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Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson (born 14 July 1987) is an English footballer who plays for Premier League club Sunderland as a winger.

Ched Evans Rolf Harris Ian Watkins Margaret Byrne Lance Armstrong David De Gea

Gus Johnson just completely botched Tyrann Mathieu's name and I'm so disappointed.
What are you doing in 11th Jimmie Johnson? You get back to 13th where you belong.
"He's a big moments and finals player so why don't you pick him?" . Bartel on Johnson
Disgraced footballer Adam Johnson 'in tears as prison inmates chant "rapist" every time he leaves cell'
Adam Johnson represents Old Second National Bank in sale of 1008 Douglas Rd in
OJ Simpson. Adam Johnson. Justin Gatlin. Lance Armstrong. It's crazy we've all been alive to witness these sporting greats
Ian Watkins, Barry Bennell, Adam Johnson, Ian Brady. But hey, they weren't gangs so what d…
Adam Johnson demands to be moved prison after death threat -
Sunderland paid Margaret Byrne 850 after resigning over Adam Johnson case
Adam Johnson - Youth worker. I think I'm going to *** now 😂
Loads more knocking about as well, Fritzl, Adam Johnson, Purple Aki :)
So Wifey Christina Townsend does this every week. I reckon a lads vs girls charity bounce off Adam Johnson.
Marcus has taken to wearing his Adam Johnson shirt in public, fairs
So, what's it like in jail Ched? Adam Johnson gets in touch with rapist player
Dead Wheels presents Champagne (Summer 2017), a video by David Sizemore and Adam Johnson - Teaser…
- Ten years of scraping survival every season. - Awful football. - Adam Johnson . 3 reasons why no one will miss Sunderlan…
Adam Johnson played for a professional club...didn't make him any less of a peado
I hope Lee Charnley gets raped by Adam Johnson in jail.
And hot on the heels of the news about Ched Evans is this: Adam Johnson: "I wish I'd raped her"
Adam Johnson's ex dumps him for former Coventry City star Gary Madine
Adam Johnson may make Stacey Flounders HOMELESS over Madine romance | Daily Star:
Adam Johnson may make Stacey Flounders HOMELESS as dad and sis visit
Petr cech is finished as a top keeper , aguero had more inappropriate touches than Adam Johnson and still scored
The rape boasts of Adam Johnson show victim-blaming is still with us | Joan Smith | Opinion | The Guardian
Why are people supporting Adam Johnson over this video that's come out? He's still a paedophile, and acts like he did nowt…
"I wonder how a convicted sex offender can get any worse". *reads*. "Wow he found a way.".
Adam Johnson caught bragging to prison inmates about girl he sexually abused
To those still defending Adam Johnson, is this honestly the hill you want to die on?
Adam Johnson didn't get 6 years for "kissing someone". He GROOMED a CHILD. If you can't see the difference, then educate yourself.
What Adam Johnson REALLY thought of 15-year-old victim exposed in prison rant ...
Don't know what's worse, Adam Johnson saying he wished he'd raped a child or the people who are victim blaming and defending…
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I don't know if I agree with what Adam Johnson is saying in that video
Will people like Johnson ever understand consent is a human right, not the preoccupation of do-gooders?…
Adam Johnson might serve more jail terms after being caught on camera telling fe... via…
"no one's calling Adam Johnson a hero you delusional feminist"
There are actually people triggered over what adam Johnson said lmao
More of her statement. Please. Just please. Before you give Adam Johnson even more of a voice.
Adam Johnson secretly filmed in sickening rant about sexual assault victim.
Adam Johnson talking about his conviction, this guy is grim
One for all the bellends defended him... Adam Johnson is caught on camera bragging about his crimes.
I think it will be like African one where you can only complete it once but not sure
This was the victim statement read out by the girl at the centre of the Adam Johnson trial. I'd rather share this. https…
Adam Johnson backs Ched Evans in secret recording as he blasts: ‘If she’s too drunk to…
The amount of 20 something boys that seem to think Adam Johnson is hard done by is really disturbing.
Shocking video emerges of Adam Johnson making rape jokes about his victim in prison. Disgrace...! htt…
People defo over exaggerate this Adam Johnson lark, 100% seen worse from lads in town knowing shes using someone else's I…
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Terrifying how may lads are saying "Adam Johnson made some good points in that video" when he literally said he wished he'd…
Stag do lad pays sick tribute to Adam Johnson just hours after vile “rape” boast was revealed…
From the Guardian: my piece on Adam Johnson and his views on rape.
Adam Johnson prison video investigated (Read more:
Stag do traveller flying from Stansted pictured wearing Adam Johnson Sunderland shirt hours…
do these people saying a 15 y/o 'shud av known bettr!!!' fail to see that Adam Johnson- an adult, 29, should have also then known better???
Adam Johnson is right. Some nonces & rapists get far lesser sentences. That doesn't mean reduce his - it means drastically…
'I wish I'd raped her': Watch unrepentant Adam Johnson's prison video boast about schoolgirl he abused
Adam Johnson caught on video boasting 'I wish I'd raped her' about abused girl
Stilk quiet on the Adam Johnson 'I should have raped her' story...!
Adam Johnson didn't even get his willy out and he's getting a six year stretch.
What an absolute scumbag is😒 And to think some people still defend him😔
Imagine agreeing with Adam Johnson. Don't touch kids and you won't have to worry about whether you get 6 years or 13 m…
Sympathy for Adam Johnson buy hate for Prince Wills and Harry for positive mental health awareness.
Everyone's probably seen the Adam Johnson video by now, but if not:
Juve's back could have defended Adam Johnson in court
BREAKING: Adam Johnson is running a football team in prison and it's name is..
.Goal! Adam Johnson strikes on the power play 1:57 into overtime and the Bulldogs are heading to the Froze…
FROZEN FOUR!. Adam Johnson is the HERO and the Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs are headed to Chicago!
you been using Adam Johnson's phone?
Power-play goal by Joey Anderson (10th) assists to Adam Johnson and Neal Pionk at 19:09 of 3rd. UMD 4, 3
Adam Johnson ‘running fantasy football team from jail…in DEMONS LEAGUE'
have Maher invite Adam Johnson on to tear both of you to pieces.
Joey Barton, Marlon King, Ched Evans, Adam Johnson, Duncan Ferguson and Tony Adams just to name a few
As shamed footballer Adam Johnson loses chance of appeal what does the future hold? – Gazette Live…
What next for shamed football star Adam Johnson? We look at his limited options
in a parallel universe Howard Johnson's just had Nichols Canyon turned over at 2/9 at Hexham.
Englefield Country Roots Adam Johnson fails in bid to appeal conviction -
Adam Johnson: Appeal Court says judge made "unfortunate" decisions but not enough to "imperil" safety of conviction:. http…
Adam Johnson loses appeal, following his conviction for a "mistake" with a 15 year old girl
Would be boss if the media would stop calling Adam Johnson an "ex footballer" and call him what he is, a "current nonce"
Sunderland sign England winger Adam Johnson on a four-year deal from Manchester City for an undisclosed fee -
Adam Johnson appeal judges: they reject application to appeal but do criticise the original Judge for multiple errors. In conc…
Ex-footballer Adam Johnson loses appeal against his conviction -
Why did send a reporter to outside the Stadium of Light for a news report on Adam Johnson losing an appeal against his 1/2
you and Adam Johnson in prison together at last
Breaking News: Former England footballer Adam Johnson loses appeal against conv… see more
Gutted for Adam Johnson. Could have happened to a nicer paedophile.
Police still ‘powerless’ to tackle online grooming as Adam Johnson loses appeal https…
I changed and I'm still changing but for the better
Tell 'em how you really feel, Dana White.
Shamed football star Adam Johnson loses High Court appeal against conviction and sentence for sexual activity with 15 year…
Former footballer Adam Johnson has lost an appeal against his conviction for sexual activity with a 15-year-old fan and 6 ye…
Adam Johnson has lost his latest bid to overturn a conviction of sexual activity with an under-age girl.
Ex-footballer Adam Johnson groomed a 15-year-old. In England and Wales this is STILL not a crime:
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Police are still powerless to intervene because anti-sexting laws created two years ago have yet to be enacted.
Adam Johnson today lost his appeal against sexual contact with a minor... he was happy that his hearing length in mintues was only 15
Peado Adam Johnson loses his appeal against conviction , Scumbag
Ex-England footballer Adam Johnson loses his Court of Appeal challenge against his sexual offence conviction -
A bit of reality orientation: . Adam Johnson is STILL a sex offender. Conservative Party are STILL dodgy miscreants…
Adam Johnson lost his appeal in court 😂 he's staying down for noncing
Beyond me how Adam Johnson hasn't been picked for the England squad again
Adam Johnson, disgraced footballer, refused leave to appeal both conviction and sentence for sexual activity with a teen…
BREAKING: Adam Johnson loses Court of Appeal challenges against his conviction & sentence for sexual activity with 15-…
.on Adam Johnson: "It's still not illegal for an adult to send sexually explicit messages to a child" (1/4) https:/…
I forgot Adam Johnson is in prison 🤣
Adam Johnson wanking to Danielle Bregoli on his stashed phone in his cell with other rapists guaranteed
SportZone Super Saturday. . 2 LIVE Commentaries from Holker St and Craven Park. . 2:50pm - Adam Johnson and Andy...
Adam Johnson, Shawn Wright Phillips, Andy Townsend etc 😂😂😂. except that he played in a very successful EPL team
Whatever you feel about Adam Johnson, and yes fingering young girls will stain his rep, he was great at taking the *** at St…
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Promotions company linked to Adam Johnson ordered to wind down by judge over £65,000 tax bill…
Adam Johnson on Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook. Does the same hold true for others?
if you like that, don't miss The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson (fiction, but gets DPRK) and Nothing to Envy (nf)
Relying on Carroll to stay fit is like leaving Adam Johnson alone with a 13 year old & hoping he doesn't touch her. Not a good idea at all.
not sure mate but I think they're trying to find out. Adam Johnson, Lee Hughes and Barry Bennell on the staff next
Ched Evans, Adam Johnson, Ravel Morrison, the Kray twins and Harold Shipman all linked with a move to Wigan. Looking promising.…
... of the Adam Johnson affair, and that Margaret Byrne was a lone wolf. All the Board - and Fat Sam - must have known.
Adam Johnson stayed in high school. Doesn't meant it was the best thing for Scott Perunovich or Ryan Ullan to do.
Sweating like Adam Johnson during half term
Please stop reading left Nazi sympathizers like Adam Johnson and Micheal Tracy and Conner Kilpatrick, et al.
All we can do is hope for the best. Please pray for the families of Adam Johnson and Ryan McHale.
Adam Johnson adds his second goal of the game and Fisher wins by a final score of 4-2.
They should do a vote about bringing Adam Johnson back while they're at it.
Sister of football paedophile Adam Johnson sends good luck message to Ched Evans as rape conviction quashed……
Meanwhile at Colney, Lee Darnborough has thoroughly researched transfer targets and picks up the phone to make a bid for Adam Johnson.
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is this what Adam Johnson said to that girl
Next upon the chef demos stage we have Adam Johnson, development chef to Raymond Blanc!
Man City fan has season ticket suspended over 'inappropriate' Adam Johnson mugshot
If Ferguson still manage United, he will sign Adam Johnson and make him a god rather than spending £120m for a player.
Adam Johnson - HMP Moorland on a free transfer in 2016 . Has become ever present for them on both wings. h…
Searching google news for updates on Adam Johnson, Rolf Harris and the rest of the notorious paedos. I do that once in a while.
Now USA's Dustin Johnson has pulled out, reinforcing what we told you earlier: get golf out of
I hope we get to see Adam Johnson in here too
Adam Johnson has lost an appeal against his sentence and conviction, his sister has claimed
Can't believe Adam Johnson's sister is still writing "justice for Johnson" 😂 if my brother touched a 15 year old he would be disowned ✋
Disgraced footballer Adam Johnson 'loses appeal against his sentence and conviction'
where is the line drawn? Should Adam Johnson play football again?
Girlfriend's downloaded Pokemon Go and now we're watching The Secret Life of Pets. Feel like Adam Johnson.
Jailed footballer Adam Johnson loses bid to appeal over child sex conviction. FOOTBALLER Adam...
Adam Johnson loses his appeal, whilst I don't condone what he done how can finger blasting a kid get you longer than a col…
Your Johnson vs. Dragic analysis makes me seriously question your understanding of basketball
Top 3 in FedExCup Standings: Jason Day, Adam Scott, Dustin Johnson all have played in the
Disgraced footballer Adam Johnson refused leave to appeal
Wow. Adam Johnson on the right. Modric at 10. are gonna walk the league ffs!
"Johnson loses bid to appeal" Adam Johnson has been refused permission to appeal against his con…
Adam Johnson loses bid to appeal child sex conviction
can you not refer to Adam Johnson as a middlesbrough player please. The peado's last club was Sunlun, so ex sunlun player 👍🏻
Adam Johnson 'loses appeal against conviction for sex crimes'
Randy Johnson vs. Adam Eaton this afternoon at Citizens Bank Park. Somebody want to cover this one and I'll just RT?
request. How many arrests have been made for naming female in Adam Johnson case? UK and abroad.
Adam Johnson set to launch new appeal against child sex convictions after first is rejected
Adam Johnson sympathiser. If this doesn't scream paedo then what does?
Footballer Adam Johnson has lost first stage of his appeal for child sex conviction- Sister says
Careful Patrick, having fun with young talent is what got Adam Johnson locked up.
⚡️ "Adam Johnson will fight decision to block his appeal" Accept it, never should of taken advantage.
Adam Johnson has lost his appeal against his child sex offence conviction, h...
In other news, Adam Johnson is still a nonce
Footballer Adam Johnson lost 1st stage of his appeal for child s*x conviction- Sister says
Middlesbrough: Adam Johnson to continue fight to clear his name after appeal bid fails
10 years for illegally downloading a movie?. Better off being Adam Johnson then downloading Finding Dory . lmao https:/…
So Oscar and Adam Johnson got the same sentence LOL the banter bar is HIGH
Oscar Pistorious getting the same sentence for murdering his bird as what Adam Johnson got for gripping a 16 year old. Crazy world🙈
Choosing between Michael Gove & Theresa May to be Prime Minister is like choosing between Adam Johnson & Joseph Fritzl to babysit your kids.
How does this sound? Maureen Wotherspoon and I are experimenting for our recording session with Adam Johnson.
Adam Johnson I have already ripped up my EUROPEAN voting papers so you couldn't possibly blame me if they exit EU and crisis deepens
Should have brought Adam Johnson on for the winner
Adam Johnson, and the best event planners! This gone be the livest event ever! Block Star!
not joining Adam Johnson's 5 a side
old enough, I ain't no Adam Johnson!
NONCE ALERT: Next they'll be signing Adam Johnson and Jimmy Saville
next you will tell me Adam Johnson is innocent 😂😂😂
...Adam Johnson's Dad must've smuggled a phone in up his *** on visiting day.
not half as much as Gove and Johnson though!#
Gus Johnson calling OSU vs. Michigan and other takeaways from Big Ten’s new TV deals.
2908 I have touched so many kids that Adam Johnson actually idolizes me
when are you signing a contract to Adam Johnson's nonces football team?
Scott will couple up with Tina, Alex will stay with Olivia and Liana will couple with Adam👍🏼
Adam Johnson has a better touch than Jordan Henderson
If it's not unprovokedly chucking pints on the French, it's singing songs promoting Adam Johnson being a paedophile. Embarassing for nation.
DJ may have won, but golf lost hugely Sunday at Oakmont, writes
Still can't believe Adam Johnson is in jail for kissing an under aged girl
I think there's more chance of Adam Johnson turning up😂
That game was crying out for an Adam Johnson
deffo something from the Adam Johnson bookmarks
I'd take Lee Cattermole, Danny Drinkwater, all of the Welsh midfielders, a drag queen, Adam Johnson all before
Not sure McDonalds should be advertising "Player Escorts" while Adam Johnson is still jail.
Last roll of the dice, Adam Johnson
stick to commentating on Adam Johnson
Henderson has the touch of an Adam Johnson
Johnson County chase ends near the Eastern Iowa Airport. NB 380 traffic is backing up.
Adam Johnson to be sentenced 48 hours after rape...
Ramsey has raped more Russians in this game than Ched Evans or Adam Johnson have raped people combined.
England playing ok just need that extra boost ... bring on Adam Johnson.. oh wait
Eric Dier picks up more space in that midfield than Adam Johnson picks up 16 year old girls 🤔
I can't even watch the god *** soccer. Adam Johnson has 'red hot teens' on babestation.
Girl Adam Johnson was speaking to revealed
I'm telling you. Regardless of what Henderson does he'll be hated cos he's 'average'. He's not average. Adam Johnson is average.
I would rather us play Adam Johnson than Wilshire
Henderson has the touch of an Adam Johnson FFS
Where is Adam Johnson when you need him?
Adam Johnson to be sentenced 48 hours after Ched Evans rape...
Ramsey has killed more people than Adam Johnson but Arron Ramsey isn't in jail.
other players that am sure you will be interesting in signing...Ian Watkins, Rolf Harris and Adam Johnson All available 😂👏🏻
Chesterfield putting together a bid for Adam Johnson
The latest news about Ched Evans gives me the impression that there might be hope yet for (the GORGEOUS) Adam Johnson.
Putting Harry Kane on corners is like Adam Johnson working at Birmingham Children's Hospital
Adam Johnson on the possible arrival of David De Gea: "he's a nonce like myself so I'm sure we'll get on well. Hope it hap…
suprised you haven't somehow managed to blame Adam Johnson for this Luke
Looks like Adam Johnson is getting a top GK for Nonce FC.
De Gea and Adam Johnson to star in the next series of Prison Break.
Adam Johnson welcoming De Gea to prison like... .
Adam Johnson & David De Gea will be staying together in prison like.
Adam Johnson welcoming De Gea to prison like
to be fair he has had some competition. Adam Johnson, Rickie Lambert, David Nugent and Michael Ricketts
We almost bought Adam Johnson and Gylfi Sigurdsson too, forza Brendan's army
35yr old Zlatan defends move to Utd by saying. "Age is just a number". Didn't end up too well when Adam Johnson's lawyer us…
BREAKING: Luke Shaw and Adam Johnson have been left out of 23-man squad for
In the case of Adam Johnson - Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Fred the Weather Man.
Adam Johnson is 'training a team of paedos' and wants them to all wear Sunderland's kit. https:/…
UEFA looking into cheating and corruption is like Rolf Harris and Adam Johnson looking into child welfare
Adam Johnson's sister thanks Katie Price for support as the...
I have my doubts. The same term got Adam Johnson in jail.
England beat Switzerland 3-1 in Euro 2012 qualifier, goals from Wayne Rooney, Adam Johnson and Darren Bent
Av heard Adam Johnson's just beat your brother at pool in prison like and he kicked reet off
With Barton confirmed, can we bring back Diouf and Black? Maybe some prospective bids for Ched Evans and Adam Johnson too?
Desperate to make Ched Evans and Adam Johnson my first signings they appotomise the Celtic way
Adam Johnson gets £20 a week job as hairdresser at Doncaster jail.
Maria Sharapova, Lance Armstrong, Adam Johnson - when did sports stars stop being role models?
Adam Johnson got it hard but R.Kelly is still on Magic FM compilations. And is still quantity surveying
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New chief two months after Margaret Byrne resigned over her handling of Adam Johnson case:
White people are the only who came from Adam and Eve. All other humans just evolved from apes.
hi He is also a cousin of Adam Johnson. Not sure if that means anything.
Chant to Adam Johnson . Is this where. Is this where. Is this where you used to work ...?
'Özil has been good in 2016'. Adam Johnson (5) has 2 more assists than Ozil this year (3) despite being in trial and jail fo…
wow high praise! What sticks out as your top reason for enjoying it so much?
makes Adam Johnson look like the Mackem mother Theresa or that friendly old git off the Tweenies. He could be a nonce though
Michael Jackson touched kids and we still idolise him now. Adam Johnson does it and now I can't buy him on ultimate team
Live Results Today for Adam Johnson in the Airbnb Brooklyn Half. Check it out!
Might as well call you Adam Johnson mate🖕🏼
It is NOT acceptable to blame victims of Adam Johnson case:man 'harassed victim' . http…
For a long time, I have not played a game that made me think of it so much while I'm not playing it. Awesome.
Write a letter to Adam Johnson and ask him
you wouldn't say that about Adam Johnson
Was going to joke we should demand a replay as Adam Johnson took one but he was the Sunderland player that missed!
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Dwayne Johnson says that Black Adam will eventually take on Batman and Superman on the big screen.
Tbh I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel like Adam Johnson in talk last night 😂😂😂😂
I'm sure I've kept you too long, free Adam Johnson banners or nufc banners to make
you are just making stuff up now. I'll raise you an Adam Johnson 'shags who he wants' ditty'
Mackems crudely mock Adam Johnson with new bridge sign.
the barman was Adam Johnson and he said he thought she looked over 21 😂😂😂
interesting that the video of Newcastle going down is followed by one of Adam Johnson
If you still believe Boris Johnson took a principled decision to back Brexit, you'll believe anything.
Adam Johnson didn't even sleep wit d gal, yet pple made it sound like rape. Wat is gud for d goose, shd be gud for d gander!
You've got me set for the rest of the year, I feel like I should recommend you something! Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson?
Finally finished My god, what an absolute masterpiece. Best shooter I've played in a long time. More plz!
Adam Johnson what you make of this Noddle Free For Life Credit Report And Credit Score -
Adam Johnson don't forget your a God and Satan gone evil mate that's why this earth is hellish mate X
He's no Cody Johnson but Luke Bryan puts on a *** good show
Adam Johnson if this place is *** you got to stand up to Satan and don't let him ruin your life mate X
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Adam Johnson Alistair I feel like I let you down mate 2nd of April 2012 mate 👻 helium made you a ghost 😔
Meet Adam Johnson, survey dept manager. He's your guy for booking survey work.
Adam Johnson that judge is making you his scape goat 🐐 mate and it's wrong X
Adam Bradley, the a puck signed by Tyler Johnson! Congratulations!
Adam Johnson to have £2m mansion built from prison for ex Stacey
Disgraced Adam Johnson scrambling to save £600,000 nest egg after sex court case
BREAKING NEWS: Adam Johnson is set to sign for MUFC after hearing they have players who are Young, Blind & Keane.
Sevilla pounced on us like Adam Johnson after lights out at a kids' orphanage.
BREAKING: Adam Johnson receives heavy punishment for breaking sex offender rule in prison... h…
Looking at the Euro 2012 squad; Joleon Lescott, Ashley Young, Scott Parker, Adam Johnson.. You just can't complain with that selection
Are you by any chance quoting Adam Johnson? Or Matt Busby?
Adam Johnson 'banned from talking to baby daughter due to sex offender order' - Daily Mail
Akhi on the TL, Adam Johnson in the DM. Madness
Paedophile footballer Adam Johnson 'is banned from talking...
STILL feel sorry for Adam Johnson. He's now being punished for talking to his daughter. He isn't that dangerous.
better than wasting it all on FIFA Points and getting Adam Johnson as your best player?
Ready to party: The former air hostess was recently spotted enjoying the night 7life in Dubai  I u7
Think what Adam Johnson has contributed to Sunderland he's helped save them from relegation. Should take points of Sunderland 👍👍
Adam Johnson's lil black book in 2nd
Boris Johnson compares the EU to Hitler and Napoleon -_-
Adam Johnson banned from talking to his daughter after breaching sex offender order Is he a risk to his daughter?
Remember that time Adam Johnson scored against us then got sent down 2 weeks later good times
you do realise I'm not Adam Johnson, aye?
Adam Johnson banned from talking to daughter after phone call breached sex offender order
Adam Johnson asked that we stopped taking notes-- and then he let go a gush of information about trauma stories.
I'm thinking of writing a dystopian novel in which Boris Johnson has won the war
Excellent idea. has hardly covered itself in glory this season re the Adam Johnson case.
Would rather spend a night in bed with Adam Johnson and touchy hutchy than step foot in another sweaty stinking student bar
Spot on, Boris. Politics+Economy has replaced Military. Boris Johnson compares the EU to HITLER via
Adam Johnson 'devastated after being banned from talking to his baby daughter'
it's quality! Fair play if it's true. The Adam Johnson songs were class as well
Think I'll just sit here in the menu and listen to this music for a big longer... contemplate what is about to go down...
Awww man, you know things are about to go bad in when they start laying our armor shards everywhere :'( I'm bout to get flogged.
Wouldn't have the slightest bit of interest, for (extreme) example, if we won a title by signing Adam Johnson & Ched Evans
Adam johnson on fire, your children are terrified. Na na na na na na
Disgraced footballer Adam Johnson 'banned from talking to daughter':
He certainly helped! 2-0.. Johnson free kick to make it 2-1.. funny thing. FA take retrospective action for a kick out...
Adam Johnson 'banned from talking to his daughter' after breaking sex offenders' order
stop whinging about Johnson. It's irrelevant.
Did Sky just show an Adam Johnson goal?!. Thought he'd been Benoit'd.
When you say newcastle relegation 15/16, you don't just think Sunderland. You think Adam Johnson and Sunderland.. no cause for celebration.
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