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Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Charles Rodgers (born December 2, 1983) is an American football quarterback for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL).

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Aaron Rodgers opens up about his leadership & how he plans to motivate & inspire his teammates. iTunes:
i agree but not fully. I just wish we had a player like let's say Aaron Rodgers who just decided to kneel once.
Aaron Rodgers can make the miraculous appear ordinary.
Aaron Rodgers can make the miraculous appear ordinary
Aaron Rodgers talking about his friendship with Sam Dekker
Aaron Rodgers: Packers need ‘more pieces’ on defense. Ever the optimist, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers thinks …
I don't think he's even the GOAT QB of the Packers. Doesn't that title now go to Aaron Rodgers? Bart Starr?
He's right. Without Peter King I wouldn't know Tom Brady's favorite color or Aaron Rodgers' inseam.
OTOH, Cowherd said Aaron Rodgers is "Jay Cutler with a ring." So maybe he's just genuinely the stupidest man alive.
"Aaron Rodgers is the greatest quarterback to ever live. He's way better than I am." -Tom Brady
Aaron Rodgers is the best Quarterback of all time and it really isn't that close.
Aaron Rodgers is actually good at quarterback.
I make the case why Dak Prescott is a better quarterback than Aaron Rodgers. NOW on
Seasons with 34+ touchdown passes and fewer than 10 interceptions:. Aaron Rodgers- 6. Every other quarterback in NFL history c…
If Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers did the same thing and then became free agents, they'd be snapped up straight away.
Aaron Rodgers great grandson Joshua Munn threw for 5 TD's that day
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Aaron Rodgers deserves better from the Packers front office
Today's of the Day:. If you were Aaron Rodgers, would you be upset with Ted Thompson?
Ted Thompson is failing Aaron Rodgers, Mike McCarthy, and the great Packers fans. Again.
TJ Lang, who played with Aaron Rodgers for 8 years, said Matthew Stafford is "another elite quarterback."
I mean him vs Aaron Rodgers is easy.. and he will never touch the level of the GOAT, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.
beating Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay to start 3-0 for the 2nd consecutive year, late Td to Miles Austin to wrap it up.
Aaron Rodgers when he found out TJ Lang went to the Lions
he loved Cam Erving and thought RG3 was as good as Aaron Rodgers lol
Quick reaction pod on Martellus Bennett to the Packers and why he's a great weapon for Aaron Rodgers on . http…
Just like Danny Ainge with Isaiah Thomas, Ted Thompson plans to waste Aaron Rodgers prime
Aaron Rodgers waiting for to get him some help.
If Mike Glennon is worth $15 million a year, Aaron Rodgers should get partial ownership of the state of Wisconsin.
Cobb and Randall and Aaron Rodgers, Brandon marshal had Ryan Fitzpatrick,. That's a big factor.
Aaron Rodgers on if Mike Glennon possibly getting $15M/year in free agency should lead to talks about his own contract: "I…
LA Trading for Ben Bishop is hockey's equivalent of the Green Bay Packers adding Tony Romo to backup Aaron Rodgers
Kyle Busch is on my list with LeBron James, Aaron Rodgers, Bubba Watson, Sidney Crosby and Bryce Harper. The whining *** list.
Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has another woman in his life. Watch out Olivia Munn!
QB Aaron Rodgers, owner Steve Ballmer among those who will tee up at the Genesis Open Pro-Am.
is Steph Curry as overrated as Aaron Rodgers? On the next show on fox sports one
Balls deep in Aaron Rodgers right now - Joe Buck
don't let the facts get in the way here numbnuts. Brady is in no way as talented as Aaron Rodgers. Turn your brain on
I hate Aaron Rodgers, the state of Wisconsin, the letter G, the colors green and yellow, Clay Matthews, and Joe Buck
Tom Brady won a Super Bowl after missing 4 games. Aaron Rodgers made the NFC title game with NO *** RB
I respect Tom Brady bc/ of his respect for Aaron Rodgers. He knows Rodgers is the most talented in the game and is not afraid to express it!
Quite a Hit List for the ATL defense: Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and now Brady!
Can't believe that Brady and his coach are playing catch with Aaron Rodgers and not a deflated ball
Just had one of my residents tell me to my face that Aaron Rodgers is more talented than Brady. Wisconsin is everything wrong with America.
Steve Young was a Cowboy fan too, while Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers were 49er fans. You ain't going to Dallas, buddy. Sorry.
List of reasons why Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady:
I'll save you a click: No. I won't concede that, but ask me again when Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are done with their careers.…
Brady got more rings and just as good of stats as Peyton and Aaron Rodgers, but they are both better? Cmon now
Good morning everybody. Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady.
Passes over 29 yards:. Aaron Rodgers: 3 in 1 Super Bowl. Tom Brady: 2 in 7 Super Bowls
So Joe Buck is to the Aaron Rodgers as NBCSN is to the Blackhawks
QBs with a higher TD rate than Marcus Mariota since he entered the league:. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers
"He has Montana's touch. He has Marino's arm. He has John Elway's legs." — on Aaron Rodgers
My thoughts on whether Aaron Rodgers & Tom Brady's deals should be a ceiling for Kirk Cousins via
How long before Joe Buck starts having "I want Aaron Rodgers in my mouth" withdraws?
You're lying to yourself if you think Joe Buck isn't biased toward Aaron Rodgers and the Packers...
I tested the bonds of my relationship last night by constantly calling Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers idfk
Joe Buck is doing the Super Bowl? How is he going to manage to praise Aaron Rodgers?
I believe Joe Buck has a serious man crush on Aaron Rodgers!
Man, Joe Buck really has to evaluate his relationship with Aaron Rodgers after Brady's performance.
Please no more Joe Buck sucking off Aaron Rodgers
Has Joe Buck proposed to Aaron Rodgers yet? This is way too drawn out.
Has Joe Buck talked about what a great game Aaron Rodgers is having yet?
Aaron Rodgers wearing a disguise to hopefully avoid Joe Buck at the today.
Joe Buck's mancrush on Tom Brady is nearly as wierd and disturbing as the one he has on Aaron Rodgers. But not quite.
"I can't help but wonder what this game would've been like had Aaron Rodgers been playing" - Joe Buck probably
"It's official: Tom Brady will go down as the second greatest quarterback of all time, behind Aaron Rodgers.". -Joe Buck
Is it just me, or are we witnessing Joe Buck cheat on Aaron Rodgers live?
Joe Buck is not that terrrible, when he's not calling Aaron Rodgers or the Cowboys
How has Joe Buck called this game without mentioning Aaron Rodgers once
NFL Honors: Cowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliott gets more MVP votes than Aaron Rodgers
Funny but true criticism of the Warriors at the Steelers or Aaron Rodgers? Steve Smith joins us at
Steve Young, Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers are just a few that have done it.
Lol bc we didn't beat Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson tho ... A-A-RON twice but cook on
Evans said on NFLN that Aaron Rodgers deserved MVP over Matt Ryan because he only had “2-3 losses” this ye…
Packer GM Ted Thompson nears retirement. Legacy on line in 2017. Make right moves & get in SB or be d guy who effed up Aaron Rodgers career
Aaron Rodgers needs help around him.will you please get a good defense? And fire Thompson and capers?
Good read on how GM Ted Thompson isn't doing enough to help Aaron Rodgers.
I'll sub Aaron Rodgers for Brett Farve, Drew Brees for Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson for Mike Vick 👌👌
Roger Goodell honors the best in at "The Griddies," but not before Aaron Rodgers goes full Kanye https…
A-Rodg will never do that. However, Aaron Rodgers possess the arm of Dan Marino, pocket awareness of Russell Wilson, Tom Brady's accuracy
Colin Kaepernick is No. 4, Brock Osweiler is No. 15, Matt Stafford is No. 21, and Aaron Rodgers is No. 24. Seems li…
ask Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers about our crowd
QB has been named to the 2017 He will replace Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. 📰:
Max Kellerman a Aaron Rodgers apologist..he's my guy but *** First Take has warped his brain 🚮🚮🚮
Colin kaepernick cam Newton drew brees Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers now Tom Brady. We not gonna act like that road to a superbowl easy
Tom Brady proves once again he's better than Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, or Ben Roethlisberger. 9:30 AM ET.…
I'm watching ESPN's First Take for the 1st time, the things I do for my Falcons. Is this Max Kellerman guy dating Aaron Rodgers cause geesh!
I love how Donovan Mcnabb told Max Kellerman "alright alright let me stop the violin playing" cuz he making excuses for Aaron Rodgers 😂
Would you like to borrow my orange & blue anvil that I headbutt when I think about Ron Turner not offering Aaron Rodgers at Illinois?
Y'all can have Aaron Rodgers give me the kid a Tom Brady!!! (wayne voice)
I was just wondering if Stephen A or Max jacks off to pics of Aaron Rodgers
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I'm pretty convinced that if Aaron Rodgers asks Max Kellerman to bend over and take one for the team, he does so happily 😂😂
Ok Max Kellerman is Brady the GOAT (which he is) ? So then how is Aaron Rodgers the Jordin of the NFL...
Max Kellerman just said that Aaron Rodgers is the Michael Jordan of the NFL 🔥🔥
Aaron Rodgers' emotions conveyed the pride the felt. 📰:
Tom Brady was even greater than I thought he'd be tonight. He's so much better than Aaron Rodgers or Matt Ryan.
Aaron Rodgers needs to go to the Super Bowl every year until he's 40 to break Brady's appearance record.
Tom Brady and Johny Manziel have more Super Bowl appearances than Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Cam Newton combined
Can't wait to hear Max slander tf out of Aaron Rodgers on First Take tommorow 😂
Packers: Aaron Rodgers says Green Bay 'needs to reload' this offseason to get back to Super Bowl
Aaron Rodgers: Packers need to 'reload,' not rebuild after NFC Championship Game loss.
TOUCHDOWN! Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson connect for a TD, and a 2-point conversion by Ripkowski cuts the Falcons' le…
Aaron Rodgers got choked up when talking about Jordy Nelson after the loss. ht…
hey Max do yourself a favor please never again put Aaron Rodgers in the same sentence as MJ23.
So...ESPN radio/tv producers...can we now dispense with 24/7 perpetual Aaron Rodgers ***
.SAS.Aaron Rodgers is a sad sad man
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Aaron Rodgers is avoiding the end zone today like it's a family reunion or something.
On Earth 2, President Marco Rubio is calling Aaron Rodgers to congratulate him on reaching the Super Bowl.
BREAKING: State Farm has announced they have traded Aaron Rodgers to Nationwide for Flo and an insurance salesman to b…
Aaron Rodgers is the man even though the Packers got whooped
Maybe if Aaron Rodgers had Allstate instead of Statefarm he'd be protected from mayhem like this...
Oh well, at least Aaron Rodgers was saved the embarrassment of getting put back his place by the NFL's best QB, Tom B…
Are we counting Aaron Rodgers out already❓
Aaron Rodgers looking at his teammates like
Only 5 of 23 players drafted before Aaron Rodgers are still in NFL: Alex Smith, Adam Jones, DeMarcus Ware, Thomas Davis &…
Aaron Rodgers throwing a rare INT to Ricardo Allen - pass was intended for Jordy Nelson. D has got to stop here
I never woulda thought I'd see Brian Poole absolutely light up Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers but here we are.
Aaron Rodgers was furious that Brian Poole wasn't called for hitting him in the head off that third-down rush. Didn't get a great look at it
Brian Poole that was a good hit Aaron Rodgers looking for a flag smh
Brian Poole just laid the wood on Aaron Rodgers.
Cornerback Brian Poole blew up Aaron Rodgers after that throw. Rodgers seemed to be complaining to official Bill Vinovich about no call
Brian Poole on blitz cracked Aaron Rodgers on that third down pass
UPDATE: Aaron Rodgers will NOT play against the Falcons on Sunday, he has officially been ruled out.
when Vic Beasley and Keanu Neal are your only defenders Aaron Rodgers makes spreads high
Rare video of Aaron Rodgers hydrating before a game.
Aaron Rodgers with his high school cap on - the Pleasant Valley Vikings. Really.
Packers QB Aaron Rodgers questions authenticity of the Falcons' crowd noise
3 injured WRs, Thin at DBs, against the first or second offense in the league, with the flu. Aaron Rodgers would have…
Ric Flair’s message to Aaron Rodgers: ‘Matt Ryan is the best quarterback in football’
Aaron Rodgers vs. Matt Ryan: Who has ball last might be Super Bowl-bound - via App
"Matt Ryan has 2 great RB's, Aaron Rodgers' RB wears no. 88". Rodgers should win MVP over Ryan.
it's not like resigning Collins and Pryor are stopping them from getting Aaron Rodgers.
Aaron Rodgers repping his high school with the Pleasant Valley hat and his junior...
To the surprise of no one, Aaron Rodgers the unanimous NFC North offensive MVP by the
Don't let all of this bs make you forget what this week is really about... Aaron Rodgers is on a hot streak and Tom Brady's the GOAT.🙌🏽
Greg Cosell's NFC championship preview: Aaron Rodgers can still beat good defensive calls… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Tom Brady: 4 time SB champ, 3 time SB MVP, 2 time league MVP. but hey, you once saw Aaron Rodgers make a really great thr…
.explains why QB should be considered for all-time great players in history…
Who's trying to bet against Aaron Rodgers this weekend?
Matt Ryan's legacy on the line in epic duel with Aaron Rodgers -
Matt Ryan averaged the most yards per attempt (min. 500 passes) in NFL history: 9.26. That mark was held by Aaron Rodger…
Aaron Rodgers is redefining what it means to be a great NFL quarterback.
How is this historic? Matt Ryan's booty cheeks. It's just another win for Aaron Rodgers
.Hey please remove Aaron Rodgers' snarky mug from the team page? Thanks
can we go ahead and classify this as a bro mance with Dusty's love for Aaron Rodgers. Lol 👍
Hey Kids! Aaron Rodgers puts his own spin on your favorite children's songs.
3 things that should worry the Falcons against the Packers on Sunday -
Today's Podcast:. - Where does Aaron Rodgers rank on the all-time QB list right now?. - AFC & NFC Championship picks…
Aaron Rodgers is taking the Hail Mary to new levels.
Landon Collins says the Giants DBs declined to go on the Miami boat trip. They also declined to play defense against A…
Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady... Tom Brady plays under the greatest coach in all of football's system..
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Great read on advantages Aaron Rodgers has taken from a multi-sport background:.
This article should be two words long . . . Aaron Rodgers.
Olivia Munn and Ciara are proof dating an NFL quarterback is a no-win situation. .
Big Ben v. Tom Brady and Matty Ice v. Aaron Rodgers. Latest podcast examines the offense we'll see this weekend:
yet everyone wants to point out how hot Aaron Rodgers has been
If Aaron Rodgers gets it done on Sunday he is a football God. Injuries are not an excuse. Bye everyone who are counting the Pack out.
Colin Cowherd just said on his show that Troy Aikman is better than Aaron Rodgers 😂
*** can't honestly think Tom Brady better than Aaron Rodgers ?
If he was in Chicago, you'd call him an aloof MF, The story of Aaron Rodgers' uncommon cool
Underscores scouting, player development and the greatness of 12. Nice read from
These 3 things should have the Packers worried.
well i mean guys like Allison, Davante Adams, Richard Rodgers, and Randall Cobb are elevated by Aaron Rodgers
How hard is it to understand Aaron Rodgers is more talented than Tom Brady?
get Aaron Rodgers *** out of your mouth. Tom Brady simply better. He's the greatest of all time and packers will loose Sunday
Not even sure how this would be possible, but I just get the feeling Aaron Rodgers somehow throws a touchdown during th…
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This break JUST got bigger! Yes, if we sell out, we will give away this Aaron Rodgers Auto Mini Helmet (w/COA) to someo…
how are they not? They're talking about his winning streak that Aaron Rodgers is on. Jordy Nelson helped a lot right or wrong
.Aaron Rodgers owns the Georgia Dome. It's more his house than it is Matt Ryan's house.
Can Aaron Rodgers continue this improbable run with his group of virtual unknowns?
In 2017 Skip Bayless is still trying discredit the talents of Aaron Rodgers & Lebron James. That's equivalent to a…
It’s tough to keep up with Aaron Rodgers and co., but if any team can do it, it’s the Falcons
Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews celebrate the Super Bowl XLV victory. 🏈🏆. Will Green Bay be back in the Super Bowl
Big reason Tom Brady more valuable than Aaron Rodgers: Brady's teammates love him far more than Rodgers' teammates lov…
As great as Aaron Rodgers has been in past 2 months, Matt Ryan has matched him throw for throw. Data series latest: https:…
As great as Aaron Rodgers has been during Green Bay's eight-game win streak, Matt Ryan has been even better.
Aaron Rodgers isn't the only QB that is hot at the right time...
skip for some reason you hate Rodger I love Brady also, but Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the league.
if this list of people turn out to be God i won't be shocked . 1. Morgan Freeman. 2. Mr. Meece. 3. Aaron Rodgers 😂😂
Aaron Rodgers will not sleep Saturday night thinking about brooks
All of my picks, but I hope you aren't hoping that Jimmy G will end up like Aaron Rodgers...
Aaron Rodgers makes the spectacular look routine - SB Nation
Bill Belichick has 4 Super Bowls with Tom Brady... would have won more with Aaron Rodgers
These are the types of plays, where I can see Aaron Rodgers running wild. Look at the open space. Coaching staff ne…
. Adam Schein compared Aaron Rodgers to Michael Jordan is he f'in kidding me? Is he high? Honestly how did he get a job?
We all are in debt to Aaron Rodgers for this
Turns out the only person who could beat Aaron Rodgers was actually Aaron Rodgers. (via
I hate Jimmy more than I hate Aaron Rodgers and I once damned Aaron to ***
TE went to Stanford, but grew up in the Bay Area rooting for ... Aaron Rodgers and Cal.
It makes me mad that Aaron Rodgers can draw up a school yard play in the huddle to go to the nfccg and we can't use Jimmy Graham in the RZ.
Aaron Rodgers' passer rating in his 4 career games at the Georgia Dome: 114.5, 136.8, 117.0, 125.5.
The Conference Championship QBs. 1️⃣ Big Ben. 2️⃣ TB12. 3️⃣ Matty Ice. 4️⃣ Aaron Rodgers. Who do you want leading your team?…
The Media love Aaron Rodgers... but who's really the hottest year? Matt played well ALL 16 games!…
TB12 taking notice to Aaron Rodgers' recent performance.
Aaron Rodgers is not impressed by Aaron Rodgers.
How did Aaron Rodgers get the ball through that gap?! 😂👏 vs.
Aaron Rodgers' game-saving throw as seen from inside the huddle - SB Nation
How did Aaron Rodgers not fumble on this play?
"Kurt Warner was the best qb Seattle ever had. Refrigerator Perry had 13 TDs in 1985. Aaron Rodgers has 2 Super Bowl rings"
Aaron Rodgers is the only player in maybe NFL history that u watch and tell yourself *** this dude may win it by himself"
Aaron Rodgers took the children to school
A look at the defining play of Matt Farrell's career, Aaron Rodgers comparison, Vasturia as ACC POW. ND hoops notes:
People care that Aaron Rodgers doesn't have a relationship w/ his father but dont care that Tom Brady doesn't talk to his…
Aaron Rodgers letting the 'good times roll", but fame has its costs.
I can just picture Aaron Rodgers spelling that out.
"Great to see the Packers draft my number 1 QB, Brian Brohm. He'll likely beat our epic draft bust, Aaron Rodgers in Packers camp."
Aaron Rodgers is the Matthew Stanford of the postseason
Fax Elliot gotta get it lol .. Aaron Rodgers for MVP 🌚
they were trying to win the game at the time of the spike then Aaron Rodgers happen…
Aaron Rodgers isn't at 'Michael Jordan level.'. He's way better. Dude's at Ronnie O'Sullivan level.
"Jay Cutler is on his way on being a better quarterback than Aaron Rodgers." -
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did that *** dion sanders just compare Mike Vick and cam newton to Aaron Rodgers!!!Why is the guy still on tv. Not relevant!
I think its safe to say its gone be Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady in the Super Bowl
The Detroit Lions cornerback recognizes the talent of Aaron Rodgers.
Dan Quinn said Brooks Reed will get a friendly reminder to get off the fields so Aaron Rodgers doesn't catch them with too…
Aaron Rodgers hasn't spoken to this family since 2014? Olivia Munn broke that family up huh?
Skip Bayless made a pretty big mistake. Considering he doesn't think Aaron Rodgers is "that great", he compared him to…
Skip Bayless’ refusal to give Aaron Rodgers any credit has become a sad, tired act | For The Win v…
People bringing back up Olivia Munn's e-mails to Chris Pine just to *** up Aaron Rodgers
Olivia Munn's boobs must hurt a lot if Aaron Rodgers has that hard of a grip on a football.
in all seriousness, Falcons can totally go to the Super Bowl, Aaron Rodgers a bad boy to cross first
Love all the online theories that Olivia Munn is stealing Aaron Rodgers' life essence when it's prob just that his parents say the n word
When he hangs it up, could Aaron Rodgers be considered the 🐐?
I love Aaron Rodgers way more than Olivia Munn right now and it's not even close
Olivia Munn bout to give some good sloppy toppy to Aaron Rodgers for this W
Genuinely upset for the Cowboys, between Elliot and Prescott, they have a brilliant future, plus, Aaron Rodgers is a punk
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GREAT description in NYT about the complexity of Aaron Rodgers' amazing throw to set up winning field goal
Mason Crosby kicks three field goals from 56, 51, and 51 to win the game. Announcer: Aaron Rodgers has done it again!.
Dak Prescott shines, but playoff debut spoiled by Aaron Rodgers, Packers
David freese and Aaron Rodgers are on the hit list
Yeah Ezekiel Elliot is right Aaron Rodgers was throwing crazy throws,. Good job for Dak and Zeke good sportsmanship
Alex Smith looks like a cross between Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Gosling.
Aaron Rodgers improvised an absolutely ridiculous play to win against Dallas—and made it look effortless
How 'bout this: Green Bay has had either Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers as its quarterback for the past 24 seasons.
Aaron Rodgers, Packers topple Cowboys to advance to NFC Championship Game
Aaron Rodgers got help from everyone to send Packers to NFC title game
Good lord Aaron Rodgers is good. Really, really good.
Aaron Rodgers' drew up critical play to Jared Cook in the huddle
Jared Cook: It was a perfect throw by Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers-to-Jared-Cook joins list of legendary clutch NFL playoff catches
Aaron Rodgers improvised on the Packers' play that set up the game-winning field goal:
Aaron Rodgers drew up that play that led to the Jared Cook catch like we used to do on the playground
Aaron Rodgers is to the Cowboys as David Freese is to the Rangers...
I'm not sure that everyone knows, but Alex Smith was drafted before Aaron Rodgers, like 20 picks before
Alex Smith is Aaron Rodgers without direct tv
dude. Insane game. Aaron Rodgers is unstopable. Good to see Dak and Elliot loose. lol
Lookin at they play again you gotta give Aaron Rodgers more credit..this guy threw a ball on a rope 40 yards, rollin left... cross his body
it goes Dan Marino, Larry Csonka, Aaron Rodgers. in that order
Mason Crosby hits game winning 52 yrd fg. Joe Buck screams "Aaron Rodgers does it again". Kickers get no respect
Elliot:Im eating. Dak:Hurry,Aaron Rodgers is coming to run the table. Elliot:
What a game, Great season by Elliot and Prescott. But, Aaron Rodgers = a bad man
I can't wait to hear all the Hall of Famers on Undisputed tell me how Aaron Rodgers is going to burst my Cowboy bubble…
Aaron Rodgers beat the Cowboys almost by himself. Cook and that kicker clutch. Que Stephen A. "How bout them Cowboys!
Gone have to started spelling Aaron Rodgers name with a C cus that *** is Clutch
why does Aaron Rodgers have a southern accent? He grew up in California and went to Berkeley...
Your "" don't worry about my spelling . Aaron Rodgers is the 🐐
Aaron Rodgers died on the cross for our sins
Not a fan of the Pack but you have to give it up for Aaron Rodgers.
Man that throw was cross body too to the sideline. Aaron Rodgers need to stop playing man smh
Aaron Rodgers is 11/12 when throwing into the coverages of Sean Lee and Byron Jones - have to think he keeps attacking them.
can you stop sucking Aaron Rodgers *** and call the game unbiased?
I don't think Aaron Rodgers has a soul. His eyes are like a dead man's. 1000 yard stare. Robot man.
Not that Aaron Rodgers needs defense, but that didn’t look like his mistake. Adams never saw the ball.
Jared Cook has always been a solid tightend. It makes a big difference when you have Aaron Rodgers instead of Jake Locker passing to you.
Aaron Rodgers can throw a pinpoint pass rolling to either side... on any angle... off either foot... cross body or not... Doesn't matter.
Is it time for the Cowboys to be on Hail Mary watch against Aaron Rodgers?
This game now falls on Rod Marinelli and his Cowboys D to try to post a 3 and out against Aaron Rodgers. Seems like MIssion Impossible now.
Aaron Rodgers is the most accurate man in Dallas since Lee Harvey Oswald
The only thing that can stop Aaron Rodgers is a family reunion.
Why does everyone keep spelling Aaron Rodgers name wrong?
Aaron Rodgers is hurting them on defense
Gotta give Jeff Tedford credit for convincing people Aaron Rodgers wasn't a top-10 pick by making him throw the ball behind his ear.
You know Chucky the Doll tried spelling himself into a human? Brett Favre did that to Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers is Brett Favre.
preciate it Aaron Rodgers love you too(:
Aaron Rodgers is in top form 🔥, can he lead the Packers to victory over the Cowboys?
I've never seen the NFL ride a player as much as they do Aaron Rodgers
it just dawned on me that the Cowboys' videoboard might be the best defense against an Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary pass
I can't stand the Packers.but lord please let Aaron Rodgers beat this team
Aaron Rodgers is about to go off today, hottest QB rn
Aaron Rodgers is playing to good right now for me to pick the cowboys over the packers. Packer 31, cowboys 28
Aaron Rodgers is the hottest QB in the Playoffs rn Idc what anyone says lol It just facts. He's gonna embarrass Dallas today 😴🤕
a Packers (Aaron Rodgers) loss will be the perfect way to end my weekend
Absolutely terrified of Aaron Rodgers today. but!! He's looked bad in plenty of playoff games. Hope that's the case today.
If Aaron Rodgers had a broken leg, id try to visit him in the hospital.. and break his other leg.
Aaron Rodgers will throw at least 4 touchdown passes today. Cowboys can't rush the passer.
never bet against an on fire Aaron Rodgers
Watching all of The Office for the first time ever & Aaron Rodgers showed up. This is a sign!
I hope our defense steps up against Green Bay Aaron Rodgers is there whole team I think we will win
Aaron Rodgers is going to torch that Dallas secondary and show why he's the MVP, no Zeke or Dak
Im interested in an answer! Pack ML looks like stealing candy from a baby. How does the great Aaron Rodgers lose this game!
Bubs -Aaron Rodgers like flip of wrist 40 yard trickery pass, seals the deal NIFC champions.
Let me clarify. Jordan Rodgers talking about his brother Aaron Rodgers and their relationship.
The most common rumor I've heard about Aaron Rodgers is Jordan cheated on Olivia Munn's friend. But would that rip ENTIRE fa…
I'm a Redskin but you can't discount Aaron Rodgers on this form, the guy is on fire!
Neat piece by on what it's like for Brett Hundley to have a locker next to Aaron Rodgers:…
What if Rodgers' family did something to Aaron and he just doesn't wanna talk to them?
The fact that Aaron Rodgers next three games could be on turf is flat out scary. Dude is amazing, but even better indoors.
🙏🏾Aaron Rodgers can you please go off today & shet these cowboys fans up, they been hype since preseason & i'm tired of it
I can't wait to watch Aaron Rodgers pick apart the Cowboys defense
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