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Accel World

is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by HiMA. It has been adapted into two manga series, both published in ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Bunko Magazine.

Sword Art Online Fairy Tail Elfen Lied North American Viz Media

finished the first season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure last night. i need another new anime to start. i stress the word NEW, as in came out in the past 3 years or so. gtfo with this obvious entry-level "was on toonami/adult swim 10 years ago" bs. everyone has already seen all of that or doesn't care to. i've already watched Attack On Titan, Sword Art Online, Accel World, and JJBA as mentioned above. something else along those lines. accel world all the fat guys gets the hot girls. XD
Hey, I wanted to ask you about the 2nd game for accel world. Which one do you think is the best ending ?
ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR A SCHOOL-ROMANCE-COMEDY AND MAYBE ACTION ANIMES ? ex. sakurasou, accel world, baka to test, daily lives of highschool boys and more...
I wanna continue to watch accel world
No, not really. I know a few like SnK or SAO or Accel World but not a lot.
it's by the same writer as Accel World. basically pandering to every 13 year old japanese boy.
I'm waiting for Accel World Season 2 (It's an anime) !
oh so even Accel World is getting translated. Yen Press good on you~
Strength isn’t just about winning. Even if my attempts are pathetic and comical, and even if I’m covered in the mud of my defeat, if I can keep fighting and look up at the sky as I lie on the ground, that alone is proof of true strength! Haruyuki Arita (Accel World)
Pengen punya dunia kayak accel world :D
You’re always in my mind and it makes me both happy and sad. . I guess that’s what it feels like to be in love. - Kuroyukihime (Accel World)
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Really excited about Accel World coming out on BR/DVD in the states, but , what's the explicit content for?
"K" was good and zetsuen no tempest, sakamichi no apollon, sankarea, accel world, another
Phi Brain 2 and Accel World all finally finished airing! Someone understands.
Little Giant Ladders
CUTE IS BAD TOO, YOU KNOW You can screw off if I still have 2 and Accel World.
Toriko , Accel World , Naruto Shippuden , Mayo Chikki and more of my favourite anime
"as long as we have the will, humans will always move on forward" Haruyuki Arata - Accel World
"even if things change, they'll begin a new" Haruyuki Arata - Accel World
ugu that girl in Accel world is too cute
That's fine. Accel world was written by the same person afterward and it's actually much better. (plus you know people in it)
In Accel fav character always Kuroyukihime💜
Warning! The following show is extremely awesome! Please exercise caution when watching if you wish to avoid being completely sucked in.   History: This anime is actually not an adaptation of a manga but of a Light Novel series by Reki Kawahara (The Same fellow who also wrote Accel World), apparently it was an overnight hit and became all the rage, manga soon followed, further increasing it’s popularity, and then A-1 Pictures and Aniplex decided to become bed partners and give birth to one of 2012’s most anticipated Anime’s. When it finally was released to the public it became an international hit.   Opening: The Opening is awesome. Hands down one the best ones I’ve seen in a long, long, long time. The songs, Crossing Field by LiSA and Innocence by Eir Aoi (Guessing the English translation is Blue Air) are amazing songs by themselves. However, the animation that is used in part with it makes it even all the better. Every time I hear the first opening song I instantly start to feel pumped up. I ...
Same artist and writer, but I believe Accel World came before SAO, I think.
I love her when I listen to her song while watching Accel World.
Its unlimited,its unlimited..if you can believe myself again..hikari no naka mezamete yuku..shinjite kureta kimi to nara ♬accel world
Speaking of anime, I just started Accel World :)
just searched em kat myanimelist. accel world mcm interesting je :D anyway if you found any cool new animes let me know too eh
SAO or Accel World? "Use english! Ecchi stuff are allowed this time XD
suisei no gargantia tu i think tahun ni kot. Sword Art Online & Accel World are also among my favs if you like those types
You really are red. It would be fun to hang you from a traffic light and stop cars. - Kuroyukihime (Accel World)
Accel World is set a few decades into the future though, so the MMO technology is much more advanced
have you watched Accel World? it's by the same guy who made SAO and is similar if you just want something like it :)
Now you tell me where you wanna go... Accel World!
pretty much how I feel... :/ I know your pain Haruyuki even if you are not real... ( people who have seen accel world should know wth i'm talking about)
SAO and Accel World light novels have been licensed by Yen Press =o
Might spend most of the day watching anime and playing league. Thinking about re-watching Accel World, or DBZ, or starting something new.
So, quite a lot of watching I plan to do. I got 4 1/2 seasons of House to go, Attack On Titan, rewatch Accel World, Tsukihime, rewatch Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero, Carnival Phantasm, about 20 movies I've bought but not watched yet, and all of Pokemon (because why not). And many more I can't remember. XD Wonder when I'll finish :P
Tempted to re-watch Accel World thanks to my new figure.
So somehow I found this anime called accel world and it is friecken awesome. Great anime and happy I found it, gotta say its bit diffrent from animes I usaully watch. Just so you know cause I've had a couple people ask I'm pretty sure I have some kind of spelling problem of some sort cause I really can't spell that great
finished wathing Accel World. Time to find a new anime to watch. Any suggestions?
Boring, but okay week. Pandora Heart, High School Of The Dead, & Accel World kept me good company. Cheers to good anime
Accel World me esta haciendo llorar xD
Final Episode of Accel World (Eng Dub) is now available for download. Enjoy - Randex Uesato
tried watching Accel World, I was distracted with Arita at first but oh well let's just see how well the story...
Ugggh, I wanna watch accel world on Animax :/
"i've never falling in love with someone before,so Arita haruyuki I Loves you"-Kuroyukihime to Haruyuki(Accel world)-
accel world does a better job of conveying the direness the situation in SAO should have.
Just have to finish the thumbnail after accel world, then im off to bed.
But Accel World first and let's have a Taku fangirling
Guilty crown, infinite starts, accel world, fairy tale, probably some of the best anime I've watched.
Accel World's character design is kinda cool :x
Jez. wish things coukd be like accel world -_-
Tera Faster stage ? Oh yeah ! yeah !! , Now tell me where you wanna go , Accel World !!
Im in love with haru from accel world . piggy
He is considered to be the first Duel Avatar to fly in the Accel World
Can't believe this annoyance managed to influence me to watch Accel World. FML.
Watches Accel World-Declaration for the first time & it was awesomely intense stuff with a great cyber feel
if any of u plan to watch accel world Dont do it
you should try Accel World, same author, but far better.
Listenin to my bro and his friend(the accel. Eng teacher at jrh's kid) talk abt becoming president of the world. >>> day=made
Ahh that's right i have to watch accel world this weekend
Episode 4 of Accel World shows true colors as a stone cold killer, catch it only on
nearly time for Accel World, highlight of fridays (gotta get down on friday)
Alguien que me recomiende un anime.Se me acabaron todos los de mi lista!
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Home and it is now time for me to watch Accel World.
I added a video to a playlist Accel World Episode 01
I mean its not bad But I Cant Wait Tonight At 8 For Accel world
ah I see, Elfen Lied is good if you like gory 8D even tho now a days its not THAT gory. Have you seen Accel World?
Yeah, noticed that. Nerve Gear being mention in Accel World. I read forums that fans assume that Hime is Asuna and Kirito's child.
I want to watch Accel World episode 5 -_-
when will Accel World and Hyouka shown on Animax
The story of Haruyuki in Accel World feels awfully near to my own story: Full of self-hatred, poor self-conservation and fear of being hurt.
Wait, wait... May'n AND KOTOKO? Why did I miss this series when it was airing, Accel World?
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Accel World soon. Trying it out on the PS3. Keeps freezing.
So, Accel World is starting to get really good.
Aun me sigo sorprendiendo del anime accel world
Accel World How do you feel about Brain Burst
For those who know Accel World, take a look at the first picture.
This is a video made up from clips from: Deep Dive, KH2 Opening, KH2 FM+ Secret Ending. Enjoy. Sorry if the quality isnt the greatest on Deep Dive. (this is ...
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Wow! where can i get this? And YAY it's the future and I can finally meet Asuna and Kirito! :D
mira lo que consegui we :D Phobos Burgos
You are going to Watch Accel World Episode 3 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Accel World Episode 3 Online English dub
I'm really excited hearing all these new versions of the themes. I've always thought Blazblue had an excellent and unique soundtrack, especially for a fighting game. I'm glad to see it's being updated, while still being true to its roots.
Check my blog at for more. *In case this video is deleted/blocked by youtube, check out my viddler page:
sugoii minna. Neurolinker - Accel World Amusphere - in the ALO game the one suguha's using NerveGear - the famous technology that was used in reality based game Sword Art Online
Saturday Q&A panel with Reki Kawahara, author of Accel World and Sword Art Online, during Sakura-Con 2013. I removed the Sword Art Online trailer in the begi...
Breast Cancer Awareness
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North American distributor Viz Media announced on Thursday that it has become the master licensee for the science-fiction television anime Accel World.
Viz Media is now the North American licensee for Accel World, which is currently available on their Neon Alley channel. Being the master licensee gives Viz Media the rights for Videogram, Television, Online Distribution, and merchandising rights for the series when it comes to North American audienc...
Kuroyukihime's latest figure features the popular heroine in full avatar form, showing off her striking butterfly wings and revealing frilly dress, and is
Ni tanto pero aveces me gusta ver series, y me gustaría verlo pero casi no tengo tiempo
Even with 2013 anime dominating the minds of most fans, they evidently still have time to reflect on which titles were the best of 2012 - resulting in a
Why was there an ad for Accel World in JoJo''s o.o?
Is it me or Yokodera from looks like a Chiyuri Kurashima from who has Haruyuki's voice?
If anybody is looking for new anime to watch may I suggest these Sword Art Online, Accel World, Tiger and Bunny, and Attack on Titan.
just watched the first 4 episodes of Accel World, i will continue watching the rest as soon i finish reading the n...
I tried to draw Accel World from memory with a mouse in Paint
Can I actually gain a basic understanding of (future) MMORPGs by watching Sword Art Online & Accel World?
anyone seen the Accel World but yet?
"From the uncreative mind that dumped Sword Art Online into your face comes his other famous light novel series, Accel World."
C'mon Accel World can you promise me breast!!
I'd recommend Accel World too. showed it at the latest Gathering and it was awesome :D
Lol, if you really want something to watch, watch Sword Art Online or Accel world! :3
Accel World and Hyouka will be airing on Animax. This made my day.
WELL yes animax it's good to chose Hyouka and Accel World, BUT AO NO EXORCIST PLEASE OWWO
have you watched 'Accel World' the anime??
Never let it go, Never lose my way . -Accel world
Max Factory Accel World KUROYUKIHIME ~Death by Embracing~ 1/7 PVC Figure - Max Factory from Eye on Asia UK
Accel world did aite .. Ntn too fancy.. I neva watch the other one tho.. What's it about ?
lol I've seen the hentai version which is Elfen Liad ... Accel World is okay but I don't like the leading male
Have you watch Elfen Lied, and accel world?
Whaa.. Okay, i'll watch accel world after clannad :D Shinichi_45 Accel World is epic (y) xD
Whaa.. I Know accel world, and i've the film.. But i never watch that film.. XD Shinichi_45 Kuroyukihime from Accel World
This is the gut lead male'd Guilty Crown, Accel World as an example of big name duds a lot won't have heard him from.
I will shamelessly admit that this and Chiyuri forms were the best part of Accel World OVA 1
Danm u got 20th century boys I always wanted to try it. This month I got the accel world Light (
Found a nice cosplay of Kuroyukihime from Accel World on DeviantArt!
Accel World is really cool. Watched six episodes and its now 2:04 AM. Must sleep.
The animators from Accel World actually drew this. What bros
Autograph by Yuki Kaji, the voice actor of Haruyuki from Accel World via
Preguntenme cosas !! las mejores saldran en el siguiente video :)
Yo no me voy a narnia ni del pais yo me voy para SAO JAJAJAJAJAJA Jesus Alberto Alvarez
isnt chiki that girl that controls time in accel world? whos is this new chiki of the new accel world (im very bad with names T_T)
Ok, I think I'm done. I'll leave the computer on so maybe I can start watching Accel World tomorrow. :)
Accel world dub.. I think Haru was accurate
Hey JO, what do you think of Accel World getting an English dub
dead serious. A serious called Accel World. Came out back in 2011. Both series are currently being dubbed.
did you know Sword Art is a prequel series?!? There's another series called Accel World that came first.
I don't think I'll get accel world in time :( . Maybe if I leave the PC on for the night, although I would prefer not to.
ACCEL WORLD | English Dub Behind the Scenes | Coming to Neon Alley 4/19: Available only on XBOX 360 and PLAYST...
In the Booth with Kira Buckland. Accel World's Kuroyukihime. AW debuts on Neon Alley next Friday!!!
ACCEL WORLD DUB??? lol it's true, Haru's voice is perfect. They dun messed up hime's voice tho
Lol, this WS Accel World deck is named "Pig", I don't even need to see the deck recipe to know what card is inside
*** actually almost everything u recommended to me is fantasy like accel world,SAO and the super power or wtv
Black Lotus figma from Accel World arrived today :D Still waiting on Silver Crow
agreed. I mean, I can't really figure SAO as 'epic' as everyone says. I like Accel World better than SAO per se. Overrated?
VIDEO: "Accel World" English Dub Behind the Scenes: Sci-fi series comes to Neon Alley on April 19thViz will be...
I'm a burst Linker from the accel world. Level 9
First clip from the English dub of Accel World, coming on Neon Alley in about 6 days from now. SWEET!!
finally have a desire to download this --> Accel World OP
Accel world \m/ if there'"̮ in the real world, how technology will be so fast
Accel World dub sounded a lot better than I imagined. I like it. If only was available to watch on PC like other stream services.
Neon Alley Previews Accel World Dub in VideoDub to premiere on streaming s
ACCEL WORLD Official English dub clip- APPLICATION - coming to Neon Alley ...: ... of his miserable life, Haru...
Yeah, But oh well , Accel world Second Opening is awesome .
bien quiero hacer una intro .-. asi ke les pregunto, ke intro me recomiendan? Accel World Magi Zetman Darker than black no me decido asi que ayudenme D;
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Que anime divertido me recomiendan ? -Jenifer:k
Pff que dia, me duele todo el cuerpo x_x
mirandoo animee..Accel world noo jodann..XD
me cambiaron el opening de accel world xD
Viendo Accel world... Haruyuki me recuerda a alguien
Descargando durarara,sao,evangelion, accel world, entre otros \.3./
SAO,Bakuman,accel world,claymore son animes que nunca me cansare de ver
License Accel World! There is a large fanbase for that as well!
What about Accel World? There is also a fairly large fanbase for this!
So conflicted while watching accel world because I hate some of the character designs but at the same time I absolutely love the other ones
Maybe I like Accel world so much because I can see my self in Haru, I might not be fat and sweaty, but
I started swor art online now. Everyone tells me its good so. Its kinda like accel world and I like it already
What do u think about black rock shoiter and darker than black and accel world so I can watch it
once finishing it, I'd recommend watching 'Accel World' as it was created by the same director.
There's even an Accel World costume. Which makes me sad, since ZHP came out before SAO did, so there are no SAO references.
-_- the last time I remember, I watched accel world. My laptop still broken u.u hbu? :O
Nope, ALO was part of season 1... Same thing happened with Accel World. It's like how Walking Dead has their Season 3 part 2.
Download Accel World while watching natsuiro kiseki
- I would like a season 2 for that series also~
Wait, I didn't see Cyan Disaster... Wonder if there's alternate ending/path?
The sad part is, I don't think there will be a 3rd game then... :(
Ending of Kasoku no Chouten. Time for game plus to unlock more CGs.
The idea of flying around the world in the unlimited field is quite mind boggling.
wow omg i watched all except for accel world? Love the rest though
I just realized that I'm already at the epilogue in Kasoku no Chouten, and I only unlocked very few CGs.
ya acabe accel world ahora que hago D:
Accel World game is horrible. I wanted it to be free roaming kind of game but its only like a battle per day and RPG too ):
No problem! I'm glad to hear the game is playable, bakemonogatari psp and accel world psp weren't very good apparently.
Sword Art Online, Samurai Champloo, BLEACH, Accel World, (as a bonus an anime movie - Paprika)
Accel World, de lo mejor que he visto -w-
10 minutos mas ... y accel world te vere xD
Quien ve accel world? Pues no me cuenten el final aun no lo termino R.KanariA
lol, en la ova 2 de accel world me hiso recordar el manga "masamune-kun no revenge" XD
Algien me puede decir de ke se trata accel world?
Accel World, the Aria series (Animation, Natural, and Origination), and Eureka Seven: Psalm of Planets. - Nia
I can't even find Accel World and Sword Art Online for preorder on amazon so I guess I'll just watch the rest of them online instead.
allez on commence Accel World en VOSTFR :D
Gente sai a segunda ova do accel world Vaction urrul ~~Primus
waiting for my Cuz! we are gonna finish watchin Accel world today.
Apparently there are new episodes of Accel World out now. I should get around to watching that, though I didn't really like the second half.
need a new anime to watch, just finished Burst Angel o.o
Accel world? I believe that's somehow connected with SAO, am I right?
keren. nonton SAO,ALO,ACCEL WORLD, its the best anime MMO's forever.
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Accel no excorcist.aoki dentetsu shoot. Air gear.another
Lol, accel world posters on Smosh's videos, they just got me like their videos more!!
Just when I saw an Accel World themed deck box bigla ko nakita yung back artwork... howells, sticking to the design that doesn't make you seem lecherous.
Google Glass with Augmented Reality... hoping their AR could be like AR in Accel World or at least Sword Art Online Full Dive Tech
yea, the person who wrote the story is the same, but not the same publisher. But anyways, i finished SAO and im one episode 5 of Accel world now! :D
Just found out Accel World and Sword Art is by the same author. That explains so much...
Anime added to my list: Accel World Specials ( )
I really need to finish watching Accel World..been neglecting it for far too long..
Played NBA 2K13 (360), Assassin's Creed III (360), Accel World -Ginyoku no Kakusei- (PS3) and White Album 2: Shiawase no Mukougawa (PS3) in the last 24 hours.
"I really want to start a new anime but I don't want it to be Fairy Tail" watch btoom or accel world both very good
Finished watching SAO, Accel World and now Kingdom. Need new anime urgently!
In a Trance watching Accel World, i think i need help getting out. Someone bonk me on the head.
I didn't think so.but I actually like Accel World.
Another character Stephanie Ballew should cosplay as
You all know I don't watch anime but I'll try this. Mmkay; Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Dragon Ball Soul Eater Angel Beats Gurren Lagann (I only know that because it's my boyfriends fav. meheheh.) Full Metal Alchemist (I saw this TV a lot. Never bothered to watch.) Casshern Sins Clannad Inuyasha Cowboy Bebop I don't know if Pokemon or Yu-gi-oh, or Digimon would count. Yeah...that's pretty much all I know off hand. DID I DO GOOD?
I haven't really been keeping track of her since Accel World, got a link?
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Love Live! ラブライブ! congraz µ's added one more new member~ Yazawa Niko =w="" i think just compare Niko with Yuniko(Scarlet Rain) from Accel World =3=~~~
my brain logic found something new idea for Accel World Project :D... power of modding script !!!
*Correction. Chicken Alfredo and Accel World for breakfast. Gotta have my morning dose of anime.
So it's not just Accel World. typical story: girls suddenly decided to stay overnight in a guy's mansion. Literally.
- Family outing , 2ne1 tv , accel world , adventure time :DD
Accel World, yet another great anime! :D Friend and I are back into full-on anime mode lol...
To *** with Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya). The artstyle depiction of the main character makes her look deformed, like she'll eat her own nose if her mouth was any higher, her personality is annoying as all *** the plot is stupid because it's pointless, being that it could have easily followed the manga's/LN plot and been a fantastic series, not to mention the fact that the plot, while cohesive, is so repetitive it's not even enjoyable. I was skeptical to begin with because of my first try at the series, episode 00, which confused the *** out of me. Now it's just ridiculous. I wanted to give this another chance. I don't even care anymore. This anime is terrible, barely entertaining, and I don't get why there are so many memes based around it. The internet overhyped this anime when it was released by astronomical proportions. It just doesn't make any sense to me why people liked this.
I need a new anime like Accel World.
what if , at the end of SAO , kirito actually died and the rest of it was just a dream being input by Sugou Nobuyuki as part of the plan by Kayaba ... what if.
That's probably a good move, then they can do SAO 2 and link in Accel World 2 with it (eventually). Omg excite.
Also, just finished Accel World. Do want a second season badly. Very very good stuff.
In the year 2022, the Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG), Sword Art Online (SAO), is released. With the Nerve Gear, a virtual reality helmet that stimulates the user's five senses via their brain, players can experience and control their in-game characters with...
nakakahiya. some people just watched SAO for the sake of trends. tried asking him/her bout Accel world (even though i havnt watched it yet) he/she answered: SAO has no connection with Accel World. a HUGE LOL for me :D
no manches Hitokiri Yakimeshi me vuelvo chango con la discografia de Accel World
Oh well at least we are getting SAO and Accel World. :D
Okay if Sword Art Online and Accel World can get a dub then why not Reborn?
Can't wait for that Accel World english dub. I really need to get Neon Alley on my PS3 now.
I'm curious, how many of you like Anime/Manga? And if anyone cares... SAO, Claymore, Mx0, Pandora Hearts, Liar Game, Nisekoi, Accel World, Hayate no combate Butler, Vampire Night, Medaka Box and etc ~Skipbeat reads manga constantly...
:: Otaku Shop :: Accel World Nendoroid - GSC Anime Figure - Accel World - Kuroyukihime Nendoroid. Delivery times can vary and can take up to 3-4 weeks.
Yay the ending of accel world was actually good. I really liked it.
hi everyone tell whether if you like anime if yes please click like. Monday: inuzuma eleven Tuesday: one piece Thursday: Sword Art Online Friday: accel world Saturday: Ben 10 Sunday: bleach and what anime like the most is Tuesday because i like one piece: am in episode 444 now.
This April, character goods maker COSPA will be releasing a pair of t-shirts based on Haruyuki Arita aka Silver Crow and Kuroyukihime aka Black Lotus, the male and female leads of Reki Kawahara's (Sword Art Online) gaming drama Accel World. What's special about the tees is that they tie in with an a...
So here's the new character, Strea-san. Voiced by Sachika Misawa, same as Kuroyukihime from Accel World.
I liked a video from Accel World Opening-Chase The World
At 1:15 Accel World characters are the and that anime was just only last year. So yeah I think it's not 10 years…
Please please please also watch Accel World. It's also written by Reki and is as if not more fantastic then SAO.
She still doesn't live up to the awesome faces Niko from Accel World provided. She's got a long way to go.
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Accel World is the best! Its really cool and i like all the characters in the anime. It has it parts where it is funny and a little of romance and jelousey in it! But all in all, it is right next to SAO!
Rumors around the Japanese intarwebs that there might be a crossover adaptation of the VERSUS chapter found in Accel World volume 10!
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February 17, 2013, there will be a special live event featuring Accel World and Sword Art Online.
Accel World is crossing over with SAO?
Accel World Season 2 might be on the list ^_^
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I wonder what people would say if I wear this in public. :D
tengo pendientes . One piece . Mirai nikki . Accel world . Another . Phibrain kami no puzzle
Thx for 100 k Wiews :D You are great , I remember the first comment on this video and now I have 200 . Thx you and like you I waiting the season 2 Anime : Ac...
Augmented Reality T-Shirts? Wow, these are pretty cool and subtle. One, please :D
New Accel World volume out today. It’s all worldy and accely.
Okay so like last time I asked you guys favorite animu, now it's time for animu you don't like.
Check out this great item: NEW PRODUCT figma Accel World Kuroyukihime School Avatar ver. Figure MAX FACTORY
Super awesome Accel World products on the site. See (incl NSFW) or (PG)
-Descripcion pendiente - Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is ...
Finally watching Accel World so can get off my back about it. Joint is pretty tight.
Sword Art Online and Accel World are really a unbelievable sci-fi. It's FABULOUS!
LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE C H A P T E R 2 A Brief History of Visitation to the Earth To understand the present and to be prepared for the future, there are certain things from the past that must be clarified and that you must learn to see. The first is that the world has been visited for a very long time. These visitations have been from a number of different races for different purposes. Some have come here to gain biological samples from the immensely rich diversity of life in the world. Others have come here to hide things, to store things beyond the awareness of the native peoples of the world. At different points, others have established bases here temporarily and on a few occa- sions have tried, in more recent history, to educate or to influence early human civilizations. These visitations were brief and were not sustained for long. The bases that were established here were only mainly to gain a great- er understanding of the Earth’s geological and biological realities. Attempts to influence early civi ...
Any recommend some animes I can download to pass the time in work?
If you tryin to go foreign yall need to check out. Zetman, Accel World, Fairy Tail, and Blue Exorcist on the Japanese lineup.
I think we will make our own Augmented shirts. Think so?
Maybe this can sound a little bit stupid but have you eer see the anime accel world if you can please see just the first chapter
is watching Accel World ex 01 Reverberation :) Kuroyukihime's Brain Burst avatar ♥
Ah, anyway. Now that Accel World is done and over with, there goes on distraction!
Although, clearly Kirito will win if he had a real fight with Silver Crow. Underworld and Accel World is practically the same mechanics.
Sword Art Online and Accel World is obviously from the same world. SAO being 20 years before AC. So, why the *** can they meet?!
check mo din Accel World (same as SAO pero mas tsada ang SAO) tapos watch The Secret World of Arrietty (movie)!
now watching Accel World episode 12 :) Silver Crow Vs 5th Chrome Disaster (Y)
Finish watching SAO and accel world. Link Start!
What's your first anime make you fall in love with anime? owo me detective conan~ x'D and you?
Hmm slightly bored at the moment, anyone have a question or picture request? ~Skyfer~
Well just finished Accel world. It was awesome X3
Accel World. SAO is set in the same world btw
found spoilers and information of Accel World light novel volume 13 on the web already!
Now : watch anime Accel World in my Laptop
Yehey!! the next Issue of OtakuZine is Accel World!! Issue and the cover feature of otakuine issue is Another!!! Wow o.o cant wait to see KuroyukiHime and Mei!! must buy them Next month!! Kurohime
Starting to like the protagonist of accel world.. But I still hate him...
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Didn't Netflix used to have a lot more anime?
Only Accel World and SAO fans can understand
Want to win one of these three nendoroidss??? :3 Admin Yuinyan l Anime Corner
Try Accel World, it's from the same maker. Otherwise, you can also try Fate Stay Night and Fate Zero (sequel) and you can't forget Btooom! as well ;)
Anime update: Just finished _Accel World_. I really, really liked it. If they ever feel like making more, that would be A-OK with me. The Lil Piglet feels the same way about _Squid Girl_ (that's _Shinryaku! Ika-Musume_ to those of you who speak moon language).
Me and Articuno are looking for a anime to watch. Does anyone have any suggestions? Inb4 Pokemon Anime. ~ᴬᴰᴹᴵᴺ ロトム~
They make the cool thing Kirito gets at the end of SAO sound all cool and stuff but it's really just SAO's source code... Kayaba just gave him a dev kit lol...
Guys Suggest me Two Or Three Anime That you really like so i can watch them (not naruto bleach one piece and Fairy Tail xD)
I usually have one extremely funny day, funny enough for y'all to hear but I'm grounded so I'm just sitting here, watching anime. ~Rin
Finished Accel World anime. I will rage if there is no Season 2. I mean with SAO, at least, you have the excuse that both SAO and ALO are over, so not making a next season can be justified. No such excuses can be made with Accel World. I hope it doesn't take too long for either of them.
I think You SHOULD put more HACKING event in Accel World or Sword Art Online-sorry for posting this so suddenly Kawahara-sama
Hmmm, all because I was looking for a distraction, I ended up watching Accel World. *** there goes my Common Test...
I mean, the main girl in Accel World resembles Kiroto and Asuna somewhat..
So I guess the only link SwordArtOnline have with Accel World is they have the same author. Hopefully there's more link.
Man... How i wish i can be in an anime.. Carefree life. Animes like Fairy Tail , SAO or maybe Accel world
now you tell me where you wanna go, accel world!! X3
I'm quite positive Accel World is connected to SAO. I mean, the last game Kirito played in the book is (cont)
Why do I have the impression that Kuroyukihime of Accel World is the daughter of Kirito and Asuna of SAO? Very plausible. Need to watch it.
accel world rekomendasi bagus, buat para pecinta ANIME
Yg inetnya cepet, download-in game psp final fantasy; birth by sleep dan accel world, dong..:\
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