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Aaron Paul

Aaron Michael Paul (born August 27, 1979) is an Emmy Award winning American actor and singer.

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Need For Speed is a mixture of Fast and Furious, Smokey and the Bandit, and Canonball Run. Not sure if Aaron Paul is ready for the driver's seat, but this movie is worth the ride.
Need For Speed is showing at Krikorian Metroplex 18! Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul gets his version of a Fast and Furious action movie with Need For Speed—a video game brought to life on film.
Need For Speed Movie 3D- Showing at 12:00pm, 3:05, 6:10, and 9:15pm. Need For Speed is presented in Dolby Digital 3D stars Aaron Paul and is Rated PG-13 for sequences of reckless street racing, disturbing crash scenes, nudity and crude language. The running time is 2 hours and 10 minutes.
21st march new film! A long way down with Aaron Paul , and the bimbo from Need For Speed, we need to go see this! Carla Darwen
In dyer need to watch Need For Speed with Aaron Paul.
The new Need For Speed with Aaron Paul is getting dismal reviews, so The Pet Collective remade the Need For Speed trailer with cats and RC cars.
Directed by Scott Waugh. With Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Scott Mescudi, Imogen Poots. Fresh from prison, a street racer who was framed by a wealthy business associate joins a cross country race with revenge in mind. His ex-partner, learning of the plan, places a massive bounty on his head as the ra...
Come to the shelter to check out our silent auction at Iams We have some great prizes including a signed Aaron Paul "Need For Speed" movie poster! We also have a draw for hockey tickets and tickets for the Katy Perry concert on August 26. Our behavior and intake staff also is here selling home make crafts- There is so much going on today! Come check it out!
Check out this week's Tara's Reel Travels to get a sneak peek at the new movie Need For Speed and asks Aaron Paul if he's sick of people asking him about Breaking Bad. Check it out here: to you by Trafalgar Travel.
I had an awesome view while driving Aaron Paul through the forrest at 100mph! So fun! Need For Speed - The Movie
It's Top Gear time again and tonight, the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car is none other than Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul. Join his and usual gang at 9pm (JKT/BKK); 10pm (SIN/HK); 11pm (KOR These photographs may only be reproduced for publicity purposes in connection with the showing of the programme as licensed by BBC Worldwide Limited (and must carry the shown copyright legend) or for promotional on air use. They may not be reproduced at any other time for any purpose without a license from BBC Worldwide
When we first see Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul in Need For Speed, the new action flick from director Scott Waugh (Act of Valor) that opens...
Aaron Paul "loved" driving a 1968 Torino for Need For Speed, where he plays mechanic Tobey Marshall.
I had gone to a movie screening at the Disney studios with Kevin Gemser. The storyline was pretty good. It could have been slightly better. The action scenes were great. Far more realistic than that of the Fast and Furious film. Aaron Paul was great, but could have used a bit more dialogue. This movie is a good watch.
Aaron Paul to play Jax Teller's long lost brother on the next season of SoA? Yes please!
Sat at Hamilton bus station, absolutely freezing, could Aaron Paul drive by in his mustang and take me away. Thank you.
Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper interview with Check it out here... http…
i like Aaron Paul but the Need For Speed movie just looks terrible & corny.
Need For Speed Starring: Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots Directed by: Scott Waugh 1.5/5 stars By Timothy M. Stoneman March 15, 2014 The weak, remorsefully exaggerating piece of mechanical delusion that is “Need For Speed”, which is about (you guessed it) drag racing, just doesn’t cut it. Based on Electronic Arts’ extended video game series, this is way below the line of entertainment, one that spirals out of control and never takes aim for beamed freshness. Talk about a “Fast and Furious” rip-off running over the 2 hour mark that really starts to grind your gears. “Super Mario Bros.”, “Mortal Kombat” and “Resident Evil” are about to be in for a rude awakening. The plot tells us that Mt. Kisco mechanic Tobey Marshall (“Breaking Bad” rising star Aaron Paul) wants to get his revenge on Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper), an ex-NASCAR racer responsible for the death of his friend (Harrison Gilbertson) after having compete with him in (you guessed it) drag racing. Blue-collar T ...
SUE’S REVIEWS: Need For SpeedNeed For Speed” is a 130 minute, PG-13 rated Action film directed by Scott Waugh starring Aaron Paul (Tobey Marshall), Dominic Cooper (Dino Brewster), Imogen Poots (Julia Maddon), Michael Keaton (Monarch) and Scott Mescudi (Benny). “Need For Speed” is adapted from a series of video games with the same name. Street-car racer, Tobey Marshall, owns the best custom auto- body shop in Mt. Kisco, NY. He is framed by his one-time racing partner, a shady, wealthy ex-Nascar racer, Dino, and wrongly implicated in the death of his best friend. After he is released from prison 2 years later, Tobey seeks revenge by entering the most prestigious undercover street race in the country. When Dino finds out, however, he places a large bounty on Tobey’s head before the race even begins. I love this movie! It is a mindless action film but what it lacks in script it makes up for in spectacular thrills. Scott Waugh also directed the extraordinary underrated 2012 film, “Act of ...
Breaking Bad star, Aaron Paul, is in the new Need For Speed movie. Our review is up. Check it out! WATCH: by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Agree? Catch the Need For Speed movie this weekend starring Aaron Paul:
Who would you rather race with, Aaron Paul in Need For Speed or Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious 7?
Disappointed to see Aaron Paul making his leading man big screen debut in another "vroom-vroom loud car" racing movie. He can and will do better.
Oh! They put Aaron Paul in "Need For Speed" after he was just in a show about making speed. Good move, whoever was in c…
Need For Speed’s director Scott Waugh on Aaron Paul and breaking the video game movie curse
The race is on! Need For Speed is now playing in theaters! . Don’t miss seeing Aaron Paul, Scott Mescudi, Dominic...
Interview: Aaron Paul and director Scott Waugh of ‘Need For Speed’:
If it wasn't for Aaron Paul and Scott Mescudi, I wouldnt want to see
Aaron Paul Interview, Need For Speed: Two-time Emmy award winner Aaron Paul stars in “Need For Speed,” Scott W...
Doubt "Need For Speed" is Aaron Paul's last film. You're confusing him with Paul Walker of "Fast and Furious".
I wasn't able to attend the interview with Need For Speed Aaron Paul / Scott Mescudi but my friend did:
I'm about to fan girl so hard over this movie tonight. Aaron Paul and Scott Mescudi 😍😍😍😍
Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul is the leading man for the movie adaptation of this popular racing game. Have you seen Need For Speed yet?
To day is the day. . Need For Speed. . Dominic Cooper. . Aaron Paul. Michael Keaton. Dakota Johnson. Imogen Poots.
Hi All, Here are our session times this week for Thursday 13th - Wednesday 19th March. This week we have Need For Speed Movie (M) showing in 2D & 3D starring Aaron Paul. We would also like to introduce Monuments Men (M) starring George Clooney, Matt Damon and Australia’s very own Cate Blanchett. Visit us online for more information at
Just figured out that I'm in love with Aaron Paul
well that's what he gets arrested for! Don't worry man, Aaron Paul is still the meth head we all know (-:
Aaron Paul looks like a complete g in Need For Speed hope he kills it like the usual
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul dress as each other’s character at a Breaking Bad cast party
Then Aaron Paul randomly dies after the 7th one
Guys Aaron Paul Paul walker fast and furious Need For Speed
It was ok but I only saw it because it was free and I love Aaron Paul lol
Yo Aaron Paul. We love you. We want you on our show...with 10 million listeners!
Aaron Paul stars in the car race revenge thriller, "Need For Speed" Starts Friday, March 14th.
Aaron Paul Shows Reckless Side in 'Need For Speed': Fans will see Aaron Paul like they've never seen him befor...
4M Review: Need For Speed - Rating: C One Sentence Summary: Huh...more naked males jumpin on each other than I expected. So, I have a confession...I have not seen Breaking Bad. It is in my Netflix queue but just haven't found the time to watch between traveling and reruns of 30 Rock n Justice League. Now, if you are still reading after that...I only mention it because the ONLY thing that saved the movie was Aaron Paul and the movie's (sans Michael Keaton and that brown haired girl). Aaron Paul is an amazing actor put in a pitiful role. Yet he still manages to pull off cliche lines with a seriousness and gravitas mostly seen in more emotionally charged movies. What is great is that he can quickly turn his stone cold demeanor into decent comedy when the situation calls for it and other actors set him up. The rest of the cast pull off the impossible and help me to forget for a moment what I am watching a movie about car racing where the the laws of physics and law enforcement seem to be pretty damned grey. I ...
Aaron Paul swaps crystal meth for speed. >
Aaron Paul aka Jessie Pinkman is starring in the Need For Speed movie
Need For Speed is out in cinemas now. Catch Aaron Paul on his hellbent mission to "right a wrong". Watch this clip to find out what you are in for:
Aaron Paul is a cook who trades bread baking secrets for Keanu Reeves action films in "Knead for Speed.".
I like that Need For Speed trailer where Aaron Paul says, "You should close your eyes for this" like he knows how terrible the movie will be
And on the sixth day of SXSW, fell head over heels for HELLION, starring Aaron Paul:
That movie made me love Aaron Paul on a whole other level 😍😍😍
Need For Speed with Aaron Paul and Kid Cudi best movie in a long *** time
Former Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul was in the red chair to talk about the show, his career and his new film Need For Speed.
I actually enjoyed Need For Speed. Aaron Paul is a great actor and so was the lead actress. Beautiful actress and beautiful cars A+ for me.
Someone told me I look like Channing Tatum. Um no. It's more like Aaron Paul meets Ethan Hawke. Thank you:
What's life like after for Learn more in today's roundup.
Aaron Paul's "Need For Speed" is a cocktail of 200-proof stupid, with moron ice cubes and an *** cherry on top
Loved the pilot guy in Need For Speed and also the guy who got butt naked at the office oh and the guy who crashed and burned an Aaron Paul
From Bob Barker to "Breaking Bad"! Long before Aaron Paul was cooking up drugs in Albuquerque on "Breaking Bad," he was a contestant on the daytime game show staple "The Price Is Right." While this clip has been fl...
I want to watch Need For Speed only because of Aaron Paul.
Took me 24 days to complete the 6-season SAMCRO binge. Aaron Paul aka Jesse Pinkman to be in the final 7th season this fall 😎🚲
I'm probably gonna go see Need For Speed just because Jesse Pinkman, I mean Aaron Paul, is in it.
AAron Paul s' gonna be in SOA season 7.. Possibly..
I don't care how much you think you love Aaron Paul... Stay away from Need For Speed. Full review on the way.
"Need For Speed (Aaron Paul & Imogen Poots) showing now in theaters. For Schedule
I kind of want to go see Need For Speed this weekend -- not because it looks like my kind of movie -- I just want Aaron Paul to be super successful. :)
Aaron Paul is the new Zach. I'm pitiful, but I'm smitten. Gorgeous guy driving gorgeous car. Let's all just have an honest moment.
Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian are one of the cutest couples we've ever seen (exhibits A and B). They're just so in love with each other. It's inspiring. Does that make Paul an authority on the art of relationships? Perhaps. So, if he's doling out advice on how to meet that special someone, you
- "Need For Speed" Official Super Bowl Trailer (HD) Aaron Paul Framed for a crime he didn't commit, muscle car mechanic and street racer...
Happy Pi Day Everyone! I can imagine most of America will celebrate it by watching Aaron Paul drive donuts in circles in Need For Speed and then divide the circumference of those donuts by their diameter. Just think of all the times Jesse Pinkman struggled with meth in the hit series Breaking Bad, after all that time he spent with Mr. White, I bet he didn't struggle in MATH!!! YEAH!!! MATH PUNS!!!
Wow so I just returned from seeing Need For Speed based off the popular plotless video game series. Well those of you hoping for a two hr and ten minute adaptation that sticks close to the source material are in luck because this film is dreadful. Undeveloped barely one dimensional characters, an endless amount of cliches, uninspired direction, some truly terrible editing, sloppily executed cinematography and non existent 3-D. It's just too bad that Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul the main reason I saw the film shows up in a star vehicle doomed to fail and with a one note unintentionally funny, overly dramatic and forced brooding "I swear I'm a bad *** with a heart of gold " performance. Along for the ride are lots of annoying supporting characters a metro sexual non threatening villain and lots of pretty cars that get bashed up in the most ridiculous ways. those searching for a shred of believably should turn their sights on the fast and furious franchise because this franchise nonstarter is D.O.A. The worst m ...
Showpony would like to wish one of our talented stylist Shannon from Aaron Paul... A happy 21st Birthday I'm sure Aaron and the team will make sure you have an amazing day!!
Need For Speed was freaking awesome! If ur fan of the game you'll love it! And Aaron Paul was amazing!
Releasing this Friday Need For Speed based on EA SPORTS 'Need 4 Speed' series starring Aaron Paul ..Check out the trailer here on Pix N Vidz
Even if this movie isn't great, Niki and I are stoked to see Aaron Paul in his first movie since ended! (Plus, the "Need For Speed" games were pretty good, so I'm interested to see how they adapted it.) Oh, and Marcus just got that Dolby Atmos for our Ultra Sceeen, so experiencing this should be cool! So, yeah. Aaron better somehow weave his catchphrase into this, too...
Just wondering? Not sure if this is CCW appropriate. Is anyone going to see this movie this weekend? I love Aaron Paul ever since Breaking Bad. And I like Dominic Cooper from The Devil's Double. Just asking.curious about your taste in movies.
Need For Speed was awesome. To be honest most of you may know Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, but Need For Speed makes his mark. It is just action-packed and exhilarating. I was surprised at how amazingly well this movie was done. Especially for being made off a video game. It was so worth it.
Need For Speed. More like need to see Aaron Paul lol. So going this weekend
Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul is the star in a Reasonably Priced Car. After driving a fleet of dream cars in Need For Speed what will he make of the Astra?
Need For Speed with my Breaking Bad *** Aaron Paul Yessenia Galvan
Gotta say Need For Speed was one epic movie. Sorry challengers i fell in love with Ford Mustangs all over again! Aaron Paul one sick beast!
Just watched Need For Speed with Aaron Paul and *** ! Great movie!!!
I don't generally like watching George Strombolopoulos, but an episode with Aaron Paul and Adam Driver was too good to pass up :)
Weekend Forecast: 'Need For Speed' to 'Rise' above 'Empire' Video game adaptation Need For Speed starts its engines this weekend. The film is an adaptation of one of the most successful video game franchises of all-time – as over 150 million copies have been sold worldwide since the game debuted in 1994. It faces tough competition from holdovers 300: Rise of An Empire and Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Don't count out Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club, which could also factor in. Need For Speed is the latest in a long line of video game adaptations, most of which have disappointed at the box office. Only one—2001's Lara Croft: Tomb Raider—has earned over $100 million domestically, and movies like Max Payne ($40.7 million), Hitman ($39.7 million) and Doom ($28.2 million) all failed to connect outside of the gamer audience. The video game movie genre hasn’t had the same kind of box office success as superhero films, but there are reasons to believe Need For Speed could be a solid contender. It’s obviousl ...
Aaron Paul Says Being Married to Lauren Parsekian is Amazing -- How Is This a Lesson for Women?
Aaron Paul for the 7th/final season of Sons of Anarchy All my Si!
Saw Need For Speed starring Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper.A great movie for Fast & Furious fans.Based on the video game of the same name.It is all about a guy who does illegal street racing who has a rivalry with this rich race car owner.Michael Keaton as a radio dj who loves the racing scene.
On Regal Cinemas' very first episode of The Trailer we talk to Aaron Paul about running from the cops, put Liam Neeson in a battle with himself, and find out...
Catch a glimpse of your favourite Breaking Bad boy, Aaron Paul, as he takes to the race track in A Reasonably Priced Car! Putting the pedal to the metal, he showed off the driving skills without showing any sign of nerves as he zoomed around the track with The Stig. Did our “braking” bad star make it to the top of the tally board with his performance? Find out in this week’s episode, FIRST & EXCLUSIVE, this Sunday at 8.50pm (JKT/BKK); 9.50pm (SIN/HK); 10.50pm (KOR).
Need For Speed is a great film! Don't compare it to Fast & Furious, because that is not what this is. This is a Smokey and the Bandit/Revenge story. Aaron Paul, you did good.
Once you've seen Aaron Paul play Jesse Pinkman, it's hard not to expect a lot from him on any scr...
Director Steven Spielberg has quite a bit of sway over in the offices of DreamWorks, so when the studio started developing a film based on the video game Need For Speed and Spielberg decided that he wanted Aaron Paul to star, guess who ended up starring in Need For Speed ?
Aaron Paul should be cast in every movie made from now until the end of time.
Aaron Paul makes the leap from TV's 'Breaking Bad' series to a starring role in his first major film, 'Need For Speed,' opening Friday.
Just when you thought Aaron Paul couldn't possibly get any cuter than when he's talking about his wife, Lauren Parsekian, he goes and does it again. The 34-year-old spoke with Us Weekly at the "Need For Speed" Cinema Society screening i...
Aaron Paul's 5 tips to finding the love of your life
This week we open "Need For Speed" & "Tyler Perry's Single Mom's Club". NFS has Aaron Paul from "Breaking Bad" starring as a struggling auto body shop owner who races muscle cars on the side for extra cash and is double crossed by a NASCAR driver. Tyler Perry's newest film focuses on a group of mothers brought together by an incident in their kid's school. We still have "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" in 3D & 2D plus "Son of God" in Spanish. Next week we open "Muppets Most Wanted" & "Divergent". Have a great weekend!
Based on the popular video game, Need For Speed hits theatres tomorrow. Aaron Paul and Scott Waugh reveal the art behind the car chases and sound effects in this interview with Teri Hart.
Aaron Paul does own stunts: Aaron Paul tells Conan he did all his own driving for his new movie, even at the risk of running over his...
Okay, so Aaron Paul came by yesterday to promote his new film There's so much that's amazing about that sentence we really can't go on... Can't wait to check out the film tomorrow 3/14!!!
screw the critics Aaron Paul was decent in Need For Speed
Our museum just rented 7 bicycle for the upcoming movie starring Russell Crowe, Aaron Paul and Amanda Seyfried in the movie call 'Fathers and Daughters'
Stop by the theatre this weekend and see Aaron Paul in his new movie, Need For Speed, showing in both 2D & 3D!
VB interviews Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul about his new movie Need For Speed. It's out this weekend!
Aaron Paul reveals 5 tips for meeting the love of your life
We are thrilled to be in the brand new film, Need For Speed, starring Aaron Paul. Let us know if you’ll be at the midnight showing!
Aaron Paul goes for fun after 'Breaking Bad' role
People will be racing in this weekend to see Aaron Paul in the new Need For Speed. Get ahead in the race tonight as we present an early run. Grab your tickets at
opens early TONIGHT! Reserve tickets to take a ride in the driver's seat with Aaron Paul at
Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul stars in the action packed Need For Speed, out tonight at iPic! Reserve your recliners on our website:
From Movies Without Pity: Aaron Paul is hitting the big screen in 'Need For Speed', but we think his 'Breaking Bad' co-stars could adapt some video games of their own:
TOMORROW Need For Speed movie races into theaters. Share this image if can’t wait to see Aaron Paul, Scott Mescudi and Dominic Cooper on the big screen. Get tickets:
Hey I like the Aaron Paul piece, but Jon Hamm was in The Town. May not be a blockbuster, but it was a hit.
Early reviews are poor for tomorrow's Need For Speed, a film adaptation of the video game series starring Aaron Paul. "Even when compared to other films posing as Ford Mustang commercials, Need For Speed isn't particularly memorable for anything other than the startling incompetence and dull sheen of the end result."
Need For Speed opens March 14, 2014 Get movie tickets & showtimes: Sure, Aaron Paul and the cast of Need For Speed can act like the...
LIKE Aaron Paul? Don’t miss him in Need For Speed accelerating to Cinemark with early showings at 8pm tonight on the BIG XD screen! Oh, and did we mention Director Scott Waugh loves our XD screens? Have your chance to score your very own prize pack! Click here for details:
24% on rotten tomato for Need For Speed, knew that movie was going to suck, but hoped Aaron Paul could save it somehow
stuff from the Smiley Morning Show for today: Today is Jewel Day, Popcorn Lover's Day, National Coconut Torte Day, Earmuffs Day, Good Samaritan Involvement Day and National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day - RADAR Online claims Star Trek star Chris Pine was charged with a DUI on March 1st in New Zealand. He got busted after leaving a bar - TMZ claims Dr Conrad Murray has been hired as a volunteer consultant by the Trinidad Ministry of Health - CBS has renewed Big Bang Theory for 3 more seasons - The NY Post claims Stacy Keibler is pregnant - Gabrielle Union is launching Vanilla Puddin' Chardonnay - The Kalamazoo Growlers, a summer collegiate baseball team from Michigan, plans to wear jerseys this summer made from fan selfies Malaysia Airlines Tragedy: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 went missing off the coast of Vietnam on Saturday. 239 passengers were on-board. The Wall Street Journal says the plane may have disenegrated at 35,000 feet. Experts are studying radar data and looking for flight recorders. ** UPDA ...
So who's going to see the new Need For Speed film starring Aaron Paul? Pete loves his cars and vans so he definitely will, here's an unofficial poster!
Need For Speed in 3D...starts tonight at 8pm! What a great non stop thrill ride! See Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad fame. 3D effects are amazing...highly recommended.
One of the best lines from Top Gun, I feel the need the Need For Speed!! Well, in this movie there are no fighter jets but lots of speed. After being released from prison for a crime that he didn't commit, a street racer, Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul), is set to race cross-country and to avenge the death of his friend Pete. Will our hero get the vengeance he seeks? Second movie up is for the ladies!! Tyler Perry’s The Single Mom’s Club is about five struggling single moms, who put aside their differences to form a support group and find inspiration and laughter in their new sisterhood. See the trailers here
Aaron Paul in - it'd be more fun with Burt Reynolds in it
-•★ FREE HD WALLPAPERS ★•- Catch Aaron Paul Stills from movie " Need For Speed " Download latest movie wallpapers !!! Get the wallpapers:
Need love advice? Breaking Bad alum & Need For Speed Movie star, Aaron Paul, gave us his 5 tips on finding love (which you can absolutely use): Need For Speed
If Josh Lucas pumped like a balloon, you'll get Aaron Paul as the result.
'Breaking Bad,' actor Aaron Paul takes on a role in the video game based action film 'Need For Speed.'
Today I'm starting a new drawing, who should I do? . •David Tennant. •Ryan Gosling . •Aaron Paul. •Bryan Cranston .
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have been reunited on the red carpet for Need For Speed.
I already knew is the best free paper ever cos of Danny Wallace column but latest issue has Guy Garvey&Aaron Paul interviews too!
Aaron Paul pulls a Dan Stevens. It'll make sense when you read it:
Aaron Paul reveals he 'got drunk' with the late Michael Jackson via via
Before he was famous, Aaron Paul got drunk at a party with Michael Jackson and the Prince of Brunei
Aaron Paul got a much bigger reaction on Top Gear than Doctor Who did...and Breaking Bad never aired in the UK. He also set the fastest lap. Goes to show that Americans are better at everything that matters; cars and TV.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
it's like trying to replace Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. You just can't do it.
Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul have the cutest relationship ❤️
Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul comes up with an idea for a great party. All it takes is a Breaking Bad star, the Prince of Brunei and Michael Jackson.
Aaron Paul shares a remarkable story about hanging out with Michael Jackson and a prince. Like Breaking Bad Vines
It'd be cool Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad's new film 'Need For Speed' was also about amphetamines not cars, but it's about cars.
the only reason Aaron Paul is in Need For Speed is because I didn't wanna be in it tbh
The real reason why I wanna see Need For Speed is cause Aaron Paul is the main character. No *** tho lol
I love watching old movies and seeing actors before they were big. Just caught an Aaron Paul cameo in Van Wilder.
Give away starts once I get 500 followers. Spread the news... Signed Poster from Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman)
Aaron Paul: I'd love to bring back Jesse Pinkman for Breaking Bad spin-off Bad via
Meet the boys of Need For Speed! Check out this new video featuring Aaron Paul, Scott Mescudi, and Dominic Cooper.
There's no slowing down Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul as life goes on after ... - New York Daily News -
Photo: Dominic Cooper and Aaron Paul attend the premiere of “Need For Speed” at TCL Chinese Theatre in...
Kid Cudi released a class album and now he's starring along side Aaron Paul in Need For Speed. Maybe you can have it all?
Aaron paul on Top Gear need to acquire that
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Especially because it has hot cars and Aaron Paul.
No way, too much Aaron Paul cinema time to fit in wah.
I'm only gonna watch Need For Speed for Aaron Paul's benefit
Breaking Bad. NFL. Titanic. . ALL possible fan bases on earth covered in interview with Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul is such a beautiful man 😍
Aaron Paul + Kid Cudi + Racing? I'm already liking this whole Need For Speed movie more and more.
I know I've said it more than once but Aaron Paul is definitely bae
Aaron Paul is probably my favorite actor just because Breaking Bad.
I wanna watch Need For Speed just for Aaron Paul lol
Aaron Paul is going to be on Top Gear tomorrow :)
Video: topgear: Go behind-the-scenes with Aaron Paul and his turn on the Top Gear Track.
Photoset: anthonymackies: Aaron Paul photographed by Fred Jacobs for Esquire UK (April, 2014).
"The Need For Speed movie is going to be stupid but I'm going to love it 😔" All because of Aaron Paul?
Kat Candler's Hellion, starring Aaron Paul & Juliette Lewis, takes on the Topfer at 2:15!
That's what I said about Aaron Paul in "Wreckage". This is while he was doing "Breaking Bad". "HE NEEDED THE MONEY! OH!"
Thursday Trivia: What TV series is Aaron Paul most famous for?
good Need For Speed and plus Aaron Paul is in it xx
more in the Aaron Paul department for me
I liked a video from Aaron Paul Loves Which Miley Cyrus? "Need For Speed" Cast Lightning
Aaron Paul spends years on Breaking Bad making meth and then goes on to act in Need For Speed. I hope the choice of movie was completely intentional.
Im really not comfortable with Aaron Paul trying to fill Paul Walkers shoes. But I do like the symmetry of it.
Photoset: Aaron Paul had to forget about Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter and focus on the track, which he did!...
Aaron Paul talks adrenaline, man-crushes, and ribs reporter for not watchi... via
On the plus side, Aaron Paul is still the most attractive guy EVER
I can't wait for Need For Speed to come out. Aaron Paul is about to have a amazing acting career. 😏
Aaron Paul is my boy but Need For Speed? 4real?
Aaron Paul chats testosterone, man-crushes and ribs reporter for Breaking Bad fail!
I really want to hug Aaron Paul. like right now.
Need For Speed debuts its official trailer plus a trailer review today for the 2014 Aaron Paul video game movie! Need For Speed de...
I was thinking about this the other day and all I could come up with was Aaron Paul Walker.
The ultimate duo. See more behind the scenes photos of Bryan and Aaron now: http:/…
Celebs i've met since living in california: fall out boy, aaron paul &the rest of Breaking Bad cast, rod stewart, wee man, russell brand👌
The upcoming Need For Speed movie is actually about Ford, not Aaron Paul. If you couldn't tell. Be weary of the propaganda.
Aaron Paul discusses his attraction to the video game-based actioner 'Need For Speed' at the film's Los Angeles premiere. ...
Koenigsegg releases their "Mega Car" the One:1! Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul visits Top Gear UK. A company in Southern California will chop the roof off a Nissa.
Aaron Paul a.k.a Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad on raw
The last time most people saw Aaron Paul, he was riding off into the sunset. Or doing the “Breaking Bad” equivalent: crashing some redneck scum’s...
I'm sorry but Aaron Paul is to much for me to handle, he's so hot ugh.
Aaron Paul takes up a role far removed from his “Breaking Bad” character in the automotive action picture “Need For Speed.”
The winner of the NY Times Correction of the Month Award goes to the article about Aaron Paul's new movie: "Correction: March 7, 2014 Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article misstated one of the duties of the character Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, on “Breaking Bad.” He had to help babysit a D.E.A. informant shackled in the basement. He did not babysit for the informant."
Directed by Ridley Scott. With Aaron Paul, Christian Bale, Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley. An account of Moses' hand in leading the Israelite slaves out of Egypt.
Aaron Paul is ready to step back into Jesse Pinkman's shoes.
Aaron Paul said "Scott Mescudi" like he's REALLY not known more as Kid Cudi. Okay.
How does Aaron Paul react when Imogen Poots takes the wheel in the Need For Speed movie?
drinking coffe with my coz Aaron paul Thomas Casumpang while watching the hunger games..
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are amazing actors.
Amanda Andrades Jacqueline Leight Cyndi Coste Javon Gatewood Jennifer Bolognese if any of you have the channel BBCAmerica tonight at 10:15 Jamie Dornan is on the Graham Norton show, along with Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad and Need For Speed.
Aaron Paul I love you please be mine.
Random acts of kindness! Doing my own in honor of my nephew, Aaron Paul.
Omg yess Tom Felton reminds me so much of Aaron Paul.
Aaron Paul is now a favorite actor of mine.
I'm finally buckling and gonna watch Breaking Bad.. but only because Aaron Paul is such a dream boat.
Who's your favourite male actor? I'm having a bit of a hard time accepting the fact that Aaron Paul will never actually be my real boyfriend :)
Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper are in a really stupid movie together but I'll probably still end up seeing it
Can't wait for Great cast with Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots and Dominic Cooper. No cgi, no green screen. Going to be epic!
Photo: Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Parsekian attending the premiere of Need For Speed
Take a look at what your favorite stars are up to! Jared Leto thinks J.Law is faking her famous falls; Aaron Paul shows his Need For Speed; Lindsay Lohan gets into a water fight with Jimmy Fallon, and more!
Aaron Paul acts out Tom Cruise's role from "All The Right Moves."
Dominic Cooper and Aaron Paul arrive at the premiere of DreamWorks Pictures' "Need For Speed" at TC
My niece walked in, saw the pic of Aaron Paul on the screen before Craig went on break and said "He's from Breaking Bad." I TAUGHT HER WELL!
Aaron Paul was in Chicago four days ago and I totally missed it😩😔😣
Score your tickets to the advanced screening of Aaron Paul's new movie Need For Speed on
Still waiting for Aaron Paul to do something not amazing.
Aaron Paul might be in other movies but he will forever be known as Jessie
I cannot wait to see Bojack Horseman. It's an animated comedy starring Will Arnett and Aaron Paul. What's not to love?
[Anika had to bite back a bitter laugh.] Aaron thinks he killed "Paul" and "Ian" back when we were in Starfleet Academy. -- (
also Aaron Paul is on the Late Late show tonight. (cbs)
Aaron Paul does look like me when i have a beard going
This weekend seems ehhh. Put next weekend...Need For Speed comes out !! Aaron Paul, and well Need For Speed. That's all
Craig Ferguson hasn't even interviewed Aaron Paul yet but I'm already overcome with emotion for what's to come.
Aaron Paul's career shifting into overdrive ..
Entertainment Weekly’s got an exclusive clip from HELLION! See it this week at
Aaron Paul is on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight!
Aaron Paul is on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight!!!
I think Paul Wontorek would love for Aaron to play Fiyero on the big screen!
Happy 58th birthday Bryan Cranston! Look back at our cover story on the stars:
Aaron Paul's wife Lauren Parsekian stole the spotlight at the "Need For Speed" premiere in a very, very sheer dress
Aaron Paul in the Need For Speed movie , he is a good *** actor so I have high hopes for the movie
Watching Need For Speed just for Aaron Paul tho
I can't watch Aaron Paul in Need For Speed unless he's driving an RV or something
The only way I'll see the new Aaron Paul "Need For Speed" movie is if he drives high on meth into a Los Pollos Hermanos.
I would have passed out if it was aaron paul
VIDEO: Aaron Paul needs mechanic at “Need For Speed” premiere
Aaron Paul gets a surprise when his car overheats on the “Need For Speed” red carpet. Bob Mezan reports. [ 41 more words. ]
I am so excited for Need For Speed I love Aaron Paul I love Cudi I hate racing movies but you know
So in December, a new film on the Book of Exodus is coming out directed by Ridley Scott, starring Christian Bale as Moses, and Aaron Paul as Joshua...
“When the song that gets you hyped comes on! weight room with Aaron
I think should be nominated for some sort of award for his performance with Hilarious. -- htt…
Aaron Paul in 'Serious Talks' to Star in 'Breaking Bad' Spinoff - Aaron Paul, who got his starmaking turn as meth...
Everyone was dressed their finest at the Need For Speed movie premiere in Los Angeles. Oh, and the cars came too. Check out the album for all the photos of Aaron Paul, Scott Mescudi, Dominic Cooper, and more from the event! In Theaters March 14th.
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Aaron Paul switches gears and plays the hero Tobey Marshall in in cinemas March 13
We can't make up our mind who's hotter, Aaron Paul or the Ford Mustang.
My good friend whose a photographer, got to shoot my bb Aaron Paul at his Need For Speed premiere. Beyond jealous. Proud of him thoo.
Join us for the book release of Lady Blues: forget-me-not by Aaron Paul Lazar
Aaron Paul, Max Greenfield, and Abigail Breslin all in this Season 1 episode of Veronica Mars!
Like the Buena Vista International Singapore page now! Here's a greeting from Aaron Paul to Singapore! Catch him in Need For Speed, coming to local cinemas on 13 March 2014.
Johnny and Amber hit SXSW in Austin! Aaron Paul cuddles up to his wife at the Need For Speed premiere. And Lindsay's all wet! Check out more photos in Star Tracks:
So Aaron Paul went on WWE RAW to promote Need For Speed. All he did was drive a wrestler named Ziggler to the ring and assisted him in the win. Where in the *** did he promote the movie? Aaron Paul = Promotion Fail.
It's easy to look at Aaron Paul and think that his life has been pretty good since the ending of his legendary TV show. He was nominated for his first-ever Golden Globe (after winning two Emmys in years past) and he's been spending his time jet-setting across the world doing appearances and just
S21E05 - I love watching Hammond grinning his head off as he goes speeding around a race track . also Aaron Paul as the star in a Reasonably Priced Car
Bryan Cranston was amazing for Walter White and Aaron Paul was perfect for Jesse Pinkman
Aaron Paul is officially an action-movie star now that he's playing the lead character in "Need For Speed," which premiered Thursday at TCL Chinese Theatres. But it did take some convincing for him...
~ And Those Hollywood Nights ~ Last night, my sweet friend, Jennifer Springer and I hung-out and spontaneously became Hollywood Tourists (Jenn wanted to say "We're Canadian").Went to the Disney Soda Fountain at El Capitan Theatre and had a Ghirardelli fudge sundae... By shear luck, witnessed the Red Carpet Premiere of 'Need For Speed'. It was COOL to see its star arrive, Aaron Paul (from Breaking Bad) & a bunch of race cars outside the Grauman's Chinese Theatre ...And we went to a Souvenir Store & Sweet Shop with "Candy Dot" Walls!! We had fun :)
Aaron paul on Top Gear s21e05. Awsome fun !
A collective weep was heard throughout the nation when Breaking Bad’s final episode aired in September. Just when you were willing to accept that no, you would never see new Jesse Pinkman and Walter White shenanigans again, Aaron Paul is about to give you a major dose of hope. POPSUGAR caught up wi...
Aaron Paul drives fast cars in “Need For Speed,” but how would he handle a motorcycle? The world could find out if “Sons of Anarchy’s” Kurt Sutter has his way.
What a finale of Breaking Bad season 5. Great television just sad that my nights no longer consist of Aaron Paul 😞😞😞
Breaking Bad’s” Aaron Paul sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and a very surprising conversation ensued. It all started when Paul when to the Prince of Brunei’s birthday party as a plus one with one of his friends. That’s a…
Watched monday night raw last monday. Seeing both Aaron Paul and Dolph Ziggler in the car. Kinda reminded me of Starsky and Hutch.
Aaron Paul with media at Need For Speed Premiere in Hollywood.
I really think Aaron Paul could have chosen a better film with which to follow his role as Jesse Pinkman than Need For Speed. He has several other roles coming up. I hope they're better choices.
People often mistake Aaron Paul for Breaking Bad's Jesse Pickman, but he's hoping to come into his own in Need For Speed and Exodus.
If you’re like us, then you’re most likely still having intense Breaking Bad withdrawal. Don’t worry – we got a little fix of Jesse Pinkman while catching up with Aaron Paul at the Need For Speed premiere, and naturally, we had to… [ 47 more words. ]
'Breaking Bad' star Aaron Paul talks about his new movie, 'Need For Speed'
Aaron Paul's wife Lauren Parsekian stuns at the Need For Speed Movie in LA premiere.via
I got a feeling Need For Speed is going to be off the charts Aaron paul is the man!!
Just got the call. Tyler is going to play an extra in a movie starring Russell Crowd, Amanda Seyfried, Octavia Spencer, and Aaron Paul! So excited!
Aaron Paul heats up the red carpet, well, OVERHEATS it at the premiere of Need For Speed! And which doc is making a return house call to Grey's Anatomy? Check it out in today's Hollywood Headlines from On The Red Carpet!
Aaron Paul isn't shy about showing his romantic side. In fact, grand gestures are kind of his thing. Case in point? In an interview published in the February 2014 issue of Details magazine, the "Breaking Bad" star recalled the time that...
Steven Speilberg wanted Aaron Paul to star in Need For Speed after watching Breaking Bad. Aaron has been busy...
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Funny story. One time Aaron Paul was in Brunei and found himself downing tequila shots with Michael Jackson and a royal guest.
Everyone be sure to go see the movie Need For Speed featuring Aaron Paul and Scott Mescudi coming out next week. If you dont already know what I do for a living... the company that I am privileged to work for is responsible for all of the vehicles you will see in the film. So proud of everyone at Ghostlight for what they did, and are continuing to do. We are second to none in the industry, and our work speaks for itself. Also huge props to the amazing special effex team at Jemfx out of Valencia, CA for all their work on the film. Truly awesome stuff I get to be a part of.
So Jesse has a Need For Speed...and so does Aaron Paul.
“You better hang on.” Can you handle the ride? See Need For Speed in theaters next Friday. Get tickets: For Speed Movie Need For Speed Need For Speed Ford Racing Ford Mustang Lamborghini Aaron Paul
"Need For Speed" star Aaron Paul chats with Dave Dameshek about the upcoming action flick before the two act out scenes from football movie "All the Right Moves" and the romantic classic "Titanic".
Aaron Paul, the Prince of Brunei, and Michael Jackson, together in a library ripping tequila shots.
With the upcoming Need For Speed movie set to hit theaters next Friday, Aaron Paul has been making his promo rounds (much like Kid Cudi) to promote the film. He showed up to Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night for a pretty interesting interview.
Watch Aaron Paul Talk WWE, Need For Speed & More! MTV News UK caught up with the Breaking Bad star backstage at Monday Night Raw in Chicago… 18:05, Thursday, 06 March 2014MTV News Interview: Aaron Paul at WWE RawNeed For Speed star, Aaron Paul, got behind the wheel of a Shelby Mustang this week… and...
Aaron Paul recalls his "heart to heart" with Michael Jackson at the Prince of Brunei's birthday party in 2007.
Adam - Aaron Paul tells the most absurd story about partying with Michael Jackson..
Aaron Paul accompanies Dolph Ziggler to the ring.
Aaron Paul talks about when he did Shots with Michael Jackson!
Aaron Paul once struggled with money so much, he could barely afford food.
Aaron Paul on Chris Evans breakfast show on Radio 2 tomorrow! Just started series 4 of BrBa - it's awesome - hope no there's no spoilers! :)
Tonight I demanded attention from Lars Ulrich in front of the whole theater, to compliment Aaron Paul on his lap time & ask a ?.
Here's a brief video from tonight's Q&A with Aaron Paul and "Need For Speed" director Scott Waugh, which for some reason was moderated by Lars Ulrich (drummer from Metallica). Not bad for a Tuesday night. Plus the movie was better than expected.
Aaron Paul shops for clothes with Batista. Or Danny Zuko.
Aaron Paul and CM punk vs. Los Matadores at Wrestlemania, obviously.
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