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Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller (born circa 1961 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is an American dance instructor, choreographer, and entrepreneur.

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Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller reports to federal prison to serve sentence for bankruptcy fraud: https:…
Former star has surrendered to a Victorville prison. Details:
'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller checks into prison
Quincy Jones is suing Michael Jackson’s estate for $30 million!
She was living the good life until the last day! I saw her this weekend at Marvel Live!
Can you see her trying to lift both of those boobs of hers? A sports bra? No way a s…
Luv ya Abbs! Hope your day wasnt as bad as u thought
HOT TOPICS: Abby Lee Miller started her 366 day prison sentence. Keep watching:
Abby Lee Miller surrenders to serve her 366 day prison sentence.
Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller began her one-year prison sentence today:
Gossip news is having a grand ol' time envisioning Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller in prison
Okay but who is gonna come over and cuddle while we watch Dance Moms to commentate Abby lee miller going to prison…
I can't believe Abby lee miller is going to prison ...jsksjsksjsks like WHAT?
Inside Abby Lee Miller’s New Life in Prison: All About the Food, Laundry and Activities Behind Bars
Abby Lee Miller surrendered herself to the FCI Victorville facility today, beginning her 366-day prison sentence:
From laundry to meals, here's what Abby Lee Miller's new day-to-day life will be like behind bars: https…
I was washing my hands in the Orlando Airport bathroom, and I look up and see freaking Abby Lee Miller next to me, touching…
Abby Lee Miller is checking into prison today. Praying that she teaches a dance class to the prison women and Lifetime makes…
Abby Lee Miller beams as she prepares to spend 366 behind bars
I thought this was Abby Lee Miller from the hit tv series Dance Moms
Today I just barely missed Jodi Benson, saw Abby Lee Miller, and got soaked twice. Very interesting day.
Abby Lee Miller is serving more time than Brock Turner. Let that sink in.
I hope they record Dance Moms segments from Abby Lee Miller's jail cell
"Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller is going to jail
Reality TV star Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms sentenced to jail.
"I have spent so much time and so much energy making other people's children stars" — Abby Lee Miller.
⚡️ “Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller sentenced to prison for fraud”.
'Dance Moms'' Abby Lee Miller says she'll pretend her time in prison is like being "in a movie"
star Abby Lee Miller gets a year in prison
"I'm here supporting the government" attended sentencing for Abby Lee Miller
in other news, Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to 366 days in prison
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I can't wait for Abby Lee Miller's inevitable best selling post prison tell all book
Come back bigger and stronger. This is a springboard for a better future after jail. U r loved & respected. Stay strong.
Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller has been sentenced to 1 year in prison:
EXCLUSIVE: TOMORROW: "Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller speaks out for the first time since being sentenced, only on
Dance mom to dance con: Abby Lee Miller gets year in prison
Abby we will miss you. You were made an example of in this witch hunt. Yes you do wrong but worse criminals have gt less.
Abby Lee Miller is going to prison. I would love to see the reactions from Christi, Cathy and Kelly right now.
star Abby Lee Miller sentenced to more than a year in jail for bankruptcy fraud.
The fact that Abby Lee Miller got more jail time than Brock Turner truly shows what's wrong with the judicial system 🙄
L O L Abby Lee Miller got more time than Brock Turner L O L
Abby Lee Miller is going to jail and I'm not sorry, I hope she tries to scream to the other inmates the way she screamed t…
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Our nation is literally a mess right now Abby Lee Miller is going to jail like
I can't believe we live in a world where Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms has been sentenced to prison and Donald Trump h…
Thank god Brock Turner is free & we're protected from the real monsters like Abby Lee Miller
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.Abby Lee Miller was sentenced after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud.
ALSO: Abby Lee Miller said she would never be in front of a camera crew again!
MORE Abby Lee Miller: She asked to serve her prison sentence in Los Angeles to be closer to her dance studio that operat…
Of show, Abby Lee Miller said "It was 'Abby! Work. Work Work !' " said shows stripped her of all control. She's…
"I am very sorry for what I've name has been dragged through the mud." A crying Abby Lee Miller
Packed courtroom for Abby Lee Miller sentencing in Pgh. Character witnesses beginning
Abby Lee Miller to judge. "I am certainly ashamed to be meeting you in this manner. I wish you could take my class."
Dance instructor Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to a year and one day in prison, as well as a $40K fine. http…
Abby Lee Miller doesn't pay her taxes & goes to jail. Trump doesn't pay his taxes & he becomes president
Former star Abby Lee Miller sentenced to prison for one year!
Dance Moms show up in court for Abby Lee Miller's sentencing. They arent supporting Abby
star Abby Lee Miller sentenced to prison:
Abby Lee Miller is about to call her first witness. The prosecution just rested.
"Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller says she has quit the reality series ahead of her scheduled May sentencing
Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller quits, accusing producers of manipulating her
Abby Lee Miller quits "Dance Moms": [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for…
Abby Lee Miller has left after feeling "disrespected and used"
Wait a minute.Abby Lee Miller announced last night no more Dance Moms.😮😩😔😢.my favorite show is ending..I'm so sad.
"Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller parts ways with the show in a fiery Instagram post.
Abby Lee Miller "Quits" on Instagram As one does when drunk and angry...
Abby Lee Miller is quitting Dance Moms, so everyone put on your in mourning leotards and tights.
Abby Lee Miller quits 'Dance Moms' before fraud sentencing.
Abby Lee Miller announced she is leaving "Dance Moms." has the details on
Volatile coach Abby Lee Miller quits reality show before she is sentenced for fraud…
Oh I'm sure being 2 seconds from going to jail had nothing to do with her not being on anymore
There is no show without Abby Lee Miller
Remember when Abby Lee Miller emailed me back & said I was very impressive and would be a perfect fit if Dance Moms the Musical ever happens
Abby Lee Miller quits amid fraud case, claims she's been "manipulated" by producers. https…
As long as the show goes on I don't really care if Abby Lee Miller is on it or not anymore
Live it on the dance floor? Abby Lee Miller has fallen off the Dance Moms pyramid for good.
Abby Lee Miller says she's quitting 'Dance Moms' - "I ... have a problem with being manipulated, disrespected, ...
Reality:Abby Lee Miller quits ‘Dance Moms' as possible jail time l
Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms just said hi to me. I'm crying.
What happens when you disagree with Abby Lee Miller
Abby Lee Miller cries over possibility of going to jail.. Related Articles:
Totally channeling my inner Abby Lee Miller this morning.
I've decided that Randy Benware is basically the same exact person as Abby Lee Miller
I'm on my way, Traffic is horrendous 😁 Safe travels Abby. Hope to see you back soon
hi I've watched you heaps your amazing. I wish you were my teacher
miss Abby would you be mad if I have another child and named them after you and your mother. So would be Abigail-Lorrain
Watching Old Dance Moms and it's clear just wants Maddie to win all the time like let everyone else win
Hi Abby, I love you and I would like to know when you are going to come to Brazil to visit your fans,
hi. I see what did 2 u on And I know what it's like being in a similar situation ur in. Sorry 4 u!
Yo Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms be getting wayyy too smart smh lol I'm surprised she hasn't been in way more physical fights!! 😂😂
Oh you talking about they still haven't showed if she is in jail or not
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so what's the deal is Dance Moms over? Or r u still trying to get creative credit to continue the show??
One day I'm gonna be just like Abby Lee Miller and push my dog around in a stroller
did u really expect jeff to bail you out AGAIN after you called the judge a *** You made your bed, now cry on ur pillow.
love the show, love your passion and drive. You deserve all success lovely lady xx
I'm not sure what's going on, but I hope the show doesn't end. Then, there will be nothing to do on Tuesday's. We love it
please get rid of Yolanda but not her kid, she can't even watch her dance as her eye doesn't know what way to look🙈
You can always come to the UK Abby. You deserve all of the credit. But you know what TV is like, they take all the credit .
😞thank you so much for coming into my home every Tuesday
Zaum Abby Lee Miller is maybe in prison for 1/2 years I seen it on Google
I love that everyone is so interested but I've received over a hundred emails today all…
Yaaay. Abby lee old school rapping.!😁 Go Abby Lee in the place to be. 😁
I wish I could go to the ALDC I love all your girls
even though I'm in U.K. And your in U.S you have taught me so much, faces faces mean so much, and yes dance teacher shout!!
dying at Abby lee miller from Dance Moms commenting on your photo 😂
Abby, let me teach you something: when you are in a court case and you call the judge a *** you're gonna have a bad time.
Stuck inside with this LA weather? Not michaeldameski he is breaking out to teach at the…
your my fave TV personality.Your not going to let anyone get in your way I wish I was more you!
Love ALDC and Dance Moms. Wish there was more dancing/less drama.
Rain Rain Go Away, Come again some other day! Dance the night away at the
Maddie Ziegler Speaks about her experiences on Dance Moms - The Maddie Diaries Preview
I feel like you should know how much you inspire my cat
Nia is the only original member that survived your chamber of dance.She has never left.should get more solos.
Why do I just wanna watch Dance Moms all day everyday... I'm meant to be studying 😂😩 ❤️
Prison or probation? Abby Miller of Dance Mom fame is being sentenced for bankruptcy fraud.
Feds seek prison time for “Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller instead of probation
Dance Moms S04E14 Family Comes First watching reruns and this ep made me cry
Abby Lee Miller is going to jail, child hood ruined so is Dance Moms
Why is Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller facing 5 years in jail for fraud? via
Knowing my director has worked with Abby Lee Miller has made my day!
Chloe would have been such an asset to the team right now...why did hate her so much...🤕
I know u have a big heart & u love your fans, so please make happy & follow her, ily.
I live in Aspen and really want to meet you while you are here ❣️❣️
I love you Abby u r very inspiring to me
I hope 2017 only brings you the best! You're a great teacher ❤
Have a great new years and new years eve!!
Hey my daughter watch the show every time it comes on and she loves jojo siwa so much and she begged me to ask u please
Donald Trump is the Abby Lee Miller of politics. Or Abby Lee Miller is the Trump of dance instructors. Fraud and everything.
I want to dance but I live in San Diego 😥😥
I really want to dance but I'm in San Diego so that *** 😥😥
When Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms comments on Britney's photo 💀😂
Cathy, I hope you're not being for real coz that's so not classy. It shouldnt be about the expense of the gift
NYC to Broadway. Or, you should be if you are not :) Happy New Year Miss Abby.
I liked a video Dance Moms - Abby Lee Miller and The Girls at Christmas 2016 | Merry Christmas
Me gustó un video de Dance Moms S05E26 Where in the world is Abby Lee Miller
Are you still in Florida!? Was in Disney Springs tonight so sad I was a day late!
Evening. Don't stoop to another's level. Raise them to yours :)
Basically Abby lee miller is my spirit animal
Abby posted this morning that she was on a plane flying out of Orlando. She didn't say where she was going LOL
I LOVE you this season. Take no prisoners. ; -)
if your kid isnt back on next week im going to be SO MAD
yes I'd like to see how this turns out
lmao you can't reason with Abby Lee Miller
if your still about Disney world let me know doll I'd love a wee photo and we could do a duet ❤💋
Her studio on SM Blvd in L.A. is right around the corner from my apartment- want me to go knock on the door?
If you do something else with the Dance Moms girls I'm gonna pass out. I love it when you collab with them
An choreographed dance would be a wonderful tribute to Debbie Reynolds.
My guess is Hawaii. I know that's where I would want to go. Have fun Abby wherever you decide to celebrate.
Hello Abby! My name is Dee and I love your show Dance Moms, I just wanted so say thank you for being an awesome show!
LMAO. with that hair I thought she was dressed as Abby Lee Miller. 😂😂
I liked a video from PRANK CALLING Abby Lee Miller & Mackenzie Ziegler!!!
Remember when Kelly pulled Abby Lee Miller's hair :')
Abby Lee Miller appears to shade former student's new project
I'm not thrilled about seems to have her eyes on the minis, and not anything else.
Here it is again, the mothers arguing with But you are right, take Nia elsewhere.
Quote of the day:"When will they lock that chunky monkey up" talking about Abby Lee Miller
Abby Lee Miller throws shade at new clothing line
Changed my header from Abby Lee Miller crying and eating chicken nuggets to Jack and Sally bc we gotta get spooky!!! 🎃👻😱
Dressed like one of Abby Lee Miller's neglected students, but runs like Miss Miller's mouth.
season is here, Karen's is 's passionate, unapologetic & tough-as-nails book
I liked a video from Abby Lee Miller Smashes Microphone on Dance Moms
prove what you say then I'll believe you X
um honey if I wanted to be out in La I could be there in an
I bet is jealous because has her own LA studio and has dancers that are way more famous than her dancers 🤔
in my opinion Abby Lee Miller was the best.
Abby lee Miller makes me laugh so much when she threw water on Cathy omd!!!
I truly appreciate it, I am the next next Abby lee Miller
Dang I guess I can't watch Dance Moms anymore cause Abby Lee Miller is "violent and scary" 😑
Sometimes at a glance I get Michelle Visage and Abby Lee Miller mixed up
my part favorite of ONCE UPON A TIME...there was going to be a clothing line! "Best Dressed"
:Abby showed me how critical dance is in kid's lives. sm
HYPOCRITE, telling Kelly u teaching ur kid to be a sneak!! Not aloud only she can teach her precious one to be a sneak!!
So quiet at dance tonight. Where is everyone ? I'm
Am I the only one that want to see a candy apple version of Dance Moms?😂
is there gonna be any more series of Dance Moms Abby?? missing my dancin fix ha ty xxz
I spent a lot of money on the Dance Moms app and they haven't even done anything with it since it launched 😕 🙃
can you arrange for my daughter to meet the dancers from she would love it so much we are from England 😀😀
My bff adores u. Can you wish her a Happy 30th Birthday she wld die! 😘
is Dance Moms season 7 in LA or Pittsburgh ??
your awesome Miss Abby, keep up the great work!!
i've subscribed to you a while ago! I love you very very much on Dance Moms! I would do anything to meet you guys! :-)
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Subscribe to my You Tube Channel! All this footage I had shot is so cute! Best Dressed!…
hey that's Abby Lee Miller from dances moms!
Another looks EXACTLY like Abby Lee Miller. But she has the same personality as the Long Island Medium professor
I wish they would just throw Abby Lee Miller and jail for fraud, maybe then she can lose weight
Oh Dear God no Abby Lee Miller in the BB game too. Hate that woman more than Paulie and James
(Responding to all emails with Abby Lee Miller gifs for the rest of the day if anyone needs me.)
Abby Lee Miller gets even cattier on Dance Moms this season
emotional level: when Abby Lee Miller found out Broadway baby had passed away
"Except when Abby Lee Miller dresses her body she can cover her backrolls" The shade is real and I'm living for it!!
She looks like Abby Lee Miller in the 2nd photo💯 no shade
I love But if Coach D loses her entire mind and turns into Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms, I swear I'll quit watching.
. Abby Lee Miller faces jail time after pleading guilty in fraud charges
Abby Miller pleads guilty 6 to 10 when will it begin,old abby whos so shabby finally has reason to be crabby.
Always knew Abby Lee Miller would end up in jail one day, wouldn't have guessed for fraud though
Dance Mom's Abby Lee Miller pleads guilty in bankruptcy fraud case:.
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star Abby Lee Miller gets a sweetheart deal after pleading guilty to hiding $775K of her income during bankruptc…
Abby Lee Miller of ‘Dance Moms’ pleads guilty to bankruptcy fraud, money laundering.
"I thought Abby Lee Miller hid all of her cash in the rolls of her fat" - Andrew Rogerson
'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller pleads in bankruptcy case
Abby Lee Miller going to jail has Christi like
Abby Lee Miller pleads guilty to bankruptcy fraud and money laundering.
Would love to see Abby Lee Miller character in next seasons Orange is the New Black!
is anybody still running the Pittsburgh Dance Studio? I am just curious because I would like to look into it! 😀
Abby Lee Miller pleads guilty to concealing assets, sneaking cash into the country
why were you so mean to Abby Lee Miller?
Abby Lee Miller is continually just a hot mess.
'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller undergoes medical procedure; What is her illness?
it's only 10 and I've already finished dancing and met Abby Lee Miller
SHOP NOW! Abby Lee Miller - In a sneak peek of the new episode of "Dance Moms," the mom...
Had a dream last night I was part of the ALDC and honest to god Abby Lee Miller was terrifying 😂😂
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I'm not sayin anything but have y'all ever seen Toledo and Abby Lee Miller in the same room? Coincidence? 🤔
Abby Lee Miller. -gets paid to yell at children all day. -bit someone. -made someone do a tribute dance to her dog
"You're only as good as you're last performance" Abby Lee Miller
Popovich is like the Abby Lee Miller of basketball
I think Abby Lee Miller mixed up Michael Jackson with Jackie Robinson 😂😂 NO
Abby Lee Miller: Michael Jackson wore the one glove because he loved baseball. Me:
That vocal coach better be like Abby Lee Miller and be strict on them. They really CANNOT mess this up
Amazing class tonight with the incredible Abby Lee Miller! Such a great experience⭐️
Always backed up Abby Lee Miller,But S6 ep 12 yelling in Payton's face! Should be ashamed off yourself, She's just a baby
Abby Lee Miller - On the upcoming episode of "Dance Moms," Jill Vertes storms out of the ALDC, during one of Ab...
When you're mingling with Abby Lee Miller and Darcey Bussell you know life's good
Kendall claimed Abby set her up to fail on Do you agree?
Hey Hillary, has ripped off the taxpayers (and exploited children!)... What will her punishment be?
Maddie and Brynn did an amazing job even without the music!😍
Melissa the lil fame ur kid has is because of Abby lee Miller !
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keep me blocked. However, I wanted to apologize for everything I ever said to you. I am very sorry
Please can you notice and follow me! !
maddie and Brynn looking like a mirror. Reminded me of chloe and Maddie duets.
Why doesn't Ashleyknow that the most talented people are often the most humble
Can even imagine what your going through but I hope you get through it! Abby please follow me it would make me so happy❤️
Well , just put you in your place.."this show is good because of me and my kids" lol...
If I were working for i'd punch her right square in the middle of the face. She is a compulsive cop caller.
WHAT did you say in response to what Melissa just mouthed off at the end of the show???
I get Ashley has a big mouth sometimes, but they jump on everything opportunity they get!!
I know we don't know the full story, but why are all the moms such brats to Ashley?
next time maybe you will think again before trashing teenagers. Now your skin looks like one. KARMA!!!
i showed my class Dance Moms and then they didn't let the teacher close the video,then we finish having a Dance Moms class😂
love watching & I'm old to be Mom and glammaw to young ones like
I literally schedule my Tuesday's around I refuse to miss an episode
This group dance is going to be amazing!!!
PLEASE tell us what you had to say after what Melissa just said about her and her girls! I DO hope the show goes on.
"I wasn't put on this earth to make your kid feel good" 😂😂😂 I love
The group dance was great except that they are still so undeveloped that it didn't exactly match the mature style.
why is complaining about Ashley sucking up does i remember Jill buying Abby and bench and a message ect
I hope Kalani feels better . She is such a beautiful dancer
Tuesdays used to be so boring until I started watching Dance Moms 😍
why do you put up with Abby? YOUR girls will be AMAZING without her! Abby had more issues than Vogue!
We're visiting the world famous home of and with the h…
Have you ever heard of these dancers. My cousin Sam has been dancing since she was Tiny.She dances in NY.
Yeah, but when said the same thing to you 2 wks ago you said, "Why?"
You guys have been my favorites since the very first episode of &
the girl asked "what's ur fav tv show " at my school and every1 said but I stood proud saying
The Show is good because of the diverse dancers, interesting moms and Abby.
i hate Tuesday it was a long way to go to Friday UNTIL I FOUND DANCEMOMS
Missed the for this week. In America it's my birthday date I hope and notice this
Jill drives me insane . She thinks Ashley is bad smh she is worse about thinking her daughter is all that!
the way you treat these girls is DISGUSTING! You'll be in jail soon, your mean ,a theif, a bully!
funny cuz you didn't think that is seasons 2-4 when Brooke was in pain from her shoulder&back! You made her dance injured!
I introduced my whole class to and I couldn't believe they were missing out on all the fun…
miss Abby, Brynn and Maddie were amazing and flawless!!
Is your face broken out due to all this stress. You need some xanax to calm you down. No one needs that m…
Aaagggh the group dance was amazing!. . . . .
again the talented,courageous Abby wins it again awesome job to everyone
Kendall and nia shouldn't have placed😁
Tuesday is my fav day of the week because of
Noticing the Group Dance Music!! Totally from Way Back to Chloe And Paige When they did that duet called Broadway Blondes
True. My nieces went to Abby Lee Miller to train, but weren't on the show. They said a lot was scripted.
this may go the way of Theresa Guidice or Abby Lee Miller.. I would send an underling to get some stage fake $ and say it was fake
I liked a video Abby Lee Miller is Going to Prison?!?!
Abby Lee Miller with Jeff Collins, producer of Dance Moms, brief interview during a show reunion. Talking about...
Abby Lee Miller describes how she became a part of Dance Moms during an interview in Australia. The producers -...
No. 10: Abby Lee Miller's war with pizza hut on
Watching The Little Mermaid and realized Abby Lee Miller reminds me of Ursula
TALK2CHELYNN FASHION 'Dance Moms' - On the new episode of "Dance Moms," Abby Lee Miller returns to her ALDC stu...
Abby Lee Miller explains how she began her dance company at age 14. A teenager with a vision creates a successful...
My coach is like another Abby Lee Miller
I never thought I would see Abby Lee Miller acting so like a worried mother on tv, I love her even more now omg
"Jealousy is an ugly disease." Words of wisdom from Abby Lee Miller.
Dance Moms Season 6 cannot come quick enough; I need a bit of Abby Lee Miller in my life again
I had I dream I reported Abby Lee Miller for child abuse after she hit Chloe backstage and it was a truly exhilarating experience
Just found out that one of my suite mates, used to dance for Abby Lee Miller. Coolest thing I've heard all day by far😎
Bankruptcy fraud- not acting like a good role model for all of those kids Abby Lee Miller!
Abby Lee Miller, of the Lifetime hit show "Dance Moms" has been indicted on charges of bankruptcy fraud, United States Att…
I love you don't do what Abby Lee Miller tells you to do
Why does Abby Lee Miller have a parenting book 😐
the best program I love your Dance Moms re're good teacher I'm your super-fans want Abby :)
baby girl! Abby Lee Miller doesn't deserve you!Mad respect for standing up to her! U got the voice,u go girl! We got your back
Each Of these ppl have something2Share!
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