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Adam Driver

Adam Driver (born 1983) is an American actor. He is a featured performer on the HBO series Girls, playing the role of Adam Sackler.

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Radio 4 in Four, Adam Driver on Star Wars fame and being followed
Prayers for Dennis Andersons full recovery! Adam, his son did say on Instagram with no details that...
Hester said ziggy looks like Adam driver/Kylo Ren and now I can't unseen xD. A lap cat during…
.has confirm he would use Driver Only Operation (DOO) trains on a future devolved
Was fitting the Epic driver yesterday, no these are not my numbers. These are the numbers from Adam, one of the...
Huh, I didn't know that Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver were Hispanic. Hollywood teaches me something new everyday.
Of course I thought Adam Driver was brill, because Driver's micro-expressions are my life force, but can we talk about Yōsuke Kubozuka?!
it's right though, that photo of adam driver IS one of the best ones on there.
Only dudes looking like Adam Driver in Paterson drove their mom's grand caravan from the suburbs to score the h
Who ever wrote "Paterson," a movie starring Adam Driver, who's up for an oscar, about a Paterson NJ bus driver, has never been to Paterson.
MILLBANK & nominee 27TH CCAwards Adam Driver interview: 'Part of your job as an actor is to be a spy' ht…
I added a video to a playlist My journey from Marine to actor | Adam Driver
Sylvester Stallone and Adam Driver are teaming up to bring the memoir 'Tough as They Come' to the big-screen:
Everytime I see a photo of Adam Driver my first initial thought is "What a freaking cutie."
The exact movie I needed to see. Paterson Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Adam Driver Movie via
Interesting things always come from being really exhausted and reall...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Adam Driver previews his character in 'Star Wars: Episode VIII'
NEW EPISODE of ! We discuss Sylvester Stallone To Direct Adam Driver in Tough as They Come!. VIDEO: htt…
Dude! LOVE While We're Young! Such a fantastic and underrated movie. Adam Driver was so great in that!
If not Adam Driver, then Paul Dano would make an excellent Oscar-worthy Elliott Smith.
So, can we all agree that Adam Driver's Oscar will come due to his (future) portrayal of Elliott Smith?
Enjoy Michael Shannon and Adam Driver casually chatting about film
Happy Birthday to Matt the Radar Technician! Adam Driver hosted SNL on January 16, 2016. 1주년 축하!
Been looking forward to this film for months!! Heard Adam Driver was great in this!
I am both disappointed and extremely unsurprised that most of the SILENCE tagged things I find on Tumblr are Adam Driver related.
Martin Scorsese's Silence review: It is forbidding and austere in the extreme. Reason was Xtian aggres…
she's honestly the worst, and girls is the worst BUT ADAM DRIVER and also I am a white female so it's a little relatable tbh 😭
hi I love Adam Driver w all my heart. Goodnight
Watch the trailer for the new film that took over 20 years to make via
How to *** Off your Uber Driver Passenger: Hi, are you for John. Me: Yes. . John:.This is for John...
FYI that film where Adam Driver sits shiva & Timothy Olyphant plays a happy *** is on RTE One now if you need distraction 👌🏻
Adam Driver has teased what we can expect from Kylo Ren in “Star Wars: Episode VIII”
'She had a great, generous energy': Adam Driver pays tribute to his Star Wars co-star Carrie... - -
📷 bentages: Adam Driver in the new Silence Trailer
3 good things: Colbert, Driver, & small town IN: Stephen Colbert takes Adam Driver back to Indiana on The Late Show
Adam Driver says Kylo Ren will show "humanity" in Episode VIII
Grieving Leia's death: Adam Driver, pictured in New York on Wednesday, appeared on The Tonight …
Adam Driver reveals he last saw Carrie Fisher in costume as movie mom on set.…
Mishawaka native Adam Driver has fun with hometown news | Local | southb.. Related Articles:
yeg race car driver asking for votes, to get a spot racing against the world's best. Adam Cook reports:…
See Adam Driver honor his late cast mate Carrie Fisher on
Jim Jamusch: Paterson, the musicality of movies and how Man Ray made films for his band to play along to.
Why am I watching Girls lmao Oh right bc I'm in love with Adam driver
I think Adam Driver is very cool and attractive. JUDGE ME!
Very humane portrait of a bud driver/unpublished poet by Adam Driver. The entire movie makes me want to pick up my old copy of WCW
Exploring masculinity in the work of Adam Driver.
Well Adam Driver. Taking to My question. Abraham Lincoln or JE Hoove?! Forget beard, go full character. Best craic?
“The spirit of this town is something you can’t Misha-walk-away from.” --Adam Driver on his hometown Mishawaka, IN. -…
Mishawaka, Indiana Community Calendar With Adam Driver...saw this on Late Night yesterday...this is where I live! 😂
Silence is beautiful, unsettling, and one of the finest religious movies ever made
Adam Driver on Carrie Fisher: "She burns very bright and has such a great, very generous energy,"
Alden Ehrenreich isn't an exact match to Harrison Ford, but Han and Leia's *kid* would probably look more like him than Adam Driver.
I saw Silence last night + WOW, it's a masterpiece. Andrew Garfield + Adam Driver were fantastic... and Scorsese is brilliant. 👏
Adam Driver: Carrie Fisher's death is tragic (Bang Showbiz) :Auto pickup by wikyou
Interesting. Adam Driver says he's excited for us to see Kylo's "humanity" in Episode VIII.
Adam Driver is a truly gifted performer. Such a pleasure speaking to him & getting some Episode VIII info!
There's an Untitled Leos Carax musical starring Rooney Mara and Adam Driver coming out in 2017 so things are looking up a…
Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield on Martin Scorsese’s new film Silence:
Adam Driver on Star Wars, working with Martin Scorsese and serving as a marine.
4. Adam Driver and Michael Shannon having a moment.
Martin Scorsese, Liam Neeson, Adam Driver, and Issey Ogata discussing 'Silence' in New York City today.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I always hear the name "Daou" in the voice of Adam Driver in Inside Llewyn Davis in the "Please Mr Kennedy" scene
From director Martin Scorsese and starring Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield & Adam Driver, see in cinemas New Year'…
This looks awesome! All great actors in there, Andrew Garfield,Liam Neeson,Adam Driver and Ciarán Hinds
When Elvis Costelllo sing live with Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac-- Please Mr Kennedy. ;).
I want to live feed Adam Driver a whole roast chicken outta my hands
Favorite movies so far: 13th, Manchester by the Sea, Arrival. Favorite Performances: Amy Adams (Arrival), Adam Dri…
Visionary director Jim Jarmusch directs Adam Driver in this year’s In cinemas today.…
Get a first look at the poster for Martin Scorsese’s w/ Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, and Liam Neeson:
Adam Driver is wonderful in Paterson - which may be the best film of 2016.
Business Insider: Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver's preparation for 'Silence' was insane.
"Rich in atmosphere, delicately crafted and featuring a career best performance from Adam Driver" - we agree!
Adam Driver: 10 things you never knew via
Went to Paris to meet Jim Jarmusch. No coffee or cigarettes, just Zen wisdom, poetry and Iggy
📷 Kylo Ren!!! I’ve recently been crushing really *** Adam Driver and I just had to draw him c’:
Great interview here with on his latest film .
silence is gonna be so good with adam driver AND Andrew Garfield my BOYS
Dude who looks so *** much like Adam Driver just handed the Love a drink.
Oscars for & Adam Driver? They deserve nominations at the very least. Go see this masterpiece…
We spoke to Adam Driver about 'Girls', being American and hating the internet:
Adam Driver's volume of work this year is staggering. Cannot wait to see 'Paterson' & 'Silence.'
Long story short, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) stabs him with his lightsaber. Well, Harrison Ford has said he didn't regret this,
A conversation with the legend, Jim Jarmusch:
[REVIEW] Adam Driver stars in Paterson - a quiet, rewarding film of unlikely charm
Jim Jarmusch and his new film Paterson
Adam Driver is terrific in witty, contemplative drama out in UK today. Also recommended: htt…
The first trailer for the final season of Girls is here
In tomorrow's Guide: indie darlings and Adam Driver discuss Paterson, the 'antidote to movies full of…
Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield spent seven days being silent in Wales
Paterson review – Adam Driver beguiling in miraculous tale of everyday goodness | Peter Bradshaw's film of the week https…
there should be a screening of 'Paterson' (staring Adam Driver) actually in Paterson..with a resident commentary afterwards..
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Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield sat in silence for a week for Scorsese's new film
Jim Jarmusch: ‘I shy away from sex in my films. It makes me nervous’
Jim Jarmusch interview: 'I wanted to make a quiet world in Paterson'
Adam Driver lost 50 pounds for and it looks like he's going to be the real star
Paterson is out today. Quite possibly my fave Jim Jarmusch film, & starring Adam Driver as a bus-driving poet (Kylo Ren on his days off?)
Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver are not having fun in the riveting first trailer for Martin Scorsese's 'Silence'.
Watch Martin Scorsese's brutal trailer for his new film starring Adam Driver and Liam Neeson
Adam Driver and Daniel Craig, on set of "Logan Lucky."
"God made eve for Adam not Adam for eve so when you girls realize men need u more than u need them, ur gonna rule the w…
I will only accept the Young Han Solo movie if it opens with Harrison Ford reading a bedtime story to Adam Driver that becom…
Daisy Ridley in Peter Rabbit. . in Watership Down. . Can't wait for Adam Driver in the Bugs Bunny movie.
Adam Driver and Kristen Stewart will be honored at this year's "An Evening with" celebrations at More info:
ICYMI: According to Adam Driver, the man behind Kylo Ren, you can expect a touch of Empire in Star Wars: Episode 8!
Read the script, be prepared, be generous to people you work with to make the best version of the film. — basically Adam Driver
I may be drunk, but I can still tell the truth. Jai Courtney seems sexier while you're drunk and Adam Driver seems edible while you're drunk
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Logan Lucky: Steven Soderbergh officially unretires as filming begins on Adam Driver, Daniel Craig and Channing ..…
We saw the new Star Wars movie together and he kept mentioning "the guy from my Jane Fonda movie." He meant Adam Driver.
I'm pretty sure Matthew McConaughey would nail it as Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash and Adam Driver as Harrison Wells.
Adam Driver looks like a guy I would have dated in high school. Yes please.
Petition for a *** romcom starring Adam Driver and Domnhall Gleeson
A driver with a strong opinion. Apologizing for the strong language.
Manny was v mad for abt 2 solid mins this morning when I told him I had a dream that he walked in on me cheating on him w Adam Driver 😂
Good segment on Arts in the Armed Forces & Adam Driver &
and nothing can replace that. that's why I like u as my fav driver: ur level of potential
Listen to our Founder, Adam Driver Live NOW on with Kathleen Hays and Pimm Fox on
good cop pulls over Virginia driver to give her an anxiety attack
Adam Driver is on right now you guys. The Force compels you to listen.
Adam Driver has resecured his spot as my avi again. Bravo, man.
Adam Driver said get lost in the sauce in a TED talk
Drew got me obsessed with Adam Driver
the Sole Reason i am surviving rn is the fact that im seeing tfa at movies at the square tonight/the thought of seeing Kylo Ren/adam driver
Frances Ha is a gr8 film and not just because adam driver is in it
I think if ever get to see Adam driver in the flesh I would be so still I won't be able to breathe and I will choke and he'…
Wait this looks like the graveyard scene with Adam Driver?.
Acting, to me, has been many things: It's a business, and it's a craft, and it's a political act
Video of from a previous traffic stop after refusing to provide a valid driver's license
Hi Adam. Please speak to the driver when possible to do so if the music is causing you any concern. Grant
Taxi driver going fully round the roundabout for an extra 10 cents. Times must be hard
My uber driver looks like Adam Levine. if that's how u spell it
Yeah, September 11 happened and all my friends were like, 'Let's join the military!' and I was
I had an uber driver named tequila and we had a deep talk about life and then my ride was $40😬
Mike from Stranger Things reminds me of a young Kylo Ren/Adam Driver
someone with too much money and time bet $5-10 on every driver to win. I guarantee it. Too many *** out there!!!
*whispers* I think Adam driver looks like a horse in the face
I was charged by you for missing my ride when the driver didn't event stop. never taking this service again if this doesn't get fixed.
when did Adam Driver and Louis C.K. work together?
Bus was heading north from SoCal to Sac area. Owner of bus not confirmed. Driver ID had not been released.
"We'll see.". pls let me have your voice adam driver
I like to read nascar driver bios off wikipedia, and I can not wait to read about win. needed it
I didn't know Adam Driver served in the military before becoming an actor, that's so awesome to hear. 😊👌🏻
I've noticed a severe lack of Adam Driver spurring me on so idk what's going on with him but I'm not impressed
It's time for Driver plays which character in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'?
Discover how got involved with Bluebird in our audio commentary clip https:…
Congratulations to adam driver on winning
Congratulations to Adam Driver for winning the Best Movie Villain award. 🎉🍾🎈
Adam Driver w/ glasses gives me life . oxygen please 😂
We want to Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley as a couple in your upcoming movies !!! !!!
i havent but my babies Daniel Radcliffe and Adam Driver are in it so I definitely will !!
Horace and Pete is amazing. It is only an Adam Driver cameo away from being perfect
Of course people also think Adam Driver is hot (I'm sorry if I'm picking on your faves, those are just two I Don't Get)
This morning Adam made coffee and brought home McD's breakfast and the bus driver was nice, life is great ☺️
my feelings towards Adam driver are weird bc I want to look just like him but I would also make out with him for days on end
"Adam Driver is the weirdest man alive". Yes, perfect. It's why I love him
I hope Adam driver stops ruining my life sometime soon :)
When the designated driver decides to take Fireball shots at the bar
Goodnight I love Rami Malek and Adam Driver equally I promise I'm not cheating
I will never not be thinking of Adam Driver's emocore Javier Bardem impersonation in The Force Awakens
Good stuff My journey from Marine to actor | . via
Adam Driver is the cutest thing in the whole world!!!¡¡¡
Luann is full of it. Tell a driver to re by your formal name calling Adam the help ..we c u plus sleeping your way to the top
I have a perfectly weird cast idea for this Maximum Overdrive reboot: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Adam Driver, Tristan Risk, and...Zendaya.
i love sitting at night and thinking . "Wow. Adam Driver has a MASSIVE white *** "
the worst part of the latest Star Wars is that nobody actually would ever want to see Adam Driver's face
okay another but Adam Driver and blue
Guys, Adam is a reckless driver. My radio tells me to look out for losers like him.
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um I told my sister that Adam driver is married and she started crying, girl you are eight years old
Get ready to get your *** Pounded and it's not gonna be Adam Driver . Ive pounded more *** then driver ..jk gosh 😂
driver texting and driving California plates 6DRG290
Adam Driver is great in Star Wars 7... Go watch it soon
Cynthia . I know how much you adore him. I haven't watched it yet.
I liked a video My journey from Marine to actor | Adam Driver
Thought you guys might be interested in this, your boi Adam Driver
Saw 'Paterson'. I could have napped during Tues and/or Wed tbh. Seems v long. Adam Driver is great tho & Marvin 🐶
New story from TIME in Entertainment : Adam Driver’s TED Talk Is Surprisingly Moving
Adam Driver’s TED Talk Is Surprisingly Moving - Adam Driver is now a major Hollywood star, thanks first to his ...
Adam Driver Opens Up About His Time as a Marine in Moving TED Talk . Adam Driver is now a major Hollywood star, th…
Adam Driver was right about Kylo Ren being a good cook
Why I bring theater to the military | Adam Driver / Jesse Perez / Matt Johnson
Adam Driver gives me Jeremy Sisto vibes for real
If I can get a glow up half as good as Mona Scott-Young, Adam Driver, Kelly Osbourne, and Kylie Jenner... Listen!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Domhnall Gleeson as General Hux in The Force Awakens ft. Adam Driver as Kylo Ren
directed by Noah Baumbach, starring Greta Gerwig and Adam Driver.
Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig, Riley Keough, Adam Driver and Seth MacFarlane to star in Charlotte based feature film! https…
Adam Driver during his time in the Marines
I think Adam Driver and Matthew Gray Gubler should do a movie together
Celebs on this J train: Kelsey Grammar, Liv Tyler, JK Rowling, Ridley Scott, Bob Balaban, John Boyega, Lil Jon, the RZA and Adam Driver.
Patterson stars Adam Driver and Iranian actor Golshifteh Farahani in the lead roles.
Adam Driver, Mark Hamill & Daisy Ridley arrived in Kerry on Wednesday for filming https:/…
I'll cast Adam Driver as John Gage in my shot by shot Emergency re-make but I can't decide who should play Roy DeSoto.
Adam Driver and Jim Jarmusch in a not smiling contest before
Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley & Adam Driver land in Belfast ahead of filming scenes
Daisy was spotted in Ireland today (May 13) alongside Adam Driver and Mark Hamill for
so, co-ops and small family business was what Adam smith saw as the driver of productivity and social relations
delivery is 1 hour and a half late *** Baltimore MD and yes I already called to make sure the driver wasn't injured
TBH I knew Disney's fanfic was in trouble the moment they cast Adam Driver as the "villain."
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Photographic evidence of Adam Driver's stage career delights me to no end.
So excited to see Adam Driver in Silence. He is working with some amazing directors already like Scorsese. What a huge talent.
It stuns me how spot on their casting was for Han & Leia's son. Adam Driver looks like a young Harrison Ford
I never thought I'd ever be so excited to see Adam Driver play a bus driver.
you forgot Adam Driver (small part...singing with Oscar Isaac-Llewyn Davis and Justin Timberlake)
Also include Adam Driver (Kylo Ren), he was co-starring with Oscar Isaac in Inside Llewyn Davis
📷 give-good-feeling: Adam Driver, stop ruining my life.
Tbh Ezra Miller could prob be a better Kylo Ren than Adam Driver but that's a conversation for another day.
I'm dying from smol Adam Driver cuteness.
Or for the less cultured, The Princess Bride with Han as Grandpa and Adam Driver in his footie pajamas
Miles Teller would have worked. Wish Adam Driver wouldnt have been Solo's kid and been available for young Solo
I just want to punch Adam Driver with MY MOUTH ! ! !!!
I saw a pic of Adam Driver at TFA premiere, and I commented "Pretty Fly for a Sith Lord." TBF, I didn't know he wasn't a Sith.
I saw the pilot for 'Girls' about six months before it aired.
Following Oscar Isaac & Adam Driver going from Llewyn Davies to TFA, Coens should get Lucasfilm casting credit.
As fans of both Jarmusch and Driver, we are psyched for this peek at PATERSON:.
NB: Adam Driver is a god and this is his Marine portrait.
I had a dream that I was dating Adam Driver and he took me to this crazy formal party and he proposed to me and it was perfect 😍
Ahah lol ur not Adam Driver or Jamie Campbell Bower
You shut your mouth. Adam Driver was a great Kylo Ren.
Nice! I hear Adam Driver is set to play Joey Ramone...Also holler if you want to release your own line of loud shirts...
this Adam driver cat is cracking me up so bad
First Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver, now Alden Ehrenreich. Lucasfilm just waits for the Coens to show them who's cool.
Spielberg should cast adam driver as the villain in the new indiana jones movie just so he could kill harrison again
Watching WHAT IF. I really enjoy this film. Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, and Adam Driver are excellent in it
After graduating high school Adam Driver left for LA and walked around Santa Monica for 48 hrs without any money then went home to Indiana
Optional: Andy Daly as the random sperm donor and Adam Driver as Aunt Megan's stud boyfriend
PLUS: Mackenzie Davis and Adam Driver and Zoe Kazan this film has a dream cast and it's set in my city.
Also, Adam Driver looks like the lovechild of Ross Noble someone. Not Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher.
Went to the beach today and saw Adam Driver as a pirate
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Jeremy Irons in Brideshead Revisited was without a doubt the Adam Driver of 1981
Are you just taking out on him the fact that I thought that Adam Driver's character in WHILE WE'RE YOUNG was you
Can't believe someone hasn't made a gif of Adam Driver from Inside llewyn Davis singing Outer Space in his Kylo Ren outfit.
i get mad every day that your dream about FKA Twigs as Kate Bishop and Adam Driver as Clint Barton in the MCU isn't real
Last screening of the day: directed by John Curran with Adam Driver and Mia Wasikowska. Interesting, really.
This song has been stuck in my head for days now. Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, JT. "Please Mr. Kennedy"
I'm very hot/cold on Jarmusch but did I cast PATERSON? Adam Driver and Golshifteh Farahani? How??
As is Adam Driver. His facial expressions during "Please Mr. Kennedy" are priceless.
Adam Driver and Michael Shannon attend screening of Midnight Special via
Adam Driver and Michael Shannon sit for Q&A session at Midnight Special screening | Daily Mail Online.
The Please Mr Kennedy scene in Inside Llewyn Davis is golden. Adam Driver is brilliant.
119 - What If - Enjoyable, but I'd have much rather watched a movie about Adam Driver and Mackenzie Davis
Top tip: ruin Girls by pointing and yelling "Kylo Ren, everyone!" each time you see Adam Driver's *** on screen.
Oscar Isaac, Sebastian Stan, Adam Driver, Frank Grillo (well he's much older). Tom Hardy... well he's just there i can't even explain
I had no idea who Adam Driver was the first few times I saw Inside Llewyn Davis. Poe singing with Kylo!
Zac Quinto as Gillian Jacobs' ex-partner, GJ as Adam Driver's partner and AD as ex-partner would be the best foursome EVER.
|| I'm like 90% sure that Adam Driver is a prince.
Algorithm of My Heart, a new UberPOOL-based rom-com starring Adam Driver and Emma Watson, in theaters 2017. Make it happen, Hollywood.
📷 steviemcfly: Harrison Ford in Apocalypse Now // Adam Driver as Matt the Radar Technician (x)
Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig in a romcom. Please God please please make it happen
you get the best guys on -Chris Dowd, Adam Driver, Andrew Ebon Moss-Bachrach... the best people really
The Strangest Kind of Romance by Tenn. Williams featuring Kathleen Turner, Michael Stuhlbarg, Adam Driver and MORE!
Juilliard has been my dream school since 4th grade and I just found out Robin Williams,Adam Driver,John Williams etc. graduated from there..
[] Famke's one of the people who could punch me in the face & I'd thank them. The others being . Adam Driver, John Boyega, Kit Harrington etc
Actually went to a kitty convention. Met an Adam Driver cat and a fluff monster.
Adam Driver as Eobard Thwane and Ezra Miller Barry Allen. The only problem is the suits.
Adam Driver? Interesting choice. He can certainly do dark natured! Not that Valentine's quite as bad as Kylo Ren!
I will forever in my head read that one character's voice like adam driver's . you know. the one who accidentally kinda looks like him
just them two then No Adam Driver I expect they will all be at the Oscars including the genius that is JJ Abrams
I thought the guy from The Inbetweeners behind Rebel Wilson was Adam Driver for a second there.
Star Wars: Adam Driver has issues is just generally THE WORST.
I've just been on an Adam Driver movies binge the past few days
I was going to watch Hungry Hearts because Adam Driver is in it but it was way too depressing and weird.
Alright but Adam Driver is like so hot as Kylo Ren . He's hot all the time but something about Kylo just really rustles my jimmies
I just realized my wife didn't want to spend Valentines Day with me, she wanted to spend it with Adam Driver, Ryan Reynolds,& Leo DiCaprio!
i love the dark side cast Adam driver, gwendoline christie and [looks @ smudged writing on my hand] downhill glass
sat in the taxi in dead silence and the taxi driver just screamed "I LOVE IT" at the snow I actually hit the roof
With brain and body, it's great if you have a connection between the two, b...
I've had this odd attraction to Adam Driver since Girls. I'm so weird.
Had this dream where I was on this date with Adam Driver at Disneyland.
Adam Driver on why he never sees anything he has been starring in
my taxi driver in Cape Town said they're brilliant if that helps
I can safely wish Adam Driver a Happy Valentine's Day because he's not on here, will never see this, & I won't have to die of embarrassment.
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Adam Driver
They had to make a choice between Adam Driver's feet and Gwendoline Christie's face.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Follow the top Adam Driver stories for Feb 14 on our topical page:
Happy Valentine's Day to my boyfriends Steven Yeun and Adam Driver
Adam Driver definitely has personal beef with BB-8
Adam Driver is coming back to SNL sweet
Me, praying for all the sinful thoughts I've committed when thinking of Hayden Christensen & Adam Driver🙏
what sexuality is "attracted to fictional characters and Adam driver" ?
so I spent my Valentine's Day with about 15 episodes of Adam Driver and I think it's that was a beautiful idea.
I'm watching girls & Adam Driver comes on shirtless I literally started choking on my food
Adam Driver's inability to properly wear clothes
adam driver being too Tall for Human™ sized things: a compilation
what movies including either Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver or Hayden Christensen are good movies for a 16 year old girl (i like sw and marvel)
petition to make another adaptation of On The Road with Adam Driver as Dean Moriarty??
📷 kylo-ren-galaxy: ben–skywalker: Adam Driver as Rick Smolan in “Tracks”
Michael Rowe gives me all the feels at the moment. Adam Driver then Chris and the Margot.
I am glad Kara Hayward is still acting after Moonrise Kingdom. She is in the new Jarmusch with Adam Driver.
for sure. I've already built the cast for the movie. Joe=Adam Driver, Beck=Madchen Amick, to start.
Whoa whoa whoa. Adam Driver is in Llewyn Davis?
I hope Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver play boyfriends in their movie together ...I mean priest boyfriends...u got me
Andrew Garfield, Liam Neeson, and Adam Driver in the same movie = Spider-Man, Qui Gon Jinn, and Kylo Ren together ??
Adam Driver parties with Liev Schreiber in sketch:
in a twisted love triangle with Jake Lacy and Adam Driver, in which I'm forced to choose one, but neither knows I exist
Adam Driver was everything Hayden Christiansen should have been.
I want to see Spielberg do 'Guys and Dolls' with Finn Wittrock as Sky Masterson and Adam Driver as Nathan Detroit.
Now that I'm watching Girls, I keep imagining an intersecting world w/ Adam Driver of Frances Ha, Inside Llewyn Davis, Girls, & Star Wars.
I actually watch every Adam Driver and Domhnall Gleeson movie because I am total Kylux trash.
Just me who thinks Adam Driver could be *** Grayson?
This week about 20 people sent me the cat that looks like Adam Driver.
3 sketches you need to see from this weekend's with Adam Driver
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