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Abby Huntsman

Abigail Haight Abby Huntsman (born May 1, 1986) is a host and producer at HuffPost Live, and political commentator on MSNBC, CNN and ABC News.

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FIX’s Cliques-is (Kilmeade book promo team:. Steve Doocy Ainsley Earhardt…
Lol ‘s Abby Huntsman is super kind, and a solid host all around, but that is def…
I am not a Abby Huntsman fan so I rarely watch Fox Weekend, but with this gorgeous young lady…
Rachel Campos Duffy > Abby Huntsman. So refreshing to see someone on the curvy couch who doesn't want to make herse…
I want to add Abby Huntsman to the list, but I feel like Jesus would hate me for it?
Blessings Meghan, Abby Huntsman is right fighting is necessary when dealing with the cancer monster,…
She was there subbing for Abby Huntsman who is on mate…
Eboni Williams is rude. Ms Williams is not the right fit for Fox. We changed our cable package to get rid of the MSM.…
Fox News is fantasy with Abby Huntsman an actress.
Abby Huntsman sinks to a new low along with her father as he assumes new position as US Ambassador to…
Abby huntsman isn't going anywhere soon she's pregnant and has her rights to doing the news as long as she likes to It's only right in USA
completely disguised with Abby Huntsman has a panel on re: article disrespecting Sarah Sanders
She is rude and obnoxious..I can't watch her any more.
Abby just needs to learn how to ask a simple question. She detracts from guests and other hosts by talking too much. I find myself turning to a different news show when she's on.
Actually, that simpleton Abby Huntsman had tagged him on a comment a whil…
Joy, what is your reaction to your former MSNBC colleague Abby Huntsman who sit in the middle of that Fox News show??
Sad fact is how far Abby Huntsman has fallen and has become a joke since leaving MSNBC.
Really shameful for Abby Huntsman to sit there, I usually thought she is smart conservative on MSNBC,…
Abby Huntsman on Fox & Friends makes all early morning weekends worth getting up for. She is vivacious, lively, smart and more!
Florida State fraternity suspended after ... -
Newest and most affordable baby technology Kurt the 'CyberGuy' demonstrates the latest products for Abby Huntsman.
Fox and friends where is Abby Huntsman?
. Oh Man...anybody doubts that pregnant women glow...need look no farther than ABBY HUNTSMAN!!!. BEAUTIFUL MOM.
must say Abby huntsman and Ainsley put together my 3 yr grandson is more brighter then they are put together
Just a guess:. Abby Huntsman, who inherited from Jon Huntsman Jr, who inherited from Jon Huntsman Sr?. G…
Americans must not pay attention to this traitor. Gorka is a Propoganda machine. So is…
The socially unaware aspect of waving his hands so close to another perso…
.He and Abby Huntsman need to go! Not up to Fox standards, Noth are so irritating I too cannot watch.
Abby Huntsman said she was across the street from the attack when it happened.
flaunts perks of being pregnant in the best Happy Halloween
Pregnant Abby Huntsman dressed as a sunny side up for Halloween.
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Says the way too talented for Fox Abby Huntsman. Please recover what pride you have left and go where…
Seriously you have all the MSM WITH YOU ! Why bother Abby Huntsman?
Surprised at Abby Huntsman, another Penn grad. How did McCain's and Huntsman's kids go so wrong?
has Abby Huntsman been chaffetzed yet? Maybe Jason wants her ffw slot
Could Fox and Friends’ Abby Huntsman be any more “weepy”? She looks like she’s about to burst out sobbing at anytime.
Saw Fox & friends OMG it really is a tool for Trump . This is exactly what they are s…
Remember when Abby Huntsman was paid by MSNBC?
How is Abby Huntsman even working for Fox News?
Abby Huntsman just now with Halloween dogs... and I am quietly disturbed at how cameraman seems to l…
. Tell Ed Henry to sit back on the couch and stop putting his hand in front of Abby Huntsman… It’s very rude and annoying
.THANK GOD SHE'LL LEAVE SOON!Abby Huntsman brings husband on the air to confirm she is pregnant via
Fox and friends rocks! Abby Huntsman still looks radiant.
Probably missed the allusions to Abby Huntsman, Chelsea Clinton, and Jim Bennett. 😜
Did Abby Huntsman just say thats unfortunate...Fox News has really gone soft
Abigail Huntsman is a beautiful and talented personality. Those of you who have made disparaging remarks about her body should be ashamed of yourselves. She is pregnant and beautiful and deserves respect. Some of you may or may not agree with her views and some of you may not like the way she works, but you should always respect her as a person. Personally, I think she does a fantastic job. Someone once said "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". Some of you need to apply that to your lives, especially on the internet.
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Student sues school over Pledge of Allegiance - #
People say things like that not because they want it to happen but to warn that it might.
Re: North Korea. "Man on the Street" opinion: Nuke 'em 'till they glow and then shoot 'em in the dark."
Can you guys rein in abby huntsman she talks way to much
Thank god, Fox has FINALLY found two smart, funny men to drown out Abby Huntsman's continual antidotal babbling! ❤️ these two guys!
Abby Huntsman would be better off on a show like The View. Her leftist thinking is annoying. She for gun control big time. Go home stay home
Remember when Abby Huntsman was moderate sensible conservative-Now spews pro trump propaganda
Would you ever go in for Abby Huntsman on Fox & Friends Weekend while she's out on Maternity Leave…
Well need a new interview to set right Abby hyper huntsman (must be the pregnancy )…
Dershowitz on Trump's 'calm before storm' ... -
Wow, the Washington Post has to find fault with everything(F&F Abby Huntsman interview). Too bad they don’t critique themselves as closely!
This => melts my heart. You, Ms Abby Huntsman Livingston, have…
Who would have thought Abby Huntsman would be the under achiever of the family.
Abby Huntsman interview with woman from the car crash you seem like you were reading script as you asked her questions ugh
Huntsman Abby interviews President Trump’s new Ambassador to Russia, Jon Huntsman: via
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I am so unhappy about Abby Huntsman's lips I can't see straight. No more injections please. Why mess with perfection??
My thanks to Abby Huntsman and the Fox and Friends Weekend team for having me on the show today to talk about crisis leadership.
Abby huntsman and her dad a Russian-USA diplomat
Abby Huntsman, you rock ! Dean Cain, welcome to Superman's Super Show !
Abby Huntsman, Sarah Sanders,Megan McCain, Ivanka Trump. What a disservice to the smart, hardworking women who don'…
We love them both Abby Huntsman and her dad Jon Huntsman ambassador to Russia
Abby Huntsman used to be smart when on NBC. Went to FoxNews and they stole her brain
Thankyou for your leadership Ambassador Huntsman. Thankyou for great interview Abby!
Abby: Daddy, may I have an interview w/ you to bump my ratings & those of the state media I work for, please? . H…
Top story: Fox News’s Abby Huntsman Interviews Her Father, U.S. Ambassador to R… see more
this morning: . help the disabled shoot better. Watch Abby Huntsman interview her Dad.
This Fox and Friends viewer can not stand Abby…
Abby Huntsman's mom has got it going on. She's all I want and I've waited for so long!
So turns out Abby Huntsman interviewed both her dad AND her mom this AM on Fox and Friends . "(kisses forehead)"
Each day brings new additions to my list of despicable people. For Fri., Oct. 6, 2017:. Jon and Abby Huntsman. Mitchell Sunderland. Lisa Bloom
Odd how everyone who screamed about Chelsea Clinton getting a job at NBC was perfectly fine with Abby Huntsman gett…
Ambassador Huntsman is almost as pretty as Abby, The Goddam *** s are going crazy !
What a treat to have Abby Huntsman on It's a far better show when she's on it.
Yeah her growing boobs look horrible it makes her look fat that's good conservative values
Don't tell them... Abby you're my favorite Huntsman!❤️
There's a couple more too...gutfeld 90/10 for T, Carl…
I know there was a reason I used to hate her->
It's a full court press over on GOP-Pravda doing damage control for Trump.
Abby Huntsman with her green tablecloth that's made into a dress isn't very flattering.
Abby Huntsman is not very bright and annoying, u can do better
. It takes time to fly and boat supplies into island. However the island should back food/water for ER.
There is evidence, however, that Abby Huntsman is hot af
Wonder if they would let you fill in for Abby huntsman as a sub? You would be so good in that role.
FOX & Friends Abby Huntsman makes false claim media did not report on Trump comforting hurricane vict…
Abby Huntsman doesn't get it. No half 4 disrespecting the flag. NFL owes apology 2 fans. No political statements on the field
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We know Pete Hegseth is a Bigoted Right Wing Liar but we didn't know Abby Huntsman was so Bigoted & Ignorant.
Abby Huntsman is looking more and more like a liberal. Do I have to stop watching Fox in the morning?
I'm still waiting for mother to weigh in. Do we need to get Abby Huntsman on the case.
God ! I just think you are the best thing on Fox. I don't understand why Abby Huntsman gets all the glory, she has nothing.
.Abby Huntsman's makeup looks strange today.
Is that Abby Huntsman, daughter of Trump's ambassador to . to ... to. . (Help me out, folks!)
Abby huntsman has zero talent, not a journalist, and has zero personality
only reason Abby huntsman has a job is b/c of her name
Abby Huntsman is so out of touch and has no decorum when speaking to people. Shes not inteligent and not even a
. Guess how Abby Huntsman got rich?. She inherited from her dad. Guess how got rich?. HE inherited from HIS dad!
Can't help myself... But, I have to say... those Abby Huntsman's lactating Titties, are lookin' good!. *** .. May God bless you Women!
you might want to tell Abby Huntsman that her dress is see through!
Abby Huntsman and her ever growing boobs/ bust looks amazing and healthy now. She was too skinny before!
Abby. You are a great Ambassador for the Huntsman family. Your parents and your grandfather should be very proud.
Abby Huntsman is wonderful, smart, funny and kind. Please have her on more often.
Abby has a bad habit of interrupting, and talking over, everyone el…
Abby Huntsman tells us tells us that we shouldn't throw bricks at policemen, thanks Abby, what would we do without you?
Abby Huntsman's remark is insensitive to families who lost loved ones.I doubt they feel "s…
Abby Huntsman,typical RINO like her dad. 9/11 made us WEAKER: UnConstitutional Patriot Act…
Heather Childers usually looks fit, trim, and toned. She appears to putting on weight. Pregnant? Abby Huntsman hid her pregnancy until we noticed her fuller face, fuller arms, and fuller bust. Will the Fox and Friends First host have an announcement soon?
Like he was with Abby Huntsman when he physically and…
Right now on Kilmead and Friends it's Abby Huntsman with of the news of the day.
Exactly. First saw her on the cycle on MSNBC. Never impressed by her or Abby Huntsman
Happy Birthday Mama Huntsman. Abby is amazing. Ya done good. Have a wonderful day.
abby huntsman Where are the reporters staying??
Happy Birthday mom Huntsman, thought Abby favored John, but easy to see she got her beauty from mothe…
please, Abby Huntsman, stop comparing your grandmother to others.She is a billionaire and can go anywhere she wants.Shameful
Meet Abby Huntsman via Utah. Moving beyond the bump stage to the gasping for air stage! Radiant beauty
FEMA warns Irma will impact entire state ... -
Abby Huntsman is doing her part to make America great again. Congrats on the new baby.
I noticed today that before 9AM Abby Huntsman covered up her knees. After 9AM knees and thighs.
Abby Huntsman has gained weight.looks great!
Abby Huntsman tells us that Florida has never seen anything quite like hurricane Irma, my name is Abby and I say stupid things.
I can't believe Abby Huntsman showed up for work after she said President Trump should work with Obama the destroyer of America
Q&A: talks about how pregnancy affects her life.
“I am building another person, so everything I put in my body, everything that I do, it’s not about me (anymore)!"
Best part of this liberal hypocrite is you're called out & cant even respond.…
Abby Huntsman has amazing a giant milk titties.
I want to like Abby Huntsman, but she acts like an airhead so often.
She needs to tone it down a bit, learns some manners. Let others talk, quit interrupting co-hosts and especially guests.
Unexpected powerful stuff from the guests on this morning. There's no defending Trump this time. https:/…
Abby Huntsman "Underneath that water, is that the road?" These were yr words while viewing a clip of a flooded area - WOW!
Abby Huntsman thinks James Comey was Attorney General and Attys Gen should be "partial". PLEASE find someone else. Ugh.
Abby Huntsman. during segment you allowed 2 males on panel politicize let UNTRUE statements go unchallenged when they discredited POTUS
isn't Abby Huntsman on Fox n Friends just glowing?!
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I just wish she'd talk less. It makes her look like she's more interested in her own words instead of those around her. Try one less sentence each time you talk.
You left wing radical *** will say anything, regardless of any facts. When did the left become such a group of hate mongers?? Pathetic taking out anyone and anything you disagree with.
Hope Abby Huntsman will be back on the show!. The show is more interesting!
Abby Huntsman ironically said this before she appeared on Outnumbered where Hillary Clinton was att…
Trish Regan and Abby Huntsman! Bonus time for me! you're the best and you're pretty awesome, too!
Oh my Megan McCain . Ed Henry. Abby huntsman. Geraldo . And the list goes on and on . Kat . Eboni
abby huntsman, i wish the best for you and your family. anybody can see you have a fantastic soul. Enjoy watching y…
Megan McCain ed Henry Geraldo Richard Abby huntsman and more
Dana p. Ed Henry Chris stirwalt to name a few more Abby huntsman too
And MORE DANA P, GERALDO, Kennedy, ed Henry, to name a few more drain the swamp at fox oh Abby huntsman
Gas prices set to spike as refineries shut down
.Add thirsty, interrupter, Abby Huntsman to the list! What's going on FOX?
Once again turning off for The Weather Channel. Miss fair & balanced Dump Anti-T…
Notice how concerned Abby is for Petro Plants in Harvey's path?. Huntsman Chemical feedstocks are those plants ?
Abby Huntsman as a soon to be mommy you are just beautiful.
The screen cap on this story more or less encapsulates American race relations right now. . https:…
TWINS?? Is the beautiful and pregnant Abby Huntsman expecting a baby girl or a new bouncing baby boy??
Abby Huntsman used to be a great journalist her…
Huntsman. Your choice of words calling illegal aliens immigrants only complicates the problem.
No, Abby Huntsman babbling is just NOT what I need to hear this morning. Turn TV off.
She was fine when she first arrived at Fox and read the news. Now, I mute the television every time she launches into one of her verbose, unhelpful opinions or analyses.
Chris Wallace, Shep Smith, and Abby Huntsman are the exceptions.
So disappointing to see Abby Huntsman as part of the FOX owned Trump TV
Had respect for Abby Huntsman & her Father, I was wrong. Like all RACISTS they blame Blacks for everything, even White Crimes
I used to respect Abby Huntsman- but even she has been turned into a RW nutbag
Glad Abby Huntsman ran to Fox to embrace her racist views instead of tippy toeing around on claiming to be different.
I thought Abby Huntsman was a liberal after being on MSNBC. I guess people will say anything if paid enough. Disgusting.
Abby Huntsman was mute as this guy refused to call terrorism because whites have "legitimate grie…
Abby Huntsman defending him on F&F this morning. Remember, F&F hosts were outraged that Obama wouldn't call radical…
I just thought Dana was a brunette White woman like Lauren Simonetti and Abby Huntsman from Fox News.   10% Off
Abby Huntsman forgive me I saw a lady almost cry over trump being talked about,it was Banderas not you.
I'm trying to listen but for some reason can't stop looking at Abby huntsman
What about KG on The Five and Kennedy on Fox Business? Abby Huntsman on Fox and Friends?
This proves it is possible to fight for your country both in and out of uniform.
reporter pregnant with first child! Shares the baby gender via Instagram.
I love women's legs and short skirts-Rush is being very prudish on this IMHO. Clearly Abby Hu…
Fox News Host and Anchor Abby Huntsman: Trump gets criticized no matter what he says. FYI: FOX did that to Obama f…
Abby Huntsman is freakin gorgeous. that is all
Abby Huntsman on TV just now: . "A Republican says something, a Democrat has to figure out a way to disagree with it."
Steve Doocy, Abby Huntsman, Pete Hegseth would be Perfect trio for F&F. Would Be huge Ratings.
Steve Doocy, Abby huntsman,Pete Hegseth Permanent on Fox&friends Curvy couch would be Excellent
I freaking hate the merger Abby.Huntsman should be running the show, not Clariant.Just Sayin'.Congrats on it though.
don't worry Ainsley Abby Huntsman got out of the course because she is pregnant over weekend! Poor Carley.
I feel bad for Abby Huntsman happened to lie and work with liars in sexual predators to m…
described Fox News Channel as news you can *** to. Even the weekend Fox and Freinds chick…
Me neither. Waving in your personal space and getting phys…
Just turned on Fox. Abby Huntsman looks impressive today! With assets like these who is watching CNN: only…
when is Fox going to get rid of Abby Huntsman? She is the rudest , most self-centered person on Fox. Incompetent at best
if Abby Huntsman gets to keep her new big boobs (which look great!) I wonder if all the Fox foxes will want Boob jobs to enhance their cleavage?! Except Megan McCaine... perfect body!
why, it's Fox & Friends, not WEEKEND. Weekend is bush league, especially Abby Huntsman.
I agree! Abby Huntsman true Never Trump derangment came out. Just like Daddy! Kenned…
Abby Huntsman seem to think when Mueller finds something in Russia invest. that leads to Trump's businesses, he should ignore
Abby Huntsman can fit more words into one full second than anyone else ever!! Economy of words - did she not receive any journalism training? Of course not. She's a nepotism Fox hire. Get rid of her Fox because she's not at all interesting and is more in love with the sound of her own voice than in presenting the news. DUMP ABBY!!
The irony of Abby Huntsman at Fox News, a channel that attacked Obama for eight years, complaining about a media la…
Yeah, but he got to hold his hand over the phone as folks walked and sat, "I'm on hold with Abby Huntsman."
John McCain, a true patriot. Much like another man I know. What was his name, oh yeah,…
Will someone please tell Abby Huntsman that she need NOT show off her pregnant body on national TV. Show some class!
Abby Huntsman’s grandfather has a net worth of at least $1 billion. I’m thrilled that she sees the upside in McCain…
nah Dana's OK. now Abby Huntsman, that girl can't STFU!
Watching Abby Huntsman and try to sound like a serious political analyst makes my head hurt.
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Abby Huntsman looks fantastic pregnant and tan.
It's hard to see someone as smart as Abby Huntsman sell out on a daily basis.
He is genuinely dumb. Abby Huntsman I don't get.
Abby Huntsman and pregnancy don't agree..she looks like a linebacker...
Yes, I can eat a big jar of pickles in one sitting! Loved catching up w abt pregnancy & much more:
We loved talking to of about her pregnancy! Check out her great advice for new moms:…
I quite like Abby Huntsman and S. E. Cupp even though I generally don't agree with them.
Mika of an outsider weeping louder than the bereaved.I don't hear Abby Huntsman gripe about the misspelling of her Dad's name.
She & Abby Huntsman made clear they will turn on a dime. Abby hated while on MSNBC. Fake! Say anythi…
Maybe that's one reason why Trump nominated Jon Huntsman Russian ambassador. His daughter Abby cohosts at Fox. Want…
Abby Huntsman. "It is frustrating when you look at social media and just the lack of respect... What are we turning into?" h…
NEWSWATCH: 'Trump to nominate Jon Huntsman as ambassador to Russia' - Washington Post/ Abby Phillip, Lisa Rein, Car…
NEWSWATCH: “Trump to nominate Jon Huntsman as ambassador to Russia” – Washington Post/ Abby…
Abby Huntsman is looking even hotter now that she is pregnant. Her bust is busting at the seams it seems!
I'm a big fan of Carly Shimkus, Ainsley and Abby Huntsman. Very bright and very sweet women. They so much more warmth than
Little Giant Ladders
good morning Abby Huntsman, you look beautiful as always :) all white xo
Good morning Ms. Huntsman.I'm curious Abby. When did "mainstream media" become fake news. Must've been after u left MSNBC huh?
.Fruitcake is NOT a reporter. Shep needs to become a florist and stop pretending he's a reporter!Take Abby Huntsman…
Abby's uncle Paul Huntsman also saved the Salt Lake Tribune the only major independent voi…
Abby my mother got help from the Huntsman institute when she had breast cancer she was tol…
2. John Huntsman other daughter is Abby Huntsman, w/Fox News. How inbred is all this govt officials/news media nepotism?
ABBY HUNTSMAN more people LIVE than die from cancer diagnosis
.Add Abby Huntsman and we've got a deal!
Had a great breakfast with Abby Huntsman.
Megan McCain and Abby Huntsman. End the nepotism Fox. Get some journalists.
THIS is the Huntsman spirit I felt when I met you. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Privileged to know you…
Loved the story about Abby's "grandpa." It demonstrated the power of intention. Huntsman funds centers in Utah, Idaho & WY.
Junior: I don't know. I have a hard time believing Abby Huntsman would do this. Russian: She didn't! Th…
I've known Abby Huntsman's Grandfather for many years...he is one of the greatest men I've had the privilege to know !!
Abby Huntsman who used to have integrity. Teach citizens about who Putin is has a 1 hour lesson on Putin
I added a video to a playlist Abby Huntsman and Lisa Boothe
Not a fan of Abby Huntsman, but she's correct.
I always watch Abby Huntsman! I wake up early to watch Fox and Friends! Go Abby!
Voter fraud commission member speaks out -
Worst offenders: Chris Wallace, some of the backup anchors (e.g. Julie Banderas), Abby Huntsman, Bolling's…
Great chemistry on Fox News weekends w Abby Huntsman. Who are those adorable hunks on either side of her?
The Left should continue what their doing to ensure President Trump gets re-elected!
Him and most of the lot at fox dana perino, abby hunt…
Abby Huntsman complaining about Democrats on Trump, "Have to find some reason to attack him ". . FOX & the right cri…
New Fox show. Leland Vitter,Shep Smith and Abby Huntsman. 3 people analyze news with all the incite of the guy at the end of the bar.
you did another wonderful job this morning... love you Abby Huntsman :) xo
Get your facts right, Abby Huntsman. Julius Caesar is NOT beheaded in the play. WTG w the dog whistle though.
Congrats Abby Huntsman on your having your first baby!
First I gotta say that Abby Huntsman is a beautiful young woman, (bless her) But I also must say that the beauty stops there because its gone to her head. Her impression on Fox & Friends (a great show) is a bit over bearing. She impresses too much on Herself not the news and guests. Not to mention the Obvious flirtation with other young men. Which is very unprofessional on such a great program. She could do that on her own time, not on the show. She should be on some other kind of show, not a news program. We don't watch Fox & Friends anymore when Huntsman is on...
Father's Day is great and for Abby Huntsman this news makes it better.
+Fox host Abby Huntsman confirms she is pregnant
Fox News host Abby Huntsman confirms she is pregnant: via
Fox News Abby huntsman is pregnant, which answers the question, "Is she too stupid to f.?"
It is a woman! Abby Huntsman proclaims being pregnant -
Congratulations Huntsman drink slot of water morning sickness is because you become dehydrated. you
Abby Huntsman - Fox & Friends - today, announced that she expecting a girl child.
Maybe when the baby arrives, Ed can give back the Abby Huntsman pocket square. It can be use…
Abby Huntsman on Fox News this morning is a *** marriage supporting lib...former MSNBC tool as well. is losing it…
Congratulations Abby! And to your husband! And to your Dad, Governor Huntsman and yo…
Congratulations to Abby Huntsman and her husband Jeff on expecting their new little one. Will be great parents!❤️ u on FOX
Abby Huntsman from F&F is having a baby girl. Congratulations
I never knew green could look so good. You guys are rocking it this morning. Two guys with the adorable Abby Huntsman FNC!
What is going on with Abby Huntsman?? Pregnant 🤰?
How much better your show would be with Erin Mcpike and Abby Huntsman instead of Kat NA Eboni
Abby we may not aggre on politics, but thank you for standing up for us on the Left from Newt. Your a true Wonder Woman. 😁
Well said Abby. Perhaps you should run for office. Abby Huntsman for President.
just terrific. now I can't watch that show today. Abby Huntsman is the worst!
Hey, if you're rotating women on Fox & Friends searching for a replacement, PLEASE: there are better choices than Abby Huntsman.
Please get rid of Abby Huntsman She's a Hack
especially Abby Huntsman, so vapid and insipid. Can't even read the…
please tell Abby Huntsman to stop talking over everyone
Yep one day small breasted and the next,obvious boob job! She is also very annoying
Abby Huntsman should try talking less
Isn't their son married to one of Jon Huntsman's daughters? (Not Abby from Fox News) Awkward?
This is so important. This is the news and repeats. Abby Huntsman has blocked me on…
Abby Huntsman Wedding This classy celebration is what your wedding ... fifa17 coins for free…
So much better and happier show with Sandra Smith instead of Abby Huntsman!
Abby Huntsman blocked me so I just keep telling her father that she is ruining her life. Can't take the heat
Abby Huntsman's dimples are so cute !
The material reminded me of a pretty dress that was worn by Abby Huntsman of Fox News when she int…
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Yup... guess I'm not alone in noticing she's got bigger boobs...
Despicable bunch now adding Abby Huntsman in exchange for selling of Jon Huntsman's soul to Trump.
Huntsman Looks like you got boob job or put on your big girl bra ? 😂
Is anybody watching fox and friends this morning? Looks like the boob fairy came to see Abby Huntsman last night. Jus sayin
I swear I just googled about her boobs because they're looking huge today she's either early prefers or had a boob job.. possibly preggers since Pete as been doing the diner trail lately
pretty sure Huntsman had a BIG boob job - showing them off in a big way this am
Did she just have her breasts augmented? she is looking very busty these days
recent plant, abby huntsman, watch out shes a big time flirt, and she's married, big bust if you think she wants you Hannity.
Does his sacrifice allow so called liberals/illegals to burn the flag/disrespect the national anthem​?
It's only 3 hours 41 minutes to The Abby Huntsman Show aka Fox and Friends First!
Thank you to for having us join the show! We had a blast meeting everyone, including co-hosts Steve Doocy & Abb…
Love this intv from my favorite TV personality
Abby Huntsman is so great. I love when she…
Abby Huntsman has seemed fair and balanced, but is she just…
Happy Birthday to Fox and Friends First and Weekend News anchor Abby Huntsman who turns 31 today.
How did Abby Huntsman make it as a host ahead of all the "older" employees? Got a feeling this is gonna cost a lot of money!
I liked a video Abby Huntsman Showing Off Hot Sexy Legs in Short Green Dress and High…
5 Things You Didn't Know About Abby Huntsman is beautiful we like her! Only GOOD thing on
Gun rights activist reacts to Trump's NRA ... -
I have to google who Abby Huntsman is.
I'm very distracted by how immodest Abby Huntsman's dress is today.
Another weekend another comment about Abby Huntsman's dad.
Why is Abby Huntsman wearing a sun dress on a morning news show (4-29)? Totally inappropriate for serious news.
WHY must Richard Fowler's filibuster? Great job Abby Huntsman pushing him to answer "Who's in charge of the Democrat Party!
please get rid of Abby huntsman. She's not a good fit
Can someone please put a muzzle on Abby Huntsman, the queen of cutting people off mid-sentence...
On "Fox & Friends Weekend," Abby Huntsman excoriated Republicans "on both sides of the aisle" who failed to repeal…
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