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Adam Devine

Adam DeVine (born January 30, 1984) is a comedian, actor and one of the stars and creators of the Comedy Central show Workaholics.

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"Glory Holes and Paul Bearers" by Brendan Lynch from Adam Devine's House Party on Comedy Central.
"Workaholics" star Adam DeVine loves Nebraska Cornhusker football. So much that it almost killed him.
on being a fan: "People were bonkers for Big Red football. It wasn't a game. It was a way of life".
Cornhusker Nation is no joke, people. Being a fan LITERALLY SAVES LIVES via
Pretty sweet article - didn't know was such a big Husker fan! .
obvi Nebraska football is the best.
Adam DeVine is a true OG in my book!
why & Adam Devine's House Party star, is literally a diehard fan
"College football is more than a game – it's the memories." . via
Adam Devine and I lived in the same area around the same time. We didn't know each other tho
The Huskers get it. They know the type of impact they can have on a young person going through a hard time.
Here's an article I wrote for about how the Nebraska Cornhuskers rule and how I used to be crippled.
Yeah, is a dyed-in-the-wool Nebraska fan. HUSKER PRIDE IS EVERYWHERE!
You're missing...Scott Porter, Chuck Liddell, Adam Devine, Jack Sock, & Warren Buffett..I'll let you know if we think of more
Why does Andy Cohen remind me of Adam Devine a little?
Kevin de Bruyne looks like a blonde Adam Devine
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Kevin De Bruyne looks like the albino version of Adam Devine from Workaholics
Zach is Adam Devine, Hayden is Blake Anderson, who is Ders?
I love Adam Devine and I don't care who knows it!
as Adam Devine once said, Zac Efron's "A BEAUTIFUL HANDSOME MAN" but I just witnessed him cry over his love for Michael Jackson. he's ruined
If someone can find me a man who resembels any one of these men: Blake Anderson, Anders holm, Adam Devine
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Adam DeVine makes the best expressions.
If Adam Devine had 24 hours to live, he would own up to every public fart he made. Sounds about right to us.
There aren't even enough words to describe my love for Adam DeVine
Let's be real, do you ever want someone so bad that it actually physically hurts? Because that's how I feel about Adam DeVine.
Is it just me or does look very similar to Adam Devine...
I swear I just saw Adam Devine walking out of Struts.
Adam DeVine is the best thing that has ever happened to Modern Family
Did you hear Kristen Stewart and Adam Devine are dating
Adam devine stop falling asleep and hurry up... You wanted to go town!! LOL
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A Boss who takes away my work guns is very bad like a man who touches kids near their buttholes - Adam Devine
Adam DeVine is pretty cute not gonna lie I'd go there guess you could say he's pretty DEVINE ha ha ha ha i'll show myself out
Adam DeVine on Modern Family is such a sharp contrast to Adam Levine on Workaholics that it leaves me reeling tbh
I sometimes get confused bc I follow Adam Devine and I wonder when I started following Adam Levine and then I realize I'm not thank god
Check the hottest comedians in town audition for chance to be on season two of Comedy Central's hit show Adam DeVine's House Party. 2 Drink/$20 beverage minimum inside the show. Lineup subject to change.
JUDISM and CHRISTIANITY are older versions of the DEVINE RELIGION that were updated by ISLAM.The religion from the God is one since Adam.
Never mind everyone, stupid question. I love Adam Devine too much that missing Workaholics is not an option.
Adam Devine shows off his prowess as an action hero to Adam Ray who is incidentally producing an action movie. New episodes Thursdays 12:30a/11:30c.
"If you don't want to date me, it's fine, I get that, but you're wrong and I hate you."- Adam Demamp(DeVine)
Girl scout cookie cartel about to crank up, yall! Yay! A new app for all the cookie enthusiasts AND Adam DeVine.
I had a great aunt that lived to be 129. - Adam DeVine
Why is Adam DeVine on Modern Family lol
I wish i was half as funny Adam Devine. Dudes a legend
Lol what's the difference between a pile of dead babies and a pile of sand I don't eat sand -adam devine
Plus, Adam Devine is in some episodes of Modern Family so that just adds to what a great show it is!
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I am seriously in love with Adam Devine!
That story about Philip Roth's Freudian analyst misdiagnosing appendicitis as envy is too good to be true, isn't it? ht…
"You have to beat the system from the inside, like rappers and *** you know because they (makes punching motion) beat them" -Adam DeVine
People say I look like Adam Devine from
Comedy Central just asked me to audition for Adam Devine's House Party this Thursday. I said I'd think about it.
cassadee pope met adam devine I'm so jealous
I need ryan gosling. Or someone who isn't famous that is like him. Or adam devine I would die for him too ugh
it's not fair that my closest celebrity look alike is adam Devine, a man.
I actually have a slight obsession with Adam Devine 😍
I believe heaven is just one giant ejaculation -Adam Devine
I would but I really don't like Adam Devine
That kid is smart as a whip, when we play peek a boo half the time he is ahead of me-Adam Devine
Adam Devine has only one rule for his foam party, but it seems to be targeted specifically at one guest. Adam Devine's House Party premieres Thursday, Octobe.
Mr. Coughenour and adam devine are the same people
Workaholics series stars and creators Blake Anderson & Adam Devine interviewed at Comic-Con 2013. - Visit our Official Site
Holy crap my cousin is Phil Sheridan. My Farley bloodline is 7 generations in and it's includes Steve Blackman and Joel Dreessen. Maybe even Adam Devine from workaholics but I'll have to do some more research on that one. We were all born 30 minutes from each other!
Shook hands with Adam DeVine and now I'm eating pizza with that same hand.
Adam DeVine is so cute even if he really is that dumb.
Im jealous what the heck I wanna meet Adam Devine
We have a new student that THAT LOOKS LIKE ADAM DEVINE, OR BUMBER FROM Pitch Perfect OMFG
Literally Adam Devine is my favorite person in the world
Esther Dean was the most important part of Pitch Perfect next to baby daddy Adam Devine
I would give anything to spend just one weekend raging with Jimmy Tatro and Adam Devine.
Welcome in a new semester at our annual Variety Hour, this Wednesday, January 15th! Get ready to be mystified, hypnotized, comedified (jk, that's not a word) and serenaded. Past performers included Pentatonix, Adam Devine and Secondhand Serenade, so you know this is gonna be good!
Adam Devine's facial expressions are pretty much how I feel 600% of the time.
Adam Devine's House Party is amazingly hilarious.
"I don't make burgers...I make memories in a bun." -Adam DeVine
Adam Devine is already having trouble introducing his new show when Andrew Santino makes things much worse. Adam Devine's House Party premieres ...
I knew Adam Devine was the voice of Pizza Steve, recognize that voice anywhere.
everyone says I look like Adam Devine.
Adam Devine dropped outta community college and look at him.
I'm so glad Adam Devine is still on Modern Family.
Why is it that everytime I hear Adam Levine I think Adam Devine? Gosh, I miss Workaholics.
Adam Devine is one of my favorite people and I'm so glad I can see him on Modern Family while I wait for Workaholics to start up again.
Why can't Adam DeVine be my best friend?
Adam Devine in Modern Family is the greatest idea ever on the planet
I thought Modern Family couldn't get any better . And then Adam DeVine joined the show
When did Adam DeVine get on Modern Family?!
I love the fact that Adam Devine is a regular cast member on Modern Family
Holy *** Adam Devine is hilarious in not as hilarious than
Speaking of Adam DeVine when does workaholics come back!!!
I want Adam Devine as a regular, okay?
“Adam Devine on another Modern Family episode. Phil Dunphy the GOAT
Whenever Adam DeVine is Modern Family it's a great
This Adam DeVine dude is like everywhere now a days.
I have an undying love for Adam Devine from workaholics.
Adam Devine is probs my fav. Funckn actor ever!
EVERYONE! Watch Modern Family tonight! Adam DeVine may or may not... but most definitely may be making an appearance!
Ive been told about five times today i look like Adam Devine from Workaholics.
What to Watch Tonight: Stevie Nicks Bewitches Coven, Psych's Back, SVU Aftershock and more: On TV this Wednesday: American Horror Story attracts the enchanting Stevie Nicks, Psych hops across the pond for its season opener, Kirstie beds Vinnie Barbarino and 2 Broke Girls clean up nice for the People’s Choice Awards. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar. 8 pm Revolution (NBC) | Miles leads Monroe and Rachel south of the border, where they encounter a challenging surprise; Charlie and Gene continue to search for Aaron. (See what EP Rockne S. O’Bannon says is coming up.) 8 pm The Middle (ABC) | A news-alerts app on his refurbished iPad turns Brick into an (even more) neurotic mess. Sounds like it’s time for a trip to see Dr. Fulton (returning guest star Dave Foley)! 8:30 pm Super Fun Night (ABC) | Special time: In the first of tonight’s two new episodes, Kimmie impersonates a rapper to get a real one to sign with the firm. (Breaking Bad heavy Lavell Crawford guest-stars.) Then at 9:30, Kimmie ...
I freakin love that adam devine was on Modern Family
Lol adam devine from workaholics plays this dude
Anyone else think Adam Devine is like a young William Shatner?
My favorite part of Pitch Perfect is obviously my man Adam Devine 😘
Oh, Comedy Central, Kroll Show + That Awkward Moment ads? Why not add Adam Devine’s House Party, and I'll throw my TV through the window.
I still can't get over the similarities between and Adam DeVine.
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ADAM DEVINE IS ON Modern Family? Does know he's cheating on them with abc?
Local Austin Comedians showcase their talent for an opportunity to appear on Comedy Central's "House Party" with Adam Devine.
An Adam Devine Tip to success: Finger bang them sOo good.
Ok my favorite quote of the night. Adam Devine Big Ole God Titties:
Latest comedy crush you guys, Esther Povitsky:
I hate Pitch Perfect with a passion. It's so stupid. . Only reason it's remotely okay is because Adam Devine is in it.
chris this movie is basically the best movie about acapella competitions and vomit and Adam DeVine.
Photo: Grace is friends with Adam DeVine?! *gasps* Dafuq…
I don't watch that wack Workaholics show, but I thought that Adam DeVine guy was from One Direction
There is nobody quite like Preview an all-new House Party.
First can we talk about the fact that scotty probably took the video of adam devine thanks
Adam you're one of the most argumentative people I know! 👌
Is it a rule that if you play the drums you have to be hot bc *** Ashton Irwin, Josh Devine, Mark Pontius, Tristan Evans, Adam Pitts...etc
Adam Devine is the best thing that's happened to this show in a while
I'm going to pull an Adam DeVine and mix 5 five hour energies with sugar and maybe even a monster and coffee all in one.
Adam Devine's probably one of the funniest guys alive.
Thanks for the best ending to winter break and Adam. ☺️
Adam Devine is seriously the most unfunny person ever. Like he tries so hard to be funny, but he's not
Woah woah woah why did nobody tell me Adam DeVine is in Workaholics?? I need that show ASAP!
The voice of pizza steve is Adam DeVine
Adam DeVine talks about what it's like to be recognized by a crazy man. Want to see more Stand Up Comedy? Subscribe to the Laugh Factory's channel here: http...
I want say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Reece Payne, Adam Devine and Eoin Young for helping me because i know with out you sound group of lads i wouldn't be here and and for the bottom of my heart thank you you guys have helped me and stuck with me thick and thin and for that i am grateful some of you are older friends than the others but no less the best lads in the world thank you so much.
The Modern Family episode with Jordan Peele and Adam Devine may or may not be the best experience of my life
It's hair of the dog time. Cure your NYE hangover with highlights from Adam Devine's House Party.
Watch highlights from Adam Devine's House Party and get inspired for tonight's shenanigans.
SO i'm half awake and I realize. Adam Devine is the voice of pizza steve on Uncle Grandpa. so i guess I should watch this more. I noticed it when he said it was real weird.
Meet Adam Devine, star of Pitch Perfect, in this EXCLUSIVE featurette. Don’t forget to get your tickets to see Pitch Perfect now to take advantage of our Buy 3 get one Free deal:
Have yourself a few lunch beers and watch highlights from Season 1 of Adam Devine's House Party.
This is the USA okay, characters welcome. -Adam Devine (Workaholics)
"If you dont want to date me that's fine, but you're wrong and i hate you." -Adam DeVine, "Workaholics."
Watch highlights from this season of Adam Devine's House Party. It's your duty as a partier.
Watch highlights from Adam Devine's House Party. It's like Woodstock '99, but not horrible.
If you are insanely obsessed with Workaholics like I am, then here are some parts that you may not have known Adam Devine has played.Adam and the Workaholics first started doing skits as "Mail Order Comedy" also the Workaholics released a 14 track CD called "Purple Magic". Adam had small roles in movies like "Mamas Boy", the show "Samantha Who?", "Community", "Traffic Light", and "Arrested Development". Adam was also the co-star of "Pitch Perfect" and actually won an award for his performance.Now Adam has his own show and is the voice of Pizza Steve on the cartoon "Uncle Grandpa". Why am I telling you all this? Because there is not another better show than "Workaholics" and theres a new season Jan. 22!
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Every party needs a space jump. Watch highlights from the season finale of House Party.
Trash talk plays at the end of one of Adam devine's House Party shows that's dope
The fact Adam DeVine is pizza Steve is sweet
I think im in love w adam devine ok
Jesus tonight look at this I'm a work of art how fab done by local artist Adam Devine who is absolutely fab 😘
pretending to throw a House Party while watching Adam Devine's House Party
Just copped a maroon 5, no Adam Devine
All of the comedians on Adam Devine's House Party are way hotter and funnier than him...
No matter how hard he tries, cannot escape
"I was watching this documentary on racism... because you know, I like to make sure I stay mad!" -Kevin Barnett .
"My slavery bit is sso much better now...". It's not in too bad of shape here, tho.
Rampage - Terry Devine-King and Adam Drake ᴴᴰ: that's the song I was telling you about. :)
Need an adrenaline rush? Watch highlights from last night's season finale of House Party.
Adam Devine's acting had to be influenced by Jack Black at one point.
I just fell in love after watching your set on Adam devine's House Party.
Just happened to catch on Adam Devine's House Party just now. Really funny set. Check that guy out.
I love how Adam DeVine is in Pitch Perfect 👌😊
So the Adam Devine House Party was retarded.
Adam Devine wouldn’t be caught dead in a K-Mart or in his very own clothing line.
Adam Devine's House Party, whatever that is…is that Larry's house from Curb Your Enthusiasm?
Just got told I look like Adam Devine.😒
Adam Devine from Workaholics has his own show on Comedy Central. I think this may be the last one of the season.. Its hilarious
I wish I could live life like Adam Devine
Adam Devine's House Party is turning me into an insomniac cuz it's so funny
I just watched you on Adam Devine House Party. I absolutely love you!
Watching Adam Devine's House Party. I love him, he's so funny
watching Adam Devine House Party Lil Esther was great!
Just seen kill it on Adam Devine's House Party!! Dropn science
Watching this comedian on Adam Devine's House Party try to be funny, and only succeeding 50% of the time. Otherwise, I'm laughing because...
Not sure who I hate more, the comedians on Adam Devine's House Party or the audience for laughing
I always turn on Adam Devine's House Party halfway through and I can never grasp what's going on
omg Adam Devine is Pizza Steve?!! lmfao the only character i liked from watching those stupidass commercials
Bugs the Adam Devine House Party theme song that's rad
when the nerdy dude approaches the guy group and Adam Devine goes HARD PASS
I need to marry someone like Adam Devine!!
I'm probably about to get so much hate for this, but Adam Devine just straight up isn't funny
After meet Adam Devine my prime years would look like my come up lol
Everybody deserves a beer. Especially Lady Troopers. Preview an all-new House Party.
I would do anything to chill with adam devine for a day
Adam Devine's House Party = best new show on since Workaholics. Coincidence, I think not
Adam Devine's House Party is where it's at
The beer funnel guy on the episode of Adam Devine's House Party tonight was from SNL.
Every time I see a gif of Adam Devine I understand why I am compared to him.
Well adam devine's House Party is over shut that tv off its bed time!
Adam Devine's House Party is potentially one of the funniest shows I've ever watched
I think I'm in love with Adam Devine bc he's the voice for Pizza Steve 👀
Adam Devine's House Party is the best!
I keep seeing this kid from my high school on Adam Devine's House Party and it's making me jealous to the point of anger.
Every comedian on Adam Devine's House Party admits to using pot. At least one of them must smoke wet but pretends to just be smoking pot.
Adam Devines House Party would be funny if there wasn't Adam Devine or his House Party.
Can I be best friends with Adam DeVine? Pls?
I thought I was about to laugh at Adam Devine's House Party but it was just a yawn, apparently.
I'm tryna go to an adam devine House Party
There's something about Adam Devine that makes me hate him but also love him
Adam Devine's House Party is my new favorite show 😎
Can I go to Adam Devine's House Party plz
Adam Devine's House Party on Comedy Central lets get weird!
Say what you will about but at least they give beer to children.
Should I stay awake and watch Adam Devine's House Party?
OH also Trash Talk makes an appearance in the Adam Devine House Party so... yeah!
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the incredible is on Adam Devine's House Party tonight! A few rules you should learn first:
Ochocino headbutted EVElyn. Eve tempted Adam with a apple on the 8th day. Ocho = 8
Adam Devine is in this Modern Family episode ah
Don't do drugs with your twin. Preview tonight's episode of House Party.
Tonight's episode of "ADAM DEVINE'S House Party" is a parent's worst nightmare. Or not. Who knows? I'm not a parent.
Adam Devine is the funniest person on the face of this planet, don't try to change my mind.
I think I was Adam Devine in a past life
I wish I could physically be at Adam Devine's House Party 😪
Yo! I'm on Adam Devine's House Party tonight on Comedy Central tonight at 12:30. I get Girl Scouts drunk.
Set those DVR's. I'm on ADAM DEVINE'S House Party tonight at 1230AM on
Comments on my beard: Robin Thicke..., Adam Devine (from my male boss lol) and Will Wheaton, the nerd from Big Bang Theory. What the ***
Emile Hirsch playing John Belushi in biopic from Walter Mitty director Steve Conrad. Hirsch beat out Adam Devine and Joaquin Phoenix to play Belushi in biopic produced by Belushi\'s widow and Dan Aykroyd.
John Belushi biopic Casts Emile Hirsch In The Lead Role Early last week we learned that the list of actors being considered for the lead in the upcoming John Belushi biopic had been whittled down to just four names. Emile Hirsch, Adam Devine, Adam DeMamp (of Comedy Central’s Workaholics) and Joaquin Phoenix were reportedly the final performers whom director Steve Conrad and the producers were considering for the part - and today they've officially made their decision. Hirsch, who was most recently seen earlier this year starring alongside Paul Rudd in David Gordon Green's Prince Avalanche, has been cast to play the Animal House and Saturday Night Live star. Based on a script written by Conrad, whose credits include The Pursuit of Happyness, The Weather Man and the upcoming The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the biopic will tell the true story of how Belushi used his incredible comedic genius to become one of the biggest comedians in film and television, only to have it all ripped away by drugs and alcohol ...
My plans for tonight: big bang theory untill 10, conan until 11, then a quick workout until 11:30, next Adam Devine's House Party till 12:30 and finally off to bed. I have a lame life..
Álbum de fotos: cairstairs: Adam Devine photobombing at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards
Who the heck is Adam DeVine? — He is one of the three actors for the show Workaholics.which is a good show...
Adam DeVine wants to make out with Rebel Wilson (again): Workaholics and Pitch Perfect's Adam DeVine told SheK...
MISSED OPPORTUNITY: Adam Devine not cast as the waiter on Breaking Bad last night.
I think Adam DeVine and are the same person
Adam DeVine must do me immediately.
Photo: ohmymemes: Adam Devine with some wise words Autopilot $1/day - $50/day → You gain a dollar a day just...
Adam DeVine star of Pitch Perfect interview with PaparazziXposed com: via
My love for Adam Devine is to real.
Adam DeVine can make anything funny.
I wish Adam Devine was here. VMAs needs some photobombing action
Watching Pitch Perfect for the billionth time because who knew Adam Devine could sing and Rebel Wilson's accent.
Chamillionaire - Ridin' Dirty With Lyrics: Devine can u rap this
Adam Devine photobombing at the Teen Choice Awards is like the funniest thing ever
The reason Pitch Perfect is watchable is because of Adam DeVine
Adam Devine a.k.a professional photobomber lol
, if only Adam Devine followed me, I'd be so happy .
Oh Adam DeVine? Yeah he was one of the main reasons I watched it lol
Dude Adam Devine was so awesome in Pitch Perfect.
Found pics of Adam Devine and his "gf" w/e man I give up I hate life now wow sad girl
Adam Devine is going to father my babies.
Enjoy the latest from Range with Adam Devine! MAXIM Magazine
Rebel Wilson & Adam Devine stars of Pitch Perfect interview with PaparazziXposed com: via
Saw roughly 15 minutes of Pitch Perfect last night, and it's already at least a 7/10 in my book because it has Adam DeVine in it.
I love Adam Devine but i really hate pants.
““How to photobomb Adam DeVine is not the cha…
““How to photobomb Adam DeVine is not the champion.
i seriously love Adam Devine. And to all the dumb people out there, no i'm not talking about the lead singer of Maroon 5.
*** it, of course Adam Devine's got a hot sister.
Adam Devine is so little. I kind of love it.
dude it's hot Adam Devine from workaholics In it . Your good   10% Off
I am watching Pitch Perfect and Adam DeVine I'm just so sad I want my salmon cream cheese show back
I would have all of Adam Devine's babies omg
There's a couple supports but I don't know any of them except "Adam Devine from Workaholics". Like *** is he gonna do there, just be there?
I've decided that is the asian version of Adam DeVine.
I'm only watching it for Adam devine
Adam Devine just said he was blackout at the Teen Choice Awards,
Teen Choice Awards set a world record for twerking, Adam DeVine (almost) set a world record for the most no. of photobombs.
Just found out Adam DeVine (aka Bumper) is from my high school Millard South.
the simple fact I remind you of Adam Devine is awesome!!. thanks for the compliment and they r (
Last night I dreamt that I met Adam Devine (demamp) & I started crying and hugging him. Then he have me some gifts. Best dream I ever had.
Why is there an Adam Devine when there's already an Adam Levine.
"You guys ready to get weird tonight or what?"-Adam Demamp/Adam Devine (Workaholics)
Adam Devine (L) presents Choice Female Athlete award to Gabrielle Douglas onstage at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.
My pilot looks like a slightly older version of Adam DeVine from I feel reason to question his license to fly.
wha Adam DeVine going to be in Modern Family as a male nanny?! yes, awesome.
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Wait why was adam devine all up in the background of gabby douglous's acceptance speech?? 😂
Logan's taking after Adam Devine, like at the TCAs xD
sisterly love. It's ADAM DEVINE. Have you seen the man? He's an angel.
I'm howling at Adam Devine running on stage omg
Adam Devine at the Teen Choice Awards >
In Pitch Perfect, when Adam DeVine yells "Get a life." 😅
This Summer, Adam DeVine Is — ‘The Special Unit’s Unit’ (Sponsored): It’s a hairy world out there, but someone...
Adam DeVine (Workaholics) is joining Modern Family in the recurring role of a male nanny Gloria hires to (cont)
I'm waiting for a photoset of all the photobombs Adam Devine did during the TCA's.
I wish Adam DeVine could sing to me 💖
Adam DeVine greets fans on the streets at Comic Con: via
The best part of the TCA was when Adam Devine was photobombing and the end when they were twerking 😂😂
I'm watching tca 2013 and omg ADAM DEVINE
Adam DeVine is so sexy is such a weird way.
Now I imagine her bf is Adam Devine.
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"You remind me of the guy from Pitch Perfect!" . 'Who, the same guy from Workaholics? Adam Devine?". "No, the main character! Skyler Astin!"
No problem! I'm great. A little under the weather but it's all good :) omg I saw Adam Devine yesterday :o
I miss watching Adam Devine all the time
I also met Brian Cushing and Adam Devine from Pitch Perfect and workaholics and I've seen snooki lol
"Don’t go to college, follow your dreams. Unless you’re a doctor, then go to college." - Adam Devine (via...
Adam DeVine is the reason I loved Pitch Perfect. 😉
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when am I gonna marry Adam Devine already
Adam Devine's philosophical advice for realizing your dreams:
Sitting in the same restaurant as Adam DeVine! Gotta love LA
good night everyone. Had fun for a bit after work with Devin Abbott. Stopped at Adam Delp's for a quick second to beat him. He deserved it.
Wayne Ellington will sign with the Dallas Mavericks for $5 million+ deal over 2 years. Steal.
Skylar Astin??? no he isn't lol you're probably thinking of Adam DeVine
'Don't go to college, follow your dreams'
the fact that Adam DeVine is in Pitch Perfect, makes it that much better
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Adam DeVine is in this, I automatically like it.
Ok so I need my AC serviced! One works and one is just blowing, who can give me a referral? HELP its hot
I need to find a new punishment for the kids besides Corners timeouts taking things away from them any suggestions?
Kid at camp this week: "Duuude, dude! Been meaning to tell you.. You look EXACTLY like Adam DeVine from Workaholics! Like exactly"
"Don't go to college. Follow your dreams." - Adam Devine
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Having just moved to LA, is right on the money with his advice about how to make friends.
Don't give "God" so much credit. You're the one making it happen! God isn't going to school for you, god isn't making you more coordinated, faster or smoother on the drums.. YOU are doing that, no one else.
Adam Devine is so annoying in the funniest way wow but he's so annoying but he's so funny
"If you try and be too cool, it only works in high school. After that, being uncool is a very cool thing to do."
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