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Ababu Namwamba

Pius Tawfiq Namwamba Ababu is Minister for Sports and Youth affairs of the Republic of [Kenya]. A member of the Orange Democratic Movement, Namwamba was elected to represent Budalangi Constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya in the Kenyan parliamentary election, 2007.

Raila Odinga Secretary General Musalia Mudavadi Moses Wetangula Luo Nyanza Hassan Joho Orange Democratic Movement Hon Ababu Namwamba Kalonzo Musyoka Otieno Kajwang Prime Minister Aden Duale Elizabeth Ongoro William Ruto Ali Hassan Joho

Ababu Namwamba is a wise politician. He's not ditching ODM. He wants to overshadow the likes of Musalia, (cont)
Can we cease from Discussing One-Ababu Namwamba. Why always him not How can we go out and urge people to...
Ababu Namwamba must apologise to Musalia Mudavadi for claiming that if they vote for him, they were voting for...
Lawmakers defend Ababu over claims -
George Nyongesa. Hon. Ababu Namwamba should take political highway. He should spare us shenanigans. His reunion...
My honest opinion: ODM should let Ababu Namwamba go. Party leadership requires a lot of loyalty and...
Plot to kick Ababu Langat out of ODM -
Plans are afoot to kick Budalang&MP Ababu Namwamba and ODM executive director... -
While UHURU is saving money, ABABU NAMWAMBA is busy wasting WANJIKU’s money -
Ababu Namwamba should move and leave us alone form his own party
that guy saying Ababu Namwamba's thinking is idle,ODM should carry out elections first.
ODM Cannot afford to lose Ababu Namwamba. The Vast Western Voting block is key in 2017
Ababu Namwamba represents a different line of thinking in ODM.
Ababu namwamba is right but how people intaprate it they took it on a political angle
If there is anybody in ODM who is more ODM, it's ABABU NAMWAMBA.
Surprisingly jubilee has found the weakest point of ODM once again through Ababu Namwamba? Long lived jubilee.
Ababu Namwamba is the next big thing if he manages his politics well
ABABU NAMWAMBA flies around in a CHOPPER to inspect projects in his Constituency.LOOK. via
Who is the ACTUAL SOURCE of the PROBLEMS facing the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)?. Raila Odinga,. Ababu Namwamba. Anyang Nyongo.
I gave NAMWAMBA 4 helicopters – JOHO as ABABU threatens to expose Raila Odinga -
Raila’s referendum drive headed for failure if he fails to stem Ababu rift
Wat Ababu Namwamba is after, is Powers, He has completely forgot to work for ppl of Budalangi.
"There's a man from Ababu namwamba's constituency who has been doing a good job of "cleansing" our widowed women." - Hon Kaluma
I can't believe both my eyes and ears that this is the Ababu Namwamba who vehemently swore by the name of Raila
Meanwhile, Hon Ababu Namwamba says he cannot apologize to a dictator being, denies ever apologizing to anyone and...
Ababu Namwamba . I have nothing to apologise for
ABABU NAMWAMBA:. I never apologized to anyone. Please practice factual journalism
For me, the respect I have for Hon Ababu Namwamba makes me not comment about the lots of propaganda and counter propaganda on social media
NAMWAMBA DISOWNS APOLOGY; Hon Ababu Namwamba now says he never apologized to anybody. Cant apologize. to dictator...
Plot. to kick Ababu Namwamba, Magerer Langat out of ODM - Politics - . .
Omar Hassan, Ababu Namwamba...politicians I will gladly be happy to team up. Who do you admire?
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What a bold step that Hon. Ababu Namwamba has taken! I had expected RAO to discover this n retire 2 give room!
Fallout in ODM deepens as section of party officials condemn claims that Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba is Jubilee mole. Details 1PM
You Missed This: Generali Ababu Namwamba, answer me, what if ODM delegates elect Dr. Zani?
Ababu Namwamba joined URP? Banyala will speak soon, Gumo fred where are you?
Otieno Kajwang Ababu Namwamba Nakuru west has its mpArama Come we hear your views Hon Samwel Kamau hukiwa away
VIDEO: Why Ababu Namwamba is frustrated,retiring teachers and more
Ababu Namwamba express frustrations over the delay in dispensing scandals in the National Assembly Watch KTN Li...
Not even the rain could stop ABABU NAMWAMBA from planting a hot KISS on his wife
Coast Water Services Board top brass appearing today before Hon Ababu Namwamba's PAC.
Ababu Namwamba wrote this long ago -->>> "If we argued less and did more, Kenya would go so far"
KENYA: Ababu Namwamba is the Most Romantic Kenyan Politician. Look at how he Spoils his Wife *PICTURES*
Amazing PHOTOS as ABABU NAMWAMBA gets Romantic with his wife.WOW. -
Meanwhile, Ababu Namwamba and Paul should prepare to account fully why failed to grab some chances to qualify for
Bonny Khalwale and Ababu Namwamba who are the face of Cord in Western and Majority of Luhya MPs skipped CORD...
This Shemejis - LUOS are honestly very unfair to us LUHYAS. They claim everything from our land . What do we do.?They Claimed Martin Odour Otieno- Bunyala,Adongo - Samia, Origi - Mumias, George Ogutu- Marachi, Polycarp Onyango- Bukhayo, Raila - Mumias, Josephat Odipo- Marachi.Now they want to claim Moses Wetangula, Ababu Namwamba, Paul Otuoma Prof Obel- Marachi, Bishop Olang- Bunyore ETC.Please give us peace, we have genes too
Moses Kuria ndiye dawa ya millie Odhiambo, Jakoyo Midiwo, Ababu Namwamba na wetangula in parliament. I wish the TNA political strategist the best in Gatundu south TNA nominations. Go moses go!
One of the aspirants to the powerful ODM Secretary General's seat, the youthful Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba appears to be a man burning with raw ...
ODM ‘General’, NAMWAMBA, brings business to a standstill as he paints Meru orange Sunday June 22, 2014- Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ‘General’, Ababu Namwamba, on Saturday brought business to a standstill as he painted the entire Meru Town with Orange colours.This is after Namwamba led the ODM brigade in campaigning for ODM candidate, Francis Kirimi, for the MCA’s seat in Maua Ward.Namwamba’s convoy attracted huge crowds that came to cheer him leaving President Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA candidate to shamewith his “not so many supporters.”And as Namwamba was putting TNA to shame in Meru, former Prime Minister was having a consultative meeting in Kakamega with a mammoth crowd as he prepares to put President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, to shame onsaba sabashould they fail to convene an urgent national dialogue with CORD before then.According to opinion polls, the ODM candidate enjoys a whopping 69% of the votes compared to his TNA rival ...
Former powerful Speaker Kenneth Marende is now back in the limelight. He has promised to support one of their own (read Luhya) to be the 5th President of the Republic of Kenya come 2017. Marende at the same has challenged Senator Wetangula to quit cord for the sake of Luhya unity. The former speaker told off the embattled cord leader Raila Odinga adding that he will never ever apologize to anybody for advocating for Luhya unity. Indeed Luhya communities are the second most popular community after Kikuyu but it seem their leadership are handicap that is why a number of them cannot survive politically without leading towards Raila. It is not lost to note also that Ababu Namwamba was the biggest loser during the aborted ODM election. The same Namwamba is still following Raila blindly. What a big shame! It seem as if Marende has seen the light at long last. Time will only tell if Marende will succeed in uniting the House of Mulembe.
Please can someone tell us where is Ababu Namwamba?
I believe kobia mozo will cary the day on mon in jesus power. General baimungi was in maua today in da company of ababu namwamba, i liked his talk n had i some time i would have introduced da peoples kobia of tna to him. Karibu tna baimungi
UHURU KENYATTA WILLLIAM RUTO Raila Odinga Musalia Mudavadi Kalonzo Musyoka Moses Wetangula Aden Duale KITHURE KINDIKI JAMES ORENGO KIPCHUMBA MURKOMEN BONNIE KHALWALE ABABU NAMWAMBA MAINA KAMANDA MILLIE ODHIAMBO and the Rest!! They have the following in common are as follows: - They are millionaires. - They are famous. - Have no Idp's among their family members. - They are on a fat pay cheque list. - Their security is guaranteed. - Their health is highly insured. - They drive big cars. - They live in posh neighbourhoods - Never get affected by arbitrary matatu hikes when it rains. - Never queue at KNH for near nil medical services. - Their kids go to the best schools abroad. - when they call for a public demo, their wives and kids never participate but are well secured behind a cricket oval. - They don't wait for Kambi or Atwoli to announce to a 13% salary increment once a year whereas inflation is at all times more than 15% theirs is automatic will. - They all hold diplomatic passports in case things in K ...
BABA IN KAKAMEGA ABABU IN MERU. Business in Maua Town Meru came to a standstill as the ODM brigade led by Gen Tawfiq Ababu Namwamba painted the town orange while campaigning for Francis Kirimi who is contesting for MCA MAUA WARD. The latest opinion poll had him stand at 69% followed very closely by the TNA candidate who enjoys 28% of the voters! The Blitz is on and SabaSaba is real!
* Good afternoon. *. Ignore all the leaflets circulating in Githurai,Mathare,Nakuru and Kibera warning that members of honorable Luo community should feel unsafe through the intimidating leaflets. Ignore completely the work of Satan. * That is the work of the dreaded goons who disrupted the victory of Ababu Namwamba and Isaac Mwaura ascendancy to head the orange party. * These hooligans want to divide us. * These hooligans are shifting attention from the imminent fall of Raila deity. * These hooligans are thinking that its only the blood of innocent proletalians can save their messiah from his ended era. * My brothers from Gikuyu,avoid any hostility to our brilliant fellows from our Luo mothers. * Do not assist Raila collapse by showing any ill will to the people he has impoverished since 1987. * Live with harmony as you have done since he forced the premiership. * If any thug from Gikuyu threaten our brothers,he shall do so on his own behalf and shall be disowned summarily by his people. * Raila must be ...
team Ababu Namwamba i admire ur style of leadership everything abt u is jst a yes yes for mi
Hon Ababu Namwamba whose asset have you turned to be Urgently please and if any know the well about this Hon tell...
The absence of ABABU NAMWAMBA in yesterdays homecoming rally should really make BABA a worried man. Coz those were his REAL defenders
Am loving this man Ababu Namwamba, he seems to enjoy great following among the youth. Should Stivo and Weta be scared?
Kalonzo Musyoka may call himself a Co-principal or Co-principle I careless, but the writing is on the wall, Ababu Namwamba is the blue eyed boy who has taken over ODM . Kalonzo with your Wiper and Wetangula you are done. How can you also be singing the Baba song?? No wonder UhuRuto dumped you. 2017 RAO will be in another party as USUAL on any General Election.
Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero received a harsh reception from his core constituency at the function to welcome Raila Odinga from his three-month tour of the US. After several pleas from CORD leaders to have the crowd calm down and give the Nairobi governor a few seconds of silence to placate his constituents, Dr Kidero managed to sneak in two incomplete sentences in a crowd that was to say the least, harsh towards him. No words from the diplomat Kalonzo Musyoka or the battle-hardened Moses Wetang’ula could sway the will of the people. After his chance in the limelight passed, all the smiling Kidero could say was: “Mimi nataka kusema karibu Nairobi. Karibu hapa.” After which he was left standing next to other contrastingly engaging leaders. His open opposition to what is thought to be the party stance and in particular his perceived objection to Raila has left the Nairobi governor between a rock and a hard place. The constant boos and chant downs he received pointed to an open hostility to his term . ...
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A critical analysis of cords rally. Contrary to the exaggerated critics the cords rally had some pros especially to the mulembe house. 1. Chain of command, with all due truth this was a positive signal as Ababu recognised Khalwale as his senior and inturn Khalwale reciprocated in following the protocal in according Wetangula the requisite respect. 2. Khalwale talked about equality in jobs which is always the elephant in the house especially for luhyas. 3 . Wetangula made sure the Ford Kenya slogan was chanted however the cons overode the pros 1. Ababu Namwamba got confused and unknowingly blessed Uhuru with another term using his dream rhetoric, however he realised in time and made up for it such that the high on opium hooligans didn't notice . 2. The entire culmination though it shed some light on luhya perceived togetherness in purpose, didn't have an iota of luhya unity but rather captivity, slavery, yorkness under an omnipresent master. Though am subject to correction is associate unity with freedom. ...
LESSON FOR THE DAY-I will borrow from Ababu Namwambas article in the Sunday Standard.he quotes Edward Burke...'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing'...blessed Sunday good people
Raila Amolo Odinga/RAOl,pls allow me the freedom of asking one question or even two. What did you carry for us frm Engelekha/Ebulayah? Fly emirates to kisumu,name the tourism attractions apart from the flooding Nyando river and Nzoia in Butalang'i wekha Ababu Namwamba?Sorry,some one has added Marende's crying stone at Emuhaya. Why do your suporters believe in building unwanted enamity or simply,why should thy fight Kidero infront of you knowing vry well tht u r the alternative prezo? Any massage from OBAMA? All the same,karibu kenya baba,though huchajenga.
Baba, you missed vital issues in your speech here: (a) ..telling Kalonzo that 2017 He is the one to vie for Cord's Presidency come 2017 General Election. (b)..that Hon. Hassan Joho and Hon. Ababu Namwamba stands the Cord's elected Leaders despite Men In Black's chaos.. and (c)..Kenyans hate ½ baked breads..
You cord senators who are singing uhuru must go uhuru must go,Moses Wentangula,Bonnie Khalwale and Ababu Namwamba;pliz i want to tell you THAT THE PRESIDENT IS NOT LIKE A GOVERNOR WHO you can just IMPEACH any time you want
PHOTO: CORD leader Raila Odinga takes a selfie with Hassan Joho, Omar Hassan and Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula and Ababu Namwamba Dear Kenyans, I am glad to be back after a three month sabbatical during which I had an extensive tour in the … Raila Amolo Odinga’s speech on return from the US
Conspicously one Ababu twafiq Namwamba was absent today in the hero worshipping ceremony
Kidero should join UDF,Why continue milking stones? Heckling of Kidero; i blame the following: Boni Khalwale,Moses Wetangula and Ababu Namwamba born 1975,no apology
Did i hear someone say Ababu Namwamba and Midiwo were missing in action on the thing at Ohurupark?
Budalangi MP ,,, Hon. Ababu Namwamba has become a darling to so many supporters in the Coalition. We DEMANDED for him to speak to us at UhuruPark. UP OMWAMI
Balaam was ordered to go n curse Gods children but instead he blessed them like ababu namwamba did today.he who God has blessed no coalition can curse
The only sane minds in CORD is that of generali Ababu namwamba. If not Otieno Kajwang' LOL
Fellas,The meeting is over ,lets go back to our homes!with Uhuru still as the president. Which is the true nightmare, the horrific dream that you have in your sleep or the dissatisfied reality that awaits you when you awake. But remember these,the reality of life,is we live to work and work to live. Have ,all of you.a faithful day. Boni Khalwale Johnstone Muthama Raila Odinga Kalonzo Musyoka Hon. Senator Moses Masika Wetangula Hassan Omar Hassan Ababu Namwamba
Oh my!I heard this irresponsible statement from the self proclaimed sergeant or is it CORD corporal Ababu Namwamba-"And we shall take power sooner or later.." in an interview on KTN a few days ago. To a layman, thats just an ordinary statement. To a patriot, its more than weighty. Political analysts and strategists have argued that in this new dispensation of Democracy in Africa, coups are the least of possible ways of taking up power. They have termed coups and ousters as antediluvian, and just short of barbaric. The ongoing deluge of 'Baba'-though well seated with surprisingly some of society's considered elite, should not be taken lightly. A number of disgruntled leaders should not so easily hoodwink thousands of Kenyans in this age and time of enlightenment (But with our Kenyan culture, it doesn't come as a surprise). Party affiliations aside, this country is at a momentus stage of both leadership and development and a stunt like what the opposition is pulling could be fatal. The big crowds like thos ...
im making my way frm Uhuru Park just behind Ababu Namwamba
I have not seen my sweet brother Ababu Namwamba
Maina Njenga gave ICC statement in Botswana FORMER Mungiki leader Maina Njenga recorded a statement with ICC investigators about the 2007-08 post-election violence in Botswana. "Let people know that they want to kill me because of the case against Uhuru at the ICC. Sometime back, officials from the ICC sought me. The court officials asked me to say what i knew about the violence but I told them I knew nothing because I was in prison," Njenga said. "They told me that I just say what I knew before I recorded a statement, but the court has not confirmed to me if I am a witness. This attack is very much related to the ICC case," Njenga said. He was speaking to the press from his hospital bed at Avenue Hospital in Parklands. Njenga revealed that, when the ICC insisted, he volunteered to record his statement on condition that it was done outside the country. He then flew to Gaborone in Botswana where he recorded his statement but said he has not been called to testify and does not intend to do so. He said he co ...
Baba while you were away JEHOVAH JIREH, JEHOVAH SHARMER gave Uhuru a revelation that 2017 he will still be the president. By Ababu Namwamba. Hehe.
Ababu Namwamba wanted to dress a Karate kit but was disappointed he dint find it suiting so he blends his own colors as a classic designer
Ababu Namwamba welcoming Kalonzo who will welcome Raila Odinga
Dear Hon Bonny Khalwale and Hon Ababu Namwamba. You are hereby requested to come to CID headquarters immediately after your current meeting. Thank you.
Ababu Namwamba is the only CORD leader out of place at Uhuru Park; he is clearly against "UHURU MUST GO" slogan
1/3 Bonney khalwale should replace Moses Wetangula as the Luhya kingpin. Assisted by Ababu Namwamba.
ABABU NAMWAMBA is the only voice of reason in. CORD. Everyone can see what the rest are.
Ababu Namwamba invites Bungoma senator Bonny Khalwale to address the crowd
That Jehovah statement by Ababu Namwamba. . . sad. Really sad.
Ababu Namwamba can control this crowd.
Raila Odinga might be voted a president If, he dropped Kalonzo, Wetangula and Muthama-3 very arrogant and egocentric allies, and then drop Orengo and Nyong'o-2 of the most hypocritic sycophants in govt for more than 20yrs and done no development to their electorates-people want results-, tame noise makers like Kabando and the like species, then make Ababu Namwamba his deputy, and bring Mwaura to Secretary General's position, Kasarani's Ongoro as the party spokes person, then he learn that mothertongue is not a language for public, convince Kibera dwellers that Some land in Kibera belongs to the owners and must pay rent, and he preaches nationalistic politics, and Warn his supportes against violence, He just might be voted in as a president!
Breaking News,Ten CORDED MPs from Western Kenya are in acrisis meeting at the Serena Hotel,MPs Ababu Namwamba,Wilbur Otichilo,Paul Otuoma,Omulele,Charles Jimose,Lisamula Anami,Naicca,Jakoyo Midiwo,Opiyo and Otieno Kajwang are not happy with Bungoma Senator Hon Moses Wetangula, They want Wetangula to stop behaving as if he is their senior, "He has been speaking as if he is the second in command,He is not amember of ODM,why is he behaving as if he has been mandated by Raila"Namwamba said.The said MPs ,have dispatched Hon Kidero to Wetangula, threatening to boycott the Uhuru Park Rally
Chris Wamalwa is smart politician from western Kenya. I wish the likes of Mudavadi, Khalwale, Jirongo, Wetangula etc give way to this leader. If we get a combination Of Chris Wamalwa, Ababu Namwamba, Rashid Mohammed and Cleo Malala, then western can move to a better level in terms of political representation.
Come Baba come you left without telling us who were these men in black.since then we have no peace. At least now you can explain to us.welcome home Baba and precide over the official swearing in of the Ababu Namwamba team as you unveil your successor sir.
He should support somebody like Ababu Namwamba for 2017
Where is Ababu Namwamba and the preparations for tomorrow are almost over?
The return of raila might just spark kenya's take-off moment to our long delayed national renaissance...Ababu Namwamba. Isoke!
Is the son of my soil ABABU NAMWAMBA in ths country. Hope i will se hm tomorrow at Uhuru Park.
Fact remains that both Khalwale,Wetangula and Ababu Namwamba cannot contain themselves in the same coalition,Why cant they annoint one?Raila knows,Western is Mudavadi and Mudavadi is Western,sycophants should not intimidate us,hao nikama chura hawawezi zuia ngombe kunywa maji? And by the way,Where is duru zasema amehepa tangu watu kadhaa kukamatwa for hate speech
Lmao! "ababu namwamba took over cord and was like
Ababu namwamba was not attending rallies"Rao haters looking at its apocalypse. Sema kuwashwa ha 🔥🔥"
Ababu Namwamba arrested a Chinese ghaidi at JKIA.
FROM MY INBOX; Hon. Elizabeth Ongoro sometime ago shed tears claiming that Raila Odinga was being misled.Yes,Raila has always been misled in his entire political career,transforming him to the ultimate loser he is today.Orengo, Ababu Namwamba, Kajwang , his brother Oburu and now Sen.muthama have been his aides and absolute advisers and what they say is final and Raila follows that. Now the issue of Egypt -like revolution is being planned for this coming weekend. If Raila is wise enough, he should distance himself from violence, if he claims he is the 'father' of democracy in Kenya, let him lead from the front and remind his faithful that violence does not define democracy but if they insist that they can't wait for the next elections,and they are that hungry and thirsty for power, let them take to the streets and demand for power so that consequences haunt them.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Today, in my address at Samia near SioPort in the final function in my visit to both Bondo and Busia, I considered the following issues: I pleaded with my luhya brothers mentioning Paul Otwoma and Ababu Namwamba to join and support Hon Musalia Mudavadi for president 2017. Besides, I advised our neighborhood to stand with us during this time since Raila's time was already gone. In my conclusion, I urged Kenyans to be vigilant on security issues and support any effort towards development and avert leaders who are full of hate speeches and targeting to divide them. In my two days visit, I managed to make several friends with promises to walk with My future president Hon Musalia Mudavadi and entourage!!
Now, I am not about to give up. One of you, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Samoei Ruto, RAILA FOR PRESIDENT, Hon Moses Wetangula, Raphael Tuju, Evans Gor Semelang'o, Ababu Namwamba, Barack Obama, Barrack Muluka, President Bill Clinton et al, kindly do let me know whether this is trash! THE THRUST OF KENYA’S CURRENT FOREIGN POLICY “I know the 1 million dollar question uppermost in your minds is this: “Which direction is Kenya’s foreign policy taking? To answer this question which, I dare say, is ringing loud bells in every quarter that matters within the international community, allow me to set one record straight (pause for effect) - that although Kenya has been ranked with the ...“failed states” this is hardly the case, if we might care to take a critical evaluation of any number of social, economic, political, and military indicators that warrants whether a state has failed or not. By the end of this lecture, I believe you will have accumulated enough evidence to the contrary. (another brief pause ...
Budalang’i MP, Ababu Namwamba, has said the allegations that 3 East African Presidents want to assassinate former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, are real and they should be investigated. In a telephone interview on Saturday, Namwamba, who is a close confidante of Raila Odinga, said the allegations by Dr Oburu Odinga that three East African community leaders want to assassinate Raila when he returns from US were serious at a time when the country was experiencing a spate of terror attacks. “Allegations against Heads of States have diplomatic implications and I hope it is not cheap politics,” Namwamba said urging Oburu to forward the names of the suspects to police for further investigations. “I want to believe Raila is safe wherever he is and that the Government will ensure his safety when he returns from his tour of America,” the fiery lawmaker said. Namwamba also asked the Government to provide Raila Odinga and his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka more security because they served the country dilige ...
Ababu Namwamba has lately been receiving a lot of praises from URP with Aden Duale not ones saying and i quote "we pray every day and night that you become ODM'S Secretary General". Some argue that Duale is praising Ababu because he knows Ababu being sec gen will give jubilee sleepless nights and therefore its a clever way of painting Ababu as a mole for him to loose the seat!. But the latest praises of Ababu by URP and his even more closeness to the party and it's top leadership brings into question again Ababu's Loyalty to ODM and it's Great Dear Leader RAO.
We are praying day and night for Ababu Namwamba to take ODM's Sec. General seat - Aden Duale
"Hon. Ababu Namwamba arrives at Uhuru Park hapo sawa
Nothing is shocking like hearing an ODM MP repeatedly claiming that since there were 140 (unprecedented) election petitions, the IEBC faulted and it must go. Kwani how much do brains cost? Have we had over 300 elective parliamentary seats before? And out of the 140 petitions, how many went through? We could even have 300 petitions, so what? And out of those that went through, who was at fault? Let me be specific, does Ababu Namwamba and Moses Wetangula hold that their own elections were conducted irregularly?
The combination of Moses Wetangula, Ababu Namwamba and Bony Khalwale will put the luhya community on the Kenya political map, it will earn us respect on the national bargaining table, it will restore our integrity and dignity which have in the past been eroded by those persuing stomach politics.We shall walk chest high and boldly say "Im proud to be a luhya". Let us support our three brothers as they rally the luhya community to one common destiny. We are aware that there are those who will be funded by jubilee to scuttle our luhya unity. To them we say: "Your days in politics are numbered". Goodmorning my brothers and sisters. I wish you a perfect Tuesday.
In the absence of Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta, the future president could be any of the following youthful politicians: a)Evans Kidero b)William Ruto c)Ababu Namwamba d)Peter Kenneth e)Alfred Mutua Whom among the five would you prefer to vote for?
Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba on Monday visited Kalonzo Musyoka at his Yatta farm. It’s not clear what the two leaders discussed, but the controversy of ODM’s elections and Ababu’s ambition most likely featured highly. Who knew Kalonzo owns a large farm with a good number of wild animals. Even Ababu w...
'Men in black' are ODM party security, Raila now admits WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 2014 - 00:00 -- BY OLIVER MATHENGE CORD leader Raila Odinga has told a Boston radio station that he knows the 'Men in Black'. The ten men dressed in black suits smashed ballot boxes and scattered voting papers during the February 28 party elections at the Kasarani stadium. As a result, the elections had to be suspended. There had been widespread speculation that a faction led by Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba defeated the faction led by Nominated Senator Agnes Zani in the race for party posts. Raila confirmed that the men who disrupted the elections were hired by ODM to provide security and had been used before. Raila was being interviewed by Jambo Boston Radio, an online radio station based in Lowell, Massachusetts. Raila is on a one month study tour at Boston University. However the former Prime Minister said that the disruption must have been instigated by "outsiders" to tarnish the party. "There is a possibility that some of the ...
Congratulations to Norman Magaya, LL.B,LL.M, (Ph.D-Law Candidate) * On behalf of my peers with whom we worked at the Raila Odinga Presidential Campaign Secretariat, and especially the Students Alliance for Raila (SAfRA-2013), I congratulate the above committed personality for assuming higher responsibilities to the CORD fraternity. In fact, its a promotion which was long overdue owing to his unwavering and unrelenting support for CORD without tendencies of sycophancy. As Eliud Owalo exits due to operational technicalities, we can only hope that Norman shall find the office liberal and minus or with reduced challenges, not to suggest that Norman can't face them. Norman is a no-nonsense guy and shall breath fresh zeal in team CORD, and with the new, youthful team of Ababu Namwamba and Hassan Joho, and with the good will of the party leader, Raila Odinga; we expect better results for the good of Kenyans!In this team we can see the true spirit of generational mix, as their agility shall drive the wise counsel ...
My CV: Ababu Namwamba’s Impressive CV & Rise In Political Career. He is a young, talented and outspoken Kenyan leader. And he never shies away from the limelight, never mind the controversies that come with being a public figure. Now aged 39, Ababu Tawfiq Namwamba has been one of the most recognizable figures in Kenya’s political circles since he first set foot in Parliament in 2008. But where exactly does he come from? Professionally, Mr. Namwamba is a Constitutional and International Human Rights lawyer—a background that might partly explain his eloquence and debating skills. He was born to Kenyan parents near the source of River Nile in Uganda in 1974 and brought up in a number of places including Jinja, Kampala, Port Victoria, Eldoret and Nairobi. His resume includes a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Nairobi, and a Diploma in Legal Practice from the Kenya School of Law. Ababu Namwamba is also remembered as a firebrand student leader at the University of Nairobi and held the post o ...
Zani should leave the post she is eying to Ababu since the post goes for people with initials of A.N i.e Anyang Nyongo,Ababu Namwamba
PRESS RELEASE. Today, consultations between members of Sen. Agnes Zani and Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba teams chaired by Party Leader Mr. Raila Odinga were held and resolved that a six member interim transitional team be formed to take charge of the party for three months. The resolve was later adopted by the ODM National Governing Council (NGC) converging at Orange House, Nairobi. The two teams were directed by the NGC to file the names of their nominees to the interim team before the close of business today. And as directed by the NGC, the teams presented their nominees as follows; Team Namwamba; 1. Mr. Ababu Namwamba 2. Mr. Hassan Ali Joho 3. Mr. Adan Keynan Team Zani; Mr. Wycliffe Oparanya Mr. Otieno Kajwang Mr. Abdikadir Aden The team also nominated Mr. Paul Otuoma as the alternate to Mr. Oparanya in the Interim Transitional Team. The nominees are expected to begin negotiations on who to take up what position in the Interim Transitional Team. However, the Sen. Zani team has proposed that Sen. Elizabe ...
We should put KAJWANG, NDOLO and ALADWA on OLX, these guys are free agents, TNA can sign them for free. DR Agnes should be loaned out to URP test Tube club, Isaac Mwaura should be benched and used as a substitute in the dying minutes of the game, Give the Captains arm Band to Ababu Namwamba, assisted by Nanok. Raila Odinga should seat down and manage the club while refreshing his mouth with a Big-G kama ile Sir Fergie alikuwa akitafuna.
Raila Odinga should blame nobody but himself for not being able to win Presidential elections in Kenya. Raila is now desperate, and he needs Ababu Namwamba more than Ababu needs him.
Reliable sources indicate that Hon Raila Odinga is to blame for all the fracas that erupted during the ODM elections of the national office bearers at the KISIRANI GYMNASIUM.The source indicates that Raila felt the two digital duo of Ababu Namwamba & Ali Hassan Joho were getting too ambitious & he thought he would lose the party to them soon just like he lost the presidency to the digital dynamic duo of UhuRuto.Raila was favouring Dr. Agnes Zani & Co. against the Ababu Team & when all the signs showed his preffered team would be trounced, he inquired the services of a top ODM operative who planned the chaos at a city hotel just two days prior to the elections.Political analysts are posing serious questions to Hon Raila like, why were the elections held so late, why they turned election day to a speech delivering session, why he left the gymnasium before elections were over yet he was a 'candidate' & he didnt look surprised after the chaos & he was seen smiling when asking about the 'mafia' that caused cha ...
I'like orengo's comment it' Ababu Namwamba,we dont have time for "MAPAMBANO"
W. RUTO THINKS THAT HE IS SMART. My hero Raila Odinga once told Mugatana that he was just a dog that could not bite. And I quote,"If see you a dog barking at you,don't worry,just take a stone and throw it at the nearest bush. The dog's owner will take to his heels. Because as the dog barks,the owner is squating behind the bush." By that time Mugatana the former Garsen Mp,was acting Aden Duale of today. Mugatana used to insult and abuse Raila the way Murkomen and Duale are doing. Okay,apparently,its Ruto. W who pushes the two politicians to respond to anything Raila says in such abrasive and foolish way. That wasn't my issue. WE HAVE KNOWN THAT RUTO IS THE ONE FINANCING ABABU NAMWAMBA. NOW,ABABU WON'T BE ELECTED AND HE WONT GET ANY SEAT IN ODM. HE IS FREE TO JOIN URP. We cant allow ODM to be joked with the way Tony Gachoka and Ngunjiru did. They played spies and moles upto the last minute. ABABU WANTS TO USE ODM TO GAIN FAME AND POPULARITY AND TO GET THE LUHYA SUPPORT BEFORE DECAMPING TO URP. Hiyo hapati!
Confirmed EQMYYGM: News just in..RAILA AMOLLO ODINGA chuny piny.Nairobi senator Mike sonko...Kakamega senato Bonny Khalwale...Milly Odhiambo...Ababu Namwamba they've confirmed not just to attend but also to join the cheering squad at gate 5..Karibuni nyote baba and crew.iam very very happy.Amor.# Operation jaza Nyayo Stadium on Saturday still on.
Ababu Namwamba, be assured of my vote tomorrow
We were measuring the level of loyalty of Ababu Namwamba to ODM and Raila we have found that it might be somewhere up there with that of Dr Zani. Now lam somewhere near Kasarani, lets wait for tommorrow and see!
Ababu Namwamba am coming to vote for you!
ABABU NAMWAMBA "Democracy is under trial" i love that en i knw Ababu group is going to win morrow with all my support
Am off to Nairobi for the ODM elections as a Mombasa delegate Jomvu Branch, Ababu Namwamba be assured of my Vote.
Hon. Pius Tawfiq Ababu Namwamba.THE D-DAY Idalang'i ye Budalang'i , Ababu Smart, Ikholo , Amaranthus , Ababu Omuchele .pole olunyala lumbiringaho ebididi.Lakini BUDAS promised to write what you tell us on matters of leaders leading in the pack without reservations or any bias. The intent of this dais is to enlighten us about everything pertaining Bunyala, and highlights about our leaders. In the next lines we have as BUDAS highlighted to you what we thought was of paramount to bring to the fore about the incumbent MP. We have have omitted his deserved highlights before he became our MP and likewise Hon Namwamba will be remembered of his above the board contributions he relentlessly rendered in the tenth parliament. Everybody in this country know this man and they have even started envying him with threats of confiscating him from what should be obviously his seat as he represents the future considering his age .Bunyala the day you hear such nonsense again the whole district lets protest on top of our voi ...
Ababu Namwamba is an idea. whose time has come ,you just have to. swallow that hot or cold!.
NZOIA DAM PROJECT GETS NEW LEASE OF LIFE AT SERENA TALKS The Nzoia Upstream Dam Project, which is critical in the Budalang'i flood mitigation efforts, recieved a major boost last night at a special consultative dinner at the Nairobi Serena Hotel. The historic event, convened by Budalang'i MP Hon Ababu Namwamba and hosted by the National Water Corporation was attended by eight MPs from all the four Counties of Western: Hon Dr. David Eseli Simiyu (Kimilili), Hon Moses Wetangula (Sirisia), Hon Alfred Sambu (Webuye), Hon Cyrus Jirongo (Lugari), Hon Alfred Khangati (Kanduyi), Hon Benjamin Washiali (Mumias), Hon Yusuf Chanzu (Vihiga) and Hon Namwamba (Budalang'i). The meeting was the culmination of a charm offensive by Hon Namwamba to get political support for the project, especially from leaders of Bungoma County, the proposed site of the dam. Speaking at the dinner, Hon Namwamba reiterated that the challenge facing the landmark Vision 2030 Flagship Project was to strike a balance that would guarantee "minimu ...
I am a supporter of ABABU NAMWAMBA. Unfortunately I am not a delegate and cannot change the verdict of valid delegates on election day. This is exactly the same what took place during the last General Elections. Many Kenyans were supporters of ODM but had no ID cards and voter's card. The campaigns were excellent even now but are these people have voting power? The Namwamba team may be popular to delegates but is it popular to Kenyan populace? Many of these team members are too cold, lacks convincing power and are not eloquent in their speeches as politicians. Ogari has been an MP for two terms, many Kenyan do not know him leave alone ODM members. Other than Ababu Namwamba, Meger Langat and Hassan Joho the rest are just but "cold & blind lambs" which can be led to the slaughter house by moles in ODM without speaking a word. We are expecting fireworks from the whole team not not Namwamba and Joho alone. This is a reflection of what is going to happen in 2017. A one man show by the name Raila Odinga and Nam ...
ODM will establish branches across the country to woo voters in the run-up to the next General Election, a party post contestant has said. Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba, who is seeking the secretary-general position in the party elections to be held tomorrow, said the political outfit planned to put up branches in all the 47 counties. According to Mr Namwamba, this was the only way the party would effectively reach its supporters in the grassroots. Speaking to delegates drawn from the North Rift region in Eldoret on Tuesday, the MP said time had come for the party to lead the country after losing in two consecutive elections. The lawmaker also noted that re-aligning the party in tomorrow’s election was part of its plan to defeat their opponents in the next General Election. “We are going to take advantage of the Political Parties Act and set up new ODM branch offices across all the counties and sub-counties in this country. This move is meant to help us win the next General Election in a free and fai ...
Nothing less,Ababu Namwamba for Secretary General
IT IS now in your hands VOTE WISELY A VOTE for ABABU NAMWAMBA is a VOTE for the FUTURE of ODM. Delegates, VOTE wisely. Ababu has been a staunch supporter of Raila Odinga from day one.
On my way to Nairobi to attend ODM National election at kasarani 2moro i strongly support Ababu Namwamba for Secretary General nce day pals.
If i were told to choose one leader in ODM i would love to see join TNA it would b Ababu Namwamba. In this man ODM n Raila has a strategist loyalist n a great leader
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WITH ABABU NAMWAMBA or not RAILA will never be the presindet come 2017.
Ababu Namwamba is better placed to inherit Nyong'o. His best moment i remember is during the swearing in of mps in 2008 where refused to acknowledge Kibaki as president and instead insistead on President Raila.
"BREAKING NEWZ" Ababu Namwamba has stepped down his candidature for sec general $ he is now supporting her excellency Dr Zani.
If Raila Amolo Odinga frustrates Ababu Namwamba into losing Sec Gen position, I will lead Luhyas out of ODM!
Ababu Namwamba Hon Simon Ogari MP Clara Mayaka I received the two MPs yesterday they promised they hv alot to...
I fully support Ababu Namwamba led team though im not Odm delegate.
Those who are in the thick of ODM National Elections, IS IT TRUE that Ababu Namwamba- vying for Secretary General and has been enjoying the support of most young people is only supporting candidates who are seemingly 'well-loaded' and 'nicely-oiled', thus disadvantaging the same youth; some who are vying and have been supporting his Team? What is happening? Does he hold the key to the new ODM?
Waiting for Ababu Namwamba to exit ODM and together with his troops join WDM (Wiper democratic movement). Can you imagne wiper of Kalonzo,Ababu,Joho,.raila in 2017 will either accept to be the majority leader or just retire in peace!
Hon Ababu Namwamba Hon Nanok and Hon Ogari has also join us at nyali international hotel.
This is my preffered list in ODM: Raila Odinga Hassan Joho Ababu Namwamba Josephat Nanok Adan Keynan. No selection,no appontment bt should be an election just my opinion-ODM all the best is what i wish for this party.
Whom do you think will emerge victorious as the Secretary General of ODM in friday's poll, and why. Candidates are Elizabeth Ongoro, Agnes Zani and Ababu Namwamba?
What is it na Fimbo...just saw Ababu Namwamba n another fellow with it on Tevo..Fimbo ya ODM
ODM should elect Ababu namwamba as the Secretary General if it wants to be relevant. he hs a tough nut to crack forget Dr Zani and the others, to me she is too soft
From JKL, I confirm 3/4 that Joho and Ababu Namwamba are Jubillee moles...Now I know die hard ODM fans like me want to argue.Ask urselves, where did this guyz get all the money they used to buy those expensive choppers they are using around the country for campaigns!!!"!! Where did the 60 million lost by TNA go! ANSWER FIRST
Team ODM FRESH wishes to request that u cast your vote on the 28 Feb to the below Team: Party Leader- Raila Odinga DPL- Hassan Joho Chairman- Josphat Nanok Vice Chair- Adan Keynan Sec Gen- Ababu Namwamba Org. Sec- Rozza Buyu Treasurer- Simon Ogari and other team players.The journey to Canaan begins on 1/3.
ODM Deligates, Think of these things wen u go to poll on friday. The year 2007 after election during swearing in at Parliament building, Ababu Namwamba was a HERO and a true ODM MAN wen he used the name of RAILA AMOLO ODINGA as he was being sworn in. They called him all sorts of nice names, but today bcoz he want something from the PARTY he loved the most he's now A MOLE.
The election of Ababu Namwamba will put to rest the 'supremacy' of Senator Moses Wetangula.
Nowdays i dont follow up the politics of the country closely. Someone to inform me pliz.I want to know how Ababu Namwamba is doing even if Im against the idea of electing the politicians to hold party positions.
NO DEALS: Radical youthful “trio” in ODM do not like negotiations * Yesterday in Kisumu did another spectacle of the resurgent campaign machinery of ODM’s “young turks” take the lakeside city by storm, and Kisumu resonated well with that kind of hard ball politics, being the cradle of opposition politics in Kenya. Ababu Namwamba, Gov. Hassan Joho, and Gov. Josephat Nanok and their team-mates made a grand entry in Kisumu, this time, not appealing to the delegates, but openly going for the people. Observers see the shaping up of 2017 politics and a new awakening in the most popular party in Kenya. Already, this team has overcome the first challenge – to take on acolytes used to peddling the name of party leader Raila Odinga- whom this team had been told was on the other side; the Dr Agnes Zani side; which comprises old party machines – Otieno Kajwang’, Dr. Oburu Oginga, Dr Paul Otuoma, Gov Wycliffe Oparanya and others! The rough and tough politics of the Ababu- Joho-Nanok team is ‘trending ...
i dont know much about politics but all i know is that Ababu Namwamba deserves whatever post hes vying for in the ODM elections
General Ababu Namwamba endorsing his political father Raila Amollo Odinga for presidency before the March fourth Elections.He is having one goal, Raila Odinga to be the President in 2017!
3MAIN REASONS WHY I SUPPORT ABABU NAMWAMBA : 1. To help bring sanity to the party by kicking out political dictators who are against the parties objectivity. 2. To help identify and stem out ODM brokers i.e ODM YOUTH 2012 dictatorial admins who have never brought anything to the party apart from dictatorship and Luoism. They should never be part of the ODM YOUTH AGENDA or anywhere near the ODM's centre of power. 3.Its my democratic right.
All the best 2 ma(ODM) party leaders aspirant.we are 2gether in 2017 race to state house.all the best Ababu Namwamba
Several MPs from Nyanza have thrown their weight behind Ababu Namwamba who is vying for the post of ODM's Secretary General in the party elections ...
ODMFRESH: Dep Party Leader: Gov Hassan Joho: The roles and responsibilities of the party leader shall be implemented in fullness, ensure that the day to day running of the party is up to date from Nairobi's Orange House to the lowest office in the constituency. The party leader's presence will be felt everywhere through me DPL Gov Joho. Chairman: Gov Josphat Nanok: We will ensure that Party nominations are conducted between 6months and 1 year to elections through a democratic exercise, where free and fairness will be the order of the day. Party agents will be availed and paid promptly and proper supervision done. We are not and we'll never be broke. We will always go to extra miles to ensure that we get our agents paid and satisfied to protect our votes. Sec Gen: Hon Ababu Namwamba: We will fish out all cartels from within the party. We will begin our grassroots mobilization come March 1st. Kenyans will see us allover as a party in preparation for 201. We will enact ODM nomination act, based on fairness, ...
I will leave Odm if Ababu Namwamba is not elected
Jubilee Government operatives on Monday revealed that they gave Budalangi MP, Ababu Namwamba, Sh 100 million to campaign for Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Secretary General’s position. In a mee to clinch the ODM Secretary General position so that they can easily manipulate the party. In a celebratory mood, the operatives who requested anonymity also revealed that they had hired a chopper to be used by the fiery ODM lawmaker when canvassing for votes in all corners of the country. These remarks by Jubilee oparatives may cement assertions by some ODM top lieutenants that Ababu Namwamba is a “Jubilee mole”. A fortnight ago during a CORD Parliamentary Group meeting, Homa Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang opened a Pandora’s Box when he revealed that Namwamba is Uhuru/ Ruto’s mole. But CORD’s top brass dismissed Kajwang’s assertion saying he is trying to divide the Orange party. “Kajwang was right, the Jubilee Government is funding Namwamba’s campaigns,” one operative said.
Whether Ababu Namwamba wins the Sec Gen post or not,he will leave ODM. The strategy should be simple, let him...
ODM to open offices in counties via
Im at safaricom customer care center(kisumu) and guess what im hearing from thiz guy infront of me on the quee "huyu ababu namwamba tulicheza naye mpira juzi tukiwa watoto wadogo but if look at thz guy keenly hez from central" jaokuyu
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The trio of Ababu Namwamba,Ali Hassan Joho and Joseph Nanok is making ODM a very attractive party once again.Towards the last General Elections some senior party persons of my 'non existent' party(New Democrats;has MCA in an isolated county) had wanted our party to identify with CORD and I had vehemently objected and had the party go my way,but now am begining to review that position;if this ODM trio is allowed to run that party,I will be willing to revisit the discussion I had objected with a view to reconsidering my objection.
CHOOSE ONE PICTURE. It has been almost one year since ABABU NAMWAMBA won the hotly contested parliamentary elections.
ODM plans to open offices in all the counties ahead of the next General Elections
team Ababu Namwamba. a combination of vision and strength to take the party to the next level. tuko pamoja team Ababu!
If you want to get something done give it to a busy man,i fully support Ababu Namwamba as the Secretary General of ODM party because he is a busy man and well equipped to ensure Raila hits the bullet come 2017,Agnes Zani,Elizabeth Ongoro and Benard Gumbo are just but empty vessels,nobody wants a counterfeit coin in the party
Raila Odinga pushing for acclamation method and NOT SECRET BALLOT at ODM elections– ABABU NAMWAMBA in...
Wednesday February 26, 2014 - Former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, has moved to allay fears that there is a secret list of his preferred candidates in Friday’s party polls. He denied favouring nominated Senator, Dr. Agnes Zani, over Budalangi MP, Ababu Namwamba, saying all the candidates are qualifi
Raila Odinga says he can’t afford to lose ABABU NAMWAMBA because he is the future of ODM and will do ...
Raila Odinga needs to take his Test tube politician Dr Agnes Zani back to the laboratory for re programming and Re-assignment!We are Firmly Behind Gen Ababu Namwamba!
Sycophancy can be very degrading;When Kindiki Kithure and Kipchumba Murkomen take the microphone in public rallies they sound more like self-unassured councillors than the highly educated individuals that we know them to be.Its exhilarating to listen to Ababu Namwamba even when he is in public rallies but very depressing to listen to the Jubilee pair above yet they are all equally educated;degree of sycophancy differentiates them.
Not that i am interested with politics, but given a chance, whom would you pick for ODM Secretary General: A) Dr. Zani, B) Ababu Namwamba. Give your genuine answer by 3.00pm today.
Its possible governors Nanok n Joho together with Ababu Namwamba are moles out to distablelise ODM, just guessing!
Ali Joho, Ababu Namwamba and Josphat Nanok have launched a spirited, airborne campaign that has taken ODM by surprise
Opinion counts:between agnez nzani and ababu namwamba,who is the prefered candidate for odm's sec gen
Whether we may like it or not the truth must be told that from the lips of Ababu Namwamba it is quite evident that he is looking for an exit strategy from ODM. His continued demand for secret ballot outside annual delegate confrence is suspicious.
Raila,u stil continue backing up ths Otieno Kajawang hata kama ako on the wrong side.He is da one dividing da party by causing internal wrangles...with such people u wont make it 2 the state house,,,he contributed a lot 2 ua failure in the presidential race.Being made an immigration minister n stil it was Nyanza with most people unregistered.U r the one now who knws the 'moles' in the party,,,calling Ababu Namwamba one n so far he is one of the citizens' favourite in the party n here am seeing Raila blutantly giving u support.nkt
Is Jubilee jittery of ODM's elections more so if Ababu Namwamba is elected Secretary-General?
question Raila Odinga has served kenyans well let him retire and let young and upcoming leaders like Ababu Namwamba take over
This man Ababu Namwamba. I have not had the opportunity to regard Ababu Namwamba as a strong Luhya leader but he has not just disapproved me but even Raila Odinga. He has come out strongly as nationally relevant, moreso in the largest party in Kenya, ODM. I don't know...
Is this the way mr Aladwa can repres ent luhyans?i dnt support him,instea d i support Ababu Namwamba the generation we want.
Citiven TV doing some PR exercise for the wounded Raila Odinga. This will not help. The old man MUST retire lest Ababu Namwamba teaches him how to do it the hard way.
His was of dressing, his choice of words Ababu Namwamba is a warmonger, Hague material.
ABABU NAMWAMBA '2017 will be a war'' archive that clip
ODM needs Ababu Namwamba as its sec Gen. Am not a odm member
Hate him love him,OPERESHENI LINDA RAILA KENYA,the outspoken Witty Budalangi mp Ababu Namwamba is the right man for the ODM Secretary General.
Mmh the lineup of Ababu Namwamba,Nanok and Joho has sent shock waves even into Jubilee Govt's inner circle.Ababu's eloquence and boldness combined with Joho's mobilisation and finally having an ODM team that has no political buggage and offers freshness and a break from the past is what is sending shock waves accross the country and has necessitated the Jubilee parties to reactivate their political activities.For these reasons i endorse the lineup of Ababu Namwamba and delegates should be very vigilant because opponents of the party have been planted as delegates to try and tilt the outcome by voting in unpopular candidates and party liabilities like Otieno Kajwang.
ITS criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks. i miss the days we used to go to parliament and give our demands till the speaker Marende begs us to reduce the demands. who will rejuvenate, revive and resurrect SONU. the days and the days of John Kamau Ngaruiya the days of GPO oulu, the days of mwandawiro mghangha, the days of kabando wa kabando, the days of wafula buke, the days of mutesi, the days of james orengo, the days of ababu namwamba, the days of tito adungosi, the days of bony khalwale, the days of karl-max, the days of. will remain in our hearts. they stood firm for this nation when president Daniel toroitich changed the constitution from defector to dejure one party state., ODM means Odinga Democratic Movement-atleast according to George Aladwa? I think George is suffering from reality disorder and his sycophancy and theatrics can only be likened to that of Aden Duale when it comes to matters Jubilee govt. Team Ababu Namwamba is simply unstoppable and the earlier he realises that the better for him and his like minded peers. His stone age thinking can never be accepted in a modern, civilised and democratic society.
What does the election of Ababu Namwamba mean for odm? ,a calculated move to deny the western kenyan odm presidential ticket and a move to strengthen the luhya s course in odm,?
Those who have PhD in prophetology can tell us who will be chairman of ODM. Reliable research has already revieled that Gen. ABABU NAMWAMBA shall be THE odm sec. Gen. Note the article the & the word shall.
Namwamba. We are doing this to prepare Raila for 2017. Is it a foregone case that RAO is the defacto candidate of 2017? Woe unto you if you had thought of becoming the president of kenya in 2017 on an ODM (or is it CORD) ticket.
After the tendering process I decided to sit from the periphery in Golf Hotel where Ababu Namwamba and his team were meeting Busia, KK and Bungoma county ODM delegates. I listened carefully. Ababu was so eloquent and cheered up. But my brother Ababu, you errored. You could just have asked for your vote and endorsement without endorsing Governor Joho's candidature. Joho himself was present. Your endorsement for Joho slightly denied you few votes. Delegates complained and some could be heard saying they are just eating your 2K sitting allowance and that's all. Kindly while in Luhya land, Ababu ask for your votes only. Avoid excess baggage in the name of endorsing leaders from other regions. All the best Team Ababu Namwamba!
Kisumu tweeps!! Gaiii these tweeps are mafias they robbed Mombasa Governor JOHO his Phone,and ABABU NAMWAMBA they removed bundle of cash from his pocket as his chopper took off at Kisumu Sports ground...! Nkt!!
NASKIA Ababu Namwamba has been 'ushered in' in Kisumu like BRUKENGE! Yaani, that community who loves brave men have told him THAT Generali WAN KODI.Mitna!1
Ababu Namwamba, I like you.just that I don't trust you with my party.but I like you...
Kenya Today - By Dikembe Disembe Erudite! That's all I can say of Field Marshal (Gen) Ababu Namwamba, Member of the Orange Democratic Movement party - the largest politi
TEAM Ababu namwamba and da team addressing jo kisumo nowhall.
Ababu Namwamba in Kisumu 'city'...eish!..this ODM's politics/democracy r on another level
Ababu Namwamba and his team is in Kisumu city in a convoy heading to Agha Khan Hall for a meeting with Delegates.One could think a Presidential candidate was passing thru town.
Ababu Namwamba the seat proud of you
I now declare my full support for Gen Ababu Namwamba for ODM SG.
TO THE LUHYA NATION: Several events have unfolded as we approach ODM elections scheduled for February 28th. I have taken my time to understand what is at stake and today I can confidently tell you without fear or contradiction that, Raila is going to succeed in his bid to divide the Luhyas further. Many are of the opinion that Senator Zani is Railas candidate of choice, but the truth is, Ababu Namwamba is the person Raila is fronting and was only testing waters on the aspect of regional balance i.e what was the position of coastal people in respect to saturation of power in the greater western region, and as things stand, Joho just walked straight into the trap. On issues touching on the Luhyas, one thing Raila has known for years is the fact that luhya unity is a threat to his candidature or any other person outside western. After successfully setting the Bukusus, through Wetangula against the maragolis, Now its time to create another centre of power in Busia through Ababu Namwamba...And with this key ce ...
Is it true that b4 28th Feb Ababu Namwamba shall be the de facto orator of the month
“I was well aware of the problems of joblessness and poverty when I joined government in 2008, and that was the reason one of my first tasks was to initiate the Kazi Kwa Vijana programme. Then, in June 2011, I introduced subsidised unga for the less economically able. At a time when a 2kg bag of Hostess unga was selling for 156 shillings, and Jogoo at about 130 shillings, I prevailed on the government to subsidise unga for the poor, something that had never been done before in Kenya – and under the project a 2kg bag retailed at the greatly reduced price of 52 shillings.” “…In the Acts of the Apostles, we hear how the Apostles came across a poor, crippled beggar, and Peter told him: “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, get up and walk.”…CORD did not form the government. In ODM, we don’t have political power or much money. But we will give you ideas and expertise. That is what we can share with you. That, and concrete, supporti ...
2830 delegates r expected at Kasarani on friday 4 the ODM party National election. Whom do u think wil win the secretary position? a) Agene zani. b) Ababu Namwamba. c) Elezabeth Ogoro.
Ababu Namwamba has been tried and tested. He is too suitable for the job to be given second thought. Ababu is
Via Hon Sam Okello The ODM elections are about to conclude and all the right people will be elected. In spite of the feverish pitch by the media to cast the elections as compromised and deeply divisive, truth is that the party has conducted itself with dignity and our leaders have campaigned with the vigorous thunder expected of folks who want to lead the party to victory in 2017. We expected nothing less that the fire each contestant has ignited. I especially tip my hat off to the Hon. Ababu Namwamba and the Hon. Dr. Agnes Zani for a spirited fight to become the next Secretary-General. Let the delegates now decide! After the elections, however, we must all turn our attention to preparations for 2017 or sooner. There will be no time to waste because ODM's competitors are in a free fall despite what their red hot propagandists want you to believe. The house of Jubilee is about to come a tumbling; its a matter of time. When that happens, we must not be caught sleeping. The most critical question we have to ...
One of the rival camps in ODM ahead of the party elections, which is led by Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba, has sought to dismiss claims that they were rebels o...
Friday we are going to decide by voting in btween Zani and General Ababu Namwamba as S.G.Ababu Tosha,vote! vote! vote! him in.
My two cents. Even though I do not like ODM as a party ( for no other reason than I don't like their presidential candidate), I am impressed at their attempt at democracy by holding elections for office holders. I am more impressed by Ababu Namwamba (who I also don't like) and other youthful politicians in the party for their fight againist 'selection' of party officials. Whether or not the elections will be successful, I believe that it is a step in the right direction. I wish my party TNA ( which I belong to solely because I like their Presidential Candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta, I know nothing else about the party) would also hold democratic elections for their office holders instead of the bickering that has started. I hope that we can move to an era that political parties are formed on shared ideologies and not as vehicles for winning elections. That what I think anyway!
Ababu Namwamba is the right man for Secretary General post. A vote for Ababu is a vote for Raila and democracy. Let's join hands and vote Soldier boy into the big office.
I think Hon Otuoma should wait for another day. Lets give Ababu Namwamba this seat. Thats my opinion and i stand to be corrected. The two seats cant go to Neighbours.
Who is this Ababu Namwamba?who was his father?can he fill Mudavadis shoes?why is he fighting to be luhya kingpin when musalia is still around.the recognised pecking order of luhya politics is as follows, .1.mudavadi 2.wamalwa 3.wako 4marende 5.wetangula Ababu is not recognised is he brave enough to face luhyas enemies like Raila,kajwang,joho,midiwo head on as kijana wamalwa and Musalia Mudavadi did/?
Of Leadership and Politics, "A politician is just like a pickpocket; it's almost impossible to get him to reform, [That is why I refuse to be a politician but a leader]," once said an American Actor - Will Rogers. This quote reminds me of the accusations levelled against Hon. Ababu Namwamba in the recent past about being a Jubilee Mole in ODM, ironically, by the very same ODM loyalists who saw it wise to book a hotel owned by the head of Jubilee for ODM retreat in Naivasha. I wonder what happened to these ODM loyalist’s knowledge on how James Bond used to get information through bugging of conference facilities, hotel rooms, and the use of double agents posing as prostitutes/call girls to get vital information during the cold war. Could this be the politics of singing praise to the King even when he is necked?
Brothers and comrades ofvcord reloaded lets show our support for change and young leadership in cord that can make the party grow if you know any delegate tell them ABABU NAMWAMBA is the right choice
Mombasa endorses Ababu Namwamba for Sec Gen and Josphat Nanok for Chairman in the forthcoming ODM electio…
Ababu Namwamba has shown more skill in taming Raila's overbearing tendencies than Isaac Ruto has been able to do with WSR.
Jakoyo Midiwo dumps his cousin, Raila Odinga, and supports ABABU NAMWAMBA instead of ZANI for ODM’s t...
WHY ABABU NAMWAMBA MAY NEVER BE ODM Secretary General Supporters of Ababu Namwamba, sorry to tell you this: Raila Odinga can NEVER allow Ababu to become Secretary General of ODM. Raila Odinga owns the party. It is all he has now left after being rigged out of the 2013 presidential victory. He can't allow anybody to *** the party from his grip, least of all Ababu Namwamba whom his handlers have already labelled a Jubilee mole. The seat Ababu is seeking to occupy is very powerful and sensitive. It is at the heart of party affairs. The SG can make or break the party's endorsed presidential candidate. That is why its occupant must be a very credible individual who can be trusted not to party secrets to the enemy. Raila Odinga already has doubts on Ababu Namwamba. That is why Ababu Namwamba will NEVER BE ODM Secretary General.
I support ababu namwamba for the post is the kind of youthful leaders we need if you remember in 2007 he took his allegiance to his excellency Raila Odinga while Kibaki and others were standing there
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Loool RTAbabu Namwamba is just an older version of Welbeck."
Delegates split over Zani's ODM top job bid A section of Coast leaders have questioned a decision by some local MPs, governors and senators to support Budalang'i MP Ababu Namwamba for the Secretary General post in ODM elections slated for Friday and Saturday. They said the decision to support Ababu and not Dr Agnes Zani is a "total betrayal" of coastal unity. Delegates from Taita Taveta, Kwale, Mombasa and Kilifi met at Castle Royal Hotel where they accused the Namwamba group of making unilateral decisions. Kinango ODM subcounty chairman James Dena said the leaders did not consult them before making the decision. “We are the delegates. We are the ones who will vote. Some of those leaders are not even delegates,” he said. Dena said Coast wants a bigger position in the party. Tismba-Golini ODM chairman Hamisi Rachuo said they are tired of being used to support other people’s choices. “Now we also want support for our own candidate, that is why we support Zani,” he said. Voi’s Elias Mwachika said ...
Ababu Namwamba is just an older version of Welbeck.
Methinks Ababu Namwamba and his team will upset the big guns in ODM.
Mmmmh the ODM elections is falling it place.Raila is finally shaking off the buggage and the 2017 strategy is starting in earnest and those who can still recall my earlier updates that Western,Nyanza,Coast,Nairobi will eventually form a formidable team that will be joined by other strategic regions more so in Rift Valley-the Kipsigis,after the ODM election,the team will embark on massive sensitization of youth acquiring the National Identity Cards that will lead to massive voter registration in the strongholds that will eventually match the Jubilee's tyranny of numbers to stop any rigging in the words of Ababu Namwamba, Raila has only one bullet left and this time he has to fire it right and hit the target.
i am very happy that ABABU NAMWAMBA is doing well in his compaign
I have already structured a pamphlet of for the next ODM Sec Gen,yea Ababu Namwamba. Within the piece, features Musa Juma's "yawuoyi makare a.k.a Maselina" hit.I can't wait for the unbelievable by Friday eve.Ma to marwa,Hehe to mitna!
That is wishfull thinking...General Ababu Namwamba for Sec Gen come Friday.Owallo Eliud and his ilk,you be...
With all parameters in place, Ababu Namwamba remains the best candidate for ODM general secretary post.
Baba Raila please extol the virtues of Ababu Namwamba...he could keeip the youth content at that sec. gen. Post. Also you could pass the baton to him then he passes it on to Fidel...what say you? Your party could then be the first party in the multiparty era not to field the owner as it's sole preferred presidential candidate.
i want to take this opportunity to wish a young soldier, a brilliant and intelligent commander. aggressive general Mr. Ababu Namwamba the best of luck in the ODM executive elections. you are the commander that we have been yearning for. i am very much confident that with you Raila Odinga can make it to state house. may God grant you a historical victory.
Nicholas Gumbo backs out of SG race!. supports Generally Ababu Namwamba for SG!
Ababu Namwamba or Zani as O.D.M sec gen- as a spectator of the ongoing drama at the bitter orange party I confirm a 2017 T.N.A win..
Nyanza ODM MPs back Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba to succeed Prof Anyang Nyong’o as the party’s Secretary General
Nyanza ODM MPs and Senator Endorses Namwamba Six Nyanza MPs and a senator have endorsed Ababu Namwamba for the p...
Kwale leaders accuse their counterparts in Mombasa & Kilifi for supporting Ababu Namwamba instead of Agnes Zani who happens to be their own.
Morning fam.its ODM week...lets all giv surportto ababu namwamba line up,not test tube politicians
"Ababu: vote by acclamation is to mock democracy Inaitwa kura ya makelele..remember JJ?
Pwani ODM politician have no choice than to Support Mr Ababu Namwamba. They're politically vulnerable.
The team led by the Mombasa governor is expected to tour the country between tomorrow and Thursday to meet...
Generali Ababu Namwamba, we support you for ODM's Secretary General. You are the (cont)
Ongoro:I am the best candidate, despite the perception that Dr.Zani & Ababu Namwamba are ahead in the race for Sec. Gen position
Ababu: To vote by acclamation is to mock democracy via
A great step up as JOHO backs ABABU, We must win Namwamba must win
Raila Odinga must interpret the writings on the wall. Ama vipi Ababu Namwamba: election or selection?
Raila Odinga IS A GOOD STUDENT OF DANIEL ARAP MOI. During his 24-year tenure as President,Daniel Arap Moi planted regional kingpins that assisted him to rule the country.There was Katana Ngala from the Mijikenda,Shariff Nasser from the Swahili,Kalonzo Musyoka from Ukambani,Joseph Nyagah from Embu,Jackson Angaine from Meru,J J Kamotho from Murang'a,Arthur Magugu from Kiambu,Dalmas Otieno from South Nyanza,Oloo Aringo from Central Nyanza,Simeon Nyachae from Kisii,Moses Mudavadi(Musalia Mudavadi) from Kakamega/Vihiga,Elijah Wasike Mwangale from Bungoma and Dr Mukasa Mango/Philip Masinde/Chris Okemo from Busia.Raila Odinga is doing exactly the same thing.He has created several positions in the ODM leadership that will help him reward regional kingpins.There is Agnes Zani from the Mijikenda,Hassan Joho from the Swahili,Timothy Bosire from Kisii,Josephat Nanok/Magerer Langat from Rift Valley,Wycliffe Oparanya from Kakamega/Vihiga,Moses Wetangula from Bungoma and Paul Otuoma/Ababu Namwamba from Busia.
Raila Odinga is worried that Ababu Namwamba may vanish with ODM wealth(6 billion) if given General Secretary to another party the way he did to KANU
In March 2002,the then ruling party KANU held its national delegates conference dubbed Kasarani 1.One of the amendments to the party's constitution was splitting the position of Vice Chairman which was occupied by Prof George Saitoti and creating 4 Vice Chairmen.This was meant to create 4 slots for Uhuru Kenyatta,Musalia Mudavadi,Kalonzo Musyoka and Noah Katana Ngala.Prof George Saitoti was to get nothing in the arrangement that saw Raila Odinga replace J J Kamotho as the Secretary General.KANU had lost ideas on how to remain vibrant hence the constitutional changes.The party was on its death bed.The party lost the General Elections which were held later in the year.ODM appears to be copying what KANU did in 2002.There is a proposal to have 2 positions of deputy Party leader to accommodate Wycliffe Oparanya and Ali Hassan Joho and a proposal for 2 positions of Secretary General to accommodate Ababu Namwamba and Agnes Zani.I think ODM has lost ideas on how to remain relevant!
The ODM party elections are looming around the corner. All eyes are focusing on the Secretary General seat. Now that Raila Odinga has already dismissed Ababu Namwamba as a Jubilee mole, supporters of ODM, do you still want a Jubilee mole to occupy such an important seat at Orange House? A JUBILEE MOLE?
After watching proceedings of recent ODM meeting I thus conclude that Raila Odinga is pertinaciously astute,visionary,consensus builder and a very noble sage--his words are like cold water poured on a hot metal...see the way he disarmed the 2 protagonists Ababu Namwamba & Sen Agnes Zani and their attack dogs to an extent they were now smiling at each other as if they were just from winning Tazama Chapaa raffle.That's why both phobics and fanatics refer to him as AGWAMBO meaning the enigma...Ecclesiastes is still right for their comes a time to fight & a time to cooperate, a time to point fingers & a time to clasp hands, a time to deconstruct and a time to construct...this is the time for discipline,unity,progress in ODM.
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I love the way honourable Ababu Namwamba mp Budalangi comes out clearly abt his objectives of becoming the ODM Secretary General. he seems loyal & patriotic. amegonga this Gumbo guy a 4~9. Mutahi Ngunyi confirmed that during the breakfirst show.I doubt whether Namwamba is a jubilee mole the way rumour mongers are saying...
ODM LEADER Raila Odinga Met Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba at a club in Kisumu town over mounting allegations of party loyalty. Its established that the former PM met Ababu at Nyanza club in Kisumu last Friday where he assured the outspoken MP that he trust him and his candidature of ODM SG. Raila was compelled to meet Ababu to display rumors that he is behind nominated Senator Agnes Zani. A source said Raila told Ababu that he does not doubt his loyalty to ODM and its leadership.Ababu cautioned Raila against "more powers"his aide is wielding in the party
Someone tell Raila Odinga to tread carefully. If Raila has his way, and successfully eliminates Ababu Namwamba from the Secretary-General docket of ODM, he will have committed the biggest miscalculation, the most stupid of his political mistakes. First, he will have deified the combative Namwamba... Second, the Luhya vote would be gone (Otuoma has no following!) Thirdly, the youth will confirm their distrust in the party. And that begins with me, a representative of the Youth in that Party. There will be an unprecedented walkout. I doubt the likes of John Mbadi, Millie Mabona Odhiambo, Elizabeth Ongoro, et al will sit aside and watch Otieno Kajwang and co. run us back to Precambrian politics of selective 'democracy' (Oxymoron). Let Raila keep his hands clean, otherwise there will be a revolution within the party. Counsel's Counsel
I will join Ababu Namwamba in any party he heads to. either URP or a new outfit. Raila Odinga seems not learn anything. If Oburu Odinga, Ruth Odinga and Jakoyo Midiwo have jobs, raila has no other problem.
Tomorrow Budalang'i MP Ababu Namwamba (SecGen) and Mombasa governor Hassan Joho (Deputy Party Leader) will be campaigning in Homa Bay county to woe delegates at Kajwang's back yard
Thursday February 13, 2014 - Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga got another rude shock after over 15 MPs from the Coast region declared they would support Budalangi Member of Parliament, Ababu Namwamba, for ODM Secretary General post over his project Dr. Agnes Zani.Speaking yesterday just before the
VOTE Sen Agnes Zani at your own risk she is being fronted by some senior serious Mt. Kenya mafias moles planted within the inner-circle of our only Rt. Hon Raila Odinga to make sure that RAO never come closer/be the Commander in Chief. Good example has been confirm by Rongo MP appointment as Envoy, I wonder when did Opposition represent the Government as envoy. WE CANNOT TRUST A NEW COMMER WHO USE TO ENJOY PNU BENFIT AS WE WERE STRUGGLING WITH MAKING ODM TO BE, PEOPLE WHO DOES NOT ACCEPT DEMOCRACY TO PREVAIL, NEVER. If we want ODM to be strong, Vote Hon. Gen. Ababu Namwamba
Having bungled its nomination process more than a year ago (17 January 2013), democracy is finally coming home (catching ODM unawares), and more so in Nyanza, where it seldom existed: 13 February 2014: Nine ODM MPs: Mr John Mbadi, Opiyo Wandayi (Ugunja), Gladys Wanga, (Homa Bay County), Aduma Owuor (Nyakach), Peter Kaluma (Homa Bay Town), John Kobado (Uriri), Joseph Ndiege (Suna West) and Junet Mohammed (Suna East), have declared their support for Dr Agnes Zani in her bid to become the Secretary General of ODM. 12 February 2014: Seven ODM MPs: Ken Obura (Kisumu Central), David Ochieng (Ugenya), George Oner (Rangwe), Millie Odhiambo (Suba), Ken Okoth (Kibra), Agostino Neto (Ndhiwa) and Silvance Osele (Kabondo Kasipul), have declared they would support Ababu Namwamba in his bid to become secretary-general of the ODM.
Otieno Kajwang' may have been so loyal to ODM and Raila Odinga, or so it appears, but, apparently, he,has done worse in his capacity when he was the Immigration Minister, than Ababu Namwamba, who he accuses of shifting loyalty. Loyalty, is not measured in terms of how long u have been in the party, but what u have done to the party, in shaping its policies and winning elections.
The maize scandal in Kenya during President Mwai Kibaki's regime should actually be a reminder to many that, Ababu Namwamba has never been ODM damu. Ababu Namwamba is on a mission. He can easily be or he is on Jubilee pay role.
By Jerry Okungu I don’t claim to know Mheshimiwa Ababu Namwamba that personally, but I have read a lot of his political commentaries in the local press in the last five years. The last major theatrical show he put up inside parliament on the day of the grand opening was spectacular and superbly entertaining. I watched it live from my hotel room on CNN in Maputo. Ababu Namwamba badly needs to cut his teeth pretty early as a fearless democrat in the ninth parliament. To achieve this fete, he has set his eyes beyond the Orange Democratic Movement, the party that took him to parliament. He is busy reaching out to PNU, NARC Kenya, ODM Kenya, KADDU and any other MP that will care to listen to him. He is craving for a grand opposition in parliament along the lines of the grand coalition that has been put together between PNU affiliate parties and Raila Odinga’s ODM. To achieve his goal, as much as he is prepared to step on every one’s toe that may stand in his way, he has enlisted the support of Cyrus Jiro ...
Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, I am challenging Hon. Ababu Namwamba!! My brother, we met yesterday at Hilton Hotel after 1800 hrs to 2130 hours, when did Nairobi turn to be Mombasa? Appreciate the fact that you have been ejected from O.D.M!! I am sure Hon. Musalia Mudavadi already forgave you for your ignorance!! Come home. Home is where the heart feels at rest!! Home is United Democratic Forum.
Ababu Namwamba have come as a political character whose loyalty to the party have been so clouded with so much inconsistencies and that's the waterloo he is facing right now.The inner circle don't trust him with that position.If I may refresh your minds a bit,there was a time His support for the party was put in question and Raila started inviting his rivals at functions in Budalangi and Ababu Namwamba had to backpedal ,The Man broke that trust.We should not turn a blind eye to this facts les we regret later.The Delegates will not elect Ababu on the basis of being a reckless,thoughtless lunatic sycophant of Raila Amolo Odinga at one point in time,It takes trust,loyalty and consistency to be a good solder.
Like William Ruto who was against Raila Odinga in 2007 but was whipped by Kalenjin elders into supporting Raila Odinga's candidature,I was also whipped in December 2013 by the Bakhayo elders to support ODM and Raila Odinga! A strange twist of events took place in 2008 when Raila Odinga turned against Kalenjins and ordered for their eviction from the Mau forest and even fired Ruto from the cabinet! This vindicated Ruto's stand that Raila was not the right candidate for Kalenjins in 2007.The Kalenjin elders proved Ruto right! The forthcoming ODM elections have proved me right! The daytime dictatorship and lack of democracy in ODM has proved me right! Loyal and ardent supporters of ODM like Ababu Namwamba have been sacrificed for political greenhorns like Agnes Zani.Like the Kalenjin elders who were wrong when they whipped Ruto to support Raila in 2007,my Bakhayo elders were wrong when they whipped me to quit AMANI and join ODM! ODM is a party full of dictatorship!
When Musalia Mudavadi quit ODM,he said the party lacked internal democracy! Many Luhya leaders abandoned him claiming he was a JUBILEE project! Our own Ababu Namwamba will soon be a casualty of ODM dictatorship! Raila Odinga is favoring Agnes Zani for ODM Secretary Gene...
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NAMUNYU KWALIA WAMUKISA! During campaigns for the 2013 elections,Ababu Namwamba led Luhya leaders in abandoning his brother Musalia Mudavadi and supporting a neighbour,Raila Odinga! On many occasions,Raila Odinga used Ababu Namwamba to hurl insults and propaganda against Musalia Mudavadi.Raila's sycophants in Luhyaland kept on lying that Raila is grooming Ababu Namwamba for presidency! Let us wait and see if Raila Odinga will allow Ababu Namwamba to become the Secretary General of ODM in the forthcoming elections! If Raila allows Ababu Namwamba to win the ODM Secretary General's seat,I will believe that indeed,Raila Odinga is grooming Namwamba for presidency! Time will tell.
So young Luo politicians are predicting that Raila would loose 2017 elections because of keeping up with deceitful advisers. These Mps believe that ODM veterans Oburu Odinga and Otieno Kajwang are misleading Raila by advising him to deny them an opportunity to contest the Secretary General seat. The young Mps believe they should be given the seat on grounds of age and that a SG of ODM should come from Luo Nyanza because the seat was held by Anyang Nyongo who was from Nyanza. This guys should stop their selfish and tribal politics and support the party leader Raila Odinga in making ODM a national party instead of a Luo party. I support Hon Ababu Namwamba for SG seat. He is young, vibrant and brave politician than this cowards
Now my opinion is this on ODM elections and the 'surprising' Marende pull-out. There are currently three forces in the Luyia world. 1st is the group desperate for government goodies, led by maDVD/Eugene and I think I smelled former VP Awori around the group some few months ago. The logic driving this group is you cannot survive without government, any government and therefore any government is good. 2nd is the group around Ababu Namwamba, the same one that had all along believed that ODM - read Raila Odinga - would bring the presidency to Western Kenya. And 3rd is the group keen on carving Luyia unity so as to gain the massive, personal fortunes accompanying it the way WR did with Kalenjin unity. Visible members of this group are Jirongo and Khalwale. Now, of these three groups, the Ababu group has been on top of things since the 2005 referendum till March 2013. The maDVD/Eugene group miscalculated and continues to misread public mood such that it is quickly fading from the Luyia public's collective memor ...
Speaking during the homecoming party of Nambale MP Sakwa Bunyasi on 2nd November 2013,Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba accused Musalia Mudavadi for quitting ODM and contesting for presidency without consulting Luhyas! Mr Ababu Namwamba claimed that Musalia Mudavadi was not s...
Jan 16, 2008, After promising a showdown like no other, the first parliamentary session since Kenya's embattled elections last month, lacked any knock-down brawls, but tension and drama persisted. The more than 10-hour session was the first time President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga have come face to face since the post-election violence that has killed 600 people and left at least 250,000 Kenyans displaced. At the swearing-in for members of parliament, Odinga refused to take the oath, swearing allegiance to "the president and the republic of Kenya," instead, omitting the word "president." Members of his party took the opportunity to call Kibaki a thief and a "fraudster" during their swearing-in. "I swear my allegiance to the president," said member of parliament Ababu Namwamba, as he nodded his head to Odinga. One of Odinga's deputies, Najib Balala, opened the session by walking into Kenya's National Assembly chambers and announcing, "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the president," in ...
ODM chairmanship should be handled with extra caution from the Luo Nyanza leaders. As a matter of fact, manyalas are luo speakers and should feel very comfortable with Ababu Namwamba than any other contestant.
We are tired of these Luo Nyanza MP's, can they pull out and form there own party instead of threats!! ODM is for all Kenyans and not one community!! Sec. General is 4 Ababu Namwamba!!
Hehe what goes around comes around.My president Musalia Mudavadi was called all sort of names last yr by Ababu Namwamba hehehe sai Ababu is facing the same problems Mudavadi had.Hehehe sai siucheke
This egocentrism among Luo Nyanza politicians will kill ODM.. time to recognize other loyal and deserving youthful leaders like Ababu Namwamba & give them a chance to rejuvinate the party if we expect a miracle. Maintain it a family party & seal its 2017 fate one more time, like always!
Luo Nyanza Mps should not split the party. I support Hon. Ababu Namwamba candidature for Secretary General and he already has my vote. He's young,intelligent and vibrant. Let the party have national outlook in vacant position. Luos cannot build ODM alone,we need the other 41 tribes. Already we have the position of party leader,the party should let other communities also hold palm positions. We need a party that reflect the face of Kenya. Not like the Jubilee government that has most appointment from one or two regions. Lets balance the positions amongst the 42 tribes. Lets respect gender balance and people with disability.
Joseph Ndunda Opinion What happened yesterday should cause political critics to raise eyebrows over Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) credibility as a national political party that brags to uphold Nationhood, equal opportunity for all and upholding the principles of democracy. Luo Nyanza MPs gathered and declared that the powerful position of the Secretary General up for grabs in the next month’s party elections must go to one of them because the region forms the political bedrock of the party. If the ODM MPs from Luo Community really believes in tenets of regional balance, why should any of them gun for the powerful seat when the undisputed party leader Raila Odinga and outgoing SG Anyang’ Nyong’o are still from the community (Luo)? Everyone knows of other communities numerically bigger than Luo who massively votes for ODM. From the statement, the MPs are obvious afraid of Budalang’I MP Ababu Namwamba who has declared to run for the seat. That notwithstanding, it is crystal clear that democratical ...
This section of ODM Luo Nyanza MPs who think the position of Sec Gen is their preserve are the reason Raila lost the election. I think Ababu Namwamba deserves that position.
who among the following is fit to represent luhyias come 2017.Plz vote wisely insults will be treated as spoiled vote and result will be announced tomorrow at 8 am 1. Musalia Mudavadi 2. Eugene Wamalwa 3.Moses Wetangula 4. Kenneth Marende 5. Ababu Namwamba. 6. Others specify.
ODM IS NOT A LUO PARTY, IT IS A NATIONAL PARTY YES, BUT FOR HOW LONG CAN IT SURVIVE WITHOUT RAILA AS ITS LEADER AND WILL THAT ALSO MEAN THE END OF THE LUO UNITY?. Just Like Moi was KANU and KANU was Moi, so is Raila with ODM. Those fighting and shouting at the top of their voices for Raila to leave ODM for them because they are younger/youthful, fail to understand that ODM as a party still stands strong because Raila is its leader. At that moment that Raila will leave ODM so will it's disintegration start. This is because ODM is not a LUO party but a National party, but some LUO Mpigs who call themselves young/youth fail to understand this. They are still treating ODM as a Luo Nyanza party and this is why they are fighting other people from outside Nyanza like Ababu Namwamba among others for the positions they very much deserve to hold in the party so as to keep the party strong. They are the same people brainwashing the young Luo youth into believing in something called Odingaism and encouraging them to ...
What happened with Ababu Namwamba who was on the fore front talking for the mwananchi?
If this scandal is bigger than Goldenberg and Anglo-Leasing, Odm led by Namwamba have a perfect chance to permanently damage Jubilee but why are they quiet instead? Early last month a parliamentary committee chaired by Budalang'i Cord MP Ababu Namwamba summoned Attorney-General Githu Muigai and Public Procurement Oversight Authority director-general Maurice Juma over the procurement of a Chinese firm to undertake work on the Sh1.2 trillion standard gauge railway. Also summoned to appear before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) was Auditor-General Edward Ouko. Namwamba said the investment of Sh1.2 trillion is “not small change” and the controversy that has clouded the procurement of China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) through a government-to- government agreement should not be ignored. President Uhuru Kenyatta officiated at the ground breaking ceremony of the rail project that will link Mombasa to Malaba and to Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan thereafter. Construction of the 1,250-kilometre moder ...
Ababu Namwamba asks Raila to step down over Nyaribari Chache and Borabu performance,"this means Raila is finished in his own backyard,let him step down for new blood,thats why he wants Marende to chair the party so that i can be pushed out of the race to be the Secretary General" said Namwamba.
Jubilee govt is facing 3 opposition wings. The 1st opposition that isnt potent enough to cause scare is the cord coalition. I wil assert ths because i thnk Raila being its 2017 flagbearer wil nt injure jubilee's ambitions to govern 4 10yrs. The 2nd opposition is the current jubilee internal wrangles. If the inner circle doesnt go bk to the table n re-evaluate the president's appointments, then Chinua achebe's-"things fall apart" will be evident. The center cnt hold anymore. The 3rd opposition that may kill jubilee's 10yr rule is only if Raila steps aside n decides to support sam1 like Alfred mutua n Ababu namwamba as the D.P. Ths could shake Uhuruto dependin on mutua's performance in machakos county at the end of his term. I reiterate here that Raila’s legacy lies in an honourable retirement. He should resist the proverbial desire for heroism. Achebe aptly warns that heroes lie dead in the fields as cowards survive to eat groundnuts with their grandchildren. They May even have time to tell tales of thei ...
Ababu Namwamba: What Wetangula win means to the future of Luhya politics
A hush hush story among the illuminates of the Luo society goes like this: As Jaramogi lay in bed before his death, he summoned his two sons Oburu and Raila Amolo. Oburu are you here, he asked. Yes jaduong' I am here, Oburu replied. Amolo are you here, jaramogi asked. Yes misee I am here, Raila Amolo replied. I want you to listen my sons, jaramogi began his last words. My days are now coming to an end. Should this happen anytime as I see it is about to happen, please take care of my wealth. Jaramogi instructed his sons. Raila Amolo then told him, misee you have already given each of us what belongs to us, what wealth are you talking about ? What about all these Luo people, are they not my wealth, take care of my wealth, jaramogi commanded his sons. According to the Odingas, Luos are their property and must serve them all the time. If a Luo has money he must take it to the Odingas. Those who refuse to take their money as demanded by the Odingas must be destroyed. They have destroyed many careers and now th ...
I am sure ODM worn the elections in the year 2007,but i strongly doubt that we (ODM) worn in march 4th General Elections.we were too disorganized to have worn.Ababu Namwamba
WHY YOU NEED TO WATCH YOUR DIRTY WORDS DIRECTED TOWARDS HON.ABABU NAMWAMBA. I want warn some crackpots who have taken this platform to cultivate the seeds of discord and disunity between Hon. Ababu Namwamba and Hon.Ojamong.Empty minds will lack structured and constructive points to put across hence engage in cheap propangandas to gain some lost sense among their peers.This exactly what some cranky individuals are trying to do using this forum.As far as i know there is no bad blood between the duos ,it just your stupid imagination. You are like that kid who celebrate when the father and mother are at loggerhead forgetting he/she stands to benefit zilch from such an acrimony.such a kid's behaviour is regarded as outrageous,retrogressive and ridiculous. If there are differences among our leaders,what are we supposed to do ? Sit there idle like new millenium monkeys and laugh at them or be part of the solution by forging unity between them. I respect both Ababu and Ojamong as my mentors,parents and wonderful ...
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