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Adam Lambert

Adam Mitchel Lambert (born January 29, 1982) is an American singer-songwriter and stage actor. Born in Indianapolis but raised in San Diego, Lambert had dreamed of becoming a performer after appearing in numerous amateur productions in his childhood and adolescence.

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Wait! I know you! You're the one who did that hilarious lip sync to Adam Lambert's If I Had You 😂😂😂
Adam Lambert's version is so much better tho
Universe is 4 billion years old. And you live in the same time like Adam Lambert.
Queen + Adam Lambert would put on a better show than Justin TImberlake. Queen's songs are played at nearly ALL sporting…
Adam Lambert seems to not get enough credit his music is fantastic
Joe Diffie and Adam Lambert link up on "Book Of Love."
Adam Lambert Wears a Green Jumpsuit for Night on the Town: Photo 3973299 | Adam Lambert, John Chandler Pictures
💖 Adam Lambert video and pics by Adam's old friend John Chandler. Adam Lambert performing at the Point Foundation Honors, moments ago at the Beverly Hilton.
2 Yrs ago! Adam Lambert - Wicked Game at Fresh Fall Fest in NYC on 10-8-15 via
I added a video to a playlist Queen + Adam Lambert Rock In Rio 2015
lol, his name is Actually Adam Lambert! So we did this stunt for a video I’m uploading!
that's not adam lambert but congrats for trying. Not a bad lookalike and even with the newly added beard.
Justin Timberlake the frontrunner to perform at next year's Super Bowl - Queen + Adam Lambert as well
Adam Lambert to perform at Point Foundation Gala to honor Jill Soloway: via
"Being who you are is a lot easier than faking it" - Adam Lambert
When you have to analyze an Adam Lambert music video in your geography class >>>>
PLEASE RT. . A fan from Sri Lanka who's been following Adam since AI,but NEVER seen him live,will b in AMSTERDAM these days, 1…
"I think I notice more female fans than male fans in general" - Adam Lambert
Hi guys, I’m looking to purchase 2 Queen + Adam Lambert tickets for their concert in Amsterdam on Nov 13. What site would you recommend?
"It’s a sacrifice of your own happiness. I don’t think anything is worth that." - Adam Lambert
.+ take to our stage in March 2018 for TWO spectacular shows! . . TICKETS -
Where are they now? The side that took Southampton back to the Premier League - . Rickie La…
Especially as the show did go on. First with Paul Rodgers & then Adam Lambert
I walk out, getting ready to leave for work and my aunt said I look like a mix between Adam Lambert & Dave Navarro.
Round 2 of sees BTS and Adam Lambert battling it out, but who will win the crown?
Robin Thicke, Adam Lambert, Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, Madonna, and last but not least I had Ricky Martin e.g. HMV and Zellers e.g. cd's.
Saw Leona Lewis, Lana Del Ray, James Corbin, Adam Lambert and many more at Sam Smith's show in LA tonight!!! .
Bernard Butler transfers in Win and Will Butler from Arcade Fire and Adam Lambert to form Lambert and Butlers
why this guy look more like Adam Lambert than Adam Lambert does
Pink . What U Want From Me. I love it. Just as great as the original by Adam Lambert. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Thought the dude on the right was Adam lambert ... Emos get my heart
🎸 8/30 Nashville: Okay, so I just cleared Adam Lambert’s table, right in front of Adam Lambert himself 🤤 TY https…
Adam Lambert pays tribute to George Michael’s charity work with stunning performance
" I think everything that we're dreaming of is gonna come true. " - Adam Lambert
It's funny how my jab at Kanye West turned against me in an unexpected way. The bots are with you. I…
sdanjscas I forgot about how much I loved Adam Lambert's first album
Adam lambert made a room for himself in this industry that didn't accept him at first and turned a blind eye to his brilliance
last time we reached CL Lambert. Emre Can. Adam Lallana . Lazar Markovic. Dejan Lovren. Divock Origi . Manquillo . Moreno. Balotelli
I'm listening to Ghost Town by Adam Lambert on A-1 Hits on
This is the biggest and more full photo I've seen so far . D/L
I'm pretty sure this is a picture of Adam Lambert not Brendon Urie, am I wrong?
let's not forget he didn't deserve that riles and was forgotten right after while Adam lambert became the superstar he always was
It looks like wants to take a break from his ultramodern party pad overlooking the Sunset Strip. .
I'll never forgive our society for not giving Adam Lambert the recognition he deserves
Brian May: "Queen would not have continued touring if not for Adam Lambert". via
also on DMG is this photo, which was used as the Merch photo for poster selling at the QAL NA tour concerts HQ: . https:…
I added a video to a playlist ZUMBA STEP Adam Lambert - Ghost Town
I liked a video Adam Lambert - Wildest Moments at rehearsal 22.01.2014
Adam Lambert - Wildest Moments why was this song not on an album of him? such a great song
Gregory Butler: The amazing Adam Lambert paying tribute to the one & only George Michael at the 2017 Angel Awards! . https:…
Adam Lambert amazing on George Michael tribute in Los Angeles
Review: Adam Lambert phenomenal on George Michael tribute in Los Angeles (Includes first-hand account)
TMZ FB POST . Adam Lambert & Gigi Gorgeous learned, on the red carpet, about Aaron Carter's coming out (via TooFab )
"I will continue to do what I do, no matter what people think" - Adam Lambert
Trespassing- Adam Lambert via must keep the pressure on, keep fighting, keep resisting!
Adam Lambert meets P!nk (circa 2008) Ooh. I found it. Adam meeting Pink in a garage.
A *** on a good day. *acknowledges that *** can look like many things, and Adam Lambert has…
Adam Lambert is talented, creative, good-looking and has bops but you *** still let him flop while letting Strip That…
I was all set and excited for Idol to come back...then I learned Adam Lambert was not going to be a judge now I've…
"The first step to finding true love is loving yourself" - Adam Lambert
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What I've learnt from watching the new Rocky Horror is that I have no idea what Adam Lambert looks like
Fell down the rabbit hole and the FEELZZZ. FULL Adam Lambert on 20/20 interview
From Chris Cousins' FB . "I was given the opportunity to work on tQueen + Adam Lambert 2017-2018 tour visuals." .
Concert Review: Queen Turns Up to 11 With Adam Lambert as Fan and Frontman -
There are people out there, still writing Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff MSM fan fiction..amazed.
Must watch...boy we've come a long way!!!. Behind the Rolling Stone Cover Shoot: Adam Lambert
Deep appreciation for this incredible human, Adam Lambert! All others pale in comparison!
Queen + Adam Lambert at Bridgestone, Arena in Nashville. Not a concert, but a 'Life Experience'. Out of over 80 shows,…
Thank you message to Adam Lambert fans from Camp Rainbow Phoenix - 71 Adam CDs & more donated! TY 🌈😇 http…
Not only has exterior beauty, has a great inner beauty a voice that impresses all the unique and very talented Adam La…
❤♫ the fabulous song Two Fux by Adam Lambert ♫
with Adam Lambert was so good. Really impressed. @ American Airlines Center
Adam Lambert is an unparalleled showman. What a delight. @ American Airlines Center
Anything at all on Adam Lambert new music??
I truly feel sorry for anyone who hasn't seen Queen and Adam Lambert perform live together- the show is BEYOND!!! My vid…
39 great photos Queen + Adam Lambert at Bridgestone Arena, Nashville by Michael Katz
Headed to see Queen and Adam Lambert with and ! I AM SO…
Adam Lambert - it's probably true he's been preparing for this his whole life ;-)
There will never be another Adam Lambert either.
So they still play the video with Freddy Mercury for the live shows? Adam Lambert doesn't perform it?
Do you like Adam Lambert? If so what's your favourite song of his?
Any whispers of potential collabs for the album? I really want Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson and Ariana
Highlights from the Queen + Adam Lambert concert in Cleveland via
Queen & Adam Lambert rocks The Q with set worthy of rock royalty (review) 80 pictures of
Adam Lambert approves of Katy Perry as an "American Idol" judge, says new music is more "glam rock".
EXCLUSIVE INT: Adam Lambert. Is he joining / Meet the new Raptor Sniper / Do cyclists need licences? .
Great photos Adam Lambert and Queen at Air Canada Centre, Toronto by James Archibald
Took in Queen and Adam Lambert tonight in Amazing show!
In this Best Western hotel we stan Adam Lambert
I love. Adam lambert more than anything
Music: to pay tribute to at Project Angel Food’s 27th Annual Angel Awards
We need more! 🔥. Please VOTE for Queen + Adam Lambert 🙏. Who Should Headline the 2018 Super Bowl?.
Some highlights of the best band ever with one of the greatest singers ever 6/6 God I love Queen and Adam Lambert, it wor…
"I'm dressed up like George Michaels". "I thought you were Adam Lambert"
I added a video to a playlist Somebody To Love - Queen & Adam Lambert
I hope there is a video of Queen + Adam Lambert performing Radio Gaga in Montreal. I have a feeling that audience knows when to Clap Clap. 👏
So I lowkey fell in love with Adam Lambert tonight oh well
One of the best compliments you could give Adam Lambert!
Queen + Adam Lambert did what they said they would do! They Rocked Us!
Did you know that Queen + Adam Lambert is ROCKING on Nov 26 in Belfast? Don't miss this concert! https:…
Queen + Adam Lambert Live In Chicago Review: it was the best live show ever!
"Russell, I'm dressed like George Michael.". "I...thought you were Adam Lambert."
Queen + Adam Lambert Live In Chicago Review: you are awesome...such a great review!
I added a video to a playlist Nightcore-Marry The Night(Adam Lambert)
Need translation please! I'm sure it's all good because it's Queen & Adam Lambert after all!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Adam Lambert has always been a top-tier showman and he's truly the only artist to emerge from the last quarter century ht…
REVIEW: and at Bell Center Montreal . It was at an undeniably rock party ".
Video from the Queen + Adam Lambert on Friday, July 14, 2017 at Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota
Poll: Who Should Headline the 2018 Super Bowl? Queen and Adam Lambert for sure!
INTERVIEW :Adam Lambert has a crazy little thing called love for Queen . “I love working with them” htt…
It WAS awesome ! Two guys from QUEEN are legends 😍 Miss Freddie, but Adam Lambert was okay!
Pawel Walczewski: Special guest last week in Volta show - Adam Lambert! Ready to see them tonight!!
Adam Lambert was the consummate entertainer as always - warm, witty, outrageously naughty and WHAT A VOICE!…
Wow - Queen + Adam Lambert rang loud and proud at the Bell Centre in Montreal tonight! .
Actually mental who I'm seeing live this year:Queen + Adam Lambert, The Dar…
Adam Lambert to honour George Michael at charity show via
Today in 2014, Queen + Adam Lambert performed at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, USA.…
Timelapse from the video booth of Queen + Adam Lambert full show in Las Vegas, 24th June. Created by Steve Price https:/…
Standing in line to get some street tacos hope I don't miss the concert — attending Queen + Adam Lambert in Los...
PRO PHOTOS BY NORM HALL:. Gila River Arena added 12 new photos to the album: . Queen + Adam Lambert — at Gila River...
Would you rather snow Adam Lambert or stretch Maria Sharapova
Rachel "came out" at the Adam Lambert concert and she never looked back! Right on Rach.
Yes. I saw what happened with Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff (his ex guitarist) I tinhatted them so hard and it imploded
Welcome to Countdown to Queen!. In two weeks, Meredith Kirby and I will be going to see Queen + Adam Lambert at...
Kerry Ellis all set to bring a little Wonderland to Liverpool Empire - Queen + Adam Lambert
We should request Jensen to actually do a cover of runnin by Adam Lambert.
💎 Adam Lambert in gorgeous blue suit at Rays of Sunshine Charity Concert at Royal Albert Hall, June 7, 2012 London…
Suave: Adam Lambert and The Body Coach creator Joe Wicks suited and booted up for the ... via
Adam Lambert attends the Glamour Women of The Year awards 2017 at Berkeley Square Gardens on June 6, 2017 in...
What are you waiting for? Queen + Adam Lambert coming to Saint Paul on Jul 14. →
HUGH WILL BE AT AN EVENT IN THE UK!!! They are showing Adam in the evening and Hugh will be there in the morning!!! htt…
Gonna suggest something really old but I've been listening to it for a while . Adam Lambert's Outlaws of Love
Wow Adam lambert was so cute when he auditioned for American Idol
I don't care what anyone says, Adam Lambert won season 8 of American Idol
you should make Adam Lambert to a regular judge on your show
😜 Adam Lambert takes it in stride as pap annoys him at LAX . Full dl: Thanks https…
Adam Lambert Connects with Flaunt, Dishes on Heartbreak & Disappointment via
Brian calls Adam "Madam Lambert" on BBC Radio Wales 30.5.17 😆💋 At 2:51:32. "As of next week we're rehearsing again." ht…
"...activist musician...Adam Lambert..." :))) Leading Political Figures to Participate in the Resist March
💫🌟✨ Adam Lambert in the media galleries.
One of the other brothers is a magician and former…
"I've got nothing to hide, I am who I am" - Adam Lambert
A number of celebrities have lashed out at the US President incld Snoop Dogg,Green Day, Katy Perry and Adam Lambert .
" Haters : You all just adding fuel to my fire! You make me work harder. Thank you for the motivation. " - Adam Lambert
I added a video to a playlist [YTP] Pooping the Charts Vol. 1 - Taio Cruz, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga,
Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are on the Morning Jolt today on xLOut radio
Al’ notes: The best one in my mind is Adam Lambert. He already did X Factor in Australia He is clearly very good"…
Adam Lambert is hot paying tribute to legends right now, I wonder when the people behind Elvis Presley's Legacy wake up.…
-I'm still waiting to hear Adam Lambert's name announced
"Adam Lambert is also on the soundtrack: he's recorded his version of Aretha Franklin's song "Think."
New Tracks from Adam Lambert on Captain Underpants soundtrack. he's recorded his version of Aretha Franklin's "Think".
🎶😛🎶 Adam Lambert's take on Aretha Franklin's "Think" is on Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Soundtrack out June 2n…
Adam Lambert shows off his still life painting skills🎨Adam LambART - ZMTV: Fletch & Vaughan
🌟 Alisan Porter talks about collaborating w/ Adam Lambert. Also on YouTube:
Alisan Porter : "Adam Lambert and I wrote an amazing duet, I am actuall writing some songs for his record" .
Delighted to have Queen & Adam Lambert tickets for Manchester seen Freddie, Paul & Adam ... no words
Queen + Adam Lambert - Radio Gaga - Live at The Isle of Wight Festival 2016 via
Adam Lambert on daniellestori Instagram: Hands down the best Coachella yet! Great music, great friends, an Easter…
I added a video to a playlist Adam Lambert ig videos Golf Cart life! and watching Jack Garratt
I'm not necess attracted to them but a few of my fave celebs to look @ are Adam Lambert, Darren Cri…
Would you rather explode Jesse Tyler Ferguson or spare Adam Lambert
If there was a movie/show about Good Omens I would cast Adam Lambert as Crowley because I'm trash
evil in the night, the original high, better than I know myself - Adam Lambert. In my veins, pieces - Andrew Belle.…
Ever think that the people who voted for Donald Trump probably voted for Kris Allen over Adam Lambert on "American Idol"?
Life after American Idol : . Adam Lambert is obsessing over his new dog Pharoah. Can you blame him?" . h…
it is! Watch this one too, hysterical 😂Michelle Collins interviews Adam Lambert - Part 1
Adam Lambert discovered Casino by Daye Jack with Listen now:
Boneco de Adam Lambert do look usado no Desfile do “The Blonds” na New York Fashion Week” by
ya allah batzakar zaman knt aroo7 3al youtube w adawir 3ala Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff on stage. Dont look it up people, its 5ateera
I got a hug from Adam Lambert, got puked on by Tom Baker, and had dinner with John Wayne Gacy. Pick one.
😐Elthon John & Adam Lambert should do that. but better her than others...
Should have been Elton John or Adam Lambert doing the George Michael tribute, not Adele...
It's like being angry Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert on American Idol after text voting for William Hung
Sad that Adam Lambert won't be involved in the tribute to George Michael at the Grammys. Would have loved to hear him cover "One More Try"
James Corden battles in Queen sing-off: James Corden challenged Adam Lambert to a front man… https:/…
MUSE at Budweiser stage on the same night as Queen with Adam Lambert at the ACC
ICYMI. James Corden tries his darnest to be a better frontman for Queen then Adam Lambert. LOL! - Melody Chen
Queen + Adam Lambert are getting ready to ROCK Toronto on July 18! Get your tickets today -> htt…
Queen and Adam Lambert are coming to the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, and the Rocket is giving you the...
Via. deniselpoon: (Roger Taylor, Brian May) and Adam Lambert will rock North America this Summer. Catch...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Queen & Adam Lambert's chemistry has gone above & beyond expectation.Will embark on an extensive 25-city arena tour
💥 Get your public tickets here in 8 days Feb 3 at 10am North America Tour. https:…
Edmonton Journal Queen + Adam Lambert to rock Rogers Place in July Edmonton Journal Queen with Adam Lambert in…
Queen and Adam Lambert are hitting the road again this summer.
Queen and Adam Lambert are teaming back up for another summer tour!
Queen + Adam Lambert coming to Quicken Loans Arena on July 21 This is a very intriguing show as I love the music
Queen and Adam Lambert to play United Center on summer tour
Yahoo Music . This summer keeps heating up with great tours:. Queen and Adam Lambert plot US Summer Tour
Queen Adam Lambert Announce 25-City Tour "But is a studio collaboration on the way?".
Entertainment Weekly Music. Queen and Adam Lambert will team up again this summer!.
No one's Freddy Mercury, but Adam Lambert's got a heck of a voice. They come to Chicago this summer...
I added a video to a playlist Glee - I Believe in a Thing Called Love [feat. Adam Lambert]
Queen + Adam Lambert are coming here on July 2nd!!! Who wants to go?
Playing country music and all I want to talk about is the Queen/Adam Lambert tour! Not sure the listeners would appreciate. :)
Win tickets for Queen Adam Lambert 2017 at TD Garden, July 25, 2017 with Do617
On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Queen and Adam Lambert are back at it again!.
Queen to play CenturyLink Center with Adam Lambert as frontman
Queen & Adam Lambert will tour this summer. They hit the ACC July 18th. .
Now playing Welcome to the show by Adam Lambert!
JUST ANNOUNCED: + are returning to Wells Fargo Center on July 30! Get more info at https:/…
Just Announced! + 2017 at 7/25! Enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets!
Queen and Adam Lambert team up at Bell Centre in July
This summer's about to get Glambertous: and just announced a U.S. tour. See the dates:
Ready to rock? Queen and have announced 25 North American summer tour dates
Just announced! Queen + Adam Lambert are coming to Rogers Arena on July 2nd. Win tickets w…
I was watching past contestants and would love to see Adam Lambert, Caleb Johnson, and James Durbin do som…
So one of my friends just discovered Adam Lambert and the other one is slowly becoming obsessed with Hamilton. My m…
So Beautiful And Just love this song ❤ "Adam Lambert sings for Ice Skater Nick LaRoche "
Carrie Underwood. The third singer I know from American Idol. After Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert. County genius!
What You'll Hear: Today’s strong vocalists such as Sam Smith, Josh Groban, Idina Menzel, ... and Adam Lambert.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Predictions for 2017: new tour & music from Brian May+Kerry tour & music from Queen+Adam stereo stuff from LSC
Don't forget Avril Lavigne is up vs Adam Lambert on round two of The Ultimate Jingle Ball Performer. Vote:
LAST DAY to vote and Avril Lavigne is currently LOSING towards Adam Lambert. vote now!
From Celine Dion to Adam Lambert, these musicians won't perform at Trump's inauguration on January 20:
Keep voting for Avril Lavigne to win against Adam Lambert as the ultimate Jingle Ball Performer! .
Avril Lavigne is now up against Adam Lambert on round 2. Vote:
Avril Lavigne moved on to around 2 and is now LOSING against Adam Lambert. Vote here:
Adam Lambert & Tommy Joe Ratliff. Your first OTP never leaves.
Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry all lost American Idol, but they're still more well known than Jackie Evancho.
Adam Lambert discusses Sam Smith rumours, new material & the next Queen tour - NME via 👈🏼Some stuff in the can
Adam Lambert and Sam Smith 'laughed so hard' over collaboration rumours via
Adam Lambert discusses Sam Smith rumours, new material
Adam Lambert on Sam Smith rumours, his new album & future tour plans with Queen - will they be at Glastonbury 2017?
🇬🇧🎉 YAY! Live stream for the BBC Music Awards tomorrow 3 pm EST. Adam Lambert will be presenting! http…
At least Sharon had the sense to get Adam Lambert for Saara's duet! Louisa Johnson (💤) & Nicole Scherzinger (🤐) not Guest enough!
What about Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert as well.
I hope Saara does this. Adam Lambert feat. Angie Miller - Titanium
I won't ever get over Angie Miller and Adam Lambert singing Titanium 😍
Watching Sterling K Brown act is very similar to the same depth of emotion I feel as when I see/hear Adam Lambert sing live.
Adam Lambert feat. Angie Miller - Titanium imagine saara and adam lambert doing a duet like this
Can we just appreciate the fact that for one brief, shining moment, Chris Colfer, Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert were…
Do you think you can beat Adam Lambert and Cliff Richard for ? I do :-)
Gary's up against . Marco Mengoni . Cliff Richard . Adam Lambert. Andrea Bochelli. Cliff won this in 2015. Gary can win 2016, vote!
Pictures of the Week: One year after they publicly praised one another, Adam Lambert and Robbie Williams have met! http…
can we talk about how Adam Lambert went from a 3 to a 10 real quick
Adam Lambert:. -King. -if you don't like him then why you following me?. -100% of talent. -he's so funny😂
Adam Lambert, Annaleigh Ashford and Laverne Cox are the only ones who seem to know what movie they're in.
Aaliyah is good Adam Lambert, Alessia Cara, Anthony Hamilton, Arctic Monkeys, Childish Gambino, Calvin Harris want more?
OK UM Adam Lambert in Rocky Horror show😍😍 Like marry me now thnx byee!
The last time *** people didn't vote, Adam Lambert came in second place via
Wasn't worth it but Adam Lambert wasn't that bad. If anyone should've played Eddie it was Jack Black for sure.
The new Rocky Horror was amazing Laverne Cox took Adam Lambert's spot as my queen but Adam Lambert played Eddie and he was amazing
I just turned on Rocky Horror Picture Show and I'm just excited to see Adam Lambert as Eddie
Hey followers, check out his cover of Hot Patootie on itunes by Adam Lambert from Rocky Horror Picture Show remake! It's gr…
WATCH Adam Lambert performing 'Hot Patootie' as Eddie in upcoming re-telling of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
I'd rather have Paul Rodgers singing again in Queen over that *** Adam Lambert(who does no justice to Freddy Me…
"and Adam Lambert in a showstopping cameo as Eddie, the Ex Delivery Boy" Great review of
Adam Lambert and Brian Friedman in London 10-10-16
Dr. Brian May - Rocket Ship Builder and Rockstar at once - Queen + Adam Lambert concert in Bangkok Thailand -…
In the video artists like Katy Perry, Adam Lambert and DJ David Guetta sing the song of John Lennon. via
Before Sam Smith there was Adam Lambert. Charlie Puth to David Archuleta and. Ariana Grande to Jojo... Where are you now? 💔
VIDEO: Meet your 2016 judges w/ Iggy Azalea, Adam Lambert and Guy Sebastian!
Concert review: 10 best moments from Queen + Adam Lambert
Listening to Adam Lambert-20th Century Boy (Glam Nation Live) on my Android phone . A great song!
Who should perform the Halftime show at Super Bowl 51? Queen + Adam Lambert. What do you think?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Adam Lambert – a man w/glam & range & falsetto to match the best original front man Freddie Mercury had to offer. .
good on Adam Lambert watching every show in the world to be able claim xfactor is the show to create Talent.
The chase had a question about Adam Lambert on today's show and the chaser got it wrong. Lol 😂
Just one week until the Queen & Adam Lambert kicks off in Tel Aviv! 👑❤️ 🙌🏼
well they are famous: Ricky Martin, Elton, Sam Smith, Adam Lambert, Freddie Mercury and now Frank, they all have great careers
Is that Ricky Rubio or Adam Lambert out there?
to the moment I was surround by these amazing talents ! Adam Lambert, Ricky Martin and Gail Page...
Adam Lambert has dropped possibly the biggest summer belter!
Listen to Adam Lambert's New EDM Single 'Broken': Tritonal and Jeanaux’s "Broken" featuring Adam Lambert is out now.
Must watch: Adam Lambert slays George Michael's 'Faith' in concert
"the cast looks super promising -- especially Laverne Cox, Victoria Justice, and Adam Lambert"
The kicker is Adam Lambert, as the American Idol alum bursts into the scene like a bat out of *** .
My feed's all Hot Patootie and Rock'n Roll and Rocky Horror...and, of course...Adam Lambert! ♥ My edit.
See the first photo of Adam Lambert in Fox's "Rocky Horror Picture Show"
Must watch: Adam Lambert slays George Michael's ‘Faith' in concert -
Must watch: Adam Lambert slays George Michael’s ‘Faith’ in concert
Poor Donald Trump "Better than when Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert on American Idol.". via
"I can't wait to see a real Idol who rocks, Adam Lambert" ~ Kelsea Ballerini Live Finale
Tim Curry as the Narrator! Adam Lambert as Eddie? And BEN VEREEN as Dr Everett von Scott!?! SOLD
American Idol alum Adam Lambert as Eddie, a role played by rock legend Meat Loaf in the 1975 film via
Queen + Adam Lambert, Japan Martial Arts Hall concert completely sold out additional performance of the...
Adam Lambert's original 'The Original High' leaks online and it sounds so chill
Someone make Chris go hang out with Adam Lambert and snapchat them together.
Britney, JLo, Selena, P!nk, Adam Lambert, MNEK and more are on a charity song benefitting Orlando shooting victims: ht…
💫💓💫 Adam Lambert on Chelsea Lately 2012. "Yes! I have a boyfriend!".
Awesome hq pics via Sofia Music Enterprises , Queen and Adam Lambert in Sofia
Fabulous Queen + Adam Lambert photo galleries by . Resized https…
Last of my photo spam of Thilo Rahn's photos: . Queen + Adam Lambert, Sofia 23.06.2016
Adam Lambert (Queen) lookin' at all the white raincoats in Hinwil CH: "You look like a bunch of condoms!"
and Josh makes such goofy faces trying to hit the high notes while Adam Lambert just does it with ease staying gorgeous
5. ive met Adam Lambert and Greyson Chance but have HORRIBLE M&G PHOTOS. (weeping but here u go [candid w grey tho])
Queen to play In Israel with Adam Lambert leading wrapping up summer of major concerts! htt…
I liked a video Queen and Adam Lambert at the Isle of Wight Festival 2016 "One Vision"
Queen & Adam Lambert dedicate 'Who Wants to Live Forever' to the victims of the Orlando shootings
the beginning of Saula. Kelly Clarkson. Carrie Underwood. Adam Lambert. Jennifer Hudson. I could go on and on and on. 😂
[Y!] Kylie Minogue and Queen+Adam Lambert among music lineup for Singapore GP
to Lucy by Adam Lambert feat Dr. Brian May on on
Who is all on my list? AC/DC, Bob Marley, Baba Brinkman, The Doors, 4 non blondes, Adam Lambert, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Bangles,
Being one of Adam Lambert's dancer is one of my biggest goals 🔥🙌 but I'm too young, have no connection and I can't even…
Alisan Porter spoke with Adam Lambert 'every single day' during her time on 'The Voice'
That song "Who Wants to Live Forever" with the exquisite vocals of Adam Lambert & Brian May on the guitar transports me from this world!
THIS is Adam Lambert. He's a doll. A strong, talented sexy man. Where have U been? ;)
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