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Aaron Murray

Aaron Murray (born November 10, 1990) is an American football quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs, playing under head coach Mark Richt.

Tyler Bray Kevin Hogan Matt Stafford David Greene Eric Hosmer Alex Smith Chase Daniel Matthew Stafford Kansas City Chiefs Christian Ponder Marcus Cooper Nick Fairley Andy Reid Zac Dysert Jacob Eason Tyrone Holmes

WATCH: Glenn Murray and Solly March take Seagulls to the verge of promotion:
Calling it now, at the end of the Rams regular season Aaron Murray will be the starter over Goff.
Imagine only having 13 reasons why you want to die coz I'm defo in triple figures n still breathing
So pumped the Rams got Aaron Murray my dad grew up with his dad in East Syracuse and Aaron was a beast in co11ege at Georgia.
You leave Aaron Murray alone. He is a good man
And people are/we're happy cause Murray is hurt. Pens fans make me sick
don't expect them to make a Tony Barrett/Colin Murray type stand but to print that story & employ that sewer rat is indefensible
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There should have a big brother style show, add it the Mendez, Robert Blake, aaron hernandez, conrad murray
The only way to make that Aaron Murray hit look less violent.
The only one who comes to mind is Aaron Murray of Georgia. That's seriously it lol
Yea cause Murray's hurt lol Murray was scheduled to be the starter ***
I bet the yinzers are happy, Murray is finished as a pen and Fleury will be with the organization forever!
Tebow. Newton . Manziel. Tyrann. Pat Pete. Julio. McFadden. Amari. Dorsey. Hmm the last one... Eli was good, Dak, Aaron Murray maybe. Jonathan Allen
Another stellar flashback deck from Dog Town in our shop this week, the Aaron 'Fingers' Murray Pool Deck...
Some of my draft crushes have worked out. Make up for my Aaron Murray love 😂
Smart said that Eason has made big strides especially in the film room but he isn't going to call him t…
Correcting the Eason comment: Smart said Eason has made big strides from his freshman season but is not ready to call him next Aaron Murray.
Exactly. Totally agree. I like Murray as well but *** he's fragile. I'll always respect Flower.
The series they both lost? Lol he sucked in 2010 playoffs even worse in 2012. If Mu…
Maybe the team sees that Murray is a touch injury prone and wanted another
I'm just stating a fact about Murray that you can't ignore. He's been hurt l abo…
Not even two full seasons in the league and he's been hurt on multiple occas…
.visited Valley Hospital to learn what impact the ACA has had on ability to help patients
Today at • Glen Murray and Andrew Bowerbank kick off the UofT Toronto Sustainability Summit.
2010: 4th down vs. UGA. Nick Fairley gets to Aaron Murray as Auburn stops Georgia's last ..rc…
"When your cousin leaves scratch marks on your back."
This series is over if Murray can't play in it.
It depends on where you set baseline. very few, if the base rating is 150+ Nick Mullens JR, Zach T…
Uarah Murray Cod, burnt honey, black garlic, and saltbush by chef Aaron Wood at…
The regime that's watched 11 not be enough and get progressively worse and they've done what? Aaron Murray & Kevin Hogan
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Kaline for never 30, Murray for never 40, Aaron for never 50, Bonds for never 75
It was Aaron Murray. He was on the PS. I doubt Mcgloin will make the roster. This is just camp arms
Aaron Murray will forever be my boo 🐶😻❤️
Happy 100th Birthday to UGA fan Mildred Bradford of Commerce, GA. Seen here with Aaron Murray when she was o…
look at it objectively. Evans made manzini, aj green got aaron murray drafted, moss made penn top 10, list goes on and on
I'm gonna hit the folks so hard I'm gonna flip the car ~
It is an unspeakably holy and glorious thing that a man can be filled with the Spirit of God.—Andrew Murray
He was a monster. But give me Aaron Murray over Gurley/Chubb any day
Kyler Murray with the.home run ball.
Cynthia Murray Colby Max Green Aaron Ray Logan Howard . Why not , we are already here
the same spreadsheet that has his film grade lower than nfl greats like Bryce Petty, Aaron Murray, EJ Manuel, Tyler…
Todd Gurley reunites with his former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray.
give the rooks a chance. Aaron Murray, Stephen Morris, Coker, Heaps, so many guys.
In one fantasy league I have Aaron Rodgers, Lesean McCoy, and Latavius Murray & the other I'm playing agains them.
Everything looks the same shopping for birds
Me: *tells mom football facts about Aaron Murray*. Mom: "who are you what have you done with my daughter you're starting to worry me"
Happy Birthday aaron!! Hope you've had a decent day mate x
William James Murray is a god. You hear me? A god.
Every time Trump talks about his policy on anything I’m reminded of this scene
Andrew Luck and demarco murray for aaron rodgers is that a good deal
Watson yes, Cam no. Aaron Murray was good to great for four years.
Aaron Smith has gone home from All Blacks tour of South Africa and serving one match team ban for entering disabled toli…
why in world does Arizona keep Zac Dysert over Aaron Murray. I take Aaron Murray any day
I'll never get over Kacie.. especially cause she chased that stiff Aaron Murray
(I know he won the SEC prior, but those years w/ Aaron Murray were golden opportunities that Georgia was known to flush away)
Miami should worry about its own. Mark Richt won the SEC East all of once with Aaron Murray and boatloads of talent.
better end of a trade Aaron Rodgers Sanders and L.Murray for Beckham and Hyde? Standard league
give me a squad with dame, Murray, Giannis, Aaron Gordon, jokic. Thon maker, Barton, and delly off the bench.
Would you trade AWAY Aaron Rodgers and DeMarco Murray for Larry Fitzgerald and Eddie Lacy? My other QBs are Brees and M. Ryan.
Craziest stat re UGA at SoCar. David Greene, Matt Stafford & Aaron Murray played 6 games at WBS. It averaged 13 PPG.
LOOK: Former Georgia players Aaron Murray and Brandon Boykin lead cheer before Tennessee game
I need QB help... would you give up Fitzpatrick and Melvin Gordon for Aaron Rodgers, my other RB are McCoy, Ware, Jennings, Murray
Remember when Aaron Murray didn't spike the ball?
You will not be forgotten, Chair Model.
Can Aaron Murray come back to Georgia please
We keep wasting late valuable picks on the likes of Aaron Murray and Kevin Hogan which neither has come close to sniffing a start!
5. On Saturday, Spieth pulled a drive behind a tree on 15 and walked past Bill Murray and said "I hit that shot like a…
well Aaron Murray doesn't play for KC anymore
This wouldn't have happened if the Chiefs didn't cut Aaron Murray
but if he's below average garbage, you release below average garbage. Pick up Aaron Murray or Mark Sanchez, let them have a go
The Chiefs should start Aaron Murray or Kevin Hogan next week.
they got Aaron Murray and won't even give him a *** chance smh
Aaron Murray plays for the Eagles now??
Congratulations to atevebau and It was an honor to be part of your day!
Murray Washington and Cooper have been absolutely useless... then I have Carr out here thinking he's Aaron Rodgers... im not having it✌🏾️
I'm starting to worry that Palmer losing accuracy contests to Drew Stanton, Zac Dysert, & Aaron Murray is a bad sign
last night Aaron Murray pointed at me and said *** so I guess I have officially peaked and it's all downhill from here
when u meet but didn't know he was Aaron Murray & say "wow u kinda look like Josh Murray from the bach can I t…
The aka the Hoyer into Manning, and turning the clock back on Demarco Murray and Aaron Rodgers. Lucks only good game.
just saw Aaron Murray and didn't ask for a pic.
Saw Aaron Murray last night n he for sure heard me say is that Aaron Murray
Aaron Murray went 1-4 through his first 5 games at UGA... I think Jacob Eason is just fine.
He's seen Nick Fairley take out Aaron Murray. He wanted no part.
Mac cut Aaron Murray. I think I'd rather him over Metenberger
Bills should pick Aaron Murray. He's got to be better than the Bills 2&3.
Any chance Aaron Murray is claimed by the Cowboys?
Who cuts Aaron Murray!? this is when you end up on a new team and win them all.
Tyrone Holmes has been waived as has Aaron Murray. Any interest from the Cowboys?
Aaron Murray should (obviously) pursue playing for as long as he thinks he can. But the kid will be a helluva QB coa…
The Dallas Cowboys should sign this quarterback! With the Kansas City Chiefs releasing quarterback Aaron Murray, …
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do u think coaches and scouts are on same pg about Aaron Murray?
Kansas City cuts former Bulldogs QB Aaron Murray murrayIthink that is terrible that he was cut
Holmes and maybe Desis...Id grab Aaron Murray too
Aaron Murray was a beast at that and Lambert was actually good doing that so I'm not worried
Kansas City Chiefs looking to trade former Georgia Football star Aaron Murray - Dawn of the Dawg
Huge congratulations to student Aaron Murray who won silver at the Kickboxing World Championships yesterday
no no no no *** it keep Aaron Murray he is just getting use to the playbook for the 3rd year of his career *** it chiefs why
Aaron Murray ends up on Vikings or Cowboys
Aaron Murray got caught up in a numbers game in KC but he'll be on a roster soon. Could surprise with the right team
Quarterback Aaron Murray highlights list of Chiefs who were cut on Friday
Aaron Murray looks like trash ,Idk why my Cowboy Nation tripping over him
Chiefs cut Aaron Murray loose via Bengals drafted McCarron right after Murray was taken by KC
waive former QB Aaron Murray. We wish the best of luck!
Regarding QB Aaron Murray, Cowboys have waiver priority over Vikings.
Aaron Murray was cut, you say? If I was Rick I'd get on the phone and be all like
the just waived QB Aaron Murray go sign him ASAP
personnel dept has fondness for reportedly released QB Aaron Murray. Stay tuned.
Aaron Murray is the SEC's all-time leader in career passing yards, passing David Greene. Yeah, ***
The Cowboys have a real chance at Aaron Murray, Tyrone Holmes, Pierre Desir and Ryan Davis before the season starts. I can't sleep 😫
Whoever picks up Aaron Murray and plays him is gonna win the super bowl just sayin
Does Kansas City not realize that Aaron Murray is eligible for the practice squad?
QB Aaron Murray released after Chiefs could not negotiate trade. (via
This made my day SO much worse. I pray that someone else can use Aaron Murray.
So Aaron Murray is now available,any chance we can sneek the old into the game and no one really notice? AM is only bout 6 in. shorter 😆
The Chiefs just cut Aaron Murray... Come on teams, wake up!! Someone keep him in the league.
looks like aaron murray would be the starting QB on the 2016 All-Cut Team
Id snag Holmes and Ian Seau...Let them both Rush the QB for us. Grab Aaron Murray for our QB also
Chiefs cut the cord on 2014 fifth-round QB Aaron Murray, who will head to the waiver wire
Reason why may be compelled to pull a QB trade: have waiver priority for Aaron Murray, others. MIN would ge…
Aaron Murray was released by KC should we put in a waiver for him?
Aaron Murray was cut by the Chiefs. Any interest?
Ex-Eagles exec: Vikings should go get Chiefs QB Aaron Murray
and AJ McCarron would be a good match. If he isn't available, check on Aaron Murray or Tom Savage. Very sorry 🙁
people are acting like they just lost Tom Brady. Bridgewater is an average QB. Biggest issue is replacement. Aaron Murray?
Assuming the Chiefs will keep Smith, Foles, and Hogan, do you see Tyler Bray or Aaron Murray as a good fit here?
Aaron Murray, Alex Smith and Nick Foles are taking warmup tosses before today's game at Soldier Field.
Other practice notes: Tyler Bray was back and No. 3 at QB, ahead of Aaron Murray. Jamaal Charles worked in full team drill…
Me personally I like Aaron Murray. I think they go after Josh McCown.
Marcus Cooper comes quickly out his break & deflects Aaron Murray pass attempt to DaRon Brown on a post. Got his left h…
Marcus Cooper made a nice play on an Aaron Murray pass. As he fell to the ground, instinctively tipped ball in the air for pot…
87 Days featuring Aaron Murray's 87-yard TD to Chris Conley in the 2013 Capitol One Bowl.
Tyler Bray / Tyler Bray, Aaron Murray and Kevin Hogan will compete for the
Congrats to BD Track alum Aaron Murray & the Marian University 4x400 relay team on earning NAIA All-American status at Nationa…
Future of AFC West franchises. Paxton Lynch. Derek Carr. Aaron Murray (?) Kevin Hogan (?). Kellen Clemens. Guess which team is on the bottom
Can Tyler Bray realistically (and HONESTLY) beat out Aaron Murray and Kevin Hogan?
Chase Daniel>Aaron Murray>Kevin Hogan>Tyler Bray . I don't even think he makes the active roster
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Do Chiefs have potential in backup QBs or are they just good college players?: . Aaron Murray, Tyler Bray and ...
lmao yet Aaron Murray couldnt get but 1 WR over 900 yards with all those yards.
honestly he's very similar to Aaron Murray when he was drafted. Other than being a bit taller. Smart, athletic, accurate.
ovi *** ugly, but Murray looks like a decrepit praying mantis 😂
I guess Aaron Murray set the SEC record throwing to himself (13,000+ yards)?
There are no words that do justice to what Matt Murray is doing tonight.
Fleury watching Matt Murray from the bench like
trade fleury for some prospects bc Murray is that dude .. Shouldn't sit again in my outside opinion
I was thinking of not auditioning for the advanced musical theatre class and Aaron was like "you're a girl cat. don't be a gi…
Murray is between than fleury idc what anyone says - he's playing like a franchise goalie
For the love of god quit shooting the puck straight at Murray
Hey - think you could take on some combine drills for your
they are the best! I promise if you go to KC and eat there it'll be live changing! Aaron Murray knows
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I hear ya'll say Henry would be maybe the 3rd-and-2 guy, but 2 years ago in Dallas, wasn't Murray their 3rd-and-2 guy as well?
Same here. I also had all the clothes. did introduce me to Bill Murray.
already excited for the Chiefs Aaron Murray/Tyler Bray/Kevin Hogan camp battle
Marc-Andre Fleury would have won Conn Smythe if PIT won Stanley Cup in 2008. He had .933 save percentage. Matt Murray at…
All about Aaron Murray : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
Aaron is going through a lot right now
what did Theus do? He didn't live up the hype all the way, but he was drafted. Aaron Murray was also a 5 star who went in the 5th
I like Hogan, and the pick intrigues me, but I still think Aaron Murray is our guy. Hogan and Bray will likely battle for the number 3 spot
As Schefter points out, may have the smartest QB room in the league: Alex Smith, Aaron Murray, & Kevin Hogan
Goal for shelbourne Noelle Murray free-kick keeper should have done better but goal against run of play
Look up Dr Richard Allen Murray (trained Navy Seals) & Aaron Morikami for some real science on "the Force". FYI...
Just watched MAF and Dupuis cheering on Murray like proud fathers in the last minute. Cool scene.
Murray seems to always get the bad end of the stick
So proud of and Eric Murray, bright futures ahead for these young men!
I guess Aaron Murray won't have a career in the NFL 😟
The last 3 QBs drafted by the (including Hogan) have all been 5th round picks: Aaron Murray in 2014 (163rd) and Ricky Stanzi in 2011
New competition for Tyler Bray (and Aaron Murray)? Kansas City drafts Stanford QB Kevin Hogan in the fifth round.
Aaron Murray (Men's Basketball) gave IndyCar driver, Ed Carpenter, a tour of the locker room and shared about IAm3rd https…
Lots of fans are baffled by the Cook pick - look at KC: Aaron Murray, Hogan or GB: Hundley last year. It's th…
Aaron Murray? Wasn't he suppose do be a top pick a year before he came out?
All I did was see if we could get Aaron Murray and Eric Hosmer to the same event.
very unlikely. KC signed Tyler Bray to 2 year deal & Aaron Murray going into year 3.
Hey is that Christian Ponder or Aaron Murray or Jonathan Pettibone's car?
You'd have passed on Matthew Stafford because of David Greene. Preferred Aaron Murray.
Bill Murray is Baloo in Disney's The 🐻 The jungle comes to life Friday. Get tix: htt…
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Good day It's Monday, Keith Marshall and Aaron Murray (4/11) day, 75° and cloudy in Athens, Georgia.
Do you really think Aaron Murray could be an option?
Bill Murray in Lost in Translation. The more you know who you are,& what you want,the less you let things upset you
nah he won't lets be real peace Aaron
Rest in peace aaron murray, he passed away from tech week
To say the least. There's something huge hiding inside Aaron Murray. And the fit is simply tremendous.
Interesting how polarizing the Murray piece is. Either folks love the idea of Aaron Murray in ✭ or he's the worst QB since Jamarcus Russell.
Sullivan on Murray's status & on his decision to start the rookie...
if he sat today and MAF isn't ready for G1, it'd be likely almost a week of no game action for…
If I had a GT I'd probably make Aaron Murray lol
players wanted Murray to play and gain experience.
I guess we will see. Murray was supposed to get reevaluated so
..he also liked Aaron Murray better than Bortles and Bridgewater.
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Aaron Murray Autographed Playbook Rookie
Chiefs mailbag: Eric Fisher's option or extension, faith in Aaron Murray?
The Aaron Murray to Dallas article has me so elated today! I'm sure my bubble will get busted but for today I smile at t…
Aaron Murray only played one year with Green and Green was suspended the first four games of the season... 😳
I've been on the Murray bandwagon with ya. My All Aaron draft would've been the ish. Murray, Lynch, Colvin and Donald.
Op-Ed From Cowboys should look into acquiring Chiefs Aaron Murray as Tony Romo’s heir
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Letang and Crosby out. Murray to start.
I remember wanting the to draft QB Aaron Murray in the 5th round, in 2014, to replace Matt Moore.
Backup spot in KC ? I like Aaron Murray a lot plus have Tyler Bray .
to replace Houston for this season we should trade for Von Miller. Give Denver our 1st and Tyler Bray or Aaron Murray.
Probably could've included David Greene or Aaron Murray on there.
2013: UGA vs TENN new test . Aaron Murray and JJ Green steps up big w.
Not a believer in Aaron Murray or Tyler Bray, at least not yet. Prescott brings more to the table than either. I'd take him in the 4th RD.
It s time for Aaron Murray or Tyler Bray to sink or swim for Chiefs - Kansas City Chiefs Blog- ES… via
Aaron Murray's dog is the cutest thing ever 😍😍😍
Thoughts and prayers are with Aaron Murray. He gave everything to UGA. God bless him.
Richt is a good pickup for UM. Boca High alum, backed up Jim Kelly. Recruited Geno Atkins, Blair Walsh, Aaron Murray, Sony Michael in SoFla
.dawgnation is ready for you!!! And ready to egg your house if you have a bad game!
Aaron and Sgt. Murray were becoming great pals while Aaron visited Headquarters. Thanks for the donation Aaron!
UGA fans are still reminiscing about the Aaron Murray days. 😂
Here's everything that's coming to and leaving Netflix next month.
I don't think he is a franchise QB, but I'd like to see if Aaron Murray could one day be our long term guy at that position
1ppr, have west/gore/cj2k at RB, Cooper/Martavis/Evans/Hurns at WR. Would you move Bryant for L Murray or L Miller?
Learning how to enhance customer experience from Glenn Murray and Sean Peterson at
Aaron Francis follows the steps of Sam Durdin and helps put East Murray on the map
Break got off to a great start racing all the way from Murray
Doubt he gets activated. Chase Daniel and Aaron Murray are behind Smith. Expect Bray to compete w/Murray in 2016
only other that comes close is Mettengerger. maybe Aaron Murray?
Back in Feb we did our 200th podcast with guests , & -
Everybody go vote for my boy Wilbur Murray !
I can't look at Aaron Murray and not think of this face
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I feel about Barack Obama the way I feel about Aaron Murray at this point. I ain't appreciate him enough.
when you see Murray sliding for a 1st down in MIA you know the season is over for philly. Those players quit on Kelly. Lions W
yup my best hit ever came out of a blaster was an Aaron Murray auto I sold yo
I agree 100%. If this years team had Aaron Murray at the trigger, Georgia would have been a title contender. No doubt.
Remember how many SEC Championships we won with that stud QB? What was his name, Aaron Murray?
They could try and trade for Aaron Murray.
the Aaron Murray hit was legal. Logout.
Richt has always been solid, but once he lost Aaron Murray, it has been a steep decline.
you could classifiy it as getting sent off in style. Aaron Brown at Brentford springs to mind
The Patriots added WR Aaron Dobson (back) to the injury report. He's questionable to play tonight against the Bills.
we didn't with aaron Murray, Matthew Stafford, *** we barely did it with Greyson lambert
Sign Up today for the Aaron Murray Football Camp at Johns Creek High School!
safe travels friend! Enjoy i am so jealous !!! give a massive cuddle for me love you 💛
Lauren Murray at her best RUDENESS towards 4th Impact. Such a FAT RACIST!
Need AJ to do it for Aaron Murray and post 3 scores tonight
Aaron Murray was always the better pro prospect t then Cam Newton, he played in a pro style offense
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Aaron Murray (inactive) is out for Sunday's game vs San Diego.
Kansas City CB Sean Smith and TE James O'Shaughnessy are probable Sunday. LB Ramik Wilson, QB Aaron Murray and RB Knile Davis are out
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oh I thought it was the number of aaron Murray or Chase Daniel and maybe I somehow missed Alex getting benched lol
Lol. Fun time! Told you meeting underneath Aaron Murray's head was a great place to meet for the ...
Kyler, Johnny, Aaron Murray, Glenn Dorsey. All unflagged hits by the good people of Auburn football
So Kacie McDonell dated Christian Ponder, was engaged to Aaron Murray and is now banging Eric Hosmer? I ain't sayin she a gold digger, but..
U cud be Aaron Murray and i still would take a while to txt back
yeah and that Aaron Murray is somewhere is in there too
too true. Coaches can't do everything. Need someone like Aaron Murray again to take the reins.
I feel ya but we had Matt Stafford and Aaron Murray with no titles. Is Eason going to join the list?
Omg Aaron Murray is getting a golden puppy.. Just when I thought I couldn't love him more
I want Aaron Murray to be the starting QB for my Niners
Georgia had Matt Stafford and Aaron Murray.QB's don't win championships by themselves
Same fans wanted Aaron Murray gone and would kill to have him back at QB
Aaron Murray was maybe the best QB in school history. Won the down East with him twice. Looked really good 1 time.
Glennon, Mettenberger, Foles and Cousins would be all be better. Aaron Murray and AJ McCarron couldnt be much worse, could they?
florida has done a good job with backups. He had stafford, aaron murray, aj green. Same disappointing results.
He's right, though! Look how many National Championships they won with Aaron Murray and Matthew Stafford!
When you put Aaron Murray, MalcolmMitchell and Todd Gurley on the field at the same time you should be winning.
⬆️ We were one play away from the natty with Aaron Murray, & won Sugar Bowl w/ Stafford. If he can't get us to playoffs w/ Eason, he goes.
To honor these 3 wins, if the KC Star doesn't have pictures of Eric Hosmer, Kacie McDonnell, and Aaron Murray they're doin…
Eric Hosmer's girlfriend is Aaron Murray's ex... Talk about a gold digger
Make sure to listen to my picks, Aaron Rodgers Khyry Robinson and Amari Cooper had fewer Pts combined than Latavius Murray
I'm sure this is EVERYONE'S fault except Aaron Rodgers.
Made my mark. blocked me. Apparently that truth hurts like *** I wonder if Christian Ponder and Aaron Murray are too?
first engaged to Aaron Murray and now dating Eric.. this woman is living my dreams 😕
Anyone have any connections on how I can be introduced to Aaron Murray? could use your help! Thank you very much!
Aaron Murray, Zach Mettenberger, Jimmy Garoppolo. Guys i clammored for in recent drafts
but Aaron murray was probably the best qb uga ever had. not stafford talented but way more cerebral.
Dawgs need to realize we had Joe Tereshinski III before Matthew Stafford (9-4). & Joe Cox before Aaron Murray (8-5). Jacob Eason next year..
I would love to have Eason too but I will he will be any better than Aaron Murray or Stafford was? We didn't win w them
I hear u, I forget how college towns cling to past. Aaron Murray still thinks he plays for GA
Falcons need to trade for Aaron Murray
.talks with about winning the AL Hank Aaron Award on
I would rather see Aaron Murray in the game than Chase Daniel.
Matt Stafford & Aaron Murray playing in the same game against each other?!?!? Who do I cheer for ?
KC you're up 28 pts in the 4th. Why don't you take ur franchise qb out & give Aaron Murray a few snaps? At least let 1 former dawg look good
Matt Stafford & Aaron Murray wanted to join them, but they had scheduling conflicts due to having NFL jobs https…
do you think he would have still been starting if Aaron Cruden had been fit? Doesn't leave NZ in a bad position for 2019
I remember when people wanted to get Aaron Murray outta here. Miss him like a MF and Coach Bobo
Happy 2nd anniversary to my hubby, Aaron Murray. Love ya babe.
Look through Aaron Murray's insta and thinking tbt ):
They have no QB. I bet they wish Aaron Murray was coming out of the tunnel now.
If CFB is all about QB play, Richt had David Greene, Matt Stafford, and Aaron Murray as starters for a combined 11 years. No title. Run him.
Aaron Murray proves my point. Its more about the qbs than the coach.
hes a good dude I sold him my 2013 purple prizm rookie auto /5 of Aaron Murray
that 6-7 team during Aaron Murray's redshirt freshman season was pretty bad
Congrats to Josh Donaldson on being named the winner of the 2015 AL Hank Aaron Award.
I did not appreciate Aaron Murray or Hutson mason enough.
Aaron Murray was an overtime away from being 4-0 in this game. People complained about him. Hilarity.
you must have forgotten about Aaron Murray...he played QB
*** I thought lambert was Aaron Murray for y'all again
I wonder. If Mettenberger knew that no meant no. He would have started. Aaron Murray red shirts and we would have him for an extra year or 2
Matt, how would you rate Aaron Murray vs. Connor Cook or Murray vs. Jared Goff?
Aaron Murray / Jeremy Maclin won’t play for Chiefs Sunday, Ben Roethlisberger out for Steelers
Aaron Murray. Who will replace Andy Reid? Hopefully Pagano or John Harbaugh. Hunt? Me when I make bank. ;)
Yeah, he went to Plant. Same high school as Wade Boggs, Aaron Murray and James Wilder Jr.
Recommendation to Andy Reid. Get the kids in to play. Aaron Murray needs to play. Tyler Bray needs to play. All...
I'd rather watch Tyler Bray and Aaron Murray in a timeshare before I want to see another Alex Smith game
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