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Abigail Fisher

Abigail Fisher is an English actress who played the role of nurse Siobhan Marsden on ITV's Emmerdale.

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I still can't get over the Abigail Fisher case. This woman came back 8 YEARS after being rejected to sue UT for not accepting her.
.and I have been waiting too long for a movie about Abigail Fisher. Taking it into our own hands and recruiting
Thaannkss💕 google Abigail fisher, basically a salty mediocre white Woman lol
Carrie Fisher we will always remember you
Thank you Carrie Fisher for being an outspoken advocate for mental health.
Auli'i Cravalho, Alessia Cara and Jordan Fisher performing "How Far I'll Go" on the is the best thing ever😍 https…
As another privileged white woman who applied to college in 2008, I'm fascinated by Abigail Fisher.
Of students admitted w/lower test scores & grades than Fisher, 5 were black or Latin@ & 42 were white.
Actual photo of Abigail Fisher after hearing the Supreme Court ruling
Words can not express how glad I am that Abigail Fisher is now . What a time to be alive!
To sue in a civil case, you must show damages. Abigail Fisher's damages? She wanted her application fee refunded.
great time to reread excellent piece on Abigail and Affirmative Action
Headline OTD: “Abigail Fisher, the Oscar Mayer turkey bacon of average white women, loses”
Abigail Fisher aka is a humiliation to America. No respect for her or her lawyer, sit back down hunny
Really curious who the Rachael Ray to Abigail Fisher's will be. Kind of hope it's
The Supreme Court is upholding Affirmative Action. Hopefully now we can stop talking about Abigail Fisher Abby. ht…
Abigail Fisher has likely always been A 'timeline' of her life of complaints:
UT, students and Abigail Fisher respond to Affirmative Action ruling
I feel like this bears repeating: Abigail Fisher was not trying to sue her way into UT. She just wanted her application fee money back.
Abigail Fisher Lost, but Challenges to Aren’t Over. Exactly. via
Abigail is like "Wa...but what about all my white privilege!?"
I hope Abigail Fisher's life goes the way I think it is going to go
For the record, Abigail Fisher didn't have the grades to get into UT even if they didn't have Affirmative Action.
Abigail Fisher is now Becky with the Bad Grades
Here's why is trending: The hashtag is a new iteration...
Abigail Fisher’s loss: A massive blow to mediocre white people coasting on racial privilege
Abigail Fisher Lost, but Challenges to Affirmative Action Aren’t Over via
This decision is a major blow to 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier *** White people who wish to be treated like Maseratis.
Dear Abigail Fisher, you weren't discriminated against, you just weren't a desirable applicant
In this case, whiteness wasn’t enough to overcome Abigail Fisher's ordinariness.
Most of the students with lower test scores than Fisher who were admitted to UT were white
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Supreme Court loser in Affirmative Action case Abigail Fisher is now https:…
Abigail Fisher’s Supreme Court loss: A massive blow to mediocre White people coasting on their racial privilege
Abigail Fisher graduated from LSU in 2012. imagine still being mad you didn't get into the college you wanted EIGHT YEARS LATER.
"The fans will be fired up, and we'll be bringing it tonight." - Mike Fisher . 📖 >>
even with it, big school like OSU are only 17% diverse. And as a whole as proved by Abigail Fisher, those that get in
Standing right behind Abigail Fisher right now. I hope she has a lovely time.
WIth Garland confirmation likely to drag out and Kagan recused, many still expect 4-3 ruling favoring Abigail Fisher
Abigail Fisher scored in SAT 30th percentile w/ a 3.65 & didn't get into UT Austin so she sued and said browns took her spot.
"We owe much to Abigail Fisher for being such a vocal defender of Affirmative Action policies for marginalized groups."
Possibly entertaining an Abigail Fisher lawsuit in senior courts is very much worse than overturning Right vs. Wrong
GOAL!!! Fisher with the extra attacker and we are TIED.
Blaming Abigail Fisher personally for lack of diversity in higher ed? Isn't that "victim shaming"? (cont)...
Our penultimate play is My Mother Said I Never Should proposed by Natalie Fisher and Abigail Dutton
Please gofund her Lynn by Christina Fisher. If you can't donate at least share please.
unfortunately if you had a job & a white didn't they complained u must have gotten special treatment (Abigail Fisher) or they just lynched u
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There is no case for Abigail Fisher. She was not academically qualified for UTA. Only has case because of white privilege.
Fast forward to 2015 and we have underperforming Abigail Fisher trying to tear AA down because white mediocrity believes itself to be worthy
I wonder how many times we forgive someone just because we don’t want to lose them even if they don’t deserve our forgiveness.
Who is abigail fisher_ facts about the 2015 Supreme Court Affirmative Action case: Jonathan Butler ...
What, Abigail Fisher was too busy? So hard to keep all the mediocre, bitter white ladies straight.
Black Girls are Clapping Back at Abigail Fisher in the Most Epic Way
Poor Abigail Fisher...didn't get into UT-Austin bc of black folk. Oh wait, there were 42 whites w/lower scores who got in…
Pass the kleenex "The problem with Abigail Fisher, however,...
From 2012, how Edward Blum bundled tax-exempt donations to get Abigail Fisher's case to the Supreme Court.
Really just want to go to a school where people actually shower😷
Abigail fisher why are you so dumb. you are AVERAGE actually BELOW average and blaming it on minorities
Gerald Torres gets quoted on Affirmative Action in College, but no glamour shots via TeenVogue
Prof. Torres on Affirmative Action in college admissions.
Impressed by thoughtful, explanatory overview of the Abigail Fisher case: by
Here's why one girl's effort to take down Affirmative Action in college is wrong:
Hamilton Collection
The case for Abigail Fisher: A look at the history of Affirmative Action cases
Abigail Fisher cracked me up w/her press conference. Talk about mediocrity. Girl, You aren't UT Austin material
47 students w/lower grades than Abigail Fisher got in to UT the yr she applied, 42 of those were white. htt…
White America’s toxic ignorance: Abigail Fisher, Antonin Scalia and the real privilege that goes unspoken via
is trending following the lawsuit Abigail Fisher filed against UT
Abigail Fisher claims she was denied admission to the University of Texas because she is white
42 white students with grades lower than Abigail Fisher were admitted to UT. But she's only mad at the 5 brown ones who…
SMH at Abigail Fisher & Abigail Williams for giving Abigails a bad rep.
This is why Abigail Fisher's case fails on its face - NOTHING TO DO W Affirmative Action.
Abigail Fisher is officially my second least favorite Abigail. It would be hard to out-awful Abigail Williams.
Abigail Fisher looks like the red-haired boy from Salute Your Shorts and Terminator 2.
Abigail Fisher looks like Ron Weasley's youngest sister that Harry Potter wasn't really into like that.
Gotta wonder if Abigail Fisher's lawyers make her look that way as part of an image or something.
I wanna go on an Abigail Fisher roast but nah
Where's Bray Wyatt to hit Abigail Fisher with a Sister Abigail? I need him to run up on her like
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Abigail Fisher looks dumber by the day for letting those *** make her their posterchild for ending AA
Abigail Fisher's case went to the Supreme Court *twice* and all she can win is $100. Great story by
66 briefs were filed to support the University of Texas, and Abigail Fisher's amicus briefs total 14
Abigail Fisher was actually offered an alternative to getting into the college she wanted to go to, which is more than what a lot of
I remember getting so upset reading an article about Abigail Fisher and her lawsuit. I was in my sociology class.
Every single person following m should know the name Abigail Fisher and know why she is a HORRIBLE person
Like, Amy Schumer is an *** because she gets paid to be one. Abigail Fisher is just... WHEW LAWD
Abigail Fisher, a White Woman, is fighting against Affirmative Action, you know... that thing White Women benefit the most from? Yeah.
Oh you definitely want to research the demon seed that is Abigail Fisher
Not sure if it's crazy or scary how fast things can change
Proud that filed an amicus brief in support of Affirmative Action & in Fisher vs. Austin case https:/…
If you haven't been following the story about Abigail Fisher, I highly suggest you google. SCOTUS decision isn't till summer BUT be aware.
take me as I am or don't at all, I'm not changing who I am for anyone
I'm so over Abigail Fisher and her foolishness. *** she a bad sport. Take your L's and have a seat at some other college.
It's bad enough that I'm always extremely hot at work but now to have terrible cramps & hot flashes on top of that, pretty sure I'm dying😅😩
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Have any of you played camel ride cause I'm kinda addicted
Abigail fisher the Hispanic made me chase a hedgehog and it stabbed me with it spines
It makes me happy when I get out early...oh wait I have to work again in an hour
"You’re lucky you’re a minority. It’s so easy for you to get into college.”
Seriously though, how long is Abigail Fisher going to fight UT? The Supreme Court will re-hear arguments in Fisher v. University of Texas.
Abigail Fisher requests Supreme Court hears case against UT a second time
Same group that got the Abigail Fisher case to SCOTUS. Why won't they go away?.
The Supreme Court should rehear Abigail Fisher's case, says
Is Abigail Fisher's day in court done?
“Blum looking for Asian-Ams willing to become the new Abigail Fisher..exploited in the Affirmative Action debate”
Fisher v. University of Texas: "Fisher deserves to hear her case in court."
Fisher v. University of Texas: This columnist argues that it is time for Abigail Fisher to step out of the ring.
look up Abigail Fisher and see what you get
Wishing we had another snow day so I didn't have to see people tomorrow!
Proj on Fair Rep (Abigail Fisher's defense team) is taking another shot at Affirmative-Action. Targets: UNC, Harvard.
Little Giant Ladders
Abigail Fisher has got the world's most bitter white girl. She still can't believe she got rejected
Go Abigail Fisher! » Let's be color-blind. » Harvard and UNC sued over their admission policies via
.: Why didn't Abigail Fisher just go to some other college. Seriously? Y didn't Brown just go to some other school. Ridiculous
Join your classmates, sign the Fisher Integrity Pledge. at
Rams coach Jeff Fisher says Sam Bradford is done for the year
Abigail Fisher says she will appeal the Fifth Circuit’s ruling upholding UT-Austin’s affirmative-action program:
"You're not important until you're dead" - Ben Fisher
My hate for derrick fisher is immeasurable.
Tarheel Abigail Fisher touches first in a time of 2:34.91, solid time drop from the morning
Lol so far I've got invited to two grad parties from people who go to Fisher 😂👌
“I have several times explained why government actors, including state universities, need not be blind to the lingering effects of an overtly discriminatory past, the legacy of ‘centuries of law-sanctioned inequality.” — Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg speaks of the importance of diversity and acknowledges America’s enduring structural racism in her lone dissenting opinion of the Affirmative Action case (Abigail Fisher vs UT Austin)
Supreme Court Ruling: Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling in UoT on Affirmative Action prompted some to claim victory, others to argue the fight continues on to another day. The 7-1 ruling was the lower courts need to explore race based admissions to college & universities. That was one part of the story. For me the real focus should have been the original case at the University of Texas brought by white student Abigail Fisher. Fisher argued her failure to get into the university was due to her race - her whiteness. In fact, the evidence revealed she would not have been admitted because she lacked the grades. What is unsaid for me about this case is that Fisher sought an elevation of her white privilege to get into UoT and a discrimination against those who were qualified but did not share her hue. Also, news that Ms Fisher was recruited by a man called Edward Blum from the 'American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy'. Blum is a 61-year-old former stockbroker, who matches plaintiffs with lawyers and bel ...
Wait. Abigail Fisher had a 3.59 high school GPA and 1180 SAT but blacks kept her out of Texas?
Abigail Fisher's fight vs. Affirmative Action isn't really about getting into Because she wouldn't have:
parents don't raise your children to be like Abigail Fisher. university is a privilege not a right.
Look at the selectivity of Texas non-automatic admissions & how it compares to Harvard:
Just read the Abigail Fisher case, and her argument was weak.
This case annoys me for so many reasons. And I think it is obscene to equate Fisher v. UT to Brown v. Board.
Saying Abigail Fisher was "too dumb" to get into UT-Austin b/c of her scores gives too much credit to standardized tests.
It wasnt race and the case isnt for her.
Good article on Fisher vs. UT and Affirmative Action
Abigail Fisher's race had nothing to do with her being rejected from the University of Texas. Affirmative Action...
This is why I hate people. Just because they couldn't get in, they think they have the right to sue.
UT denied admission to 168 blacks and Latinos with HIGHER scores than Fisher. via
Just thinking about that Abigail fisher case irritates me.
Interesting! dug into the Fisher case & found UT would've rejected her even w/o its 10% HS-grad system -
Race didn't keep Fisher out of UT, but may finally dismantle and the
aw damnit. I can't stream a 5Mbps video stream from my desktop to my Xbox via wireless. I'll blame this on Abigail Fisher
Report on Fisher v UT-Austin cites SCOTUSource historical research on Reconstruction-era legislation
ProPublica piece on Fisher aff. action case says no causation: Fisher wouldn't have gotten into UT anyway
Anyone care to respond? Convos is open for your thoughts! -- didn't cost Abigail Fisher her spot at UT
Mediocre student denied admission to a top university used to argue whites are hurt by Affirmative Action:
Woman at center of SC Affirmative Action case wouldn't have gotten in even if she WAS a minority
Race Didn't Cost Abigail Fisher Her Spot at the University of Texas - The Atlantic Wire
Race probably had nothing to do with UT’s decision to deny Abigail Fisher. So what’s the SCOTUS case really about?
Liberal leaning source. But it is a good discussion of AA and the 14th amendment
"white Americans now believe they are just as likely, or more likely, to face discrimination as black Americans."
Interesting article on the recent conservative backlash against Affirmative Action in the US
Hey Jenny Slater.: in the matter of fisher v. life (2012) - jennyslater: Abigail Fisher, 22, is suing the...
Abigail Fisher makes me think of protective mediocre Whiteness that James Baldwin spoke of.
"Despite graduating in the top 11 per cent Abigail Fisher was rejected from U.T. and 'forced to attend' Louisiana State University instead."
Within the last year alone, two college republican presidents at UT made huffpost, Treyvon Martin cartoonist, Abigail Fisher, now this?
"Blum didn't just recruit Abigail Fisher, he kind of is Abigail Fisher."
The Supreme Court is in the midst of hearing a suit against the University of Texas at Austin by Abigail Fisher. She maintains she was the victim of an admissions process that elevates skin color above academic qualifications and gives unfair advantage to minorities.
Fisher v. University of Texas, Opinion: On behalf of those who voted in favor of Ms. Abigail Fisher, we believe ...
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Injury: Abigail Fisher was “injured” when the University of Texas denied her admission. Applying for college tak...
would love to see a debate between becky and abigail fisher. Becky wants to save us from racism, she can start there.
I really hope they don't end Affirmative Action for Abigail Fisher's *** She's an entitled little *** who wasn't good enough. Oh well.
by April Gregory, ’13 The Fisher vs. UT Austin case has prompted me to revisit my experience with Affirmative Action. I’ll never know for sure how big of a role Affirmative Action played in m...
Maybe Abigail Fisher should've looked into this route before attempting to dismantle Affirmative Action.
the rest of the cast is pretty decent..Isla Fisher is in it and Abigail Breslin's character is ridiculously precocious
So, I was on my way to vote, which I thought would be an "in and out" thing...think again! The line is a loop-to-loop. Don't mind though since it is for a worthy cause. Anyway, I haven't cast my vote as yet. I am back home to research some names that I haven't heard before. These are the ones that are seeking my vote to sit on the Board of Education among other offices. I must admit, I haven't been paying too much attention to local politics, particularly education since my kids are no longer a part of K-12; but I am back! Fisher v. University of Texas brought me back to reality. Please bear with me while I climb on my high chair to voice my humble opinion. This is no freaking joke! Any body who has children in public, or private schools for that matter, should pay attention. Pay attention to your local politics because one day it will be national. Little academic info on Ms. Fisher (by the way she is now a college graduate) I got this caption from a website about Abigail Fisher..."Fisher had made good g ...
kimmy had a great b day party thanks to all that showed up she had alot of fun and now she has her beastie staying the night with her and they are having lots of fun playing the wii thanks Abigail Fisher for spending the night with her you two sure are goofy.
It's another Post Without Comment...because if I say what I want to say about this, i'll be here all day...
Have you heard about this chick ?:Abigail Fisher and the Me Generation via
Interesting perspective. But I would be careful on how they slam the youth of today. Though there is some legitimacy.
Yay for bringing the convo back to benefits that white women have received from Affirmative Action & Abigail Fisher
Her Affirmative Action case is one example, but millennials' sense of entitlement transcends race.
Abigail Fisher and the Me Generation: (The Root) -- Abigail Fisher is a puppet, nothing more tha... via
Wondering what I shoulf be for halloween... Im thinking abigail fisher or what she represents white privilege, or I can be an intimidating black male, a lazy mexican you know the sculpture everyone owns but doesnt know what it represents, or the drunken indian, or the promiscuous latina or I think ill just stick with finn from adventure time, any other suggestions on costumes inspired by social injustices?
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So now Anglo-Saxons, Teutons, white people, the egregiously racist and oppressive, one age-old bastion of segregation, and one white woman, Abigail Fisher, play
Abigail Fisher: I can’t help but wonder what prompted Ms. Fisher to bring her case before the suprem
Who is Abigail Noel Fisher? - I posted this article to my FB wall saying: Um what? She's a spoiled brat, that…
A young Texan’s displeasure with not getting into her family’s alma mater has opened up a controversial topic that is mired a flurry of emotions, and a mire of contradictions. Many American colleges have a policy to encourage diversity on their campuses, but it is now up to the United States Supreme...
I take back everything I said about ClutchMag after reading this one piece
Mediocrity no matter the color of your skin is NOT acceptable gets read!
“It’s fascinating that when some white students get rejected they conclude that a racial minority is responsible."
"Affirmative Action allows people like Abigail Fisher to resent a group of people."
Whatever the outcome, Abigail Fisher will go down in history as an unashamed Racist and denier of White Privilege.
The Little Tolls and Pitfalls of Modern American Racism: Abigail Fisher, a 22-year old white girl, a graduate of LSU, just pleaded to...
Well, at least now Abigail Fisher can get some free education! Lol
As a white female graduate of UT, I am glad Abigail Fisher is NOT a Longhorn. Last thing that campus needs is more white privilege.
Abigail Fisher is proof that we live in a society where people actually believe that it is racist to work to end racism.
Abigail,you weren't admitted simply because you weren't qualified, not because you're white.
Abigail Fisher is what's wrong with America.
Congratulations to Megan Gareh, Annie Powell and Abigail Fisher who have been selected to play for the Northern Counties Netball League.
Tonight @ 8E: discusses white student Abigail Fisher's Affirmative Action case. For more:
Abigail Fisher like most young people today needs to realize you don't always get what you dream of in 2nd grade. Dont stop working for it.
Abigail Fisher graduated number 82 in a class of 674 with a 3.59 grade point average, only scored an 1180 on her SAT. Makes her LSU material
check this out this article states facts about the Univ of TX at Austin & affirmative a must read pass on!
An open letter to the young white woman who says she didn't get into UT because of Affirmative Action.
Setting different goals for student achievement in reading and math by race and ethnicity is just an interim step, calculated as part of a waiver granted by the federal government, officials say.
Supreme Court Hears Affirmative Action Case The Supreme Court heard oral arguments last week in Fisher v. Texas, a case involving the University of Texas’ nuanced admissions program. Abigail Fisher, the plaintiff, was denied admissions to the university and argues race should not be considered in the admissions process. The university’s individualized admissions process was designed specifically to comply with past Supreme Court cases. The Brennan Center, which filed an amicus brief in the case, asked the Court to recognize that diversity in higher education is crucial for the success of a multi-racial democracy. Read Inimai Chettiar’s analysis in The Atlantic, Huffington Post and The Hill. Watch her discuss the case on the Thom Hartman Show.
Blacken the Bubble is a fast-paced Affirmative Action comedy.Production in Harlem October 2012.
Dear Ruben, Everyone is entitled to a stinker every once in a while, so perhaps I should simply consider your recent column on Abigail Fisher as such and just move on. But the Fisher column is so ...
I would love to hear you guys' thoughts on the Abigail Fisher case. Don't know what I'm talking about? Google it.
Melissa Harris-Perry wrote an open letter to Justice Clarence Thomas and read the note aloud on her Saturday MSNBC show. Earlier this week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for the Affirmative Action case brought about by 22-year-old Abigail Fisher, who claims that her 2008 rejection from the ...
Ok. Last thing... abigail fisher is my hero. If a ginger ends Affirmative Action I will be so happy... it would be ironic... I'm surprised the courts even recognize her as human.
The Supreme Court is currently considering 22-year-old Abigail Fisher's case against the University of Texas — and, really, the concept of Affirmative Action
Abigail Fisher, come in. Have a seat. We need to talk. It’s come to my attention that you’re suing the University of Texas, because you feel that you were excluded by admissions on the basis of being...
*** that Abigail Fisher broad looks like Haley Joel Osment...
“Nowhere in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence does the word ‘diversity’ appear,” a group of Texas faculty members state in a brief supporting the plaintiff, 22-year-old Abigail Fisher. “There is no constitutional basis for the courts, let alone a state university, to engage in such...
Abigail Fisher, a 22-year-old White woman hailing from a middle-class suburb, has been afforded a number of class and race based privileges by the sheer virtue of her birth. A graduate of Louisiana State…
Ebony's Jamilah Lemieux challenges the arguments of Abigail Fisher, a white candidate who says she was denied the right to attend the University of Texas, which insists she wouldn't have gotten in even without Affirmative Action
Supreme Court to Hear Case on Affirmative Action – Long story short: A young white woman, Abigail Fisher, applies to UT Austin and is not admitted. She argues that her merits wer...
Today on KSAL's Friendly Fire: We discuss the Fisher vs University of Texas Supreme Court case. This case was filed by white plaintiff Abigail Fisher who claims racial preferences caused her 2008 admissions application to be rejected in favor of a lesser-qualified minority candidate. Thoughts?
The education system has gone soft... In spite of his accomplishments, Dr. Ben Carson has disappointed me and showed that even the most noteworthy physicians may not be in it to help maintain the health of Americans... and Abigail Fisher needs to get over herself... Just because your grades weren't good enough for UT does not give you the right to ruin someone else's opportunity for an education. Get over it. That is all.
In Just Weeks, Affirmative Action As We Know It Could Be Dead September 21, 2012 | Editor’s Note: On October 10 the U.S. Supreme Court will hear Fisher v. University of Texas, a case that could upend Affirmative Action policies nationwide. The plaintiff, Abigail Fisher, is suing the state over her rejection for admission into the University of Texas, which considers race in allotting a percentage of available seats after the top 10 percent of high school seniors are admitted. Fisher, who is white, did not place in the top 10 percent. She contends the race-based portion of the institution’s admission policy is a violation of her constitutional rights. Veteran education reporter Scott Jaschik spoke with New America Media’s Khalil Abdullah on the potential ramifications of the hearing and what it could mean for minority college students across the country. Jaschik was the editor of the Chronicle of Higher Education [3] from 1999 to 2003 before co-founding Inside Higher Ed [4], where he now serves as e ...
Abigail Fisher, a white applicant to the University of Texas, contends that the university, in giving preference to minority applicants while rejecting her, discriminated against her unlawfully because of her color. The Supreme Court will hear the case this fall; it is likely that Fisher will prevai...
Exclusion of Abigail Fisher from the University of Texas because of the color of her skin.
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