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Aaron Rogers

Aaron Rogers (born 5 January 1984) is a former Australian rules footballer who played in the Australian Football League (AFL).

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Is going to be the best all around QB, he has a rocket of a arm & his ko…
Alex Smith, Tom Brady, Kirk cousins, Aaron Rogers when he was unhurt heck I’ll throw Deshaun Watson over him.
Replaced Aaron Rogers with Carson Palmer in 2 of my fantasy leagues. Um... Hope Jameis lasts longer!
was only comparing him to Aaron Rogers and other GREAT qbs today. WAKE UP
A lovely day here in Spain where the local press haven't yet picked up on the huge significance of Aaron Rogers bro…
please stop with the tb12 and Aaron Rogers are embarrassing yourself and family
Deshaun Watson will take over for Aaron Rogers. Guaranteed.
My assignment for for this videos of Aaron Rogers escaping a collapsed pocket.
Hey Peter. South Rogers Lane is a City-managed road but New Hope is not. I've sent your comments to ou…
Carson Wentz is a poor man, who just received about $50,000 in inheritance from his dead aunt, version of Aaron Rogers
No Rogers and still players play great - Aaron Jones nominated for more NFL weekly awards…
If Aaron Rogers does it so easy why can’t everyone do it?
just said that Aaron Rogers is better than Tom Brady and the only reason Tom wins more is coaching. Alert the authorities
so Aaron Rogers going out only gonna cost packers 1 or 2 games
What is happening!? I got 1/3 of my fantasy team on a bye. Aaron rogers is out. Diggs is Questionable. I may lose this week.
Aaron Rogers was my first QB pick in FF and P. Rivers 2nd. On the Waivers, Should I pick up Carson Wentz or Alex Smith? featured in NBC s Science of Love
here is another Aaron rogers shot last night on Raw that references the Vikings @ the 1:19 mark
who controls the lights at S Rogers & New Hope? The lack of a protected left turn near offices & an ele…
that wasn't the only Aaron Rogers shot they took last night on Raw in Green Bay.
He will be fine he needs a chance. Miss Aaron Rogers though. Get well soon Aaron!
I feel that. Aaron Rogers is on an 11 week bye...
Wentz is a straight baller, he has that Aaron Rogers escape ability
“I’ve begun to see things I’ve never seen done before by a QB in just his second year.. or like things I’ve only se…
Some player facts from Sunday - . I still think Klopp needs backing by the owners in the Transfer Market. This is not even…
- I can’t be the only one who doesn’t understand why you’d take Aaron Rogers out of the day.
If you played Aaron Rogers and had Carson Wentz sitting on the bench today I thank you for the donation ✔️😂❌
Wentz is the best replacement to Aaron Rogers injury 🤙 and I can thank Chris Thompson for being that sleeper 💪
Leads league in TD passes, QB of only 6-win team. If that’s Brady, Brees or Aaron, we are talking MVP. Time to talk that way…
Happiness is...when you lose Aaron Rogers and go to the bench for Carson Wentz!
Carson Wentz is definitely the next Aaron Rogers
As stated, Kalisto (Aaron Rogers, respectively) is more of a disappointment than even the Green Bay Packers; and th…
Reminds me of Roger Staubach ... young Aaron Rogers. ESPN MNF needs Howard Cossell clone ... borax Jon Gruden? Luv it!
.= Aaron Rogers + Tom Brady + Darren Sproles all rolled up in one REALLY GOOD QB!!.
Carson Wentz looks like Aaron Rogers back there. There, I said it.
Look out Aaron Rogers. Carson Wentz is gaining on you. The crown is still yours but it looks like your heir has arrived.
Wentz is gonna be the next Aaron Rogers. He's the real deal. Impressive dude...
u guys are my favorite team and even though Aaron Rogers is out for the season YOU CAN BE THE BEST TEAM you are the best and my fav
Just blame Greenbay still butthurt about Aaron Rogers hurt & out for the season
Since Aaron Rogers is on IR, I hope he gets to play with his dog more.
Sitting here in Houston watching MNF and still can’t stand that stupid Statefarm commercial with Aaron Rogers and his dog. Enough already.
I want a good QB to drive me around like Aaron Rogers.
Aaron Rogers was my starting QB... thank God I had Carson Wentz on the bench!
Brett Hundley is way better at handoffs then Aaron Rogers. not suprised Rogers struggle's 2 reach out to brothers
You know what happens, Elias you know what happens when you make fun of Aaron Rogers collarbone, you know what happ…
Am I the only one who noticed Clay Matthews' moose knuckle in the insurance commercial with Aaron Rogers and the dog? 🍆👀
Look at that, Jordan, wearing GB colors, does his best Aaron Rogers impression and hurts h…
Aaron Rogers was my starter, and Stafford had a bye, so i had to start Flacco this week...
chants on over a Aaron Rogers diss by Elias. Only in Green Bay.
But until yesterday, I thought Aaron Rogers was the guy who committed murder and then hung himself in prison.
"compared to Aaron Rogers collar bone..." and I'm over here all..
And just like that Elias is on my top 5 heels gets a small pop instantly kills it with Aaron rogers heat 😂😂😂😂
Okay, I’ll give that one to Elias. That was a good jab about Aaron Rogers.
Elias just dissed the packers and Aaron Rogers lol 😂
"That's a pretty strong response but then again anything is strong compared to Aaron Rogers' collar bone" Elias just killed them.
Elias is the goat for that Aaron Rogers shade lol
I’m the FFL kiss of death. Last week Aaron Rogers, this week Carson Palmer. If I start you at QB your season is done.
Aaron Rogers uses a lot of BOTS . CHRIS Klein is an…
The Trump Curse has brought down NFL player Aaron Rogers, and has forced Green Bay between a rock and a hard place. ht…
Great point Ben and Clay Mathews has hit Russ like that numerous times before. But it's Aaron Rogers. BOO - FRIGGIN - HOO
"Aaron Rogers possibly out for the season with Broken Collarbone in throwing arm". Brett Favre:
My first 3 drafts this year were David Johnson, Allen Robinson and Aaron Rogers
Update your maps at Navteq
Ben Barson, eliminating teams with the precisness of an Aaron Rogers pass.
I sat Ben Roethlisberger for Aaron Rogers today. Fantasy football don’t give a *** about me this year
Iowa State is only rushing three on every play like they think Shane Buchele is Aaron Rogers or something.
Aaron Rogers hurls a hail mary pass that explodes the missile over the Pacific. I…
In 2005, Browns had 3rd pick in draft and picked Braylen Edwards. Packers picked Aaron Rogers with 20th pick. Keep tanking
Sad thing is, Browns been tanking 18 yrs & passed ALL of the good QBs in each draft, even Aaron Rogers, 20th pick!
Rumor has it that Aaron Rogers is knee ***
Rob Bell will be hugely accountable! He led Aaron Rogers from the truth not to the truth. This is tragic and sad:...
If he could play like Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers he would have a job. Dude *** at football right now
I mean, Aaron Rogers is busy playing football in Wisconsin and Sneaky and Aphro are working hard in LA. JUST SAYING. DONT DISTRACT THEM
I started to read that Ringer piece about Aaron Rogers' GoT theories, but then he said Jon's dad was the Mad King and I quit.
I ain't Aaron Rogers, but I keep my packs right
Packers will be hard to beat at home,,aaron rogers hasnt threw a interception in his last 356 passes,,
The statefarm commercial with aaron rogers & Clay Matthews is my favorite! That means football is here!!😆
There is definitely a case to be made for Tom Brady being the best QB of all time I take Aaron Ro…
is literally Aaron rogers and I just wanted to say that I would really want you to respond but that wont h…
Aaron Judge 5th deck, back corner of the Rogers Centre lol 👀
He made us all think that Matt FXCKING Cassell was wat Aaron Rogers became...
You too busy trying to blow aaron rogers
Hello Thrilled to be at Rogers Centre and cross another ballpark off .y list.
I think when it's over Aaron Rogers might be the best quarterback ever. The plays he can make and throws he makes are like no other.
played as follows:- McGuigan in nets, back 4 of McVeigh RB,…
Something that means a lot... Siemian had 10 tds to 1 int against the blitz... the only player better... Aaron Rogers.
they're acting Jay Cutler is Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers ...dude is a bum
I think y'all fail to realize that Aaron rogers is the most talented QB we have rn
Sorry Aaron Rogers but u will never be like Tom Brady never 😂
Aaron Rogers? I'm staring death in the face and cracking up laughing 😂
Aaron Rogers brother is still dating his girl from the show so lol
He's pulling out the big guns with the Aaron Rogers jersey. Peo…
Football is back.Which means we can see an unprotected Aaron Rogers throw a ball in a net in a non-game setting from 45 angles
is attacking my friend Innis Powell as well as myself, Isek Rogers, Ben Shifman, Simon Keane and Kyle & Aaron Faulkner
I would like to announce that I am now a packers fan. Just bought a Aaron Rogers shirt and packers sweatshirt.
Would Aaron Rogers be solid with the Colts, or are we being too *** Luck's lack of success?
I'm big on vengeance. In my mind, we still owe: Tebow. . Brady. Aaron Rogers (and I personall…
I enjoy all the jokes about Peyton Manning being a pizza salesman but then isn't Aaron Rogers basically a bratwurst sal…
Aaron rogers is better than Tom Brady y'all. That's just facts
He had our number, but he is so much more likable than Aaron Rogers!!!
The second best Quarterback in NFL Aaron Rogers had no div one offers out of high school Had to go to a junior college
lol early playoff team went against a hot Aaron Rogers and now added more pieces. Have fun fighting for the first pick
Unfortunately we've never had the luxur…
Great question about a QB of Aaron Rogers skill set taking a kneel. But the question isn't only about skill set..
he put up more yards and scored more TDs than the great Aaron Rogers. Thats All im saying.
I hate Aaron Rogers and feel he is overrated because his offense revolves around p…
"Aaron Rogers is a HOF QB" ?? Is he really a lock for HOF? Golic said it as if it's a done deal.
Is Aaron Rogers better than Kaep and does he make any team better. Yes and yes. As Tony Dungy said during the HOF game...
Dude tbh, aaron rogers is blowing my phone daily dude😂
Texan till I die. U like Texas music awesome if not try aaron Watson, Randy Rogers, josh Abb…
Tom Brady mother now has as many SB rings as Aaron Rogers
In fantasy where does jay cutler get drafted? Is he in the elite drew brees/Aaron rogers category? 2nd tier dak/Russ Wilson? I say 2nd tier
Stephen please stop talking about Aaron rogers and Tom Brady drew brWes way better
Aaron Phillip Rogers I want you and the world to know that I hate you. lol Not for any about of inability or...
I knew Cutler sucked and Aaron Rogers eats his lunch
Aaron Rogers wants you to know: no one cares.
I like the signing Cutler had a great year under Gases tutelage. Some Phin fans would moan if Aaron Rogers was signed even
Has aaron rogers ever crankd off after getting a stinger? In his own word's- a emphatic YES
People almost defending him like he's just below Aaron Rogers, but he's closer to Geno Smith.
Dude just told me I look like Aaron Rogers.
Their is no way in *** Aaron Rogers is even on the same level as Tom Brady ! Don't mention me.
Hey you should have let go of John Gruden first. Any guy who passes on Aaron Rogers shouldn't be on the air anyway
I guess all rest on Charles Tapper early & Randy Gregory late to get to Aaron Rogers.
This feels just like Aaron Rogers throwing a hail Mary on the Bears.
my dog the Aaron Rogers of the industry and always got the hail Mary
Watching Golden State play is like watching Aaron Rogers throw to Julio Jones and Antonio Brown. Shady in backfield. Ish ain't fair
is not a young Aaron Rogers...C'mon...Todd McShay.
no Jeff. Last thing I want Aaron Rogers to have is a weapon like Joe Mixon
when you give us that 1st and a 2nd... Jimmy G is the next Aaron Rogers or Drew Brees...
Aaron Rogers and Ryan Lochte mixed in one
Matt Ryan beat Aaron Rogers both times they played as well..
for football it is every Pat, Aaron Rogers and Peyton Manning
Impressive comeback by Brady, but I can't give him the GOAT title. That belongs to Aaron Rogers lol
I'll let it football, Jimmy is better than Aaron Rogers?
you and max are real real crazy putting Aaron Rogers name with the Great Michael Jordan, the name is Tom Brady
I'm pretty sure Aaron Rogers is a God
Matt Ryan, Aaron Rogers, Tom Brady and yes even Big Ben.are you listening! Think about it...
Now I would say Aaron Rogers was the most elusive QB in the league but the way Ben Roethlisberger dodged those rape charges i…
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I guess quarterbacks matter in - Check out the Final 4. Tom Brady vs Ben Rothlesberger and Matt Ryan meets Aaron Rogers.
You can't say Dallas isn't great but Aaron Rogers is greater
Friday the 13th jinxes Payne! Feel the Payne! Bow down to Aaron Rogers you couldn't pay me to be on packers?
Amazing finish. No one knows how to R-E-L-A-X and make cross body throws like Aaron Rogers
Aaron Rogers is unbelievable. The throws he makes on the move are incredible. Wow
Aaron Rogers hasn't thrown an interception in over two months. Perrish Cox: 11/13/16.
Having been a packer fan all my life I am great full to have watched two of the coolest quarterbacks in Brett Favre and Aaron Rogers.
Aaron Rogers is simply amazing. He is fun to watch.
Joe Buck's worship of Aaron Rogers is approaching John Madden - Brett Favre levels
Lord these folks on drugs, "Aaron Rogers is better than Brett Farve
Tom Brady is better than Aaron Rogers. Don't @ me
First off I'd like to thank God, the waiver wire and most importantly for keeping Todd Gurley and dropping Aaron Rogers
Joe Buck is to Aaron Rogers as John Madden was to Brett Farve. C'mon Joe at least try to hide your mancrush
I think Joe Buck loves Aaron Rogers almost as much as John Madden loves Brett Favre
Regretting not player Aaron Rogers and Devante Adams on my fantasy team... during championship week.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
im at office Christmas party. Laughing my *** off. Aaron Rogers is a lucky *** Hmm hmm Olivia Munn
Aaron Rogers better than John Wayne? I don't think so Jon Gruden.
Breaking news- Aaron Rogers is greater than John Wayne
How tight of a spiral did Ken Anderson throw compared to your comment on Aaron Rogers spiral?
Seems to me that Aaron Rogers has regressed ever since Marshall Newhouse left GB. Probably not a coincidence Bob! My wrong???
I have both Aaron Rogers and Matt Ryan should I trade one?
El neny good assist. That was some Aaron Rogers type PING to find ozil in space. We move
. Is that Aaron Rogers in the white T-Shirt?
Shannon spoke the truth on Aaron Rodgers yesterday. When things go well Rogers is great. When he doesn't do well the receivers stink
as soon as Aaron Rogers gets his stuff together you will be right back on the packer wagon.
I like that name too. That and Maddux would be really cool names. I also really like Aaron... but I think that "Aar…
Power up with during the 5 O'Clock Workout!
for you I guess it'd be like seeing Aaron Rogers effectively hit the folks after a TD
I bet this ref can kick Aaron Rogers mouth guard better than Blair Walsh kicks a football.
No, Russell Wilson hasn't looked right. Neither has Aaron Rogers. The reasons? Ciara and Olivia Munn. I'm not saying...
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seems WR Josh Bellamy's goal was to get a photo with Aaron Rogers after the los…
Olivia Munn is to Aaron Rogers as Jessica Simpson is to Tony Romo? Discuss.
Aaron Rogers rocking that old *** chin strap, looking like a Freshman player who was last to get his equipment.
Big Ben just abusing this rewatching Aaron Rogers pick it apart all over again
Correction, Aaron Rogers on College game day took UW.
Tbt to when I was working at Bank of America and talked to Aaron Rogers on the phone lol
Who was LT that protected Peyton Manning, Tee Martin, Brett Favre, Aaron Rogers? . Chad Clifton into Packer Hall of Fame…
Greater victim of character assassination this week: Aaron Rogers or Taylor Swift?
Hey, remember when Aaron Rogers threw a similar hail mary to win the game against AZ after that?. Then the lions?
The original bad man was Ali! Aaron Rogers is not in the same ballpark!
Very happy. Sasquatch, HOD-ed by the excellent Aaron Rogers will premier 16/7 Prince Charles, Leicester...
Completely NOT a Aaron Rogers fan (Cam Newton all the way) but I am low key crushing on his brother!
Aaron Rogers doesn't even have a 99
Trying to say Aaron Rogers is near the level of Tom Brady is absolutely crazy.
[TRADE]: I give up 1.06, Jamaal Charles and Big Ben and I get Aaron Rogers
and didn't Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers come put of similar rounds?
.said today Trump attacking him in WI was akin to him attacking Aaron Rogers or Brett Farve at Lambeau.
Aaron Rogers says he saw a ufo in 2005 but it was probably just Brett Favre's ***
Paul Ryan trying to look like Aaron Rogers, never happening. He looks like a clown
Anyone else see some Aaron Rogers in Paul Ryan?
Texans are really counting on a Brock Oswieller is to Peyton Manning as Aaron Rogers is to Brett Favre
How in the heck is Aaron Rogers even a top 10 QB all time much less a top 5? You forget about Elway, Farve, Young, Marino, etc.?
Aaron Rogers is the king of drunk calls 🙄
because Aaron rogers isint there and people are happy about it
A Blake Rogers RBI single up the middle gets a run for the Mustangs to make the score 9-1 . Aaron Homie in to pitch for Morningside
should be goff. Don't pass on next Aaron Rogers.
Aaron Rogers gets a tripping penalty and it's 5 on 4 with 5:35 left in the 2nd. McK up 3-2
Bearcats get the first penalty. Tripping on Aaron Rogers and it's 5 on 4 with 11:40 left in the 1st
Check out these BIKES...they're dancing!
Cause if they leave I get a better cheesehead like Aaron Rogers 🐶
Everyday is a Randy Rogers and Aaron Watson kind of day.
THANK YOU, Rogers alum Aaron Martin for building us this awesome bar for our One-Act Play!
Should i stay Aaron or be James Rogers
*** Zeb you just rosted Aaron Rogers and Jordy Nelson and Julius Peppers and *** Clay Matthews lol
9-3 on the fouls that half in favor of Wisconsin. That's the only chance this crappy team has in this game. Aaron Rogers is not here!
Congrats to our Eagles of the Week: Isiah Sanders, Collin Baumann and Aaron Rogers! Great job!
neighborhood mr Rogers ? Cause he's dead or mr Aaron Rodgers ?
North Cheyenne Canon Park seeks teen volunteers for summer season! . For more info contact Aaron Rogers at arogers
Aaron Rogers and his discount double check. It's a lot more involved. But they both took heat for being poor sports.
You probably thought the same thing about Aaron Rogers to huh lol
Trade Aaron Rogers for Eli Manning so Dan Needles can get that Fluke off his back.
My brother gotta 12 guage like Aaron Rogers
I think he's stalking Aaron Rogers cause they were eliminated from the playoffs, and he took Olivia Munn from him.
I mean you are right , but he was no doubt the best leader of his team this season besides like Aaron Rogers or somebody
hey man cal QB are good Mr Aaron Rogers was from Cal
I'd like to see Aaron Rogers be a little more celebratory and have fun like 2010-2012! That would really motivate his team!👍
- Just Curious but did he also tout how Good Aaron Rogers was?
Check out today's of the day from Aaron Rogers in Cantonment, FL: Rig# 4908.
Aaron Rogers don't know what he's doing with this 😍
not if you play like you're from a big school. Aaron Rogers played at community college
I'm assuming you disrespect Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, Manning, and others too then, right?
If it's not that what is it? Aaron Rogers does the title belt and lambeau leap and no one cares.
looked so HOT in Ride Along 2 my god is Aaron Rogers a lucky man 😍
Id like to imagine that Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers make that face when they realize they're about to get sacked
I understand guys that'll be playing in the Super Bowl sitting out, but others should be playing.. (Brady, Aaron Rogers, etc.)
Must be a Sunday Funday at St Thomas?!?! Vikes will never win super bowl as long as Aaron Rogers is a QB...
I wonder if Jerry Rice is mad Aaron Rogers backed out and left him with Eli
Whats the difference between the discount double check and the superman pose or the fist pump and the dab? Aaron Rogers vs Cam Newton
Ooo I really like the comparison between Cam Newton and Aaron Rogers and their celebrations. THAT was good analysis
My favourite this year was Aaron Rogers to Jeff Janis in the crazy GB vs AZ game
Little Giant Ladders
no one gives Aaron Rogers a hard time when he drops the championship belt after s touchdown, but if Cam dabs?
Sisters bridal shower, going to San Marcos, going to see Aaron Watson and Randy Rogers all in one month 😀
We caught up with Aaron from in Check it.
We're one week from Speaking of football, did you hear about Aaron Rogers?
So what is she saying when she Aaron Rogers him the 😺? Still gon fight?
is no Tim Brady, Peyton Manning,or Aaron Rogers. He's just not that good. His personality is another matter,it ***
The 1st three with baby Ginge Aaron Rogers
Aaron Rogers throws two Hail Mary touchdowns with 00:00 time left yet a referee can't flip a coin
Early Happy Birthday PS I made your pick for you on tonight's game. Aaron Rogers mobility + Good Pack D = P…
Aaron Watson, Cody Johnson, Easton Corbin, Randy Rogers where it's at right now
dunno if I agree with your last caller...Aaron Rogers got a State Farm endorsement for his celebration, but Cam gets demonized?
So Cam's Dab end zone celebration is kinda like Aaron Rogers Championship belt gesture celebration right or no? Cause it seems the same no?
he hate Lebron and Aaron Rogers lol.. Two goats lol.. But he still got hit with his own move
go ask Aaron Rogers, Wilson, brees , and Brady how it feels to have no weapons or o line lol
Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, Cam Newton you can argue the order, Tom's for me as long as I'm breathing
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It's crazy how some of these white folk slam Camille Newton for his celebrations but have no issues with Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady...
ROGERS.Had simple Knee Scope but remember in 2004 had ACL Reconstruction to his Left Knee due to old basketball injury.he PLAYED
when you get a chance please read the cinematography breakdown for written by Aaron Rogers.
I thought I saw Aaron Rogers at the Airport Saturday so I yelled "Hey Rogers, discount double check!" It was just a guy n…
According to BR, Aaron Rogers underwent minor knee surgery after the teams loss to Arizona.
Jersey sales aren't a reflection of the CULTURE within our society. What about JJ Watt, Aaron Rogers?
Aaron Rogers didn't make this play the receiver did 🙄
Take your pick, either of Aaron Rogers' 2 Hail Mary passes. Against Detroit and Arizona.
How is Cam a thug? I bet Big Ben is an outstanding citizen to you and that Aaron Rogers sure knows how to have fun out there 😂😂😂
Average Packer fan calling into radio show: Trade Cam for Aaron Rogers and Clay Mathews.
The Raiders are not moving to Vegas. The NFL wouldn't even let Aaron Rogers hold an event here and it wasn't even in a casino! Never happen!
Aaron Rogers LOL. TB probably coming in last though
Aaron Rogers celebrates, Tom Brady celebrates, JJ Watt celebrates...but as soon as a black player celebrates it's unacceptable
SAS getting back to the superbowl isn't easy as you make it sound Aaron Rogers & lovie Smith
I'm watching celebrity jeopardy and Alex Trebek has a big crush on Aaron Rogers
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Aaron Rogers celebrates and gets a commercial and an endorsement... Cam Newton celebrates and he's classless. 🤔
Aaron Rogers doesn't need excuses. He just gets the job done.
this fight is the equivalent of Ben Roethlisberger vs Aaron Rogers in a fight
My name is Aaron Rogers with smegma and I have cable
yeah ,both of us want best players on picks but forced to take Qb, Goff could be an Aaron Rogers type
how about Big Ben instead of KW Jr and Aaron Rogers instead of Braylon Edwards
...Aaron Rogers has been spending quite a bit of time at the Bohemian Grove, of late!
Aaron Rogers bad like nick cage on gone and 60 seconds
I wish I had some of Aaron Rogers luck
with Aaron Rogers making a strong opposition case
Unbelievable. Aaron Rogers. What else do you say?
Aaron Rogers is honestly brutal and its funny that it takes until a game like this for the media to begin to recognize it.
I want to see Aaron Rogers helmet pop off from getting hit so hard. It would bring me so much joy
No comeback will be bigger than being at Ford Field watching Aaron Rogers throw a hail mary to Richard Rogers.
I started Aaron Rogers and am up by 34.5 points going into tomorrow with my opponent having E Sanders left.
No ployoff spot is better then seeing Bart Starr Bret Favre and Aaron Rogers all together to see win at Lambeau Field.
more than. Aaron Rogers, I'm, I'm, I'm not talking about Tom Brady, Cam.Newton , or R.Wilson, they're just in another planet
Do any qb's throw their arms up begging for a call more than Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers?
the most pure and accurate dynamic QB is Aaron Rogers in today's league Tom Brady best of all time to me
NFL fans: If Cam keeps this up, he will soon be as good as both Tom Brady AND Aaron Rogers!!! MVP hands down!
This loser said Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers isn't "cool" *** you're washed up and on NFL live wishing you caught passes by them
Only 2 out of 6 star wars movies were good and people act like were about to see godfather part 1 Aaron Rogers says.. R E L A X
Aaron Rogers looks like a guy desperately trying to hold together a sports show broadcast from the Clevelander Hotel
Am I crazy to be considering sitting Aaron Rogers in favor of Tyrod Taylor?
I've got Aaron Rogers, but I'm really thinking of starting Tyrod Taylor this week, also have running back McCoy take a chance?
Yep, end up with Braylon edwards over Aaron Rogers or even better Kellen Winslow over Big Ben.
So, Aaron Rogers went to the University of California, Richard Rodgers went to the University of California,...
Aaron Rogers and Shabazz Napier. Just flip your head, get a foul. Unbelievable
Who does Aaron Rogers think he is, Tanner Mangum?
Aaron Rogers bout to pull a Patrick Roy at Ford Field
Is that Aaron Rogers? Cause this guy is playin like Colin Kapernick
Aaron Rogers and the packers know what it is like to be the like the other 31 teams in the NFL
Aaron Rogers entering the stadium chewing bubble gum and blowing bubbles, spare me;)
Wilson: I bet right now he (Aaron Rogers) wishes he had that discount double check ...
On Westwood One Tony Boselli said Aaron Rogers has enough time to make a sandwich and fix a drink. Lmao!
It's like Aaron Rogers and Freddy Mercury had a baby
Aaron Rogers but how long did it take u to look it up😂😂
We gotta do what the saints did and injure Aaron Rogers
SEE what Tom Brady is doing with no receivers. Aaron Rogers has Cobb, James Jones, Davante Adams STOP WITH EXCUSES
Jim it sounds like Aaron Rogers has to fake a restroom trip to sneak a drink at the bar during dinner with a girl like that.
Cheers to for valiant quarterback Aaron Rogers who condemned anti-Muslim remark during moment of silence. http…
I know Paul feels like Aaron Rogers sometimes
.Tom Brady is the best QB in the NFL. Aaron Rogers is not. Quit being a silly goose Amy
They say Aaron Rogers is better than Tom Brady. ...that's not what their records say.
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