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Absolute Radio

Absolute Radio is one of the UK's three Independent National Radio stations.

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that's awesome. Phil is the absolute best out there. OK. That's sarcasm. Radio all the way baby. Go Zooo.
Did not do the radio absolute. Realize can imitate voices. Many can. & if somebody else did. Than be an altered illegal sample. Or sedated.
on Absolute Radio : Red hot chili peppers - Scar tissue
vegasrockdogsho: They're absolute champions. Update from vegasrockdogsho
Every time I hear Human by on the radio it reminds me what an absolute tune sounds like 🎢
my absolute favorite part of The Longest Ride is when they play Josh Abbott on the radio
You’ve gotta love a good 80s radio station! Thank you Absolute 80s.
I sometimes listen to Absolute Radio(UK), WFMU(US), BBC RADIO 6(UK) and the podcast of SUB POP(US) to study English listening.
Radio 2016. 7)RAJAR Q3 2016 reports that 8 of the top 10 digital stations were Bauer with the two largest being KISSTORY and Absolute 80's.
did you listen to your fans on Radio Merseyside today. Absolute comedy gold
the radio edit of Broccoli is an absolute fail
Boston sports radio is the absolute worst
Some absolute bangers around at the moment! The next is gonna be a hard one!.
Jesus wept the kopites crying on radio merseyside about the docks and Joe Anderson is biblical . Absolute victims I des…
Doing an extra lap round the block because an absolute banger comes on the radio, and you want to hear it before you get home πŸ˜‚
Hi Tim, can we chat about a guest slot on Absolute Radio please? Many thanks, Amanda
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Radio song of the day courtesy of and Bad Company - Run With The Pack. My absolute fav Bad Co s…
Probably not. But there was nothing better than Mike and the Mad Dog going year by year and saying yes or no. Radio…
This is an absolute Classic, and fitting our theme, today on This song took over the radio in 1996 and still …
The Smiths came on Absolute Radio today in class and I got really excited
Let him whisk you away into absolute bliss! It's the on Limpopo's most LIT radio sta…
best show on radio ! Absolute pure gold, give them the 10AM slot permanently! I'm still πŸ˜‚ at one arm n one eye now πŸ‘
Me phone's on 9% and I feel like I am on 9% battery also, BUT Absolute radio 70's has the winner takes it all on!!…
That Jeff on radio Merseyside after Joe Anderson is an absolute πŸ””
EXCLUSIVE: Join us on Absolute Radio from 8pm on Friday to hear live set from the Palladium. We can't wait!…
Fancy winning some money for a charity? Call Christian at Absolute Radio next week…
Imagine findin out aboot music, u n yer da in a cave an he starts tapping th wall n ur hinking absolute anthem keep the ra…
Step It Up by Stereo MCs on top 90's today πŸ‘
Anyone chillin just now Absolute Radio is playing some absolute BANGERS ko
UPDATE: Dan is quitting music to pursue a career in radio hosting. He's not good at it but he's trying his absolute bes…
Anyone else's radio on the absolute fritz this morning?!
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Absolute Radio should play more Soundgarden, like every hour or so
All totalitarian regimes see artistic (or any other) freedom as a threat to their absolute control. 'Iran: poet...
- 0% done now. The guy is an absolute loon isnt he.
The amount of pro EU stuff on radio reports is becoming an absolute bore, switching them off from now on
absolute 80s isn't my local radio but its by far my favourite. Has been since 2011. 🀘
I gave a read to the free NME today. Absolute Radio is playing at work. It's a small cube of 2007 indie disco thinking. I can taste the WKD.
Summer of 69 on the radio there what an absolute tune that is and always will be
Radio 1 are playing some absolute bangers this morning πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
good tunes as always listening via App in Nice before heading to Monaco 🌞🌞🏎🏎
FFS Vanessa Feltz is on my radio!! Either the BBC is completely out of touch or it has absolute contempt for the public. Or probably both.
Marv Albert and Chris Webber are at their absolute worst tonight. Bring on the radio call from the Warriors announcers!
Just heard Where Are Ü Now on the radio. Yas my absolute favorite
the final hour of show this evening is why it was a genius idea to hire him. Absolute radio gold.
The absolute best weather for a night drive with country music playing on the radio. πŸ˜πŸƒπŸŒΌ
What an absolute fantastic show tonight has been.Listened to nightime radio for years and this is unique.
No tea no shade, but music on the radio now days is absolute trash. With an exception of a few artists of course. But it's still trash.
absolute radio silence from the Boro faithful , will sleep easy knowing they'll never win the league like our great club πŸ”΅βšͺ️
Finish work, get in the car to find playing an Acoustic set on Absolute Radio 😍
Actual aw me n Rocheen do is flick between heart, smooth radio n absolute radio n duet. Goals
Radio in my cars broken. This is an absolute disaster.
Some great tunes on absolute radio, James, Radiohead, dancing myself in
ur on absolute radio as well as radio x tonight woah I got some listening to doπŸŠπŸ’•
absolute dog *** Radio 1 suck them off so they get far too much air time
absolute heroine and an inspiration! Look forward to hearing you back on the radio and TV soon x
Radio Leeds WYS Daily highlights, Michael Rankine new Guiseley signing absolute smashing the record to "ya know"s in an interview.
Absolute radio '70s.Starman. Thank you 😎
Listen back to former Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft's first radio show for our big brother
Verses In Music - Absolute Gravity on Ultrasonic FM - tune in:
Said it before I'll say it again is an absolute tool. Stop putting him on radio and TV
πŸ’₯ πŸ’₯ πŸ’₯ playing an absolute banger on the - & 'Strings'
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yeah they throw some absolute tunes on the radio for like an hour or Sumin. It's an event in Cardiff 2 mind
WIN Isle of Wight Festival tickets & see Queen live @ Absolute Radio
Jim Kerr of on Absolute Radio at 10pm playing some great tunes :-) via
Just loved "The Noel Gallagher Show on Absolute Radio" by Absolute Radio on
Just tuned into Absolute Radio for King Noel and they've got possibly one of my favourite songs ever playing. Boom
agreed! I would love nothing more than to hear it on the absolute dream 😍
. Jud you are absolute πŸ”₯ when you're on the radio. Much respect bro.
absolute radio on at work & dj states he's made up is on lead guitar for nowadays. P45 for :-)
So glad that told me about Heldeep Radio, absolute bangers!πŸ˜πŸ”Š
I liked a video Ricky Gervais Interview on Absolute Radio
You don't really LISTEN to right wing radio so you don't get that Rubio's O-line is absolute CORE for Limbaugh Levin,etc.
that's what I thought at first but now I actually like it and there's some absolute gems on it
Alabama radio stations do the absolute most πŸ˜‘
Absolute radio playing morrisey followed by Adele. If Coldplay comes on next I may jump head first out me winda
1.FM - Absolute TOP 40 Radio is I need you now
In terms of Music Radio, there's only Radio 2 that appears to give presenters absolute freedom, so R2 for me.
Looking forward to hearing Jim Kerr on Absolute Radio via
When an absolute banger comes on the radio
Radio 6 is being an absolute dream whilst I spoon my poorly babe.
Someone tell me why Mark Madden is still on the radio? He's the most arrogant, slimy pile of human excrement I've ever heard. Absolute trash
Radio you absolute wonderful den of lost stories.
"I think Derby should sign John Terry". Absolute radio gold
he's the absolute worse. I listened on lunch. Threw up and threw my radio in the trash
Absolute 70s have just censored Money by Pink Floyd, which is odd as I have heard it unedited on Absolute before. And other radio stations.
Hey girl you must be a gift card to Radio Shack because I have absolute y no idea what to do with you tonight. :(
Why does Radio travel news never mention the one you're sat in? And this is an absolute beauty!
This is a good time to test the best radio stations..Magic-ok Absolute-she's a bit annoying, Classic-calming..R2-not bad..
looking forward to it.. I stopped listening to evening radio when you left Absolute. Should be fun.
I usually have Absolute Radio on in the car. Mix of 60s-modern stuff.
fantastic news☺. At last something entertaining to listen to on the radio. Loved listening to u on absolute!
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Hurry up home time β€” listening to Absolute Radio in Tamworth
Hurry up hime time β€” listening to Absolute Radio in Tamworth
can't wait. I've not regularly listen to the radio since you left absolute
Thank You to Absolute Radio for their response & for not pursuing the Night at the dogs advertisement...
Absolute radio:classic rock on in the office, power ballads are so cringe and sickening, who listens to this stuff, blurrgh
Farewell Still not convinced about casting of Natasha but Paul Dano an absolute revelation as Bezukhov. h…
too right. Gonna be absolute dosh now.
that is truly appalling. Local radio coverage is superb. Absolute sodding disaster.
Loved Charlie Cox's commentary "Alain Menu having an absolute tantrum over the radio"
oh sweet! Mdi the funniest guy is still on absolute radio. I'll start listening to your talk sport show.
Radio 1's dropping some absolute bangers today, making Monday mornings more bearable
definitely! Absolute Radio 90s is a proper blast from the past some days
Absolute Radio are promoting a 'Night at the dogs' as a 'cracking night out' for Valentine's Day. Please leave...
Why is Absolute Radio promoting the NFL on Sky Sports? Absolute ***
Absolute Radio 70s party and red wine, heaven on earth for anyone over 50.
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Taylor Swift at Absolute Radio and BBC Radio 2 Studios in London - October 2015
I liked a video Suede - Live at The House of St Barnabas for Absolute Radio
New competitions from Layered Online, Classic FM, Magic, Absolute Radio, Capital FM and Le Coin De Mel at
πŸ“· dtennantphotos: David Tennant on the Christian O'Connell Show on Absolute Radio (10.11.15)
I'm listening to Absolute Radio - Classic Rock on Streema... join in!
Are absolute radio really censoring 'God' in this ain't a scene it's a *** arms race πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
. I guess I'm the only 90s kid whose phone is full of 80s and 90s songs and still listen to absolute radio too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Absolute Radio 90s are playing some depressing music tonight, seems appropriate considering I'm likely to get the sack on FIFA
and on the radio together right now. This is absolute
I meant his Absolute Radio one, but glad you enjoyed it anyway!
Stacy's mom radio on pandora is hands down thee absolute best
i love the show. Out of all the radio ive listened to in my life, this is the absolute best
Hi I think you should call Christian at Absolute Radio to raise some money for charity :D.
Listening to Absolute Radio this morning, Christian O'Connell really reminds me of Alan Partridge
The wonderful Barry Davies doing commentary for Absolute Radio at the Swansea game. Should be on MOTD ahead of Motson
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Swansea 0 Everton 0, Commentary on Absolute Radio from the Great Barry Davies. wonderful stuff.
Barry Davies has been wheeled out as cover for Jon Champion on Absolute Radio. Which just goes to show that TV's missing out on both of them
If anyone is interested, the legend that is Barry Davies is commentating on Swansea v Everton on Absolute Radio from 3pm today
If you, like me, appreciate good commentary, the legendary Barry Davies returns for Swansea v Everton today on Absolute Radio. best
I'm listening to Streets Of Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen on Absolute Radio ❀️
Absolute pleasure. We'll be replaying my radio pieces on breakfast 7-9 tomorrow.
Lads on shoulders half singing to songs they've heard a couple of time on Absolute Radio.
Christ, that guy is an absolute tool, also - 15k followers, on my local radio station, and I have *never* seen him in my timeline before
the Watsky pandora radio is the absolute best
My absolute favorite thing about work is when I radio warehouse, Sherm always responds with, "Talk to me, Goose."
The first few minutes of radio is absolute gold this morning.
preach it Keith, absolute joke from radio stations x
somebody let stan collymoore see this she need naming & shaming on national radio. Disgrace to a great clubs name. Absolute ***
Absolute Radio been playing non-stop tunes all afternoon. Then they play Def Leppard. **turns volume down**
I'm on lovely 's absolute radio until 6pm
Thanks to on radio. Goodbye and good luck
"I put a little radio in the corner on the workbench. Absolute Radio, good. It was like music to my *** ". Filthy Sheds of Gary . (WiP)
Andy Murray's on the Absolute Radio breakfast show in the morning?. That'll put me in a good mood for Monday morning.
Putting absolute radio on was the best thing I've done in a long time
just been listening to your absolute radio bits, great work!! Now pretty please give us another potcast!
I can tell the future and predict very soon you will play a track from No Going Back.
But was not played by Lets put this right
Join plus Q's & for the Q Show this Sunday from 10pm:
Starting Sunday with a dance around the kitchen to absolute radio 90's!! Sunday is my favourite day!
I'm listening to You Can Get It If You Really Want by Desmond Dekker on Absolute Radio 70s, with the Radioplayer
Lineup for today Sunday Next radio The Mix at 3am ET
Beloved radio personality Andy Blacksmith remembered at funeral: For 17 years, he was known to listeners as Andy… http…
Listening to SIRIUS XM radio counting down this week's hits of 2005. is my absolute favorite: "Hollaback Girl." Defined HS senior year.
There's a Blue Bunny comm on the radio w the line "How does a bunny hold an ice cream cone? With a lot of practice.". THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST
The radio tower scene in is one of my absolute faves!
I bet anyone slating Kanye is a regular listener of Absolute Radio.
I am listening to Absolute Trance (Euro) Radio with my mobile device, listen now on
Wish the BBC provided artist/track data with their HTTP radio streams, Absolute do and its nice to be able to show the info.
Lay Me Down (Black Coffee Radio Edit) by Avicii. big for this one absolute love
Few bevyz we jack n Burko and havin a wee gem o cairds we absolute radio on brah
My Walk the Moon radio on Pandora has been groomed to pretty much absolute perfection, and I am beyond pleased.
*** Absolute radio have acdc tickets to win next week. Unfortunately they are on that twonk o'connel's show. Not sure im desperate enough
yes but of fame the other morning on absolute radio. We'll be signing autographs soon.
We have a radio that we can listen to while on one of our posts but only country stations come in.. Absolute torture.
Love the perfectly timed remix on the Absolute radio podcast!
Stereophonics in the Absolute Radio Zoo area , less than 20 people acoustic set
Absolute Radio, Lager top and let the Saturday begin.
You can stick your absolute radio up your ***
Against stiff competition continues to be my absolute favourite Guardian journalist:
Listen again to this week’s Absolute Radio Q Show – there's a new one on tomorrow at 10pm
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You bet your *** if I'm in control of the work radio it's Absolute 80s and Classic Rock
Buy Airtime on Absolute Truth Christian talk radio. Broadcast your message to our listeners in over 20 countries
Ah,thank God for radio 4 and 4 extra! Absolute gold. It's been like a freind to me all my life..
'I'm really upset that my absolute radio 80s music is only playing radio 70s music' -Mum
yeah. I guess it was inevitable with no ad revenue -ads on absolute radio get annoying on a long journey but it keeps them on air
Absolute Radio 90's, fish finger sandwiches and a cup of tea on the garden with my girlies. No mummies allowed!
I'm listening to Show Me Love by Robin S on Absolute Radio 90s
The radio just went from the smiths to oasis. Absolute 90s is just top notch
absolute shut it down last night in Jersey. So sick, top boy! Mans on to Glasto to host Kanye's set on the rad…
Absolute joke that Catfish and The Bottlemen were on TV and Courteeners weren't, Radio 1 *** fest
Video: Absolute Radio has posted a video of Brandon Flowers responding to fan question that were submitted...
Richard Hammond talks to Christian O'Connell on Absolute Radio via Love this interview
Listening to Absolute Radio 70s greatest hits πŸ˜ƒ
I'm listening to A Hazy Shade Of Winter by Simon and Garfunkel on Absolute Radio 60s
Candid dinner hosting comments and chat on Absolute Radio. We love it!
Skunk Anansie on absolute radio 90's. Forgot how good they were !
I can't! Just seen clips on YOUTUBE. The advert on Absolute radio drives me nuts!πŸ˜‚it is funny though...
I could write any name calling thing. And it wouldn't change that the 1 absolute was released in 2005 on the radio by Nickelback.
I said that the 1 absolute line, harmful of instant death to naive ears from public radio, is the offense line in "Rockstar" by Nickelback.
Celebrities take over Radio Row in Phoenix: Friday was Radio Row at the Super Bowl in Phoenix.
Absolute radio 00s is doing wonders here
Absolute Underground Radio. Limited time only, for artists. . Building initial Playlist. Direct message me!
Listening to an Orson Welles radio drama. He was an absolute genius.
can you make sure that last phone call (the indian guys) gets posted online? That was absolute radio gold!! I loved it :)
I'm listening to Absolute Radio, at home.
Please sir can you put the radio on sir ally Griggs u absolute menace
Absolute radio is rocking the night!! You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals so let's do it like they do it on the discovery channel yeti
The flexible periodization being the absolute keyword.
Linkin parks been on absolute radio AH day what a bloody band Ken
The remix of take me to church that they play on the radio is absolute trash and completely ruins the song
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Nah the Absolute Radio greatest hits weekend is the highlight of my week, every week
you are the absolute best part of anything on the radio on KFAN.
Absolute refusal to get out of the car until Livin on a Prayer ended on the radio.
I'm recruiting a Digital Producer to work at & Closes 13 Feb
I remember one time I was driving in the rain and miss movin on came on the radio and I had an absolute
Just sat in the car cause an absolute banger is on radio
Absolute radio smashing it on the way home from work... Slob weekend for me
Santana radio is my absolute favorite
Not going to lie, Uptown Funk Radio is my new absolute favorite in the entire world.
absolute *** this, great way to start a Friday night.
Vance Joy radio on pandora is absolute perfection. ❀️
It doesn't matter whether you like him or not (and I'm sure he doesn't care if you do): is an absolute sports talk radio star.
Quick Access to the Absolute Truth Christian Radio ->
An absolute pleasure to hear you act on radio for a change.Loved u as HenryBaskerville.Erom aro hok.Radio e shonar mawja e alada
Busted - Year 3000 on radio 2...what an absolute banger
Cant believe how much Radio 1 STILL play Here We Go. No complaints here though! Most played song of my career by …
Make sure you monitor this page for absolute awesomeness... It's the Urban Jungles Radio way.
Jonathan Ross on Radio 2 has been an absolute delight today
Matt Damon talks to Geoff Lloyd on Absolute Radio about getting mistaken for Mark Wahlberg (and Mark getting mistaken for him!) - plus the perils of movie st...
Russell Brand pops into Absolute Radio for a long chat with Geoff Lloyd about Russell's new book 'Revolution' - and all the political and philisophical thoug...
Speaking for the first time about the controversy surrounding the Top Gear numberplate controversy, James May talks to Christian O'Connell on Absolute Radio,...
Absolute Radio podcast fun with me and Frank and Emily:
Now Listening to: Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio - Twitbook by Absolute Radio
Pfft! I was on Frank Skinner's Absolute Radio show the other week. Well, the jingle I wrote was. And still is. They kept it.
Absolute Radio on at work - literally heard so many mid 2000s Nu-Metal songs today. Linkin Park currently..
Heart radio is blasting out What Is Love? Absolute banger.
Listening to absolute radio, an absolute classic has just come on, Vienna by Ultravox
Have to say Jonny Vaughan is the absolute worst radio presenter, why does put up with him
Absolute Radio is seriously the best.
Grant Nicholas of Feeder performs and acoustic version of "High" as part of the Absolute Radio Session. Watch the full Session here:
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That was one of the most awkward taxi rides ever .. No radio on and absolute silence 😳
you should get the Absolute 80s and Smooth Radio apps for phone
it means I could probably have done something a whole lot better with my Friday night than listening to capital/absolute radio
Justin Bieber -- Pulls Yet Another Crazy Hot Chick: Justin BieberΒ is on an absolute tear ... WRTR Real Talk Radio
Emptying the dishwasher made bearable by Absolute radio playing 'Thorn in my side' lovie it reminds me of when I was 14!
. Have found the Absolute Radio stations are good. Lot of Ad's on those though .lol
yer for saying u went off air. Surly it's worth a absolute radio landyard
my absolute favourite song on the radio by a mile is Chandalier. Stunningly beautiful song with breathtakingly beautiful lyrics.
Good music on the radio this morning Phat Joe. Love it absolute. Vodka
Marketing is an absolute necessity for business. Gone are the days when TV, radio, and print was the dominant...
MORNING. Pete Allison in for Vicki. The Absolute Radio overlords have let me out of my night shift box. The daylight, it BURNS. You good?
What is the problem with just putting Absolute Radio on??? πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
The absolute credibility as to the wealthiest radio links marketing research companies!: BMYQ
Loving my GuitarMasters custom station on Nothing like SRV's Riviera Paradise with some Limited Texas Edition
Absolute pleasure hearing you on the radio again, and for such a great cause.
~ so excited to be hearing Thunderclatter on the radio!! Absolute
some absolute TUNES coming out of metro radio there like a was RAVIN
So basically, Beasley's thing is to put the absolute worst sounding radio personalities on their stations???
I love Klove radio station it's the absolute best:) (assuming that's what you were listening to lol)
Thank you for the amazing on the radio today... you're the absolute best!!
Richie Hawtin on radio 1 absolute genius probably the best I've ever since live as well
Polishing cutlery at work listening to radio 1 play absolute bangers is such a bloody tease on a Friday night
Animal Nitrate has just come on. I love absolute radio 90s
Radio 1 have been playing some absolute bangers all day
Hot since 82 and Pete Tong. Whoever planned Radio 1 in Ibiza you're absolute geniusπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
And now Prince is on Absolute 80s Radio! Rocking this staying in malarkey!!
after all these years, this is still one of my absolute favorite songs. β™« Back for Good - Radio Mix – Take That
B traits with the absolute anthems on radio 1 right now
The radio is absolute garbage, heard the same song past 4 days every time I turn it on
Was happily listening to Radio 1 at until Afrojack came on. Absolute trash. Cyaaa!
Radio 1 are playing some absolute chons today
Now it's that time in the night where I listen to Absolute Country Hits Radio, drink a beer and play FIFA14
Absolute torture here listening to Radio one here πŸ˜«πŸ‘Ž
Listening to Richard Cartwright's "Yesterday when I was young " programme on GBC radio Absolute gem When singers sang to real music
Absolute tunes on the radio tonight! Making a very long journey much more bareable... *family harmonies* ☺🎢
Radio 1 are playing some absolute tunes tonight πŸ™ŒπŸ’ƒπŸ˜†
I love absolute radio 80's and 90's
It's either absolute radio or radio 1 when getting ready to go out! 🎢
Radio 1 is the absolute shot tonight mind!
All my DAB radios(4) have been retuned to Absolute Radio 70's. Great station.
I just heard a Christian hip hop song on the radio and it was an absolute banger
Radio 1 are playing some absolute bangers
Only time I now listen to Radio 1 is a Friday night. Darude's Sandstorm is an absolute masterpiece. Timeless. *blows whistle
Isr Army radio says evidence Goldin captured at 9:30 (90 minutes into CF) is absolute - anyone know what it is referring to?
Wow Absolute Radio is following me...I mean all their accounts Coldplay
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Radio one has been absolute class all day today
I'm listening to Edge of seventeen by Stevie Nicks on Absolute Radio
David Tennant talking to an 11 year old fan, Nathan, on Absolute Radio... Some stories come full circle.
BBCR6 - played the Damned "New Rose" and an old Billy Bragg number. Wouldn't get that on boring Absolute Radio - just time worn standards
I'm listening to Good morning britain by Aztec Camera on Absolute Radio 90s
I listened to Then Came You by Detroit Spinners feat Dionne Warwick on Absolute Radio 70s
Vikki Stone - Instrumental Award-winning comedian Vikki Stone has blagged, stolen and borrowed twenty musical instruments. Some she can play really quite well and others, at the time of writing, not so well. This collection of instruments, each with a story, will become the underscore for this tale of love, loss and music. 'The *** love child of Victoria Wood and Tim Minchin' (Scotsman). 'Musical comedy genius' (Absolute Radio). 'The audience were almost crying with laughter' (Guardian). 'Hilarious and brilliant' (Heat).
I'm listening to I Fought The Law by The Bobby Fuller Four on Absolute Radio 60s
I'm listening to The Ballad Of Tom Jones by Space feat. Cerys Matthews on Absolute Radio 90s
Absolute Radio session last September! Happy Birthday to Gary xx
Damon Albarn special on Absolute Radio 90s don't mind if I do
It looks to me like Absolute Radio is getting the attention they want, I for one will never listen to it nor comment as it is not worth my time. We have Cliff Richard Radio to listen to and I am happy with that. Cliff's music sells without airplay and has done for a lot of his long and illustrious career (albeit unfair of all stations that refuse to play Cliff's music, simply put it's THEIR LOSS). Cliff is a Legend in his own right and us as fans will always be here to support Cliff in whatever he chooses to do. It simply comes down to which radio station do you wish to choice Cliff Richard Radio.
I'm listening to Weather with you by Crowded House on Absolute Radio
T minus 10.5 hours until Kaiser Chiefs rock out the stage at Hard Rock Cafe London with Absolute Radio - beyond excited!
I'm listening to Black magic woman by Fleetwood Mac on Absolute Radio 60s
This Bank Holiday Monday join Leona Graham on Absolute Radio from 10am to 2pm.
Saturday nite rock party with Leona Graham on Absolute Radio and Absolute Classic Rock
Awesome news!! Hear new single on Pete Mitchell show on Absolute Radio on Sunday evening!!
Listening to Absolute 90's Radio is basically a fun memory test. I aced Kenny Kravitz but barely scrapped a pass on the Diviynls.
The only thing iv missed about marham is kiss radio station other than that absolute nothing
Wishful Smiles doing a great job on Punjab radio today, absolute inspirations.
bad football weekend all round. On a positive note cheers for telling me about Absolute Radio on MW it is class.
Time for the best radio show of the week forgotten 80s on absolute 80s
Listen online to free streaming music on the Absolute Radioplayer. There's an Absolute Radio station for every decade, whether it's 60s music, 70s music, 80s music, 90s music, the best music from the last decade, classic rock or live football commentary, our radio stations have it all. Discover our analogue frequencies and how to listen via DAB Radio and through your TV.
absolute gold dust. Watched Chester game in vp club radio on. Utterly delirious scenes as the two goals went in. Then on pitch!
Absolute radio knows the drill this evening
Absolute radio phone in gold from Liverpool fans tonight
Im on a dissertation all nighter the absolute radio 80s is on the coffee is flowing many a *** will be smoked...
Eh... Why has no one ever told me of Absolute Radio?? Wish I had my tape deck. This is revertigo at it's best!
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