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Aaron Carter

Aaron Charles Carter (born December 7, 1987) is an American singer.

Lizzie McGuire Jesse McCartney Lance Bass Justin Bieber Hillary Duff Michael Jackson Jimmy Neutron

Saw Aaron Carter perform tonight and all of my childhood dreams came true
Chris Carter and Aaron Judge. And Carter is a big dude.
I knew the original Justin Bieber would come back and continue where he left off.
I actually had bought a doggie in 2007 / 2008 .. A puppy & named him Charlie because Aaron Carter's second name is Charles
Praise lord Shaq and resist the temptations brought upon by those such as Aaron Carter. Do not allow these blasphemers to corrupt your mind.
Was I Drunk at an Aaron carter concert? Yes. Will I regret in the morning? Yes.
Aaron Carter making a musical come back is the best thing I've heard all day. But he's tryna be JB
Aaron Carter is in Fort Wayne and I'm not. My life is over.
I was just roasting Aaron Carter on IG live and he got mad salty lol
Because she's amazing! I haven't seen her live since she opened for Aaron Carter ❤️
Best part of today? Your song SOONER OR LATER by AARON CARTER is about to play on Planet 96.7!
Aaron Carter, thank you for coming to perform for/meet our HOT 107.9 winners. A room full of girls, reliving their…
Shout out to hangin w/ Check out Can't wait to see you at 🔥🔥
Aaron Hicks walks for the third time tonight. Yanks send up Brett Gardner to pinch-hit for Chris Carter.
It's the Should we play AARON CARTER, Halsey, Vote at
wondering why Aaron Carter just followed me
I was looking forward to 40 hr hitting Chris Carter, but not that AUTOMATIC STRIKE OUT CARTER! Uggghhh, he's 2016 Aaron Hicks, no joke.
Aaron and Eric Williams combined to score 311 total points during their time with the Raptors. Vince Carter had 317 in 20 games in 2004-05.
Aaron Carter has changed a lot since his I Want Candy days!
Aaron Carter explains again why he's "so skinny": "Basically I have an eating disorder."
& then she referred to Aaron Carter as the drug addict who like Hilary Duff
Whenever I feel like I've hit a low point, I remember that time in my life where I owned two Aaron Carter CDs.
I performed Aaron Carter at the talent show in third grade and all I remember is everyo…
Not until I was 13 did I realize that Aaron Carter's career went far beyond the Jimmy Neutron soundtrack
Sooner Or Later by Aaron Carter if it a such thing as marrying your fav song, then yeah.. … htt…
Sooner Or Later by Aaron Carter gonna have this playing at my wedding when I get married! … htt…
I didn't realize that Aaron Carter still made music.
lol that's crazy Aaron. All the rappers alive and you pick Dewayne Michael Carter?
Aaron Carter sings the movie theme song.
I have Aaron Carter lyrics in my head pretty much 87% of my day
It's the Should we play AARON CARTER, Vote at
i was gunna request aaron carter but now that i think of it im gunna actually request Awful Machine by Dikembe
I enjoy cover of fool's gold by aaron carter, It was the best song ever.
Hoodie Allen about to get Aaron Carter treatment here
Dare I say this new Aaron Carter EP is LIT 🔥...yes all those words were used in the same sentence...thanks for the find 🙌🏼
Aaron Carter is bumpin and it's not the 90s🙌 I swear I bet on this like 12 years ago who's got my money people???
Don't miss performance at ShadowSpear next Friday and show Aaron Carter how to really perform
Attorney Aaron Carter Bates seen here on tonight's Action News Jacksonville. He's by far one the brightest...
So Shaq did a lip sync battle with but Jimmy didn't sing That's how I beat Shaq by Aaron Carter and I'm so confused on why not.
Today marks the beginning of staffers hosting shows!. Tailgaters: + . TW23: +
Gary Sanchez. Greg Bird. Matt Holliday. Aaron Judge. Chris Carter. And the first to HR this year is Ronald…
Aaron Carter is back and I'm not mad about it one bit
Something about bringing Aaron Carter back just sounds right!😜
People always say that J Cole is great because he went double platinum w/ no features but Aaron carter went triple platinum…
Yoo. Aaron Carter's new song is good
can we talk about how THE Aaron Carter has new music out??
When remember when Lindsey Lohan and Aaron Carter dated? Simpler times.
Sooner Or Later by Aaron Carter The feels.. Omg I get goosebumps when I listen to this son…
Over managing ... all to get Aaron Hicks (AARON HICKS) an AB over Torreyes. Could rationalize if it…
If you haven't heard "Sooner or later" by Aaron Carter do yourself a big favor & check it out.
Goodnight to everyone except Hillary Duff who stole Aaron Carter from me in the 1st grade
The Fort Wayne Music Festival is back and will feature acts including Aaron Carter and Nappy Roots.
Who's trying to go see the legendary Aaron Carter tonight in downtown Fresno for free. Hmu beer will be included in this endeavor
Aaron Carter and the Michael Jackson cake fight vía
An Aaron Carter song popped up on my Spotify playlist this morning. Not sure whether to be proud or disappointed it wasn't "I Want Candy!"
I love you Aaron carter you amazing and handsome man kisses from turkey 😙❤✌
Love what you picked! We're playing SOONER OR LATER by AARON CARTER because of you! Listen & Vote:
In a dream, i was working an Aaron Carter concert and he tried to grab my ***
I'm listening to this station on spotify and liked this song that happens to be by Aaron Carter. I didn't even know that was still a thing..
Me when I found out I'm almost GOLD!! LøVë - EP by Aaron Carter.
Aaron Carter has a new song and followed my twin and I'm really jealous
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Last time I was at wango tango was when Nick & Aaron Carter took the stage. 🤔 eons ago. 😍
Steve Nash with the frosted tips and Dirk with the young Aaron Carter flow.
Aaron carter with the follow👌🏽.I remember my parents bought me his cd when I was younger.
Aaron Carter is now following me. Sorry, Aaron Carter.
That's 2x the length of Aaron Carter's show last year.
Aaron carter puttin out music again lol
Aaron Carter has a new song... like it only took you long enough I can't keep listening to thats *** I beat shaq on repeat!!!
Go listen to Hillary Duff's Come Clean. Get that Aaron Carter out of your system.
Me when I'm preparing for this J1100 Midterm and it's back day...
Hannah and I fell asleep listening to Aaron Carter last night, wassup wassup
Y'all Aaron Carter's new EP is so good idc what y'all have to say about him, I jam that
LøVë - EP by Aaron Carter. I'm just gonna leave this here for the night, Û Can make the decision if…
Did y'all know Aaron Carter released a new album? . Lol
Aaron Carter literally came out of no where with FIRE songs!!!
Aaron Carter just followed me. He was my first crush ever. I'm screaming internally and externally.
Aaron carter did the same thing to me. We should start a support group
Here's some news—the Trump campaign approved of Carter Page's trip to Moscow last summer
My boi Aaron Carter just dropped a new EP??? Here's a little bit of old school for ya.
So I just found out that Aaron Carter has a full neck tattoo. So there's that's, I guess.
Grew up listening to Aaron Carter, seeing him in concert would make my childhood dream come true I swear lmfao
Aaron Carter now looks like a guy who was killed immediately after he joined the Boyd Crowder gang on JUSTIFIED.
the only things i know about Aaron Carter i learned from
I didn't know Aaron Carter was in Ames. I did see Mike Jones, once upon a time. Now that was a show.
I also love Aaron Carter and Brody Jenner .. Spencer Pratt and ehmm Tm Cruise and ehmm .. Alain Clark .. LolsZz and many more
in the same hour i low key crashed a private party for a rooftop view and saw Aaron Carter and now i gotta sleep forever
heyyouu hope ur doing great! I'm playing with Aaron Carter Feb 13th 730pm at Amityville Music Hall...would you wanna come?!😊
So Aaron Carter is trying to make a comeback and his new music isn't that bad.
Just bought Aaron carter tickets when he comes to Iowa city cant wait
I'm giving away something for you on Aaron Carter Barbie doll. Get it here -
Aaron Copland was a man that had a very specific point of view a...
After along day at work nothing is better then a glass of wine and good music. flipping from mariannasTrench and Aaron carter
Aaron Carter - How I Beat Shaq . my boy told stories. this one had me thinking it was hard to play against Shaq... a…
my favorite nick carter moment is from house of carters when he and Aaron scrapped over Paris
Aaron Carter is makin a come back ya'll
gonna find Aaron Carter on Wednesday just to make jealous
I thought this was Aaron carter for a min
It amazes me that Aaron Carter was never more successful than Justin beiber
I just saw a picture of Aaron Carter and did not know it was Aaron Carter. He has neck tattoos. What happened to ya bruh
Aaron carter coming out of the woodworks with a banger
Uh. I haven't been paying attention to anything except the world ending but Aaron Carter made a comeback? My childhood
Melissa and I have had this ongoing debate over whether Aaron Carter or Jesse McCartney is hotter. I'm winning because
Aaron Carter's new music is pretty lit
to be fair, Aaron Carter DID beat Shaq
Y'all. Aaron Carter is releasing a new album and 6 year old me is shook!
if you think Aaron Carter is STILL hot
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The new Aaron Carter song is actually pretty *** good.
Aaron Carter claims in his instagram bio that he is 30x Platinum recording artist. Homeboy what songs besides I Wan…
psa: Aaron Carter has a new song out!
Aaron Carter came out with a new song and I have so many mixed feelings
"I try really hard to like new music on Spotify but half the time I end up listening to Aaron Carter." -
aye don't hate. Marymount had Aaron carter last year 😂😎
Virginia Tech might be having Lil Dicky perform but WVU is having Aaron Carter perform so who's the real winner here
Aaron carter is gonna be in Morgantown lol I'm like if only it was when I was younger & before he had to go to rehab 😂
Aaron Carter The singer is seen waving to fans as he leaves Sirius XM Studios in New York City.
my friend was supposed to go to an Aaron Carter meet and greet tonight but he cancelled because he's having a crisis. same,…
You guys... Aaron Carter came out with a new song. omg
I'm 22 years old and I listen to old Aaron Carter songs while working out.
iTunes just randomly started playing Aaron Carter off my laptop in lecture :/
.hi Aaron Carter. I'm having a party at my house feb 12th to benefit LGBT youth. DM for address/venmo Maggie-Mullins donations!
Top 4 fire Songs of all time . 1. Blue - Eiffel 65. 2. Bye bye bye - NYSNC . 3. I want Candy - Aaron Carter. 4. Who let the dogs out - Baha men
Trump thinks because he fills stadiums people love him and he has a mandate. . Slipknot filled stadiums. . …Aaron Carter fill…
My hoarding probably isn't healthy but guess who just found an Aaron Carter, Hanson, NSYNC, Shakira, A Teens & a Spice Girls CD?
How can you be sad when Aaron Carter recorded the whole soundtrack to the Jimmy Neutron movie
Aaron Carter has new music. Like wut
Wait how did aaron carter follow me?!?!
Jae you got his name wrong, that dude is Nick Carter and his brother is Aaron Carter.
Morgan does know who Aaron Carter is. I'm done. I'm moving out.
Jack Corkins did not know who Aaron Carter was, who Jesse McCartney was and has never seen high school musical. Rip to our friendship...
I'm starting an all-boy band here in LA with Nick Jonas, Aaron Carter, and Mark Wahlberg. We need a name:
TB to the time Nat thought Aaron Carter played for Ohio State and that Aaron Craft was a singer 😂😂
Aaron Carter performing at The Canopy Club 2/3 in Urbana, IL!! Tickets here
Lance Bass and Aaron Carter fans did a great job promoting them. Always love their spirit and happiness.
Lance Bass and Aaron Carter fans are doing great jobs promoting them.
Turned on a random old Spotify playlist and it's all 2000's Aaron Carter.😳😂
And now my Discover Weekly has a track by AARON CARTER seriously Spotify what are you trying to say???
Can't believe you're disrespecting Aaron Carter like that
Aaron Carter is on our Fish Camp Staff '17 playlist and I've never been more proud to be a part of this organization.
If you don't know who Aaron Carter is we can't be friends
Not sure why, but recently I have started to remember raps & I wrote in second grade, back when Aaron Carter was our idol. 🙌🏼
It's been 15 years since the Aaron carter Christmas episode of Lizzie McGuire
WOW, Aaron Carter is such a Libra! I heard they mostly injured a piece of gum...
she dated Aaron Carter so I'm not surprised she dates losers
Aaron carter singer who do you think will win the super bowl handsome
lmao no way what a loser. He got beat by Aaron Carter
Aaron carter singer what are you doing on Christmas handsome
Aaron Carter Christmas in Lizzie McGuire. It's a good day to start with this.
Matt's been listening to Aaron Carter for 4 days straight now and I'm about one stupid song from running his phone through garbage disposal
When I was 8, I entered a contest to have a sleepover with Aaron Carter at his house and I wish I was kidding
CLASH-A-RAMA! is an original comedy series based on your favorite and characters. Enjoy! https:…
For some reason I misread that as Aaron Carter and thought "he's US Sec of Defense. Good to hear."
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Was fangirling big over Lance Bass. Then fangirling big over Aaron Carter. Good looking pop stars.
Post malone just Aaron Carter if his parents let him curse
Fangirling Aaron Carter for the night. Always looking so good.
Aaron carter singer did you have a birthday cake yesterday handsome
hey angelcarter tell your brother aaron carter that I love him so very much and tell aaron carter that he need to get down here
Blaring Aaron Carter on this train ride bc we can 😂
Cole Carter with a great feed to Aaron Luchuk in front off a turnover, but he cannot convert for
Too bad Aaron Carter turned out to be a total loser and not the flyest kid on the block
I have my own studio down in Miami.
When it comes to relationships, I think I'm pretty experienced - yo...
What happened to Aaron Carter? I want candy will forever be my favorite throwback song
i don't know if y'all care but Aaron Carter just dropped his first single since like 2009 😍
I would forgive my mom, but she's going to have to admit she did so...
The real Aaron Carter just followed me? Why?
"If Aaron Carter can't work it, no one can"
I still think about the Lizzie McGuire christmas episode with Aaron Carter.
Elf Lionel from looks like a young Aaron was this the only movie the kid actor was ever in. It's from 2010!
Thank you to my oncle Chico for the amazing gift. Can't keep calm because Aaron Carter is back His…
I've never been more content in my life. Jam session feat. Aaron Carter, JT, Tyler Hilton, Queen, Evanescence... GA.
It's been 15 YEARS since the Aaron Carter episode of Lizzie McGuire
my holy trinity when I was a kid: Jesse McCartney, Ryan Cabrera, Aaron Carter
When my generation rag on the youngsters for Bieber, remember we lived through, Aaron Carter, Lil Bow wow & most importantly...
Happy being a visual communication/graphic design major. Happy to be an Aaron Carter fan. Life is nice.
Aaron Carter was always better than Justin Bieber.just want to make sure everyone knows that lol 😍😍
Dunkin Donuts is Justin Timberlake and Krispy Kreme is Aaron Carter. No competition!
Aaron Carter once again followed me so don't worry guys I think he was just playing hard to get
oh well now that Aaron Carter has withdrawn his support for Trump I feel better...
I guilt tripped Aaron carter to following me back lmfao
aaron carter just dm'd me & told me to watch his new music video & I said yes my king
yo Colin who hooked you up with the Aaron Carter collection for your bitmoji?? I'm finna cop.
Aaron Carter and Azealia Banks Withdraw Support for - via
I write about my feelings, things that happen in my life and experience...
I wish I would of been able to make it to Aaron Carter's party
Azealia Banks and Aaron Carter are very sorry they told you to vote for Donald Trump
okay u guys go buy ur tickets Aaron can u follow me back again I've waited patiently
Aaron Carter should withdraw his support of meth. In other non-news...
Oh yay! Aaron Carter finally withdraws his support for Trump! 😒
Aaron Carter joins chorus of people withdrawing support for Trump
Hey guys... remember Aaron Carter? (Even if you don't... pretend that you do so that I don't feel so old)
see Chelsea, Aaron Carter himself wants us to go so we actually have to
Check out his new single. It's actually really good. Do you remember Aaron Carter from way back?
As Aaron Carter goes so goes the Millennial vote?
In other news, Aaron Carter is alive.
Oh no! Ot the critical Aaron Carter endorsement . This could finally be the nail in the coffin for Trump
Can Aaron Carter please follow me back this is important
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why does Aaron Carter look like he just rose from the dead
Aaron carter needs to withdraw from doing Coke
As Aaron Carter goes, so goes the nation
Aaron Carter and Azalea Banks both withdraw their support of Donald Trump
I'm always confused when people with a lot of followers randomly follow me. Latest is actually a celebrity😳 Wassup Aaron Carter👀😎
This sounds like an Aaron Carter song
This, my friends, is Aaron Carter now. Wow, he looks old already. I used to go ga-ga over him 😂
Why did Aaron Carter follow me last night lol 7 year old Jade would be dead
I wonder what Aaron Carter is doing right now
I'd rather be listening to Aaron Carter
When in doubt listen to Aaron Carter
Pretty sure Aaron Carter was in my dream because the song Candy has been stuck in my head all morning 🙄
Aaron carter's I'm all about you had haunted me since yesterday. I need distraction.
*wears most badass outfit to the gym*. *listens to Aaron Carter for entire duration of workout*
6 years ago I was quoting lyrics to an Aaron Carter song hahHahHh why
APPARENTLY there's a track of aaron carter singing hang on sloopy. i need to find this right now
Honestly thought Jesse McCartney and aaron carter were the same guy??? Well he's still got hair so I guess he's still famous
If you don't like Aaron Carter your Obviously lying
Woah Bruce spent over $1m on Aaron Carter? Also Zac Efron spent the summer with Bruce after his break up from Vanessa Hudgens!
The one and only Aaron Carter is coming to the willow, check out insta for more details!!
Glad that yall enjoyed ladies night, don't forget Aaron Carter is coming up
Ehhh that Quickstep was okay. It had nothing on the one Aaron Carter did to the Muppet theme.
Aaron Carter is following me. Is this real life?
If Aaron Carter follows me I will legitimately freak out. Thank goodness I live alone.
I see somethin I like Imma coppa, spend a little guapa. Got the drugs and she want candy, Aaron Carter
"I wanted to be a nun when I was younger. But then in 2nd grade I saw my first Aaron Carter music video and it all changed"-
Remember when Aaron Carter said Michael Jackson passed the torch to him? I'm just sitting here and I can't believe that's a real thing
I'm back in the theatre where I saw Aaron Carter when I was 10 😂
When I was 6 years old, I was in a rock band that was horrible called 'Dead End.' The name k
My drawing of Aaron Carter, hope you like it
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Hey aaron, carter. aw i Am so sorry your sick whats wrong if you need something please let me know.
Is Aaron Carter going to make his annual BG trip this year or no
if you don't know the words to How I Beat Shaq by Aaron Carter then we are no longer friends
Aaron Carter - Go Jimmy Jimmy ( Is it weird that I can picture an ET flipnote? XD )
Too easy. Except for that Hanson Aaron Carter mess because eww.
Like I've been sayin yall, one of the best songs of the year by anyone let alone Aaron Carter, go support.
Aaron Carter's mom thinks Duff can't sing & Lohan's the greatest actress of or time:
Pretty mad my mom never sent this to Aaron Carter when I was 9 🙄😂
I added a video to a playlist Aaron Carter - Fool’s Gold (Explicit)
If Cutler or Romo had a game like "the great" Aaron Rodgers did last woulda killed them.
Do you guys think if we asked really nicely Aaron Carter would come back to OU for Homecoming?
I have no idea why I was laughing hard as *** at that Aaron Carter story Lol. Good episode.
Aaron Carter has a single out and I actually like it...should I be embarrassed or? 😂
Music video . Single download . Fool's Gold - Single by Aaron Carter. https:/…
looks like the DoodleBob version of Aaron Carter
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why is Aaron Carter always spelling incorrectly?
Pop singer Aaron Carter to perform at Cox Capitol Theatre
Check out the review on Hardly Left's performance last Friday where they opened for Aaron Carter!.
An article I wrote for Gawker last year about Aaron Carter being a creep:
highkey Jesse McCartney and Aaron Carter got Justin Bieber shook
I found Aaron Carter and Jesse McCartney both very attractive as well 😍😍😍
I'm opening up for "Aaron Carter" September 2nd at the Odeon in Cleveland. Tickets are 15 dollars everyone come rock out…
Why is Aaron Copland's music considered "Americana" but not Elliott Carter's?
LIVE on ❤Music From Vegas❤ Hello there Carter thanks 4 stopping by LV
I added a video to a playlist June Carter - No Swallerin' Place
You unfollowed me Aaron Carter. You leave me know choice. You are the Justin Bieber that didn't make it. I'm sorry.
Aaron Carter stopped following me. That's good.
If you ask me, Vince Carter's dunk is the best of all-time. He has a 4-on-1 break and decides to jump over someone a…
Alright Aaron Carter's song fool's gold is high key really good
How good was it when Aaron Carter appeared and performed on Lizzie McGuire
Everyone keeps asking what I want for my bday & I honestly don't know. Maybe a nice hand to hold? A new lamp shade? Aaron Carter on vinyl?
Pop Icon Aaron Carter (is returning to music. His single is perfect for summer nights. .
I know it's not the crazy Aaron Carter concerts we've all grown a custom to but it'll have to do.
📷 famousbodiesorg: Aaron Carter Shirtless Check out more at
After prolonged creeping I can't help but think Hilary Duff's son looks like a young Aaron Carter
did you know that aaron carter beat SHAQUILLE O'NEAL ONE ON ONE WHEN HE WAS LIKE 9 THIS IS COOKING
Last night was honestly the most fun I've had all summer. 😅 but bless Aaron's heart for taking care of me.
When did Aaron Carter start following me?
Aaron Carter is the weirdest virgin who has ever autographed a hat for me
wow thank u for letting me know Aaron carter is still around lol
Does anyone else remember HitClips that played 1 minute songs by like NSYNC, Aaron carter, Britney Spears, etc ??
when I was a kid, I had a hard time telling the difference between Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera and Aaron Carter/JesseMcC…
Sure some of these Olympic stories are cool but do you guys remember when Aaron Carter beat Shaq?
Aaron Carter and his fans sure are...special.
if you didn't throw a banger and play Aaron Carter "i want candy" did you really throw a banger or a small gathering as a 13 year old?
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you missed me rapping aaron carter yesterday I'm so disappointed
It's 12 years since the Aaron Carter Christmas episode of Lizzie McGuire aired
lol that's what they get for being dense airheads worshipping some lame Aaron Carter wannabe
The time I got a kiss from Aaron carter at his meet and greet then got mono & had to be hospitalized for a week lol htt…
Tom Felton looks like Ryan Gosling and Aaron Paul and Aaron Carter
ashlie is singing along to Aaron Carter and I just love her so muCH
This dude said people definitely think I look like Aaron Carter 😳
Old video of Lance and Aaron Carter but I like it.
I thought a fake Aaron Carter profile was following me, but realized its actually him. 😍
I was baptized in the name of Aaron Carter today
When I was four I told my parents I wanted to marry Aaron Carter... *** things have changed
huge ty to Aaron Carter for being on download his new CD, LOVE. His interview will REPLAY AT 5PT Chicago
I bet Aaron Carter still throws sick parties at his parents house because I bet Aaron Carter still lives with his parents.
"Unpaid intern" holding Aaron Carter's website for ransom
This Kim K Taylor Swift drama might be more intense than when Lindsay Lohan stole Aaron Carter away from Hillary Duff.
My mom is going to see Aaron Carter. *** 😂😂😂
MUST HAVE SEO TOOL create UNIQUE articles in seconds! | Article Spinner Aaron Carter sued for $50k for not…
Disgruntled intern reportedly holding Aaron Carter's website for ransom: He may have beat...
Nice kid...but random follow from Aaron Carter lol
Mount Pocono!! Playing next Saturday! Would love to see you there... Few tickets left here:
I ended it with "her mom has the same birthday as Aaron carter"
Tomorrow we find out Taylor Swift has been Aaron Carter this whole time
Dear Spotify Discover Weekly, why would you ever recommend an Aaron Carter song to me??? We're in a fight.
Teen idol track of the day: Summertime by Aaron Carter from Another Earthquake
Lmao she was throwin them haymakers
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