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Aaron Carter

Aaron Charles Carter (born December 7, 1987) is an American singer.

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Aaron carter's making music again and dare I say, it's good.
Congratulations to Freshman DB Aaron Lewis on being named 2nd team all-conference. The HS alum split…
I wasn’t ever really into either of them. I started listening to the radio when Aaron Carter and Jesse…
Here’s a song for you… Fool's Gold by Aaron Carter. Lets get them numbers up.
Aaron Carter might have had a nefarious agenda sending his parents out in “Aaron’s party” but ultimately it was his…
Y’all!!! Aaron.Carter. New music And I am actually in love with this song now.
Aaron Carter was needlessly antagonistic on “THATS how I beat shaq”
Tell me this new Aaron Carter doesn't go hard
Stanton to SF and they renew their even-year WS title.
As far as X's and O's go, Aaron Carter's song "That's How I Beat Shaq" is pretty solid. Basically keep the game clo…
Must post "Have You Seen Me?" Ad. Last seen in 2006. Other songs linked to said HitClip are I Want Candy by Aaron C…
here you guys go, my fave pic of Aaron carter Dont mess with me i have friends and a life
Do you hope me to look after you? You just get your brother Aaron Carter's agreement. I everything follow his opinions.
Jaden smith is the black Aaron carter
Told faith I looked like Aaron Carter and she sends back this
I'm looking for a friend who can sing Avril Lavigne, Backstreet Boys, Aaron Carter, NSYNC, Jesse McCartney and S-Cl…
I added a video to a playlist AJ McLean's Reaching Out to Aaron Carter, Hopes to Help Him Get Sober |
why does her son look like Aaron Carter in his prime
While everyone liked Aaron Carter my know it all roommate Tori liked lil Bow Wow lol Classic gal!
Seems to really like Aaron Carter so could be a teenage girl? But doubtful…
Sorry but why is Hilary Duff’s kid starting to look like aaron carter
Aaron Carter (did y'all see his Jive tho, one of the best in the series history of jives)
Tonight, I wish for everyone in this sad, solitary world someone as committed to communicating with them as Carter Page…
Love listening to Aaron Carter while I go to sleep!!!
Just jammed so hard to some Aaron Carter songs
(THREAD) Here are the notable takeaways from Trump-Russia probe witness/target Carter Page's extraordinarily odd intervie…
It was in reference to Jesse looking like Aaron Carter
Jesse does look like Aaron's amazing.
Hi dear :) Do you like Aaron Carter new music ???
Not gonna lie I'm disappointed in Shaq for this I never waste food we are doing a Aaron Carter deep dive tonight 😂😂😂😂
I'm the finest player on earth. I beat Aaron Carter, who beat Shaq.
Wait... when did Aaron Carter join the cast?
Was it like the Aaron Carter how i beat Shaq, song except you were Shaq?
Why does Carter Page keep going on TV?
Carter Page really wants to go to prison...
Aaron carter used to follow me, Nick Carter liked one of my instas, and I've already b…
Like when demi lovato punches someone in the face & goes to rehab for drugs. aaron carter gets a dui & comes out as *** Ugh. Oldest trick.
German sounds like the way I walk which thin lizzy song I'm listening to aaron carter songs.
Not her sister Haylie having a way hotter white husband than whoever she’s been with ddd; Aaron Carter is now a meme
Hey Aaron carter you have a good happy Halloween
If he isn’t old enough to know who Aaron Carter is he’s too young for you 😂😂
Crazy when you can just throw on some good old Aaron Carter and spit every verse
Rushing, receiving and returning. Aaron Duckworth is doing it all for the Vandals. And doing it as well as anyone. .
Legit just said this not even a hour ago my type of guy 💯🤘🏽
That is indeed up there but dumb and dumber is classic
You too Aaron carter hope you have a nice Halloween & my birthday was Saturday I'm 30
This is Aaron carter when I met him in Augusta Georgia on may 5 this year cause he was so nice to auto…
Wut. What happened to your childhood. Who hurt you. How can we help. Im getting on a plane…
Kat has never heard of Aaron Carter and by extension, has never heard Aaron's Party.
hi my name is Ali pirkle I have something to tell you that Nick Carter not being nice to his own brother…
Aaron Carter throws his hat in the ring too
Congrats to the 8-man District 6 all-district players. Aaron Schmitz as defensive player of the year, Matt Wittstoc…
Sweetheart I am unsure of why you're so skinny but doing as Aaron Carter did and going on the Drs. may he…
Joel Embiid will play the Rockets for the 4th time in 37 games, his most-played opponent. Sunday he was in Houston suppo…
Did he even shower. He’s starting to look more like Aaron Carter. Selena, sweetie. What is you doing ?
You best bet my elementary hip hop class gets down to Aaron Carter.
for a gc dm:. matt. cam. nash. LOX. jacks. aaron. carter. shawn. taylor. jacob. hayes. (must have my notifs on and choose 1 person o…
Aaron Carter, Zac Efron, Joe Jonas, John Travolta but specifically in Grease, and Peter Pan (no joke)
Kenny Chesney. George Strait. Uncle Jesse from Full House. JC from N'Sync. Aaron Carter. Not ashamed of this list i…
Oh Aaron Carter 💗 he was definitely my first crush :')
Would you rather blush Aaron Carter or brush Elle Fanning
Aaron Carter returns to social media to show 30 pound weight gain: "Needed some time to heal."
PHOTO: Aaron Carter “couldn’t wait to show you” this dramatic physical transformation - More at:…
Gosh if I can even remember. Lance Bass. Aaron Carter. The guy from Motocrossed. Joshua Jackson. James Lafferty.
I changed it up w some Aaron Carter. And Jonas Brothers. And idk when I stopped sending em to you but there were so…
I did that before and kept trolling her by replaying an Aaron Carter song over and over lmao
*** said Aaron Judge is just Chris Carter with better hand-eye coordination lmfaooo
Aaron Carter proudly showed off his 30-pound weight gain as he continues to focus on his health: https:/…
I want to see Aaron Carter. Great Love Ep and album out soon.
Jesse McCartney, Justin Timberlake, Aaron Carter, Daniel Radcliffe, and the guy that played Gordo in Lizzie McGuire…
Ferociously defend your beliefs. If her favorite Aaron Carter song isn't How I Beat Shaq, then you know it wasn't going to work out anyways.
You love Aaron Carter don't you sandy
Usher, Aaron carter, chad Michael Murray, marques Houston when Roger got fine 🗿, and Justin Timberlake
We're so happy to see happy and healthy! ❤️
Absolutely, leavin', beautiful soul, good life, all bops. I just feel like Aaron Carter nostalgia was way stronger?
I mean back in the day I was a way bigger fan of Aaron Carter than I was Jesse McCartney... now I don't know what to think.
- whoever played Dickon in Secret Garden. - whoever played Felix in Avonlea. - Jared from Zoom. - Ryder Strong. - (whis…
*** I didn’t know Aaron Carter was in such bad shape. Saw a pic and he looked like Tommy Lee. Drugs can get anyone I guess
Aaron carter. Young Christian bale . Juni Cortez from spy kids??. Mermaid guy from 13th year. Andy Brinker from the rol…
Aaron Carter is showing fans his results after taking some "time to heal."
Sandy at Plaza: “Are you on the Tiger Plan?”. *swipes my card and see that I am not*. “No you aren’t, but you are a great guy.”. Awe 😍☺️
Can’t wait for Aaron and Nick Carter to go on Family Therapy with Dr Jenn
He weighed 115 pounds when we went into rehab. Glad to see he's doing a lot better now. -WB
Here’s a song for you… Same Way by Aaron Carter. ur music is lit, blasting ur LøVë album on replay 😍 😘
Aaron Carter reveals weight gain in shirtless selfie
To all the ride or die Aaron Carter fans. Aaron's back & he's looking amazing!!! Spread some LøVë for the man. 😍😘
Aaron Carter gained a "significant amount of weight" at the health and wellness facility he went to, a source says.
I will forever listen to Aaron Carter without a single bit of shame.
Here’s a song for you… Sooner Or Later by Aaron Carter. Can't stop listening to this song! 🤗😍😘
Aaron Carter checks into rehab just six weeks after coming out:
Serious this the love child of Vince Carter and Aaron Carter?
" I mean he was Aaron Carter good so there's that" - describing someone's rap career
Nick Carter is still REALLY mad about the whole Aaron Carter and Paris Hilton thing. Trust!
Matthew just said "isn't Aaron Carter the *** guy that won American Idol?" ...he was referring to Clay Aiken.
I think Claudia Jordan , Aubrey o day , dawn , Willa ford , Aaron Carter.. all the z list celebs
Child stars like Aaron Carter should learn how to sit down and be humble. And in his case, stop using his white male privilege.
I liked a video The Doctors 10th season includes an exclusive interview with Aaron Carter
New post (Aaron Carter Talks DUI and His Gaunt Appearance) has been published on Celebrity News -…
I bet you trisha you were on the edge of your seat watching the AAron carter special , WAKEUP CALL !
Please. You don't wanna mess with Aaron Carter!
SU got Wayne for homecoming , meanwhile LSU probably getting Aaron Carter.
I liked a video Aaron Carter Wants to Set the Record Straight
Oh don't listen to her aaron carter she's not a fan of you ❤❤❤
Please everyone stop bullying Aaron carter you should watch the doctors tv show & leave him alone cause his fans Løvë his music
Elena just mixed up Aaron Carter with Brock Turner
Here's the Aaron Carter screenshot for anyone who missed it 💀
*** about to play Tamela Mann and Aaron Carter
Oh yes Aaron carter i love the doctors tv show
I liked a video How Aaron Carter Deals with Stress
Oh don't listen to them Aaron carter cause the want the attention ❤❤❤
I added a video to a playlist Why Is Aaron Carter So Skinny?
TOMORROW: In part two of our exclusive interview with Aaron Carter, the pop star receives results from his drug & HIV tests…
I'm concerned about my health: Aaron Carter || via
Aaron Carter reveals fears that he is HIV-positive | Daily Mail Online
Aaron Carter takes drug test on & is told his combination 'is how many people accidentally die'
Pop star opens up about his sexuality and having had unsafe sex.
New post (Aaron Carter's Drug Test Results Are In) has been published on Celebrity News -
RIP Aaron Carter.. I hope you get ur candy in heaven. We lost a great one tonight
please stop bullying Aaron carter cause i did met him & I'm a big fan of him
Carter Hey Aaron hope you’re doing ok. Keep up with the positive work. Be safe w/ Irma. I’ll be back in FL after hurricane clean up
Still shocked my friends don't know who Aaron Carter is
In this country, when citizens see each other in need, they step up, and they answer the call.
New post (Aaron Carter's Family Fears Substance Abuse Relapse, Suicide) has been published on World Fast News -…
The Hilary/Lindsay feud began in 2003 after Aaron Carter began dating both girls behind their backs
Sending prayers to the Carter family, especially to Aaron. Hope he gets the help/support he needs. ❤
Andrew will be playing drums for Aaron Carter in Cleveland on September 1!!
Aaron Carter hits the red carpet at the Angel Ball in an huge white fur coat:
Aaron Carter thanks LGBTQ community in emotional speech on stage at a *** bar
The last time the Cards had back-to-back games with grand slams and scored 10+ runs in three consecutive games...2011 😏
Aaron carter is bi y'all my childhood is ruined
Aaron Carter thinks he has a chance with Chloë Grace Moretz
Aaron Carter Video footage shows Carter visibly tearing up as he addresses his fans. “I j...
isn't afraid to be emotional in public. The singer, 29, got choked up during a …
🌞 Responding to the news that Aaron Carter came out as Bisexual is eloquent. .
EXCLUSIVE: react to coming out as bisexual (Exclusive)
AfricanPlanet Videos - 'I am who I am': Bisexual Aaron Carter cries in show…
This happens too often to too many bi+ people. .
I'm also concerned about Aaron carter.we need help him
Aaron Carter breaks down on stage at *** bar The singer parted ways with his girlfriend before he 'came out' as bi…
I'll change "Austin Mahone" to "Aaron Carter" in my series. He's more age appropriate.
.wants to make an appearance on the revival. Same, Aaron!
Okay, but if Aaron Carter kills himself, will these jokes be funny? Stop. Mental health issues are not funny.
What career does Aaron Carter have though?
Aaron Carter breaks down in tears at first gig since coming out as bisexual via https…
Aaron Carter breaks down in tears during performance at *** club after revealing he’s bisexual…
EXCLUSIVE: and react to coming out as bisexual:
TMZ FB POST . Adam Lambert & Gigi Gorgeous learned, on the red carpet, about Aaron Carter's coming out (via TooFab )
This whole Aaron Carter thing just reminded me of this jsjs.
Aaron Carter opens up about his sexual orientation in an honest note to fans:
Aaron Carter says he likes men and women, people interpret that as he's *** Stop diminishing and pretend…
Apparently it's not meth, it's this
So Aaron Carter is bi...And also not cute anymore?
If Aaron Carter REALLY wants some attention, he'll spill the beans about his sex romps with Michael Jackson
He also abuses alcohol, oxycodone, and Xanax... so don't follow this via
If we lived in a better society, Aaron Carter would've been openly bisexual early in his career, and he would have…
But the gag is Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff were really fighting over Aaron Carter when he really wanted a man the w…
hey so Aaron Carter didn't actually specify the label he wanted for his sexuality (if any) so let's refrain from saying he'…
Usher, Aaron Carter, Frank Ocean...who next. Everybody just needs to live outside the closet.
Do you see how a deep state memo was sent out so Aaron Carter & Tapper try and normalize pedophilia. They…
Aaron carter pulling the I'm bi sexual card to stay relevant
Why is it important to know Aaron Carter like *** Listen to his music it's obvious instead of talking a…
Aaron Carter comes out as bisexual in an emotional letter to fans.
I don't actually care about Aaron Carter but I'm not here for bi erasure
I'm proud of Aaron Carter for being his natural awesome self. 1 of the last unresonable stigmas is bei…
I finally have something in common with Aaron Carter.
.writes letter about his sexuality: 'This doesn't bring me shame'
Aaron Carter reveals that he is ‘sexually attracted to both men and women’ in open letter to fans
To buy a ticket and be a thot or not. Hm
Aaron Judge is to the HR Derby like Vince Carter is to the Dunk Contest.
‘This doesn’t bring me shame.’ Aaron Carter opens up about his sexuality.
Aaron Carter addresses sexuality in heartfelt post  
Aaron Carter comes out as bisexual.
Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff fighting over Aaron Carter while he was sucking *** on the side is the biggest plot twist ever
Aaron Carter says he's attracted attraction to men and women: 'This doesn't bring me shame'
Omg do y'all remember how Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff had beef over Aaron Carter? What a plot twist
Funniest (and factual) thing I've heard all day: Aaron Carter will perform at Hamburger Mary's in Brandon for $10 per ticket.
Aaron Carter is performing at Hamburger Mary's in Brandon next week. My teenage heart is thriving
Keith doesnt like I want candy by Aaron Carter and I'm disgusted😂
Aaron Carter looks like a combo of MGK, Chris "Birdman" Andersen, and Justin Bieber...
17 Aaron Carter fashion choices that are literally peak ’00s
My first celebrity crush was either Aaron Carter or Avril Lavinge but I denied the latter bc of the "girls can't love girls" mindset I had
Aaron Carter is speaking out about his arrest: "I do not drink alcohol at all"
I just read Aaron Carter wants to hire Phaedra Parks as his attorney! DONT DO IT!!!
Aaron Carter, George Romero, Caitlyn Jenner, and much more entertainment news on…
I'm glad everyone is talking to me about Aaron Carter today and not the changes coming to the parks :)
Aaron Carter's performance at the Brookwood Village shopping mall will go on as scheduled after DUI arrest…
Me speaking of crushes on Aaron Carter, Brody Jenner Cristiano Ronaldo and Prince Harry lol. Watch Now 👉…
TROUBLED star Aaron Carter has spoken out about his weekend drink-driving arrest.
I was born in that very narrow time window that means I know who Martin Landau, George Romero and Aaron Carter are. Truly, I am blessed.
You made the aaron carter moment highlights fam.
Poor Aaron Carter hope he gets some help
I would like to write a fanfic based on Aaron Carter's mugshot
Singer Aaron Carter, girlfriend arrested in Georgia. Read more:
Nick Carter has told his brother Aaron he will support him following his recent DUI arrest.
wow aaron carter looks like "I want candy" came out 40 years and 3 overdoses ago
Let's play a game of: "is Aaron Carter 2, 20, or 200 years older than I am?" 🤔
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
What happened to Aaron Carter omfg ffjdkdkddmdk
If you think you're struggling in life, at least you have it better than modern-day Aaron Carter.
u wondered what happened to Aaron Carter! I found this 😂😂
Well I just saw Aaron Carter's mug shot from last night. WOOF.
I swear that i'm telling you the facts, 'cause that's how meth beat aaron carter!
Aaron Carter was arrested in Georgia. Lol, looks like we locking everybody up 😂😂
why does Aaron Carter look like this dog
Singer Aaron Carter released on bond in Georgia
Aaron Carter was arrested in Georgia for a DUI
Aaron Carter says he won't get caught for DUI, then gets caught for DUI
Aaron Carter could walk down the street wearing a t-shirt that says "I'm Aaron Carter" and nobody would know who he was h…
No way this is Aaron Carter. This man did not beat Shaq. Refuse to believe it
Hold the phone, Aaron Carter is still alive?
Police have released Aaron Carter's mugshot. Carter's out on bond after Saturday night arrest in Georgia on DUI, drug rel…
Singer Aaron Carter and his girlfriends arrested in Georgia
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I wouldn’t recognize Aaron Carter on the streets if he told me it was him. He has to accept Bieber is now him and he is no longer a thing.
Aaron Carter was arrested for DUI, marijuana possession and released on bail. His girlfriend remains in jail.
Singer Aaron Carter and his girlfriend have been arrested on DUI and drug charges in Georgia, authorities said.
I may have the Sunday scaries but Aaron Carter has hit 2007 Britney Spears scaries
Backstreet Boy’s brother Aaron Carter arrested for DUI, drugs. Danngg, dude looks old yo, but only 29!…
Aaron Carter, Britney Spears, and Baha Men were the first 3 CD's I owned.
My 14 yr old cousin just asked me who Aaron Carter was and I'm heartbroken
Listening to this Aaron Carter song on Apple Radio, wondering why it's not on the radio? 💃🏻.
I just wanna go see Aaron carter on Wednesday. Who wants to go?
my diary:. 4/3/02: field trip! listening to "i want candy" on the bus :). 4/4/02: so the Aaron Space museum isnt related to Aaron Carter :/
If you ever feel washed up, just know that Aaron Carter has a neck tattoo and was just hospitalized for "exhaustion".
I went to my first concert when I was 3 years old. Aaron Carter was the LOML😂
"Sloan didn't you use to bop Aaron Carter when we were kids?" . Me: "I have no idea who that is." . (You bet your *** I had the oh Aaron cd)
You guys, is a Bachelor producer's dream. He's so emotional and falls fast. He's on the podcast HERE:
You are so lucky to have Aaron Carter follow you!! I Love him so much. He is AWESOME, TALENTED & INSANELY HOT!!!
You know you are old when people younger than you have no clue who Aaron Carter is.
Aaron Carter on Wednesday and Jason Aldean on Thursday I guess you could say I'm gonna have a good week
The UEA SU have shunned Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck in case they inadvertantly promote Aaron Carter.
Aaron Carter really came back onto the scene with some bangers 💥
Like why is no one talking about Aaron Carter's INCREDIBLE comeback?! It's pretty epic..
Robbie Williams, Aaron Carter and 50 cent were my childhood celebrity crushes tho (I still hart fiddy tho).
It's still Summer League and Vince Carter is already taking De'Aaron Fox under his wing
Another blow for students as the SU have banned Arthur Godfrey and His Friends for fear they will damage Aaron Carter.
All my fans do me a solid and share this link . LøVë - EP by Aaron Carter.
this is hilarious. . But also true. if you're on a list w/ Aaron Carter, Nick Cannon & Jacob Sartorius.
I'm the type of person that will Google both Aaron Copland and Aaron Carter.
Aaron Judge and Chris Carter homer but the "fried" bullpen caves in again as the fall to the https:/…
I can see why Hillary duff had Aaron carter goin crazy she Poppin rn
I think there was skin in the Aaron Carter chat room to touch a male
You made Aaron Carter look like a legend, and that's really sad.
someone come take me to go see Aaron Carter's next show! I must meet him!!
Y'ALL, Aaron Carter is preforming at the pinnacle and you best believe I'm gonna be there dancing my lil heart out
do yourself a favor and listen to Aaron Carter's new album bc we need him to make a comeback.
would you ever do a song with Aaron carter ?
I'm sorry, I just have a very specific brain injury that requires me to play old Aaron Carter on bar juke boxes
Did you decide to stop hating on Aaron Carter?
I've been really craving candy since Aaron carter blocked me
Dear Aaron Carter: Don't mess with girls of the Pace U
For real Aaron Carter blew this way out of hand and I could go on and on about it. at least you're finally "famous " ❤️
Stop what you're doing and listen to HOT 107.9! SOONER OR LATER by AARON CARTER is about to play! https…
I got Aaron carter to perform tonight I hope you guys are excited
Yup, me & my sister just had a dance party to Aaron Carter throwbacks... 🤣🤣🤣
I have SO much merch, it's hard to take pics of it all. I'll list what I have. Nash,cam,hayes, carter, shawn, jack & jac…
I don't get y Aaron Carter keeps attacking the people I love
Aaron Carter went to kfest?! . god I wish I was 12 again and Aaron carter and kfest we're cool.
How soon can I get myself to another Aaron Carter concert?
on Hot105 Non Stop . Sooner or Later - Aaron Carter . Listen live at.
Why did Aaron Carter follow me while I never followed him just to unfollow. He blocked now.
My inner 12 year old fan girl is still excited that Aaron Carter made a comeback 👌🏻😍
Bike Officers, Aaron roach, Nick davis,. Andria Smith & Cian McGrath make a new friend in 5 y.o. Kezyiah Carter in Win…
Between Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Carter, my mom is convinced I'll name my kid Aaron one day.😂
On another note, Ryan just said he doesn't know who Aaron Carter is.?
Are you performing in montgomery, AL on June 29th? Because somebody name Aaron Carter is 😂 and I don't want to get my hopes up
Dude What?! When did Aaron Carter come back?! Are we gonna see a collab with Backstreet boys?
I've always been suspicious, but I'm really starting to doubt that Aaron Carter really beat Shaq. But that's just me.
Holly: "nick you don't know who Aaron Carter is?". Nick: "did he go to school with us?"
Kat got me listening to Aaron carter so late at night.
Father of singers Nick and Aaron Carter dead
Are able to put notes on accounts, so in there it literally says (yes this is the REAL Aaron carter, the celebrity) so that's cool I guess 😂
Devastated Nick and Aaron Carter ask for privacy to grieve after their father Robert dies…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Tell me why I keep mixing up Aaron Hicks and Chris Carter 😂
So we were talking about our first concerts & what not & I told her mine was Jesse McCartney & somehow we started talking about Aaron Carter
So Aaron Carter has a new song out? My 6 year old dreams have been fulfilled ✨
SOONER OR LATER by AARON CARTER is playing in a few mins on HOT 107.9 Listen & Vote at
Wow that makes me sad that Aaron Carter hasn't been making music cause his parents screwed him over... but omg he has a new EP😱
Nick and Aaron Carter mourn their late father: 'You were my real-life super hero'
Bob Carter, father of Aaron and Nick Carter, dies at 65
really sad about aaron carter canceling, but very excited about mayday parade Sunday 😍
Aaron Judge went in disguise and interviewed fans. Their responses are classic lol
Nick Carter and Aaron Carter are mourning the sudden death of their father Robert:
(Bob Carter, Dad of Aaron and Nick Carter, Has Passed Away at 65) - via…
Nick and Aaron Carter's father Robert Gene Carter dies suddenly at age 65.
Bob Carter, father of Nick and Aaron Carter, dead at 65
Father of singers Nick and Aaron Carter is dead, family says
Tragedy for pop music's Carter family.
condolence :'(. Nick and Aaron Carter's father dies
Feeling sad that Aaron Carter & his family have to go through the painful loss of Aaron's dad having lost my dad I can relate it's painful 😔
Aaron & Nick Carter are "heartbroken" over dad Robert Carter's death at 65
In a conversation w/ a caller, Jojo Wright said Aaron Carter'special show will go on as scheduled nxt wk
nj​.com >> Is Yankees' Chris Carter about to go on homer binge a la Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez?
Saw Aaron Carter perform tonight and all of my childhood dreams came true
Chris Carter and Aaron Judge. And Carter is a big dude.
I knew the original Justin Bieber would come back and continue where he left off.
I actually had bought a doggie in 2007 / 2008 .. A puppy & named him Charlie because Aaron Carter's second name is Charles
Praise lord Shaq and resist the temptations brought upon by those such as Aaron Carter. Do not allow these blasphemers to corrupt your mind.
Was I Drunk at an Aaron carter concert? Yes. Will I regret in the morning? Yes.
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