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Abu Qatada

Abu Qatada al-Filistini (Abū Qatāda al-Filisṭīnī; born 1959/60), sometimes called Abu Omar (ابو عمر Abū 'Umar), is a Palestinian Islamist of Jordanian citizenship.

Theresa May Islamic State Abu Hamza Middle East Moazzam Begg May Allah Home Secretary

Should be getting good at this, Abu Qatada & Abu Hamza both took 8 years + £Ms
Abu Qatada deported from UK to stand trial in Jordan Lest we forget the determination of Home Secretary May.
Actually I can't trace Abu Qatada's quote. Anyone out there recognise it? Sounds more like the…
Interesting to see Abu Qatada quote on his Telegram channel last week. Not the most obvious source of…
Even though there is proof that at least 4 hate pr…
What was 'the politics of something' that fuelled May's obsession with deporting abu qatada? It was a protracted ex…
Help! Abu Qatada has left his fiancee at for a night out with an unmarked grave!
How about Abu Qatada or Abdullah Quick? Or how about Fred Phelps? Ever heard…
The piece quite specifically cites Abu Qatada to show that many controversial deportation…
In its story on deporting foreign crims cites Abu Qatada. But it was the ECHR that slowed down deporting him. Will UK leave ECHR?
Narrated Abu Qatada: The Prophet (Pbuh) said: "A good dream is from Allah, and a bad dream is from Satan. So...
I said I wouldn't enter in a debate with the Telegraph especially since it once again held Abu Qatada as an exemple, shutting all down (6/6)
Nonsensical spin. Who on earth keeps giving you airtime? You're not an MP or a party leader, who next…
"since Abu Qatada, it is understood no other foreign terror suspects have been returned... "
Abu Qatada? yeah you got me. changed my mind. if only we could have another referendum...
Your human rights law delayed deportation of Abu Qatada for 10 years - only fools and hard core criminals support the rule as it is
Really. How long did it take to sent Abu Hamza to US and sent Abu Qatada back home to Jordan because of EU law
it's also how I have always through of Abu Qatada being pronounced.
control immigration" or "not being able to deport Abu Qatada" because of "lack of sovereignty…
It's tragic: Abu Qatada has never a lion as clever as same-sex marriage.
No, Abu Qatada is not Salman Abedi's father. Ramadan Abedi is Salman Abedi's father and have never been deported.
Hadhrat Abu Qatada (RA) narrates that Nabi (SAW) said, "Whoever reads Ayatul Kursi when in difficulty, then Allah listens to that plea."
Surprised they clamped down on Legal Aid given it was supporting such worthy c…
He was never deported. He was a British citizen. You are probably confusing with Abu Qatada.
Media keep saying far right edl founder for so why dont they say former terrorist factory ran by abu qatada
Maajid do you recall this gentlemen appearing on a sky news stating it was right a…
6. who were not born in this country (Abu Hamza / Abu Qatada / Omar Bakri Muhamm…
We should? How do you propose to make it happen? We 'should' have had enough sense not to let Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada in too...
Abu Qatada demands to be relocated after a year in £400,000 home via
Sympathy and condolences to all innocent victims involved. Can't help thinking many supporters…
Omar Bakri Mhd , Abu Qatada, Abu Hamza given free reign in 1990s. . Disenfranchised Muslims got purpose & belong…
Cannot anyone in Cyberia tell me what has happened to friend and colleague,
Funny how neo-Nazi makes it only to news briefs but fake case against Abu Qatada is international news.
News today: Abu Qatada has refused to apologise for calling CIA Ikea.
he was offered $10mill and a US passport if he testified against a man named Abu Qatada. they thought he knew him, cos they both had beards
What a bullying operator! Evil eye in Lords. She's determined to lead us out 'cos of her run-in with European Court…
Is May going to do another of these last-minute submissions and then miss the deadline like she did with deporting Abu Qatada?
Amateur jockey Abu Qatada has helped bring into the a hundred friendly elephants.
Sh Abu Qatada(ح) said:"The first knowledge that the Sahaba learnt was the Tafsir of the Quran"
Theresa May took years to get rid of Abu Qatada. The idea that her and David Davis can get a deal in 18 months is ludi…
The first three individual named are Jeremy Corbyn, Abu Hamza & Abu Qatada in that order. “Human Rights” are bad, something imposed on her
I don't normally agree with Abu Qatada but I also think muslims should leave the UK & go to the Middle East
I think she ended up that way from years of trying to get Abu Qatada out of the country & having to battle because he kept using
I have and we need to get rid of the abuse of it. Two words, Abu Qatada
Yeah, so they trusted Abu Qatada's fatwa in the matter to kill them. lol
And that's why abu qatada had his very acts of resistance" a machine.
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It took the Home Secretary 10 years to deport Abu Qatada , she calls that a success?
Theresa May wants the UK to opt out of ECHR as it meant we couldn't deport Abu Qatada until Jordan committed to not torture him. Loopy!
Hillsborough, Bloody Sunday, Abu Qatada, *** in-forces, widow benefits... our HR record not good
so you trust another government ie Europe. It Don't make sense I think they done something wrong
Possibly true: Abu Qatada has never stopped his quest for reality!
we have one of the best systems of law in the world . But criminals have taken advantage
Theresa May, in typical Theresa May fashion: case for UK membership of ECHR isn't clear, because Abu Qatada:
Lord Falconer says withdrawing from ECHR would "damage standing in UK". May argued that it was what stopped action on Abu Hamza/Qatada (3/3)
Would the EU accept that in the USA Muslim radicals such as Abu Qatada do not have human rights?
OMG .they cannot even solve their own problems. Would the USA have obeyed EU rule to give radicals such as Abu Qatada human rights?
I'll flatten him! Abu has never stopped his quest for an intruder.
Leave alone: Abu Qatada has been sentenced to travel among unknown stars, until he finds the kingdom of a gang of patients.
What a Abu Qatada has survived an incredible years buried beneath an un-named superhero.
Evokes parallels to Abu Qatada's deportation being blocked by the ECHR - voters cross a "anything goes" threshold with regard to terrorism.
Narrated by Abu Qatada Al-Aslami (RA) Prophet (SAW) said,If anyone of you enters a mosque, he should pray two Rakat before sitting. -Bukhari
^ police have re-arrested Sh Abu Muhammad at Tahawy for refusing to join Abu Qatada's and Maqdisi's anti campaign.
HADITH FOR TODAY. Sahih Muslim- . 5. The Book of Mosques and Places of Prayer. Abu Qatada reported that when the...
Just like Swamp Thing, Abu Qatada has instrumental creation of his own home.
Abu Qatada denies the Holocaust and discusses Protocols in an antisemitic YouTube broadcast
Abu Qatada discusses Holocaust and Protocols in antisemitic YouTube…
CIA is still withholding my Home Office document -passport etc
CIA is still withholding my Home Office documents (passport etc)
..:: Good & Bad Dreams ::.. Sayyiduna Abu Qatada (May Allah be pleased with him) narrates that, the Messenger of...
3/ incitement against article by Abu Qatada, news from various affiliates.
Ruled by Sharia! They accused Sheikhs such as Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi & Abu Qatada of working 4 the Jordanian Mukhabarat, etc They didnt
The Human Rights Act is from the EU, Brussels telling us what to do. Abu Qatada took 10 years & £millions to d…
Ah, our old mate Abu Qatada is looking well. Fought deportation for years on the grounds that he would be executed by Jordan.
New Pic of Sh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi on a visit to some loved ones with Sh Abu Qatada. May Allah protect them.
Eh right. I'll bear than in mind if Abu Qatada or some other hate preacher donates to Oxfam.
Your obsession with *** is uncanny. I doubt it that I would let Abu Qatada diseased *** suck my ***
Heat and corruption artifacts aren’t “machine vision.” machines are our friends. That's why abu qatada had his very acts of illegality.
Boil him in lemonade! Abu Qatada the FBI to find the trickster responsible for a stripper.
Video - Cleric Abu Al-Filistini denies the and affirms the blood libel
Narrated Abu Qatada: We set out with Allah's Apostle in the year of Hunain, (the Prophet gave me an armor). 1/2
An Islamic State defector to Al Qaeda apologies for his past theological indiscretions To none other than Abu Qatada
We need justice: Bill Clinton has headbutted Abu Qatada with a park. Already a herring has been flattened.
There can be peace..where there was problems
those eu laws only saved likes of Abu Hamza and Abu qatada. They cudnt save 1400 girls in Rotherham ?
After z statemnt of z thug Adnani,by Allah,no one wil remain in their support xcept an ignorant one/a Khariji/a fool. Shaykh abu Qatada (ha)
Abu Qatada R relates that the Prophet Mohammad SAWS said that the fast of 10 Muharram atones for the sins of the preceding year.Sahih Muslim
Abu Qatada, Ayman Zawahiri, Adnani , they all fighting each other while ummah needs leaders with Hikm clear hearts.
No abu qatada, he gave him the description for calling IS to give bayat to a dead man.
The malcomite is kalb on drugs and previously he posted sheikh abu qatada and maqdisi lol as if they are same as US kuffar
Hoax? Abu Qatada been charged by the Metropolitan police after allegedly headbutting a comedy documentary.
Is the UK's prime minister compassionate?
Happy birthday shoutout to my uncle Joey Abu Qatada Ragz enjoy and be safe have many more enjoy Vegas!!!
And sheykh abu qatada hawe refuted such peoples batil in the 90 s (4)
1- YQ calls Sheikh al-Maqdisi and Sheikh Abu Qatada to be godfathers of "takfiri" jihadi thought while he acknowledges th…
There no black person in cabinet: why?
Tragedy: Abu has been a 'very heavy for shouting a brand-new hi-fi.
Pls get a black person into cabinet
Why is there no black person in cabinet
If only there was a black person in cabinet
Your speech took me 2 heaven but...
Do or did or have you ever, EVER, seen Abu Hamza, Anjem Choudary or Abu Qatada being t…
Abu Qatada says kill everyone who sympathizes with IS, and don't make takfeer on democrats. 😏. This is why we don't blin…
This is Abu has been fisted by a grizzly bear the size of a Terminator's fingernails.
Please listen to debate between Abu Qatada&Faisal from before. Faisal was arguing Saudi Salafis are Kuffar, Abu Qatada declared him Khariji
Why is that none of leadership/shari'is/fanboys are unable to refute a small treatise by Abu Qatada refuting al-Baghdadi as a caliph?!
territories. The reason Abu Qatada to Jordan, where he was being held in Guantanamo said they had been denied exercise and medical leave)
English transcript of interview wif Sh Abu Qatada. ". ht…
English transcript of interview wif Sh Abu Qatada. ".
Just remind me, was Abu Qatada found guilty...???
Monkey chant, like the nineties, like the Americans taught you back then, monkey see monkey do. Ave a banana with Abu Qatada you fat farce.
Police, quilliam foundation, mi5, mi6 were consulted, only Muslim was Abu Qatada
What a Qatada has heaved a silver kipper the top of apartment block� and skewered
Abu Qatada celebrates his release with this
cerantonio Abu Qatada asks what filthy rag were you cut from Why do you send youth to ***
why did Sh Abu Qatada in his interview with Mr. Bilal say tht IS takes the women & children of the Mujahidin?
Sheikh Abu Qatada on & their followers, taken from his treatise: 'Cloak of the Khalifah' - Refuting al-Baghdadi
Abu Qatada is back in Jordan. This is something the Government said would get done. It's now been achieved and I am delighted.
Akhi why are you associated with this abumunira guy? He supports Abu Qatada who clearly supports B... — Move urself
I it: Abu Qatada has been injured in a biplane crash on the Himalayas.
quick summary of discussion re control orders: Abu Qatada outcome is a hollow victory for human rights law
- "They cannot rule between separating a man & wife yet they rule on separating a man from his Lord by way of Takf…
Now off to edgware road to see my akheey Abu Kataal & Abu Qatada + Arabic dinner.
this are lie produced by scholars like Abu Qatada makdisi and other first and now the west use it to discredit them
MILAD UN NABI (saws) – Unfolding Facts “Let’s Celebrate Prophet’s (saws) Birth, The Prophet’s (saws) Way” ➨ QURAN 3:31 Say, (O Muhammad saws), "If you should LOVE ALLAH, then FOLLOW ME, [so] Allah will love you and FORGIVE you your SINS. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful." ➨ QURAN 49:1 O you who have believed, do not put [yourselves] forward before Allah and His Messenger but fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is Hearing and Knowing. ► PROPHET MUHAMMAD (saws) said: Do not EXAGGERATE in PRAISING me as the Christians praised the son of Mary, for I am only a Slave. So, call me the Slave of Allah and His Apostle. (SAHIH BUKHARI Vol Hadith FASTING ON MONDAY Narrated: Abu Qatada Ansari (Ra) Prophet Muhammad (saws) was asked about FASTING on MONDAY, whereupon he (saws) said: It is (the day) when I was BORN and revelation (Quran) was sent down to me. (SAHIH MUSLIM Vol Hadith ABU DAWUD Vol Hadith LYING ON BEHALF OF PROPHET (saws) ► PROPHET MUHAMMAD (saws) said: Do not tell a LIE against me for whoever ...
Narated By Abu Qatada : Allah's Apostle said, "Whenever anyone of you drinks water, he should not breathe in the drinking utensil,
3- Guess which scholar I quoted this from? Nope, not or Sh.Abu Qatada. Quoted this from Rabi' al-Madkhali 😁
For brothers:. Abu Qatada reported it from his father:. The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: None of you should hold...
Abu Qatada found not guilty by a court in Jordan, Triumph of human rights or gra
Isn't that how Abu Qatada beat Th May in 2012?
Abu Qatada is a Ford Capri sounding it's horn outside a 1980s playground.
What lie? Are Maqdasi & Abu Qatada against dowla or not? It's common sense US will favor whom they find useful
Maqdisi was against IS It's not my suspicion If he's corected it's good 4 him He & Abu Qatada were released due 2 that only
May Allah swt guide abu qatada sheik ayman & all ulema 2 come out in support of our brave brothers in Islamic State now is the time 2 unite
1 reason why sheik abu qatada is attacking Islamic State is he is afraid of making same mistake he made with Algerian mujahideen 20 yrs ago
Narrated Abu Qatada: Allah's Apostle said, "When you drink (water), do not breath in the vessel;. (Bukhari)
IS's magazine attacks Al-Jazeera's former and current leaders, as well as Abu Qatada
The infamous Qatada has elected mayor of a forum of vulnerable adults.
Abu Qatada and Abu Mohammed al-Maqdisi are now regarded as moderates — that's how strange the world has become
In the latest video john cantlie trolls a drone and takes a dig at everyone from anti IS mefia to Abu Qatada (can't run a nursery) 😆
..continue to join IS despite the executions. Even such jihadi luminaries as Maqdisi & Abu Qatada are struggling. .
"On 13 April 2012, the Islamic State of Iraq warned Britain about the consequences of extraditing Sh Abu Qatada al Fili…
UK Govt complicit in MI5 Torture in the UK
Isis beheadings of journalists are against Islam, says Abu Q
don’t get into debates with them :) just tell ‘em to read The Cloak of the Khalifa By Shaykh Abu Qatada
yes, laws that stopped us deporting terrorists like Abu Qatada back to their home countries.
Nigel! Oh No! ibezomam: UK Govt complicit in CIA/MI5 Torture in the UK Number10press ChrisRuaneMP Nigel_Farage R...
People still making excuses for Al Maqdisi and Abu Qatada. Like Catholics following a pope.
Torture (CIA/MI5) in the UK by current coalition government
EXACTLY! "Maqdissi and Abu Qatada said so, man. They're scholars of jihad, come on we must follow them."
The Holy Prophet (ﷺ) also specified his own birthday in the same way. In a Hadith narrated by Abu Qatada Ansari...
It is interesting because what Abu Qatada is suggesting is that creed is irrelevant here because the Prophet SAW
What do you think of the fact that IS have labelled Maqdisi and Qatada to be misguided scholars that RusulAllah SAW warned of?
FBI 'backed secret talks' between Abu Qatada and jihadi cleric with Isis to free Abdul-Rahman Peter Kassig
Abu Qatada is the khariiji who gave fatwa that women and children can be killed during Algerian war GIA.
listen they re using the word ''Kilaab ehlu Naar'' that is explictily the fatwa given by Abu Qatada he is the khariiji
> Jordan court clears Abu Qatada of bomb plot charges, orders his release on
how many muslims did abu qatada consider as infidels in algeria & called 4 their spilling of blood? (Women & kids included)
Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi and Abu Qatada are not on the haqq. How many times do they get to support democrats and make baraa from mujahideen?
Dr. Saad Al Hunaiti, Chief Judge of Jabhat al Nusra, who was close to Abu Qatada is now part of the Islamic State. htt…
Didnt I tell the Ummah Jordan is a huge prison so u cant take from Abu Muhd al Maqdisi and Abu Qatada
Abu Qatada..giggling at..picture of a kitten dressed in an explosive suicide belt..guffaws at footage..of Theresa May
Verdict not final: Acquittal of Abu Qatada now to be appealed in State Sec Court (over millennium terrorism plot)
Abu Qatada and Maqdisi don't agree with IS, but they're not "Madkhalis"... So what you guys on about?. Very ignorant.
So did Abu Qatada and Maqdisi though lool he didn't say anything that we haven't heard already 😕
Oh god. I needed to read it twice 2 make sure it wasnt satire. Same sort of stuff was written years ago about Abu Qatada etc
As for the former, if you think the Abu Qatada case was about problems with the UK justice system rather than Jordan's you're wrong
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don't forget Abu Muhammed Al Maqdisi and Abu Qatada Al Filistini here not here for serving the interests
Tories quote Abu Qatada, who could have been deported in 2008 with same deal on excluding torture evidence as agreed 2013
Even this guy who is as radical as they come says ISIS are wrong
When did Abu Qatada pose a threat to basic human rights and civil liberties?
Could Majstar please tell us about his links to Abu Qatada ? He seems to suddenly be coy about such things
very important rule:We do not make takfeer the who make takfeer us. Shk Qatada al falastini Hafizahullah.
x + 'Cleric Abu Qatada walks free after Jordan terror plot acquittal...
x + 'Abu Qatada set free after verdict clears him of Jordan terror plot...
Christian treated worse than Abu Qatada by UK gov
BREAKING NEWS: Abu Qatada frightened by 'pathetic' acid deception.
Abu Qatada was found Not Guilty on all charges in a Jordanian court because he got a fair trial courtesy of ECHR
Abu Qatada was extradited to Jordan after Home Office *** ups & Jordan's delays in not using torture evidence.
the real reason the nasties want to scrap it! Although glad Abu qatada is gone.
Abu Qatada was an illegal. He and his family received benefits for years. Sorry to spoil your 'good point'.
Abuy Hamza admits to working with mi5, obvious Anjem is. Abu Qatada had/has dealings.
Mild mannered Qatada has taken steroids: now his tongue is the size an alternate dimension!
Theresa May has made 3 big blunders: Abu Qatada, Raed Salah and Moazzam Begg. She must go.
what happened to Moazzam Begg, Sheikh raed Salah & Abu Qatada's human rights ? Shocking when you consider Theresa May's *** ups
A Christian treated worse than Abu Qatada by UK govt
This proof? So when I say Abu Qatada, Umar Al Haddouchi (big scholars), you say Abu Baraa who cant speak Arabic.
Al Saud agents (even Maqdisi and Abu Qatada who made takfeer of them) then I can't discuss with you.
Abu Qatada, Maqdisi, Haddouchi, Sibai, Turaifi are just a few. Also, I dont know ONE scholar from Dawlah, not one
Abu Qatada denounces Isil's beheadings of journalistt. What's your comment?
isn't excuse for Major Shirk the standard position? abu Qatada, Ulwan, Uthaymeen, Safar Hawaii all hold it...
The Tories repealing the ECHR poses a much more dangerous threat to the UK than Abu Qatada's extremist views and terrorist links ever did.
Ones that delayed the deportation of Abu Qatada, putting his rights before others
Moazzam Begg free, Abu Qatada free, Babar Ahmad to be released soon. Quite embarrassing really for the home office... Over one and a half million spent on Abu Qatada alone... I suppose there will be another batch of Muslims they'll pick on real soon.
Abu Qatada, the radical Islamic preacher deported from Britain after an eight-year legal battle, is cleared by a court in Jordan of terrorism charges.
A Jordan court has acquitted Islamic hate preacher Abu Qatada of plotting attacks on Americans and Israelis. The decision was handed down in the case presided over by civilian judges on Wednesday in the Jordanian capital, Amman. The court ruled there was insufficient evidence against Abu Qatada and his defense lawyer, Husein Mubaidin, says he expects his client to be released within hours. [ 138 more words. ]
Abu Qatada. Another innocent Asian man persecuted by a white female Home Secretary. See how that sounds now i…
Abu Qatada found "not guilty" of terrorism by Jordan,. What does SHE know about terrorism, that's what I s…
Radical Muslim cleric Abu Qatada is freed from prison after a Jordanian court rules there was insufficient evidence to convict him of terrorism offences.
Top UK Al-Qaeda cleric Abu Qatada cleared of terror charges and ...
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.? / Breaking News
Abu Qatada set free after verdict clears him of terror plot.
Radical Muslim preacher, Abu Qatada, has been cleared of terror charges in Jordan. Question is; will he be allowed back to the UK?
BREAKING: Jordan court acquits radical preacher Abu Qatada of plotting attacks on Americans, Israelis.
Radical Muslim cleric Abu Qatada freed from Jordanian prison after being cleared of terrorism charges
Abu Qatada, Osama bin Laden’s former chief in Europe, cleared of terrorism charges and freed by Jor…
New: Abu Qatada cleared of terror charges world_latest
Alhamdulilah. Shaykh Abu Qatada cleared of all charges. . Shame on who knowingly imprisoned an innocent for …
Top story: BBC News - Abu Qatada cleared of terror charges see more
Abu Qatada's surprise acquittal is blow to Theresa May - The Guardian
NEWS: Hate preacher Abu Qatada is cleared of terror charges in Jordan – but will not be coming back to Britain Home …
Sheikh Abu Qatada al Filistini was freed from Prison after charges against him were dropped .
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Sad irony in this piece by From Bethlehem To Belmarsh: Abu Qatada’s Ordeal In Britain | CAGE
"Abu Qatada kissed his lawyer through the bars of his cage" Well, thats just lovely, now stop being a naughty extremist terrorist.
Jordanian court finds radical cleric Abu Qatada not guilty of terrorism charges
Abu Qatada walks free after Jordan terror acquittal
Video: Theresa May: Abu Qatada will not be returning to UK (Pic: PA)
AMMAN—The State Security Court on Wednesday acquitted radical cleric Abu Qatada on terrorism charges to carry out attacks against westerners in...
Jubilant Qatada Reacts After Being Cleared Of Terror Charges via now let the pig back in2 UK& giv…
Abu Qatada to walk free after being cleared of terrorism plot charges.
Inshallah, Sh. Abu Qatada will be appointed as one of the Mufti's of Tawhed website of Sh. Maqdisi
Extremist preacher Abu Qatada was today told that he will never be allowed back into Britain despite being cleared of terrorism charges in Jordan.
But the scum is not coming back here..Preacher of hate Abu Qatada cleared of plotting terror attacks via
Free Abu Qatada and jail Alex Blackman sounds about right
New: Abu Qatada cleared of terror charges
Abu Qatada being cleared of terrorism will surely give other UK-based nutters hope. Viva the 14th century
Info:_ Abu Qatada cleared of terror charges
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
now that Shaykh Abu Qatada is free, does the uk gov feel stupid or no?
If Abu Qatada can be cleared of Terrorism then SURELY Incarnati0n can be cleared of DDOS?
Glad to hear that UK Govt will not re-admit Abu Qatada to our Country
Abu Qatada released just in time to recruit some more Jihadis to keep the killing fields of the Middle East going.
Abu Qatada’s surprise acquittal is blow to Theresa May via
Abu Qatada cleared of terror charges
Video: Who is Abu Qatada? See this conversation between and Victoria Brittain
Jordan court acquits Abu Qatada of terror raps | Arab News via
Abu Qatada. It means no worries, for the rest of your days.
Shaykh Abu Qatada Filistini (ح) is free. Reminds me of 5 commanders freed in exchange of Bowe :)
Abu Qatada was acquitted of all terrorism charges today, a Jordanian court ruled.
The militant Islamic cleric known as Abu Qatada walked free after he was cleared of plotting a terror attack against Israeli and Western tourists at a millennium celebration in Jordan in 2000.
Abu Qatada was released moments after Obama's speech about fighting IS ideologically . We'll see what the mad dog will …
- Video of Sheikh Abu Qatada arriving home:. May Allah free all prisoners. Ameen…
BREAKING Abu Qatada to be freed 'within hours' after being cleared of terror charges in Jordan http:…
Abu Qatada found not guilty. Give me strength. Up next, Jihadi John actually a man of peace.
In the 6pm Evening News Programme: the Prime Minister’s preparing the country for possible military action against the terror group I.S.,…the Home Secretary says there's no chance of Abu Qatada returning to the UK,…& Ed Miliband's been criticised for not mentioning issues such as the budget deficit & immigration in his party conference speech yesterday.
CNN : A court in Jordan acquitted radical preacher Abu Qatada of charges of plotting to bomb millennium celebrations in Jordan in 2000. CNN : The fight against Islamic State may take years, a US military spokesman tells the CNN, as more than 50 countries are said to have joined a US-led coalition
A Jordan court acquitted radical cleric Abu Qatada of terrorism charges Wednesday and ordered the release of the Palestinian-born preacher, who was deported from Britain last year after a long legal battle. Duration: 00:32
RADICAL cleric Abu Qatada could be free within hours after being cleared of terror offences by a court in Jordan. Abu Qatada was cleared of involvement in a terror plot today [EPA/PA]The preacher, who was repeatedly imprisoned in the UK but never prosecuted, was deported in July last year after almo
BREAKING: Abu Qatada cleared of all terror charges in Jordan
PLEASE FALLOW THIS LINK FOR JOING THIS EVEANT LET’S JOIN HANDS AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR A FAIR AND JUST JUDICIAL SYSTEM. ( please let me know any advice or opinion which may helpful as we welcome everyone to this Action we will be launching a Petition shortly) ...Please note that date for the event has been included provisionally. Your interest and sharing of the information is imperative and not about attending the event. In other words, I need your support) I am creating this event to bring public awareness about the judicial unethical activities which are currently going on. It has been adopted as a scheme. Most of us have suffered silently. I believe that this is enough and I urge you to join hands together for a good cause in order to save vulnerable families, children and disabled people, most importantly to save our society from dehumanisation and misuse of positions. To cover up those matters, Mr Singh QC misused his powers and judicial status. He knew that he can’t sit on a case for whom he ...
Abu Qatada acquitted of all charges. Maybe this is why UK preferred to lock him up without trial for 12 years. Qatada and his family were persecuted by politicians and the press for 12 years. Wonder if anyone will offer an apology to him today. The government lied to us about Iraq, it lied to us about Abu Qatada, and now it's lying to us about Syria.- Fahad Ansari
Abu Qatada news is HUGE. 11 years they persecuted an innocent man without charge or trial or affording him any of the rights of an innocent person. And the media and even the human rights activists and, especially worse, the muslim community, vilified him. And now it's proven that he committed no crime. Where are the apologies?
Only just caught the tail end of this but Theresa May has just announced that Abu Qatada now has a UN travel bag?
Abu Qatada and what he was accused of
Writer:Rina Youssef Exclusive to Radical preacher Abu Qatada, the subject of a near decade-long battle by the UK government to be deported to the Middle East to face terrorism charges, has been acquitted in a Jordanian court and released from prison.On Wednesday, the court in Am…
Well well - Abu Qatada is a nice man after all - who knew?
Al Qaeda preacher: those guys at ISIS are nuts!
Abu Qatada: Journalists should not be targetted as they are messengers of the truth.
Qaida-linked cleric brands IS a 'killing machine': Radical cleric Abu Qatada, who is being tried in Jordan on ...
Abu Qatada invoked the Prophet Muhammed who said the messenger should not be killed.
Abu Qatada condemns reporter killings by Islamic State
So Abu Qatada disowns caliphate and denounces their beheadings
AMMONNEWS - The judge in the trial of a radical Jordanian cleric accused of a 2000 plot to attack Israelis, Americans and other westerners has delayed,Jordan / Jordanian / Abu Qatada / Osama bin Laden /
Abu Qatada condemns reporter killings by -"Journalists shouldn't be killed - because they're messengers of truth"
ISLAM MEANS HUMILITY NOT ARROGANCE *The prophet (pbuh) said " Allah has cursed wine, its drinker, server, sellers,buyers, pressers, the one for whom it is pressed and one who conveys it ".(Sahih Abu-Dawud) * Narrated Ibn Abbas (RA) : The mother of sad bin ubada died in his absence.He said " O Allah apostle ! My mother died in my absence, will it be of any benefit for her if i give sadaqa on her behalf ? The prophet (pbuh) said " Yes ", sad said, " I make you a witness that i gave my garden called " Al-makhraf " in charity on her behalf ".(Sahih Bukhari Vol 4 : No 19) * Abu Qatada (RA) reported that the messenger of Allah (pbuh) said :The worst thief is the one who steals in his prayer,then the companions asked, " how can someone steal from his prayer ? The prophet (s.a.w) answered, " He does not make his back straight in RUKU and SUJADAH ".(By Ahmed,Tabrani , ibn khuzaimah, hakim).May Allah guide us, forgive us and may he give us the ability to do what is required of us all
Jordan's Abu Qatada slams the Islamic State group calling its fighters "dogs of hellfire"
delays terror verdict on radical cleric Abu Qatada -
Verdict in case of radical Muslim cleric Abu Qatada accused of terrorism offences in Jordan is postponed
Abu Qatada condemns Islamic State beheadings as 'against Islam'
Terror suspect Abu Qatada condemns beheadings of Journalists because they are 'messengers of truth'
Radical cleric Abu Qatada called ISIS group a "killing machine" and denounced the beheading of journalists by ISIS
You know it's a problem even when extremists like Abu Qatada condemn you for being extreme
Radical muslim cleric Abu Qatada condemns beheading of journalists by Islamic State militants
Abu Qatada also told the court: "for sure they (IS) will be vanquished. They can kill and destroy, not build. People lik…
Seriously i'm tired the Night club body guard Abu Qatada,he should go to his old job instead of sitting and throw fatwas here &there.
Abu Qatada condemns killing of US journalists by Such actions contradict Islamic teachings, he says |
Why Abu Qatada can't be tried in the UK - | Wrongly Accused Person
The Abu Qatada Show: Prejudice and Hatred versus the Right to a Fair Trial
[Muslim 4:1453] Abu Qatada reported that when the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) was in a journey he...
I think it was the same statement in which the movement disassociated from Maqdisi,Abu Qatada and gave bayah to IS
the majority of the jihadi movement are the IS & al-Maqdisi & Abu Qatada represent only themselves.
Assuming you are referring to Abu Qatada.
|Apprntly Abu Qatada doesn't knw Mullah Umar is de 'Ameerul Mu'mineen' so he's commandin Muslims to hear n obey Zwawahiri.
|You say that there is not a single scholar that backed the Khilafah! What a bizarre statement! So Al Maqdasi & Abu Qatada
Excellent piece on gov's approach to human rights: tho uses UN "red herring"
"They are merciless in dealing with other jihadists. How would they deal with the poor, the weak and other people?" Abu Qatada
Get this: Abu Qatada has gone where no goose has gone Aldi.
.yeah,Abu qatada never saw any combat anywhere.and Maqdisi is not now in jihad.Another scholar,named Ibr…
in how much jihad has Maqdisi fought ? in how many jihad has abu qatada fought? do you need my help to c…
"Under Human Rights law, the courts could not allow the deportation of Abu Qatada to Jordan whilst…" — Jon Danzig
I would pay good money to watch Peter Allis and Abu Qatada have a fight to the death.
takfeeri Abu qatada is the clown with lots of Muslim blood on his hands
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