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Adam Jones

Adam Pac-Man Bernard Jones (born September 30, 1983) is an American football cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Trea Turner Chris Davis Josh Phegley Erik Bedard Mark Trumbo Terrelle Pryor Manny MacHado Chris Tillman Nolan Reimold Air Jordans Buck Showalter Eric Hosmer Tim Tebow Odubel Herrera Joey Rickard Robbie Henshaw Hanley Ramirez

Team USA caps off a wild comeback against Venezuela with 8th inning homers by Adam Jones and Eric Hosmer:…
Eric Hosmer and Adam Jones' 8th inning home runs power Team USA to 4-2 victory over Venezuela.
My handsome nephews at the wedding. Keith Closs, Adam Jones the groom and Gregory Jones the best man. I love my...
"Dan just told Buck to play Adam Jones in left field and Buck angrily stormed out of the room."
Joined NOW at by as he helps make sense of the whole Adam Jones, Dan Duquette, CF ordeal. Listen!
Hey Dan...dont tell anyone esp Adam Jones..but the Celtics are giving up 106-107 ppg in last 18 gms. Same 18 with no Bradley.
While Phil and Carmelo's relationship is much worse, I don't think Dan Duquette and Adam Jones will be exchanging humantashen this Purim.
Hitchhikers guide to Blockchain looks at the implications of for advisers & investmnt profs
‘DCR338 - Drumcode Radio Live - Adam Beyer live from Awakenings, Amsterdam’ on
Adam Pally's right: Zoe Lister-Jones should direct the next Jurassic Park
Is Adam Jones a good value in Fantasy Baseball? Eric Hosmer?
ownership and the franchise show little respect to the city of Cincinnati. Adam Jones is a career criminal.
Is it time for the Bengals to can Adam Jones? .
Joking aside: no matter who it is, the burden of office is heavy and the bearer needs our prayers.
The way things are going, I predict Adam PacMan Jones will someday be POTUS.
camp 21st Feb.Form below. Pupils speak to Adam Jones in school.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
What if I told you before Pete Kozma there was Tim Jones?
"it's no coincidence that when you google IMAGE the name . MARK DICE you'll see 3 more: Adam Kokesh, Alex Jones & johnathan Brandis! SEE!
Bengals undecided on Jones' future via How can they be undecided?
"I think there is [gender] inequity for directors who come out of Sundance and move to the studio system."
I added a video to a playlist TOOL : Demo Five Songs Leaked 2017 Confirmed by Adam Jones !
Bengals' Adam 'Pacman' Jones to officers during arrest: 'I hope you die tomorrow' via the
Ya' think? Consider This: It's time for the Bengals to cut Adam Jones
"The defining repulsive alien element is gunge. Goo." Adam Mars-Jones explains why
I know Adam Pally is married but I would like to marry him too
Confused about Adam Jones' precipitous ranking drop. Nearly everything except SLG is similar after being top 15 most places. Now ECR is 86.
The Bengals have not yet decided on the future of RCB Adam Jones, who was arrested on four charges in…
hey Adam, do you know if JV Jones is still writing? Alive? Etc? Thanks
and a lot of guys got good after leaving, like Adam Jones
Bengals undecided on Jones' future via
All this Fake News, maybe if we start one about Adam Jones being released it'd become true?
Andrew Shaw and Adam Pelech see their lives flash before their eyes.
Can we please release Adam Jones? Just do some inception with Mike Brown please
Adam Jones spoke up on the Baltimore riots and was very eloquent on why it happened. Buck Showalter also and (agh) Peter Angelos.
Worth noting that this version leaves Adam Jones, Ian Kinsler, Jonathan Lucroy, Alex Bregman and Eric Hosmer on the bench.
In a video released Monday, Adam Jones allegedly told an officer, "I hope you die tomorrow."
Only 5 of 23 players drafted before Aaron Rodgers are still in NFL: Alex Smith, Adam Jones, DeMarcus Ware, Thomas Davis &…
Rugby legend Adam Jones on Mastermind via Broadest set of shoulders ever to appear on Mastermind?
Cutch, Adam Jones and Odubel Herrera played similar number innings in CF. Check the differences in # of hits allowe…
It's official: Adam "PacMan" Jones now has as many incidents involving police as he does career interceptions with the Beng…
Cincinnati Bengals CB Adam Jones arrested after assaulting man
And the career of Adam Pacman Jones comes to an end. Much longer than society expected
Adam Jones resisted arrest, kicked and head-butted officers, spit on jail nurse and poked a man in the eye...Pa…
The ballwashing for Adam Jones is it..."He's a good guy, got kids." yup
Bengals' Adam Jones arrested overnight on multiple charges including spitting on an officer: h…
Adam 'Pacman' Jones is arrested on a litany of charges.again.
Bengals' Adam Jones 'vehemently denies' accusations after arrest via
Adam Pacman Jones arrested last night on 4 charges. Reportedly poked a man in the eye, head-butted an officer, & spat on…
Former WVU player Adam "Pacman" Jones has been jailed on a charge of harassment with a bodily substance. .
Bengals' Adam Jones charged with felony after arrest -
While you were sleeping last night this is what Adam Jones was doing.
Bengals’ Adam Jones charged with felony after arrest
Adam Jones arrested for 3 misdemeanors last night in Hamilton Co., since been charged w/ a felony (harassment w/…
Welcome to the offseason: Adam Jones arrested
CB Adam "Pacman" Jones arrested, accused of headbutting cop and spitting on jail nurse
Adam Jones arrested on multiple charges, including felony harassment with a bodily substance
Adam Jones charged after allegedly poking man in eye - via App
Former Titan Adam 'Pacman' Jones arrested in Ohio after head-butting a cop. Read:
Bengals CB Adam Jones faces several charges after being arrested early Tues. for allegedly poking a man in the eye:
Adam "Pacman" Jones arrested, reportedly spit on jail nurse and deputy .
Bengals Adam Jones arrested on 3 different charges last night. Your move Vontaze Burfict.
Adam Jones arrested Tuesday morning on multiple charges including allegedly spitting on an officer
Breaking Now: Defensive Back Adam Jones arrested. Charges include assault & disorderly conduct. Due in court at 9a…
Woke up to Adam Jones wildin out real quick 😂
Hue Jackson on Adam Jones ripping Pryor: 'I know him extremely well. Didn't see it. People will pile on right now…
Pryor declined to comment on the Adam Jones rant thru a team spokesman
Hey Terrell Pryor ask Adam Jones how many SB rings he has or how many arrests n suspension he has since in the NFL
Adam Jones snappin off about Terrell Pryor is the funniest thing I've seen in my life😂
Adam Jones to our camera walking off: "Terrelle Pryor who? Average mother f***er. Get the f*** out of here."
Bengals' Adam Jones didn't hold back in his postgame press conference.
Adam Jones rips Browns' Terrelle Pryor, looks for him in a trash can
Adam Jones wouldn’t stop calling Terrelle Pryor ‘garbage’ before looking for Pryor in the garbage
Adam Jones : 3 tackles, held Terrelle Pryor to 1 catch for 3 yards & called him "garbage" after the game
Look on Adam Jones face says it all following Mike Nugent into locker room. would have had chance to win w/ F…
Man this 2018/2019 class of MLB free agents is going to be insane. Harper, Donaldson, Manny MacHado, Adam Jones, Brian Dozier...
Adam Jones on AJ Green injury "He's the best receiver in the league. He goes down, how do you think it's going to affect t…
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Great chance for Os prop Gareth Thomas to prop against Adam Jones.
NFL: Bengals CB Adam Jones sold on Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. being elite; "The kid is a freak. He can do it all"…
and remember Adam Jones, Gethin Jenkins and Matthew Rees etc all came through the pre-2003 system.
From an Adam Jones free kick, Riley Pang get a head on it and puts it in the back of the net. It's his fourth of the year
I think 5 highly underrated players are Adam Jones, Odubel Herrera, Kyle Hendricks, Rick Porcello, and J.A. Happ.
Congrats to Welsh referees Craig Evans & Adam Jones who have made the panel for the 2016-17 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Se…
Adam Jones: *** of a season. I couldn’t be more proud of everyone in here." https…
BREAKING: Fan who threw an object at Adam Jones has been identified
Is it possible to set up a race between Usain Bolt and Adam Jones?
I'm in section 139 at the Rogers & many Jays fans are yelling slurs such a "ch*nk" and "n*gger" at Kim and Adam Jones. Sta…
Rich, why is Jeff Passan saying Adam Jones is livid? Watching debate.
Adam Jones goes for the single with two strikes against the ...I like that more than falling over swinging for the homer
First pitch swinging. Mark Trumbo lines a homer to left. It scores Adam Jones and the Orioles lead 2-1 in the 4th.
Let's get that Adam Jones leadoff homer ayy
Adam Jones makes it 3-1 O's with a homer. Lot of rain in New York so that one might not go nine.
Pineda serves up Adam Jones 29th homer of the year, 3-1 Orioles
Adam Jones with his 29th homer of the year, which is also the 225th of his career
What ru kidding me Adam Jones got robbed of a homer 👎
Adam Jones blows. Nails on a chalkboard
Adam Jones, the 2015 Marvin Miller Man of the Year, Leads by Example -
Is this real right now? I'm trying to watch Wednesday night baseball on ESPN right now and all they keep talking about is Adam Jones'
Adam Jones on lack of protests in MLB: “Baseball’s a white man’s sport...They don’t need us”
“Baseball is a white man’s sport," Adam Jones stays woke, supports the movement. .
8.3% black players in MLB -- Adam Jones: No anthem protests in baseball because it's 'a white man’s sport'
i read it. It says listen. Adam jones is dead wrong for saying baseball is a white mans sport
There's a reason why MLB players haven't entered the fray.
Took two steps toward Adam Jones in the locker room. He yelled back: "I ain't talking about the Steelers."
Adam Jones: no anthem protests in MLB because baseball is ‘a white mans sport’
CF Adam Jones on why baseball players have not joined the anthem protests. MORE:
Thinking of Adam Jones' comments, I'm now wondering what would happen if a P.K. Subban protested the national anthem in NH…
"In football, you can't kick them out. You need those players. In baseball, they don't need us.".
Adam Jones on lack of MLB player national anthem protests: "Baseball is a white man's sport"
Such crap. It's not a sport, it's a 7 billion $ a year business, If you're good enough they don't car…
So proud that Adam Jones is an Oriole. He gives so much to the community. Works with Big Brothers & Sisters...
Some painful truths from Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles.
I dunno, man. If your takeaway from that Jones/USA Today piece is "Adam Jones said a racist thing" you really need to…
Adam Jones on MLB's lack of Kaepernick protest: 'Baseball is a white man's sport'
"Anybody of color speaks up in the US, they always get the raw end of the deal" htt…
Athletes like Adam Jones deserve to be heard with open ears
Adam Jones, like Colin Kaepernick, needs to be heard. Column:
I see by the immediately flurry of replies to the mere posting of my column that some just can’t be bothered. Again: htt…
⚡️ “Adam Jones explains lack of Kaepernick-like protests in MLB”.
Adam Jones is going to be loved by those who have read the piece, and hated by those who just read the headline.
Goodness, Adam Jones was speaking that truth on why there are no protests in baseball.
B-R has him most similar to Hunter Pence, Adam Jones, Geoff Jenkins, Carl Everett, and Jason Bay. Not a bad group, per say, but 2011...
Orioles' Adam Jones leaves game in ninth with cramping, but says he will play ..
Jacoby Jones' 1st big league hit is an RBI double that gives the the lead. His Mom is in tears. Special moment.
In seven innings as a Tiger, JaCoby Jones has more RBIs than Casey McGehee.
Didn't get them all, but confirmed that Buck cannot say "Adam Jones" without saying "gold glover"
Excellent, thoughtful, and impactful piece by Bomani Jones: "This is what a stand looks like."
Y'all I swear he's related to Adam Sandler...
You think Adam Jones doesn't want to be out there? You think this team isn't fighting? Watch their reactions to that Wieters HR.
Adam Jones hitting a pinch hit walk off tonight dont @ me
Thanks to Chad Estis & Charlotte Jones Anderson for the tour of the INCREDIBLE facility.
Zero concern from Adam Jones on his tweak. Says he could have played tonight and again on Thursday.
[The Baltimore Sun: Orioles Insider] Orioles notes: Adam Jones could be back in lineup soon
JaCoby Jones comes up with 2 on& 2 out for the first time in his MLB career, wearing Opposing pitcher, none other than…
baltimoresun​.com >> Orioles notes: Adam Jones will likely be held out until weekend series
all of a sudden the Thursday game for Kap is huge.
I need to find a dedicated "friend" who will go as Edward Hayes Neary with me (Adam Jones) to a Halloween party.
domain names
Terrific save from New Pal's Adam Hunt after MV's Carson Jones sneaks past Dragons defense on through ball. 29:32 left in half, 30 min delay
What happened to Leslie Jones can happen to anyone. Cyberbullying is a growing problem!
I'd rather hear Adam Jones mic'd up the whole game instead of the commentators
Adam Jones returns to the lineup and Reimold is gone
Buck Showalter on Adam Jones' return to the lineup: "He’s close, very close."
Are you a safe person for others to confide in? Great questions posed for the church to consider.
.on discipleship: "You cannot produce something that you are not." .
The problem with me making supper is that I eat a whole first course before anyone sits down. But I have to try it first right?
JaCoby Jones will start at 3rd and bat 8th in his MLB debut tonight for the Detroit Tigers!
Apart from riding a bike and using a selfie stick it just looks like a day in work for us
I went to Luke Bryan concert for 1 girl & sat thru 2 1/2 hours of The Lord of Dance which was a tap dancing show for another
Showalter on not playing Adam Jones until Friday. “I would be tempted, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten better at fighting temptation."
This was on Instagram earlier when I tagged Adam jones in my video of him see
Add us on snapchat ugaspikesquad to see UGA/UNC from the front row Saturday!!! 🐶🐾🏈
Buck Showalter said Adam Jones is "very close" to returning and is available off the bench tonight if needed.
Adam Jones ran today, but still not in lineup. Not sure when he returns.
Showalter said Adam Jones is closer, but they'd be "taking a pretty good risk" in losing him long term.
really? Trumbo was only one year before FA. It doesn't even come close to the Adam jones trade in scope
Recommendation by :Adam Tuesday will be the ...
- Adam Jones remains out the Orioles lineup Tues.
At 3:05 on ESPN1530, why I'm happy with what happened last night with AJ Green and Adam Jones. Listen:
Trea Turner singles on a sharp line drive to center fielder Adam Jones.
Tanner Roark very fortunate Turner made the diving catch to rob Adam Jones of extra bases. Inning could've been really ugly
Tanner Roark has faced 7 batters. Only one he retired was Adam Jones who was robbed of extra bases by Trea Turner. 1B, HR, 2B, BB, HBP.
We know Trea Turner can hit. Showed he can play the outfield to rob Adam Jones to start the game..
Adam Jones robbed on diving catch by Trea Turner, Hyun Soo Kim singles and I'm having the usual wireless problems here. Everything in order
I feel like Trea Turner ran for two years to be able to catch that Adam Jones fly ball.
To start us off, Adam Jones drives one to the RCF gap that does not elude a diving Trea Turner. Impressive fellow.
Trea Turner with an amazing catch to rob Adam Jones. Maybe the greatest catch on the first out of a game I've ever seen.
and underway at 7:06 and it's 80 degrees and Trea Turner just robbed Adam Jones of Xtra bases
Trea Turner with a diving catch in right center of Adam Jones. . "He think he me." - Jones, probably
Trea Turner makes a ridiculous diving catch in RCF to rob Adam Jones of extra bases to start the game.
Adam Jones flies out to center fielder Trea Turner.
Trea Turner hits the gas, dives and snags an Adam Jones shot into the gap at the warning track. That was good.
It's really hard to tell that Trea Turner is still getting used to center field. He just went a long way to rob Adam Jones on a fly to CF.
Terrific catch by Trea Turner in center field to rob Adam Jones of extra-base hit.
Trea Turner & Adam Jones both had four-hit games. Second time both leadoff hitters this season had four-hit games.
Adam Jones and Trea Turner are both 4-for-4 tonight. I wonder what the record is for combined hits from the leadoff spot in a game...
Both leadoff hitters, Trea Turner and Adam Jones are 4-for-4. Worley has allowed four straight hits here.
Whitlock 1-on-1: Adam Jones feels disrespected by Tim Tebow tryin ->
Adam Jones singles on a ground ball to center fielder Trea Turner.
Adam Jones, Manny MacHado, Chris Davis, and Mark Trumbo have now combined to hit more HRs than five teams. ht…
Oh and shoutout to my boy Adam Jones throwing shade at Tim Tebow. It ain't that easy to hit a baseball bruh...
That's also Adam Jones' 1,403th hit with tying him with Al Bumbry for 10th on team's all-time hit list.
Brandon Tate, Mario Alford, Adam Jones, and Gio returning punts before practice
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Was offered Marte and Nola for Adam Jones and Danny Duffy. Thoughts? ?
Orioles CF Adam Jones is joining Friday’s IT Fan Show! Post your questions for Adam belo...
Mario Alford will compete with fellow Adam Jones.
He has a FanGraphs WAR of 1.5 this year. Better than Giancarlo Stanton, Andrew McCutchen and Adam Jones.
Adam Jones scored winning run in 10th inning on a low throw to the plate by P Jordan Lyles. O's 5th straight W.
Mike Trout, Adam Jones and other players honored Ken Griffey Jr. with special cleats today
Acting manager John Russell says Adam Jones exited the game with back spasms.
Russell said Chris Davis will try to play tomorrow. Adam Jones said back is already better
does Nelson Cruz or Adam Jones fit in that deal instead of JBJ and still be fair? (I'm looking to get altuve, need SB)
I'm not in Ur league. Lol..I offered Adam Jones, Mark Trombone and Derek Holland for Jose Bautista, Mike Mousta…
Tonight, Adam Jones became the 6th player in history to homer in 200 games. He joins Cal, Eddie, Boog, Brooks, & Rafael.
Adam Jones became just the 5th Oriole to homer off the 1st pitch from opposition. . Joins B-Rob, Brady Anderson, P. Bradley, & P. Stanicek.
Taijuan Walker's first pitch of the night nearly drills Adam Jones and flies all the way to the backstop.
If Gregory Polanco's an 85, no reason Adam Jones isn't!!!
getting one, no. Rob was bitter I didn't include any here
How has Adam Jones, been playing for Quins?
.analyst Mike Bordick told is an intimidating presence as a leadoff hitter
Adam Bolton doing his best impression of Jack Dee. Botox or just a miserable bugger?
oh how I wish Adam jones was still there
She said Adam should've asked God for a new woman instead of honoring the one he had lol. But if u do this in 16' u a scumbag lol
also any minor upgrades to power and contact with Adam Jones's fielding stats could easily make him gold
.Adam Wenchel from Capital One discusses Hortonworks Data Flow for cyber security
I forgot I had this picture. I believe its Adam Jones' Homerun against the Royals at home on 6-7-16.
Adam Jones: Batting .369, has 6 homers, 16 RBIs over his past 15 games.
Which dog breed would your favorite Oriole be?
Orioles' Adam Jones has plenty of kicks. These are special to him.
Orioles as dog breeds, and I've just reached Maximum Me.
I love dogs and the O's, so here are the O's as different dog breeds.
he's there to get the party started. Adam Jones stars in "Always Swingin"
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Not as bad as the Adam Jones situation because nobody was unjustly detained/arrested, BUT YOU GET WHAT I'M SAYING.
Since moving to the top of the lineup 30 games ago, Adam Jones:. • 40-for-126 (.317 AVG). • 6 x doubles. • 10 x home runs…
The real reason Adam Jones bought up some expensive Air Jordans
Adam Pacman Jones is the most underrated cornerback in the NFL
AMP Chairman defends as central to national security in op-ed, Adam Smith would agree
Adam Jones hosted a free football camp for nearly 400 area youth. . 📰:
Staff Adam Wilcox and Susan Jones taking part in the Science Demonstrator Competition, where...
Adam Jones spent more than $2,500 on a pair of Air Jordans. For a reason.
Adam Jones recently procured the final pieces of an extremely rare shoe collection.
'We believe it is through the grace of our Lord Jesus that we are saved, just as they are.'
shortlisted authors & Adam Mars-Jones will be reading on 12 July. Join us!
Before anyone searches too hard for an Eddie Jones as England football manager, the players wouldn't cope with that kind…
an Eddie Jones type. Erm no can't think of one
baltimoresun​.com >> Orioles outfielder Adam Jones spent a lot on Air Jordans, but for a good reason
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We'll be LIVE at 8am with Special Guests: Jared Minor of JaxWax, KC Jones of the KC Jones Race Team, and Adam Dunn of Dunn Deal Auctions!
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell at pro-Corbyn rally: "Jeremy Corbyn is not resigning, he's staying on"
Adam Wainwright almost just Randy Johnson'd a bird ...
Don't forget to submit your food ideas using for a chance to battle Adam Jones!
RBI double for Adam Jones. Pena goes first to home as ball slams off the scoreboard wall in right.
Adam Jones base hit scores Flaherty. Marcus Stroman gets knocked out of the game. 7-4 Orioles
Adam Jones adds an RBI single to make it a 7-4 lead in the bottom of the fourth. The are all over Marcus Stroman today. He exits.
Wright ends the inning with back to back strikeouts. O's turn to bat, Adam Jones will lead it off against Aaron Sanchez.
Farrell after Rodriguez gave Adam Jones that 3-0 fastball down broad street:
Adam Jones with a 2-run HR to LF in the 7th. No shutout for Steven Wright. down 6-2
Steven Wright hadn't given up an earned run in 23 2/3 innings before Adam Jones hit a two-run home run over the Green Monste…
David Price opens the game with a strikeout of Adam Jones
Nice. Black OF drafted. Gotta look through the comp book for guys like Adam Jones, Ray Lankford and Carl Crawford.
Adam Jones just crushed a three-run homer to left off Goody. 7-6 Yankees. Six runs in with no outs. In comes Andrew Miller. What a meltdown.
Harold Reynolds talking about Adam Jones getting more fastballs... first highlight is him hitting a curveball for a home run
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Adam Jones grounds out, second baseman Dustin Pedroia to first baseman Hanley Ramirez.
Imagine a guy and in a Stephen Carpenter/Adam Jones time of my mentions!
Adam Jones leadoff experience works in the first. First 4 batters reach. Baltimore up 3-0
Adam Jones: "I saw we set the record for strikeouts in a three-game series. Let’s get the *** out of Houston.”
Adam Jones is impressed by the Bengals young wide receivers
Adam Jones calls out impressive rookies, says he believes 2016 squad could be "way better" than 2015 team https:…
Adam Jones believes Bengals could be "way better" than 2015 team
is Quintana and Mazara for Harvey, Sonny Gray and Adam Jones a good trade?
Here's a list of CFs Leonys has been better than in 2016:. Adam Jones. Andrew McCutchen. Jacoby Ellsbury. Joc Pederson. Denar…
Adam Jones just pulled a Mike Trout and robbed a homer out in CF
Adam Jones and Chris Tillman were dealt to Baltimore from Seattle for Erik Bedard in 2008. Someone deserved to lose their job for that. Wow.
Remember that time we traded away 5 players, including Chris Tillman and Adam Jones for Erik Bedard.
Can't believe the Mariners traded Tillman and Adam Jones for Erik Bedard. Where would the franchise be without that trade
Suggestion! Play Kabaddi with Robbie Henshaw, Adam Jones, and Kevin Sinfield. A fun contact game from India.
As the Mariners start to play the Orioles today, here is your annual reminder that the Mariners traded Adam Jones for Erik Bedard.
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I give Strasburg and Adam Jones for Cespedes, Gallo, Jorge Mateo and Michael Fulmer in dynasty league. Should I do it?
Come on people!!! . We need stories from rugby auto biographies about. . Adam Jones . Kevin Sinfeild . Robbie Henshaw . Will greenwood
I would love to pay his fine. I am from Baltimore and hate Jose Bautista. He started with Adam Jones last year.
"Wait, Tom Brady over Damon Huard against Indy??? Bellichick needs to retire!" - Adam Jones
More people rostered Adam Jones (~85%) in cash games tonight than Clayton Kershaw (~80%)
Adam Jones, Chris Davis, and Mark Trumbo combine to go 10 for 15 with 4 HR and 9 RBI as Orioles top Twins, 9-2.
Hear what had to say about Adam Jones, Bryce Harper and Manny MacHado:
Mariners haven't had a center fielder like him since Cameron. We traded Adam Jones before he played CF for M's.
From Derrick Johnson at 51 to Adam Jones at 101, check out PFF's list of the best players in football last season.
Josh Phegley strikes out Adam Jones in his 1st big league pitching appearance. Flashes 88 MPH heater.
C Josh Phegley with the NASTY strikeout of Adam Jones...
A's back-up catcher Josh Phegley struck out Adam Jones yesterday!
New at ESR: on Manny, Adam Jones' struggles, and Chris Lee's concerning K rate
Yesterday Bartolo Colon hit a home run. Today, Josh Phegley struck out Adam Jones. Baseball is pretty cool.
Wire: Orioles OF Adam Jones got struck out by the A's backup catcher
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How bad is Adam Jones struggling this year? catcher Josh Phegley struck him out today.
A's catcher Josh Phegley takes the mound, strikes out Adam Jones -
.catcher retired Adam Jones and Mark Trumbo with ease on Sunday.
Adam Jones has dipped below the Mendoza line at .198. Chris Davis is down to .204.
I'll take Adam Jones, Reggie Nelson (lead in picks), and Geroge Illoka any day
longest streak I've had this season is 2. Adam Jones and Bethancourt for 2.
Possibly if he doesn't bust. Adam Jones, Julius Jones and Mike Jenkins were also among them
Adam Jones gets one RBI on his double but Davis thrown out at home. White Sox maintain the 2-1 lead after one.
Adam Jones moved to 5 spot, Nolan Reimold in left, Joey Rickard in right as return home vs White Sox.
I'd rather have Erik Bedard in his prime than Adam Jones and Chris Tillman
I've had a lot of baseball players in the past respond to me that I can remember . Adam Jones. Evan Longoria . Infamously Brandon Phillips
Adam Jones and Manny MacHado providing targets for Jonathan Schoop and JJ Hardy.
Adam Jones and Amari Cooper just put their hands around each others necks on madden lol good job madden
Just sold high on Trevor Rosenthal and got Adam Jones in exchange. I have Davis, Cishek and Rodney for saves. Good deal?
I would've gone with the Orioles stealing Adam Jones for Erik Bedard
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look at Burfict, Adam Jones, Aldon Smith, Big Ben, Kobe, Jon Jones, the list goes on. All of them
They also traded Steve Finley, Pete Harnisch, and Curt Schilling to Astros for Glenn Davis, also acquired Adam Jones from Seattle.
We still traded Chris Tillman and Adam Jones for Erik Bedard.
I try to remember the O's acquired Chris Davis and Adam Jones in bad trades.
Worse than the Glenn Davis trade. At least it's evened out by the Frank Robinson (fleeced CIN) & Adam Jones (fleeced SEA) deals.
@ B3-2o: Chris Davis walks. Adam Jones to 2nd.
Marco Estrada walks Adam Jones and Chris Davis with two outs. Mark Trumbo up to bat.
Adam Jones and Chris Davis walk with two outs. Davis has 13 walks in 14 games.
Orioles center fielder Adam Jones leaves game with stomach virus, team says
Adam Jones leaves the game as well. Our old pal Nolan Reimold is in the ballgame right now.
Joey Rickard has moved to CF. Adam Jones out of the game. Nolan Reimold in right to replace him.
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