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Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Michael Hernandez (born November 6, 1989) is an American football tight end for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL).

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Aaron Hernandez committed suicide in his cell. . A tragic end to a once promising life. . May he rest in peace.
Elvis Duran this morning "Aaron Hernandez killed himself early this morning, whelp that's over with" *switches to new topic* 🤣
OJ Simpson, Ray Lewis, Aaron Hernandez. I guess to get away with murder, you just gotta be a football player.
Hey, you know OJ Simpson graduated college right? Aaron Hernandez graduated college. Ray Rice graduated col…
His favorite football players are OJ Simpson and Aaron Hernandez .
Apparently the OJ Simpson jury was also assigned the Aaron Hernandez double murder case.
Aaron Hernandez is one murder appeal victory away from scoring touchdowns for some team again.. what a day
welcome to America. Where animals like OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony and Aaron Hernandez kill with no repercussions
The same defense attorney who got Casey Anthony acquitted just got 7 not-guilty verdicts for Aaron Hernandez.
the lawyer that helped Aaron Hernandez beat the double murder charge was also Casey Anthony's defense
Aaron Hernandez now belongs in the "not guilty" club with:. Casey Anthony. OJ Simpson. Hillary Clinton
If I EVER get into trouble I'm hiring Casey Anthony/Aaron Hernandez lawyer to defend me!
When you realize the lawyer who got Aaron Hernandez off double murder, is the same lawyer who got Casey Anthony off her mur…
The moment I found out Aaron Hernandez lawyer was Casey Anthony's Lawyer.
Breaking: Aaron Hernandez found not guilty in double-murder case, currently serving a life sentence
Beast Mode back, Phil Jackson said Melo's trash and Aaron Hernandez innocent? What a day
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Aaron Hernandez's lawyer reminded me of the movie The Lincoln Lawyer ...
Aaron Hernandez and the murderer from Lincoln Lawyer the same cat. 😂
Aaron Hernandez found NOT GUILTY in 2012 double murder.
Aaron Hernandez is thankful that the acquittal came down in time for him to get back for Salisbury steak night.
Breaking: Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been found not guilty in a 2012 double murder.
JUST IN: Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez found not guilty of 2012 double murder; he's currently serving a life sentence for a 2013…
What's the deal with Aaron Hernandez? I mean if it's Rodgers, why do you want Patriots' Day? Who ARE these people?
BREAKING: Aaron Hernandez, already serving life sentence for 2013 murder, is acquitted in 2012 double slaying.
Breaking News: Jury finds Aaron Hernandez not guilty in double-murder trial.
- Jury finds Aaron Hernandez not guilty in 2012 Boston killings.
Bet the jurors wait until Sat 4/15 to find Aaron Hernandez So they can stick it to him the same day the last jury did on 4/15/15. 👊
Let's erect a statue of Aaron Hernandez next
Bill Belichick was sought as defense witness in Aaron Hernandez trial
No verdict yet in the double murder trial.
Aaron Hernandez jury has been deliberating 5 days! April will give birth before that verdict!
Just give us a On Aaron Hernandez already please
Next pats put statue for Aaron Hernandez
bring me on stage show em what's up, I'm in the Aaron Hernandez jersey
'Feds Did a Sweep' is a song about Aaron Hernandez. The more you know 🌠
The one word Bill Belichick used to describe Aaron Hernandez
Where is Jose Baez these days one might ask? Well, trying to get Aaron Hernandez off of course! 😤.
Just finished watching the Casey Anthony documentary on Investigation Discovery. It's clearly obvious that Aaron Hernandez killed her baby.
Bill Belichick has a word for Aaron Hernandez and Deflategate during interview
Aaron Hernandez is currently serving life without parole. Not sure why Boston is spending time&money on prosecuting him for 2 more murders.
I would like why y'all so quiet did drugs alcohol women it's a shame I told Bill Belichick don't pay Aa…
People would literally rather have Aaron Hernandez on the Broncos than Colin Kapernick.
They asked Arian Foster if if ever been to the club with Aaron Hernandez. 💀
Aaron Hernandez's fiancee is the definition of ride or die
What if I told you that you can be a great tight end and a killer. Catching Passes and Bodies 30 for 30 the Aaron Hern…
Here's why a deleted text could clear Aaron Hernandez of double murder.
I'm coming to sleep on your couch while I attend the Aaron Hernandez trial. 😂
Aaron Hernandez 30 for 30 is gonna be crazy.
Aaron Hernandez may beat his murder wrap.. should he be allowed to play in the again?
It's insane how Aaron Hernandez was murdering people on Saturday nights and catching touchdowns passes from Brady on Su…
Am I the only one who wants Aaron Hernandez back on the field
When people talking about Aaron Hernandez beating this case, he can beat it that's cool b/c he already has life wit no chance of parole
Deonte Thompson, the current and ex-WR, described former teammate Aaron Hernandez as “my guy”
Latest on Aaron Hernandez Trial: Crazy Story from Court | Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis | FOX Sports Radio…
Chicago Bears receiver calls Aaron Hernandez 'my guy' in trial testimony - USA TODAY.
Aaron Hernandez would kill to go back to the NFL 😤
Coach: Anybody got an idea how we can come back in the second half?. Aaron Hernandez: Let's kill the other team. . ... ... Co…
Why I'm the only one who sees Aaron Hernandez's innocence: or am I?
NFL player testifies about partying with Aaron Hernandez
Somebody made an Aaron Hernandez mix to locked up by Akon 😂💀
Bears WR Deonte Thompson calls Aaron Hernandez ‘my guy’ at trial.
Deonte Thompson took the stand on Monday during the murder trial of former teammate Aaron Hernandez.
Bears WR Deonte Thompson testified about 'my guy' Aaron Hernandez:
“That’s my guy," NFL's Deonte Thompson said of Aaron Hernandez during the trial for the former New England Patriot.…
Bears WR Deonte Thompson testified at Aaron Hernandez's double-murder trial today, reports
" Bears receiver Deonte Thompson takes the stand in Aaron Hernandez double murder… "
Chicago wide receiver Deonte Thompson calls Aaron Hernandez "my guy" at double-murder trial.
.player Deonte Thompson calls Aaron Hernandez 'my guy' at double-murder trial
An interesting day for Bears WR Deonte Thompson, who testified at the Aaron Hernandez trail. More
Bears receiver Deonte Thompson testifies at the Aaron Hernandez trial
I was watching Aaron Hernandez highlights nd they started playing Chris brown 'say goodbye' lol
Aaron Hernandez to go unmentioned like Chris Benoit, I imagine
With players like Chris Chiozza, Mike Miller, Bradley Beal and Aaron Hernandez, is a college that produces efficient shooters
2008 Chris Brown, Malcolm X, the dude who snitched on Aaron Hernandez, Denzel Washington as Malcolm X, DMV
Crazy. Deion Sanders scored a TD and Hit a home run in the same week & Aaron Hernandez caught a TD and caught a body in…
Aaron Hernandez could be CLEARED of double murder after text suggests star witness lied under oath
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"Aaron Hernandez says Belichick and “the Patriot way” changed him" 8/27/12 (via
Aaron Hernandez shot Alexander Bradley in the face. Bradley then had two goals. Live. Kill Hernandez.
Cuz that's snitching on Aaron Hernandez got me dying laughing, *** ain't miss. A detail lls
Actually, Aaron Hernandez may have killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman come to think about it.
Aaron Hernandez was really out here catching bodies 🤒
Aaron Hernandez' former friend and drug dealer testifies against him in court today. Watch: https…
Aaron Hernandez was murdering ppl AND playing for the NFL. I can't even get to work on time.
"Aaron Hernandez Highlights" aka an 8 minute video of 10 yard catches
This latest Aaron Hernandez story is wild. READ
Faaam, Shannon Sharpe said Aaron Hernandez was a full time HIT MAN. And on his spare time played NFL Football. (Watch) 😂😂…
Aaron Hernández really sold drugs and killed people all while being apart of the greatest TE duo in NFL history. He deser…
shows us why "stick to sports" is an inane comment. This is a great piece of legal reporting:
CNN seeks dismissal of lawsuit filed by star prosecution witness in Aaron Hernandez trial
Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez shot men after drink spilled at club, witness says
OK, this piece by on a key witness in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial is jaw DROPPING   10% Off
Fractured friendship of Aaron Hernandez and a gangster played out in bone-chilling court scene via
Aaron Hernandez was moving weight, catching bodies and scoring touchdowns in the NFL. Literally living every hood nigg…
This is chilling. Make sure you read this piece because it is an eye opener alright.
Lmao, Aaron Hernandez's old associate is out here snitching like he's in that meme.
Aaron Hernandez was REALLY about that life. *** even shot his homeboy. Sheesh.
We not recognizing how savage Aaron Hernandez was tho. Millionaire. Super bowl champ. Top 5 (maybe 3) at his position.…
Even if the field were more crowded, would still be the king of the sports court column
Aaron Hernandez was killing folks then the next day would catch two touchdowns against the Bills
Aaron Hernandez made time to flip bricks, catch bodies, and play in the NFL, but your WCW can't text you back cause she…
Aaron Hernandez shot Alexander Bradley "between the eyebrows". Bradley then had just two goals: Live. Kill Herandez. https:/…
"You either ON the field or IN the field". Aaron Hernandez: "Why not both?"
Aaron Hernandez will have the greatest 30 for 30. What if I told you a man was catching bodies and catching TDs
Aaron Hernandez in court today looking as guilty as humanly possible
It's crazy Aaron Hernandez and played in the same team and they are complete opposites one saves lives the other takes
Aaron Hernandez “felt people thought he was soft’’ and wanted to show them he was not, a former friend testified
Plot twist: Aaron Hernandez stole Tom Brady's jersey. Oj Simpson sent in to recover the stolen memorabilia.
aaron hernandez was moving packs and catching bodies, then would pull up to the stadium to catch 6/85/2 TDs on sunday in…
Tattoo artist will take the stand and testify about Aaron Hernandez's body art!
[Mass Live] - Home of former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez remains on the market as murder trial …
Aaron Hernandez jury exiting Cure Lounge in Theatre district per pool reporter. Defense says AH in club for only 9 mins night of murders.
Attorneys for ex Patriots star Aaron Hernandez say witness is killer of 2, not the former tight end
If you missed opening for it's here. AARON HERNANDEZ TRIAL - OPENING STATEMENTS - PART 2 via
Opening statements began today in the double murder trial of Aaron Hernandez. WED0369
I mean the guy DID spell his drink on Aaron Hernandez.
This *** Aaron Hernandez serving life over a spilled drink. Life comes at you fast!
Ya'll women be saying your MCM Aaron Hernandez up until yo *** is dead being rolled up in his carpet by his cleaning crew.
Prosecutor said Aaron Hernandez killed 2 over a 'simple bump, spilled drink" but his defense lawyer doesn't agree.
I'll be watching Aaron Hernandez's double murder trial all day!
Something to be said about the culture of the New England Patriots that they employed - and gave a very healthy...
Hernandez defense team has nothing to lose (Yahoo Sports) |
Aaron Hernandez is on trial for double murder. He's really just not a good person huh
Just peeped how Aaron Hernandez has an 860 tattoo. Not saying I'm happy he's from here but.. (cool story Dennis)
if you trial junkies are interested, the Aaron Hernandez double murder trial started today. It's on youtube.
Defense: Witness, not Hernandez, is killer of 2
ICYMI: Today marked beginning of double-murder trial of Aaron Here's a recap -
Defense says double murderer is star witness and not Aaron Hernandez | Sport 
With nothing left to lose, the Aaron Hernandez defense, led by Jose Baez, comes out on the attack
Aaron Hernandez double murder trial & the NFL combine start today. What a great day for the National Football League!
The Boston Globe Aaron Hernandez had 'deadly accuracy' in 2012 shooting, prosecutors say The…
So much fun NFL coverage to watch today. You can either watch Aaron Hernandez's double murder trial or the NFL Combine.
As Hernandez murder trial opens, defense claims East Hartford man was the killer
Aaron Hernandez: Ex-NFL star's lawyer claims star witness was gunman in double murder via the App
Attorneys duel over facts in Aaron Hernandez’s double murder trial: ‘Simple bump’ or drug deal gone bad?
Prosecutors: Aaron Hernandez said 'What's up now?' as he shot, killed 2 men
Hernandez's lawyers are blaming the 2015 double-murder on the prosecution's star witness.
Opening statements in Aaron Hernandez trial: The prosecution and the defense gave their…
Defense: Killer of 2 is star witness, not Aaron Hernandez (Yahoo Sports)
Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels are on the list of potential witnesses for Aaron Hernandez's double murder trial. https…
Patriots' Bill Belichick on list of potential witnesses in Aaron Hernandez double murd...
Aaron Hernandez because he's a real straight shooter
Aaron Hernandez, another Patriot who will not be attending the White House ceremony with his teammates.
BREAKING: Aaron Hernandez says he too will pass on the New England Patriots White House visit.
BREAKING: Aaron Hernandez says he too will skip out on Patriots White House visit. Cites "obvious reasons."
Brady would of had 6 already if Aaron Hernandez wasn't a straight goon
Bruins fired Peter Chiarelli the day Aaron Hernandez was convicted of murder. . They fired Claude Julien the day of Patrio…
REPORT: Aaron Hernandez upgraded from 'inactive' to 'probable' for second half
I always have to use a George Costanza voice when I say "Aaron Hernandez".
what about Randy Moss, Rodney Harrison, and Aaron Hernandez (jk he murders people)
"Some things in there-Aaron Hernandez, Michael Vick, guys that have played for these teams-I'm not going into Aaron Hernandez."
to help their respective team win the Superbowl, prime Michael Vick on the Falcons or a prime Aaron Hernandez on the Pats?
Every Friday before the Super Bowl, my moms work lets them wear NFL jerseys/attire. And every year my mom wears my Aaron Hernandez jersey...
gimmie Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, and Aaron Hernandez. No one in their right mind would try to hit them.
People act like "Aaron Hernandez" is a mic drop on anyone from NE. Do you also blame all GB/MIN fans for Darren Sharper's rapes? (Hint: no.)
you look like a combo of Aaron Hernandez and Alex Len
Family of Aaron Hernandez murder victim pushes judge for civil ruling via
Jeff Fisher on Gronk injury: "Good for us, but we still have to worry about Aaron Hernandez."
Sometimes...I just wanna lock Skip Bayless in a cell with Aaron Hernandez, Orenthal, Ray Lewis, Darren Sharper, Mark Chmura and Rae Carruth
Not counting Aaron Hernandez the Patriots are really good at picking good TE's who don't also murder people for a hobby.
To some critical thinkers, Steve Addazio's legacy will always be recruiting Aaron Hernandez to the University of Florida
Prosecutor claims Aaron Hernandez 'got tattoos for each murder he committed'
Aaron Hernandez allegedly has tattoos of guns used in suspected double murder.
Attorneys for former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez don't want jurors at his upcoming double murder...
WATCH: Aaron Hernandez is back in court; AM session focused on tattoo, text evidence.
WATCH NOW: Aaron Hernandez back in court after hearing recess.
WATCH: Former Patriots player Aaron Hernandez is in court for a pretrial hearing ahead of his double murder trial…
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WATCH: Aaron Hernandez is back in court for another pretrial hearing.
Better shooter in Boston sports history: Larry Bird or Aaron Hernandez?
Aaron Hernandez was Ricky and Doughboy rolled into one.somebody buy the life rights to his movie!
Aaron Hernandez and javaris crittenton are the reasons we should take these NBA players throwing hand signs seriously 😂😂😂
Aaron Hernandez for sure killed three people while playing for the Crazy to think him and Tim Tebow were…
Crazy that Tim Tebow and Aaron Hernandez were teammates and good friends.. lol
Aaron Hernandez killed a dude then caught a touchdown the next day , thats tough
A man who survived a deadly 2012 drive-by shooting in Boston identified Aaron Hernandez as the shooter h…
Aaron Hernandez was literally a hitman who played in the NFL on the side. . He just was accused of another attempted murder v…
Aaron Hernandez a cold blooded killer... imagine if he didn't get caught he'll still be on the Pats smh
dawg Aaron Hernandez was killing people on Saturday and playing football on Sunday .. i think this may top OJ .
I can not wait for the 30 for 30 on Aaron Hernandez
Aaron Hernandez bout to have the livest 30 for 30
How did Aaron Hernandez go from NFL star to serving life in prison? His brother reflects:
Bro this guy Aaron Hernandez is a true savage
Aaron Hernandez was really in the field and I ain't talking football
Aaron Hernandez is another great example of good talent going to waste
Aaron Hernandez was his own shooter.
That Aaron Hernandez 30 for 30 gonna be top 3.
i hope they working on Aaron hernandez 30 for 30
Aaron Hernandez really played in the NFL ... I cant remember for who but wow
How tf did Aaron Hernandez make it to the NFL while catching bodies part time???
Aaron Hernandez was really a full time gang member catching bodies on Saturdays & then catching throws from Tom Brady on…
Aaron Hernandez was really killing dudes on Friday, Burying them on Saturday, and playing in the NFL on Sunday. Unreal
" Steph Curry the greatest shooter of all time ! " . Aaron Hernandez :
The only survivor of double-fatal 2012 drive-by shooting in Boston has identified Aaron Hernandez as the triggerman. http…
Aaron Hernandez was a hit man and playing professional football at an all pro level. I can't work a 9-5 and find gym t…
Aaron Hernandez killing ppl on Saturday then killing defenses on Sundays, truly insane
"Steph Curry is the best shooter on the planet". Aaron Hernandez:
yes you do lol...Aaron Hernandez lol
Aaron Hernandez looks bad until you think back to Joe Paterno just sliding a whole child rape case under the rug
If they let Casey Anthony Go, then they have to do the same for Aaron Hernandez!
Why? How? For what? I really want to know Aaron Hernandez's motivation.
.Aaron Hernandez belongs on a list with Tony Stewart because they both killed a guy.
Aaron Hernandez just asked, Hey can I get a retrial? I'm a good guy too!!! Just ask my friends Odin Lloyd & Daniel De Abreu
. also in contention: Zombie Chris Henry,Aaron Hernandez, and Morten Anderson
By being traded from the Patriots to the Browns, Jamie Collins received a harsher punishment than Aaron Hernandez
Hillary for President, Aaron Hernandez for VP, OJ Simpson for Speaker of the House
I guess I look at Dante Stallworth or Craig MacTavish much differently than I do Aaron Hernandez or OJ Simpson or Subway Jared
Aaron Hernandez had all that talent and still couldn't stop himself from being a murdering *** street *** 😪
Josh Brown will be in the longest Yard 3 co-starring Ryan Leaf and Aaron Hernandez
Josh Brown in an absolute 100% scumbag, has no place being in the NFL. Get him out. He can join Aaron Hernandez
or maybe you played on the Pats with Aaron Hernandez? Panthers with Rae Carruth?
browns hired art briles. some of the other potential targets for the offseason are:. Aaron Hernandez. Lindsay Lohan. OJ Simpson. Rae Carruth
All these athletes saying it's not locker room talk, wonder what OJ, Greg Hardy, Aaron Hernandez, Darren Sharper have to say about LR talk 🤔
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I think Trump has OJ Simpson, Rae Carruth and Aaron Hernandez on his fantasy team.
every time i see promotion for "Pitch" i think of kent murphy hitting a dinger off her yelling "gone forever Aaron Hernandez"
I think my football player crush on Aaron Hernandez has been killed by Cooper Bateman and I'm ok with that.
Aaron Hernandez didn't sacrifice Odin Lloyd for the Pats to barely beat the Buffalo Bills on opening day.
How many jerseys got burned when Aaron Hernandez was arrested, convicted and sentenced in the murder of Odin Lloyd?
tfw u realize Aaron Hernandez murdered 2 people but was never suspended by the NFL
Chris Hogan just found out about Aaron Hernandez
So if I understand Boomer Esiason right, Kaep is more disputable then Aaron Hernandez and Ray Carruth?
Also, since Carruth we've had Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Michael Vick, Adrian Peterson, Aaron Hernandez and more. Let that sink in.
Keep in mind...Aaron Hernandez, Greg Hardy and Ray Rice are all since Rae Carruth
Aaron Hernandez, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and Josh Brown inflicted harm on others, but Colin is the most hated since Rae Carruth ***
too much of a chance to self incriminate. ex: Aaron Hernandez.
Urban Meyer can't control what Aaron Hernandez does, just like Tom Osbourne can't control Lawrence Phillips.
Don't you guys know that success in sports is a direct indicator of human decency? See: OJ Simpson, Darren Sharper, Aaron Hernandez, etc.
Aaron Hernandez probably looked at Jose Baez like "Call me Aaron Rodriguez one more time..."
How incredible is it that Tim Tebow, Ryan Lochte, Aaron Hernandez, & Cam Newton were all on Florida's campus at the same ti…
Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth & OJ Simpson should have been forced to compete in the Olympics in a Suicide Squad-type scenario.
Aaron Hernandez, Ray Lewis, and OJ Simpson share your sentiments
I just seen some Aaron Hernandez highlights to locked up and to say the least I am inspired
Aaron Hernandez trial set for Feb. 13, 2017 in the 2012 fatal drive-by shootings of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado.
Aaron Hernandez will face trial for the murders of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado on Feb. 13, 2017 in Boston.
If Jerry Sandusky deserves a new trial, then so does Aaron Hernandez, Bill Cosby, and OJ Simpson. 😒
Uh, hey Mr. Goodell, the blood is on your hands.. Aaron Hernandez is a free man in the league. I'm appalled
A tale of murder football and brothers, a different side of the Aaron Hernandez story
Martellus Bennett said he's watched every catch Aaron Hernandez made with the Patriots.
Martellus Bennett said he has seen every catch Aaron Hernandez made in this offense
Someone was there for every step of Aaron Hernandez's fall from stardom to prison: His brother. (
This story by on Aaron Hernandez's brother is really, really good:
A truly exceptional piece on the brother of Aaron Hernandez. Well done, and Incredible.
Incredible longform by on Aaron Hernandez's brother. Such an incredibly sad story from so many sides
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Goodness gracious this story by about Aaron Hernandez's brother is incredible.
Aaron Hernandez's brother retraces the former NFL star's path to murder (by
Nice piece on Aaron Hernandez and his older brother, by
.is one of the best. This story, on Aaron Hernandez's brother, is one of his best:
Just finished reading your article about Aaron Hernandez's brother, Jonathan. What an amazing piece!
.spent time with Aaron Hernandez's brother and wrote this terrific story
Unbelievably detailed on Aaron Hernandez and his brother from Make some time for it
Superb by on Aaron Hernandez through the eyes of AH's brother: ht…
O.J Simpson, Aaron Hernandez, Johnny Manziel, Aldon Smith, Ryan Leaf, Tony Mandarich, Jamarcus Russell; guys that had it all but blew it...
Aaron Hernandez and Gronk were the best TE duo
Aaron Hernandez will be in court today with Casey Anthony's lawyer defending him -
Aaron Hernandez just made his first court appearance with his new lawyer, Jose Baez ... the s...
Aaron Hernandez -- First Court Date With Casey Anthony's Lawyer (PHOTO): Aaron Hernandez just made his first ...
Aaron Hernandez is having a better week than Jon Jones.
Aaron Hernandez associate pleads guilty to his part in murder
Hill is a significant upgrade over Rutledge/Hernandez/Marrero and can be a regular in a pinch. Nice pickup.
Wishin Aaron Hernandez would've just chilled out on everything. He was gawg on the field.
Iverson, Marshawn Lynch, Jr Smith, or Aaron Hernandez who was the most hood
Will Aaron Hernandez be available to be play this season, if needed? He's been working out.
How about we at least hold cops to the same standards as professional athletes. At least Aaron Hernandez got convicted.
*** love bringing up those cheating allegations or the Aaron Hernandez situation like that's a valid argument
Aaron Hernandez check out this beautiful baby...
Past few years we've had deflategate, Aaron Hernandez, etc. this year... Nothing. And that's not a bad thing.
What if Aaron Hernandez would've never done anything and was still on the Patriots?
you have to be found guilty to go to jail? um Aaron Hernandez was in jail for how long until he was found guilty. lmk
Talking about Aaron Hernandez and a 12 year old on my team says "thats the only shooter the Warriors haven't pursued" 💀
If only Aaron Hernandez had the same team working for him...
. A trip to the club with Aaron Hernandez.
Aaron Hernandez really threw everything away cause he couldn't give that life up.
giggs is gone forever Aaron Hernandez
Like, we cool with cheering Ray Rice now? Greg Hardy? It takes Aaron Hernandez for us to finally cry uncle?
Pats Fan trying to bring up Martavis Bryant like Aaron Hernandez isnt doing doing Push-ups in a 6x9 for the rest of his li…
Aaron Hernandez friend pleads guilty to accessory charge in Odin Lloyd murder -
I think I heard that Joan Baez is going to be Aaron Hernandez's defense attorney?
Former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez hires the lawyer who famously won an acquittal for Florida mom Casey Anthony:
Former Patriots star Aaron Hernandez hires attorney who won acquittal for Casey Anthony:
Aaron Hernandez is hiring the attorney who got Casey Anthony acquitted:
Jose Baez confirms to WESH 2 News he'll represent Aaron Hernandez in upcoming double murder trial: "he has a good…
Right, he's not rolling with Aaron Hernandez. Sort of kicking it with Stephen Gostkowski though.
you guys get Aaron Hernandez and Suge Knight outta jail
I mean not as kind natured as Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth or OJ, but only slightly less despicable than Greg Hardy? For real?
I don't do hate, but I'm surprised Aaron Hernandez & Rae Carruth didn't make the top of the list.
No time to watch live trials? All your favorite felons are right here, Jodi Arias, Aaron Hernandez, Ross Harris.
Team extreme update: Aaron Hernandez, a rookie, tells media that, "the team chemistry is doing just fine and will not affect their play."
All my close friends know that when your phone gets lost in my couch... It's like Aaron Hernandez, gone forever!
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I shoot like Curry. My shot's better Curry, more like Aaron Hernandez.
If it was a "murderer's row" as that guy claimed, where was Rae Carruth and Aaron Hernandez? But...carry on..
He got the Rapist's vote cinched with Tyson-Maybe Rae Carruth & Aaron Hernandez can help him with the Murderers?
Tampa Bay is the person in your fantasy football league who has attempted to draft Aaron Hernandez three years running.
this is the question that got Aaron Hernandez drafted in NE.
Some team is searching for the next OJ, Aaron Hernandez or Rae Carruth
are hoping that Aaron Hernandez is available in the 3rd Round. Source tells me Rae Carruth.
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