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Ab Fab

Absolutely Fabulous, also known as Ab Fab, is a British sitcom created by Jennifer Saunders, based on an original idea by her and Dawn French, and written by Saunders, who plays the leading character.

Joanna Lumley Jennifer Saunders Patsy Stone Kate Moss Wee Jimmy Krankie Harry Styles Monty Python Big Brother

I so want to, Suze just looks so glam, like Ab Fab. Only…
Even better when you have a few notions of French slang
Check out Episode 2, got my favorite Mike & Mike as well as the AB Fab and my new personal hero Jim DeLine
Laying in bed and my heart is racing. 🙁
Sometimes I feel like my anxiety is stronger than I am and it's going to take me down. 😩
It is what it is. I like my iphones. No need to switch.
So can I with my Motorola my motoz force is a iPhone killer I'm waiting for my motozforce2 to show up now
It's all in your preferences. Mine happen to be apple. I can also go to an Apple Store to get my phone fi…
I can't run a iPhone give me a Motorola I'll run circles around you
I want to be like Lorelei Gilmore. Super sarcastic and able to banter/quote/reference movies at any given moment.
We all just want someone to see our dark side and still love us anyway
He didn't get my Ab Fab or my Star Wars references so I knew I couldn't date him.
Just seen in Singapore, is was Ab Fab!
So Sunday's outing was a bit of disaster but I am trying to take the +ves from it!
To be fair to her, though; as uneducated is she is about the original Game Boy, she *was* funny in N…
had a canny idea for children in need, GMB version of ab fab, you as eddy and Kate as patsy with Laura as the geeky kid lol
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I saw Joanna Lumley today and all I could say was "It's Patsy! I love Ab Fab!" Talk about keeping it cool 😑😂
LOL 😉 Rhodes yes, thanks my friend! And you going to Greece again is AB FAB…
Ab Fab star backs campaign, add your support
I'm pretty sure I only ever called the TV show 'Ab Fab' (even though that was also massively *** . IT'S SO WEIRD idk what I'm really saying
Minus tonight. Babies asleep, Ab Fab on the telebox and a nice cold beer. Great way to start the week 👍👌
Ab Fab! Joanna Lumley in Derry with Richard Moore from Children in Crossfire
Monty Python Life Of Brian is still relevant today
Flashback to our Ab Fab eve of lifedrawing!
Dear Katie, it takes one to know one/some. j/s ;) Looks ab fab ladies ♥️😘
Happy birthday ginge have a fab day love from me n zinzan x
I mean, Brondo is over thirty and sounds ab fab. Coincidence? Nay, I say.
Comic Margaret Cho has slated string of Hollywood A-listers but admits she regrets branding Jimmy Krankie actress …
VegStock London is on NOW! Get here before ten PM to enjoy some fab vegan food and drinks!
hi Mike just lisnd 2 ooatb, Ab Fab, yor best yet but then I always say that, can't get walk on water out my head, funky as *** 👍🏼
were you once in Ab Fab? A clip popped up today and I'm sure a somewhat younger Dave Gorman made an appearance...
Electronic Device Insurance
I prefer to list my faves rather than what I feel are best (differs): 30 Rock, Seinfeld, Ab Fab, Silicon Valley, Th…
The episode of Ab Fab where Minnie Driver gets mad because she has to pay for designer clothes is literally me 24/7.
I can empathise with this, that's why I love this lady! Joanna Lumley talks about when life wasn't so Ab Fab
Finally got to put the festival tent up Barry like Stan laurel and me like Patsy from Ab Fab -was so funny
'If you’re alive, you’ll get old. There is no point denying it.' Ab Fab's Joanna Lumley in quotes…
Wow. Ab Fab, and Faulty Towers are on Netflix. Now they need to add Lenny Henry's The Chef and Monty Python.
carolyn garritt: How exercise prevents cancer, from the fab boffins at CRUK
it's like ab fab with me and Lou. She talks to me like she is the adult and I am the kid 😂😂
They're taking Ab Fab off Netflix too why does god hate me
Ab Fab is the level of extra that I aspire to
Honestly don't understand the confusion over and holiday snaps! They look fab! Jealous people😂😍
What an Ab Fab we have. Wonderful, passionate members of staff awards congratulations all.
Not happy with how I phrased that. Because being LGBT etc is not a weakness. Have an Ab Fab weekend.
The Ab Fab opening the awards ceremony
been watching the old re-runs of Ab Fab, brilliant thank you for such a great show. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ab Fab video: Edina phones up Fleur and Catriona to get them to take part in Let's Sing and Dance for Comic Relief:…
They both looked AB FAB in your gem of a movie! Cheers!
it was Ab Fab 😍, quinessentially Cambridge. I wonder to whom it belongs? Where is it now?
no Ab Fab night tonight I'll just have to watch it x
Had an ab fab time with find your selves a copy to get in on the goss and killer snaps 👯👯👯
In my own personal Ab Fab moment I'm drinking my daughter's wine while she's out at work earning a crust. Yes, I am ashamed, slightly. xxx
I'm so excited for Ab Fab takeover of starting tomorrow night!! 🍾
Still thinking about last week's Ab Fab gala Can we do it all again?
I have always loved Ab Fab and will continue to do so
are there any outtakes from series 6 of Ab Fab or the movie? Just been sat watching the outtakes from 4/5 I love them!!! 😊
Defo thought Ab Fab was over the top till I saw this. Christ
This is going 2 b fun; I'm talking on 'Early Modern Aliens' but m'learned colleagues have *ab fab* sounding…
Fri night: pineapple mallowpuffs & Ab Fab on DVD - & people say I don't know how to party anymore... 🍍 🍾 🎉
Oh yeah she's great, yanking us out of the EU without a plan, defunding the NHS, benefits and pensions. She's ab fab 😑
An OpenStreetMap jacket on show at a "Who makes the map" exhibition in the German Museum of Technology
Take a look at our newest digibook, about colonial working life vs today's. We think it's pretty fab…
Friday 03.03.2017 Daily Featuring this fab ab workout by bassemnehme from…
Ab Fab. Public relations maven Edina and best friend Patsy drive sensible daughter Saffron up the wall with their self-absorbed escapades.
Liverpool know how to do rail replacement services.
When you randomly catch an episode of Ab Fab that you don't even remember seeing before! 😍😊
Just when you think you've seen every MLT video, you find this one! AB FAB!
New futuristic digibook uncovers artefacts dating back to pre-2016. Fab for & students https:/…
. Killed Tone, Battle (3x circuit) and Ab's classes and feel fab Thank great classes
Fab somewhere sick he didn't rock this first.
Looking ab fab in your favorite racer back tank is only scratching the surface of why you (yes, you!) should be...
I have a thirst for champagne I'm blaming my Ab Fab binge for this craving
why can we hear music from the lecture hall next to us and why am I not in that lecture
It's Australia Day this Sunday! Talk recycling with kids using the resources in this fab Recycling topic:
Our Stage Crew from were Ab Fab all weekend Worked like troopers https:…
I saw her in "Hay Fever" once, it was amazing. She turned the Noel Coward play into an episode of Ab Fab.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
urgent question do you have the Ab Fab film DVD in stock in either stores Holloway or muswell hill ? Please say yes
Jennifer Saunders has some bad news for fans of Ab Fab (and that's everyone, right?)
Jennifer Saunders says no to more Ab Fab -
I cannot believe how bad the Ab Fab movie was!
Wait did Joanna Lumley go to Japan to say sorry for the Ab Fab yellowface thing like when Jade Goody went to India
Yes, that's how I do it! Party Down, Mary Tyler Moore, Ab Fab etc...
Jennifer and Joanna have saw me through my worst spell of depression. Ab Fab always cheers me up & makes me smile
Janet Street-Porter slams Joanna Lumley live on Loose Women over Ab Fab movie snub
Liz reminds me of Eddie from Ab Fab trying to act young and fashionable
- Jennifer Saunders & Joanna Lumley. - funniest women. - friendship goals. - Ab Fab is one of the best British shows
Ab Fab's Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley on why you can never have enough bags
Eddie from Ab Fab's interior of choice. Inside Kelly Hoppen's London home.
Who is joining me for this Friday for - Ab Fab movie screening at the Windsor to raise money for a good cause ?...
While the rest of *** Sydney seemed to be at the Ab Fab movie launch last night ... Sadly I wasn't, but that's ok...
Okay so weekend; naps, ab fab film, yoga, and resisting a haircut. 🤘🏻
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
July Wrap Up and Ab Fab the Movie Review on the BLOG
Ab Fab movie is potentially the best thing i've ever watched
oh well ours is obviously patsy & Eddie we couldn't pick just one they are purely just Ab Fab 😍😆
Fab AB Friday with check out his nude vid
If in downtown today, stop by the Bldg off to learn ab the fab inductees in
We are at the luxurious cinema with the bar to see Ab Fab. This could go two ways...
Hi Jack, Ab Fab has been out for a while now so there will only be a few showings left before it leaves the cinema
Ab Fab The Movie is as Ab Fab as I'd hoped.
This week's cocktail of the week: the Ab Fab. For those of you that love Prosecco and ice lollies. Yours for the...
Like Ghostbusters, The Ab Fab movie is important to see, too! Created by, written by, directed by, & starring women - over the age of 50!
Ab Fab. Patsy: Why does everything you wear look like it’s bearing a grudge, darling? You’ve got a wardrobe full of little murderers”
Ab Fab. Patsy: "A business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know you’re doing it but nobody else does"
Absolutely agree only I am more Ab Fab, cut out the middle man! ;-)
Sometimes I fear I may be understudying for Ab Fab
Now that I think about it my favorite part about the Ab Fab movie is the proper spacial orientation of the kitchen.
How did you not know there was an Ab Fab movie? Go see it if you liked the tv show.
Pushing the Ab Fab theme to the max
hey - im going to see the Ab fab movie in about an hour hmu
Bubbles from Ab Fab was supposed to be going into why is my whole life a lie
Not digging the femme bro interpretation of cutting loose. Basically they become "cool girl" versions of moms. Ab Fab does it better.
the real question here is how did you sit through two, nearly three, showings of Ab Fab
.saves cinema. Astounding. (I bet this is secretly sponsored content from Ab Fab)
Living for this guys articles. Maybe we should have got him into the Ab Fab premiere
I am now the proud owner of the Ab Fab film soundtrack signed by Joanna Lumley and Thanks
Last day - ab fab SALE. Pop in or call 01392 797400. We ❤️to help.
Our new attached to the conservatory. Ab Fab for our More Pics later
Tried avocado last night for the first time and it's actually not bad :). So good for you too 😘
Happy Friday everyone! I've already been spoilt with Ab Fab the Movie, Chiquitos & cocktails…
& thanks X. All have an ab fab w.end
Went to see the Ab Fab film last night. VERY dissapointing!
It's fantastic Friday, the fun starts here. Pop in for a yummylicious smoothie, and an Ab Fab Grilled Cheese.
What can we learn about PR from Ab Fab?
Pssst! Hey sweetie darlings! Looking for the hottest Ab Fab parties in town next week?
good targeted flyering after tonight's screening of the Ab Fab movie at Mac.
Tried watching old ab fab eps to decide whether or not to see the movie. Turns out the comedy's aged as badly as most of…
Just met a 1 yr old Cavalier King Charles, Saffy (after Ab Fab). She came to me and put her head in my palm. I get it.
Kate Moss did her own stunts. See it with us at Aug4! .
not seen AHS but from the trailer of Ab Fab she would be awesome in it
she would be really good in Ab Fab, American horror story, just not CBB
Absolutely meh, darling: Ab Fab on the big screen serves a silly... Via News Break:
my best friend turned me on2 Ab Fab & now she's gone. I'm so glad I get 2c ur film and remember her while laughing @ ur story.❤️
SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Fur flies on Ab Fab as Kate Moss wears rabbit
Ab Fab was cute. I wish Tina Fey had a say cause this could have been BELLY LAUGH CANT BREATH and I think Saunders/Fey would have $
Two of my favorite things: Ab Fab and !! Check it out!
Can't sleep. I'll either watch Big Brother again, Acorn Antiques again, Ab Fab again or the Catherine Tate Show again.
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*** son. John Paul Gaultier looks GOOD in the Ab Fab movie. 💕💕💕👌
Ab Fab gorgeous Joanna Lumley with Shaun Escoffery from this morning on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show BBC Radio 2.
Anyone else think Theresa May is like Mallory Archer with the voice of Patsy from Ab Fab?
Kate Moss arrives at Ab Fab premiere with Stella McCartney: via
Carrie Fisher reveals Ab Fab movie snub: 'They never asked me'
That heartbreaking moment Carrie fisher turns up to Ab Fab and doesn't stop 😭😭😭 wasn't expecting her to but a girl can hope right :(
V slight glimpse of Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley when me and stumbled out of the theatre to the Ab Fab premiere.
Ab Fab: Patsy and Edina talk Brexit: LONDON (AP) — Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley will be hoping to lift...
EXCLUSIVE: Just how 'Edina and Patsy' are Ab Fab pair Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley?
hi will you be playing Ab Fab in Bridgwater on 1st July?
Planning AB FAB movie and then a night out ala patsy and eddy with Lucy 🍾🍾🍾
lol, I need to save every penny going to see Ab Fab movie & Finding Dory, then I'm only spending on the stuff I need.
No reviews yet for Ab Fab the movie - why?
We have lots of events upcoming - Ab Fab evening & film showing, wine tasting to name a couple
Idris Elba "fled" to the US after appearing as a gigalo in Ab Fab, claims Jennifer Saunders
There's only 9pm 2D showings and 2D VIP showings for Ab Fab movie - will more times during the day be added do you know? Thanks
A European fashion blogger shares her style tips via
On sale now & playing from Friday 1st July 'AB FAB: THE MOVIE', Info@
Jennifer Saunders: ‘It's still easier for a gang of boys to get a TV show’ (
No one understands my excitement for the ab fab movie
can't wait sweety darling! I think it'll be an Ab Fab type affair.
I'm sure you'll be Fab! You seem like you can handle yourself in any situation & I'm not just talking ab out being behind a cam...
Top story: Ab Fab’s Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley launch Pride in London … see more
Won tickets to the Ab Fab preview screening on Thursday!
Mo is the go see Ab Fab on July 1st!!
I don't know why you won't let Judy Garland join.That'd be ab fab 4 your LGBT voters.Demand a rainbow rep somewhere over ⚧
Oooh my god! Tomorrow on the show Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley talking Ab Fab The Movie 😂
Sweetie, darlings, enter our prize draw to win an Ab Fab & Stoli gift set! https:/…
We're a dating events club. We'd love to have your drinks at our Ab Fab party, 8th July and any promotional material if poss.
Come and see the Ab Fab movie with Ladies Link at Stratford Picture House. . Monday 4th July, 8.30pm. £7 per person...
Went and bought loads of cleaning products but have sat in the middle of them and watched 10 episodes of Ab Fab on the floor instead
And Iggy Pop/Joshua Homme and the Ab Fab girls on tonight's looking very good
My truest self is an equal mix between Hannah Horvath and Ab Fab's Edina.
OMG -- "Edina is living the dream with Kate Moss in new Ab Fab teaser"
Joanna Lumley confirms Ab Fab's Patsy is Trans! bring on the movie
Titicaca from Ab Fab and Richard E Grant can host.
Idea: Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley and Jane Horrocks do Ghostbusters but as their characters from Ab Fab
Netflix has Ab Fab and Joanna Lumley is the bees knees and that is all thank you
Right, enough of that camp comedic television, I'm going to watch some Ab Fab!
Oh well, it was exciting while it lasted. Well done Another fun and fab year. Congratulations Ukraine.
No, no. I've seen Ab Fab and Eurotrash, too.
Kind of funny. Was just watching my DVDs of The Young Ones this morning, then I find out there's new Ab Fab movie coming out
I literally adore everything about Ab Fab
WHEEELS ONFIYAAAH honestly don't know what I was before Ab Fab
Patsy from Ab Fab giving the German points for Eurovision lol
Did Eddy mean to dress like a dragon ball in this episode of Ab Fab
Justin Timberlake on Eurovision. Ab Fab! Watch and learn for next year World! 🎤
at Soho theatre really feels like a party. Or a panto. Everything from Alf Garnet to Ab Fab. Very very funny
never😉 safe to say if any of them socio questions come up again, I'll know my stuff😉😂
think I have today, had problems every 5 seconds😩😂
You know if Eddie from Ab Fab had one of her dreams about oasis reforming. This would be it..
I have literally been bugging every 2 seconds over text today👀😂
.is Ab Fab meets Monty Python with vintage gloves Mimes, comedy and cooking
Ab Fab is one of my fave shows of all time.(if my profile pic wasn't a giveaway) Happy Birthday Patsy!!!...
Watching with ... it was his idea. I would rather be watching Ab Fab.
Have never watched a more relatable tv show than Ab Fab
do u ever just see something SO embarrassing/cringey & think that's going STRAIGHT in the group chat
looking stunning and Ab Fab ladies. Must be time soon
I'm watching Ab Fab before hand..mega butch me ;-)
Spending the rest of this day watching Ab Fab and moisturising my burnt af skin I am done
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The more times I see the Ab Fab movie trailer , the more I think it's gonna be awful.
Ok, if you haven't guessed: I'm baiting you into following Ab Fab...and far FAR too accurate.
Just finished all of Ab Fab. I may cry
actually so excited for the Ab Fab movie 😍😍😍
I went on opening night Boxing Day. Them were days eh? U heard rumour they may be doing song for new Ab Fab movie?
Can't wait for the Ab Fab movie, just let us be Patsy
Two long but ab-fab days with a stonking hit at the end of it! We've still got it kids!!
Even more Ab Fab cameo pictures have appeared
That moment you decide to just go for it 😂
My auntie looked Ab Fab for the wedding today ☺️💕
I've been watching Ab Fab on Netflix all afternoon and I think I actually am Patsy Stone
Drop everything, sweetie darling: the first Ab Fab movie trailer is here
Fashion is saved: Ab Fab's Patsy and Edina overshadow supermodels at awards show
I'm so excited for Ab Fab movie, I literally wanna be Patsy Stone when I grow up
Catwalk models, pop stars and a Made In Chelsea star all feature in Ab Fab the movie!
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders in Ab Fab are for real me n Suzie
Edina and Patsy will wear Vivienne Westwood and Shrimps in Ab Fab: The Movie
also had the best dream last night, I was a member of the Ab Fab cast and Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders were like my cool aunts
(Important life lessons *I* learned from Ab Fab - your 11-yr-old boy pal who fancies Joanna Lumley is PROBABLY *** ..)
Best variety show. I miss this Ab Fab show so much
Anyone with fab ab workouts, send em my way! Something needs to change in this new year lol
Darling that's a wrap! Shooting finishes on the Ab Fab movie and Rylan makes an appearance
I texted this in my sleep: "Ab Fab. I'll continue in your phisen samhatted salmon. You even and thus check."
Here's to being fabulous! Happy New Year from Affirm Press, may it be Ab Fab x
Can I just live the Ab Fab life plz!
or to paraphrase Ab Fab's Eddie " A white husband is the finest accessory a person in my position could ever have"
Camping with kids without going wild: fab tips from
has just accused me of being immature. She's nearly 16. I fell like I'm living in Ab Fab. Am I Edina or Patsy?
I should attend because… You could turn this drab dressed dad to an Ab Fab styled Topman!
Swalak ke time the show was going fab but ab simar or thapki type drama *** gya
Hanging out with some of the members of the AB FAB gang!…
Inky play allowing creative flow part of Ab Fab
Hard to find: Fresh ab fab but its sooo yellloww=sta¡ns Reduces
you too :D 2016 the year of the Ab Fab movie ! Woop
NYE tomorrow,bring on 2016-2015 was officially the worst year of my life- but doing ab fab b=now
Realisation of the day: Saffy from Ab Fab is the voice of Ginger in Chicken Run!
well I shall be boycotting Ab Fab film 😊
Ab fab! 39C forecast for tomorrow. We'll be found in a puddle, melted.
We HAVE to see the Ab Fab Movie together
why are these star babies being interviewed by a Dr. Who assistant and Edina from Ab Fab?
Ab Fab, Toy Story and 7 other movie sequels we can't WAIT to see in 2016
The Ab Fab movie is coming out huh, i think next summerish. So excited. Rebel Wilson will be in it too!!!
do you have any material you haven't rehashed from Ab Fab, Will and Grace, Devil Wears Prada, Futurama or Archer?
AB Fab the movie is up in 2016. Can not wait. Love them way to much.
Syrian refugees helping fill sandbags in Rochdale today. They say they want to repay the kindness shown to them.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
DSood26: Fab article ab FordFoundation, role of by LarissaMacFarqu Too much to recap…
Fab article ab role of by Too much to recap- go read it
Me when Shazam doesnt tell me the song in the Ab Fab opening titles
Ab Fab; looking up almond cheese recipes because cravings; trying to shift a headache with a further 2L water.
i cant sleep, dad is watching Ab Fab really loud
Your whole attitude is unacceptable
I've been meaning to do that again myself. Dad and I had MST3K; Mom and I had Ab Fab ^_^
Leicesters' groundsman got a new Lawn Mower for Christmas didn't he.
Drinks in Soho. Has turned into an episode of Ab Fab. As these things do.
she also appeared on an episode of Ab Fab.
Cheers bub!! I'll take plenty of pics😜 hope you have a fab New Years X X X
AIDS doesn't kick-in until you know that you have it, so its important to never get tested for it.
Summary of my Xmas gifts this year: books, cocktails, & class. Thanks fam for making me Ab Fab for 2016!
Rubaroc hope our dealers enjoyed an Ab Fab Christmas! We're heading for a great 2016 & wish you all success 😄
wow... Request crew all female dance crew from NZ. Never heard of them?! Kinda gutted he's not in it.
of course it is Request Crew are in it 🙌🏽
Ab Fab the movie: Patsy's bouffant remains intact on the high seas – stylewatch
Here we are New York!!! Hope you're ready for us! Sat next to on the plane and had an ab fab of a time:)
Fab and AB can bet the whole day tomorrow but Fab is struggling
I swear we're like the same person I did the exact same thing on Sunday. Except with Ab Fab not Gavin & Stacey
Can we just agree that Bieber's 'Sorry' video is the best video of 2015, by far? . Ok, cool.
Margaret Cho sparks Ab Fab storm after accusing movie of 'yellowface' -
Get you going all London Ab Fab and PR. Congrats lovely!! x
Converse only look good once they're old and battered
Thanks for calling out character in Ab Fab movie, Racism ends only when we al…
cant wait for Ab Fab it will be hilarious and even more funnier with the addition of Wee Jimmy Krankie
Wee Jimmy Krankie in race row over Ab Fab film
"You Only Live Twice" is Bond doing "yellowface" years before Wee Jimmy Krankie for Ab Fab
Here's how Wee Jimmy Krankie has caused a race row on the set of Ab Fab
Not so fan'dabidozi: Wee Jimmy Krankie in yellowface racism row over Ab Fab film
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
A Japanese character in the Ab Fab film has caused offence -are we selective in the caricatures we choose to attack?
So easy to forget that Mike (Young Ones) is Marshall (Ab Fab) and General Staal (Dr Who) are the same person. Love ya, Christopher Ryan!
...Jennifer Saunders has got that Kardashian and that Big Brother obscurity Ryan someone-or-other in her Ab Fab!
Anyone else excited about the new Ab Fab film? Definitely time for a Patsy/ Edina comeback!
these all look a bit Jennifer Saunders in Ab Fab.
Ab Fab steal the show at British Fashion Awards - *** Times Magazine
Hands up, who would like to go to the British Fashion Awards to see Joanna Lumley & Jennifer Saudners as Ab Fab
Cheers India Knight for the Ab Fab film spoiler
Check out my new interview with the lovely We talked Ab Fab, cartoons & mice!. http:/…
One Direction’s Harry Styles romancing Joanna Lumley in Ab Fab movie!?: Harry Styles is looking for opportunit...
Ab Fab is being distributed by Fox. Starts filming in October. .
Will 1D's Harry Styles play Patsy Stone's love interest in new Ab Fab movie?
Will 1D’s Harry Styles play Patsy Stone’s love interest in new Ab Fab movie?
Patsy Stone from Ab Fab is my idol.
You know you want to try it. Quiz: who was it – Kate Moss or Ab Fab's Patsy Stone?
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Here's my review of the Ab Fab on at with the delightful until Saturday!
Reminds me of a line about Jennifer Saunders in Ab Fab.
Heading to later for Q & A Salon with Ab Fab writer and comedian Helen Lederer. How wonderful! x
Jennifer Saunders Confirms the 'Ab Fab' Movie, Says it Will Involve "Virtually Everyone That's Ever Been in th..
Break out the Bolly: the Ab Fab movie is on | via
I have evil thoughts about Jennifer Saunders in Ab Fab
OK, so *apart* from Ab Fab, Yes Minister, the Archers, Blackadder, David Attenborough, Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses, David Frost...
Shows I've never watched before: The Golden Girls, Ab Fab, Sex & the City, Drag Race... Like, how am I even ***
Two robots down in five minutes - Leo and HRP2+ - it's turning Into a scene from Ab Fab at the
I had an Ab Fab weekend last weekend!
Read part 2 of my article on lower ab training on fab site: - part 1 below
Ab Fab comedy genius, my all time fav x
A beignet and a red velvet donut. My go with the flow moment turned out to be Ab Fab. I can't stop…
"Slave labour for new labour" one of the best Ab Fab quotes omg 😂😂😂
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