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Adam Barlow

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I could really see Sam Robertson, who is currently playing Adam Barlow in making a fantastic James Bond.
Ppl need to give shoutouts it's not fair he's only a child
I'll never forget. It's imprinted into my mind now forever. My gravestone will read "always remembere…
Coronation Street plans overdose horror for Adam Barlow via
Off private better not lose this tho
I tried to make friends with people i want out 😕😮
Adam Barlow properly nicked the coffee machine??
You promise and erm looks at you nothing
Erm just worried about you really glups
Adam Barlow is fundraising for Movember Foundation. Donate to Adam's JustGiving page
ATTENTION!! 😛... . I've changed my account to an Barlow fan account 😈.. come on .. we all knew this would happ…
Adam Barlow in is absolutely gorgeous 😍
Coronation Street spoiler: Adam Barlow's past comes back to haunt him
Coronation Street spoilers: Adam Barlow to be KILLED OFF in tragic overdose plot? .
Smile mate it not happned yet you have get some reast soon mate
Coronation Street spoiler: Suicide tragedy as Adam Barlow overdoses on painkillers
Adam Barlow in drugs overdose shock?
Mary banned from seeing grandson George - what happens next?
viewers were FURIOUS with Maria Connor – did you spot why?
Coronation Street spoiler: Adam Barlow kisses Eva Price as she debates calling off Aidan…
Samuel Adam John Barlow get home right now young man!
Eva couldn't ask for a better partner in crime than Adam Barlow. Official bad boy of Weatherfield.…
All the main Adam also he's my main grandson
The police copper got took out by Adam and Jesse fighting
I see there is a documentary on channel 4 about gary barlow called catching the tax dodgers.interesting
Coronation Street love triangle becomes love SQUARE as Maria Connor sees Adam Barlow try an…
Coronation Street viewers lash out at Maria Connor after she makes surprise comment about Eva Price and Adam Barlow…
fans SLAMMED the character after she did this
The one with Eva?? Thats Adam Barlow he's been in it ages!!
Adam Barlow is now going on the list of men I fancy along with Aidan & Peter
im as straight as they come but dont know how women pie Adam Barlow mate i would kill a cat to look half as good as him
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Adam Barlow in a suit in every episode is something I can live with😍
Adam Barlow or Peter Barlow the decision is a tough one 🔥🔥🔥
I know emmerdale have the most beautiful cast but adam barlow is such a peng ting corrie are blessed
Eva deserves an award for resisting Adam Barlow in that suit tbh
Eva Price and Adam Barlow would suit each other 😃❤💑
Adam Barlow is by far my favourite character. I'm very concerned regarding what that says about me.
Adam Barlow would hit the mark if he beefed up a bit 😂
Adam Barlow is making me have to hold on to the side of the table. Sweet Lord.
Can I just marry Adam Barlow now plz
Would actually bang Adam Barlow ngl how FIT is he
any chance of me being married to Adam Barlow by the end of the day...
Adam Barlow is so fit I can't stand it. Christ! 🤤
Adam Barlow is just bloody handsome! 😍👌
I absolutely bloody think Adam Barlow in Corrie is gorgeous 😍
Separated at birth!. Adam Barlow from aka Sam Robertson . and singer Robin Thicke 😍 h…
if you've noticed The male police officer who kept turning up when they arrested Adam Barlow is Colin from…
Where's Adam Barlow, is he grown up enough to perv on yet ?
Ken Barlow reached a ripe old age with a few hiccups along the way ,mainly women..will Adam save him ? Thats my guess.
Adam Barlow is too hot to be arrested 😒hurry up and show his face again so I can be happy 😂🙄💚
Is it just me or is Ken Barlow a properly heartless ***
your my fav in shield! Love seeing a British actor! just found out you played Adam Barlow back in my corrie days! I'm amazed!
And Chris Gascoyne (Peter Barlow) is beyond hot!!! Especially when he was going to hurt his nephew Adam.
Adam Barlow on be lookin like a snack in every episode
Recorded live from Adam Barlow's boot, it's Conversation Street Episode 256!
Ken Barlow's attacker has finally been REVEALED!
Ken Barlow's attacker has finally been REVEALED
Coronation Street fans left in shock as Daniel Osbourne is revealed to be behind Ken Barlow’s attack -after Adam B…
Wait, what? How was Adam Barlow involved in Ken's attack?
Adam Barlow watched Wednesday once so he's innocent anyway
Adam Barlow,I'm arresting you on suspicion of having a really bad haircut!!
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I'm removing Adam Barlow from my list of suspects. 🕵️‍♂️
Adam Barlow didn't shove Ken Barlow down the stairs it was Denise Osbourne
Who Attacked Ken? My answer: Adam Barlow. What do you think? via
Ken Barlow left stunned as he notices a major hint about his attacker
Coronation Street spoilers: Ken Barlow left stunned as Adam drops a major hint about his attacker – and takes the …
Night guys probably hear from you same time tmw if Adam Barlow doesn't come over be good ❤
Coronation Street Spoiler: Ken Barlow finds out one of his family members attacked him
Friend of my family is still missing He's called Martyn Hett, he was wearing a retro shirt and has a Deidrie Barlow tatto…
Coronation Street Spoiler: Ken Barlow FINALLY finds out who attacked him
Life of a sportswriter; Interviewed in the last 24 hours: Adam Wainwright, Randal Grichuk, Skylure Barlow, Megan Brown and J…
Coronation Street's Daniel Osborne threatens to KILL Adam Barlow, but did he push Ken?
You can add Adam Barlow to the list of crap characters. He's right up there with Tracy Barlow, Leanne, Simon, Nick, Fizz & Chesney.
Coronation Street's Todd Grimshaw makes a mistake about Adam Barlow. Did you spot it? - SEE MORE:
Coronation Street confuses fans as Todd Grimshaw says Adam Barlow is looking for his DEAD dad
Coronation Street: Will Rosie Webster and Adam Barlow kiss after flirty exchange?
spoilers: Rosie Webster set to reveal all to Adam Barlow - big mistake Rosie!
Corrie spoilers: Rosie Webster confesses to Adam Barlow about drug smuggling
Adam Barlow turns nasty with Rosie Webster after stealing the drugs in
Coronation Street spoilers: Rosie Webster confesses all about her drug smuggling to Adam Barlow
Coronation Street spoilers: Adam Barlow to seduce Rosie Webster as glamour model makes her return to the cobbles
Rosie Webster returns to Coronation Street and there is a romantic frisson with Adam Barlow and his smug lopsided g…
Corrie drugs scandal for Adam Barlow and Rosie Webster
Coronation Street spoilers: Drugs scandal ahead for Adam Barlow and Rosie Webster
drugs scandal for Adam Barlow and Rosie Webster
On the hunt: Coronation Street's Adam Barlow (played by Sam Robertson) appears to have gone one…
With Daniel Osbourne and Adam Barlow set to return to Corrie, I interviewed producer Kate…
Mary J. Lodge, age 75 of Nashua, Iowa, died Thursday morning, August 7, 2014 at the Floyd County Memorial Hospital in Charles City. Funeral services will be held 10:30 a.m. Monday, August 11, 2014, at United Methodist Church, Nashua with Pastor Alfredo Agtarap presiding. Interment will be in Lynwood Cemetery, Clarksville, IA, with Scott Lodge, Larry Lodge, Matthew Lodge, Adam Barlow, Seth Harrison, and Greg Henn serving as pallbearers. Friends may greet the family 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. Sunday, August 10, 2014 at Hugeback Johnson Funeral Home – Olson Chapel in Nashua. Visitation continues an hour prior to the service at the church on Monday.
William Roache’s return to Coronation Street following his acquittal on sexual assault charges is likely to take place over a period of several months rather than a matter of days or weeks. After being cleared of all charges today, William, 81, who has played Ken Barlow on the ITV soap for over 50 years, said “I want to get back to work". But while ITV subsequently released a statement saying "We look forward to talking to Bill soon about his return to work", it is understood that the actor is unlikely to appear on Coronation Street again until the second half of 2014. The soap is currently filming episodes set for transmission in April, with storylines already written that will take it up to July. That means Ken’s return would have to be planned for some point after that. Coronation Street bosses are thought to be keen to ensure that any plotline provides a credible reason and timescale for the character to return from his trip to Canada, where he is looking after his grandson Adam Barlow following ...
'- My life just got ruined by musical robin hood. F a c k. Thank you eternally Adam Barlow though xx
We are hearing that EastEnder’s star Gillian Taylforth, Sam Robertson, who starred as Adam Barlow in Coronation Street and Heartbeat’s Tricia Penrose, will be joining the Channel 5 show on January 3rd!! Would you watch to see them on it??
Robin Hood: Men in tights (and wigs and falsies): Pantomime star Adam Barlow talks frocks and swordp...
Happy 2nd Birthday in heaven my sister Steffany Holm, not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Have a good one with Adam Barlow and Chris Jackson.
Ok peeps, get down to the Oldham Coliseum this Friday or Saturday and see 'Curtain up at the Coliseum' featuring past shows and best sellers starring Gemma Wardle, Sue Devaney, Cath Kinsella, Adam Barlow,Adam Keast, Chris Grahamson,Keiran Buckeridge, Keneth Alan-Taylor and myself with guest appearances from cast members of Corrie. On a different subject, David Gest has just rang our house!
Billy Phil Tomlinson came in the Duke as James Bond, I told him he looked like Peter Kay with his suit and bow tie until he showed me his gun then I just laughed at the idea until Adam Barlow said let's say that he looks like Johnny English, I thought would be a humiliation if he was called Rowan Atkinson since he's a very good comedian to the UK :P
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