam Lambert named top-earning American Idol star of 2015 | Gigwise
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More awesome achievements for Adam Lambert - he's the highest paid American Idol
Tracks of my tears - Adam Lambert - Still my all time favorite American Idol performance.
the year I quit watching American Idol was when Adam Lambert was in the top 3 and he came out of the closet
Adam Lambert formerly of American Idol will be on just after 8:30 this morning! Be sure to tune in!
Adam Lambert: Beg For Mercy: Collection of pre-American Idol recordings. Shortly before he achieved global superstard
Adam Lambert on his style, American Idol, Brian May and new album @ V H 1 via
Today in 2009, Brian and Roger performed with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen at the American Idol finale.
Want to catch up with Adam Lambert appearances on idol? Here it is in 1 place on blog
American Idol finalist Adam Lambert got $1800 to judge a high school band festival at UNLV
Queen find fitting new lead in Former American Idol star Adam Lambert
Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, Adam Lambert and Carrie Underwood are the ultimate American Idol contestants tbh 👏
Would Adam Lambert have made it on American Idol had he auditioned this year?
Adam Lambert recreated his 2009 American Idol audition while guest-judging on the FOX series on Thursday, Jan. 15 -- watch the awesome videos!
Ah nothing like watching American Idol while hungover. Good thing Adam Lambert is guest judging 😍😍😍
The New Year is barely two weeks old, and it has already been a stellar year for Queen star Adam Lambert. The 2009 American Idol star has grabbed 2015 by the
Adam Lambert ~ You've come a long way, baby! ♥ American Idol recap: New York City Auditions The judges go to Jenny's old "block" to find some NYC performers. ~ TV Recaps EW Where are we tonight? We’re in New York! So it’s sure to be weird, and god willing, less snoozy than last night’s episode. We’re already off to a good start, because we kick off in front of J.Lo’s old home! And the man who lives there now has no idea who she is. Keith is out tonight, and Adam Lambert joins us in his place, apparently the first Idol to ever appear at the table. I’m not an active Adam Lambert fan, but as he’s introducing himself to the crowd, I’m immediately reminded of how much I enjoyed his personality during season 8. (And, like his style or not, you can’t deny that the man is wildly gifted.) The first to welcome us to New York is a gentleman named Sal, possibly the most “New York”-y man who's ever appeared on television. He’s in a suit, he’s got that old time-y Frank Sinatra accent, and I ...
I am sorry but why is Adam Lambert on American Idol so often? I thought he lost. He needs to go to college.
Watching Adam Lambert be a guest judge on American Idol last night, made my night 😍
. Still amazing! recreated his 'American Idol' audition last night:
I just watched a little bit of last nights American Idol ! .. First time in 3 YEARS...! I realize why I stopped watching it. Adam Lambert is an arrogant pee pod ! A lot of the Idol kids have never performed in front of any one other than parents.. Nerves shot ! . Adam , before he came to A I , had been performing to big crowds for years. HIS AROGANT BEHAVIOR REMINDED ME OF A SIMON WUNNA B ! I felt so sorry for the kids. I've been ask many times to do A .I , over the years. No way I would get in front of such rude pigs. I would go to jail !! Some should never for get where they came from '... Treat others with kindness '' Karma has a way kicking you in the butt ! With age , comes for gotten ' / has been !. Jennifer can date all the baby boys she wants. But that shows her lack of class and worry about age !... I only watch the VOICE'... Class act ! Low grade judges should be selective when choosing words. Those kids have feelings ! my opinion !
American Idol last night…..Adam Lambert! Adorable as as 20-something auditioning, now an extremely talented, extremely handsome 32 year old man!
Let the record show: Adam Lambert can still audition for American Idol like nobody's business! Th...
After watching former contestant-turned-Queen lead singer Adam Lambert in action as a substitute 'American Idol' judge for Keith Urban, we are left to lament the panel that could've been.
Now that's a blast from the past! On the Jan. 15 episode of 'American Idol,' guest judge Adam Lambert– who himself is a former contestant of the singing competition– was challenged to recreate the audition that propelled him to super stardom six years ago! Read Full Story: Adam Lambert Recreates 'American Idol' Audition As Guest Judge – Watch
Current Queenfrontman and American Idol guest judge, Adam Lambert, has plans to release his new album in 2015. Adam has teamed back up with producer Max Martin, who has crafted hits for Britney Spears and‘N Sync for what’s sure to be an epic third studio album. Adam’s new album will be released…
Tonight on "American Idol" - Vocalists in New York - Jenny on the block heads back to her hometown and guest judge Adam Lambert steps in for Keith Urban.
Adam Lambert got quite the surprise while guest-judging during tonight's (January 15) episode of American Idol! The 32-year-old was asked to recreate his famous American Idol audition in front of H...
Adam Lambert fans rejoice! He's been in their shoes before and now he'll be the one to judge. Don't miss this American Idol first, TONIGHT at 8/7c on FOX!
Season 8's 2009 runner-up Adam Lambert will be a judge during the auditions tonight on American Idol and I don't know about tomorrow.
LOVE THIS! Adam Lambert sings BoRhap for Harry Connick, Jr. and Jennifer Lopez on American Idol! Source Link ~
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WATCH: Adam Lambert Blows Jennifer Lopez And Harry Connick Jr. Away With His Faux-’American Idol’ Audition Via SocialiteLife Pssh, who am I kidding? How could you forget such an awesome thing that is happening? And because the world loves us, the first promo for Adam’s guest-judging stint was released today. Not only does it give us some cute banter with Adam, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr., it ALSO gives us a faux-Adam Lambert audition. As Harry says, “I feel like I missed an opportunity as a judge to hear you audition.” And from there, the bit began. Obviously Adam sang his staple “Bohemian Rhapsody” and obviously it was amazing. Bless you, sir and your singing abilities. I haven’t watched American Idol in YEARS, but I might have to tune in for these auditions. Check out the promo video below and enjoy! Adam Lambert sings for the judges Via LynnevillePF
Harry Connick Jr. on 'Al' Changes:We Are Going to Be OK via /Adam Lambert was a great help as guest jugdge
No. That would be Adam Lambert losing to what's-his-name on American Idol
Put "Adam Lambert should've won American Idol" on my tombstone
this is basically like when Taylor Hicks won American Idol and Adam Lambert came in second
I liked a video Adam Lambert - Best of American Idol Performances
Keith Urban & Ryan Seacrest gush over Adam Lambert on American Idol! -
The sensational American Idol star Adam Lambert will perform at the O2 with the amazing rock-band Queen. DETAILS - http:/…
The Case for Adam Lambert as New 'American Idol' Mentor! Who should replace Randy Jackson next year? Season 8..
Queen drummer Roger Taylor says he's totally open to making new music with one-time American Idol finalist, Adam Lambert. Roger and Brian May have been performing with Adam on and off for the last few years, although the collaborators have never made their way into a recording studio. Roger reckons recording with Adam would be "a very interesting experiment".
Queen won’t work with Adam Lambert forever! Ever since it was confirmed that Adam Lambert would be fronting rock band Queen, fans around the world have been hoping the group would pay a visit to their country. While the band have just finished a tour of North America, Australia and New Zealand and plan to tour the UK and Europe next year, Brian May has admitted that he doesn’t plan to work with Adam forever. Adam Lambert away from Queen is a credible, stand alone artist who at present is hard at work on his third solo album. The Queen guitarist has revealed that when it comes to working with the American Idol star they have a “finite window of opportunity” This doesn’t mean that when the UK and European dates are finished next year the supergroup are done forever, but they will be done for a while. Taking to his official website earlier in the week he posted a response to a letter which had been sent in by Queen’s Mexican fan club who clearly want a piece of the tour. May explained: “First o ...
Adam Lambert to guest judge on American Idol!
“" American Idol " alum Adam Lambert filled in for judge Keith Urban at New York auditions . :D
Adam Lambert to be American Idol judge - 3News
WOW...Adam Lambert and Chris are definetly going to be in the final 2!!! this year of American Idol is the best yet
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Let me preface what I'm about to say with the fact that I cannot stand modern pop music, and I hate everything American Idol stands for. The two remaining active members of Queen along with Adam Lambert absolutely KILLED last night at Madison Square Garden. Brian May and Roger Taylor - Official haven't lost a step, and Lambert paid true and heartfelt tribute to Freddie Mercury, while performing those remarkable songs and making them his own. With my two close personal losses in my life, Brian's performance of "Love of My Life" and Adam's performance of "Who Wants to Live Forever" literally brought me to tears. Having never been able to see the single greatest front man in the history of music and his band, this was about as good as it gets. The whole evening was everything I could have hoped for and then some. I'm glad I got to experience the show last night with Cristina, and recommend that you go if you can. Long Live Queen and the memory of Freddie Mercury.
Adam Lambert is going to be the next American Idol!! I will be the first to download his cd and in line for his concert!! Yes, AdamB.ME
Watching American Idol, I am so loving Adam Lambert, his rendition of U2's song was absolutely AWESOME!!! Go Adam!
Adam Lambert and Kriss Allen were joined by Queen to perform We Are The Champions on stage of American Idol season finale on May 20.
Not long ago, Katy Perry said she'd like to have her own record label. Well, now her dream has come true. It's called Metamorphosis Music, and it's a joint venture between her and her label, Capitol Records. Katy's first signing is Ferras, a singer/songwriter who's been a close friend of hers since 2007. You may remember his song "Hollywood's Not America," which was used as one of the "exit" songs on American Idol season season seven. He's also written songs for Adam Lambert and Ricky Martin, among other performers. Katy duets with Ferras on his brand-new EP, which is now available as a digital download, and she is also executive producer of the project. In addition, she's bringing him with her as an opening act on her Prismatic World Tour.
Just finished watching American Idol and Adam Lambert kick Aerosmith out of the park. Yeah man, right out of the park.
American Idol hasn't ever had anyone with a vocal range or the talent of Adam Lambert.. it's a shame he ended up doing aw…
"Say what you want about it now, but American Idol is still the only US singing show to produce legitimate artists: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, Scotty Mccreery, Phillip Phillips. And even non winners like: Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry. If you asked someone on the street, they probably wouldn't be able to name anyone who won The Voice, so let's give credit to the show that started it all, and frankly, is still the best."
5 years ago today Adam Lambert performed with Queen for the first time on American Idol. The rest is history...
Tonight is the American Idol finale? I haven't cared since they robbed Adam Lambert.
Queen return to Australia sans bassist John Deacon, and with ex American Idol finalist Adam Lambert deputising for Freddie Me…
There’s awesome news for Australian fans of both Former American Idol star Adam Lambert and rock legends Queen as it’s been reported today that Adam will “
Queen are touring for the first time since 1985, bringing with them American Idol contestant Adam Lambert on vocals.
Queen has announced its first Australian tour in 29 years, in the process apparently settling on a replacement for Freddie Mercury: Former American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert. He is probably best-known to Australians for finishing runner-up in the 2009 series of American Idol - do you think he is a worthy replacement and if not whom?
British band Queen have announced they will tour Australia in August. American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert will join the band as the vocalist. Are you planning to attend? Your thoughts on guest vocalist Adam Lambert? Share your thoughts.
Adam Lambert praised by current 'American Idol' finalist and who is he praising now!? -
For the first time, after a long, long time, I finally got to lie down and seriously watch American Idol (none of this in Korea, only K-Pop...hehe...but they do have a Classical Music Channel which features a lot of Operas, really fantastic! ). First impression: I think this is one of the least exciting Top Six, or whatever, of American Idol...nothing thrills you to the bones the way Adam Lambert or Jessica did...and my fearless forecast: it will be the Finals between Jena and Caleb, with Jena losing out in the end because of her cultural identity or not being a pure breed American, so to speak, the way Jessica Sanchez did lose out to Phillip Phillips... I hate the sanitizing that the judges do on their "ït was shaky at first but you did really good..."...Nooo!!! That CJ didn't do any good!!! (I actually caught myself screaming this in my room...hehe...). The guy was flat, flat, flat, from beginning to end!!! I may not be a good singer, I may be a little bit hard of hearing, but mind you, ...
American Idol won't be satisfied until they get rid of all the Alabama contestants. That's OK, Daughtry and Adam Lambert weren't winners and they have done very well. And some of the winners you never hear from again.
The final 6 on 'American Idol' praised Adam Lambert The current group of 'American Idol' finalists have spoken out about past contestants and who they cons
Oh dear god, I just voted for an American Idol contestant for my mom. I haven't voted since Adam Lambert days. Anything for my mama :)
First i have great respect for Amerian Idol judges this year. The "jazz singer" and pianist Harry Connick Junior, The rockin country singer Keith Urban, and the pop female star J-Lo, but they just use the "save" on a contestant that should have not been saved. This kid is good, but he will soon be out anyway i think, cause he's not that special. I don't know what in the world they are thinking. Well maybe true, the American Idol cannot comeback, since Simon is out.. Never they produce real star again since the dinamic trio judges Simon-Randy-Paula. They made Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Doughtry, Adam Lambert... etc... But I think if Jessica Meuse is the winner, this season maybe not that bad. Cause that girl got star quality. Oh well. let see what else good on TV.. what?? nothing??
Queen will embark on a Summer Tour with Adam Lambert as its frontman. The former 'American Idol' expressed admiration for the late Freddie Mecury, and dismissed the 'haters' at their latest press conference. The band kicks off their 19-date U.S. tour kicks June 19 in Chicago, reports AP. While Lambe...
Adam Lambert joins Queen tour. Wow. I didn't even know who Queen is, until Chris looked at me like "duh", and rattled off some of my favorite music, and now being sung by Adam Lambert - GREAT combination. I will DEFINITELY go to that concert when it hits L.A.. Lambert can do unbelievable things with that voice. And, boy, he sure seems toned down from his more flamboyant style when he hit the scene on American Idol. :)
But how did Adam Lambert get 2nd to Kris Allen on American Idol...
Singer Adam Lambert, who rose to fame when he appeared on season eight of American Idol and made history in May 2012 by becoming the first openly *** vocalist to have an album debut at number one on the Billboard album charts, announced yesterday morning…
Things aren't too shabby for Adam Lambert these days. The Former American Idol runner up certainly not being left behind now. It has been announced...
“Queen” is launching an arena tour—sort of. As almost anyone knows, the band’s true frontman, Freddie Mercury, died in 1991. For this tour, as first reported two years ago, he’ll be replaced by American Idol runner up Adam Lambert, which… yeah. As video of a recent performance shows, Lambert is cert
If you watched American Idol last night, did you think the young guy Keith Urban introduced was a great artist named Jake Bugg, who I never heard of was good? I am sorry, but the bottom three Idol performers were better than he was. I hated the song and sorry to say his voice wasn't the best. Wish I could be a judge. The Idols that have won in the past that were memorable to me were Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Jordan Sparks, and of course Adam Lambert who can sing anything flawless. This year is not the best as I see it.
I caught last night's American Idol episode on DVR (all of my votes went to Briana Oakley, BTW. I remember her from last season & love her!) I thought Adam Lambert & Chris Daughtry (woohoo! Season 5 representin') did a great job coaching the contestants. It's good to see some familiar faces (including Randy Jackson) still in the mix this season. I'm interested to hear more about these "spiritual advisors". They said "non-denominational". I wonder if they mean interfaith. Very interesting. What are your thoughts on that new addition this season? When you comment, let's keep Ephesians 4:29 & 32 in mind. ;-) "Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear...Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you." (ESV)
Adam Lambert voted most eligible *** bachelor on the planet Singer easily beats the likes of Chris Colfer, Ricky Martin, and Steve Grand in annual OUT Magazine poll 14 February 2014 | By Greg Hernandez Photo by Greg Hernandez Adam Lambert is, by a landslide, the most dateable *** guy on the planet. That is the verdict, announced today, of the readers of OUT Magazine who chose Lambert from a list of 100 eligible bachelors. With 21.8% of the vote, the American Idol alum and Grammy nominee took over the top spot that was occupied by his Glee co-star Chris Colfer last year. Colfer slipped down to number 6 in this year's poll. Lambert, 32, was not in last year's survey because he was in a relationship with Sauli Koskinen. But, the pair broke up last April. Surprisingly, the newly single Ricky Martin did not make the top 10 - he finished in 11th place. Also surprising was the runner-up, actor and singer Chris Salvatore who is best known for his leading role in the two most recent Eating Out movies. But it turns ...
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More at American Idol XIII Rush Week promo featuring Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry. What's in store for the Top 30?
Randy Jackson: "I thought Adam Lambert would win his American Idol series".
Adam Lambert features in new 'American Idol' TV spot ahead of shows return | Unreality TV
Adam Lambert mentor role previewed in American Idol teaser video: Pressparty via
It’s common knowledge that Adam Lambert is making his return to where it all began – ‘American Idol’ along with fellow alumni Chris Daughtry and Randy Jackson. While Adam Lambert has previously promised a “wild… [ 333 more words. ]
Tune in to American Idol February 18 & 19, 2014 at 8pm on Fox to catch Chris and Adam Lambert working with the contestants.
We have exciting Glee spoilers to share! One of our favorite American Idol finalists, the always entertaining Adam Lambert, ever will be returning to Glee in April.
Male contestants covering female artists' songs on "American Idol" is nothing new: David Cook, Kris Allen, and Adam Lambert all had breakout moments respectively performing hits by Mariah Carey, Donna Summer, and Yvonne Elliman, for instance.
American Idol. I am back in after a few years. I already have my two favorites. The last time I watched was when Adam Lambert lost to Kris Allen??? Really ??? Name the last Kris Allen song that you know, or album, or what he looks like. Case closed!
Happy 32nd Birthday, Adam Lambert! - A THG favorite since he first stepped on to the American Idol...
I'm so very happy to announce that I and client Lilian Roberts are both runner-ups in the MARSocial Author of the Year competition, an international competition that comprised authors of all ages, genres, and nationalities! Neither of us were named the winner, but you know who also didn't "win"? One Direction (3rd place X-Factor, HUGE success), Jennifer Hudson (7th place in American Idol, Academy Award and Grammy winner), Katherine McPhee (American Idol runner-up, star of "Smash"), Adam Lambert (HUGE success, also on Glee and Pretty Little Liars), Chris Daughtery (4th place American Idol, yet has outsold all but 2 contestants in the history of the competition), as well as Clay Aiken, Kellie Pickler, Lauren Alaina, David Archuleta, and many more. And it's not just singing competitions. The most successful of America's Next Top Model is Elyse Sewell, who came in third. And do you know who didn't win Star Search: Aaliyah, Christina Aguilera, Drew Carey, Dave Chappelle, Destinys Child, Alanis Morissette, Kevi ...
Five things you might not know about American Idol star Adam Lambert - Yahoo omg! UK via
Adam Lambert is 32 today, and to celebrate the American Idol 2009 runner up's birthday I have compiled a few little-known facts about the flamboyant singer. Adam Lambert has fans in high places American Idol catapulted him to fame but his strong voice, unique style, willingness to be true to himself...
Basically the only relevant American Idol seasons were the ones that had Kelly Clarkson, Phillip Phillips, Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert!
Glimpse of Adam Lambert in American Idol commercial on Star World Asia.
A brief history of three of Adam Lambert's most memorable performances of A Change Is Gonna Come: 1. The full performance from The Zodiac Show, 2004 ~ This was Adam's debut in The Zodiac Show and the first time he got to perform in total freedom of expression. This was also the first time many people in Hollywood were introduced to Adam. It was quite explosive! We're so glad that Simon Fuller chose this song for Adam in the finals. it was very "full circle." ~ From The Zodiac Show YT page. Source Link ~ Here's Adam's performance of this song on the finale of American Idol on May 20, 2009, as requested by Simon Fuller, the producer of the show. Simon requested that Adam sing this song at the finale. Source Link ~ Adam sang this once again during the 2nd last night of his incredibly successful Glam Nation World Tour in 2010. This concert was held in The Music Box in Los Angeles on December 15, 2010. It was a magical and very powerfully emotional evening, with all of his family and long-time friends presen . ...
American Idol's Adam Lambert will be at WinStar World Casino! Check out the event details here:
Former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert checks in at LAX airport with a bunch of his friends including his bassist Tommy Joe Ratliff. When he spots the ...
Miller reveals that she got excellent advice from Adam Lambert,with whom she shared the stage on Idol finale via
look at Adam Lambert and Kris Allen from American idol, the winner is Kris. More popular? Lambert
I'm looking forward to American Idol starting January 15. I've watched every single season. Of course, my favorite season was season 8 (2nd fav. was season 5) and my favorite idol is Adam Lambert. But there have been many, many, contestants on that show that I've liked a lot, (personalities & voices) including: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, Haley Reinhart, Crystal Bowersox, Katherine McPhee, David Cook (his personality more than his voice), Allison Iraheta, Jason Castro, and a lot of others that I can't think of right now. I wish there were different judges this season, but I also think it'll still work out and be TONS better than the judges last season (I know Keith was last season and this season, but he's good, it was the drama with Nicki & Mariah last year, plus Randy's same ol' same ol' that sucked last season). I just hope they can find some great unique talent, and not have the judges' comments scripted.
I told Diana that I haven't seen you this upset since Adam Lambert was voted off American Idol. lol
His glam rock look is already edgy, but Glee’s Elliott “Starchild” (Adam Lambert) Gilbert is preparing to switch up his style once again. Adam is currently at work filming Season 5, Episode 9: “Frenemies,” and the American Idol fan favorite just took to Instagram to show off his brand new l...
Adam Lambert, American Idol alum will join Glee cast members Jane Lynch, Darren Criss, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera and Chris Colfer at this year's TrevorLIVE fundraiser at the Hollywood Palladium on Dec. 8.
Fans of Adam Lambert and "Glee" were in for a real treat, when it was announced that the Former American Idol runner-up winner would be on the show in the episode "A Katy or a Gaga."
The Voice is a hit. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about that. It’s almost singlehandedly carrying NBC with its strong ratings and water-cooler presence. It’s the first of the endless stream of American Idol copycats to finally compete with the reality-TV juggernaut in terms of popularity and relevance, even outdrawing the longtime Goliath in ratings some weeks. But at least in one crucial measure, The Voice is not a success. Like American Idol, The Voice is a talent competition. Its mission is to find the next great recording artist, just as Idol discovered Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Katharine Mcphee, Kellie Pickler, Daughtry, Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert, Scotty Mccreery, and, as recently as last year, Phillip Phillips. Now about to crown its fourth winner, The Voice has discovered ... exactly no one. That is, not one contestant from the show—winner or otherwise (and who even remembers the names of the three past winners?)—has made so much as a blip in the record industry. A ...
A little while ago we posted a YouTube video someone put together of Disney animation to the song Cell Block Tango from Chicago. We thought it was a really fun idea. And now we've watched this. Holy crap. American Idol finalist Todrick Hall wrote Spell Block Tango and got Adam Lambert, Shoshana Bean...
Some spoilers on Adam lambert's part in the upcoming glee episode November, 7th (which I couldn't be more than thrilled to watch) who is very excited about this hot performer and his and Kurt's soon to be rivalry?? Opinions are 100% welcome!!:3 xoxo — Guest star Adam Lambert! The Former American Idol runner-up from Season 8 is making a guest appearance, and he’s auditioning for Rachel (Lea Michele), Santana (Naya Rivera), Kurt (Chris Colfer), and Dani (Demi Lovato)’s new Madonna cover band. Credit: Video Still That’s right. We said Madonna cover band. Also: Demi Lovato. The girl is basically flawless, and we are so glad to see her back this episode! (And if she and Santana want to get in some sweet lady kisses, we definitely wouldn’t complain.) But back to Adam Lambert. His character’s name is reported to be Starchild. (Not his real name, obviously. It’s a stage name. His real name is Elliott Gilbert.) He’s auditioning for the cover band by singing Lady Gaga’s “Marry the Night.” And ...
Titanium -- Angie Miller ft. Adam Lambert at American Idol. Really love it :)
Not many artists can say that Elton John was their opening act, but American Idol alum Adam Lambert is one inducted member of this exclusive club.
I stopped watching American Idol after Adam Lambert & James Durbin because nobody could ever be as good as them.
Adam Lambert, his name always mentioned on some article about *American Idol judges* not interesting anymore, now it so lame..
American Idol, stop your stupid tricks and just announce Adam Lambert as a judge. 'Nough said.
I'd pick Harry Connick Jr over Adam Lambert and Dr. Luke(who is he?!) as an American Idol judge, even though I don't watch the show.
Angie Miller ft. Adam Lambert's version of Titanium in American Idol season 12 finale was better
Gallery | American Idol runner-up and stage vet Adam Lambert is welcomed backstage by Kinky Boots
WHEREAS, Adam Lambert was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and raised in San Diego, California, where he began performing amateur theatrical productions as a child; and WHEREAS, in 2009 Adam Lambert came into prominence during the eighth season of American Idol, where he finished runner-up, and became a fan favorite; and WHEREAS, Adam Lambert has had a tremendous career, selling millions of albums around the world, and receiving numerous awards and recognitions, including a Grammy Award Nomination for Best Male Pop Performance in 2011, and an Honorary GLAAD Media Award in 2013; and WHEREAS, Adam Lambert has been recognized as the first openly *** mainstream pop artist to launch a career on a major record label in the United States, providing inspiration to countless aspiring artists; and WHEREAS, the critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, Adam Lambert, will be performing on Saturday, June 15, under the stars on Liberty Avenue in Downtown, Pittsburgh, as part of the week-long 2013 Pride Fest; and NOW, THERE ...
American Idol recently finished it's 12th season crowning the first female winner, Candice Glover, since Jordan Sparks in season 6. Have to admit this season wasn't as exciting as previous ones, felt like it was very obvious the show made sure there was a female winner after 5 straight guys winning. Also the Nikki Mariah feud took away a lot of shining moments. Glad to hear the show is definitely going in another direction next season, appealing to younger viewers, which has been lost for several seasons. I also came across something interesting, a ranking of the 10 greatest idol performances 1-11. Thought id share and see if people agree. 10) Don't cry out loud - Diana Degarmo - Season 3 9) Im telling you - Lakisha Jones - Season 6 8) Alone - Carrie Underwood - Season 4 7) Me and Bobby Mcgee - Crystal Bowersox - Season 9 6) Mad World - Adam Lambert - Season 8 5) Billie Jean - David Cook - Season 7 4) God bless the child - Jacob Lusk - Season 10 3) Mans world/ When a man loves a woman (tie) - Joshua Ledet ...
REPORT: American Idol fired two of the original Executive Producers & want Kelly Clarkson behind the judges table. Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken are other considerations... Do you think this show can be saved? Who do you want to see judge next?
I have to admit that I would hop back on the American Idol bandwagon if their plan of bringing Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken on as judges. How much fun would it be to see Clay and Adam get into a Simon Cowell/Paula Abdul love-hate fest? I'd be tuning in for sure.
I'd like to see Keith Urban stay on American Idol with Adam Lambert, Harry Connick, Jr. and Linda Rondstadt as new judges. What say you all?
Well, with Randy Jackson off the show and now Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj gone (Hallelujah!!) will you 1. tune back into American Idol, and if so 2. who would you like to see on the judging panel? My opinion - it'll depend on who's selected for the panel. I really do think Idol has seen its heyday and has been surpassed by The Voice, but if TPTB were to have Kelly Clarkson, David Cook, or Adam Lambert as a judge then I could possibly be swayed to tune back in. :)
VOTE! Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Clay Aiken are up for the American Idol judges position -- who would do the best job though!?
How about Adam Lambert, Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson as the new American Idol judges for the upcoming season?
You don’t have to win American Idol to have a successful career – just ask Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert. Now add Ayla...
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Wow! E! News is reporting that FOX's American Idol has inked a deal with its first new judge for season 13: former contestant and Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson. The two remaining spots are, reportedly, intended for former Idol contestants, too. Namely, Kelly Clarkson and either Adam Lambert or Clay Aiken
Adam Lambert & Jennifer Hudson To Judge American Idol? - Rumor has it that Jennifer Hudson has already signed on to be a judge on the next season of American Idol. Now, we've learned that the show is also looking to sign other alumni, such as Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken as judges. Kelly Clarkson was rumored to have already turned down a position on the hit singing competition. Adam discussed his thoughts on the possibility of joining the show. He said, "Dude if ...
Adam Lambert or Clay Aiken: which American Idol alum should join Jennifer Hudson as a judge?
Jennifer Hudson is among the names being mentioned as a possible new judge on American Idol. Those names include other Idol alums Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken!
Jennifer Hudson signs on as judge on American Idol. Kelly Clarkson also close to signing. Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken in talks as well. Smart move on Fox's part but - too little, too late?
American Idol, to salvage the show, is cooking an all alumni judging panel. I think this is just so clever! Kelly Clarkson, JHud, Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry! Huwaw! :)
American Idol is tossing around ideas about the new judges for next season (seeing how they've cleaned house after Randy Jackson decided to leave) One of their ideas is that they would bring back Former American Idol contestants to judge. Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson have already been approached and they're considering Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken too. If you had your pick, what former Idol contestant would you want to see in the judges chair?~G
While this is a good point, I don't completely agree with it. Even though my OWN band has gone through the "get into the garage and make noise" etc stage and we have ALOT to owe to that time, the fact is that the music industry is run by people, who by nature are imperfect. There have been people on American Idol who have had stage presence, voice, looks, the entire package, and have been super comfortable like they've been doing it for years. And chances are that they have. Kelly Clarkson or Adam Lambert didn't acquire their vocal abilities/showmanship JUST before auditioning. They had them for years, and the show was their chance to finally be able to show the world and make a career out of it. These guys had been trying for years to get noticed by labels and A&R people, but were under the curse of poorly visioned executives and bad businessmen at the low tier of the music industry who couldn't identify their potential. These shows are designed to find worldwide selling artists, in other words "POP Star ...
'American Idol' season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert shares what it was like to sing a duet with Angie Miller.
American Idol Finale ~ Angie Miller, Adam Lambert, Jessie J – Video Dailymotion. Well, the Finale was definitely an amazing night. From Aretha Franklin slipping and telling us the winner, to Mariah Carey lip-synching her song, to Frankie Valli tearing…
Adam Lambert interview after the American Idol finale- talks working with Angie Miller via ClevverMusic
NEW VIDEO: Adam Lambert speaks on Nicki Minaj as American Idol judge -
At the American Idol: Season 12 Finale Event, Season 8 "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert gave his opinion on judge, Nicki Minaj. Interviewer: What did you think of the judges this year? Because I actually thought Nicki was fantastic. Adam Lambert : She was refreshing! Watch the interv...
- Subscribe to ClevverMusic! Adam Lambert talks about his duet with Idol contestant Angie Miller backstage after the American Idol...
Adam Lambert, Jessie J, Jennifer Lopez and Hudson plus Mariah on American Idol - PopLedge
His return to the stage was one of the highlights of the American Idol season 12 finale. We're talking, of course, about season eight runner-u[ Adam Lambert, who joined top three finalist Angie Miller for an emotional rendition of David Guetta and Sia's "Titanium."
Season 8 "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert dueted on Thursday night's "Idol" finale with third-place finalist Angie Miller, in what was arguably the finest performance of the entire show. That was Angie's moment, her time to shine…but afterwards, when Reality Rocks caught up with Adam backstage...
American Idol is so lame. It stopped being exciting after Carrie Underwood won. The last result show I saw was w/ Adam Lambert losing.
Adam Lambert & Jessica Sanchez: 'American Idol' Finale!: and other walk the red carpet
Adam Lambert returned, Jennifer Lopez worked the wind machine, and Randy Jackson was honored with a farewell package featuring dogs, not dawgs. With season 12 officially in the history books, American Idol pulled out all the stops to make the 2013 finale memorable.
See Adam tonight on the Grand Finale of American Idol! Reminisce. Watch "Adam Lambert VS. Kris Allen! Who will Win American Idol, Season 8?" on YouTube: Watch "American Idol 8 - Adam Lambert and Kris Allen with Queen": Relive old memories; watch "Kris Allen VS. Adam Lambert, American Idol (2009) Winning Moment": Adam Lambert's recent album, Trespassing, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in 2012. Google "Adam Lambert Live Proud" Campaign that he is also involved in. See: When talented singers lose American Idol, it gives them more freedom to explore greater avenues and purpose for their lives. Way to go Adam Lambert. You're making a tremendous positive difference in the lives of this generation.
Have done my best not to have to take a pain pill for my back. Want to be wide awake & alert for American Idol. Will go on line at 6:30 to see the "red carpet" pre-show happenings. Hoping to at least catch a glimpse of Bo Bice! How I wanted to see him sing but I don't "Bo-lieve" it is gonna happen! Have been told that Adam Lambert will do a duet with Angie Miller. I like Adam, but am not a fan of his like I am of Bo's. Actually I'd prefer to see the Greek boy. His name escapes this old gal right now!
Adam Lambert Honored at GLAAD Media Awards – Video: Adam Lambert, the openly *** American Idol runner-up who w...
We rank the top 5 albums from "American Idol" alums, including Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, and Jennifer Hudson. Subscribe to the Fuse YouTube channel: http...
What a disappointment that Angie Miller was eliminated from American Idol. She was the whole package. Attitude, temperament, energy level, appearance, AND TALENT. Somehow Idol seems able to remove the best and brightest and we are left with a less attractive or talented winner. Last year it happened when the young black singer was removed and the kid who sang the same song every week with different words won. Clearlynot the best talent or voice. Adam Lambert lost the same way several years ago. One loser after another. Some of those removed go on to be bigger stars than the winners. I wonder if the votes are ever audited or just announced? This thing might be rigged! It is a repeating theme year after year.
Adam Lambert joining Jennifer Lopez & Carly Rae Jepsen to perform on American Idol final with Angie Miller?
I'm sorry, but American Idol just died after Adam Lambert and Jessica Sanchez.
is watching American Idol! Hoping for Kris Allen and Adam Lambert in next weeks finale!!! :)
Bye Curtis! I will take anything for Nikki Minaj to be off of American Idol. Give me Adam Lambert and Carrie Underwood and I will be happy!
I have been a huge Amercan Idol fan for years, but this year I just don't see the talent. Off key, songs I just don't get, and I guess I miss the talent. Does anyone remember when we first heard Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks (my favorite) Katherine McPhee, Elliot Yamin, Kelly Pickler, Jordon Sparks, David Cook, Crystal Bowersox(wow) Pia Toscano, Phillip Phillips, James Durbin, Haley Reinhart, Lee Dewyze or Adam Lambert (a little different, but he sang with KISS for goodness sakes, and he was great.) Just saying, I miss these kinds of Memorable Performances that graced the stage and made me want to rush home on American Idol nights and not able to miss a moment of the show. Really miss the wonderful morning American Idol talks at work that was so exciting and I guess I really miss American Idol-JUST MY OPINION
Allison Iraheta is undoubtedly one of the most awesome "American Idol" contestants of all time. Even when she competed on Season 8 at age 16, her awesomeness was apparent, as she held her own alongside the trifecta of that season's big boys (Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, and Danny Gokey). Her major-labe...
So thiose of you who know me probably figured this was going to come up sooner or later... 1. Who is watching the Bachelor and who will Sean pick? 2. Who is watching American Idol and wish the likes of Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, David Cook, James Durbin and current heartthrob Phil Phillips were back? 3. Who remembers Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis? 4. And who the h is Clay Aiken? ew, what was I thinking? Why didn't anyone stage an intervention? And if you are thinking I have too much time on my hands, don't worry about me - this is retirement and I love it. Stil in pjs, and drinking the morning coffee and it's after 2. :)
RACHELism: I believe that Boy George and Adam Lambert both made a deposit and out came JDa on American Idol! Scary!
I got to meet Kris Allen tonight! He won American Idol a few years back defeating Adam Lambert in the final!
Ya know, its interesting who the past winners of American Idol were- Philip Philips, Taylor Hicks,, Chris Allen to name a few. Where are they now? ( crickets chirpping) While "idols" like Katherine Mcfee and Jennifer Hudson are on a "SMASH" hit tv show showing off what SHOULD have taken them the title on AI. Ooops did I mention Adam Lambert's success?Can I get an Amen?
Let’s Celebrate Adam Lambert’s 31st Birthday With Some of His Craziest Fashion Favorites Via. Crushable The reason I love Adam Lambert (the most) is because a lot of his outfits can be found in my closet, as well. Yes, sometimes I do think I’m a *** man trapped in a woman’s body, and Adam Lambert reminds me that I should be living in NYC and strutting my glam stuff. But, that aside, I’m not totally crazy – and sometimes Adam is. The real winner runner-up of American Idol has made a glam rock name for himself, creating a fan base of Glamberts, and wearing Nail Polish and makeup better than anyone since David Bowie. Adam Lambert lands himself on the best and worst dressed glam rock list (a short one, but in existence) every time he steps out the club door. For his 31st birthday celebration, we’ve compiled some of our favorites. Basically, you’re awesome Adam. I love you. Call me. Let’s party. **Click on link for full pic gallery Read more:
Jerod Genius Weninger got offered a job on American Idol due to his great impressions of Christina Aguilera, Clay Aiken, and Adam Lambert
We all know the best people to come from American Idol are the people who don't win. Clay Aiken, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert... amazing
OK, everyone watch the first episode tonight of American Idol. Let's post our guesses (tonight) as to who will be finalists and/or win. I've successfully picked a few on opening night: Ruben Studdard, Chris Daughtry, and Adam Lambert. Good luck and don't forget to vote. Critique of the judges to follow this evening's performance.
Well, new American Idol starts tonight! Although I've said I am not gonna watch it for the last 3 or 4 seasons, I always end up watching the auditions at least just to see the bad and funny one's, and am also curious to see Mariah Carey and Nikki Minaj as the new judges. I heard there was legit dislike for eachother between them. Plus, I don't know if it's because American Idol has always been so predictable or not, but I've been able to pick the winner of the show every season except once, and the season I was wrong was when Taylor Hicks won in 2006 I believe, instead of Chris Daughtry which was complete and total BS! And although I don't like him, I truly feel that Adam Lambert should've won in 2009 instead of Kris Allen. And last year, I picked Phillip Phillips to win the whole thing as soon as I saw him audition. I will try to do it again this year, but I don't think I will watch the whole competition, just the auditions!
Adam Lambert, "Smash," "Wallflower" among GLAAD award nominees - Via ReutersShowbiz Television shows "The New Normal" and "Smash," animated film "ParaNorman," and "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert were among nominees on Wednesday for the GLAAD Media Awards. The *** and *** Alliance Against Defamation, which monitors media depiction of *** *** bi-sexual and transgender people, announced more than 150 nominees for its 24th annual awards in categories ranging from film and theater to journalism and music. "ParaNorman," an Oscar nominee for best animated feature, was nominated by GLAAD for outstanding film in wide release, along with "Cloud Atlas," which features several heroic *** characters, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" and "Your Sister's Sister." The first PG-rated animated film to be nominated by GLAAD, "ParaNorman" tells the story of a New England boy who can seemingly speak with the dead, and is bullied and ostracized because of his ability. Best doc ...
I'm watching Chris Allen, Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert take the center stage for the next American Idol title. Who do you think will win?
BREAKING! Via (THR): Exclusive: & 19 Recordings Part Ways! "As for his third album, conversations with the label about direction have already begun, says DMG." The "American Idol" season eight runner-up gets ready to take the next step in his "evolution" as an artist. Adam Lambert and 19 Recordings have parted ways, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Although the American Idol season eight runner-up had split with 19 Management in August 2011, he remained signed to the recording arm of 19 Entertainment (now owned by CORE Media Group) for another 18 months. According to sources, January marked the expiration for that contract, although he is still on the roster at RCA Records. “It’s good for both sides,” says an insider. “Adam can move forward with his plans and 19 isn’t stuck in the middle.” A rep for Lambert says the two parties leave “amicably and with the utmost respect for each other,” adding that the decision is but one part of the singer’s “evolution,” which began when he join ...
New Article (Vietnam ) translated by Adam Lambert: "I'm not wearing anything when at home" - "If someone breaks into the time of the" delicate ", the first thing I do is pick up the phone and call the police. Certainly, they will see me naked, and that made me little bit awkward "said the American Idol runner funny to share in the online interview. -You will get up to dance when I sing   - First came to Vietnam, he felt the time and the people here love?   - I love the heat, humid place. The weather is very good for my voice.   - How He impressed in front of the home fans free?   - This is the first time I arrived in Vietnam last night, I spent most of the time for the rest. I think the show tomorrow night would be great. As far as I know, this is a free concert. I feel good when people have the opportunity to participate in a program like nonsense. You will be incredibly fun time and adventure with music. I will do everything they can to make each of you to get up when I dance on stage. It's ...
The incredible run for Drew Pearson's co-write and production Home with Phillip Phillips continues with news today that it has sold 3 million copies! This marks the first time in American Idol history that a male contestant has had a single go triple-platinum, a feat that big names like Adam Lambert...
There have been plenty of male American Idol contestants -- winners and finalists -- who've scored hit singles, from Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken, to Chris Daughtry, David Archuleta and David Cook, to Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. But reigning Idol champ Phillip Phillips is now the only one ever to...
Last night was a roller coaster of news for Former American Idol winner Kris Allen, and fellow Idol alum Adam Lambert joined in the comments. It began when Kris
Interview US singer enjoys Bali, delights in his music by Amanda O’Connor on 2013-01-02 The Mulia Bali decided to explode onto Bali’s entertainment scene for its first New Year’s Eve celebration with a coup — Adam Lambert’s first Indonesian performance at the Mulia Resort’s Grand Ballroom. Prior to the New Year celebrations, I was privileged to meet Adam Lambert and chat a while about his success, his aspirations and try to understand a little more about what he is all about. I had no idea what to expect; after all he recently out-diva’d the divas on VH1 Divas 2012, where he not only was the first male to host the show but also performed three times. Just prior to that, he had toured selected venues in Europe with Queen as their singer. And that was just 2012. Since being runner up in the 2009 American Idol, Lambert has released two chart-topping albums and been nominated for a Grammy for Best Male Pop Performance. Not bad for someone who decided that being an understudy in musical theater w ...
Ok, ok, ok.wait a second.lemme catch my breath from laughing so hard here.Adam Lambert couldn't even win American Idol, yet he claims that Hugh Jackman and company couldn't sing at all in the new big screen adaptation of Les Miserables? Seriously, dude who are YOU to say who can and can't sing? Jackman and Hathaway CAN sing. The only one who couldn't was Russell Crowe.
American Idol star Adam Lambert has criticised the cast of movie musical Les Miserables for 'pretending to be singers'
For the third year in a row, Robert Pattinson has been voted in as the Celebrity of the Year at E! Online, and the site has quite a few theories about why Pattinson's popularity didn't wane in 2012. What with his three movie releases this year (Bel Ami, Cosmopolis and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2), his ever gorgeous hair and the films he's lined up to star in next (The Rover, Queen Of The Desert and Maps To The Stars), E! Online thinks he did enough this year to keep his fanbase a-clickin' away. Pattinson beat out The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder for the final win. He was also named among GQ's 25 Most Stylish Men of the Year and chosen the year's hottest vampire of all. Nice set of coups for Pattinson once again this year! For what it's worth, the last time Pattinson was not chosen Celebrity of the Year was in '09 when American Idol star Adam Lambert edged out a victory.
Huffington Post: *** Cultural Moments Of 2012: Adam Lambert, 'The New Normal,' 'Glee' And More! ADAM LAMBERT With 2012 being an incredibly historic year for the *** *** bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, it's only fitting that the cultural scene be reflective of that ever-inclusive shift. And indeed, the year in music, movies, TV and theater is similarly flush with milestones. "American Idol" alum Adam Lambert not only hosted VH1's popular "Divas Live" show this fall, but he also became the first openly *** pop artist to top the album charts back in May. "Days of our Lives" featured a steamy *** storyline while "Glee" welcomed a transgender character to its increasingly diverse cast, and although Jenna Talackova didn't take home the title of Miss Universe Canada, the transgender beauty queen leaves behind a groundbreaking legacy that is sure to live on in years to come. Check out our picks for the LGBT cultural moments of the year below: Adam Lambert Tops Charts The "American Idol" alum made ...
Adam Lambert Hosts, Performs and Wows at Vh1 Divas Special Via. On Dec. 16, Adam Lambert hosted, performed and wowed his fans at the "Vh1 Divas" TV special, which paid tributes to the late Donna Summer and Madonna. On Dec. 16, American Idol alum and pop music star Adam Lambert hosted the “Vh1 Divas” live special, which featured performances from such female songstresses as Kelly Clarkson (who sang her latest single “Catch My Breath”), X-Factor judge Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Jordin Sparks, among many others. Lambert opened the show with a cover of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance,” which garnered a huge round of applause from the audience. “Welcome to ‘Vh1 Divas’ 2012,” Lambert exclaimed. “Give it up for the amazing musicians who will be keeping us dancing all night long,” the Grammy-nominated singer added. “I know what you are all thinking. What the *** is Adam Lambert doing hosting ‘Vh1 Divas’,” he joked. “As you saw tonight, I am a diva. Men can be divas ...
Recording artist Kelly Rowland shares that one of the highlights for her will be performing with American Idol alumni Adam Lambert.
Adam Lambert Joins Cyndi Lauper and Friends in New York City - THR Adam Lambert recreated one of his most well-known American Idol performances with a little help from Cyndi Lauper at the '80s icon's benefit concert Saturday night. It’s been three years since Adam Lambert captivated American audiences with his haunting interpretation of the Tears For Fears classic, “Mad World,” but an audience at the Beacon Theater in New York City was treated to an encore. Lambert, who sported a new mustache for the occasion, was a guest performer at the “Cyndi Lauper and Friends: Home for the Holidays” concert to benefit homeless LGBT youth. After an introduction by Bravo’s Andy Cohen praising all that is Adam ("he knows what to do with the mascara lines... the first openly *** person to go straight to number 1!") Lambert and Lauper teamed up for a duet of the ‘80s chestnut to a screaming crowd. Also appearing were Sarah Mclachlan, St. Vincent, Jason Mraz, Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells, Whoopi Goldberg, Ro ...
A couple of years ago I used to watch "American Idol" with some interest. Adam Lambert was on and I was certain that he was the most talented of the contestants and sure to win. To my dismay he lost the final round to Kris Allen, a pleasant but clearly less talented singer. I then realized that American Idol was not about who was best singer but who was more popular with the masses. I haven't watched since. Yesterday I had the same feeling when the American masses picked the popular candidate for President and not the clearly more talented one. America meet your Idol.
I'm running for office in 2016 and my campaign is built around promise to remove the following shows from television: American Idol, The Voice, X-Factor, Dancing with the Stars, America's Got Talent, and generic lower grade version of any of those or anything Simon Cowell has his hands in. These shows are put on a pedestal. They are way too drawn out and people take them way too seriously. "Oh, I gotta watch blah blah tonight so I can vote for so and so." The only debate that those shows should inspire is which one is the worst. Actually in 2016 whn you are caught watching something like that I'll be sending in pack of complete strangers to pillage and plunder your house and you won't stop them because you'll be too busy voting for Adam Lambert from your cell phone. You're welcome America. Lohse/Dukakis 2016!
Don't comment on here if you're just going to say something offensive or derogatory. No copyright infringement intended. Copyright FreemantleMedia North America, Inc. Adam Lambert singing Mad World during Birth Year week on American Idol season 8
he is American Idol Season 8 Runner Up , so i can sure that his voice is very nice , even perfect ! Adam Lambert ♥
flashback balik American Idol time Kris Allen n Adam Lambert singing No Boundary . does anyone here watch it ?
Last thing I want is to become a politician in 15 min after watching the debate, but this is honestly just like watching American Idol's participant William Hung vs Adam Lambert in a Mano a Mano !!! Where Romney is William Hung and Obama is Lambert !!! Please people its not hard to see whom is more prepared, eloquent, informed and most important analytical and knowledgeable of the two!!!
The openly *** Former American Idol contestant, Adam Lambert, has said he doesn’t care about what Paris Hilton had to say about *** men.
'American Idol' notes: Adam Lambert, Jessica Sanchez, and Kris Allen: Let's hope you have a little bit of time t...
It is a Tears For Fears showdown! Adam Lambert blew away everyone on American Idol, and should have won the competition, with his always amazing [...]
I don't follow American Idol but I'm very thankful for Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert & David Artuleta.
Random Thoughts ...I love Jesus and Jesus loves me , I love my fb friends , I think vintage aprons make great Kitchen curtains , I love Pinterest , I am on weight watchers diet and i have lost 55 pounds, I love decorating and Pink roses , I adore Pink .. it goes with everything , after 20 years of marriage I am still very much in love with my husband , my grandbabies make my heart smile , Our Gracie is so adorable , I wish all the military could come home , I still don't understand why the Dixie Chicks were ousted from country music when Hank Williams Jr makes derogatory comments about Obama every other day , I love Everybody Loves Raymond , I love Lucy and Friends ... I enjoy X factor , American Idol , Glee , Survivor , Amazing Race and Ameican Horror stories . .. so glad its the Fall season . I love music, I love Adam Lambert but my fav is Nat King Cole ! Wuthering Heights ( 1970 version ) is my favorite movie ! I was glad to read that Chick- Fil-A stopped all donations to charities associated with ...
Adam Lambert at American Idol concert in Duluth Georgia - Whole Lotta Love
I stopped watching the voice when Juliet Simms lost and I stop watching American Idol when Adam Lambert lost.
please make this a true season of American Idol, not a knock-off of last seasons Teen Idol. Go Adam Lambert. T/U David Cook
Had a dream my uncle was Steven Tyler & we were waiting in a car at the airport for my mom & aunt to get their bags. I was asking him to give me some American Idol gossip when I spotted Adam Lambert walking by himself out the airport doors & rushed to him for a picture & hug. He said he needed to meet "his people," but I begged & he gave in. He hugged me & lifted me up, swung me around (I commented on how skinny he was when I hugged him), & my "uncle Steven Tyler" took a pic of us on my cell phone.
American Idol seems kind of lame now. After season 8, with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, I can't get myself to watch it. 8 was the best.
too right it should, need bring some people in like Adam Lambert or James Durbin, they were ace on American Idol! x
We sit down with Adam Lambert to talk American Idol, Queen and Simon Cowell. 4Music brings you closer to the hottest artists around right now. We give viewer...
Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban will be joining American Idol as the 2nd and 3rd judges. The producers are evidently looking for a 4th judge. Rumored choices are Adam Lambert, Brad Paisley, Kanye West, Enrique Iglesias and Lenny Kravitz.
Back to when Adam Lambert and Kris Allen were chosen for the Music Idol finale!
I am one of those people who has watched American Idol forever. I'm a dork, I know. I was sitting here thinking about my favorite Idol performance. I think, I'm going to have to say Adam Lambert's "Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones is my number one, while Joshua Ledet's "When a Man Loves a Woman" would come a close second. Anyway, my random thought for the day.
'American Idol': Adam Lambert still in talks, Mariah Carey reportedly mad about Nicki Minaj via
So.American Idol gave up Adam Lambert and Aretha Franklin to sign Maria Carey (sp) and Nicky Minaj? Wow.I am so glad I don't watch this show.sorry Davey.
Oh My God!! Drama at American Idol. Adam Lambert still in talks with the executives to replace Steven Tyler as Judge. While Mariah Carey has already secured her spot to replace Jennifer Lopez, she is not thrilled that Nicky Minaj may also be joining the panel. TMZ is reporting that Carey is not pleased with the latest rumor that a deal to sign Nicki Minaj as a second judge is almost done. Sources tell the site that Carey was led to believe she'd be the only woman on the panel and is mad about the younger woman horning in. As long as Adam Lambert gets signed, i dont care if its Slizer joining him
I was finishing up my shower and Oprah' s Master Class was on almost at the end and it was a rerun of Simon Cowell. I caught the end when he said " when it stops being fun and its at the end of the "best", I'm outta here"! Simon saw the end of Idol with Adam Lambert. He and most of us just knew he was the next Idol, but some freakish reason, he did not win. I guess Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson finaly saw the BS and left. Joshua Ledet should have won Idol, but maybe due to his R&B style, America was not ready for him. America was not ready for Adam probably because he was openly *** Well I think American Idol has finally came to an end! There is " The Voice", "XFactor" and "Duets" that are getting it right, at least for now. Ready for XFactor, coming soon!! Just sharing, fb family, just sharing!!!
It looks like Adam Lambert isn't the only American Idol that can rock out to KISS. Season nine alum Siobhan Magnus completely nailed a blistering version of the band's 1970s classic "Love Gun" at the Cape Cod Melody Tent on Thursday night.
Now that the whole world has its eyeballs on Chick-Fil-A, all sorts of bizarre skeletons are tumbling out of the company’s fryers and closet. A new report this week explains how an Arkansas Chick-Fil-A franchisee may have singlehandedly rigged the American Idol season 8 finale vote in favor of Kris Allen. What does Chick-fil-A have to do with Adam Lambert and American Idol? It is said that Dan Cathy is very particular about who he allows to purchase a Chick-fil-A franchise. The company looks for people who share Cathy’s right winged religious beliefs. In my opinion it was anti *** sentiments that motivated Allen Kiser, the Chick-fil-A franchise owner in Conway, Arkansas, to spend thousands of dollars to keep Adam Lambert from becoming the Season 8 American Idol winner. Adam Lambert had not disclosed his orientation during his stint on American Idol, but his Rolling Stone announcement was no surprise. Chick-fil-A is appalled at local governments that have interfered with their right to open a business, ...
Elle - In a radio interview yesterday, Alanis Morissette hinted that she might be in negotiations to be a judge on "American Idol" next season. There have been TONS of rumored potential "Idol" judges though: Nick Jonas, Pharrell, Brad Paisley, Will.I.Am, Fergie, Miley Cyrus, Aretha Franklin, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Adam Lambert. Who would YOU like to see sit next to Randy Jackson & Mariah Carey next season?
Adam Lambert performs Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody at his American Idol audition and less than four years later is performing it with Queen in front of hundreds...
Can you believe that American Idol just wrapped up season 11 and are already making plans for season 12? Wow! Time flies. I still remember when Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert were trying to win the top spot at American Idol. Time truly flies.
American Idol's Hollie Cavanagh to perform in Dallas; Adam Lambert not far away via
American Idol confirms that Mariah Carey will be joining the judging panel for Season 12. Here are 5 good reasons why Adam Lambert should follow.
Adam Lambert to Guest Star on Pretty Little Liars: He may or may not be on his way to American Idol. But Adam La...
American Idol's Adam Lambert to perform at Fantasy Springs - Southwest Riverside News Network -
Watching Duets tonight I thought of who the American Idol judges should be.Randy Jackson, Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert.what do you think??? I'm calling Idol now!:-)
I haven't even watched "American Idol" since the Adam Lambert/Kris Allen season, BUT..."Home" by Phillip Phillips is one of the best songs I've ever heard.
It's getting crazier---Not only does Adam Lambert want to be an an American Idol, Charlie Sheen wants to be one geeez
So, both J-Lo and Steven Tyler have announced they are leaving American Idol. New judge possibilities are Mariah Carey, Adam Lambert, and Fergie. YUCK.
Jennifer Lopez is following Steven Tyler out the door. She is leaving American Idol which leaves Randy Jackson as the last judge on the panel, for now. So who will take their places? All kinds of names have come up like Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Mary J Blige even former Idol contestants Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert. What do you think? ~Rebecca
Would you prefer Adam Lambert or Miley Cyrus as the new 'American Idol' judge?
I'd love to see Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey n Adam Lambert on American Idol next season! :D
I don't watch American Idol anymore but Mariah Carey on a panel with Adam Lambert and Miley Cyrus?? Really, MiMi??
My vote for the new American Idol panel: Adam Lambert, Katy Perry, and Jimmy Iovine.
Renee Snyder has been following Adam Lambert's career since he began his journey on American Idol. She has met him, interviewed him and seen him perform live many times. She is also Vice President of AI Now, an American Idol news website. As a professional researcher, Renee uncovers current, relevan...
So.Steve Tyler is leaving American Idol, and rumors of Adam Lambert taking his place. It's BYE BYE Idol. Can't go there anymore!!!
Just in case you missed it Steve Tyler is leaving American Idol. Word going around are Fergie, Mariah Carey and Adam Lambert might join.My opinion is it's always good for change.JLo and Tyler were saying the same things over and over.
Who will judge "American Idol"?: With reports alleging that Jennifer Lopez wants to step away from her gig as an "American Idol" judge, gossip is swirling about who might take her place. Among the candidates, as Us Weekly reports, are Adam Lambert, who should have won Season 8 of the show.
Looks like American Idol will be getting a face lift next season! Producers may be looking to replace Randy Jackson with Adam Lambert!
In my opinion, American Idol will be making a big mistake if they get rid of Randy Jackson and especially if they replace him with Adam Lambert! Anyone agree?
I love American Idol but if they make Adam Lambert a judge I will never watch it again. He's way too new to have the right to judge anyone. He hasn't been a complete success yet. If they ever make an alumni a judge it should be Kelly Clakson, Jennifer Hudson or Carrie Underwood, those three have been working their *** off since they left they show and have proven they know what their doing.
Miley Cyrus and Adam Lambert are reportedly being considered to join a revamped judges table for the 12th season of American Idol! kewl!
So they are talking to Adam Lambert about judging on American Idol...Hmmm, isn't that like having Paula Deen judge on Biggest Loser? I mean, he LOST American Idol...I guess if shrieking and wearing makeup is what the look for in a judge, that explains Steven Tyler...why would they need another one in Adam Lambert?
New reports indicate that Miley is at the top of ‘Idol’ producers’ wish list. Do YOU think she’d make a good judge? Adam Lambert isn’t the only person the producers of American Idol are considering as a new judge. E! News has reported that Miley Cyrus is also being pursued to fill a seat at [...]
Could you handle Adam Lambert on your television on a regular basis? There are rumors that he could be replacing Jennifer Lopez as a judge on
Daily Dish - So now people think Kate Upton is fat??? Really? And are your ready for Adam Lambert and Miley Cyrus as American Idol judges?
Adam Lambert is in talks to become a judge on "American Idol." Steven Tyler replied, "Dude looks like a lady!"
Adam Lambert to join 'American Idol' as a judge? Alum would be 'popular choice ... - New York Daily News
Adam Lambert as judge would totally rejuvenate American Idol. He has that effect on everyone, you know. Just ask Brian May.
Adam Lambert performs "Mad World" a song by Gary Jules which is a cover of the British band Tears For Fears, and Gets A Standing Ovation From Simon Cowell an...
Ricky Martin is *** Clay Aiken is *** and Adam Lambert is *** and he admitted it after American Idol.
remember the first time we saw Adam Lambert sing Bohemian Rhapsody? American Idol audition? ;)
Adam Lambert has gone from singing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' on his American Idol audition to performing it with Queen in front of 500,000 people.
Studio recording of Adam Lambert's cover of "A Change Is Gonna Come," written by Sam Cooke. Performed live for American Idol on May 19th. Audio only. Officia...
I know that everything has to change but does it always have to get worse. Music, Television, Just people in general. We are now entertained by the misery of others, the stupidity of others. It's ridiculous. I hate media. You want to help the economy? Stop giving all these actors billions of dollars for one movie, and stop promoting these talentless people who you call singers. THEY CAN'T SING. All the talent in the world is dying. American Idol is a load of crap. Cause if it was then Adam Lambert would have won, I love Phillip, but Josh was a better singer. I think the only ones that they got right was Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood... I dont know where Im going with this anymore.. Whatever..
How America has changed in my lifetime! When I was a kid, we were taught this scripture as having a message of warning to certain people (Revelation 21:8): But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” But now, in 2012, there is rarely a penalty expected for any of these behaviors (unless you are a football coach); in fact, you likely got to be on the Jerry Springer show or Maury Povich and can very likely get on American Idol if you are brazen enough. Adam Lambert might even propose to dry hump you during your performance.
With more than 600,000 votes cast, Adam Lambert was named Music's Sexiest Man, earning 26% of the vote! Standing alongside the former "American Idol" and recent Billboard 200 chart-topper was the princess of pop, Britney Spears, who netted an overwhelming 45% to be named Music's Sexiest Woman.
3 of my favourite American idol singers - David Cook, Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert.
Adam Lambert auditioned with "Bohemian Rhapsody" for American Idol...and is now rehearsing with Queen in London. ;)
Is this man the new Freddie Mercury? Michael Hann talks to Adam Lambert – the uncompromising American Idol star who is going on the road with Queen
Another sing-off for Adam Lambert and Kris Allen: THERE are a lot of “American Idol” vets…
So I do not watch American Idol, not since season 2 have I been invested in it. So when I see albums come out from the show I never look at them. Well today I happen to run into a new CD from Kris Allen called thank you camellia. I am not sure what season he was, but I remember I did not like his first album. This album is really good...has a Jason Mraz sound to it. I am digging it.and on a side note I am loving Adam Lambert new CD trespassing and Kelly Clarkson Stronger album. Maybe the American Idols 2nd albums are way better than their firsts. Case in point Kelly Clarksons first album thankful compared to her breakaway album. Maybe they are so rushed for their first and they can take time on their second.anyways like them all!
"Q&a Adam Lambert - How to get from American Idol to working with Pharrell, Nile Rodgers & Queen"
Jessica Sanchez, the Adam Lambert of this season's American one will remember Phil Phillips in two months time.
I'm thinking about am article in today's L.A. Times about American Idol. First of all the winner Philip Philips ( what were his parent's thinking) was Ok even mediorce. Winning Idol dose'nt mean stardom. Except for Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, most winners fade into oblivion while the others go on to stardom. Look at Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert, not to mention Jennifer Hudson and Katherine McPhee. Kriss Allen may have won but where is he. The judges should have a say not the viewers stuffing the ballot box.
Everyone loves a good TV feud, of course. And now that Adam Lambert's neon-painted claws have so thrillingly come out during a recent Bravo interview, when he was grilled about fellow "American Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken, I can't wait to "watch what happens" next, as Bravo's copywriters would say. S...
Adam Lambert boots Underwood from Billboard No. 1 Los Angeles (Reuters) - Former"American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert pushed his fellow "Idol" alum off the top spot of the Billboard 200 chart on Wednesday to score his first No. 1 album with "Trespassing." Lambert's second studio album sold 77,000 copies in its first week, a significantly lower debut than Underwood's "BlownAway" debut two weeks ago, which sold 267,000 copies to score the top spot on the chart. "Blown Away" fell to No. 3 this week, behind Adele's juggernaut"21," which added a further 63,000 copies to its phenomenal sales record this week. Lambert joins six other former"Idol" contestants who have topped the album chart -- Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, ChrisDaughtry and Scotty Mccreery. Comedy rockers Tenacious D, comprising actors Jack Black and Kyle Gass, made an impressive debut at No. 5 with their third studio album "Rize of the Fenix," selling 44,000. Baltimore atmospheric pop band Beach House scored their highe ...
As usual, WGWG(white guy with guitar) wins American Idol. obvious masyado na ang voters ng show na ito ay teenage American girls. Starting from David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee Dewyze, Scotty Mccreery at ngayon, si Phillip Phillips. Well,Jessica Sanchez has a big chance to shine. Take a look at the careers of David Archuleta, Adam Lambert, Daughtry, and Jennifer Hudson. Jessica’s 3rd song was a sabotage.
So I quit watching American Idol way back when.I think it was the Bo Bice era.anybody remember didn't think so. But I have been hearing about J Ledet and of course the winner was announced a couple of days ago so I figure I would go and check it I listened to music by the 3 finalist and this is WHY I don't watch AI anymore.the Ledet kid was robbed I tell ya...He's like. if Janice Joplin and James Brown had a baby it would be Joshua Ledet...but regardless of that.the last 2 standing are indicative of what is really wrong with the show.if you closed your eyes these kids could be any singer from anywhere USA. So generic and so white bread.they don't want anyone who is outside the box (except for Adam Lambert who is a true bad *** rock singer/star and of course there are other exceptions Clarkson & Underwood) but I mean really really bland most of the time.and this is one of those times.
Jessica Sanchez like every year on idol since Kelly Clarkson won ends up being runner up, the classic American Idol what the *** moment when all of America realizes that the better singer and more talented singer ends up settling for second. But its okay because as the premier second place or lower talented finalists of AI have proven First place is like a curse of nothingness to ones career. Besides Kelly Clarkson who hasnt done anything recently and maybe Carrie Underwood who hasnt done a whole lot recently either, First place doesnt show a lot but second place and lower lets see, there is Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtery, and now this year the one who will show everyone what it means to take a platform and rise as a super star Jessica Sanchez.
On the day that Jessica Sanchez settled for a second place spot, American Idol''s most popular second placer Adam Lambert scored his first number album on Billboard with Trespassing by kicking out AI's fourth season champion, Carrie Underwood on the chart. Lambert is the second AI second placer to score a number one album, following Clay Aiken in 2003. He is the third AI "loser" to top the chart (Finalist Daughty brought his band twice to the top after his AI stint).
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Don't be sad that Jessica Sanchez lost the title of American Idol earlier today. Look at this: Adam Lambert's latest album debuted at number one in the Billboard Charts. Like Jessica, Adam did not win the AI crown back in 2009 - but heck, he's a bigger star than Kris Allen!
American Idol rule the winner is actually the underdog...remember Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, McPhee and Hicks, David Cook and Archuleta...and now Phillip and Jessica.. Obvious diba... And so the runner up turns out to have more offers than the winner :D
A new 'American Idol' was crowned tonignt who will likely be forgotten by next month. A record 132 million votes were cast this year. Carrie Underwood was by far the greatest beneficiary of her Idol experience, followed by Kelly Clarkson. While Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks never particularly caught on as recording artists, Hudson has been a great success in film, earning an Oscar for 'Dreamgirls', while Sparks hopes for a similar result for her upcoming role as Whitney Houston's daughter in 'Sparkle' (Houston's final film role before her death). Fantasia had a modicum of success on Broadway and Daughtry has had a level of success, but generally speaking none of the others have shown any amount of lastability. The jury's still out on Adam Lambert, buthis new album does seem to be garnering a certain amount of critical acclaim.
So natalo si Jessica Sanchez? No surprise there. Fan favorites never win on American Idol. Just ask people like Chris Daughtry or Adam Lambert. They didn't win but they were still more successful with their careers than the winners of their respective seasons. I'm pretty sure that Jessica will outsell Phillip parin because she has more of that quality.
4th Placer, Chris Daughtry is considered 3rd most successful American Idol contestant in terms of record sales, behind only Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, who both won their respective seasons. Jennifer Hudson who placed 7th, won an Oscar and a Grammy. Adam Lambert is now on the No. 1 spot of Billboard 200. Don't worry, Jessica Sanchez, the great Tommy Mottola will make you a Superstar like what he did to Jennifer Lopez and the Legend, Mariah Carey. Wish you all the best! Come and visit Philippines and see and feel how an entire nation loves you! :)
The new American Idol winner stinks. Adam Lambert, David Cook, Carrie Underwood, and Chris Daughtry were actually good. This years winner was garbage.
That wasn't even right...but we all know how American Idol works, the "non-winners" always get the fame. Examples: Daughtry (my FAV), Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert
This is my last year of watching American Idol. I should have quit when Adam Lambert didn't win but I continued on. Well here is my hopes and prediction for tonight.winner Phil Phillips and I hope Dave Matthews performs with him that would be awesome. Well lets see if America gets it right at least to my satisfaction. Anyway this is my finale.Enjoy the show.
Famous *** Men This list will start with Lance Bass, its no secret, he takes it up the *** Hard rocker Billy Squier, strokes it to an all male choir. Neil Patrick Harris from Doogie Howser, loves a man with a tight trouser. Rob Halford of Judas Priest, loves an all you can eat sausage feast. Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert, from American Idol, they only read for the Elton John bible. Ricky Martin who sang Livin La Vida Loca, likes to make his own cream soda. Brady Anderson who played baseball, find his name in any Camden Yards stall. Buff Bagwell was a professional wrestler, at *** bars he was a regular. Boy George from Culture Club, loves to give other men a rub. Sigfried from Sigfried and Roy, when younger he loved being an altar boy. Singer George Michael, caught in the bathroom trying to recycle. Freddie Mercury singer from Queen, wondered how much semen, would fit in a tight submarine. Harvey Levin the TMZ host, loves to play male only whipping post. B.D. Wong from Law and Order SVU, Elliot left the sh . ...
This Day in Music History: 5/20/2009 Queen, Adam Lambert & Kris Allen perform at the finale of the American Idol, USA ►
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