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Acceptance Speech

Acceptance Speech is the six studio album of South African Hip Hop artist Hip Hop Pantsula, released under the CCP/EMI S.A.

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This afternoon I received my Honorary Doctorate from UEA. It was a far more moving occasion than I anticipated.
Looking forward to giving his Emmy acceptance speech
Acceptance of Misogyny, attacks on free speech, and vilified people groups not something I desire in…
I would like to see someone thank the unsung hero of songwriting, in their Grammy acceptance speec…
I love this acceptance speech by Matthew McCon. There's something in this.
Looking forward to Gabby's acceptance speech at the Oscars next year
WATCH THIS. And then watch his acceptance speech.
You right big bro ❤️ gotta shout you out at my Grammy acceptance speech
And Ima call special olympics and let them know to send you a letter of acceptance for your impaired speech 😂
His "I have a dream" speech in one of her acceptance speeches for an award😐 NO! Selena Gomez is a great artist, but by no means is anywhere
YES!!! Imagine the acceptance speech jsnsjjk
lecture by top naval historian on receipt of his deserved Anderson prize
I'm already rehearsing my winner's acceptance speech, complete with sobbing and vowing to bring about world peace. 🏆
Drake was wylin at this acceptance speech lmao.
who's gonna say your acceptance speech? Will there be an advertisement for Nutella and/or Sharpie at the end?
During your acceptance speech as a party nominee.
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's Grammy acceptance speech is so fckin inspiring
youjin said too much and knk turned it into an award acceptance speech 😁. THEY WILL GET THERE SOMEDAY
Here is my full acceptance speech for the 2016 Mortell Holder of the Year Award. Thank you to for the great…
Drake was wylin at the acceptance speech lmao
I liked a video Mark Hamill Disney Legends acceptance speech at D23 Expo 2017
EXCERPT from Dr. Martin Luther King's Acceptance Speech, on the occasion of the award of the Nobel Peace Prize in...
5sos won at the MTV awards, here's the acceptance speech! | -m
We know who the real unfit and unstable one is. The one who stiffs contractors and gives China jobs.
That's 21 fact checked lies in one acceptance speech! Not counting his orange hue or hair.
Throw in a bunch of lies, add a dollop of fear, mix in some bigotry, sprinkle some slogans. Bam! Trump's speech:
ICYMI - Jon Stewart's epic return responding to Donald Trump's acceptance speech, here it is. (via CBS).
The world reacts to Donald Trump's "America first" acceptance speech at the
Clinton campaign chair issues statement on Trump acceptance speech, says he's "totally unqualified to be President" https:…
Trump Offers No Economic Vision At RNC Convention - In his acceptance speech to the RNC Convention tonight, Don...
Trump’s convention speech was the LONGEST acceptance speech in HISTORY…
Donald Trump's convention nomination acceptance speech is the longest in over 40 years.
Notable that issued no Pants on Fire tonight for acceptance speech!
We annotated Trump's acceptance speech. Check out the results here:
acceptance speech at "scare the *** out of people",was used in Germany back in the 30s
If anyone wants confirmation of Propaganda, simply watch acceptance speech, then watch the CNN talking heads.. Easy
'I'm with you': Donald Trump closes out RNC acceptance speech with Hillary Clinton jab (video)
That was a very scary speech Donald Trump just gave via
Great speech Donald Trump! This is definitely the best acceptance speech in history! I love you trump, and we will make Americ…
Donald Trump’s un-American acceptance speech: via He will enforce the laws unlike the 15 1/2 years of crooks.
Trump supporter gets emotional after candidate mentions LGBTQ citizens in convention speech.
What this acceptance speech needs: a Republican response.
LGBTQ Donald Trump: I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens
Donald Trump's acceptance speech will go down in history as one of the greatest speeches in American political history.
This is the darkest acceptance speech possible. No ray of light. Dystopia will engulf America unless it elects the strong…
Donald Trump gave a very INCLUSIVE acceptance speech tonight. If you want to hate on him, you have your work cut out for you.…
Hamilton Collection
YAY 5SOS won Bandom of the year at the here's their acceptance speech! || via https:…
‘I am your voice!’: Trump vows to put 'America first’ in RNC nomination acceptance speech
Latest Fox News Opinion: Michael Goodwin: Trump's acceptance speech could mark the start of an American revival
Take away from acceptance speech: Any law enforcement folks who support Hillary are insane.
Per CSPAN, longest acceptance speech since 1972 was Bill (natch) in '96 at 64:44. . Trump has now surpassed that. https…
Join us at for complete coverage on this final day leading to acceptance speech.
Trump loses battle with Teleprompter - Speculation about the Republican National Convention centered on two thi...
World reacts to Trump's acceptance speech
WPOST: Fact-checking Donald Trump's acceptance speech at the 2016 RNC
WPOST: Trump's acceptance speech: Seeking victory by scaring the country to death
That changed when he gave his acceptance speech.
I added a video to a playlist Acceptance Speech: Lin-Manuel Miranda - Best Book of a Musical (2016)
Acceptance Speech at the Island Seniors Golf Championship great week at the Royal Jersey Golf Club
True... That Argentine Midget Soccer God better thank you in his next player of the year acceptance speech.
If wins the nomination, will or give the acceptance speech?
Catching up on at the Grammys. More reasons to love esp. the shoutout!
Trump will be giving his acceptance speech at the RNC convention and certain outlets and pols will still be shouting, "It'…
Dear diary,. Jin looks like a presidential candidate making his acceptance speech with his supporting sons. SUGA. https:…
Taylor Swift did not mince words in calling out Kanye West in her Grammys acceptance speech
good luck on Thursday .i will be there and will looking forward to a great acceptance speech !
Taylor watching Ed give his acceptance speech is me when I watch Taylor give her acceptance speeches
Truth is mysterious, elusive... Liberty dangerous Nobel htt…
Carrsy forgot to mention Pougers in his acceptance speech and he was sat in the room. We're all senile
good luck for Thursday night at the Welsh business awards. I will be there so will be looking for a great acceptance speech!
When won the her dramatic acceptance speech was expected.
Martin Luther King Jr.'s original handwritten manuscript for his Noble Peace Prize acceptance speech is one of the… htt…
Martin Tyler has won the Sports Commentator of the Year Award. 'Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my acceptance speech. AND IT'S LIVE'.
well deserved & merited. Just don't get too over refreshed before your acceptance speech !
Who remembers that time Jesus came to watch Meryl Streep's Oscar acceptance speech?
Video of my acceptance speech after the conferment of the French Legion of Honor award:
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Taylor Swift appeared to hit back at Kanye West during her acceptance speech at the Grammy Awards. A song on West's new albu…
Still not over Taylor Swift's acceptance speech.couldn't b prouder. She's the angel the world needs.
Whatever Grammys! THIS is definitely BEST acceptance speech EVER!
The greatest acceptance speech of all time🐐
Deepika's acceptance speech at the Zee Cine Awards 2016 via FaceTime
well i would prefer to promote an atmosphere of free speech and acceptance at and around Berkeley…
Taylor Swift can be sweet,funny, kind and be herself. I love her Grammy Acceptance Speech 2016. She taught me a lot.
I added a video to a playlist LOREN LEGARDA: Acceptance Speech: Conferment of Legion of …
Yo next hour on the show I'll tell you why you'll never be giving a nomination acceptance speech. . htt…
You spent your entire acceptance speech talking about Kanye so he won.again.
How I look when giving my acceptance speech for Best Mosh Award
I stopped watching the MAMAs after Rainbow's acceptance speech tbh.
Jongin giving his acceptance speech
US actor Patricia Arquette reveals what happened after she called for pay equality in her Oscar acceptance speech earlier this year.
SNSD giving their acceptance speech for "Best Female Group"
While watching ziont's acceptance speech. J: oh I'm on the screen! . //poses
"Vodka will help you write your acceptance speech?". "No, Tequila!!". 😎
The Weeknd thanked Lana Del Rey in his acceptance speech for Favorite Album - Soul/R&B tonight at the
Lana Del Rey's grammy award acceptance speech: "Thanks god for creating me as your human version".
Julian Fellowes on winning Oscar for Gosford Park: acceptance speech (watch Maggie Smith):
EXO giving their acceptance speech for "Best Male Group"
EXO giving their acceptance speech for "Album of the Year"
Watch touching acceptance speech from the right here.
.thanks during acceptance speech at "Big In 2015"
SNSD Award Acceptance Speech. Leader Seo starts the ball rolling and Tiffany :’)
I liked a video James Gunn Reads Chris Pratt's Acceptance Speech at the Saturn Awards
After "The Artist" won best picture, did anyone else mute their television for the acceptance speech? It sure seemed apropos!
Already so upset about Eddie Redmayne's 2016 Oscar acceptance speech
if you want to listen to this angel's acceptance speech after winning the Streamy😍😍. vote htt…
ICYMI, for 2020... Yep, even covered it.
His long winded acceptance speech was interrupted, cut short by his assistant toppling over, struck dead by a bullet meant for him.
A PROMISE: My Video Vanguard acceptance speech will be longer than Kanye's.
I want to hear the acceptance speech so, I vote for
just did a parody of Nicki's VMAs acceptance speech. 😂
Welcome to Leith: How far do you stretch the definition of acceptance of other’s. beliefs and free speech? We a...
Calipari's worked on his acceptance speech "more than he's ever worked on any speech ever." Wants to keep it short, changed it "6,000 times"
Very smart - I hope you've got a good acceptance speech ready!
When you have to watch zayn maliks acceptance speech in english.
After listening to Kanye Wests acceptance speech, I have totally changed my opinion of him. I admire him. I admire his self belief.
And acceptance speech in the toilet... Not a necessary choice of scenery, Rob, but somehow you make it charming. ROFL
Cardale Jones for Heisman just because it would be the greatest acceptance speech in the history of mankind.
My thesis acknowledgements is gonna end up sounding like some Oscar's acceptance speech 😂 I don't think soas has ever seen 1 as long as mine
The VMA producers reaction to Nicki Minaj acceptance speech
Sunny's acceptance speech and sexy moves for celebration after she won that category, got her flower and trophy 💐
AOI commends Rowley for "the nationalistic tone of his acceptance speech" after his PNM won the general election.
I liked a video from Tamar Braxton - Soul Train Awards Acceptance Speech & Perfor…
Taeyeon's acceptance speech: It's a good thing I cried. Including Tiffany, it would be the same for all members.
Touching acceptance speech. snsd: cry cry cry . TY: 💢. SY: what if theres no SY. Other start 'what if theres no ___'too 😂 http:…
katsina State Governor Rt.Hon. Aminu Bello Masari delivering his Acceptance Speech at karkarda Stadium in...
“Time to make Kaduna great again”. Acceptance Speech by MalLAM Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, OFR, Governor-elect, Kaduna...
I remember when Acceptance Speech came out I refused to listen to it because it wasn't Jonny Craig.
Can we just take a minute 😍😍 is my inspiration! Muse 2012: Mariska Hargitay's Acceptance Speech:
Seriously the greatest speech ever 💕 love so much! Muse 2012: Mariska Hargitay's Acceptance Speech:
Read Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s Acceptance Speech for the duPont Award via
I liked a video from Jonathan Rhys Meyers | Acceptance Speech at the Irish Post
Our dearest Mammootty is always the best actor everywhere, everytime! His grand entrance and award acceptance speech at the Asia Vision Awards 2014.. In case you missed it!
Best acceptance speech! They should have just made sing instead of the boring intermission they had.
On the December 31 broadcast of the 'SBS Drama Awards,' actress Han Ye Seul gave a shoutout to her producer boyfriend, Teddy, during her award acceptance speech...
Apparently everyone lost it at yumi's "eric oppa" in her acceptance speech lmao *reading dramabeans*
donghae would be crying as if he's giving his Oscar acceptance speech
Jun Ji Hyun thanked Kim Soo Hyun, “the amazing actor KSH...” and mentioned her husband in her Daesang acceptance speec…
LOL and then after crying during her acceptance speech she went back to mc'ing immediately ...
RTing all the nice Inguk photos from yesterday's award ceremony while I'm desperately trying to find a cam of his award acceptance speech.
Video: Cinemalaya X Best Actress, Ms. Nora Aunor with her acceptance speech.
Billy's acceptance speech after receiving the Vanguard Award. I agree on what he said, those words really mean something you should think about. He's...
Awards ceremonies should always have a 'Best Acceptance Speech' category, just to pile pressure on the winner.
Adam Goodes - Australian of the Year 2014 Acceptance Speech: via
Girls' Generation member Sooyoung's acceptance speech at the 2014 MBC Drama Awards for Female Excellence Award (Mini-Series) for her role as Lee Bom-Yi on "M...
Thank you to Bookouture for making it all possible. I feel an Oscar acceptance speech coming on... but I don't have the frock... or the figure! :) x
omg yeah I love his sugg awards videos so much😂💗 whenever caspar kept going on and on in his acceptance speech I was crying😂
“My Internet Sportsman of the Year acceptance speech.
Impresses with Witty Acceptance Speech at Read what he says here:.
"Kibuule was awarded a certificate of incompetence by NRM youth. Like Cong's you suck!" and he made an acceptance speech?
Looking forward to Hayley's acceptance speech after this short snippet
"Kyuhyun giving his acceptance speech for Excellence Award (Music. Talk Shows department)
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I feel another Oscar acceptance speech coming on Love, Lies + Lemon Cake one of faves!x
it was his FIRST best couple award in his acceptance speech.
Han Ye Seul gives shoutout to boyfriend Teddy during her award acceptance speech
Translation fr acceptance speech for Top Excellence Actor Award in SBS Awards. http:/…
*Blushes* *curtsies* *Performs acceptance speech for MASSIVE trophy*
great effort, seen a fair few Oscar acceptance speech reviews of 2014 from folk on here too.
I want to interrupt during an acceptance speech but before she can get mad at me, she falls in love with m…
Shahid Kapoor's acceptance speech last night :') ❤
My Internet Sportsman of the Year acceptance speech.
Kim Soo Hyun sheds tears during his acceptance speech at '2014 SBS Drama Awards'
I need to start writing my acceptance speech
"The Judge" is a very enjoyable film that reminds us that Robert Downey Jr can act when he's not playing a super hero. Robert Duvall should start drafting his Oscar acceptance speech now, just in case. And who doesn't love to hate Billy Bob Thornton?
Funny thing happened at the Tuesday... They called me backstage really early before I performed "Overcomer". I had so much time that I decided to take a trip to my dressing room to retouch my makeup, do some vocal exercises and um...well, when I get nervous I have to use the bathroom, ok? Eventually the Lipscomb student chosen as my escort came and told me it was almost time so I headed to the stage. The stage manager handed me the pack used to hear the music and I began the long process of finding a place to attach it; boys have it so easy. They just stick it in their pocket and call it a day. If pantyhose and a dress are part of your wardrobe, it takes a little more work! Just as I found a suitable spot and ran my inner ear monitors down my dress to attach, I reached for my 4.5 inch purple heels to put on when...what is that I hear?! My intro music streaming on stage!?!? "Wait! Is that for me? Did that man just say, 'Give it up for Mandisa'?!" No!!! I screamed, hopped over the backstage crew, and ran th ...
Jerry Seinfeld's Acceptance Speech: “I love advertising because I love lying…”.
Breathtakingly beautiful acceptance speech by the online support category winner. There are no winners in
I feel an acceptance speech is in order
In case you haven't listened to it yet : Malala's Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech
Arundhati Roy's video is going viral on social media as if finally the truth is revealed since Ms. Roy too has declared the Nobel Peace Prize to Malala as part of the "greater game". Nearly all awards or prizes are seen as controversial, have a politics of their own except for the one---that stands as FAIREST amongst all---Man Booker Prize--won by The God of Small Things by Ms Roy herself; the fame of which gave Ms Roy recognition, helped her in wider dissemination of her work, and made her known for her Zinn-chomsky-inspired activism. She happily accepted it. Rejoiced it without unfolding any politics or lobbies or hidden hands etc etc. or paying any attention to the general perception that its saazish of Indian lobby to never let this prize go out of India with Mr. Rushdie getting the bookers' of booker prize and many other from India like Kiran Desai etc. No one in India including Ms Roy referred back to the acceptance speech of John Berger, who protested against Booker McConnell and blamed Booker's .. ...
I regret being so cynical about her acceptance speech in my post. In fact, my tone seemed hardly serious
Emma Watson's speech is automatically "feminist" while Malala's is just an "acceptance speech" despite her clear feminist d…
Measuring MLK's peace prophecy, 50 years later The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. dedicated his life to much more than achieving racial equality. That goal, he said again and again, was inseparable from alleviating poverty and stopping war. And he reiterated this theme after being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 50 years ago this week. "I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war, that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality," he said in his Nobel acceptance speech. "Sooner or later, all the people of the world will have to discover a way to live together in peace." Half a century later, it's obvious that enormous progress has been made toward overcoming racial discrimination — that King was right in his vision about race. Yet widespread poverty remains, in America and beyond, and bombs still fall as brutal wars rage on. Was King naive? Was his full vision simply unobtainable — do free markets require poor people ...
Malala gives a powerful speech upon winning the via
Malala gives a powerful speech upon winning the
On repeat today ... acceptance speech |
Make sure you see Malala's acceptance speech at the
I need an acceptance speech written. Ijs
I give an acceptance speech anytime someone apologizes to me, so they know I'm the bigger person.
Amazing what a mad Kanye crashing your acceptance speech can do to a girl's career.
Well, after your acceptance speech you are!
We were equally excited to honor YOU last night for your amazing work in Thank you! Great accepta…
Malala Yousafzai won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. Her acceptance speech is a must-watch. (via
Can you imagine 5sos giving their acceptance speech for the VMAs though !
This fil;m won the 2013 for best documentary. In the acceptance speech, they dedicated it to this man…
in my MVP acceptance speech, I would like to thank the herb and good man upstairs for my patience...
“You all may know that in Swat Valley there was Talibanization and because of that no girl was allowed to go to... http…
Does anyone know if gets 2 make a maiden speech in HofC? Shld be something 2 look forward to after superb acceptance speech
My acceptance speech if my xc team wins states this year "Thanks to everyone at my school for supporting us... Oh wait"
Malala Yousafzai, The world celebrates YOU!!! You are my hero & I simply adore you!
Just heard acceptance speech in English, Urdu, and Pashto ... man,
Watched hally berrys oscar acceptance speech instead of a math tutorial, no regrets
Watching give her acceptance speech gave me shivers - living proof we can change futures 4 gi…
Just caught myself daydreaming about my Grammy acceptance speech.
RLLY means a lot :') do I need to make an acceptance speech?
Check out this incredible acceptance speech from the youngest ever winner,
Look how well Malala speaks - makes me proud to be from her country.
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Overall. Acceptance Speech had the best musicality tho.
You only mentioned in your acceptance speech that you love all your fans and you forgot your family!I'm screaming I love you 😘😭
I just practiced my WS trophy acceptance speech as Royals owner in the bathroom. So I've got that going for me.
Shawn the type of guy to forget his family and friends in his acceptance speech then want to go back.
Honestly, Brian Scalabrine needs to go in the HOF purely so we can hear his acceptance speech. I love the White Mamba.
Nicki Minaj made some barbed comments during her acceptance speech for her fifth consecutive win as [...]
Daft Punk took home the Grammy for Album of the Year, and gave the shortest acceptance speech in history: zero words.
Ashton Kutcher's acceptance speech from 2013 is and always will be my favorite thing to watch ever.
If jack and jack win the tcas and have to give an acceptance speech I
James is the Kanye West to my Taylor Swift acceptance speech.
“Females are actors bruh they deserve a grammy .” -- *gives acceptance speech*
voted voted me best hair. In my acceptance speech I will S/O my molding creme, my genes, my wrist, and of course my stove
Everyone go vote for shawn he really deserves to win this! And his acceptance speech will be amazing.😂❤️ 1
You get the homemaker award--feel free to give Starbucks a shout out in your acceptance speech :-)
Although old news now, do yourself a favour and have a listen to Hall Of Fame acceptance speech. Very funny
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the new album is killer but I can't help feeling like they recycled a few riffs from Acceptance Speech.
Am certainly NOT a Raiders fan, but acceptance speech was something special.
i'm telling you if 5sos win VMAs one of them will swear during acceptance speech 😂 lol I can't to see that
have you ever listened to Bernie Sanders acceptance speech when he won reelection?
[Video] Han Geng's acceptance speech for winning World's Best Male Artist at the WMAs | cr: JunoTran
Photoset: coldas-cactuses: potterbird: Daniel Radcliffe's acceptance speech for the Man of the Year Glamour...
Obviously!! I feel like I need to prepare an acceptance speech.
Sigh *insertsarcasm I'm so happy that everyone wants to be apart of me and Nandi Gattis "team" (I guess that's what y'all call it) so here's to my acceptance speech I JUST WANNA THANK GOD FOR ALL HE HAS DONE FOR ME, MAKING ME EVERYONE'S CONCERN EVEN WHEN I AM MILES AWAY,I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY AS ONE OF THE "TEAM" LEADERS THANKS YOU AND GOOD NIGHT end sarcasm
Acceptance Speech Tour kicks off tomorrow in Seattle!
are you writing Forsberg's acceptance speech for HOF night? Lindros should be up there with his parents and God
At my very first Jessie awards. just won an award and had the longest acceptance speech this far, in absentia.
So here's what I'm thinking. The alumni banquet is this weekend. I wonder if David Thompson has his presidential acceptance speech ready.. Anyone wanna place bets?? Anybody??
Congrads to the new hall of famers toningt those were the shortest acceptance speeches I have EVER heard, I hope the inside of your cheeks are ok from having to bite them so as not to say what you really wanted.
Tho I was looking forward to 's acceptance speech on behalf of the entire ensemble if we won. The world will never know.
I hope Mike Modano's HOF acceptance speech isn't too over the top. I mean, act like you've been there before.
Yes, get your Oscar acceptance speech prepared...BEST 3 WORD W/ COLON SCREENPLAY..Ever
PA-bound to hear that acceptance speech.
I remember when rapper Lauren Hill cried when she spoke of Hydiea Broadbent during her award acceptance speech.
I took my mom (Queen Jackie) as my date to - watch my Trevor Youth Innovator Award acceptance speech:
Great acceptance speech from Sia for her Songwriter of the Year Award - nice lil' shout-out too...
Hope you have that acceptance speech ready buddy!
I gotta say Avenue Q was a blast. Nice job, Arts Club. Also enjoying the in-character acceptance speech.
Wow God is so good. I remember when lauren hill cried during her award acceptance speech when she spoke of hydea. Now look at her smiling and beautiful. I pray she continues to live a long happy life.
Why did Obama make his acceptance speech in Denver? hmm
OMG, on BS Prom Queen acceptance speech style!
Sia's Songwriter of the Year acceptance speech is the most hilarious thing. She is the ultimate.
If you can't handle me at my Grammy acceptance speech, then you don't deserve me at my Royals music video.
So happy for your Emmy win! and thank you for including me so beautifully in your acceptance speech.
Listening to Acceptance Speech vinyl and playing Mario Kart
Update your maps at Navteq
The best acceptance speech in history.
Albert Schultz just raised $45,000 dollars during his acceptance speech. How's he do that??
"I can get my license 2 days after my bday.". "So we'll just get u a car 4 ur bday.". *cue ballons*. *cue music*. *cue acceptance speech*
Even when lorde- royal won song of the year he acceptance speech was creepy ����
Levee Stone Award winner gave a shout out to in his acceptance speech luncheon CBC Pride!
Lorde couldn't attend the APRA ceremony so she recorded her acceptance speech
Win a Grammy?? Is Joseline crazy? I can imagine her acceptance 'speech' now lol
I liked a video Russell Brand HILARIOUS acceptance speech
Just finished my acceptance speech... Congrats and
Whenever u win an award or anything that requires an acceptance speech, always remember to thank the plug bruh..
Fun fact: Sargent Shriver's speech at the 1972 DNC accepting the VP nomination ended with a quote from
You did us proud Eric! Wonderful acceptance speech. Much deserved
thank me in your Grammy acceptance speech
That's what it's all about! Sharing your special moments with your special someone. Acceptance speech on YouTube yet?
I will always crack up at Emmy acceptance speech. Best speech EVER😂😂
wins big at the Awards, gives acceptance speech by proxy:
Hey have you started working on your CMT acceptance speech for Truck?
They are just so elegant... :) MARY-KATE + ASHLEY | 2014 CFDA AWARDS ACCEPTANCE SPEECH
difficult to gain acceptance for the notion that Australia is supporting "freedom of speech, due process and a fair trial". Australians do
Better protect the king while i pen this acceptance speech.
buh! hentai! zuh! jacking off to hentai! hm..? Ah, apologies, nobel committee - it appears I dozed off during my acceptance speech
Brett Hull is planning on attending the HHOF induction and will have one foot on the stage during Hasek's acceptance spee…
Just listened to Gov Kayode Fayemi's acceptance speech what a gentleman. Wish all our politicians will borrow a leaf from h…
Cde Castro Plz tell the RTT of Peter Mokaba to without delay declare the Regional conference Date, Venue and the topics for commissions.also prepare the Acceptance Speech.
Follow for the GOP winner of acceptance speech.
Bruce Poliquin thanks opponent Kevin Raye at acceptance speech.
Bout to start preparing my acceptance speech for coach of the year🏀🏀😏
I cried watching your acceptance speech. Congrats! Loved seeing you in . You are stunning.
Joe Pesci's Oscar acceptance speech for 'Goodfellas' is the 3rd shortest in Academy history. "This is an honor and a priv…
Brat quotes Book of Luke in acceptance speech, says it guided him to victory
- Write your Oscar's acceptance speech.
Love that gave his first interview before his acceptance speech to This happened because of
thank you thank you! Now I will give my acceptance speech.
Waiting for Emily Cain acceptance speech @ 10 p.m. Live on
Audra McD can thank whoever she pleases for whatever she pleases.
Watch: Joe Calzaghe's acceptance speech after being inducted into Boxing's Hall of Fame
"If you don't do your grad speech you fail this class" wel let's see how long I can put it off then. It's only my acceptance on the line
"Today is a day for a whole new kind of jag-off!" -dude who beat acceptance speech.
Around this time last year I was finishing up my acceptance speech for becoming valedictorian
Cantor lost to someone who quoted the New Testament in his acceptance speech.
The crew assembled at the awaiting acceptance speech from
Broke out Bible at acceptance speech. Brat may become a congressman but D's keep senate.
I still want to see your award presentation AND acceptance speech. You should have been televised.
Is giving his acceptance speech from a ATM vestibule?
Oh MY! Dave Brat is already preaching fire and brimstone at his acceptance speech...Let the crazy begin...
As soon as Dave Brat started his acceptance speech
did Brat not give an acceptance speech? I saw Cantor's speech but not Brat.
Spokesman for Christi Cox says she has just delivered her acceptance speech. We'll be hearing from her at 9 on
Can you play the audio of Dave Brat's acceptance speech?
Should end the night with part of the Nobel (typo twice) acceptance speech by Russell, note Iraq is contrary to this
giving her acceptance speech for the district 5 council seat. Curwood Chappell is in attendance.
Our news partner CN2 reports is now delivering her acceptance speech before a packed crowd of supporters.
Christi Cox - District 5, York County SC giving her acceptance speech for the district 5 seat.
Beyer jokes in acceptance speech for Dem nod about POTUS eating in district today
When I look at the acceptance rates for Speech Path grad programs I kind of get freaked out.
LIVE: Donald Beyer about to make an acceptance speech with the governor. Tune in now:
President Haris Silajdžić acceptance speech at the Asian HRD Congress Awards opened the eyes of many present last night.
I'm a week late but to Rihanna's stylist for the modern day CFDA acceptance speech outfit.
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