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Aaron Paul

Aaron Michael Paul (born August 27, 1979) is an Emmy Award winning American actor and singer.

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Would you want Aaron Paul to guest star on a future episode of Jessica Jones?
I’m so greatful for all the rad people in my life
I honestly don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t living in such a happy and supportive environment.
What was it like working with Aaron Paul?
Has anyone made an Aaron Paul being the older brother to Logan and Jake Paul joke yet
How was working with Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad
How was it to work with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul?
Big shout out to weed this week for helping me manage my emotions
You. Me. Hugh. Dinner at our favorite NYC restaurant.. and it all goes to help PPLA! Enter now:
Why is baby Aaron Paul in this episode of The X Files?
Throwback to when a Spanish commentator sang along to the tune of Eye of the Tiger after Paul Scholes scored vs Liverpool. 😂
The top four leaders in Runs were all noted speeders as well. 1. Charlie Blackmon. 2. Aaron Judge. 3. Giancarlo Stanton. 4. Paul Goldschmidt
Not a fan of Drama and prima Dona. Aaron Rodgers comes to mind. He has short man complex. Love to meet him,tell him he looks taller on TV!
An honest journalist who writes exactly what you say. Thanks Aaron
Minneapolis! Saint Paul! We'd love to see your faces at this get-together with our pal Aaron Wednesday at
The absolute worst thing about is hearing Paul Hollywood karate chop through crockery:
Hey open a Minneapolis or St. Paul location
Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad is having a baby. 😍😍 I just want a little baby of my own to hold and love on 😭
Aaron Paul is having a baby and it seems like all is right in the world 😍
.and are expecting their first child together! See their sweet announcements on Insta:
Aaron Paul is a very very good actor!!
Paul Manafort hasn't run for any office.
In a constant state of worrying about Aaron Paul and what kind of movie and commercial deals he has made
Yes! So thrilled for and his wife Lauren!
I feel like Frankie Muniz would've made a good Jesse Pinkman had Aaron Paul not gotten the role.
FISA court issued the DOJ a warrant to surveil an undeclared forei…
How could you forget Gucci and Jake Paul???
Aaron Paul and wife Lauren Parsekian are expecting their first child!
Aaron Judge gives the a 3-2 lead!. A deep sac fly to RF plates Greg Bird and the Bombers are in front!.
as IF aaron paul is having a child oh my god 💖💖💖
Every woman deserves 2 have a man look at her the way Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul looks at his wife, Lauren. Tru luv.
Aaron Paul and wife Lauren expecting first child.
Aaron Paul and wife are expecting their first child
As if we didn't already need voice acting awards, Will Arnett's Bojack is kind of demanding it. Aaron Paul is worthy of notice here too.
. and wife Lauren Parsekian expecting first child. Congratulations 😀. Read story:…
Aaron Paul, wife Lauren expecting first child. YES, Chemistry!
We're doing it in freshman biology labs. Here's our…
Aaron Paul & wife Lauren are expecting their first child! See the sweet way he announced the amazing news:
no offense but Aaron Paul saying "look what I did" re: his pregnant wife makes me kind of pukey
Aaron Paul is going to be a dad 😭😭 oooh finally I'm so happy for him. That's my Jesse 😭💙
Is Aaron Rodgers: If possible, the biggest Paul George just might be
Aaron Paul of 'Breaking Bad' to become first-time dad:
Jesse Pinkman's becoming a dad?! Aaron Paul and Lauren Paul are expecting their first child.
Lauren and Aaron Paul are having a baby AHHH!!! I feel like I've been waiting for this forEVER.
Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul announces he and wife Lauren are expecting their first child
So far I'm thinking of the homeless guy in BoJack Horseman as just a cartoon version of Aaron Paul himself
- The Cavs were still the NBA champs . - Paul George was on the Pacers. - Aaron Judge played for Scranton-WB
If they end up using adult Henry Bowers, Aaron Paul.
when you finish Breaking Bad and then randomly see Aaron Paul in a vitamin water commercial
Why this Ukrainian postman spent the weekend with Aaron Paul and genocide
the other 60% is for painful meditation on mental illness & Mr. Peanutbutter, but I really missed Aaron Paul after BrBa ended, okay
The VP & CMO Aaron Teats joined to talk about the planned celebration for…
Why Skrillex spent the weekend with Aaron Paul and motorcycle gangs
While they appeared in different seasons Big Love had stars from two of 2017's best shows; him and Aaron Paul was the other one
Havin' an awesome time @ WMOT Roots Radio 89.5 Birthday Bash CUnextyear!;o)
Could you run up this? My friend Aaron just did to raise money for Sick children. Please donate. Any amount helps! https:/…
Idk why people rave about aaron pauls performance on Breaking Bad. By comparison to cranston, paul is such a loser
Will Arnett, Allison Brie, Aaron Paul, Paul F. Tompkins, and Amy Sedaris is why you stuck with it.
Aaron Paul aka Jesse Pinkman was really knocked out by Tuco on the set
I share a birthday with Aaron Paul, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Alexa Vega, and that's a gift all in itself every year.
From Portuguese horror & Russian sci-fi to mainstream Liev Schreiber and Aaron Paul flicks. Something for everyone…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Robin Wright Penn is not dating "Jesse" from Breaking Bad. That is Aaron Paul and he is married.
Mike Cahill and Aaron Paul working together, you bet I'll be watching that show asap.
I love Eric Michael Cole too and Aaron Paul and Joe Sernio how about u?
Justin Chatwin is the better looking version of Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul, Liam Hemsworth, James Badge Dale and Steven R. McQueen were considered to play the son in this film
Ry I think Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad should play Carnage opposite your buddy Jake Gyllenhaal as Venom
The Last House on the Left Official Trailer - Sara Paxton, Aaron Paul... via
The DEA taught Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul how to cook crystal meth for their roles in "Breaking Bad."
BoJack Horseman. Class animated sitcom. Sold after 2 eps. Will Arnett, Aaron Paul and Allison Brie on voices.
Series 5 of will flank in Aaron Paul and be a High School Sitcom, like Saved by the Bell.
You're both wrong. It's Aaron Paul of The Price Is Right fame.
The trailer for movie is here! Voice actors include Aaron Paul, Sean Bean, Lena Headey. ht…
Dreamt that I was trying to steal the Death Star plans from Scarif. ...With James Franco & Aaron Paul. wat @ brain
Aaron Paul and Norman Reedus Exclusive Interview with Puppies - TRIPLE 9... via
Yup. With a phenomenal voice cast. Will Arnett and Amy Sedaris and Alison Brie and Aaron Paul and Paul F. Tompkins
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
5: Aaron Paul, Edgar Ramírez and Sam Claflin were eyed for the male lead role that Diego Luna got.
Today's Indie-pendent Study dives into military justice & the film Eye in the Sky starring Helen Mirren & Aaron Paul h…
David Blaine performs for Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Will Smith's family. Woody Harrelson and Kanye wait wut
I liked a video DavidBlaine - Real or Magic with Will Smith, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston & Kanye West
You can rent Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul's STUNNING home on Airbnb via
Why Jon Spencer Blues Explosion spent the weekend with Aaron Paul and James Franco
LOVE that Aaron Paul passed on his "create" to the talented Millie Bobby Brown! ht…
Aaron Paul is excellent, and Sarah Gadon is one great film away from being as well-regarded as she deserves to be.
See Jamie Dornan, Aaron Paul, and Sarah Gadon in The 9th Life of - NOW PLAYING!
The 9th Life of Louis Drax (Jamie Dornan, Aaron Paul, Sarah Gadon, Aiden... via in theaters today!!!
There are many screen caps to encapsulate my feelings and they normally involve Aaron Paul or Adam Scott. For now..
'Kingsglaive' may be the best 'Final Fantasy' movie yet, but it might not appeal to non-fans
In the recording of this interview I'm giggling like a tween over the LOVE between and https…
Hi Aaron Paul, Thanks for following. Check out my travels
I don't understand people who say Breaking Bad is one of their favourite shows. That show sucked, Aaron Paul was only good thing in the show
In which interviews and everything is perfect. via
I am super excited to announce that I will be working with my long-time friend Aaron Dobson on a new venture that...
You can watch the first 12 minutes of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15 right here: ... cast: Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad
Shocker: Millie Bobby Brown tells aaronpaul_8 that Eggos are actually disgusting
I am smitten by Aaron Paul's interview with Millie bobby brown (11 from Stranger Things)
Shocker: Millie Bobby Brown tells that Eggos are actually disgusting
Aaron Paul and Eleven from 'Stranger Things' had the most adorable chat ever
Paul Pogba needs to fire his barber
Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul interviewed Eleven from Stranger Things and lost his mind
Aaron Paul met Eleven from 'Stranger Things' and totally geeked out.
Tom Felton looks like Ryan Gosling and Aaron Paul and Aaron Carter
Screen Actors Guild Awards's photo. to this dynamic duo! Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul at the 20th show
So I'm on episode 7 and 4 things:. Michelle Monaghan is an amazing actress. Aaron Paul frown a lot. Hawk is precious bby. Hugh Dancy handsome
Sean Bean, Lena Headey and Aaron Paul lend their voices to the trailer for Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
new Base Set - Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad S01E01 by Asher
Aaron Paul auditions for the role of "Jesse Pinkman"!
Meet Lt. Col. Kenneth Dwyer, one of the heroes is designed to honor:
Dear Guitar players,. Lock yourselves in a room with Paul Jackson Jr and Prince. Do not come out until you're...
I literally spent like a whole year of my life wishing I could look like Aaron Paul
too unrealistic. I feel like aaron paul could actually play the drums semi-decent
If Metallica ever gets a bio pic, I will settle for no one other than Aaron Paul as Lars.
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul dressed as other Breaking Bad characters will forever be amazing
Listening to see you again reminds me of Paul 💔
Aaron Paul and Alex Deleon look so much a like im so
Just watched Need For Speed. Aaron Paul only got 6 months jail for injuring or killing three cops in the last race scene? ***
dub with Sean Bean & Aaron Paul, bcuz anime fans are simpler than you think,& DO gobble up the 1st thing available.
Is Aaron Gordon expendable at this point? Do you call INDY & offer Vucevic, AG & a pick for Paul George? Maybe not enough.
Aaron Paul is in Central Intelligence and it's amazing
I would watch criminal minds bc Aaron Paul guest starred, but then there's Holland roden
Imagine meeting Bryan Cranston and aaron paul in one day.
I'm trying to find a way to meet aaron Paul next i dont even know how h
I don't understand why Paul Millsap and Aaron Gordon wouldn't be considered franchise cornerstones for their respective teams.
I know I say this a lot, but Aaron Paul really is the cream in my coffee.
On page 7 of 9 of Devil's Lake, by Aaron Paul Lazar
I'm Aaron Paul in this situation right
Funny how Justin Chatwin easily resembles features of Aaron Paul. Or the other way around.
Looks like Paul Millsap mad he's not a free agent this summer.
you got so excited when you thought Aaron Paul followed you I just know you did
Aaron Paul's a troubled family man in The 9th Life Of Louis Drax...
The most convoluted thing about is believing that Aaron Paul can go toe to toe in a fight with Dwayne Johnson.
@ TheRockFather & has your shot at winning EYE IN THE SKY (Helen Mirren/Aaron Paul) on Blu-ray!
A very drunk Paul McCartney at George Harrison and Patti Boyd's wedding in 1966.
.on his ramen diet, meeting Spielberg, & being a psycho on the
I added a video to a playlist Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Take on Nerdist - All Star
Ryan Goins to DL (forearm) and Bo Schultz optioned to triple-A Buffalo by to make room for Drew Hutchison and Aaro…
plus Aaron Paul was in it which is always fantastic
11:11 sebastian stan aaron Paul and Chris Evans safe and happy and smiling always 💚
11:11 aaron Paul DMS me again cause I could use one
I wish I had the same relationship Jon and holly have with aaron paul but I dont think that'd ever happen no matter how mu…
i cannot Believe that aaron paul Invented acting
stopped I think but when I changed my glassofwhjskey @ that is based off aaron Paul's Instagram, my harasser stole it and>
Aaron Paul TB you must watch this😂. Shared from Shared from Breaking Bad Amino.
Watch Jamie Dornan and Aaron Paul in the creepy-as *** 9th Life of...
I love aaron Paul and Sebastian Stan so much . I don't deserve to meet Sebastian
Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Octavia Spencer, Quvenzhane Wallis, Aaron Paul, Diane Kruger and yet it's from...
Who will play Alpha 5 in the new Power rangers movie, Aaron Paul or Frankie Muniz?
Aaron Paul was 'struggling to pay rent' before Breaking Bad role
Stephen Colbert and Aaron Paul read the local news from Idaho, where bingo reigns supreme:
Can we talk about how Aaron Paul and Mellisa McCarthy were absolutely wasted in Central Intelligence
final fantasy XV movie coming to theaters has Sean Bean, Lena Heady (cersei), & Aaron Paul as the main characters. I'm going to pass away
Request: Peep Show starring Nick Offerman and Aaron Paul as Mark and Jeremy. Super Hans is played by Ellen DeGeneres.
I love Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul more than I love myself.
I am so glad the world was graced with Aaron Paul, I love him so much
. Central Intelligence featuring Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Kevin Hart and Aaron Paul is action...
Hulu exclusive. Made by them. Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad. . Worth watching.
Can you can do a trailer review on Kingsglaive: FFXV staring Sean Bean, Aaron Paul and Lena Heady.
Don't forget about Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV with Sean Bean, Aaron Paul, and Lena Headey.
We watched Van Wilder at a friend's yesterday. Aaron Paul was in there. In the credits it says "Wasted Guy". We were so happy.
Put on MI:3 to fast forward to Phillip Seymour Hoffman's scenes, but it's not terrible? Is it better than I remember? Aaron Paul cameo?
YES! I wasn't too keen on Ron Howard's earlier vision, but Idris and McConnaughey (and maybe Aaron Paul???) give me hope
Where is my Claire Danes vs. Aaron Paul "just about to cry" supercut?
Found my new fave show! "The Path" starring Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame. Give…
Eye In The Sky is very good. Unusually, it has Aaron Paul playing a character that isn't a Jesse Pinkman clone.
My only man crushes are Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus, Charlie Hunnam, Ryan Hurst & John Krasinski.
I know nothing about Aaron Paul other that that I loved him on Breaking Bad so I love him in real life.
📷 Josh Hutcherson, Aaron Paul, Derek Hough, Mark Foster and friends at Coachella (x)
Barkhad Abdi alongside Aaron Paul should be interesting.
expands in theaters nationwide today. Great performances from Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul & Alan Rickman!. https…
Want to return to Idaho: Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul
It's got Aaron Paul and Hugh Dancy - but is Hulu's The Path...
the gag in the first episode with Aaron Paul's character pretending to be an at risk *** youth hit me hard
Tom Hiddleston and Aaron Paul for . via: AWESOME! http…
Sterling K. Brown as John Stewart and Aaron Paul as Guy Gardner. That would be a Green Lantern movie to see.
Pod: I defend Aaron Paul, Dylan and Bob talk fantasy lit, we decide the greatest Chris Farley character & A some Qs.
Aaron Paul was on the late late show tonight I can't wait to watch him and James Corden be perfect together
Tucson Weekly - Cinema Clips: Eye in the Sky - A drone pilot (Aaron Paul) has a missile shot all lined up and i...
Aaron Paul was good and Anthony Mackie was great. Actually everyone did a decent job.
Lena Heady will be voicing LunaFreya, Sean Bean will be voicing King Regis and Aaron Paul will be voicing a character Nyx!
Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul on the Front Lines of Terrorism in New Thriller - San Antonio Current (blog)
PARKER, I hate this picture of Aaron Paul, bring me SPIDER-MAN!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Produced by Jason Katims and staring Aaron Paul? Ok, you have my attention.
Dylan O'Brien or Harry Llyod from GOT. If they do Jason Todd I'd want Aaron Paul
yeah, not sure if they could do it all in one movie though, I was thinking Aaron Paul for Jason Todd
The 70-year-old Oscar winner was joined on the red carpet by Aaron Paul, Barkhad Abdi, and Michael Peña
Who you got playing Jeff Gillooly? I got Scoot McNairy, is feeling Aaron Paul.
Dude that is an inspired choice! For some reason I'm seeing someone like Aaron Paul as Jeff Gillooly.
They should make a Green Day biopic just so Billie Joe Armstrong can be played by Aaron Paul.
Eye In The Sky w/ Aaron Paul has 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. It's directed by the same guy who made X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Biggest comeback?
When will we see Aaron Paul in Better Call Saul? We asked the Triple 9 star for clues...
Aaron Paul played a great loose cannon junkie and Casey Affleck is fantastic. I want hair like his so there's that.
Ron Howard- Please don't cast Aaron Paul as Eddie Dean. He's too old. Look at Devon Bostick instead.
My love interests will be played by: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sara Rue, Ethan Embry, Matthew Lillard, Fairuza Balk, and Aaron Paul.
Aaron Paul on Better Call Saul: “I pray to God I am in that show at some point.”
Aaron Paul of "Breaking Bad" was on the machines of at least 10,000 years old.
low key addicted to Breaking Bad in part of because of Aaron Paul hot god ***
Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian at event of The Oscars (2016) | dresses to die for | Pinterest
Aaron Paul on Breaking away and finding the Path back to TV - Entertainment Weekly: Aaron Paul on Breaking awa...
Aaron Paul on breaking away and coming home to TV via
The New Arrivals on Hulu You Need to Catch This Month: Whether you're here for Bond, Blacula, or Aaron Paul, H...
Dear Mr Steven King. Please bribe/persuade/threaten Aaron Paul to be Eddie. Thanks.
.on Hanging with a pro Periscoper, see who it is! (Aaron Paul)
Going to watch Triple 9 tomorrow to pass time until gig later. Will be interesting to see what Aaron Paul is like as Michael Buerk.
I liked a video Eye in the Sky Official North American Trailer (2015) - Aaron Paul, Helen Mirren War
Check out this awesome new trailer for Triple 9, starring Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus, and Gal Gadot!
I'm really hoping Aaron Paul or Bryan Cranston make some sort of appearance this season
Aaron Paul is one of those actors that makes me want to watch whatever he's in.
I can't stand the *** One Show but Aaron Paul is on so I can make an exception
or Ian somerhalder or Paul Wesley or Aaron Paul or Aaron Johnson
Aaron Paul and Jane Lynch are both in this episode of the x files?
The Breaking Bad bromance between Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston is still in full bloom...
Just saw a pic of Aaron Paul and my brain was like "oh, it's David Arquette," sorry everybody!
Find out what Jeremy Piven, Olivia Munn, Aaron Paul, Nick Jonas & Elle King are up to this weekend -
Exclusive image set from starring Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul and Alan Rickman:
Yep, Aaron Paul has always been Jesse Pinkman.
Yes, Eye In The Sky is supposed to be out in the spring ... Great cast: Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, Iain Glen
Norman Reedus and Aaron Paul in the same movie? That's called heaven, my friends. 😍😍😎
'Better Call Saul' season 2: Aaron Paul still open to Jesse Pinkman return...
Once upon a time Aaron Paul scrubbed some Ragu in Mashington DC. Kevin Hart had bad diarrhea. The end.
Aaron Paul no descarta estar en Better Call Saul...
Russell Crowe. Jane Fonda. Aaron Paul. Octavia Spencer. Diane Kruger. All in the same boring cookie cutter movie. Why?
So we now know, all of Aaron Paul's acting work is influenced by his idol Bob Barker
Aaron Paul, Benjamin Walker and Sebastian Stan…I feel I would be remiss if I did not share this with
Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan and Hugh Dancy started filming more than a little while ago and it looks really good.
First Look at Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan on 'The Path' Revealed: . Aaron stars as a convert to Meyerism who is suffering a crisi...
First look images from starring Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan and
I have a man crush on Aaron Paul, Charlie Hunnam, John Krasinski, Ryan Hurst & Norman Reedus.
with repostapp. ・・・. Norman Reedus, Aaron Paul and Clifton Collins Jr. (just to…
I do hope they are adapting the Immortal Iron Fist series by Brubaker & Fraction. Also please oh please cast Aaron Paul as Danny Rand.
How Vince Gilligan spent the weekend with Aaron Paul and NASA
Like, imagine if after The Fly episode of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan was all like "ooh, some people didn't like that? Sorry, Aaron Paul!"
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul donate “Breaking Bad” props to the Smithsonian
Just a normal Thursday swooning over Aaron Paul w/
This is just the beginning . Paul Dabney Frederick Dabney Ruby Dabney Aaron Dabney Debra Dabney...
My cousin drives around Aaron Paul for a living, no biggie
"Breaking Bad's" costumes added to the Smithsonian.
'Breaking Bad' Co-Stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston Reunite to Bring Crystal Meth to the Smithsonian …
.stars in new campaign for Bing On Package service -
The 1st team achievement award is presented to Aaron Jones and Paul Iddon representing the Service ICT team
At Binge Watchers Anonymous, there is no judgement. Just ask :)
Breaking Bad's meth suits are making it to the Smithsonian and Aaron Paul's excited, b--ch:
Meet Aaron Paul, actor and Binge Watchers Anonymous host. ad that premiered on ABC:
Saying goodbye to office dry erase board wall & drawings from Lincoln, Reedus, Yeun, Kirkman, Aaron Paul & more.
yeah, Will Arnett does the voice of the main horse fella. Aaron Paul does a voice too.
I liked a video David Blaine: Real or Magic with Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, Kanye West & Will
Solange Knowles as Zola, Kenan Thompson as Z (cuz y not), Aaron Paul as Jarrett, and Kesha can debut as Jess 😂😂😂
Photoset: Aaron Paul and Shiloh Fernandez attend The Playboy Party at The Bud Light Hotel Lounge, on...
Aaron Paul and Jane Lynch in one episode of does it get any better??
Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul replace Lenny & Squiggy, Claire Danes is Laverne, Eva Green is Shirley
there’s just something weird about Aaron Paul saying “tacos al pastor”.
no he's obviously *** as Aaron Paul is Jason and Asa Butterfield is Tim Drake.
Just showed how skilled Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are, as well as the great scripting.
Is it just me, of does guy in Pizza Hut twisted crust ad look like Aaron Paul?
The pope came to america to meet Future
Is there any Aaron paul fans out there if so follow me my name is jenny dixon
For Blatter, Swiss raid shows FIFA probe moving closer to home
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Not much to go a few more streets. See your face is all I need. My one and only, my sweet relief
a few days late to the party but i now have back on top in my possession B-)
So Sophia Bush, Aaron Paul and Connie Britton are all friends... IM HYPERVENTILATING
Love my Stevie! Congrats again , it has been a joy to share this summer with u! http:…
Darren Esposito fans, sharing with you: "Falling In Love" an Aaron Paul original via
Sarah Geronimo fans! Here's one of the songs I submitted: "Falling In Love" an Aaron Paul original via
POP DANCE - RECORDING ARTIST - AARON PAUL . Celebrating on stage with his Mother at his Birthday…
X-Files fun fact: Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were casted by former X-Files writer Vince Gilligan after...
It's great seeing Michael Kelly and Jesse Plemons everywhere. I think that Plemons is having the career Aaron Paul was maybe suppose to have
Started watching Breaking Bad once again and loving it all the more.. what a master act Vince Gilligan, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul..
money doesn't make a dream, moments like Aaron Paul and Travis Barker telling us that are dreams to most. You lived it
Whenever I consider giving up doing art I remember both Aaron Paul and Travis Barker have told me not to and that helps big time
Just a friendly reminder that "Whatever it Takes" stars James Franco, Shane West, and Aaron Paul. You're welcome, babies.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus tries to pawn her Emmy…but Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are up…
Aaron Paul too young for that hairline
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Another straight to DVD film which had a name change - this time RETRIBUTION (nee HELLION) starring Aaron Paul & Juliette Lewis
In a parallel universe, I'm in a happy relationship. The likes of Tom Felton, Aaron Paul and Paolo Nutini are waiting for me to realize:
I just started watching it. Can't believe I waited on something starring Will Arnett, Allison Brie, and Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian's wedding. Lauren is beautiful-- best of luck to this lovely couple.
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