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Abba Father

Ab means father in most Semitic languages, sometimes extended to Abba or Aba.

Holy Spirit Lord Jesus Christ Jehovah Jireh Brennan Manning

It's another time of Holy Ghost Service.If you cannot make it to camp, join us for a live viewing of Abba…
YHWH, Abba Father. Thank you for your provision.
This Friday 02 June, 2017 by 7pm: another date with ABBA FATHER. Many Blessings from God await you as you come.
Abba Father, I praise and thank you for keeping your hand upon me. Blessings Pastor Joel and Victoria Osteen!
Abba Father, replace all the sadness of the world with something beautiful.. 🙏🌹
Protect us O LORD from every evil and Keep us safe for the glory of Your Name Abba Father we Pray...Comfort Your People affected by evil...
We Pray for Your Peace, Protection, Merciful Care Abba Father for Kenya as we Campaign towards August 8th General Elections Keep us secure
Abba we trust in You and will not be afraid. The is our strength, our and our Saves
REMINDER:. Good Morning,. RCCG invites u for her June Holy Ghost Service and the . Theme: ABBA FATHER PART 5 , this...
Two days to the 6th HolyGhost service of the year, themed 'Abba Father 5'. How big is your faith in God?
On Friday the 2nd of June we have The Holy Ghost Service,. Theme: Abba Father at the Redemption Camp.
Abba Father, please fix this for me. I cant do it on my own, take control. I surrender all to you!! Amen
I receive the spirit of my adoption into the sonship of my Abba Father.
Because you are His sons, God sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, 'Abba, Father.' Gal 4:6
Abba Father I will not fear, for You are my protector, my sheild, and my God.
Good Night Our Precious Family. Abba Father let our lives be transparent so that Your Glory shine through Us for the 🌎…   10% Off
I added a video to a playlist Playlist Abba Father
And just when I wonder why God isn't answering my prayer in the way I expect...He wows me! You're a good, good Father!
I'm deep in love with You Abba Father. I'm deep in love with You Lord. My heart, it beats for You, precious Jesus. 🙌❤🙇
There is no other lyk u abba father
Rom8:15. For u did not receive a spirit of slavery that returns u to fear,but u received tSpirit of sonship, by whom we c…
Galatians, 4:6 - And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father.
Thursday, May 25th: Abba Father reveals intimate mysteries a/b to me directly from the Courts…
Glory, Glory, Glory to the Holy One of Israel! Hallelujah to thy Abba Father!!! Hallelujah to thy Holy Lamb of...
Please be reminded that our service holds on Thursday by 6.30pm and Holy Ghost Service on Friday April 7th Theme: Abba Father
You bless me with my ever increasing faith. Thank you Abba Father. Manashantii
I thank you, Abba Father, for being the center of my joy. Hallelujah, praise the Lord. I love you.
I receive the spirit of son ship and I can call upon my God by saying Abba Father.!
Abba Father in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach please go before my day - this week, teach me to be consistent and steadfast! I love you. ❤️
…you have received a spirit of adoption as KIDs by which we cry out,. “Abba! Father!”. -Romans 8:15-NASB-. •God's Love For US. w/o Grace Limits
– amazing – Father; amazing love has pledged Himself to us
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Abba, Father, we adore Thee. As Thy saint before Thy throne;. Sweet it is to praise and bless Thee. For Thy love in...
ABBA Father HalleluYah! I depend on you each and everyday, may your grace be with me
Father, thank you for a Monday to believe the gospel, surrender to your Spirit, set our affection on Jesus, cry Abba & serve our neighbors
Here comes the father of swag again, the one and only (baban wanka) of kebbi state 😂😂
“Abba whose home in heaven is”. I call you by this name. As father friend guide counselor. To all who call the same.
I need ur grace Abba father to gel back into the system
Abba Father, all things are possible with you.
Lemme start my day. Chores, market, mixing oils, bookings ...Thank You Abba Father
Hide me, Abba-Father 💜 put me in the secret place. Your pleasure is my trust as Your pain is my…
ABBA Father by Rob de Jong listen live at
When adoption occurs, you are sealed. Nothing will change that you're a child of Abba Father.
Thank you Abba Father for restoring the positivity in my life 💕💕
Abba Father, we NEED you! Help us to see our wicked and destateful ways... 😩😭
Abba meaning father come children of God see what perfect love was given to you by Jesus.
ADVENT WAITING ... Abba Father, thank you for the season of Advent. Help me to really slow down and set aside...
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Abba Father, . I lost my footing once again, so I am running to the secret place to meet with you. Remind me, once...
I have received a spirit of adoption. Therefore, I exercise the Spirit of sonship. Abba Father!
No one but a child of can address as ABBA or Father.
This planet knows the potential of your political leadership. If Abba is real, so is Aima, but still Cleopatra is glory o…
The awesome, numinous 'Lord' of Exodus seems an unlikely antecedent to the 'Abba Father' of early Christianity. So fascinating
Oh, the glory of a man's love for an amazing God; Abba Father of whom we all serve upon the born again experience .
Abba Father, in the name of Jesus I give glory honor and praise Hallelujah! Thank you Father for Love. . Father...
Abba Father loves us with an everlasting love.
Abba Father: can you heal my broken heart?
Grace is the collision...with the arms of a Father who won't let go. .
Abba Father, thank you for this amazing day.
“Abba, Father, all things are possible for you.”
See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God;Abba loves me!
Today, if you're in the Son, you possess the same right he does to come boldly to the Father and call him "Abba!"
When I see my Abba Father face to face, I want Him to say, "you believed Me for everything...".
Abba, Father, mighty creator of heaven and earth, good morning. Hear your lowly servant here on earth. Hear my .…
"By the One in Whose hand is my soul none of you has believed until I am dearer to him than his son or his father.". ~ Proph…
Abba.. not Dabba.. father is father always.. respect your father nation..
Daily as I live, often as I breathe,. Let my whole life be expressions of Your Grace. I cry Abba Father, Hallowed be Your Name…
Abba Father we pray for Syria, please bring an end to hostilities. Bring a just peace & comfort the mourners, the injured esp the children.
Abba Father, thank You for peace that passes all understanding and faith that is not easily shaken. I trust you to cover us in Florida!
Him. Let disperse about the land 2 those crying out to ! For these things all must happen before the (2/3)
God Is Your Abba, Father! Check out the Grace Inspirations on website:
Lord Jesus Christ is advocating &interceding for the Saints at right hand of Abba Father &the Holy Spirit is helping us here. AMEN. THANKs
Better days are bound to come. Says the Lord. Thanks Abba Father
Abba Father, I desire Jesus Christ in every area, aspect of my life. I need Your wisdom Lord Jesus, Amen.
A Prayer When I Feel Lonely. Abba Father,. Thank you for listening to my heart;. Your patience with me is to be...
TRUE Followers of ABBA, Father know that we r ALL imperfect, while here, & as soon as they sin, they ask 4 redempti…
Unfair according to our human's perception & understanding but, PRECISELY, calculated by ABBA, Our Father = fair &…
Abba Father, break my heart for what breaks yours. Help me to see this broken world from your eyes; eyes of love.
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You have received a spirit of adoption as sons through which we cry: Abba! Father!
By Baptism we have received the Holy Spirit, through which we cry Abba, Father .
GOD! SHOWED UP FOR ME!. Thank you Abba Father! You will never amd have never let me fall. I love You Lord! You, are amazing
Abba Father, . Give me wisdom and understanding for where I'm confused and in my decision making.. . Amen
Abba Father, it’s enough for me to know that I have a Dad I can run to anytime.
Power Prayer - The IFI Team. Abba Father. "Tear away the façade and reveal. the deep anti-Semitic roots. that are being renamed. as anti-Zionism"
Pray for America. Abba Father teach me how to pray. Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done. hour season
The Most High God Lord Christ - Abba Father. The lost children, the liar's, the confused, not knowing the way & truth & life!
Good morning I'm so thankful for another day thank you Abba Father for Jesus and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit no...
Thank You, Abba Father, because I know that u are with me, helping me, and encouraging me in the name of Jesus Amen
Abba Father, help me to be patient because my hopes are with you in Jesus Name Amen
I want to thank God for his divine connections n doors he is opening,thank you Abba Father for NACADA North Rift...
Amen! Thank you Pastor Lovely Lisa Bevere! 󾌧In similar words & prophetic speech Abba Father revealed this to me...
' t Zand 33:14 Father in heaven In the Lord Jesus Christ name, when? are you going to make me Rich. I need money Abba Father.
♬You are awesome in this place, Mighty God. You are awesome in this place, Abba Father. You are worthy of all praise♬.
Abba! Father!. Though they have stripped me of everything,. I remain clothed in immense power!.
When i received God’s Spirit he adopted me as his own child. Now i call him, “Abba, Father.
Amen my dear Sister in Christ. . Jesus is our Savior NOT OUR RELIGION. We LOVE OUR ABBA FATHER, we are His children😊
Thank you for using me Abba Father! I know I'm not perfect, but in my obedience YOU are perfect Abba!
How awesome You are O Lord! Your Mighty power is manifested in my life and my loved ones who will know You, Magnificent Lord, Abba, Father!
Abba Father please keep a hedge of protection over all those who believe in your word and whom you told us to Love and pray for protection.
At the cross, Jesus was forsaken by His Father,so that you can boldly call God, "Abba, Father!'s just so refreshing to know that my sins have been forgiven by the wonderful creator. Abba Father.
Yes Abba Father, I will not be afraid. I will not be dismayed.
Halleluiah & all glory to God Abba father through Lord JESUS.
Thank you my brother,we don't call Him Abba Father for nothing,He provides for us in our time of need even when...
Abba Father, Your love is overwhelming; there's no other love like Yours.
Abba Father, shelter me from the evil one, shed Your dew upon me to calm my soul, and dwell in me fully,...
All of Us was messed up but ABBA FATHER JEHOVAH Loved Us so much He sent Jesus that we could Repent & come back to Him that's LOVE
Oluwa on point. Thank you abba father
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I will praise you Abba Father with my mouth till my last breath then my soul will continue to praise you beyond...
Abba (father) i thank you, For you have done great things!!
Father GOD, forgive us for forgetting YOU...Our ABBA FATHER (Daddy)
Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, Abba Father &Holy.Spirit. We welcome New Year 2016 &live throughout the year with you http…
Woke up this morning feeling Blessed ,all praise to Abba Father.☝
This song has been on my heart all day... You know that His grace is so sweet.. Thank you Abba Father for aall...
thanks for taking my question. I agree with the answer and I know God is my Abba Father and I have to have a reverent fear
Not that black white U sinners thought Indian Child of Abba Father & Mother GTJ
Abba Father.. help me not to repeat the same mistakes of 2015 received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as his own children. Now we call him, “Abba, Father.” Rom 8:15
Abba Father we love you... As you give us more power in You...
ABBA, FATHER, MY LORD, MY GOD… "Cause me to hear Thy lovingkindness in the morning; for in Thee do I trust" (Psalm 143:8a).
Oh Lord, it is in Your presence I belong, where I am strong and powerful. In Your presence Abba, Father, there is joy, peace, grace & mercy.
“Dearest Abba Father , as I face another day of challenges, reveal Your deep love to me. Cast out my...”
Holy Holy Holy!! Lord GOD Almighty!!! Who was and is and is to come! Abba father receive our worship tonight, in JESUS name
He's the creator of the world but He's your Abba, Father!
I'm deep in love with you, Abba Father. Lord, My heart , it beats for you, precious Jesus.
If my definition "a blessed life" excludes suffering and pain, then I want a Sugar Daddy more than Abba Father
Abba Father, You are forgiving and merciful. You are sovereign and omniscient. Thank You for liberating us through Christ. In Jesus Name.✨
If you need healing from memories of sexual abuse...Brennan Manning's classic sermon "Abba Father" via
Good Shepherd I know Your voice, Your gentle whisper guides my way, Abba Father my life is Yours -
Misty Edwards - Garden (High quality)Another song that am in love with, it takes you straight to Abba Father,
Abba Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, Thy name is EL SHADDAI, ADONAI, ELOHIM, YAHWEH, EL-OLAM, JEHOVAH and EL ELYON!
Abba Father, in the Mighty Name of Yeshua Messiah, I pray for Heavenly intervention for the Nation of Israel.
Jehovah-Jireh, God who provides. thank you, Abba Father. :') perfectly timed.
I liked a video from Brennan Manning's classic sermon "Abba Father" - Soularize 2007
Good morning Abba Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit, . These are our prayers today. Have mercy upon us Lord and save us from our sins.
PRAYER - Pray ᙡithout Ceasing!: Good morning Holy Spirit, Abba Father my life is in your hands. In Jesus name.
You have never leave me even I've walked out for so many times. Now, I'm finding my way back home -- to your comfort Abba Father.
Official petition to replace Abba Father in the hymnals with this
Your Father is so amazing... So give into perfect love, give into no condemnation. Let Abba remove all keeping you from fullness
Your praise will never cease in my mouth Abba Father.
Abba Father: Please bless the person reading this and help me be a to others. Amen
Dear Abba Father God, in Holy Name & Blood of Jesus, we love, bless & thank you for all things ...
Hey friend, dare to call Jehovah, FATHER. That's who He really is; Abba Father.
All glory to God in the highest my sister! How pleased Abba Father is when His children keep His word & love one another! Love you♡
"Abba Father which art in heaven, remove from me this world's sinful leaven." ~Laurence DeVotee Tymes
Important Biblical Concepts: God is Creator and our loving Heavenly Father. . "Abba" (Daddy, Father).
You have to let it all out and be transparent to the one who loves you the most. Thank you, Abba Father for always listening.
There is no greater love than the love of the Father...Abba Daddy God
Abba built this body... Then shut and sealed the door, and sealed it with a time-lock. Just you, your family (cells) and your Father
Loving GOD First, and all rest follow ... Hating sin too ... DeSiring to Seek to Reconcile all to Our Father, Abba Above +
And He was saying, "Abba! Father! All things are possible for You; remove this cup from Me; yet not what I will, but what You will." MK14:36
Romans 8:15 (CJB) , who makes us sons and by whose power we cry out, "Abba!" (that is, "Dear Father!").
so thankful for frosted crumbs that tumble this way while patiently waiting for continued growth! Throw sum mo Abba Father hear us please!!!
"How can I give you up when I made you for Myself?" - Abba Father. Ugh!!! God!!! This love!! Too amazing for me!!!
Your word is a lamp on to my feet. A light on my path. I thank you abba father for waking me up in my right mind,...
Have A wonderful Day Rain or Shine ABBA FATHER is Always on time to provide I pray he provides thedesires of yourheart
praise the Abba Father in Jesus name
it's only Him who makes all things beautiful. No matter the situation He remains Abba Father. It's well with you, Shalom
When you have a random conversation with a stranger and immediately know that they were sent by God. . Thank you Abba Father
the spirit of sonship in CHRIST Jesus by our faith have made us to know our true fatherFather, God the Father
Thank you Father. For nothing in significant, but for it all! I love you, Abba.. 🙇🙌💋
How do today's Israelites become Sons of God (AbbA Father)(God of Israel)? Read
Determined by Abba, Father’s calendar and begun at dawn in the Eastern Hemisphere: it is the 23nd day of the 3rd...
I love you as much as you love me, Abba father! ❤️
Abba Father, we pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in conflict regions that You may continue to bless them ..Amen.
Oh God 😩 “"Baby girl are you from Canada? Because everybody tells your father 'Canada fine daughter fa'"
You are working through it all. You are Abba Father.
Not enough in "thank you, Jesus" but those are the only words in existence, so thank you, Abba Father 💖
I mean he is abba father . If he doesn't make me laugh. Who will?. I 💕 being with Jesus. He is so holy yet touchable. He is my friend indeed
The awesomeness of God the Father is too much to explain, all I can say is thank you Abba. ❤
Your problem may be too big 4 u, but it's not 2 big for God so stop worrying & cry 'Abba, Father!'
Abba Father, thank you for enriching our hearts to be doers of your word &not hearers only, through Christ enabling all grace. In Jesus Name
*passing Abba's house*. uncle joe: who's abba?. dad: it means father. it's a baptist thing.
"This Abba Moro looks like Taju the agbero guy that collect Okada ticket in my area"chia person father
God only has one family, and Christians are Jewish by adoption 'whereby we cry Abba Father!" We are grafted in.
Disco dancing was a religious ritual performed in worship of ABBA Father and His Son, BeeGeesus.
I love your love I live everything you created and the seeds that were cast out so all can grow in and through your grace . Thank you Abba daddy
There's no sweeter feeling in the world than to call HIM (God) Abba Father!
Holy Holy,Eternal Father,we worship you,we want to know more,Abba Father,I am your son,you lift me up,surrounded by your love I want to live
I'm walking toward my Goals. I like the fact that nobody knows how far I am, toward achieving them. Abba Father, please bless my hustle.
Abba Father thank you for the unconditional love that you have blessed me with..
Jesus came to reveal that God is Father, Abba, Daddy to an orphaned planet.
Great service from A day filled with God's many blessings 🙌 ThankU Abba Father God
We thank ABBA FATHER 4 sis. agreeing 2 share her story. Mum this
We cry "Abba Father" out of utter desperation and pure enjoyment. -
Said she wants spaghetti, our neighbor brought us one. "God always provide what he thinks we need.Abba Father, U nvr seize 2 amaze
Thank you Abba Father for the gift of life, family and friends
Abba, Father:. You inhabit the praises of Your people and I want to praise You for ALL You are - the consummate...
WHAT NEED MATTERS TO YOU GOD? ABBA FATHER? My heart is aching because i felt this way before when i left my children to do
In this video the Lord gives a beautiful explanation of our creation and return to Abba Father, and the...
Dear all, let's pray!!!. Abba Father, help us to always be vessels through which Your mercy and love...
Holy Spirit reveals the heart of Abba Father to those who will simply be still and love being in His presence.
Abba Father,the you for another day
And I fix my eyes on the prize that is Jesus. I fix my gaze on You in every season of this soul of mine. And I sing, I sing: Abba Father.
Thank you Lord because we can stand in your presence and call you "Abba Father"
All glory goes to Abba Father for truly naming me 🙇
Abba Father, . Give me "the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of (You)". ~Ephesians 1:17
"We cry, 'Abba, Father!' The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God,…
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Heavenly Father... In Hebrew its abba... In Latin its papa... In Spanish its papi...
No other "private time" should be as precious & intimate 2 your soul as private time with God. Abba Father cherishes your every word.
As I sat quietly in the presence of my Abba Father this morning, I received from Him this first…
God, Father, Abba Bless the church anoint it with your finest oil, sanctify your people so that they might praise you in righteousness.
Wow... Really. Interesting. God indeed is awesome.. Thank you Abba Father
Faith is like a pot of water on fire, it reduces with multiples battles.It is paramount that we sit at Abba father's feet 2refill/rejuvenate
Wowww. The first heavy RAIN in Kaduna for the season. We pray it comes with abundant blessings. . Receive all the glory Abba Father!
Dear all, we have boldness that our Abba father hears us and He would grant whatever we ask. Thank you Jesus...
All I have to do is cry out to God and things will turn out so well. This my heart Abba Father, reside and make it your home.
There is nothing here that can surpass the Love of My Abba Father,nothing
"The love of my father is deeper than any love I know". NP: Abba Father- Planetshakers
Beautiful is the one who cries out, "Abba, Father."
El-Shaddai . The Lord Almighty. All the glory belongs to you. Thank you Jesus. Abba Father,. Reign in us. Sovereign Lord,. We love You.
Holy Bible scriptures about Abba Father and Lord Jesus Christ. Congress all the other bible's word's books, destroyed burned.
may the God Lord bless u. U have really made me know who I am to Abba Father
To follow is a powerful DECLARATION as a model for you and me: " COMMANDING THE MORNING WITH DECLARATIONS! "Abba Father, in the name of Jesus, I declare Your Lordship over the day! I get under the covering of the shadow of Your Wings El Shaddai and anointing. I come in agreement with the heavens that declare Your Glory. Father, please release the mysteries to me to bring heaven down to earth. Thank You that the (Angels) are battling on my behalf. Your Kingdom come and YOUR will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! My appointed times have been set by You Yahweh in the heavens; therefore I declare words of life that will make contact with the womb of the morning and make her pregnant with life and purposes designed by You Yahweh. I declare in Jesus name that at sunrise the dawn gives birth to the will of Yahweh Elohim, and light shines on wickedness to shake it from the heavens. At twilight my enemies flee, and newly found spoils will await me at my destination. My God given destiny is inevitable! O Je ...
Learning the Holy Spirit's voice is much like learning a new language. You hear something and repeat it. If you don't get it right, your parent corrects you. Eventually, your hearing and speaking line up until what you are saying is accurate.- (paraphrased from Heidi Baker and Kim Walker-Smith) Often times we hear the Holy Spirit speak or direct, yet out of fear of saying the wrong thing we keep quiet. However, the only way to sharpen our hearing, develop His language and discover if we heard accurately is to open our mouth boldly. If we get it wrong, Abba Father will tell us and we try again the next time. Be His fearless echo voiceprinting the atmosphere, trials and situations with His language.
Mark Batterson's book, The Circle Maker is moving me and reminding me I am better on my Knees with my Abba Father...
Then Pilate went back inside the palace. Pilate called Jesus to him. He asked Jesus, "Are you the king of the Jews?" Jesus said, "Is that your own question, or did other people tell you about me?" Pilate said, "I am not a Jew! It was your own people and their leading priests that brought you before me. What have you done wrong?" Jesus said, "My kingdom does not belong to this world. If it belonged to this world, then my servants would fight so that I would not be given to the Jewish leaders. But my kingdom is from another place." John 18:33-36 (ERV) The crux of the major issue for Jesus' life is found in one statement: "But my Kingdom is not of this world." Jesus lived by a sense of heavenly timing. Jesus lived to honor his Father in heaven by doing his Father's will and fulfilling his Father's work. He taught values that were upside down to the way the world worked. Why? Because his Kingdom was a heavenly Kingdom. Because his goal was to bring heaven's glory to life in earthly people. Jesus was no threat ...
Jehovah, Abba Father, I d still wait my portion of former and latter rain! No b smol tin
11/15/14 ( computer issues-re-post) MY MORNINGS WITH GOD: Winter; Have you ever noticed the birds during the winter when it is cold, little food and more darkness than light? As I sat there at first just being with and feeling God's presence (which always calms me) I heard the birds and watched them and the geese and God started talking to me as I watched and listened. He said for me to learn from them the 3 main ways they deal with winter months; 1) They prepare by making their nests thicker to give protection from the cold - I need to "prepare" better by not only spending time with Him but get more into His word and making sure I attend church. Knowing and understanding God's word should be every christians foundation. It will equip you with lessons on how to prepare from everything from temptation, anger, pain, hurt and grieving and all in between. 2) They go in search of food every day no matter how cold or how they feel - I need to know and understand that regardless of how I feel I need to continual ...
God i've made ma resolutions I ask 4 ur intervention Give me ur superior correction Transform my failure to solutions Give me another heart sensation I now surrender my life to u I have failed to glorify n praise u My life has been destroyed by glue All i put and surrender to u Father make my sinful life anew I have sinned n rejected you alot I'm worthless,salt with no taste I have fallen short of ur mercies I long time ago lost your glory My life is all swallowed by darkness I have lost my sight departed from me is ur might!! Evil and selfish controlled z my trait The garment you gave me is no longer white I have been foolish and careless ABBa father!!! Please forgive me I realize am a sinner LORD!!! Am in need of christ my saviour Am not worth to be called your son Christ come in ma life I have sinned alot I have fallen short of your glory Please consider me a sinner CHRISt i yearn for you Save me a worthless being Help me LoRD lead a worthwhile and glorious life Mend my broken heart lord Take and lead ...
ALMIGHTY GOD'S METHOD OF PEACE & EMPOWERING. "Stir yourself up in your most Holy Faith, (ministering unto yourself in the Power of the Holy Spirit - my version)." While spending time with Abba Father tonight, He began to intently minister to me, on the Need of Teaching & Encouraging All, to Seriously, Daily, 'DO' what that Verse Commands! Only in doing So, Will We be Empowered by Almighty God, to Train Ourselves in 'How' to NOT be drawn into a Unwarranted & Deadly 'satanic Mind Game' of fear. As Active FAITH, Controls & Balances Your Ability to Stay Current with World Events, Without Excessive & Fear Mongering Indulgences. For you see Dear ones, having a "...mind that is 'stayed' (fixed) on Jesus", as We're told Will "...Keep Us in Perfect Peace...", must be one that is actively engaged, 'Doing the Word', = Being Daily Washed by the Washing/Cleansing Effects of Being in the Word! NOTHING Can REPLACE the Life-Giving Nurturing, that Replenishes You, while being Confronted by All the Challenges Life throws . ...
Today on bass, as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Worship with our legacy, keep moving forward.thank you Abba Father Proud of Maurits Westhoven Gesina Johanna Tatipata Mathilde van Stuijvenberg John van Bekkum and our Benjamin on drums.
Good Morning Everyone!! Rise& Shine Give God the Glory!! Your alive another day, your able to move and breathe. Someone didn't wake up this morning or someone is on their death bed this Morning. Lord I just thank you for Life, shelter, food and my job. Thank you for being my Provider, my Abba father, bright& morning star, my lilly of my valleys, the lover of my soul & the joy of my salvation. I just love you Abba Father for always being there every step of the way.
Abba Father,I come to you today thanking you for life,and everything that's good in my life,but I also come to you asking you for strength for my family an myself,to make it through what the enemy is trying,we are your children an we trust that you are with us,but my tolerance level is a bit low,honestly,so I ask you for endurance Father,help me to remember that the battle is not mines,and not to take matters into my own hands,so I lay it at the feet of the cross an I leave it there,I thank you in advance for what you're about to do for us,in Jesus precious name,Amen.
Greetings!!! My Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus I am Pastor; Renaldo Francesca [Send Someone Ministries] Prayer Thought Let the Words of my mouth, and the meditation, of my heart ,be acceptable in the sight of Almighty God Let it be more of YOU Abba Father less of me, I am merely a Humble Servant wanting to do YOUR WILL. In Jesus Name!! Amen. "Live your Dream" Scripture reading Genesis 37v5 There is a dream within each one of us. A God-given and God inspired dream that God wants you to achieve for your life. You were created with Purpose, with a plan and a glorious Future, with Hope and expected end. You were born to Live this dream!! Now, Joseph dreamed a dream, many of us know the story of Joseph a shepherd boy, sold into slavery, became a prisoner and then a ruler!! But despite everything that Joseph went through he remained steadfast, he remained focused on his dream and kept on keeping on!! He kept on serving God no matter where he found himself, He stood steadfast on God's Faithfulne .. ...
Praying for the sick children I know that God grants them healing and touches their lives so powerful they cry out Abba, Father!
Day 16: I am thankful that my heater is not working again, my home phone and internet is not working and my alarm clock didn't go off, still suffering from bad dreams. And bad headache that radiates all way to my knees and very busy and stressful work weekend. .Y u may b thinkin.bc i must b doing something right for the devil to b fighting me so hard. K love is being used by my Abba Father this mornin to keep me from breaking.MY GOD IS GREATER THAN U SATAN. :P
Abba Father am still waiting for ur Promise.
You need to know...YOU HAVE A FATHER! He is Abba father, you can call upon Him always and He will reply!
Abba can call on Him and He will bless you
Thank God for that beautiful message from our Abba Father. Thank you Pastor Idowu Ogedenge
I feel in love . With the Man who . DIED. FOR . ME . 󾬗 John 3:16. Abba , Father ,. Thank you for loving me unconditionally . 󾬗
On Sundays I reconnect with God, report, and release all my fears...I cleanse my mouth with his words and give myself to him...Abba Father
. God..He wants Your Love and relationship He Is Abba Father.our Pappa! Only Love forever.. we Love HIM dearly all that
Thank you Lord Jesus for this day that you have made let us rejoice and be glad in it thank you Father Lord Jesus Abba Holy Spirit Dad Amen
Let your earth be shaken, your voice be heard, and your name be glorified...You are my God(Abba Father) and in you my peace and my strength
Your love for me is matchless, endless and beautiful. Thank you Abba Father.
My heart is well cultivated for your Word oh God. Speak Abba Father
Wen I wake up,I only say"thank you Abba father,thank you Jesus,b thou exalted,may you name b praised"cos he watched ova me tru out d nit
This is the day that the Lord has made, I choose to rejoice and be glad in. Thank you my Abba father for the gift of life! it
So call out to Him, “Abba, Father!” and know how much He loves you. Because you are His heir, all that He has is yours to enjoy today!
You are awesome in this place, Abba Father! (@ Lapu-Lapu City Alliance Church in Lapu-Lapu City)
Lord, cause to rise anew in our hearts. Restore a childlike trust in You as our Abba, Father - our Daddy God.
Abba Father, thank you for Your greatest love! (at GSJK Hall 7 - Laguna) [pic] —
My 3rd this year! Thanks You Abba Father for the opportunities to see travel and witness the beauty of…
Abba Father, strengthen make whole Baby Irene; breathe life, Your Spirit, raise her up , fill her to overflow, in JESUS!
Though, according to wikipedia, his father IS a cousin of Björn from ABBA.
God is so good at all times. . Love u my Heavenly Daddy. Abba Father- El Shaddai.Bless us Lord .
Pray to the Father (ABBA) in all season's good or bad. Pray without ceasing!
The Holy Spirit cries in our hearts, “Abba, Father” - Gal. 4:6
Morning Abba Father,. This is our prayer today. We surrender our bodies, souls, spirits and minds today to you...
"The creation of any image or statue of Abba d’Rabbuta (The Father of Greatness) is a form of idolatry. -
Glory Glory Glory to our Heavenly Father Abba father we give you all holy Glory in the mighty heavens Grace Lord Jesus nameAmN
You are awesome in this place Abba Father
on the Throne in all his Sovereignty.Abba Father you too much
Abba, Father God,The Hope You have given Me is a Strong and Trustworthy Anchor for My Life,Fill Me with All Joy and Peace as I Trust in You
Praise Jesus, Who reigns forever more! He is seated at the right hand of ABBA Father, and waiting for us, His bride...
The Almighty The Good ABBA Father did not forget our Girl taken against their WILL and He ALONE have…
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I need to make a covenant with God. Samantha need to stay and win that money...Abba Father, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Shalom Be with Samantha
Its a beautiful day. Thank you Abba Father for life
Declare: Because He loves me, Abba Father will care for me, keep me, provide for me & protect me today in Jesus' Name!
Thank you Abba Father, it was such a great day, I feel extra blessed tonight. Felt down on the floor when I was touch by Holy Spirit 💪Jesus
Baba vedu vari kudenga Umambo hwenyu ngahuuye kuda kwenyu ngakuitwe panyika sekudenga Tinokutendai baba nezuva rinonzi nhasi Ndinokutendai neuno mukana wamatipazve baba wekukurumbidzai Baba tinoremekedza zita renyu nekuti makatinakira Ishe Makatendeka zuva rimwe nerimwe munoona zvinoitika pakavanzika Baba vakatendeka baba vaneyasha Jehovha vanoramba vari Jehovah Iyemi munoti ndiri wandiri iyemi munosvinurira kuzadziswa kweshoko rimwe narimwe ramakataura muupenyu hwedu Baba we just want to love u We give u all the glory we adore u holy God for u are awesome we just want to worship u for there is none to be worshiped We worship u the everlasting God there is no other who is like unto thee we bless your name oh God we bless your name Abba Father great is thy faithfulness and thy Love We thank u u Jehovah our barner Above every situation munomira kuzviratidza We thank u Jehovah Jireh ahaa munotiitira baba vangu Ndizvo tauya baba mangwanani ano Nemoyo isina kuchena baba chenesai Ishe wengu semazai echando Ndan ...
For our military: Dear Heavenly Father, please cover with your blood the men and women who stand against the forces of the enemy to protect our country. During these economic and morale calamities, so many people take for granted their freedom, the benefits of living in this country and life-liberty and the pursuit of happiness which our solders fight so hard to defend every day. But your word says what manner of man would lay down his life for a friend. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus we call your name in prayer for our troops deployed all over this vast land, we call your name Jesus asking for your divine protection, provision and peace. This is the sacrifice that these men/women have chosen to do for their neighbors, many they have never met nor seen. We send this prayer to you, 'Abba Father' grant our solders and this beloved country the mercy and grace we need in order to thrive in peace, harmony but mostly in you. Heavenly Father help us to continue to make you the God that we trust for we know the USA was foun ...
Man on da Sabbath, I just got a call from a high school friend and at first I was hesitant to answer. I did anyway. She asked me how I was doing in the da struggle. She told me yo, you got to put it all in esus hands. Well you can guess how that conversation went. Being an Yisraelite and being groomed by the Almighty away from idols and deities, I got an Academy aAward for representing for YaHuaH! I cannot be ashamed of Abba Father or He will be ashamed of me. She said she was familiar with the children of Yisrael and the tribe of YaHuda but worships -esus. Really! How interesting, but lets keep it real lil mama. From Atlanta, Georgia, to the moon, I'm going to praise our Father correctly. We can do it gentle with soft temperament or go to the jungle with it, either way, the point has to be exactly what it is, accepting or not. Oops, she had to get her nails done and will call back another time. Chile(like grandmother used to say, child) you called me...Funny mixed up people. Now back to my day of atoneme ...
( my morning prayer ). Abba Father # I call upon thee because You are the King of kings ,You are the Lord of lords , God Almighty !!!
O God, my Abba Father, thank you for the joy I have in knowing that I am yours and that you live in me through the Holy Spirit.
Give us a glimpse of freedom and may we walk in it hand in hand with You, Abba Father. Brian Hardin
Meet the new member of my production team. GODIN Solidac A.k.a. "Ekusticos". :-) It's an electric guitar with an acoustic guitar sound. Mismu! Another dream came true to me. :-) Thank U so much po Abba Father. :-) hiyuhooo... :-) Glory & Honor belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ. :-) God bless all mga Kapatid. :-) Cheers!
Beautiful but painful testimony from Chonda Pierce someone needs to hear of Abba Father's Love for them.
Christians born in the love of God. When we were born ,were born after the day of Pentecost. After Pentecost all born knew right from wrong. Let make it clear, by reading Genesis 3:22. and Reading Hebrews 8:6-13. Come Now! brethren do not allow the things that are dead rob ye from life. Ye are the children of Light. "Read" Saint Matthews 5:13-15. Our Father is Light. "Read" 1 John 1:5 Christians are born of Abba Father. "Read" 1 John 4:4. Hold it! Christians walk in Faith. "Read" 2 Timothy 1:7 Amen!
Abba Father, thanks for speaking to me, am greatful~
We must all learn to EMPTY our cup, so that we can continue to learn more. The Beginning of ALL Wisdom is when we realize how much we DON'T KNOW.WHO ARE YOU?Your self image is NOT a reflection of who you are, YOUR SELF-IMAGE DETERMINES WHO YOU ARE. ( Everyone has created their own self-image).You cannot earn more than your self-image. ( if you are stuck financially like I was . $22K in my 5th Yr in Business.Work on seeing yourself as God see's You).Your Identity leads to your destiny. My self-image increased geometrically when I internalized who my TRUE FATHER was.(when we are born-again God shifts from our God, and becomes our Abba Father) I love my biological Father( who passed 40 yrs ago), BUT HAVE NO DOUBT, I "KNOW"WHO'S I AM! Your Success comes from INSIDE-OUT. That's why the root word for Educate means: "To pull out what's already been deposited". KNOW THYSELF
Little Giant Ladders
Thank you Abba Father for your holy Torah!
Today should have been my 35th Anniversary - instead it is marking the 2nd year of my divorce. God and I have been down a very LONG road - and this has taken a great toll on my health. God is in control - He promises beauty for ashes. Pray that I will remain faithful to my Abba Father and that He will heal my heart, body, mind and spirit so that this "mess" can become a message to help others. God is oh so faithful - thank you Lord for tucking me under your wing.
O Father, my Abba Father, thank you for the grace of prayer. Thank You for listening to both my words and my...
Jesus Christ My Lord Abba Father protect us all help us
Abba Father, we now know that when You say You will never leave us nor forsake us, You mean it in every sense.
He gave his dying father a kidney to save his life 😳🙏 his son is the real MVP
All my love my heart my LIFE is a testimony! Thank you Abba Father for your abundant blessing upon my life and family I love you.
Fábio Coentrão will become father for the second time! His baby son is expected to be born on August 1 and will be calle…
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