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Aaron Paul

Aaron Michael Paul (born August 27, 1979) is an Emmy Award winning American actor and singer.

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Am I the only one who thinks Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul in Breaking Bad resemble Stacy Keach and Edward Norton from American History X?
AaRon Paul at Sundance 2014! 3 days till Sundance, who is psyched?
AaRon Paul with guyliner is my new favorite AaRon Paul!
AaRon Paul Couldnt Believe the PackersSeahawks Game-AaRon Paul steps out solo just before heading to watch some ..
The real AaRon Paul is in Dublin to give someone their dream job -
WATCH our interview with AaRon Paul here and enter for a chance to win your dream job!
Here's why Breaking Bad star AaRon Paul was hanging out in Dublin for the weekend
Had a wee chat with in Dublin about hurling, Han Solo & *insert a 'H' word here*. htt…
AaRon Paul is in this episode of the x-files and he's said *** nineteen times in the last minute and a half.
Kinda *** that the only person trying to stay in touch with me since I moved is Aaron and paul😂
I told you about the walrus and me man, you know we're as close as can be man, well here's another clue for you all, the…
AaRon Paul and his wife are too cute
Hey, AaRon Paul, Jeremy Piven called; he wants his voice back.
Just caught up with AaRon Paul on Nicky's show. Everything about that guy is so good! Even the way he speaks is better than most. 😂
Benedict Cumberbatch, & AaRon Paul at the last Party. We want more AP & BC together 2day. Just sayin
Something to watch tonight as recommended by Adrian. AaRon Paul m
That time AaRon Paul, Anna Gunn, the rest of the cast creator Vince Gilligan brought…
Michael C Hall, Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul, Will Ferrell, Jennifer Carpenter and Jim Carrey are my favourite actors.
the only 2014 list you'll need. right here folks, this is it. worst to best ___ pauls. . Ron Paul . Rand Paul . AaRon Paul . Sean…
AaRon Paul is reportedly interested in a Star Wars spin-off movie about a young Han Solo. Thoughts?
Before Breaking Bad fame, AaRon Paul was once on the Price is Right
Re-watching Breaking Bad over Xmas break. Yeah, AaRon Paul can be a young Han Solo.
I'd play a better Han Solo than AaRon Paul
Rumor: AaRon Paul may play young Han Solo in ‘Star Wars’ spin-off
Please add “Sanctuary" A Tall Pines Mystery Book 3 by Aaron Paul Lazar, to your shelf on Shelfari.
I like AaRon Paul but I think Jack O'Connell would be a better Han Solo, also a better Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Ninja Turtle.
I think aaRon Paul is a great actor but he cant play Han Solo, just doesnt fit
James Franco and AaRon Paul in the same film? I must've died and gone to heaven
Watching Breaking Bad on TV.. Oh the obsession with AaRon Paul is coming back. 😍
Actor AaRon Paul is reportedly in talks to lead the cast of the first Star Wars spin-off film.
AaRon Paul isn't going to be in the New Star Wars VII, what sort of dastardly-worded headline would give you that impression? No, instead, everyone's favourite meth-head is...
AaRon Paul might be attached to what might be a Han Solo solo film.
Oi! Nerdwideweb! Quit trying to convince me AaRon Paul and Harrison Ford look exactly alike. They don't. I looked.
Rumors are already flooding out about Gareth Edwards possible 'Star Wars' spin-off, with AaRon Paul's getting a nod for a special role.
You deserved watching your tv gf die in front of you in that overrated show. Run for president AaRon Paul! Ok I'm done.
AaRon Paul in a Han Solo spin-off? Pretty sure Chris Pratt proved himself as a quentissential space cowboy this year in Guardians.
AaRon Paul as young Han Solo would actually be the worst thing ever
AaRon Paul as Han Solo on Star Wars Spinoff Movie? I'm not against it
BREAKING: Suh suspended for Wild Card playoff game vs. the for stepping on QB Aaron Rodgers.
AaRon Paul attached to Han Solo Star Wars spin-off film -
AARon Paul rumored to be attached to a 'Han Solo' spin-off. Woah...
The first Star Wars spinoff film is rumored to revolve around Han Solo, and that Breaking Bad star AaRon Paul is attached to one of the lead roles, according to reports from Making Star Wars. There's no direct implication that Paul will be playing Han Solo. The source claims that the first Star Wars
ICYMI: The first 'Star Wars' spin-off is rumored to be about 'Han Solo' with AARon Paul attached!
Rumor: First spin-off may be about Han Solo; AaRon Paul has a role. Read more at
Today in Star Wars rumors: AaRon Paul wants to play Han Solo (don't we all?)
I'll never go to another of your events anyway Sean, and I met AaRon Paul and Bryan Cranston without any con, so whatever!
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I love AaRon Paul, but he's not worthy enough to play Han Solo!!!
Rumor Has It That AaRon Paul Is Attached The Han SoloStar Wars’ Spin-Off Movie: Way back in February of 2013, long before the upcom...
More Star Wars news! A possible Han Solo movie...with Jesse Pinkman as HAN?!?! Maybe! .
What do you make of the Han Solo spin-off rumor, about AaRon Paul being pursued for a role?
AaRon Paul to star in Han Solo Star Wars spin-off?
Jags took Gabbert over JJ Watt, Matt Jones over Aaron Rodgers, Alualu over Pierre-Paul and a punter over Russell Wilson 💀
A new rumor floating around about the first upcoming "Star Wars" spin-off film is a juicy one: It may be focused on legendary "Wars" character Han Solo, and "Breaking Bad" alum AaRon Paul may also star in the flick. Fan site Making Star Wars reports that sources close to the "Star Wars: Force Awakens" production at London's Pinewood Studios have dropped some details about the first planned "Wars" spin-off, and it's some decent scoop. According to the site's sources, Han Solo is set to take center stage for the flick, and its filming will directly overlap with production on "Episode VIII," which is also set to shoot at Pinewood. Whether or not the spin-off and "Episode VIII" will share any of the same plot remains to be seen, though if they're shooting somewhat at the same time, it would stand to reason that some events from the spin-off could be referenced in "Episode VIII" (or ...
NOTHING OFFICIAL, very much still a rumor... ... but I'd be all in for a Han Solo flick starring AaRon Paul as Han.
A new Star Wars spin-off film about Han Solo and starring Breaking Bad’s AaRon Paul is rumoured to be in the works.
AaRon Paul on my tv always makes my day yoo
Han Solo film starring Breaking Bad actor AaRon Paul reportedly in the works.
Chris and Howard Palmer star as Brian Cranston and AaRon Paul in... 'Breaking Wind'
On the day I find out AaRon Paul may be the new Luke I also find out Christopher Walken was to be Hans.
Chillin with the Israeli versions of AaRon Paul and David Krejci. I love this country.
AaRon Paul will always be Jesse Pinkman to me.
AaRon Paul will play Luke Skywalker in a one-night-only live reading of 'Empire Strikes Back'
I had a dream last night that I found AaRon Paul on the street wearing a ballerina outfit. What.
Which has more religious imagery involving AaRon Paul: Exodus or the last season of Breaking Bad?
red carpet moments that will blow your mind! By: Bronwyn McKay 2014-12-14 09:08 Cape Town – From the Emmy Awards to the Grammy Awards to the world renowned Oscars, celebrities love the red carpet and will take any opportunity to strut their stuff in front of the camera. Whilst the A-listers of Hollywood hope that they look absolutely flawless, they also like to make sure they don’t go unnoticed. Lucky for them paparazzi, screaming fans and millions of viewers are always watching to see if anything worth mentioning will happen. 2014 has definitely been a big year, for some a very lucrative and for others not so much but whatever happened it was sure to be caught and kept as evidence! Here are this year’s red carpet shockers that are sure to drop your jaws… 1. Rihanna pretty much went to the CFDA Fashion Awards naked! (AFP Photos) 2. AaRon Paul pulled off the best photobomb at the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards... (Getty Images) 3. Brad Pitt was pummelled to the ground by a prankster at the Holly ...
So Christian Bale plays Moses, with Sigourney Weaver and AaRon Paul in other roles, in the new biblical epic, Exodus: Gods and Kings, by Ridley Scott, the dude that directed Blade Runner and Alien. I had no idea ancient Egypt was in Europe.
AaRon Paul takes his beautiful wife Lauren Parsekian as his date to the Exodus premiere in NYC: AaRon Paul cer...
AaRon Paul like 3 weeks away from having to take career advice from Taylor Kitsch at this rate.
Breaking Bad's AaRon Paul has a new app: Yo B*tch
Breaking Bad’s AaRon Paul just dropped his own Yo app spinoff
"Breaking Bad" actor AaRon Paul has launched "Yo, B*tch," a Yo-like app in the vein of Jesse Pinkman.
Although I think the YO app is completely idiotic, THIS is amazing.
Breaking Bad's AaRon Paul has launched his own Messaging app.
Colorful Greetings. for you and your friends. (from AaRon Paul)
Finally, a fun and more useful version of Yo!, Yo B*tch! - by
I made something for you and for AaRon Paul.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
From this day, I'm using my AaRon Paul app to talk to people.
AaRon Paul, star and one of the main protagonists from the smash hit TV series Breaking Bad, has just launched his own iPhone app.
If you still miss "Breaking Bad" you're not alone. AaRon Paul still misses it too and his character Jesse Pinkman, so he's created a greetings app with his voic
Breaking Bad star AaRon Paul has just launched his own messaging app: ‘YB’ is AaRon Paul’s latest venture into...
Actor AaRon Paul wants to help you and your friends communicate the Breaking Bad way. By sending each other 'Yo B*tch' messages with his new app.
The T-Mobile Nexus 9 is seeing some delays. Breaking Bad's AaRon Paul sure isn't late to the party, though. And there's also an awesome Chromebook deal to share today. T-Mobile Nexus 9 delayed indefinitely Expected to launch soon, the Nexus 9 is now said to see a significant delay. The sad news comes from an internal document shared by TmoNews. … [ 279 more words. ]
Congrats to AaRon Paul, Reginald Todd Strickland and Julian Marsh for a great record as well as being licensed. I love it. This should become an easy classic.
Taylor Schilling, AaRon Paul and Michelle Dockery Cut Loose Go inside the swankiest soirees with the season's bi...
AaRon Paul and Giancarlo Esposito in this episode of Ghost Whisperer together has got me trying to get this dirt outta my eye w/ tears.
Here is your chance to win premiere invites for the film Hellion drama/thriller starring AaRon Paul , Juliette...
Christian Bale & AaRon Paul? Ooooh... "Epic new trailer for an Epic movie... .
Raro:"A local photographer in Albuquerque photographed Brian Cranston and AaRon Paul and uses them on their promo...
Look what AaRon Paul, Norman Reedus & Adam Lambert are doing 2 help make a difference at
The character AaRon Paul plays in Need For Speed is basically Jesse Pinkman.
Owen, you're worth it for the AaRon Paul alone :)
Next Bryan Cranston & AaRon Paul, Charlie Hunnam & have the best bromantic chemistry in TV history.
Confirmed: AaRon Paul joins the season 2 cast of "Too Many Cooks" as Jesse Cook.
1 is like a Rubiks cube and something about "Heisenburg" So give it to Justin Bieber? Or AaRon Paul to solve?
oh my god, the Owen Wilson, Matthew McConaughey, AaRon Paul and Mark Wahlberg ones killed me 😂
Watch the exclusive new trailer for Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings starring Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, John Turturro, AaRon Paul, Ben Mendelsohn, ...
Breaking Bad stars AaRon Paul, Anna Gunn and Bryan Cranston celebrate at the SAG Awards at
Anjali Jay, on Drax with AaRon Paul, Darcy Laurie worked with Anna Gunn this year. I have 6 degs of Breaking Bad here!
Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul tonight t,co/D9QOLURKJ0
AaRon Paul's response to the Toys 'R' Us Breaking Bad controversy is perfect
Check out: AaRon Paul responds to Toys R Us ban and it's brilliant via
AaRon Paul joins campaign urging Toys R Us to put action figures back on sale
Reasons Vancouver is better than Norwich; you walk down the street next to AaRon Paul (aka Jesse Pinkman)& noone bats an eyelid
AaRon Paul slams Toys R Us for hypocrisy after retailer pulls "Breaking Bad" dolls
Met AaRon Paul last night and he was less than pleasant to talk to us LOL
When it hits their pocket they sure fight back with passion
AaRon Paul is fighting against Toys R Us to bring back a line of banned Breaking Bad action figures
. . .going to quiapo with AaRon Paul Abaya Legaspi
AaRon Paul has fired back at the petition that successfully removed 'Breaking Bad' action figures from Toys 'R' Us.
AaRon Paul is in this movie in watching and I'm ready to cry
I look vaguely like AaRon Paul when I'm happy and this is making me drastically re-evaluate my life
I hear there is a controversy over this actor aaRon Paul who wants violent video games like call of duty and other kids toys to be removed off the shelves from Toys R Us what I personally cannot stand are hypocritical fools like this punk who wants to silence the freedoms of others for the sake of his own values he wants to shove down our throats. what makes me laugh is he lectures America of corruption and values while still living in the very country whose constitution and bill of rights guarantees freedom of speech meanwhile he stars in a movie that's based on a video game series called need for speed which by the way tanked in theaters. I was going to buy the movie but now I think I will pass don't want my money going to some low level actor who thinks he is above everybody elses with his overbearing opinions.
AaRon Paul calls out Toys R Us for pulling 'Breaking Bad' figures
Just days after Toys "R" Us announced it was putting Breaking Bad action figures on an "indefinite sabbatical" from its stores, AaRon Paul is supporting a petition to put...
Decent film made a whole lot better by the fact it's aaRon Paul
Enjoying our precious time with AaRon Paul Aaronfordham Karlymcdonald Victor Fordham Myra Sanders Fordham
This is amazing that we have this much controversy over toys. ‘Breaking Bad’ Doll Drama: AaRon Paul Trashes Barbie
Photoset: AaRon Paul being confused by fashion
AaRon Paul calls out Toys'R'Us and parents over 'Breaking Bad' ban hypocrisy via
AaRon Paul slams Toys R Us for removing the Breaking Bad toy line
.was reunited with the infamous van and it was glorious. Read more:
I may not be as good looking as AaRon Paul, but I think we look pretty *** good.
AaRon Paul says Barbie is worse than Breaking Bad toys:
"AaRon Paul takes on Toys 'R' Us after 'Breaking Bad' toys are pulled" via
How much controversy can a petition about removing a toy from the shelves of a popular toy shop cause? The answer? A lot. That's because Breaking Bad star AaRon Paul has become the latest person to hit out at the news that toys of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, have been taken off the shelves in To…
I'm usually pretty liberal, but Breaking Bad action figures just don't belong in Children's Toys Stores. So AaRon Paul... why push this?
AaRon Paul says Barbie is 'more damaging' to children than Breaking Bad dolls in Toys R Us: http:…
AaRon Paul has lashed out against Toys "R" Us after the company banned a series of 'Breaking Bad' toys
Barbie, but no 'Breaking Bad'? AaRon Paul slams Toys 'R Us for pulling figures
AaRon Paul claims that Barbie dolls are 'more damaging' to children than Breaking Bad figures http:…
AaRon Paul is still upset that Toys R Us pulled "Breaking Bad" action figures from its stores and noted that a petition to keep the figures has gained signers. "Dear We have close to 30,000 signed on the petition, that is 3 times the amount ...
AaRon Paul better known as his character "Jesse Pinkman" has started a one man war against Walmart after they removed 'Breaking Bad' action figures from the shelves because of the actions of one self-righteous Florida Mom. Susan Schrivjer of Fort Meyers had nothing better to do one day than to set her sights on Toys R Us after seeing the highly popular AMC 'Breaking Bad' Actions figures on display. [ 314 more words. ]
Heh, Flordia Mom gets 10,000 people to sign petition to pull Breaking Bad Toys from its shelves. AaRon Paul gets 30,000 people to sign petition to put them back on the shelves. replies Toys R Us - "Talk to me. - Ap"
On the heels of Toys R Us announcing this week that it was pulling four collectible “Breaking Bad” dolls from its shelves after a Florida mother's petition campaign, AaRon Paul has come out to criticize the toy retailer's decision. On ...
This week's Mailbag is up ... Questions about Packers improving D, Aaron Rodgers to 500 TDs, rookies & more:
AaRon Paul is not taking this one lying down.
.Toys “R” Us rant has pushed a petition demanding the store keep toys over the top
AaRon Paul to Toys 'R Us: Oh, You'll Take Away Breaking Bad Toys but Leave Barbie?!: It was only a matter of time…
If you think you can compare the situation to barbies being sold you're a *** here's looking at you AaRon Paul
So true...all these hypocritical people. Hiding stuff from your kids doesn't make it go away it just makes it...
My upcoming film is titled "Take Your Girlfriend to This," starring Ryan Gosling and AaRon Paul.
Bryan Cranston as Jesse Pinkman and AaRon Paul as Walter.. -
AaRon Paul spent hours with addicts and ex-addicts when researching the role of Jesse on 'Breaking Bad.'
AaRon Paul Responds to Toys R Us Action Figure Removal: What About Barbie?!?: . AaRon Paul has some very good ...
AaRon Paul slams Toys 'R Us for pulling the toys but leaving Barbie:
The day that I turned 11 in 2001, AaRon Paul played a role in the X-Files episode "Lord of the Flies". That's pretty cool, to me at least.
Take a look back at eight rare AaRon Paul moments before he became everyone's favorite meth dealer.
AaRon Paul had the perfect response to Toys ‘R’ Us pulling ‘Breaking Bad’ figures
UPDATE: AaRon Paul did end up saying his infamous B-word, after all. He also spread the word on a...
AaRon Paul slammed Toys "R" Us on Thursday, Oct. 23, for removing Breaking Bad action figures from their stores
Now watching: A Long Way Down (2014). BIG fan of Imogen Poots & AaRon Paul's. Also, Rosamund Pike is supposed to be in it as well.
Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul and Vince Gilligan laughing on the set of Breaking Bad `
I'm not, it doesn't have Bryan Cranston and I don't think AaRon Paul is returning either so it's already losing.
Watched Van Wilder tonight. Totally forgot that AaRon Paul and Simon Helberg were in it.
Welcome to AaRon Paul's coffee. Your travel companion is Marissa Mayer. You see a toilet.
I love AaRon Paul as much as the next girl but I'll be caught six feet under before I watch another whitewashed movie about ancient Egypt
I asked God for a reason to live. He sent me 2 AaRon Paul and Robert Downey Jr
AaRon Paul is always gonna be Jesse Pinkman in my eyes, I can't help it.
Last night, I made a song about you. AaRon Paul helped with the vocals.
AaRon Paul is starring in a Gavin Hood film next. If the Bojack folks ever cared about it him, they would adopt him & assassinate his agent.
AaRon Paul seems like a slow, boring version of Scott Disick. Umm.
I can't wait for Ridley's Scott "Exodus" with Christian Bale and AaRon Paul. Batman being Moses... Ouhh yeah
My dad chose Katy Perry, my mom picked Taylor Kitsch, and I went with AaRon Paul. My person is the oldest.
Zack Galifianakis turns 45 today!! This is an old pic of what you're saying is if AaRon Paul gains some...
your hands aren't girly. lol. And my crushes are AaRon Paul, Nikki Sixx, Layne Staley, Rob Pattinson
AaRon Paul as Eddie in TDTS, sorry nope! The guy is break but nope. I want Ben Foster or Cillian Murphy! PLEASE make the right choice.
“AaRon Paul joins Jamie Dornan in The 9th Life of Louis Drax
AaRon Paul has been cast in adaptation of the best-selling novel The 9th Life of Louis Drax, alongside Jamie Dornan.
Reading This Man and every time Jesse Ward speaks all I can think of is AaRon Paul's husky rapsy voice. 😍
It has such a killer cast, Will Arnett, AaRon Paul, Patton Oswalt and so many more.
There's a guy in my international relations class that looks JUST LIKE AaRon Paul 😍😍😍
I meant the actors, i.e. I don't really follow David Duchovny or AaRon Paul or Bryan Cranston like Anna, Josh, or John.
Happy early birthday! Alexa Vega, AaRon Paul, and Eve Torres have the same bday as you!
Mark your calenders!!! Aaron Paul Lazar will be at Heron Hill Wineries - Mark your calenders!!! AaRon Paul...
Here’s a photo of AaRon Paul, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston with a puppy! .
Photoset: AaRon Paul, Anna Gunn and Bryan Cranston pose with their awards for AMC’s “Breaking Bad” during...
Has anyone told you guys looks a lot like AaRon Paul slash Tom Felton? Cause he does.
The Olbermann whale, Bojack's dad's hatred of the Panama Canal, and AaRon Paul identifying with George Bailey are cracking me up
Happy birthday! You share a bday with Alexa Vega, AaRon Paul, and Eve Torres!
"My mom named me Aaron Jesse, after AaRon Paul who played Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad,"- my son if I ever have one.
Gutted when I woke up to realise that meeting Dave Grohl and AaRon Paul was a dream I HATE REALITY
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
It's time! BoJack Horseman is now streaming on Netflix. Featuring Will Arnett, AaRon Paul, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, Patton Oswalt and more. Get into it:
not even slightly. This is a cartoon voiced by AaRon Paul, Will Arnett and Alison Brie
Bojack Horseman with AaRon Paul, Will Arnett, and Alison Brie, is hilarious.
Even Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul and Anna Gunn thought that True Detective will run them over. XD
BoJack Horseman is almost as good as Archer. Plus it has Will Arnett, AaRon Paul and Alison Brie. Watch it!
You don't get better then Will Arnett, AaRon Paul and Alison Brie. God I love that show.
So happy to see that Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul, Anna Gunn, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman all won at the
Photo: Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards
When Modern Family, Ty Burell, AaRon Paul, Jim Parsons, Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman all win the .
Miley Cyrus, Ryan Murphy & AaRon Paul all used their acceptance speeches to promote charitable causes. More of that please. 👏👏👏
The pros and cons of the 2014 Emmys. Pros: I was quite surprised to see both Bennedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman win in the drama acting categories. After last year's snub, I was happy to see Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul win for Breaking Bad. It was also good to see Anna Gunn win again. Cons: Loads of snubs this year. Once again, no love to the Netflix shows. I like you Jim Parsons but please, I think they're better actors then you who deserves your award. Game of Thrones got nothing at all. Dean Norris once again got snubbed for Breaking Bad.
Emmy results were, as always, a mixed bag. The best part of the night was Breaking Bad deservedly dominating the drama category, winning Best Drama, with Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul and Anna Gunn all scooping up acting awards. It meant that True Detective's foolhardy play of foregoing the miniseries nominations it was likely guaranteed to win in favour of shooting for the Best Drama category backfired and left the show with no awards, though that meant FARGO - which I've talked about liking more than True Detective - had a clear path to win Best Miniseries instead. Though annoyingly, it missed out on all the acting categories. But Emmy remains totally off-the-boil, giving the bulk of the awards to tired old beasts MODERN FAMILY and THE BIG BANG THEORY while genuinely great shows like ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK and LOUIE were left empty-handed or, in the case of PARKS AND RECREATION, still struggled to even get many nominations.
by eonline "Anna Gunn, AaRon Paul, Bryan Cranston, & Breaking Bad win big at the Two words on…
AaRon Paul's Emmy was very well deserved, but Ricky Gervais should have won over Jim Parsons
Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn and AaRon Paul at event of The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards -
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Emmys 2014: Breaking Bad lands best drama award plus wins for Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul and Anna Gunn
Congratulations to Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul and Anna Gunn for bagging those prestigious awards they really deserved it. Breaking Bad
YEAH Breaking Bad! Good job on the Emmy's AaRon Paul, Anna Gunn and Bryan Cranston! You sure deserve it!
100,000 google searches for the kind campaign thx to AaRon Paul's shoutout, make that 100,001
Kind Campaign, by AaRon Paul's wife, looks like a great cause and an awesome work
Don't bother looking up Kind Campaign right now-- AaRon Paul's shoutout crashed his wife's nonprofit's site.
AaRon Paul says he feels like he's going to throw up. Sarah Silverman says we're all hurling through space. Lotta vomit tonight.
Kind Campaign website has been hugged to death. Nice plug, AaRon Paul.
AaRon Paul broke his wife's charity's website:
Emmys 2014: AaRon Paul wins best Supporting Actor, shouts out Kind Campaign
I wish someone would look at me the way Bryan Cranston looks at AaRon Paul.
AaRon Paul wins for Breaking Bad, kisses his beautiful wife!
'Yeah b*!' Congrats to on your win for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.
AaRon Paul wins 3rd Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama series. Thats just legendary . A record .
.website goes down due to increased traffic after AaRon Paul mentions it in his Emmy speech. That's a good husb…
AaRon Paul wins the Emmy for Supporting Actor in a Drama.
“And that’s why it’s important to understand how the Emmy submission process works!” AaRon Paul explained to his grandchildren. …
Emmy for Supporting Actor in a drama: AaRon Paul, "Breaking Bad." Winners: Photos:
AaRon Paul Wins the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Breaking Bad
AaRon Paul is really his only competition.
"My dear friend AaRon Paul, I love you so much. To Anna Gunn, I love you, especially those scenes in bed."-
Álbum de fotos: AaRon Paul, Anna Gunn and Bryan Cranston pose in the press room during the 66th Annual...
Seeing AaRon Paul on the Emmy's made my night. I love him 😍
Congrats to AaRon Paul on his Emmy win for
Ok so AaRon Paul shout out to his lovely wife and her AMAZING just made me well up
congradulations Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul for winning the outstanding actors in the MAIN ROLE and SUPPORTING...
Breaking Bad royally kicked Game of Thrones & True Detective's *** at as well it should
"I want someone to look at me the way AaRon Paul looks at Bryan Cranston"
Congrats to AaRon Paul on the win, but I'm going to leave this on his car...
The Emmy for best Supporting Actor in a drama series goes to AaRon Paul for
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Breaking Bad sweeps the Emmys with 5 awards _/\_ Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul _/\_ Thank you,Vince Gilligan, for bringing us one of the best drama series ever made
wins for best drama series. Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul, and Anna Gunn won in acting categories
Award for Supporting Actor in a drama goes to ... AaRon Paul ("Breaking Bad")
Actual legit tears because of AaRon Paul and Bryan Cranston's bromance is adorable forever
AaRon Paul and Bryan Cranston are definitely friends that kiss each other on the lips.
Breaking Bad with the Sweep!!! Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul, and Anna Gunn all go home with the gold. You all deserved it. Breaking Bad may be the best television drama ever made. My only sadness is for Kevin Spacey who also did amazing in House of Cards.
So... I love me some AaRon Paul, but how in the world did Peter Dinklage not win?
but congrats AaRon Paul and Bryan Cranston, and Mrs. White too!
A bunch of wins for Breaking Bad. Cranston, AaRon Paul, and Anna gun all win. Benedict Cumberbatch AND Martin Freeman win for Sherlock. Louie wins Best Writing. Pretty good night all around. Good job, Schmemmys.
Bryan Cranston is one of my biggest inspirations for acting. He's up there among the ranks of Hugh Jackman, Daniel Day-Lewis, Christoph Waltz and Tom Hanks. Those are some of my biggest heroes in acting. There's way too many to name them all but it really warms my heart to see him, Anna Gunn and AaRon Paul take home the awards tonight. Congrats to a more than deserving cast for sweeping the acting category because of your portrayal in one of, if not the greatest, television show of all time! Thanks for the teachings and memories.
WOW!!! Congrats on all the Emmys Breaking Bad!! Best Outstanding Drama Series. Best lead actor Bryan Cranston, best supporting actress Anna Gunn, best Supporting Actor AaRon Paul, outstanding writing for a drama
My Emmys recap: SO EXCITED that Breaking Bad killed it at the Emmys for a truly stellar final (half-)season. I was worried that with the show over, too many voters would try and move on to something new and shiny like House of Cards or True Detective. There were some other great, strong competitors that I love, including Mad Men, True Detective, and Game of Thrones, but AaRon Paul, Anna Gunn, and Bryan Cranston absolutely deserved one final statue, as did the show itself. I still miss that show and all the fun I had watching it.
AaRon Paul, Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn and Breaking Bad all win Emmy's AGAIN for being the best of the best and there are still *** that haven't watched it yet?!?!
AaRon Paul took the Emmys stage in LA on Monday night to accept the award for outstanding Supporting Actor in a drama series and gave a heartfelt speech thanking many people, including his costar Bryan Cranston. He also expressed his sweet gratitude for
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a drama series Emmy goes to AaRon Paul for 'Breaking Bad' - broadcast
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Yes AaRon Paul ! He is my number one idol as an actor . Came from a small town, moved to LA at 17 and never looked back . Inspiration for me always. He definitely deserves the award
Ma main man AaRon Paul and bre bra win the big one. Like i said
2nd for Anna Gunn, 3rd for AaRon Paul, 4th for Bryan Cranston and finally consecutive 2nd for Breaking Bad! It's all about CheMistry! B|
Just awesome, Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul and Anna Gunn killing at the Emmy's tonight, then taking Best Drama category...Breaking Bad is simply the best thing ever!
once again! Breaking Bad ruled the Emmy, swiping all the major awards!!! Congrats, vince, Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Moira and AaRon Paul!! and all the team of the series!!!
Holy Crap! They are really cleaning this year. AaRon Paul for BEST Supporting Actor, DRAMA. Anna Gunn for the BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS, DRAMA. Moira Walley-Beckett for BEST WRITER, DRAMA. Bryan Cranston for BEST LEAD ACTOR, DRAMA. And BEST DRAMA SERIES...Breaking Bad!.
Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston AaRon Paul Anna Gunn Ozymandias This show just never gets beaten at the Emmy Awards, its like untouchable because of originality Mad mad mad :D 59 Emmy's till date
I think The Cranston has kissed the most Emmy winners tonight. Kissees include Julia Louise-Dreyfus, AaRon Paul, and Anna Gunn. Since she was part of Breaking Bad, this list will grow to include Moira Walley-Beckett but those are the people he hugged/kissed on their way to the podium! Maybe he still is Sneaky Pete. :)
Huge congrats to AaRon Paul and Bryan Cranston!!! I watched the whole Breaking Bad series this summer!!! Amazing show and I still get bummed out knowing it's over!!!
Brian Cranston, AaRon Paul and Anna Gunn. If anyone is questioning if Breaking Bad was worth a watch, they just pulled in 3 emmys.
Congrats to Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul, Anna Gunn, Vince Gilligan and Breaking Bad! Without a doubt, my favorite show of all time...beyond brilliant...brilliant...
I love watching 'Breaking Bad' kick *** at the Emmy Awards! Bryan Cranston! I love that guy. AaRon Paul, too!
"I met a guy in the park today. He was wearing a denim shirt & sweatpants shorts." -AaRon Paul's acceptance speech http:…
I'm sorry what. AaRon Paul is married.
As much as I love AaRon Paul, Peter Dinklage deserved that Emmy
"To my wife.I am going to plow you so gross later." -AaRon Paul.
AaRon Paul is the first actor since 1956 to win Supporting Actor in a Drama Series 3 times. The last was Art Carney for The Honeymooners.
AaRon Paul saying "Feel like I'm gonna throw up" somehow less gross than what preceded it
AaRon Paul has the tape to win. If Jon Voight wins though. LAWD.
AaRon Paul creates scavenger hunt for day—Find out how to win swag!
Watch the Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul 'Breaking Bad' (sort of) reunion. With Julia Louis-Dreyfus? Sure. Why not?
I think I wanted it to be good because of Kristen Schaal and AaRon Paul.
AaRon Paul, Chris Paul and friends togetherr at Sayers Club Las Vegasss??? Godd Aaron at Vegas??? :O
AaRon Paul promises ‘Breaking Bad’ scavenger hunt in Hollywood ahead of Emmy Awards 
AaRon Paul sets up scavenger hunt around Hollywood ahead of
Having 'Breaking Bad' withdrawals? AaRon Paul (Jesse Pinkman) will be hosting a scavenger hunt in Hollywood on Monday.
AaRon Paul is having his Breaking Bad scavenger hunt in Hollywood on Monday, and guess who doesn't have class on Mondays? THIS GUY! :D
'Barely Legal Pawn' with Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul and Louis Dreyfus. Watch the action now here!.
AaRon Paul invites brutally attacked autistic boy to Disneyland and also surprises Breaking Bad fans: He is qu...
The less screen time AaRon Paul got portraying Jesse, d less watchable it became.
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AaRon Paul invites badly attacked autistic boy to Disneyland and surprises Breaking Bad fans
Bryan Cranston & AaRon Paul together again in Barely Legal Pawn [video]
Oh man, get a load of that skit with Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul and Julia Louis-Dreyfus and how drastically unfunny it is!
Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul reunite in... - YouTube
Breaking Bad’ stars Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul team up for Emmys...
Bryan Cranston & AaRon Paul reunite, You you have to watch this:
AaRon Paul was just going on about how he misses playing Jesse Pinkman. Well, he gets a bit of a Breaking Bad fix here by reuniting with Bryan Cranston for this amusing comedic short from Audi for next Monday's Emmy Awards.
is back! Sort of. Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul star in
Watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus pawn her Emmy off to Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul
Our dreams just came true... Bryan Cranston & AaRon Paul are TOGETHER AGAIN:
Brilliant PawnStars Spoof! Good to c em back togetha Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul and Julia Louis-Dreyfus:
Watch Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul reunite in this Emmys promo:
Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in ONE SINGLE VIDEO. Times when Murica does things right.
Video: Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul back on-screen together -
This is amazing. I think it needs to be a real series - Barely Legal Pawn, feat. Bryan Cranston, AaRon Paul.. :
We all miss so let us all bask in the glory of this Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul reunion. BEAUTIFUL.
Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul reunite to play sleazy pawn shop owners in Emmys promo
Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul reunite for Emmys-themed clip
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Tries to Sell Her Emmy to Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul in Pawn Shop Parody (... via
Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul need to keep finding ways to work together!
ICYMI: Bryan Cranston and AaRon Paul reunite in this comedy sketch/ad for the Emmys:
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