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Aaron Judge

Aaron J. Judge (born April 26, 1992) is an American professional baseball outfielder in Minor League Baseball.

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Aaron Judge is the 1st Rookie of the Year since Derek Jeter in 1996. Judge hit an MLB rookie record 52 HR and…
Boutta hand Aaron Judge the golden sombrero like...🙃🙃
The rise of Kristaps Porzingis reminds me so much of the emergence of Aaron Judge — young, transcendent talent capable of…
The verdict is in. . Aaron Judge is the cover star of MLB The Show 18.
Day 5 of Offseason. What could Aaron Judge have in common with Fred Lynn & Ichiro? ROY & MVP in the same season. He's ROY. Altuve MVP!
Aaron Judge getting an MLB the Show cover before Mike Trout is absolutely preposterous. Not a shot at Judge but how has Tro…
Aaron Judge strikes out for the 4th time for a Golden Corral sombrero
I once traded cliff lee to the Yankees for Aaron Judge and Jorge Mateo
Does he pick lineups out of his hat? Would he bat Conforto leadoff? Does he think Aaron Judge (a Dave Kingman
I’m sorry Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez have never been to a World Series.
Ty Kelly's postseason average is .795 points higher than Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge is a modern day Dave Kingman. He either hits moonshots or he strikes out
Aaron Judge sure looks like Dave Kingman at the plate. Either the longball of the whif.
Aaron judge look like he shave everyday .
Aaron Judge at the plate looks like Soda Popinski from Mike Tysons Punchout
I wish Aaron Judge played for any other team in the world so I could root for him and not throw up in my mouth at the same time.
Aaron Judge deserves it! Despite whatever the outcome of tonight’s game.
"...The have their new Ruth, their new Clipper, their new *** their new Reggie. Their new face"
We’re just an Aaron Judge up to bat bases loaded scenario away. Come on
Aaron Judge at bat top of the 6th for Yankees
.Aaron Judge could haul the back into this game if he gets a hold of one with a runner on here in the 6th.
Aaron Judge used every bit of his 9 foot frame to reel this one back
Aaron Judge will K here. Write it in stone
Aaron Judge has two toddlers for thighs.
Aaron Judge is gonna strike out and I’m gonna theownup
Your home run leader and Aaron Judge.
Lmao nobody rising for aaron judge we all sitting down!
Sorry to talk sports but if José Altuve doesn’t get on Aaron Judge’s shoulders & ride around. ...this whole ALCS will…
Roses are Red. I have a pet cat. Aaron Judge strikes out . Almost every at-bat
I know we all know this, but seriously. Aaron Judge is huge.
Aaron Judge is a light skin Michael Strahan
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Aaron Judge will be a lifetime Yankee. Everything about him is screams Yankees. Yuck.
WHAT A CATCH! Aaron Judge robs Yuli Gurriel of a home run in Game 7 of the ALCS
Aaron judge needs to make a trip to the dentist.
“Aaron Judge is just a punk compared to nature.” This is amazing 😂
Best part of a Stros win is getting to finally stop hearing about Aaron Judge
Gardner leads off the 6th with a single to left. Aaron Judge at the plate.
Joe buck and Aaron judge should get a room!
It *** I’ll never know how far Aaron Judge could hit a baseball off me
Verlander has been an animal since joining Astros. Tough to break through even you have Aaron Judge.…
WOW! Aaron Judge just missed robbing Evan Gattis also!!
Please tell me one more time about Aaron Judge
I still can't get over this picture of Aaron Judge next to Jose Altuve.
Aaron Judge with one of the greatest catches you'll ever see.
Aaron Gordon not playing tonight but Aaron judge making leaping catches like that 🤔🤔🤔
AARON JAMES JUDGE with the highlight catch!!. What. A. Play. 😱😱😱😱
This happened last night but no Aaron Judge made a memorable catch 🙄
The Yankees will shell Verlander and Kate will marry Aaron Judge after the game
Dave Kingman was a bad player. Aaron Judge has very little in common with him.
This time next year Aaron Judge with be the next Kevin Maas
i feel the same about Aaron Judge as i do about Lonzo Ball: the hype and nonsense around them makes me root against them
Aaron Judge is about as effective as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
I'm hoping the Astros stay alive. Even tho I love Sony Gray & support Aaron Judge. I don't want to see the Yankees go to the WS.
Wasn't watching, but said Aaron Judge hit a homer over the batter's eye in BP. He's the All-Time BP Home Run King.
Do you remember Dave Kingman? Do you think Aaron Judge is a modern version of Dave?
Aaron Judge demolished a baseball for his second home run this ALCS via King Kong
Aaron Judge is the third player since 2000 to have a WPA over .250 in a postseason game at age-25 or under…
Aaron Judge's game tying double and Gary Sanchez go ahead double to tie up the series is even better with Titanic Music 😂…
Aaron Judge comes alive in the playoffs in a BIG way
"Aaron Judge launching bombs like it's the Boston Marathon!". -Al Michaels
Jon Lester has been a more productive hitter than Aaron Judge in the post season.
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Jon Lester hitting in the postseason > Aaron Judge hitting in the postseason
Aaron Judge just a glorified Kyle Blanks in a Yankees uniform.
sixth year veteran Bryce Harper is 173 days younger than rookie Aaron Judge.
Aaron Judge vs Jon Lester will be fu-and that ball is gone!
The top four leaders in Runs were all noted speeders as well. 1. Charlie Blackmon. 2. Aaron Judge. 3. Giancarlo Stanton. 4. Paul Goldschmidt
*** said Aaron Judge is just Chris Carter with better hand-eye coordination lmfaooo
Aaron Judge : 0-3, 1 walk & struck out 3 times (Robbed Francisco Lindor of a 2-run home run in the bottom of the 6th inn…
Reminder that Bryce Harper is younger than Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge with the golden sombrero lol, wait til he gets older and figures out how to hit a breaking ball
The answer to the headline ? is that Aaron Judge faced a pitcher who is better right now (and yes,…
Aaron Judge had a rough night, and now he has to face Corey Kluber for the first time
So I thought a straight up offensive comparison of Aaron Judge and Jose Altuve was warranted, its too close, shouts…
Jose Altuve hit three home runs today...and tonight, Aaron Judge has more strikeouts than Altuve had homers.
"Aaron Judge hit a bomb in the Wild Card game to seal his MVP Campaign.". Jose Altuve: "Hold my beer."
Aaron Judge has struck out four times in Game 1. Jose Altuve hit three home runs. Just sayin'.
Aaron Judge wants to be Jose Altuve when he grows down.
Jose Altuve, the AL MVP favorite over Aaron Judge, now trying to become the new Mr. October, too.
Jose Altuve against Chris Sale and the Red Sox- 3-4 with 3 homers. Aaron Judge against Trevor Bauer and the Indians. 0-3 3 k’…
Aaron Judge leaves the Twins a present after the Yankees’ victory in the AL Game:
Just read that Aaron Judge's Fresno St jersey from 2013 is going to auction. Big Judge fan but I'll wait for a jersey...
Aaron Judge plays the "Evil Ken Griffey Jr" role in this version of Little Big League
Other than Magic Johnson has any athlete ever had the kind of rookie season Aaron Judge has had?
I'm ready for the Chris Johnson, Kristaps Porzingis, Aaron Judge and Jamal Adams era of NY sports
Aaron Judge really needs to get an appointment with John Lackey's tooth guy
Aaron Judge reminds me of Brian Cushing ahem
I hate the Yankees but I love Aaron Judge. hard not to like the kid
Aaron Judge jersey a top seller. Best in the MLB.
Aaron Judge's homerun just hit the light at Crosley Field in my Diamond Dynasty game
Wow, Aaron Judge mentioned in same sentence with Ted Williams, the greatest hitter who ever lived. What a September.
MLB players age 25-or-younger all time with at least 125 R and 125 BB in a season:. Babe Ruth. Ted Williams. Aaron Judge. ...Tha…
Matt Holliday tells that Aaron Judge's scorching September has been 'Barry Bonds-esque.'
Waiting to go on & Aaron Judge and Matt Holliday were throwing around a football. Judge tossed me a pass. I didn't drop it! Phew
Maybe this why Aaron Judge chose baseball over football. He and Matt Holliday are having...
Going back to Morgan that is a long time..Altuve really is special...great to have that guy on your team...Aaron Judge is nice fun to watch
Yankees still thinking about having Aaron Judge begin the season in Triple-A. Girardi: "He needs to play, that's the bottom…
50 home runs for Aaron Judge. All I can say is wow.
Feels like we went from Aaron Judge to Marshaun Lynch on speaking to shareholders.
The crack of the bat just sounds different coming from Aaron Judge.
Mark McGwire left a congratulatory message for Aaron Judge this afternoon. "Watch out 73," he said of Judge's future HR po…
Why Judge deserves the MVP and, in a related story, was embarrassed to get a curtain call after hitting HR No. 50.
LISTEN: Mark McGwire joined to discuss Aaron Judge breaking his rookie HR record.
veterans gawk over Aaron Judge's "majestic" swing and humble nature on historic day
BREAKING: OF Aaron Judge sets the new MLB rookie record with his 50th home run in a matinee vs. the http…
Even after 49 of these, watching Aaron Judge's home run swing never gets old.
Judge hit 50 homers?! I'm not even sure what to do with this information. I'm just gonna say it, Aaron Judge may have su…
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Mark McGwire congratulated Aaron Judge on breaking his rookie home run record
Aaron Judge breaks the rookie record with his 50th HR of the season
Aaron Judge takes a bow after hitting his 50th dinger and breaking the rookie record for Dingers⚾️❤.
Congratulations to Aaron Judge, on his 49th home run of 2017, which ties Mark McGwire's all-time rookie record. .
Check out Aaron Judge's batting stance and swing in 2016. It's like a whole different person.
Aaron Judge breaks Mark McGwire’s rookie home run record Thats my Boy, JOHNNY5.
Aaron Judge: 50 HR. Gary Sanchez: 33 HR. The last two to combine for that many HR in a season: Maris (61) and Mantle (5…
Aaron Judge is the same age as Mike Trout and has 147 fewer career homeruns.
Yankees’ slugger Aaron Judge is humble, on fire and deserving of the AL MVP Award - htt…
Aaron Judge's FULL POSTGAME remarks after becoming the first rookie in MLB history to hit 50 home runs.
Congrats No Rookie Has Ever Hit 50 home runs in a season till Aaron Judge Right Now now
Aaron Judge is 1st rookie in MLB history to hit 50 HR in a season
Aaron Judge with 49 HRs as a rookie... His power to all fields is amazing
So I just caught Aaron Judge's 50th home run ball. Woah.
All 50 Aaron Judge home runs ... and boom, you're hypnotized.
Forget Aaron judge, the Mets are the true homerun kings
I can't believe Aaron Judge hit 50 homers this year... y'all realize this is his rookie season right ??
442 ft *the other way* for . He's hit 10 HRs of at least 440 ft, tied with Aaron Judge for 2nd behind Giancarlo…
All Rise!!! No. 50. Aaron Judge has done it. He has MLB Rookie HR record.
Aaron Judge now has 26 more home runs than Jose Altuve.
Aaron do it right...keep it up young man!
Aaron Judge: 54 home runs in 611 ABs. Gary Sanchez: 53 home runs in 659 ABs.
Time to edit the history books!. for Aaron Judge – the new record holder for most HR by a rookie!
I guess we can stop all the debating now! ALMVP and Rookie of the year!! Aaron Judge!!
We need an on-field accomplishment to celebrate. Take a bow, Aaron Judge. And a knee, if you the spirit moves you.
Aaron Judge just locked up ROY passing Mark McGwire's rookie home run record hitting 49 and 50
Aaron Judge heard from Mark McGwire himself after breaking the rookie home run record.
And in other news, Aaron Judge hit 49 & 50 to break Mark McGwire rookie mark. 13 in Sept. Not bad given he couldn't hit anything for 6 wks
VIDEO: Aaron Judge breaks Mark McGwire's rookie HR record with his 50th homer of the season.
CONGRATS! Aaron Judge breaks the record for home runs by a rookie
Aaron Judge hits 49th homer to tie Mark McGwire for MLB rookie record htt…
Aaron Judge bashes 49th and 50th HRs to surpass Mark McGwire rookie record
Aaron Judge has tied Mark McGwire's Major League rookie record with his 49th home run of the season.
Aaron Judge sets new rookie home run record with 50 .
Aaron Judge has tied Mark McGwire for most homers ever hit by a rookie
Watch: Aaron Judge tied and broke Mark McGwire's rookie home run record earlier today.
ALL RISE. Aaron Judge ties the rookie record with his 49th home run. 💪. via
Aaron Judge has made history. 50 home runs. Congrats, big fella.
With his 50th career home run tonight, Aaron Judge passed Ken Griffey Sr. and Chuck Knoblauch on the Yankees' all-time home run list.
Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor cheers on New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge ... - Check it out at…
Here's a list of players who had 45 homers, 100 RBIs and 100 runs scored in their rookie season:. Aaron Judge
What do Aaron Judge and Hal Trosky have in common? Hal who? Better than Judge? See here
lohud​.com >> From Shoeless Joe to Aaron Judge: great rookie hitters of all time
Aaron Judge gives the a 3-2 lead!. A deep sac fly to RF plates Greg Bird and the Bombers are in front!.
Aaron Judge is closing in on Mark McGwire.
Aaron Judge: 239 strikeouts in first 170 career games. Tony Gwynn: 239 strikeouts in first 1107 career games
Yankee Stadium erupts in cheer as Aaron Judge hits a ball all the way to Byron Buxton in shallow center field
Sep 18, AB 3: Aaron Judge flies out to center fielder Byron Buxton. Brett Gardner to 3rd.
Pretty cool moment: Byron Buxton and Aaron Judge (just the two of them) met in center field and bro-hugged.
- The Cavs were still the NBA champs . - Paul George was on the Pacers. - Aaron Judge played for Scranton-WB
Clint Frazier , Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge in the middle of that Yankee order for the next decade 🤤🤤🤤
Aaron Judge joins Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle are the only with 27 or more home runs at home in a season
Aaron Judge, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio are the only with 10+ HRs in a season against the Browns/franchise
Only the great Lou Gehrig ever had more RBI in a game as a rookie with the than Aaron Judge recorded vs th…
So good - Sonia Sotomayor is at the Yankees game wearing a judge's robe for Aaron Judge (I assume)
Aaron Judge joins Mark McGwire as the only players to have 40 homers in their rookie seasons.
Last 285 plate appearances:. Aaron Judge. 14 home runs. Madison Bumgarner. 14 home runs
Aaron Judge just hit a HOME RUN off Nick Martinez!.
Aaron Judge with No. 40 on the season makes it 9-1 Nick Martinez was pretty hittable there. Yohander Mendez to pitch.
Sep 9, AB 4: Aaron Judge grounds into a force out, third baseman Will Middlebrooks to second baseman Rougned Odor. Starlin Castro out at
4:45 am: I wake up realizing if Aaron Judge and Judge Reinhold get married, Reinhold becomes Judge Judge. If he then becomes a judge...😳😳😳
Jessica Mendoza was rambling on about some softball jacket bet. Boone's response: "Aaron Judge is up right now."
Remember when we all thought that Aaron Judge was better than Giancarlo Stanton?. Good times man.
I guess Giancarlo Stanton got sick of hearing all the talk about Aaron Judge and his power! I think we know who the Home…
Aaron Judge and Aaron Gordon are long-lost brothers (okay not really)
It's so funny watching Red Sox-Yankees games in New York because all they do is make excuses for Aaron Judge the whole…
Aaron Judge working with hitting coach Alan Cockrell Thursday off a hitting "T" on the field.
Aaron Judge, Alan Cockrell the only ones out in the cage on the field right now.
Aaron Judge out taking early BP with hitting coach Alan Cockrell. He has done this before.
A lot of Dave Kingman tendencies in Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge batting for Ronald Torreyes has to be one of the biggest size upgrades in a PH appearance in MLB history.
Yankees’ Aaron Judge problem more complicated in offseason. By Joel Sherman The Yankee...
Ronald Torreyes hitting .302, so Todd Frazier should be benched, but that affects 1B. Plus, Aaron Judge is resting.
I'm so here for seeing Aaron Judge carrying Ronald Torreyes around the bases like Luke Skywalker and Yoda
(Matt Chapman has exactly 50% of Aaron Judge's bWAR total, with less than 40% of his PAs)
when will the Yankees realize they are making Aaron Judge into Dave Kingman?...he has been ruined since Yankees let him do home run derby...
Surprised you didn't compare Aaron Judge to Balboni with all the HR's and strikeouts. Or Dave Kingman
Is Rafael Devers better than Aaron Judge, Cody Bellinger, and other top baseball rookies?
Can also confirm that Aaron Judge didn't hit anyone in the brawl. True to form, he swung and missed.
I would have loved to see Aaron Judge get his hands on someone.
Would love to see what happens if Aaron Judge gets pegged after the benches clearing twice.
Miguel Cabrera + Tigers shouldn't have started the fight. When the Yankees have Aaron Judge + Aroldis Chapman + Gar…
What I'd like to see today:. -Chapman hit someone with a 107 MPH fastball. -Aaron Judge knock someone out in a brawl
Well today is the day if I Aaron Judge this or Rafael Devers homer off Aroldis Chapman this. Hoping she says yes. Well see.
Aug 23, AB 1: Aaron Judge singles on a line drive to right fielder Alex Presley.
BREAKING: Red Sox traded SP Chris Sale to the Yankees in exchange for C Gary Sanchez and OF Aaron Judge.
Aaron Judge: 93 walks are most by rookie since Alvin Davis in 1984. Modern era (since 1900) rookie record is 107 by Ted Willi…
Aaron Judge's single to make it 9-1 tonight ties him with Ben Chapman (1930) for the 10th most RBI in a season by a NYY rookie (81)
Aaron Judge since finding out Kylie Jenner has a "major crush" on him: .197/.346/.415 with 69 strikeouts. https:…
This month:. Luis Severino .667 OPS. Aaron Judge .663 OPS . Why isn't Luis batting cleanup for the today?
I think it's all, Aaron Judge after the All Star break hasn't been the same, Chapman don't know wh…
Aaron Judge and Arnoldis Chapman have something in common. They both STINK!
Aaron Judge being a version of Ryan Howard who can run and field should be pretty fine with Yankees fans.
Aaron Judge is Ryan Howard. He has 1 hot start to a year. He'll be a career .235-.245 hitter. A slightly better Ada…
🚨 NEW 💥 What should the do with Aaron Judge? Plus we talk Chapman & play voicemails!. 📲…
Aaron Judge struggles and Chapman struggles! - Oh Dear! "It's the most wonderful time of the year"! Go Red Sox!
I like the Yankees complete rotation better. Aaron Judge and Aroldis Chapman are the difference.
The only thing more frustrating than watching Aaron Judge hit right now is watching Aroldis Chapman pitch
Imagine thinking that Gary Sanchez, Aaron Judge, and Aroldis Chapman suck.
Need Chapman to face Aaron Judge so at least one of them can get their mojo back
Aaron Judge has 49 K since the All-Star break (30 games). Stan Musial & Joe DiMaggio never struck out that many times in a…
he's not going to be hitting .256 when he has Aaron Judge, Greg Bird, Gary Sanchez, and maybe even Kyle Schwa…
Aaron Judge is hitless against lefties since the all-star break in his 33 plate appearances. . 42.4% K Rate. Mat…
Mets outfielder had a great reaction to Aaron Judge launching a 457-foot home run - Read at Business Insider:
Corrected: Aaron Judge's record season continues! We wish you all the best :).
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I just about did this same thing so i'm pretty much Aaron Judge
Clutch Didi, mighty Judge lift Yanks over Mets. Sent with At Bat
Judge hits 117-mph rocket into 3rd deck at Citi. Sent with At Bat
Aaron Judge after launching his 457-foot home run: "When you hit it & you know you got one, you just run the bases." https:…
2015 Bowman Inception Aaron Judge RC Rookie Auto Autograph . - Bid on this now on eBay >
News: Judge still has enough buzz in the MVP…
Aaron Judge just hit an absolute moonshot
Yoenis Cespedes didn't even flinch as Aaron Judge rocked one into the upper deck in left field. 117 mph exit velocity, 4…
Aaron Judge has now struck out in 33 straight games, the most all-time in a single-season by non-pitcher per
Fun fact for the day. It took Tony Gwynn 5 years to strike out as many times as Aaron Judge has this year so far
Best of MLB: Aaron Judge hits mammoth homer in Yankees' win over Mets
Aaron Judge hit one to the moon tonight. He also set a record that he'd rather not have.
I have so much respect for the way Aaron Judge just puts his head down and runs the bases after hitting what seems like a 5…
Congratulations to Aaron Judge for striking out in a MLB record 33 straight games!
One year ago today, Baby Bombers Aaron Judge and Tyler Austin went back-to-back in their first MLB at-bats🔥
Aaron Judge's dinger was hit 117 MPH... Goodness. Not one of the OF'ers even moved.
Aaron Judge strikes out for the 33rd consecutive game, a single-season MLB record. He also hit a really, really long home r…
SEE IT: Aaron Judge smacks a home run into 3rd deck at Citi Field
Aaron Judge put his name in the history books Wednesday, but he's not going to be happy about it. . https:…
For the 33rd straight game, Aaron Judge has struck out. Judge passes Adam Dunn for most consecutive games w/a strikeout in a…
If you're still awake and want to read about Aaron Judge's reaction to his strikeout streak
Aaron Judge struck out for 33rd consecutive game, setting the record for the longest streak within a single season by a non-pitcher,
Aaron Judge finna have me watching much more baseball
Aaron Judge sets MLB single-season record by striking out in 33rd straight game
Aaron Judge boutta get caught for PEDs during the offseason so get off the hype
This is where Aaron Judge's home run landed. Look how far away home plate looks.
Judge still has enough buzz in the MVP discussion
33 straight games with a strike out for Aaron Judge, the longest streak in Baseball History.
Aaron Judge hit this so far that Yoenis Cespedes didn't even move 😱
Aaron Judge is the first man in MLB history to strike out in 33 consecutive games. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Aaron Judge just Crushed a pitch off my Mets... Cheezus Howard and Mary...
18,748 men have played in the Major Leagues. Two of them have struck out in 32 straight games. Aaron Judge is one of th…
History in The Bronx as Aaron Judge strikes out for the 32nd consecutive game, tying Adam Dunn's single-season record.
With that K, Aaron Judge ties Adam Dunn for the MLB record for most consecutive games with a strikeout.
Aaron Judge of Yankees has signed an exclusive memorabilia deal with Fanatics also has Kris Bryant, Anthony Ri…
Jose Canseco really wants to start something with Aaron Judge? 🔥🔥.
I'd like to see Aaron Judge take one swing at a baseball and then give Jose 10 chances to hit a softbal…
I know Aaron Judge looks like Haramba playing baseball but let's not forget Randy Johnson. The guy looked liked a giraffe pitching.
Aaron Judge was adopted (though not by Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler, though they seem to want to)
Aaron Judge 5th deck, back corner of the Rogers Centre lol 👀
Aaron Judge is to the HR Derby like Vince Carter is to the Dunk Contest.
It's a rivalry for a reason. Sorry for being mean to Aaron Judge. I forgot we are only…
Cody Bellinger and Aaron Judge are the first pair of rookies to each hit 30 HR in a season since 2007 (Ryan Braun and Ch…
Fantasy Baseball Today Podcast: Hot Braves prospect Ozzie Albies is up, Aaron Judge's slide ... Who are we talking…
Interested to see if Aaron Judge will hop on Team Invisalign or just ride out that gap like Strahan.
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We haven't seen that kind of HR barrage since Aaron Judge at the home run derby. Blazek departs having given up…
Freddie Freeman hits a home run every 9.71 at bats. Aaron Judge hits one every 10.03 at bats. Cody Bellinger hits one every 1…
Either him or Matt Holliday. Holliday has been coaching Aaron Judge, I hear.
Personally don't agree with Aaron Judge replacing Dario Saric in the starting lineup, but I'm trusting the process
Which side would you rather have: Miguel Sano and Joey Votto or Ryan Zimmerman and Aaron Judge?
The Yankees might have lost in extras, but Aaron Judge isn't slowing down. 💪
People forget that Miguel Sano is younger than Aaron Judge
Miguel Sano broke statcast first but all anybody can talk about is how Aaron Judge did it last night.
Aaron Judge and Bryce Harper have broken Statcast on consecutive nights, but Miguel Sano was breaking statcast before it was cool.
Aaron Judge hit a ball so high and far last night that MLB's tracking devices lost track of it
Aaron Judge is gonna end up being Dave Kingman. Sorry Yankees fans
Aaron Judge is a modern day Dave Kingman.
Pablo Sanchez's entire body could fit into one of Aaron Judge's socks. Aaron Judge was taller at bir…
Little do you know Aaron Judge was selected by the in the 31st round of the 2010 MLB Draft
man Aaron Judge makes me excited for the future, next Stanton/Dave Winfield incoming
Aaron Judge is Pablo Sanchez 15 years later. Convince me he's not.
Miguel Sano strikeouts a lot too, so does Aaron Judge. Or is Gamel better than them too?
One lucky fan in Seattle got to play catch with Aaron Judge last night
Highest WAR registered by a rookie position player is 5.5 by late Thurman Munson in 1970. Aaron Judge started tonight at 5.2 WAR.
We know rookie Aaron Judge has AL RoY wrapped up. But what about the race for second?.
Yankees bench in a rubber match when they haven't won a series since 6/11:. Aaron Judge. Matt Holiday. Chase Headley. Todd Frazier
Tonight is the greatest baseball matchup of all time: Bartolo Colon vs. Aaron Judge.
Aaron Judge facing Bartolo Colon. Judge was 4 when Colon made his MLB debut.
Just like a fine wine! Bartolo Colon fans Aaron Judge to end the 1st!. WATCH "Big Sexy" on
Aaron Judge was 4 years old when Bartolo Colon debuted in MLB.
I would have acquired Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez in any trade for Todd Frazier. Read Art of the Deal. I'm a tremendous negotiator.
Don't even act like Aaron Judge is better than Pablo Sanchez 🐐
Well he is a power hitter. Jim Thome, Ryan Howard, Aaron Judge...all overrated too right?
Aaron Judge has an absolute cannon for an arm. 💪
45 says he's signed more laws than any president. If lies were home runs, he's Hank Aaron + Aaron Judge.
Aaron Judge is only 1-21 (.048 BA) since the All-Star break. His BA has dropped 18 points during this stretch (from .329…
Jul 17, AB 2: Aaron Judge grounds into a force out, shortstop Ehire Adrianza to second baseman Brian Dozier. Jacoby Ellsbury out at 2nd.
Aaron Judge: Twins' Sano 'one of the best hitters in this game' | Fox Sports
Can we please stop talking about Aaron Judge? Don't get me wrong, he's great but *** it's old.
WATCH: Replays of Jackie Bradley Jr. robbing a home run from Aaron Judge
Jackie Bradley Jr. just straight up robbed Aaron Judge of a two run homer... ⚾️
This is the third time has showed Karl Ravech's interview with Aaron Judge. Let's show it everyday so everyone can watch it!
WOW the lighting in that Aaron Judge interview is *not* kind to Karl Ravech.
Karl Ravech just said Aaron Judge overshadows the sun... chalk one up for the humans
Karl Ravech just implied Aaron Judge can't take a day off bc he's the face of baseball
Aaron Judge was a beast in football and basketball too 👀 ➡️
It makes me sick that the Yankees turned the compensation pick from us signing Nick Swisher into Aaron Judge 🤦‍♂️
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