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Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Michael Hernandez (born November 6, 1989) is an American football tight end for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL).

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James Patterson will write a true crime book about Aaron Hernandez, to be published in early 2018
A packed show ahead! Ron Fowler's comments on Jered Weaver, at 6:30 on Aaron Hernandez, & to talk MLB at 7:15!
Now that Aaron Hernandez' murder conviction is abated, what does this mean for the Patriots??
Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction has officially been vacated.
Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction cleared after suicide
. Death Wipes Hernandez of His Murder Conviction - He'll enter the history books as a former NFL star a...
Aaron Hernandez had his murder conviction vacated by a judge in Massachusetts on Tuesday.
Jose Baez probably gonna play the NFL lead to Aaron Hernandez death.he's such scum 😭
SpeedeNews: Aaron Hernandez’s lawyers prepared to seek money from NFL, Patriots
A verdict was reached for Aaron Hernandez, I bet you he gets off
A Massachusetts judge has ruled to vacate Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction after... by…
Judge tosses Aaron Hernandez's conviction in 2013 murder
The Latest: Prosecutor to appeal Hernandez conviction ruling
Aaron Hernandez's 2015 murder conviction has been abated by Judge Susan Garsh. He is technically not guilty. Commonwealth li…
Breaking: Judge abates Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction, his record will reflect no conviction of Odin Lloyd murder.…
Judge said court “has no choice” but to throw out Aaron Hernandez’s convictions and dismiss the charges against him. https…
Aaron Hernandez' lawyer is PURE SCUM.lmao he's about to get them NFL dollars
A judge has dropped Aaron Hernandez's 2013 murder conviction. The Bengals have responded by giving him a 2 year contract.
Former NFL player Aaron Hernandez has killed himself in a Massachusetts prison.
A judge dismissed Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction, meaning he died innocent & his family may get millions
A judge has thrown out Aaron Hernandez's 2013 murder conviction. Once again the NFL has made the wrong call during a bo…
Aaron Hernandez has been cleared of conviction for Odin Lloyd's murder. Judge said "no choice" bc Hernandez died before appeal…
gotta be the dum dum thing of the day. "Judge clears Aaron Hernandez of murder conviction"
He died while serving a life sentence, but Aaron Hernandez has been cleared of his conviction due to a legal rule. . htt…
Breaking: Judge throws out Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction due to death before appeal hearing
Judge rules Aaron Hernandez's 2013 murder conviction will be erased because he died before his appeal was heard:
Judge agrees to erase Aaron Hernandez’s conviction in 2013 murder because he died while appeal was pending. Story: https:…
Bristol DA's office to appeal overturned murder conviction.
Aaron Hernandez really created that plan and it worked exactly how he intended it😧
Aaron Hernandez is technically not a convicted murderer anymore, just a former New England Patriots TE
"Judge throws out Aaron Hernandez's murder conviction after he commits suicide" via { } (by Ryan Wilson)
Does this mean he was innocent ? . BREAKING SPORTS ALERT. May 9, 2017. Judge agrees to erase Aaron Hernandez's 2013...
RIP to great man and great tight end Aaron Hernandez. Guy never murdered anybody. Just a great innocent man gone to soon who didn't murder
Aaron Hernandez will be the subject of a new non-fiction book written by author James Patterson:…
Records: Aaron Hernandez was member of Bloods street gang. Shared via
Police : Aaron Hernandez was member of Bloods gang - Boston Herald
James Patterson is writing a true crime book about the life of Aaron Hernandez
Police release full, detailed report on prison suicide of Aaron Hernandez -
Aaron Hernandez's suicide note to fiancee released publicly by court (per
NFL_Broncos247 BREAKING: The final message from former NFL TE Aaron Hernandez?. "You're rich."
Filed under "Huh?" (other than the man can smell a market). Patterson to write book on Aaron Hernandez
SUV in Aaron Hernandez double murder trial was up for auction.
Medical examiner's office to keep brain of Aaron Hernandez, DA says, against family wishes to donate to Boston Univ CTE un…
I just got the new Aaron Hernandez Jersey. It hangs loose and the neck is way too tight.
Aaron Hernandez found dead in prison with Bible verse John 3:16 written on forehead, law enforcement sources say.
On eBay, people were bidding six figures on the SUV in Aaron Hernandez's double murder trial
SUV in Aaron Hernandez double murder trial on the auction block
Did you not see my aaron Hernandez joke?
eBay pulls listing for SUV prosecutors said Aaron Hernandez used in 2012 double-murder
I think it's messed up that football fans are mourning a murderer today. I have no sympathy for Aaron Hernandez.
eBay pulls auction of Aaron Hernandez’s car linked to 2012 double murder
Aaron Hernandez must of watched the Celtics game last night.
Aaron Hernandez has killed more people than Andre Roberson has made free throws this series.
Aaron Hernandez Wasn't on Drugs Before Suicide, Wrote 'Illuminati' in Blood on the Wall ... Report Says via
Aaron Hernandez’s attorneys are seeking an abatement which could have wide-ranging effects (by
New post (Aaron Hernandez 'Murder Car' Auction Pulled from eBay) has been published on World Fast News -…
Aaron Hernandez's 2012 double murder vehicle is selling on Ebay for over $100k. It's a great compliment to anyone who…
eBay pulled the auction for Aaron Hernandez's "infamous" SUV after it reached $100K, have not said why
The Toyota 4Runner once used by Aaron Hernandez, which prosecutors said was used in a double murder, was put on eBay
Please use Aaron Hernandez brain for research, if one good thing can come from this, it'd be to study his brain for concu…
Aaron Hernandez: Humble, takes time to take pics with kids. Kawhi Leonard: Yells, all about himself, doesn't take pics w…
Judges HATE him! Inmates ENVY him! Find out how Aaron Hernandez cut his sentence short using 1 simple trick they dont w…
Evan Engram is drawing a lot of comparison to Jordan Reed; I see it but I see more Aaron Hernandez (the football player). Si…
I hope Alex Jones takes the Aaron Hernandez way out.
Britt said we should have went to see Aaron Hernandez tonight.. she was thinking Alex Rodriguez 🙄
Patriots owner Robert Kraft just announced that the team is retiring the number 81 in honor of Aaron Hernandez. Class move by a class team
Aaron Hernandez's fiancée and her lawyer said in an affidavit that his estate... by via
Patriots owner Robert Kraft testifies in Aaron Hernandez trial
Last man to see Aaron Hernandez alive wants his 15 mins.
Gulf Coast grad Brian Biada played at Florida with Aaron Hernandez, discusses his experience in recent book:
Attorney for Aaron Hernandez's prison 'brother' adds new wrinkles to suicide mystery
Attorney for Aaron Hernandez's prison “brother” adds new wrinkle to suicide mystery
Free bobby shmurda, Kodak black, Aaron Hernandez and Charles Manson 😢🙏🏼💯
The man believed to be Aaron Hernandez's prison boyfriend has been identified as Kyle Kennedy:
Aaron Hernandez's prison letter is a hot mess
A complicated story with a tragic end, as former NFL star Aaron Hernandez comes out as bisexual in his suicide...
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Aaron Hernandez's prison lover Kyle Kennedy taken off suicide watch via
The last man to see Aaron Hernandez before he allegedly committed suicide has been identified:…
Kyle Kennedy, a 22-year-old fellow inmate who allegedly had an intimate relationship with Aaron Hernandez,~WHOA,WHO…
Aaron Hernandez asked to share a cell with prison lover Kyle Kennedy via
ICYMI: Here's the statement from Larry Army Jr., the attorney for Kyle Kennedy. He says Aaron Hernandez left Kenned…
Aaron Hernandez suicide note meant for prison inma...
My current claim to fame: I believe I am the only person to have gone to school with both the Boston bomber and Aaron Hernandez's *** lover.
Brother DJ Hernandez arrives through security check at funeral home for Aaron Hernandez service photo
Dan Wetzel is not comfortable reporting on the sexuality of Aaron Hernandez at this point, and told Clay Travis why.
Who gives a f*^k? We're busy cleaning the mess he made. He needs to stfu and go away like Aaron Hernandez
And too, she was another Aaron Hernandez stan.
This whole thing is tragic. Our hearts cry out for Jesus in our most desperate moments. Aaron Hernandez & John 3:16
UPDATE: Aaron Hernandez was found dead with Bible verse John 3:16 written across his forehead, sources tell https:/…
Homophobia -- including internalized homophobia -- kills. Fear of Being Outed Prompted Killing by Aaron Hernandez
I just got the Aaron Hernandez joke about him being a tight end then turning into a wide receiver...I can't sleep in peace now):
How do they come up with this stuff.
Aaron Hernandez&Connecticut hometown prepares for funeral:
DH: Aaron Hernandez's Connecticut hometown prepares for funeral
Hummm.Did he commit Suicide or was he Murdered? Your thoughts.
How Aaron Hernandez went from rising star to a convicted murderer -
...thats not the Aaron Hernandez that i knew man SHUT UP. Just shut up. You sound like a moron when you say that seriously.
"Hey it's Aaron, Aaron Hernandez, don't adjust your... whatever device you are hearing this on"
Aaron Hernandez's Connecticut hometown prepares for funeral: BRISTOL, Conn. (AP) - Family and friends of Aaron……
Family of Aaron Hernandez's Victim Asks Patriots to Pay in Wrongful Death Suit - NBC News
Yeah, 'cause his character was above reproach when he was JUST a murderer. Smear campaign? Riii-iiight.
The Aaron Hernandez I once knew leaves me with pure sadness
27-year-old former NFL star reportedly took his own life in a Massachusetts jail cell Wednesday morning.
FOX8NOLA: Aaron Hernandez's Connecticut hometown prepares for funeral
Aaron Hernandez's Connecticut hometown prepares for funeral -
I'm going to be like Aaron Hernandez
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Then you should hang in there. but not like Aaron Hernandez.
*** really said Aaron Hernandez killed himself because after he beat the double homicide charge The Browns sent him an off…
Aaron Hernandez's Connecticut hometown prepares for funeral
AP: Aaron Hernandez's Connecticut hometown prepares for funeral.
Aaron Hernandez's Connecticut hometown prepares for funeral.
Aaron Hernandez reportedly wrote "John 3:16" on his forehead before committing suicide:
New report shows that Aaron Hernandez had John 3:16 written on his forehead & may have smoked K2 before his death:
Fonzi gets theological on the death of Joanie - Aaron Hernandez and John 3:16 - Atheistic absurdiies... live!! 9pm
Dang John, this Aaron Hernandez stuff is getting more and more bizarre by the minute vis a vis the suicide notes. Whew!
SI’s MMQB: Who knew what about Aaron Hernandez, and when?
Crime Does Pay: It galls me to know the New England Patriots might still have to pay Aaron Hernandez's estate $6 Million - paying a murderer
Why did Aaron Hernandez write ‘John 3:16’ on his forehead before killing himself? -
Aaron Hernandez's attorney takes steps to sue for negligence over his death
So it's being reported that Aaron Hernandez was found with "John 3:16" written in blood on his forehead, open Bible in…
Aaron Hernandez had 'John 3:16 on forehead' in jail suicide
- great article! Prison Traumatic Stress Disorder: the PUBLIC Success/PRIVATE Failure of Aaron Hernandez
Report: Aaron Hernandez's bisexuality considered as motive for Odin Lloyd murder
Aaron Hernandez is a victim because he was a *** man who had a secret and Odin Lloyd threatened to out him.
REPORT: Aaron Hernandez was bisexual, and Odin Lloyd knew
The mother of the man Aaron Hernandez was convicted of killing, says she prays Hernandez found peace.
Aaron Hernandez's hidden sexuality fueled the murder of Odin Lloyd, police sources say
So they're saying Aaron Hernandez murdered Odin Lloyd to keep his bisexuality a secret. 😶
Report suggests Aaron Hernandez's sexuality may have played part in Odin Lloyd murder.
Aaron Hernandez 'murdered Odin Lloyd to keep his bisexuality a secret'
100 rts and I'll wear my Aaron Hernandez jersey on graduation
Lawyer: Mother of Aaron Hernandez's murder victim asks Patriots for $6 million
Family of Aaron Hernandez is donating his brain to CTE research via Jose Baez. Will be given to Boston University CTE Unit.
Source says Aaron Hernandez's brain was delivered to Boston University last night and is being stored in the medical buil…
Life and death...Aaron Hernandez found with Bible verse written on forehead, reports say via the App
Aaron Hernandez's brain will be donated to science and studied in CTE research
I guess technically Aaron Hernandez's prison cell was the end zone. 😐
Aaron Hernandez as a product of CTE? People are a product of their choices. Someone's actions shouldn't be reduced because of a sport.
Here's the excellent Aaron Hernandez piece by Dan Wetzel I brought up with US Murph today
Aaron Hernandez was no innocent bystander in a bloodstained life Sally Jenkins reports
like see Aaron Hernandez in this picture of Drake. Lol. I hope the can get them visio…
Aaron Hernandez is sad story of losing a father and not knowing how to deal with it , that's my opinion
RIP Aaron Hernandez. And RIP to the victims whose lives he took. He is now answering to God for all his mistakes so we sho…
Aaron Hernandez killed himself so his child can get 15mil? 😭😭😂😭 Y'all can believe that if y'all want to
Yahoo's Dan Wetzel is working on an Aaron Hernandez doc. *** yeah. .
Aaron Hernandez's family wants his brain to be studied by researchers looking into brain trauma.
Tom Brady's balls deflated so he couldn't be there. Aaron Hernandez decided to hang out at the gray bar hotel.
Why are people acting like Aaron Hernandez wasn't suppose to be serving a double life sentence?
As soon as I heard Aaron Hernandez killed himself, I knew that it was a money move.
After official review, the receiver (Aaron Hernandez) did not get two feet down. The call on the field stands.
Aaron Hernandez. Heavy emphasis on '16 campaign. Player boycotts. No mention of Tom Brady -- at all
Alone during his trial, Aaron Hernandez exhibited the slightest change in his final days by Dan Wetzel, Yahoo Sports
Historic photo of (left to right) Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady, and Aaron Hernandez
If you told in me in 2012 that the day Aaron Hernandez died Rob Gronkowski would crash a press briefing during Donald Tr…
Aaron Hernandez left us with 81 shades of gray. At least 4 men are dead because he fel…
BREAKING: Ray Lewis has been linked to Aaron Hernandez's death. More details to follow shortly.
What a day. Aaron Hernandez committed suicide. Bill O'Reilly was fired. Starbucks introduced the Unicorn frappuccino. I'm wore the *** out
Yee frick'n tell us all about how Aaron Hernandez was innocent and…
After the refs further review Aaron Hernandez did not have two feet on the ground 😵
Jim Gray on when asked his thots on Hernandez: "I don't feel sorry 4 Aaron Hernandez one bit He's destroyed a lot of lives"
Aaron Hernandez was at one time looked upon as one of the better guys in the Patriots locker room. --
The Dan Wetzel piece on Aaron Hernandez just gave me chills... Goodness.
Aaron Hernandez when he gets to *** and sees Stevie Stephens and Rae Carruth
Thinkin about Aaron Hernandez really pisses me off... so much wasted potential 😒
"Hey... it's Aaron Hernandez, welcome to your tape Tom"
Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth, OJ Simpson, Michael Vick, Tom Brady *** is going to have a solid offense in the future.
Aaron Hernandez had it "all," from national title to potential HofF career for dynasty. But nothing made him happier t…
Roger Godell: You can no longer play in the NFL. Aaron Hernandez: Welcome to your tape.
Is it just me...or are there psyche similarities between Aaron Hernandez and Rae Carruth?...bad stuff
"Hi Tom, it's Aaron Hernandez welcome to your tape"
Adam Schefter reacts after news of Aaron Hernandez's death.
That's how Aaron Hernandez was last seen...
"Aaron Hernandez died by hanging.but we would never leave you hanging..I'm Brad Benson from Brad Benson Hyundai in South…
Never forget the Rae Carruth story...Its sadder than Aaron Hernandez's.
A look back at Aaron Hernandez in high school at Bristol Central
I think the Aaron Hernandez saga has officially trumped the Rae Carruth saga
Aaron Hernandez. Drafted at 20. Multimillionaire at 22. Convicted of murder at 25. Dead at 27.
Aaron Hernandez is dead but Rae Carruth will be out soon. . He deserved the same fate as Hernandez imo.
Rae Carruth or Aaron Hernandez, sorry, but I have no sentiment for people who squander silver plate luck handed to them
"He was a charming person, but that fits the definition of a psychopath.". spoke about Aaron Hernandez:…
Aaron Hernandez still has a better chance of playing in the NFL than Kaepernick
The whole Aaron Hernandez situation is tragic and sad, from start to end it's sad .
Aaron Hernandez found dead after hanging in prison cell - via App
Outside of O.J. Simpson, it is difficult to think of an athlete who threw away as much as Aaron Hernandez did.
BREAKING - . Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez found dead in his jail cell in Massachusetts https:/…
Aaron Hernandez is dead, Jason Chaffetz isn't running again, and Bill O'Reilly might be done at Fox... Is it my birthday?
too bad for Jason Chaffetz, Bill O'Reilly and Aaron Hernandez knocked their Julia Roberts click-baiting ploy off the home pages
Thanks a lot Aaron Hernandez! I don't know who to draft for my cold-blooded killer fantasy league. I guess Rae Carruth will be my pick.
Judge: "You're guilty for the murder of Odin Lloyd". Aaron Hernandez: "This is your tape"
By my count, Aaron Hernandez is the third Urban Meyer-recruited player to commit suicide, after Avery Atkins and Chris Johnson.
Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth cases share gruesome similarities and one big difference
Hannibal Lecter talked Miggs into hanging himself.Aaron Hernandez not in a million years.something is not right!
Aaron Hernandez. One of the saddest stories in the Sport world. Could of been one of the greatest to play the position. Now…
My heart goes out to Aaron Hernandez's daughter who has to deal with stories about her dad forever on top of losing hi…
Aaron Hernandez’s agent: ‘Absolutely no chance he took his own life’
No matter how you feel about Aaron Hernandez he is still someone's son and brother. Prayers for the family
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I took this picture of Aaron Hernandez's house after attending Patriots training camp in July of 2013 shortly after…
Aaron Hernandez may not be known as a convicted murderer for much longer.
The life of Aaron Hernandez: Drafted into the NFL at 20, multimillionaire at 22, convicted of murder at 25, dead...
INJURY REPORT: Aaron Hernandez (Deceased) listed as doubtful for Patriots season opener.
Don't let Aaron Hernandez suicide distract you from the fact on this date in 1994 Nas dropped one of the best Hip Hop albums…
Not long ago, Aaron Hernandez was an NFL star. How did we end up here?
Under Massachusetts law, Aaron Hernandez is now an innocent man.
Aaron Hernandez is dead, Serena Williams is pregnant, Trump woke up still not impeached... this morning has been a roller…
Aaron Hernandez is gonna die in prison within the next 2 years
Aaron Hernandez might be the saddest storyline of any professional athlete ever.
Lol bruh it ain't no way Aaron Hernandez committed suicide after he just beat dem cases . They killed dat man
⚡ Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez found dead in jail cell.
Instead of using this time to mock suicide, I will use it to feel heartbroken for Aaron Hernandez's 4-year-old daughter Avie…
Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez is questionable week 1 with a neck injury per source.
Hernandez is the 27th recorded suicide at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center since 2010 and the second this year https:/…
So, technically, Aaron Hernandez has killed 4 people.
Some people are calling Steve Stephens a monster, but talk about Aaron Hernandez like he's a great guy. You guys are co…
Every one saying RIP Aaron Hernandez, I don't see ya saying RIP to the INNOCENT Syrian people.
Aaron Hernandez 30 for 30 gonna be lit tho
Aaron Hernandez out indefinitely with an injury to the neck
Aaron Hernandez hanged himself with bedsheet, found dead this morning in his cell
Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez hangs self in prison cell on day of Patriots’ White House visit:
The Aaron Hernandez jokes are lame. 2 families destroyed & a daughter who will never know her father. .
.reacts to the news of Aaron Hernandez's death.
30 for 30 lookin at the news about Aaron Hernandez like
The Aaron Hernandez 30 for 30 gonna be crazy one day
Mark Wahlberg talking Ben Affleck into doing a movie about the Patriots and Aaron Hernandez's case.
Serving a life sentence for murder, Aaron Hernandez has hanged himself, per Mass Dept of Corrections.
Aaron Hernandez is dead. Serena is pregnant. Bill O’Reilly is unemployed. It’s not even 9 a.m. out here in California.
NFL players stunned by prison suicide of ex Patriots star TE Aaron Hernandez.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Aaron Hernandez forever innocent idc what you say.
Today has been weird Aaron Hernandez dies and Bill O'Reilly gets fired and Serena Williams is pregnant and it Isn't even…
22 veterans commit suicide everyday after experiencing *** for our freedom. If only they got as much attention as murder…
NEW: The cases of Aaron Hernandez and Rae Carruth share tragic & gruesome similarities -- and one huge difference: https:…
Aaron Hernandez death and all the people he killed blood are on Roger Godell hands
Aaron Hernandez hung himself in front of a mirror just to see himself in red, blue, and gray one last time
Ex-NFL player Aaron Hernandez hangs self in prison; Urban Meyer, who coached him at Florida, spoke about him in 201…
Breaking: Roger Goodell has suspended Tom Brady 4 games for Aaron Hernandez's suicide.
Asked by CNBC days ago for one word to associate with Aaron Hernandez, Bill Belichick said, "tragedy.". From beginning to…
Can we get a 30 for 30 on Aaron Hernandez??
Former star Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his jail cell, Massachusetts prison officials confirm.
Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez died after hanging himself in his prison cell
Aaron Hernandez kills himself in prison - The Boston Globe
Aaron Hernandez is officially gone forever
Aaron Hernandez committed suicide in his cell. . A tragic end to a once promising life. . May he rest in peace.
Well can say Aaron Hernandez is Gone for ever . literally 😂💀
I'm just glad Aaron Hernandez shattered the stereo type about Puerto Rican *** being crazy.
Shout out to Aaron Hernandez for doing what god should have done 27 years ago.
Elvis Duran this morning "Aaron Hernandez killed himself early this morning, whelp that's over with" *switches to new topic* 🤣
*** Aaron Hernandez added another one to the bodycount
OJ Simpson, Ray Lewis, Aaron Hernandez. I guess to get away with murder, you just gotta be a football player.
Hey, you know OJ Simpson graduated college right? Aaron Hernandez graduated college. Ray Rice graduated col…
His favorite football players are OJ Simpson and Aaron Hernandez .
Apparently the OJ Simpson jury was also assigned the Aaron Hernandez double murder case.
Aaron Hernandez is one murder appeal victory away from scoring touchdowns for some team again.. what a day
welcome to America. Where animals like OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony and Aaron Hernandez kill with no repercussions
The same defense attorney who got Casey Anthony acquitted just got 7 not-guilty verdicts for Aaron Hernandez.
the lawyer that helped Aaron Hernandez beat the double murder charge was also Casey Anthony's defense
Aaron Hernandez now belongs in the "not guilty" club with:. Casey Anthony. OJ Simpson. Hillary Clinton
If I EVER get into trouble I'm hiring Casey Anthony/Aaron Hernandez lawyer to defend me!
When you realize the lawyer who got Aaron Hernandez off double murder, is the same lawyer who got Casey Anthony off her mur…
The moment I found out Aaron Hernandez lawyer was Casey Anthony's Lawyer.
Breaking: Aaron Hernandez found not guilty in double-murder case, currently serving a life sentence
Beast Mode back, Phil Jackson said Melo's trash and Aaron Hernandez innocent? What a day
Aaron Hernandez's lawyer reminded me of the movie The Lincoln Lawyer ...
Aaron Hernandez and the murderer from Lincoln Lawyer the same cat. 😂
Aaron Hernandez found NOT GUILTY in 2012 double murder.
Aaron Hernandez is thankful that the acquittal came down in time for him to get back for Salisbury steak night.
Breaking: Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been found not guilty in a 2012 double murder.
What's the deal with Aaron Hernandez? I mean if it's Rodgers, why do you want Patriots' Day? Who ARE these people?
BREAKING: Aaron Hernandez, already serving life sentence for 2013 murder, is acquitted in 2012 double slaying.
Breaking News: Jury finds Aaron Hernandez not guilty in double-murder trial.
- Jury finds Aaron Hernandez not guilty in 2012 Boston killings.
Bet the jurors wait until Sat 4/15 to find Aaron Hernandez So they can stick it to him the same day the last jury did on 4/15/15. 👊
Let's erect a statue of Aaron Hernandez next
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Bill Belichick was sought as defense witness in Aaron Hernandez trial
No verdict yet in the double murder trial.
Aaron Hernandez jury has been deliberating 5 days! April will give birth before that verdict!
Just give us a On Aaron Hernandez already please
Next pats put statue for Aaron Hernandez
bring me on stage show em what's up, I'm in the Aaron Hernandez jersey
'Feds Did a Sweep' is a song about Aaron Hernandez. The more you know 🌠
The one word Bill Belichick used to describe Aaron Hernandez
Where is Jose Baez these days one might ask? Well, trying to get Aaron Hernandez off of course! 😤.
Just finished watching the Casey Anthony documentary on Investigation Discovery. It's clearly obvious that Aaron Hernandez killed her baby.
Bill Belichick has a word for Aaron Hernandez and Deflategate during interview
Aaron Hernandez is currently serving life without parole. Not sure why Boston is spending time&money on prosecuting him for 2 more murders.
I would like why y'all so quiet did drugs alcohol women it's a shame I told Bill Belichick don't pay Aa…
People would literally rather have Aaron Hernandez on the Broncos than Colin Kapernick.
They asked Arian Foster if if ever been to the club with Aaron Hernandez. 💀
Aaron Hernandez's fiancee is the definition of ride or die
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