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Aaron Donald

Aaron Charles Donald (born May 23, 1991) is an American football defensive tackle who currently plays college football for the Pittsburgh Panthers.

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That reminds me... how much money is Aaron Donald gonna get? 28 sacks in 3 years is good for an edge guy, absurd for an interior DT.
6.) Rams don't have a whole lot of cap room, either, and need to decide what to do with T. Johnson. Aaron Donald also due an extension.
I like that Steve Harvey is going to work with Ben Carson, very cool but good lord, even though his comedy isn't...
Thoughts on Wade Phillips going to the Rams? Aaron Donald, Michael Brockers, & Robert Quinn are gonna be beasts!
New HC Sean McVay: We have an All Pro player in Aaron Donald at 3-technique and he'll stay 3-technique.
nice - this letter from Aaron Sorkin covers similar ground
Donald when he heard the Diego news.
If anyone still wants that Aaron Donald rookie autograph card $20+$2.60 shipping and it's yours
Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s top national security adviser, in frequent contact with Russia’s ambassador to U.S.
Donald Trump's son-in-law, Mike Pence's nephew. This cabinet is starting to look a lot like an Aaron Spelling show.
I remember when I saw still a pup when it came to the draft and people on BTSC loved ra'shede hageman and all I wan…
Hope Rams and Phillips don't expect Aaron Donald to be two-gapping 5-tech. He is a beast as 3-tech. Robert Quinn ain't a standup end either
Donald Trump: "I don't want any big name acts at my inauguration. I'm the star, not some band that sold 500 million record…
Demoff, on McVay: "There are times when I close my eyes and see Jon Gruden." Jared Goff and Aaron Donald spoke to him before he was hired.
Wade Phillips is gonna make Aaron Donald even more of a monster than he already is, solid signing by the rams
If you're wondering why Coach Narduzzi is visiting watch this video. Twyman's favorite NFL player is A…
Wade Phillips with Aaron Donald and the rest of the DL.
They should wheel Aaron Donald onto the field like Hannibal Lector next year.
Linval Joseph is going to his first Pro Bowl!. He will replace Aaron Donald. 📰:
if that is the scenario, denver will send you a first AND a third for one aaron donald.
Here's my column on Trump, then I'm on Newsquiz at 6.30 with funny people, then you'll be sick of me I should hope https:…
Aaron Donald going from a 3-tech to a 5-tech. Can't wait to see how that looks.
Aaron Donald pulls out of Pro Bowl game
In two terms, Barack Obama had fewer scandals than Donald Trump had in the last two weeks https…
Giant inflatable rooster that reminds people of Donald Trump selling fast in China for zodiac Year of the Rooster
No offense to anyone but who would you rather coach? Aaron Donald, Robert Quinn, Alec Ogletree, Mike Brockers, Trumain…
"This one's for Larry Fitz, Shady McCoy, Revis, Aaron Donald, James Conner & Jordan Whitehead. You built this! You started this!"
Solomon Thomas may not be next Aaron Donald but his insane explosion off LOS makes you wonder. Eagles should take serious look
Stanford D-lineman Solomon Thomas off to .. shades of Aaron Donald in the way he moves, disrupts opposing ba…
Aaron Donald and Odell. Imagine Donald next to suh. Imagine Odell with Jarvis smh
NFC DT should be Aaron Donald and Damon Harrison, but sacks remain sexy. Gerald McCoy + Fletcher Cox good players, but n…
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DE Cam Jordan is tied with DT Aaron Donald, DE Olivier Vernon for the NFL lead in tackles for loss (1…
although didn't the bears take Fuller over Clinton-Dix...kind of the same thing..all I remember is missing Aaron Donald
How is Aaron Donald not ejected for throwing the flag back at an official?
Aaron Donald is the DeMarcus Cousins of the NFL
Aaron Donald is a machine. The dude cannot be blocked. Right up there with Mack, Miller, Watt..
Can you imagine what Greg Robinson vs Aaron Donald must look like in practice every day?.
Aaron Donald will never get the credit he truly deserves. . Flashy Miller/Mack/Sherman/Berry plays headline, and deserved, but he's amazing
I would demand the LA Clippers, fifteen first round picks, Aaron Donald, a beachfront property in Malibu, and Jeff…
take the roster with the franchise players. Aaron Donald and Gurley > Malik Jackson and Allen Robinson for me.
What should of been foundation after RG3 trade.Rams took Tavon (8th) Ogletree (30th), Greg Robinson (2nd) & Aaron Donald (13th) in 2013-2014
The Rams could've drafted Khalil MacK and Aaron Donald in the same draft. They took Greg Robinson.
Only needing to focus on Aaron Donald, instead of Donald AND Robert Quinn is great news for Brady's knee tbh
Aaron Donald they best Defensive Player in the NFL and I would debate that any day of the week
2013 Pitt had James Connor, Aaron Donald, and Devin Street. They would have been great if they had a guy like Savage at QB
"Donald, Aaron Donald.". & tour Pinewood Studios, home of the James Bond films! 🇬🇧 🚗
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*** David said Carr was better than obj Khalil MacK & Aaron Donald and he's not on his list smh
lol yeah no thanks I'd trade a 1/2 for Von Miller, Mack, Watt, Kuechly, Aaron Donald, maybe Lavonte David that's it lol
Todd Gurley, Odell Beckham Jr and, above all, Aaron Donald. Thank you, America, I promise to try not to clap at the wrong time.
Who do you think is the most dominate athlete in California sports? Kershaw, Aaron Donald, Mike Trout, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Mad Bum?
Three-quarters of Rams' starting D line is out: Wiliam Hayes, Michael Brockers and Robert Quinn. Think Aaron Donald will get…
Thoughts on Eric Ebron being selected in the draft before elite players such as Aaron Donald, Odell, and Kyle Fuller
I'll concede that drafts under Schwartz were better than Caldwell. Staff, Suh, Ansah >> Ebron, Tomlinson, no Aaron Donald
The other 2 writers chose Jamie Collins and Aaron Donald. Not sure how you don't pick Von Miller at this point.
Aaron Donald leads the league with 11 QB hits. CB Trumaine Johnson is tied for league lead with 8 passes defensed.
Aaron Donald recorded 8 QB pressures in win over Arizona, incl. 2 sacks. Carson Palmer had a QB rating of just 71.4 under…
Eric Ebron rather than Aaron Donald. Never forget. Also, boy can Van Noy play.
why Robert Quinn haven't been getting his Rating updated? Aaron Donald leads in pressuring the QB and Mark Barron rating too
get another crack at & DT Aaron Donald. Moved ball last year, but couldn't score pts until too late.
By the way this Trump take will have absolutely no impact of any kind. I REGRET NOTHING.
Half of the Avengers, President Bartlet, and Aaron Burr want you to vote on Nov. 8. (But seriously, VOTE.).
Starkey: Pitt's Price doing his best Aaron Donald via
nah but that *** really asked me how aaron Donald is doing and didn't reply lmao
Box's CEO just compared Donald Trump to old, dying technology via
From Trib.. Starkey: Pitt’s Price doing his best Aaron Donald: Jarring thought: Where would Pitt’s defense be...
Columnist says Ejuan Price doing best Aaron Donald impression:
Is hillary really better than Donald.
Because one of the worst o-lines in the NFL were playing against Aaron Donald and Robert Quinn.
"Donald Trump's campaign statements, if nothing else, have SHOWN that 'our views' are NOT so 'unpopular' as the...
REPORT: Trump used charity money to pay for legal fees
Everything Star Trek stands for is the opposite of what Donald Trump stands for.
3 out 5! I need Antonio brown and Aaron Donald! I pulled gronk, JJ, and now Sherman! BRUH! 🔥🔥
Don't blink Aaron Donald is behind you before you know it
That time Aaron Donald tackled two players at once.
you try blocking Aaron Donald then 😂
Aaron Donald and Robert Quinn were close to unstoppable in Rams' win over the Seahawks:
Delayed coverage of Donald Trump's speech in Cleveland Heights today.
Demar Dotson says the Aaron Donald is the best DT in the league
Highest-graded NFL interior defender through two weeks?. Rams DT Aaron Donald, at 94.8—some distance ahead of Ndamukong Suh at No.…
.attends a Trump rally to catch up on all the hottest conspiracy theories. https:/…
WATCH: Three years ago today, Aaron Donald took down two Duke players at once
The phrase "makes it look easy" doesn't do justice to how Aaron Donald beats the cut block and finishes the play.
The best D Tackle in the league goes up against Aaron Donald.
Todd Monken says Rams DT Aaron Donald is tough to leave single-blocked. Rams like to rush 5 and challenge you with man coverage on the edge.
Monken said Aaron Donald is a tough guy to leave singled. Rams D-Line is really good overall
Even Aaron Donald couldn't watch this game anymore and he was playing in it.
Donald Trump said 18 false things today.
Think Donald Trump's outreach to Afro-Ams is real? Yesterday, he was in NC where was killed. Note his si…
This Canadian journalist, every single day in the Toronto Star, lists all the lies that Donald Trump spoke that day. Shames th…
have traded Antonio Brown to the for Aaron Donald
FACT: Donald Trump used his charitable foundation to purchase *multiple* six-foot-tall paintings of himself.
[SB Nation: Niners Nation] - Aaron Donald shown hitting Daniel Kilgore in the helmet after a play
And don't worry Aaron Donald, the Niners Nation doesn't like you, either. Classless behavior
Aaron Donald just got ejected so the de facto leader of the Rams D-Line goes to William Hayes. A man that doesn't believe in Dinosaurs.
Aaron Donald of and Penn Hills profiled in Sports Illustrated as one of the next wave of game changers
RG John Greco said Eagles DT Fletcher Cox ranks in his top 3 of DTs. Along with Bucs' Gerald McCoy, Rams' Aaron Donald.
When the Rams drafted Aaron Donald, Alec Ogletree, Todd Gurley & Jared Goff it was like -
For my money Aaron Donald, Khalil MacK and Von Miller are all better defensive players than JJ Watt
Tired of dealing with this dude in my mentions who thinks Aaron Donald is better than JJ Watt and Von Miller.
There's a good case for Von Miller, JJ Watt or Aaron Donald as the best defensive player in the NFL.
Tim and Bob also compared Blair (who?) to Aaron's like they think we can't see the game
Thank God for Zach Martin keeping Aaron Donald in check.
"You can't take chances like that against Aaron Rodgers.". Thomas Davis & Aaron Donald drop knowledge 👇
Aaron Donald is the highest rated DT in Madden 17. 98 overall.
give us Aaron Donald and Gurley for Morris and Tyrone Crawford
It's early, but Aaron Donald is already showing love for his new d-line teammates.
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List of the top 5 NFL players to me!. 1. Gerald McCoy . 2.J.J. Watt. 3.Sean Lee. 4.Aaron Donald. 5.Zack Martin
Their front four is William Hayes and Robert Quinn bookending Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers. Easley backing up the latter two. Smh x 2.
Players like Tarasenko and Carlos Martinez make it okay that Stan K. stole Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald. Young gems.
The best player in the NFL last season: DT Aaron Donald. Full Top 101 list here:
Watching multiple games of Sheldon Rankins tonight. Limited versatility. Played end far too much. Good player. He's not Aaron Donald. Stop.
Someone needs to buy Aaron Donald and Fletcher Cox from me.
yeah and 2 years ago scouts were afraid to compare Aaron Donald to Geno Atkins. It's okay to compare to great players.
foolish to not take Goff if he's there, especially if they sign Anderson. Passing on Aaron Donald looks worse now!
I think Johnny Hekker will steal the show but obviously excited to see Gurley, Aaron Donald, Quinn, and the boys!
Curtis martin, Namath, Jim Kelly, Pryor, Ty Law, Tyler Boyd, DeAndre Kane, Aaron Donald!! Goes on and on
So far in one day of Vegas I have ran into Aaron Donald, Julio Jones, and Ndamukong Suh.
Dennis Allen may never admit it but Gregg Williams is a mentor to him. He can't help but see Aaron Donald cook, Rankins has similar traits.
Damon Harrison was the run defender in the NFL last year. Better than Aaron Donald. I forget who posted the stats. E…
It's pretty funny. They should give us Aaron Donald for Gabe Wright and a 2nd.
Aaron Donald is almost as fast as Tyler Boyd. Let that sink in.
domain names
My face when people say Khalil MacK is a better defensive player than Aaron Donald
only if Aaron Donald played in the AFC South then his numbers would be just as inflated
I mean it could be worse like the Browns drafting Justin Gilbert over Barr, Aaron Donald, and OBJ
Other hand some very good players have been 13th overall in recent history:. -Michael Floyd . -Nick Fairley. -Sheldon Richardson. -Aaron Donald
so there's no difference between Greg Robinson and Aaron Donald?
The have just moved DT Henry Melton for DT Aaron Donald of the Rams!
Hall of Fame captains Michael Irvin (with help from Devonta Freeman and Aaron Donald) and Jerry R... - via App
Oh that makes more sence, but still no rashad jones! Aaron Donald should be higher. Also no zach martin!
Every interior defender ranked from best to worst this season. Best: Aaron Donald . Worst: Xavier Cooper
Aaron Donald, Trumaine Johnson and Todd Gurley's national profiles are going to grow ten-fold.
Aaron Donald, Muhammad Wilkerson, Fletcher Cox and Calais Campbell all got All-Pro votes at both defensive end and defensive tackle.
don't forget Aaron Donald, Re: A. Brown and Watt best player
Why is there only a Most Improved award in the NBA? This yr in the NFL I'd vote for Trai Turner, Aaron Donald, Tyler Eifert or Blake Bortles
Aaron Donald tips the pass. Sims intercepts it and returns it to the 3. Mason punches it in 2 plays later. 13-10 Rams-John
Anthony Barr, OBJ, Aaron Donald, Ryan Shazier to name a few. If they didn't swap trades with Buffalo, could have taken Khalil MacK featured in NBC s Science of Love
Aaron Donald comes in 2nd behind Watt as Defensive Player of Year. 1 lousy pick.
I hope Aaron Donald can stay healthy for a long time. That dude has Hall of Fame talent.
Every time I see Aaron Donald on TV, I hate Martin Mayhew just a little bit more.
Maybe not Aaron Donald, but still likely an upper tier, upfield tackle.
Totally. Barr is a straight up beast, but so is Aaron Donald right now, who we passed on. Diggs was a great steal.
Has Quinn lived up to his extension? Long? How is Robinson working out? Tavon? He won a trade on paper, blew it, and drafted Aaron Donald
Really nice experiment on the Trump mode effect by and
I propose that the title "The Donald" be stripped from Trump and given to Aaron Donald
I'm voting for Donald Trump cause i ain't neva see a president get assassinated
just an FYI. The word watching is spelt wrong on that Aaron Donald link.
A racist, a bigot and an ex reality star walk into a bar. It's . Donald Trump walked into a bar.
Quinn hurt so Gabbert is lucky but we not blocking Aaron Donald game over
Aaron Donald tossed Logan Mankins like a little kid
Filmmaker Mike Tollin can count Hank Aaron, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Donald Trump among his subjects:
If you saw Donald Trump getting jumped by 18 people what would you do?
I don't want to merely swap The for the That means we don't get to watch Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley play in…
5 takeaways from the Dem debate: Speaking about Donald Trump's proposed ban on Muslims entering the United Sta...
Aaron Donald once again dominated the trenches and helps the Rams get the W. This young man has a very bright future
Aaron Donald reminds me of a young Warren Sapp, minus the deweys and prostitution scandal
All this Aaron Donald talk on my timeline is getting me really excited about Wilkerson/Richardson vs. Miller/Collins on Saturday.
Maliek Collins reminds me of Aaron Donald...same quickness and hand speed. Strength off the line
Solid half for GRogue Williams and the defense. Related: Aaron Donald is a member of the X-Men.
Aaron Donald is all over the place making plays
We really got two young hall of famers on our team in Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley barring any major injury
Tavon Austin, Todd Gurley, and Aaron Donald. Super happy with the young talent we have.
I like watching guys like JJ Watt, Aaron Donald, Mike Iupati and La'el Collins just as much as I enjoy watching any skill player.
Aaron Donald is ridiculous. Easily my favorite young DT in the league right now.
Rams DL is beating up the Bucs. Aaron Donald is the best young DT in the league.
Don't even try to compare Suh to Aaron Donald bc I'll just show u video. Donald is young but on a completely different level. Donald>Suh
Aaron Donald is a young hall of famer
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Great read today from on the unassuming mayhem of Aaron Donald: (Even if Laurinitis "isn't a guy.")
Aaron Donald is 1st Rams DT w/10 or more sacks since D'Marco Farr had 11 1/2 in 1995, first year for Rams in St. Louis.
Michael Brockers isn't much older than Aaron Donald.
Far more folks wanted Odell Beckham in DET than Aaron Donald. More than will admit it wanted C. Pryor. K Fuller was popular…
it is as bad a nightmare as the Aaron Donald vs. Lance Louis matchup earlier in the preseason
I think Kenny Clark is very comparable to Aaron Donald. Will climb up many boards but his ceiling probably won't be as high.
Aaron Donald, Robert Quinn, Janoris Jenkins, James Laurinitis, Alec Ogletree, TJ McDonald, and Mark Barron are all good players
My DPotY award still goes to JJ Watt, but other solid candidates include Aaron Donald, Cameron Jordan, and Luke Kuechly.
Aaron Donald doesn't get the credit of JJ Watt or Gerald McCoy or Ndamukong Suh but may be the most disruptive interior p…
NFL things that are fun: retro Saints, Nuk Hopkins, Aaron Donald at the LOS, Cam Jordan & Tyler Eifert making opponents pee themselves.
Would you consider dropping any of these for Allen Bailey: S Bradford, C West, M Jones, D Adams. or roll stick with Aaron Donald?
the 24 hour is Keenan Allen and the set completion player is Aaron Donald
The last 2 NFL drafts, the Bears were exactly one pick away from drafting Aaron Donald and Leonard Williams. 2 franchise defensive players.
I was wrong about Nix but can confirm, I loved Aaron Donald before it was cool.
Just have 1 DL position for starters. Who would you rather have: Jacquis Smith or Aaron Donald?
.doing a great job displaying how absurdly dominant Aaron Donald was against Steelers (as he is against most teams).
Oh, just Aaron Donald stepping through a double team to get Lynch for a loss of 2.
Aaron Donald is the second best defensive lineman in football. The first best if you just assume Watt is other worldly.
Jared Allen has 1 QB hurry. Ayers has 8 in one less game. For comparison Aaron Donald has 2. So he's doing something right.
And that's why Aaron Rodgers is the best in the league.
There is only one man in America that can beat Donald Trump in the polls. His name is Aaron Rodgers.
Donald Driver said Aaron Rodgers threw so hard he had to wear gloves so the ball wouldn't tear his skin off his hands. 😳
Aaron Rodgers is yelling "Orange Bozo" at the line of scrimmage. Can we not go one night without talking about Donald Trump?
Friendly reminder that Jeff Fisher sat Aaron Donald, probably the 2nd best DT in the NFL, for 4 games last season.
Donald Trump is just Michael Scott with a lot of money
I'm watching John Randle highlights on Youtube. He was Aaron Donald before Aaron Donald.
Officially voting for Donald Trump. The man tells it how it is.
I refuse to watch, but here's my best guess at the questions. "Aaron Donald is so good. You're a genius for drafting him."
Aaron Donald is playing at a JJ Watt level right now. Week in week out jumping out on tape.
Analysis notebook topics this week: Josh Rosen and Aaron Donald
you know that one hurt lol. Cody gets his later when he gets to slow down the Aaron Donald Express.
My religion teacher asked us to name modern day prophets and the people in my class came up with Aaron Rogers, Batman and Donald Trump :/
Is it wrong for me to say, I think Aaron Donald is the best IDL in Football right now and its not particularly close? Suh and Mccoy are 2-3
Jamie Collins is tied with Aaron Donald and DeMarcus Ware for 2nd in the with 3.5 sacks.
Aaron Donald he is not. I just didn't have any expectations for him and thought he looked pretty *** stout yesterday.
if only Aaron Donald played on Offense...
Keep an eye on Andrew Luck, Byron Maxwell and Aaron Donald in Week 3
Aaron Donald the best and Gerald McCoy better as well
a win against the Rams? Robert Quinn and Aaron Donald are likely to combine for 6 sacks that day. Austin Davis may have to play!
Anybody have audio of Rush Limbaugh talking piece at on Tom Brady and Donald Trump?
Water has been found on Mars. The search continues for a reason to listen to anything Donald Trump says.
Have you heard of this Aaron Donald guy? I hear he's pretty good.
Aaron Donald has at least a half sack in 4 straight games & 9 of his last 10 overall. Tied for 2nd in NFL w 3.5 this season
Aaron Donald abused Cody Wallace for his sack.
Eric Ebron dangerously close to "Hmm, Aaron Donald was there and Suh was about to get expensive" for evals, forever.
Aaron Donald vs Cody Wallace is not fair in the slightest
Aaron Donald just ate Cody Wallace up and spit out bones.
Aaron Donald is killing us.reminds me of central vs Penn Hills back in the day
Aaron Donald again busts up a run play for a TFL. Could’ve been a holding call on Cody Wallace, too. Was on 99 until the tackle made.
Aaron Donald is demolishing Cody Wallace on the line.
Aaron Donald. Constant reminder of how much I hate Penn Hills.
Cody Wallace has done an excellent job on Aaron Donald so far
Watch out for Aaron Donald today, but it's nice to see another Penn Hills grad making his way in the NFL.
Steelers' line prepping for familiar face in Aaron Donald - Lexington Herald Leader
Aaron Donald orders family from Pittsburgh to root for Rams on Sunday
Misdirection negates Aaron Donald's jump. didn't expect him to cut it outside and Janoris Jenkins…
Who gets the for the victory over the Seahawks?. A. Nick Foles. B. Aaron Donald . C. Benny Cunningham . D. Robert Quinn. E. Other
The Rams probably won't win the NFC West, but Robert Quinn and Aaron Donald give them a chance
that was a tough loss. We got beat by 2 people Aaron Donald and Cunningham -big plays all day
ima need Robert Quinn and Aaron Donald to take cardboard knees Carson Palmer out lol
Aaron Donald, Chris Long, Michael Brockers, Nick Fairley and oh, Robert Quinn..yeah...will be interesting.
Michael Brockers and Aaron Donald get the stop. Seattle loses on a 1 yard play for the second consecutive game.
Michael Brockers and Aaron Donald (of course) got the penetration to make the game-winning play.
The Rams bout to remake the fiersome foursome from back in they they got Chris Long Robert Quinn Nick Fairley and Aaron Donald... Savage DL
say that to Robert Quinn, Aaron Donald, Chris Long, William Hayes, Nick Fairley and Eugene Sims.hard to talk wit turf mouth
Aaron Donald is a baby John Randle.. the way he plays with leverage and his violent hands are soo similar.
I had John Randle n Aaron Donald last year and big man be movin!!!
There's always a chance that Aaron Donald could... Or Earl Thomas. Nah. JJ is the boss. Like MJ & Tiger rolled into one.
This is your weekly reminder that Aaron Donald is good at football.
Donald Trump Just Stopped Being Funny via Think Trump's too crazy to worry about? R…
Soccer addiction is a real problem, I'm now watching Mexican professional soccer, I don't speak Spanish and Donald Trump really hates me
Biggest bust in the history of the draft. WE SHOULD OF TAKEN AARON DONALD!!! FIRE EVERYBODY
I'm in the minority, but hated OBJ pick. Wanted Aaron Donald, who went to STL one pick after. He would've anchored this D.
National Zoo says Mei Xiang gave birth. Donald Trump demands new cub be deported immediately, saying “we cannot encourage …
Donald Trump confused a hand in the shade with the hand of a black man. Donald just can’t get it right!
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Not with Aaron Donald in town, he won't...
I'm guessing it was about Aaron Donald? I can see why you react in such an aggressive way though
Is there really 5 D-tackles better than Aaron Donald?? I'm givin one, MAYBE two, that's it!!!
Aaron Donald was a force to be reckoned with in 2014. How can he improve in 2015?
Who got the Space - EP by ? It blows Donald Trumps hair completely off
Trump’s audacious Southern spectacle is part of his strategy: MOBILE, Ala. — It was the most audacious Donald ...
Applebaum: Donald Trump: Spokesman for birthers, truthers, and Internet trolls: “It’s probably the same person...
JJ Watt. Aaron Donald. Leonard Williams. The next decade in the NFL is going to be dominated by these guys
Donald Trump addresses largest crowd of presidential campaign yet while in Alabama
hockeylvr42: In case anybody was wondering, Donald Trump just released his first official plan for his...
Can't believe the Bears missed out on Leonard Williams and Aaron Donald each by 1 pick. Huge downgrade to Fuller/White.
Donald Trump thought Ronda Rousey was a fan of him and this was her reaction 😂
Madden real fudged up this year with speed. Arian Foster is only an 82 speed. Same as Aaron Donald... in what universe does that make sense
Scale 1 - 10 How much do you hate The Donald?
Aaron Rodgers had Donald Driver in his prime? Wait are you serious?
Novak and Ben Perrin, the PM’s counsel, emails were both redacted from Wright’s Duffy-related emails
I agree. And that's why I wouldn't have been mad if we didn't trade up for Sammy Watkins. I would have loved Aaron Donald.
Aaron Donald 82 speed is faster than Brent Grimes.
SEA missing out on Aaron Donald was crushing, so now finding some sort of substitute is like my Moby ***
fair point, but look at last two years as prime examples. One more loss and we're looking at Aaron Donald & L. Williams
ok good cuz I can't see my Aaron Donald
Aaron Donals had a spectacular rookie season. Can he improve on his Pro-Bowl year? we take a look.
any idea what Aaron Donald or Gerald McCoy are on comparatively? Dareus better than Suh for me but we can't match silly $$$
me and you shouldn't pay the same as people like Donald Trump who is making billions
If you are a jets fan talking yourself into James Carpenter. Watch his first three snaps in week 17 against Aaron Donald. Got destroyed
Aaron Donald jumps from a 77 rating in Madden last year to a 92 rating this year
Trump says 1,179-mile tar sands pipeline would have ‘no impact’ on the environment
With the 1 Round 13th pick in the 2014 Draft St.louis Rams Select Aaron Donald .
Just think, he then gets Robert Quinn, Aaron Donald, Chris Long and blitz happy Gregg Williams in week 2.
Aaron Donald as a rookie had 10 sacks as a DT is he the best in the league
yea I agree with that man I still wish aaron Donald was on the team
Not to mention Aaron Donald in week 2.
Eric Ebron was taken before Aaron Donald. Just a reminder.
Here's how Aaron Donald's college stats compare with Suh, (on the first team).
Perry doesn't whine. Trump whines and admits it.
Aaron Donald was snubbed! Four major national awards in one season.
Names I never need to see again:. Bill Cosby. Jared Fogle. Donald Trump. Ann Coulter. Jacob Greenblatt (he beat me up in su…
Donald Trump says he would scare Pope Francis over capitalism views: "ISIS wants to get you"
The women who are shaped the same as Aaron Donald are hilarious
[Fansided :Ramblin' Fan] - What to expect from Aaron Donald in 2015
I really just want to be able to speak to someone who supports Donald Trump. Because I just don't get it.
I didn't that earlier. I would take Aaron Donald's career over his.
What to expect from Aaron Donald in 2015
What about Geno Atkins and Aaron Donald in big play leagues? Atkins was a DL1 in big play leagues before his injury.
A healthy Geno Atkins is the best DT in football, Aaron Donald will probably be the next best this year. These are facts.
Jeff Fisher Opens Up About Case Keenum, an Encore from Aaron Donald, and the key for the O-Line
not at all. Dude might die taking a sack from a young player like Aaron Donald
The Rams defensive line is the best in the league . Chris Long , Robert Quinn, Michael Brockers , Nick Fairly and Aaron Donald .
No one is saying Aaron Donald or Robert Quinn but I bet that'll change in the next year or two. They're young and scary.
DT Aaron Donald among NFL's top run stuffers -
i stand by my comment that aaron donald is the bestr DT in the league
Hopefully Aaron Donald is one of the others too.
I wonder if Sheldon Richardson still thinks that he’s better than Aaron Donald?. Looks like he’ll have 4 games to sit and wonder some more.
.lavishes praise on the Republican field -- except for Donald Trump
Rick Perry: Donald Trump's views "do not reflect the Republican party." He's right. EVERY GOP candidate needs to say this.
if you're counting on a base that appears to love Donald Trump to come to its senses, we may all be disappointed.
Rick Perry: "I don't have a problem with means testing. I'm pretty sure Donald Trump can get by without Medicare.”
. Alert The Donald. "Officers are hunting for Aaron Leach-Veliz, who is armed and dangerous and could be heading to Mexico"
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