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Aaron Lennon

Aaron Justin Lennon (born 16 April 1987) is an English footballer who plays as a right winger for Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League and the England national team.

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Everton fans sceptical over Allardyce no more, 'special' Seamus Coleman and the pleasure of Aaron Lennon - ...
Aaron Lennon will forever have a special place in my heart 🖤®
Aaron Lennon there, facing up to the full back, "Oooh, which way will I go?" and going on his right.
So true. You look at Aaron Lennon, more talent than anyone but never improved on his one Foo…
Absolutely, he is the predecessor of Aaron Lennon, Theo Walcott, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Kieron Dyer, etc...
Once he's past you, you're done. Trouble is, it's not often that he gets past you, new Aaron Lennon
Stop ya step overs and learn to cross/shoot you B tec Aaron Lennon
How do you know he didn't try and had…
Aaron Lennon spoke with the media: "I don't feel i'm getting much time on the pitch as i should be, it's not making me happy."
If he's labelled "the new Neymar" then leave him alone as he won't even be the new Aaron Lennon!
His 'i love football stan' when Aaron Lennon equalised in the spurs arsenal 4-4 remains one of…
Rashford is at a critical point in his career. He’ll either become an Aaron Lennon or if guided properly would beco…
Cenk Tosun would be a start. We need a few new additions to the front three. When Aaron Lennon and a 20-year-old ar…
John Lennon describes his sighting of a UFO over New York, 1974. 🛸
yes but during Sterling's first season everyone was was saying he'll rot on the City bench and be the next Aaron Lennon
Five things we learned from Southend 3 Charlton 1 - play-offs must be the only focus, Harry Lennon looks sharp + more…
Im not commenting on vvd last time I called salah the Egyptian Aaron Lennon he turned into messi and Ronaldo combined 😂😂😂
Rashnnon as he's similar to Aaron Lennon but that won't work lol, doesn't sound right
Here's the deal. Lukaku is the kind of striker who doesn't really need good service. Look at him at…
Best thing about the whole match was Jordan Pickfords throw to Aaron Lennon
Aaron Lennon comes on for half an hour and someone manages to be our worst player🤷
Aaron Lennon - Everton - won a free kick on the right wing.
Aaron Lennon, renowned for hugging the touchline, searching for Jonjoe Kenny outside shows how narrow we are are!
Aaron Lennon replaces Yannick Bolasie after about 60 minutes, and Oumar Niasse is in for Dominic Calvert-Lewin.
Everton make a substitution, with Aaron Lennon coming on for Yannick Bolasie
Niasse up top, Aaron Lennon on the wing, Ashley Williams in central defence and Jonjoe Kenny right…
We are crying for a winger now . Aaron lennon has lost his legs tbh . Bolasie is back stronger !!
All best to Aaron Lennon on his fight with this horrible disease...
He won't survive this unless or otherwise Ivory Coast Players decide to chip in and financially assi…
Guardiola has turned Sterling into a glorified Aaron Lennon...
Aaron Lennon: "And this is the one thing, I suppose, that you will never understand, that in giving oneself, truly giving onese…
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Rashford is just an Aaron Lennon in a United jersey. All he knows is to run run run.
Watch NLD 2013. Verma getting bullied by depressed Aaron Lennon and being replaced by Mertesacker forever. Kosc would never
Come on man.. Walcott was Aaron Lennon in disguise
Lukaku must be crying out for United to sign Aaron Lennon so he might actually get decent service
So is Aaron Lennon but dosent get pushed of the ball everytime. I dont mean big as in tall hes s…
Aaron Lennon and Jermaine Defoe are pure class. Season in and out, they put their head down and do their jobs . Calling fo…
Honestly don’t see anything special in Redmond, seems like another Aaron Lennon if anything. Boufal should start.
Dont know what people are expecting mate. Its obvious where our problems now lie. Sam has sorted the def…
If Allardyce brings in a left back, some pace and a good striker we will be sound. Lets av it right Aaron Lennon is…
Aaron Lennon is still a thing in 2017
Sam Allardyce makes a change at the interval as Aaron Lennon comes off for Sandro Ramírez.
Sandro Ramirez and Ashley Williams replace Aaron Lennon and Tom Davies at half time.
Double substitution for at the start of the second half - Ashley Williams is on for Tom Davies and Sandro Rami…
Everton make a substitution, with Ramirez Sandro coming on for Aaron Lennon
Everton have made two subs at HT. Tom Davies off for Ashley Williams and Sandro Ramirez on for Aaron Lennon.
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Aaron Lennon is an a combative mood. Great to see him in high spirits again. Taking on men twice his stature! Well…
Aaron Lennon just not good enough. Get Bolasie on 2nd half..
Aaron Lennon, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Ringo Start and Joe Cole. Take me back to the good old days
I am made up Aaron Lennon is back in the team. Pace is what we’ve lacked. Hope he has a good one today
Marcus Rashford is Aaron Lennon v2. Don't understand why Pundits rate him so much..
Our International team would be mint with John Stones, Kyle Walker, Danny Rose, James Milner, Aaron Lennon, Fabian Delph and Jamie Vardy!
Great to see pictures of Ryan mason & now Aaron Lennon back in training. 😃
👏 Great news as Aaron Lennon took part in pre-season training with today. 💪 Welcome back Aaron.
After this weeks sad news about Aaron Lennon a column on some of the stresses of playing at the top level.
And finally here's part 3 with him talking about Aaron Lennon and also wanting to buy into a football club.
Today's teaser... I have been a team mate of Roberto Firmino, Shane Long, Scott Sinclair, Aaron Lennon & William Gallas. Who am I?
'There's only one Aaron Lennon, one Aaron Lennon' rings out around White Hart Lane along with a round of applause.
Everton fans show support for Aaron Lennon with banner at Goodison Park ahead of Watford clash
Football reaches out to Aaron Lennon, who has carried burden of expectation since he was 12 |
Thoughts tonight with one of my favorite ex Tottenham players Aaron Lennon. Mental health is nothing to be taken lightly.
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Best wishes to Aaron Lennon, get well soon lad
Horrible news about Aaron Lennon that. Hope the lad pulls through. Every faith that the club will do their utmost every step o…
Get well soon Aaron Lennon, horrible place to be, come back bigger and better 🙏
Horrible. It can happen to anyone. If you're struggling lads, speak out. It's nowt to be ashamed of.
people saying Aaron Lennon can't have a mental illness he's rich 😞money isn't everything mental health needs to be spoken a…
Everton winger Aaron Lennon is "receiving care and treatment for a stress-related illness" after being detained ...
Thoughts are with Aaron Lennon. Mental health is not something that should be taken lightly and I hope he gets all the h…
Best wishes to Aaron Lennon. Sad if true. He needs our support and understanding!
Just saw the Aaron Lennon news, heartbreaking. Sincerely hope the lad gets the help and support he needs.
Thoughts with Aaron Lennon and his family. An illness which, like most others, doesn't discriminate. Hope he receives all th…
Hope you get through this good luck Aaron Lennon
I hope Aaron Lennon gets the care and support he needs. I also hope we can start to discuss mental health in a productive way…
concentrated: Wholly directed to one thing; intense. Aaron Lennon. SmackDown
Thoughts and prayers go to Aaron Lennon. Mental Health is a big deal, it affects us all. Hope he's okay, once a Yid, always a Yid
Thoughts, prayers, and good vibes to Aaron Lennon during this difficult time for him and his family.
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Banter with Everton is all well & good, but we sincerely hope the lad is ok.
Some of Aaron Lennon's best goals for Spurs. 💫✊
Any fans making jokes about Aaron Lennon need to grow up. Mental health is a massive issue that we need to face together
If the Aaron Lennon news is upsetting to you and are/know someone in a similar situation, take a…
Thoughts are with Aaron Lennon and his family, wishing him a speedy recovery 🙏🏻
Here's hoping Aaron Lennon gets well soon & the papers leave him alone so he can recover in peace.
So glad they found him in time. He's such a lovely lad, my heart goes out to him. https:/…
We always look out for one of our own - our thoughts and prayers go out to Aaron Lennon in his time of need. 💙💙💙.
Thoughts and love with Aaron Lennon and his family right now. . I know that place, and I know he'll be fine with good su…
Sad to hear about Aaron Lennon. Hope he gets the help he needs.
Awful to read. Our thoughts with Aaron Lennon. A reminder, if we needed one, that footballers are human beings
Aaron Lennon has been detained under the Mental Health Act following concerns over his welfare. . We hope he makes…
Thoughts and love to you and your family!! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Class guy, wonderful player. One Aaron Lennon!!
Thoughts and much love go out to Aaron Lennon right now. Mental Health can be mended just like a physical injury. It's no…
Aaron Lennon health fears as Everton winger is detained under Mental Health Act |
Everton winger Aaron Lennon has been sustained under a Mental Health Act. ()
Sad news about Aaron Lennon being detained under The Mental Health Act. Hoping he makes a speedy and full recovery 🙏🏿 htt…
Everton say Aaron Lennon was detained under the Mental Health Act by police over concerns for his welfare. More ➡
Chloe Blackburn in charge of England for FM Save. Surprise call ups for Alex Smithies, Joe Gomez, Calum Chambers, Aaron Lennon & Lewis Cook.
Did you know the trophy is almost half the size of aaron Lennon!
agreed. He didn't emulate Rooney but compared to Aaron Lennon or Ashley Young who were also "wonderkids" he's been better.
End Product . ZERO!! Hes just a an oversized Aaron Lennon
Redmond has pace, so does Aaron Lennon put Lennon in the squad
Aaron lennon and Andros Townsend replaced him in finals.😅
I like Redmond but he's too much like Aaron Lennon/ SWP. He's needs to develop hiS game. I think Walcott needs to leave AFC
He is. Very quick too. A bit like Aaron Lennon but got a better brain.
Woman at work askin "what's the slit in ur eyebrow signify?" . It signifies I lost a bet love, I've not gone full Aaron Lennon for a cause
Sterling is just an expensive Aaron Lennon and is another with cash 💰 to spend 😂😂
Sterling is just an expensive Aaron Lennon
Same as Aaron Lennon one day soon he maybe able to put a cross in on the run.
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Kevin Mirallas replacing Aaron Lennon must be the least inspiring substitution possible.
Aaron Lennon off, Kevin Mirallas on with 22 minutes remaining. 39,150 packed in here to witness this one.
Everton sub: Aaron Lennon off, Kevin Mirallas on. 68 minutes gone.
🔁 68' Ronald Koeman makes the first change of the match, with Kevin Mirallas coming on to replace Aaron Lennon.
Aaron Lennon has got to be at least on £60k a week.
Today the type of game where Aaron Lennon rips Nacho Monreal to shreds ffs
giving Aaron Lennon the eye here lol
I think he's alright, he's like a young Aaron Lennon
Leeds now only have Fabian Delph to represent them as ex-players who play for England. Unless Big Sam recalls Aaron Lennon!
at least he has that 'Aaron Lennon joining Everton' look down ...will come in handy next summer I think
doesn't mean I agree with it. Spurs did the same thing to Aaron Lennon at the end of his Tottenham career. Not cool IMO.
the very row in which the majority of Aaron Lennon's crosses end up!
Aaron Lennon goes by people an crosses for fun can just imagine the teke on the end of them
Well Aaron Lennon must be knackered after the game last night.
Don't know much about Rafa Silva and I know YouTube is a poor way to gauge opinion, but he looks like Aaron Lennon with an end-product
Breast Cancer Awareness
When you go from Aaron Lennon and Tom Cleverley to Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne despite being sacked in May
Martinez left Mirallas out for Aaron Lennon & Tom Cleverley. Because Mirallas knows he's a fraud!
Aaron Lennon looks like someone put Drake in the tumble dryer 😂
Aaron Lennon excited about tonight's Rooney testimonial.
Kolo Toure at Celtic is the new Aaron Lennon at Everton, but 100 times better.
Sterling is like Aaron Lennon with potential. Poch didn't like Lennon did he
looks as happy as Aaron Lennon to sign
So Feo Walcott going back to being a poor mans Aaron Lennon again? 👀
it's just one example of many, ask any Everton fan, Aaron Lennon outperformed him over the course of the season.
I say this because I just rewatched Nowhere Boy for the first time in ages. Aaron Taylor-Johnson makes an AWESOME young John Lennon.
Much bigger talent than the Algerian Aaron Lennon
...and this is a player who missed a lot of last season with a serious injury. Aaron Lennon would be a much more shrewd addition.
he was at FF this morning having his photo taken with the new shirt - maybe he smiled too much and Aaron Lennon chinned him?
Cook,Byram,Howson, Delph, Danny Rose, Aaron Lennon &now Taylor.If we continue to offload our nurtured talent we will never get back
Seeing that he plays for Arsenal, he's more like a rich man's Aaron Lennon.
my favorite part about the end of this season is not having to hear the name Aaron Rodgers' name again. 🙌🏼
But it looks like he's regressed since 2014. I thought he was like a poor man's Aaron Lennon.
Harrison: "We'll try to get to the bottom of the Rodgers' family drama between Jordan & Aaron.". Us: "Oh, for God's sake…
Man, per 90 numbers do not make Aaron Lennon's 'resurgence' look so hot.
once his pace goes he's basically Aaron Lennon
Aaron Lennon what your opinion on him blues?? . I like him myself he's quick and can score . Thoughts blues. Col
In a special world, where we belong. - Sheelagh Lennon -
Great article by Paul Lennon but dint get any answers. Also roddys piece is bang on because that's how it is
He's in Manchester at the Radisson. He is fast. But so is Aaron Lennon. He's overpriced. Should have gone for Pogba instead.
nothing will ever ever beat Aaron Lennon's excitement to sign for Everton
Aaron Lennon having a photo with the Everton trophy cabinet!
you mans signed the german Aaron Lennon
Sterling to City was just never going to work. Shame he may well end up another Aaron Lennon now.
what would you know about Aaron Lennon you dirty little rent boy
People act as if he's a finished 28 year old like Anderson and Aaron Lennon, it's pathetic.
He is a modern day Aaron Lennon. Headless chicken that runs like a complete mincer! 💩
never said that Aaron Lennon deserves to start on the wing against Spurs?😂
me too i'm HUGE fan of aaron lennon he is not just a fast player he is one of the fastest players in the world.
Class? There's working hard and there's class.Aaron Lennon is not class I'm afraid. End product is generally woeful h…
Today I've heard Richard Gough was outstanding, Aaron Lennon is class and apparently Ashley Williams is better than Ston…
who wins in a fight? Nate Robinson on Wilt the stilt's shoulders. OR. Aaron Lennon on Peter Crouch's shoulders
When will people realize that Raheem Sterling is overrated and is just a young Aaron Lennon
Darren Pratley rivalled Aaron Lennon the day he signed for Swansea City.
Aaron Lennon. Shaun Wright-Phillips. Nathan Dyer. Wayne Routledge. Pick any one (and more!) for your Walcott analogy.
GOAL Everton 2-1 Bournemouth (64 mins). Leighton Baines arrives late in the box to power in from Aaron Lennon's low cros…
"Deulofeu probably has a better delivery than Aaron Lennon". Danny Murphy 2016
Danny Murphy mixing up Neil and Aaron Lennon there 😂😂😂
I said when he was sold no beater than Aaron Lennon at the same age even Adrian Durham mocked me
Jesus Navas is the Spanish Shaun Wright-Phillips or Aaron Lennon!* . *other quick and useless English wingers are available!
10 - Aaron Lennon has fired in 11 shots this season, 10 of which have been on target. Precise.
Throwback to when Aaron Lennon got sat down, not once...but twice.
Gomes does superbly to save Aaron Lennon's shot and then flick the ball to safety before Romelu Lukaku could follow up
Michail Antonio or Aaron Lennon? Both scoring for fun at the moment. I don't get how anyone can justify Wilshere.
What do these players have in common? Darius Vassell, Aaron Lennon, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Andy Johnson, James Beattie.
I get so annoyed at the thought Andros Townsend is anywhere near the England squad and Aaron Lennon isn't. What more does he have to do.
Navas is just Aaron Lennon with Latin seasoning
The fact that Michail Antonio, Aaron Lennon and Danny Simpson aren't in the England squad is embarrassing 😂
Everton vs Chelsea: Tom Cleverley and Gareth Barry fit but Aaron Lennon and Bryan Oviedo doubts via
Walcott going the way of Jermaine Pennant, Wright philips, Aaron Lennon...typical English players
& the first thing he did was try to end David Beckham's career, preferring the likes of Aaron Lennon & Shaun Wright-Phillips. Genius.
Just throwing it out there early doors.Aaron Lennon's double nutmeg goal is my highlight of the week.Lovely to see!
Amy reckons Aaron Lennon looks like Jarmaine Douglas from X factor 😂
Ashley Young , Aaron Lennon, Adam Johnson, Sterling, Walcott, Albrighton, Welbeck sef.. Who are all better than Depay currently
Stoke 0-3 Everton: Blues cruise to comfortable win thanks to goals from as Romelu Lukaku, Seamus Coleman and Aaron Lennon: JOE BERNST...
Aaron Lennon once again for me one of the MOTM.. Brilliant going forward and great tracking back.
GOAL Everton 2-0 Newcastle (88 mins). Ross Barkley converts from the spot after Aaron Lennon was brought down by Rolando…
Everton eased into the fifth round of the FA Cup as early goals from Arouna Kone and Aaron Lennon and a deflected Ross Barkley strike
- Carlisle United 0-3 Everton: Arouna Kone, Aaron Lennon and Ross Barkley secure Toffees place in the FA C...
Everton progress to the fifth round as goals from Arouna Kone, Aaron Lennon and Ross Barkley earn victory at Brunton Park.
Jordan Ibe summed up- just another Shaun Wright-Phillips or Aaron Lennon. Pace with no intelligence.
Phil Jagielka is expected to start for along with Besic, Aaron Lennon and Arouna Kone in tomorrow's tie against
Aaron Lennon reaction after scoring a great goal against Tottenham.
Where was that when Aaron Lennon was at Tottenham!?
Danny's praise for Aaron: Danny Rose has paid tribute to the influence of Aaron Lennon after he followed in th...
Aye no bother! Still bitter about Paul Robinson, Robbie Keane, Aaron Lennon & Danny Rose jogging you on
If it isn't Aaron Lennon getting the hook then Martinez wants skipping.
You know Aaron Lennon is only playing because Martinez is worried about Bellerín and not because Lennon is any good.
Walker is one of the worst full backs in the league id rather have Aaron Lennon at right back
but man I remember the year Leeds Got Relegated they had some very Good players like Mark Viduka ,Alan Smith, Aaron Lennon, James Milner
slightly richer mans version of Sean Wright Phillips and Aaron Lennon
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Aaron Lennon is close to a £5m move to Everton after Tottenham lowered their asking-price. (Source: Daily Mail)
Everton's Aaron Lennon all smiles after transfer from Tottenham... unlike in February!
What a difference 7 months makes. Aaron Lennon is all smiles after rejoining Everton
Can't help but feel Everton told Aaron Lennon to Smile this time..
LENNON: A beaming Aaron Lennon is photographed back at Finch Farm. More:
There were bigger stars than Aaron Lennon, but I'd argue none were more integral to Spurs' progression through the Jol years and after.
Aaron Lennon going permanently to Everton is strange. will contest to how big a fan of him I was.
Michael Hector to Aaron Lennon to Jack Henry to Andre Carrillo to Anthony Martial to Regan Poole to
We've got a number 10 in Ross Barkley or Aaron Lennon will be the shouts
Chelsea's Victor Moses, Tottenham's Aaron Lennon and Man Utd's Adnan Januzaj are all on West Ham's wanted list. (Sourc…
West Ham want to sign a new winger and targets include: Victor Moses, Adnan Januzaj and Aaron Lennon. [Ken Dyer]
heard Aaron Lennon's available on the cheap..
Hi Gary mate any news on Aaron Lennon or Tom Carroll departing?
Omg are we really getting Aaron Lennon back?!? Yes. We ❤ you,
Goucuff, Aaron Lennon or Wright Philips that never exploded.
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Tottenham winger Aaron Lennon is set to snub a move to Aston Villa in favour of a return to Everton [guardian]
SUBS Everton replace Samuel Eto'o and Kevin Mirallas with Leon Osman and Aiden McGeady. Spurs bring on Erik Lamela for A…
How can you not want this man back at aaron lennon would be a great addition
The fume after we sign Aaron Lennon from Spurs and Tottenham replace him with Yarmolenko.
Why some Evertonians moaning bout Aaron Lennon being linked with us I really hope we can sign him on a permanent transfer 👌
Lennon set to join Everton - Aaron Lennon is poised to become the third signing of the summer for Roberto Martinez...
When you go from Shaqiri to Aaron Lennon
Report: Aston Villa to explore possibility of James Wilson loan deal, no interest in Aaron Lennon
2 players should look at next year if they want to compete. Aaron Lennon and Joel Campbell. Both contracts are up…
Jesus Navas is just Aaron Lennon but with eyes so seductive he's chirpsed his way to the top.
I'd rather have an aaron Lennon who is passionate for the club than mirallas for the money (for Sunderland I mean)
It's rumored that Aaron Lennon will be returning to Goodison Park
Id be happy with Aaron Lennon signing, asking as we still get a defender, a midfielder and a striker.
Everton fans deluding themselves Aaron Lennon is better than Pray you's get a scouting job at Everton, you's would be relegated
Aaron Lennon is expected to undergo a medical at Everton this week once terms are agreed via
Anyone insulting Aaron Lennon clearly never watched him play the lads work rate is amazing
Everton fans in uproar that we need more signings, Everton fans in uproar at the prospect of signing Aaron Lennon, I g…
We've been linked with Van Dijk, Shaqiri, Mertens and Honda. We'll end up with Aaron Lennon, Johnny Evans and Steven Fl…
Well at least they're going for Aaron Lennon and not Joey Barton. They probably will not sign anyone, given their drama.
Everton fans slagging off possible re-signing of Aaron Lennon. Any watch end of last season? Vital to good form and would be decent business
The signing of Aaron Lennon will not paper over the cracks of this board's lies, failings and lack of plan moving forward…
true..Aaron Lennon, who is he? Never heard of him..better wait and see, he could be Puskas reincarnate.
Oh Christ no other club would look at him. This is embarrassing. Stoke get Afellay and Shaqiri and we get Aa…
Aaron Lennon: worked his *** off last season on bloody loan, probably has had other offers, but actually WANTS to play for Ev…
Johnny Evans, James Wilson on loan and Aaron Lennon on last day
News: Glasgow. | Aston Villa in talks with Tottenham over £5m deal for Aaron Lennon as boss...: Lewis Hamilton...
.If you sell Mirallas (to West Ham!) and Stones - and replace them with Aaron Lennon & Jonny Evans - me and you are …
Aaron Lennon will make his loan move to Everton permanent as part of the deal for Kevin Mirallas, according to the Dail…
he's gonna end up like a Aaron Lennon, Shaun Wright Phillips. Mediocre average career. $$$shall ruin him
The kid thinks he's Suarez and Liverpool will crumble without him, he's another Shaun Wright Phillips or Aaron Lennon
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he's overhyped solely because he's English. Aaron Lennon, Wright-Phillips. He's no different.
Tottenham want Everton midfielder James McCarthy and could offer Aaron Lennon or Younès Kaboul in part-exchange. (Source: Daily Mail"
Paul Anthony Lennon on your CM01/02 series I believe is Aaron Lennon's brother who's career ended when he was in a car crash.
Aaron Lennon-> neither strikes the ball well, but very fast
Alex Rodriguez passing milestones of Hank Aaron and Willie Mays is like mentioning Justin Bieber along side of John Lennon and Jimmy Hendrix
You can't base your foundations for comparison on style - is Aaron Lennon of the same quality as Raheem Sterling?
aaron lennon would be better imo mate,just goin for the cheap option I think
Imagine if Iker actually ends up at Spurs. The Aaron Lennon pictures all over again.
If you don't rate Sterling you're either blinded by hate or caught up in the 'just another Aaron Lennon' stupidity.
Aaron Lennon was five times better than him.
Cash plus Lennon deal? I think it's pretty clear they want Aaron, we're willing to sell, either James or Mirallas would do imo
Everton have been linked with moves for Ahmed Elmohamady & Aaron Lennon.
Everton are targeting a move for Hull's Elmohamady. The Toffees are willing to move for the 27-year-old as an alternative to Aaron Lennon.
ICYMI... Everton transfer rumours: Aaron Lennon still hopeful of Goodison move, Fenerbahce midfielde...
Aaron Lennon Cox of the Mighty Mads ,club trophy + most MOTM trophy ,well done lad ,At Runcorn.linnets 2015
It was tough seeing the Aaron Lennon part
More history for A-Rod. Alex Rodriguez homers and joins Hank Aaron as only player with 2,000 or more RBI.
Everton are set to land Gerard Deulofeu (instead of Aaron Lennon) in the next 3 days. I'd opt for the consistent AL, but GD has potential.
Aaron Lennon has told Tottenham he wants to join only Everton this summer. (Source:
Can't believe we are pricing Everton out of a move for Aaron Lennon.Asking for 8 million is nuts. Id take 5/6 myself, we got him for 1
Everton transfers: £4m Elmohamady considered as alternative to Aaron Lennon
Report: Everton eye relegated player as Aaron Lennon alternative...
Everton consider £4million bid for Ahmed Elmohamady as alternative to Aaron Lennon
also sold to Ian Harte, Harry Kewell & Aaron Lennon. My best customer was Gary Kelly. Got his...
If it wasn't for Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool he'd just be another Aaron Lennon.
Aaron Lennon is in trouble with the police again.. Assisted murder of Manchester united 😅
Score a header with Aaron Lennon and your opponent has to shave a slit in their eyebrow.
I'm arguably better than townsend & Lamela. I'll tell you who's def better than those two. Aaron Lennon
When Gary Medel dropped Aaron Lennon twice last season
Bruh when is this Aaron Lennon guy gonna die
Aaron Lennon can't cross after two stepovers...his side is winning. Should tell you it wasn't about big names or possession.
Hopefully he'll be arrested by then
If Aaron Lennon could shoot or cross, he'd be incredible...
"How good is lennon, i love lennon" *falls and kicks ball out for goal kick*. Sorry aaron.
And thats why you dont buy aaron lennon 😂😂😂😂
That's more like the Aaron Lennon we know and love!
just seen Aaron Lennon do the same for Lennon.. Happens to the best of us!
Aaron Lennon falling on his *** really did sum up our whole performance.
Aaron Lennon has been consistent trash for 7 years now
Aaron Lennon the only winger who can't cross
Tottenham and Everton winger Aaron Lennon investigated by police
Aaron Lennon I have never seen him play this good when he was at tottenham.
Premier League star quizzed over alleged assault on young waitress
64' - Yellow card: Luke Shaw is booked by referee Andre Marriner for pulling back Everton winger Aaron Lennon.
Aaron Lennon, you forget he's even on loan. He's immediately bought into the ethos of the club and team. No brainer permane…
Aaron Lennon 'questioned by police' after alleged assault on waitress, 18, at a Manchester nightclub: A young waitress has claimed th...
has Robbie been taking posing lessons off Aaron Lennon?
In a few years time he'll be the next Aaron Lennon or Shaun Wright-Phillips
Aaron Lennon starts for Everton vs Swansea. Tom Carroll misses out through injury.
Roberto Martinez on Kevin Mirallas' future & his ambition to keep Aaron Lennon this summer via
Sorry that we haven't been updating on Everton and Lennon. MORE UPDATES SOON
Aaron Johnson as John Lennon gives me life
Aaron Lennon (33.8 km/h) is the 4th fastest player in the world when running with the ball, behind Bale, Damm and Valenci…
Aaron Lennon sends message to Andros Townsend after England strike
I wish we had Aaron Lennon at Spurs instead.
Good goal but Townsend is still poor, he's no Aaron Lennon.
Watching Andros Townsend’ game changing performance got me thinking… I wonder what Aaron Lennon is doing nowadays… 😁😜
Aaron Lennon got some caps didn't he?
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