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Aaron Craft

Aaron Craft is a sophomore basketball player for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

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this is how I feel about Aaron Craft. At least throw them on the Nets
My guess of where to he's probably with his man-crush Aaron Craft
The 4 years of wanting to get in Aaron Craft's pants didn't help either.
I wish Aaron Craft still played for the Buckeyes so Dan Dakich would talk about him and not tell me how bad the Buckeyes are.
Down 10 with 8 to go. Put in Shannon Scott and Aaron Craft so we can go full court press.
Can't believe you have not mentioned Aaron Craft yet.
Respect the craft. Do the work necessary to perfect it. Don't claim to be good at something when you know in your heart you don't work at it
he's grown on me after Aaron Craft graduated
How is Juice Williams still in school? Serious Aaron Craft Effect
Good list! I'd add Aaron Craft to my personal list! All time favorite Buckeye!
We can’t preach to others about loving your neighbor while we fail to serve and love our own roommates.--Aaron Craft.
Aaron Craft, Jon Diebler, Evan Turner, Jared Sullinger, and a vintage Greg Oden. Let's do this.
With 4 more assist Monte Morris will pass Aaron Craft, finally get him back
Aaron Keeney fused his welding skills with a brewing hobby, creating a Eugene company known in the craft beer world.
Happy belated 26th Birthday to alum Aaron Craft. now plays for for Aquila Basket Trento of the Italian Serie A.
Want to really learn your craft? Mentor a junior developer. If you can't explain it simply, you don't know it well enough.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
(3/3) "that they weren't late to the meeting. The police came to the Craft Center & met with De'Aaron & Bam. Neither suffered any injuries"
This *** said "do the buckeyes still got Aaron Craft or he left last year" 😒
Loved Aaron Craft when he was at OSU, scrappy player. and Braxton Miller will be a great slot receiver in due time.
If someone can craft policies that help "forgotten Americans" deal with the imaginary threats living in their heads, yo…
goes five-hole on Wightlink goalie Aaron Craft in the 7 - 1 win over the Buccaneers l…
last time I remember them being relevant was when Aaron craft was there 😅
Hey Aaron, thanks for the shout out! We are expanding our Brewery and local Craft focus in the spring!
Thinking this morning... Anyone else see a strong resemblance between Jared Terrell's drive and Aaron Craft's drive?
In honor of the Michigan vs Ohio State game today, lets not forget when Trey Burke blocked Aaron Craft to seal the game…
I would love to see a matchup with Aaron Craft guarding Grayson Allen. That wod be interesting.
February 5th, 2013: Trey Burke blocks Aaron Craft late in OT to secure the win against Ohio State.
upcoming SCW milestones for . 36pts from 2K. 22stl from passing Aaron Craft for No. 1 all-time. 4 3fgm from 100. 8ftm from 400
TJ Mcconnell is the NBA version of Aaron Craft
will be showing his work in Check it out 2/22-2/26
Dario Saric is the Croatian Joakim Noah with a higher O & TJ McConnell might be the love child of Greg Paulus & Aaron Craft
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I saw someone wearing an Aaron Craft jersey the other day at work and it made me so happy lol
I can't stand that ducking kid. He might be as bad as Aaron craft was dude.
If Grayson Allen's name was Aaron Craft he would be called gritty & a competitor for the stuff he has done.
Are Hayes and Koenig nominated for the B1G's Aaron Craft lifetime achievement award? Those two have been around forever.
Has Ethan Happ cashed in his "I get the Aaron Craft treatment guys" card yet tonight?
Most would of thought Aaron Craft had better potential
Aaron Craft best basketball player to ever walk the earth
The next addition to the ROOTED family is Craft Design Technology.
ok but Aaron craft also was head over heels better than everyone in Ohio...he would also drop 40+ point games HS
Need to take a look at Aaron Craft over there in Italy, he bounced around with the Warriors D-League squad, just sayin
Go watch Aaron Craft highlights now fam, only guy Id rather have than him is Kennard. Dont even try to tell me Tatum😂
Aaron Craft would be the best player on this duke team lmao, dude actually cares about the sport unlike these Duke bums😂
TB to the time Nat thought Aaron Carter played for Ohio State and that Aaron Craft was a singer 😂😂
Aaron Rodgers is great at his craft
Aaron Rodgers is a master at his craft
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Always been a fan of Aaron Craft from Ohio St. Tough, sacrifices, & hustles. Keys to victories!
Always wanted to learn more about craft beer? Join Aaron LaFrance from at Sal & Mookie's - Biloxi for a...
Aaron Craft gets his own mountain btw. Too much grit to share.
Just like the white guy for Ohio State a few years ago. Aaron Craft
Masterlasco's 46 points in last night's big win surpassed former extraordinaire Aaron C…
How will Dan Dakich bring up Aaron Craft today?
sully remember that time you told me he sucked and that Aaron craft was better than him?
WOW! LB beats VB in OT 63-57. 46pts! Scored his 1000th point and broke the school record of 44 held by Aaron Craft.
Masterlasco's 46 points broke a school record for points in a game. Previous record? 44 in 2010 by a guy named Aaron Craft.
Let's hope it's a craft ale and burger place replacing Cardiff could really do with one of those.
Iowa went full Aaron Craft in the last minute
The Bill Walton man crush on Lonzo Ball is nearing aaron craft level
where is Aaron Craft when you need him
That’s called the Aaron Craft loophole, I believe.
I'll trade Jaquan Lyle and my left *** if you let Aaron Craft play a fifth year for Ohio State
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seriously it feels like I was still in HS. OSU always seems to have that one guy. It used to be Aaron Craft.
TBT to when i went to the Purdue/Ohio State game in 2013 & actually cried after an Ohio State fan told me Aaron Craft had gotten engaged
Every player on Ohio State's team went to the Aaron Craft school of handchecks. Those are fouls.
Aaron Craft will be Ohio State's team doctor when? 2026?
I miss watching Aaron Craft play for the Buckeyes💔
"Aaron Craft would hold Russ to 15/4/5 but these franchises only care about dunking"
Not sure of the 5 but Grayson Allen, Aaron Craft, and Vlade Divac are locks.
Aaron Craft, former Ohio State Buckeye, has been traded -
stayed one year. Can't really develop in a year. I mean the Aaron Craft's, Sam Thompson's. William Buford really stands out too
Ok final trade offer Meyers Leonard (baller) for Trey Lyles and Aaron Craft (scrubs)...
Can we talk about Aaron Craft getting more minutes than Marcus Paige? This is unbelievable.
Aaron Craft will play with Utah in NBA summer league: Can he ...
do you see these PGs on NBA rosters next year? Quinn Cook, Aaron Craft & Baron Davis. Who'd be a good fit for each?
He got to play with D-League greats: Aaron Craft, Ronnie Brewer, and Xavier Henry. Plus all that Santa Monica Warrior swag.
BTW Aaron Craft beat Draymont Green. Why does Bron have problems?
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your boy Aaron Craft is doing John Deere commercials
Idc who you're a fan of, LeBron's jump shot is broken. It's as bad as Aaron Craft's was by his senior year.
He's just our Aaron Craft and it bothers you ha. Delly is a good defensive player.
Like Kyrie might be the worst defender I have seen. Can the Cavs sign Aaron Craft of the Warrior D league?
Where's Aaron craft? Still waiting for him to back up curry
If garbage *** Dellavedova can make an NBA roster, I don't know how Aaron Craft couldn't
Rumor has it the Warriors are calling up Aaron Craft for game 5 to replace Curry
Great day at Ohio State with my team. Also got to meet the man Aaron Craft! Good luck tomorrow fellas 👌🏽🌰🏀
Aaron Craft's game-winning 3 over Iowa State in the NCAA tournament!
Aaron Craft would die to play for Team USA. He's a real patriot
Looks tasty! Heard good things about craft beers in the UK these days. Enjoy!
And the award for Most Poorly Sliced Bagel goes to... Southfield/Tel-12! Such craft.
Picture with Aaron Craft after Idaho Stampede vs Santa Cruz D league NBA game.
Do you know who played for Ohio State that Delly reminds me up the way he plays the game, Aaron Craft,
's G'Knight!! Chef Aaron's lunch specials and will help with what ales you!
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did u meet Aaron craft Thad Matta kam Williams and marc lovin at work today? no. did I? yes. me > U
Alan cox just said he would "whip a battery" at Aaron craft if the Warriors promoted him during the finals 😂😂
Jared Sullinger in a trade as well and we're picking up Aaron craft
Some kid said I look like Aaron craft at the omni 😂😂
If the Warriors didn't cut Aaron Craft they probably would've won tonight
As a Buckeye fan LBJ jumper looking more & more like Aaron Craft whom I love but OUCH
We all know Aaron Craft would shut anyone down in the NBA. FACTS
Klay Thompson just laid there like Aaron craft
Here is something brilliant I said a year ago. Been cooking all day for craft service at Aaron's neighborhood...
😂😂😂 man listen these cavs fans swear he Gary payton/Aaron craft all day! 💯
Yo you happen to hear Aaron Craft's interview? Lol play mozgov and quit trying to ride TT...
"How you choose to write is entirely up to you, but if you want to craft good sentences, the only thing you...
Great write up from team member on . Craft isn’t enough.
I mean Aaron Craft was Delly in Ohio before Delly right?
"Your craft isn’t enough; the ambition to be more than what you do is." discusses our newest standard.
Big thanks for filling for me. He's like the Aaron Craft of Seattle Times sports writers
I like to see people take pride in their craft, and take their time to reach greater levels
Never gave up on my craft , some days was rough , some was good .. You live to work another day
Please join us congratulating Aaron on 3 years of excellence in his role at The Craft Agency, Inc. as an Account...
Aaron Craft is back on campus today... I'm also on campus today... 👀🚨📷
Listen to Mine craft by Aaron Staccato on
What can Dellavedova do that Aaron Craft can't? I need answers
I wonder if the Warriors will eventually put Aaron Craft into this game.
Waiting for Aaron craft to check in at this point
only if it's the Aaron Craft, Jared Sullinger, and Jon Diebler version
Villanova out here using cheat codes to play with Aaron Craft and Wendell Pierce.
David Stockton is the only person who can make Aaron Craft look tall.
This shot from Brandon Knight looks vaguely familiar. Heurtas is playing the part of Aaron Craft.
How bad do you want it?? An Aaron Craft special right here... (Vine by
Aaron Craft heard it was March again. [   10% Off
Luke Petelin reminds me a little bit of Aaron Craft for Pesky D. Quick. Solid finish.
Is Aaron Craft on the Pats practice squad?
You mean to tell me Aaron Craft isn't coming back for his 8th year of eligibility?
You saw what happened to Aaron Craft right? yea, Grayson Allen won't even be in the NBA for long
What a fantastic discussion with Delroy Lindo and Aaron Paul Dworkin today on craft, professionalism, resilience,...
Denzel Valentine got the Aaron craft ending smh
I'm asking for Valentine to miss a game tying/winning shot and go full Aaron Craft
Last year we watched in style. Complete with Aaron Craft framed photo.
He's the Aaron craft of Nova but worse
So glad Dayton got smacked since my coworker sent me a pic of aaron craft laying in the floor crying after losing in 2014.
I put aside the fact that Dayton ruined Aaron Craft's senior year and picked them to win. I'm never picking or rooting for them ever again
I can't stand Syracuse. Cooney is Aaron Craft 2.0 but super musty, and they play that BS 2-3 cuz none of them can play actual defense
This is what happens when you get sloppy around former Ohio State star Aaron Craft!
Trevor Cooney is the new Aaron Craft - feels like he's been in college for 10 years.
Sally Struthers penny a day donation man's Aaron Craft
almost as many years as Aaron craft played
still doesn't surpass Aaron Craft's 30 years at Ohio State
glad to see Aaron Craft hasn't changed a bit.
Aaron Craft is still doing Aaron Craft things
Big Joe just said Purdue woulda won if Aaron Craft was on the team
Aaron Craft heard it was March again
Buzzer beaters are lame if they aren’t shot by Aaron Craft, LaQuinton Ross, or maybe Ron Lewis imo
Ryan Arcidiacono won’t stop jumping in the stands. Grit that’d make Aaron Craft proud
At the half, the Reno Bighorns lead the Santa Cruz Warriors 52-51. Aaron Craft and Verdell Jones both have 10 points for SCW
Aaron Craft and the Santa Cruz Warriors are currently on ESPNU.
While Mike Conley and D'Angelo Russell are playing on ESPN. Aaron Craft and the Santa Cruz Warriors are on ESPNU in D-League action
Aaron Craft had a double-double of 15 points and 10 assists as the Santa Cruz Warriors won over Rio Grande Valley.
🎶 “I'm always studying my craft because I want to be the best at what I do.". Aaron Carter.
So jealous! I cant wait to see this movie! Aaron so much for his love and appreciation for Idaho.
Adam Woodbury has been at Iowa longer than Aaron Craft was at Ohio State... Good grief...
The Miami Heat needed Aaron Craft to play d on Steph
Arcidiacono is the new Aaron Craft, by which I mean he is an embarrassing cheat.
The answer to the original question, by the way, is Aaron Craft.
Aaron craft never developed a jump shot, sullinger was played out of position, cook and deibler were just jump shooters
You know who never injured himself slapping the floor? That's right, Aaron Craft, let's go Bucks
yes, he got a show-cause hearing b/c he invited Aaron Craft to a cookout and lied about it. He also won 70% at UT
because college basketball is better without Aaron craft
Aaron Craft had a big night with 15 points (7-15 FGs), 6 rebounds, 11 assists and 5 steals for the
Aaron Craft netted a double double in the victory w/ 15 pts and 11 asts.
Don't make the same mistake I did and search Aaron Craft on new gif button
Where's aaron craft when you really need him ? Nice perimeter D, Thad.
The could really use Aaron Craft right now to lock down Forbes.
Bryn Forbes would have 2 points against Aaron Craft. Boy do I miss him.
I want to know dakich's process for who he does/doesn't sack ride. Had a man crush on Aaron craft, gave yogi a reach around the other night
What is Aaron Craft up to now adays
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I wish he'd stay as long as Perry Ellis has for Kansas😕Or at least as long as Aaron Craft did at OSU😂
Every time I watch Ohio State basketball, I miss Aaron Craft
Ohio State basketball just isn't the same without Aaron Craft
Dan Dakich giving Zel the Aaron Craft treatment right now lmao
There was a time people thought Aaron Craft was a great PG... Lol - those were the days
can't llike Izzo style basketball and not like Aaron Craft
Aaron Craft out here banking 3's in. As expected.
Aw man :( I didn't know Aaron craft was gonna be in the RGV :(
Playing o$u reminds me how much I miss getting to hate Aaron craft
Columbus, Ohio: Ohio State is adjusting to life without Aaron Craft in Columbus
Our very own Aaron talking to Shotgun about his craft!
i can finally gif as much Aaron Craft as I want
I was thinking more like Aaron craft Ohio State bball
The Craft era at Ohio State is over - Land-Grant Holy Land
Aaron Craft Memorial Day at the game with
Aaron Craft is my true Defensive motivation
it didn't excite me much on a personal enjoyment level, but I can recognize exquisite skill of craft.
The Craft era at Ohio State is over: Plus, where Buckeyes stand in the latest NFL mock drafts, Gene Smith wins...
The Craft era at Ohio State is over
After a six-year run, there are no Crafts left at Ohio State. But what a run they had:
only Aaron Craft, or similarly appointed hard-nosed, attention hungry player should discuss players-only meetings
Which is not to say those critics have compromised their craft. They just have more context and insight now into the whole world of the art.
A Craft played an Ohio State regular-season home game for the last time Sunday. 8 seasons of Aaron, Cait numbers https:…
Yup. Man, no one brought out the college is better than the NBA folks more than Aaron Craft.
I was thinking Aaron Craft, Tyson Chandler, and Ryan Anderson/Steve Novak for good additions.
Aaron Craft had 13 points, 6 assists and 2 rebounds in 30 minutes.
Angel Rodriguez is the new Aaron Craft. Can't stand him.
is up there on the "he seems like he has been in college 8 years list" Aaron Craft had the crown at one point. Kyle Wiltjer now
rounding out the starting five with Aaron Craft, Robbie Hummel, Peyton Siva, all 7 Plumlees
If I could marry Kate Craft and Have Aaron Craft as a brother-in-law I could die happy
TJ McConnell is everything Aaron Craft hoped to be
Just now putting together that Aaron Craft is living Nathan Scott's life
those jerseys remind me of Aaron Craft.. And it pisses me off
still cant believe where Aaron Craft is playing right now.
Saw T.J. McConnell's face on screen. Just occurred to me that for the past two years, I just assumed he was literally Aaron …
Aaron Craft's little sister has a better 3-point shot and it's not even close
literally am right next to Cardale and JT and Aaron Craft & Chase Farris
I haven't paid attention to the women's team since Sammy Prahalis graduated. Forgot Aaron Craft's sister is on the team. FIRED UP
Aaron craft, Evan turner would be perfect guest!
I can't wait till Big Ten basketball to start to hear what Dakich is in love with this year and to see if he still loves Aaron Craft
Say what you want about his offense but there will never be another player like Aaron Craft that's capable of what he did
Aaron Craft would've fouled out in 10 minutes if he played with these new rules.
Lmao... That was an Odell touchdown, it kinda sad that Robert craft blew the refs before the game
thank you Aaron. Do you like to play mine craft?
still look bad tho, but that's expected without the GOATs aaron craft or DLoading
I can tell already my sister and her friends are gonna go nuts over Austin Grandstaff. The new Aaron Craft.
It's so weird watching the OSU game without Aaron Craft or D'Angelo Russell as point guard
where are Aaron craft and sad Brady?
but is it Aaron Craft love for Goodman or just a passing interest?
I absolutely loved Aaron Sorkin is a master of his craft. One of the best screenwriters in film and TV nowadays. Stunning!
Baker Mayfield is the Aaron Craft of college football
I was able to meet Aaron Sanchez, try delicious food and spirits, and attend a craft show. I can't wait for next year! 😍
if you're not going to go after Upshaw, at least sign Aaron Craft. Bev's hurt. And our perimeter&transition D is horrid up top.
trick question. The answer was obviously Aaron Craft! ;)
My eye candy ever since Aaron Craft left me
You know when you're a beer snob when you dream about craft beer
yeah exactly he's a great role player lol. He's like Aaron craft
Alex Poythress the 2nd coming of Aaron craft , he been at Kentucky forever
have cooled considerably from the field, and Ohio State has lead down to two after Cait Craft (Aaron's sister) cans a floater.
I guess you have to be gritty like Aaron Craft to get that call.
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Let's get that review back against Ohio State and Aaron Craft.
I like Aaron craft more than I like you
I heard likes Aaron craft more than Naz long
Marcus Paige is the new Aaron Craft. Been at UNC for 6 years now
Ethan O'Day is starting to reach Aaron Craft status at Vermont. Could've sworn I saw him play for them when I was in high school
I don't blame anyone for trying that. *** if I get arrested I'm gonna try saying I'm Aaron craft.
Trey Burke vs. Aaron Craft was the matchup in 2013
Ohio State had the same thing happen with Trey Burke and Aaron craft 🐸☕️
Better to hype the best player in the country than someone like Aaron Craft
Ben Hogan is the Aaron craft of college football. I swear he's been at Stanford 6 years
I'm still salty Aaron Craft is married
Kevin Hogan is the Aaron Craft of college football he been there FOREVER
Please take your Aaron Craft jersey home real quick
Brandon Wilds is the Aaron Craft of college football he played with Lattimore and Mike Davis
I forgot Maty Mauk is still QB at Mizzou. He's like Aaron Craft was for Ohio State--feels like they were in college for 10 years.
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don't worry about it, I know you're gonna be big one day just keep working on your craft. you're easily the 7th best on frosh
putting Aaron Craft on this list and Anthony Davis all the wad down at number 7 discredits this entire list
L-B QB Nathan Craft threw for 412 yards and had 4 total TD's. Broke school record for passing yards in a game (Aaron Craft, 345 yds, 2008).
Aaron Horton a partner of Craft Wine Selections came yesterday to taste his ' new ' Cabernet Sauvignon Square...
Today on I review Bourbon Barreled Big Gin who are featured in GIN
I for one am really happy that Eminem got into craft beers and cooking.
My Journey through the Craft Pt. 1 | Midnight Freemasons - wcypodcast: Great piece by Aaron Gardner about...
"Aaron Angell looks at how artists are currently making today and the resurgence of craft" Sarah McCrory
This article is named under the lie nation that had much glory on their existence.Apartheid was with the craft of...
Gin: The Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival. Aaron Knoll - Jacqui Small LLP.
don't make me bring Aaron craft out to play boy
ima put all my moneys on lil bow wow and Aaron Craft
"Honing our craft is a long, complicated process, but this does not mean it's undo-able."
My newest talks honing your craft. So, accurate.
I needto craft another Demon Crown coz Aaron and Ultor has them lol
All purpose parts banner
I have a small pocket corner rounder I picked up at muji. But yes, craft shops should stock something comparable.
I swear I've seen them at scrapbooking/craft stores. Though I doubt they can punch a whole notebook at once.
People always ask me "Aaron, if you don't like the term 'craft beer' what should we call it?" I have an answer: pumpkin beer.
notes: RBs Craft, Martin dealing with hand injuries; Updates on OL injuries; DT Aaron Brown back
LB Beau Fitte on DT Aaron Brown's return: "He's a big role to our team. Having him back will help us out a lot".
Also in here is the return of Aaron Brown to Bulldogs DL after serving two-game academic suspension
Who ya think plays better defense with better footwork.Djoker or Aaron Craft? Djokers defense is incredible!!
And in a flash back to Aaron Craft, silently sheds tears, knowing the dream is dead.
Aaron Rodgers continues to give us reasons as to why he's the best at his craft. Flips a pass upfield to a covered Lacy while under pressure
same thing Aaron Craft had to do to get a foul called
Cheers Happy 30th birthday to Kalamazoo craft brewery 🍻
Connor Cook is the Aaron Craft of Big10 football. Dude has 10 years of eligibility
I felt the same way about Aaron Craft and Robbie Hummel
Gotta cheer for Ohio State a lil bit for Aunt Pat & Aaron Craft.
You know, for someone who brags as much about his own technical skill/dedication to the craft as Aaron Diaz--
I respect his craft but I can't give him that payper view money to watch him run around all night. He don't get busy enough f…
Good Morning Aaron! What issues are you having ordering your Device? We're here to help! ^DillondriaH
Story Inc is storytime with a difference. each Wednesday at Karrinyup SC & you can do the craft activities at home.
I've never gone to a show to "network" ... Rather work on my craft than have to listen to some dude talk my head off fo…
Had a great craft beer date with Aaron! .
one of the all time biggest Vol villains. Like if Aaron Craft was an adult.
Aaron our Head Brewer to the pursuit of craft!
"young Aaron Craft" might be pushing it since Craft always looked like he was still an altar boy. But "like Aaron Craft" works.
Got to be a coincidence this kid totally looks like a young Aaron Craft, right?
Former Ohio State star Aaron Craft with the REJECTION 💪 🏀 😂 (via:
After a successful year in the D-League, Aaron Craft has earned a shot in the NBA. . .scouting report: http…
I'd rather see Aaron Craft, Andre Miller, or player to be named later over Toney Douglas at this point.
Video: Kid at Aaron Craft's youth camp gets first-hand lesson in defense.
Aaron Craft basketball camp today, The Buckeye States best helping our young athletes
Photo: Aaron Craft poses with youth at his camp today in Worthington.
Aaron Craft, Matt Stainbrook, James McAdoo, and Chasson Randle. Best summer league team ever.
Seth Davis not being funny: "If you don't love Aaron Craft, you weren't hugged enough as a child."
need a back up PG. Should go after either Andre Miller, Aaron Craft, or Yuki Togashi.
Aaron Craft, Michael Frazier and LaDontae Henton are the Warriors' summer league standouts thus far for coach Luke Walton.
Yo the Warriors got Michael Frazier and Aaron Craft on there summer League roster?!?! Sheeesh
Along with Sutton, Aaron Craft, James Michael McAdoo and Ognjen Kuzmic round out the Sea Dubs representatives.
SC Warriors alum Dominique Sutton, James Michael McAdoo, Ognjen Kuzmic, Aaron Craft will play on GSW Summer League team.
There are 4 guys on GSW Summer League roster who played for Santa Cruz- Ognjen Kuzmic, James Michael McAdoo, Aaron Craft, Dominique Sutton.
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