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Ada Wong

is a fictional character in the Resident Evil franchise by Capcom, introduced in Resident Evil 2 in 1998. Ada is a mysterious and ambiguous antihero figure, working for the series' villains but also helping the protagonist Leon.

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Nemesis popping out of nowhere. Knifing him to death in corners too good. Only thing Re2 had over 3…
Let's call Leon and Ada Wong... 😂. No no no seriously, Flakka is real. So be careful guys you don't wanna be a zomb…
No to be disrespectful.. But either my eyes are playing tricks on me. or you could actually pass for a REAL Life Ada Wong.
I hate Ada Wong all my men are dying because of me but I hate Ada Wong
I swear I will be upset if Ada Wong isn't a playable character in ; She's so iconic in the Resident Evil universe.
I think it was probably the end of resi 2 when Ada Wong dies actually. Was the first…
:O shes awsomee i like ada wong to :)
— ada wong • Resident Evil. "you think I'm going to sit back and be your scapegoat, you've got another thing coming."…
Ada Wong Death Scenes - Be Killed Awesomely Title Resident Evil 6. why do I found this arousing?
Ada Wong bringing back a souvenir t shirt for Leon but it's for kids and pastel colored
/Jill Valentine or Kairi two completely different characters from different games, but I love em or Ada Wong
I just want Felicia and Ada Wong for MvC:I, Especially Felicia. For DBZ I only need Android 18.
One of the best Ada Wong cosplays out there!
Ada Wong (Resident Evil) by good-natured - Looked long & hard: Shermie's Ada Wong cosplay is the best. ht…
Simmons: "How are you feeling?". Ada Wong: "Why don't you come down here and I'll show you?" 😉
My 2 favorite female characters in Resident Evil Claire Redfield and Ada Wong they are both badasses in my book 😄
Ada Wong and Leon S Kennedy have the hots for each other in Resident Evil but if she caught him with Claire Redfiel…
Ada Wong (by "Let's ditch the pleasantries and get right to it."
It can only be interesting if somebody is as good as ADA WONG
Rouge is probably my favorite Sonic character. She's kinda cool being a secret agent type..reminds me of Ada…
I really shouldn't make an Ada Wong rp acc, but I want---
Would have been great if Ada Wong and Jill Valentine were also in Resident Evil The Final Chapter
if mia winters and ada wong teamed up would they be... — IVE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS A LOT theyre both also lowke...
.i just realized she's not far from Ada Wong's look, so logically she'll be a hunk of tofu next
No problem. Us cosplayers have gotta stick together. Your Bellatrix and Ada Wong are fantastic.
OH i foudn out that an ada wong "oops i did it again" amv exists today and i almost started crying from joy
Spoiler: If I gonna Wrong, I wonder how many people think I cosplay Ada Wong? Hm...
//her character kinda resembles Ada Wong
this is my Ada Wong cosplay from Resident Evil 6
Back from my walk, and I can't stop thinking about how absolutely BADASS Ada Wong has become through the Resident Evil Series!
*Resident Evil: The Final Chapter makes over 300 million in the box office* . Me: waiting for Claire Redfield and Ad…
Regina (Dino Crisis), Ada Wong, Claire Redfield (not the Rev2 abomination). Prob wldn't buy if they were in TBH
I need to finish Resident Evil 7 this week. I'm still hoping a few old faces make an appearance, especially Ada Wong.
The last scene in they were all in the White House I wonder what happened to Jill and Ada Wong
I liked a video from Please Don't Ada My Wong
Just a crappy little sketch of my next homemade ada wong will redraw soon
'' I have been sent here by the BSAA. My name, is Ada Wong. ''
I Love the movie, but where's Becky, Ada wong, Leon? 😑
I liked a video from Resident Evil Lore: Ada Wong Secrets!
I can make you a gun holster and you can be an updated Ada Wong.
I liked a video from La historia de Ada Wong (Resident Evil)
Then there will be no more Resident Evil, then that happened with Jill Valentine, ada wong, leon s kennedy and chris redfield
So where's Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong? Plus d other survivors with Alice at the White House?
I wouldn't says he's a protag per say, but Ada. Ada Wong.
Bids are coming in for the fundraiser happening now! This piece by Ada Wong is now at $150 :)…
hm a third redfield or he's a clone of chris like how they clone ada wong in RE6
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Ada Wong - December 31, 1974. - status: alive. - Industrial spy for Umbrella Corporation. - was operative for the 3rd orga…
RE The Final Chapter was boring. Fighting scenes shaky, boring plot, no Ada Wong and only filled with jumpscares
I mean, look at haaa! The most gorgeous zombie in Resident Evil... only to be credited as J-Pop girl. At least cast…
Ada Wong brings the promise of spring to the fundraiser with her beautiful 11 x 15" wat…
I hope the Resi line does well enough for to do Chris Redfield, Wesker, Ada Wong, the first zombie from RE1 and a few others.
Kau tak payah nak emo masuk 2017 still single. Ada org masuk 2017 without parents tau. Being single is not the end of the w…
YES, I just see Ada (Wong) and I have to think about getting the game, atleast Morrigan is already confirmed. 😀
Why does Imu in that dress remind me of Ada Wong?
I really like Ada Wong as a character, but I hate playing her levels, lol.
I am excited, but there's no Ada Wong so I'm a little sad.
no Ada Wong drink. i am disappointed
Day 7 fav game couple . Me and ada wong
Ada Wong got cake, that's pretty much it right away with it is so cute question my sanity xdxdxd
This picture explains why Ada Wong from Resident Evil should be in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.
2. Claire Redfield | Badass babe, best waifu wanna go zombie hunt with her tbh, Leon should have a crush on her ins…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
A little love to the charming and mysterious lady of the Resi franchise. Ada Wong
I think we all can agree that ada wong is the best character from Resident Evil
Character of color of the day: Ada Wong (Chinese American) | Resident Evil games
. If u can draw me a Resident Evil 2 or 3 imagine, I'll get it tattooed on me! 😍😍😍. I love Ada Wong
Ada Wong My Lady ... yep they do lookalike since they r both the same person .. what an answer .. applause ME
Get well soon Yoongi, and please take care of yourself, the Army will always love you ❤️ so please don't blame your…
Ada Wong and Leon S Kennedy cosplayed by me and my partner.
doesn't that pic remind you of Ada wong
hits The Racoon City, Su An a.k.a Ada Wong (English name) came in to help and to revenge his fathers death." (4/5)
New concepts with a video brochure / video box
me: ada wong gets me so hot omg. also me: but what if I like beefcake chris too
I mean yeah you're way better more than ada Wong
See you all later for more Ada Wong in Separate Ways
I don't know who ada wong is but drea looks cuter than her
you don't know a. Ada Wong from Resident Evil 😱
Buy Miche Bag Online!
📷 Helena had no idea the woman she was picked up by at the bar was none other than Ada Wong. Later on...
I liked a video Resident Evil 6 with Japanese Voices: Ada Wong Cutscenes
is it me or did the chick on the phone so like the notorious Ada Wong
For gamers and fans of here's Ada from 2013 -
If Ada Wong is not in RE7 I'm not playing. Seriously. Really don't want to play Outlast: RE edition.
I want one Ada Wong please with sugar on top...
-If you want Ada Wong, you will have Ada Wong...-
hotline bling by Drake featuring Ada Wong's betrayals
[sings to the tune of hotline bling] Ada Wong used to call me on my cellphone
I would see Ada's origin story ?. Ada Wong solo campaign should in Resident Evil Revelations 3 htt…
I would see Ada Wong will there in Resident Evil Vendetta ? Hope so. https:/…
Send me more dm's Ada Wong. Pissin mysell laughin at you 😂
decided to finally try to sit through the original Resident Evil movie. don't like that nothing is the same. feel like Alice to be Ada Wong
in personal, I would say Mila Jovovich as Alice, Li Bingbing as Ada Wong.
Here's my new art of characters Ada Wong and Jill Valentine!
If only Higuchi is as elite as ada wong. Lol
Ada Wong. Best action girl. Higuchi should learn from her!
I did not see she looks like Ada Wong. , what you think?
Wow if Ada Wong was real what will happen if u meet her I wonder???
Sitting through the end of one of these Resident Evil movies waiting for TOR-MIA and Ada Wong was in one of these?
honestly though I would make a pretty cool tharja or Ada Wong??? Or like a spider girlfriend
"Maybe you forgot, Wesker. I don't always play by your rules." - Ada Wong by CristalCosplay
Holy crap! This is a really good cosplay of Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4!
{Smiles} I don't care about your go ahead and don't play with the Real Ada Wong!
Don't play with the REAL ADA WONG {Smiles then laugh} now you should better run, before i get my KID!
{Smiles} Aww, that was not fun...and i Ada Wong'll be queen of new world!.You're not the real Ada Wong!---
If you know me so well, you shouldn`t need validation.
But if you want games, you will get them with the real Ada Wong. *looks at her while smiles*
You? The real Ada Wong? don't make me laugh, You're just a copy of me. *smiles*
{Starts run just to catch her} Do not play with the real Ada wong {Smiles}
I need to talk with wong cerdas sing umure wes 30-40an. Ada? I have a big question
youre welcome and I already have Im totally living for your Ada Wong and Lightning Knight cosplays theyre epic
Might want to do some fact checking, though.
Ada Wong from RE is ninja enough for me!
but if I had a ship, it would be Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong for sure c:
Sorry to ask u about RE7 I know u don't know anything about the game but if u do come would u mind playing Ada Wong again??
so how's Ada Wong??? Has Capcom going to make RE7??? Been 4 years now I'm getting tired of waiting now 4 years for nothing
That's Ada Wong in back of Laura about to throw her a rocket launcher for all your low tier cries
I wish ada wong got her own game, i want to know more about here
*Agent 47 just arriving to the new settlement looking around narrowing his eyes assigned on a contract to take down Ada Wong from what-
John Doe has an absolutely fantastic new Resident Evil piece featuring the lovely Ada Wong:
"If she wants a game, she'll get one. With the real Ada Wong."
nice cosplays. I am a big Resident Evil fan and your Ada Wong is awesome
I am starting your fan club, because I am your number one fan.
Ada Wong rates pretty high up there as well and plays by the same rules. I am nothing if not consistent I guess
I relate to Ada Wong on personal level
when I cosplayed Ada Wong from Resident Evil 6 💉🔫 kinda of like how it suits…
Love this image I found online of Ada Wong from Resident Evil 6, nude, made by 3smjill on deviantart
You`re really confused by all this, aren`t you Leon?
ive seen ppl complain about how carla being a werid variation of a clone of ada wong in RE6 was stretching it alot-
My sporting her new Ada Wong cosplay.
My Ada Wong from Resident Evil 6 cosplay! Going to flaunt it this Saturday with my Umbrella crew!
Leon Kennedy e Ada wong The greatest love: via
I've also become part of the official Umbrella Corporation Arizona Hive group and I'm Ada Wong for them. Lots of events and I'm making +
Glad that Li Bingbing won't act Ada Wong in the movie Resident Evil 6, she was unsuitable for the role, I thought.
You looks so cool its like Ada Wong in Resident Evil 6~ The King of Fighters'97
adding co op on Ada Wong mission in. Resident Evil 6 was stupid I thought what's your opinion?
Leon…Ever the survivor. Oh well, no rest for the weary.
📷 buttcanine: moirasburton asked: Ada Wong + baby's breath or dark souls + black dahlia!
📷 ashensavior: thequeenzenobia: Ada Wong in cherry
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This is technically my first cosplay on my own. Ada Wong from Resident Evil 6. Nub sewing skills…
RE Thread. Ada Wong is best girl. First Person controls > Tank Controls.
That`s what you get for trusting Ada Wong.
I was wrong. By their logic Ada Wong is a white woman in all but one Resident Evil game.
you could seriously pull off Ada Wong for a spin off of Resident Evil!!!
Today I learned:. GG "logic" means Ada Wong was a white woman in 3 of the Resident Evil games.
I`ll let them clean up Carla`s mess, while I take care of Simmons.
For future reference: Ada Wong is my fashion icon. B)
however what about Ada Wong vs. Claire Redfield
Man, Ada Wong really let herself go in the later years.
Hate to break it to you, but you`re nothing but a cheap knockoff, at best. Rest in peace, Carla.
It’s a shame. If you had only sought vengeance against Simmons alone, I would have helped you.
The signed photo of Ada Wong from her voice actress that got me
After all, isn’t that why you brought me into this?
Your hatred for Simmons drove you to tear down the world they created, but it was your conscience, Carla, that saw you fail.
I liked a video from Ada Wong and Leon S. Kennedy | Resident Evil Games
OMG! Where did you find that photo of Ada and John! i have never seen this picture in better quality than this!
A prop I've been working on for my Ada Wong cosplay. . Modified a jewelley display case, ad…
She looks like Ada Wong drop Resident Evil 😍
I know it's Ada Wong. I haven't seen her avi's in a while, which is like I'm like O_O
I liked a video from Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles HD Collection - Ada Wong -
She leaves this under auntie tree in a big box with holes for air and enough food and milk for it
LOL. Kira Online has an outfit inspired by Ada Wong! XD
Project X Zone 2 theory: Ada Wong is following Leon the whole time, and that's why there's the red rocket launcher every time he attacks
Ada Wong would main character in Resident Evil 7 ? Yeah Ada was my favorite.
this is why I carry bigger knife and ada besi dlm kereta
I love Ada Wong with all my heart but her campaign is a pain in my ***
I was Ada Wong once from Resident Evil. I made her in about three days to try and hang out with…
my little sister will not stop telling me how hit ada wong is i get it i understand i hear you i see her too you dont have tO KEEP TELLING M
wesker, Alice, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, and Leon s Kennedy are at the White House standing against us
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she is consistent with my adoration for aloof spy chicks like Ada Wong
Ask away, the very talented aka Nora, Gloria, Jack, Ada Wong, and more is doing an AMA on reddit!
"Ada dead."--Best news ever, but then she's not, and I have to bare with it all over again. 🙌😭😭😭 marathon again
Having a short bob gonna have your girl out here looking like ada wong
Night out in my red dress! Might stream later maybe... Ada Wong would be proud. LOL!
Haven't seen any pics or read news about Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy & Ada Wong. I'm starting to get worried.
Courtenay Taylor had a flawless performance as Jack in Mass Effect, Ada Wong in Resident Evil, and now Fem Wanderer in Fallout 4. Greatness.
I have loyalty to Umbrella Corp. I suppose that you too... Ada Wong :)
what if did motion capture for Ada Wong? ...Or maybe Jill Valentine?
Ada Wong will help us with Jill Valentine
r u both voicing Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy for RE 2 remake ???
Planning to turn my old Secret Agent Miss Fortune dress into Ada Wong's. Cosplay recycling xDD…
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...*She rub her arm then grabs the plate* My..mother was Ada Wong. So I know a little bit about Wesker...
Too much slow mo. Too many scenes clearly made for 3D. Why did they feel the need to dub over the lines of the actress who played Ada Wong?
Leon S.Kennedy and Ada Wong should get married in Resident Evil 7 ,, or i will marry one of them cause they both hot af
Need a grappling hook to go with this outfit today. I am channeling RE6 Ada Wong today.
I liked a video from Resident Evil 6: Ada Wong Puzzles - Chapter 2
Who's like Ada Wong from Resident Evil? . Would you be happy if I did cosplay of her? . Yes or no? Please comment XD
Hey darling this is my thanks to you . I'm sorry cuz i don't know how else to say I'm very thankful to…
next I'm going to cosplay as Ada Wong from Resident Evil love that character too for comic con
When they reboot the series, I want them to do a story about Ada Wong... With Leon Kennedy... :')
ada wong is best waifu. No other waifu
Old pict, me as Ada Wong nd Lin as Leon S Kennedy from Resident Evil 2 ..
How did you not have ada wong in revelations 2
I'm very honored because she's been my fave actress since mass effect voicing jack and RE voicing ada Wong :)
so unless they recast ada wong. She won't be in the movie. And wentworth miller said he won't be in it. and ali larter
Ada Wong from RE6 is so pretty. She's prettier compared to her appearance in RE4. But I like her dress in RE4.
“President Obama talks w Alice Wong via robot before reception today.
My relationship w/ my bias is described by suju's "only u". Padahal boong banget only u wong bias saya ada dua
Alice Wong uses robot to talk to Think what she could do with a remote controlled suit. photo:http:/…
Courtenay Taylor is voicing the female protagonist in Fallout 4. She has voiced Jack in Mass Effect 2 and 3 and Ada Wong in 3 Resident Evils
[PlayStation Universe]Not only that, but Brian Irons, the chief of police, Ada Wong, Robert Kendo and othe…
Not long enough. I see you still like to play games?
Ada Wong makes the poster awesome...definitely. :P
I just squee'd a little because Ada Wong.
I'm really hoping Ada Wong makes an appearance in Regardless, it's super fun so far!
Ada Wong is like a mixture of Batman and Carmen Sandiego.
I wanna do an Ada Wong AND a Leon Kennedy cosplay. we need to make it happen and take pics
Guess who made it up the rock wall in double quick time? annabe1123 or _ada.wong_ or…
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The actor who plays "Ada Wong" in Resident Evil Retribution is pretty hot
. Got some business to take care of. See you later.
So where's Ada Wong? She's the only RE veteran missing in Raid Mode.
I respect you're reasons even if not my business but i do respect you Ms. Wong
At Capcom over Halloween with an awesome Jake Muller and Ada Wong
it is from a dtective novel cover art. I got called ada wong of shield thanks to it [laughs]
Resident Evil Mr. X figure by Palisades with RE4 watch + Ada Wong + Chris Figure - Full re…
i just remember who ada wong is and i've been watching Resident Evil playthrus for MONTHS
Cosplayer akinagasai with stunning shots of her as Ada Wong.
Cosplayer with stunning shots of her as Ada Wong.
wuppin pa nub in ada wong paces Freddie?
shes the smartest spy that I have never seen
Who is planning something big on the 25th?
Hm. Sounds to me like someone's painting up something big. . Christmas is coming, after all—a perfect time.
I either need A) a haircut, or B) a red shirt and a crossbow so I can cosplay ada wong.
Can't wait to see Resident Evil: rising next year when it comes in cinema with Wesker, Alice, Chris, Leon, Claire and ada Wong teaming up
your character reminds me of RE 6 Ada Wong
Hey people what happened to , are she deleted her profile ?
Ada wong return to Resident Evil 7 ?. I hope so
lol, a girl has the same name as Ada Wong from Resident Evil on kpopstar
Ada Wong ,Claire Redfield,and Jill Valentine omg I just came ;)
Featuring: Martin J. Thomas (aka Mjt Goliath) as Deathstroke with Belinda Nixon as Ada Wong. Photo by Wing Hei Choi.
idk but maybe tomorrow ada. Pn Wong haritu cakap maybe by 15/12.
For beyond sympathy at this point. For beyond humanity.
wotcing a fnd play RE4 and Ada Wong. a pesin in it is ruing in 3inch staloto heals
My new Let's Play, with my darling Ada Wong. First episode will be up tonight or tomorrow afternoon :)
“Wish I could stay longer, but I`ve gotta run. I`ve left you a little parting gift on the roof. See you down the road, Leon.”
Psylocke, Ada Wong or Ms. Marvel for cleveland comic con
Wong says Peter Hansmeier & Angela Van Den Hemel drove him to businesses, looking for violations.
Alice, Jill Valentine, Claire Reinfield, Ada Wong and Rain Ocampo. Resident Evil's badass girls. I'd like to see them 5 in the same fight.
Resident Evil REVELATIONS 2: PROFANITY, FEAR, AND FEMALE LEADS The Resident Evil series places women in prominent, powerful, playable roles. Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers, Sheva Alomar, and Ada Wong, to name a few. Still, they’re often opposite a male lead. This is the first time a Resident Evil game has revolved around the story of two women. It’s fun to get to play as Claire again. It’s fascinating that her partner this time around has trouble taking in the violence and threats around her, that she reacts like a rational, afraid person would, and that these events are likely to change who she is.
Clare Redfield, Ada Wong, Jill Valentine - all those characters with cool names from RE series and they just went with "Alice."
I am going to play some Resident Evil 4. Then after I finish Ada Wong's seperate ways mission. I am done with the game for the most part.
Ada Wong vs Jill Valentine who will win? — Oh... That's a hard question to answer.. for you who will win..?
Plain impossibilty to see a picture of Ada Wong and not think of Ben instantly
No grappling hook feature would be complete without a shoutout to Ada Wong.
Ada Wong - Wallpaper 12: Wallpaper with Ada from Resident Evial 6, which belongs to...
Wilson Wong they're really coming?!!?!!! Samsung ada buat ini event ka... I know last yr tak jadi... I wan go see...
Tired of same days and nights.. . Not anymore.
made it thru the wolf maze&"spat mad game" at Ada Wong. Beginning of chapter3-3 & starting to build ammo back up.
Once made, but it may be hard to make it look like it was not man made from the CDC.
The C-Virus was definitely a foretaste. —a snack in view of upcoming events.
Once the virus came to the U.S. in the 70's, 80' or in the 90's; then disappeared. Less than 40 years later the virus is back
I liked a video from Resident Evil 4 - Ada Wong's Reports HD
Ada wong is such a hot mom ... I love her so much
I have this case where I have a plaintiff with the name Ada, and all I can think of is Ada Wong from
kicks off today with her amazing Ada Wong
Wow! I just met our Ada Wong! Her name is Bingbing Li and she's gorgeous! So nice as well! I'm so excited to work w her!
tipo hoje tava no banho e falei que if she wants a game she will get one with the real Ada Wong assim msm do nada
/She smirked, not mockingly, but more amused in an endearing way./ "Demons", Huh? Well as you know, I'm Ada. Ada Wong.
I LOVE LEON!!! For me I would've roleplayer Alice. I have a strong connection with her. Her and Ada Wong.
I feel like Ada Wong in this thing. Also: I'M FINALLY OUT OF THE SIERRA MADRE. GOOD RIDDANCE.
"We're beyond sympathy at this point. We're beyond humanity." Ada Wong
I liked a video from Resident Evil 2 : "ADA WONG ENTRA EN ESCENA" - LEON
Shermie-Cosplay has a great gallery of Ada Wong but this Onimusha inspired costume is our fave
And I, ada Wong will be queen. Of The New world!
-the message is : "We are at the same playfield, but not at the same fortification.". Ada Wong.-
Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong are my Resident Evil OTP tbh
Alice, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Leon S. Kennedy & Albert Wesker team-up as the humanity's last stand. meh, just give me my joystick.
yeah he isn't that badass he keeps getting *** block by Ada Wong. What a Wanker.
Update your maps at Navteq
Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy (Mafia Costume) Cosplay from Resident Evil 4. Ada Wong Cosplay by MasterCyclonis (her in the contest she's participating in by pressing Like within this share (London Comic Con's Photo)
Okay, so Ada Wong is basically the Batman if the Resident Evil universe. I am okay with this.
Playing Campaign Mode of "Ada Wong", reminds me of someone lalo na yung hair hayss, anyways back to killing...
My favourite avatar I made would be Ada Wong (aka my twin) from the Resident Evil video games XD
Met Wesker and Ada Wong and the rest of the Umbrella Corp's Denver branch!
Photo of Leon Kennedy & Ada Wong for fans of Leon Kennedy & Ada Wong. Leon Kennedy & Ada Wong
We now have a new member Vicky Heartilly as ADA WONG so make her feel welcome :)
Hi guys, once again I'm back. The Ada page (Ada Wong (Resident Evil) I used to have is no more and I decided to start fresh. So tap that sexy like button!
Hey guys! Please, welcome back, the one and only, Ada Wong (Resident Evil)! Now, here's an explanation on what happened. The page got a little too quiet. With everything happening with me and my school, it was too much to handle. We are looking for new admins, likes, and are still willing to share anyone and everyone who comes by! Drop us a like and please make this page number one! ADMIN POSITIONS OPEN (10) -Ada (Main Admin) -Leon - - - - - - - - (Message me if you would like to admin!) -Ada
Video: Awesome Ada Wong solo on the Requiem for War stage.
Omg I'm so stupid I didn't think of this pairing. Daryl Dixon x Ada Wong. XD Badasses with crossbows
Look what just came in the mail!! the 1998 ToyBiz Resident Evil 2 Ada Wong and Ivy. Also my newest RE…
she is right we need new people and good one follow us Ada Wong &Kitty Redfield
Ada Wong is a heroine of the Resident Evil franchise, she makes Resident Evil what it is, no other female from Resident Evil could take her place as my number 1 best female, even if it does result with her death
Mi name is ada wong i working for neo umbrella
hi milla wanna be friend and follow me i will folloe you back honey♥♡ ADA WONG
*Ada went to the other side, but she brought it to Wesker. She realized that it was a trap*
*Wesker gave her a frown when she disappeared the other way. Raising his gun, he made his own way around*
You know what would be cool if in the movie ada wong is in her Resident Evil 6 game costume ;) and same wiht leon !
Ada Wong! Jk "See the all new Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F 2nd trailer and screenshots!
they person took my ada wong pic down as their dp THANK GOD ! but srsly why would someone do that i have no idea :L just be your self !
well, I don't know whether I want to see Zelda basically be the Ada Wong side missions from RE4 or not
I can't wait for Resident Evil 7 I hope leon S Kennedy in it and Ada Wong as they are my favourite characters
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