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Ababu Namwamba

Pius Tawfiq Namwamba Ababu is Minister for Sports and Youth affairs of the Republic of [Kenya]. A member of the Orange Democratic Movement, Namwamba was elected to represent Budalangi Constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya in the Kenyan parliamentary election, 2007.

Raila Odinga Hon Ababu Namwamba John Mbadi Mutahi Ngunyi Public Accounts Committee Magerer Langat Otieno Kajwang Bonny Khalwale Nelson Mandela Moses Kuria Alfred Mutua Prime Minister William Ruto Orange Democratic Movement Jubilee Coalition

Ababu namwamba welcome to our party
a really achievement man, no wonder under siege, KUDOZ!
Ababu namwamba has survived very lucky but he should thank Raila Odinga for saving him.
They want to tarnish ababu namwamba's name.saitan!
'Today truth has triumphed over lies'- Ababu Namwamba after he survives plan to oust him as PAC Chair
Do you support the decision to retain Ababu Namwamba as Public Accounts Committee chair? .
Bundalangi Mp Ababu Namwamba survives vote of no-confidence as PAC chairman, after Mps seeking to ouster him fall short of required votes
Runyenjes MP Cecily Mbarire is a vociferous part of the Jubilee Coalition juggernaut but her actions helped save...
:MP Ababu Namwamba survives no confidence motion
Wen are you gonna make me a cartoon character Ababu Namwamba survives the graft siege! (cont)
ABABU NAMWAMBA&millionaire mansion re-surfaces after Bribery claims at PAC, See it. - Read more >>>
Ababu Namwamba’s narrow escape ... Just how did he survive ouster as PAC chair? All the details on
Ababu Namwamba survives the graft siege!
Ababu Namwamba retains PAC Chairman seat after 13 members voted for him and 9 against him,he should thank BABA...
ODM's Nyatike MP Edick Anyanga votes against Ababu Namwamba in a no confidence motion against the chair
Ababu Namwamba survives impeachment as collegues refuse to participate in vote: Runyenjes MP…
Ababu Namwamba saved by Raila's phone call to ODM MPs.
ODM Secretary General Hon Ababu Namwamba retains his PAC Watchdog Committee as 13 Members voted to have him...
Ababu Namwamba survives a spirited attempt to oust him from the chairmanship of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) over corruption claims.
HERE is the LIST of MPs VOTED for and AGAINST Ababu Namwamba to be PAC Chairman -pac-chairman
Embattled chairman of The Public Accounts Committee Ababu Namwamba narrowly survives an ouster by one vote.
MPs for Hire? PAC members plot removal of chairman Ababu Namwamba
I could have abused you the so called sec. Gen Ababu Namwamba but let me spare myselfof moneyanything happening in kenya e.g Langata scenario ni H.E Kenyatta?NKT.
Sometime back, i understood that Dr Alfred Mutua, Ababu Namwamba and Margere Langat were planning their own stuff...
2nyt on President did it,Ababu Namwamba did it...what exactly does it
"Cheap imports and corruption has completely destroyed the sugar industry" -Ababu Namwamba, ODM SG.
Why Ababu Namwamba failed to get the ODM Secretary General position
Ababu Namwamba wants Paul Kobia investigated over Fidels death - SMS the word TUJUANE to 21145 More ~>
maybe i forgot to insert quote marks.its from ur small god Ababu Namwamba.
Aden Duale is an embarrassment to the community>>> if we could trade him for Ababu Namwamba we could.
Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba: Let us use Fidel's death to bring unity in the country
Hon Ababu Namwamba SG and John Mbadi currently in consultative meetings in Kajiado town.Kajiado let's get the...
must be investigated thoroughly over FIDEL's death, ABABU NAMWAMBA says. via
ODM SG Ababu Namwamba apologises to president and Kenyans on behalf of the party, for the heckling and hooliganism during Fidel's burial.
I applaud the ODM sec general Ababu Namwamba for apologizing to the president for the heckling directed to cs...
Ababu Namwamba’s son accused of Monolizing students at Nairobi School - SMS the word TUJUANE to 21145 More ~>
We are sorry Mr President, Ababu Namwamba says via
"We are sorry Mr President, Ababu Namwamba says " I concur what happened in bondo was primitive
Amedu wat Ababu Namwamba is that guy ya know
Ababu Namwamba’s son‚ has been accused of beating other students at Nairobi School‚ where he is currently...
Generali Ababu Namwamba, answer me, what if ODM delegates elect Dr. Zani?
Some of the senior politicians we attended to from the County led by H.E. Ojaamong, Hon. Ababu Namwamba and Hon.
Hon. Ababu Namwamba: Youth Fund is a great call to the development of this country.
The Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) has started investigating 11 MPs who reportedly started chaos in Parliament that left several MPs injured when CORD and Jubilee MPs engaged in a vicious battle over the controversial Security Bill on Thursday.Addressing a Press Conference on Friday, EACC chairman, Mumo Matemu, said his commission will probe the conduct of 11 MPs who misbehaved on Thursday adding that the commission will initiate their removal from office if they are found culpable.Here is the list of MPs who are being investigated by EACC and who may lose their seats. 1. Suba MP, John Mbadi 2. Bahati MP, Kimani Ngunjiri. 3. Homa Bay Women Representative, Gladys Wanga. 4. Mbita MP, Millie Odhiambo Mabona. 5. Dagoreti MP, Simba Arati 6. Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria. 7. Budalangi MP, Ababu Namwamba. 8. Kajiado North MP, Moses Ole Sakuda 9. Kandara MP, Alice Wahome. 10.Chuka – Igambang’mbe MP- Muthomi Njuki 11. Njoro MP – Joseph Kiuna The commission will also investigate Senators, Boni K ...
I have a dream, Ababu Namwamba, will be The President of this Country in 2022. All young n Old will support him.
Arrest warrant issued for CORD leaders Ababu Namwamba and Bonny Khalwale over OccupyParliamnet protests.
A Warrant of Arrest has just been issued against Kakamega Senator & Ababu Namwamba for being behind…
And it begins... "Arrest warrant issued for Bonnie Khalwale and Ababu Namwamba over Occupy Parliament protest.
Ababu Namwamba, John Mbadi and Millie Odhiambo are the real thing.
Chaos marred a special Parliamentary sitting on the contentious Security Bill on Thursday morning forcing National Assembly speaker Justin Muturi to call for a 30-minute adjournment. The session that had been convened to vote on the Security Laws (Amendment) Bill 2014 introduced in Parliament by the Executive turned chaotic when opposition MPs started chanting in the plenary rendering the process impossible. The MPs tore up order papers on the amendments and littered the floor while chanting bado mapambano as deputy speaker Joyce Laboso tried in vain to direct the vote. Muturi who was forced to return to the plenary from the Speaker's chambers ordered the removal of Cord senators from the Speaker's Gallery. The senators are Kakamega's Boni Khalwale, Siaya's James Orengo, Johnstone Muthama of Machakos and Bungoma's Moses Wetang'ula who is also Cord co-principal and Senate Assembly Minority leader. The sitting that was to facilitate the Committee of the whole House was preceded by a warning from Muturi of d ...
"This house is surrounded by security forces, giving the impression of a police state" - Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba
Ababu Namwamba, first on the floor and today with lighter spectacles.
Ababu Namwamba: "the bill is a contradiction to the constitution" . Wait.. OKOA Kenya was geared towards...
namwamba should fight of all get the ODM hse in order as the sec-gen
Form is temporary but class is permanent ,Ababu Namwamba
Ababu Namwamba: The bend of history is long but it always bends towards justice
Ababu Namwamba: "We are against attempts to role out gains that Kenyans have fought for, suffered for and died for.."
Ababu Namwamba: This bill is an attempt to roll back the gains that the country has made
Ababu Namwamba: The bill is a contradiction to the constitution
Ababu Namwamba: Parliament is supposed to be a conscience collection for the nation
Ababu Namwamba: This bill should not have been moved in parliament
Ababu Namwamba: National assembly should be a collection of the conscience of the nation
Ababu Namwamba: Do not be cheated we are in a state of war.
Fellow kenyans,do not be not be deluded,we are in a state of war. Ababu Namwamba
ODM SG Ababu Namwamba is ready to unite the orange party
ODM fault IEBC for the botched Homabay Senate nominations.I said it ODM is a personal affair. Ababu Namwamba...
ODM secretary general Ababu Namwamba says the opposition will support government in the war against terror,but not draconian security bills
Ababu Namwamba says proposed security laws amendment Bill will send Kenya back to dark days
I stand with Ababu Namwamba. The proposed law will indeed catch up with them and it surely will be a return to a one party state.
Ababu Namwamba says the proposed security bill will send Kenya back to the dark days -
DAILY POST: FRANCIS KIMEMIA now trains his gun on ABABU NAMWAMBA as he breathes fire via
Hasan Joho,Ababu Namwamba and John Mbadi should resign if they allow Senator Raila Amolo Odinga to vie for the...
Odinga Nyong'o Namwamba it will be a big political mistake for Raila Odinga to contest the homa bay senatorial seat.
I see they're float Ababu Namwamba as ODMs Sec Gen. RAO is finally thinking.
I want to take this opportunity to congratulate H. E Hon Hassan Joho, General Hon Ababu Namwamba and Major...
thanks odm coz to me ababu namwamba is our future president after raila n I really feel it.
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Ababu Namwamba's dream of leading Mulembe nation to Canaan (presidency) has no difference with kingwa Kamenchu...
REVEALED: WHY Ababu Namwamba and his team WANT Raila to take a REST
STRATEGY: Ababu Namwamba and his NEW team WANT Raila to take a BACKSEAT
ODM has approved a new list of the party leadership that installs Budalang'i MP Ababu Namwamba as the new Secretary General.
Ababu Namwamba will take ODM to greater heights.Take note.
Ababu Namwamba, John Mbadi endorsed to ODM top posts via
FROM THE KRAALS OF KENYA I.E BOMAS;. ODM has endorsed Raila as party leader, John Mbadi as Chairman, Ababu Namwamba as the SG.
Outgoing Secretary General Prof. Anyang' Nyong'o hands over the instruments of ODM party to new SG Ababu Namwamba.
OUTGOING ODM Secretary General Prof Nyong'o hands over to Ababu Namwamba as NGC approves list of new party officials.
New Sec Gen Ababu Namwamba: The new ODM is fresh and Reloaded.
New Sec Gen Ababu Namwamba: I extend an olive branch to anyone dissatisfied with the new line-up.
New Sec Gen Ababu Namwamba: We will deal will the perennial party nomination challenge.
"We must strengthen our grassroots elections" -Ababu Namwamba
New Sec Gen Ababu Namwamba: Our rivals must know we are up again.
"Jubilee be very afraid.very'coz we are coming for you" -Ababu Namwamba.
New Sec Gen Ababu Namwamba: Jubilee should be very afraid.
New Sec Gen Ababu Namwamba: The new tean will re-invigorate the party.
New Sec Gen Ababu Namwamba: I applaud our party leader Raila Odinga for bringing us together.
New Sec Gen Ababu Namwamba: I am honoured to be the new party Sec Gen.
New Sec Gen Ababu Namwamba: The past few months have been a big test to ODM.
Outgoing ODM SG Anyang Nyongo hands over the position to incoming Sec Gen Ababu Namwamba.
Hon Hassan Ali Joho DPL Hon Raila Odinga PL and Ababu Namwamba SG at the Bomas high table setting out the 2017...
ODM Proposed leaders John Mbadi, Ababu Namwamba and Hassan Joho arrive at Bomas of Kenya in style
POSSIBLE FALLOUT: Pressure on Ababu Namwamba to deliver clean nomination in Homa Bay
Reloading ,Rebranding looming . Time To Gather The Scattered . SG Ababu Namwamba to lead the team . One word
If ODM loses Kajiado Central by election it shall be peddled as a referendum on 2017. Ababu Namwamba, we can't lose this.
Litmus test for the new ODM Secretary General Ababu Namwamba to deliver Kajiado Central to ODM. It shall be a very tough race.
Seeing Ababu Namwamba calling Jubilee all sorts of names and praising Raila like Jesus of Nazareth you are forced...
Ababu namwamba is set to be the SC. We support him
Ababu Namwamba reaches out to foes in ODM
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Ababu Namwamba vs Farah Maalim...who is this David Ochola who doesn't seem to understand the direction off the wind?
Old players retire and young like ababu namwamba are ashered in to push the team to the next legacy,lets stop personal intrest build the pty
Politicians from the rival Cord and Jubilee Coalition Sunday intensified public exchanges over security in the country. Jubilee MPs rallied to the defence of President Kenyatta after the harsh criticism aimed at him during Friday’s burial of Homa Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang’ while their Cord counterparts continued to blame the government for the deteriorating security in the wake of the Mandera bus attack in which 28 people were shot dead in cold blood. The political battles came as civil society activists, including former Governance and Ethics Permanent Secretary John Githongo, joined the fray, demanding that the President either resigns or be impeached over the government’s failure to guarantee security. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITY In Nairobi, Budalang’i MP and ODM interim secretary-general Ababu Namwamba and his colleagues, Mr Opiyo Wandayi (Ugunja), Ms Gladys Wanga (Homa Bay County), Ms Florence Mutua (Busia County) and Mr Irshad Sumra (Embakasi South) said the President’s major responsibility was ...
I will continue work and support Rt. Hon Raila Odinga and ODM, but will never work with Chief moles like Ababu Namwamba.
Ababu Namwamba has his eyes set on inheriting ODM but i am sure Evans Kidero wants that too . Interesting times ahead for the orange party
secretary general is a vry powerful position forn Ababu namwamba not to be loyal to Odm
Despite my misgivings and for purposes of transformation of ODM,i will take the word of my party leader Raila Odinga and embrace the new ODM lineup...I also expect the likes of Governor Joho and Hon Ababu Namwamba to live up to their words at the funeral of Otieno Kajwang and defend the party at all costs..No more moles..If Baba in his own wisdom found them to be a good team,so who Am I to oppose ? And even if i must oppose,what is the common good? The common denominator now should be the welfare of ODM despite any difference of opinion..There are bound to be many defiencies in the Joho/Ababu team and that is why i crave indulgence of party members.If their leadership will stimulate the energies of the party,i will be satisfied.And if it will lead to re-examination of our operation strategy and the ultimate victory in 2017,i will feel rewarded.Meanwhile in the spirit of ODM,let us support them as we keep the checklist of the misgivings in case they go off the road.
Brigadier Ababu Namwamba,like i told you loyalty is not going to be named by how many bottles i can destroy in the name of the party, work for the party ase malipo is definately going to come, wuo fidel doesn't have to pay you per se, wawinjre?Look at how Joho is working tirelessly, if i had a sister still had a sister for marriage Ababu and Joho would be fighting for the same woman even if they're married, loyalty is going to help your family, this nation and the whole world, this cannot be debated anywhere..
So, I'm just asking, was Gerald Kajwang' a National Leader or Homabay Leader? Was he a Kenyan or a Luo. In South Africa when Nelson Mandela was being buried, the language was acceptable across board. So, am I right to say that Kajwang's burial was an ethnic burial attended by ethnic leaders whose main aim was to whip ethnic emotions and paint Jubilee Coalition and make it look bad? On a similar note, did Ababu Namwamba say the Raila is re-branding? Well, Churchill has competitors in comedy.
'and to our worthy opponents, if you thought that ODM is disintergrating. Be warned ODM has reloaded & rebranded & the Party Leader, has reloaded his gun & is getting ready to fire...are you ready?.The General Ababu Namwamba, ODM Secretary Otieno Kajwang's funeral.
Of all the speeches i hve heard at hon kajwang's funeral it is Nyong'os speech that moved me,he spoke like a true pan Africanist,the likes of Marcus garvey and Gearge Padmore would be very proud of their great scholer.He was closely followed by my political mentor Ababu Namwamba and senate speaker Ekwe Ethuro.I still believe Hassan Omar and Wako could hve done better.As for Muthama and Ongoro pull up your socks,passion makes more sense than emotions and bitterness.All said and done RIP senator kajwang the legendry debator
my hero Ababu Namwamba is now the Secretary General.congs Hon.
Ababu Namwamba the only man who has ever sworn with Railas name as the President am the 2nd one
Ababu Namwamba you have assured them you aren't what they thought!!! Tuko tayari!
kajwang this is a lou affair and the only national face is that of Ababu Namwamba.kudos Ababu,u spoke in english !
Tafiq Ababu Namwamba : "Salute a fallen general, go the well"
Now that Ababu Namwamba has the Secretary General job,Raila & ODM have again become angels.Hehehe.Hypocricy in...
As Ababu Namwamba re-invents himself by pledging loyalty to RAO.will he survive the 'mole' branding brigade?
Ababu Namwamba is reborn and maybe he is forgiven
Ababu Namwamba: I salute the fallen soldier
Can't believe Ababu Namwamba was my politician of the month in September . Shaking my head, talking bout oaths
Not with Raila as the commander Mr Namwamba? Kidero and Ababu let me down.we need a new ODM.
Ababu Namwamba is using this opportunity to redeem himself and shade his mole tag..a smart political kid of Raila
One would think Ababu Namwamba was going to make some 2004 Obama-esq speech to the nation... give hope and save us from hash tags...but...
Listening to Ababu Namwamba saying "am the only man who has sworn an oath in Raila Amollo Odinga that .".
The crowd is cheering Ababu Namwamba with caution.
Ababu Namwamba: As we lay Kajwang' to rest I have an obligation to ensure that the late Kajwang's dream comes true
Ababu Namwamba is back but wait he is vulnerable to the dark forces
As Ababu Namwamba pledges loyalty. .man is reborn. For how long?
John Mbadi and Ababu Namwamba know how to blow their own trumphets
Ababu Namwamba is Raila's political son and see how he gets a warm reception at unlikely time in an unlikely place
Ababu Namwamba: We have lost a towering leader
Hon. Ababu Namwamba takes to the podium to eulogise the Late Senator Kajwang' & say a few words to the mourners.
Ababu Namwamba the not the jubilee mole gets his say...
Ababu Namwamba unveiled as ODM SG to the applause from mourners
Hon Ababu Namwamba and Amos Wako are present at the ceremony
We need a stronger CORD. Get rid of Ababu Namwamba and woo Martha Karua!
We need a stronger opposition. Cord is so disorganized. Get rid of Ababu Namwamba Mr. Egocentric and woo Martha Karua
Parents of Nairobi School Students Complain of Bullying by Ababu Namwamba’s Son
It seems to me Otuoma has a personal beef with Ababu Namwamba. And it got to do with Busia county politics, not ODM
ODM's ABABU NAMWAMBA is a real baller, See this (PHOTO) via
The ODM line-up remains rejected until Ababu Namwamba is rejected from the party.
ODM supporters say ABABU NAMWAMBA must go! He is a UHURU /RUTO’s mole - Ads on >>...
RAO Watch | Raila Odinga reveals the agenda of the meeting among Ababu Namwamba ... - The Standard Digital New...
Cord 'rebels' Ababu, Mutua, Mungaro and Magerer hold second meeting in Nairobi Yesterday | Four Cord coalition leaders are currently meeting at Nairobi hotel. Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba, Kilifi North MP Gideon Mung’aro and embattled ODM Executive Director Magerer Langat are holed up in a ‘secret’ meeting at the Jacaranda Hotel in Westlands, Nairobi. They four have not yet addressed the media. Ababu was spotted typing notes on his laptops as the meeting that started at around 5.10pm progressed. The four have been accused of being Jubilee moles and sympathizers, they held a similar meeting at Serena hotel in Mombasa last Thursday. The meeting followed an incident in which the ODM executive director was forcibly ejected from a party meeting by Nairobi MCAs. Mutua has also been seen as a Jubilee sympathiser who works closer with the party than with Cord and his Wiper party. Namwamba has in the past been accused of being the Jubilee mole in the cord coaliti ...
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RAILA BEGS ABABU TO STAY... On Monday, Budalangi MP, Ababu Namwamba, met former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, at his Capitol Hill Offices in Upper Hill, where they discussed a number of issues including the ongoing rebellion within the Orange party. The meeting which lasted for three hours where Raila urged Namwamba to remain in ODM despite the leadership wrangles within. Raila also urged the fiery Budalang’i lawmaker to talk to his colleagues – Kilifi North MP, Gideon Mungaro, and ODM Executive Director, Magerer Langat - to return to ODM assuring them that he will resolve all issues they will raise. The meeting came days after Namwamba, Mr Langat, Machakos Governor, Alfred Mutua and Mungaaro threatened to form a new political outfit (ODM Team Fresh), saying they have been held hostage by old guards in ODM. Namwamba is said to have been called by the former PM who is trying to resuscitate his already dying party. The firebrand MP, who is one of the key pillars of ODM, told Raila Odinga that ODM is cur ...
Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba has told ODM leader Raila Odinga to take charge, claiming the party had been taken hostage by hoo…
I support gentlemen like Ababu Namwamba, Alfred Mutua and Gedion Mungaro. CORD has become a property for Raila, Kalonzo and Wetangula.
Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba has defended himself against accusations from his colleagues in Cord that he is being used by the government.
Ababu Namwamba Is allegedly the Newest grabber as more names and details leaked
when Ababu Namwamba becomes president, I will be cabinet secretary for transport and infrustructure.. yup.
Via Ratteng Élias Odhiambo. ABABU NAMWAMBA: This must not be construed to be some kind of character assassination... http:…
Remember to post pics like ababu Namwamba ..goodnight boss !
Kenyans deserve better than this political nonsense, Ababu Namwamba tells CORD critics
Look at how much Publicity you have given Ababu Namwamba. He did publicly what the holy than thou do in hiding.
ABABU NAMWAMBA's wife flaunts her Assets in the Beach. She's really blessed
CORD has accused Ababu Namwamba of betraying the party for appearing to side with the Jubilee Government on...
Cord lawmakers are up in arms against Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba for. appearing to be siding with the Jubilee...
NAMWAMBA drives the last nail into Raila Odinga’s coffin and humiliates him again - 9robi
Here's a school in ABABU NAMWAMBA's constituency, it will SHOCK you via
ABABU NAMWAMBA gets Romantic with his wife, many will envy this(PHOTOs):~ via
Did ABABU NAMWAMBA lose Ksh 2 MILLION to a PROSTITUTE?, He speaks out. - Read more >>>
Ababu Namwamba shows off romantic getaway with his wife in India
MP Ababu Namwamba takes time off for a romantic getaway with beautiful wife via
I am not a Deadbeat DAD, ABABU NAMWAMBA having fun with his wife and children - Read more >>>
t was bound to happen sooner rather than later. The superbly erudite and brilliant Pius Tawfiq Ababu Namwamba,...
ABABU NAMWAMBA shows Kenyan men how to treat their wives (PICS) - Read more >>>
ABABU NAMWAMBA&wife dispalys her fundamentals, Rate her (1-10)s - Read more >>>
Ababu Namwamba takes time off BVR probe to enjoy sights of India - Politics -
ABABU NAMWAMBA can be this romantic, See how he treats his family (PICS) - Read more >>>
ABABU NAMWAMBA&wife flaunts her Assets in the Beach. She&really blessed - Read...
It was bound to happen sooner rather than later, has hit a brick wall in ODM
I am finding even more reasons why i should support Ababu Namwamba, s cause. Some folks are not...
A big blow to cord as PAC chair Ababu namwamba prepares to table a bill that wil increase county allocation funds from 210b to 400 b.
Someone...If You see Ababu. Namwamba kindly tell him that Raila has features below and .many others:. 1.
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"Claims of woman stealing Sh2m from me are cheap lies," affirms MP Ababu Namwamba
Uhuru is the best president ever i regret supporting Raila~Ababu Namwamba
I think Ababu Namwamba has right to his opinion. Though you might unnecessarily think he's biased towards Raila.
What is Ababu Namwamba doing in ODM/CORD? He should be donated to Jubilee for free.
Uhuru Kenyatta is the best President ever and I regret supporting Raila Odinga– Hon.Mr.Ababu Namwamba
Ababu Namwamba has finally grown up n moved away from Raila nonsense. Waiting for the birth of the real opposition party!
ABABU NAMWAMBA. What Raila Odinga, Wetangula and Khalwalwe said over the weekend,. telling CORD MPs to snub...
HEADLINES THAT YOU WILL NEVER SEE. Raila Odinga jets out to US and handovers ODM to Hon.Mr.Ababu Namwamba.
I trust that Hon. Ababu Namwamba shall be present during the join parliamentary session addressed by H. E The President.
TA: Parliament has key to more county cash Nairobi - The Transition Authority Chairman Kinuthia Wamwangi has said county governments would get more funds if Parliament quickly approves Auditor General’s reports. Wamwangi said the sharing of national revenue is guided by audited reports approved by Parliament. Also read: Referendum won't lead to increased taxes He asked referendum proponents to stop their campaigns and instead press the National Assembly Public Accounts Committee led by Ababu Namwamba to quickly approve the reports and have more funds given to county governments, The Standard reports. Wamwangi’s statement comes days after the Chairman of the Council of Governors Isaac Ruto said that the governors’ Pesa Mashinani team was ready to join with Cord’s Okoa Kenya team to push for a referendum to have more funds allocated to county governments to spur development.
I can bet that Ababu Namwamba will be present in Parliament this afternoon. Prove me right son of democracy we know you won the ODM elections but the selfproclaimed fathers of democracy couldnt accept the outcome.
Am likely to see Dalmas Otieno and Ababu Namwamba in today's parliament brief by HE the president
Ababu Namwamba 2022! The way this guy is doing rounds of development projects across the country, and less...
Hon Anyang Nyong'o earlier today with Hon Ababu Namwamba and the ODM youths coordinator Hon Benson Musungu...
Raila’s Sh15 billion claim baffles probe team such ''figures best left for the rallies and funerals'', Hon Ababu Namwamba.
All purpose parts banner
Hon. Ababu Namwamba is a Leader we didn't know. Stating the facts as they are without being influenced by petty Politics .
Ababu Namwamba is such a sell out! You cant contradict facts. The fact is that money was lost.hata kama ni...
Ababu Namwamba disagrees with Raila’s 15 billion claim as probe team says only 2.4b in focus
HERE IS THE ARTICLE ABABU NAMWAMBA IS ACCUSED OF plagiarizing. The Standard has not pulled it down
I support Ababu Namwamba who said,nobody should play cheap politics with this serious matter including his party leader
Monday September 29, 2014 - Barely a day after Uhuru/ Ruto’s Jubilee threatened to summon CORD leader, Raila Odinga, before a Parliamentary Committee to be grilled over the missing sh15 billion which he claims President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy President, William Ruto, stole ahead of the 2013 General Election, Budalangi MP, Ababu Namwamba, has made the first move to bury the idea completely. [ 146 more words. ]
Who said dreams are not valid? Take a look at this Photo of ABABU NAMWAMBA while still a high schooler...
THIEF EXPOSED : HOW Ababu Namwamba copy pasted Greene’s 1998 Book to his COLUMN!
EMBARRASING: Ababu Namwamba ACCUSED of PLAGIARISM- copy pasting Greene’s 1998 Book to his COLUMN!
Ababu Namwamba sponsored helicopter leaked. See details of how ruto wired 100m to MP
ABABU NAMWAMBA, You must know that all Kenyans pay taxes and have a right to development. Uhuru Kenyatta, never...
PAC to Table Accounts [The Star]The parliamentary Public Accounts Committee chairman Ababu Namwamba has said the...
Outfoxing your rival wiser than hurling shoes at him - By Ababu Namwamba.
Am always amused by the brains of this man Ababu Namwamba.
Instead of tact, some leaders resorted to insult, noises, and throwing objects -Ababu Namwamba
Ababu Namwamba’s advice to Raila; outfoxing your rival is better than ‘throwing shoes’
Is Fred Gumo better than Ababu Namwamba? "ero is Remy better than Drogba?
Ababu Namwamba: Let&be careful as we think of making changes. -
Ababu Namwamba should leave ODM,if he feels dissatisfied with ODM'S democratic processes let him resign,Raila...
To the likes of ababu namwamba.. Can u pple style up n form a grt team in ODM or quit
Let’s be careful as we think of making changes- Ababu Namwamba
Ahead on I am not a political mole, Ababu Namwamba says over current ODM wrangles. Details at 1PM.
ODM delegates want Hon.Mr.Ababu Namwamba as the ODM secretary general, claiming he won the party elections...
Ati someone has told Ababu Namwamba, he is the biggest thing to happen in Luhya politics since Elijah Masinde
The. bond between Budalangi MP,. Ababu Namwamba, and Deputy. President William Ruto seems to. be growing stronger by...
It requires a lot of carefulness to kill the fly that perches on the scrotum...Raila should be careful on how he handles Ababu Namwamba.
Plans are afoot to kick Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba and ODM executive director Magerer Langat out of the party, according to sources. The sources disclosed that MPs allied to Mr Raila Odinga planned to petition the party’s Parliamentary Group to kick out the two youthful politicians for their perceived dalliance with the Jubilee Coalition. Accusations have piled up against Mr Namwamba and Mr Langat since Mr Odinga’s return from the US in May and their subsequent skipping of many activities linked to the Cord alliance referendum campaign, including the Saba Saba rally at Uhuru Park, the Tononoka rally in Mombasa, and other rallies in Kakamega, Busia and Kisumu. Only last month, ODM risked a falling out at the Coast when it removed Minority Whip in the National Assembly Gideon Mung'aro, and now planned the same for Mr Namwamba, who is chairman of the Parliamentary Accounts Committee. The disclosure emerged even as Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho defended Mr Namwamba against claims that anti-ODM forc ...
Philemon Wesonga. ODM parliamentary group meeting is over, but poor Hon Ababu Namwamba (who unsuccessfully tried...
Hon Ababu Namwamba present at the ODM Parliamentary group Meeting currently at Orange house Nairobi
Ababu Namwamba: In the face of evil, silence cannot be golden -
Look at how ABABU NAMWAMBA insulted and abused Raila Odinga live on Saturday -
I'll just sit here and pretend I didn't see the resemblance between Ababu Namwamba and Chimano.
I love how Ababu Namwamba dresses,he remids me of Class and elegance
Why ABABU NAMWAMBA must leave ODM now? The die is cast. -
I still insist Ababu Namwamba should leave or at least ODM should allienate him before it is too late. This guy...
Ababu Namwamba should be reminded that use and dump has not died in Kenya politics.
Look how NAMWAMBA’s wife abused Raila Odinga just after Ababu as she hails MIGUNA -
nobody shall shake me, nobody shall intimidate me, nobody shall scare me and I will remain the Ababu Namwamba who...
Ababu Namwamba cannot ascend to power so easily. He has taken himself back several steps. Let me opine here that...
Nigerian Drug load Anthony Chinedu said to be funding Ababu Namwamba in an attempt to to Raphael Wanjala, Akinyi's clande
Is ABABU NAMWAMBA lying to all Kenyans about Raila Odinga’s ODM . Then leave -
Mutahi Ngunyi: Ababu Namwamba should DEFECT from ODM to avoid Mudavadi syndrome [29]
CORD principal, Kalonzo Musyoka presidential ambitions were hit below the belt by Luhya politicians associated with Budalangi MP, Ababu Namwamba and his bid to inherit Mzee Raila Odinga's electoral constituency now looks very remote given the close association of Luos and Luhyas both culturally and geographically. The mulembe people are said to have made a deal yesterday for Budalangi MP to take over from CORD chief, Mzee Raila Odinga who agreed to their demands. This was after the firebrand legislator raised a storm that required all the political experience of Mzee Raila Odinga to cool it. However, we are not sure whether the former premier will keep his word because in politics a day can change alot of things. ODM grassroots politicians from Western Kenya warned Kalonzo Musyoka and Luos to keep off the Presidency when Mzee Raila Odinga bolts out of politics because it is Ababu Namwamba who will take over from him. The leaders vowed never to take any nonsense from Luos who are making frantic efforts inc ...
The Governors Post MA HATERS MKO WAP? Renowned political analyst of the ''Tyranny of numbers'' fame, Mutahi Ngunyi has jumped into the political debate unfolding in Western Kenya piting Budalangi legislator Ababu Namwamba and CORD chief, Mzee Raila Odinga. Speaking on...
Kenya Today-TNA political analyst he of ''Tyranny of numbers'' fame, Mutahi Ngunyi is the latest to be enjoined in the mini battle to help Ababu Namwamba split Raila's
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
''Ababu Namwamba is a Rising Star in Luhyaland who will deliver the people of Mulembe to Canaan''~Mutahi Ngunyi.
ODM, SHOULD LISTEN TO ABABU NAMWAMBA. Leadership without a cause is an empty rhetoric. The sooner we realize this the better. Advice is another free token given to those who can listen and skeptical to those who refuse to embrace it. Our society is polarized by negativity and not stewardship. Kenyans will always applaud a rich political demagogue but dismiss a visionary and service pro leader. That explains our state of economy. At one point, ODM was the mother of all political parties but for now, the party mighty risk the hugest political blow if Coastal and Western people decides to withdraw. The Western people feel, they need liberation and independence and on the other hand, coastal people need their own cake served at their wish. Leadership requires self sacrifice and taking a major risk of servicing the people instead of selfishness and personality. Let's remember Nelson Mandela with his firm remarks, "For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enh ...
It is now crystal clear UhuRuto will recapture presidency in 2017. The woes that are rocking odm currently,are clear indications that Raila is on the verge of losing a large constituency of his support. It is naive to think Raila can mount a serious challenge to Uhuruto presidency without the backing of western pple. Truth be told. In practical sense, odm is a luo/nyanza party where dictatorship is the hallmark of their daily affairs. Infact the nudity of odm was exposed by one Ababu Namwamba. To rest my case, i can affirmatively say,odm death is imminent. Rest in peace odm.
Raila Odinga, the Former Prime Minister is now one worried man following the threats by the outspoken Ababu Namwamba who is the Budalangi Member of P
Those who think they are more ODM than Ababu Namwamba please spare us. Tumechoka na kelele zenu.You are just...
Ababu Namwamba crisis in ODM is God-sent gift to Kenya like Miguna Miguna just before 2013 elections. Cord referendum is doomed
Ababu Namwamba is a wise politician. He's not ditching ODM. He wants to overshadow the likes of Musalia, (cont)
Can we cease from Discussing One-Ababu Namwamba. Why always him not How can we go out and urge people to...
Ababu Namwamba must apologise to Musalia Mudavadi for claiming that if they vote for him, they were voting for...
Lawmakers defend Ababu over claims -
George Nyongesa. Hon. Ababu Namwamba should take political highway. He should spare us shenanigans. His reunion...
My honest opinion: ODM should let Ababu Namwamba go. Party leadership requires a lot of loyalty and...
Plot to kick Ababu Langat out of ODM -
While UHURU is saving money, ABABU NAMWAMBA is busy wasting WANJIKU’s money -
Ababu Namwamba should move and leave us alone form his own party
that guy saying Ababu Namwamba's thinking is idle,ODM should carry out elections first.
ODM Cannot afford to lose Ababu Namwamba. The Vast Western Voting block is key in 2017
Ababu Namwamba represents a different line of thinking in ODM.
Ababu namwamba is right but how people intaprate it they took it on a political angle
If there is anybody in ODM who is more ODM, it's ABABU NAMWAMBA.
Surprisingly jubilee has found the weakest point of ODM once again through Ababu Namwamba? Long lived jubilee.
Ababu Namwamba is the next big thing if he manages his politics well
ABABU NAMWAMBA flies around in a CHOPPER to inspect projects in his Constituency.LOOK. via
Who is the ACTUAL SOURCE of the PROBLEMS facing the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)?. Raila Odinga,. Ababu Namwamba. Anyang Nyongo.
I gave NAMWAMBA 4 helicopters – JOHO as ABABU threatens to expose Raila Odinga -
Raila’s referendum drive headed for failure if he fails to stem Ababu rift
Wat Ababu Namwamba is after, is Powers, He has completely forgot to work for ppl of Budalangi.
"There's a man from Ababu namwamba's constituency who has been doing a good job of "cleansing" our widowed women." - Hon Kaluma
I can't believe both my eyes and ears that this is the Ababu Namwamba who vehemently swore by the name of Raila
Meanwhile, Hon Ababu Namwamba says he cannot apologize to a dictator being, denies ever apologizing to anyone and...
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Ababu Namwamba . I have nothing to apologise for
ABABU NAMWAMBA:. I never apologized to anyone. Please practice factual journalism
For me, the respect I have for Hon Ababu Namwamba makes me not comment about the lots of propaganda and counter propaganda on social media
NAMWAMBA DISOWNS APOLOGY; Hon Ababu Namwamba now says he never apologized to anybody. Cant apologize. to dictator...
Plot. to kick Ababu Namwamba, Magerer Langat out of ODM - Politics - . .
Omar Hassan, Ababu Namwamba...politicians I will gladly be happy to team up. Who do you admire?
What a bold step that Hon. Ababu Namwamba has taken! I had expected RAO to discover this n retire 2 give room!
Fallout in ODM deepens as section of party officials condemn claims that Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba is Jubilee mole. Details 1PM
Ababu Namwamba joined URP? Banyala will speak soon, Gumo fred where are you?
Otieno Kajwang Ababu Namwamba Nakuru west has its mpArama Come we hear your views Hon Samwel Kamau hukiwa away
VIDEO: Why Ababu Namwamba is frustrated,retiring teachers and more
Ababu Namwamba express frustrations over the delay in dispensing scandals in the National Assembly Watch KTN Li...
Not even the rain could stop ABABU NAMWAMBA from planting a hot KISS on his wife
Coast Water Services Board top brass appearing today before Hon Ababu Namwamba's PAC.
Ababu Namwamba wrote this long ago -->>> "If we argued less and did more, Kenya would go so far"
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
KENYA: Ababu Namwamba is the Most Romantic Kenyan Politician. Look at how he Spoils his Wife *PICTURES*
Amazing PHOTOS as ABABU NAMWAMBA gets Romantic with his wife.WOW. -
Meanwhile, Ababu Namwamba and Paul should prepare to account fully why failed to grab some chances to qualify for
Bonny Khalwale and Ababu Namwamba who are the face of Cord in Western and Majority of Luhya MPs skipped CORD...
This Shemejis - LUOS are honestly very unfair to us LUHYAS. They claim everything from our land . What do we do.?They Claimed Martin Odour Otieno- Bunyala,Adongo - Samia, Origi - Mumias, George Ogutu- Marachi, Polycarp Onyango- Bukhayo, Raila - Mumias, Josephat Odipo- Marachi.Now they want to claim Moses Wetangula, Ababu Namwamba, Paul Otuoma Prof Obel- Marachi, Bishop Olang- Bunyore ETC.Please give us peace, we have genes too
Moses Kuria ndiye dawa ya millie Odhiambo, Jakoyo midiwo, Ababu Namwamba na wetangula in parliament. I wish the TNA political strategist the best in Gatundu south TNA nominations. Go moses go!
One of the aspirants to the powerful ODM secretary general's seat, the youthful Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba appears to be a man burning with raw ...
Former powerful Speaker Kenneth Marende is now back in the limelight. He has promised to support one of their own (read Luhya) to be the 5th President of the Republic of Kenya come 2017. Marende at the same has challenged Senator Wetangula to quit cord for the sake of Luhya unity. The former speaker told off the embattled cord leader Raila Odinga adding that he will never ever apologize to anybody for advocating for Luhya unity. Indeed Luhya communities are the second most popular community after Kikuyu but it seem their leadership are handicap that is why a number of them cannot survive politically without leading towards Raila. It is not lost to note also that Ababu Namwamba was the biggest loser during the aborted ODM election. The same Namwamba is still following Raila blindly. What a big shame! It seem as if Marende has seen the light at long last. Time will only tell if Marende will succeed in uniting the House of Mulembe.
Please can someone tell us where is Ababu Namwamba?
I believe kobia mozo will cary the day on mon in jesus power. General baimungi was in maua today in da company of ababu namwamba, i liked his talk n had i some time i would have introduced da peoples kobia of tna to him. Karibu tna baimungi
UHURU KENYATTA WILLLIAM RUTO Raila Odinga MUSALIA MUDAVADI KALONZO MUSYOKA MOSES WETANGULA ADEN DUALE KITHURE KINDIKI JAMES ORENGO KIPCHUMBA MURKOMEN BONNIE KHALWALE ABABU NAMWAMBA MAINA KAMANDA MILLIE ODHIAMBO and the Rest!! They have the following in common are as follows: - They are millionaires. - They are famous. - Have no Idp's among their family members. - They are on a fat pay cheque list. - Their security is guaranteed. - Their health is highly insured. - They drive big cars. - They live in posh neighbourhoods - Never get affected by arbitrary matatu hikes when it rains. - Never queue at KNH for near nil medical services. - Their kids go to the best schools abroad. - when they call for a public demo, their wives and kids never participate but are well secured behind a cricket oval. - They don't wait for Kambi or Atwoli to announce to a 13% salary increment once a year whereas inflation is at all times more than 15% theirs is automatic will. - They all hold diplomatic passports in case things in K ...
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