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Abu Sayyaf

Abu Sayyaf (ASG, ) also known as al-Harakat al-Islamiyya is one of several military Islamist separatist groups based in and around the southern Philippines, in Bangsamoro (Jolo and Basilan), where for almost 30 years various Muslim groups have been engaged in an insurgency for an independent province in the country.

Abu Sayyaf Group Zamboanga City Islamic State Davao City Robert Hall Mindanao Island Kayla Mueller Al Qaeda Barbara Starr

Terry Nichols has been suspected of ties to Abu Sayyaf in his trips to the Philippines
army working to confirm reports that Abu Sayyaf fighters beheaded a man they had seized in November.
Abu Sayyaf video 'shows beheading of German hostage', Philippine army working to confirm reports…
The US has occupied the area Abu Sayyaf operates in since 2002. Why are they still a problem? ExxonMobil is even dr…
Abu sayyaf thought they could get a decent price for canadian hostages a bit upsetting they presumed that.
Militants publish photo of kidnapped Jurgen Kantner with message. . Kantner was kidnapped in Philippines, by milita…
Abu Sayyaf,Al Itihad al Islamya,Al Mourabitoun,Al Shabaab,IS of Iraq and the Levant SC…
To my fellow Americans: "It was the Abu Sayyaf Rebels who gave me the green light and permission to kill Osama Bin Laden...circa 2007."
Nur Jazlan: Security forces on alert over revenge attacks by Abu Sayyaf
Duterte is crazy. Threatened to eat Abu Sayyaf terrorists. I believe him.
not saying that Syracuse fans are terrorists but saw this when watching captive about abu…
Suspected Abu Sayyaf member tied to beheadings of 2 Canadians arrested in Sulu.
An Abu Sayyaf leader, Hairulla Asbang, alias Ahadi, was arrested while confined in a hospital for gunshot wounds.
One of suspects of the kidnapping of & & victims arrested via
A suspected sub-leader of the Abu Sayyaf was arrested inside a private hospital in Zamboanga City.
Its time for US to release documents they seized in ISIS oil minister Abu Sayyaf's house documenting Turkish-ISIS o…
Operatives of AFP Western Mindanao Command & Zamboanga City Police Office identified the suspect as Hairulla Asbang. htt…
For any CT / intel followers: Netflix new doco series Captive is worth watching. Abu Sayyaf, Somali Pirates, AQAP its got it a…
Beauty appointments lined up be4 reintroducion into society.1'd think I've returned from 6months captivity in jungles w Abu Sayyaf
Troops arrest wounded Abu Sayyaf bandits in hospital
Hairulla Asbang was admitted to the hospital the morning of December 26 for treatment of a gunshot wound.
Intel that the Abu Sayyaf Group are targeting doctors and nurses so they have medics... worried for my relatives 😟
Sekkingstad was abducted by the Abu Sayyaf along with Canadian nationals John Ridsdel and Robert Hall, and...
Philippine cardinal says members of Islamist group Abu Sayyaf are "Practical Atheists" .
ARMM (Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao) Governor just called Abu Sayyaf "the biggest traitor of Islam."
As many remain unaware about who the ASG really are, here are five key questions and answers about the group:
Isil-linked Abu Sayyaf claims Philippines bomb attack in president Duterte's home city which killed 14 -...
Philippines president declares 'state of lawlessness,' 14 dead in explosion ... -
Al Jazeera: The emerging conflict between Duterte and Islamic militants in the Philippines.
IndoChina: Five things to know about the Abu Sayyaf -
They don't believe the teachings of Islam. I'm a muslim and Abu Sayyaf are extremists not muslims.   10% Off
DAULAT UL ISLAMIYA stands for State of Islam. Abu Sayyaf is now ISIS
Philippines: Five things to know about the Abu Sayyaf
Explosion n Davao: warning for gov't of No direct threat for ops. More analysis on PortRisk
Philippines unrest: Who are the Abu Sayyaf Group? .
Philippines [UPDATE]: 14 dead and 60 injured in deadly explosion in Davao; Abu Sayyaf claims responsibility
The shocking revelation was made by no less than President Rodrigo Duterte himself...
Good intention, lost in translation. The freakin' Abu Sayyaf Group appreciates the concern tho.
Du30 paid ASG 50M! . Where wud this bring Filipino taxpayers now!. Accessory for the Crimes committed to D'victims!.
Duterte spills secret: P50M paid to Abu Sayyaf via
ESSCOM ready to face possibility of Abu Sayyaf fleeing to Sabah...
Abu Sayyaf claim on Davao blast cannot be confirmed yet, authorities say
Philippines: Duterte home city attack blamed on Abu Sayyaf - BBC News
Looks like there is another enemy afoot. Daulat Ul Islamiya.
We, the DDS condemn in the strongest terms this heinous crime of terrorism that the "Abu Sayyaf" has committed... https:/…
Philippine troops have killed 11 Abu Sayyaf militants, including an influential commander, in an assault on the extremists following their
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Philippines Blames ISIS-Linked Abu Sayyaf for Bombing in President’s Hometown of Davao
AFP on Saturday declined to confirm that the Abu Sayyaf Group was behind the night market blast in Davao City.
Abu Sayyaf owns up to Davao blast, warns of more attacks
knows his order to destroy the Abu Sayyaf will elicit a violent response from the terrorist group http…
Abu Sayyaf, do not use the Koran in your speech. A muslim does not kill an innocent person.
Latest from Philippines: Abu Sayyaf blamed, 13 dead, "state of lawless violence" declared.
Philippines: Abu Sayyaf blamed for attack in Windows 10 City
Muammar Askali, the self-styled spokesman of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) also known as Abu Ramie, denied that the...
The Abu Sayyaf Group are like Social Media Trolls, they get more energy once you feed them.
Almost 20yrs of military fighting the Abu Sayyaf.Yet,they thrive.My report tells you how they continue to expand
ASG claim on cannot be confirmed yet, authorities say
Human rights group condemns Abu Sayyaf alleged link to
The PNP,NBI AND THE MILITARY must declare a state of emergency.Setup roadblocks and do not let anyone in or out...
Terror group Abu Sayyaf blamed for deadly blast in the Philippines
Philippines: Abu Sayyaf blamed for attack in Davao City
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Philippines blames IS-linked Abu Sayyaf for bomb in Duterte’s Davao
disowns Davao explosion, says ally was behind attack.
I commend the open-mindedness of Davaoeños. Most of them understand the distinction between "Abu Sayyaf" and "Muslim.". Be…
UPDATE: Abu Sayyaf claims responsibility for the explosion in Davao City Friday night that killed 14 people, wounded 67 | via
President Duterte says 'state of lawlessness' in Philippines as Abu Sayyaf reportedly claims Davao City blast that kil…
Abu Sayyaf beheaded Canadians Robert Hall and John Ridsdel and many others. The latest was a Filipino teenager...
'Destroy' Abu Sayyaf, Rodrigo Duterte tells police and armed forces after extremists behead captiv
Philippine Army’s Special Forces seize last stronghold of Abu Sayyaf in Basilan via
Philippine army says 10 dead in clashes with Islamic militants after Duterte's order to go after Abu Sayyaf
Listening to Karen Davila talk all tough about beckoning the US to subdue the Abu Sayyaf is making eyes roll back so far in my head.
Abu Sayyaf got only two-thirds of $3 mil ransom to release Malaysian sailors – reports - Asian Correspondent
Malaysia stands firm no ransom is paid to Abu Sayyaf | Mindanao Examiner Regional Newspaper
Armed Forces to block Abu Sayyaf from fleeing Sulu: KOTA BARU: The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) will work wit...
Philippines deploys 5000 troops to fight terror group Abu Sayyaf: Some 5,000 Philippine soldiers have been de...
"The head that was found last night (Monday) was of Mr. Hall, a Canadian national, & kidnap victim of Abu Sayyaf."
Trudeau says Islamic State affiliate, Abu Sayyaf, has executed second Canadian hostage in the Philippines.
The Rise and Deadly Fall of Islamic State’s Oil Tycoon: . A document trove tells how Abu Sayyaf r...
4 Malaysian seafarers kidnapped east of Borneo on April 1 released by Abu Sayyaf
The Abu Sayyaf is not in the business of kidnapping for free
Local community impacted by trade ban reportedly pressured to release hostages.
groups, & BIFF, not part of new govt's peace process. via
The likelihood of either prayer saving Hall or teaching Abu Sayyaf who's boss is nil.
we pray for Robert Hall and the others. If Abu sayyaf Isis goons kill the will teach them whose boss
The Aktobe attackers kind of remind me of Abu Sayyaf - which is to say they're more concerned w/ thuggery than jihad.
Abu Sayyaf released 4 Malaysian sailors on Wednesday. Here's what you need to know about the kidnap-for-ransom gang
10 June 2016. - Police have denied that the 4 Sarawakian Abu Sayyaf captives were brought to...
Abu Sayyaf threaten to execute one or both western hostages in 72 hours unless exorbitant ransom paid.
Is Justin Trudeau saying Robert Hall's beheading will be an assisted suicide by Abu Sayyaf ?
The cage is empty. They'll be more kidnapping - - - > Four Sarawakians freed by Abu Sayyaf
US has classified the New People's Army and Abu Sayyaf as terror groups. .
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As Malaysian, Indonesian hostages go home, Canadian and Norwegian face Monday deadline for beheading by Abu Sayyaf
Inspector general of police says no ransom was paid to secure release of Malaysian hostages from Abu Sayyaf https:/…
Barter ban and threat of military strike helped free Abu Sayyaf hostages
How close were you to the Abu Sayyaf Group? . Umar Patek: I joined them when Al-Habsi Misaya (Abu Sayyaf leader)...
Latin American Herald Tribune - Seamen Return to Jakarta after Being Held Hostage by Abu Sayyaf
Zamboanga City, Philippines: Fugitive MNLF chairman Nur Misuari is negotiating with Abu Sayyaf for rel of 3 hostages
NATION'S NEWS!: How to deal with Abu Sayyaf: FORMER senator and now Philippine Red Cross chair... (frominquirer)
AFP’s operations against Abu Sayyaf will not affect elections
Abu Sayyaf will behead all three captives if no ransom was paid
So Abu Sayyaf is a terrorist group just like CPP NPA. Those r d people supporting Du30
think later? Yeah what about the canadian who got killed by abu sayyaf?
Philippines unrest: Who are the Abu Sayyaf Group?
The Killing of a Western Hostage in the Philippines
I just wish I could grasp how can jovially have push-up contests while Canadians lives are in danger.
Abu Sayyaf threatens to behead three more captives.
Extremist group Abu Sayyaf releases new video, threatens to behead three more hostages
[Adm-02] P-Noy visits the soldiers wounded during an Abu Sayyaf encounter, at a hospital in Zamboanga City.
Abu Sayyaf hostages make plea for help as captors release footage of Canadian beheading
Where were you when a Canadian held in captive and was beheaded by the Abu Sayyaf? Where were you during the tanim bala cases?
Philippines promises safe release of eight more foreign crewmen held by the Abu Sayyaf
reiterates commitment to rescue remaining hostages from - See more at:
Kris: "I didn't renew with ABS CBN because of this threat..."
Beheading video of canadian hostage. . ISIS Affiliate Abu Sayyaf Beheading Execution Of Canadian.
Indonesian Foreign Minister: "We will undertake coordinated patrols in the maritime areas of our common concern."
The severed head of a Canadian retiree is found seven months after his capture by Abu Sayyaf.
Tri-nation plan to help fight Abu Sayyaf terrorists
Abu Sayyaf hostages make video plea
We don't seem to talk much about Abu Sayyaf regularly kidnapping people off our islands and beheading or getting ransom for them...
So why do you think Abu Sayyaf *** behead people while chanting Allah-u-Akhbar?
PIA-9/PAGADIAN CITY: Palace has reiterated its commitment to rescue the remaining hostages being held by Abu Sayyaf Group.
You *** liberals think that we are causing Isis and other Muslim groups to do this?. And I guess this Canadian...
Hold Trudeau accountable!: GRAPHIC: Video of beheading of Canadian hostage John Ridsdel by Abu Sayyaf
Jakarta secured the release of 10 captive sailors being held by Abu Sayyaf
Abu Sayyaf releases gruesome beheading video
The Abu Sayyaf hostage who said he was friendly and Prayer in congregation with him and returned home safely.
Horrific videos show Canadian’s beheading as fellow captive pleads with Ottawa for help |
Video released of hostages held by ISIS-aligned Filipino militant group Abu Sayyaf shows captives pleading for aid.
New hostage video released by militant group Abu Sayyaf
Filipino militant group Abu Sayyaf release new hostage video
PH, Indonesia and Malaysia to Conduct Joint Patrols to Thwart Abu Sayyaf Pirates - Philippines...
Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines to run coordinated patrols in response to Abu Sayyaf kidnappings via |
Beheading highlights lucrative kidnap business of Abu Sayyaf
Indonesia and neighbors agree to joint patrol waters after Abu Sayyaf kidnappings - Rappler
Senatorial candidate Manny Pacquiao doubts reports that the Abu Sayyaf Group is plotting to kidnap him or his family ht…
The Philippine president said Wednesday that Abu Sayyaf militants may have plotted to kill him and kidnap boxing star Man…
MILF helps in hunt for Abu Sayyaf, calls Ridsdel beheading anti-Islam. via…
"10 hostages released in the Philippines by Islamist militant group Abu Sayyaf. bless
A few days ago we learned that Canadian journalist John Ridsdel was beheaded by Islamic militant group Abu Sayyaf. htt…
I don't get it why filiphina seem powerless to fight Abu Sayyaf while our government already freed 10 hostages without compensation.Good Job
P-Noy: 'All out justice' vs Abu Sayyaf 'di 'all out war' via BOMBO RADYO
President Benigno Aquino III says that the Abu Sayyaf militants who beheaded Ridsdel may have plotted to...
NATION: Aquino to devote energies to pulverize Abu Sayyaf. PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III vowed Wednesday to devote...
Abu Sayyaf, an Islamist terrorist group had designs on kidnapping Manny Philippines president Benigno Aquino III said Wednesday
Canadian John Ridsdel is not the first to be beheaded by the Abu Sayyaf. See this timeline of the group's rampage
A timeline of the Abu Sayyaf's rise and rampage
PHILIPPINES: Five things to know about the Abu Sayyaf militant group
🇨🇦 | A look at the Abu Sayyaf terror group in the Philippines
BBC News - Philippines: 18 soldiers dead in clashes with Abu Sayyaf militants
Malacañang confirms that security forces are relentlessly pursuing Abu Sayyaf bandits
ISIS - not Abu Sayyaf Group - could be behind attacks that killed 18 Fillipino soldiers
Italian Rolando del Torchio at a hospital after being freed by Abu Sayyaf in Sulu (military photo) |
A total of 15 foreign nationals are in the hands of terror group Abu Sayyaf, the AFP confirmed
Abu Sayyaf: The terror group you don’t know about
Phillipines jihadi group Abu Sayyaf has 200-500 core members, and 2,000 supporters
Abu Sayyaf Group demands ransom for kidnapped crew
DTN Dubai: Abu Sayyaf Group demands ransom for kidnapped crew: Coal barge and its 10 Indonesian crewman in cus...
*** you radical Abu Sayyaf Group, who have been holding hostage 10 Indonesian citizens in the region (cont)
Abu Sayyaf is not a group to be easily dismissed--look into them if you don't know about them,
Philippine militant group Abu Sayyaf demands huge ransom to release the crew of TB Brahma 12.
Abu Sayyaf Group takes hostage 10 crewmen of Indonesian vessel Brahama, demands billions of Rupiah as ransom.
Terrorist group Abu Sayyaf are demanding ransom for 10 Indonesian citizens seized in Philippine waters - .
UPDATE: Owner of hijacked tug boat has received two calls from militant group Abu Sayyaf (al-Qaeda linked), who are demanding ransom -
Tug Hijacked by Terrorists in Sulu Sea - The Islamist terrorist group Abu Sayyaf has hijacked an unnamed tugboa...
It's not just ISIS,it's Al Qaeda,Boko Haram,Hezzbollah,Islamic Jihad,the Taliban,Abu Sayyaf,etc etc we need to get rid of all these groups
'Tawhid Brigade' (part of Abu Sayyaf) pledges allegiance to the Islamic State in the Philippines .
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jund al-Tawhid battalion in the Philippines (Abu Sayyaf affiliated) pledges allegiance to IS
3rd battalion of Abu Sayaaf Group in pledges allegiance to
As that happens theyve struck anew too in S. philippines
Throwback the german kidnap of the Abu Sayyaf in 2014 - now a new reported kidnapping in area feared
"OMG I can't believe Trump's rallies! I can't believe ppl are this violent." Know it is the same set of ideologies from DAESH to Abu Sayyaf.
November 17, 2015 – A Malaysian national is beheaded by Abu Sayyaf in the southern Philippines
New video shows Abu Sayyaf's Tahwid Brigade pledge loyalty to in -
Part of Abu Sayyaf in Phillipines pledges allegiance to Islamic State. The Jihadi centre of gravity moves to ISIS:
Philippines: 8 die in firefight with Abu Sayyaf in south via
ASG launches ambush just hours before PNoy visit: Zamboanga City – Suspected elements of the Abu Sayyaf G...
Abu Sayyaf video: Insight into IS in the Philippines
Philippines Armed Forces maintain no ransom will be paid for Canadian/Norwegian being held
In today's roundup of religion & geopolitics news: 'Leader' of Abu Sayyaf injured during clash – reports
Alleged Abu Sayyaf militants have released a video claiming to hold foreigners hostage and saying they'll be killed in 1…
More of the Abu Sayyaf Group has purportedly defected to the Islamic State
Isis-linked militants Abu Sayyaf kill six in invasion of Mindanao Island .
Philippines: Abu Sayyaf militants fly Isis black flag as they invade Mindanao Island . {ibtimes}
the DND, ISAFP, G2 , Phils. Army Sgt.major Aristotle Taccad poke NSA Reconnaissance Spy Satellite on me instead of Abu Sayyaf
AFPPic: AFPKUALA LUMPUR: Operatives of terror group Abu Sayyaf have been planted in strategic areas in Sabah,...
[] ‘Abu Sayyaf man’ tagged in ambush on Sulu vice mayor arrested
What is Abu Sayyaf > Backgrounder on the Phillipines jihadi group
Najib killed along with some 13 other Abu Sayyaf members in the southern Philippines. errr...sorry wrong Najib.
IS member(?)/bomb maker reportedly killed in clash w/ Abu Sayyaf in southern Philippines.
Two dead, four wounded in City grenade blast, Abu @
Philippines condemns Abu Sayyaf killing of Malaysian hostage
Four soldiers wounded in Abu Sayyaf attack:.
Abu Sayyaf Al Ansari carried out a matrydom operation prior to the clashes. The clashes resulted in massive casualties of the Safawid
Philippine military says 18 dead in clashes with Abu Sayyaf via
Military fatalities in Basilan clash with Abu Sayyaf identified. by Philippines News Agency. December 17, 2015...
investigating whether bomb maker amongst those killed in latest clash with Abu Sayyaf.
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18 dead in clashes between government forces and Abu Sayyaf militants in southern Philippines, officials say
At least 15 Abu Sayyaf bandits and three soliders were killed in a firefight at Brgy. Macalang, Al-Barka in Basilan https:/…
Philippine military says 18 dead in clashes with http…
AFP still validating reports that Malaysian bomber was killed in Basilan ops vs Abu Sayyaf I
Basilan was the 2nd US military deployment after 9/11. 1st was Afghanistan. Abu Sayyaf purely local and small time.
Report: Malaysian bomb maker for Abu Sayyaf killed in clash with Philippines military
The U.S. team killed leader Abu Sayyaf and 11 other ISIS fighters and captured his wife. She thanked the operators w/hot tea
expert bomb maker for Abu Sayyaf and killed in News:.
Malaysian expert bomb maker for Abu Sayyaf shot in fight with Philippines military, SE Asia News & Top Stor...
Hey it sounds like kicked your *** again. Abu Sayyaf is a dead coward. used kids as body shields. ***
(Allegiance to ISIS in Philippines) A notorious Abu Sayyaf leader operating in Basilan has been arrested.
Philippines - Travel News - Abu Sayyaf leader arrested by police in Zamboanga City - potential for reprise attacks
Abu Sayyaf member killed by govt troops in Tawi-tawi; sub-leader arrested in Zamboanga City also on Friday. - Sad, baffled and angry - Following the gruesome killing of Bernard Then by the Abu Sayyaf militants...
Abu Sayyaf planning to release video of Sarawakian's beheading, report says - Malay Mail Online
Abu Sayyaf, sworn to IS but IS hasn't accepted the baya, shows three Western hostages in a new video.
The terrorists are a monolith. Philippine group Abu Sayyaf might end up dirty-bombing Paris on behalf of Iran's Al-Qods force.
Jolo hostages may have been taken by "Tanum sub-group" of Abu Sayyaf
Abu Sayyaf Group releases new video w/ Western hostages Use IS flag but still no sign of acceptance as an IS wilaya.
Philippine militants make first demands in hostage video: Militants thought to be with the group Abu Sayyaf po...
[BRIEFING] Philippines: Latest video of Abu Sayyaf demonstrates a clear shift of the group’s ideology toward hard-line practices similar...
.Yea, I don't think Abu Sayyaf has been anything more than a plain old-fashioned criminal group for at least a decade.
Apparently it looks like the Abu Sayyaf Group (ISIL)
A group of Islamic militants, believed to be the Abu Sayyaf, have release a video of three foreign men and a...
Metro - Video surfaces in abduction of Canadians in Philippines: Among the suspects were the Abu Sayyaf Group,...
Islamists post video of Norway kidnap victim: The Islamist group Abu Sayyaf has published photographs and a vi...
Abu Sayyaf member tagged in kidnapping heads to jail: Chief Inspector Joel Tuttuh, spokesma...
Philippines - Travel Alert - At least 11 people abducted by Abu Sayyaf militants in Basilan
2 Philippine coast guardsmen escaped from Abu Sayyaf captors when troops stormed the jungle base
MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Two Philippine coast guard personnel who were threatened with beheading escaped from their Abu Sayyaf
2 coast guard hostages after escaping Abu Sayyaf band in Philippines
Is it safe for Amer. to be in Palawan & Mindanao Philippines because of Abu Sayyaf, NPA, MILF & OTHER Muslim/Terrorist ??
An ivory plaque excavated at Nimrud in 1989 and kept at the Mosul Museum was recovered in the Abu Sayyaf raid:
Also lots of phony blacked out fishing boats running guns to Northern PI and on down to Abu Sayyaf rebels in Sulu sea islands.
More claims of Turkey-Isis dealings here through the Abu Sayyaf find (Martin Chulov in the Guardian)
Abu Sayyaf raid gave West hard intel that Turkey is working with ISIS:
Abu Sayyaf bandits free teacher they abducted in Zamboanga Sibugay last March
Yazidi girl escaped from Abu Sayyaf's household 7 months before Delta killed him. She claimed Kayla Mueller was there, described her tattoo.
Abu Sayyaf dies in firefight with US Delta Force - CNN
There was a (now maybe gone) NYT 3-Liner reporting about a Spec-OP death in Syria. Probably related to Abu Sayyaf.
Abu Sayyaf, a key source of illicit oil and all Verizon on Americans instead of voluntary manslaughter in 2015 htt...
American Hostage passed on chance to escape ISIS
Suspected Abu Sayyaf member nabbed in Sulu: A suspected member of the Abu Sayyaf was arrested by government se...
Malaysian terror suspects teaching Abu Sayyaf how to make bombs in Southern Philippines
Abu Sayyaf: 5/16/15 The raid that took the life of Abu Sayyaf, purported to be a senior ISIS commander and—spe...
Light holiday reading: sure this won't be the end of the story...
What we know about Abu Sayyaf: The Islamic State leader killed by U.S. forces
CNN: Abu Sayyaf, key ISIS figure in Syria, killed in U.S. raid Wish we could send all of these evil back to *** !T*
if there are no boots on the ground the.n how did they kill Abu sayyaf? Guess that's not war
Obama is planning a news conference to announce that he shot Abu Sayyaf.
Suspected Abu Sayyaf member arrested in Patikul, Sulu after finding unlicensed firearm | via
Unlicensed pistol leads to arrest of Abu Sayyaf member in Sulu--
Hostage in Passed on Chance 2 Escape not 2 abandon fellow aid worker
American woman passed up escape chance to stay with colleague -
7-year old released by Abu Sayyaf Group
The U.S. government says it believes it knows the real name of Abu Sayyaf, the key ISIS commander it says was killed during a U.S. raid in
Heart-wrenching story by Kayla Mueller turned down escape from before her death http:/…
.thanks for report on Abu Sayyaf raid. Any more details y'could share? c
supporter claims Abu Sayyaf death is a story "fabricated" to buoy up morale "in style of Rambo & Van Damme" http…
I think this guy wishes he kept his mouth shut. Delta kills Abu Sayyaf in Syria. Boots on ground fuqtahd. http:/…
Kayla Mueller was Abu Sayyaf's personal captive, but gave up a chance to escape out of loyalty to a fellow hostage. http…
Breaking news. The first photo of Abu Sayyaf's wife--who was recently captured by US forces--has just been released.
[InquirerPH] Abu Sayyaf frees kidnapped boy in Jolo
[Inquirer News] Abu Sayyaf frees kidnapped boy in Jolo
Abu Sayyaf frees kidnapped boy in Jolo: To subscribe to the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper in the Philipp...
Suspected Abu Sayyaf gunmen who abducted two people in Sabah last week have contacted the victims' relatives and...
Qatar told US that American woman abducted & turned into sex slave by ISIS had converted to Islam & was "happy"
Barbara Starr, Pentagon commentator: U.S. has real name of slain ISIS figure known as Abu Sayyaf
Congrats to our Spec Ops guys for taking out Abu Sayyaf. One more down, so many left to go.
so are we just focusing on 9/11 or all the other terrorist attacks/Groups? ISIS, Al Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf, Aum Shinrikyo, ECT
[Philstar com] 7 Abu Sayyaf bandits killed in fresh Sulu clash: Zamboanga City - Seven members of the Abu Sayy...
[PTVph] Two members of the 1st Scout Ranger Battalion and five members of the Abu Sayyaf...
FLASH: 3 soldiers wounded in Army-Abu Sayyaf clash in Basilan: Zamboanga City -- Three…
Eight members of al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf militant group killed in clashes -
Jolo, stronghold of Islamist group Abu Sayyaf: via A lesser known conflict in our
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Gahd, suddenly I remembered how Erap dealt with Abu Sayyaf. Tsk! Better check my history notebooks.
Why is it that we cant have peace in Is it really bcoz of the MILF, MNLF and Abu Sayyaf? Or simply d govt?
purge the MILF, every single one of them. include the abu-sayyaf and noynoy
Key Jordanian Islamist Abu Sayyaf says da3sh will only swap Sajida for Goto, Jordanian pilot not in the mix.. but wants pilot first.
Backhoe bombed by suspected Abu Sayyaf men in Basilan town
[Jordan Salafi leader] 'Abu Sayyaf' to Accepting al-Rishawi deal is most necessary duty:
If you don't know who Insilon totoni hapilon of the abu sayyaf jihadist movement in the phillipines is you can stfu about isis
This weekend on TV: It's Real Salt Lake vs. L.A. Galaxy in the ...:
2009 Abu Sayyaf ICRC kidnap victims brought to Sulu Vice Gov Soy Sauce Factory pose as if they're happily picnicking
every time i read something about ISIS or Al Qaeda or abu sayyaf or whatever the *** they like to call themselves i get SO frustrated
Head of Jihadi Salafist Movement, Mohammed Shalabi AKA"Abu Sayyaf" calls on not to waste the swap chance
However you call they are, MILF BIFF Abu Sayyaf, they are just ONE. Useless to categorize them.
BIFF, JI, MNLF, or Abu Sayyaf will just be an MILF on ordinary days. Tsk.
My do we distinguish who is MILF, who is BIFF, JI, MNLF, or Abu Sayyaf? Who are we really dealing with in this "Peace Process"?
How about the Catholics and Christians butchered by Abu sayyaf every day in Mindanao Terry?
in 1884, before social media took off, members of the PNP SAF lost their lives in their encounter with the Abu Sayyaf
Members of a kidnap-for-ransom-group tied with the Abu Sayyaf Group are responsible for the abduction of a Korean...
Sometimes I wish Erap finished his term just so that we wouldn't have Islamic terrorists like MILF and Abu Sayyaf in our country.
There should be NO military forces outside our government! whether MILF or Abu Sayyaf! We live in a nation governed by rule of law.
Investigation showed the inmates climbed through the ceiling of the detention cell and jumped over the fence of...
8 prisoners including one Abu Sayyaf member escape from Basilan Provincial Jail
2 captured Abu Sayyaf bandits involved in 2009 beheadings: Zamboanga City, Philippines - Two of the three...
Philippine troops wound 'Abu Sayyaf leader' in arrest -
472 Days Captive of the Abu Sayyaf - Survival of Warren Rodwell by Dr Bob East
Philippine army rescue Swiss held by Abu Sayyaf for over two years: Zamboanga City: Philippine government troo...
Please read this! OUR LEADERS IS SELLING MINDANAO (THE PROMISE LAND) TO THE DEVIL... Gloria Macapagal Arroyo President of the Republic of the Philippines November 20, 2001 My Great and Good Friend: I have the honor to inform His Excellency, the Great World Leader, of my Government’s unequivocal and unconditional support for Your Excellency’s strong political will and determination to crush the pillars of global terrorism masquerading under Al-Qaeda’s global Islamic movement, wherever it is and whatever form it takes. The Philippines is with America, and not with the terrorists. Your Excellency’s long-range program for Global Repositioning and Crusade Against Terrorism deserves the commendation and explicit support of all countries in the world that face the danger of this global phenomenon which threatens the politicians stability and the very existence of their respective governments. As a country besieged by a communist insurgency, Moro Secessionism, Abu Sayyaf banditry and terrorism, military c ...
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